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PLANNING A strong and vibrant community are key to support growth and sustainability. And at LaBella Associates, we know just the thing to help your community drive growth and bring its visions and goals to life! Offering clients a diversified suite of services like community planning, economic development, and environmental review are just some of our specialties. Our planners draw on both broad and specialized experience to offer a full range of services. Communities look to us for design, funding, and execution of all types of projects. We provide tailored services to all of our clients in land use and zoning regulations, agricultural protection planning, downtown development strategies, regulatory reviews, and permitting & compliance. Our success is the result of the long term relationships we have built with our clients and our dedication to achieving their goals.

SERVIces for

grants & financing

LaBella’s planners have achieved considerable success in helping clients find appropriate sources of funding for projects.

Grant writing is a process and for that reason we take a comprehensive approach to obtaining and securing grants for our clients. From identifying potential funding to assessing eligibility and writing a competitive application, our services can take you to the final application and beyond. We know that grant writing can be confusing, frustrating, and even demanding. We work with communities so that their values and visions are shared and agreed upon, priorities given and strategies established to achieve those priorities.

The art of grant writing combines profound knowledge about both the applicant and the grant funding agency. At LaBella we’ve assembled a team of professionals with the expertise to guide you through the grant writing process with ease and confidence. Our work doesn’t end when your grant is won. We work diligently to ensure that your grant is administered in accordance with what was proposed in the application and the terms of the grant contract. In short, we are involved every step of the way.

LaBella has been successful in obtaining over $455 million in aid on behalf of our clients for more than 30 years. We have enabled clients to implement priority projects while minimizing the local financial impact of undertaking such projects.

Pictured: Eli Fish Brewing Company in Batavia, NY. Recipient of NY Main Street Grant.

Even the most basic project or development can become controversial in today’s polarized environment. In an age where an opinion can influence thousands of others by a click on Facebook or Twitter, thinking ahead about everybody with an interest in a project is critical.

public outreach

Public outreach encourages constructive dialogue. We understand how projects impact community members and we utilize the most effective public participation techniques to gather input and build consensus. We explain the purpose and goals of your project, use appropriate engagement tools, and present the results of our efforts to your community.

public outreach


DOWNTOWn revitalization & DEVELOPMENT As with most projects, starting the development process is often the hardest step. That’s where we come in. We help communities define their downtown or economic development vision, develop a strategic action plan, and then secure funding sources for implementation. Our planning process begins with a thorough understanding of local planning priorities, initiatives, and existing conditions to lay the foundations for change.

We understand that plan development weighs heavily on your own community, so we work to engage the public and key stakeholders throughout the project. Additionally, we leverage your community’s interests and passions by developing a task force to address economic development.

economic & mARKET ANALYSIS We work closely with clients to identify current and emerging economic strengths and retention targets for their strategic areas. We have access to multiple local, regional, state and federal data sources that we utilize to perform basic economic and demographic analyses for clients. Our goal is to understand what uses are most feasible for your community in a given market and which uses will continue to be feasible into the future.

comprehensive planning We help develop your community’s vision, goals, and strategies! The result – a community driven, data supported plan that can be used by the community to guide future development, municipal investments, and land use policy. We prepare plans at the community, neighborhood, or strategic area level and also help with implementing the plans through a variety of specialized techniques.

GIS mapping technology allows us to clearly depict existing conditions as well as future land use options as part of your comprehensive plan.

environmental review Nearly every development project requires some level of environmental review. LaBella offers a team of scientists, engineers, and planners who have decades of experience assisting municipalities with environmental reviews of proposed development projects. We assist a variety of clients in identifying and addressing environmental issues for projects, both large and small in scale. We are especially adept at handling projects that are complex or controversial, requiring coordination between multiple agencies and extensive efforts to involve and inform the public.

Our services include the preparation of environmental studies and assessments, as well as the review of environmental documentation prepared by third parties. We also focus on regulatory and procedural compliance with related environmental laws. Our SEQR and NEPA professionals are renowned for their knowledge in the field. We help you define, understand, and mitigate issues of concern to your local community. Additionally, we utilize the latest technology to conduct and evaluate technical studies, analyze data, and to communicate project information and alternative scenarios.

We have extensive experience providing New York State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) and National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) services to institutional, municipal, agency, and industrial clients across upstate New York.

permitting & compliance LaBella provides a wide range of permitting and compliance services for a diverse customer base across New York State. We are uniquely qualified to provide an array of permitting services associated with utility, renewable energy, and general heavy civil construction projects which are required to obtain permits as part of a local site plan approval process. Our in-depth permitting experience includes federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. We also maintain a deep knowledge base associated with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR).

We are actively involved in a variety of complex and large scale energy development projects. LaBella is one of only a few firms with experience with the advanced stages of the Article 10 process.

At LaBella Associates, our job is to create – structures, plans, ideas, results. As a nationally recognized Design Professional Corporation, that’s a given, right? But here’s what really drives us: creating partnership between our team and our clients. So much so that we become one team, unified in the unrelenting pursuit of exceptional performance on each and every project. Reliability. Accountability. Collaboration. Respect. Not skills we went to school for, but innate in LaBella team members. The pursuit of partnership is embedded in our culture—has been since our inception in 1978. And it affects client outcomes in profound ways. It means we’re built to expertly execute projects from start to finish. That we have the talent and resources to take on any challenge. That projects are completed on time, on budget, and beyond expectations. And that we win awards – not just for our talent, but also for our ethics, employee culture, and growth. Today, our wheelhouse is broad, with four key service offerings: Buildings, Energy, Infrastructure, and Environmental. Our staff of over 800 team members is spread across more than 20 office locations. We’re headquartered in Rochester, NY—but our impact is seen, felt, and experienced around the world.




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Pipeline Recycling

Visit us at www.labellapc.com to get a glimpse of some of the things we’re working on right now. But don’t let us do all the talking tell us about your goals by calling (877) 626-6606.

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