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criminal justice With over 35 years of experience in planning and designing county jails in New York State, LaBella Associates’ criminal justice design team has the know-how to successfully respond to our clients’ need for functional and cost-effective facilities. We specialize in the planning and design of county facilities focusing exclusively on county correctional facilities, courthouses, and county office buildings. Our partnerships with county governments have been long lasting and formative. In 1991, we designed the first direct supervision county correctional facility in New York State (Rensselaer County) which became the model for all future facility designs in New York State. Since then, we have continually expanded our expertise to become specialists in the stewardship of county facilities.

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LaBella offers seamless access to diverse services - from a single point of accountability. County Courthouses LaBella Associates’ work on county courthouses and our interaction with the NYS Office of Court Administration has given us the expertise to understand the Court Facilities Act, guidelines for NYS court facilities, special building code requirements as pertaining to court facilities, and other applicable laws and regulations governing the space and design of county courthouses in New York. Courthouses present unique challenges in providing the proper separation and circulation between the public, private,

incarcerated and judicial populations within the court facility. Our team has extensive experience designing courtrooms that function safely and securely. We also have experience with historically significant courthouses, coordinating with the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and local entities.

As your needs change, our services can to resulting in long-lasting relationships beyond project close out. Professional services have included architecture, planning, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural components, security, building and site circulation, hazardous materials investigation, and compliance to applicable agency and code requirements.

Our expertise is working with counties to examine, analyze, and inventory space use and operations. We interact with all involved county departments to review their specific requirements. The result: a highly efficient plan that provides the required functional adjacencies, public/private access routes, and budget-friendly square footage.

Correctional Facilities Our understanding of programming and planning results in efficient configurations that optimize inmate-to-staff ratios and reduce operational costs. We have developed a close working relationship with the New York State Commission of Correction. Our team has a thorough knowledge of all requirements, codes, and classification requirements, assuring timely progression of each project. State-of-the-art facilities tours and ongoing educational programs keep employees abreast of the latest innovations in correctional facility design.

At LaBella Associates, our job is to create – structures, plans, ideas, results. As a nationally recognized Design Professional Corporation, that’s a given, right? But here’s what really drives us: creating partnership between our team and our clients. So much so that we become one team, unified in the unrelenting pursuit of exceptional performance on each and every project. Reliability. Accountability. Collaboration. Respect. Not skills we went to school for, but innate in LaBella team members. The pursuit of partnership is embedded in our culture—has been since our inception in 1978. And it affects client outcomes in profound ways. It means we’re built to expertly execute projects from start to finish. That we have the talent and resources to take on any challenge. That projects are completed on time, on budget, and beyond expectations. And that we win awards – not just for our talent, but also for our ethics, employee culture, and growth. Today, our wheelhouse is broad, with four key service offerings: Buildings, Energy, Infrastructure, and Environmental. Our staff of over 650 team members is spread across 18 office locations. We’re headquartered in Rochester, NY—but our impact is seen, felt, and experienced around the world.




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Criminal Justice Overview  

With over 35 years of experience in planning and designing county jails in New York State, LaBella Associates’ criminal justice design team...

Criminal Justice Overview  

With over 35 years of experience in planning and designing county jails in New York State, LaBella Associates’ criminal justice design team...