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Welcome Booklet

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Table of Contents Forewords 4 Franziska Maier


Franz Gschwend


AndrĂŠ Gisler


About Laax


Session Theme and Concept


Session Elements


Dress Code


Session Venues


Map of the WAG Grounds


Teams 35 Laax Communicator


Travel Information


Practical Information


Packing List


Rules and Legal Notes


Afterword by Nora Wilhelm 49 Next steps


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Table of Contents


Dear participants of Laax 2016, How do you know that something is good for you? That it benefits you, drives you, fulfills you? Maybe, things benefit you when they allow you to stand a bit taller than you usually would. When they allow you to be yourself, while at the same time making you think about all you could still become. Laax 2016 will challenge you, and may sometimes ask more of you than you thought possible. We will tackle issues that the rest of the world has not yet solved. We will run a full schedule, and probably fall into bed exhausted every day. All the same, we will make sure that you feel comfortable to be yourself, and pursue all things you may still become. We will learn, grow, and celebrate our accomplishments along the way. How do you know that you really want something? Maybe, you know you really want something when you tirelessly try to understand its intricacies, and are ready to lean into the unexpected for it. When you feel something can stretch your mind, your ambitions, or your horizons. Laax 2016 will open opportunities. It will allow us to dive into more than just one topic. It will ask solutions to consist of multiple layers of views, experiences, and backgrounds. Laax will allow you to jump between issues and events, and take in a little bit of everything or a lot of something along the way. How do you know that something is important to you? Maybe, you know something is important to you if you keep it close, and stick with it. When you take time to enjoy it, laugh about it, make memories of it. Laax 2016 will be home to brilliant young people from all over Europe, who will soon call each other friends. Our driving force is building a strong team to run with, to make us better, and to collect memories with.



Dear participants, I am so happy that you have accepted the challenge of this session, that you have felt restless for something you want, and are keen on discovering something important. Laax rests on the conviction that there is immense greatness inside all of us, that diversity bears huge potential, and that this allows us to illuminate what stays undiscovered. I invite you to explore with us, enjoy it to the fullest, and make unforgettable memories along the way. See you soon in Laax!

Franziska Maier President of the 83rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament - Laax 2016



Welcome to Laax, We are very pleased to welcome you in our municipality. The village of Laax belongs to one of the municipalities that has undergone a very rapid and impressive development. In the early 1960s, Laax was still a small and poor alpine village of farmers with 300 inhabitants. Today, with 1600 inhabitants, Laax is one of the largest and wealthiest municipalities in the region. We look forward with confidence and we will continue to work with enthusiasm to ensure a sustainable future for our municipality.

Franz Gschwend President of the Municipality of Laax



Dear Participants, I am pleased to have you here with us at the 83rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament. You have chosen a good location. This place is accustomed to hosting meetings. Already in the autumn of 2006, the entire Swiss government and the federal parliament were here on the occasion of an external parliamentary session. Already early on in dealing with your Organising Committee I came into contact with young people. The intrinsic motivation, professionalism and initiative that I sensed impressed me deeply. I am already looking forward to meeting you in person and to discussing controversies and getting to know new points of view. I am sure that we will all take something with us from Laax 2016 for the future. I am exceptionally happy to come together with people from 40 nations.

Power to the youth! A German music star whose music I enjoy – Herbert Grönemeyer – wrote a beautiful song. It is called ‘Power to the children!’. We have all left our childhood behind but I think that the lyrics of the song fit Laax 2016. The refrain goes: ‘…Give the command to the children, they don’t calculate what they do. The world belongs into children’s hands, an end to the gloom, power to the children…’. It is worth listening to the song and absorbing the rest of the text. As a youth parliament, I believe that with your activities you can make a large contribution to our local, regional and global development in the future.



Living and enjoying Of course I also hope you will find the time to exchange ideas with many people and to enjoy our natural surroundings. Or simply live. Whether it is chilling at our turquoise Caumasee, hiking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site or even on the fixed rope route Pinut! I am sure you will find a favourite spot. I am looking forward to meeting you in person very soon.

AndrĂŠ Gisler CEO of the Flims Laax Falera Management AG



About Laax In the heart of the Swiss Alps lies the resort of Flims Laax Falera - a national treasure that was known only to very few outside Switzerland but that is now rising fast up the list of favourite ski resorts. Flims, Laax and Falera - the three towns that make up the resort area - lie between 1.100 and 3.018m above sea level. During the winter, skiing and winter sports are the main attraction to the many visitors from near and far. The ski area is one of Switzerland’s largest, with over 200km of ski slopes. During summertime, hiking through the landscape in Flims is an absolute must. It is also possible to see the Tectonic Arena Sardona, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. You can also go hiking to Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch to get a unique insight into the formation of the Alps. Twice a year – in March and October – the lower lying Martinsloch steals the show, when the sun shines for a short time through the 19 meter large hole and onto the church spire of Elm. The job of marketing the Flims Laax Falera tourist destination is the responsibility of the Weisse Arena Gruppe. The names LAAX and Flims are used for brand positioning of the winter and summer programmes throughout the year. Have you been wondering why the Laax 2016 logo includes a fish? Behold the Laax’s coat of arms! The uncanny resemblance between it and the Laax session logo is not a coincidence. However, you may wonder what the connection between fish and the Swiss Alps is. It might make more sense when we look at the meaning of the name of Laax. In the native language of the region, Sursilvan, Laax is called ‘Lags’, which translates into ‘lakes’ and from that it is not difficult to deduce the logic of having a fish on its local coat of arms.

About Laax



Session Theme and Concept At the core of the concept of Laax 2016, the 83rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), are its theme and the many ways it can and will be implemented. Indeed, our motto does not only serve as a focal point from which the topics will be drafted, but also as inspiration for the whole session, with emphasis on sustainability, innovation, collaboration, youth, inclusivity, and neutrality. You can read more about the vision here. Laax 2016 will not only see the participants discussing sustainable solutions, but the session itself will be held in an environmentally friendly way. We are keen to show how sustainability, rather than be seen as a limitation, can, in fact, act as a trigger for innovation and lead the way towards positive change. In this context, we wish to facilitate innovative ideas, but also take a new approach to EYP sessions, opening the door for collaborations with other NGOs and increasing the impact of our projects by going beyond the standard session framework. Building on the established International Session framework, the focus on enhanced collaboration between the Officials’ Teams, as well as between Committees, will further debates and foster an inspiring session atmosphere. Among other things, this will be achieved through holding the Training for Responsible Young Citizenship (TRYC), which brought together all three Officials’ Teams in July 2016 as well as through focus groups, the Media Team’s Daily Impact Activities that aim to put knowledge into practice and bring sustainability closer to the individual, and assigned time slots during which delegates can work together on other resolutions. By working together, the Officials’ Teams aim to provide better coverage of and assistance at the session itself. As an international youth organisation, it must be at the centre of our efforts not only to impart knowledge, but also to foster the inherent potential in every participant to become a responsible agent of change in their own lives and communities. The Media Team of Laax 2016 aims to inform and inspire as well as facilitate the process of putting knowledge into practice through a variety of content. Additionally, an International Session of the EYP holds a tremendous potential for change, which we want to harness through supporting concrete projects developed by the participants in groups or as individuals. Going beyond resolution-writing, we want to offer concrete opportunities to network with representatives from the private, public, and civil society sectors and give the participants a chance to pitch their project Session Theme and Concept


proposals to potential partners during the Ideas, Opportunity and Impact Fair. With our approach, we will enable young minds to tackle the challenging issues of today’s world - for a better tomorrow for ourselves and for generations to come. Bringing young people from all over Europe to Laax, a small mountain village in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we hope to offer a place for experimentation and discovery. Thanks to an innovative approach, loyalty to our values, and coherence in our actions, we can truly foster the creation and development of young ideas. With local inspiration, we can tackle global challenges: being young Europeans, we shall take on the responsibility to drive our organisation and society forward.

Veggie Pledge Young and Innovative Ideas for a Sustainable Future - the implementation of this theme means we will try and minimise the environmental impact of the session and seek opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint during our stay in Laax. One of the most efficient ways to minimise your personal ecological footprint is to reduce your meat consumption. Indeed, each day, a person who eats a vegan diet saves on average:

20’000 3

liters of water

20 kg


square meters of forested land

10 kg

the equivalent in CO2


animal’s life

Sources: “Water Footprint Assessment.” University of Twente, the Netherlands. “Measuring the daily destruction of the world’s rainforests.” Scientific American, 2009. “Dietary greenhouse gas emissions of meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK.” Climactic change, 2014. “Meat eater’s guide to climate change and health.” The Environmental Working Group.


Session Theme and Concept

If all 320 participants of Laax would refrain from eating animal products for 10 days, we would save:

64’000’000 9’600

liters of water

square meters of forested land


64’000 kg


32’000 kg

the equivalent in CO2

animals‘ lives

We invite you to go on vegetarian or vegan journey with us for the duration of the session. Although meat will be provided for those who chose it, the standard meals will be fully vegetarian or vegan, and all the nutrients you need, including protein, will be plant-based. We know that this is a challenge, especially if you are used to eating meat every day. It might seem crazy, or even unthinkable. But Laax 2016 is the chance to grow, learn and experience. If you never try, you will never know. Accept the challenge to change your eating habits for a short ten days and see how you feel about it. You might be surprised. Those are the small changes in our everyday lives that will lead us toward a more sustainable future. Embrace the vegetarian life with us in Laax! If you want more information on sustainable lifestyle, here are some interesting links: Video on the consequences of livestock farming : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1z1taw6yN Documentary on industrial animal agriculture: http://www.cowspiracy.com

Session Theme and Concept


10 reasons why it’s green to go veggie : https://www.downtoearth.org/go-veggie/environment/top-10-reasons Meat eater’s guide to climate change and health : http://static.ewg.org/reports/2011/meateaters/pdf/methodology_ewg_meat_ eaters_guide_to_health_and_climate_2011.pdf

From inspiration to implementation We believe that, as young Europeans, it is important not only to debate about current issues but also to seek how we can contribute to resolving them ourselves. We wish to invite and encourage all participants to take real steps to build a better future for everybody. In Laax, you will therefore be given the opportunity to imagine, build and launch your very own projects. It is a chance for you to pick an issue you care about, go beyond theoretical discussion and have a real impact on the world. During two specific events, the Forum Event and the Ideas, Opportunity and Impact Fair, you will have the opportunity to meet inspiring examples and connect with potential partners. We also invite you to develop a draft project proposal at the session, and make connections that can support you in a successful project development. A selection panel will select a few projects that will be given concrete support after the session to be implemented.


For those participants who have an idea to put into practice, Laax may be the perfect starting point.

Session Theme and Concept

Session Programme

While the main parts of this programme are set, there might still be small changes to the final schedule. There will be an additional programme for teachers and

 

chaperones, offering a range of workshops, cultural activities and of course joint activities with all the participants. More details will be shared in September. Please note that we will not be offering wake-up calls. All participants are expected to wake up and be ready for the official programme on time.

Friday, 7th October All day: Arrivals of delegates and registration at Riders Palace 18:00-20:00 Dinner 20:00-23:00

Welcome Event at Riders Palace In case of any issues upon arrival, our information desk will be open until 02:00.

Saturday, 8th October 07:15-08:00

Morning Sports (Optional)

08:00-08:45 Breakfast 09:00-10:00

General Teambuilding


Teambuilding in Committees

12:00-13:30 Lunch 13:30-18:00

Teambuilding in Committees


Eurovillage Preparation/Euroconcert auditions

20:00-22:30 Eurovillage

In case of any issues, our information desk will be open until 02:00. Session Programme


Sunday, 9th October 07:15-08:00

Morning Sports (Optional)

08:00-08:45 Breakfast 09:00-13:00

Teambuilding in Committees

13:00-14:30 Lunch 14:30-18:30

Teambuilding in Committees


Committee Dinner


Fackelwanderung (Evening mountain walk by torchlight)

Monday, 10th October 06:30-07:00

Morning Sports (Optional)




Committee Work


Interactive Module I




Transfer to La Fermata


Forum Event


Coffee Break


Opening Ceremony

19:30-20:30 Dinner 21:00-22:00

ď ą


Transfer back to Main Venue For any issues, our information desk will be open until 23:00.

Session Programme

Tuesday, 11th October 06:30-07:00

Morning Sports (Optional)




Committee Work




Committee Work


Ideas, Opportunity and Impact Fair with ApĂŠro Dinner


Impact Workshop (Optional)

Wednesday, 12th October 07:00-07:30

Morning Sports (Optional)




Committee Work


Interactive Module II




Committee Work


Delegation Dinners


Theme Party

Session Programme


Thursday, 13th October 08:15-09:00

Morning Sports (Optional)




Activities in the region




General Assembly Preparation


Lobby Event


Euroconcert Performer Preparation (for performers only)




Transfer to Theater Chur




Transfer back to Laax

Friday, 14th October



Morning Sports (Optional)




Opening of General Assembly


Debate 1, 2 and 3




Debate 4, 5 and 6


Coffee Break


Debate 7, 8 and 9


Swiss Night

Session Programme

Saturday, 15th October 06:45-07:30



Debate 10 and 11


Coffee Break


Debate 12 and 13




Debate 14 and 15


Transfer to Crap Sogn Gion


Closing Ceremony


Gala Dinner and Ball


Transfer to Farewell Venue


Farewell Party

Sunday 16th October All day: Departures, starting with the first bus leaving at 07:07 and ending with the last bus at 19:07. The journey to Zurich HB takes over 2 hours - please plan your trips accordingly. Check the Travel Booklet for further information.

ď ą

In other words: Please make sure not to book your flight from Zurich Airport before 10:30 on Sunday, 16.10.2016.

Session Programme


Session Elements Every Morning: Morning Sports (Optional) In order to have a fresh start in the day we are happy to be able to offer a fun sport session led by two or more Officials. These are fully optional but if you wish to participate do not forget to bring your sports gear. More detailed information will follow closer to the session.

Dress Code: Casual/Sporty

7th October: Welcome Event, Riders Palace The welcome event will be held in the Riders Palace, the most popular hotel/party venue for sport lovers and youth in the area. The evening will offer a possibility to get to know the other arriving participants in a casual manner and to introduce some of the session elements.

Dress Code: Casual

8th and 9th October: Teambuilding, WAG Grounds Weisse Arena Gruppe will provide the Teambuilding venue where participants will get to know each other better and improve their skills in how to work more efficiently as a team.

Dress Code: Casual

8th October: Eurovillage, Riders Palace Auditorium Eurovillage is the one and only opportunity during the session for the participants to introduce their cultures through delicacies, souvenirs and traditional clothes from their home countries. Please bring a flag (or several), send us (at least) one song which is typical for your country and show us your moves during Eurovillage! Keep the alcohol policy in mind and do not bring alcohol with more than 15%. Please note that there will be no possibility to cook at the venue.

 20

Dress Code: Casual/Representative of your country

Session Elements

9th October: Committee Dinner Participants will enjoy a casual evening with their Committees together with their Chairpersons and Journalists in restaurants throughout Laax, Flims and Falera. Please remember to bring 25-30 CHF with you to pay for your meal as it is not covered by the participation fee.

Dress Code: Casual/Smart

9th October: Fackelwanderung A nighttime hike through the surrounding forest and mountain areas with torches of a bit more than an hour. An opportunity for the participants to have a true alpine experience.

Dress Code: Casual/Sporty (Remember to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in, ideally hiking shoes; certainly no high heels!)

10th, 11th and 12th October: Committee Work, Rocks Resort Apartments In Committee Work, the Committees will discuss their ideas and views on a given question and try to find solutions. At the end, they will write down their conclusion in a formal resolution.

Dress Code: Smart

10th October: Forum Event, La Fermata An event where delegates will have the opportunity to listen to an introduction by an expert and participate in discussions as well as ask questions on a variety of topics relating to the session theme. Discussions will take place in the form of a World Café, in groups of around 15 participants and will offer inspiration and examples on how we can implement the ideas of the session in our everyday life. Participants will have the possibility to take part in three workshops. The experts as well as the topics will be announced closer to the session.

Dress Code: Formal

Session Elements


10th October: Opening Ceremony, La Fermata The Opening Ceremony will be held in La Fermata, the cultural center of the region, where several prominent guests, including Didier Burkhalter, the Swiss Foreign Minister, will be present. This event will mark the official beginning of the session. Please note there will be a transfer requiring 10 minute walk, so your formal shoes should be comfortable enough to walk in.

Dress Code: Formal

11th October: Ideas, Opportunity and Impact Fair, Riders Palace Auditorium The Ideas, Opportunity and Impact Fair reflects the session’s theme, Young and Innovative Ideas for a Sustainable Future, and constitutes a platform of exchange which allows all delegates to personally interact with our partners as well as invited organisations and jointly discuss their visions and ideas for a brighter future. The aim behind the event is to enhance the dialogue and strengthen the connections between you, the participants of Laax 2016, and different sustainability- or innovation-related interest groups by bringing everyone together and consequently trying to elaborate on potential projects which are to be implemented after the session.

Dress Code: Smart

12th October: Delegation Dinner After a long day of Committee Work, participants will be able to gather together with their chaperones and teachers to enjoy a cosy dinner with their delegations at venues throughout Laax. Please note that, as for the Committee Dinners, the costs are not covered by the session, so please bring 25-30 CHF.


Dress Code: Casual

Session Elements

12th October: Theme Party - Black & White Party time! The theme of the night will be Black and White, so remember to dress the part, either ‘Men in Black’ or all in white, you name it. Be ready to show off your dance moves! There will also be neon paint provided by the Organising Team available for that extra bit of flair, although be careful, the paint may get messy so even though it is washable, you may still want to bring a costume you don’t mind getting a bit of paint on.

Dress Code: Black and/or white outfit

13th October: Activities in the region Throughout the morning, various activities will be planned, allowing participants to go on an excursion of their choice, such as strolling around Laax, going on a hike or taking part in a rope course. It will be an opportunity for participants to explore the region, get to know Switzerland better as well as have some fun. Further information about the activities and how to sign up will follow.

Dress Code: Casual/Sporty

13th October: Euroconcert, Theater Chur The evening of the Euroconcert will be filled with delightful performances of dance and music. Participants will demonstrate their musical or artistic talents on stage. Also note that external guests will be attending which calls for formal and respectful attitude throughout the event. We encourage all participants to take part in this very special event! You will be informed about the auditions’ procedure closer to the session.

Dress Code: Formal

Session Elements


14th and 15th October: General Assembly, Riders Palace Auditorium The session’s culmination, General Assembly, is where the Committees will propose their resolutions. There follows an open debate and a final voting process. All participants are encouraged to be active during debates by delivering speeches and participating in rounds of debate in order to share their points of view and ideas.

Dress Code: Formal

14th October: Swiss Night An evening event to truly showcase and present some of the typical Swiss traditions. The programme will include Swiss music and activity stations to find out more about Switzerland. All this in a nice christmas-like market setting, where you will enjoy the Swiss raclette, amongst other Swiss specialities. We ask you all to wear a piece of red clothing to fit the theme!

Dress Code: Casual in red

15th October: Gala Dinner and Ball, Crap Sogn Gion EYP Switzerland turns 20 this year! To mark this special occasion, there will be a celebration complete with an elegant Gala Dinner and Ball. Participants will get the chance to meet the founding EYP Switzerland alumni, dance to live orchestra music and of course eat the big birthday cake.

Dress Code: Formal Eveningwear

15th October: Farewell Party After the Gala Dinner and Ball the participants of the session will get together once more to celebrate the end of Laax 2016. Get your dancing shoes and possibly your handkerchief out because it is the last night! Grab the friends you have made in the past two weeks and enjoy the last event of the session. Dance the night away!


Dress Code: Casual

Session Elements

Dress Code rDu . s t . en ors ev o g d in ut d en do an ev n l a n i a d rm ors ble un do o nfo i n r ita i a u d s s n ie in ing es ga vit ov ho x is cti s din a l m a i a u n od le us .L go mb ab pla rio ns t a g a r o o e i v T fo ,s rin g dit to °C om ob on oin t c 5 c es d i 1 l e n e re 5ur pp ill b tum ua nd es ea u k w o u d y a a o ou m co ar g ld re ss gy co hin lso e a t n r i r A y r o d an be sf ty. is d uil dir Th ar as cto the mb t e i o O a l b w ch c e n i T u a d o s s t s an re ing et ge de in the fre tsi atu to a o . r l r u l y r d c e l e p ai te y eo ng Fe un afr us ort rdi lac tem t nr o p ’ o p e s n a c n r i c e c e e e a h ar m nt ng ou tak sa so sw ou rni he sy at n t o g i e h m o t o cl rin rM nta ts for sh of ob ou ou en le t . n v f b m o e o a a dy ti of un an ort ide the ec f f l y h t e d e s n o om th rie ei ur go in va kc m c a yo n a o i a s p jo ll c ite It i wi qu t to t to e. s n n k g i e rta th wa rin nh po ffe clo ou tai o y m y n i u be ort lly uld mo ’ll sp ho cia e t , i s e l y , W o sp ch da Als tor ry de . e n e n v a i th s u re yo ise ffe c r o th i e w on ex re do a d t an ha st t r o Sp



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Dress Code


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Map of the WAG Grounds

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Riders Palace




Chairs’, Journos’, Teachers, Guests


Casa Prima

Organisers, EYP Switzerland



Committee Work, Team Rooms


Val Signina

Organisers’ Room & Storage Room


Haus Diva

Emergency Room & Officials’ Common Room



Theme Party & Farewell Party

Map of the WAG Grounds

Teams Meet the people who have worked very hard to bring Laax to life!

Chairs’ Team

Franziska Maier (DE) President

Hugo Dürr (SE) Vice-President

Bram Van Meldert (BE) Vice-President

João Moreira (BE) Vice-President

Eleftheria-Irida Karasmanoglou (GR) ENVI II

Dana Kristiāna Skrupska (LV) ENVI I

Juan Estheiman Amaya (ES) ECON I

David Corish (IE) LIBE III

Lena Strehmann (AT) AGRI

Rebecca Smith (FR) ECON III

Arman Gasparyan (AM) AFCO

Nicklas Kövamees (SE) ECON II

Laure Steinville (FR) LIBE II

Lukas Rosenkranz (DE) DEVE

Halyna Virt (UA) PECH

Anastasia Ntracha (GR) EMPL

Anna Nichols(IE) AFET

Can Elvanlıoğlu (TR) FEMM

Onur Can Uçarer (TR) LIBE I



Media Team

Karin-Liis Lahtmäe (EE) Editress

Waltter Roslin (FI) Editor

Sabrina Ariana Mellerowic (DE) Editorial Assistant

Klára Scholleová (CZ) Editorial Assistant

Tamer Özgen (TR

Tommy Mallen (IE)

Naomi Alcaide (DE)

Kaisa Virolainen (FI)

Luca Draisci (IT)

Lukas Burnar (AT)

Marsel Alexksander Matthew Gibbons (IE) Szopinski (CH)

Amber Davy (IE)

Josephine Heinzelmann (CH)

Andreas Loutzidis (GR)

Annemari Sepp (EE)



Samuel Hönle (AT)

Weronika Betta (PL)

Jasmin Mylläri (FI)

Organising Committee

Nora Wilhelm (CH) Head Organiser

Allegra Margelisch (CH) Food & Beverages

Andong Hu (CH) Delegate Support

Angela von Ballmoos (CH) Transportation

Anniken Katrine Knutsen (NO) Delegate Support

Aritz Labrador (ES) Delegate Support

Caspar C. Spillmann (CH) Media Team Support

Cécile Schluep (CH) Food & Beverages

Gioia Bomatter (CH) Media & Communication

Jakob Gutschlhofer (AT) Teachers‘ Support

Jakub Roślevski (PL) Tech & IT

Kate Gurevich (CH) Transportation

Lars Kieni (CH) Patrons & Guests

Laura Ahlborn (DE) Stashmistress

Lucius Miller (CH) Tech & IT

Mahaut Estier (CH) Theme Implementation

Caspar C. Spillmann (CH) Media Team Support

Manfredi Danielis (IT) Matthias Masini (CH) Miša Novotná (CZ) Michal Koláček (CZ) Masterplanning Chairs‘ Team Support Chairs‘ Team Support Media Team Support & Academics & Academics

Riccardo Passarella (CH) Finances & Legal

Seraina Petersen (CH) Event Coordinator

Tamta Tsveraidze (GE) Patrons & Guests

Tarik Lazouni (CH) Wellbeing & Fun

Miriam Aitken (CH) Delegate Support

Tom Wolfskämpf (DE) Internal Coordinator



Laax Communicator Introduction One of the pillars of Laax 2016 is innovation, which is why we want to implement this aspect in our internal communication as well. You all know how chaotic communication can become at sessions: the different teams use different forms of communication, sometimes even multiple ones at the same time. In the end, there is a WhatsApp group here, an unread email there and in the background there is a huge pile of unread notifications on Facebook from all sorts of different sources, including other sessions and even photos of your aunt’s cats playing with yarn. Cute, but not relevant. Laax will put an end to this by introducing the Laax Communicator. In it, you will find all work-related communication and most of the Laax-related digital banter, too. The Laax Communicator works a lot like Slack and if you have ever used Slack, you will feel right at home. However, as you might have learned from experience, using services like Slack or the Laax Communicator takes some practice to master correctly. It aims to provide an environment for everyone which is sustainably stress-free and further aims to build one big team of participants instead of four subteams that simply work alongside each other during the session. We hope you are excited, because communication is exciting! The Laax Communicator is an advanced communication platform with lots of features. But before you can use them to your advantage, you need to grasp the basics and sign up for an account.

Your first steps with the Laax Communicator 1. There are different types of channels on the Laax Communicator. Public channels and private groups. Make sure you know in which kind you are before you say something. 2. Private messages are always private and nobody will be able to read them except you and the person you are messaging.


Laax Communicator

3. The naming scheme for usernames is simply your lowercase first name: a. nora b. franzi c. karin d. waltter 4. If you know someone else who has the same first name as you, please use your nickname. If that does not work either, please add the first letter of your last name to the beginning of your username like this: a. w.tom b. w.nora c. m.franzi 5. Please upload a picture of yourself with your face clearly visible. The picture must be square, otherwise it will be distorted. You can upload it by clicking the three dots next to your username at the top left and selecting account settings. This will help us all to get to know each other before the session already. 6. You can sign up using this link: https://c.laax2016.ch/signup_user_complete/?id=fjnwzuwax7ysx878xphictq47o 7. There are apps for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, but you can also always use your phone’s web browser. a. At the moment they are branded as Mattermost, which is the parent program of the Laax Communicator. b. When logging into one of the apps, provide https://c.laax2016.ch/ as your server URL or https://c.laax2016.ch/participants/ as your team’s URL, depending on which one is requested. c. You can also use these URLs to access the Laax Communicator via any modern web browser.

Technical Requirements Since the Laax Communicator uses the latest web technologies to allow for an amazing experience, please update your phone’s software to the latest available version. This is especially important if you are an iPhone user, since the Laax Communicator app will require an up-to-date version to install.

Laax Communicator


I need help with this! Don’t worry if you need help. You can always contact our internal communications Organiser Tom Wolfskämpf on the Laax Communicator, if you encounter problems after you have signed up, under the username tom. If you have trouble signing up, you can send a message on WhatsApp to +49 176 913 77 432 or Facebook Messenger to https://m.me/tom.wolfskaempf.

I get too many notifications! The standard setting of the Laax Communicator is to send out a notification for each message which mentions your name. This includes sending an email, sending a notification to your phone and computer if you have it open there as well. Luckily you can turn off notifications on a per-channel basis or completely in your account settings. You can even choose to be notified via email for important channels like “Announcements” and only via phone for all others for example. The possibilities are endless, so make Laax Communicator yours!

Privacy The Laax Communicator runs on our own servers to which only we have access. All of the data which is stored on our servers is encrypted using your personal login details. Not even we can decipher the contents. Additionally, even your connection to the Laax Communicator is encrypted using strong cryptography. The organisation behind Mattermost, the parent program of the Laax Communicator, has no access to your data either, not even to the encrypted data. Unlike on Facebook or other messaging services, your conversations are not being analysed for advertising purposes. All in all, you can feel pretty comfortable using the Laax Communicator. It is on your side.


Laax Communicator

Travel Information For delegates, the session will start on Friday, 7th October 2016. You must arrive at Zurich Airport no later than 20:30 or at the Chur train station no later than 22:45 as there will be no connection to Laax after this time. The Organising Team will be happy to welcome everybody either at Zurich Airport or the train station in Chur and guide you to the venue in Laax. However, remember that the welcome event including dinner in Laax begins at 20:00 and you would be sad to miss it. For more detailed information about flights and trains, please refer to the Travel Booklet you have been sent and fill out the Travel Form if you have yet to do so. Concerning departures on the 16th October, please do not book any flights before 10:30 as there will not be any connections to get to Zurich that early.

Travel reimbursements: To ensure that everyone can attend our event, we are offering full or partial travel reimbursements to some of the delegates who need it. Please refer to the Travel Reimbursement Information Flyer to find out whether you are eligible for reimbursement and for details about the reimbursement procedure.

Travel Information


Practical Information General Remarks As Laax is in the mountains, there will not be many possibility to go to shops, pharmacies, etc. The Organising Team will provide you with the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks as well as a first aid kit and basic medicines such as Aspirin should you need it. However should you desire anything else, please make sure to purchase them BEFORE coming to Laax as there are only limited possibilities to get these items once you have arrived.

Weather The average temperature in Laax in October is usually 5-15 ยบC but temperatures can drop suddenly and snow, though unlikely, is possible. Therefore, we highly recommended you bring suitable clothes for cold weather conditions. However, despite cold temperatures, the sun in the mountains is strong, so we advise you to bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you. Do not forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella and a sweater or a hoodie for rainy days.

Laax and Tourists Laax is known throughout Europe as a famous ski resort, so it is generally very safe. Naturally we still recommend taking good care of your belongings. Apart from the transfer from Zurich to Laax and back, the transfers are very short so getting around will not be a problem.

Shops and Banks As the session will take place between the summer and winter seasons in a rather isolated village, many shops and services will be closed. Therefore, make sure you bring enough cash with you at the beginning of the session and anything you will need for the 10 days in Laax.


Practical Information

Extra Nights If you decide to arrive earlier or stay longer after the session we recommend the following affordable hostels and hotels:

Zurich: Budget Hostel Zürich (ca. 105-120 CHF/night) Hotel City Zürich (ca. 150-200 CHF/night) Zürich Youth Hostel (Dorm ca. 40-50 CHF/night; Single room ca. 120 CHF/night)

Basel: Hotel Ibis Budget Basel ( ca. 90-170 CHF/night) Novotel Basel City (ca. 220 CHF/night) Youth Hostel Basel (Dorm ca. 40-50 CHF/night; Single room ca. 100-120/night) Swiss Youth Hostel’s website: http://www.youthhostel.ch/en/home

Venues and addresses: Riders Palace

Via Murschetg 1, CH-7032 Laax.


Via Murschetg 15, CH-7032 Laax.


Via Murschetg 15, CH-7032 Laax.

signinahotel Via Murschetg 15, CH-7032 Laax. La Fermata

Via Principala 45c, CH-7153 Falera.

Theater Chur

Theaterplatz, CH-7000 Chur.

Crap Sogn Gion

Mountain Hostel Crap Sogn Gion, CH-7032 Laax.

Registration on the Member Platform Please also register for Laax on the EYP Member Platform by following these steps. You can find many session-related materials on the event page of Laax 2016. 1. Create an account on the EYP Member Platform via https://www.members.eyp. org/user/register. If you already have an account on the new Member Platform or also on the old Alumni Platform, go to step 3.

Practical Information


2. Activate your account after receiving an email. 3. Log in via https://www.members.eyp.org/user/login and update your profile. 4. Register for Laax 2016 as a delegate via the menu on the right of the Laax 2016 event page. 5. If you encounter any problems or have any questions regarding the Member Platform, please email us. 6. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@ eyp.org.


Practical Information

Packing List Essentials

Valid Passport or ID card depending on regulations.

Visa (if required, check if you need a visa here).

A printed copy of International Travel and Health Care Insurance.

Money (notes and coins) in Swiss Francs and/or credit/debit card. Please note that banks and shops will mostly not be available, so ensure to bring enough cash for the duration of the session. In particular the Committee and Delegation Dinners (ca. 25-30 CHF each) as well as drinks bought at the bar during evenings and parties, which will not be covered by the session. A soft drink in Switzerland costs ca. 3 CHF and a beer ca. 5 CHF. We will be collecting a 10 CHF deposit at check-in, please make sure to bring this in cash. If you want to buy a t-shirt, please also bring the 5 CHF to check-in.

Plug adaptor for Switzerland J-type plug (check here).

National flag, decoration items and food for your Eurovillage national stand. Eurovillage will serve as dinner on this day so please ensure you bring enough food for the amount of people in your delegation and that you bring both sweet and savoury options. Also note that you will not be able to cook at the venue.

Committee Work

Committee Work materials, including the Academic Preparation Kit, your own research and the results of the preparatory tasks given to you by your Chairs, preferably in digital form in accordance with our sustainability theme. Don’t forget to chose your interactive modules here if you haven’t done so yet.

Laptop/tablet with charger.

Notebook and pens.

Packing List


Clothing Sufficient clothing for ten days (considering different dress codes during the session). Warm clothes and shoes for outside activities (suitable for cold, wet weather). Raincoat and/or umbrella. Sports clothing if you want to participate in the morning sports. Traditional clothing for Eurovillage. Costume for the Black and White theme party. Red clothing for Swiss Night. Black tie tuxedo or long dresses fitting for the Gala Dinner and Ball (see section Dress Code).

Personal items Personal hygiene items and any emergency medication you need. Sunscreen and sunglasses. For participants partaking in the Euroconcert: instruments, music sheet, CD or USB stick with music and any clothing you may need for your performance. Personal notebook, writing materials, camera if wanted. Travel sickness tablets should you get sick on bus rides.

Important Notes

ď ą

Towels and bed sheets will be provided at all the accommodation venues. Please note that there will not be any exchange office in Laax as it is an

ď ą

off-season ski resort. Therefore, we highly advise you to make sure that you bring enough cash (Swiss Francs, CHF) with you and change currency already at home or at the airport.


Packing List

Rules and Legal Notes Insurance It is vital that all participants have their own valid and 24-hour comprehensive personal travel and health care insurance. Travel insurance should cover loss of luggage, accidents, illness, etc. Participants should make sure they bring their insurance card with them if their respective insurance company requires such a procedure. We urge you to check these details with your insurance company in advance. Please also make sure you have an internationally valid health insurance and full proof of it attached to the Medical Emergency Sheet, which has to be filled in by all participants. Participants from EU Member States are encouraged to make sure they have a valid European Health Insurance Card with them. All participants are expected to bring a copy of their Travel and Health Care Insurance.

Leaving the official programme Please note that all participants are expected to participate in all the official session elements listed in the Session Element section. The participants should be aware of the fact that managing a conference with over 300 participants entails legal and insurance obligations for the Organising Team. This means that you cannot leave without the permission of an Organiser. Under no circumstances can a participant leave the session by themselves and uninformed.

Alcohol and Drug Policy 1. Only alcoholic beverages under the threshold of 15% Alcohol by Volume will be permitted at the session to participants over the age of 16 due to restrictions imposed by Swiss federal law and the policies of the European Youth Parliament. 2. The above point applies to all events during the session (including e.g. Eurovillage and Committee Dinners), and during the full duration of the session outside of official programme elements. Please do refrain from bringing or buying any hard alcohol. Rules and Legal Notes


3. All participants are expected to drink responsibly to a point that it does not hinder their attendance or participation in the session programme in full. Participants found overindulging or drinking alcohol over 15% will initially be given a warning by the Board of EYP Switzerland and the Organising Committee who will inform their corresponding chaperone; in case of a second violation the participants in question will be sent home at their own expense. 4. The Organising Team as well as the Board of EYP Switzerland reserves the right to confiscate alcoholic drinks on grounds of high alcohol content, underaged drinking or overindulgence. Session participants who are not underaged may collect their confiscated alcoholic beverages at the end of the International Session. 5. The EYP operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs and the possession of soft drugs is a criminal offence in Switzerland. If a participant uses drugs or is found to be in the possession of drugs, they will be removed from the session and sent home at their own expense. The participation fee will not be refunded. Any possession of hard drugs will be reported to the police and could result in an arrest. 6. The above applies to all session participants: delegates, Officials and guests. For more information on EYP policy on Code of Conduct, please see here. For information on EYP policy on International Sessions, please see here.


Rules and Legal Notes

Dear participants of Laax 2016, You have now reached the end of this welcome booklet. We, the Organising Team, hope that it indeed made you feel welcome and at least a bit more prepared for this adventure. You might still feel unsure about what is coming and that is normal - you are about to take a step into the unknown. Hopefully, this booklet gave you a little taste of Laax 2016 and guidance on your journey to Switzerland. The Organising, Media and Chairs’ Teams have been pouring their hearts and souls into this project. Together, we sought out all the pieces to create something truly unique and special, the only missing piece is you, the participants. Expect greatness, expect magic – but only as much as you are willing to give. This is the question at the core of Laax: who are you? Who are we as young Europeans? Showing who you are and what you care about takes strength, standing up for the causes that move you takes strength, singing on stage takes strength, looking someone deep in the eyes takes strength, being yourself takes strength. Showing your real self can be scary, but it is truly the only way we can live, be free and create something that brings us happiness and fulfilment. It is the only way we can grow and make a contribution to the world around us. It is the only way we can see each other, connect and build something that lasts. “If it is both amazing and terrifying, you should definitely pursue it” (Erada). This sentence has led me to take some of the most important and best decisions of my life, including the one to organise Laax 2016. To take a crazy idea, a dream, and make it come alive. “How do you know if something is real? That’s easy. Does it change you? Does it form you? Does it give you wings? Does it give you roots? Does it make you look back at a month ago and say, “I am a whole different person right now”? If yes, then it’s real. The evidence of truth and reality, lies in how much something can touch you, can Afterword


change you, even if it’s from very far away. Distance is only the evidence of what can be surpassed.” (C. Joybell) This is my main message to you: Laax 2016 will be what you make of it. Let it surprise you. Let it touch you. Enjoy every moment, engage with every idea, seize every opportunity to connect. Surprise and touch others. As Franzi wrote: Laax rests on the conviction that there is immense greatness inside all of us, that diversity bears huge potential, and that this allows us to illuminate what stays undiscovered. Get ready to take that step into the unknown, because I promise that is where the magic happens. In the name of the Organising Team, I would like to once more welcome you to Laax 2016. You are the missing piece. To echo the words of our editors, Karin-Liis and Waltter: See you in October, friends. Until then,

Nora Wilhelm Head Organiser of the 83rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament – Laax 2016



Next steps

Book your tickets.

Apply for travel reimbursements if necessary.

Fill out the Travel Form and upload your signed Medical sheet and Consent form.

Fill out the dietary needs form by 14th of September at the latest.

Fill out the Laax 2016 Sustainable Impact Survey.

Choose your interactive modules.

Register for the Laax on the EYP Member Platform.

Start your academic preparation and look out for emails from your Chairs.

Plan your Eurovillage stand with your delegation.

Add to our collaborative playlists - Party, Work, Energy, ReLaax, Throwback.

Like us on Facebook! #lx16

Follow us on Instagram!

Watch our Welcome video.

Read some of our other booklets on issuu.

Get excited!

Next steps


Contact Practical questions regarding the session (Travelling, Extra Nights, Special Needs, Visas): Delegate Support: info@laax2016.ch Session hotline: +41 77 445 39 06

General questions regarding the session (Registration, Committee Allocation): International Office of the EYP: info@eyp.org, +49 (0)30 97 00 50 95

 More Information about the EYP:  

More Information about the Session:



Glarus ist die kleinste Hauptstadt der Schweiz. In der Gemeinde Glarus l채sst es sich gut leben, arbeiten und geniessen. Als attraktiver Wohnort f체r Familien und alle anderen, die Urbanit채t inmitten der Alpen lieben, gibt es viel zu entdecken. Besonders genussvoll erfahren Sie Glarus bei einem Marktbesuch. Wir freuen uns auf Sie! ab 5. M채rz

Wochenmarkt Glarus

15. September

Kreuzmarkt Netstal

8. Oktober

Viehmarkt Glarus

2. bis 4. Dezember

Weihnachtsmarkt Glarus



LAAX – Europe‘s premier freestyle resort LAAX is the number one winter resort for all freestylers in Europe. With four snowparks and a total of 89 obstacles, every level of ability is catered for. In LAAX, there are virtually no limits to what you can do: whether trying out freestyle for the first time in the Beginner park or check out the limits in the world’s largest halfpipe. In addition, in the Freestyle Academy, freestylers can practise the latest tricks and jumps whatever the weather outside. Beyond the fun of freestyle, LAAX has much more to offer: after an eventful day, the riders get together in the stylish bars of the rocksresort to relax and enjoy the last rays of the sun, meet up in one of the many restaurants to savour a fine evening meal and celebrate into the early hours in the popular and fashionable Riders Palace Club.

Four snowparks – a paradise for every age, level and taste Boxes, rails, tabletops, the world’s largest superpipe with a length from 200 Meter and and and – in the four snowparks in LAAX, freestylers of all abilities will find everything they need for the perfect park experience. The snowparks are ideal for those looking to have fun and to perfect their tricks, whether beginners or the more advanced.

Culinary variety and laid-back accommodation Stylish, authentic and individual– LAAX offers a variety of culinary attractions for every taste. There are several mountain restaurants and snowbars to choose from, and guests are assured a warm welcome and the finest service. LAAX has succeeded in taking the charm of a traditional mountain village and placing it firmly in the twenty-first century, creating a distinctive, youthful and laid-back style unmatched anywhere else in the Alps. Café NoName, for example, is the place to be, where, at 2,222 metres above sea level, the freestyle scene comes together each day to chill out and to chat about life out on the slopes. Beside the Riders Palace the rocksresort is the perfect place to stay for freestylers. Both are situated right next to the base station in Laax, so freestylers can roll out of bed and straight onto the slope. Bigname national and international acts regularly top the bill at the Riders Palace Club, guaranteeing nights filled with the coolest sounds and a top atmosphere.



Supported by:

Initiated by:

EUROPEAN YOUTH PARLIAMENT SCHWEIZ SUISSE SVIZZERA SVIZRA SWITZERLAND The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament (EYP). EYP Switzerland is a National Committee in the EYP network.

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