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“By dividing the people, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions that are of no importance to us.”

J.P. MORGAN “I would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf.”



“Liberal, democrat, conservative, republican... Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control of the CEO job of Slavery, Incorporated.”

Alex Jones


Table of Contents Social Engineering & Racial Division

Russian Forces on American Soil

Throwing Stones

The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

The Future of National Security

The Lie of Dzhokar Tsarnaev

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

Paul Joseph Watson

Kurt Nimo



Domestic Spy Grid

World War III Brews

Toxic Taste

Enslaving America’s Data

While We Argue Over Trayvon

The Hidden Horrors of GMOs

Kit Daniels


Fluoride in the Water Chemical Warfare Against Your Family

Julie Wilson CIA Openly Propagandizes Americans This Time It’s Legal

Kurt Nimmo Obama Conquers the Internet Through Quiet Executive Orders

Anthony Gucciardi

20 22 24

Ron Paul


Federal Government Persecutes Zimmerman Racial Polarization Theater

Kurt Nimo



Presidential Destruction of Political Opposition The IRS is Just the Beginning

Kurt Nimmo


FBI Assassination Plans Declassified Business as Usual

Kurt Nimmo State of Mind

Obama’s Syria Policy Is the Same as Bush’s Iraq Policy

Anthony Gucciardi

Uncovering the Secrets of Mind Control

Editorial Pick:

40 46

America’s Artificial Rift The Two Party System

Anthony Gucciardi


Egypt is Awake Media Ignored AntiObama Fervor

Paul Joseph Watson


Julie Wilson



Congress Addresses the NSA Surveillance Violates the Law

Kurt Nimmo

Media Spin The Ins and Outs of Propaganda

Kit Daniels



ON THE COVER In the wake of the media-stoked chaos ensuing from George Zimmerman being pronounced not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, political opportunists are taking turns feeding the frenzy of racial tension, advancing careers and peddling policies, while we are distracted by the drama, stripping all colors of American people of their universal liberties in the process — the same people they have sworn to serve.


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written by: Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Social Engineering & Racial Division: The Trayvon Martin Tragedy Contrived Selective Outrage Prevents Americans from Unifying Against National Security State.


he rights and wrongs of the confron-

illustration of the threat posed to black people by racist

Sanger wrote about the need to hire black leaders in order

tation between George Zimmerman

hate crimes. If people like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and

to hoodwink blacks into voting for their own eventual

and Trayvon Martin will continue to

Obama really cared about black people being murdered,

“extermination,” black Americans have been the unwitting

be debated, but what has emerged

there would be a national conversation about these statis-

victims of a sustained program to keep them downtrod-

clearly from the relentless coverage

tics. Instead, we have witnessed an 18 month obsession

den and reliant on the system via government hand outs,

of the story is a contrived agenda by

with one isolated incident in Florida.

cultural cannibalism, and societal manipulation.

the establishment to stir up racial

The primary threat to black people clearly stems from

To achieve this con trick, the government found it nec-

animosity in America in order to undermine everybody’s

violent gangs and other black people, but this has been

essary to create a common enemy against which blacks

rights — a form of social engineering that ultimately hurts

completely ignored by the media in favor of ginning up a

must appear to be defended by the state — racist white

everybody, no matter what their color or creed.

racial divide that is completely contrived. More blacks are

people. The Democrat Party, despite being responsible for

killed by other blacks in Chicago every weekend than the

founding the KKK, set themselves up as the representa-

merman trial is how the whole country was whipped up

Ku Klux Klan killed over a period of 50 years. The high

tives of black America while behind the scenes scheming

into a fervor of selective outrage over one black teenager

murder rate of young black men has virtually nothing to do

to cynically exploit and manipulate them as a voting block

being killed by a hispanic man, falsely labeled “white” by

with the actions of white people, so why was the Zimmer-

through which to undermine constitutional rights, like the

the media, when the problem of black-on-black violent

man case hijacked by establishment black leaders and the

Second Amendment.

crime completely dwarfs any notion that black people are

media in order to insinuate this myth?

One of the fundamental questions surrounding the Zim-

being deliberately targeted by whites. The likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and

If the media wanted to initiate a national conversation

The likes of Sharpton and Jackson perpetuate racial division by promulgating the myth that racist white Amer-

about this issue, why did it fail to mention the 1,300

ica continues to subjugate black people, when in reality

even Barack Obama himself all inserted themselves into

black babies who are killed every day in America through

such subjugation comes directly from law enforcement,

the Trayvon Martin controversy in order to hype the threat

abortion? The simple answer is that the establishment isn’t

the state, and an establishment pop-culture narrative that

posed by violent hate crimes against blacks, manufactur-

interested in focusing on anything that cannot be blamed

encourages black people to act like thuggish hip-hop stars.

ing a kind of universal white guilt that demanded “justice

on white people because this doesn’t further their agenda

Meanwhile, true black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.,

for Trayvon” not based on the facts of the case, but on

of manufacturing racial division.

who encourage racial harmony between blacks and whites,

emotional manipulation focused around the erroneous presumption that America has declared “open season” on murdering young black men. In reality, according to Justice Department figures, 94 percent of all blacks murdered in America every year are


Just as the state has sought to play groups against each

are murdered by the state.


It is very appropriate that Trayvon Martin’s family attor-

murdered by other black people, despite the fact that black

other for their own benefit as part of a divide-and-conquer

ney told Fox News that her first role was to act as a “social

Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population.

strategy throughout history, black people are also being

engineer,” given that social engineering lay at the core of

That’s 7,000 blacks murdered every year by other black

targeted with aggressive programs of social engineering

the entire George Zimmerman controversy. The Obama

people. This statistic alone completely demolishes the nar-

to keep them dependent on big government. Ever since

administration seized control of the affair from the very

rative that the Zimmerman case represented a bellwether

infamous social engineers Clarence Gamble and Margaret

beginning with the Justice Department funding pro-Tray-




von protests last year in order to create public pressure that led to Zimmerman’s arrest after local police had already concluded that Zimmerman had acted in self-defense and that no charges were necessary. The ex-Sanford police chief Bill Lee also went public to reveal that the case had been hijacked “in a number of ways” by outside forces and that “he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice.” In one sense, the Zimmerman trial served as an extremely useful distraction from the myriad of scandals that plagued the Obama administration in the weeks before the case came to dominate U.S. television networks. The NSA PRISM controversy, the IRS targeting conservative groups, and the AP hacking probe all virtually disappeared from the headlines as the nation obsessed over every development in a Florida courtroom. However, once the fix was in, and the Obama administration secured its show trial, it didn’t really matter whether Zimmerman was found guilty or not. The political hijacking of the case was about contriving selective outrage and then channeling that outrage into the demonization of the right to self-defense, the right to own guns, and the sanctity of juries, while at the same time driving a further wedge between black and white America. Instead of unifying around the universal liberties enshrined in the constitution and coming together to stand up to an out-of-control national security state that is spying on all Americans, stealing their financial future, and erecting a police state, the Trayvon Martin tragedy allowed Americans to be tricked into buying into the politics of racial division, while ignoring their true common enemy.



written by: Kit Daniels

Domestic Spy Grid Designed Long Before 9/11

Domestic Spy Grid Designed Long Before 9/11 enslaving american’s personal data 14


he domestic spy grid enslaving Amer-

leadership that accepts the United States’ global responsi-

icans’ personal data into perpetual,

bilities.” This report also calls on the U.S. armed forces to

digital archives was planned well before

control cyberspace, in the same vein as navies controlling

9/11 in a manner much like the early

the high seas, in order to protect America’s global political

2001 planning for the invasion of Iraq,

leadership in the “infosphere.”

as shown in declassified documents

published at the National Security Archive. A 42-page, declassified memo called “Transition 2001,”

“Rebuilding America’s Defenses” was published by the now-extinct Project for the New American Century, a think tank founded by former State Department staff member

published in December 2000 to brief newly elected Presi-

Robert Kagan and neoconservative William Kristol, the

dent Bush on the National Security Agency, declares that

latter known for his statements suggesting the GOP would

the agency’s mission demands “a powerful, permanent

be better off without Ron Paul.

presence on a global telecommunications network that will

Kristol is now spinning the NSA’s end run around the

host ‘protected’ communications of Americans as well as

Fourth Amendment as targeting foreign terrorists with

the targeted communications of adversaries.”

proper oversight, while Ron Paul speaks out against the

The word “protected,” surrounded by double quotations in the memo, refers to all of the personal, private data of Americans protected by the Fourth Amendment.

dangers of an Orwellian surveillance state, ironically predicting this over a quarter-century ago in the year 1984. Unfortunately Ron Paul’s warning was completely

Simply put, prior to the post-9/11 War on Terror, the

ignored by our government. Not too long after the “Transi-

NSA had every intention of ensnaring the phone con-

tion 2001” memo and the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”

versations, e-mails, chat logs, Internet search history,

report, the U.S. Department of Defense moved towards

etc. of all Americans into their wide net of domestic

integrating existing information on American citizens and

surveillance. Even the double quotations imply a veil of

aliens into a centralized, virtual database, as reported in

contempt towards our rights.

a December 15, 2002 article in The New York Times by

Predating the “Transition 2001” memo by three months,

Jeffrey Rosen, entitled “Total Information Awareness.”

and 9/11 by an entire year, a report entitled “Rebuilding

According to this article, the Total Information Awareness

America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a

program sought to analyze Americans’ criminal, financial,

New Century” calls for the U.S. Department of Defense to

educational, medical, and travel records and could have

aggressively embrace information technologies, but warns

included the development of “risk profile” technologies to

of a slow implementation unless a “new Pearl Harbor”

determine “suspicious” patterns of behavior in individuals.

ushers in an era of high-tech intelligence gathering. The report is structured upon a demand for “national

The current surveillance state was not born out of the post-9/11 world but simply thrived in it.

the current surveillance state was not bor n out of the post-9/11 world but simply thrived in it. 15

FEMA signs deal with Russian Emergency Situations Ministry to “exchange experts” 16

written by: Paul Joseph Watson

Russian Forces on American Soil The Future of National Security


s part of a deal signed late June

The use of foreign troops or other officials in a law

that the deal was only about information sharing. Either the press release was inaccurate or FEMA is lying.

in Washington DC between the

enforcement capacity providing “security” inside the

Russian Emergency Situations

United States is illegal under the Posse Comitatus Act,

Ministry and the Federal Emer-

the federal law passed in 1878 prohibiting military

Russian forces would be operating inside the United States

gency Management Agency,

troops from enforcing local laws, the duty of a civilian

at “mass events” ignores the fact that Russian and other

(FEMA), Russian officials will

police force. Capt. William Geddes of the U.S. Army

foreign troops have been training for at least two decades

provide “security at mass events” in the United States — a

Reserve acknowledged last year that it is against federal

on American soil. Even if we accept FEMA’s denial that

scenario that won’t sit well with Americans wary of foreign

law to use U.S. troops to conduct police patrols, despite

Russian forces will be in place at “mass events” in the U.S.,

assets operating on U.S. soil. According to a press release

the fact that such occurrences are becoming increasingly

the fact that Russian forces are already operating inside

by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense

common. The use of foreign troops is an even more clear

America is proven.

and Emergencies, U.S. and Russian officials met on June

cut violation of Posse Comitatus.

25 at the 17th Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on

FEMA was forced to deny the report published by

The federal agency’s denial of the report that suggested

Concerns about foreign troops being used on U.S. soil have lingered ever since the 1961 publication of State that cited the official Russian government

Defense Publication 7277, entitled “Freedom from War:

press release, which can be found at the website for the

the United States Program for General and Complete

during joint rescue operations in major disasters,” the Rus-

EMERCOM of Russia. The state-run Russian news wire RIA

Disarmament in a Peaceful World,” which is a blueprint

sian Emergency Situations Ministry will also be providing

Novosti claimed, “There will be ‘no exchange of security or

for the harmonization of U.S. and Russian forces under a

“security at mass events” in the United States. This sug-

military personnel’ under a recently renewed partnership

framework of United Nations-led global government. There

gests that events designated as “National Special Security

between the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

are numerous documented occasions of both foreign troops

Events” by the Department of Homeland Security, which

and Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry, a FEMA

on American soil, as well as militaristic violations of the

include the Super Bowl, international summits such as G8,

spokesman told RIA Novosti … The agreement continues

Posse Comitatus Act, happening right in front of our faces,

and presidential inaugurations, could now rely partly on

information-sharing meetings and observation opportuni-

yet blatantly ignored by the mainstream media.

Russian authorities to provide security. The meeting last

ties with first responders and emergency managers.” The

week also agreed on the conclusion that U.S. and Russian

admission that FEMA and Russian authorities would “ex-

on U.S. soil to deal with “insurgents” since the late 1990s

emergency authorities will increase their co-operation, “in

change experts” who would be active “during joint rescue

as part of “urban warfare drills.” In addition, as Frank

order to respond efficiently to all kinds of disasters.”

operations in major disasters” clearly contradicts the claim

Drover details, “Troops and personnel under the command

Emergency Situations. In addition to agreeing with FEMA to “exchange experts

Alex Jones has documented foreign troops being trained


exercises involving foreign troops on u.s. soil have become commonplace over the last 20 years as americans become increasing acclimatized to seeing international forces prepared for involvement in domestic security operations, largely ignorant of the fact that this is a violation of the posse comitatus act.

of the United Nations have been training all over

Southern California and then “moved inland for

the United States in joint exercises that include po-

additional training ashore.”

licing operations and terrorist suppression.” Drover

Last year, we reported on how Russian troops

cites a 1994 U.N. training mission named “Agile

were invited to the U.S. as part of a Fort Carson,

Provider,” during which 44,000 blue helmeted

Colorado, drill focused around anti-terror training.

U.N. troops from nations such as France and the

Aside from learning how to target terrorists in

Netherlands trained in Georgia, North and South

America, the Russian soldiers were also out in the

Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

local community attending a baseball game in

In 2008, it was also reported that U.S. and Canadian authorities had signed an agreement that

Colorado Springs. The pictures printed are from the Fort Carson drills.

would pave the way to using each other’s militaries

Exercises involving foreign troops on U.S. soil

on both sides of the border “during an emergency.”

have become commonplace over the last 20 years

During FEMA’s 2009 NLE exercise, foreign troops

as Americans become increasing acclimatized to

from Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United

seeing international forces prepared for involve-

Kingdom were involved in a major exercise focused

ment in domestic security operations, largely

on “terrorism prevention and protection.”

ignorant of the fact that this is a violation of the

Back in July 2010, our reporters covered the “Operation Vigilant Guard” exercises in Chicago,

Posse Comitatus Act. As Mac Slavo writes, “Rumors have circulated

which involved Polish troops training alongside

for years about the possibility of foreign troops

U.S. National Guard troops in drills focused

being deployed on U.S. soil in the event of a

around raiding terrorists and drug dealers. Accord-

widespread declaration of a national emergency.

ing to SFC Mark Ballard of the Illinois National

For quite some time, there have been anecdotal

Guard, the Polish forces were “integrating into

reports to support the claim that the U.N., Russia

some of the civil military units that are participat-

and other nations would be used in a policing

ing in this exercise” as part of Illinois’ partnership

capacity should some critical event befall our

with the Republic of Poland, a relationship based

nation … The fear should such a scenario take

around “integrative training” and blending mili-

place has been that these soldiers would act

tary and civilian forces in the event of a national

under the banner of their own flags, ignoring the

emergency, as well as making this process of

fundamental protections afforded to our citizens,

integration with foreign troops more “visible.”

leaving Americans under the jurisdiction of people

Only last month, foreign troops from Canada,

who don’t speak our language or respect our

New Zealand, and Japan, as well as observers

fundamental rights to self-defense, to be secure in

from Australia, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Mexico,

our homes, and to be presumed innocent in the

Peru, and Singapore took part in multi-lateral

eyes of the law.”

exercises with U.S. Marines under the banner of “Operation Dawn Blitz,” during which foreign soldiers staged a mock invasion of a beach in

To read the press release, visit: http://



Fluoride in the Water is a Chemical Weapon Attack on You & Your Family written by: Julie Wilson



These types of widely distributed studies passed off as

or nearly 70 years, national controver-

A few years later the world’s largest sodium fluoride

sy has surrounded the debate of water

producer, the American Aluminum Co. (ALCOA), and the

fact are conducted by scientists working for the same en-

fluoridation. In 1945, Grand Rapids

Dow Chemical Co. transferred the technology to Germany.

tities attempting to prove their products safe. This type

became the first American city to add

Numerous companies including Colgate, Kellogg, and

of biased, junk science continues today — Monsanto is

fluoride to the public’s drinking water

Dupont signed cartel agreements with I.G. Farben, creating

a perfect example. Monsanto currently holds patents on

in a supposed attempt to curb tooth

a powerful group designated “the fluoride mafia.”

genetically engineered (GE) crops prohibiting inde-

decay in children. Before implementing the fluoridation,

According to Steven’s article, the U.S. government sent

pendent studies on their products. Currently, the only

the city conducted a loose study testing whether fluoride

Charles E. Perkins, an expert scientist in chemistry, physiol-

studies conducted on GE crops in the United States are

exposure was safe and concluded that the benefits out-

ogy, and pathology, to manage the Farben chemical plants

studies performed by scientists who are direct employees

weighed the risks.

in Germany. It was during this time, that Perkins learned of

of Monsanto.

a plan to use water fluoridation to make people “stupid and

In 1947, a veteran lawyer for ALCOA was appointed

information claiming that fluoride isn’t just healthy, but

docile.” This plan was intended to be used as a weapon on

head of the Federal Security Agency, a position that put

necessary. Although, if you begin to dig a little deeper,

captives held in war camps. Authoritarians believed the flu-

him in charge of the Public Health Service, which then

you’ll find plenty of information explaining how and why

oridation caused slight damage to a particular part of the

approved fluoridation. This sounds eerily similar to

fluoride is not just unhealthy, but deadly.

brain, causing people to become submissive and surrender

President Obama appointing Michael Taylor, former Vice

themselves more easily.

President of Monsanto, to Senior Advisor of the Food

A quick Google search will probably lead you to mis-

In 1992, a former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist named Dr. Robert J. Carton said “Fluorida-

The U.S. military continued the Nazi’s research, at-

and Drug Administration in 2009. Through clever re-education methods orchestrated by big

tion is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.

tempting to build on it, and even admitted in a Rockefeller

Fluoridation presents unacceptable risks to public health,

report at a CIA briefing that “the drug program was part

chemical companies, fluoride, once a toxic, industrial waste

and the government cannot prove its claims of safety. It

of a much larger CIA program to study possible means of

by-product, became viewed as a beneficial necessity in the

is clear that fluoride is mutagenic, and that it may well

controlling human behavior.”

public’s water supply. The same chemical is also used in

cause cancer. The EPA has attempted to silence scientists

fungicides, pesticides, rodenticides, tranquilizers, and in a

who do not follow the party line.”



originated from a 1939 study by a scientist employed by

the making of the atomic bomb. During the production of

ALCOA, the largest producer of sodium fluoride. During

the A-bomb, fluoride poisoning became the leading health

Mind-Boggling Thesis,” published by NEXUS Magazine in

the time of the study, claims were on the rise that fluoride

hazard, not radiation poisoning.

the August–September 1995 issue, discovered significant

was damaging to the human brain, hence the need for a

American bankers, including executives from Standard

“substantiated” study to prove that fluoride wasn’t just safe,

Oil, Ford Motor Company, the National City Bank of

but beneficial. To support this claim, ALCOA employee

New York, and the chairman of the federal reserve were

Gerald J. Cox fluoridated some lab rats and concluded that

issue of Environmental Health Perspectives, a U.S. National

funding a German chemical company, which became I.G.

fluoride reduced cavities. Following the publication of his

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal, claims,

Farben in 1925. I.G. Farben and multiple members were

conclusion, Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the first city

“children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQs

responsible for numerous war crimes in World War II.

to fluoridate the water. 87 more cities would later follow.

than those who lived in low fluoride areas.” The EPA says

Ian E. Stephen , author of “The Dickinson Statement: A


The myth that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay

number of domestic products like toothpaste. Even declassified military documents prove that fluoride was used in

SCIENTIFIC STUDIES A Harvard University study published in the July 2012

DESPITE THE PROVEN DANGERS, FLUORIDE IS STILL ADDED TO 70% OF THE NATION’S DRINKING WATER. A Harvard study, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that, “...rats exposed to 1 ppm (50 Smol/L) of water-fluoride for one year showed morphological alterations in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue compared with controls...”

fluoride is a chemical “with substantial evidence of devel-

communities. The new recommendation is 0.7 milligrams

The most disconcerting fact is that this evidence isn’t new.

opment neurotoxicity.” The chemical isn’t just dangerous

of fluoride per liter of water, which replaces the previous

The claims against fluoride have been around since its use

to adults, but severely affects memory and cognitive devel-

recommended range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams per liter.

began almost a century ago.

opment in children. The study also revealed that fluoride

Even a group of scientists working for the EPA head-


readily crosses the placenta, exposing the susceptible,

quarters strongly oppose using fluoride in the water. A re-

developing brain of fetuses to toxicants, which can cause

port from the National Treasury Employees Union Chapter

The good news is that many cities around the nation

irreversible damage.

280 says, “as the EPA was engaged in revising its drinking

are waking up to the dangers of fluoride. In some cities,

In 2005, The Guardian, a British news agency, released

water standard for fluoride in 1985, an employee came to

relentless advocates for anti-fluoridation have proven

an article outlining American research that proved boys

the union with a complaint: he said he was being forced

enough to sway public officials into ridding their water

exposed to any amounts of fluoride between the ages of

to write into the regulation a statement to the effect that

of the toxic chemical. Portland, Oregon; Wichita, Kansas;

5 to 10 suffer increased rates of osteosarcoma, a form

EPA thought it was alright for children to have ‘funky’

Santa Fe, New Mexico; College Station, Texas; and Fair-

of bone cancer. According to the research, “half of all

teeth. It was OK, the EPA said, because it considered that

banks, Alaska, have all banned fluoridation in their cities,

fluoride ingested is stored in the body, accumulating in

condition to be only a cosmetic effect, not an adverse

just to name a few.

calcifying tissue such as in teeth, bones, and the pineal

health effect. The reason for this EPA position was that it

gland inside the brain.”

was under political pressure to set its health-based stan-

decision to a public vote and won, despite the city council

Portland gathered over 400,000 signatures to bring the

dard for fluoride at 4 mg/liter. At that level, the EPA knew

members meeting behind closed doors in an attempt to

fluoride as dangerous to humans, the U.S. Center

that a significant number of children develop moderate to

pass water fluoridation. The victory protects over half a

for Disease Control and Prevention recognized water

severe dental fluorosis, but since it had deemed the effect

million people from the toxic chemical.

fluoridation as one of the ten greatest public health

as only cosmetic, the EPA didn’t have to set its health-

achievements of the 20th century.

based standard at a lower level to prevent it.”

Despite the massive amounts of information regarding

Paul Beeber from the New York State Coalition Opposed

According to, fluorosis is a condition

Luckily with the invaluable tool of the world wide web, fluoride-free campaigns popping up across the nation, and people are able to educate themselves on the true dangers

to Fluoridation, Inc. says “It’s senseless to keep subject-

caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight

of fluoride. Groups like, Fluoride Free

ing our children to this ongoing fluoridation experiment

years of a child’s life, when their permanent teeth are

Austin, and Clean Water Portland are breeding grounds for

to satisfy the political agenda of special interest groups.

forming. This condition causes highly noticeable pits, yel-

anti-fluoride supporters that work to provide the public

Even if fluoridation reduced cavities, is tooth health more

low to dark brown stains, and surface irregularities in the

with education for fighting water fluoridation. Groups like

important than brain health? It’s time to put politics aside

teeth. Today, fluorosis affects one in every four Americans

these orchestrate campaigns against water fluoridation and

and stop artificial fluoridation everywhere.”

ages 6 to 49. The condition was first detected in the early

lead the fight in their cities.

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe the EPA’s own

20th century in Colorado Springs, Colorado Researchers

Although, fluoridation has been used for almost a

revisions to their policy on fluoridation will sway you.

discovered that numerous native-born residents displayed

century. As long as corporate entities continue to ride on

Following the release of the highly respected Harvard study

significant brown staining on their teeth and called it the

their own interests and control government regulatory

and according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine,

“Colorado Brown Stain.”

agencies like the EPA, it doesn’t appear to be a fight

the Health and Human Services Department together with

There is a substantial amount of evidence illustrating

the EPA announced last year a “downwards revision in the

the dangers of fluoride. Even the regulatory agency itself

recommended ratio of fluoride to water” in fluoridated

admits that it’s harmful to humans — children in particular.

that’s ending anytime soon.


written by: Kurt Nimmo



peration Mockingbird, the CIA’s

in “Unreality TC, the Mighty Wurlitzer, Hijacking Public

long term effort to control

Media,” a chapter from the book Static: Government Liars,

the news, has shifted into

Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back. “The


leading TV networks, including ABC and NBC; and the wire

On July 2, a little noticed

services AP, UPI, Reuters; along with Hearst Newspapers,

“reform” passed in January

Scripps Howard, Newsweek, the Miami Herald, and the

went into effect. The Smith-

Saturday Evening Post all had dealings with the spy agency.

Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, passed as part of the

The CIA’s most valuable associations were with the New

2013 National Defense Authorization Act, will allow the

York Times, CBS, and Time, Inc.”

CIA to flood America with more government propaganda.

This media penetration by the CIA is not merely a

The Smith-Mundt Act, passed as the national security

baseless conspiracy theory as some might argue, but is

A network anchorman in time of national crisis is an instrument of psychological warfare in the Mockingbird media. He is a creature from the national security sector’s chamber of horrors. For this reason, consumers of the corporate press have reason to examine their basic beliefs about government and life in the parallel universe of these United States.

state was taking shape in 1948, authorized the State

backed up by CIA office memos released under Freedom

Department to unleash a tidal wave of propaganda outside

of Information Acts revealing the placement of “import-

the United States while supposedly forbidding its dissem-

ant assets” inside every major news organization in the

never honored its charter prohibiting domestic operation

ination inside the country. The law set the stage for Frank

country. “It was not until 1982 that the Agency openly

and has consistently utilized the corporate media as a

Wisner, who headed up he CIA’s covert action division in

admitted that reporters on the CIA payroll have acted as

propaganda machine.

the early 1950s, to build his “mighty Wurlitzer,” described

case officers to agents in the field,” writes investigative

by none other than The New York Times as “the means for

journalist Alex Constantine.

orchestrating, in almost any language anywhere in the

“Most consumers of the corporate media were — and

Enactment of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act underscores the fact the CIA no longer pretends to honor its charter and refrains from flooding the media with

are — unaware of the effect that the salting of public

government propaganda. “The evaporation of Smith-Mundt

opinion has on their own beliefs,” Constantine continues.

and other provisions to safeguard U.S. citizens against

worked hand-in-glove with the CIA. This cozy relation-

“A network anchorman in time of national crisis is an

government propaganda campaigns is part of a larger trend

ship was revealed by Frank Church, the Select Commit-

instrument of psychological warfare in the Mockingbird

within the diplomatic and military establishment,” ace

tee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to

media. He is a creature from the national security sector’s

reporter Michael Hastings wrote in May, 2012, more than a

Intelligence Activities in 1975, and (a few years later) by

chamber of horrors. For this reason, consumers of the

year before his assassination.

reporter Carl Bernstein.

corporate press have reason to examine their basic beliefs

world whatever tune the CIA was in the mood to hear.” In the years since, the establishment media has

“Among the chief executives who helped the CIA were William Paley of CBS, Henry Luce of Time, Arthur Sulzberger of The New York Times, Barry Bingham Sr. of the

In fact, this “larger trend” has been in effect since the

about government and life in the parallel universe of

imposition of the National Security Act in 1947 and the

these United States.”

establishment of the National Security Council, the princi-

Despite the promise of the Smith-Mundt Act that a

pal forum used by the financial elite and their intelligence

Louisville Courier-Journal, and James Copley of the Copley

firewall stands between foreign and domestic propagan-

apparatus to dictate policy to the president of the United

News Service,” write Amy Goodman and David Goodman

da, the CIA, the bastard child of Wall Street lawyers, has

States and the State Department.



written by: Anthony Gucciardi

Obama Conquers Internet Through Executive Orders


Presidential policies pave foundation for future federal takeover of the internet.

bama’s policies will allow for a future gov-

complete lie several months later with the PRISM slides — a great example of

ernment takeover of the Internet, involving

the doublespeak within these executive orders.

multiple agencies, including the Department of

Under innocent-sounding guise, Obama dictates policies that are intended for

Homeland Security, under the guise of “national

more sinister purposes. The further involvement of DHS into Internet “security”

security needs” and “crisis management.”

could very well highlight this point. The next 9/11 could easily be a cyber at-

In July 2012, Obama quietly released an execu-

tack, such as a massive financial collapse blamed on “foreign hackers.” This is a

tive order entitled “Assignment of National Security

very real possibility considering that the majority of the money supply is digital

and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” The order created the National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/

in our fractional reserve, fiat economy. Could the DHS take advantage of a claimed cyber warfare attack by imposing

EP) Executive Committee consisting of federal agencies such as the Department

a virtual TSA on the American people, requiring them to be identified and

of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Depart-

screened before using sections of cyberspace? We’ve already seen a New York

ment of Justice, Department of Commerce, General Services Administration,

bill trying to outlaw the on line use of anonymous screen names. Google and

Federal Communications Commission, and the Office of the Director of Nation-

Yahoo are also now asking for telephone numbers upon registration of new user

al Intelligence. It should be noted that the Director of National Intelligence is

accounts. Between the NSA soaking up all the digital communications by the

James Clapper, notorious for lying to Congress in March on the extent of the

public and the DHS’s increased involvement in cyber security, the freedom of

NSA’s domestic surveillance.

anonymous expression is in great peril.

Here are some highlights of the executive order, which is available in full at “Sec. 5.2. (Responsibilities of the DHS) (e) satisfy priority communications requirements through the use of commercial, Government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate; (f) maintain a joint industry-Government center that is capable of assisting in the initiation, coordination, restoration, and reconstitution of NS/EP communications services or facilities under all conditions of emerging threats, crisis, or emergency...” This allows the DHS, working jointly and directly with private Internet Service Providers, to easily take over the Internet by claiming priority over private communication lines in the name of “national security.” In the future, the DHS and other federal agencies can respond to whistleblower leaks, such as Edward’s Snowden’s revelation that the NSA has direct access to major internet servers, by claiming they are “emerging threats” and “violations of National Security communications.” Unconstitutional abuses leaked to media outlets can be suppressed by the government with this framework created through Obama’s executive orders. Internet censorship will be brought to you by “national security needs” and “crisis management.” Earlier this year, Obama released another executive order entitled “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.” This order created “essential” public-private partnerships with internet infrastructure owners and operators “to improve cybersecurity information sharing.” Amusingly, the executive order has provisions to ensure privacy and civil liberties. Edward Snowden exposed this


The next 9/11 could easily be a cyber attack


written by: Ron Paul

Ron Paul:

Obama’s Syria Policy is Like Bush’s Iraq Policy

“Today, we’re also working for a transition so the Syrian people can have a better future, free of the Assad regime. And given the regime’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, we will continue to make it clear to Assad and those around him that the world is watching, and that they will be held accountable by the international community and the United States, should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons.”

“The Iraqi regime ... possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons. We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas... “... for the sake of protecting our friends and allies, the United States will lead a mighty coalition of freedom-loving nations and disarm Saddam Hussein.”



President Obama an-

in Jordan over the past year to prepare for the transfer of

nounced in early June

weapons to the rebels in Syria.

that the U.S. intelligence

The process was identical to the massive deception cam-

ing from being fooled before. So, Obama now plans to send even more weapons to the Syrian rebels even though his administration is aware

community had just

paign that led us into the Iraq war. Remember the famous

that the main rebel factions have pledged their loyalty to

determined that the Syrian

quote from the leaked “Downing Street Memo,” where

al-Qaeda. Does anyone else see the irony? After 12 years of

government had used

representatives of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s ad-

the “War on Terror” and the struggle against al-Qaeda, the

poison gas on a small scale,

ministration discussed Washington’s push for war on Iraq?

U.S. decided to provide weapons to the allies of al-Qaeda.

killing some 100 people in

Here the head of British intelligence was reporting

a civil conflict that has claimed an estimated 100,000 lives.

back to his government after a trip to Washington in the

Because of this use of gas, the president claimed, Syria had

summer of 2002:

crossed his “red line,” and the U.S. must begin to arm the rebels fighting to overthrow the Syrian government. Setting aside the question of why 100 killed by gas is somehow more important than 99,900 killed by other means, the fact is his above explanation is full of holes. The

“Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush want-

Does anyone really think this is a good idea? The Obama administration promises us that this is to be a very limited operation, providing small arms only, with no plans for a no-fly zone or American boots on the

ed to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by

ground. That sounds an awful lot like how Vietnam started.

the conjunction of terrorism and WMD, but the intelligence

Just a few advisors. When these few small arms do not

and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

achieve the pre-determined U.S. policy of regime change in

That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing

Syria what is the administration going to do? Admit failure

Washington Post reported that the decision to overtly arm

with Syria: fixing the intelligence and facts around the

and pull the troops out, or escalate? History suggests the

the Syrian rebels was made “weeks ago” — in other words,

already determined policy, and Congress just goes along,

answer, and it now appears to be repeating itself once

it was made at a time when the intelligence community did

just as they did the last time.

again. The president has opened a can of worms that will

not believe “with high confidence” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons. Further, this plan to transfer weapons to the Syrian rebels

We found out shortly after the Iraq war started that the facts and intelligence being fixed around the policy were

destroy his presidency and possibly destroy this country. Another multi-billion dollar war has begun.

nothing but lies put forth by the neo-con warmongers and

had become policy much earlier than that, as the Washing-

the paid informants, like the infamous and admitted liar

ton Post reported that the CIA had expanded its secret bases

known as “Curveball,” but we seem to have learned noth-

Former Congressman Paul’s article first appeared at

“THE PRESIDENT HAS OPENED A CAN OF WORMS THAT WILL DESTROY HIS PRESIDENCY AND POSSIBLY DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. ANOTHER MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR WAR HAS BEGUN.” “After 12 years of the “War on Terror” and the struggle against al-Qaeda, the U.S. decided to provide weapons to the allies of al-Qaeda. Does anyone really think this is a good idea?”

“They’re fixing the intelligence and facts around the already determined policy”


Federal Government Plans to Persecute Zimmerman written by: Kurt Nimmo


he Trayvon Martin murder case is not about justice. It’s an excuse

“Attorney General Eric Holder, The Department of Justice has closely moni-

for a lot of ignorant people to

tored the State of Florida’s prosecution of the

express their racist attitudes. Due

case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon

to decades of political correct-

Martin murder since it began. Today, with the

ness promoted by the elite and

acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the

inculcated through their cultural

Department of Justice to act.

and educational programming system, emotionally

The most fundamental of civil rights — the right

charged racist violence is now acceptable and has

to life — was violated the night George Zimmerman

been since at least the 1992 L.A. riots that claimed

stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin.

over 50 lives following the beating of Rodney King.

We ask that the Department of Justice file civil

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of the

rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this

most powerful men in America, has taken up that torch, claiming it’s not over. He said now that a jury of his peers has found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, it is time for the federal government to step in. Appearing on “Meet

egregious violation. Please address the travesties of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin by acting today. Thank you.” Other “civil rights” organizations called for

the Press” on July 14, Reid told host David Gregory

Zimmerman to be prosecuted. “We will be calling

the Justice Department will go after Zimmerman.

on the federal government to file criminal charges

“And the president, does he have a role in speaking

on the basis of civil rights violations,” said C.D.

about it as he did after the shooting?” Gregory asked.

Witherspoon of the Southern Christian Leadership

“Yeah, of course,” Reid responded. “And I think the

Conference of Baltimore. “This was done immediately

Justice Department’s going to take a look at this. You

after the Rodney King verdict, and should be done

know, this isn’t over with, and I think that’s good,

if justice is not rendered by the Florida courts.”

that’s our system. It’s gotten better, not worse.” In other words, if a jury reaches a verdict the

The NAACP has pledged to “fight for the removal of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws in every state” and

federal government and the Obama administra-

make racial profiling a primary consideration in

tion think is not politically correct (or is con-

self-defense cases. A number of liberal advocacy

trary to their political agenda), they will move

groups, including NAACP, the Urban League, Color

to “take a look” at it and take action to placate

of Change, Common Cause, People for the American

special interests and preferred minorities.

Way, and, have worked to eliminate

Soon after the verdict was reached on Saturday night, the NAACP called on the Justice Department to persecute George Zimmerman for the inexcusable

the right of Americans to protect themselves. “Florida’s dangerous ‘Shoot First’ law allowed Trayvon’s killer to walk free without charges for more

crime of self-defense. President and CEO Benjamin

than a month. Shoot First legalizes vigilante homi-

Todd Jealous sent out the following petition:

cide, has demonstrated racial bias in its application,



and has led to an increase in gun-related deaths in

widen the circle of compassion and understanding

the more than two dozen states where it has been

in our own communities. We should ask ourselves

passed into law,” states Color of Change, as part of a

if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun

campaign to eliminate “Stand Your Ground” laws.

violence that claims too many lives across this

Since 2009, Color of Change has received $550,000

country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves,

from Soros’ Open Society Foundation and is closely

as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent

connected to, an organization per-

future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for

petually engaged in peddling Obama’s globalist

all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

agenda and fundraises for establishment Democrats.

It appears Obama, in addition to instruct- has also launched a petition demanding

ing the Justice Department to prosecute George

the Justice Department ignore the jury decision in

Zimmerman for violating the “civil rights” of

Florida and further victimize George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin, will attempt to revisit so-called

Color of Change is “an organization dedicated to

“gun control,” an effort that failed dismally ear-

shutting down free speech, free expression, free

lier this year in a Democrat-controlled Senate.

markets, and free enterprise,” writes Peter Bella

The characterization of self-defense as “vigi-

at the Washington Times. “They are against cap-

lante homicide” when it contains “racial bias in

italism and civil liberties. They want to repeal

its application” — in other words, when a white

the Second Amendment, force people to be vic-

person defends himself against violence perpe-

tims, and are against stopping voter fraud.”

trated by a black person or other government

Obama responded to the Zimmerman verdict on July 13 by calling for renewed legislation aimed at the Second Amendment. He did not attack

designated preferred minority — underscores the globalist agenda to disarm all Americans. The Trayvon Martin case is not about racism, it

the Bill of Rights directly, but instead admon-

is about destroying the Second Amendment and

ished Americans for not doing enough “to stem

turning the American people into a defenseless

the tide of gun violence that claims too many

herd no different than the Russians under Stalin or

lives across this country on a daily basis.”

the Chinese under Mao. “Political power grows out

Here is the entire statement by Obama, posted July 14 on the White House website:

of the barrel of a gun,” Mao infamously said. He wasn’t talking about guns in the hands of citizens.

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not

Racist polarization, promoted in theatrical fashion

just for his family, or for any one community, but for

by the corporate media, distracts people from the real

America. I know this case has elicited strong pas-

cause of class and racial division — an economic and

sions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those

social system designed for exploitation and predation

passions may be running even higher. But we are a

by a hereditary elite. If we are feeding on each other,

nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every

if we perpetually with the passing of each generation

American to respect the call for calm reflection from

fall victim to class and racial warfare, we will never

two parents who lost their young son. And as we do,

recognize the real criminal class victimizing us all.

we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to



World War III Brews as Nation Distracted by Trayvon Martin Case written by:


Anthony Gucciardi s the world reacts to the Trayvon Martin case, including prominent rappers calling out the media over its race baiting, reports detail around 160,000 Russian troops were called to “combat readiness” following an Israeli strike on Russian-made missiles in Syria. Is the nation too distracted by the George Zimmerman trial’s 24/7 news cycle to even know about this developing situation that coincides with escalating ten-

sions between Russian and U.S.-affiliated nations around the world? First up is the new revelation that Israel was behind an attack on Syria that tar-

geted Russian-made anti-ship missiles. According to the Israeli National News sources within the U.S., Israel recently launched an attack on Russian missiles that were apparently sold to Syria and stationed at a critical point within the country. Until now, it was unknown who had initiated the bombing that had rocked Latakia on July 5th. Ultimately, bombing the critical point holding the Russian’s Yakhont anti-ship missile, Israel is believed to have initiated the bombing via aircraft or a ship in the Mediterranean. According to the anonymous U.S. official who corresponded with CNN, “This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean.” Now enter new reports surfacing from the Russian Defense Ministry on orders of Vladimir Putin that the largest military “state of full combat readiness” drill is taking place with around 160,000 troops ordered to report from all corners of the military. Specifically, the translated reports detail how Putin is calling together not just Armed Forces of Russia troops, but all forms of long-range aircraft, 70 naval ships, bomber and fighter aircraft, and so on. According to a syndicated Russian announcement, “On Friday, during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an unexpected military drill, urging all forces to enter a state of full combat readiness on the night of July 13.” These reports say that Putin is essentially assembling the entire military in the largest such event since the Soviet Union. This is coming in from the Russian language version of Forbes and other Russian sources translated to English. Is this massive “state of full combat readiness” initiated on July 13th just a training exercise with no further intention, or is it related to the attack by Israel on Russian-made missiles in Syria? Whether this is truly the initiation of a massive conflict between world powers or not, it’s certainly worth the attention of the media and general public. While it does take a lot of digging to sort through all of these Russian language announcements and get to the bottom of the story, it’s much more important than what George Zimmerman’s lawyers ate for breakfast this morning.




Poster By: Peter Santa-Maria @attackpeter

written by: Kurt Nimmo


Sean Murphy Massachusetts State Police

Throwing Stones The Lies About the bomber


t’s another example of why you should never

death penalty,” claimed The Mirror, Britain’s version of

trust the government.

the National Enquirer. “Reports say the bullet passed

Back in April federal officialdom told us

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev was

out the back of his neck.”

shot in the throat and unable to talk. The gov-

This Hollywood-esque version dovetailed nicely with

ernment trotted out Massachusetts Gov. Deval

the story that the evil Brothers Tsarnaev were engaged in

Patrick to confirm this fantasy story. He said

a running gun battle with the cops, flinging home-made

Tsarnaev was in “serious but stable condition”

pressure cooker bombs at their brave pursuers as the pair

and “not yet able to communicate yet.” Then we were fed a more theatric version. The young


through his throat, just missing his spinal cord, and came

attempted to escape the long arm of the law. Then we were told Dzhokar was being treated by Israeli doctors who “have

Tsarnaev, we were told, attempted to take his own life

abundant past experience treating victims of terror … be-

when supposedly trapped in a boat. “It is thought the

cause they’re from Israel.” The Blaze reported, “Tsarnaev is

teenager placed a gun in his mouth and pulled the

in stable condition, but that because of wounds to his throat,

trigger in a desperate bid to avoid capture and a possible

he may never be able to speak again,” feeding the fantasy.

In May, the story changed again. It was said Tsarnaev

robbery of a 7-Eleven, a lie parroted faithfully by the estab-

didn’t have a bullet wound in his throat, but was cut. “I

lishment media. “With a bomb strapped to his chest, one of

did see a throat injury. To me it looked more like a knife

the Boston Marathon suspects was killed early Friday after

wound,” said Officer Jeff Campbell of the Massachusetts

he and his accomplice brother robbed a 7-Eleven, shot a

Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police SWAT Unit.

police officer to death, carjacked an SUV, and hurled explo-

“It wasn’t a puncture hole. It was a slice where it was

sives in an extraordinary firefight with law enforcement,”

spread open, possibly a piece of shrapnel from one of the

NBC News reported on April 19.

explosives that they were using the night before. It didn’t look like a bullet wound to me. It looked like a cut of some kind.” Campbell was supposedly part of the team

This fable is turned on its head by CNN footage of a naked Tamerlan in police custody. Tamerlan’s aunt said the man in the video was her

that apprehended Tsarnaev, so if anybody knew about

nephew. A report by the Boston Globe also said the older

his wounds, it would be Campbell and his fellow SWAT

Tsarnaev was in custody. Hours later, it was reported that

officers. CNN later edited out Campbell’s comment about

Tamerlan was dead, leading to the inescapable conclusion

the throat wound.

that he was assassinated. Witnesses to the “shoot out”

Now we have a photo of Tsarnaev allegedly surrender-

described it like something out of a Hollywood movie.

ing. It was taken by a Massachusetts State Police photogra-

7-Eleven confirmed that the Brothers Tsarnaev did not

pher. CBS Boston reported on Thursday the photographer,

rob the convenience store. “Margaret Chabris, the director

Sgt. Sean Murphy, gave the photos to the Boston Magazine

of corporate communication at 7- Eleven, says the surveil-

because he was upset by the Rolling Stone’s recent “glam-

lance video of the crime was not taken at a 7-Eleven, and

orized” cover photo of the suspected terrorist. Murphy is

the suspect that did rob the 7-Eleven does not look like

under investigation for releasing photos to the magazine.

Tamerlan or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,” USA Today reported on

Note the absence of a throat wound in the photo. The

April 19, 2013. “The suspect in the photos for that par-

photo highlights the fact the government lied about Tsar-

ticular 7-Eleven robbery looks nothing like the suspects,”

naev’s throat wound, as the photo clearly shows. Is there

Chabris told the newspaper. “The police or someone made

anything else the government is lying about? Is it possible

a mistake. Someone was confused.”

the entire event is a government contrived fiction? The government no longer cares about the quality of

A mistake, or a shoddy attempt to fabricate a cover story for public consumption painting the brothers as ruthless

its deception. In late July, a man we are told was Dzhokar

and criminal terrorists? Following the purported attack, the

appeared in court to plead not guilty to terrorism charges.

corporate media has done somersaults to convince the public

However, according to a former wrestling teammate inter-

that the brothers are guilty, an effort recently underscored

viewed by the Boston Globe, the man in court “didn’t look

by a sensationalistic Rolling Stone magazine cover declaring

like” Tsarnaev. Moreover, the man brought into court had

Dzhokhar guilty prior to his day in court. “The overarching

a thick accent and Tsarnaev does not, as a cell phone video

principle here should be that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is entitled to

of him interacting with a child reveals.

a presumption of innocence until he is actually proven guilty,”

Official Boston Bombing Narrative: A Cavalcade of Lies and Distortion From the outset, the official version of events surrounding the Boston bombing event consisted of a sketchy amalgamation of lies and fabrications that, like early versions of the 9/11 fairy tale, represented a work in progress. The FBI first claimed the Brothers Tsarnaev were off the

Glenn Greenwald wrote for The Guardian on April 22: “As so many cases have proven — from accused (but exonerated) anthrax attacker Stephen Hatfill to accused (but exonerated) Atlanta Olympic bomber Richard Jewell to dozens, if not hundreds, of Guantanamo detainees accused of being the ‘worst of the worst,’ but who were guilty of nothing – people who appear to be guilty based on government accusations and trials-by-media are often completely innocent. Media-presented evidence is no substitute for due process and an adversarial trial.” Now that the official version has more or less gelled, and previous versions have found the Orwellian memory hole, the government will continue to use the suspicious

government’s radar, a claim that was quickly refuted by

event as another crucial milestone in its war on terror — a

the mother of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Following

manufactured war now gone domestic, and therefore more

interviews with Zubeidat Tsarnaev, the FBI was forced to

pernicious than ever, requiring additional degradation of

concede it had talked with the suspects two years before

the Bill of Rights. Researchers who insist on pointing out

the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The accusations

the early inconsistencies and storyline alterations will be

against her sons, Zubeidat told the media, are “all lies and

pegged as scurrilous conspiracy theorists little different

hypocrisy.” She said of her eldest son, Tamerlan, that the

from those who insisted the government’s version of what

CIA and the FBI were “controlling his every step.”

happened on September 11, 2001, amounted to a not-too

Next, the government said Tamerlan was killed after the

the government no longer cares about the quality of its deception.

carefully contrived tissue of lies.


Presidential Destruction of Political Opposition written by: Kurt Nimmo


n July 7, Rep. Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican, told Breitbart News that additional details forthcoming in the IRS scandal will reveal how the Obama administration used the tax agency as a political tool against its political enemies. “I think what we’re going to find out and I think that the deeper part is not so much the Tea Party and the ‘Patriot’ and those people who were targeted, but the information that has been leaked,” Kelly, who is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee currently investigating the scandal, told Breitbart in a telephone interview. “The information that the IRS has on file on people goes pretty deep into personal lives. It is being leaked out and given to people for very specific political reasons. I think this is something that should be the most chilling thing for Americans to understand,” Kelly explained. “This is a branch of government, and it is under the executive branch that can be used for a lot of different intimidation elements. Think of what these people have, think of what they have on everybody. If they leak that out to the right person at the right time in the right movement that’s looking to do something, they can completely destroy individuals.” The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released in early May an audit report confirming the IRS used on behalf of the Obama Administration inappropriate criteria to target political enemies. Despite efforts by President Obama to distance himself from the accusations and limit damage arising from the revelations, Republicans have exploited the scandal for partisan advantage. In fact, both Democrats and Republicans routinely use not only the IRS, but a number of other federal agencies to engage in sundry witch hunts targeting their political opposition.

IRS as Political Truncheon

History demonstrates that using the IRS as a weapon against political enemies has proved irresistible for presidents, both Democrat and Republican. Democrat Franklin Roosevelt used the agency to go after newspapers opposed to his socialist New Deal. FDR had the IRS target Huey Long, Father Coughlin, and Republicans, such as former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. President Kennedy used the IRS to target the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, the


American Enterprise Institute, the Foundation for Economic Education, and other groups. “By directing tax audits at individuals and groups solely because of their political beliefs, [Kennedy’s] Ideological Organizations Audit Project established a precedent for a far more elaborate program of targeting ‘dissidents,’” states a 1976 report by the Senate Select Committee on Government Intelligence. Richard Nixon created a Special Services Staff to go after “all IRS activities involving ideological, militant, subversive, radical, and similar type organizations.” Nixon went so far as to pass his notorious enemies list on to the IRS in an effort to “use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies,” according to former White House counsel John Dean. Nixon’s 1974 impeachment charged him with trying to gain “confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits, or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.” Following a report issued by the Democratic National Committee in 1995 attacking Bill Clinton’s political enemies, the IRS went after the Heritage Foundation and The American Spectator magazine. Clinton accusers, including Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, were targeted with IRS audits. In 1999, the Associated Press reported that “officials in the Democratic White House and members of both parties in Congress have prompted hundreds of audits of political opponents in the 1990s.” Requests from Congress to audit political enemies were expedited, thus underscoring the fact the agency serves as a political weapon not only for presidents, but the entire political class. “Permitting congressmen to secretly and effortlessly sic G-men on whomever they pleased epitomized official Washington’s contempt for average Americans and fair play. But because the abuse was bipartisan, there was little enthusiasm on Capitol Hill for an investigation,” writes James Bovard for the Wall Street Journal.

FBI Terrorism Unleashed

In addition to the Internal Revenue Service, the government has used the Justice Department’s criminal investigative body, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to attack political enemies. While the FBI has targeted political

foes since its inception in 1908, known then simply as the Bureau of Investigation, the effort did not reach its apex until 1956 with the establishment of COINTELPRO, an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program. Then director J. Edgar Hoover instructed the secret and illegal operation to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the activities of largely legal political organizations, targeting at first socialists and communists, but in later years the so-called “New Left,” anti-war, and “national liberation” activists, and the civil rights movement, notably the activities of Nobel Peace Prize recipient and founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Martin Luther King Jr. “J. Edgar Hoover had decided to destroy the civil rights movement as it was considered a threat to the status quo,” writes D.S. Wright. “As a result the FBI conducted surveillance on King looking for dirt to destroy his credibility. The FBI had a divide and conquer campaign within the civil rights movement and tried to sow division by false flag operations and anonymous communications to bring terror and paranoia to the activists.” Brian Glick, in his book War at Home, describes the methods used by the FBI to destroy the establishment’s political adversaries. “When congressional investigations, political trials, and other traditional legal modes of repression failed to counter the growing movements, and even helped to fuel them, the FBI and police moved outside the law,” writes Glick. “They resorted to the secret and systematic use of fraud and force to sabotage constitutionally protected political activity. Their methods ranged far beyond surveillance, amounting to a home front version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world.” Glick summarizes techniques used by the FBI: 1) Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents. 2) Psychological Warfare from the Outside: The FBI and police used a myriad of other “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications

in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists. 3) Harassment through the Legal System: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, “investigative” interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters. 4) Extralegal Force and Violence: The FBI and police threatened, instigated, and conducted break-ins, vandalism, assaults, and beatings. The object was to frighten dissidents and disrupt their movements. In the case of radical Black and Puerto Rican activists (and later Native Americans), these attacks — including political assassinations — were so extensive, vicious, and calculated that they can accurately be termed a form of official “terrorism.” In 2012, documents received by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund through a Freedom of Information Act request revealed the FBI had not terminated the program, as it claimed to have done in 1971. The documents detail a concerted effort by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, the latter ostensibly created to combat terrorism, to destroy and render politically ineffective the Occupy Wall Street movement. The documents released through the FOIA paint a picture of close collaboration between the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces, fusion centers, and state and local law enforcement around the country. In addition to massive surveillance, the FBI considered assassinating Occupy Wall Street activists, a plan that harks back to the darkest days of CLOINTELPRO when members of the Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement were targeted for elimination. “Most disturbing of all, there is talk of the government being ready to ‘engage in sniper attacks against protesters in Houston, Texas, if deemed necessary’ and perhaps needing to


formulate a plan ‘to kill the leadership [of the protest groups] via suppressed sniper rifles,’” writes Tom McNamara for Counterpunch.

CIA Violates Its Charter

Although the CIA’s charter states it cannot operate within the United States, the agency has done so on numerous occasions, most notably under Operation CHAOS. As a result of the CIA’s work with émigré organizations in the 1950s under President Eisenhower, a number of proprietary companies, fronts, and covers were established for the purpose of conducting illegal intelligence activity within the United States. “So widespread did they become that President Johnson allowed the then CIA Director, John McCone, to create in 1964 a new super-secret branch called the Domestic Operations Division (DOD), the very title of which mocked the explicit intent of Congress to prohibit CIA operations inside the U.S. This disdain for Congress permeated the upper echelons of the CIA,” writes Verne Lyon, a former CIA undercover operative. “With the DCS, the DOD, the old boy network, and the CIA Office of Security operating without congressional oversight or public knowledge, all that was needed to bring it together was a perceived threat to the national security and a presidential directive unleashing the dogs,” Lyon explains. “That happened in 1965 when President Johnson instructed McCone to provide an independent analysis of the growing problem of student protest against the war in Vietnam. Prior to this, Johnson had to rely on information provided by the FBI, intelligence that he perceived to be slanted by Hoover’s personal views, which often ignored the facts.” Two sub programs under Operation CHAOS, Project RESISTANCE and Project MERRIMAC, subverted the anti-war movement from within by inserting moles and agents provocateur. “Under both Projects, the CIA infiltrated agents into domestic groups of all types and activities,” Lyon continues. “It used its contacts with local police departments and their intelligence units to pick up its ‘police skills’ and began in earnest to pull off burglaries, illegal entries, use of explosives, criminal frame-ups, shared interrogations, and disinformation. CIA teams purchased sophisticated equipment for many starved police departments, and in return got


to see arrest records, suspect lists, and intelligence reports. Many large police departments, in conjunction with the CIA, carried out illegal, warrantless searches of private properties.”

The Surveillance and Subversion State

These are only the most egregious and publicly known efforts by the government to kill off political activism the establishment considers a threat to maintaining the political status quo and to continue to expand the national security state. Doubtlessly, there are more we do not know about. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has demonstrated that the government is interested in nothing short of creating a nightmarish Stasi surveillance state capable of monitoring and cataloguing not only the financial and social activity of the American people, but their political behavior as well. In fact, undermining potential adversaries and destroying their ability to organize politically is the primary goal of Prism and other such programs. The IRS scandal pales in comparison when stacked up against COINTELPRO, Operation CHAOS, and other lesser-known programs run out of the Pentagon and intelligence operations attached to any number of federal agencies, including the Department of Energy (the Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence) and the Treasury Department (Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence). The overblown IRS scandal represents a small and basically feeble attempt to sidetrack the Tea Party movement, which is now more or less a subsidiary of the Republican Party and, beyond partisan politics, does not pose a serious threat to the establishment. The so-called scandal is a manifestation of the False Left-Right Paradigm and its endless internal, sectarian warfare designed to sidetrack meaningful political change. Leaders of the Tea Party movement should be thankful the FBI did not decide to assassinate its leaders as it apparently did with the Occupy Wall Street movement.


written by: Kurt Nimmo

FBI Planned to Kill Occupy Leaders Murdering Political Activists is Business as Usual for Ruthless Ruling Elite.


ccording to journalist David

protected political activity. Their methods ranged

Reagan’s cabinet). Many have come to view King’s

Lindorff, the FBI had plans

far beyond surveillance, amounting to a home front

eventual assassination (and Malcolm’s as well) as

to assassinate the leaders of

version of the covert action for which the CIA has

itself a domestic covert operation.” According to the

the now moribund Occupy

become infamous throughout the world.”

official narrative, COINTELPRO was terminated in

movement. Lindorff cites a

In addition to psychological warfare and dirty

Freedom of Information Act

tricks, the government engaged in extralegal force

In regard to the Occupy Wall Street movement,

(FOIA) request filed by the Washington, DC-based

and violence. “The FBI and police threatened,

the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, FOIA docu-

Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.

instigated, and themselves conducted break-ins,

ments reveal the program is alive and well. The “FBI

vandalism, assaults, and beatings,” Glick writes.

was treating the Occupy Wall Street movement, from

“The object was to frighten dissidents and disrupt

its inception, as a potential criminal and domes-

their movements. In the case of radical Black and

tic terrorist threat,” writes McNamara. The close

to engage in sniper attacks against protestors (sic)

Puerto Rican activists (and later Native Americans),

collaboration between the Department of Homeland

in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary. An identified

these attacks, including political assassinations, were

Security and officials in 40 different cities — first

[DELETED] had received intelligence that indicated

so extensive, vicious, and calculated that they can

disclosed by Oakland mayor Jean Quan — in the

the protesters in New York and Seattle planned

accurately be termed a form of official ‘terrorism.’”

determined (and ultimately successful) effort to

The redacted document obtained from the FBI in Houston states: “An identified [DELETED] as of October planned

similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and

“The FBI’s techniques were often extreme, with

destroy the largely peaceful movement demonstrates

Austin, Texas. [DELETED] planned to gather intelli-

the agency being complicit in the murder and assas-

how serious the federal government is about deflect-

gence against the leaders of the protest groups and

sination of political dissidents, or having people sent

ing any challenge to its monopoly on political power.

obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the

away to prison for life,” adds Tom MacNamara.

leadership via suppressed sniper rifles.”

COINTELPRO terrorism “enabled the FBI and

The assassination of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and other activists, journal-

The FBI confirmed that the document is legitimate.

police to eliminate the leaders of mass movements

ists, and political figures considered threats to the

For the astute student of history — real history, not

without undermining the image of the United States

status quo demonstrate the viability of murder as

the massaged version proffered by the ruling elite —

as a democracy, complete with free speech and the

a political tool for the elite. As Brian Glick notes,

news of an FBI plot to murder political activists does

rule of law,” Glick continues. “Charismatic orators

the CIA has used assassination abroad for decades

not come as a surprise. Recent history provides nu-

and dynamic organizers were covertly attacked and

and its importation into the United States simply

merous examples, most notably during the 1960s and

“neutralized” before their skills could be transferred

reveals how serious they are to control any effective

1970s when the FBI’s COINTELPRO was in full swing.

to others and stable structures established to carry

political opposition, especially when activism has

on their work. Malcolm X was killed in a ‘faction-

the potential to effectuate political change or, as in

trials, and other traditional legal modes of repres-

al dispute’ which the FBI took credit for having

the case of Occupy Wall Street, result in a political

sion failed to counter the growing movements, and

‘developed’ in the Nation of Islam. Martin Luther

awakening of millions of people.

even helped to fuel them, the FBI and police moved

King, Jr. was the target of an elaborate FBI plot to

outside the law,” writes Brian Glick in his book, War

drive him to suicide and replace him ‘in his role of

For more information about the FBI’s COINTEL-

at Home. “They resorted to the secret and systematic

the leadership of the Negro people’ with conserva-

PRO operations, read Kurt Nimmo’s “The Son of

use of fraud and force to sabotage constitutionally

tive Black lawyer Samuel Pierce (later named to

COINTELPRO” from 2002.

“When congressional investigations, political


1971, but this is obviously not the case.

Peter Santa Maria

Artist Profile

INFOWARS MAGAZINE: HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN PRODUCING ART? Peter Santa-Maria: I grew up reading comics and watching cartoons like most kids. I always knew I wanted to be involved in producing them one day. As I got older, I became involved in the music industry, and I saw the reality behind all of the glitz and glam. It wasn’t something I wanted to be a part of long term, and it gave me a perspective on people that I did not have before. I needed to succeed or fail on my own merits, so I rediscovered my love for visual art and started drawing, painting, and sculpting 24/7 until I felt like I had the chops to exhibit.

WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOU WORK? In terms of style, my biggest influences are comic book illustrators like Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Eric Powell, Ryan Ottley, James Jean, and Scott Morse. Those are the guys that I look at over and over again. Other contemporary artists that inspire me are Dan McCall and Brian Reedy. Historically, I love Honore Daumier, who was imprisoned for his depiction of King Louis Philippe in a print titled Gargantua. Everyone look him up. In terms of theme, I just look around at what’s going on. I feel a responsibility to use my skills for fighting corruption and injustice. Until I create an image that communicates my thoughts on an issue, I can’t do or think about anything else, but I always look to satirize and poke fun at authority in the process. I ask myself, “How can I get people who are apathetic or opposed to my point of view to see where I am coming from, especially when what I am trying to say has been labeled extreme by others?” Humor is the answer. When everyone is laughing, everyone is experiencing commonality, and therefore, more likely to listen to what each other has to say. It works almost every single time.

Peter Santa-Maria, an artist, high school teacher, and Infowarrior, crossed our path in the middle of July as a caller on the Alex Jones Show. He impressed us with his energy and talent, along with his steadily growing momentum, due in part to a film by independent news and activist website featuring Santa-Maria’s artwork. His work successfully melds his passion for freedom and expression with a challenge to action by way of combining pop-culture references with themes of our current degenerative society and political system. It is simultaneously playfully irreverent, visually intriguing, and mentally stimulating. His work can be found at, a website he shares with friend and fellow artist Brian Reedy.

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH WOODCUT PRINTING FROM CARTOONING AND ILLUSTRATION? I pick the technique based on the image and my plan for it, but I love working in different media. I started woodcuts after meeting Brian Reedy. Watching him work makes you want to do the same. It also turned out to be a relatively cheap way to make many reproductions all by hand. Woodcuts lend themselves to political art I make because you can see the artist’s hand in the work. We are in a time where people want to go back to the organic, the hand-made, the down-to-earth. These prints meet that desire.



I am incredibly grateful to Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change. I’ve always been a fan of their work. My friend and filmmaker Christoper Delamo of was working with We Are Change prior, so he told me there was a chance they’d launch the video. He’s another example of just getting active in your own capacity to affect change. The only thing I hope that will come of this video and the attention my work has been receiving is that others will start doing whatever it is they do well to bring awareness to the issues we all feel are important. It’s amazing how powerful we all are.

WHAT RESPONSES ARE YOU GETTING FROM YOUR ARTWORK? It has been incredible! We sold out of a small ‘zine I made with Brian Reedy illustrating crazy current event articles. I stuck to my guns and sold a painting to a big-time art collector. It was of a fat kid with tumor creatures and scientists talking to Donald Rumsfeld about how aspartame is dangerous. Rumsfeld says something about how that’s perfect for killing some kids. Abrasive and offensive, but that is what makes me laugh and it’s based in reality. That collector gave me a highly coveted space in the Wynwood Art District here in Miami, and I had my first solo exhibition. Sold a ton of controversial political paintings with large price tags and I haven’t looked back. One guy told me he wanted to set my prints on fire. I told him to buy them first.

WHAT CAUSED YOU TO PRODUCE POLITICALLY FUELED ARTWORK? My grandfather had to flee his home and journalism career in Cuba with his wife and two young daughters in the bottom of a ship after Fidel Castro took over. My stepfather was in prison for over a year because he made artwork and films protesting the Castro regime and showing the truth about life in Cuba under the despot. Since I can remember, I have had a disdain for tyrants and unlawful authority in general. I was disconnected from current events and politics for a long time, thinking that there was nothing someone like me could do. I watched the Ron Paul debates in 2007, and instantly, everything came into focus. This was the first time anyone from the government was saying something that made sense to me. After that, a group of friends and I attended political happenings to hand out literature on Ron Paul. I was at a famous Cuban restaurant in Miami called Versailles for a Rudy Giuliani event. I sat down in the café and had just ordered some food near where Giuliani was going to pander when I felt two giant hands grab me by the back of my shirt collar and rip me out of my seat. The voice with a thick New York accent said, “You can eat later!” Before I could blink, I was thrown out of the restaurant’s side entrance and locked out by some enormous, plain-clothes goon. I was wearing a t-shirt that simply said, “Listen to Ron Paul,” which I’m sure was what got me tossed. By the time I was able to get back in through a bunch of rented security guards, they had escorted that nerdy ghoul Giuliani out of there. It was just like the stories I had heard growing up about Cuba, but here in the free country. It’s a constant source of motivation. There are Giulianis everywhere. Disgusting.

YOU TEACH ADVANCED ART CLASSES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. DO YOU ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS TO QUESTION AUTHORITY? Of course, though I try to be clever about it. I look for the moments when lessons can be taught organically, so I can help them interpret a situation in their own way, as opposed to telling them that they have to rebel. Some kids are dealing with things that are much more immediate than geo-political events. They tend to disconnect themselves from the outside world because their smaller world is much more pressing. Most are still searching for their identity, and I try to help them find at least a part of it. I would say, however, that most of them are skeptical of anyone who would tell them what to do. The first thing they see in my classroom when they walk in everyday is a giant poster of Gandhi’s head that says “DISOBEY.”


SINCE YOU NOTICE THAT MANY STUDENTS HAVE MORE IMMEDIATELY PRESSING CONCERNS, IS THERE HOPE IN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FOR BROADER POLITICAL AND SOCIETAL CHANGES? Yes! They are brilliant, creative, energetic, and cannot wait to get out into the world. They are empowered through their craft and skill. They aren’t going to take crap from anyone. The world is going to come at them fast when they graduate and they will be ready. My students question everything. My school is in a rough neighborhood, but these kids have their heads up and are making great work and winning awards. I know that more than a few are going to make great artwork and blow people’s minds! They will affect change through their intelligence, kindness, courage and ability. I love them.

WHAT IS THE POLITICAL CLIMATE IN MIAMI THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO COUNTER? I love Miami. I don’t think I could live anywhere else. There is so much culture and diversity. The art in Miami is world famous. Every year, the Art Basel show brings people from the four corners of the Earth. The weather is great; the food is great; the only thing that ruins Miami are the corrupt local politicians. We meet a lot of great people who were doing everything in their power to improve things locally, but it is obvious that the local mafia are using the people’s resources to climb to higher positions in politics. Everyone is dirty, I’m telling you. The thing with the local politics is they have a lot of money behind the corruption here. When you try and go up against them they start to rage like creatures from a horror film. They’re just a bunch of dorks though. We have no money and no history and have affected a lot of change, turning a lot of people’s heads in different directions. I feel that I affect more positive change now through my interactions with my students and my artwork, which allows me to meet new people outside of politics that are where I once was — apathetic. I encourage people to get active, and I am teaching young people the skills. I feel like I am helping to build an army of good people.

Since I can remember, I have had a disdain for tyrants and unlawful authority in general. I was disconnected from current events and politics for a long time, thinking that there was nothing someone like me could do.

Are we prepared for a new paradigm? Will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us?

Explosive New Documentary Uncovers the Secrets of Mind Control Editorial Pick


rom Free Mind Films, the creators of

of Mind” examines the science of control that has evolved

“A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995,”

over generations to keep us firmly in place so that dicta-

comes State of Mind: the Psychology

tors, power brokers, and corporate puppeteers may profit

of Control. The film delves into the

from our ignorance and slavery. From the anvil of compul-

shocking agendas at work, dragging to

sory schooling to media and entertainment, we are kept in

light suppressed historical and current

perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions.

programs meant to control human behavior. From the

nation’s most recognizable and knowledgeable writers,

logical experiments of government intelligence agencies,

filmmakers, and activists, including Alex Jones, Jon Rap-

“State of Mind” reveals much of what we believe to be true

poport, G. Edward Griffin, Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr. Colin Ross,

as deliberate deception. Driving home the dreadful price of

Dr. Eldon Taylor, Richard Grove, Craig Roberts, Doug Val-

our ignorance, the film exposes the global elite’s systematic

entine, Kurt Haskell, Bruce Levine, and Anthony Schaeffer.

plan to implant lies into our consciousness and erect a tyranny over the minds of men. Intensely researched and brimming with captivating


“State of Mind” features interviews with some of the

ancient roots of manipulation to its maturity in the psycho-

Are we prepared for a new paradigm? Will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us? “State of Mind” unveils the answers that may decide

interviews, “State of Mind” tells the story of how we have

whether humankind will fulfill its destiny or be

been manipulated, conned, and subjugated since the begin-

forever shackled to its own creation.

ning of man’s recorded history. From cradle to grave our

Buy it now on Blu-ray or DVD exclusively at

parents, peers, institutions and society inform our values

and behaviors but, this process has been hijacked. “State

Or see it in full HD at




written by: Anthony Gucciardi

America’s Artificial Rift: The Two Party System


n any given day, you can find

together for stability. A single party’s influence can break

party is just like trusting the used-car salesman to give you

a news story that focuses on

without a backboard to cater towards any dissidence. Two

the best price. Find out the truth for yourself, as it’s the

the conflict between Dem-

parties can stand up against one another to create a more

only way to truly find out what’s going on.

ocrats and Republicans, or

powerful structure, both geometrically and intellectually,

Group A and Group B. These

that can withstand intense dissidence from each party

and turn them into a battle between political parties. A

groups could be anything,

for one reason: the rebellion of the first party’s ideals are

perfect example is the healthcare bill. Even though it has

but as long as they are touted

reciprocated by the second.

ridiculous policy changes, and a eugenics-based provision

The mainstream media loves to take legitimate topics

system, it is still turned into a Left-versus-Right issue by

as being the opposite of each other, they will clash. When

The war between Left and Right diminishes the focus

one party supports a bill, the other tends to oppose it. This

on real issues. A frighteningly large number of people will

the media. Luckily people are beginning to see through this

holds true for both sides, creating a never-ceasing battle over

make all their decisions based upon their party leaders.

false two-party system. The mainstream media’s deception

political parties, as opposed to policy.

The debate turns into Left versus Right, instead of what is

is wearing off quite rapidly as the public begins to realize

best for the country. The mainstream media loves to turn

that they are being duped.

The change in each party’s fundamental policies has been warped into an infinitesimally minute amount of dis-

everything into a matter of “party wars,” instead of discuss-

tinction from one another. When one does not agree with

ing the actual issue at its core.

the “Republican” stance, they generally lean towards a

Instead of thinking “Left” or “Right,” think about it from

You do not have time to waste on petty arguments that center around the false “party wars.” Use your time to get real information out, like the implications of the

“Democratic” stance. The guise of the two parties creates

a human perspective. What will this do to our country?

healthcare bill or the shocking dangers of vaccinations.

a false sense of freedom and liberation from a structured

How will it affect me? How will it affect my neighbors?

True patriotism is to have thoughts that do not derive

ideal. The Soviet Union’s single party system was a failure

Imagine for a moment that you go to a used car dealership

from the structured and targeting news media, or the

due to it’s inability to withstand a dissident attack. The

and search around for a nice car. You find a car in decent

most famous political puppet in your region. Realize that

United States two-party system is simply the post-beta

condition you like. You ask about the price, and the sales-

regardless of which party the current political figurehead

form of the Soviet-style political spectrum, with the guise

man says it will cost you $95,000.

is affiliating himself with, he is still the same as the

of liberty upon it’s aging fangs.

In this case, most people would first investigate the true

previous leader. It is a vicious cycle that continues to this

value of the car before purchasing it. While it seems com-

day. The difference is that now the people are waking up

it’s Greek root word δείχνυμι “to show,” accurately

pletely logical to find the true value of the car, many do

to this cycle and opposing it.

describes the dimension between the left and right party.

not take this metaphorical step when it comes down to Left

This paradigm requires a vice grip of social ideology held

versus Right. Placing blind trust in the leaders of a political

The word paradigm (paradigma), compounded from

50 50



U.S. Media Ignored AntiObama Fervor

written by:

Paul Joseph Watson



mages seldom broadcast on mainstream media

the CIA) and National Endowment for Democracy

networks revealed a wave of anti-Obama fervor

(NED). Despite supporting Mubarak for decades, the

throughout Egypt as demonstrators blamed the

U.S. abandoned him and threw its support behind

White House for helping to install Mohamed

the Muslim Brotherhood when Mubarak rejected U.S.

Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who was

attempts to establish military bases inside the country

toppled by the Egyptian military on July 3. The

and seize control of Egypt’s communications networks.

protests in Egypt before Morsi was deposed were largely characterized by the media as rep-

Mohamed Morsi oversaw the implementation of a dictatorship in Egypt that rivaled that crafted by

resenting an even split between pro-government Muslim

his autocratic predecessor. After enshrining Shariah

Brotherhood advocates and the anti-Morsi opposition

law in the newly drafted constitution, Morsi granted

movement, despite the fact that the anti-Morsi demon-

himself sweeping powers to introduce any law and

strations have been far larger. However, one aspect of the

made himself immune from judicial oversight. Eric

demonstrations that has been almost completely ignored

Trager, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near

is the fact that Egyptians firmly lay the blame for Morsi’s

East Policy, told CBC News that Morsi was “on paper

calamitous year in office at the feet of the White House.

the most powerful Egyptian leader since the pharaoh.”

Egyptians are fully cognizant of the fact that the

Unlike in Syria, where a militant-led insurrection

Obama administration played a key role in contriving

was hyped as a democratic uprising, the largest

the revolution that toppled former President Mubarak.

mass protest in human history was met with deaf-

Their signs also condemn the role of Anne Patterson, the

ening silence from the White House. The only

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt. As previously

official reference to Egypt came from Secretary of

covered, the 2011 revolution in Egypt was far from a

State John Kerry, whose statement failed to address

grass roots uprising, given that its organization was aided

what was actually happening and instead centered

by establishment NGOs like Freedom House (linked to

on the weather conditions in Tahrir Square.


written by: Julie Wilson


The Hidden Horrors of Genetically-Modified Foods

Public knowledge and awareness of genetically-engineered (GE) foods or genetically-modified organisms

(GMO) has been steadily building for years now, but California’s Proposition 37 introduced last year left even more people wondering what GMOs were and why it was such a big deal they be labeled. Proposition 37 made the ballot last November through a petition of signatures from California residents. If passed, according to, the proposition would have required labeling on “food sold to consumers made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specific ways.” This would have prohibited marketing such foods as “natural.” Even though polls showed that Californians overwhelmingly supported Prop 37, the legislation still failed by 6 percent of the vote. The failure was due in part to massive campaign dollars raised and used by giant corporations like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Kellogg, who helped raise over $43 million dollars, while the grassroots campaign raised a mere $9 million. The campaign waged against Prop 37 spread a slew of ugly deceptive lies attempting to persuade the public into voting against the proposition. One of the major lies told by the big lobbyists was that Californians would see their grocery bills increase by at least $600 a month. Another deceitful tactic included a mailer sent out to voters using a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seal that fooled the recipients into thinking the FDA was against the measure. Despite the fail of Prop 37, many states, like Connecticut and Maine, have since moved towards enacting their own regulations on labeling GMOs. However, there’s a catch. The states can’t move forward with the law until four neighboring states pass similar laws. Clearly this puts a damper on the victories. Americans took another blow on March 26 when President Obama surreptitiously signed the Farmer Assurance Provision, commonly referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act, into law while the public was conveniently fixated on other distractingly publicized controversial topics. The Monsanto Protection Act bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GE seeds. Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement of 650,000 farmers and citizens, claims, “it’s basically an ATM machine and a corporate handout to Monsanto that puts every farmer and consumer at risk.”

WHY ALL THE FUSS OVER THE RIGHT TO HAVE OUR FOODS LABELED? Well, to start, cancer has gone from the tenth cause of death to the second in just over fifteen years. Other health problems such as infertility, obesity, diabetes, food allergies, and autism have all seen massive increases since GMOs entered the market. Biotech companies like Monsanto, Dupont, and Dow claim that GM seeds are better because they withstand extreme weather conditions, offer increased yield and are more nutritious. However, these are blatant lies, and in all actuality, they have been found to perform worse than conventional seeds, and are not only unhealthy, but deadly for humans and animals alike. When genetically-modified plants produce their own insecticide, the same poison gets passed on to the consumer. These poisons are then ingested into the blood stream and do not only stay present for lengths of


time, but have the capability of reproducing inside you. This means that your own body can become an insecticide-producing factory. In addition, the plants are also sprayed with heavy doses of harsh chemicals. Roundup, one of the main chemicals used, has been proven to cause hormone disruption, DNA damage, cancer, birth defects, and neurological disorders. Instead of warding off weeds, it has actually caused super-weeds and super-bugs to develop that are resistant to herbicides and pesticides and are still destroying crops. Ingesting the poisons found in GM foods causes your cells to lose their identity and fail to recall their function. Once cells lose their functionality, they can no longer provide your organs with the instructions needed to operate. These frightening side-effects are the reason many states are finally rushing to, at the very least, label GMOs, so that people have the freedom to make a choice regarding food that won’t cause cancer, infertility, or any other horrifying disease. Not to worry though because Monsanto swears their products are safe. How do they know? Well, they’ve employed their own scientists to conduct their own short term studies that say GM foods are completely safe. To the contrary, studies done independently (and outside of the U.S., because Monsanto has made it illegal for anyone else in the country to test their products) have had quite different results. For example, the longest running study, totaling two years of experimentation, was conducted in France and published last year. The results were scarier than you can imagine. The French study involved 200 rats with a life span of two years. Researchers investigated how a diet of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn affected their health. According to Mother Earth News, the study separated the rats into ten groups, of which “three had part of their standard diet replaced at varying levels with Roundup Ready corn that had been treated with Roundup in the field; three received the same feed protocol, but with untreated Roundup-Ready corn; three ate no GM corn, but had tiny amounts of Roundup herbicide in their drinking water; and one control group ate two-thirds standard rat chow and one-third non-GM

These frightening side-effects are the reason many states are finally rushing to, at the very least, label GMOs, so that people have the freedom to make a choice regarding food that won’t cause cancer, infertility, or any other horrifying disease.

corn. Each group contained ten females and ten males.” The results revealed disturbing “severe adverse health effects,” including the development of mammary tumors, as well as kidney and liver damage, which led to premature death. Most of the side-effects only became apparent after 90 days. Conveniently, Monsanto’s longest study of side-effects concluded at 90 days. Towards the end of the study, researchers found that “50 to 80 percent of the

female rats had developed large tumors, compared with only 30 percent developing tumors in the control group. In males, liver congestion and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher than in the control group, and there were 1.3 to 2.3 times more instances of kidney disease. Overall, among the rats receiving GM corn and/or Roundup, up to 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.” Some professionals argue that rats aren’t suitable test subjects because humans are simply too different biologically and far more complex. However, nearly every product we use today is either first tested on rats or some other type of mammal before granted approval for humans. Humans aren’t the only ones adversely affected by GM food though. Recently, farmers have been understandably upset about mass die-offs and infertility occurring in their livestock. Livestock news source Cattle Network says Iowa farmer Jerry Rosman started giving his pigs “GMO corn in feed in 1997 without trouble, but things changed in 2000 when he switched to a different company’s genetics with a new genetically modified trait. Starting in 2000, most of Rosman’s animals were unable to reproduce with a low sperm count in males and females showing false pregnancies. The pigs that were reproducing had smaller litters. By adjusting the type of corn used, Rosman concluded the corn with the genetically modified trait he started using in 2000 was causing the problem. Continued losses and his shrinking herd forced him to close his farm two years later.” Some of Rosman’s pigs even gave birth to empty bags of water.


A 2006 publication from the International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) assures

and two proteins were insecticides.” The study concluded that GMO foods led to a toxic mix

that GM corn grain used for feeding livestock has received

in the digestive tract of the animals causing complications,

extensive testing and undergoes a long approval process.

including reproductive failure. All of the pigs studied

“Feeding trials have been conducted to examine the safety

displayed adverse health affects and females in particular

and efficacy of GM feeds for farm livestocks. Based on

showed carcinoma, endometriosis, inflammation, enlarged

these studies, there is no evidence of significantly altered

fluid-filled uteruses, stomach ulcers, thinning of the intesti-

nutritional composition, deleterious effects, or the occur-

nal walls, and an increase in hemorrhaging bowels.

rence of transgenic DNA or protein in animal products

Jerry Rosman’s pigs exhibited many of the same com-

derived from animals fed with GM feed ingredients.”

plications as the GMO-fed pigs in the Australia study,

However, a second study conducted by a group of scien-

which is frightening considering the fact that pigs and

tists lead by Dr. Judy Carman of the Institute of Health and

humans have very similar digestive tracts. Shockingly,

Environmental Research in Australia has proved that “GMO

none of these results have been reported in the biochem-

is anything but safe.”

istry tests performed by Monsanto and other companies

Since the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved GMO soy and corn for livestock feed in 1996, livestock in the UK

in the GM industry. Thankfully, research performed by other countries has

have been consuming it ever since. Dr. Carman explains

steadily exposed the horrors of genetically engineered

“at a commercial piggery in the U.S., we took 168 just-

foods, but here in America, the biotech lobbies prevent us

weaned pigs and fed them a typical diet for the piggery,

from even having a label on our food products. Shouldn’t

containing soy and corn, for 5 months until the pigs were

we at least have the right to know what is in our food and

slaughtered at their usual slaughter age. Half of the pigs

to make the choice ourselves about what to purchase?

were fed widely-used varieties of GM soy and GM corn for

The consumption of GMOs is systematically changing the

this whole period, and the other half of the pigs were fed

human DNA sequence, endangering not only individual

an equivalent non-GM diet as a control group. The GM diet

health, but our species as a whole. If the biotech compa-

contained three GM genes and therefore three GM pro-

nies continue to control our food supply, it won’t be long

teins. One protein made the plant resistant to a herbicide,

before our genetic composition is destroyed completely.


The consumption of GMOs is systematically changing the human DNA sequence, endangering not only individual health, but our species as a whole.



written by: Kit Daniels

Media Spin E

The Ins & Outs of Propaganda

controlled publishers, owners, and press members at

then at the peak of his notoriety, that Meyer had leftist

He will be remembered for adding anoth-

Newsweek, The New York Times, CBS, and other large pub-

connections. McCarthy used this allegation to publicly

er stepping stone to the path towards liberty.

lications, according to Deborah Davis, author of Katharine

attack Meyer and the entire CIA.

By leaking information on the massive

the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post,

extent of the NSA’s illegal surveillance, he

the unauthorized biography of the Washington Post owner

to attack McCarthy. Two Spring 1954 episodes of the

showed just how firm the shackles are on the American

Katharine Graham. Wisner’s media accomplices even in-

documentary series “See It Now” hosted by journalist

people. Snowden sacrificed himself to build barriers to tyr-

cluded Graham’s husband and co-owner of The Washington

Edward R. Murrow reveal the ferocity of this onslaught.

anny, yet several media outlets are downplaying Snowden

Times, Phil Graham.

These episodes were meticulously edited to only show

dward Snowden is a heroic patriot.

and his exploits as they match their spin with Obama’s

The CIA’s dominance on mass media was not limited to

Operation Mockingbird responded, inciting the media

McCarthy at his worst behavior, even picking his nose

rhetoric that Snowden is simply a common hacker unwor-

major news outlets. This intentional dumbing down of the

at one point. The episodes never portrayed McCarthy as

thy of exceptional pursuit by U.S. forces.

public also included wire services which provided news

calm or professional. This turned the public against him.

to small town newspapers. Rural audiences were not safe

Later that year, the U.S. Senate censured McCarthy, and

for you. This process of mass conditioning in place of

from the “official” narratives advocated by the agency.

he died of alcoholism three years later.

independent thought is nothing new. For decades, the CIA

Operation Mockingbird allowed the CIA to turn press mem-

used mass media to brainwash the public on an extensive,

bers into perpetual puppets, oohing and aahing the public

of President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán in the CIA-orches-

international scale. In 1948, the newly founded spy agency

into supporting the agency’s sinister agendas.

trated 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état. The CIA prevented

These media outlets are trying to select your opinions

created a covert psychological and paramilitary division

Around 1953, Wisner took over another department,

Operation Mockingbird also contributed to the downfall

American journalists not favored by the agency from

called the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), headed by

and CIA Director Allen Dulles and CIA official Cord

entering Guatemala during the overthrow. However,

Wall Street lawyer and Navy veteran Frank Wisner.

Meyer joined Operation Mockingbird. Dulles honed his

the propaganda program began to unravel in the 1960s.

intelligence experience as a career diplomat in Europe.

Dulles’ successor, John A. McCone, failed trying to censor

Kangas, the OPC specialized in propaganda, economic

He became the CIA director in early 1953 during the

NBC from releasing a documentary on the CIA. As media

warfare, sabotage, subversion of “hostile” governments,

Eisenhower Administration. Meyer served as a platoon

outlets became more competitive, they published reports

and additional covert actions. To support these actions,

leader in World War II and suffered severe injuries during

based on the hottest news tips, some of which inadver-

Wisner started Operation Mockingbird, a secret program to

the Battle of Guam. After the war, he promoted the idea

tently exposed the CIA’s activities.

push political propaganda through mass media in order to

of one-world government, and in 1947, he funded and

manipulate the public at whim.

headed the United World Federalists, now known as

apex in 1976 when Senator Frank Church’s investigations

Citizens for Global Solutions.

lead to the “Final Report of the Select Committee to Study

According to “A Timeline of CIA Atrocities” by Steve

Operation Mockingbird recruited American journalists, published magazines as fronts, and funded college

When they joined the mass brainwashing program,

This trend continued well into the 1970s, hitting an

Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activi-

organizations in an enormous undertaking. Journalists

Operation Mockingbird commanded over 24 news outlets.

ties,” which stated, “The CIA currently maintains a network

wrote news stories based on CIA-written “press releases,”

Throughout the 1950s, the program involved at least

of several hundred foreign individuals around the world

and were bribed to write with a particular slant. As other

3,000 CIA employees writing, coordinating, and releasing

who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt

writers would cite the original stories, the CIA lies easily

propaganda to mass media, according to Mockingbird: The

to influence opinion through the use of covert propagan-

propagated throughout the news without any indication of

Subversion of the Free Press by the CIA by Alex Constan-

da. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access

their true origins.

tine. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover noticed the CIA’s power

to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores

and grew jealous. Hoover told Senator Joseph McCarthy,

of press services and news agencies, radio and television

Through this method of opinion engineering, Wisner



stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign

complete media blackout. American officials did not allow

merman’s recorded 911 call. The network isolated and

media outlets.”

reporters full access to the island until over three weeks

rearranged segments of the recording into a completely

Then CIA Director George H.W. Bush stated that the CIA

after the invasion. By then, military footage and eyewitness

different order and played their version on the air. This al-

would no longer pay or contract media correspondents for

accounts served as their only sources of information, which

teration possibly made Zimmerman sound more predatory

cooperation with the agency. However, Jim Marrs, New

was perhaps “sanitized.”

and racist to the public.

York Times best-selling author and award-winning journal-

Immediately after the invasion, the Reagan Administra-

Media control will continue as a method of mass ma-

ist, revealed during a filmed conversation with Alex Jones

tion pushed for the CIA’s exemption from responding to

nipulation, giving merely the illusion of truth through pro-

that the CIA did not relinquish media control entirely.

Freedom of Information Act requests. It could very well be

paganda disguised as knowledge. We are programmed to

Marrs used to work for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,

that the media blackout hid covert CIA operations on the

grovel to self-serving authority figures, but by being aware

which was then owned by Capital Cities Communications,

island. Casey died in 1987 prior to testifying before Con-

of the conditioning, you empower yourself as an individual

a nationwide publishing and radio broadcasting company,

gress on his knowledge of the Iran-Contra scandal.

capable of independent thought. Engage yourself into the

also known as CapCities. He said that the newspaper’s em-

Regardless of CIA control, mass media holds a strong

ployee newsletter contained a major article approving the

influence on the population, keeping the public chained to

latest appointment by newly elected President Reagan.

the claimed “official story.” In reporting the shooting death

“They were so proud that Reagan had appointed Wil-

of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, the media used

liam Casey as the head of the CIA,” Marrs said. “William

a headshot of Martin at age 12, portraying him as a “ba-

Casey was the majority stockholder and the guy that

by-faced” boy. Martin was 17 at the time of his death. The

controlled the company that owned the Star-Telegram…

media also used an older photo of a heavy-set Zimmerman.

So my newspaper was controlled and owned by the head

Zimmerman lost a lot of weight prior to the shooting and

of the CIA, and that was in the employee newsletter, but

his mug shot taken that night reveals a much slimmer face.

never made the newspaper.” It is interesting to note that the 1983 Invasion of

The media-created contrast of a heavy-set man shooting a baby-faced kid to death could not be more clear

Grenada occurred during Casey’s tenure as CIA director.

or more inaccurate. Undoubtedly, the lopsided photo

The Reagan Administration launched the invasion of the

comparison fueled public rage against Zimmerman in

tiny Caribbean island under “news management” — more

the days after the shooting.

severe than the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état. It was a


A month later, NBC edited their own version of Zim-

revolution of mass awakening.

For further reading: the-media-spins-nsa-scandal-into-character-assassination-against-edward-snowden/ and_journalism


written by: Kurt Nimmo

“America has no functioning democracy at this moment.” Former President Jimmy Carter

Congress Finally Decides NSA Surveillance Violates the Law


ongress has finally decided that

Act, said it is not likely Congress will reauthorize the busi-

according to David B. Wells and John Wilson Wells, authors

massive, unprecedented and

ness-records collection provision of the act when the law

of American National Security and Civil Liberties in an Era

unwarranted surveillance of the

expires in 2015.

of Terrorism.

American people conducted by


the National Security Agency is against the law. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee,

which has broad jurisdiction over maters related to federal criminal law, arrived at the conclusion months after the American people reached a similar conclusion. “We never, at any point in this debate, have approved

James Cole, deputy attorney general at the De-

Former President Jimmy Carter has come out against NSA surveillance as well. He characterized Edward Snowden’s leak as “beneficial” for the country. “I think that the secrecy that has been surrounding this invasion of privacy has been excessive, so I think that the bringing of it to the public notice has probably been, in the long term, beneficial,” Carter said. “America has no functioning

partment of Justice, insists the NSA’s vacuum cleaner

democracy at this moment,” the former president also said

the type of unchecked, sweeping surveillance of United

approach to electronic surveillance does not violate the

at a meeting in Atlanta, according to German news source

States citizens employed by our government,” said House

Fourth Amendment. In 1979, Cole argues, the Supreme

Der Spiegel.

fixture John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, during a

Court ruled that telephone records are not private

hearing on the NSA. “If the government cannot provide a

information covered by the Fourth Amendment. Besides,

democracy. There is plenty of evidence that national

clear, public explanation for how its program is consistent

there is a special court for this sort of thing, the Foreign

elections are rigged and the two-party system — which is

with the statute, it must stop collecting this information

Intelligence Surveillance Court. It was approved by

actually a one party system lorded over by a cabal of glo-


Congress, so bureaucrats believe it is legal.

balist banksters and fascist corporatists — has a monopoly

Other committee members have promised to amend

Congress originally created the FISA and a secret court

Indeed, the United States does not have a functioning

on political power. NSA surveillance is merely another tool

the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act and force the NSA to

in response to embarrassing revelations uncovered by

designed to guarantee they stay in power. But then again,

stop its surveillance. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, a

the Church Committee investigating intelligence abuses.

the United States is not supposed to be a democracy. It was

Wisconsin Republican and author of the original PATRIOT

FISA’s special court is “almost a parallel Supreme Court,”

intended to be a constitutional republic.




“Divide & Conquer” 12th Issue Infowars Magazine  

In the wake of the media-stoked chaos ensuing from George Zimmerman being pronounced not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, political o...

“Divide & Conquer” 12th Issue Infowars Magazine  

In the wake of the media-stoked chaos ensuing from George Zimmerman being pronounced not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, political o...