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Metaspace V2 Johannes Girardoni


And On Two interactive light and sound installations in Off and On make light audible and break down the space between technology and our senses (between artificial and natural systems.) The installations use two opposite approaches. In the front gallery, Chromasonic Field is a dispersed array of pigmented resin beams installed under natural light. Everything in this work is open and exposed – the sensors, the wiring, and the material. The installation is laid out for viewers to wander through it’s elements. Movement through the work subtly shifts how the chroma of the resin elements is perceived. The installation’s appearance slowly evolves throughout the day as the LED-illuminated resin mixes with natural light to varying degrees. These light conditions are measured with sensors and re-articulated as sound. In contrast to the openness of the work in the front gallery, Metaspace V2, the sculpture in the main space, is contained, sits in the dark, and uses projected light sequences on it’s interior to generate an immersive color-soundscape based on the frequencies captured by it’s sensors. In it’s default state the sculpture cycles through the visible spectrum over a 1 year period, but when viewers enter the work, the light and sound behaviorsequences of the work are altered. The installations’ sensors respond to visitors, creating a feedback loop between visitor and work.

Metaspace V2 (left) Chromasonic Field (right)

The (Dis)appearance of Everything Installation with resin, LEDs and Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer (v2.0) Dimensions variable 2011

Metaspace V2 Raw aluminum, fiberglass, resin, LEDs, sensors with Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer 14 x 9 x 9 ft (425 x 275 x 275 cm)

Metaspace V2

Metaspace V2 is an interactive sculpture that converts light frequencies to sound through Spectro-Sonic Re-frequencing. A raw aluminum shell provides the framework for the sculpture’s seamless interior skin. The sculpture is entered through a low and narrow opening. Inside, the space expands into an immersive light and sound environment that continuously evolves. Colored LEDs illuminate the space through a resin lense at the top of the sculpture. The curvilinear geometry of the work scatters the colored light inside, in effect dematerializing physical boundaries and creating a pure color space. Sensors measure the light frequencies of the specific color and drive a tone generator that converts the frequencies of light into frequencies of sound, making light audible. The visceral sound vibration shifts and modulates as the light condition changes. The sensors also register the presence of visitor’s movement in the space, which changes the progression and speed of the color sequence and hence the sound. In this set-up, virtual and physical information is processed both by the viewer and the work, creating a feedback loop between viewers and the work. Natural and virtual structures, layered on top of one another, create a multi-sensory, immersive environment of phenomenological events and digital systems. Matter becomes light and light becomes sound. Ultimately, in the heart of this setting, Metaspace V2 questions the border of natural and artificial phenomena.

The Infinite Room Light and sound sculpture with slaked lime, steel, wood and Spectro-Sonic Refrequencer (v1.5) Dimensions variable 2008–2012

2685 South La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 310 559 5215 —­ Design by Kyle LaMar

Johannes Girardoni: Metaspace V2  

Metaspace V2 is contained, sits inthe dark, and uses projected light sequences on it’s interior to generate an immersive color-soundscape ba...