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English Class Rules 1. PUNCTUALITY:

You may attend to class on time and on the specific day according to your

schedule. If you fail to do this you risk yourself to miss any particular information or classwork. 2. RESPECT: Do not make fun of others. If one of your classmates do not pronounce properly or do not speak fluently you may not laugh. Keep a friendly class environment. 3. SHARE: If you know of a website, TV show or magazine that may be interesting to the class, bring it on. 4. MISSING CLASS: If you miss a class it will not count towards your grade however you have to find out if there is homework or any other activity to be completed or delivered. 5. MISSING LAB: If you miss the lab session you will have the chance to bring the activity on the next lab session. It will cause a penalty of 20 points less. If you miss doing this, you will have no other chance to deliver your work. 6. HOMEWORK: It is defined as any activity or book activity left for home. It must be delivered on time. Each day after the due date and up to three days will cause a penalty of 10 points less per day. Any activity must be handwritten and need to include all your personal data (see table). Translators and copied works are forbidden. If a copy is found, it will be a 0. GarcĂ­a Aguirre Gabriel

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January 3, 2011


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7. REMEDIAL: It will be a written exam which covers the three competences. Depending on the failed competence you will have to answer a specific part of the exam or all of it. The maximum grade will be 8 and it will cover the failed competence. 8. CONTACT: My work email address ( is only for school purposes. Do not send any other type of message or invitation. If you need to send personal mail you may use If you need to call, you can use my cell phone (492) 1150110. Note that I do not call back or reply to any message. Contact must be between between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M Monday-Thursday except holidays. If you prefer you can add me to your Windows Live Messenger using this email: Gabriel GarcĂ­a Aguirre

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