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NEWS Sedibeng District Municipality The district on the river

Positioned in one of the most strategic and valuable real estates in South Africa, Sedibeng District Municipality is the geographical envy of municipalities throughout the country. To place Sedibeng in perspective, it shares the borders with three provinces, Free State, Northwest and Mpumalanga, and it has a well-developed national road network that connects Sedibeng to all provinces. It is the only District Municipality that is on the banks of the Vaal River and Vaal Dam, and has one of the richest cultural/ heritage and political histories in South Africa. It comprises the local municipalities

Sharpeville Monument

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in dismantling apartheid. Sedibeng District Municipality is one of the most unique district municipalities in South Africa as it provides a delectable blend of an industrial environment with serene, tranquil recreational spaces culminating in nostalgia, evidenced by the culture, heritage and political history. Significantly, Sedibeng District Municipality is the fourth largest contributor to the Gauteng GDP. Sharpeville Sharpeville was established in 1935 during the mayorship of John Sharpe who hailed from Scotland. The town was originally named Sharpe Native Township but was renamed Sharpeville in 1950.

Sharpeville Monument


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