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Please take the time to read the following information about important dates and details of future events. And remember to mark your calendars!


The last date for your counselor to approve a new course is June 1st. Please make sure you contact Ms. Huber or Mrs. Rasmussen if you have any questions. Also, please let us know if you plan to return next year!


Students who will be graduating this year have the option of participating in Marysville’s Graduation Ceremony. Thursday, June 7th and Friday, June 8th- Commencement Practice at 9am in the Marysville Pilchuck HS Gym for those who are able to attend. Sunday, June 10th- Baccalaureate at 3pm in MP Auditorium for anyone interested. The Graduation Ceremony will be held Monday, June 11th at MPHS in Marysville, WA. Students need to arrive at 5:30pm for rehearsals with cap and gown and proper attire. Doors will open at 6:00pm for parents and guests. Commencement begins at 7:00pm in the Jim Linden Fieldhouse. 5611 108th St NE, Marysville, WA 98271 To order your cap, gown and announcements, please go to and type in Marysville Pilchuck High School for cap and gown colors. Students will receive four tickets to invite family/friends; additional tickets (up to 6) are available for purchase for $5.00 each. Please contact Mrs. Rice for more information at (360) 653-0871. Pre-Ceremony Celebration! Ms. Huber will be at La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant at 4pm on Monday June 11th. Come join her for refreshments and appetizers to celebrate before the ceremony. You can also pick up your stole and your tickets at this time. La Hacienda is located at: 9922 State Ave. Marysville, WA 98270 (360-658-6646). Be sure to let us know if you are coming!


Attention all 10th-12th graders! You are invited to discover your career values and participate in a live webcast on Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 at 10:00 AM or Thursday, May 31st, 2012 at 2:00 PM. The facilitator of the webcast will be Jerry Tuisl, Director of Special Projects, High School Programs at DeVry University.

During the webcast you will:       

Explore your top career values and obtain feedback on potential careers. Understand your educational options and the college degree needed in various industries. Participate in a real-time discussion via live chat with a facilitator. You can get an idea of what is in store and by visiting where you can create a Profile and complete the Personality Portrait. Click Here: The Owner's Guide To Your Future Click: “Enter Live Webcast” Password: letmein


For those of you who took the HSPE exams this past March, we will have those scores early June. Students who did not take the exams or who need to retake exams will be able to do so this summer. You will be responsible for making test arrangements through OSPI and your local school district. Contact your counselor if you have questions. The dates for exam retakes are as follows:  August 14th & August 15th HSPE Writing Exam  August 16th HSPE Reading Exam


  

Beginning in 2011, there is no longer a Math or Biology section on the HSPE exam. If you have already attempted the Math WASL/HSPE and/or passed one of these exams, you do NOT need to take an EOC exam; however, Class of 2012 and prior, you will need to earn 2.0 Math credits after your 10th grade year to satisfy this requirement if you do not meet standard on a state test. If you have never attempted one of these exams, you will need to take an EOC exam this year. For students testing in MARYSVILLE: Biology EOC is Monday, June 4th- Algebra I EOC is on Tuesday, June 5th and Geometry EOC is on Wednesday, June 6th. For students testing in YAKIMA: Algebra I/Biology EOC are Tuesday, June 5th and Geometry/Biology EOC are Wednesday, June 6th. Please contact your counselor for more information.


Interested in taking courses over the summer to catch up on some credits or get ahead? Students are able to purchase courses for $150 each. Summer school will begin on Monday, May 21st. You can purchase courses through August 1st for 60 day course terms. 7 day extensions cost $30 per extension. The website you can purchase courses through is: click on take summer school courses> original credit course> then fill out the information required. For questions about registering call 1-866-925-1238. Please contact your counselor, Ms. Huber or Mrs. Rasmussen, for information and questions about which course/courses you should take.


A recent U.S. government report cited an average of 546 emergency department visits a day involving underage drinkers in 2009. And according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, one in three 8th grade students in the United States drinks alcohol and one in five teens binge drinks. The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) said that young people who drink alcohol before age 21 are more likely to have problems in school, be the victim of an assault or involved in an alcohol-related car accident, drown or fall, and abuse alcohol later in life. With summer upon us and the peer pressures of everyday life as a teen, please be safe and refrain from behaviors that could harmfully affect you or those around you potentially for the rest of your life. GET HELP! If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, please contact one of the numbers below for help.    

National Council on Alcoholism 1-800-622-2255 Alcohol and Drug Helpline 1-800-527-5344 National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drugs 1-800-729-6686 Washington State Teen Line for Alcohol/Drugs 1-877-345-8336

DEPRESSION TIPS AND SIGNS FOR PARENTS Normal: the “normal” teen    

Moody Short tempered – especially when asked too many questions Embarrassed to be seen with parents and/or siblings Friends are their focus

Facts about Depression:    

1 in 8 adolescents experience depression Of those experiencing depression, 2/3 are not getting help Depression leads to poor performance in school Alcohol use/drug use (including tobacco), extreme behaviors, and suicide can result

What to look for: Adolescent moods change quickly, and can vary drastically. If you notice any of the following symptoms lasting for more than 10 days, ask questions, get help.             

Persistent unhappiness, negativity, irritability, anger and rage Chronic worry, excessive fear & expressions of guilt Drop in school grades or conduct Withdrawal from friends and activities Difficulty with relationships Feelings of sadness and hopelessness Lack of enthusiasm, energy or motivation Overreaction to criticism Feelings of being unable to satisfy expectations Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure Poor self-esteem Indecision, lack of concentration or forgetfulness Restlessness and agitation

      

Changes in eating or sleeping patterns Increased substance abuse Problems with authority Self-destructive behavior Inattention to appearance Preoccupation with death and dying Suicidal thoughts, plans or attempts

Take very seriously, any communication with your teen regarding thoughts about death or wanting to die or any action to kill themselves. Get help! Protective Factors:    

School – having an adult at school they connect with Family – having at least one family member who is supportive and accepting Community – being connected through work, volunteerism, or being connected to resources Individual – talents, interests, stress managements skills, self soothing skills, problem solving skills, and a good network of friends

Relaxation Skills:        

Visualization Listen to music Spend time doing a hobby Exercise Write in a journal Video games/TV in moderate doses Art Deep Breathing

Try to Be:        

Genuine Available Nonjudgmental Trustworthy Effective Listener Empathetic Emotionally mature Understanding

What Adults Can Do:       

Listen and watch for overloading Teach problem solving and decision making skills Don’t minimize the problem, you may not think it’s the end of the world, but to that person, it feels that way. Offer reassurance, help, and support. Teach identification of emotions Model effective coping skills Monitor your own stress level, and be willing to seek help if you need it.

Principles for Parenting:        

Decide what matters Think problem solving Take time to listen and seek to understand Do things together Allow for mistakes Celebrate, recognize, and reward successes Show your love Listen with your heart, not your agenda

Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Looking forward to seeing all of you next year!