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World’s longest cable car line opens in Armenia

Elders brand Gaza restrictions an obstacle to peace

Audrey Hepburn stamps fetch $606,000 for charity

Man Utd stunned by Baggies’ fightback





Mine blast in China kills 21

Kuwait arrests Iraqi fishermen KUWAIT: Kuwaiti coastguards have arrested eight Iraqi fishermen for violating the state’s territorial waters in the second such incident in a week, the interior ministry said yesterday. The Kuwaitis intercepted an Iraqi vessel off Bubyan Island, north of Kuwait City, and arrested all eight men onboard, said a statement, cited by the official KUNA

news agency. The ministry said the boat and men were taken to Sabah Al-Ahmad Coastguards base, south of the capital ahead of unspecified legal measures. It did not say when the incident took place. Last Sunday, the interior ministry said coastguards intercepted two Iraqi fishing boats in its territorial waters and arrested five fishermen on board. — AFP

16 miners missing • Media mostly quiet

US women soldiers to get new uniforms FORT BELVOIR, Virginia: The US Army is testing its first-ever combat uniform expressly designed to fit the female figure, a move seen as an overdue effort to make 160,000 US women soldiers more comfortable. Don’t expect a camouflage haute couture revolution for America’s military women; the changes will be visibly slight, although they are important, said the first person to try on the women’s army combat uniform, or

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia: The prototype of the new female specific uniform is modeled on Oct 12, 2010. — AFP ACU. “The unisex uniform was a little bit baggy,” Major Sequana Robinson told AFP, undoubtedly summing up the attitudes of thousands of female soldiers who for decades have had to make do with ill-fitting fatigues. “The goal is not to have female soldiers accentuate their curves, but... it alleviates some of the excess material” that had

come to typify the unisex uniform worn by far more men than women. For years the US Army offered standard-issue unisex ACUs, which sought to neutralize gender differences but were of ten considered uncomfortable and unwieldy by female troops. Robinson, assistant product manager for soldier clothing at the Program Executive Office, which is responsible for what US soldiers wear or carry and is preparing the uniform, was modeling the ACU prototype at this military base south of the capital Washington. Some 600 women soldiers will comprehensively test the garments beginning next January. If approved by the Army Uniform Board, the female battle garments, which have undergone five years of study and design tweaking, could be rolled out as early as 2012. Design of the new fatigues is the latest step toward gender parity in the US military, where women have broken into most areas of service and command. Women have served in some way in the US Army since 1775. And the Pentagon has issued female uniform ensembles for decades, albeit for ceremonial events or non-combat positions. But it does not allow women, who now make up 14 percent of the army, to be assigned to ground combat units, although they are in support units and serve as gunners, truck drivers, military police, and helicopter pilots. In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where US troops have been fighting insurgencies that use unconventional forces and tactics, US women have increasingly found themselves in the thick of battle, Continued on Page 14

MARSEILLE, France: Steel workers from the nearby Fos-sur-Mer ArcelorMittal plant join a protest in Marseille yesterday. Diesel and jet fuel supplies are running low in parts of France as workers took to the streets for another nationwide protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age to 62. — AP (See Page 21)

Iraqi firms now making music instead of bombs BAGHDAD: Before the 2003 US-led invasion, Iraq’s Al-Shaheed State Company used to make a blast, literally. Now it helps to produce music. “We used to make mortar shell casings, but our engineers changed the production line, so we now make brass for trumpets and vases, and copper cables,” said Amine Hawas, a company technician. Al-Shaheed’s fate has been mirrored by a string of other companies created during the regime of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein and since transformed under an order of the post-invasion government of US diplomat Paul Bremer to turn military industries into civilian ones. Created in 1982, the reformed company displayed its wares at a four-day fair of stateowned industries in Baghdad this week. Other

companies at the exhibition have gone from making guns, bombs and military binoculars to water sprinklers, microscopes and bomb-disposal robots. “After the American invasion, our factory was plundered and the ministry that supervised us dissolved. Our personnel were completely disoriented,” said Haidar Hussein, a 34-year-old engineer at the Al-Karama company stand. Pre-war, the company in the northern Waziriyah district of the capital produced guidance systems for long-range missiles, and was visited by UN disarmament inspectors in 1998, when Iraq suffered under sanctions following its 1990 invasion of neighbouring Kuwait. “A team of 10 engineers then started to become Continued on Page 14

Somalia surprise: Working govt, no gunfire HARGEISA, Somalia: A new six-storey office building will soon house a $1 billion-a-year business. The recently elected president has appointed smart people and won the admiration of the international community. Gunfire is nowhere to be heard. All this seems too good to be true for the war-ravaged nation of Somalia. Yet Somalia this is, or more precisely Somaliland, a slice of the northern part of the country. This former British colony joined Somalia a half-century ago but changed its mind in 1991 when the central government in Mogadishu collapsed and most of the rest of the country became mired in war. The United States, the United Nations and other international players don’t recognize Somaliland as a separate country, but they are now lavishing new money and attention on the region. Somaliland officials say the

HARGEISA: In this photo taken on Oct 13, 2010, a worker at Somaliland’s water and power ministry takes money from a customer paying his bill. — AP

international community has wasted too much time and money on Mogadishu and its string of failed governments. They say the struggling but democratically elected government in the north deserves support and can serve as a bulwark against spreading terrorism. In bullet-riddled Mogadishu and in much of the rest of Somalia to the south, a hardline Islamist insurgency is in control and is threatening the central government’s tiny hold on the country. To the north, across the narrow Gulf of Aden, lies Yemen, a hotspot for Islamist militancy. “This is a country called Somaliland that is peaceful and democratic ... where the streets are full of uniformed children with book in hand going to school, not hooded, with guns, going to war,” President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo told a visiting Continued on Page 14

BEIJING: Rescuers battled dangerous levels of gas, tons of coal dust and the risk of falling rocks as they worked to free 16 miners trapped by an explosion at a mine in central China early yesterday. Twenty-one miners were confirmed killed. Rescuers have located the 16 Chinese miners but must clear tons of coal dust from the mine shaft to reach them, the state-run Xinhua News Agency cited a rescue spokesman as saying. It wasn’t clear if the miners were alive or how far underground they were trapped. The blast unleashed more than 2,500 tons of coal dust, an engineer for one of the mine’s parent companies, Du Bo, told Xinhua. The report said ventilation has resumed in the mining pit but gas levels remain high. The gas level inside the mine was 40 percent, far higher than the normal level of near 1 percent, China Central Television reported. The gas wasn’t specified, but methane is a common cause of mine blasts, and coal dust is explosive. The more than 70 rescuers on the scene also must clear chunks of coal loosened by the blast that fell into the shaft, the state-run broadcaster said. Twenty bodies had been retrieved by the afternoon, Xinhua said. The blast happened as the world still was celebrating Chile’s dramatically successful rescue of 33 miners trapped more than two months. China’s state-run Continued on Page 14

YUZHOU, China: Rescuers prepare to go underground after an explosion at the staterun Pingyu Coal & Electric Co Ltd mine in central China’s Henan province yesterday. — AP

Work on to reach 4 Ecuador miners PORTOVELO, Ecuador: Ecuadoran rescuers yesterday succeeded in creating openings large enough to pump fresh air to four men trapped in a caved-in gold mine, the government said. But despite the progress, emergency workers had not yet made

contact with the men and relatives faced continued uncertainty about whether their loved ones were still alive. The Ecuadoran miners became trapped in the early hours of Friday morning, after the collapse blocked their exit Continued on Page 14



Syria and Kuwait seek economic partnership

local spotlight

Wrong traffic penalty!!! By Muna Al-Fuzai

Damascus extols Kuwait ties DAMASCUS: Syria and Kuwait are seeking to elevate the level of their relationship from that of trade exchanges to full economic partnership, said a ranking Syrian investment figure yesterday. This approach has been translated on the ground into establishment of many joint companies, namely the SyrianKuwaiti Holding, at a capital of $100 million, the United Kuwaiti Investment Company in Syria, $20 million, the Kuwaiti-Syrian Al-Jaz Group and the Kuwaiti Investment Co in addition to several common investment ventures, said Ahmad Abdul Aziz, the Director-General of the Syrian Public Investment Authority. Abdul Aziz was speaking at a news conference for promotion of an investment convention, to be organized by Syria in Kuwait for promoting 200 investment ventures, due to be sponsored by HH the Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad AlAhmad Al-Sabah and his Syrian counterpart, Mohammad Naji AlOtri, on October 20. Elaborating, he said the investment opportunities to be promoted at the Kuwait workshop include ventures in Syria’s infrastructure, oil, tourism, transports, housing and industrial zones. Kuwaiti investment projects in Syria amount to 36, including 19 executed or under-execution ventures, at an overall value of 22 billion Syrian pounds (approximately $450 million). Depicting the deep-rooted ties, HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah had signed a memorandum of understanding to establish statutes of the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber AlSabah, and the late Syrian president,

Hafez Al-Assad. The accord for launching this project, estimated at $300 million, is expected to be signed in the future. In a related event, the Syrian prime minister is scheduled to start a two-day official visit to Kuwait on October 20, in response to an official invitation by HH the Prime Minister. On sidelines of the visit, the joint supreme commission would hold meetings. Meanwhile, Syrian Minister of Economy and Trade Lamia Assi has lauded Syrian-Kuwaiti cooperative relations as “being tangibly developed”. Speaking at a meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Damascus Aziz Al-Daihani earlier on Friday, the Syrian minister said bilateral relations are being further promoted and reinforced in various fields, including mutual investment protection and double taxation avoidance, Syria’s Tishreen reported yesterday. Assi added that she had discussed with the Kuwaiti ambassador ways and means of further consolidating economic and trade cooperation between both brotherly countries. He greatly appreciated Kuwaiti investments in Syria and the role of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in the bankrolling of strategic development projects in Syria. For his part, the Kuwaiti ambassador in Damascus said Kuwait was in the forefront of those countries which launched investments in Syria, praising Syria as a promising country in terms of economic and investment aspects. During the meeting, they also considered final preparations and arrangements for a meeting of the Syrian-Kuwaiti joint committee due in Kuwait this week. — Agencies

‘Avoid pessimism on development’ KUWAIT: A top official at the country’s Supreme Council of Planning and Development (SCPD) recently asserted on the importance of avoiding a negative outlook about the country’s current development process. This is essential during the transition period between lack of development and project achievement. “Several public bodies have begun planning in an unprecedented manner,” The Council’s Secretary General Dr Adel Al-

Wuqaiyan said during a televised interview from New York. He is currently part of a Kuwaiti delegation participating in the United Nations meetings, reported Al-Rai. Furthermore, AlWuqaiyan asserted that ministries must proceed with projects that are supportive and in parallel with the country’s development plan, adding that spending on developmental projects should also be in parallel with guided governmental spending.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


KUWAIT: The ambassador of South Korea to Kuwait Moon Young Han, celebrated the Republic of Korea’s National Day at an event that took place in the Crowne Plaza hotel on Wednesday (October 13, 2010). The ceremony was attended by several ambassadors and diplomats in Kuwait, as well as members of the Korean community in Kuwait. — Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

et’s suppose you were out of town and that when you came back you found a surprise waiting for you; a traffic ticket waiting to be paid. It could be anywhere from 5 - 10 KD, or even more. What would you do if you wanted to argue against having to pay the fine? You would be forced to either pay the fine or be dragged to court. One of my readers informed me that after he returned home from traveling abroad he was surprised to discover that he was being charged a traffic fine of KD 15 for an offence he did not commit. The traffic department informed him that he was ticketed for parking on the sidewalk: The truth of the matter is that he was traveling abroad for the whole month of August, as his passport would testify. According to him, his car was parked at his residential building in Salmiya and that he had not given his keys to anyone. He added that he never even received a hardcopy of the ticket. The traffic department clearly made a mistake when noting the vehicle’s license plate number. He believes that they meant to charge some other vehicle but entered his car’s license plate number by mistake. The answer to this problem is simple. The same thing happened to me a few years ago when I was working for the UN. I received a ticket for parking in the wrong area and charged 5 KD. Not only was I innocent but I was out of town when the ticket was issued. You have to decide if you are going to pay the fine or not. If you decided to pay you will feel terrible for paying the penalty of a crime you did not commit. If you decide not to pay your car will not be allowed to be registered and you could be cited even more tickets for driving an unregistered vehicle. Technically, the policy is to pay first and then complain. While it may seem easy at first, with all our computers and technology, the fact of the matter is that it is a very slow process. Police are only human and if your penalty was not recorded by a camera then why not complain. You need to go down to the traffic department with your Kuwaiti friend, or someone who speaks very good Arabic, pay the fine and then make the complaint. You never know, you might get lucky and get both your comfort and your 15 KD back.

US’ NUKS is largest students assembly KUWAIT: The National Union for Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) in the United States of America (USA) is the largest association of Kuwaiti students abroad. It has a membership of 1,300, followed by the Jeddah’s association which is 1000member strong. This was announced by members of the association’s administrative department in a televised interview. They urged the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to popularize the association in Kuwait after a similar campaign was held in America six years ago, reported Al-Rai. Furthermore, members spoke about the organization’s achievements by getting connected with Kuwaitis studying across the United States. This is to

ensure that they stay connected with developments that take place in their native countries. They asserted that the association has a network which has 70 representatives. This is so that to communication is possible with Kuwaiti students in 42 American states, and address the problems that they encounter. The interview team consisted of Ahmad Al-Jou’an, Head of the Administrative Department, Abdurrahman Al-Bahar, Deputy Head for Students Affairs, Fahad AlSubai’ei, Head of the Cultural Committee, Ahmad Maa’rafi, Head of the Media Committee, Abdullah Bushehri, Association’s Secretary, and Mohammad Al-Kazmi, the association’s treasurer.

Kuwait promotes culture of moderation of Islam MADRID: Kuwait has organized conferences for promoting moderation of Islam at influential capitals of the globe with the aim of portraying the true image of the Kuwaitis as peaceloving people, a Kuwaiti official Dr Adel Al-Falah, the Undersecretary of the Ministry

of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, said in an interview with KUNA, on sidelines an international conference themed “convergence of two worlds - for Spanish-Arab cultural integration,” that concluded late on Friday. Kuwait’s role on the international stage of preaching moderation, peaceful co-existence and a bright image of Islam is a picture that reflects the intrinsic traits of the natives of the Gulf country. Kuwaiti authorities, in line with guidelines of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, have held a series of conventions in London, Washington and Moscow for promoting moderation as an approach that versus terrorism and bickering, said Dr Al-Falah. Other countries, namely Qatar and Jordan, have followed suit, setting up centers for preaching moderation in several capitals of the world. At the philanthropic level, Kuwaiti authorities and associations have heavily contributed to charitable activities in many Islamic and non-Islamic states. In this line, the Amir had initiated the launching of a special fund for supporting small enterprises in Arab countries, he noted. Dr Al-Falah disclosed that Kuwait has been particularly interested in promoting the Islamic culture of moderation in countries of Latin-speaking nations for these peoples have been at distance from fanatic and extremist ideologies and thoughts. “The convention laid the corner stone for the ties of moderation between Kuwait and Latin American and Caribbean countries,” he said, adding that Kuwait would host the second conference at this level next year. — KUNA


Sunday, October 17, 2010

in the news KNPC s tops g as leakag e KUWAIT: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) said yesterday that it managed to stop a minor gas leakage at AlAhmadi refinery. KNPC Public Relations and Media Department Direcotr Mohammad Al-Ajmi said in a statement to KUNA that gas leakage took place at 7 am yesterday, noting that it was a limited one at a gas pipeline at the seventh area of Al-Ahmadi refinery that is run by the company. He made clear that KNPC emergency plans were activated once the leakage happened in what enabled the operations team from closing the source of leakage and totally insulating it. The pipeline is being currently surveyed and investigations are underway for inspecting the causes of leakage and making necessary repairs. However, Al-Ajmi asserted there are no casualties or damage, noting the operational and export processes at the refinery were not affected by this minor accident. Kuwait t o part icipat e in I slamic art s exhibit ion MILAN: The State of Kuwait is set to participate in an Islamic art exhibition due to be mounted here on October 19. The inaugural ceremony will be attended by representative of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Minister of Oil and Information Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. Consul General of Kuwait in Milan and Northern Italy Sammi Al-Hamad said that the Consul General of Kuwaiti minister’s participaKuwait in Milan and tion in the Islamic Arts Northern Italy Sammi Exhibition would surely bolster relations between Al-Hamad Kuwait and Italy in the cultural domain. He added that 2010 has seen several joint events aimed to promote relations between Kuwait and Italy, including a recent visit to Italy by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, which has indeed led to a tremendous boost in bilateral relations. Milan is the city of culture, hailed the Kuwaiti diplomat, affirming that the city hosted several events showcasing Islamic culture. The upcoming event would be opened in Milan by mayor of the city Letizia Moratti and Kuwait’s Sheikha Hessa Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, said Al-Hamad, adding that the exhibition would show around 350 items showcasing Islamic history and artifacts.


Cabinet seeks control over the ‘Interior’ committees DRB keen on retaining ‘alien practices’, human rights committees KUWAIT: With parliamentary term set to begin, the Cabinet continues to oppose the formation of temporary parliament committees. At the same time, they face hostility on that regard from the Popular Action, Development and Reform, as well as the National Action Blocs. It appears that all of the aforementioned blocs realize the importance of agreeing on rejecting the Cabinet’s bid to tackle temporary panels. For example, the PAB is interested in retaining housing, stateless residents, as well as citizens with special needs committees.

The DRB is keen on retaining ‘alien practices’ and human rights committees. The NAB will push for the establishment of a youth and sports as well as women’s affairs temporary panels. Meanwhile, the Cabinet’s attention at this point seems to be more directed towards the parliamentary permanent committees, as they sought according to reports to ‘place their control’ over certain panels such as the financial, legislative, and interior and defense committees, by pushing pro-Cabinet MPs to have majority membership at these panels, reported AlQabas.

On that regard, another news report indicates that some MPs close to the Cabinet have already begun working on garnering support for being elected to the aforementioned panels, mainly the interior and defense committees. Officials from the Parliament indicated that the Cabinet will hold the interior and defense committee responsible for indicting Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid Al-Sabah in connection with the release of two Iranian drug dealers. The Cabinet aims to receive the approval of a

majority that consisted of proCabinet MPs at the panel, on overturning the indictment verdict issued by the existing panel members. On a separate note, the Parliament’s health committee is said to be preparing to issue a decision to assign the newly-established formation of the panel, with the responsibility of continuing to hold investigations with regard to violations found in the overseas treatment issue, reported Al-Rai. This decision was made after the current panel failed to issue a final report on investigation procedures.

GCC Da ys in Lo ndon RIYADH: London will be the venue for the GCC Days festival tomorrow, an event aimed at promoting the GCC member states’ ties with Europe, said a statement yesterday. The GCC Secretariat said that the seventh edition of the event, previously held in other EU capitals, would attract the participation of GCC and EU officials, namely GCC Secretary General Abdulrahman Al-Attiyah, in addition to others. The four-day event is aimed at bolstering dialogue between the GCC and EU, looking into efforts for better relations between the two entities. The event would include several activities such as lectures, cultural performances, and discussions over issues of mutual interests. Mo ussa t o v is it Kuwa it CAIRO: Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa is set to fly to Kuwait today, heading a high-level league delegation, to attend a ceremony for launching a fund for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Arab countries. The $2 billion fund was suggested by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah during an Arab economic and social development summit in Kuwait in January 2009, a league official said yesterday. The fund is chiefly meant to bankroll small and medium-sized enterprises in the Arab world with a view to stimulating and spurring up the Arab private sector, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League for Economic Affairs Mohammed Al-Twegri said in news remarks. A supervisory council of representatives from Arab contributors to the fund is to convene its maiden meeting in Kuwait tomorrow. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Mauritania, Djibouti, Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan have already contributed to the fund. Kuwait i M Ps in Lis bon MADRID: A Kuwaiti parliamentary delegation arrived in Lisbon Friday for talks with Portuguese lawmakers on bilateral relations and exchange of expertise between houses in both countries. This is the delegation’s second leg of a European tour that started in Spain, which aimed at discussing industrial, commercial and touristic cooperation. During their five-day visit, the Kuwaiti MPs are to meet with Parliament Speaker Jaime Gama and leading MPs on the bilateral parliamentary ties and several issues of common concern. The Kuwaiti delegation is headed by MP Khaled Sultan Bin Essa and including MPs Dr Dhaifallah Buramia, Saad Al-Azmi and Khaled Mashaan Al-Tahous.

kuwait digest

Lessons from Chile By Abdullatif Al-Duaij


illions around the world watched the live feed of the Chilean miners’ rescue this past Wednesday where thirty-three miners were successfully rescued from a mine they were trapped in for nearly two months, more than seven hundred meters underground. This same length is similar to the distance between the Jahra Gate and Safat Square. People who were watching the rescue mission all shared different emotions during the operation. In a sense, we can say that this mission united the entire world. Even more outstanding was the level of transparency by which the Chilean authorities handled the rescue event. They allowed the entire rescue operation to be covered by the media. They followed the mission step by step until all the trapped miners were freed. They captured the emotions of the miners’ families as well as the reactions of the crowd and the Chilean President who was sure to be present during the rescue mission. The emotional welcome that the miners received from their families following their rescue was definitely the most remarkable moment witnessed by the world during the entire coverage. It made all the media hype and money paid worthwhile. However, for those of us in Kuwait it was a little bit of a different feeling. It made us remember the restrictions we have on the media and internet imposed by the government. As Chileans rejoiced with kisses and hugs while the trapped miners were being freed, our ‘religious’ communications minister was searching for more websites to censor. Meanwhile, we remain, struggling to see what is not trapped underground. Moreover, watching the warm welcome that the miners received made us remember the intentional decision to not broadcast the return of our countrymen from Saddam’s prisons. We were deprived of witnessing the warm welcome citizens received from their loved ones as they returned home, which if broadcast could have brought more attention to the issue of our prisoners in Iraq. It might have changed the fates of a lot of Kuwaiti martyrs who died inside Iraqi prisons. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Chilean authorities for allowing us to share with them their great concern for fellow human beings. — Al-Qabas

kuwait digest

Sheikha Amthal’s volunteers By Dr Abdullatif Al-Suraikh


KUWAIT: Swaziland King Mswati III left yesterday, along with his accompanying delegation for home following a visit that lasted for several days. At the forefront of those who saw the King off at Kuwait International Airport was adviser at the Diwan of HH the Prime Minister and head of the accompanying honor mission Dr Ismail Khedr Al-Shati as well as a number of Sheikhs, governors and advisers at the Diwan of HH the Prime Minister along with top army, police and National Guard commanders and top state officials. — KUNA

GCC foreign ministers to meet next month By A Saleh KUWAIT: Official informed sources said that the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) states’ foreign ministers would meet next month prior to the upcoming GCC Summit scheduled to be held in Abu Dhabi in

December, 2010. They will discuss declaring a refusal to some of the proposals made by the Afro-Arab Summit recently held in Sirte, Libya. They will specifically discuss their refusal to establish special funds and commissioners to help develop and enhance joint

Arab projects that will be funded by GCC states alone. The sources pointed out that the only objection to officially rejecting the proposal came from Qatar, who refused to be included in the rejection and demanded further discussion on the matter. The

sources said that steps were being taken to ensure the success of the ministerial meeting so that Qatar’s concerns can be addressed well before the next GCC summit. They also noted that the GCC’s rejection was supported by Jordan and Morocco.

MSAL to reduce unqualified expat workers KUWAIT: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) has announced that it will continue with its efforts to reduce the number of unskilled expatriate workers in the country. At the same time, they will be replaced by national manpower. The ministry indicated that a decree will soon be

issued so that expatriate laborers undergo certain tests according to which, their qualification can be assessed. This way, the ministry can recognize the actual contributions that workers provide to their employers. This method is aimed to control the process of recruiting unqualified expatriate workers,

reported Al-Qabas. The ministry’s undersecretary Mohammad Al-Kandari indicated that the number of expatriate workers in Kuwait has been reduced to as much as 170,000 in 2007. The number of newlyrecruited workers have been reduced to 60,000 in 2009.

came across a piece of news a while ago. It dealt with an incident where several workers at a factory located in a western country wore green armbands in protest against a decision made by the factory’s administration. In this manner, workers were able to send messages to employers without obstructing work. Meanwhile in Kuwait, a group of teachers recently staged a strike outside the Education Ministry’s headquarters against the ministry’s decision to add a 25 minute period to each Tuesday of the school week. With due respect to teachers and their right to protest - as long as this protest doesn’t affect the educational mission - I would like to remind them that an extended school day is not exactly new to Kuwait. At some point in the history of Kuwait’s education, the school week lasted for six days, with a weekly ‘free activity’ additional period. Moreover, teachers should have protested over more serious concerns like violations committed by ministry officials. There are no serious measures in place to curb the private tuitions issue, favoritism in assigning candidates, and others. However, what surprised me the most about the whole issue, is the stance taken by Sheikha Amthal Al-Sabah, Head of the Voluntary Work Center who announced that the center is fully prepared to appoint more teaching staff in case all the teachers join protests. How exactly can a voluntary center be able to fill the shortage? Does the center have a clear mechanism, or even have enough number of volunteers? Is the center really capable of providing so many qualified personnel? I also have another request to the Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Affairs: Maj Gen Khalil Al-Shamali: Please save the residents of Al-Jahra from the alarming number of unsafe practices. Such incidents include use of guns fired during weddings and reckless driving around the area’s streets. The officials that are in charge of tackling such incidents are busy seeking media attention — Al-Rai



Auto loans ‘available’ despite financial crisis

Good samaritan mugged KUWAIT: A young man was mugged by three thugs after their female accomplice tricked him into a trap, reported AlWatan. The incident occurred in Salmiya when the man agreed to help a woman wearing a niqab with her flat tire. As soon as he stopped to help, the man was attacked by three men who stole his wallet and cell phone. The victim filed a case with authorities.

A loan cannot exceed 40% of a person’s income By Nisreen Zahreddine KUWAIT: Car dealerships in Kuwait are not limited by season or the whims of the market. A person in Kuwait needs a car regardless of the country’s economic situation or whether it is winter or summer. The easiest way to get a car in Kuwait is to take out a loan. Different factors come into play when deciding whether a loan will be approved and what sort of interest will be on it. Alaa Hajjaj, head of retail at Al-Soor Financing and Leasing Company, described the steps that need to be taken and the facilities offered at his company to help stimulate car sales in Kuwait. “We are among the leading financing companies in Kuwait,” he said, adding that Al-Soor considers itself more flexible than other financiers. He pointed out how quickly the company is at processing paperwork and getting approvals. He said that the company often accepts loan applications with minimum down payments depending on the

nature of the case. It makes no difference if the person applying for the loan is a citizen or an expatriate, working in the public or private sectors, he added. The technical factors that determine whether a loan application is accepted or not is determined by whether it meets the Central Bank of Kuwait’s (CBK) several terms and regulations. A loan cannot exceed 40 percent of the sum of a person’s income and not exceed 15 times the person’s salary. Also, the maximum amount allowed for a consumer loan is 15,000 KD. These conditions apply to both Kuwaitis and expatriates. When getting a loan from CBK, Hajjaj continued, the stability of a person’s work counts a lot to the company. “We prefer a low salary consumer with longevity at work to a high salary consumer who has been working of a short while,” Hajjaj said. The strength and market value of the employer is a determining factor as well. In case of low salaries, the collateral value can be enhanced by taking a down payment

Sunday, October 17, 2010

that ensures a payment of the loan. Another hedging measure can be taken by shortening the payment period to downsize the risk of not settling the loan. Whether the car is luxurious or not does not make a difference to the terms of the loans. “We are a financing institution and our objective is to finance a vehicle loan regardless of how new it is,” Hajjaj said. Speaking on how the financial crisis affected the market, Hajjaj said that the only affect the crisis had on Al-Soor was that it changed consumer behavior. He said the company has had to focus more on the flexibility and terms of the loans than the price of the vehicle itself. Consumers who get laid off have a hard time settling their loans. Many have preferred to buy in cash, Hajjaj said, and pointed out that cash sales reached 40 percent - up from 20 percent - of total sales. “Even though the number of qualified consumers decreased after the crisis,” he said, “it did not reach an alarming level.”

Rape attempt An Iranian woman accused her husband’s friend of attempting to rape her, reported Al-Watan. She told police that her Iranian husband was at work when his friend came asking for him. Instead of leaving when she told him that he was not available the man forced himself into the house and attempted to assault her. The man escaped after she started calling for her neighbors’ help. Police are searching for the culprit.

Fatal accidents A car accident on Sixth Ring Road left a child dead and her mother injured, reported AlWatan. The accident occurred when the mother lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons near Amghara Bridge and flipped over several times. Paramedics responded to the emergency and pronounced the child dead shortly after their arrival while the mother was rushed to the hospital. In an unrelated incident, a car accident on Jahra Road resulted in the death of a citizen and the serious injury of her two friends; a 45-year-old Egyptian man and a 23-yearold Kuwaiti woman, reported Al-Watan. The accident occurred just before Amghara Bridge on the way to Kuwait City. The 19-year-old was killed after she suffered a severe fracture to her skull. The two who were injured were rushed to Mubarak Hospital.

Mishap A truck driver was killed after his vehicle fell on top of him while he was underneath it, reported Al-Watan. The accident occurred in Shamia after the driver positioned himself under the vehicle to fix a malfunction and it accidently fell on top of him.

Sexual assaults Three criminals kidnapped and raped a married Kuwaiti woman in Ahmadi, reported Al-Rai. The woman reported that she was forced into one of the assailants’ car where his three accomplices were waiting. The woman informed her husband of the assault and reported the incident at a Jaber Al-Ali police station. Meanwhile, a juvenile was arrested after he was accused of sexually molesting his neighbor’s four-year-old son behind his home in Abdullah Al-Mubarak, reported Al-Rai. The boy’s father reported the incident to the area’s police station and pressed charges against his son’s molester. Police placed the culprit under arrest and held him for questioning.

Public drinking A drunk man was arrested in Sharq after passersby informed police that he was acting strangely. Police responded to the scene and arrested the man after confirming that he was intoxicated.

Drug dealer nabbed Ahmadi police arrested an unemployed citizen for being in possession of drugs and being intoxicated. The man was approached by authorities after they spotted him parked suspiciously on the side of Fahaheel Highway. After police determined that the man was under the influence of drugs they searched his vehicle and found him to be in possession of a quarter kilogram of hashish. When questioned by authorities he admitted to selling the drugs during and was referred to the proper authorities.

Ahmadi crackdown A campaign carried out by Ahmadi officials resulted in the shutting down of 15 unlicensed baqalas and five illegal international phone call centers in Subahiya and Fahaheel, reported Al-Anba. The campaign resulted in the arrest of eight Asian men responsible for running the illegal phone call centers and dozens of others for violating residency laws. The lawbreakers were referred to the proper authorities.

in the news

Kuwait donates $30,000 KUALA LUMPUR: Kuwait has donated USD 30,000 for Singapore’s Mohammadiya Charitable Society, said a statement yesterday. A statement by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Singapore noted that first secretary of the embassy Nasser Al-Qahtani had already handed the donation to head of the society Sheikh Hussein Yaqoob. Yaqoob and members of the society expressed their deepest thanks and appreciation to the Kuwaiti leadership and people for this generous donation. —KUNA

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Youths and Sports (PAYS) recently launched an awareness program which aims to spread athletic awareness among employees at the public sector. As part of the program, the PAYS’ headquarters hosted an awareness day in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, in which staff members took part in weight scaling and marathon activities. The program, which will cover various public firms, includes medical tests, athletic activities as well as awareness seminars.

TV stations slammed KUWAIT: Sheikh Fahad Al-Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah criticized a number of satellite TV stations for enticing sectarianism and supporting terrorism, reported Al-Rai. It was reported that he made his criticisms during a press conference that took place prior to being attacked recently in Paris. The news was revealed by the Kuwaiti Ambassador to France, Ali Al-Saied, who further indicated that Sheikh Fahad’s condition is “not concerning.” He noted that he is currently receiving medical attention at a hospital in France and that he was never admitted to the intensive care unit. The ambassador did not confirm a connection between the attack and the statements that the Sheikh made during the press released. He stated that authorities are currently pursuing the attacker in hopes of questioning him for the motives behind his assault.

Dr Al-Khorafi speaks on female leadership KUWAIT: Dr Fayeza Al-Khorafi said that women in leadership positions should be a symbol of inspiration, reported Al-Anba. Al-Khorafi, the first woman to become a university director in Kuwait and throughout the Middle East as well as the first woman appointed to a minister’s position in Kuwait and across the Gulf region, pointed out that there is no difference between a man and a woman being in a leadership position. She added that the most important thing is to make the right decision at the right time. She said that a woman in a leadership position should work in groups, confer with consultants and work in committees, emphasizing that centralizing work around an individual often results in poor leadership. Al-Khorafi added that having strong Islamic morals and a sense of justice will encourage others to respect a female leader.

Bonuses at govt’s discretion KUWAIT: Civil Service Commission Chairman Abdulaziz Al-Zabin said that government organizations have the right to pay allowances as they see fit, reported Al-Anba. His comments were a response to a suggestion made by MP Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabae to not deprive employees who deserve work allowances for going to hajj. Al-Zabin said that the Civil Service Commission has authorized government organization to grant work allowance bonuses at their own discretion. He said that government organizations can give less allowances, or not at all, as indicated in ministry regulations.

PAAAFR applauds measures KUWAIT: The Public Authority of Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) recently acknowledged the Ministry of Interior (MoI’s) efforts to nab fishermen that overfish at Kuwaiti territorial waters. The PAAAFR issued a public statement to the press, acknowledging several Interior Ministry officials led by Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid Al-Sabah for making efforts to maintain security and fight illegal practices, reported Al-Rai. The authority further appealed to citizens and residents, asking them to comply with laws that are made to protect the country’s fish resources and marine environment.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

in the news Plane tire malfunction KUWAIT: A Bangladeshi airline carrying 229 passengers made an emergency landing at the Kuwait International Airport (KIA) due to a malfunction that was detected in one of the tires. The plane arrived from Bangladesh with a malfunctioning tire. After a successful landing, firefighters rushed to the scene after the airport’s security services were alerted about the incident. They managed to contain a small fire that had started on the tire, reported Al-Qabas. In the meantime, passengers were successfully evacuated, and no injuries were reported as fifteen ambulances were also sent to the scene.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun KUWAIT: The General Traffic Department held a campaign over the weekend. At least 1,088 citations were issued and 362 vehicles were detained. The Farwaniya Traffic Department issued 421 citations and detained 29 vehicles in Hawally governorate. At least 1,800 citations were issued and 27 vehicles detained in the Capital governorate. In Mubarak Al-Kabeer, 306 citations were issued and two vehicles were detained. In Ahmadi, 330 citations were issued, with

Lawmaker pushes for loan write-off KUWAIT: A lawmaker recently announced that he would push for the draft law to write off loans as one of his top priorities during the upcoming term of the Parliament, especially after the law was included as part of the Parliament’s schedule. MP Saleh Ashour, however, indicated that the number of supporters may reduce after the government introduced amendments to a fund that aims to help insolvent citizens to comply with their debts. In a press statement, Ashour further asserted that these amendments failed to address the main problem that was created by cumulative interests, which he said, was caused due to violations committed by local banks. These were made possible due to the Central Bank’s failure to register the case, reported Al-Rai. Meanwhile, Ashour also announced his intention to obtain membership at the Parliament’s foreign affairs and health committees, noting that coordination with other MPs has been launched.

Project execution KUWAIT: During a weekly meeting scheduled to be held tomorrow, the Municipal Council will discuss an query posed by members Mohammad Al-Mefrej and Muhalhal Al-Khalid, which relates to the execution of developmental projects, AlMefrej’s questions on Kuwait Municipality’s legal department. Among the other issues to be included in the meeting’s schedule, is the letter referred by the Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipality Affairs on enforcing the council’s new logo. This is in addition to a request put forward by charitable organizations. This relates to reconsidering a decision to issue licenses for investment buildings, reported Al-Rai. During the meeting, cleaning contracts, as well as some members’ request to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the Kuwait Municipality’s responses will be considered.

Organized theft mafia KUWAIT: At the time when governmental sources confirmed that over 100,000 citizens and expatriate consumers had not paid their MEW bills and that around KD23 million had not been collected because the consumers had left Kuwait after the Iraqi invasion in 1990 a new problem has been threatening with possible terrible consequences in the electricity and water sector, reported Al-Watan underlining that what’s worth millions of electric cables had been stolen by a specialized mafia. Informed sources said that after touring the looted sites, they noticed that an organized mafia network had started operating in Kuwait since 1994- stealing the copper cables at the um Al-Aish. ‘Such types of thefts could not have been done by one person’, stressed the sources. The sources also noted that the mafia had stolen cables used to supply wells and underground water wells with power, which endangers Kuwait’s strategic water reservoirs. According to official statistics, the mafia committed 139 thefts in 2008, 127 in 2009 and 73 so far in 2010 costing the government millions of dinars.

Mobile mammography unit arrives in Kuwait An attempt to aid early discovery, prevention of breast cancer By Nawara Fattahova KUWAIT: The first mobile digital mammography unit has arrived to Kuwait. Soon it will be put into operation and be transferred to areas throughout the six governorates in an attempt to aid the early discovery and prevention of breast cancer. The arrival of the new unit was celebrated on Wednesday at the Kuwait Society for Preventing Smoking and Cancer (KSPSC). The event was held under the auspices of the Minister of Health, Dr Hilal Al-Sayer and attended by the Chairperson of the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Campaign, Dr Fayza Al-Kharafi. Dr Hilal Al-Sayer appreciated the initiative. “This is a great step towards improving the public’s awareness of cancer. Such pro-

jects support the Ministry’s efforts to cure this disease,” he said. He stressed the importance diagnosing cancer early, especially in cases of breast cancer, as it is one of the most common types of cancer in Kuwait and around the world. “The mobile digital mammography unit will save time and effort for those who would like to have a checkup,” added AlSayer. “Early discovery is an easy and effective way to increase the likelihood of curing cancer in its first phases. This will also increase a patient’s possibility of getting well and decreasing the load on medical centers as patients will not have to go through long and expensive medical treatment procedures.” The Kuwait Institution for the

Advancement of Science (KIAS) also supports this project. “I would like to thank KIAS for their support and I hope that other institutes and societies will do the same,” said Dr Fayza Al-Kharafi. KIAS is well known for their support of development projects that serve society.” “Launching this preventative checkup campaign is an excellent addition to the CAN Campaign’s achievements in the past few years,” she added. This unit will operate in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. “Special programs for the unit will be scheduled to meet the needs of individuals in areas throughout Kuwait,” noted Dr Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi, Chairman of KSPSC. “This project is just the beginning and we are looking for more products to serve the whole society.”

Movement opposes book censorship KUWAIT: The Popular Front to Defend Books organized a sitin outside the cultural cafe, as part of the Kuwait international fair, in protest against the strict monitoring of books that are on display at the fair. Dr Mohammad Al-Hassan, representative of Al-Watan Democratic Youth League said that supervision was not done in an organized manner, which reduced the exhibition’s status as a trivial one. Many publishers boycotted this exhibition. He added that this random supervision does not harm the exhibition alone. It affects culture and creativity in Kuwait, reported Al-Anba. The protestors also issued a press release in which they expressed their worries about the future of culture and personal freedom in Kuwait.

kuwait digest

PC-illiterate teachers!


ccording to all rules and laws, people should get paid for the work they do. This fact is the reason why teachers usually complete their work peacefully. It is also the same reason that keeps them from demonstrating or hosting sitins against the 25-minute extension of school days on Tuesdays. Teachers would not have any right to protest if their wages were increased adequately. Likewise, the ministry should not extend the school day without considering increasing teachers’ salaries or at least giving them a monthly reward to keep them silent. Speaking of education, many teachers have com-

plained about the new math curriculum in the primary school grades up until the seventh grade. The Ministry of Education should have distributed new curriculum text books earlier so that teachers could read through it and prepare themselves properly before the school year started. If teachers do not understand the curriculum how will they be able to teach it to the tiny minds of their pupils?! Senior math teachers in one of the educational zones met recently to solve the problem as soon as possible but were stunned to learn that many of the teachers coming from remote areas in certain Arab states were computer illiterate and that they had never used computers or laptops. — Al-Watan

that total citations issued in less than 72 hours were 5,337 in number. The total number of detained vehicles are 450. The traffic department states that it will continue to keep vigilance round the clock to implement the law.

Domestic dispute In a case of domestic dispute, an Egyptian husband stormed into a women’s salon, physically assaulted his Moroccan wife and fled the scene. The wife had reportedly threatened to take the children away and had also sought divorce from the man.

Rotten body found KUWAIT: A number of employees at Kuwait international fair at Mishref complained foul odor coming from AC openings. After the AC maintenance labors checked the place, they discovered a rotten body at the roof of the building. The body has been sent to medical examiner for further investigation. — Photo by Fouad Al Shaikh

Strict punishments for ‘environment’ offenders KUWAIT: The Parliament will enforce an environmental law that comprises 145 articles during its latest session. It contains several regulations against offenders such as sentencing violators to capital punishment, announced Dr Salah Al-Madhahi General Manager of the Environmental Public Authority. He said that this law has already been approved by the Parliament’s environmental committee. It aims to protect the country’s environment, and subsequently, public health. In an interview broadcast recently by Al-Rai TV, he said that Kuwait’s participation at international environmental activities sends across the message that Kuwait is committed to resolving the environmental issues. Al-Madhahi added that Kuwait will comply with international standards, despite the presence of flaws. Al-Madhahi was speaking from New York City where he is at present, as part of His Highness the Prime Minister’s delegation that is participating in the United Nations meetings. While he spoke about

environmental achievements made possible through contributions made by the government, non-profit organizations as well as citizens and residents, he asserted that several negative practices need to be addressed. Meanwhile, Al-Madhahi confirmed that the Municipal Council has reserved three locations in the country for waste recycling operations, adding that three companies will be entrusted with the task of Build-TransferOperate (B-O-T) system. AlMadhahi also explained during the interview that the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, State Minister for Housing and Development Sheikh Ahmad AlFahad Al-Sabah, had consulted with the EPA immediately after the development plan was enforced. This is to ensure that the mega-project is being carried out in accordance with ecological standards. The EPA official further revealed plans that would begin mid next year. This is to relocate six heavy industry factories that are responsible for some of Umm Al-Haiman’s pollution.

Con artist busted KUWAIT: Dr Hilal Al-Sayer (left) and Dr Fayza Al-Kharafi on a tour at the mobile digital mammography unit.

By Abdullah Al-Najjar

5 1,088 citations issued in traffic campaign

KUWAIT: Ahmadi detectives arrested a citizen in his 30s accused of cheating cosmetic supply companies out of as much as KD 150,000, reported Al-Anba. It was reported that the man bought lots of cosmetics with checks that bounced days later. The cosmetics companies’ lawyers approached Ahmadi Governorate authorities and filed a case against the con artist. An investigation revealed that the man was unemployed and the owner of several bogus companies, under which he had four mandoubs working for him. They also discovered that the

man would begin dealing with businesses by pretending to be a well known and wealthy businessman, buying KD 1,000 - 2,000 worth of goods when he first deals with them in cash. Once he earns their trust he would buy KD 10,000 worth of goods with checks that eventually bounce and disappear with the goods. Police were able to eventually identify the man and locate his residence. Once he was arrested and confronted by authorities he confessed to scamming several businesses out of thousands of dinars.

MPs oppose KCCI law

KUWAIT: The Minister of Health Dr Hilal Al-Sayer receives an award from the chairperson of the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) campaign Dr Fayza Al-Kharafi. — Photos by Fouad Al-Shaikh

KUWAIT: A member of the parliament recently criticized the ‘illogical connection’ between the sports and the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues, referring to the actions of some MPs who bring the KCCI’s subject to the spotlight whenever the sports issue is addressed. In a press statement, MP Dr Aseel AlAwadhi criticized the draft law which was proposed for the KCCI by the parliament’s financial committee. She indicated that the MPs who passed the law have hidden intentions by which they aim to question the KCCI’s role. Al-Awadhi voiced her support

to the idea of returning the draft law back to the financial committee for further discussion, adding that several MPs will be working for that goal. Meanwhile, the National Action Bloc member indicated that the bloc is focusing on certain permanent parliamentary panels that include the financial, legislative and health committees, noting that coordination on that regard had been started with other blocs. In another development, the Diwaniya of the late MP Sami Al-Munais is set to inaugurate its cultural season on Wednesday, by holding a public seminar to discuss the national movement in Kuwait.

Dear citizens and residents, Leaving the house early helps reduce traffic jams. Compliments of the Ministry of Interior’s security media department.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wataniya Telecom hosts 3-day event at Avenues ‘Our customers are the core of our business’ KUWAIT: It is the support and trust received from customers that has made Wa taniya a strong and leading bra nd in the telecom industry. Over the years, Wataniya Telecom has continued to create products, services and events tha t are mea ningful to all customers. Through the la unch of Wa taniya Rew ards Progra m, Wataniya has now crea ted a unique w ay of sa ying thank you to all its loyal customers and rew arding them for being a pa rt of the Wata niya family. Wataniya invited all its customers to a three-day interactive and fun event as part of the launch of Wataniya’s Rewards Program which took place at the Avenues Mall started from October 14 until October 16. It was held from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm each evening. Local celebrities Ibrahim Dashti and Hanan Jaber entertained the crowd with exciting interactive games, activities for which many prizes will be given to participants. The event included a number of booths for Wataniya Rewards partners including Kuwait National Cinema Company, Sultan Center, Holiday Inn, Le Meridian, AlGhanim Electronics Xcite, Crowne Plaza, Scientific Center, Al-Manshar Rotana

Hotel and many others. Children and families also got a chance to enjoy their time with remarkable entertainment programs like family shows, fun parades, stilt walkers, and much more. Regarding the event, Wataniya Telecom’s Abdulaziz Al-Balool, PR Manager said, “Our customers are the core of our business; valuing them and expressing our appreciation towards them is our first priority. We’ve created Wataniya’s Rewards program for the sole purposes of giving back hundreds of valuable rewards to all our loyal customers.” This event is just the beginning of many more rewards and exciting benefits

Wataniya customers will enjoy in the coming months. Wataniya’s team extends its gratitude to all its customers and looks forward to seeing everybody at the Avenues Mall this weekend. Earning Wataniya Rewards Points is easy, collect points for all Wataniya services including Internet and Data services, whether you have a Wataniya postpaid or prepaid connection. If you have more than one line registered under your Civil ID you can even combine your points. Anyone with a personal line can join the program and collect points for simply doing what they already do. A minimum spending of KD2 per month allows you to begin earning points as a Wataniya Rewards Member.

NBK employees enjoy a relaxing sea cruise with their family members aboard the Icarus ship.

NBK staff, family enjoy sea cruise KUWAIT: The employees of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) accompanied by their family members recently enjoyed a great sea cruise excursion organized by the Public Relations Department last weekend aboard the cruise ship ‘Icarus.’ It

was owned and operated by Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC). The event, which was attended by a host of NBK senior officials and employees from the various groups and departments, featured numerous entertainment-related activi-

ties, including, games, contests, in addition to dinner while watching the spectacularly illuminated scenes of Kuwait City. The sea cruise navigated Kuwait creek starting from Ras Al-Ard up to Kuwait Towers.

British ambassador in Kuwait Frank Baker visiting NBK booth.

NBK sales team at the exhibition.

NBK participates in British Business Forum Exhibition — Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Zain organizes dinner for media KUWAIT: Zain, the country’s premier telecom company, hosted a dinner reception recently for the group of local and international media in Kuwait to thank them for their relentless support and wide coverage about the company. The reception was

attended by Zain CEO Nabeel Bin Salama and other ranking Zain officials. Zain ‘raffled off’ several Blackberries and air tickets to destinations media wished to visit. Zain is the leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in

more than a dozen Middle Eastern and African countries with a workforce of over 5,000 providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 34.2 million active individual and business customers as June 30, 2010.

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading bank in Kuwait recently participated in the “Introduction To Kuwait” 2010 Expo under the patronage of HE Frank Baker British Ambassador which was held at Hilton Mangaf last Tuesday. Organized by the British Business Forum (BBF), the event is to open to all newcomers to Kuwait; it aims to help new arrivals acquaint themselves with the various services, businesses and social activities that are available such as Financial Services, Educational, Recreation, Dining as well as the various Social Organizations that operate in the State of Kuwait.

“We were very pleased to be actively involved for the third consecutive year at the Intro to Kuwait organized by the British Business Forum (BBF); it is always good to welcome and assist newcomers to our country, something we are always happy & proud to do” stated NBK Deputy General Manager -Consumer Banking Group Nasser Al Zankawi. NBK offers specialized financial Services designed especially for the Expat community in Kuwait. The Expat Package’s key benefits includes, provision of up-front instant credit decisions, free online money transfer via Watani Online and Hala Watani, free credit

cards for the first year, auto loans and retail finance. NBK is also unique in Kuwait in being able to offer expatriate banking services via its Regional and International network of branches which include Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,Paris, New York and London. NBK’s expatriate banking solutions reflects the individual needs of the customer, providing them with the freedom and control to manage their finances efficiently from the comfort of home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the website or the call center Hala Watani on 1801801.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foreign minister seeks release of Germans arrested in Iran BERLIN: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle personally asked his Iranian counterpart to help secure the release of two Germans arrested in Iran this week, his spokesman said yesterday. Westerwelle had been given the impression that Manouchehr Mottaki would involve himself in the case of the pair detained after interviewing the son of a woman facing execution by stoning, the

spokesman said. The German minister had expressed “his urgent wish that our two compatriots may be able to return to Germany as quickly as possible” in talks in Brussels with Mottaki on Friday. Iran’s public prosecutor Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie said Friday the two defendants “who came to Tabriz in cooperation with hostile groups based abroad” had admitted to having committed an offence,

Iranian news agencies reported. Ejeie said the pair entered Iran on tourist visas and identified themselves as journalists without any proof before contacting the family of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani. “They recognised that it was an offence to pass oneself off wrongly as a journalist,” he was quoted as saying. Westerwelle said on Tuesday that his government was “working on all diplomatic levels and using all

diplomatic channels to pursue the freeing of these two Germans and returning them to Germany as soon as possible.” But on Friday, the German government said diplomats still had no direct contact with the arrested pair, and declined to comment on the reports they had confessed. Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported that in his meeting with Mottaki on the sidelines of a “Friends of Democratic Pakistan” confer-

ence in Brussels Westerwelle asked that “the two Germans benefit from Islamic kindness” and be released. Mottaki responded that “their file will be examined within the scope of the law,” IRNA said. Ashtiani was sentenced to death by two different courts in the northwestern city of Tabriz in separate trials in 2006. The first death sentence, by hanging, for her involvement in the murder of her husband, was commuted to a 10-year

jail term by an appeals court in 2007. But the second, by stoning, was on a charge of adultery levelled over several relationships, notably with the man convicted of her husband’s murder, and was upheld by another appeals court the same year. Since July, Iranian officials have said repeatedly that the stoning sentence has been stayed, in the face of an international outcry including from the Vatican. — AFP

Sudan rebukes UN over border buffer zone plan Southern president asked for UN buffer zone on border KHAR TOUM: Suda n’s a rm y ha s criticised UN m oves to set up buffer zones a lon g the country’s north-south border a hea d of a p olitica lly sensitive referendum , ca lling the pla n a sign of either ignora nce or interference. UN officia ls told Reuters on Frida y the w orld body w a s

GAZA CITY: Palestinian Hamas leader Ismail Haniya (R) meets with delegates of The Elders group of retired prominent world figures, former Irish president Mary Robinson (C-L), Indian activist Ela Bhatt (2nd L) and former UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi (L), in Gaza City yesterday during the group’s visit to the Hamas-run Palestinian territory. — AFP

Gaza restrictions are an obstacle to peace: Elders GAZA CITY: A delegation of the Elders group of retired world figures yesterday visited the Hamasruled Gaza Strip and called Israeli restrictions on the Palestinian enclave both illegal and an obstacle to peace. “Mary Robinson, Ela Bhatt and Lakhdar Brahimi say the isolation of Gaza is not only illegal collective punishment, but also an impediment to peace,” a statement from the group said after they spent the day in the enclave. Robinson is Ireland’s former president and UN high commissioner for human rights, Bhatt is an Indian women’s rights campaigner, and Brahimi former Algerian foreign minister and UN envoy. The three met local leaders, rights activists, business people, women’s organisations, UN officials and the Gaza authorities, the statement said. “I was last here in 2008, just before the Gaza war. The situation has deteriorated to a shocking extent since then,” delegation leader Robinson said. “This is not a humanitarian crisis - it is a political crisis and it can be solved politically. “It is unconscionable and unacceptable that Israel and the international community have not lifted the blockade fully to allow Gazans to rebuild their lives and be part of the interconnected world that we take for granted.” Israel and Egypt imposed closures on Gaza after Palestinian militants seized an Israeli soldier in a deadly cross-border raid in June 2006. They tightened them the following year when Hamas seized power from forces loyal to Western-backed Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas. Israel began to ease its restrictions earlier this year, allowing in all purely civilian goods, after an international outcry over a May 31 commando raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

The statement said the Elders were briefed by UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) officials on providing basic services such as water, power, housing, education and health to the population of the densely populated territory. “Holding 1.5 million people in what is effectively an open prison is deepening the sense of anger and injustice of the Palestinians. We are here to show solidarity with them. This situation is a disaster,” Brahimi said. Hamas premier Ismail Haniya’s office said he had briefed the delegation and said: “It is a national necessity to put an end to Palestinian divisions.” On the US-brokered peace process with Israel, Haniya poured scorn on the talks as “negotiations for the sake of negotiation and not to achieve Palestinian rights.” Brahimi, meanwhile, said marginalising Hamas from the peace process was counter-productive. “Whether you agree with Hamas or not, they represent an important constituency among Palestinian people and sooner or later they will have to play a role in deciding their future,” he said. “We were encouraged to hear from Hamas that they are committed to progress on intraPalestinian reconciliation,” Brahimi added. The delegation, which is to be joined by former US president Jimmy Carter in Cairo today, is also to visit Syria, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. “The aim of their visit is to encourage support across the region for the current final-status negotiations” between Israel and the Palestinians, an earlier Elders statement said. Direct peace talks which resumed in Washington at the start of September have run into the ground over Israel’s refusal to renew restrictions on Jewish settlement construction in the occupied West Bank. — AFP

WEST BANK: A Palestinian student from the Al-Quds University and members of the Fatah political party holds up the party flag as he and others help farmers to harvest their olives situated near the Israel’s controversial separation barrier in the West Bank town of Beit Jala opposite to Gilo the Jewish settlement and adjacent to the biblical Palestinian town of Bethlehem yesterday. — AFP

“The remarks ... on the deployment of a UN buffer zone on the border between north and south reflect nothing but ignorance of the facts on the course of events in Sudan or harassment aimed at (Sudan’s) stability and integrity,” Sudan’s army spokesman told the state Suna news agency late on Friday. People from Sudan’s oil-producing south are now less than three months away from the scheduled start of the vote, promised in a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of north-south civil war — a conflict that left an estimated 2 million dead. Southerners, who mostly follow traditional beliefs and Christianity, are widely expected to vote for secession, while the largely Muslim north wants to keep Africa’s largest country united. The president of the semiautonomous south, Salva Kiir, last week told visiting UN Security Council envoys he feared the north was moving troops southwards and preparing for war, members of the delegation said. Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, on Thursday confirmed Kiir had asked for a UNadministered 10-mile (16-km) buffer zone along the ill-defined border. US President Barack Obama last week said Sudan was one of his top priorities, adding he wanted to prevent war and avert the risk of conflict opening up a new space for terrorist activity in the region. Army spokesman Al-Sawarmi Khaled told Suna on Friday there was no threat to southerners’ safety and that Sudan’s armed forces could deal with any securi-

ty incidents. He added the UN peacekeepers in the country already had their own job to do, monitoring the roll out of the 2005 peace accord. The UN already has 10,000 peacekeepers in Sudan, not counting its joint mission with the African Union in Darfur, most of them stationed in the south and former civil war battle ground areas.

A UN official told Reuters the mission had already deployed more peacekeepers to Abyei, a central oil-producing area claimed by the north and the south. The 2005 peace accord promised Abyei residents a referendum on whether to join the north or south by the same official deadline as the southern vote-Jan. 9, 2011. The north and south

remain at loggerheads over which of the communities in the area count as Abyei residents with the right to vote. The latest round of talks, brokered by the US Sudan envoy Scott Gration, ended without agreement on Tuesday. Northern and southern troops have already clashed in Abyei since the 2005 peace deal. — Reuters

AMMAN: A female member of Jordan’s Islamic Action Front holds balloons during a protest against the upcoming November 9 general election, as they gather outside their party headquarters in Amman, yesterday. — AFP

Israel to extradite suspect in NY killings JERUSALEM: A New York man suspected of stabbing his parents to death will be extradited to the US in the coming hours, Israel’s Interior Ministry said yesterday. Ministry spokesman Sabine Haddad said Israeli immigration officials will accompany Eric Bellucci, who was arrested at Tel Aviv airport on Friday, on a flight back to New York early today. “American authorities asked us to be with him — for security and because he is wanted in the states,” she said. Bellucci’s parents, Arthur, 61, and Marian, 56, were found dead Wednesday night in their Staten Island home. Haddad said Bellucci is currently being held at a lockup in Tel Aviv’s BenGurion International Airport, where he was picked up on Friday after trying to buy a plane ticket to Beijing. His confused manner alerted a flight clerk who notified security officials. Bellucci is not an Israeli citizen, and it was unclear why he had traveled to Israel. Israeli authorities said they had been searching for Bellucci for nearly 24 hours in coordination with the NYPD before his arrest. Footage broadcast on Israeli

m oving p ea cek eep ers to hotsp ot a rea s to crea te lim ited buffer zones beca use of fea rs tha t conflict m a y erupt in the build-up to a referendum on w hether the sou th sh ould decla re indepen dence or sta y in Suda n .

TV showed police hauling an unshaven, woozy Bellucci from the airport into a van. His eyes were shut and he did not resist. Liron Cohen, an airport check-in attendant, told Israel’s Channel 10 on Friday that the man “appeared unstable, spoke to himself and wasn’t sure what he wanted” when he was at her counter. He tried to buy a one-way ticket on a Turkish airline to Beijing via Istanbul, but his credit card was rejected, she said. When he offered to return with cash, she checked his passport, called her supervisors and security detained him, she said. The NYPD said it found Bellucci’s parents Wednesday night after a 911 call from a relative. The New York Post reported that the couple’s daughter had found their bodies. Police found Bellucci’s SUV parked at Newark Liberty International Airport. The NYPD said previously that the son lived with his parents and suffered from schizophrenia. He was once a star athlete at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, and his father was a senior associate at a large real estate company, according to published reports. — AP

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INTERNATIONAL Alliance to unveil new security concept next month in Lisbon

France, Germany offer hand to Russia at seaside summit PARIS: President Nicola s Sa rkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel will host Russia ’s President Dimitry Medvedev next week at a seafront summit designed to bind Moscow more closely into a partnership with the West. The

BANGKOK: In a file picture taken on August 20, 2010 alleged Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout (L) is escorted by policemen as he arrives for a hearing at the Criminal Court in Bangkok. Russia is keen to stop Thailand’s extradition to the United States of Bout, the so-called “Merchant of Death”, because it fears he could reveal embarrassing secrets, experts said. Bout, a 43-year-old former Soviet air force pilot, was arrested in 2008 after a sting operation in Bangkok involving undercover US agents posing as Colombian FARC rebels. — AFP

Georgia detains Israelis for alleged $7m bribe offer TBILISI: A Georgian court yesterday ordered the detention of two Israeli businessmen on charges of offering a seven-million-dollar (five-million-euro) bribe to a senior government official. Ron Fuchs and Zeev Frenkiel are facing charges of offering a bribe to a state official and were ordered to be held in pretrial detention without the possibility of bail, the Tbilisi City Court said in a statement. It said another businessman, Greek national Ioannis Kardassopoulos, was also wanted by police. Georgian press reported the two men were arrested Friday in the ex-Soviet republic’s western port city of Batumi. The court statement said prosecutors had alleged the two businessmen had offered the bribe to a deputy finance minister to persuade him to drop a government appeal of an international arbitration ruling in favour of Fuchs and Kardassopoulos. It said the two men had met with the government official in Istanbul on September 15 and again in Batumi on October 14. According to a report Friday in Investment Arbitration Reporter, a news service specialising in

arbitration rulings, Fuchs and Kardassopoulos were awarded 90 million dollars in compensation by the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement and Investment Disputes (ICSID) in a March ruling. The report said the two men, through their company Tramex, had entered into a joint venture with a Georgian state oil company and obtained rights in the early 1990s to develop an oil pipeline and other energy infrastructure. The Georgian government later allegedly terminated their rights and opted to work with other partners, it said. The report said the ICSID, in a ruling that has not been made public, decided that Georgia was liable to pay compensation for the losses suffered by Tramex because of the decision to terminate their rights. The report said Georgia had requested an annulment of the ruling and that hearings on the request were due tomorrow in London. It was unclear how Frenkiel was connected with the other two businessmen. Georgian media have previously reported that he has interests in real estate, telecommunications and medical services in the country. — AFP

WARSAW: Polish opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski speaks during his party’s Law and Justice the official beginning of the Polish local elections campaign, in Warsaw, Poland, yesterday. The campaign kicked off one month ahead of the local elections, which will be a test for political parties before parliament elections in 2011. — AP

Niger holds three officers for plot against regime NIAMEY: The former number two of Niger’s ruling junta and two other senior officers are being held for plotting against the regime, including elimination of the country’s leader, official sources said yesterday. All three were being questioned by gendarmes in Niamey, while a fourth unnamed officer was being sought, two weeks before the country votes in a referendum to pave the way for the return to civilian rule. A security source said Colonel Abdoulaye Badie, former deputy to junta chief General Salou Djibou, and Lieutenant Colonel Abdou Sidikou were arrested Friday after several weeks of surveillance and investigations. Another source in the president’s office said Colonel Amadou Diallo, a former military prosecutor, was arrested Saturday, the day after being sacked from his job as equipment minister. “They are accused of attempting to destabilise the regime, a plot they had been hatching for three months,” the security source said. “The project was to go so far as to eliminate” Djibo. The source said the aim was to delay the transition to civilian rule, adding that there had been long-running splits within the junta on the length of this period. “President Djibo will make a speech to the nation next week to explain the situation and calm feelings,” the source said. Djibo, who overthrew civilian president Mamadou Tandja in February, has pledged to hand power to a democratically-elected government. The transition process is due to kick off on October 31 and culminate with a presiden-

tial election on January 31, 2011. The planned handover is set for April 6, 2011, when the new president is due to be sworn in. Rumours of a coup have swirled in Niamey over the past few weeks. For several days, the military presence in the capital and its suburbs has been stepped up, with larger patrols, particularly at night. Evidence of splits within the junta emerged on October 8, when Diallo was removed from his post as military tribunal prosecutor and Sidikou was sacked as commander of the former presidential guard. Meanwhile the head of the national election commission, Ghousmane Abdourahmane, warned Saturday that the referendum would have to be postponed if more funds were not provided to stage it. He said lack of resources was delaying the issue of voters’ cards and the provision of equipment including ballot boxes. International aid of 41 million dollars has been pledged to fund the voting process, but Abdourahmane said there were difficulties in obtaining the cash. The junta won widespread public support after the February coup when it pledged to turn the west African country, which ranks last on the Human Development Index, into a beacon of “good democracy and governance”. Tandja was ousted by the military after he took a series of steps to prolong his term in office beyond the end of his elected mandate, which was in December last year. The junta has so far refused to release Tandja, whom it is holding in a villa within the presidential compound. — AFP

No decisions are expected, but observers will look for signs that Moscow and the West are ready to put decades of hostility behind them and commit to what optimists see as a common security vision “from Vancouver to Vladivostok.” Some allies of France and Germany were annoyed to have been excluded from the gettogether, concerned the pair should meet alone with such a difficult neighbour, but diplomats here insisted the summit would defuse tensions. “It’ll be a kind of brainstorming session, to get to the bottom of thoughts and second thoughts,” said a senior official at Sarkozy’s Elysee Palace. “Russia seems to be looking more and more towards the West, and Deauville will be a chance to reinforce this development, which we see as positive. “Russia seems to have rediscovered the merits of having a cooperative attitude with the West,” said the aide, a close advisor to Sarkozy, speaking on condition of anonymity to set the stage for the leaders. French officials cite the examples of Russia’s signing a new nuclear arms reduction treaty with the United States, its cooperation on the Afghan crisis and its “scrupulous” application of the latest sanctions against Iran. Some other NATO allies, in particular the former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, remain suspicious of their prickly neighbour, pointing to the 2008 war in Georgia and some of Moscow’s more bellicose pronouncements. British ties with Russia have been strained by Moscow’s refusal to extradite a suspect in the murder in London of a former Russian agent, and by commercial disputes over British oil giant BP’s investments in Russia. And in recent years the United States has been at loggerheads with its former Cold War foe over its plans to site a missile defence system in Europe. But while Russia’s ties with NATO as a whole have often been difficult, the Kremlin has proved adept at dealing directly one-on-one with European powers, in particular France and Germany. Other Western allies have expressed concern over France’s attempts to sell Russia a fleet of modern amphibious assault ships and Germany’s involvement in a Baltic gas pipeline that will increase its reliance on Russian energy. French officials admit their warm relations with Russia remain “fragile”, but insist that if handled correctly Moscow can be brought on board as a true partner in NATO in Europe-Atlantic security. The Alliance will unveil its new security concept next month at its summit in Lisbon, and Western leaders hope Medvedev will confirm in Deauville that he will attend the meeting and and give his support to their vision. “I think the conditions have come together for a serious partnership with Russia, and that we don’t consider her definitively as an enemy,” said German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, organiser of the Munich security conference. In Moscow, Medvedev’s top foreign policy advisor confirmed that closer ties with NATO would be on the agenda in Deauville, including Russia’s long-term goal of a formal new joint European security framework. “Promoting Dmitry Medvedev’s initiative-the European security treaty-is naturally of priority significance for us,” Sergei Prikhodko told reporters at the Kremlin ahead of the summit. Talk of a specifically European security treaty will not please Washington, the main player in the NATO alliance and a guarantor of European security since World War II, but France will seek to reassure the Americans. “They are irreplaceable, but it’s not forbidden for Europeans to talk about security among themselves,” the Elysee aide said. Sarkozy and Merkel will meet together to harmonise their own positions tomorrow before meeting Medvedev for dinner on Monday evening, with the main work of the summit following on Tuesday. — AFP

trio w ill meet tomorrow and Tuesday in the Channel resort of Dea uville, tw o decades after the fa ll of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War and a month before the NATO a llies meet to agree their new security vision.

VATICAN: Pope Benedict XVI (L) speaks to Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski during a private audience at the Vatican yesterday. — AFP

Italy police arrest woman in fatal teen overdose ROME: A probe into the overdose death of a 19-year-old Italian led to the arrest Friday of a Japanese woman found in possession along with a male companion of 5,000 LSDcoated stamps and a large amount of the Ecstasy drug ingredient MDMA, allegedly for sale at rave parties, police in Bologna said. Carabinieri police Capt. Luca Palmieri told The Associated Press in Rome that Yukari Miyoshi, 31, was arrested in a hotel near Novara in Piedmont, northern Italy, Friday, some 260 kilometer (160 miles) from Bologna. Police suspect she is one of three people in Bologna who supplied drugs Sunday night to Enrico Rumolo, who died the next day in the hospital, Palmieri said in a telephone interview.

Local news reports quoted Sant’Orsola hospital doctors as saying an “enormous” amount of drugs and alcohol did massive damage to his kidneys, liver and heart. Police earlier in the day at a news conference in Bologna identified Miyoshi’s 29year-old companion as Masaya Nakao and displayed a large amount of euro bills and sheets of the alleged LSD-coated stamps authorities say were found in luggage in the couple’s hotel room. Police said the couple also were in possession of 700 grams (about 1.5 pounds) of MDMA, the main ingredient of Ecstasy, in powder and crystal form. Miyoshi was being held at Vercelli prison in Piedmont on suspicion of possessing and supplying drugs while Nakao was being held in Novara prison on

suspicion of possession of drugs, the captain said. He said authorities had not yet estimated the street sale value of the confiscated drugs because laboratory analysis was still being conducted. “In the woman’s possession we found a notebook in which she kept the books on the sale and leaflets promoting parties and rave gatherings all over Italy,” Palmieri said. Also found were various boarding passes for Greece, France, Portugal and Central America, he said, indicating the woman had probably recently been traveling. “Probably she worked on her own and wasn’t in any network of pushers, but the investigation is still under way,” Palmieri said. — AP

MOSCOW: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, right, participates in the All-Russian population census in the Gorki residence outside Moscow, yesterday. President Medvedev and his wife Svetlana invited a census taker to their suburban residence to fill in the census questionnaire. Russia on Thursday launched a two-week population census — its first since 2002 and second in its post-Soviet history. — AP

Voting ends in Czech senatorial elections PRAGUE: Voting ended in Czech local elections and the first round of a mid-term senatorial poll yesterday in what is seen as a first test of the country’s centre-right government and its austerity plan. Pollings stations closed at 2:00 pm (1200 GMT) and first results were expected later Saturday. “In a way, we will see... to what extent these local and, in some places, Senate elections confirm a trend that started after the general election in May,” President Vaclav Klaus said after casting his vote in a Prague school on Friday. Voters cast ballots to pick municipal councillors and 27 senators for the 81-seat upper house of parliament from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Friday and from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm yesterday. If the first round of the senatorial vote fails to produce a candidate with more than 50-percent support in a district, the two strongest candidates in the district will pro-

ceed to a second round run-off, scheduled for October 22-23. The Senate vote may tilt the country’s politics towards the left in protest against unpopular austerity measures taken by the centre-right cabinet, which could put planned reforms and the country’s future role in the Afghan war into doubt. “In places where senatorial elections are held, people also decide whether the Senate will be able to correct reforms... or reject them,” Prime Minister Petr Necas said after casting his vote on Saturday. His right-wing Civic Democrats teamed up with right-wing TOP 09 and centrist Public Affairs for a majority of 118 votes in the 200-seat lower house of parliament after the May general election. The Civic Democrats are also the strongest party in the Senate, which must approve all bills passed by the lower house before they can be signed into law by the

president. But the left-wing Social Democrats, who have slammed all budget cuts as too harsh for low-income groups, are likely to boost their presence as they are not defending any of the 27 seats up for grabs in the mid-term ballot. A left-wing majority in the Senate could also thwart the cabinet’s plan to boost Czech participation in NATO’s Afghan war effort next year, which needs backing from a simple majority of all senators under the constitution-something the left-wingers are unlikely to offer. In the local elections, the Civic Democrats are in danger of losing the post of Prague mayor for the first time since the party was founded in 1991, as voters are increasingly fed up with corruption scandals at city hall. Latest polls suggest former central bank governor and TOP 09 candidate Zdenek Tuma might take the top position in the Czech capital. — AFP


Sunday, October 17, 2010


US opposes California Prop to legalize marijuana SAN FRANCISCO: Attorney General Eric Holder is warning that the federal government will not look the other way, as it has with medical marijuana, if voters next month make California the first state to legalize pot. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, which drug agents will “vigorously enforce” against anyone carrying, growing or selling it, Holder said. The comments in a letter to ex-federal drug enforcement chiefs were the attorney general’s most direct statement yet against Proposition 19 and set up another showdown with California over marijuana if the measure passes. With Prop 19 leading in the polls, the letter also raised questions about the extent to which federal drug agents would go into commu-

nities across the state to catch smalltime users and dealers, or whether they even had the resources to do it. Medical marijuana users and experts were skeptical, saying there was little the federal government could do to slow the march to legalization. “This will be the new industry,” said Chris Nelson, 24, who smokes pot to ease recurring back pain and was lined up outside a San Francisco dispensary. “It’s taxable new income. So many tourists will flock here like they go to Napa. This will become the new Amsterdam.” If the ballot measure passes, the state would regulate recreational pot use. Adults could possess up to one ounce of the drug and grow small gardens on private

property. Local governments would decide whether to allow and tax sales. The Justice Department remains committed to enforcing the Controlled Substances Act in all states, Holder said. “We will vigorously enforce the CSA against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law,” he wrote. The letter was dated Wednesday and was obtained by The Associated Press. Holder also said legalizing recreational marijuana would be a “significant impediment” to the government’s joint efforts with state and local law enforcement to target drug traffickers, who often distribute pot

alongside cocaine and other drugs. The attorney general said the ballot measure’s passage would “significantly undermine” efforts to keep California cites and towns safe. Officials in Los Angeles County, where authorities have aggressively moved to tamp down on an explosion of medical marijuana dispensaries, vowed that they would still assist the federal government in drug investigations. County Sheriff Lee Baca and District Attorney Steve Cooley said at a news conference that the law would be unenforceable because it is trumped by federal laws that prohibit marijuana cultivation and possession. “We will continue as we are today regardless of whether it passes or doesn’t pass,” Baca said. His deputies

don’t and won’t go after users in their homes, but public use of the drug will be targeted, he said. Both gubernatorial candidates — Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman — oppose Prop 19 and declined comment Friday. Federal drug agents have long concentrated on big-time drug traffickers and left street-level dealers and users to local and state law enforcement. As police departments began enforcing California’s medical marijuana law, the DEA only sporadically jumped in to bust medical users and sellers that local law enforcement was no longer targeting. Allen Hopper, a drug law reform expert at the American Civil Liberties Union in Northern California, predicted that

federal agents would selectively crack down on marijuana growers and merchants instead of going after every Californian who uses pot. “They don’t have the resources to flood the state with DEA agents to be drug cops,” he said. Nearly all arrests for marijuana crimes are made at the state level. Of more than 847,000 marijuana-related arrests nationwide in 2008, for example, just over 6,300 suspects were booked by federal law enforcement, or fewer than 1 percent. Consequently, the fight over legalization may end up the same way medical marijuana did, experts said. When Californians approved their first-in-the-nation medical marijuana law in 1996, then-President Bill Clinton’s administration vowed a

harsh crackdown. But nearly 15 years later, California’s billion-dollar medical marijuana industry is thriving. During the administration of former President George W. Bush, retail pot dispensaries across the state faced regular raids from federal anti-drug agents. Their owners were sometimes sentenced to decades in prison for drug trafficking. Yet the medical marijuana industry still grew, and it has expanded even more since Holder said last year that federal law enforcement would defer to state laws on using it for medicinal purposes. Besides California, 13 other states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in recent years. —AP

Democrats desperate to hold their losses to three dozen seats

As Dems’ message lags, Reps await big election win WASHINGTON: Two weeks before Election Day, Democrats fear their grip on the House of Representatives may be gone, and Republicans are poised to celebrate big gains in the Senate and governors’ mansions as well. Analysts in both parties say all major indicators tilt toward the Republicans. President Barack Obama’s policies are widely unpopular. Congress, run by the Democrats, rates even lower. Fear and anger over unemployment and deep deficits are energizing conservative voters; liberals are demoralized. Private groups are pouring huge sums of money into Republican campaigns. An almost dizzying series of Democratic messages has failed to gain traction, forcing Obama to zigzag in search of a winning

HONOLULU: This image provided by the US Navy shows US Marine Corps Maj Gen Randolph Alles, left, and Rear Adm. Liao Shining of the People’s Liberation Army Navy sign the Summary of Proceedings following the conclusion of their talks Friday in Honolulu. The US Pacific Command said in a statement the Honolulu meeting was aimed at increasing the safety of airmen and sailors and was an important part of a “sustained, reliable and meaningful military-to-military relationship.” These were the first such discussions since China broke off contact earlier this year to protest the US sale of arms to Taiwan. —AP

US, China hold maritime security talks in Hawaii HONOLULU: The US and Chinese militaries have finished two days of talks over security on the high seas, the first such discussions since China broke off contact earlier this year to protest the US sale of arms to Taiwan. The resumption of military contacts after an eight-month freeze adds to what appears to be a warming of delicate US-China relations. They came just days after China invited Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit Beijing. The US Pacific Command said in a statement at the conclusion of Friday’s session in Honolulu that the talks were aimed at increasing the safety of airmen and sailors and were important for a “sustained, reliable and meaningful military-to-military relationship.” There was no immediate comment from China on the talks. Calls to the defense ministry press office in Beijing rang unanswered. The United States has long expressed concern about mishaps or near-mishaps when the two militaries operate near each other, such as in Asian territory. “This week’s discussions were designed to increase safety of our sailors and airmen operating in proximity,” said US Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Randolph Alles, who led the US delegation. “It was a professional and frank exchange.” In 2001, a US spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet and made an emergency landing on China’s Hainan island. The Chinese pilot died and the US crew of 24 was detained on Hainan for 11 days. Last year, Chinese ships surrounded and harassed a US Navy mapping ship, the USNS Impeccable, in international waters off China. The Chinese ships at one point came within 25 feet of the American boat and strewed debris in its path. China later said the US ship was operating illegally inside China’s exclusive economic zone. Rear Adm. Liao Shining of the People’s Liberation Army Navy led the Chinese side at the discus-

sions. The Pacific Command said both sides will report their findings to Defense Consultative Talks scheduled to be held in Washington Dec. 910. China suspended military relations with the US in January after objecting to a $6.4 billion US arms package for Taiwan, the self-governing island that China claims as its own territory. China signaled relations might be repaired when Maj. Gen. Qian Lihua told visiting US Assistant Deputy Defense Secretary Michael Schiffer that regular dialogue and exchanges on military safety at sea and other issues would be resumed. High-level contact came earlier this week when Gates met Chinese Gen. Liang Guanglie at an Asian security meeting in Vietnam, where Gates accepted an invitation to visit Beijing. The Pentagon says Gates will likely go to the Chinese capital early next year. Regional tensions and heated rhetoric have underscored the importance of regular contacts between the two militaries, much to the frustration of US officers who complain of the lack of access to their Chinese counterparts. China has been especially strident about US involvement in territorial disputes in the South China Sea — which Beijing claims in its entirety — along with joint US-South Korean anti-submarine drills in the Yellow Sea, part of which lies within Chinese sovereign waters. China also claims to control water far off its coastline that the United States considers open water under international law, leading to the dispute over the USNS Impeccable. China considers the US position on maritime navigation and security to be outside meddling in Asian affairs. The maritime talks are a continuation of contacts begun in the late 1990s but subject to frequent interruption, usually at Chinese behest. They were last held in September 2009. —AP

Clinton: US working to end Mexico’s drug violence SAN FRANCISCO: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reiterated her support Friday for ending Mexico’s drug violence, saying it was in the United States’ interest to crack down on drug cartels that have begun behaving more like terrorists and insurgent groups. Clinton told a sold-out meeting of the nonpartisan Commonwealth Club in San Francisco that she was surprised comments she made last month comparing Mexico to Colombia during its past cocaine wars were critically received. “This is one of the most difficult fights that any country faces today. We saw it over the last couple of decades in Colombia,” she said. “We are watching drug traffickers undermine and corrupt governments in Central America, and we are watching the brutality and barbarity of their assaults on governors and mayors, the press, as well as

each other, in Mexico.” Similar remarks Clinton made before the Council on Foreign Relations prompted President Barack Obama, among others, to say that Mexico was in much better shape politically and economically than Colombia was during the 1980s. Government officials in Mexico also rejected Clinton’s comparison. “These drug cartels are now taking on a lot of the attributes of these terrorists and insurgent groups we see around the world,” Clinton said Friday. “For the first time, they are using car bombings. You see them being much more organized in a kind of paramilitary way.” Clinton described Friday’s speaking engagement as only her third domestic public appearance since joining Obama’s cabinet last year. She said she also has been surprised that some political commentators have disagreed with

her insistence that the United States shares responsibility for drug-related violence in Mexico. Americans have demonstrated an “insatiable demand” for illegal drugs, and the US has failed to crack down on the thousands and thousands of weapons trafficked into Mexico, Clinton repeated on Friday. “I thought it was an obvious thing to say,” she said. In prepared remarks, Clinton also praised Northern California’s technology companies as instrumental to the administration’s goals for promoting peace and prosperity abroad. Clinton called Silicon Valley a model for government efforts to promote what she termed the “freedom to connect.” She gave the example of young students in Syria using cell phones and Facebook to alert the world about beatings inflicted by their teachers. —AP

With early voting under way in many states, Democrats are trying to minimize the damage by concentrating their resources on a dwindling number of races. “The poll numbers and the enthusiasm on the right versus the lack of the enthusiasm on the left suggest a pretty big Republican night,” said former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, who once headed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. With Democrats in power while the unemployment rate stands at 9.6 percent, “it’s difficult to say, ‘Well it could have been worse,”‘ Kerrey said. Governing parties typically lose seats in the so-called midterm elections, which take place in the middle of a president’s four-year term, but this November Democratic losses are likely to be particularly severe. Polls, campaign finance reports and advisers in both parties indicate that Republicans are in line to seize on a level of voter discontent that rivals 1994, when the Republicans gained the House majority for the first time in 40 years. Democrats are embattled at every level. Republicans need to win 40 seats to regain the House majority they lost four years ago. Even some Democratic officials acknowledge that their losses could well exceed that. A Republican takeover would depose Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the first female House speaker and force Obama to negotiate with Republicans on every significant legislative issue. Every day brings fresh evidence of Democratic officials virtually abandoning House members whose re-election bids seem hopeless. Republicans are expanding the field to pursue races that once appeared unattainable. In the coming week, Republicans or supportive outside groups plan to spend money

formula. With the Nov. 2 election quickly nearing, Obama is campaigning coast to coast, raising money for candidates and looking to energize Democratic voters whose enthusiasm has waned since the 2008 presidential election. But Obama acknowledges that even in the most reliably liberal states, no Democratic candidate is guaranteed victory in November. That helps explain Obama’s scheduled appearance Saturday afternoon at a Boston rally for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a longtime friend and political ally. Republicans have tried to use Patrick’s close relationship with the president as a campaign wedge against the incumbent seeking a second term.

LOS ANGELES: Former President Bill Clinton arrives for an event on behalf of California Attorney General and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown during a campaign stop at UCLA in Los Angeles, Friday, Oct. 15, 2010. —AP in 82 House races that they see as competitive or within reach of a last-minute upset. All 435 House seats are on the ballot. Democrats, desperate to hold their losses to three dozen seats, plan to run TV ads in 59 races in the remaining days. But their chief House campaign committee has recently canceled millions of dollars worth of advertising for struggling Reps. Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio, Suzanne Kosmas of Florida, Betsy Markey of Colorado and Steve Kagen of Wisconsin. They are shifting some of that money to incumbents once considered safe, such as Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva. But in a sign of the election’s volatility, they also are helping viable incumbents they had expected to be trailing significantly — South Dakota Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, for example.

The Democrats’ House campaign committee raised almost $16 million in September and has $41.6 million in the bank. That’s a big fundraising advantage over the Republicans’ House campaign committee. But the figures are misleading because heavy spending by outside groups, which often hide their donors’ identities, clearly favors Republican candidates. To gain the Senate majority, Republicans must hold all 18 of their seats on this year’s ballots while picking up 10 of the 19 Democratic seats at stake. It’s a tough task, but not inconceivable. Democrats trail badly in states where they once held some hope of supplanting Republicans: Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio and Florida. Kentucky is the only one that’s still close. But Democrats have reduced their spending there, a

sign that Republican and tea party favorite Rand Paul is clearly ahead. Among seats now held by Democrats, Republicans are favored to win open races in North Dakota and Indiana, and to oust Sen. Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. In Pennsylvania, where Republican Pat Toomey had comfortably led Democrat Joe Sestak in polls, the race has tightened in recent weeks, forcing the Republicans to spend more than it had planned. The Republican Party also is pouring an additional $2 million into Illinois, where Republican Mark

Kirk has slipped somewhat in polls in his race against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias for Obama’s old seat. That said, Democrats say Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold is struggling mightily, and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is in a tough fight. Races are extremely close in West Virginia and Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is battling tea partybacked Republican Sharron Angle in a bitter and costly campaign. Democrats are anxiously watching Sens. Barbara Boxer in California and Patty Murray in Washington. Private polls show Republicans pulling closer but still trailing. The ultraconservative tea party movement has proven to be a double-edged sword. Republicans have been energized by the tea party, an amorphous collection of groups and individuals opposed to what they see as an increasingly intrusive government and spiraling deficits. But the movement successfully targeted establishment Republicans in some primaries, leaving the party with some candidates who may be too conservative to defeat Democratic rivals in the general election. Should Republicans win all the close races and knock off either Boxer or Murray, they may rue the nomination of tea partier Christine O’Donnell, who badly trails Democrat Chris Coons for the Delaware seat once held by Vice President Joe Biden. That once-promising state could have provided the 10th Republican win needed to take the Senate majority. —AP



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Typhoon Megi gains strength as it nears Philippines

MANILA: Typhoon Megi was gathering strength as it moved towards the north of the Philippines’ main island of Luzon yesterday, and the government moved emergency workers and relief goods to rice and corn-production areas. A category 3 typhoon with winds of 140 kph (85 mph), Megi was about 980 km (610 miles) east of northern Luzon and moving at 20 kph west northwest towards northern Cagayan province, said Nathaniel Servando, a weather bureau official. “So far, this would be the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year,” Servando said, although he added there could be much stronger storms in coming

months. Last year, the country lost 1.3 million tonnes of paddy rice following three strong typhoons in September and October, prompting it to go to the market early to boost its rice stocks. Megi was expected to develop into a category 4 typhoon yesterday evening, Servando said, packing maximum winds of up to 200 kph and dumping rains as heavy as typhoon Ketsana, which inundated 80 percent of Manila in 2009. Known locally as Juan, the typhoon was expected to reach northern Luzon on Monday afternoon and head out to the South China Sea on Tuesday, moving towards Hainan and northern Vietnam. The storm is not expected to hit the

capital hard unless it changes direction unexpectedly. Weather forecasters said Megi would be felt in northern Luzon, where rice and corn are important crops, by Sunday afternoon. Benito Ramos, head of the national disaster agency, said the government could order an evacuation in areas where Megi was expected to cause landslides, storm surges and flash floods in low-lying areas in the north’s rice-and-corn areas. Emergency workers, including soldiers, police and firemen, were on standby for rescue and relief operations, he said. In July, typhoon Conson killed 102 people. It unexpectedly changed direc-

tion and sliced through Manila, cutting power across the sprawling metropolis of 12 million people, prompting President Benigno Aquino to sack the chief weather forecaster. Conson, locally called Basyang, destroyed or damaged about 377 million pesos ($9 million) worth of infrastructure and crops, including 86,000 metric tonnes of rice, corn and vegetables. Typhoon Ketsana, known locally as Ondoy, dumped record rain in Sept 2009 on the capital region and nearby areas, killing 277 people, making tens of thousands homeless and causing more than $100 million of damage to crops, infrastructure and property. — Reuters

Thousands in China, Japan rally over island claims Comments and photos quickly removed from mainland websites BEI JI NG: Thousands of Chinese marched in the street s in sometimes violent protests yesterday against Japan and its claim to disputed islands, a show of anger far larger than past protests over the competing terr it or ial claims. Phot os from the sout hwestern city of Chengdu and the central city of Zhengzhou showed hundreds of people marc hing with banners and signs protesting Japan’s claim on what China calls the Diaoyu islands. Japan calls t hem t he Senkaku islands.

TOKYO: Men appearing to be Chinese residents in Japan are pulled by police officers after they sat in front of an anti-China protest march in central Tokyo yesterday. Japanese nationalist groups rally to protest against China over the recent territorial row involving rocky islands in the East China Sea. — AFP

N Korea threatens ‘1,000-fold’ increase in weapons buildup SEOUL: North Korea’s media yesterday threatened “1,000fold” military buildup as the United States ruled out lifting sanctions to try to coax Pyongyang into resuming talks aimed at its nuclear weapons programs. Last year, North Korea quit the nuclear disarmament talks and later tested an atomic device that drew tightened UN sanctions. But the North has recently expressed willingness to rejoin the negotiations, which include the US, South Korea, China, Japan and Russia. North Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan said this week that his country will not return to the disarmament-for-aid talks unless sanctions are lifted,

according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. US State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley responded Friday that sanctions exist because North Korea consistently has failed to live up to its international obligations. “We have no intention of removing those sanctions as an enticement for dialogue,” he told reporters. Yesterday’s Minju Joson newspaper, part of North Korea’s state-controlled media, said in a commentary that the country’s war deterrent force will be strengthened “100-or 1,000-fold” as long as the US military threats persist, according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency. The North has often made similar threats. The latest one

came two days after South Korea wrapped up naval drills with the US, Australia and Japan aimed at intercepting illicit weapon shipments in a US-led program targeting nations such as North Korea. Despite repeated assurances from Washington, the North believes any military drills involving the US are aimed at an eventual invasion. The naval drills were “an undisguised military provocation and declaration of a war against” North Korea, the North’s main Rodong Sinmun newspaper said in a commentary carried by KCNA. This week’s one-day maneuvers were Seoul’s first active participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative, aimed at deterring trade in weapons of

mass destruction and missiles by states including North Korea and Iran. Separately, the South Korean and the US air forces kicked off their annual drills Friday, which they say are aimed at improving their combined combat capabilities. The drills will last for a week, according to Seoul’s Defense Ministry. North Korea’s latest threats continue a trend of mixed messages from the North. Pyongyang has recently reached out to South Korea and called for talks on the resumption of stalled tours to a resort inside North Korea. The two sides have also agreed to hold the first reunions in a year later this month for families divided by the Korean War. — AP

PYONGYANG: In this Oct 11, 2010 photo, a woman walks with a child in Pyongyang, North Korea. — AP

Japanese retailers ItoYokado and Isetan said protesters in Chengdu broke windows and showcases in their stores, Kyodo News agency reported. China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency said more than 2,000 people protested in Chengdu and thousands of college students gathered in the northern city of Xian. The report was in English only. The protests were not reported in Chinese-language state media, and many comments and photos were quickly removed from mainland websites. Protests in China are often quickly shut down or heavily controlled. It was not clear whether the organizers had permission to demonstrate yesterday. The Chinese demonstrations appeared to be in response to online reports about a planned protest in Tokyo, where about 2,500 people held flags and marched near the Chinese Embassy to protest China’s claim to the islands. Some also called for the release of Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Chinese dissident who is serving an 11-year prison sentence for subversion. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry said China had contacted Japanese officials to “express serious concern” over the Tokyo protest, according to a statement on the ministry’s website. Spokesman Ma Zhaoxu made no mention of the antiJapan protests in China — a difference from last month, when the ministry responded to far smaller protests outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai with a call for calm. At the time, tensions were high over a collision between a Chinese fishing boat and two Japanese coast guard ships near the islands in the East China Sea. China repeatedly demanded the return of the detained fishing boat captain. Japan eventually released the captain, but Beijing shocked Tokyo by demanding an apology. Earlier this month, the tensions seemed to calm after the prime ministers of the two countries held an impromptu after-dinner meeting in the corridor of an Asia-Europe summit. Police in the Chinese cities of Chengdu, Xian and Zhengzhou would not confirm yesterday’s protests, saying they would not talk to the media. “It was peaceful, with no clashes,” said an employee of a Starbucks next to the square in Chengdu where protesters gathered. The man, surnamed Fu, said by phone that a large number of police had kept order and that the protest had ended. In downtown Xian, a woman answering the telephone at the Bell Tower Hotel said crowds were still in the streets yesterday evening. “It started in the early afternoon,” the woman said. “There are still quite a lot of people here.” — AP

MANILA: Workers take down large advertising tarpaulins in preparation for the arrival of Typhoon Megi, known locally as Juan, in Manila yesterday. Philippine residents battened down the hatches as Typhoon Megi appeared on track to hit the north of the country late today. — AFP

9 Vietnamese fishermen safe at disputed islands HANOI: Nine Vietnamese fishermen whose onemonth detainment chafed China-Vietnam relations were back on the same islands at the heart of the dispute yesterday, this time after a Chinese patrol boat rescued them in stormy seas. China released the men and their boat Monday, and they started their journey home despite warnings of a tropical weather system. The fishermen had not been heard from since leaving, and Vietnam and China agreed to work together on a search and rescue mission. Le Van Doi, an official from Ly Son island off the coast of central Quang Ngai province where the fishermen live, confirmed the boat captain called his family yesterday to say they were safe and could be home in three days at the earliest. The online newspaper VnExpress reported that captain Mai Phung Luu was quoted as telling his family that the vessel broke down after traveling 10 nautical miles on Monday. “We had to navigate the boat through stormy seas with a sail made from blankets and mosquito nets for many days in hungry and thirsty and ragged conditions,” he was quoted as telling his family. The sailors were exhausted when they were spotted by a Chinese patrol boat which towed the battered boat back to the Paracel islands, it said.

China detained the men on Sept. 11 near the disputed islands in the South China Sea. Vietnam demanded they be released immediately without conditions, but China refused until the captain paid a fine for having explosives aboard the boat, a charge Vietnam denied. Vietnam Television reported that the foreign ministry was in contact with Chinese authorities to bring the fishermen home. Other state media said Vietnam may send a naval ship for them. Vietnam and China have disputed claims over the Paracels. China forced out the South Vietnamese forces from the islands in 1974, one year before the fall of the US-backed government to the Communist forces, and the islands have since then been occupied by China. The fishermen’s release was announced during a high-profile regional security meeting where defense ministers from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, along with their counterparts from the United States, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Korea met Tuesday and Wednesday in Vietnam’s capital. Among prominent issues up for discussion was maritime security — including freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. — AP

Australian says Guantanamo Bay was ‘six years of hell’ SYDNEY: Australia’s former long-serving Guantanamo Bay inmate David Hicks yesterday broke his silence on life inside the US-run prison, saying he endured deprivation and witnessed brutality in “six years of hell”. Hicks said he was in a “haze of disbelief and fear, pain and confusion” when he arrived in Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in early 2002 and was placed in a cage made of cyclone fencing. “The first two weeks of Camp X-Ray was a blur of hardships: No sleeping, no talking, no moving, no looking, no information,” he writes in “Guantanamo: My Journey” released yesterday. The former terrorism suspect once dubbed the “Aussie Taleban”, who has since married and now lives in Sydney, was captured in late 2001 in Afghanistan where he had been accused of fighting alongside Taleban forces. He spent more than five years in Guantanamo before being sent to home in April 2007 to serve out the remainder of the sentence handed down by the US military commission which had convicted him of providing material support for terrorism. He was released from a South Australian jail in late 2007. Hicks, now in his mid30s, is legally unable to profit from his book because

Australia does not allow people to benefit from crime. In three extracts released to the media free of charge, he speaks of how his thirst for travel was sparked by a chance encounter with an Israeli traveller when he worked in Japan training racehorses. He also says he had intended to help the Kashmiri cause for independence but ended up trapped in Afghanistan as the US led efforts to crush the Taleban after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. He writes that while an Afghan man had risked his life to find him a safe haven in the northern city of Kunduz, he ended up attempting to take a taxi to the capital Kabul and was captured en route by a Northern Alliance soldier. “After yelling directly into my ear, he took me by the hand and began to pull me away. I went to resist, but he made a gesture to go for his gun,” Hicks writes. “With dread, I resigned myself to the situation and allowed myself to be led away. This was the beginning of six years of hell.” Hicks was among the first to arrive in the then under construction camp in Guantanamo and said he lived open to the elements in his enclosure in which scorpions, snakes and nine-inchlong tarantulas also sought refuge. “My cage, like all the

cages, was three steps wide by three steps long. I shared this space with two small buckets: one to drink out of, the other to use as a toilet,” he writes. Detainees were woken on the hour for inspection even during the night, preventing them from sleeping and were not allowed to talk, or even look around, he writes. “Sitting or lying in the middle of the cage, away from the sides, were the only two positions we were allowed to assume. We could not stand up unless ordered to, while the biggest sin was to touch the enclosing wire. “If we transgressed any of these rules, even if innocently looking about, we were dealt with by the IRF team, an acronym for Instant Reaction Force. The Military Police (MP) nicknamed this procedure being earthed or IRFed, because they would slam and beat us into the ground.” Hicks said he witnessed his first beating a day or two after arriving, when he saw an Afghan inmate with a prosthetic limb slammed into the cement floor by one MP while five others beat him and menaced him with a dog. He said the beating was prompted by the Afghan’s failure to respond to writing on the cement floor of his cage which read “Osama will save us”, which another MP later revealed to Hicks he had scratched himself. — AFP


Sunday, October 17, 2010


US drone strikes in the area continues

Pakistan defends military policy in lawless northwest ISLAMABAD: Pakistan yesterday defended its military policy in the lawless northwest of the country, a hotbed of Taleban and Al-Qaeda insurgency, amid tensions in its relationship with the United States. In a statement issued by the foreign ministry, Islamabad declared that there was no “lack of Pakistani

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani children gather together to leave the collection area after getting bags of free food from a food distribution point at the shrine of Bari Imam on the World Food Day in Islamabad, Pakistan yesterday. According to World Food Program report, almost half the population of Pakistan faces difficulty gaining access to affordable food because of the soaring cost of cereals. —AP

FBI got tip about American in Mumbai attacks: Report WASHINGTON: The FBI received a tip three years before the 2008 Mumbai attacks that an American man who helped scout the targets was tied to the Pakistani group behind the plot, the Washington Post reported on Friday. The man, David Headley, pleaded guilty in March to a dozen US terrorism charges related to the Mumbai attacks in which 166 people were killed, and to a plot to attack a Danish newspaper that had published cartoons in 2005 that lampooned the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He admitted to scouting the targets for the Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and agreed to help investigators and give testimony against others in exchange for a promise

that he would not be extradited to India, Pakistan or Denmark. The Washington Post reported that the FBI received a tip in 2005 about Headley’s involvement from his wife after the two were in a domestic dispute that resulted in his arrest. Headley’s wife told them in interviews that he was active in LeT, had trained in Pakistani camps and had looked for nightvision goggles, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed officials and sources close to the case. An FBI spokesman declined to comment on the report. The Washington Post reported that officials confirmed they did receive the tip from Headley’s wife at the time but would not discuss what they did with the information.

US authorities regularly receive tips about possible terrorism plots. Headley, who spent his childhood in Pakistan and whose father was Pakistani, changed his name in 2005 from Daood Gilani to make travel through security easier. He was arrested about a year ago at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as he was trying to leave for Pakistan. He was found with about a dozen surveillance videos from Denmark he had planned to deliver to his handlers. The 2008 attacks in Mumbai, in which six Americans were among the dead, lasted for three days and further escalated tensions between India and neighboring Pakistan, where LeT militants are based. —Reuters

Petraeus: NATO has facilitated Taleban movement KABUL: Commanding Gen. David Petraeus has confirmed that coalition forces have allowed Taleban representatives to travel to Kabul for peace discussions with the Afghan government, but a Taleban spokesman said all such talk is only propaganda, designed to lower the morale of the movement’s fighters. US, Afghan and Taleban sources all declined to give details of the contacts, if they are taking place at all. “There have been several very senior Taleban leaders who have reached out to the Afghan government at the

highest levels, and also in some cases have reached out to other countries involved in Afghanistan,” Petraeus told reporters Friday at the Royal United Services Institute in London. “These discussions can only be characterized as preliminary in nature,” Petraeus said. “They certainly would not rise to the level of being called negotiations.” In Afghanistan, Taleban leaders have told followers that there are no official peace talks with the US-backed Afghan government, an apparent move to persuade their rank-and-file to stay in the fight. —AP

A leaked White House report to Congress earlier this month also accused Pakistani forces of avoiding “direct conflict” in North Waziristan, while ground operations in South Waziristan were only progressing “slowly”. Militants fighting against more than 150,000 US and NATO troops of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan are believed to be holed up in the tribal region, as are operatives at war with Pakistani security forces. Under US pressure to crack down on Islamist havens, Pakistan last year sent 30,000 troops into South Waziristan to destroy Taleban strongholds in the area, but no similar offensive has been mounted in North Waziristan. But the foreign ministry said in a statement: “While we understand ISAF concerns, any question relating to when, how and what is to be done in North Waziristan is based on judgment, keeping in mind our capacities, priorities and overall national interest. “This in no way should be interpreted as lack of Pakistani resolve to fight terrorism,” it said. Part of the tribal belt on the Afghan border, North Waziristan is home to 350,000 people but considered a stronghold for the most dangerous militants in the world and largely impenetrable. Washington has branded the rugged area, which lies outside Pakistani government control, a global headquarters of Al-Qaeda and the most dangerous place on Earth. Pakistani commanders have not ruled out an offensive in North Waziristan, but argue that gains in South Waziristan and the northwestern district of Swat need to be consolidated to prevent their troops from being stretched too thin. The ministry said that the Pakistani army had conducted “calibrated operations” against terrorist and extremist forces to establish the writ of the state and disrupt Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. “Recently North Waziristan has been under sharp focus. Despite battling with the worst floods in 100 years, (the) Pakistan army continues to maintain a presence of over 34,000 troops in North Waziristan,” the ministry said. “Constant pressure and squeeze, without going in for a large scale ground operations, has been applied on the terrorists, with success, gaining better control of the area,” it added. —AFP

resolve to fight terrorism”. The comments come as a wave of US drone strikes in the area continues, having killed more than 150 people and raising tensions between Washington and Islamabad, which condemns the operations as a violation of its sovereignty.

MILAN: Italian Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa (R) and the current commander of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, US General David Petraeus give a joint press conference following their meeting yesterday in Milan. Petraeus will take part in Rome on October 18 in a meeting of the International Contact Group that will bring together top diplomats to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, including 10 representatives of Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states. —AFP

Italy says Herat could be handed to Afghans by 2011 ROME: The Afghan city of Herat could be under Afghan control by the end of 2011, Italian Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa said yesterday after talks with US General David Petraeus, Ansa news agency reported. “I think that by the end of 2011 several districts in the western zone could be handed over. Herat, for example, is already a zone that could be ready,” La Russa said at the meeting in an air force base in Milan in northern Italy.

Petraeus said he was in favour of talks between the Afghan government and the Taleban but stressed the Taleban must renounce violence, lay down their arms and cut ties with Al-Qaeda, Ansa said, reporting his comments in Italian. “Our objective is to give back the territory to the Afghan government and army so that they can continue the action against terrorism and launch a process of normalisation of that territory,” La Russa said. After the end of 2011 “combat sol-

diers can be reduced but trainers will remain. 2011 could be an important year,” he added. Petraeus, the top US commander in Afghanistan, will join senior diplomats in Rome tomorrow for a meeting of the International Contact Group on Afghanistan.The NATO alliance, facing waning public support for the war, is anxious to begin a transition next year that would have Afghan army and police taking over from US-led troops in some parts of the country. —AFP



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California vote and Mexico drug cartels By Bernd Debusmann


hat would legalizing marijuana in California, America’s most populous state, mean to the drug cartels whose fight for access to American markets have turned parts of Mexico into war zones? Shrinking profits? Certainly. Less violence? Maybe. These topics are being raised as the US heads towards Nov 2 midterm elections which in California include a ballot initiative, Proposition 19, providing for marijuana to be treated like alcohol and tobacco for Californians over 21. A vote in favour would end 73 years of prohibition and have enormous political impact not only on the rest of America but also on the long-running global war on drugs. Experts on the issue have been working overtime and the latest of a string of academic studies, out this week, came from the RAND Corporation, a Californiabased think tank. The voluminous paper is entitled: Reducing Drug Trafficking and Violence in Mexico Would Legalizing Marijuana in California Help? The study’s four authors, all prominent authorities on the illegal drug business, hedged their answer. “Our best guess,” they concluded, “is that legalizing marijuana production in California would wipe out essentially all DTO (Drug Trafficking Organization) marijuana revenues from selling Mexican marijuana to California users; however, the share of Mexican marijuana in the United States that comes from Mexico to California is no more than one-seventh of all Mexican imports.” Note the word “guess.” It stems from the fact that most figures in the long debate on the war on drugs are estimates and many have been manipulated for ideological purposes. According to the researchers, the drug cartels’ marijuana business in the entire United States could virtually evaporate if high-quality marijuana from California were diverted from legal production and smuggled to the rest of the country. And what effect would that have on the Mexican drug wars, in which the death toll is nearing 30,000? Again, a scholarly hedge, given the difficulties in measuring the drug market and its suppliers. Thus: “It is unclear whether reductions in Mexican DTOs’ revenues would lead to corresponding decrease in violence...The effect of reducing DTO marijuana revenues on violence is a matter of conjecture... (and) could well change over time.” The reason for the academic caution is simple: there’s no historic precedent for what might happen in California - one state making legal a substance that remains illegal elsewhere in the country and the rest of the world. It is not as straightforward as the 1933

repeal of alcohol prohibition which applied to the entire country. The before-andafter sequence of lifting prohibition is so obvious that the US Congress passed a resolution on the 75th anniversary of the repeal noting that it had replaced a “dramatic increase” in organized crime with “a transparent and accountable system of distribution and sales” that generated billions of dollars in tax revenues and boosted the sick economy. While much of the debate on the pros and cons of Proposition 19 has centered on economics, there is an international policy dimension that weighs heavily in Mexico. As former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castaneda recently put it how can you have Mexicans kill each other over trafficking a drug that is freely available on the other side of the border? If that happened, it would be logical for Mexico to legalize as well. Would that end Mexico’s violence? “No. But the minute we start removing some of the money the cartels make, then they have less funds available to buy guns, to buy people, to recruit people, to do all sorts of things.” Castaneda was talking about marijuana. Former President Vicente Fox last August went a step further and proposed legalizing all drugs “to break the economic structure” of the drug cartels. Fox’s successor, Felipe Calderon, who launched the war on drugs, deploying the military, shortly after he was elected in 2006, is opposed to California’s legalization proposition and has publicly complained about “a current of opinion” portraying marijuana as a drug that is not harmful. In his eyes, that’s wrong and prohibition should therefore stand. That puts Calderon at odds with another of his predecessors, Ernesto Zedillo, and two more former Latin American presidents from countries that suffered from drug violence, Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil and Cesar Gaviria of Colombia. In 2009, they chaired a blue-ribbon panel that rated the international drug war a failure and urged governments to look into “decriminalizing” marijuana, the world’s most widely used illicit drug. This has been a growing trend for several years as attitudes towards marijuana softened - and more people around the world used it. (According to the UN’s 2010 World Drug report, up to 191 million people used marijuana at least once in 2008). Countries that have formally decriminalized the herb’s use include Argentina, Colombia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. No country, or jurisdiction, has gone as far as Proposition 19 would take California. Its passage, in a state with 37 million people, would probably prompt a host of legal challenges. It would also send a message to government drug warriors the world over - you’ve been tilting at windmills. It’s time to stop. —Reuters

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Gulf buying more arms but cooperation lags By Mahmoud Habboush ears of a threat from Iran are driving Gulf Arab nations to spend billions on new arms, but that investment can’t protect the Arabian peninsula unless there is closer military coordination and cooperation. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other states that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are expected to spend as much as $100 billion over the next few years buying F-15 Eagles, F/A18 Hornet and Lockheed Martin’s THAAD missile defence systems. Last month, the United States unveiled plans to sell Saudi Arabia up to $60 billion in aircraft, helicopters and other arms, a record deal in US arms exports. The United Arab Emirates are also expected to spend as much as $17 billion in coming years to buy an advanced missile defence system and


fighter planes. “The procurements we’re seeing are being focused particularly on air and missile defence, on naval capabilities,” said Mark Thomas, deputy director of the Qatar office of the UK-based Royal United Services Institute. “Iran massively outnumbers Gulf states in terms of manpower and missiles and the best way to address that is through the acquisition of high technology,” he said. “The problem is there is a lack of coordination and collaboration between these states, there isn’t a GCC military alliance akin to NATO.” Along with the US military, the world’s top oil exporters have always had a vested interest in protecting the flow of oil. Gulf Arab states need to consider the safety of their citizens and up-and-coming financial hubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha that have attracted billions in foreign investment. They are increasingly nervous about a retaliatory attack

by Iran if it faces military action by Israel or Western states over its nuclear program. Between 2002 and 2009, GCC states have made arms deals worth nearly $66.9 billion. But analysts say spending alone isn’t the answer, and note that past efforts to forge a collective security framework were mostly futile. Talk of coordination is not new. The region failed to develop a long-sought regional early warning network to detect the Gulf’s most feared weapons: ballistic and cruise missiles. US military officials have argued that such a system, which could be built by American contractors, could serve as the nucleus for regional military cooperation. But Gulf military chiefs have not been enthusiastic about setting up a system that would have so much US involvement and require so much cooperation with each other. “Many countries either don’t have money or don’t want to relinquish

national control... and think (one) country will dominate the system because it has paid for it,” said Mustafa Alani, a senior advisor and program director at the Gulf Research Centre, adding that the richer countries would end up bearing much of the cost for building the system. In 1986 the GCC created a 9,000strong Peninsula Shield force that was based in Saudi Arabia. It took part in the 1991 Gulf war and was deployed in Kuwait during the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. The council’s military chiefs decided in 2008 to restructure the force by more than doubling its troops, but ended its presence in Saudi Arabia. Today, the unit is not a serious factor in maintaining regional stability. “It’s not functional,” said Theodore Karasik, the director of research and development at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis. “They scrapped it in a semi-

quiet way because of the militaries’ inability to function together.” Lack of political will caused by friction between some of the royal families, Saudi Arabia’s outsized presence and historical grievances all made military cooperation difficult, Karasik added. No amount of acquisitions would bring an end to an inherent strategic imbalance in the Gulf, military analysts say. Iran is far more populous than any of its Arab neighbours. “Buying planes will not change the balance of power,” Mustafa Labad, director of Middle East Centre for Regional and Strategic Studies in Cairo, said. “It’s only useful in the event of a land attack, which is not expected.” In, fact, Labad suggests a different motive: “It serves as a political message ... that there is a strategic alliance in place that profits the US ... and to the region’s states, to tell their people not to panic.” —Reuters

Putin’s Russia: More vulnerable than it seems? By Michael Stott arge photographs of happy young children playing against brightly coloured backgrounds decorate a hoarding blocking off a central Moscow square. Behind the innocent-looking billboards, critics say, lies a hint of the fear stalking Russia’s rulers. Their worry? That the strong state they cherish is more vulnerable than it looks. Outwardly Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a tower of strength. The country’s undisputed ruler has spent the past 10 years - first as president, then as prime minister consolidating power, beefing up the state and building prosperity. Opinion polls show that Putin remains far more popular than any other politician. Russia’s opposition parties are marginalised, fragmented and weak. Critical voices are few. The mainstream media are relentlessly loyal. Putin’s press chief Dmitry Peskov says the prime minister inherited a country in ruins when he became president in 2000 and has presided over a steady build-up in incomes. “The Prime Minister continues to be a workaholic,” he said. “He feels responsible for all the processes he launched...he uses the potential of the premiership 100 percent.” Though he avoids commenting on the issue, Putin is widely expected to return to the presidency at elections in 2012 for a fresh six-year term. Olga Kryshtanovskaya, an expert on the Russian elite and member of the ruling United Russia party, estimates the odds of a third Putin presidency at 70 percent.


Aided by supportive media, the benefits of office and a lack of credible opponents, the former KGB agent is likely to win an overwhelming victory, shunting aside his loyal junior partner in the ruling “tandem”, President Dmitry Medvedev. Russian business leaders and officials already describe the 2012 election as “completely predictable” - in their eyes a positive thing, because they fear sudden change. Stability is the mantra repeated time and again by the prime minister and his supporters. They hail the stability Putin has given Russia, the order he has imposed on its once-turbulent politics and its economy, which crashed in 1998 but limped through the 2008/9 crisis without a currency collapse, a run on banks or mass unemployment. Putin justifies his political legacy - the scrapping of elected mayors and governors, the democratic opposition pushed out of parliament and curbs on the media - as necessary to avoid a “Ukrainian scenario” Kremlin code for chaos. State news channel Rossiya 24 runs a regular item at the end of news bulletins called “Without Commentary”, often featuring footage of riots, disasters, misery or disorder in a foreign land. The subliminal message: life is better in Russia. But if Russia is so stable, critics ask, why did Moscow authorities erect the hoarding featuring the young children allegedly for the construction of a previously unannounced underground car park - and block off the Mayakovsky square which was a venue for monthly protests by rights activists? Why, opposition jour-

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (left) meets Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday. —AFP nalists ask, do phalanxes of Moscow riot police supported by dogs regularly break up small opposition demonstrations and drag participants off to waiting vans, even though only a few hundred people turn up? Why does the Kremlin’s political mastermind, deputy chief of staff Vladislav Surkov, ensure overwhelming victories for Putin’s United Russia party in almost every municipal, regional and national election, even when it damages Russia’s image? Why is Putin’s image so carefully burnished by his minders, with the premier appearing in tightly scripted and amply broadcast encounters with rappers, intellectuals, car workers, fire-fighters, Pacific grey whales and Arctic Polar bears? Peskov says that Putin wants to be a “socially

oriented Prime Minister with a socially oriented budget” but there are other ways of explaining Putin’s populism. “Putin’s high rating doesn’t mean there is such a great love for him,” Lev Gudkov, the head of Russia’s leading independent opinion pollster Levada Centre said. “It’s more a lack of alternatives and a general indifference.” Russia has other worries too. Constant official boasting about military might hides, analysts say, the reality: the country’s Soviet-era military remains woefully under-trained and under-equipped for modern warfare. The economy, despite constant pronouncements about the need for diversification and modernisation, still depends almost entirely on volatile raw material prices. The same goes

for government revenues. Ironically, Putin’s obsession with stability and his tight control of Russia may have created a blind alley from which the country cannot easily escape. “Putin is the ultimate arbiter and the whole system depends on him,” one Western ambassador says. “It cannot function properly without him and that is a major risk in the long term.” Russia’s business elite feel the same way. “Putin is an enormously skilful operator,” one oligarch said, speaking on condition he was not identified. “You always leave a meeting with him feeling completely satisfied, feeling he is totally on your side. Later you find out how far he actually agreed with you.” Many believe Putin’s choice in 2008 of his long-term ally

Medvedev as his successor was a deliberate attempt to set Russia on a path to faster economic reform, more efficient government and to make the country more appealing to foreign investors. But although he has achieved a “reset” of relations with the United States, at home Medvedev has so far failed to deliver much more than good intentions, critics say. And if Putin returns to the Kremlin in 2012 for up to two six-year terms, detractors say Russia’s political system could ossify to a point where an orderly handover of power in 2024 - when Putin will turn 72 - becomes almost impossible. Comparisons with the “era of stagnation” in the 1970s under ageing former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev are already multiplying in Russian opposition media. What are the alternatives? The main officially tolerated opposition, the Communists, are gradually dying out and there is virtually no constituency in Russia for Western-style liberal democracy. This leads observers such as author Dmitry Bykov to conclude that if Putin’s system is unable to reform itself from the top down, then the country could fall prey to farright extremism. As the editor of one major state broadcaster puts it: “The only political force in Russia today which has the strength and the national organisation to challenge Putin is the far right.” A former ambassador in Moscow from a Western power sums it up: “You may think Putin is anti-Western and hostile to free markets. But he is far more liberal than a lot of the people who stand behind him. Be careful for what you wish for.” —Reuters


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Chile’s Pinera basks in glow of rescue By Hugh Bronstein


hile and its billionaire President Sebastian Pinera have both burnished their images with the flawlessly executed rescue of 33 miners trapped deep underground for more than two months. Already respected by investors looking for opportunities in largely left-leaning South America, Chile’s reputation for efficiency was enhanced by the technically complicated rescue operation on Wednesday. Pinera, 60, a credit card and airline magnate who took office in March for a four-year term as Chile’s first conservative president in two decades, is basking in the glow of success. “Chile is not the same country that it was 69 days ago,” he said, beaming, after greeting and hugging each of the miners lifted to safety in a metal capsule through a long shaft. “We are more respected.” The final rescue, which took less than 24 hours after weeks spent digging an escape shaft hundreds of meters down to the miners, was viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the world and sparked celebrations throughout Chile. Pinera’s approval rating surged to a new high in August for his efforts to rescue the men when they were first located alive 17 days after the mine caved in. His handling of the crisis helped him push through a bill to raise royalties paid by mining companies in the world’s top copper producer. The increased royalties are to help fund reconstruction after a devastating February earthquake. The lower house of Congress approved the royalty bill on Wednesday, as the rescue was underway, in a major political victory for Pinera. Any boost to Pinera’s approval ratings may be short lived, said Carolina Segovia, a pollster at Santiago-based think-tank Centro de Estudios Publicos. “Rally-around-theflag issues like this one usually have a short shelf life,” she said. “Long-running issues such as the economy and crime will dictate his popularity, and by extension his clout in Congress, over the long term.” Pinera’s next test in the legislature


edia reports of highlevel talks between the Taleban and Afghan government may serve Western military aims by sowing confusion and undermining trust among insurgents, analysts and diplomats say. A flurry of reports of negotiations, preparations for negotiations and even clandestine meetings in the Afghan capital may reflect a growing willingness by both sides in recent months to contemplate some kind of dialogue. But coming as NATO-led forces make a push on the Taliban’s spiritual heartland, the stories may - intentionally or unintentionally -further military aims. “I had email contact with a Taleban on the other side (of the


Chilean President Sebastian Pinera (first row, dark suit) poses with the 33 miners rescued from the depths of the San Jose mine at the hospital in Copiapo, 800 km north of Santiago, Oct 14, 2010. —AFP will be passage of his 2011 budget proposal. Lawmakers will debate the proposal this month. “The rescue should have a very positive effect on Pinera. It showed an incredible amount of seriousness in terms of patience, planning and resources, which underscores Chile as a member of the developed world,” said Walter Molano, head of research at BCP Securities in Greenwich, Connecticut. “I do not know that it will have an immediate impact on investment, but it will have a lasting impact on the way that the world perceives Chile,” Molano added. Leaders who fumble crises like these often pay a high political price. Then U.S. President George W Bush was accused of a sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina, which pushed his approval rating down by more than 10

border) and he rejected the contact or talks, but at the same time spoke about the confusion,” said Waheed Mozhdah, an analyst and former Taleban official who is still in touch with members of the movement. “This is more of the psychological war against the Taleban,” he added, referring to the impact of the reports on trust within the group. A senior NATO official said on Wednesday that NATO-led forces were facilitating contacts between senior Taleban officials and the Afghan government and allowing them safe passage for talks in Kabul. A senior Pakistani official familiar with the contacts between the Karzai government and Taleban on Thursday also acknowledged a shift in attitudes. “The process has been set into motion. It’s

points after the disaster. US President Barack Obama’s ratings sank by seven points for what some saw as his failure to act decisively after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And in Pakistan, President Asif Ali Zardari’s decision to continue with a planned trip to Europe in spite of the monsoons that left millions of people homeless prompted vicious criticism at home. Pinera’s response to the miners has done the opposite. The mine’s collapse on Aug 5 shocked Chile and unveiled the underbelly of its mining industry, which had made significant improvements in safety standards. Pinera fired the government’s chief mining regulator, moved to strengthen safety laws and increased regulation of Chile’s coal mines in the south to the Atacama desert in the

north, where the ill-fated San Jose gold and copper mine is located. Serious mining accidents are rare in Chile, but the government said the San Jose mine had suffered a series of accidents and that 16 workers were killed in recent years. Pinera ordered a “vast restructuring” of the state mining agency and was quick to seek out world class experts to get involved in the rescue operation, consulting U.S. space agency NASA and drawing on the expertise of miners, geologists and drillers at Chile’s state copper giant Codelco and beyond. The result was an engineering feat that hypnotized the world as engineers located the miners with a drill hole about as wide as a grapefruit, enabling them to send down food and water to keep them alive. Then came the next challenge:

widening the duct to send down a capsule just big enough to hoist out one man at a time. The rescue prompted praise from many foreign leaders from Obama to Venezuela’s firebrand leftist President Hugo Chavez, who called to congratulate Pinera. Alberto Ramos, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, said the saga would have little impact in terms of pulling in new investment but added that Chile was already an attractive market and the competence with which it handled the rescue underlines how well organized and efficient the country is. It also allowed Pinera to demonstrate he is not just an effective businessman and politician, Ramos said. “This has certainly helped President Pinera’s popularity as it was the opportunity to show his human, caring side.” —Reuters

just the beginning and this in itself is a success because earlier there has been opposition (by Americans) to such contacts,” he said. “These are pretty senior level contacts ... They are those who are involved in putting up resistance. Those who are fighting.” Like officials and sources quoted in other recent stories about talks, both NATO and Pakistani officials requested anonymity. A spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai declined to comment on the reports. There is increasing acknowledgement in Afghanistan and abroad that a decisive military victory for the West and the Afghan government it backs is unlikely, and an eventual political solution may be the best way to end the fight-

ing. But rumours and nebulous stories about plans to talk can often undermine unity in insurgent groups, making rank-andfile members wary of their leaders, and leaders wary of each other. A Kabul-based diplomat laid out the military benefits of talks for the top NATO and US commander in Afghanistan David Petraeus, saying foot soldiers who hear news of talks may become mutinous-or at least less willing to risk their lives in battle. NATO’s apparent embrace of a move towards talks could send a message to wavering insurgents that they have an opponent who is serious about looking to sit down and make a deal. “This has a major propaganda component. NATO is trying to pass on a message to

the Taleban leaders that it can play a role in reconciliation ‘if you are ready’,” said Ahmad Saeedi, a former diplomat to Pakistan. But sowing discord among the enemy just as you are trying to hammer them on the battlefield could also be aimed at pressuring them to come to the table faster. A senior former Taleban official now living in Kabul and in contact with the movement’s leaders has in the past told Reuters that the one vital condition for successful talks is secrecy. The Taleban appear well aware of the risks of any move towards talks. In a statement this week spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid rejected the reports as “baseless propaganda ... part and parcel of a regular psychological warfare of the

enemy”. He promised foot soldiers there would be no “trade on your blood and sacrifices by reaching any clandestine deal”. The veiled identity of most people willing to talk on the subject is compounded by the vague nature of most accounts of who is involved, and from which factions. A report from NATO-led forces this week announced the capture of a “Taleban senior leader” in southern Afghanistan who commanded 20 men, a small group for a movement estimated to be thousands of fighters strong. If those travelling to talk in Kabul are at a similar “senior” level, they may just be disgruntled local commanders seeking cash or an exit from a conflict they have tired of, analysts say, instead of its ideologically-driven core. —Reuters

In US election, Afghan war not on voters’ mind By David Alexander and John Whitesides


ine years into one of the longest wars in US history, conflictweary Americans are on the verge of electing a new Congress with barely a whisper of debate about the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan. While a few candidates like former Army Green Beret Tommy Sowers and ex-combat pilot Adam Kinzinger address the conflict in their campaigns for the Nov 2 midterm elections, surveys show very few voters see the Afghanistan war as a concern. A Reuters/Ipsos poll this week found that Americans rated Afghanistan bottom of a list of seven issues that Congress should deal with in 2011. “There should at least be a debate going on. It’s time to get out of those countries,” David Kramer, a retired steel mill worker, said recently while shopping at a mall in Lorain, Ohio. “Every week we’re burying another soldier,” he added. “We can’t be the world’s policemen, we have to end it.” President Barack Obama opposed the Iraq war as a candidate in 2008 but he has boosted US troop levels in Afghanistan to 95,000. His course in Afghanistan sits easier with Republicans than it does with the more liberal wing of his own Democrats. “You can really understand why neither party is talking a lot about it,” said Karlyn Bowman, a public opinion analyst at the American Enterprise Institute think tank. “For the president, it’s a negative with his own party, which is why you don’t hear him talking about it,” she said. But Republicans “are not displeased with Obama” on the war. The lack of voter concern about the war ahead of these elections is far different from four years ago, when thenPresident George W Bush’s Republicans lost control of Congress in large part from discontent over the Iraq war. If Obama’s Democrats lose control of one or both houses of Congress on Nov 2 - a real pos-

Afghan talks gain pace; US engages By Myra MacDonald and Emma Graham-Harrison

Afghan peace talk reports help NATO fight By Sayed Salahuddin


A Marine Corp carry team places the transfer case containing the remains of Marine Lance Cpl Phillip Vinnedge, 19, into a transfer vehicle at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware on Friday. Vinnedge died Oct 13 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. —AP sibility - the reason is more likely to be voter anger over the economy, high unemployment and the massive government bailout of Wall Street. Progress in Afghanistan has been slow for US forces. After being driven from power when the war began in Oct 2001, the Taleban regrouped and reasserted itself while the Bush administration focused on Iraq. Obama’s decision to boost troop levels this year has halted Taleban momentum after a tough summer of combat, US officials say. But the war will not be won on the battlefield and a political reconciliation - still in its infancy - is the only way out, they add. The war entered its 10th year on Oct 7, becoming by some counts

the longest in US history. Formal US involvement in Vietnam, a far bloodier conflict, lasted 8 1/2 years. But experts point out US involvement actually was much longer, and some Indian wars in the United States lasted longer than 10 years. Few candidates have made Afghanistan a recurring theme in their campaigns. Sowers, a Missouri Democrat and former Green Beret trying to unseat a longtime Republican incumbent, sells camouflage ball caps to raise money and speaks about the war. “I’d be the only Green Beret in Congress,” he said in a debate on Monday. “I’d use that stature to end these wars, bring our troops home and invest here in rural America.”

Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican trying to unseat a Democratic incumbent, weaves his personal story into campaign appearances - how he joined the Air Force after Sept 11 and has flown missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. But many candidates are not pushing the war issue. As of Thursday, Ike Skelton, the Missouri Democrat who heads the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, hadn’t updated the Afghanistan page on his campaign website for months. It still referred to General Stanley McChrystal, ousted in June, as if he led US forces in Afghanistan. Ken Ammann, a local Democratic official in Mercer County,

Pennsylvania, said the war had not been discussed on the campaign trail because Republicans generally back Obama’s approach, even while opposing his July 2011 date for beginning to pull troops out of the country. “People should be talking about it,” Ammann said while attending a local pumpkin festival parade. “We have people dying over there when we should not even be there.” Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in a recent speech at Duke University in North Carolina, put his finger on one reason the war is not provoking debate - few people are affected. “No major war in our history has been fought with a smaller percentage of this country’s citizens in uniform full-time,” Gates said. There are 2.4 million people, less than 1 percent of the population, serving in the military and reserves. “For most Americans the wars remain an abstraction, a distant and unpleasant series of news items that do not affect them personally,” he said. Michael O’Hanlon, a national security analyst at the Brookings Institution think tank, said the fact the war is not an election issue is “actually healthy”. “What it essentially acknowledges is that people realize is it’s a new strategy. It may work, it may not work ... but to develop this new strategy, see whether it’s going to work or not, is going to take a little longer,” he said. But if Obama doesn’t make significant progress toward stabilizing Afghanistan and bringing US troops home over the next two years, that patience could wear out. Voters have their sights set on his pledge to begin withdrawing US forces, as conditions permit, next summer, and failure to meet that could turn Obama’s re-election campaign into a test of voter opinion on the war. “This election is not being treated as a referendum on Afghanistan policy because it’s sort of the wrong moment to do that,” O’Hanlon said. “It doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way ... in 2012.” —Reuters

or the first time in the nine-year war in Afghanistan, all the main parties involved - from the government to insurgents, from Washington to Pakistan, are seriously considering ways of trying to reach a peace deal. Official sources from different countries interviewed by Reuters say current “talks about talks” are fragile, preliminary and liable to break down at any time. “The outcome is not in sight at the moment,” said one official involved in talks about Afghanistan, “but we can say that the political process has been set into motion.” All three main insurgent groups - the Afghan Taleban led by Mullah Omar, the Haqqani network and the Hizb-ul-Islami Gulbuddin (HiG) led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar - are involved in informal talks on how to open a more structured peace process. Significantly, non-US sources say Washington has given a far higher level of endorsement to talks with insurgents - held either by Afghans or through third parties - than before. “The thing that’s changed this time round is the American knowledge of what is going on and an increased appetite from the actual insurgency to engage,” said a UN source with knowledge of the talks. “The Americans are not sure whether to call it endorsement or engagement,” said one nonAmerican official. “Nevertheless they are now convinced about the utility of engagement.” Washington has acknowledged the need for an eventual political settlement as a war increasingly unpopular at home drags into its tenth year. On Thursday NATO SecretaryGeneral Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a news conference on Thursday that the alliance was willing to facilitate talks - although it was important to keep up military pressure on militants. Despite the strength of the Taleban, who have a foothold in more of the country than any time since 2001, the US focus is still on the reintegration of individual fighters and commanders, to try to split the insurgency rather than broader reconciliation or power-sharing, a said another non-US official. The sources, however, also speak of a parallel, lengthy and fluid reconciliation process of trying to agree the ground rules under which all Afghan factions could be brought together into peace talks with the help of regional players. While

Washington and Pakistan are at least in part - working together on this, various other countries including the United Arab Emirates, were cited as possible mediators. “It’s a team effort,” said another source with knowledge of the talks, adding there were mediators from Saudi, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and a role was also being played by Turkey. Some sources speak of a greater willingness by Pakistan to compromise on finding a peace settlement in Afghanistan to end a war which is increasingly threatening its own stability. Islamabad is currently accused of covertly backing some insurgents to counter the influence of India in its neighbour. “We don’t insist on a stable and friendly Afghanistan,” said one Pakistani security official. “‘Friendly’ you can interpret in your own way. We have gone down to peace and stability.” One senior western official in Kabul also said there appeared to be a change in tone in conversations with Pakistan’s military, unnerved by radicalisation in the country’s heartland Punjab. That area is ethnically distinct from the restive tribal regions where most Afghan insurgents shelter, and had earlier been relatively peaceful. That has forced its InterServices Intelligence (ISI) agency to work more with other parties in trying to nudge insurgents - many of whom use Pakistan as a safe base - into talks. One source close to the talks said it was clear Pakistan had the power to destroy the process if it wanted to, but equally Pakistan recognised it could not create a settlement on its own. As for the insurgent leaders who publicly reject talks, President Barack Obama’s commitment last December to start bringing some troops home in July 2011 has already gone some way to meeting their demand for a withdrawal of foreign troops. Official sources say they could now perhaps be persuaded to accept a timeline for withdrawal. The details of this are likely to be a major issue of dispute, but Obama’s commitment, combined with pressure from Pakistan and a fear that without a political settlement Afghanistan could descend into anther bitter civil war, is seen as underpinning a willingness to engage in talks. “All three guerrilla groups (the Afghan Taleban, the Haqqanis and the HiG) have to come to the negotiating table,” said one official. “Otherwise they will not qualify as stakeholders. —Reuters

Seeking ‘least painful’ UK austerity formula By Christina Fincher


aking the axe to pension benefits rather than jobs, and cutting bureaucracy rather than infrastructure investment, are what Britain’s austerity drive should focus on to render the smallest hit to economic growth. If finance minister George Osborne is to achieve the £83 billion ($133 billion) of spending cuts he promised in his June budget some degree of economic pain is inevitable. But economists say how hard Britain’s growth potential is hit will ultimately depend not just on the figures but also the profile of the cuts: how they are spread and how much of the burden is borne by the welfare state. Judging by the drip-feed of announcements ahead of next week’s Comprehensive Spending Review, Britain’s five-month-old coalition government has taken heed. In the past two weeks it has announced cuts to pension tax relief, a cull of publicly-funded regulatory bodies and the end of universal child benefit payments. Those measures indicate a direction of travel they represent only a small part of the overall austerity program. Although Wednesday’s statement will not detail every project that has been pared or abandoned, it will shape views on how likely the government is to achieve its debt-cutting goals and whether recovery will be blown off course in the process. For each pound spent, different areas of government

expenditure have a different impact on GDP growth - something economists know as the domestic multiplier effect. These calculations are theoretical but they throw up some interesting thoughts on what an “ideal” austerity package should look like, at least from the point of view of GDP growth. Construction projects, which tend to be labour intensive and require few imports, score highly on the multiplier scorecard. The same goes for infrastructure investment, which has the added benefit of improving productivity. Britain’s independent Office for Budget Responsibility estimates every pound of capital spending by the government boosts gross domestic product by exactly that amount, while every pound spent on welfare generates just 60 pence. When it comes to the public sector payroll, savings from pensions and wage restraint are far less damaging to an economy’s growth potential than job cuts which often result in costly redundancy payments and a higher welfare bill. “If I had to give two recommendations it would be not to cut capital spending so much and to try to find ways of minimising public sector jobs losses,” said John Hawskworth, head of macroeconomics at consultancy PWC. “The private sector was flexible with regard to pay and working hours during the recession and this meant unemployment did not rise as much as feared. We need to see the same happen now in the public sector.” —Reuters



Sunday, October 17, 2010

World’s longest cable car line opens to Armenia monastery

COPIAPO, Chile: Rescued miner Luis Urzua (top center) is welcomed home by young neighbors on Friday. — AP

Chile miners struggle with newfound fame COPIAPO, Chile: Chile’s miners plunged into a weekend of neighborhood barbecues and welcome home celebrations yesterday, trying to regain a more normal footing but hounded by their fame as survivors. “This isn’t right,” miner Victor Segovia said when he went home to find a crowd of camera-toting news crews waiting, according to an account in the newspaper La Tercera. “We are nobodies. We are only simple people who survived,” he was quoted as saying. After being pronounced in good health, all but two of the 33 miners rescued this week after nearly 10 weeks deep underground in a collapsed gold and copper mine were back home. Regional health director Paola Neumann said the two remaining miners, who were not named, had been transferred to other clinics for more treatment, one for dental surgery, the other suffering from spells of vertigo. A group of 28 miners were driven discreetly from the hospital in the northern mining town of Copiapo on Friday without stopping to speak to the horde of journalists camped outside hoping for interviews. “What they are facing in the week to come is very difficult,” said Health Minister Jaime Manalich. Nevertheless, the gritty mining town of Copiapo erupted into wild celebration as neighbors and relatives popped champagne corks and threw confetti to welcome back Juan Illanes, Edison Pena, and the sole Bolivian, Carlos Mamani. As he worked his way through the crowd at the hospital entrance, Pena, a self-confessed Elvis fan who ran miles every day in the mine gallery to stay fit, said: “We are not pop stars or anything, we’re just ordinary people.”

But for these tough men a new world of opportunity awaits and a chance to turn their fear and despair into profit, perhaps even riches beyond their wildest dreams, if book deals and Hollywood film rights come. Some could take up immediate offers to holiday in Greece or visit top European football clubs. Pena has been invited to tour Elvis’s Graceland home, but Illanes had another destination in mind. “I want to achieve my dream of going to Miami,” the 52-year-old mechanic and former soldier told AFP, before giving brief insights into his experience trapped in the bowels of the dark, dank San Jose mine. “The confinement was terrible,” he said. “The first 17 days were a nightmare. Then everything changed. But the hardest thing was to be down there. Buried for two months.” The men were trapped on Aug 5 by a huge rock collapse inside the mine and they had been almost given up for dead before a probe sent down through a narrow bore hole struck lucky on Aug 22. In that agonizing interim, when each man had to make do with a tiny spoonful of tinned tuna or salmon each day, they faced the mounting terror they would die in the mine. “We were waiting for death,” miner Richard Villarroel said as he was interviewed by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, The Washington Post and local Chilean media. “We were wasting away. We were so skinny. I lost 26 pounds. I was afraid of not meeting my baby, who is on the way. That was what I was most waiting for.” Once the rescue effort began the men could finally joke about some of their darkest fears, including cannibalism, Villarroel said. “Once help came it became a topic of joking, but only once it was over, once they found us.”—Agencies

TATEV, Armenia: Armenia yesterday launched the world’s longest cable car line, a 5.7-km engineering feat that spans a spectacular gorge to the country’s ancient Tatev monastery. Gathered in Armenia’s southern mountains near the border with Iran, guests including President Serzh Sarkisian and the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Karekin II, took part as the cable car link launched its first official voyage over the Vorotan River Gorge. The link will allow year-round access to Armenia’s ninth-century Tatev monastery complex, one of the country’s most important religious centres and a major tourist attraction. At the opening ceremony, Sarkisian said the link was of “exceptional importance for Tatev and the surrounding region” and praised the project for overcoming the many difficulties involved in construction. “This cable car line shows that even dreams that seem unrealistic can be realised with faith and purpose,” he said. Karekin II said the launch of the link was an important step in restoring access to “a centuries-old holy shrine which was a place of pilgrimage from apostolic times”. “Through its beauty and stunning construction the monastery at Tatev is among the exceptional creations of Armenian architecture which for centuries has been a vibrant centre of Armenian spiritual life, science and culture,” he said. The reversible cable car line cost $18 million with much of the funding coming from private donations, according to the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, which oversaw the project. It runs from the village of Halidzor near a highway connecting the Armenian capital Yerevan to the village of Tatev, within walking distance of the monastery. The cable car travels at a speed of 37 km per hour and a one-way journey takes 11 minutes. At its highest point over the gorge, the car travels 320 m above ground level. It has two cabins, each capable of carrying up to 25 passengers. Local residents will be able to ride the cable car for free while others will have to pay 3,000 Armenian drams (eight dollars) An impoverished ex-Soviet republic bordering Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Armenia is keen to develop its tourism industry, showcasing its his-

from the mine, leaving the four men stuck some 150 m below ground in the Casa Negra mine. A government crisis committee said rescuers had managed to remove enough of the rock and earth blocking the tunnel to “inject air into the area where the miners are” through two access holes. News that the men were trapped came shortly after Chile completed its historic, successful rescue of 33 miners who had been stuck underground in the San Jose mine for a record period of nearly 10 weeks. Emergency workers and officials in Ecuador acknowledged yesterday they had not been able to make contact with the men and were unable to confirm whether any or all of them were alive or had been injured in the accident. “Up until now, we have had no communication whatsoever,” deputy mining minister Jorge Espinosa told AFP. President Rafael Correa said an electronic probe with a camera was being flown by helicopter to the mine to see if it could be used to make contact with the miners.

Authorities have named the missing men as group leader Walter Vera, his brother Angel Vera, Pedro Mendoza, and Paul Aguirre. Espinosa stressed that “the rescue work is continuing as planned and we are very close to reaching” the area where the miners are thought to be trapped. Officials “have great hope that the miners are alive,” he added. “We think that there is sufficient space for them to survive.” The local civil defense office was more circumspect in its assessment of the situation. “The mine does not contain any internal communications system and so we cannot confirm if they are alive,” said local coordinator Marco Reinoso. Reinoso told AFP earlier that rescue workers were proceeding on two fronts one to get oxygen to the trapped men, and the other to tunnel an escape route for the four miners. On the second front, “we have gotten through five meters and we have three more to go” to reach the men through the rocks and earth that have blocked their exit, said Fabian Garces, an engineer with Minesadco, the Ecuadoran company that owns the mine.

Maria del Pilar Cornejo, a government risk management official, said from the scene that it would take at least another 24 hours to reach the men because more than 200 tons of rock and earth must be removed. The men are trapped at the fifth level of the mine, and are believed to be in a gallery about 60 m wide and two meters high. The gold and silver mine employs around 100 people. It is located close to the town of Portovelo in El Oro province, some 405 km from the capital Quito, near Ecuador’s border with Peru. As rescue workers resumed their work yesterday, they filed before an image of the patron saint of miners, removing their helmets and crossing themselves, asking for protection and success. Nearby, relatives of the four men waited anxiously for any news of their loved ones. “We trust God, because with God nothing is impossible,” said Filomena, the aunt of Walter and Angel Vera. Alicia Reyes, another relative of the Vera brothers, said she had begun to “fear the worst”. “It’s been more than 24 hours they’ve been down there,” she said. “We keep hoping, but so far nothing.” — AFP

Somalia surprise: Working govt, no gunfire Continued from Page 1 delegation from the UN, EU, World Bank and African Development Bank earlier this week. A six-storey cement building dominates this city’s skyline. Once completed, it will house the headquarters of a money transfer company that operates in 144 countries. Yet Somaliland is bathed in poverty. Huts fashioned from scrap metal and wrapped in plastic sheeting dot the capital, crammed full of the internally displaced. Rusted cars are heaped in a jumble. Discarded plastic bags snag on cacti growing in the sandy ground. Goats and sheep wander the streets, seeking shade from the afternoon sun. Since his June election, Silanyo has tapped Somaliland’s diaspora to recruit US- and British-educated technocrats to run the country. He slashed the size of his Cabinet, instilling confidence in the international community about the way he will run Somaliland, an area the size of North Carolina with 3.5 million people. The successful election and the new government’s serious approach merit increased attention, said Mark Bowden, the top UN humanitarian representative for Somalia. Somaliland became independent in 1960 before joining Somalia only days later. Because no country has yet recognized its 1991 declaration of re-independence, the world community sees it as part of Somalia. Business leaders at a trade fair in Hargeisa this week said the lack of recognition creates impediments to economic growth: No access to credit, high insurance rates on imported shipping, severely restricted ability to travel. Despite the poverty and restrictions, the government has capable, educated leaders who are infusing the town with a can-do

spirit. Dahabshiil, the money transfer company building the six-storey headquarters, facilitates the transfer of $1 billion from Somaliland’s overseas diaspora. And many of those diaspora’s leaders are returning here. Hussein Bulhan, a Harvard-educated former professor at Boston University, is the president of Hargeisa University. He believes the US should take notice and invest more. “Following Sept 11, the focus has become fighting terrorism,” said Bulhan. “Too much focus has been put into putting out fires instead of building the peace.” Johnnie Carson, the top US diplomat for Africa, announced last month that the US is trying a new, two-track approach to Somalia that will see continued support of the Mogadishu government but also direct engagement with Somaliland and neighboring Puntland, another autonomous region. More American diplomats and aid workers will travel to Somaliland, Carson said. USAID, the US government aid arm, dedicated $7 million to Somaliland in fiscal year 2009. In 2010 that number is rising to $26 million. “Where you have pockets of stability and pockets of people willing to actively contribute to develop the country as a whole, it just makes sense to develop their capacity,” said a US Embassy spokesman in Kenya who was not allowed to be identified because of State Department rules. Bowden, the UN official, said Somaliland gets about $80 million to $100 million a year in aid money, but that the number could double. Somaliland’s trade fair highlighted the region’s soap makers, tile makers and university offerings. Saeed Odugheal, 40, grew up in Britain but now owns a water bottling company here. “Somaliland is Africa’s best kept secret,”

new hotels and new jobs and so that the young people who have been leaving for Russia or other countries will instead stay home and work here,” said Armais Minosian, an 80-year-old local villager. The cable car is part of a $50-million public-private effort to develop tourism at Tatev and in the surrounding region, one of the traditional 15 provinces of the

ancient Kingdom of Armenia. The project has also seen the government renovate 26 km of the highway from Yerevan to Tatev and the restoration of parts of the monastery complex. The Sandia Peak cable car in the US state of New Mexico, which runs 4.3 km, had previously billed itself as the world’s longest cable car line. — AFP

OMAHA, Nebraska: A two-month-old male Francois langur monkey is held tight while being groomed by his mother, Lynn, at the Henry Doorly Zoo Friday. Francois langurs are leaf-eating monkeys found in tropical Asia. They are born bright orange, and darken as they mature. — AP

US women soldiers to get new uniforms

Work on to reach 4 Ecuador miners Continued from Page 1

tory as the first country to have adopted Christianity. Residents said they hoped the new link would help restore the economy of the local area, which like much of rural Armenia has suffered from deep poverty and an exodus of young people looking elsewhere for work. “I hope the opening of this cable car will help revive tourism so that there are

he said. “What I want to see is a hell of a lot more development money. People talk about creating a democracy. This is a democracy. It’s only right to support a country like that.” Carson said the US will not recognize Somaliland as independent because the African Union will not do so. Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed A Omar acknowledged that the AU is afraid that if Somaliland is recognized, other regions might clamor for the same. But he said Somaliland’s situation is unique. “We are not starting a new nation. We have been a nation before,” said Omar, who holds a doctorate in political science from Britain’s University of Birmingham. “We voluntarily joined with Somalia in 1960. We are withdrawing from that union.” Omar said the region would like to share intelligence with the West and receive more direct security aid, adding that the region has a strong record of fighting piracy and terrorism. Hargeisa was hit by a suicide bomb attack in 2008. “Somaliland has been attacked by terrorists not only because they hate us, what I think what they are attacking is the principles and values we stand for, which is democracy,” Omar said. “These are universal values that have been attacked. We need universal support and universal defense in order to defend those values.” Somaliland’s minister of mining, energy and water resources traded a six-figure job in Los Angeles for his new role. He said without $40 million in repairs, Hergeisa’s water system could collapse. The minister, Hussein Abdi Dualeh, urged the international community to switch its focus from Mogadishu to Somaliland. “The aid we get here won’t be torn up by shrapnel,” he said. — AP

Continued from Page 1 when having well-fitting clothing in extreme environments can suddenly prove critical. The woman’s ACU is “definitely a first for the army,” said Mary Harwood, a so-called human factors engineer for the US Army who played a key role in the difficult but key changes to the khaki and digitized camouflage uniforms. They have made “adjustments to fit the anthropomorphic measurement of the body”, she added. What women troops will find is a garment far more accommodating of the female form. Among the key changes are

the addition of vents in back that provide space for a woman’s bust; narrowing of the shoulders; replacement of trouser drawstrings with elastic waistbands; adjustment of waist-to-hip ratios; and alterations to the front and back rise. Or, as Harwood conceded in language only a fashionista could love: “more material... to accommodate the buttocks.” Other changes include a lengthening of the coat over the hips, and repositioning of rank insignias, sleeve pockets, and elbow and knee patches. The army said feedback from soldiers complaining that the ACU “does not properly fit most females” prompted the new design, and that preliminary tests

showed the uniforms are “less bulky, more comfortable, economical and have improved aesthetics for female soldiers”. The ACU is the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform, or BDU, which the US military had assigned its troops from 1981 until 2005. Robinson said at first she was concerned that the uniform “was going to be too tight, and unnecessarily cling to a woman’s figure”. But the major quickly warmed to the idea of trading in her unisex ACU for more form-fitting fatigues that make her feel like a professional soldier. “I’m not wearing my brother’s pants, I’m wearing something made for me.” — AFP

Mine blast in China kills 21 Continued from Page 1 media had joined the breathless global coverage of the Chilean mine rescue, and some in China asked whether their own officials would make as much of an effort in a similar disaster, and be just as open about the progress of rescue efforts. The test came quickly for China, whose mining industry is the most dangerous in the world. China Central Television’s news channel had an excited live broadcast from the mine early in the afternoon, but then did not mention the accident for several hours, and there was no word of it on the main TV evening news. A report later in the evening consisted mostly of information from the state news agency read by an announcer, suggesting that authorities had decided to limit reporting on the accident and rescue efforts. China’s mining industry is the most dangerous in the world - with 2,600 people killed in accidents last year - and the country’s leaders have been making a high-pro-

file push in recent years to improve mine safety. Premier Wen Jiabao has even ordered mining bosses into the mines with their workers or else risk severe punishment. Yesterday’s blast at the state-run Pingyu Coal & Electric Co Ltd mine happened as workers were drilling a hole to release pressure from a gas buildup to decrease the risk of explosions, according to the work safety administration. State media say another gas blast at the same mine two years ago killed 23 people. In the latest blast, 276 workers were in the mine when the explosion happened and 239 escaped, according to the state work safety administration. The mine in the city of Yuzhou is a couple of hours outside the Henan provincial capital of Zhengzhou and about 690 km south of Beijing. Internet chatrooms - a rare platform for relatively open debate in Communistcontrolled China - slammed the country’s safety record after the Chilean rescues. Some state media editorials said China

should learn from the better training and safety systems of the Chilean miners. Many Chinese miners are ill-trained migrant workers toiling in pits where even basic safety is ignored. China had its own stunning mine rescue earlier this year, when 115 miners were pulled from a flooded mine in the northern province of Shanxi after more than a week underground. The miners survived by eating sawdust, tree bark, paper and even coal. Some strapped themselves to the walls of the shafts with their belts to avoid drowning while they slept. Mining fatalities decreased in recent years as China closed many illegal mines, but deaths increased in the first half of this year. At least 515 people have been killed nationwide in coal mines alone. An unknown number of illegal mines still exist to profit from the fast-growing e c o n o m y ’ s h u g e a p p e t i t e f o r p o w e r. China’s economy remains reliant on coal for about two-thirds of its energy needs. — Agencies

Iraqi firms now making music instead of bombs Continued from Page 1 interested in the processes of simulation, scan and x-ray control,” said Hussein, explaining that personnel were retrained and the factory reopened in 2008, turning the page on its military past. Now it is banking its fortunes on a bomb-disposal robot, proudly claiming that the machine, which left the factory only two months ago and was unveiled at the fair, was entirely made in Iraq. “There is keen demand because of the (insurgent) attacks and because our product is much less expensive than that of the Americans,” Hussein said. Before Saddam’s fall there were 42 companies under the ministry of military industries, employing nearly 50,000 people. But Bremer’s Authority Order Number 75, issued in April 2004 a little more than a year after the invasion, commanded the “reconstitution of such companies for peaceful and resourceful uses.” Since then, all armament for Iraq’s 800,000 soldiers and police has been

bought abroad, particularly from the United States. The Al-Ikhaa company, founded in 1984 when Iraq was mid-way into its eight-year war with Iraq, also made a successful turnaround from producing heavy ar tiller y and militar y binoculars. “We earned a lot of money at the time because armaments were a priority for Saddam Hussein, but later it was obviously necessary to seek other avenues” of income, said Amer Eid, a 50-year-old engineer at the company, which is based close to the SunniMuslim stronghold of Fallujah west of Baghdad. Closed for several months after the invasion, the factory employing 3,800 people reopened in 2004 to produce filters, spare parts for cement factories, water-purifying machines, microscopes and, recently, gas butane cylinders. “I believe that we are past our (financial) problems and will begin to make profits this year,” he said, hinting at the difficulties of the transition. The Noaman company also made a spectacular turnaround, going from mak-

ing cluster-bomb casings and ammunition to sprinkler pipes. Salahaldin, established in 1980 under the supervision of French electronics giant Thomson and which made radars and military communications equipment and was even implicated in Iraq’s nuclear programme until 1990, was also able to reinvent itself. With $8.5 million from the ministry of industry, the factory in Tikrit, north of Baghdad and the cradle of Saddam’s tribal roots, now produces electricity poles, circuit-breakers and transformers. Companies once accused of making chemical weapons now make fertilisers. “Only the very specialised companies which manufactured guns, grenades or explosives did not make a successful reconversion,” said Eid. Opening the fair on Monday, Industry Minister Fawzi Hariri said he wished to see “national industrial production increased, not to depend on imports”. But with industry accounting for only 10 percent of gross domestic product and oil contributing a sizeable 65 percent, Iraq still has a long way to go. — AFP


Sunday, October 17, 2010


NHL results/standings NHL results and standings on Friday. Colorado 3, New Jersey 2; Toronto 4, NY Rangers 3 (OT); Pittsburgh 3, NY Islanders 2 (OT); Chicago 5, Columbus 2; Montreal 2, Buffalo 1; Atlanta 5, Anaheim 4 (SO); Los Angeles 4, Vancouver 1. (OT indicates overtime win, SO = shootout win) Eastern Conference Atlantic Division W L OTL GF GA PTS Philadelphia 2 1 1 10 9 5 NY Islanders 1 1 2 13 14 4 Pittsburgh 2 3 0 13 13 4 NY Rangers 1 1 1 13 13 3 New Jersey 1 3 1 9 17 3 Northeast Division Toronto 4 0 0 16 9 8 Montreal 2 1 1 10 10 5 Ottawa 1 2 1 7 12 3 Buffalo 1 3 1 9 14 3 Boston 1 1 0 5 5 2 Southeast Division Tampa Bay 3 0 0 12 8 6 Washington 3 1 0 14 9 6 Carolina 2 1 0 8 7 4 Atlanta 2 2 0 13 14 4 Florida 1 2 0 6 5 2 Western Conference Central Division Nashville 3 0 0 11 6 6 Detroit 2 1 1 12 11 5 Chicago 2 2 1 16 15 5 St. Louis 2 1 0 10 6 4 Columbus 1 2 0 7 10 2 Northwest Division Colorado 3 1 0 14 13 6 Edmonton 2 1 0 9 6 4 Minnesota 1 1 1 8 8 3 Vancouver 1 2 1 7 11 3 Calgary 1 2 0 3 8 2 Pacific Division Dallas 3 0 0 13 8 6 Los Angeles 3 1 0 10 6 6 San Jose 1 0 1 5 5 3 Anaheim 1 3 1 10 21 3 Phoenix 1 1 0 5 5 2 Note: Overtime losses (OTL) are worth one point in the standings and are not included in the loss column (L).

ANAHEIM: Anthony Stewart No.22 of the Atlanta Thrashers is pursued by Kyle Chipchura No.28 of the Anaheim Ducks in the third period at Honda Center. —AP

Leafs down Rangers to stay unbeaten NEW YORK: The undefeated Toronto Maple Leafs bounced back from a blown third-period lead to beat New York 4-3 in overtime on Friday, spoiling the Rangers NHL season home opener. Just 20 seconds after Rangers defenseman Marc Staal went off for interference, Phil Kessel scored his second goal of the game at 3:08 of overtime to ensure Toronto remained the early-season pacemaker. Clarke MacArthur, who signed with Toronto as a free agent during the offseason, became the first player to score in his first four games with the Maple Leafs. His fifth goal

of the season started a spurt of three Toronto goals in quick succession in the second that turned a 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 lead. Mike Komisarek and Kessel also scored in the second for Toronto, which is 4-0 for the first time since the Leafs won 10 straight to open the 1993-94 season. The Rangers got two goals from Brian Boyle in the third to force overtime and salvage a point. Michael Rozsival scored New York’s opener. Kings 4, Canucks 1 In Los Angeles, the hosts avenged their first-round playoff loss by beating Vancouver. Jonathan

Quick made 25 saves, and captain Dustin Brown scored two third-period goals for the Kings. Jarret Stoll and Justin Williams also scored for LA. Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin scored his fourth goal of the young season. A year after setting Los Angeles’ franchise record for victories by a goalie, Quick has allowed just three goals in his first three starts. Avalanche 3, Devils 2 In Newark, Craig Anderson made 41 saves to help Colorado hold off New Jersey. Anderson had 17 of his saves in a one-sided first period. Chris Stewart had a goal and an

assist, and tough-guy Cody McLeod and T.J. Galiardi added goals for the Avalanche. Devils’ rookie Matt Taormina scored his first NHL goal and assisted on Ilya Kovalchuk’s third-period tally. Canadiens 2, Sabres 1 In Buffalo, Carey Price made 22 saves as Montreal edged Buffalo. Alexandre Picard and Josh Gorges scored for the Canadiens. Derek Roy scored for the Sabres, who have dropped four straight - all at home since a season-opening win at Ottawa. Before Roy’s third-period goal, the Sabres hadn’t scored in 118 minutes, 55 seconds.

Penguins 3, Islanders 2 In Pittsburgh, Alex Goligoski scored on a power play at 1:51 of overtime to lift Pittsburgh over New York. Goligoski’s shot just under the crossbar from the left circle, giving Pittsburgh its first power-play goal of the game after seven unsuccessful tries. Eric Tangradi scored his first career goal and Mike Rupp also scored for the Penguins. Josh Bailey and Radek Martinek scored for the Islanders, who have lost nine consecutive games in Pittsburgh. Blackhawks 5, Blue Jackets 2 In Columbus, Patrick Sharp

broke open a one-goal game with two second-period scores for Chicago in the win over Columbus. Blackhawks goalie Marty Turco followed a mediocre performance in his first two games with 30 saves. Marian Hossa and Tomas Kopecky each added a goal and an assist and Viktor Stalberg also scored. RJ Umberger’s short-handed goal drew Columbus to 2-1 early in the second period, but Sharp countered with his second and third goals of the season, the first also coming short-handed. Kristian Huselius added a goal in new Columbus’ coach Scott Arniel’s home debut.

Yankees rally to defeat Rangers ARLINGTON: The New York Yankees scored five runs in the eighth inning and then held off a threatened Texas comeback to beat the Rangers 6-5 on Friday in the opening game of the American Leaguc Championship Series. The Rangers had built a 5-0 lead and looked like finally winning their first ever home playoff game but New York had other ideas. Robinson Cano hit a solo homer in the seventh to begin the Yankees’ comeback. In the eighth, Brett Gardner’s headfirst dive for an infield hit started the big rally. Texas threatened in the ninth against ace Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, putting a runner on second with one out. But Rivera struck out Michael Young and retired Josh Hamilton on a grounder to end the game. New York has won 10 consecutive postseason games against the Rangers, who were knocked out of the playoffs by the Yankees in their only three previous playoffs appearances (1996, 1998 and 1999). Texas — which won the AL Division Series over Tampa Bay with three road wins and two home losses — is 0-7 in home playoff games, five of those losses to the Yankees. The Yankees became the first team to win a postseason game after trailing by at least four runs in the eighth since the 2005 Houston Astros, according to STATS LLC. Hamilton’s three-run homer off CC Sabathia in the first put Texas ahead, and only a fortunate bounce on what could’ve been a bases-loaded wild pitch later in the inning

stopped the Rangers from getting more. Texas’ CJ Wilson, the crafty lefty reliever-turned starter, blanked the Yankees through six innings before Cano’s homer started things going awfully wrong for the Rangers. Gardner, the speedy ninthplace hitter, led off the eighth with an infield hit and Derek Jeter followed with an RBI double to end the night for Wilson. Darren Oliver, the only player who had been in a playoff game with Texas before this season, came in with a 5-2 lead and walked the only two batters he faced. New York’s Alex Rodriguez, who had already struck out twice and made a fielding error to the delight of his former Texas fans, hit a hard grounder that hopped over Young’s glove at third base. The single came against Darren O’Day, who faced only one batter and took the loss. Cano, who had homered an inning earlier, then had an RBI single off reliever Clay Rapada, who didn’t face another batter. Marcus Thames followed with the single off Derek Holland that drove home A-Rod. Dustin Moseley, the second of four Yankees’ relievers, struck out four in his two perfect innings. Mariano Rivera worked the ninth for his 42nd career postseason save, extending his major league record. He has allowed only one earned run over his past 21 postseason appearances (28 innings). New York pitcher Phil Hughes wast to start Game 2 for the Yankees yesterday against Colby Lewis. —AP

Thrashers 5, Ducks 4 In Anaheim, Anthony Stewart completed his first career hat trick with a tying power-play goal that was upheld by video replay late in the third period, and Atlanta went on to beat Anaheim in a shootout. Stewart, who had only four goals in 105 games entering this season and none this campaign, got the equalizer with 5:22 left in regulation. Chris Thorburn also scored in regulation for Atlanta, and Nigel Dawes had the lone shootout score. Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Toni Lydman scored for Anaheim. —AP

Patrick commits to NASCAR 2011 races

ARLINGTON: CC Sabathia No. 52 of the New York Yankees tags out Nelson Cruz No. 17 of the Texas Rangers at the plate in Game One of the ALCS during the 2010 MLB Playoffs at Rangers Ballpark. —AP

CONCORD: JR Motorsports has signed Danica Patrick for the first four 2011 races in NASCAR’s second-tier Nationwide Series, and the rest of her schedule will depend on her IndyCar commitments. Team co-owner Kelley Earnhardt said Friday that Patrick will run at Daytona, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Bristol next season. It will be her first trip to Bristol’s bullring. “That will be kind of neat for her to get to experience what NASCAR is all about and that’s basically going around Bristol,” said crew chief Tony Eury Jr. Patrick will take a break from NASCAR after Bristol to concentrate on the IndyCar schedule through the Indianapolis 500 in May. She’ll then resume Nationwide racing that will be coordinated with her IndyCar commitments. Earnhardt said Patrick can run up to 14 races in the No. 7 Chevrolet, but the car will run the full season. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected to run four races in the car. “I know we’re all anxious to get the whole schedule put in place, but I’m extremely excited to be able to confirm our participation in the first four races,” Patrick said. “We’ll have four extremely challenging and unique races to start our 2011 season, and I’m anxious to return to a lot of those tracks with at least a little bit of familiarity.” Patrick said she knows at some point next season she’ll have to make a decision about her commitment to NASCAR. The race Friday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway was the ninth of 13 scheduled Nationwide races this season. She ended the IndyCar season two weeks ago, finishing 10th in the final standings. “We haven’t made all of those decisions, 2012 is a little up in the air and it depends on the opportunities, where I could run, what Kelley is doing, what’s happening at JR Motorsports, what’s happening on the sponsorship side,” Patrick said. “If something doesn’t come together, I’d run IndyCar. There’s a lot of things up in the air right now. We’ll see where my heart goes and where the opportunities are.” —AP



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steelers get set for Roethlisberger’s return LOS ANGELES: Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger returns from suspension for his first appearance of the season while two Super Bowl favorites will battle each other to avoid a dismal 1-4 start in NFL action this weekend. The Steelers, who held together during Roethlisberger’s four-game suspension with solid defensive play, host a struggling Cleveland Browns team that is expected to give rookie quarterback Colt McCoy his first league start. Roethlisberger, who was suspended following accusations of sexual assault, rejoined the Steelers on Oct. 4 ahead of their bye week and has reportedly been sharp in team practice. Pittsburgh won their first three games of the season before suffering their only loss, a 17-14 defeat by the Baltimore Ravens after a last-minute

touchdown. Before the season began, the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings were both considered among the favourites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. But whichever team comes up short in Sunday’s matchup will slip to 1-4 and need a string of victories thereafter to get their season back on track. The Vikings have listed starting quarterback Brett Favre as questionable for the game, jeopardizing his NFL record of 289 consecutive regularseason starts. Dallas, bidding to become the first team to play in their home stadium in the Super Bowl, are coming off a 34-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans while the Vikings fell 29-20 to the New York Jets on Monday.

New York will put their much vaunted defense and rushing attack to the test when they bid to win a third successive game on the road against Kyle Orton and the Denver Broncos today. The AFC East-leading Jets have not started a season 3-0 on the road since 2001 and they face a tough task in the rarefied heights of Denver against the NFL’s top-ranked passing attack. A further question mark for New York hangs over the fitness of their All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis who was listed as questionable for Sunday with a lingering hamstring strain. “He’s either healthy enough to play or he’s not,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said on Friday. “We’ll have a light practice and then we’ll go from there. I’ve been impressed with the way he’s looked the past couple days. We’ll see what hap-

pens when we get out there.” Revis strained his right hamstring on Sept. 19 and missed the next two games before returning for Monday’s victory over Minnesota. He has since described his leg as “very sore” and was only able to practise on a limited basis this week. However, Revis was the only fitness concern for a 4-1 Jets who, with running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene setting the tone, lead the league in rushing yards per game. “We’re built to run the football,” Ryan said. “We don’t care if you know it’s coming or not. That’s part of our philosophy and our mentality, that you can put (defenders) down there if you want, but we’re still going to run it, and we’re going to be successful at running it. That’s what we

do.” The Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, who lie third in the NFC South after a shaky 3-2 start, face a daunting challenge when they visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. While the struggling Saints were beaten 30-20 by the Arizona Cardinals last week, the upbeat Buccaneers came from behind to stun the Cincinnati Bengals 24-21 for their third win in four games. Among the other games on Sunday are the Baltimore Ravens (4-1), who visit the New England Patriots (3-1) and the Philadelphia Eagles (3-2), who host the Atlanta Falcons (4-1). The Kansas City Chiefs (3-1), who surrendered the NFL’s last unbeaten record with their 19-9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, visit the Houston Texans (3-2). — Reuters

Mediate tightens grip

SAN MARTIN: Rocco Mediate makes a tee shot on the 10th hole during the second round of the Open at the CordeValle Golf Club. — AP

Molinari roars into contention VILAMOURA: A flawless 10-birdie round of 62 catapulted Ryder Cup Italian Francesco Molinari into Portugal Masters contention in exhilarating fashion on Friday. Molinari had been so upset with himself after carding a two-over 74 in the first round he said he felt kicking a door. Instead he bettered his career-best score by a stroke to come within a shot of the Oceanica Victoria course record. His birdie blitz left him still five strokes behind the halfway leader Maarten Lafeber, but Molinari said he now felt composed enough to record his second tour victory. “Two-over yesterday was just too bad to be true when I knew I was striking the ball so well,” the Italian told reporters. “I didn’t kick the door but I felt like doing it. “The mind just wasn’t ready to play golf. It was just lack of focus. The Ryder Cup was very tiring and I should have taken last week off. “But now I have my mindset back.” A splendid day on the greens, in which he took only 25

putts, helped Molinari up the leader board. While he soared, former US Open champion Michael Campbell crumbled yet again. The 41year-old 2005 major winner was full of optimism he could make only his second cut in 18 starts this year but a disastrous finish ended the New Zealander’s chance of weekend action. With just two holes to go Campbell was in a position to qualify for the last two rounds but double bogeys on both resulted in a five-over 77 to leave him level-par. The cut came at a staggering four-under 140, only two worse than the all-time tour record. Leader Lafeber, looking for a long-awaited second tour title to go with his home Dutch Open in 2003, included an eagle-two at the second on his way to a 67 to lie 13-under, a twoshot advantage over Finn Mikko Ilonen (68). Portuguese Jose-Filipe Lima cheered his home supporters with a 64 to share third place, three off the lead, with Frenchman Raphael Jacquelin (67). — Reuters

PORTUGAL: Maarten Lafeber of Netherlands salutes supporters during the third round of the Portugal Masters Golf Tournament. — AP

SAN JOSE: Rocco Mediate edged closer to his first PGA Tour victory in eight years by grabbing a three-shot lead in Friday’s second round of the Open in San Martin. A stroke in front of the chasing pack overnight, Tour veteran Mediate fired a sparkling six-underpar 65 for a 13-under total of 129 at CordeValle Golf Club. The 47-year-old American needed a total of only 23 putts as he ended a sunny day three ahead of Japan’s Ryuji Imada, who carded a 67. Former world number one David Duval fired a bogey-free 65 to lie four shots off the pace, level with fellow American Dean Wilson (64). US Ryder Cup player Rickie Fowler (65) and Swede Henrik Stenson (67) were among a group of five bunched at eight under in the third of five events in the PGA Tour’s Fall Series. Mediate, who won the most recent of his five Tour titles at the 2002 Greater Greensboro Classic, was delighted to be in a good position to end his victory drought on the U.S. circuit. “I want it,” he told reporters. “I want to be able to go out tomorrow and see what I got. I like to have attention, but I just want to see what I can do out there. I can’t wait.” Having opened with a blistering 64 that included a hole-in-one, Mediate experienced a measure of self-imposed pressure overnight in his bid to maintain form. “Starting out this morning, I was a bit nervy for sure because you just want to go out and try to shoot (a good number),” he said. “Did I think I was going to shoot six or seven under? No. “You never think that’s going to happen, but, of course, I want it to. The human factor kicked in a little bit. But it was good. My game was solid all day.” Mediate drained a monster 40-foot putt at the par-five 12th for his first birdie of the day after playing the back nine first. Out in three-under 33, he conjured another magical shot when he holed out with a seven-iron from 158 yards to eagle the par-four fourth. “I hit it a foot or two to the right of the pin, there is a slope out there and it kicked up a little bit,” Mediate said. “One of the marshals was standing by the ropes and he is walking it down going: ‘Go, go, go’. It was pretty cool.” The cut fell at level-par 142 with former major winners Trevor Immelman of South Africa and Americans Mark Brooks and Tom Lehman among those missing out. Meanwhile, tour rookies Gwladys Nocera and Beatriz Recari each shot a 6-under 66 on Friday and were tied for the lead after the second round of the CVS/pharmacy LPGA Challenge, taking advantage of a rough day for Brittany Lincicome. Recari had an eagle and five birdies over her final 10 holes to get to 10-under 134. Nocera finished with seven birdies. Amy Hung was alone in third at 9 under. Michele Redman, Wendy Ward, Stacy Lewis and Ilhee Lee were at 136. Lincicome, who shot a blistering 11-under 61 on Thursday to build a four-stroke lead, struggled off the tee all afternoon and shot a 76 that left her at 7 under. She had four bogeys and a triple bogey. A 10-time winner on the European Tour before joining the LPGA, the 35-year-old Nocera overcame a rough start to match her best round of the season. The Frenchwoman tied for 66th at last week’s Navistar Classic and had broken par only once in 10 rounds before shooting a 68 on Thursday. Friday’s 66 was the best score of the round and had her alone atop the leaderboard before Recari’s late charge. Nocera shared the lead despite starting her day with a bogey on the par-4, 383-yard first hole. She parred the next two holes then picked up birdies on five of the next six. After making the turn at 8 under, Nocera birdied Nos. 13 and 15 to inch closer to the lead while Lincicome was sliding back to the pack. Recari, meanwhile, was 1 over through her first eight holes before picking up five strokes over the next four holes. That included an eagle on the par-5, 475-yard 11th. The 23-year-old Spaniard had a chance to overtake Nocera but missed a long birdie putt on 18. Lincicome, who has three career LPGA Tour titles, fought her driver all day. She pulled several tee shots left and had to scramble just to save par on some holes. Lincicome’s luck ran out after she birdied the par-5 11th to move to 12 under. She bogeyed the next two holes to fall into a tie with Nocera before carding a seven on the par-4, 390-yard 14th. She hit her tee shot into the sand, then went into a hazard before three-putting. Defending champion Sophie Gustafson shot even par for the second straight day and is at 144, one stroke above the cut. Cristie Kerr, who needs to finish second or better to overtake Ai Miyazato as the No. 1ranked player in the world, is seven shots off the pace at 141. She shot a 68 that included an eagle on No. 11. — AP

DHAKA: New Zealand cricket team captain Daniel Vettori plays a shot during a training session at the Sher-e Bangla national stadium in preparation for the final one-day-international (ODI) cricket match against Bangladesh. — AFP

Pakistan cricket comes under pressure after ICC warning KARACHI: Top former Pakistan cricket officials yesterday slammed the ICC after the sport’s governing body warned the local board needs to take extraordinary measures to avoid sanctions over alleged corruption. The International Cricket Council Wednesday issued a strict warning to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to implement a series of measures to solve problems faced by the country’s cricket or risk sanctions. “PCB must act and be seen to be acting to uphold the zero-tolerance attitude to corruption in sport and conduct a thorough review of players’ integrity, educate them, implement a process and introduce an anti-corruption code in their domestic cricket,” the ICC said in a statement after their two-day board meeting in Dubai. “If the PCB fails to carry out the above to the satisfaction of the board within the next 30 days, the board will consider what further action (including, if appropriate, sanctions) is required in the circumstances,” it said. Pakistan cricket has been rocked by allegations of spot-fixing in the national team’s recent tour of

England, resulting in two separate inquiries. The ICC ruled Wednesday there was no evidence of spot-fixing in the third one-day international between Pakistan and England last month but another inquiry, relating to the Lord’s Test against England in August, is pending. Three players-Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohamnmad Aamer-were provisionally suspended by the ICC after the trio was alleged to have taken money from a bookmaker to deliberately bowl no-balls in the Test. Former ICC president Ehsan Mani said the warning was insulting. “It is damning,” Mani told AFP. “It means that the ICC has publicly called that the PCB has to regain the confidence of the ICC, and put them under pressure to take serious steps.” Mani said the PCB should have sought an apology from the ICC after they found no evidence of spot-fixing in the Oval match. “ICC hastily took action on a newspaper report,” said Mani, referring to the tip off in British tabloid The Sun that Pakistan’s scoring pattern in the Oval match was

Ward to face Bika outside of Super Six tournament NEW YORK: Andre Ward will defend his WBA super middleweight title against Sakio Bika as part of a doubleheader on No. 27 in Oakland, California. Ward was supposed to face former Olympic teammate Andre Dirrell in the final group-stage match of the Super Six World Boxing Classic, but Dirrell pulled out because of headaches and dizziness stemming from his disqualification victory against Arthur Abraham in March. In the opener of the doubleheader, Abraham will face Carl Froch for the vacant WBC title in their Super Six match at the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. The Super Six is a modified round-robin tournament that began with six fighters, with each earning points based on the outcome of three guaranteed fights — two points for a victory, one point for a draw and a bonus point for a knockout. The four fighters with the most points would advance to

seeded semifinals scheduled for early next year. That plan has been thrown into chaos by injuries and withdrawals by half of the field. Ward’s fight against Bika in Oakland is not part of the Super Six. Instead, he’ll get two points from Dirrell’s forfeit, giving him a tournamentleading six and ensuring his place in the semifinals. Abraham and Froch also have semifinal spots, barring any more injuries. Abraham has three points and Froch has two, while Allan Green and Glen Johnson are scoreless. Those two meet Nov. 6 in the third group-stage match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Green was a replacement for Jermain Taylor after the first round of fights, while Johnson replaced Mikkel Kessler after the second series of bouts. That means the winner of their fight is assured of joining Ward, Abraham and Froch in the semifinals, with only the seeding left to be determined. — AP

pre-arranged with the book-makers. “ICC should have the courtesy to apologise to the Pakistan players and the PCB,” he said. “Since the PCB’s position was so undermined they cannot seek apology from the ICC,” said Mani, who was ICC president 20032006. Former PCB chairman Khalid Mahmood said the ICC warning was an insult to Pakistan. “ICC warning is an insult to the whole nation,” Mahmood told AFP. “This step of the ICC is an evidence of inability and incompetence of the PCB officials and they have clearly mishandled the whole situation.” But Mahmood said the ICC was not justified in warning Pakistan. “ICC has cleared Pakistan of any corruption in the Oval one-day, Scotland Yard has yet to level any charges on the Lord’s Test inquiry, under these circumstances the ICC warning is biased and unjustified.” Mahmood blamed the English media for creating problems for Pakistan cricket. “English media is ready to raise as much muck on Pakistan team, without analysing and without evidence,” he said. — AFP

Indian government to look into Delhi blunders — reports NEW DELHI: The Indian government has ordered a probe into allegations of graft and mismanagement that plagued the recent $6 billion Commonwealth Games, local newspapers quoted government officials as saying yesterday. An official familiar with developments told The Hindustan Times that the government is determined to hold officials to account for a botched build-up to the Games, that concluded on Thursday, that made headlines across the world. “Irregularities would not be glossed over,” Manish Tewari, spokesperson for the ruling Congress party told reporters. Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, widely blamed for a raft of blunders that marred preparations for the 12-day gathering, was not present at the Prime Minister’s residence to celebrate India’s gold medal winners on Saturday. Kalmadi was jeered at both the opening and closing ceremonies in the Indian capital despite the home nation’s successful showing that culminated with a second place finish in the medals table behind Australia. — Reuters


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rockets defeat Nets

ROTTERDAM: Romania’s Raluca Oana Haidu performs her floor exercice routine in the Women’s qualifying session at the 42nd the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. — AFP

China leads Romania in Worlds qualifying ROTTERDAM: China put in a strong performance in yesterday’s opening day of the World Championships which should see it easily through to the final of the women’s team event. The Chinese women needed a 5 a.m. wake-up call to be ready for Saturday’s first morning session, but with four members of the gold medal-winning team from the Beijing Olympics, their experience easily carried them through. They finished with 233.778 points, easily the best of the sessions so far. Despite two spills on the beam, Romania was in second place with 228.495, well ahead of Italy with 219.179. China’s He Kexin was outstanding on the uneven bars, and is the favorite to take gold on the apparatus to add to her Olympic and 2009 world title. Russia has its qualifying later Saturday while the US session is set for Sunday. The team final is Wednesday. Not everything went smoothly for China though. On the floor, Huang Qiushuang stepped out of bounds early and looked uncertain. On the beam, Sui Lu had to grab the beam briefly to regain her composure. “It is fine for the first outing. It is very hard,” considering the early start, China head coach Lu Shan Zhen said through a translator. Lu specifically lauded He for her sterling uneven bars routine, and sees it as a possible key to clinch gold in the finals on Wednesday. Lu said he expected the Americans to excel on

the floor, the Romanians to dominate the beam and Russians the vault, leaving the outcome of the first team world championships since 2007 evenly balanced. “The level of the teams is just about the same,” Lu said of the four nations. The beam didn’t look like Romania’s strong suit on Saturday when two of their gymnasts fell off. A scare for sure, but it will have little impact since the eight teams through the final will start from scratch again and all points from qualifying are scrapped. “It was psychology,” said Octavian Bellu, Romania’s most successful coach who has returned to the women’s team since this summer. He is not looking for immediate results, as he is already looking ahead to the 2012 London Olympics. So earning experience here is key, he said. “I am not satisfied. But I am never satisfied,” he said. Romania took bronze at the Beijing Games, where China won ahead of the United States. The team event was not held at the London world championships last year. With its strong showing in the individual allaround over the past few years, the US team will certainly be considered a strong challenger, but defending all-around champion Bridget Sloan will be limited to the uneven bars and floor only because she has struggled with ankle and shoulder injuries. Despite a shin inflammation, last year’s runner-up Rebecca Bross will compete in all four disciplines. — AP

Nissan GT-Rs ready for more action DUBAI: The FIA GT1 World Championship rolls into France this weekend, to the western tip of the glorious French Riviera for the midsummer event of 2010. The Paul Ricard circuit at Le Castellet plays host to the six manufacturers, 12 teams and 24 drivers who are fighting for glory in this inaugural season of ‘GT1 World’. The two Nissan GT-R teams: Swiss Racing Team and Sumo Power GT, are refreshed and ready for action after the traditional break in the season brought about by the Le Mans 24 Hours in June. The Sumo Power GT team headed to Snetterton last week to take advantage of the break and complete a two-day test. “I’m really happy with how things are going at Sumo Power GT,” commented Team Manager, Allen Orchard. “We have a new race engineer, Ian Smith, who is already working well within the team. He has a very methodical approach to engineering and I’m looking forward to seeing that in action at Ricard. We have just completed a thorough test at


Snetterton and we made good progress. Our target for Ricard is to get both of our Nissan GT-Rs up there this time.” Jamie Campbell-Walter and Warren Hughes, drivers of the No.22 Sumo Power GT Nissan GTR, are currently in sixth place in the driver’s championship, the highest-placed of the Nissan drivers. “Warren and I are in a pretty good position now so we need to make sure we score points at every round,” explained CampbellWalter. “Brno was tough for us but we were quick, even with the 40kgs of success ballast from Silverstone. The ballast has gone now so hopefully we will be competitive at Ricard. I’ve never actually raced there but I’ve done thousands of miles in testing, including two 24hour tests, so I know my way around! I think the Nissan GT-R will go well there as it has some long straights and some flowing corners, like Brno and Silverstone, which suit the car.” After a difficult start to the season, Swiss Racing Team has also made the most of the break,

focussing on the set up of its Nissan GT-Rs. “We have finally managed to get some breathing space and have had time to concentrate on the cars,” said Team Principal, Othmar Welti. “The first three races came very quickly after each other for us, especially after the crash at Silverstone left us with a lot of work to do to catch-up. Now though we have had time to run a small test where we worked a lot on the set up of the Nissan GTR. We have shown that we have the pace in the race so now we need to show it in qualifying. We tested at Ricard earlier in the year and I am feeling optimistic about this event.” Henri Moser, driver of the No.3 Swiss Racing Team Nissan GT-R, echoes Welti’s comments and can’t wait to get back on track at Ricard. “I’m very much looking forward to Ricard as I am confident we can be quicker there,” he said. “The team found some pace at Brno and has also tested there since and had the opportunity to improve the set up. We think that Ricard will be a good track for the Nissan GT-R.”

GUANGZHOU: Kevin Martin scored 16 points and Yao Ming added 10 in front of the home crowd yesterday to help the Houston Rockets beat the New Jersey Nets 95-85 in a preseason game. The game was a local showcase for Yao, who continues to ease back from foot surgery after sitting out last season. The center looked sharp under the basket with several deft hook shots during his 18 minutes on the court. When he wasn’t playing, he spent his time on the sideline riding an exercise bike. Yao finished 5 of 8 from the field and added five rebounds — enough to be named the game’s most valuable player. The crowd chanted his name as he was taken off with 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter. New Jersey’s Brook Lopez led all scorers with 20 points, while Anthony Morrow had 19 for the Nets. Houston had six players in double figures, as Aaron Brooks had 12, Brad Miller scored 11 while Shane Battier and Chase Budinger added 10 each. It was Miller’s first preseason game after spraining his ankle in September. The Rockets take on the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks in two more exhibitions back in the United States next week and then open the season on Oct. 26 against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Nets wrap up their preseason against the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics next week before opening against the Detroit Pistons on Oct. 27. Yesterday’s game marked the opening of the Guangzhou International Sports Arena. —AP

Stoner takes pole at home PHILLIP ISLAND: Australia’s Casey Stoner celebrated his 25th birthday by taking pole position at the Australian Grand Prix yesterday as riders struggled during a damp and gusty qualifying session. The Ducati rider delighted fans by clocking the fastest lap of one minute 30.107 seconds on the 4.45 km Phillip Island circuit before rain halted proceedings, giving himself every chance of clinching a fourth consecutive home victory. Newly crowned world champion Jorge Lorenzo briefly threatened to spoil Stoner’s party when he recorded the fastest lap with less than 15 minutes remaining in the session, but the Australian bettered the time twice to underscore his mastery of the circuit. Spain’s Lorenzo will start second on the grid for Sunday’s race with American Yamaha rider Ben Spies third. “It was a little bit hard conditions with the rain and that coming,” Stoner, who has won two of the last three rounds in a late-season revival, said in a televised interview. “It was pushing a lot more wind at the end of the session so we were lucky to even drop the lap times. “We were trying a few different things and got the rear of the bike to work a little bit smoother over the bumps but even then with that extra grip the bike still wanted to throw me off every chance it got.” After rain threatened to derail practice sessions, the sun emerged to dry sections of the track but not long enough to prevent crews working frantically in the pit with tyre changes and combinations. Spies, sixth in the championship standings, left the circuit early to watch proceedings and was pleasantly surprised to finish on the front row. “With these conditions it’s making it tough on everybody and luckily we got on the front row, I think it will make for a good race tomorrow,” said the season’s leading rookie, who will become Lorenzo’s team mate next season. Ducati riders Hector Barbera of Spain and American Nicky Hayden both crashed but emerged unscathed, while the usually buoyant Valentino Rossi was a picture of frustration after qualifying eighth. The Italian seven-time premier class champion struggled to post a fast lap on his Yamaha and after returning to the pit, was unable to improve on his time as the rain fell. —Reuters

CHINA: New Jersey Net’s Terrence Williams (left) attempts to score a basket against Houston Rockets’ Jared Jeffries during the Houston Rockets and New Jersey Nets game in the NBA China Games 2010 at the International Sports Arena in Guangzhou. —AFP

Kuwait Police soccer team comes fourth KUWAIT: Kuwait police soccer team took fourth place in Holland’s international police indoor soccer tournament in which 64 teams participated. In the quarter final round Kuwait’s team defeated Turkey 1-0, lost to Russia 2-1. Russia took first place, meanwhile Kuwait ended in

fourth place after losing to Montenegro in penalties shoot out. Croatia was third. Lt Colonel Nawaf Al-Marta was choosen as best player in the tournament. This achievement reflects the quality move police sports has made in general and indoor soccer in particular. This also comes due

to the unlimited support of the president of international and Kuwait Police Sports Associations Lt General Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf AlAhmad Al-Sabah and board members. This is the first time Kuwait’s team participates. It is scheduled to arrive back in Kuwait at 8:30 pm today.

Colonel Walid Al-Ghanim with team officials and athletes



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hope returns to Anfield as players meet new owners LONDON: Liverpool players met their new owners yesterday as attention turned from the long and bitter boardroom battle for control of the club to the fortunes of the relegation-threatened team on the pitch. New England Sports Ventures executives were in Liverpool a day after fellow Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr. gave up their legal fight to hang onto the club, which was sold against their wishes by English directors to the owners of baseball’s Boston Red Sox. The new owners arrive without the promises of their predecessors, but they have been largely welcomed by the club’s fans, who are relieved to be rid of the massive debts which Hicks and Gillett saddled the club with, and are dreaming of a return to the club’s fading glory days.

The task begins today with the team making the short trip to Everton for the Merseyside derby when Roy Hodgson’s side will be trying to record just its second Premier League win of the season. NESV owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner watched the last training session before the match before addressing the players inside the Melwood complex. “We actually have been at Melwood before, we came here under the radar about four or six weeks ago, but it’s always a pleasure to be around players because, after all, they are the heart and soul of the club,” Werner said. “We look forward to spending the next few days here talking to various stakeholders and telling them about a little bit our track record and how we’re going to go about our business. “I think one mes-

sage I’d like to give is I’d rather underpromise and over-deliver.” Winger Ryan Babel spoke with Henry over lunch and said in a Twitter posting that it was “a short but good meeting. He is humble and proud to be part of LFC.” No promises have been made about a spending spree on players in the January transfer window, or a replacement for the iconic but relatively small Anfield ground. In the months after Hicks and Gillett arrived in 2007, the Reds reached the Champions League final, losing to AC Milan, and in 2009, the 18-time champions missed out on their first English top flight title since 1990 by four points. But last season Liverpool slipped to seventh in the standings, missing out on qualification for the lucrative Champions League and the team is now languishing

in the relegation zone. “There’s a lot of work to be done to get this club to where it needs to be,” Henry said. “There is a great nucleus here off the field and on the field and we think we can build from that, but it’s not going to be easy. “We’ve got real challenges but we’ve got a very strong organization, financially and otherwise, we have some terrific strategic thinkers and we’re going to be attacking this head on.” Henry did state that the 300 million pound ($476 million) transaction will wipe out the club’s crippling debts and was not funded through the type of leveraged takeover that ultimately suffocated Liverpool’s ability to invest in the squad. The cost of servicing the club’s debt has been cut from between 25 and 30 million pounds a year to between two and

three million pounds. Having feared for the club’s existence, Hodgson now expects to have some money to spend in the January transfer. “In future we can invest in players in a different way to what has happened in the last transfer window,” Hodgson said. “Then money was in short supply and we weren’t even certain there would be any money to spend or even if the club would be there.” Liverpool went to the High Court in London twice this week to win approval for the sale over the objections of Hicks and Gillett, who claimed NESV’s winning bid undervalued the five-time European champions. But Hicks and Gillett aren’t going without a fight, threatening to drag the club through further court battles despite

dropping a $1.6 billion damages claim in Dallas. The duo claimed the sale was “illegal” and an “extraordinary swindle,” adding that part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland refused to allow them to repay Liverpool’s debts to prevent the sale. RBS forced Hicks and Gillett to put the club up for sale in April as they failed to repay their debts. “The process was continually frustrated by chatter about financial distress coming out of RBS,” Hicks said. “We know there are better owners out there for the Liverpool Football Club than the Boston Red Sox group. “We knew who they were. We were just frustrated that every time we had conversations with them we had people in our own organization who somehow had those things not work out. They conspired against us.” —AP

Hamburg stop Mainz

GERMANY: Mainz’s Miroslav Karhan (left) and Hamburg’s Ruud van Nistelrooy challenge for the ball during the German First Division Bundesliga soccer match. — AP

Barcelona to cut spending BARCELONA: Barcelona plans to cut back spending to help reduce its debts of more than euro 400 million ($563 million) and take legal action against former president Joan Laporta over the club’s poor financial state, his successor Sandro Rosell said yesterday. Rosell addressed his first members “due diligence” meeting in charge of the defending Spanish champion, where vice president Javier Faus said the

club lost euro 79.6 million ($112.2 million) last season. Club members voted to take legal action against the former board of directors, which Laporta presided over until June 30, saying “it must answer for its management before the tribunals of justice.” “I don’t know if they have taken money,” Faus said. “I am not at all pleased to have to approve accounts with euro 79 million in debts. There won’t be

any special credit levy, but the club will be poorer.” Faus said there was still reason for optimism as revenues of euro 415.4 million were “the highest in the club’s history.” “Austerity will be a pillar in our day-to-day management,” Rosell said, adding that banks had extended Euro 155 million in credit. “The club has sufficient cash to meet its short and medium term obligations.” —AFP

Matches on TV (local timings) English Premier League Everton FC v Liverpool Abu Dhabi Sports HD 3 Abu Dhabi Sports HD 5


Bla ckpool FC v Manchester City Abu Dhabi Sports HD 3


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Sampdoria v Florentina Al Jazeera Sport +10


Athletic de Bilbao v Real Zaragoza Al Jazeera Sport +2 Al Jazeera Sport 1 HD


J uventus v US Lecce Al Jazeera Sport +3 Al Jazeera Sport 1 HD

16:00 Sporting Gijon v Sevilla FC Al Jazeera Sport +2


Munster charge back as Myler lifts Saints PARIS:- Munster bounced back from their opening European Cup loss to London Irish by scoring a thrilling bonus point win over Toulon at Thomond Park yesterday. The Irish side recovered from a try conceded after just 56 seconds to touch down six of their own for a 45-18 success which puts them top of Pool 3 with a one-point advantage on Ospreys, 27-16 winners over London Irish on Friday. Stand-in Munster captain Denis Leamy, Tony Buckley, Doug Howlett (2), man-of-thematch Mick O’Driscoll and James Coughlan all crossed for the two-time champions, with Ronan O’Gara kicking 15 points. Tries from JeanPhilippe Genevois and skipper Joe van Niekerk and a Jonny Wilkinson drop goal were the only high points for Toulon. Meanwhile rugby league convert Stephen Myler seized

a rare starting chance with both hands earlier Saturday as he kicked 16 points in Northampton’s thrilling 31-27 victory over Edinburgh. The 26-year-old former Widnes star — who switched codes in 2006 — was called up for his first start since the opening day of the season to try and solve the Saints kicking woes and responded brilliantly as the 2000 winners recorded their second successive win. Saints, who had edged Castres last weekend, had looked in trouble after Edinburgh opened up a 24-13 lead after 31 minutes following tries from Allan Jacobsen, Netani Talei and Ben Cairns and nine points from the boot of the Chris Paterson. But they fought back just before the break as fly-half Myler’s third penalty and a try from centre James Downey closed the lead to three points. Northampton rugby direc-

tor Jim Mallinder admitted that some harsh words for his side at half time did the trick. “I told our players some home truths at half time - they had to sharpen up their defence and look after the ball better although our attacking was pretty good. “We had to stop Edinburgh’s offloading game and although we had been hesitant in the first half we stepped that up after halftime.” “I was really pleased to get that result because Edinburgh are a formidable side who have beaten some big teams so it is a big game coming to Murrayfield,” added Mallinder whose side are three points clear at the top of Pool One. Edinburgh’s loss followed last weekend’s reverse at Cardiff Blues with coach Rob Moffat admitting his side face a huge task to progress from this pool. — AFP

FRANKFURT: The amazing run of Mainz ended in a 1-0 loss to Hamburg on a last-gasp goal yesterday, costing Mainz the lead in the Bundesliga and its seven-win streak to start the season. Mainz slipped to second place on goal difference behind Borussia Dortmund, which won 2-1 at Cologne on Friday to take first place for the first time in seven years. Paolo Guerrero’s score in the 89th minute for Hamburg prevented the surprising Mainz from an eighth successive win and tying the Bundesliga record for the best season start. “It’s not the end of the world, we have to regroup next week,” Mainz coach Thomas Tuchel said. Elsewhere, striker Mario Gomez scored a hat trick in Bayern Munich’s 3-0 home win over Hannover, his first goals for the club in eight months. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar converted a late penalty to salvage a 2-2 draw for Schalke against bottom-place Stuttgart, Werder Bremen edged Freiburg 2-1, and St. Pauli beat Nuremberg 32. In the late game, Simon Rolfes had two goals and played a role in another as Bayer Leverkusen overcame a twogoal deficit to win 3-2 at Wolfsburg. Ze Roberto, who had hit the post in the first half for Hamburg, set up Guerrero’s goal by breaking free on the left side and slipping a short pass for the Peru striker to drill into the roof of the net. Marco Caliguiri struck the post for Mainz and Hamburg had a score disallowed when striker Ruud van Nistelrooy was called for a foul before he headed the ball into the net. “We lost possession too often and allowed them to be dangerous on the counterattack,” Tuchel said. “We had three or four excellent chances in the second half but then we conceded a bitter goal.” Hamburg moved to seven points behind Dortmund and Mainz, which both have 21 points. Dortmund has won its last seven to tie the club record. Bayern, the defending champion, cut the gap to the top to 10 points despite missing several injured regulars, including striker Miroslav Klose and Ivica Olic. Gomez, rarely used by coach Louis van Gaal although he was Bayern’s most expensive acquisition in the club’s history, got a chance from the start and used it fully. Gomez opened the scoring with a diving header in the 21st minute off Hamit Altintop’s cross. His second goal in the 77th came after he swapped passes with Toni Kroos, but only after Gomez had controlled the ball with his arm at the start of the move. The referee missed it and Gomez easily faked a defender before slotting home. “It was a clear handball,” Hannover coach Mirko Slomka said. “We may have had a chance to equalize if the goal had not been allowed but after that it was all over.” Gomez’s third goal came in the final minute off a cross from Thomas Mueller. “I had a good feeling before the game,” Gomez said, especially after his namesake, one of the Chilean miners, had been rescued safely. In Wolfsburg, Grafite set up Diego for the first goal in the ninth, then doubled the lead himself in the 68th. But two dreadful Wolfsburg’s errors within two minutes allowed Leverkusen to get back into the game. Reserve goalkeeper Marwin Hitz mistimed his exit, allowing Rolfes to head home. Makoto Hasebe then handled the ball to stop Rolfes’ charge and gave away a penalty, converted by Arturo Vidal in the 74th. Rolfes completed the comeback by netting from close range in the 82nd. — AP

SHANGHAI: Roger Federer of Switzerland returns the ball to Novak Djokovic of Serbia in the men’s singles semifinal match of the Shanghai Masters tennis tournament. — AP

Federer, Murray in Shanghai final SHANGHAI: Roger Federer defeated Novak Djokovic 7-5, 6-4 yesterday to set up a match-up with Andy Murray in the final of the Shanghai Masters. Murray dispatched Juan Monaco of Argentina 6-4, 6-1 in the other semifinal to reach his fourth final of the year. Federer could capture the 64th title of his career today, moving him into a tie with Pete Sampras for fourth place on the all-time list. But Murray has won seven of their 12 career matches, including the last time they played in the Toronto Masters final in August — the Scot’s only title of the year. With his win over Djokovic, Federer will regain the No. 2 ranking he lost when he was beaten by the Serb in the US Open semifinals in September. Federer was under pressure at the start, fighting off four break points in a tight third game before finally holding when Djokovic hit a forehand long. The Swiss player then began attacking

the net more, setting up a break point of his own at 5-5 with a backhand approach shot that Djokovic hit into the net. He converted when the Serb put another shot in the net and easily closed out the set. Federer broke twice more in the second set to seal the match, his 11th victory over Djokovic in 17 meetings. “I think the first set could have gone either way today,” Federer said. “It was really an open battle. I got the better of him at the end of the first set. I think for 10 minutes he was a bit out of it and I was able to take advantage of that.” Djokovic, who had been attempting to capture back-to-back titles in China after winning last week in Beijing, said that losing the first break was the key to the match. “The start of the second set, I lost my focus a little bit, my energy dropped,” he said. “Yeah, in a blink of the eye, I was two breaks down at 4-1.” Murray broke Monaco’s serve early in the first set before

taking a 5-2 lead. But he committed four straight errors when trying to close out the set and dropped serve for only the second time all week. The Scot turned it around with defense in the next game. After breaking a string, he saved three overheads with backhand lobs before Monaco finally missed a smash wide. Monaco dropped seven of the next eight games to lose the match. “I chased a lot of balls down, he made a few mistakes,” Murray said. “Points like that can sort of change matches a little bit. But I was still feeling quite comfortable, even at that stage.” Monaco said he couldn’t recover from losing the exchange. “I was totally unfocused after that,” he said. “I have like five smashes and I couldn’t finish the point. Then it was tough for me. He broke. He won that set.” Monaco, who was sidelined for three months this summer with a wrist injury, upset 13th-seeded Jurgen Melzer in a nearly three-hour battle in the quarterfinals Friday. —AP

Ivanovic and Patty reach final in Linz LINZ: Former No. 1 Ana Ivanovic reached her first final in 19 months when she beat Roberta Vinci of Italy 6-3, 7-5 yesterday to meet Patty Schnyder in the Generali Ladies finale. Unseeded Schnyder saved two match points before beating sixth-seeded Andrea Petkovic of Germany 6-2, 4-6, 7-5 in the first semifinal. Ivanovic won the last of her eight career WTA Tour titles in Linz in 2008, the same year the Serb won the French Open and became the top-ranked player. Ivanovic initially did not plan to appear in this year’s event but accepted a late wild card after Serena Williams pulled out with a foot injury. The Serb is 4-4 against Schnyder, and has won all four meetings between them since 2006. It’s Schnyder’s second final of the season after Budapest in July, when the Swiss veteran lost to Agnes Szavay. Schnyder, who holds 11 career WTA titles, reached her third final in Linz after 2005 and 2007 but was yet to win the event. The seventh-seeded Ivanovic converted her only break point of the first set to go 3-0 up and held serve throughout to take the opener against Vinci. They swapped breaks early in the second before Vinci dopped serve again at 5-5. Ivanovic closed out the win with her eighth ace on her second match point. The 47th-ranked Schnyder was serving at 4-5, 15-40 down in the deciding set against Petkovic, but won that game and broke immediately afterward. Schnyder converted her second match point when the German hit a backhand long. Schnyder dominated the early stages from the baseline as Petkovic looked vulnerable on her backhand. Schnyder raced into a 5-0 lead. She was broken while serving for the opening set but took it shortly afterward. Schnyder went 3-1 up in the second before Petkovic found her rhythm and took the next four games. The German, who won her only WTA title in nearby Bad Gastein last year, received treatment for a blister on her finger but went on to win the set and force Schnyder into a decider. — AP

LINZ: Serbias Ana Ivanovic returns a shot to Italy’s Roberta Vinci during their semi final match of the Generali Ladies tennis tournament. — AP

Date strolls into final OSAKA: Japan’s Kimiko Date Krumm remains on track to become the oldest player to win a WTA singles title, after beating Shahar Peer in the semifinals of the Japan Women’s Open yesterday. Date Krumm, who turned 40 last month, broke third-seeded Israeli Peer to go up 6-5 in the third set before serving out for a 3-6, 7-6 (5), 7-5 win. “Considering my age and the years I was away from the tour, I would say this is a miracle” Date Krumm said “I just hope that my physical and mental health will last one more game.” Date Krumm’s opponent in the final will be another veteran — the 33-year-

old Tamarine Tanasugarn of Thailand, who upset second-seeded Marion Bartoli of France 6-2, 7-5. The oldest player to win a WTA singles title was Billie Jean King in Birmingham in 1983 when she was 39 years, 7 months and 23 days old. Date Krumm and Tanasugarn are tied 1-1 in head-to-head. The Japanese veteran has an 8-6 career record in finals while Tanasugarn is 3-7. Date Krumm, who ended a 12-year retirement in April 2008, reached the third round of the Pan Pacific last month after beating defending champion Maria Sharapova and Daniela Hantuchova. — Ap


Sunday, October 17, 2010

19 Klasnic scores late winner

Soccer results/standings Arsenal 2 (Nasri 41-pen, Chamakh 47) Birmingham 1 (Zigic 33); Aston Villa 0 Chelsea 0; Bolton 2 (Lee 22, Klasnic 90) Stoke 1 (Delap 48); Fulham 1 (Kamara 30) Tottenham 2 (Pavlyuchenko 31, Huddlestone 63); Man Utd 2 (Hernandez 5, Nani 25) West Brom 2 (Evra 50og, Tchoyi 55); Newcastle 2 (Ameobi 72, Coloccini 90) Wigan 2 (N’Zogbia 22, 23); Wolves 1 (Jarvis 10) West Ham 1 (Noble 53pen).

English Football League results - collated Cha mpionship Barnsley 3 Nottingham Forest 1; Cardiff 3 Bristol City 2; Crystal Palace 0 Millwall 1; Derby 3 Preston 0; Ipswich 1 Coventry 2; Leicester 1 Hull 1; Middlesbrough 1 Leeds 2; Portsmouth 3 Watford 2; QPR 0 Norwich 0; Reading 0 Swansea 1; Scunthorpe 1 Doncaster 3; Sheffield Utd 3 Burnley 3. Division One Bournemouth 3 Milton Keynes Dons 2; Bristol Rovers 2 Rochdale 1; Charlton 0 Brighton 4; Dagenham and Redbridge 1 Walsall 1; Exeter 2 Carlisle 1; Huddersfield 2 Southampton 0; Leyton Orient 1 Hartlepool 0; Notts County 2 Plymouth 0; Oldham 0 Colchester 0; Peterborough 5 Swindon 4; Tranmere 0 Brentford 3; Yeovil 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2. Division Two Accrington 2 Rotherham 3; Aldershot 2 Morecambe 1; Bradford 3 Cheltenham 1; Macclesfield 3 Oxford 2; Northampton 3 Hereford 4; Port Vale 0 Gillingham 0; Shrewsbury 2 Lincoln 0; Southend 0 Crewe 2; Stevenage 2 Burton 1; Stockport 2 Barnet 1; Torquay 3 Bury 4; Wycombe 1 Chesterfield 2. Scottish Premier League results Aberdeen 0 Hearts 1 (Kyle 46); Hibernian 2 English Premier League table English Premier League table after yesterday’s late match (played, won, drawn, lost, goals for, goals against, points): 6 4 3 4 4 3 2 3 3 3 1 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

1 2 5 2 2 3 5 2 1 1 6 3 2 5 2 4 3 3 3 3

Stoke 1

Playing today Dundee Utd v Celtic

First Division Cowdenbeath 1 Raith 2; Dunfermline 3 Ross County 2; Morton 2 Queen of the South 0; Partick 1 Falkirk 0; Stirling 1 Dundee 1.

Playing tomorrow Blackburn v Sunderland.

8 8 8 7 8 8 8 8 8 7 8 8 8 7 7 8 7 7 8 8

Bolton 2

Scottish Football League results

Playing today Blackpool v Man City; Everton v Liverpool.

Chelsea Arsenal Man Utd Man City Tottenham West Brom Bolton Aston Villa Stoke Blackpool Fulham Wigan Newcastle Sunderland Blackburn Birmingham Everton Liverpool W’hampton West Ham

(Hogg 38, 45) Kilmarnock 1 (Silva 2); Inverness CT 1 (Hayes 71) St Johnstone 1 (Samuel 8); Rangers 4 (Naismith 47, Davis 62, Miller 65, Weiss 67) Motherwell 1 (Blackman 44); St Mirren 2 (Higdon 60, 73) Hamilton 2 (Routledge 39, Imrie 47).

1 2 0 1 2 2 1 3 4 3 1 3 4 1 3 3 3 3 4 4

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2 10 11 3 7 14 12 12 11 15 9 15 12 7 8 12 7 11 13 15

19 14 14 14 14 12 11 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 8 7 6 6 6 6

English Football League tables Championship QPR 11 8 3 Cardiff 11 7 2 Norwich 11 6 2 Swansea 11 6 1 Watford 11 5 3 Ipswich 11 5 3 Coventry 11 5 3 Burnley 11 4 5 Leeds 11 5 2 Reading 11 4 4 Millwall 11 4 4 Doncaster 11 4 4 Derby 11 4 3 Barnsley 11 4 3 Nott Forest 11 2 7 Hull 11 3 4 Portsmouth 11 3 3 Sheffield Utd 11 3 3 Scunthorpe 11 3 2 M’brough 11 3 2 Preston 11 3 1 Leicester 11 2 3 Crystal Palace 11 2 2 Bristol City 11 1 3

0 2 3 4 3 3 3 2 4 3 3 3 4 4 2 4 5 5 6 6 7 6 7 7

24 19 17 15 23 14 16 18 18 14 16 16 18 17 12 8 16 8 12 12 14 14 9 10

3 10 13 12 15 11 14 11 19 10 14 16 12 18 12 14 17 15 15 20 23 24 20 22

27 23 20 19 18 18 18 17 17 16 16 16 15 15 13 13 12 12 11 11 10 9 8 6

Division One Brighton 12 Peterborough 12 Bournemouth 12 Sheff Wed 12 Huddersfield 12 Carlisle 12 Exeter 12 Oldham 12 Bristol Rovers12 Colchester 12 Milton 12 Rochdale 12 Notts County 12 Charlton 12 Southampton 12 Swindon 12 Hartlepool 12 Yeovil 12 Plymouth 12 Leyton Orient 12 Brentford 12 Walsall 12 Dagenham 12 Tranmere 12

7 7 6 6 6 5 5 4 5 3 5 4 5 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2

4 1 3 2 2 4 4 6 3 8 2 4 1 4 3 3 3 2 4 3 3 2 5 4

1 4 3 4 4 3 3 2 4 1 5 4 6 4 5 5 5 6 5 6 6 7 5 6

19 28 26 16 21 15 18 16 14 14 15 17 17 14 11 18 11 12 13 12 10 13 12 9

8 22 14 7 15 8 19 13 16 13 16 13 19 17 10 19 17 20 19 15 14 17 20 20

25 22 21 20 20 19 19 18 18 17 17 16 16 16 15 15 15 14 13 12 12 11 11 10

Division Tw o Chesterfield 12 Port Vale 12 Rotherham 12 Bury 12 Shrewsbury 12 Wycombe 12 Aldershot 12

7 7 6 6 6 4 4

4 3 5 4 3 6 6

1 2 1 2 3 2 2

25 17 22 24 18 16 10

14 7 14 17 10 11 9

25 24 23 22 21 18 18

Second Division Airdrie 0 Alloa 1; East Fife 1 Brechin 3; Forfar 4 Ayr 1; Livingston 4 Stenhousemuir 1; Peterhead 1 Dumbarton 0. Third Division Annan Athletic 4 Albion 1; Arbroath 3 Clyde 2; East Stirling 0 Stranraer 1; Elgin 4 Queen’s Park 2; Montrose 1 Berwick 1. German league results Mainz 05 0 Hamburg 1 (Guerrero 89); Bayern Munich 3 (Gomez 21, 77, 90) Hanover 0; Schalke 04 2 (Goncalves 29, Huntelaar 80-pen) VfB Stuttgart 2 (Gebhart 15, Harnik 74); St Pauli 3 (Asamoah 45+1, Ebbers 59, Bruns 82) Nuremberg 2 (Ekici 48, A. Wolf 62); Werder Bremen 2 (Hunt 33, Almeida 73) SC Freiburg 1 (Schuster 62); St. Pauli 3 (Asamoah 45, Ebbers 59, Bruns 82), Nuremberg 2 (Ekici 48, Wolf 62) VfL; Wolfsburg 2 (Diego 9, Grafite 68) Bayer Leverkusen 3 (Rolfes 72, 83, Vidal 75-pen). Played Frida y Cologne 1 (Podolski 82) Borussia Dortmund 2 (Blaszczykowski 20, Sahin 90+1) Playing today Kaiserslautern v Eintracht Frankfurt; Hoffenheim v Borussia Moenchengladbach Stevenage 12 Cheltenham 12 Crewe 12 Torquay 12 Accrington 12 Macclesfield 12 Oxford Utd 12 Burton Albion 12 Gillingham 12 Southend 12 Stockport 12 Bradford 12 Morecambe 12 Lincoln City 12 Northampton 12 Barnet 12 Hereford 12

4 5 3 4 3 4 3 3 3 4 3 4 3 3 2 2 2

5 2 7 4 6 3 5 5 5 2 5 2 4 2 4 3 3

Scottish Premier League table Rangers 8 8 0 Celtic 7 7 0 Motherwell 8 4 1 Inverness CT 8 3 2 Hearts 8 3 2 Dundee Utd 7 3 2 St Johnstone 8 2 2 Hibernian 8 2 2 Aberdeen 8 2 1 Kilmarnock 8 2 1 Hamilton 8 1 3 St Mirren 8 1 2

3 5 2 4 3 5 4 4 4 6 4 6 5 7 6 7 7

15 17 27 18 18 15 13 15 15 14 14 9 13 7 12 13 9

12 22 17 15 15 19 10 14 17 16 18 14 21 15 19 26 24

17 17 16 16 15 15 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 11 10 9 9

0 0 3 3 3 2 4 4 5 5 4 5

22 16 12 11 11 8 7 8 9 9 8 8

7 3 10 8 10 12 9 13 11 12 18 16

24 21 13 11 11 11 8 8 7 7 6 5

Scottish Football League tables First Division 2 Dunfermline 9 7 0 Raith 9 6 2 1 Falkirk 9 5 0 4 Q of South 9 4 1 4 Dundee 9 3 3 3 Cowdenbeath 9 4 0 5 Ross County 9 2 3 4 Partick 9 3 0 6 Stirling 9 2 3 4 Morton 9 2 2 5

18 14 15 12 8 13 7 7 8 7

9 5 9 11 8 18 10 14 16 9

21 20 15 13 12 12 9 9 9 8

Second Division Brechin 9 Livingston 9 Alloa 9 Ayr 9 Airdrie Utd 9 Forfar 9 East Fife 9 Peterhead 9 S’housemuir 9 Dumbarton 9

5 5 5 4 3 4 2 2 2 1

3 3 2 2 4 1 3 3 2 1

1 1 2 3 2 4 4 4 5 7

18 18 16 14 17 17 20 10 9 5

10 11 12 16 14 16 18 14 13 20

18 18 17 14 13 13 9 9 8 4

Third Division Stranraer 10 Athletico 9 Berwick 9 Albion 9 Elgin 10 Arbroath 10 Montrose 10 Queens Park 10 East Stirling 10 Clyde 9

5 5 4 5 4 4 3 3 2 1

4 3 5 2 1 1 3 0 2 3

1 1 0 2 5 5 4 7 6 5

21 18 23 17 18 16 23 13 5 9

15 9 11 14 23 24 17 16 12 22

19 18 17 17 13 13 12 9 8 6

German league table Dortmund 8 7 0 Mainz 05 8 7 0 Leverkusen 8 4 3 Hamburg 8 4 2 St Pauli 8 4 1 Hanover 8 4 1 SC Freiburg 8 4 0 Hoffenheim 7 3 2 Bayern 8 3 2 Bremen 8 3 2 Wolfsburg 8 3 1 Frankfurt 7 3 0 Nuremberg 8 2 3 Kaiserslautern7 2 1 M’gladbach 7 1 3 Schalke 04 8 1 2 FC Cologne 8 1 2 VfB Stuttgart 8 1 1

1 1 1 2 3 3 4 2 3 3 4 4 3 4 3 5 5 6

20 18 18 13 11 11 12 13 8 13 14 11 9 9 11 10 8 14

6 8 14 11 10 11 13 10 8 17 14 9 11 13 20 16 15 17

21 21 15 14 13 13 12 11 11 11 10 9 9 7 6 5 5 4

SPAIN: FC Barcelona’s Dani Alves, from Brazil (left) duels for the ball against Valencia’s Jordi Alba during a Spanish League soccer match at the Camp Nou stadium.—AP

Classy Barca down Valencia MADRID: Champions Barcelona produced a second half masterclass coming from behind to defeat title rivals Valencia 2-1 at Camp Nou yesterday to move joint top of the Spanish first division alongside their defeated visitors. Barca fell behind to a Pablo Hernandez goal on 37 minutes but turned the game around with a mesmerising second half as goals from Spanish World Cup winners Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol inflicted a first league defeat of the season on Valencia. David Villa could have had a hat-trick against his old club but found 39-year-old goalkeeper Cesar Sanchez in great form. It was a welcome home win for Barcelona who had dropped five points in their first three home games and the double champions move level on 16 points with Valencia at the summit. Real Madrid are two points behind the duo and can go top with victory at Malaga later yesterday. Barca coach Pep Guardiola sprung a surprise with midfield star Xavi back in the starting line-up after tendonitis ruled him out of Spain’s two Euro 2012 qualifiying matches. Villa shrugged off a knock to face old club

Valencia for the first time since he left the club for Barcelona in a 40-million-euro summer move. Valencia coach Unai Emery surprisingly left winger Juan Mata on the substitutes in a conservative line-up but the visitors attacked from the first whistle. Barcelona were sluggish but picked up the pace and on 20 minutes Villa had his first sight on goal but fluffed his lines. Dani Alves prodded a pass to Villa but the striker opted to square the ball rather than shoot and it back-fired as his lay-off to Puyol was cut out and the forward rued his decision not to shoot on goal. Valencia made him pay for the mistake scoring on 37 minutes with Jeremy Mathieu getting in behind the Barca backline before laying off to Hernandez who watched on as his half-blocked shot crept in. Three minutes later Hernandez should have scored again, however, with the goal at his mercy the winger hit his shot straight at Victor Valdes. Barca almost equalised on the stroke of half-time through Lionel Messi with a sensational block from Bruno Grau saving the day. The hosts were level though two minutes after the break with Iniesta surging for-

ward before feeding Xavi who returned the ball to his team-mate who finished brilliantly. Barca were a different side thereafter and Villa had a header acrobatically saved by Sanchez on the hour mark. But two minutes later Puyol met Xavi’s cross with a bullet header to put Barca ahead. It was one-way traffic in the second half with Villa twice denied by former teammate Cesar while Messi had a chested goal ruled out for offside. Valencia hope to bounce back from this defeat with a Champions League group match at Scottish side Rangers on Wednesday while Barcelona host FC Copenhagen in their group game on the same day. On Monday second-placed Villarreal, a point behind Valencia and Barcelona, travel to Hercules looking to continue their impressive start. Earlier Atletico Madrid moved to within three points of the leading duo with a 2-0 win over derby rivals Getafe at the Vicente Calderon yesterday. An unfortunate own goal from goalkeeper Jordi Codina on 37 minutes and a Diego Costa strike on 72 minutes helped Atletico move fifth. — AFP

Pato sends Milan on top ROME: A brace from Brazilian forward Pato sent AC Milan top of Serie A for the first time this season following a 3-1 victory over Chievo at the San Siro yesterday. Milan are a point clear of previous leaders Lazio, although the Romans can regain the lead today. Pato took his tally to four goals in four league games before a Zlatan Ibrahimovic own goal gave Chievo hope. But Robinho scored his first goal for the Italians to secure the victory in injury time. Milan opened the scoring with their first clear cut chance on 18 minutes. Luca Antonini burst forward and fed Ibrahimovic down the left, the big Swede’s first time cross sailing over Chievo’s backtracking defence where Pato caught it sumptuously on the volley, sending the ball back across Stefano Sorrentino and inside the far post. Chievo had a chance to hit back on 28 minutes but Frenchman Kevin Constant didn’t get hold of his left-foot shot, allowing Christian Abbiati to parry and then Constant’s right foot follow-up was no better, allowing the goalkeeper to push the ball around the post for a corner. As often happens when a little team plays a big one, Chievo were made to pay two minutes later. It was the same combination that made

Coloccini rescues Newcastle Newcastle 2

Wigan 2

ITALY: AC Milan Brazilian forward Robinho (left) celebrates with his Brazilian teammate Ronaldinho after scoring during a Italian League match against Chievo at the San Siro stadium. —AP the first as Ibrahimovic got up from the turf to take a quick free-kick and play Pato in behind Chievo’s napping rearguard, the Brazilian forward smashing home a fierce shot into the top far corner. The two-goal cushion allowed Milan to sit back and hit Chievo on the counter-attack and they could have doubled their lead by the break. First Ibrahimovic chipped weakly into Sorrentino’s grateful arms when well placed and then Pato ran from the halfway line and cut

inside from the left but couldn’t beat the goalkeeper. Milan were comfortable and midway through the second period coach Massimiliano Allegri replaced Pato with Robinho, but no sooner had he done that, Chievo were back in the game. An inswinging corner from the right was flicked on by Sergio Pellissier and came off Ibrahimovic to deceive Abbiati and sneak inside the far post on 70 minutes. —AFP

Rangers go clear after second-half fireworks GLASGOW: Rangers moved three points clear at the top of the Scottish Premier League as four second-half goals helped them come from behind to defeat Motherwell 4-1 at Ibrox yesterday. Motherwell, yet to concede away from home this season, looked shell-shocked as they lost four goals in 19 minutes as Rangers ran riot. Nick Blackman had headed Motherwell ahead as Rangers trailed at the break for the third match running but Steven Naismith started the remarkable comeback just 90 seconds into the second-half. A stunning strike from Steven Davis gave Rangers the lead in the 62nd minute before Kenny Miller’s 11th of the season and Vladimir Weiss sealed the win. The win made it eight out of eight for the Gers whose Old Firm rivals Celtic are away to Dundee United today. Walter Smith admitted his side had been slow to start the game. “I think the game after the internationals is always one managers worry about and we had no complaints at half-time,” the Gers gaffer said. “We picked up in the second-half and had a 25 minute spell which was terrific for us and we’re obviously delighted to keep our run of wins going.” At Ibrox Neil Alexander came in for the

BOLTON: Bolton striker Ivan Klasnic nicked a late goal to clinch a 2-1 win over Stoke and then got his marching orders in a dramatic finish at the Reebok Stadium yesterday. Owen Coyle’s side looked likely to be held to a draw when Stoke’s Rory Delap ended a 21month goal drought in the second half to cancel out South Korea winger Lee Chung-yong’s firsthalf opener. But substitute Klasnic buried the winner in the final moments before being dismissed for two bookable offences soon after his first goal in the league this season.It was a chaotic finish to a game that also saw rival fans clash in one corner of the stadium before police and stewards intervened. Stoke looked a side on the rise after a run of three wins and a draw from their previous four league matches and they should have taken the lead when Matthew Etherington shot straight at Jussi Jaaskelainen with only the Bolton goalkeeper to beat.Bolton made them pay as Lee opened the scoring in the 22nd minute. After playing a onetwo with skipper Kevin Davies, Lee was lucky to see a follow-up attempted pass ricochet into his path. The Korean needed no second invitation as he quickly pounced on the loose ball to stab a first-time effort past Thomas Sorensen. Stoke were almost level just after the half-hour, only for Jermaine Pennant’s dipping freekick to strike the top of the crossbar.After referee Peter Walton ignored furious penalty appeals from Stoke as a loose ball rolled over Zat Knight’s arm, Bolton wasted a chance to increase their lead. Sorensen initially produced a superb one-handed save in turning aside a rasping drive from Martin Petrov. From the ensuing corner to the far post, Davies missed a sitter as he steered a header wide when the ball should have been nestling in the bottom corner of the net. —AFP

suspended Allan McGregor while Kyle Lafferty was given the nod to partner Miller up front. Naismith and Lafferty came close early on before Weiss showed some neat close control to get away from three Motherwell players who were surrounding him, but his shot on the spin went harmlessly wide. It wasn’t all one-way traffic and when a loose ball broke to the unmarked Lasley deep in the Rangers box the Northern Ireland captain should have done better than sending his volley wide. Blackman then showed some fantastic footwork before firing over as Well looked dangerous going forward. On the half-hour mark Steven Whittaker collected a pass on the byline before cutting in and firing a low shot which Darren Randolph blocked with his legs and the defender then headed the rebound over. With the break approaching Motherwell took advantage of some lapse defending to take the lead in the 44th minute. Jamie Murphy fired in a cross from the right and the unmarked Blackman rose to connect with a header from a couple of yards out which bounced off the underside of the bar and in. It took Rangers just 90 seconds of the second-half to draw level. With the Motherwell defence all looking for off-side Naismith collected a Davis threaded pass and bundled the

ball into the net from close range. Motherwell had a rare chance on the hour mark after some good build up but Steven Jennings was well off target with his shot. However two minutes later Davis fired Rangers ahead. The Northern Irishman drove at the retreating Motherwell defence before sending a superb rising shot into the top corner of the net from 18 yards. Motherwell had barely time to regroup when Miller increased the lead in the 65th minute as he sent a diving header past Randolph after connecting with Naismith’s cross from the left. The rout was completed a minute later when Weiss scored his first for Rangers. The Slovakian played a neat one-two with Lafferty before rounding Randolph and slotting home to make it 4-1. “I genuinely felt we had a chance at halftime but to lose a goal so quickly was very disappointing and takes the heart out of you,” Motherwell boss Craig Brown said. “We were not resolute enough in the second-half and didn’t show the conviction that we could win the game.” Elsewhere St Johnstone drew 1-1 with Inverness Caledonian Thistle, St Mirren stayed bottom as their game with Hamilton ended 2-2, Hearts won 1-0 away to Aberdeen and Hibernian defeated Kilmarnock 2-1. —AFP

NEWCASTLE: A 94th-minute equaliser by Fabio Coloccini earned Newcastle a 2-2 draw at home to Wigan yesterday and prevented Charles N’Zogbia from enjoying a winning St James’ Park return. Newcastle old boy N’Zogbia scored twice in two minutes mid-way through the first half to give Wigan a 2-0 lead at the break, before substitute Shola Ameobi sparked the hosts’ fightback in the 72nd minute. Ameobi’s goal meant Wigan lost their record as the only Premier League team not to concede on their travels this season and worse was to come in the fourth minute of added time when Coloccini powered home from Andy Carroll’s flickon. The point provisionally takes both sides up two places in the standings, with Wigan now 12th and Newcastle 13th. N’Zogbia’s first goal arrived in the 22nd minute, the French winger out-jumping Mike Williamson to dispatch Franco di Santo’s deflected cross with a thumping header. Di Santo was again the provider a minute later. His ball found its way to N’Zogbia, who smashed a volley inside the near post from the edge of the area. Chris Hughton’s home team did not gather their senses until the closing minutes of the half. After Carroll won a corner with a dangerous volleyed cross, Williamson’s header from the resulting set-piece was scrambled off the line by Emmerson Boyce. Newcastle have flattered to deceive since a 6-0 thrashing of Aston Villa in their second game raised hopes of a swashbuckling return to the top flight and they were booed off the pitch by the home fans at the interval. It took a superb clearance from Gary Caldwell to prevent Newcastle reducing the arrears just before the hour, as Carroll looked to get on the end of James Perch’s inviting centre. —AFP

United stunned by Baggies fightback Man United 2

West Brom 2

LONDON: Aston Villa’s Ciaran Clark (left) watches his shot hit the post during the English Premier League soccer match against Chelsea at Villa Park stadium. — AP

Chelsea rue missed chance Aston Villa 0

Chelsea 0

BIRMINGHAM: Carlo Ancelotti missed a golden opportunity to pile on the misery for Sir Alex Ferguson as Chelsea were held to a 0-0 draw at Villa Park yesterday. The rampaging Premier League leaders had the chance to send a chilling warning to Old Trafford-just hours after United squandered more points at in front of their own fans. But Ancelotti’s Blues were unable to punish the carelessness of their main title rivals and departed Villa Park after extending their poor run to just one win in their last 12 visits. Nicolas Anelka will spend the majority of the next 48

hours-ahead of the Champions League tie with Spartak Moscow-wondering how he failed to stretch Chelsea’s lead at the top to seven points. The French striker somehow sent a downward header from Ashley Cole’s cross over the bar from six yards and that summed up a disappointing day for the double winners. Villa manager Gerard Houllier’s plans to upset his good friend Ancelotti were ruined by Emile Heskey’s calf injury 24 hours before kickoff. Much of the French manager’s battle plan centred around using the retired England striker-who he believes can be Villa’s own version of Chelsea’s absent Ivorian talisman Didier Drogba. With Heskey unfit and Drogba suffering from a virus, both sides lacked that extra menace in crucial areas and Villa’s loss of young England winger Marc Albrighton, also

to a virus, also did little to help their chances of extending their excellent record on home soil against the double winners. Albrighton’s loss was Stephen Ireland’s gain and the Republic of Ireland international was given the two best opportunities of an opening 45 minutes in which Villa fractionally held the upper hand. Chelsea had kicked off four points clear at the top of the table, but without the physical presence of Drogba and the goals of Frank Lampard they do not appear the same scary prospect. They could easily have been two goals behind at the interval. Ireland clipped one shot from inside the area beyond Petr Cech and wide of the far post af ter Stewart Downing’s burst of speed and pin-point pass set up the opening. And on the verge of the interval, Stiliyan Petrov stumbled into the Chelsea box and

pulled the ball back for Ireland to unleash a venomous effort which Branislav Ivanovic threw himself at to block. Ancelotti maybe had one eye on the trip to Russia to face Spartak Moscow when he removed Ramires in the second half for young Josh McEachran, but Chelsea were well short of ideas by that stage. They were very nearly rescued from another disappointing visit to Villa Park when the woodwork prevented them from taking the lead 13 minutes from time. Ivanovic sent a header smashing into the post from Florent Malouda’s corner with Brad Friedel well beaten, but it would have been harsh on Villa. They were denied a potential winner of their own moments later when Ashley Young’s free-kick was fizzed into the penalty area and was glanced on by Ciaran Clark beyond Cech, only to bounce back off the post. —AFP

Arsenal see off Birmingham Arsenal 2

Birmingham 1

LONDON: Marouane Chamakh fired Arsenal to a 2-1 win over Bir mingham yesterday, but the comefrom-behind victor y was soured by Jack Wilshere’s 90th minute dismissal. Nikola Zigic had given Birmingham a 33rd minute lead that was cancelled out by Samir Nasri’s 41st minute penalty at the Emirates Stadium. Chamakh’s second-half strike ensured Arsenal claimed their first victory in four league games, but Wilshere’s challenge and his subsequent three-match suspension took the edge off the success. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken out about the number of rash challenges in the Premier L eague this season and repeated his concerns in the match programme. He will have been frustrated, therefore, to see Wilshere’s lunge on Zigic that prompted referee Martin Atkinson to issue a straight red card. This was Wenger’s 800th game in charge of Arsenal and, after successive defeats to West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea, it was important the Gunners marked the occasion with a win to avoid losing more ground in the title race. Arsenal had enough pressure in the early stages here to suggest they would easily recover from those defeats.

LONDON: Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner (right) goes for the ball with Birmingham City’s Roger Johnson during their English Premiership League soccer match at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium. —AP England midfielder Wilshere was presented with the club’s player of the month award for September before kick-off and the teenager quickly demonstrated why by starting a series of attacking moves. The most enterprising came after just five minutes when the midfielder exchanged passes with Chamakh to create an opening that was snuffed out when City defender Stephen Carr blocked the Moroccan’s shot. The home side thought they had made the breakthrough in the 18th minute when Sebastien Squillaci rose to head home from Nasri’s free kick only for the effort to be ruled offside. The momentum of the game was moving in Arsenal’s favor with the visitors only rarely threatening

Lukasz Fabianski’s goal. Yet Birmingham still managed to conjure the game’s opening goal in the 33rd minute when they unpicked the home defence with alarming ease. Zigic’s height was always likely to trouble the Arsenal centre backs and the Serbian was allowed to climb unhindered to meet Keith Fahey’s left wing cross and direct a header beyond Fabianski. It was Zigic’s first Premier L eague goal and should have been quickly followed by a second Blues effort when Fahey scooped a volley over the bar from close range. Arsenal needed to stage a swift response and they were level four minutes before the break in controversial circumstances when Chamakh went down under a challenge from Scott Dann.

Birmingham insisted the striker had dived and television replays showed there had been only the minimum of contact but that was enough to persuade Atkinson to award a penalty that was expertly dispatched by Nasri. The Arsenal midfielder was fortunate to remain on the field three minutes later, however, when he clashed with Liam Ridgwell and appeared to kick out at the City full-back. The two incidents suggested that luck was on Arsenal’s side but there was nothing fortunate about their second goal that came two minutes into the second half. Wilshere was again involved, linking this time with Alex Song before releasing Chamakh who escaped a flimsy challenge from Carr and stabbed the ball past Foster.— AFP

MANCHESTER: Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to bench Wayne Rooney backfired after Manchester United threw away a 2-0 lead to allow West Bromwich Albion a 2-2 at Old Trafford. A Patrice Evra own goal and a howler from Edwin Van der Sar which let in Somen Tchoyi enabled West Brom to cancel out first half goals from Javier Hernandez and Nani which had left United in control. It was a fifth draw in eight Premier League matches for United, and the third time this season that Ferguson’s men have had to settle for a draw after holding seemingly unbeatable leads. After conceding late goals to draw 3-3 at Everton, it was also the second time this season they have given up a two-goal lead to drop points. It had looked like United returned to form when Hernandez scored his first Premier League goal after just four minutes and Nani doubled the lead midway through the first half. But Evra’s own-goal reduced the deficit after half time and Tchoyi completed the job. After the midweek disagreement over the nature of Rooney’s previous absence the striker contradicted Ferguson’s claims that he had an ankle injury - the England man started on the bench. Owen Hargreaves was also omitted from the squad after Ferguson rejected Dr Richard Steadman’s claims that the midfielder was ready to make a first start in two years after a knee injury. But United showed they could cope without Rooney with less than five minutes on the clock. Hernandez showed great anticipation to follow up a Nani free kick, which was blocked feebly by Scott Carson, and the Mexico forward touched in. West Brom should have pulled level when a MarcAntoine Fortune cross split the United defence, only for Chris Brunt to miss the target from just a couple of yards out. Dimitar Berbatov was full of confidence after a fine start to the campaign, sending a fine flick through for Nani and also just missing with a long-range effort. But he should have doubled the lead when he was picked out by a cross from Michael Carrick, who was making his first league start of the season, only to turn his shot wide of the near post from about five yards out. Brunt shot wide from distance as he tried to make for his early error. But another mistake from the visitors allowed United to move further ahead.Nicky Shorey slipped on half-way, allowing Nani to drive towards goal, swap passes with Berbatov and then guide a shot past Carson. Giggs limped off just before half time but Ferguson chose to bring on Darron Gibson rather than Rooney. Just af ter the restart, fine work from Nani resulted in him cross for Nemanja Vidic, whose header came back off the post. But four minutes into the second period, West Brom pulled one back with an owngoal through Evra. Five minutes later, the visitors were back on level terms thanks to more dreadful defending from United. Brunt’s looping cross appeared to be straight-forward for Van der Sar but the veteran goalkeeper spilled the ball and Tchoyi tapped in to pull West Brom level. That had the fans chanting for Rooney and United pressed forward, with Carson making a fine block from Evra’s thumping shot. Nani also fired a free kick well over the bar as United attempted to respond. Finally Rooney was thrown on with 18 minutes lef t as United chased a win. But the England striker passed up the chance to pull United ahead from an indirect free kick when his shot was blocked. — AFP

LONDON: Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez (right) celebrates scoring against West Bromwich Albion with teammate Patrice Evra during the English Premier League soccer match at Old Trafford. — AP

Honors even in basement battle Wolves 1

West Ham 1

LONDON: The battle of the Premier League basement finished 1-1 here yesterday after a Mark Noble penalty handed West Ham a share of the points to frustrate Wolves at Molineux. A blunder from West Ham keeper Robert Green had

allowed Wolves to get off to a strong start after only 10 minutes, the England international miscuing a punched clearance only as far as Matthew Jarvis. Jarvis made no mistake to rifle home his volley from eight yards to leave Wolves dreaming of three points that would have lifted them out of the relegation zone. However, Mick McCarthy’s men were unable to add to their tally and soon after the restart the Hammers hauled themselves back into contention from the penalty

spot after Kevin Foley clattered into Victor Obinna. Referee Mark Clattenburg had no hesitation in pointing to the spot and Hammers talisman Noble duly stepped up to thunder in a spot-kick with Marcus Hahnemann well beaten. West Ham forward Frederic Piquionne thought he had given the visitors a dramatic late winner when he bundled the ball into the net, only for Clattenburg to disallow the effort for handball and show the striker a yellow card. — AFP

Huddlestone’s strike sinks Fulham Fulham 1

Tottenham 2 LONDON: Tom Huddlestone gave Tottenham a controversial 2-1 win at Fulham yesterday after his goal was initially ruled out for offside. Harry Redknapp’s team trailed to Diomansy Kamara’s first half goal at Craven Cottage, but Roman Pavlyuchenko equalised a minute later to set the stage for Huddlestone’s dubious winner. Tottenham defender William Gallas appeared to be offside when Huddlestone’s second half strike flashed into the net and the linesman flagged to disallow the goal, only for referee Mike Dean to over-rule the decision to leave Fulham fuming. Hughes sought a meeting with Dean after the match only to be told the official had already left the ground. That was after the referee turned down an interview request from the media to allow him to clarify his position over the

goal. “The goal should have been wiped out because Gallas is in an offside position as the ball is struck by Huddlestone,” Fulham boss Mark Hughes fumed. “Mark Schwarzer has to hold his position until the ball actually reaches where Gallas is, because he’s thinking at some point Gallas may stick a toe out and deflect it. “To say he’s not interfering or not in his eyeline is completely at odds with the truth. “I’d like a little bit of clarification. If he’s made a genuine mistake, he’ll admit to it, but it doesn’t do us any good so what’s the point?” With a daunting Champions League trip to Inter Milan looming in midweek, Redknapp shuffled his pack and handed Brazilian midfielder Sandro his full Premier League debut, while Gallas returned from injury to partner Ledley King in defence. Fulham should have taken the lead in the 14th minute when Kamara, unmarked just yards from goal, glanced Simon Davies’ corner wide. Spurs were struggling to keep the hosts at bay and Fulham lef t-back Carlos Salcido surged forward before lashing a shot narrowly off-

target. A penalty appeal for handball against Tottenham defender Alan Hutton was waved away, but Fulham finally made the breakthrough in the 30th minute. Clint Dempsey got past King and crossed for Kamara to fire home his first league goal for almost a year. But Fulham’s lead lasted just one minute as Rafael Van der Vaart controlled superbly in the box penalty area and chipped against the crossbar, with Pavyluchenko converting the rebound. A fine save from Spurs goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes kept out Kamara’s half-volley just before half-time, while Redknapp’s team lost King to injury moments later. Redknapp sent on Aaron Lennon in place of Sandro at half-time and the England winger almost made an immediate impact as his cross picked out Van der Vaart, whose close-range volley was well saved by Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. Fulham defender Chris Baird forced Gomes into an equally good save with a header from a Davies corner. But Tottenham took the lead in controversial circumstances in the 63rd minute. —AFP

LONDON: Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale (left) is tackled by Fulham’s Chris Baird during their English Premier League soccer match at Craven Cottage. —AP

NBK Kuwait Equity Fund, the best fund of the year


Paragon features in four international books


Ford to sell most of stake in Japan’s Mazda: Reports


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weak dollar won’t boost global economy: Expert holds presentation on inter-market correlations By Nisreen Zahreddine KUWAIT: A presentation entitled ‘Inter-market correlations and Forex markets’ was held at the JW Mariott on Thursday. Brian Dolan, Chief Currency Specialist at was the keynote speaker. He discussed with journalists that attended the presentation about his views on global market movements for the year 2011. Dolan expressed his fears and a slightly pessimistic overview of 2011, in terms of international economy. As for the US dollar, he explained that it is a useless move to weaken the dollar to boost economy. This is because weakening the dollar will cause lower purchasing ability that reflects negatively on the economy of the US. He began with an overview of Forex company for foreign exchange operated by Gain Capital Holding. Dolan explained that they had customers and trading partners in more than 140 countries, an award-winning trading platform which transacts nearly $250 billion per month. It provides execution, clearing, custody, technology products and services to an institutional client base including asset managers, broker/dealers and other financial services firms. Dolan explained in his presentation, the concept of correlations as relationships between currency and other assets such as equities, stocks, gold, and other commodities. It is a numerical expression of the relation between two assets that range from +1 to -1 in normal terms. He distinguished this kind of relation to be non co-existing relations between the two items, that is when the dollar is stagnant. The oil price should not be moving but oil might react negatively if dollar raises. This is because the currency market is a moveable market where more than three trillion dollars are traded every day. On the other hand, the oil market is a more stabilized one and smaller than the currency market. It, however, involves mutual influence. Currencies, as he stressed, are a major motivator nowadays in stock markets. The margin of positive correlations and negative correlations varies, for instance if the dollar went up by +1, the gold might go up by +1 . This the normal margin and as long as it is a small number, it is referred to as to be positive correlation. While if negative, the margin of number difference will be wide such as: +9

KUWAIT: Brian Dolan, Chief Currency Specialist at speaks. — Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat and -9 for instance. Correlations, as he added to explain, are due to confluence, and form fundamental economic relationships. For instance: if European rates are increasing then the Euro must naturally increase. Those relations are a natural result of trader’s activities. They cause correlations. Dolan said that the prevalence of systematic trading is rising nowadays in international markets. He emphasized on the role of central banks and their influence on the interest rate - a major determination on asset trading. Correlations between two major currencies are similarly different from the relation with the currency and assets. For instance, if euro rises, dollar must plunge in return and vice versa. In this regard, he said that there are strong collateral relations between US dollar and equity market on one hand, and with the oil market on the other hand. Where the performance of US equities, for example, have an influence over the performance of British pound since the British are the largest foreign investors in the US.

The presentation also included figures and numbers about the performance and correlations of major FX currencies and other assets such as oil and gold, and com-

modities and their correlation with US dollar for 1 year and 5 years and 10 years. It was last updated during the last six months.

Origins of correlations between Oil and FX • Oil is priced in dollars which is the exporter purchasing power • Weaker dollar may increase oil demand outside US • Lower dollars may see allocation shift to energy assets • Oil producers’ currency strengthens on investment flows • Oil especially susceptible to market shocks

Origins of correlations between commodities and the USD • Lower dollars makes commodities cheaper outside US • Lower dollars may lead to asset allocation shift to commodities • Investors seeking returns increasingly active in commodities • Commodity producer currencies appreciate on inflows • Dollars borrowed as funding vehicle for commodity speculators • Weaker dollars leads to hedgers buying commodities • Dollar weakness may spur inflation fears

Obama: End tax breaks to stop overseas hiring WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama urged Congress to end tax breaks that reward some US companies with overseas subsidiaries and encourage those businesses to create jobs in other countries. Yet it’s an idea that has raised concerns even among some lawmakers in the president’s own party. At issue is a bill, now stalled in the Senate, that would do away with some tax credits and deferrals for US companies for operations abroad. “There is no reason why our tax code should actively reward them for creating jobs overseas,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address yesterday. “Instead, we should be using our tax dollars to reward companies that create jobs and businesses within our borders.” Though Obama singled out Republican opposition, the bill also failed to get support from some Democrats, including the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Max Baucus. He has expressed concern that the change would put the US at a competitive disadvantage. The ending of the tax provisions has run into opposition from business groups, including the National Association of Manufacturers. Obama said that while companies that conduct business internationally do make an important contribution to the US economy, it doesn’t make sense to grant them tax breaks when companies at home are struggling to rebound from the economic crisis. Obama has said he wants revenue collected from ending the tax provisions to go to other business tax breaks, by making permanent research and development tax credits and allowing businesses next year to write off all new equipment costs. In the Republican address, Rep. Mike Pence urged House Speaker

WILMINGTON: President Barack Obama speaks during a fundraiser for Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons on Friday at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware. —AP Nancy Pelosi to call Congress back into session to take an immediate vote on whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts. “The prosperity of the American people is more important than the political fortunes of any politician or any political party,” Pence said. Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have said the tax issue will be taken up after the Nov. 2 election. The tax cuts have been a point of contention between the president and Republicans in the lead-up to the Nov 2 elections. The Republicans want to extend the tax cuts for all Americans, including the top income earners, while Obama wants to extend the tax cuts only for the middle class — those families earning less than $250,000 a year. - AP

US moves to avert China clash, but nods to pre-election ire WASHINGTON: The United States’ complex trade relations with China were laid bare Friday as Washington struggled to balance pre-election anger at home with efforts to give US firms a fair shake against Chinese rivals. Amid rising anger that Chinese policies are putting Americans out of work, US officials moved to forestall a currency battle with Beijing while probing its subsidies to green technology companies. The Treasury Department delayed publishing a controversial report on China’s currency policies until after mid-term elections and a key G20 meeting in midNovember. The report, which could have labeled China a currency manipulator and opened the path for US sanctions on Chinese goods, was due to be released by Friday.

The delay avoids the prospect of a bitter trade dispute between two powers, who have faced off over accusations that Beijing keeps the yuan undervalued to gain an unfair trade advantage. Currency tensions boiled over at last week’s annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with China rejecting calls for a quick yuan revaluation. But ahead of the Group of 20 meetings, the Treasury Department sounded a conciliatory tone, recognizing “China’s actions since early September to accelerate the pace of currency appreciation, while noting it is important to sustain this course.” A higher valued yuan would make Chinese exports more expensive and exports from other nations more competitively priced. — AFP

in the news

LYON: People demonstrate yesterday in Lyon as part of a national day of mass rallies against pension reform. Unions want to pummel the government into backing down on its plan to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62, staging strikes on weekdays and mass demonstrations in cities at the weekend. — AFP

French protesters rally over pension reform

PARIS: Hundreds of thousands of people began marching in cities across France yesterday in the latest protest of a mass campaign against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s flagship pension reforms. Sarkozy is determined to stand firm on his plans to raise the retirement age and stem a ballooning pension shortfall, but unions have staged weeks of nationwide demonstrations to try to force him to back down. Five-day-old rail and refinery strikes are piling pressure on the government by disrupting travel. Public and private sector employees and students began marching in dozens of cities, with the biggest crowd assembling in Paris. The mood was upbeat, with disco music blaring, horns honking and chants of “All Together.” France’s powerful trade unions hope for a similar turnout to their last weekend rally on Oct. 2, which they said drew nearly 3 million people nationwide, though police estimates

were lower. “We have several million people in the street who support us and believe in us,” said CFDT union leader Francois Chereque, at the main protest in Paris. “The only one blocking the country is the government.” Five straight days of strikes over the unpopular reform have cut train services and grounded flights. Walkouts at oil refineries have hit supply at nearly 2 percent of France’s petrol stations. Economy Minister Christine Lagarde urged people not to panic over fuel. The government has said it has ample fuel stocks that can keep the nation running for at least a month. “We have reserves,” Lagarde told France’s RTL radio, adding supply problems had affected 230 petrol stations out of a total 13,000 in the country. “People mustn’t panic,” she said. Sarkozy has vowed to push ahead with his pension reform, saying it is the only way to stop a 32 billion euro ($44.7 billion) annual pension shortfall ballooning to 50 billion by

2020. Lagarde told RTL that gradually lifting the minimum and full retirement ages by two years, to 62 and 67 respectively, would be less painful than raising pension contributions or trimming retirement benefits for the 15 million people in France currency receiving them. Both the government and unions will be looking closely at Saturday’s turnout. Unions said nationwide demonstrations on Tuesday drew 3.5 million protesters. The interior ministry put the figure at 1.23 million. The government’s main concern is youth protesters becoming rowdy. Riot police used tear gas on Friday to disperse crowds in the city of Lyon. Dozens of students were arrested across the country and several police officers were injured. Police in Paris have orders to not use rubber bullets, after a youth protester was injured by one during the week. Rail services were reduced yesterday, but

flights out of Paris’s Orly airport were back to normal following disruption on Friday from a strike by runway workers. France has a tradition of overpowering unpopular government proposals through street militancy, though polls suggest people are coming to terms with the fact that delaying retirement, in line with other European countries, is becoming inevitable. The French parliament has approved the pension bill’s key points and the Senate will vote on the legislation on Wednesday. Unions plan to meet on Thursday to discuss further action. “The momentum is still there, whether the reform is approved or not,” Jean-Claude Mailly, head of the more radical Force Ouvriere union, told French television. Strikes during the week at French oil ports and refineries put pressure on fuel supplies and cut the flow at a pipeline running into Paris and international airports. — Reuters

JCDecaux wins deal for 26 Saudi airports JEDDAH: French advertising giant JCDecaux said yesterday its Saudi subsidiary had won exclusive rights for advertising at all 26 airports in Saudi Arabia. The 10-year contract was granted by the Saudi General Authority for Civil Aviation to JCDecaux ATA, and includes the busy international airports in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Medina and 22 domestic terminals, the company said. More than 45 million passengers passed through the airports in 2009, including 39.4 million in the four international airports, the company said. Passenger traffic in the Middle East grew 7.1 percent in 2009, the fastest regional growth in the world, it said. JCDecaux ATA is 60 percent-owned by the French company and 40 percent by Saudi partner ATA. Mozilo gets record fine, BofA also to pay LOS ANGELES/SAN FRANCISCO: Former Countrywide chief Angelo Mozilo agreed to a settlement of $67.5 million to resolve charges of duping the home lender’s investors while lining his own pockets, but Bank of America Corp will pick up two-thirds of the tab. The flamboyant poster boy of the subprime mortgage market’s boom and bust struck a lastminute deal with the US Securities and Exchange Commission before his trial on

civil fraud charges was to start next week. The most prominent executive charged by regulators with wrongdoing linked to the housing market collapse, Mozilo on Friday became the recipient of the highest fine ever dished out to an executive of a public corporation. CFO Dew ar leaving UAE’s Dana Gas DUBAI: UAE’s Dana Gas said James Dewar, its group chief financial officer, is leaving the oil and gas company for personal reasons. A new CFO will be announced later, Dana said in a statement. Dolce & Gabbana faces tax evasion charge ROME: Italian prosecutors have accused the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana of failing to declare revenues of around 840 million euros ($1.2 billion), Italy’s main business daily reported yesterday. Investigators have closed their inquiry against founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, as well as five other people, but no formal charges have yet been presented, Il Sole 24 Ore said, citing prosecutors in Milan. The allegation is that Dolce & Gabbana created a company in Luxembourg in 2004 and 2005 which was given control of the group’s brands, thereby avoiding Italian taxes. The Luxembourg company, Gado, was in fact run from Italy.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Profit-booking stops KSE advance KUWAIT: After reaching its highest level since over a year on Wednesday, October 13, the Kuwaiti market saw some profit collecting after several stocks reached high levels. Despite the last day turnaround, Global’s weighted General Index ended the week up by 0.54 percent and closed at 219.83 point. On a year-to-date basis, the market gains escalated to 18.04 percent. On the other hand, Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) price managed to cross above the 7,000 point level for the first time this week since May 20 and closed at 7,010.5 point, up by 15.50 points (0.22 percent) for the week. Total market capitalization reached KD35.56bn. However, market breadth skewed towards decliners with 82 stocks retreating against 57 advancing out of 167 shares traded last week. Trading activity was mixed. Volume traded rose by 15.64 percent reaching 1.83bn shares changing hands at a total traded value of KD334.49mn (0.54 percent drop compared to the week before). The trading volume was notably high on the Investment Sector, which accounted for 34.12 percent (623.90mn shares) of the total market traded volume. International Financial Advisors was the biggest volume traded in the Investment sector with 90.48mn shares traded. However, Investors Holding Group Company topped the market volume list for the week with 102.96mn shares exchanged. On the value side, the Banking Sector saw the most value traded with KD104.50mn exchanged, accounting for 31.24 percent of the total market traded value. Six of the Kuwaiti banks were seen in the top value traded stocks list for the week, with Kuwait Finance House being the most traded with KD31.66mn. However, the same list was topped by Zain. The stock saw KD37.41mn traded and ended the week up by 2.94 percent at KD1.400. Sector-wise, Global Food Sector Index was the biggest gainer, adding 2.21 percent to its value. However the Services Sector was a prominent mover of the market index as it ended the week up by 1.89 percent. Zain’s gain (+2.94 percent), the biggest company in the Kuwaiti market, was a notable mover of the sector index, also the 1.89 percent increase in the share price of Agility, another bluechip company, helped lifting up the index. In the same sector, Hits Telecom Holding was the biggest gainer, adding 23.53 percent to its share price. Global Investment Index came third, adding 0.90 percent to its value. Noor Financial Investment Company was the biggest gainer in the market last week and topped the gainers list with 29.41 percent increase in its share price. On the other hand, Kuwait Financing & Investment Company topped the losers list, shedding 22.13 percent of its share value. On the downside, Global Non-Kuwaiti Sector Index was the biggest loser, shedding 0.93 percent of its value last week as no gainers were seen in the sector. The insurance sector, as measured by Global Insurance Index, came second, closing down by 0.59 percent followed by a 0.22 percent drop in Global Industrial Sector Index. The biggest Kuwaiti sector, the Banking sector, was also down by 0.15 percent. Global’s special indices closed with mixed performances. Global Islamic Sharia Index was up by 0.10 percent. Global Large Cap (Top 10) index also added 0.66 percent to its value while Global Small Cap (Low 10) Index shed 0.80 percent. M ac roe c on om ic n ew s Kuwait inflation climbed to a 15-month high of 4.4 percent year-on-year in August, mainly driven by a rise in food prices, data showed last week. Inflation in the world’s fourth largest oil exporter has been accelerating this year as the oil-reliant economy recovers from last year’s sharp contraction. Consumer price growth stood at 4.0 percent on an annual basis in July, still well below a record high of 11.6 percent in August 2008. On the month, prices in the OPEC member rose 0.4 percent following a 0.6 percent increase in the previous month, data from the Central Statistical Office showed. Central bank governors from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia voiced their concerns last month about rising inflationary pressures stemming from factors they cannot directly influence such as food costs. Kuwait, unlike its fellow Gulf oil producers, abandoned the dollar peg in favor of a currency basket in 2007 to rein in a sharp spike in inflation. Food prices, which account for 18 percent of the Kuwaiti basket, soared by 1.2 percent month-on-month in August, following a 3.1 percent jump in the previous month. Housing prices, which have the largest weight of 27 percent, were unchanged in August, following a 0.1 percent dip in July. Transport costs, the third biggest component, were flat. The central bank said last month it expected inflation to edge up to 4.5 percent towards the end of 2010. Oi l Re lat e d N ew s The price of Kuwaiti crude oil dropped last week by $0.45 per barrel as it settled at $78.95 on Wednesday, October 13, compared with a week earlier on Wednesday, October 06, the


Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) said. The drop in crude oil prices came as the US dollar increased versus other major currencies as a result to the cautiousness of investors that preceded the issuance of the report of the US Federal System on Tuesday. OPEC said that current oil prices supported the growth levels, while Saudi Arabia hinted that OPEC would likely keep production rates as it is. Kuwait has raised the official selling price (OSP) for its crude oil sales to Asian buyers for November by 20 cents to $2.10 a barrel below the average of Oman/Dubai quotes, traders said on Tuesday, October 12. Kuwait set its OSP at $2.30 per barrel below the Oman/Dubai average for October loading. Kuwait’s crude price formula is loosely linked to that of Saudi Arabia’s Arab Medium grade. Kuwait’s cabinet approved a draft decree appointing the chairman of Kuwait National Petroleum Co (KNPC) Farouk Al-Zanki as the new chief executive of KNPC. Kuwaiti Oil Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah said that Zanki will hold the post at the country’s top state oil company for three years. He replaces Saad Al-Shuwaib. Energy policy in Kuwait, the world’s fourthlargest oil exporter, is set by a council that includes oil industry and other government officials. Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) said it inaugurated the first station for ED95 environment-friendly fuel in Sweden. The company’s public relations and services director Adnan Al-Qallaf said that the International Diesel Service (IDS) is a driving force in the European Union (EU) financed environmental project CleanTRUCK together with, among others, the City of Stockholm, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes and AGA Gas. The project, which will be conclude on 2013, aims to establish stations for environment-friendly fuel for heavy trucks, he said. The fuel consists of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent ignition improvers, lubricants, and anticorrosive agents, he added. Ot h er loc al n ew s Kuwait Energy Company, which operates in the Middle East, Russia and Pakistan, plans to launch an initial public offering (IPO) within nine months. Kuwait Energy said its shares may be listed on the London and Kuwait Stock Exchanges (KSE), subject to market conditions. The company had originally planned an IPO for the end of 2010 but delayed those plans given weak global market conditions. The privately held company’s shareholders also approved a plan to increase its authorized share capital through a rights offering, it said in a statement. Kuwait Energy’s capital will rise to KD127mn ($448.4mn) from KD103.6mn dinars after the rights issue of KD198.3mn shares at 155fils per share, the company’s chair man and managing director Mansour Abukhamseen said. The government of Kuwait approved a draft decree on Tuesday, October 12 to appoint Hamed Saleh Al-Saif as Director General of Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), Minister

of Commerce and Industry Ahmad Al-Haroun announced after the cabinet meeting. A consortium led by South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company has made the lowest bid of $2.6bn for a long-delayed Kuwaiti causeway project, the tenders committee said. The causeway, to be named after late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, is to link the capital Kuwait City with the northern Subbiya area which is to become home to a Silk City project. The state’s central tenders committee said the Hyundai bid was followed by an offer from a consortium led by Bin Laden Group of Saudi Arabia that bid $2.85bn for the 25-km causeway. The committee said the project contractor, the public works ministry, will evaluate the bids before making a final selection. The $77bn Silk City aims to revive the ancient Silk Road trade route by becoming a major free trade zone linking central Asia with Europe. Head of Central Tenders Committee (CTC) Ahmad AlKulaib announced that the committee has awarded several tenders worth approximately KD4bn in the last ten months. Tenders worth KD1.9bn will be executed by various governmental sectors and tenders worth about KD2bn will be executed by the oil sector. Al-Kulaib said that the cost of these tenders takes up 10 percent of the entire developmental plan. Two new closed medical companies have been established with a total capital of KD2mn. Al-Ashraf Healthcare and AlMuthanna for Medical Services have been founded as Kuwaiti closed companies with a capital of KD1mn each involving 10mn shares worth 100fils/share. The new firms are active in setting up, running and owning hospitals and offering household medical services to all public and private corporations. They can contract doctors, nurses and technicians for working with them or for others both at home and abroad, and can even establish specialized technical workshops as well as car r y out maintenance works for medical equipment. Furthermore, the freshly created businesses are entitled to own real estate necessary for their activities, but this should be only within the allowed limits as per law, and invest available financial surplus in financial portfolios. Kuw a it S t oc k E x ch a n g e UAE’s telecoms operator Etisalat is in talks with banks to raise financing for its planned 46 percent stake acquisition in Kuwait’s Zain and is considering an Islamic bond, bank loans or both, Etisalat’s Chief Financial Officer Salem Ali Al Sharhan said last week. He added that Abu Dhabi-based Etisalat, which is 60 percent state-owned, will not receive financing from the Abu Dhabi government. Kuwait’s NBK Capital, the investment arm of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), is in talks to buy stakes in five firms for a private equity fund, its Chief Executive Salah Al-Fulaij said. “Right in the pipeline we have five firms,” he explained, adding that one of deals was about to be finalized in Qatar, while another firm was coming from top oil exporter Saudi

Arabia. The rest came from Turkey or other Gulf Arab states such as the United Arab Emirates. NBK Capital is focusing on “non-cyclical, defensive” sectors such as education, health or food for its private equity business, he told. Real estate developer Mazaya Qatar, an affiliate of Kuwaiti developer Al- Mazaya Holding plans to finally list on Qatar Exchange next week and said it earlier last week that it would sign two deals worth $1.5bn to underpin long-term confidence in the market, its chief executive officer Seraj Al Baker said. He noted that the shariah compliant developer will sign the property deals - a $500mn build and transfer project and a second worth $1bn - with a major Qatari name. He declined to provide further details on his announcement on Monday. Combined Group Contracting Company (CGC) reported that in partnership with Hyundai Corporation, is the lowest bidders for tender No H.T/140 issued by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW). Under the 5-year contract, CGC will design and construct Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah’s Sabiya Bridge Project at a total value of KD738.75mn. CGC will carry out 20 percent of the contract works and will duly update the KSE management of relevant updates. Kuwait Projects Company Holding (KIPCO) and Fiarfax Financial Holdings signed recently a deal to develop the insurance market in the MENA region as part of an expansion plan. Within the deal, Faifax, a global insurance and reinsurance group based in Canada, bought 39.2 percent, around KD59.8mn, of shares within Gulf Insurance Company (GIC) from KIPCO. National Cleaning Company reported that its fully owned subsidiary was awarded a tender by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources. The 3 year contract is worth KD1.33mn. While General Administration of Civil Aviation awarded a tender to a 90 percent subsidiary company. Tender value amounts to KD202,320 over a period of 3 years. Heavy Engineering and Ship Building Company signed a 12-month contract with the US military on September 28. Under the $8.32mn agreement, the company will recruit the necessary workforce to maintain the US Army Vessels, at Muhammad Al-Ahmad Naval Base. The company also inked a contract No 415/2010-2011 with the Ministry of Interior at a total value of KD1.30mn. Under the two-year agreement, the company will maintain, install and supply ship spare parts. Moreover it inked a subcontract with the main contractor of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) on September 27. Under the 17month agreement, the company will establish pipelines in Mina Al-Ahmadi, to provide Al-Sabia and Doha power plants with gas and oil at a total cost of KD18.33mn. Jazeera Airways Company said that its unit Al Sahaab Aircraft Leasing Company has signed a $155mn leasing contract with US airline firm Virgin. Al-Sahaab will lease four A320 aircraft to Virgin for 10-years. Gulf Cable and Electrical Industries Company received award letter No WKM/2009-2010 from the Central Tenders Committee (CTC). H ig h li g h t s o f t h e w e e k Kuwait Financial Forum will be hosted in Kuwait later this month under the auspices of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and with attendance by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad AlHariri. The forum will feature participation of various Arab financial, banking, and investment experts from Gulf countries and around the world. The Chief Executive Officer of Economy and Business Group (organizer of the forum), Raouf Abu Zaki stressed the importance of holding the forum in Kuwait due to its strategic position in the financial industry, banking and investment. Abu Zaki added that the forum will coincide with Kuwait’s comprehensive development plan, which in turn presents several investment opportunities for the private sector in Kuwait and in the Arab region. “An annual forum has become a financial and economic phenomenon which attracts top officials from the Arab and international countries,” Abu Zaki added. Aref Energy Holding Company signed an agreement to buy a 36 percent stake of Kitara Ofil- one of the biggest Indian companies operating in recording and analyzing data of digging oil fields -at a total value of $4.10mn. Kitara Ofil has a presence in Syria, Iran, north Iraq, Oman and other countries. The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), on October 07, 2010, gave a nod to the request submitted by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) to repurchase or offload 10 percent maximum of its issued shares for further six months, as of the end date of current approval on October 19, 2010. The bank should abide by the CBK’s buyback rules and regulations, in a d d i t i o n t o t h e p ro v i s i o n s o f A r t i c l e N o 1 1 5 B I S o f Corporate Law.

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GOLD 266.000 133.000 68.000

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36.910 6.405 0.033

398.870 0.190 94.190 4.000 215.500 732.840 3.290 6.530 77.630 75.350 75.350 219.160 43.980 2.520 453.500 297.100 6.300 9.650 76.900 282.200

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Outstanding returns despite turbulent times

NBK Kuwait Equity Fund, the best fund of the year Porsche driving experience on ice and snow

Driving a Porsche in extreme conditions

KUWAIT: NBK Kuwait Equity Fund, a fund managed by NBK Capital, delivers outstanding returns despite turbulent times for markets. A recent ranking of the top performing Kuwait equity funds proved once again that NBK Kuwait Equity Fund delivered the highest returns during the first three quarters of this year, outperforming all other similar funds. The Fund delivered 37% year-to-date. A closer examination of this performance shows that the Fund exhibited exceptional performance during the first and third quarters, delivering close to 21% in each of the two quarters. The Fund’s performance surpassed all the peers listed on Zawya, showing tremendous value added and long-term benefits to its investors.

mance and master - participants will learn how to better master their vehicles by driving in icy, yet controlled conditions. The Precision Training Camps in Austria and Finland offer an ideal platform for beginners. In the performance and master level training courses, advanced drivers will go to Finland where they will learn to handle a Porsche in icy and snowy conditions on an ice race course. These drivers will practice correct steering and braking as well as reacting to load changes for safe cornering, among other skills. For more information, please contact Porsche Centre Kuwait, Tel: 247 910 00

#1 to Istanbul - #1 to Beirut - #1 to Amman - #1 to Damascus - #1 to Sharm El Sheikh...

William Rhodes

Top Citigroup consultant joins NBK advisory board

Porsche driving experience with Panamera

Salah Y. Al-Fulaij, NBK Capital’s CEO

Jazeera Airways #1 on most routes in August

New sports car winter program KUWAIT: Breath-taking icy landscapes, icecovered mountains, frozen lakes and all kinds of sports cars: This winter the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is once again offering a wide range of opportunities to test Porsche vehicles in extreme conditions. From January to March 2011, motor sports fans can register for diverse winter driving courses at the Porsche Sport Driving School and the Porsche Travel Club. During the Porsche winter training courses, instructors will help participants hone their driving skills and driving safety. In three sequential training levels - precision, perfor-

Salah Y. Al-Fulaij, NBK Capital’s CEO, said that “the Fund’s innovative and yet prudent strategy has put it ahead of the crowd in terms of long-term returns and rigorous risk management techniques. With the aim of ensuring consistency in performance, NBK Kuwait Equity Fund has displayed, especially during challenging times, an outstanding performance in absolute terms and relative to its peers.” The Fund is managed by NBK Capital, the leading investment management company in the region, and a subsidiary of National Bank of Kuwait. The Fund offers to its investors the ability to invest in the Kuwaiti stock market, with weekly liquidity and a minimum investment of KD 1,000.

KUWAIT: A top consultant from the Citigroup recently joined the National Bank of Kuwait’s advisory board, which is the first board of its kind in the region. William Rhodes, a former Citigroup CEO, has been a main director for the group’s relations with customers and investors from around the world during the past five decades, in addition to playing a significant role in solving the debts crisis that hit developing countries during the 80s. The NBK’s Advisory Council is chaired by former British Prime Minister Sir John Major, and consists of twenty two members of an elite group of political, economic, business, and strategic personalities from around the world. It plays an important role in providing consultations and contributing in lining the bank’s future strategies as well as its presence at the international scene.

KUWAIT: Award-winning airline Jazeera Airways yesterday reported its operational performance for the month of August, showing the airline had once again had achieved a leading market share over all Kuwaiti airlines on the routes it serves, with the exception of the Kuwait-Jeddah and Kuwait-Riyadh routes due to low seatallocation restrictions on the airline versus other Kuwaiti airlines. The airline, which offers the most competitive fares in the market all-day every day, also reported that it maintained an on-time performance of 94% for the month of August. The today-issued report is based on data from Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), which also showed that Jazeera Airways was the largest operator among all airlines serving the KuwaitBeirut route (with a 29% market share), and Kuwait-Sharm El Sheikh route (with a 59% market share). The report highlighted that Jazeera Airways was also the largest operator on both the Kuwait-Damascus route (with a 37% markets share) and the Kuwait-Luxor route (with a 57% market share). Furthermore, the airline also had the leading market share among Kuwaiti airlines on the KuwaitIstanbul route, capturing 29% of the

market in August, making it the preferred airline for travel between Kuwait and Istanbul. In August, Jazeera Airways once again captured the largest market share among Kuwait-based airlines on the two most competitive routes in the airline’s network: Kuwait-Dubai and Kuwait-Bahrain. In addition to business destinations like Dubai and Bahrain, the airline carried 7494 passengers between Kuwait

and Amman, capturing it a 32% market share of the entire market, an increase by 5% over July. Winner of Arabian Business Magazine’s ‘Best in Aviation 2010’ award and Gold Winner of Magnum Opus 2010 awards, Jazeera Airways operates to 18 destinations across the Middle East, including high demand business cities like Dubai and Bahrain, and exotic tourist destinations like Sharm El Sheikh and Istanbul.

Linde, Samsung consortium Kuwait’s new landmark for the wins Saudi acrylic deal home revealed - Dar Alghanim RIYADH: A consortium of South Korea’s Samsung Engineering Co and Germany’s Linde has won an early construction deal for a Saudi-based acrylic acid complex expected to cost 4 billion riyals ($1.1 billion). Saudi subsidiaries of Tasnee Sahara Olefins Co (TSOC) — a joint-venture of Tasnee and Sahara Petrochemicals Co — own 75 percent of the complex and 25 percent belongs to US-based Rohm and Haas, recently bought by Dow Chemical, the Saudi

firms said yesterday. Tasnee and Sahara did not disclose the value of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract awarded to Samsung-Linde consortium. Rohm and Haas will provide the technology for the complex and will market its annual production 230,000 tons of acrylic acid and derivatives, the Saudi firms had said. Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Co, affiliated to Tasnee, will provide propylene as feedstock

for the plant, Tasnee said. The complex is expected to start production in the first quarter of 2013, Tasnee and Sahara said. When the project was first unveiled in 2008, the two Saudi firms said they expected it to start production in 2011. Rohm and Haas wants to use the product as a feedstock for its water-based acrylic products used to manufacture detergent additives, paints, coatings and adhesives among other products. — Reuters

New line of Samsung notebooks, netbooks in limelight at GITEX Samsung registers 21.1% H1 sales rise in mobile computing segment KUWAIT: Samsung Electronics, a market leader in consumer electronics and world leader in Information Technology, is reinforcing its RSeries and N-Series laptops at GITEX 2010, allowing users to be more efficient and capable on the move, without compromising on style. The new R-Series models include the R440, strengthening on Samsung’s 14-inch screen size segment, and the R590 with premium specifications, which builds on the success of its predecessor, the R580. The N-Series new models include the N150P, the second generation model of the N150 available in a wide range of colors, and the N210P, a value-formoney, thin and stylish Netbook. “We have already seen a successful 2010 line-up with our first phase of Notebooks and Netbooks, and with the latest Rand N-Series models we are confident we will maintain a sustained growth in notebook and Netbook sales in the region. We are always researching ways to develop more innovative and user-

friendly features with our notebooks to meet and surpass users’ expectations,” said Raj Varma, Business Head of Notebooks, IT Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics. “The N150P, N210P, R590 and R440 enable us to do just that. The Samsung R-Series, with its unrivalled mobile entertainment, offers an all-round performance, while the Samsung’s N-Series features lightweight, stylish Netbooks for easy surfing and entertainment, which come in a variety of colors to suit every lifestyle,” he continued. During the first half of 2010, the EMEA region’s combined desktop and notebook market experienced a growth of 21.1%, while Notebook/Netbook continued to gain share with a year on year

increase of 42%. In addition, the growth in the number of internet users in the region and beyond will continue to spur a growth in Netbook and notebook sales. “With the launch of the next phase of Notebooks and Netbooks, we are expecting a regional growth of over 160% in our laptop division in 2010, with the help of our enhanced marketing strategy which has been put into action,” Varma added. The Samsung R-Series notebooks and NSeries Netbooks have all been awarded the leading environmental and usability standard, TCO Certified, and are ECO RoHS compliant. As well as being ergonomically designed for optimum ease of use and performance, they are also completely mercury free and consume significantly less power thanks to their LED backlit displays. Their ultra-lightweight, robust and compact design also offers other ‘green’ advantages, as less power is used in the manufacture and usage phases of their product life. “As environmentally friendly products and ‘green’ technology becomes a higher priority for our consumers, Samsung is continually striving to find new ways to meet and surpass this growing prerequisite,” added Varma.

KUWAIT: In response to the rising need of modern, quality home products, the Yusuf A Alghanim & Sons group of companies has just announced the launch of its newest initiative, DAR ALGHANIM, Kuwait’s new landmark, a complete retail park of showrooms filled with the latest home decoration and building products. DAR ALGHANIM with its landmark windmill - the first ever windmill in Kuwait is located in Shuwaikh, next to the Alghanim garage, and is a unique concept of 4 different dedicated showrooms offering everything from luxury bathrooms to basic building materials, and all supported a full range of services including 3D design, credit facilities, home delivery and installation. Alghanim has always been a market leader with a mission to satisfy peoples growing tastes on every level, therefore the creation of DAR ALGHANIM as a retail one stop shop with reasonable prices, high quality products and a professional team to guide you is seen as the perfect solution. The 4 different brands within DAR ALGHANIM comprises of HOME & GARDEN, a home improvement superstore with an impressive range of products for the indoor and the outdoor requirement of any

home. From home accessories to garden furniture and plants, to kitchens and bathrooms, to wallpaper and paints, the showroom is a destination to obtain a variety of products at value driven prices within the comfort of a comfortable and beautiful store. Next, there is REFLECTIONS, Kuwait’s most impressive bathroom showroom designed with panache and an eye for detail. The two storey showroom has over 50 beautiful bathrooms designed with a combination of European tiles, award winning sanitary and exquisite accessories. The third brand is ALGHANIM BUILDING CENTRE, a destination for professionals and DIY patrons on a lookout for specialized building materials and tools at the best price for any building or construction project. And the 4th and most impressive part of DAR ALGHANIM is AFKAR - which means ideas - is a massive project center that offers design, installation and most importantly expertise and consultation. Providing solutions from the initial steel structure, cement and insulation, to the air-conditioning and lifts, right through to the final room layout and soft furnishings, AFKAR is total answer to every new homeowner’s challenge of run-

ning between multiple shops, it is the complete one stop home building solution. Commenting on this new project, Gary Hatcher, Business Director said “We are proud to open the doors of the newest concept to home and building solutions. With the objective to support the development of Kuwait’s’ fast growing construction industry, and to facilitate the process for individuals, DAR ALGHANIM provides a ‘retail park’ concept catering to the different needs and requirements for building a home and furnishing it. DAR ALGHANIM offers expertise, solutions and ideas, and we are honored to have launched a unique and innovative concept that stems from a 75 year legacy of trust and reputation.” “Due to the current fast paced culture in Kuwait, we are confident that a one stop shop for everyone’s home needs will save homeowners a great deal of time and energy. “added Gary Hatcher, Business Director. DAR ALGHANIM has made the process of building a home an easy and joyful task, for both men and women. This new home shoppers destination of Kuwait has been designed to offer convenience to its customers, and is easy to find with the unique “Windmill” located at the front of the site.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

KSE indices record gains despite pressure KUWAIT: Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) ended the week in the green zone, to record gains for both of its main indices. The market price index ended last week with an increase amounted to 0.22%, while the weighted index showed slightly better performance, as it grew by 0.60% compared to the closings of the week before. In addition, last week’s average daily turnover decreased by 0.54%, compared to the preceding week, reaching KD 66.90 million, whereas trading volume average was 365.64 million shares, recording raise of 15.64%. Moreover, KSE continued its positive performance, as a result, KSE price index managed to exceed 7,000 points barrier from the first trading day, and stayed above it until the end of the week. On the other hand, many of KSE traders are waiting conservatively for the listed companies 9 months results, as the number of the companies disclosed its results still limited. In addition, news about possible sale of mobile telecommunications company “Zain” stocks remained as the main motive for KSE traders. In addition, the official announcement about the development plan mechanism was also present, whereas, the Kuwaiti central bank “CBK” governor said that the

BAYAN INVESTMENT WEEKLY REPORT government received a perspective about financing mechanism since two weeks ago, he added that the banks are the most efficient party to undertake this task, while on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance said that the Kuwaiti banks are capable to finance the development plan, but there are other choices to be considered. By the end of the week, the price index closed at 7,010.5 points, up by 0.22% from the week before closing, whereas the weighted index registered a 0.60% weekly gain after closing at 475.60 points. Sectors’ indices Five of KSE’s sectors ended last week in the green zone, while the other three recorded declines. Last week’s highest gainer was the Food sector, achieving 1.73% growth rate as its index closed at 4,749.3 points. Whereas, in the second place, the Banks sector’s index

closed at 11,293.5 points recording 1.43% increase. The Investment sector came in third as its index achieved 0.77% growth, ending the week at 5,162.9 points. The Services sector was the least growing as its index closed at 15,033.7 points with a 0.27% increase. On the other hand, the Non Kuwaiti companies sector headed the losers list as its index declined by 0.95% to end the week’s activity at 7,224.9 points. The Industry sector was second on the losers’ list, which index declined by 0.90%, closing at 5,682.1 points, followed by the Insurance sector, as its index closed at 2,633.3 points at a weekly loss of 0.13%. Sectors’ activity The Investment sector dominated total trade volume during last week with 623.90 million shares changing hands, representing 34.12% of the total market trading

volume. The Real Estate sector was second in terms trading volume as the sector’s traded shares were 25.78% of last week’s total trading volume, with a total of 471.35 million shares. On the other hand, the Banks sector’s stocks where the highest traded in terms of value; with a turnover of KD 104.50 million or 31.24% of last week’s total market trading value. The services sector took the second place as the sector’s last week turnover of KD 79.53 million represented 23.78% of the total market trading value. Ma rket capita liza tion KSE total market capitalization grew by 0.47% during last week to reach KD 34.17 billion, as four of KSE’s sectors recorded an increase in their respective market capitalization, whereas the other four recorded declines. The Food sector headed the

growing sectors as its total market capitalization reached KD 795.27 million, increasing by 2.21%. The Services sector was the second in terms of recorded growth with 1.80% increase after the total value of its listed companies reached KD 9.33 billion. The third place was for the Investment sector, which total market capitalization reached K.D. 3.02 billion by the end of the week, recording an increase of 0.96%. On the other hand, the Non Kuwaiti companies sector headed the decliners list as its total market capitalization reached KD 2.26 billion, decreasing by 0.88%. The Insurance sector was the second in terms of recorded decline with 0.57% decrease after the total value of its listed companies reached KD 315.83 million. The third place was for the Industry sector, which total market capitalization reached KD 3.01 billion by the end of the week, recording a decline of 0.23%. For further details, please visit our web site: Prepared by the Studies & Research Department Bayan Investment Co.


sunday, October 17, 2010

Zainab Naser wins NBK’s top Al-Jawhara prize KD 125,000 KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the leading bank in Kuwait and the highest rated bank in the Middle East, recently announced the names of the Al-Jawhara Draw prize winners for the month of October 2010 which was conducted at NBK’s Head Office. The first prize of KD 125,000 went to Zainab Abdulhadi Naser, while the second place winner Ali Hussein Nasrallah received KD 7,500. The third winner Ibraheem Esmaeil Esmaeily was awarded KD 3,000 and the remaining 97 winners were awarded KD 400 each. Al-Jawhara account offers numerous benefits to NBK customers. It is not only an interest-free account with regular deposit and with-

drawal privileges, but also automatically entitles account holders to enter the monthly AlJawhara draw. Each KD 50 in an Al-Jawhara account entitles the customer to one chance at winning any one of the 100 prizes allocated for each draw. All prizes are automatically credited to the winners’ accounts the day after the draw. The more money held in your AlJawhara account, the greater your chances of winning! Al-Jawhara accounts are available for both Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis and can be opened at any one of NBK’s branches around Kuwait. For further information kindly visit, or call Hala Watani at 1801801.


Account No. Name of Customer


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

018266096 039367282 069065365 047265183 054131448 102102007 027236269 036216917 018144489 080006620 053052749 000142174 016086465 027308812 100379761 040313417 004069994 037017306 102113491 042041953 009396594 100625592 005337216 039318974 011188286 102074690 066000122 051203936 069063850 015373886 100078389 007517599 100320082 013064355 008951500 005242886 000367168 059029110 054178657 012387878 053070933 023311797 047298170 039109291 005358280 015372871 005275849 043082041 051268833 011194855 060065095 051128705 016387732 012338354 039583678 009299661 042527937 069088349 036198846 047378069 100761631 004320417 011239050 013413252 047442336 047329718 048139564 054137292 054157145 054019451 047482915 012338001 024110671 014032910 100475418 047162155 027311759 009121064 018323553 082001111 047160756 061051896 040152375 039095983 000079413 032752679 040295559 059120126 073024414 028040880 011252464 038206250 002330954 000956457 045057656 008996121 060055111 047248904 018058108 065094433

125000 7500 3000 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400 400

Zainab Abdulhadi Naser Bash Ali Hussein Nasrallah Ibraheem Esmaeil Esmaeily Husain Qasem Husain Dashti Najem Abdullah Mahmoud Alashwak Min Omar Abdulqader Khaled Bou Ghaith Shareifa Hbeib Quloum Ali Husain Akbar Hasan Souad Abdalkareem Fadel Amjad Alsayed Ibrahem Mohammad Nedaa Rabea Saeed Al Yoha Mohammed Faleh Rashed Bader Khadija Mohamad Hasan Rida Amena Hamdan Dhahi Alfadhli Abdul Rahim Abdul Hamid Gracy Gretta Dsouza Vincent Joseph George Muna Khalifah Mulla Essa Al Jerran Mohd Ali Mohd Ashkanani Min Rashid Fayez Ahmad Almathkour Nabil Khaled Musaed Almazid Mohammed Abdulaziz Seleem Sulaiman Nawal Hasan Ahmed Ali Nora Hamed Nasser Alsola Eman Ahmed Ghloum Haji Hasan Hamad Ahmed Essa Mohamed Maha Bader Salem Alsubah Bassam Abdul Latif Khalifa Al Mulla Batol Ali Yaqoub Hussain Fatmah Hamad Ali Almerri Hani Mohammed Nabil Al Rifai Deena Saoud Mohamed Alateeqi Nadimetla Rajesham Nadimetla Malayah Khalid Nasser Saleh Alsaleh Abdulaziz Ali Abdulaziz Alduaij Hanaa Radi Abdulla Sultan Gloria M Ugalde Raed Jawad Ali Abdulrahman Maha Ajaiman Yousef Alajaiman Naimah Mahmoud Jasem Alsarraf Min Abdulhadi Jawad Ismael Ramadan Min Ahmed Bader Abdulhadi Alabdulhadi Aysha Ghanem Mubarak Alamiri Heba Mounier Lawendy Hytham Abdulwahab Ebraheem Alkhayat Shaikh Mahmoud Alhaq S F Alhaq Yousef Bahai Haider Bahai Badrawala Bashar Hamad Mohammed Abdulrahman Abeer Sadeq Khalaf Aljomah Yousef Yaqoub Abdulla Alattar Athari Abdulaali Abdul Hamid Alramzi Abdulkhaleq Abdulhamed Mulla Jumaa Ahmad Faleh Ayed H Aldasa Esmat Allah Mahamadi Besem Allah Nadia Hassan Jawad Mohammed Min Abdullah Amaar Abdulredha Albazaz Hamad Talib Hamoud Alanjeri Ebrahim Abdulhameed Mursei Alsharawei Kholoud Ghloum Habeeb Ali Habeba Saoud Awaad Alslemani Salim Ali Tareq Mohamed Yousef Alrawdan Lina Subhi Ibrahim Murad Husain Ali Mohd Haider Minor Shaheen Abdulla Ahmad Alrabee Layla Dekheel Dayol Oqal Wady Georfette J Gandry Ahmad Haji Qambar Asad Lari Amani Mubarak Faleh Raei Alfahma Samera Abdulhasan Abdulsayed Almuaala Yasmin Salman Mirza Shaban Min Shareefa Mansor Yaqoub Sarkhoh Hassan Al Zubaidi Yousef Salah Fahad Sultan Ali Mohamad Ibrahem Almuhaimeed Min Abrar Bader Abdulrasoul Saad Al Sheikh Shamlan Abdulaziz Alsabah Kennedy Apolinario Pereira Khaled Nouri Khaled Aladsani Amal Omran Abdulla Alqallaf Khalid Ibrahim Hassan Aldamkhi Fatma Mukhtar Abdulla Husain Min Ali Adel Hasan Al Ali Hadeel Mohamed Hashem Mehsen Masouma Askar Saoud Albaloushi Khaled Ahmed Saleh Alsaleh Mohd Zyad Mohd Bashir Orabi Mostafa Atyah Kamel Ali Ahmad Abdulla Jawhar Saad Khaled Mohammed Qanbar Sadiqa Ghloum Haji Ahmad Tawfeeq Ahmed Abdulmohsen Alali Naem Mohamed Abution Khalid Masoud Athar Maraj Aldean Shaikh Fahad Salem Abdulla Alajmi Fatma Abdalhamed Sowayed Salem Abdlluah Hamad Badaah Alsalele Hana Jasem Abdulazez Alomani Ehab Fekri Aziz Bassilios Nahid Husain Taqi Sheshtari Sama Ahmad Labib Mohammad


GFH raises fresh capital target to $500m

Bahrain’s GFH to reduce capital, raise more funds MANAMA: Ba hrain’s Gulf Finance House (GFH) pla ns to reduce its ca pita l and raise up to $500 million in fresh funds to plug the holes a regional property crunch cut into its balance sheet, it said yesterda y. The Islamic investIt said yesterday it would increase this target to $500 million in fresh money and also reduce its paid-up capital by consolidating its shares on a ratio of four to one. ‘During the meeting, shareholders will be asked, amongst other matters, to approve the four to one consolidation of shares, a reduction in paid up capital and the issuance of an equity linked convertible murabaha of up to $500 million,’ it said in a statement, without providing further details.

ment house sa id in August it w ould hold a shareholder’s meeting in October to approve plans to ra ise up to $300 million through a murabaha , a n Islamic equity-linked money ma rket instrument.

GFH is one of the Bahraini investment houses that relied on fees charged on investor money raised for private equity and property projects, a market that collapsed when the global financial crisis triggered a regional property crash in 2008. It posted a $728 million loss for 2009 and has since struggled to pay back its debt as it failed to sell down illiquid property assets and find a new business model. It narrowly escaped default in February when it

reached a last-minute deal with lender to roll over a $300 million loan and now needs to find fresh fund to finish the property projects it started from Morocco to India. International and regional bond and loan markets have been closed to Bahrainís investment sector that is yet to find a new business model, making private placements and capital increases the only source of funding. — Reuters

VIVA Kuwait, Facebook launch new, free mobile site KUWAIT: VIVA Kuwait yesterday announced that it is now offering its customers free mobile browsing on the new site. By sponsoring VIVA Kuwait is enabling its customers to stay connected through Facebook with friends and family from any mobile Web browser without incurring any data charges. Facebook’s site is optimized for speed - it is a new, faster, lightweight version of Facebook’s mobile site The site does not have graphics or photos and’s pages

have been designed for performance on VIVA’s network. Photos posted on Facebook are only one click away from To view a photo a person only needs to click on a link to the photo and they will be prompted that they are leaving Standard data charges will apply when a person leaves to view photos. VIVA Kuwait’s customers can access the site from the VIVA WAP Browser on their mobile phone and they will only incur charges when they click a link to view a photo or leave the 0.face- site. With this collaboration with Facebook, VIVA Kuwait is offering its customers even more possibilities to interact and communicate with family members and friends anytime, anywhere. Facebook was founded in February 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. Facebook is a privately held company and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Paragon Marketing Communications features in four international books KUWAIT: Paragon Marketing Communication’s one of Kuwait’s leading advertising agency has yet again been featured in 4 recently published international books on advertising and graphic design. Namely, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol.1 3000 Initial and Crest Logos, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol. 2 Animal and Mythology Logos, ‘Letterhead and Logo Design 11’ and ‘Design Matters//Portfolios’. Logo Lounge Master Library authored by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner is a collection of logos assorted from the internationally reputed website The book features designs created by international design firms, along-with, top-tier logo designers who share their insights on values, traditions and the future of designing. While Letterhead and Logo Design 11 by Design Army presents the latest, most innovative, and exciting work from well-known design

leaders, new design firms, and cutting-edge artists. The third publication Design Matters//Portfolios by Maura Keller focuses on what makes a design stand out from the crowd in terms of layout, core attributes, and materials used. Paragon Marketing Communications has been previously featured in several international books on advertising and graphic design some of which are: The Complete Graphic Designer by Ryan Hembree, Crack by Alexander Egger, The Best of Business Card Design by Sibley/Peteet Design/Austin, Letterhead & Logo Design 9 by The San Francisco Design Office Mine, Logo Lounge 4 by Bill Gardner, Identity Crisis by Jeff Fisher, The Big Book of Self promotion by Peleg Top and Ilise Benun, 500 Really Good Logos Explained by Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Ron Miriello and Alex W. White.

On these latest achievements Sheikh Dawoud Al Sabah a prominent International Advertising Association member and a long standing patron of Paragon Marketing Communication’s work said “We are proud of Paragon’s achievement and that their work has represented Kuwait well globally”. In addition Louai Alasfahani Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Paragon Marketing Communications commented that “we are proud to represent Kuwait in the international arena”. Furthermore Gaya Kruchlik Deputy General Manager Paragon Marketing Communications added that “Paragon Marketing Communications achievements also include a total of 52 awards which reinforces its position as Kuwait’s most awarded agency”. Reference to Paragon Marketing Communications work is available on

Renault provides support to Haitian population KUWAIT: Renault, in collaboration with RCI Banque, provided seven 19-seater minibuses and three Renault Master ambulances to three Haitian humanitarian associations and the Red Cross, which are working to rebuild the country after the earthquake in January 2010. The presentation ceremony for the ten vehicles was attended by the Haitian minister of youth, sports and civic action together with Renault representatives and held in the Croix-des-Bouquets professional and sports training center near Port-au-Prince. Mobility is key to reconstruction Given the vital role played by mobility in the recon-

struction process, the objectives of Renault and its partner associations are to enable NGOs to respond to catastrophes with the right medical material, to gain faster access to displaced populations and help people access healthcare infrastructure. The following associations are involved in the project: The French and Haitian Red Cross, which are working together in the field. The minibuses will allow them in the short term to organize health education campaigns and help the population best prepare for the risks involved in natural catastrophes. The Red Cross will in the medium term implement a “collective taxi” service

that meets the needs of the population and is adapted to road and traffic conditions in the Port-au-Prince region; The Croix-des-Bouquets professional and sports training center, which will be placed at the disposal of young trainees and volunteers from the Haitian civil service, to help them in their work; The Fondation pour les Enfants d’Haiti, which runs an orphanage, schools and a local hospital in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, whose work will be facilitated by the minibus. Enti re Gro up ral l i ed aro und the dev el o pment pro ject Supported by Group employees, the initiative,

deployed by the Corporate Social Responsibility department immediately after the earthquake hit, was made possible through the collective efforts of a number of players, including RCI Banque. The Curitiba plant in Brazil produced the vehicles, the Americas Region ensured their delivery, and the Renault dealership in Haiti will handle servicing and maintenance. Anto i ne Pei g ney , Head o f Internati o nal Operati o ns and Rel ati o ns , RED-CROSS “When they meet a real need voiced by the civil population and the association, donations in kind are invaluable for our organization. Especially since these dona-

tions correspond to our policy of action in Haiti - where we have been working for 13 years - which involves carrying out revenue-generating projects to bring sustainable autonomy to the majority of the population.” Cl ai re Marti n, Head o f So ci al Res po ns i bi l i ty , RENAULT “With its longstanding presence in South America, it was important for Renault to confirm its solidarity with Haiti, by bringing the population its expertise on a lasting basis. Together with the donations made by our employees, this fleet of minibuses and ambulances will help to improve the everyday life of Haitians.”



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Foreclosure debacle to test stocks’ rally

NEW YORK: US banks will be in the limelight this week as several household names report earnings and investors worry a forced halt to foreclosure proceedings could hit the sector and end the recent rally. Bank shares fell sharply on Friday on very high volume, continuing a slide from the previous day. Although recovering some of their losses, Bank of America shares hit their lowest in over a year, while the KBW bank index fell 2.4 percent. Shares of Bank of America, the nation’s largest mortgage lender, have fallen 9 percent during the week. Over 595.9 million shares of the company’s stock traded on Friday, the most since April 2009 and over four times the 50-day moving average. Investors worry banks did not follow proper due diligence when foreclosing on homes whose owners were not making mortgage payments, which could result in costly litigation, fines and additional mortgage repurchases. Kevin Caron, market strategist at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co in Florham Park, New Jersey, said that situation could also weigh on the housing market if the uncertainty discouraged buyers from entering into contracts on properties under foreclosure. “That speculative investor on the

margin may choose to not to engage in that activity, which means there’s the potential that you could have some weakness in demand, particularly in the lower-end speculative range of the housing market,” he said.

Investors will pepper bank executives with questions when those companies present earnings reports next week. Banks reporting results include Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citigroup Inc, three of the largest mortgage lenders in the

nation. The broad S&P financial sector is expected to show earnings of $27.7 billion in the third quarter, a 71 percent increase over a year earlier, although third-quarter revenue growth is seen falling 6 percent to $252.9 billion.

However, earnings estimates have been cut on some banks. Financials with the biggest reductions in earnings estimates for the quarter in the latest week are Goldman Sachs, PNC Financial, and Citigroup, according to John Butters, director of US earnings at Thomson Reuters. The financial sector has been a conundrum in the latest market rally since the start of September. The KBW index has gained only 4 percent at a time when the broader S&P 500 has rallied nearly 12 percent. David Giroux, who runs T. Rowe Price’s $9.4 billion Capital Appreciation Fund, said expectations that deflation would weigh on bank earnings in the near term was pressuring the sector. He said banks were now attractively valued and the sector is the fund’s largest, making up nearly 15 percent of assets. “Most of the large banks are asset sensitive, which means that as rates rise, their profits should rise,” he said. “So if you’re a big believer in deflation, which the market has become a big believer in ... financials do poorly.” Giroux said a second round of stimulus from the Federal Reserve was unnecessary as inflation was already present in the system. Hopes the Fed will pump billions into the economy has helped drive stocks

higher recently. The Fed will release its Beige Book during the week and that will provide another insight into the central bank’s thinking on the economy. On Friday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke hinted more monetary stimulus was on the way. A number of other big US companies from a range of industries will also present their scorecards next week, giving investors more clues about the economy’s health. They include Apple Inc, Caterpillar Inc and Johnson & Johnson. Early indications from this earnings season have been mixed. Google Inc blew past analysts’ expectations on Friday, driving its stock up 11.2 percent, while lower-than- expected revenue at General Electric, often seen as a proxy for the economy, pushed its shares down 5.1 percent. Signs in the options market suggest more volatility next week as the recent trend of a continuous slide in the volatility index seems to be coming to an end. “There is more call buying on the VIX now than put selling, which suggests that traders see a spike in VIX in the near term,” said Randy Frederick, director of trading and derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research in Austin, Texas. The Chicago Board Options

Exchange Volatility Index, or VIX, closed on Friday at 19.03, down 4.3 percent, after rising above 21 during the day. The market has continued to move higher since the S&P 500 broke a resistance level at around 1,130 in the middle of September. Some chartists are now looking at an upside target of 1,228.74, the 61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement from the 2007 high. This week may also see a socalled “golden cross” in the S&P 500 if the 50-day moving average rises above the 200-day- a bullish sign for some traders. The 14-day moving average moved above the 50-day and the 200-day averages in September. Industrial production data will kick off the week, followed by Tuesday’s report on September housing starts. A weak housing number could rattle investors at a time when they’re already anxious about the housing sector. Housing starts are seen slipping to an annualized rate of 580,000 units, according to economists polled by Reuters. Elsewhere on the economic front, the Philly Fed index is among early indicators of October regional business activity leading up to the national surveys on manufacturing and services from the Institute for Supply Management at the end of the month. — Reuters

US carmaker to invest more in emerging markets

Ford to sell most of stake in Japan’s Mazda: Reports TOKYO: US carma ker Ford Motor has decided to sell the bulk of its 11 percent sta ke in J apa n’s Mazda Motor a nd invest the money instea d in emerging ma rkets, reports sa id yesterda y. Ford, which ha s been the top sha reholder in

the Hiroshima -based automa ker since 1979, pla ns to slash its current equity sta ke of 11 percent to three percent or less, the Nikkei business daily sa id w ithout na ming its sources. At times Ford has owned more than a third of Mazda, but started cutting its stake in 2008 in the wake of the global financial crisis. The two firms have reached a basic agreement on the deal, Nikkei said. The Mazda shares held by Ford are worth a total of 42 billion yen ($515 million) based on Friday’s closing price on the Tokyo stock market. Jiji Press said Ford would use the money it gains through the sale to invest in emerging countries with high growth potential. The two companies are expected to make a formal decision in November, Jiji said. Mazda, Japan’s fifth largest automaker, declined to comment on the reports, saying they were “the result of speculation” by journalists. “Mazda and Ford continue to enjoy a close strategic partnership and there is no change to this relationship. As before, we continue to cooperate in areas of mutual benefit. We do not comment on speculation,” it said in a statement. Mazda spokesman Kotaro Minagawa said the company would neither confirm nor deny the reports. The Nikkei said the TOKYO: This combo of photographs taken in Tokyo yesterday shows Mazda (left) and Ford (right) shares are likely to go to main creditor motors logos displayed at their respective car dealerships. Ford, which has been the top shareholder in Mazda’s the Hiroshima-based automaker, Mazda since 1979, plans to slash its current equity stake of 11 per- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, as well as trading house cent to three percent or less, a report said. — AFP Sumitomo Corp and other Sumitomo group firms. Once the sale is completed Ford would be no longer be Mazda’s top shareholder, it said. The Wall Street Journal SEOUL: A senior official of host South Korea reported Ford’s chief financial has said leaders of the Group of 20 would at best officer said the US and Japanese agree on a vaguely worded accord on defusing LONDON: Britain’s Ministry of tion came after US Secretary of State automakers would continue to currency disputes at their summit next month, a Defense will only face cuts of under 10 Hillary Clinton told the BBC Thursday work together but intend to report said yesterday. percent in the government’s punishing she was worried that sharp spending compete separately in China, Any agreement on the inflammatory issue spending review next week, compared cuts could damage the NATO military the world’s largest car market. would be “heavy on rhetoric” and short on to 25 percent for many other depart- alliance. Lewis Booth, Ford’s executive specifics to avoid attacks on particular currenments, the BBC reported yesterday. But the top NATO commander in vice president and chief financies, Kim Sung-Min, chief of the G20 affairs Finance Minister George Osborne Afghanistan, US General David cial officer, said in a recent office of Korea’s central bank, told the Korea had told the MoD to prepare cuts of at Petraeus, told the Daily Telegraph interview with the paper that Herald. least 10 percent despite strong resis- Saturday that Cameron had assured Ford has “had a 30-somethingFor example, he said, the heads of the tance from Defense Secretary Liam him in a meeting this week that year history of working with world’s leading economies may announce that Fox and military chiefs. But Prime “resources for Afghanistan were ringMazda and it’s going to continthey agreed to “push for a coordination” to Minister David Cameron intervened in fenced.” ue”. resolve currency disputes. “Some watchers the row and the MoD is now likely to “That is absolutely necessary for But Booth confirmed that seem to half-expect countries to announce a face cuts of between seven and eight the success of the NATO mission, for Ford was seeking to dissolve its certain accord in Seoul. But I think it is impospercent, the BBC said, adding there Britain is America’s most important three-way venture in China sible,” Kim said. would be no substantial cuts in army partner,” Petraeus added. The same between Ford, Mazda and “The foreign exchange market is very specpersonnel numbers. newspaper reported yesterday that the Chongqing Changan ulative. If they reach a detailed agreement in Britain will announce full details of new professional head of the British Automobile Co, with Mazda and their joint declaration, there is no doubt that it the cuts in a strategic defense review Army, General Peter Wall, had warned Ford instead having two sepawill invite a wave of speculative funds,” he said. on Tuesday, which will outline a long- Cameron that operations in rate tie-ups with the Chinese The dispute over China’s allegedly undervalterm vision for the military. That Afghanistan could be undermined by company. “We work on projects ued yuan, the subject of heated complaints from that make sense to the two of comes the day before an overall spend- cuts in army numbers and training. the United States and the European Union, us and if they don’t make sense threatens to overshadow development and ing review Wednesday which Cameron Wall plus Chief of the Defense Staff other agenda items at the November 11-12 to the two of us, we don’t work has said will reveal details of cuts of up Jock Stirrup, the Navy’s head Admiral meeting in Seoul. on them,” Booth reportedly to 25 percent in most departments. Mark Stanhope and Chief of the Air Japan this week also took aim at South Korea said of Ford’s relationship with There has been particular contro- Staff Air Chief Marshal Stephen Dalton over its interventions to slow the rise of the Mazda. versy over reductions to the defense are all concerned about the potential won against the dollar. The currency battle “With the growth in China budget. Britain currently has around impact of cuts. looks set to be rejoined when Group of 20 and the investment that each of 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, the second Reports suggest that areas of finance ministers meet in South Korea on us are going to make in China, largest contingent after the United defense expenditure under threat from October 22-23 in preparation for the summit. we decided to split the joint States but Cameron has indicated they the cuts include RAF bases, Harrier On Monday President Lee Myung-Bak venture.” Ford became Mazda’s will be withdrawn from combat by 2015 jets and navy frigates, although two warned fellow G20 leaders that failure to settle top shareholder in 1979 as it in a process which may start next year. promised new Royal Navy aircraft carcurrency disputes could fuel protectionism and purchased 25 percent of its outThe premier’s reported interven- riers will be delivered. — AFP damage the world economic recovery. — AFP standing shares. — AFP

G20 accord on currency Elusive: S Korean bank

British defense cuts to be kept under 10%: BBC

JAKARTA: Workers carry sacks of calcium powder to be shipped to Sumatra island at Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta yesterday. Indonesia’s economy is expected to expand over 6 percent this year, up from 4.5 percent in 2009 and 6 percent in 2008. — AP

Turkmenistan opens new Russia-bound gas route ASHGABAT: Turkmenistan inaugurated a pipeline yesterday that will help boost exports of natural gas to Russia. The 200-kilometer route links reserves in the barren Karakum desert to a compressor station that feeds into the Soviet-built CentralAsia-Center pipeline, which carries gas to Russia. The route has been created despite Moscow’s flagging interest in buying Turkmen gas. Although itself rich in gas, Russia has traditionally bought cheaper Central Asian energy supplies while selling its own reserves to European customers at much higher prices. Last year, Russia abruptly suspended its imports from Turkmenistan amid mutual accusations over responsibility for a pipeline blast in April. Deliveries resumed in January 2010, but at much smaller quantities. State-

owned Turkmengaz says that Russian gas imports are expected to reach about 10 billion cubic meters this year, down from the annual 40 billion cubic meters it bought previously. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is set to arrive in Turkmenistan for a two-day visit Wednesday in a sign that relations between the two former Soviet nations may be on the mend. “The new pipeline in the Karakum Desert, which will increase the supply of Turkmen gas to Russia, is a vivid example of mutually beneficial cooperation between Turkmenistan and Russia,” President G u r b a n g u l i Berdymukhamedov said at a Cabinet meeting Friday. Next year’s schedule for gas deliveries is expected to be discussed during Medvedev’s visit. Russia, which once had a

lock on the bulk of Central Asian gas supplies, has seen its dominant position undermined by the recent construction of new pipelines to China and Iran. Turkmen gas deliveries to China through a pipeline completed in 2009 are expected to reach 6 billion cubic meters this year, with supplies increasing incrementally every year until they reach 40 billion cubic meters in 2015. Turkmen gas supplies to Iran currently stand at about 14 billion cubic meters a year. Russia appeared to have cornered the market for Central Asian gas exports in 2007, when it sealed a deal to build a new pipeline along the Caspian coast to further boost supplies. But that project has fallen by the wayside as Moscow’s readiness to buy Turkmenistan’s increasingly expensive gas has waned. — AP

SYDNEY: A man walks past a trading store displaying dollar signs in Sydney on Friday after the Australian dollar hit parity over night with the US dollar for the first time since it floated in 1983. — AP


Sunday, October 17, 2010


TOKYO: A humanoid robot code-named HRP-4C, center, performs with dancers at DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO in Tokyo Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010. —AP

Venture-cap investments decline 7 percent in Q3 SAN FRANCISCO: Venture capitalists poured less money into US startups in the third quarter and split this among more companies, signaling that investors are trying to be more economical with their funds. According to a study set to be released Friday, startup investments declined 7 percent to $4.8 billion in the July-September period, compared with $5.2 billion invested during the same three-month period in 2009. A total of 780 startups received funding during the quarter - 9 percent more than the 716 companies that took slices of the investment pie last year. The study, which was conducted by

PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association based on data from Thomson Reuters, said that much of the decline stemmed from a drop in large investments in clean technology. Funding in clean-tech startups, which include alternative energy, recycling, conservation and power supply companies, has been mercurial lately. It fell every quarter last year compared with the previous year, but has been climbing this year until the third quarter. Despite the third-quarter funding drop, though, funding for the full year still looks to be higher than it was in 2009. So far this year, venture cap-

italists have invested $16.7 billion in 2,497 startups; in all of 2009, $18.3 billion was funneled into 2,916 startups. More startups in the expansion and later stages of development got funding than last year, and, as usual, companies in these two stages received the bulk of funding. This comes as the market for acquisitions and initial public offerings for mature startups continues to be rough, which means venture capitalists are likely to be waiting for quite some time before profiting from their investments. The number of startups in the seed stage that got funding dropped 11 percent.

Companies in the early stage of development that got funding climbed 21 percent. This seems to show that investors are being more cautious about investing in wholly new ideas but remain interested in putting money toward younger companies that still have a lot to prove. The study said that first-round financing rose nearly 60 percent to $1.2 billion, and 255 companies got their first financing in the quarter, compared with 176 in the third quarter of 2009. Most of these deals were with companies in the seed and early stages of development, which is consistent with past activity. By industry, software startups got the most

funding in the quarter - $1 billion - while biotechnology startups came in second, garnering $943.7 million. Investments in clean technology, which was higher last quarter at $1.5 billion than any quarter since the study began keeping track of investments in 1995, fell to $625.2 million - a drop of 32 percent from the same quarter in 2009. Trilliant Inc., which makes wireless equipment for utilities to manage smart grids, snagged the quarter’s biggest single investment of $106 million. The secondbiggest investment, $75 million, went to Merkle Inc., which offers database marketing services. —AP

Apple’s earnings to showcase one-two punch SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc should affirm this week that its six-month-old iPad tablet computer is selling well despite a shaky consumer market, while the iPhone continues to fend off a strong challenge from rival Google Inc. Analysts expect fourth-quarter earnings to showcase Apple’s powerful one-two punch of the iPhone and the iPad, although some still question whether, with a plethora of rival products set to hit store shelves, Wall Street can justify Apple’s stratospheric valuation. The shares of the second largest corporation in the S&P 500 jumped more than 4 percent on Friday as anticipation mounted ahead of tomorrow’s report. As has been the case for many quarters, iPhone growth will be the main driver, even as anticipation builds over an iPhone early next year tailor-made for the network of top mobile carrier Verizon Wireless Inc — a move that would instantly boost Apple’s consumer reach in the United States. Apple’s shares stand at a record high after breaking through the $300 mark for the first time this week. The company has so far proved resilient in the face of weak US consumer spending. At the same time, gross margins should get a boost from falling component costs. Although there is little doubt September quarter numbers will be strong, investors have come to demand an out-sized performance, so the bar is raised every three months. Analysts say a big upside surprise may be tougher to achieve this time around given constraints in iPad and iPhone supply. But the iPad is playing a bigger role in Apple’s business and could be a wild card this quarter, and Wall Street is eager to gauge consumer enthusiasm for the tablet. While demand has been strong, manufacturing bottlenecks have limited production. Apple trades at nearly 21 times forward earnings, a healthy premium over smartphone and PC rivals. A SECOND LEG Investors are looking at the iPad as the second pillar of growth along with the iPhone, which has keyed Apple’s surge over the past few years, but is facing stiff competition from smartphones based on Google’s Android software. “It’s going to be a combination this time of their two most important products, iPhone and iPad, and both are going to do very well,” said Gleacher & Co analyst Brian Marshall, who expects Apple to pass Exxon Mobil Corp as the largest company in the S&P 500 in short order. Apple launched the iPad in April and sold 3.3 million units in the June quarter. Analysts expect sales of 4.5 million to 5 million units for September. Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro noted that because investor expectations are so high, there may be some disappointment if the iPad number is

below 5 million. Fidacaro said that, despite Apple’s size, there is still room to grow because its key markets — smartphones and tablets — are young and expanding. “You’ve got two huge product cycles going on right now,” he said. “And the iPad has no competition.” iPhone sales should continue to be strong following the June launch of the iPhone 4, with estimates in the 11 million to 12 million unit range. Fidacaro said Apple is building a CDMA iPhone for expected launch early next year, potentially with Verizon, that would add more than 10 million units to his 2011 sales estimate. But the threat from Google looms and new rivals are emerging. Android was the most popular platform among US smartphone customers in the past six months, according to Nielsen. “There’s going to be no shortage of competition next year,” said Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves. ELEVATED EXPECTATIONS Apple, famous for its low-ball forecasts, stunned investors in July when it set a revenue outlook for September that was $1 billion higher than Wall Street’s target. The company has beat the consensus estimate in each of the past eight quarters by a minimum of 13 percent and has bested revenue estimates for the past seven quarters. Hargreaves said investors should expect another beat this time around. “I don’t think it will be a big as what we’ve seen in the past, at least relative to our numbers, because of supply constraints early in the quarter,” he said. Apple is expected to post earnings of $4.08 a share on revenue of $18.9 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. According to StarMine’s SmartEstimate, which places more weight on recent forecasts by toprated analysts, Apple should post EPS of $4.17 on revenue of $19.1 billion. Analysts expect a gross margin of 38.2 percent. Apple’s margin has been pinched by the iPad, but falling prices for components such as NAND flash, which Apple consumes in huge amounts, could help in the September quarter. Wall Street expects Apple to report sales of roughly 10 million iPods and 3.5 million to 4 million Mac computers. Macs have been a steady source of strength for Apple over the past few years. Sales surged 24 percent in the United States in the July-September period, according to industry tracker IDC, a far stronger performance that its rivals. Apple could dominate the headlines next week. After its earnings report on Monday comes a media event on Wednesday focused on Mac computers. That is followed by quarterly results from AT&T Inc, the exclusive US iPhone carrier, and Verizon.—Reuters

Twitter cuts off celebrity tracker JustSpotted SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter on Friday said it cut celebrity-tracking service JustSpotted off from a pipeline of “tweets” that could be tapped to map the whereabouts of stars. JustSpotted will launch Tuesday with an online map that pinpoints celebrity sightings in real time using updates from sources including Twitter, Facebook, and location-based check-in service FourSquare. JustSpotted is a reincarnation of real-time search engine Scoopler, which had licensed a “fire hose” data feed of all public tweets from Twitter. “ is not

the product we licensed, and we have terminated their agreement,” a Twitter spokesman said in response to an AFP inquiry. Twitter had nothing to do with the development of JustSpotted, the spokesman stressed. The JustSpotted homepage on Friday featured a world atlas with icons marking locations where people reported sightings of famous folks ranging from movie stars to US President Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama. A message on the page promised the service would launch in four days. “JustSpotted shows you what your favorite

celebrity is up to right now and where they were last spotted,” said service founder and chief executive AJ Asver. The service promised to deliver “a real-time feed of every celebrity’s activity.” Key features listed by JustSpotted included technology that sifted public Twitter comments for celebrity sightings and comments about what they were doing. While branded by some as a potential resource for stalkers, JustSpotted billed itself as “celebrity friendly” and said stars can make deals to use the service to promote their images or messages.

health & science


sunday, October 17, 2010

Time, like all good things, may come to an end, study says WASHINGTON: The end of the world as we know it cannot be avoided, but it can be predicted, according to a group of astrophysicists who see a 50 percent chance of the final countdown ending in 3.7 billion years. “Time is unlikely to end in our lifetime, but there is a 50 percent chance that time will end within the next 3.7 billion years,” according to the team of US and Japanese scientists, who are challenging a long-standing theory of the universe. While scientists have long concluded that the universe is expanding, and will

do so for an infinite period of time, the researchers say the very rules of physics suggest that “an eternally inflating universe” is far from given. “The point of this paper is to show that certain methods and assumptions that have been widely used by physicists for years-most prominently, the use of a time cutoff in order to compute probabilities in an eternally inflating universe-lead to the conclusion that time will end,” Raphael Bousso of the University of California, Berkeley told AFP. “In other words, the time cutoff, which

we may have thought was just a calculational tool, actually behaves like a physical event, whether we like it or not,” said Bousso, lead author of the study published on Current theories of the universe begin with the “Big Bang,” which cast our living space into being some 13.7 billion years ago in a massive explosion. Since then, theorists have assumed the universe will simply continue to expand forever, but have also used a theoretical expiration date to help calculate the laws and rules of physics. But Bousso and his colleagues says the

discipline simply cannot have it both ways. He cautioned however that the complex thought experiment and calculations proposed by the research could not be used to draw definitive conclusions. “It’s very important to understand that we are not saying that we are certain of the conclusion that time will end (though we cannot rule out that it may be correct),” he wrote. But he said even if the theory was false, discovering why that was the case would help scientists better understand the universe. “In science, this kind of reasoning is often valuable: you realize

that your reasonable-seeming theory predicts something that sounds crazy, so you have to come to grips with that,” he told AFP. “Either you have to abandon the theory, or you have to understand why the crazy-sounding thing may not actually be so crazy.” For astrophysicist Charles Lineweaver, of Australian National University’s Mount Stromlo Observatory, Bousso’s conclusions are simply incorrect. “Bousso’s average life of a universe is a set time, only because that’s what happens when you introduce a cutoff point

to get a reasonable probability,” he told ABC Television. “It’s a statistical technique being taken probably too seriously,” he added. But Bousso said he and his team had not invented or introduced anything. “These cutoffs have been used by many leading physicists for years,” he told AFP. “We merely pointed out that it’s not such an innocent thing to do. “The cutoff on time is inevitably physical and hence requires a physical justification. It cannot be considered a mere mathematical trick.” — AFP

Malaysia Healthcare - providing quality care for your peace of mind With the quality, affordability and comprehensive nature of healthcare in Malaysia, treatment is a luxury KUWAIT: Given the high-quality, accessibility a nd a ffordability of Ma laysia n Healthcare, it is no surprise tha t it is ra nked highly by independent organiza tions tha t monitor fa cilities and services on behalf of medical travelers w orldwide. How ever, a mong the public in many countries, Malaysia’s outstanding success in offering high-qua lity a ffordable healthcare to internationa l patients is not very w ell known, sa id Dr. Mary Wong La i Lin, CEO of Ma laysia Hea lthcare Travel Council, while speaking on the sidelines of the First International Conference and Exhibition for Best Hospita ls tha t w as held in Kuwa it from the 7th to 9th of October. Dr. Wong explained, “One of the reasons for the lack of awareness among the public has to do with Malaysia’s long standing policy against advertising healthcare. Though we have an excellent medical system, established way back during our Colonial period, healthcare was always purely intended to provide medical service to the public; it was never seen from a business perspective. However, recently, recognizing the huge potential of healthcare tourism to the Malaysian economy, the government decided to form the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). The primary aim of MHTC is promoting and positioning Malaysia as the preferred healthcare destination for international medical travelers. “Our presence at this exhibition in Kuwait is part of the attempt by MHTC, to showcase Malaysian medical facilities and expertise and to create better awareness among the public about the high-quality, affordability and comprehensive nature of healthcare in Malaysia,” said Dr. Wong. As part of its strategic plans to promote healthcare travel services and spearhead promotional activities for the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Industry, MHTC has formulated several procedures to streamline service providers and revamp services and facilities in both private and government sectors. Dr. Wong explained: “Among the procedures implemented by MHTC are several capacity building and networking initiatives, between different stakeholders in the Malaysian

KUWAIT: Representatives of the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council at the Kuwait Fair Grounds in Mishref. healthcare industry, designed to facilitate public-private sector collaboration. This relationship helps to effectively address issues affecting the industry so that visitors have a seamless experience with Malaysian healthcare services.” To further this partnership, MHTC formed an advisory committee, with representatives from the public and private sectors as well as medical professional bodies, to stipulate criteria to be followed by Malaysian hospitals in order to win the approval stamp from MHTC. The committee’s recommendations for participating hospi-

tals include obtaining and maintaining accreditations from the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH), Joint Commission International (JCI), ISO or other international accreditation bodies to ensure they meet established standards. The hospitals must also offer major specialties and some sub-specialties and have a good quality online presence so that international patients can directly learn about the hospital’s capabilities and offerings. Another outcome of the influence of MHTC has been that immigration formalities have been enhanced for healthcare

visitors so that they can now avail of a special medical visa for up to six months, which can be further extended if necessary. “We also recognize that there is no better means of appreciating the uniqueness of Malaysian Healthcare than seeing it. Thus MHTC has been providing potential foreign healthcare travel buyers and other key-decision makers with familiarization trips to Malaysia, to give them better exposure to the healthcare facilities and capabilities available in the country. As a result of our proactive approach, in 2008, more than 375,000 healthcare

travelers visited our promoted hospitals - a three-fold increase from 2001,” said the doctor. “Malaysia’s highly trained medical personnel are experienced in the full range of medical specializations, from dental, cosmetic and plastic surgery to bariatric, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, fertility treatment, orthopedic and rehabilitative medicine, cancer treatment and pain management,” noted Dr. Wong. She added that Malaysia being a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic country, offered several features that make its hospitals a choice destination for medical travelers from Muslim countries, including cultural sensitiveness, fluent Arabic speakers, proximity to mosques and halal food. The factors leading to the growth of global healthcare will continue to evolve and challenge healthcare travel industries around the world. To remain competitive, stakeholders in Malaysia’s healthcare sector need to constantly raise the standards of their industry said Dr. Wong. She added, “To maintain its high standards and to uphold the reputation of Malaysia as a health tourism destination, MHTC is working to ensure that hospitals, doctors and surgeons, and medical tourism operators work together to comply with all relevant regulations, standards and accreditation, to provide the best facilities and services so that visitors will continue to promote Malaysia as the preferred destination for medical travel.

US eyes ways to make Fearful drug addicts abandoned computer use safer online WASHINGTON: The US government is reviewing an Australian program that will allow Internet service providers to alert customers if their computers are taken over by hackers and could limit online access if people don’t fix the problem. Obama administration officials have been meeting with industry leaders and experts to find ways to increase online safety, as they try to strike a balance between securing the Internet and guarding Americans’ privacy and civil liberties. Cyber experts and US officials are interested in portions of the plan, slated to go into effect in Australia in December. But any move toward Internet regulation or monitoring by the US government or industry could trigger fierce opposition from the public. The discussions come as private, corporate and government computers across the US are increasingly being taken over and exploited by hackers and other computer criminals. White House cyber coordinator Howard Schmidt told The Associated Press that the US is looking at a number of voluntary ways to help the public and small businesses better protect themselves online. Possibilities include provisions in the Australia plan that enable customers to get warnings from their Internet providers if their computer gets taken over by hackers through a botnet. A botnet is a network of infected computers that can number in the thousands, and that network is usually controlled by hackers through a small number of scattered PCs. Computer owners are often

unaware that their machine is linked to a botnet and is being used to shut down targeted websites, distribute malicious code or spread spam. If a company is willing to give its customers better online security, the American public will go along with that, Schmidt said. “Without security you have no privacy. And many of us that care deeply about our privacy look to make sure our systems are secure,” Schmidt said in an interview. Internet service providers, he added, can help “make sure our systems are cleaned up if they’re infected and keep them clean.” But officials are stopping short of advocating an option in the Australian plan that allows Internet providers to wall off or limit online usage by customers who fail to clean their infected computers, saying this would be technically difficult and likely run into opposition. “In my view, the United States is probably going to be well behind other nations in stepping into a lot of these new areas,” said Prescott Winter, former chief technology officer for the National Security Agency, who is now at the California-based cybersecurity firm, ArcSight. In the US, he said, the Internet is viewed as a technological wild west that should remain unfenced and unfettered. But he said this open range isn’t secure, so “we need to take steps to make it safe, reliable and resilient.” “I think that, quite frankly, there will be other governments who will finally say, at least for their parts of the Internet, as the Australians have apparently done, we think we can do better.” — AP

in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

CIUDAD JUAREZ: Thousands of drug addicts live in the shadows of Ciudad Juarez, the infamous Mexican border city at the epicenter of a wave of brutal drug violence as well as growing drug use. Abandoned by authorities, the addicts live in fear of drug gangs who threaten and sometimes kill them for no apparent reason, including several brutal massacres in drug treatment centers. “Now they enter houses and kill us. We keep this window open so we can at least try to escape over the roof,” said a drug user who gave her name as Carla, inside a house used as a ‘shooting gallery’ for heroin in Barrio Alto, a central district dotted with abandoned businesses. Groups of addicts huddle in hundreds of similar spots of desolation in the border city across from El Paso, Texas, from which thousands of wealthier residents have fled in recent years. The city government counts more than 5,000 heroin addicts alone in Ciudad Juarez, the largest group in Latin America. Many openly shoot up, like Ricardo, who sits on the

back of a pickup truck next to the factory which employs him as a security guard. A trail of users visit the truck during the day, sometimes aided by another addict to inject themselves. Ricardo said he did not charge people to use his space but asked them to cooperate. “You have to be discreet and avoid the drug trafficking circuit. I don’t sell, you need to ask the gangs permission for that. Even without selling it’s become very dangerous,” Ricardo said hurriedly. Like the authorities, Ricardo blames the wave of killings in the city- some 6,500 in three yearson a move by the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel to take over gangs dominated by the Juarez cartel. More than 28,000 people have been killed in rising suspected drug violence across the country since 2006, according to official figures. Health activists visit the Ciudad Juarez drug addicts daily to change or clean their needles. The addicts sometimes tell them of others who have been killed for unknown reasons. — AFP

ILLINOIS: This June 28, 2005 file photo is seen the skeletal remains of Jane, the prized juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex on exhibit at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Illinois. — AFP

T. rex may have eaten one another WASHINGTON: A team of researchers reports Friday that huge tooth marks on Tyrannosaurus rex bones indicate the ancient giant dinosaurs may have cannibalized one another. “They’re the kind of marks that any big carnivore could have made, but T. rex was the only big carnivore in western North America 65 million years ago,” Nicholas R. Longrich of Yale University said in a statement. Longrich and colleagues report their findings in Friday’s edition of the journal PLoS ONE. They found 17 fossils with deep Vshaped gouges of a type identified as being made by T. rex. Of those, four were remains of T. rex themselves. It seems likely the marks were made during scavenging from a dead dinosaur, the

researchers said. “It does seem improbable that Tyrannosaurus routinely hunted full-grown members of its own species,” the researchers wrote. However, they added, it is possible that combat led to casualties, with the dead becoming convenient sources of food for the victors. “Still, compelling evidence for predation in Tyrannosaurus remains elusive.” Longrich and colleagues note that “cannibalism is common in nature, particularly among large carnivores” such as bears, hyenas, large cats, Komodo dragons and alligators. Coauthors are John Horner of Montana State University, Gregory Erickson of Florida State University and Philip Currie of the University of Alberta. — AP

Study: Obesity care costs twice previous estimates ATLANTA: Nearly 17 percent of US medical costs can be blamed on obesity, according to new research that suggests the nation’s weight problem may be having close to twice the impact on medical spending as previously estimated. One expert acknowledged that past estimates likely underestimated the costs and said the new study _ which places obesity-related medical costs at around $168 billion _ probably is closer to the truth. “I think these are the most recent and perhaps statistically sound estimates that have come out to date,” said Kenneth Thorpe, a health policy researcher at Emory University who has focused on the cost of health care. The new research was done by John Cawley of Cornell University and Chad Meyerhoefer of Lehigh University. It was released this

week by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization. An influential recent study released last year _ which has been cited by federal health officials _ estimated that obesityrelated medical costs have reached $147 billion, or about 9 percent of total medical costs. The earlier study also estimated that obesity adds about $1,400 to a person’s annual medical bills. The new study suggests the added cost is double that, exceeding $2,800. Cawley and Meyerhoefer used a data base that other obesity researchers have used _ a federal survey of US citizens and their doctors and other medical providers, which is considered the most complete information on the cost and use of health care in the country. The new study looked at the data base’s information on

nearly 24,000 non-elderly adult patients from the years 2000 through 2005. Results were reported in 2005 dollars. Why did Cawley and Meyerhoefer come up with larger estimates? Past studies have relied just on self-reported weight, and many people understate their actual weight. The new research made statistical adjustments to come up with what are believed to be truer figures. The authors tried to better establish that excess weight was a cause for the medical costs. Previous studies stopped short of saying obesity caused the costs because there was too great a chance other factors could be responsible. Cawley and Meyerhoefer tried to overcome that problem by also looking at the weight of study subjects’ relatives to determine if obesity ran in the family. — AP

Insomnia common in arthritis patients NEW YORK: Arthritis can substantially worsen the quality of a person’s sleep, particularly when pain isn’t well controlled or patients are depressed and anxious, a new study shows. “Among people with arthritis, the prevalence of sleep disturbances was very high - about 23 percent, or more than 10 million Americans,” said Dr. Grant Louie, now at Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland. In people without arthritis, by comparison, the rate of sleep disturbances was only about 16 percent. Louie headed up the study when he was still at the National Institutes of Health. He and his colleagues wanted a better understanding of the association between arthritis and sleep

problems than previous small studies provided. They analyzed health data from 23,134 adults, age 18 or older, gathered in the large 2007 National Health Interview Survey. Participants provided information about a wide range of topics including smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, exercise, weight, sleep, and chronic health problems. Overall, nearly 20 percent of the study participants said they’d been diagnosed with arthritis. There are two types of arthritis, inflammatory and non-inflammatory. The most common is non-inflammatory osteoarthritis - a breakdown of joint cartilage-which is caused by injury, aging, or other causes. In the current study, however, the researchers did not distinguish

between the two. Compared to people without arthritis, people with arthritis were almost three times more likely to report one or more sleep problems: not being able to fall asleep (insomnia), excessive sleepiness during the day, or sleeping less than six hours. Sleep problems have been associated with other health conditions such as acid reflux, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, so the researchers next took patients’ other illnesses into account. They found that even with other medical problems, those with arthritis were still more likely to suffer from sleep problems compared to those without arthritis - although the connection wasn’t as strong as before. Most of the sleeping prob-

lems were related to pain and joint mobility limitations, according to the investigators. In other words, pain and joint mobility problems were better predictors of trouble sleeping compared to just having a diagnosis of arthritis, they report in the journal Arthritis Care and Research. Even more striking, Louie said, was the rate of sleep disturbances in arthritis patients who said that in the past year they’d had problems with depression and anxiety. Louie called these problems “often neglected symptoms.” “Depression and anxiety were the most important factors identifying” which arthritis patients would have all three sleep disorders (insomnia, sleepiness during the day, and less

than six hours of sleep), he said. Arthritis patients with upper gastrointestinal problems (such as ulcers, acid reflux, or heartburn) were also particularly vulnerable to sleep problems, a fact with implications for how pain symptoms are treated. That’s because “many medications used for arthritis pain relief can have upper GI symptoms as adverse effects,” the researchers point out. They conclude that their study results reinforce the findings of previous research and underline the need for doctors to ask arthritis patients about sleep problems, “especially those reporting pain or with depression or anxiety,” and to treat them appropriately. — Reuters

Sunday, October 17, 2010

health & Science


Gates agriculture grants focus on seeds, climate technology to help small farmers adapt to climate change

MEXICO: A female tiger with her five cubs is seen in Cancun, Mexico, on October 15, 2010. — AFP

Homophobia, not seeking treatment could be a factor in HIV racial gap NEW YORK: Among gay men in the United States, blacks are more likely than whites to believe that homosexuality is “wrong” - and these feelings might be contributing to the black men’s higher risk of HIV infection, researchers suggest. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006 African-Americans accounted for nearly half (45%) of new infections in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Also, according to recent estimates, they account for a disproportionate 24 percent of reported HIV cases among gay and bisexual men in the US The reasons are not clear. Studies have not found a higher rate of risky sexual behavior among black men versus white men-but a range of factors are likely at work. The current study was an attempt to look at one possible social factor: the stigma attached to homosexuality. Using data from a US health survey conducted periodically since 1972, the researchers found that, in general, AfricanAmericans were more likely than whites to report a negative attitude toward homosexuality. In 2008, 72 percent of black adults said that homosexuality was “always wrong”-a rate that had changed little since the 1970s. Among whites, 52 percent expressed that view in 2008, which was down from 71 percent in 1973. A similar pattern was seen among men who reported having sex with other men. Of these men, 57 percent of African Americans said they believed homosexuality was always wrong, versus 27 percent of whites. When the researchers looked at the men’s reported rates of HIV

testing, they found that those who regarded homosexuality as wrong were less likely to have ever been tested: 36 percent, versus 73 percent of those with a more favorable view of homosexuality. This pattern does not prove that homophobia is a factor in the racial disparity in HIV infection among gay and bisexual men in the US, the researchers report in the Journal of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndromes. But it does raise that possibility, they say. For one thing, men who know they’re infected with HIV are likely to change their behavior to avoid infecting others. Also, they’re likely to seek treatment. According to the researchers, other studies have shown that black men who have sex with men tend to prefer other black partners - who would inevitably bear the brunt of any reluctance to go for HIV testing. “Negative attitudes toward homosexuality, either from their surrounding community or from within themselves, could make it difficult for men who have sex with men to acknowledge their risk for HIV and seek testing,” lead researcher Sara Nelson Glick, of the University of Washington in Seattle, told Reuters Health in an email. “These kinds of studies are important,” said Francisco Roque, director of community health for Gay Men’s Health Crisis, a New York-based non-profit that provides HIV/AIDS education and services. Such researchbased data are helpful for gaining support for campaigns to address homophobia, as well as HIV/AIDS prevention, according to Roque. However, he cautioned against seeing

homophobia as an issue particular to African Americans, as the factors that go into such attitudes are many and complex. In this study, respondents’ attitudes toward homosexuality varied according to education, income, religious affiliation and other variables. Among Americans with less than a high school education, for instance, 83 percent said homosexuality was always wrong, compared with 47 percent of those with a college degree. Roque did agree that homophobia, in general, may be a factor in HIV transmission among gay and bisexual men. Men may be less likely to take care of their health, he told Reuters Health, “if they are hearing that they don’t matter, or if they don’t feel good about themselves.” One issue, according to Roque, is the lack of positive media representations of gay and bisexual men of color. L ast week, Gay Men’s Health Crisis launched a campaign called “I Love My Boo,” which it says is designed to raise the visibility of black and Latino gay men, and challenge homophobic attitudes. The campaign involves posters placed throughout the New York City subway system that feature black and Latino same-sex couples, with the words, “We’re about love, respect and commitment.” The images, Roque said, “give a face to what’s possible for young people.” Glick agreed that raising the visibility of minority gay and bisexual men might prove helpful. She and her colleagues found that survey respondents who said they knew a gay person were less likely to harbor a negative attitude toward homosexuality. — Reuters

IOWA: Gates Foundation, which has donated $1.5 billion to agriculture in developing countries, is focusing more investments on seeds and technology to help small farmers adapt to climate change, the foundation’s chief executive said on Thursday. “Most of our grants support conventional breeding. But in certain instances we include biotechnology approaches because we believe they can help farmers confront drought, flooding, disease, or pests more effectively than conventional breeding alone,” Jeff Raikes, chief executive of the foundation started by the billionaire founder of software giant Microsoft, said in a speech to the World Food Prize meeting. Raikes cited recent funding for a project to develop drought-tolerant corn for African farmers, which is now being used in Malawi and other countries. Other grants have helped develop a variety of rice that can tolerate submergence so that farmers won’t be wiped out by floods. Gates Foundation, which focuses on aid to small farmers, is working on multiple fronts to address the problems that climate change is making for developing nations. “We’ve known for years that farmers were going to have to contend with harsher weather, but now we’re getting a clearer idea of the scale and scope of the crisis,” Raikes said. “The places that will suffer the most severe weather-the volatile temperatures, the changing patterns of rainfall, the droughts and the floods-are the same places where the poorest farmers live. Their very survival will depend on their ability to adapt to climate change.” In subSaharan Africa, agriculture accounts for about two-thirds of employment and one-third of total economic output, according to the Gates Foundation. In South Asia, rural poverty rates hover near 40 percent. WAT ER S CAR CE Raikes said development of crop varieties to resist pests, diseases and drought were vital but the climate crisis had sharpened focus on one practical issue: water scarcity. “Rivers in China are drying up. Groundwater levels in India are dropping rapidly. And yet, because of rapid population growth, urbanization, and changing diets, the global demand for water is on pace to double in just 50 years,” Raikes said. “Without drastic changes, demand is going to outstrip supply in the areas where the poorest farmers live.” Given the growing crisis, Raikes said it was necessary for both the private sector and governments to resist cutting aid for developing countries’ agriculture despite recessions. “We need to remain vigilant in these tough economic times to make sure that donors follow through on their pledges. Budget pressures are threatening the progress we’ve been making,” Raikes said. “The G20 countries pledged $22 billion last year, but this year it looks unlikely that they’ll meet their pledges.” — Reuters

INDONESIA: This photograph taken during an aerial survey mission by Greenpeace over Sumatra island shows trees being grown (top R) in an agro-forestry tree plantation while the natural forest has been cut for a paper and pulpwood in South Sumatra province on October 16, 2010. According to the global environmental campaign group, massive concessions of paper and pulpwood companies are operating in the Island’s last remaining peatland forest and the habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger. The destruction of rainforests and peatlands is the major reason Indonesia is considered the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, blamed for global warming. —AFP

Canada declares BPA toxic sets stage for more bans OTTAWA: Canada has declared bisphenol A a toxic chemical, prompting calls for far-reaching curbs on the industrial chemical that is used in everything from the linings of aluminum cans to coatings on electronic till receipts. Canada added the compound, known as BPA, to a list of substances deemed potentially harmful to health or the environment in a notice published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday. That makes it easier for Ottawa to regulate the use of the chemical, perhaps by limiting how much BPA can be released into air or water or perhaps with outright bans on its use in specific food containers. “The risk assessment of BPA put together by our federal government is very strong in

terms of its conclusions, so I think it’s a foregone conclusion that it will drive further action rather quickly,” said Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defense, which campaigned to ban BPA. BPA is mass produced and has been used for decades to harden plastics. It is widely used to line food and beverage containers, and a recent government report said it was present in the bodies of 91 percent of Canadians. “We are literally marinating in it on a minute-by-minute basis,” said Smith. The primary health concerns center on BPA’s potential effects as an endocrine disrupter, which can mimic or interfere with the body’s natural hormones and potentially damage development, especially of

young children. “Our science indicated that Bisphenol A may be harmful to both human health and the environment and we were the first country to take bold action in the interest of Canadians,” Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said in a statement. Smith said Canada has been a world leader in its crackdown on BPA. It promised the first steps to control use of the chemical in 2008, and in March this year banned plastic baby bottles that contain BPA. A next step could curb BPA use in the lining of baby formula tins, he added. Canada could also limit BPA emissions by factories into the environment and work with industry to reduce exposure through the lining of canned goods. — Reuters



Sunday, October 17, 2010 Founder’s Day

ll Algerians are invited for dinner to commemorate Founder’s Day on October 28, A 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Al-Murjan Hall) at 7:30 pm. The event will feature a fancy dress competition for children up to 1st standard and drawing competition for children from 2nd standard to 8th standard. For the fancy dress competition, children are requested to come prepared from home and those participating in the drawing competition are requested to bring crayons/coloring pencils/sketch pens with them, paper sheets will be provided at the venue. For confirming your presence and for queries, please contact: Ikram on 97611788; Tariq Sibte on 99638779; Usman on 66629904; or Sabihuddin on 97210594.

Filipino Badminton Committee

he Filipino Badminton Committee is inviting all badminton enthusiast to join its 20th TBadminton Tournament. The event which is


special meeting consisting of all the staff members of IIS was held on October 2 at India International School in honor of the new principal Mr F M Basheer Ahmed. Mrs Narender Kaur, vice-principal of the school welcomed the gathering and narrated the qualifications and the achievements of the principal. All the teachers introduced themselves. Mr Balasubramnianm, the headmaster of the school in his address expressed that the new principal would spread the sweet smell of Hyderabad jasmine at IIS and his prudence and experience would guide the teachers at the right path in search of excellence in the field of education.

held for a cause will start on November 5 and will last until December 10 at the Kuwait Disabled Club , Hawally every Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. The tournament will be a team event of 5 players. Each team must have Level 1 & 2 (Men’s), Level 1& 2 (Ladies’) and Level 3 (Ladies’). The deadline for submission of line up will be on October 15. Special prize will be given for Best Uniform, Best Team. For more information, call 97197268.

Football For All

Goal Academy in association Everton F.C. launches its ‘Football TForhewithAll’Premier program at Shaab Park in October 2010. Expert guidance from professional English F.A./UEFA coaching team. Coaching courses for 3-14 years are held on Fridays 09-11 and Saturdays 3pm to 5pm. Advanced coaching for Centre of Excellence players aged 8 to 18 years also takes place on Fridays and Saturdays plus Mondays (8-12 years), Tuesdays (12-14 years) and Wednesdays (1418 years) from 5pm to 7pm. Regular fixtures against Kuwait Club teams and tournaments in the Gulf, USA and Europe are also available for selected players. The Premier Goal Academy also offers coaching courses in Salwa, Hawally, Mangaf, Sharq (Girls Only) and Freestyle courses (13-18 years) at Shaab Park on Mondays. For further details of any of the P.G.A. Courses contact; Mike Finn, Director of Football Tel.99981327(English), Baker Al- Nazer, Director of Administration Tel.66918666 (Arabic) or Daniel Christensen 99128010 or email;

IMWA Quran competitions 2010

MWA - Kuwait (Indian Muslim Welfare Association) is conducting its annual IMWA IQURAN COMPETITIONS 2010 for the


s part of the ongoing charity activities conducted by Friends of Kannur expatriates association, FOKE Kuwait, donated a tricycle to a disable person Ashokan. At a function organized at Ashokan’s house,

school children in Kuwait on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at Indian Public School, Salmiya, in the following segments: Inaugural Session & Registration 8:30 am Quran Recitation (Memorized) 9:00 am to 11:00 am Islamic Quiz 11:00 am to 11:30 am Break for Zohr prayer until 12:00 noon Elocution Competition 12:00 noon to 01:00 pm. Boys and girls from Grade 1 to Grade 12 are eligible to participate. The rules and the syllabus of the Competitions are made available online at IMWA website, All the participants and parents are requested to note the timings and cooperate with organizers. Competition results will be announced on IMWA website. For further info please call competition hotlines: 99740083/66520620/55630073. The registration is now open online. Please log on to

Kannapuram Panchayat president K V. Sreedharan handed over the cycle to Ashokan. FOKE Chief Patron I.V Dinesh, Executive members Chittil Ravi and Manoj were among the few attended the function.



r. K. Veeramani, the Chancellor of Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam in TamilNadu, accompanied by his wife, and Mr. Veerasekaran, as well as Dr. S. Ilangovan have arrived to Kuwait on 13th October 2010. Welcome to Kuwait, and enjoy your stay!

rop by and enjoy the free activities, delicious food, good company and international items for sale! Free activities include henna painting, having your name written in Arabic and trying out Arabic ice cream. Various goods will be available for purchase, such as Bashima shawls, accessories, Mexican food, cosmetics, cookies, handbags, traditional Kuwaiti-style dresses, Kenyan clothes, Kenyan food and more. Everyone of all ages is welcome. DATE: Saturday, October 30, from 10 am to 5 pm. LOCATION: TIES Center (, Shuhada area of South Surra, Block 4, Street 413, House 67. For more information, call 97144138/97798222 or e-mail

Kala Kuwait’s painting competition

ala Kuwait, will hold a drawing and painting competition on Friday, November 5, K 2010 at the Indian Community School, Khaithan Branch at 2 pm. The program will be conducted in four different age groups. Group A from LKG to 1st Standard, Group B from 2nd to 4th Standard, Group C from 5th to 8th Standard and Group D from 9th to 12th Standard. The media for Group A and B will be crayons while Group C and D are water colors. Crayons and water colors to be brought by the participants. Stamped drawing papers will be supplied by the organizers. Clay Modeling Competition also will be conducted for 7th to 11th Standard Students.

Nair Service Society (NSS) to host initiation day air Service Society, Kuwait (NSS Kuwait) to host the “Vidhyarambham Day” for the N Eighth consecutive year today, 4:00AM

(From left to right): Dr. Aju Thomas (M.C.); (seated) Dr. Dileep Thomas (Joint Secretary), Dr. Shaheer Malik (General Secretary), Dr. Peter D’Souza (President), Dr. Pooja Nanda (Vice President) and Dr. Jitendra Ariga (Treasurer). (At right) Cross-section of the attendees.


ndian Dentists’ Alliance in Kuwait (IDAK) held the “Meet and Greet Program” for its members on Friday, October 8 at Avanti Palace Restaurant. The highlight of the program was the introduction of the new office bearers and the release of the membership card by the President Dr. Peter D’Souza. The Immediate Past President Dr. David Gnanasekhar was honoured with the first membership card. There was also a lecture by K. Nagarajan of Warba Insurance Co. Dr. Aju Thomas conducted the fun-filled program with games and exciting prizes to give away.

Send to What’s On upcoming events, birthdays or celebrations by email: Fax: 24835619 / 20

onwards until 7:00AM (early morning) at the Indian Community School, Amman Branch, Salmiya. On the Vidhyarambham day, young children between the age of 2 and 3 yrs are introduced into the world of alphabets or letters and they take the first step into the world of knowledge. NSS Kuwait’s Vidyarambham Day is a very special annual event to be held in Kuwait every year on the Vijayadashami day. For this initiation of children into the world of learning, NSS Kuwait invites renowned and leading personalities and scholars associated with literature, medicine, education, arts, engineering etc to adorn the role of Guru to the children. This year, NSS Kuwait has invited Dr.Narayanan Nampoory, Senior Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician in Kuwait to perform the role of the Guru. This program is open for all Indians and requires pre-registration. Registration is free and can be done by calling Riggae/Farwaniya: 97601637, Abbasiya/Hasawi: 99636472, Abu Halifa/Mahboula: 94067350, Salmiya/Hawally/Kuwait City: 66387400, Fahaheel/Mangaf/Ahmadi: 97953488, 66059471.

Sunday, October 17, 2010




Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2010: Youth Recreation Center (Rising Stars), on the completion of 30 glorious years in Kuwait has organized a maiden/mega Singing Competition, the “Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2010” on October 17; Kuwait’s very own voice, Vinay Lewis was declared the winner of ‘Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2010. After the super success of this event we are back again with Gulf Voice of Mangalore 2010’. The auditions/preliminary rounds for Kuwait already held on June 11, 2010 under the leadership of Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues and 12 semi-finalists (six male and females each) were chosen to compete for the semi-finals in Kuwait on October 8, 2010 at the American International School - Hawalli. On this day two finalists, one male and one female each will be chosen to enter the grand-finale. Famous personalities in the music field will arrive from Mangalore to judge the semi-finalists. There will be an entertainment program by visiting artists from Mangalore as well as the local artists. Twelve finalists from six Gulf countries will be fighting for the coveted title in the grand-finale to be held in Dubai on October 22, 2010. For further information about this competition, contact Lawrence - 99803755, Louis - 66561184. Wilson 99719938. OCT 21 Rendezvous 2010: The Kuwait Chapter of the St. Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA KUWAIT) have announced that “Rendezvous” their hallmark event will be conducted on 21st October at Asia Asia Restaurant, Souk Al Watiya, Kuwait City from 8 pm onwards. This year, SACAA Kuwait celebrates five years of its existence in Kuwait. SACAA-Kuwait has been synonymous with various fund raising initiatives through which they consistently supported various needs of their Alma Mater and its students back in Mangalore, India. Through Rendezvous2010, SACAA-Kuwait intends to help generate funds for the Poor Students Fund of St. Aloysius institutions where numerous needy students look forward to assistance to subsidize their costs. SACAA Kuwait calls upon all Aloysians, their families and also like minded people to join this noble cause and help make life a little better for those needy students back home. For entry passes and further information, kindly contact 66731828, 66746425, 66181041, 94093275, 66699857, 66091962. OCT 22 ashn e Bahara’n: Indian Cultural Society (ICS) presents “Jashn e Bahara’n” with Ghazal singer Talat Aziz & famous Poets on 22nd October 2010 Friday at 7.30 pm sharp. The Chief Guest for the event will be H.E. AJAI MALHOTRA Ambassador of India and the Guest of honor will be renowned personalities from Kuwait. Young talents from Kuwait will be another attraction of the evening. So, join us for entertainment on 22nd October, 2010 Friday, at the Auditorium Al Jeel Al Jadeed School, Tunees Street, Opp- Al Bahar Center (Canary Restra.) Hawally. For more details. Please contact: 97690035, 66568147, 94450833, 99812832, 97296577, 99788692, 94068099 & 24716004 Email Web Page:



he 12th CBSE Kuwait cluster for U-19 volleyball which was held at ICSK, Khaitan displayed amazing performances by the volleyball players of the various schools. The principal of the school, Mr. Elango inaugurated the event. The CSK team headed by their captain Chetan Anand and team mates Sherwin Noronha, Evangelist Anthony, Scott Gomes, Kelvin D’souza, Karan Soni, Mohd Shahin,Reuben Lasrado, Rinaldo Menezes, Myron Menezes, Tom Joseph and Arjun Mohindra

kicked off the tournament with a grand start winning their first match against Indian Central School 3-0 They went on to defeat ICSK 2-1. The silver lining was the match against UIS a competent rival over the years. The CSK team gathered up every ounce of grit and determination and played with skill leaving no room for errors, emerging triumphant. Their victory 25-17 was indeed a jackpot, much to the delight of coach Suresh and the Carmel management

who were the motivating force behind them. The awe struck captain, Chetan was mobbed by a euphoric team. Kelvin D’souza, won a well deserved ‘Player of the Tournament Award’ and a tribute to his scintillating smashing and clever placing. The players performance was commendable. It is clear that the team’s co-operative efforts won them laurels. Kudos to the team, captain and coach. It was truly a dream come true.

Prabhojt Kaur in her brief speech highlighted Gandhi’s principles of simplicity, truthfulness and non-violence. The Vande Madaram song sung by Master Sahaj and his troupe kindled the patriotic feelings among the students and got the thunderous applause. The entire assembly was spellbound when Master Tausif and Master Zakaria

dressed as Gandhi and Nehru emerged on the stage to the applause of the audience. Prinicipal Basheer Ahmed stressed the importance of Gandhian principles and also pointed out that they were still valid even in the present era. The special assembly came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem.

OCT 28 olva feast: Colva United Centre - Kuwait invites all Colvenkars and wellwishers to attend Feast Mass at Holy Family Cathedral Kuwait - on 28th Oct 2010 at 6.30 pm.


OCT 29 nathanima tug of war: Thanima is conducting its annual Onam celebrations along with its celebrated tug of war competitions on October 29 at Central School compound, Abbasiya. Cultural procession, concert and other attractive cultural items will add glitter to the evening function in which many prominent personalities are expected to be present. Those teams wishing to participate in the tug of war competition, please contact 99865499 / 97253653 / 66071276 / 99703872.


Nov 17 rend setter Udupi Restaurant, Kuwait proudly presents “ Gandharva Ganam” a live carnatic classical concert by living legend & maestro Padmabooshan Dr. K.J.Yesudas with his troupe on 17th Nov. 2010 at American International School, Kuwait. Sri. Nagai Murali on violin, Sri. Bakthavalsalam on Mridangam and Sri. Thripunithura Radhakrishnan on Ghatam. For more details, please contact 66752462 or 66784867.


EMBASSY OF BANGLADESH The Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Kuwait has taken up an initiative to update the database of Bangladesh nationals residing in the State of Kuwait. For inclusion in the database all the Bangladesh nationals are requested to collect the Registration Form from the Labour Wing of the Embassy. The forms can also be collected sending request to e-mail address. The filled-in forms can also be submitted by hand, by email or by fax (number 24913204). EMBASSY OF CANADA The Embassy of Canada is open from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm from Sunday through Thursday. Consular Services for Canadian Citizens are provided from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm on Sunday through Wednesday. Canada offers a registration service for all Canadians travelling or living abroad. This service is provided so that Consular Officials can contact and assist Canadians in an emergency in a foreign country, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest,


special assembly was conducted at IIS by the students of Class X on September 30 to pay homage to the apostle of peace Mahatma Gandhi on the eve of his birth anniversary. The program began with Quran recitation followed by its translation. Ms Swathy shared with the audience some of the wonderful thoughts of Gandhi. Miss

or inform Canadians of a family emergency at home. The Embassy of Canada encourages all Canadian Citizens to register online through the Government of Canada Travel Website at The Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi provides visa and immigration services to residents of Kuwait. Individuals who are interested in visiting, working or immigrating to Canada are invited to visit the website of the Canadian Embassy to the UAE at The Embassy of Canada is located at Villa 24, Al-Mutawakel St, Block 4 in Da’aiyah. Please visit our website at EMBASSY OF INDIA The Embassy of India has further revamped and improved its Legal Advice Clinic at the Indian Workers Welfare Center, and made the free service available to Indian nationals on all five working days, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday every week. Kuwaiti lawyers would be available at the Legal Advice Clinic daily from Monday to Thursday, while Indian lawyers would be available on Sundays. Following are the free welfare services provided at the Indian Workers Welfare Center located at the Embassy of India: [i] 24x7 Helpline for Domestic

Workers: Accessible by toll free telephone no. 25674163 from anywhere in Kuwait, it provides information and advice exclusively to Indian domestic sector workers (Visa No. 20) as regards their grievances, immigration and other matters. [ii] Help Desk: It offers guidance to Indian nationals on routine immigration, employment, legal, and other issues (Embassy premises; 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4.30 PM, Sunday to Thursday); (iii) Labour Complaints Desk: It registers labor complaints and provides grievance redressal service to Indian workers (Embassy premises; 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 4.30 PM, Sunday to Thursday); (iv) Shelters: For female and male domestic workers in distress; (v) Legal Advice Clinic: Provides free legal advice to Indian nationals (Embassy premises; Kuwaiti lawyers 3 PM to 5 PM, Monday to Thursday; Indian lawyers 2 PM to 4 PM on Sunday); and (vi) Attestation of Work Contracts: Private sector worker (Visa No. 18) contracts are accepted at the Embassy; 9 AM to 1 PM; Sunday to Thursday; Domestic sector worker (Visa No. 20) contracts are accepted at Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices (KUDLO), Hawally, Al-Othman Street, Kurd Roundabout, Al-Abraj Complex, Office No 9, Mezzanine Floor; 9 AM to 9 PM, Saturday to Thursday; 5 PM to 9 PM on Friday. The Embassy of India will remain closed today on occasion of ‘Dussehra’.

EMBASSY OF NEPAL On the occasion of the Vijaya Dashami 2067, the Embassy of Nepal will remain closed today and tomorrow. EMBASSY OF THE NETHERLANDS The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with Holland Marine Equipment organize a Dutch maritime trade mission to the State of Kuwait the latest Dutch innovations in maritime products and services. The trade mission, which will take place on October 24, will bring 12 prominent Dutch companies to Kuwait. These Dutch companies are globally-experienced specialized in unique marine products and services and eager to develop strong business relations with prospective Kuwaiti firms. The mission’s agenda will feature an arrangement for business meetings to enable Dutch and Kuwaiti firms to explore areas of interest and business opportunities. This trade mission to Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf is a good and effective way for Kuwaiti companies to get acquainted with Dutch suppliers. For further information on the participating companies and to register for a business

to business meeting, contact Nidaa AlRajoudi (25312650 ext 205) or send an email to no later than October 17. EMBASSY OF SWAZILAND The Embassy of the Kingdom of Swaziland to the State of Kuwait is promoting investment, tourism and trade between the Kingdom of Swaziland and the State of Kuwait. A business expo will be held on the 13th and 14th of October in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All businessmen and members of the diplomatic corps and the public are hereby invited to the expo which will be held at the offices of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry commencing at 12 PM until late on both days. EMBASSY OF THAILAND All foreigners who apply for Tourist Visa at the Royal Thai Embassies and the Royal Thai Consulate General worldwide, including eligible foreigners who apply for Visa on arrival at designated checkpoints, will be exempted from tourist visa fees until 31 March 2011. Such arrangement is for Tourist Visa only.

EMBASSY OF THE US The United States Department of State announces the increase in various visa fees to ensure sufficient resources to cover the increasing cost of processing nonimmigrant visas (NIVs). US law requires the Department to recover the cost of processing non-immigrant visas through the collection of the application fees. The increased fees are to take effect June 4, 2010. Under the new rule, applicants for all visas that are not petition-based, including B1/B2 tourist and business visitor visas and all student and exchange-visitor visas, will pay a fee of $140. Applicants for petitionbased visas will pay an application fee of $150, as each of the below categories requires a review of extensive documentation and a more in-depth interview of the applicant than other categories, such as tourists. These categories include: H visa for temporary workers and trainees L visa for intra-company transferees O visa for aliens with extraordinary ability P visa for athletes, artists and entertainers Q visa for international cultural exchange visitors R visa for religious occupations The application fee for K visas for fiance(e)s of US citizens will be $350. The fee for E visas for treaty-traders and treaty-investors will be $390.



Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

33 ACCOMMODATION Sharing accommodation available in C-A/C building near Salmiya Church available big room with attached bathroom for Indian families or working ladies or bachelors. Please contact: 67714275. (C 2768) Sharing accommodation available with Keralite Christian couple Edee Store for a couple or decent bachelors. Window A/C and fridge and cable connection already. All other facility common. Available from 1st October, 2010. Contact: 66418746. (C 2770) 16-10-2010 Sharing accommodation available in Abbassiya near Hi-Dine Super Market, for two decent bachelors or small family. Contact: 24312462 after 2 pm. (C 2716) Khaitan - Single furnished room and sharing room is available for decent Indian bachelor in double bedroom C-A/C building, from October. Contact: 97523316 / 24745162. (C 2735) Two rooms for rent in Salwa block 10, C-A/C flat with separate bath room & reasonable rent, internet facility available. Please Contact: 99856676. (C 2766) Sharing accommodation available for working women or family, with a Muslim family near United Indian School, Abbassiya. Pls call: 97612248. (C 2767) 14-10-2010 Room available C-A/C, with small Goan Hindu family or for one executive Indian (Hindu). Near Al-Rashid Hospital, Amman Street, Salmiya. Contact: 99408202. (C 2761) Sharing accommodation available from today onwards for Indian executive bachelor in 2 bedroom, C-A/C flat in Salmiya, Amman Street with some facilities in room. Contact: 65718627. (C 2762) Two bedrooms fully furnished, very spacious flat available for sale in Farwaniya. Contact: 66258272. (C 2763) 13-10-2010

FOR SALE Chrysler Sebring 2007, black color, traveled 50,000kms, very elegant and powerful car in excellent condition. Price KD 3000. Call: 67065233. (C 2752) Volkswagen Passat 2009, limited and unique SPORTS edition, silver color, traveled 30,000kms, as perfect as new. Price KD 5000. Call: 67065233. (C 2753) Honda Accord 1996, color blue, registered up to April 2011, Price KD 750. Contact: 66258272. (C 2769) Pajero 2005 model, 6 CD changer; Mitsubishi pick-up 2004 model. Ph: 66052331. (C 2772) 16-10-2010 Voyager Van 1999, color white, 7 seater, automatic, leather interior, loaded W/front & rear AC. Excellent condition, lady driven. Phone: 97922128. (C 2757) GMC Safari Van 1994 Model, 7 seats black color good condition Price KD 500 (Negotiable). Interested can call: 66509289. (C 2764) 13-10-2010


Indian Nationality, Visa#18 transferable, having good experience in electrical, Plumping Maintenance and Generator operating, good health and hard worker seeks a suitable job. Contact: 97167085. (C 2771) 16-9-2010 Accountant (Indian) well experienced in all corporate Accounts / Finance func-

tions, with knowledge of international standards, banking, business planning, analysis and support, business takeovers etc. looks for suitable job. Tel: 66126258. (C 2758) 13-10-2010

LOST Egyptian Passport lost, name: Abdul Samee’ Mohammed Gebreel Abdul Samee’, Passport No. 4319233. Finders kindly call: 66879671. (C 2765) 13-10-2010

MATRIMONIAL Proposals invited for RC boy (Syro Malabar), fair / 28 yrs, hgt 165 cm, wgt 75, B.Com / hailing from Idukki Dist., working in a private firm in Kuwait as Accountant. Seeking alliance from girls working in Kuwait. Please contact E-mail: (C 2760) 14-10-2010

CHANGE OF NAME I Ghazi Mohammad Din holder Pakistani Passport No. KF486771 hereby changed my name to SAIFUDDIN. (C 2773) 16-10-2010



In case you are not travelling, your proper cancellation of bookings will help other passengers to use seats Airlines Ariana Wataniya Airways Jordanian Kuwait Kuwait Wataniya Airways Gulf Air Turkish Jazeera Egypt Air Jazeera DHL Emirates Etihad Jazeera Qatari Air Arabia Egypt Falcon Jazeera Kuwait Jazeera British Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Fly Dubai Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Emirates Iran Air Arabia Qatari Iran Air Etihad Jazeera Falcon Gulf Air Middle East Iran Aseman Jazeera Egypt Air Kuwait Oman Air Kuwait United Jordanian Wataniya Airways Fly Dubai Jazeera Wataniya Airways Kuwait Kuwait

Arrival Flights on Sunday 17/10/2010 Flt Route 405 Kabul/Dubai 188 Bahrain 802 Amman 306 Cairo 544 Cairo 434 Damascus 211 Bahrain 772 Istanbul 241 Amman 614 Cairo 267 Beirut 370 Bahrain 853 Dubai 305 Abu Dhabi 513 Sharm El Sheikh 138 Doha 553 Alexandria 201 Dubai 503 Luxor 412 Manila/Bangkok 527 Alexandria 157 London 206 Islamabad 382 Delhi 302 Mumbai 332 Trivandrum 053 Dubai 676 Dubai 286 Chittagong 284 Dhaka 855 Dubai 615 Shahre Kord 121 Sharjah 132 Doha 603 Shiraz 301 Abu Dhabi 425 Bahrain 203 Dubai 213 Bahrain 404 Beirut 6801 Ahwaz 447 Doha 610 Cairo 672 Dubai 645 Muscat 774 Riyadh 982 Washington DC Dulles 800 Amman 332 Alexandria 057 Dubai 257 Beirut 422 Amman 562 Amman 512 Tehran

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500 134 481 104 303 857 215 402 510 202 202 125 239 432 367 511 304 166 106 502 542 618 786 177 744 674 614 102 552 267 061 186 647 402 081 572 642 404 372 217 859 172 136 981 981 459 215 449 636 185 429 0447 389 108 205

Jeddah Doha Sabiha Dubai Abu Dhabi Dubai Bahrain Beirut Riyadh Jeddah Jeddah Sharjah Amman Damascus Deirezzor Sharm El Sheikh Cairo Paris/Rome Dubai Beirut Cairo Doha Jeddah Dubai Dammam Dubai Bahrain New York/London Damascus Colomba/London Dubai Bahrain Muscat Beirut Baghdad Mumbai Vienna Beirut Bahrain Bahrain Dubai Frankfurt Doha Bahrain Chennai/Hyderabad/Ahmedabad Damascus Kabul Doha Frankfurt Dubai Bahrain Amsterdam/Bahrain Kozhikode/Mangalore Dubai Lahore

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Departure Flights on Sunday 17/10/2010 Flt Route 607 Luxor 394 Cochin/Kozhikode 994 Mumbai/Chennai 637 Frankfurt 406 Dubai/Kabul 773 Istanbul 615 Cairo 371 Bahrain 854 Dubai 306 Abu Dhabi 554 Alexandria 139 Doha 803 Amman 331 Alexandria 422 Bahrain 446 Doha 212 Bahrain 256 Beirut 480 Sabiha 156 London 054 Dubai 171 Frankfurt 671 Dubai 421 Amman 561 Amman 122 Sharjah 614 Shahre Kord 856 Dubai 641 Vienna 117 New York 133 Doha 773 Riyadh 511 Tehran 302 Abu Dhabi 602 Shiraz 214 Bahrain 401 Beirut 204 Baghdad 303 Cairo 405 Beirut 541 Cairo 510 Sharm El Sheikh 238 Amman 366 Deirezzor 103 London 6802 Ahwaz 201 Jeddah 431 Damascus 201 Jeddah 103 London 501 Beirut 785 Jeddah

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Egypt Air Oman Air Kuwait Jordanian Wataniya Airways Fly Dubai United Jazeera Kuwait Wataniya Airways Kuwait Saudia Qatari Kuwait Kuwait Jazeera Rovos Wataniya Airways Etihad Wataniya Airways Emirates Gulf Air Arabia Jazeera Saudia Jazeera Wataniya Airways Jazeera Kuwait Jazeera Kuwait Fly Dubai Kuwait Kuwait SriLanka Oman Air Middle East Jet A/W Wataniya Airways Gulf Air DHL Kuwait Emirates Falcon Kuwait Qatari Kuwait Kuwait Jazeera Jazeera United Jazeera Kuwait Kuwait

611 646 551 801 105 058 982 176 673 403 617 503 135 613 743 458 082 185 304 306 858 216 126 184 511 448 107 428 283 266 361 062 343 351 267 648 403 571 187 218 373 675 860 102 381 137 203 301 526 636 981 502 411 415

Cairo Muscat Damascus Amman Dubai Dubai Bahrain Dubai Dubai Beirut Doha Medinah/Jeddah Doha Bahrain Dammam Damascus Baghdad Bahrain Abu Dhabi Cairo Dubai Bahrain Sharjah Dubai Riyadh Doha Dubai Bahrain Dhaka Beirut Colombo Dubai Chennai Cochin Colombo Muscat Beirut Mumbai Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Dubai Dubai Bahrain Delhi Doha Lahore Mumbai Alexandria Aleppo Washington DC Dulles Luxor Bangkok/Manila Kuala Lumpur/Jakarta

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Sunday, October 17, 2010



Aries (March 21-April 19) Meeting yourself in

another person is a subject you may ponder this Saturday. Relationships—romantic, business, social—are the arena where a drama is played. Coming to know the other person and what causes ties that bind two people, helps you to a better understanding of yourself. It’s easy in theory, but it’s only in practice that it comes to mean anything real—so practice until you get it right! This may be a challenging day in which you can use your skills and expertise to solve problems and feel successful. Figuring things out, spotting the fly in the ointment, separating the sheep from the goats begin to take on a special appeal for you. Seeing both sides of an issue and figuring out resolutions to opposing views is important to you now. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Today is a good day to take

off for a vacation or just take the time to relax. Perhaps it is time for a weekend camp-out. Time away from regular responsibilities gives you new insight and renewed appreciation of just where you are in life. Refinement and relationships are the keys to emotional satisfaction for you now. Harmony and beauty are deeply satisfying—and the lack of them can be emotionally unsettling. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings—marriage and other partnerships could be a key arena for this. This is a great time to enjoy a positive sort of project with your mate. Perhaps together you can help with the elderly in your neighborhood or a single mother or sign up to speak at a Scout meeting.

Pooch Cafe

ACROSS 1. (nautical, aeronautical) Situated at or toward the stern or tail. 4. Realistic Norwegian author who wrote plays on social and political themes (1828-1906). 9. A system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage. 13. Grass mowed and cured for use as fodder. 14. The process of gradually becoming inferior. 15. (trademark) A type of inflatable air mattress. 16. Affected manners intended to impress others. 18. The products of human creativity. 20. Thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern. 23. A plant hormone promoting elongation of stems and roots. 24. A state in northwestern North America. 25. Wear away. 28. English monk and scholar (672-735). 31. German mathematician who created the Klein bottle (1849-1925). 34. Goddess of fate. 35. The use of bacteria or viruses of toxins to destroy men and animals or food. 37. A republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea. 39. Popular music originating in the West Indies. 41. At right angles to the center line of a ship. 42. (Greek mythology) Goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology. 43. A unit of information equal to one million (1,048,576) bytes. 44. The dialect of Malay used as the national language of the Republic of Indonesia or of Malaysia. 50. Any of numerous local fertility and nature deities worshipped by ancient Semitic peoples. 53. (plate tectonic theory) A hypothetical continent including all the landmass of the earth prior to the Triassic period when it split into Laurasia and Gondwanaland. 55. A white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves. 59. The elementary stages of any subject (usually plural). 60. (informal) Of the highest quality. 61. A plumbing fixture (usually attached to the wall) used by men to urinate. 62. Resinlike substance secreted by certain lac insects. 63. Experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness. 64. A printed impression that is blurred or doubled. 65. A loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth. DOWN 1. According to the Old Testament he was a pagan king of Israel and husband of Jezebel (9th century BC). 2. Free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception. 3. Someone new to a field or activity. 4. A state in the Rocky Mountains. 5. A small ball with a hole through the middle. 6. Make a high-pitched, screeching noise, as of a door. 7. Take in solid food. 8. A Mid-Atlantic state. 9. A flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism. 10. The 11 southern states that seceded from the United States in 1861. 11. Humble request for help. 12. A sodium salt of carbonic acid. 17. Any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae. 19. A mental representation of some haunting experience. 21. Jordan's port. 22. A port city in northwestern France (in Brittany). 26. The whiteness that results from removing the color from something. 27. A figure of a person made of packed snow. 29. A particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography). 30. At or constituting a border or edge. 32. Relating to or characteristic of or occurring in the air. 33. Nocturnal mouselike mammal with forelimbs modified to form membranous wings and anatomical adaptations for echolocation by which they navigate. 36. English writer and a central member of the Fabian Society (1858-1943). 38. Tag the base runner to get him out. 40. A Gaelic-speaking Celt in Ireland or Scotland or the Isle of Man. 45. Of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion. 46. Strike with disgust or revulsion. 47. A river that rises in central Germany and flows north to join the Elbe River. 48. Cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables. 49. An indehiscent fruit derived from a single ovary having one or many seeds within a fleshy wall or pericarp. 51. Type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill. 52. In bed. 54. Offering fun and gaiety. 56. A preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing. 57. A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event. 58. A liquid used for printing or writing or drawing.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) A family member may ask for a loan today. If this is a habit, you might find a polite way to decline. There are many reasons, however, that you will want to make the loan and of course, a nominal amount is appropriate, unless it is a habit and never is returned. A new animal pet or a young pet will be the most attentive of your pets. This would be the perfect time to begin a bit of training. It would be best to find a professional trainer, perhaps through your veterinarian. If you are lucky enough to find a class today, be sure to take pictures or have someone take pictures as this would be a fun topic of conversation with your friends that show off their pets. You might enjoy shopping for ingredients that you could use to make healthy snacks for your pet.

Non Sequitur

Cancer (June 21-July 22) This is a good time to be creative and secure the positive. Ideology is a keynote of the new phase you have begun—the power of ideas and the power they wield over people. Religious, cultural or philosophical controversies and crusades have a way of stirring your blood. Travel and adventure are compelling temptations as you dare to test your mettle and stretch your horizons. Family and home are a focus for change now; old familiar patterns undergo an irrevocable transformation. Time flows in one direction only. Real estate investments offer lucrative rewards at only a small risk. Imaginative approaches to health, food and self-improvement may be where your interests are this evening. A loved one is willing to participate in this undertaking with you. Leo (July 23-August 22) Your mind is quick and sharp and your words are the only tool you will need today. You have insight into your emotions and drive and you move beyond feelings with great insight. Feelings are the indicators that one should pay attention to but not the truth of a matter. It may take a while for some people to see the wisdom you have accumulated but you will be able to teach others through your example. Do not concern yourself so much when you are tested; there will naturally be some testing. This testing helps you and others learn problem-solving techniques. Your analytical powers are superb and you enjoy finding new avenues of inner growth. Your intuition is strong and can guide you accurately in making forecasts or decisions.


Virgo (August 23-September 22) Circumstances force you to reorganize and be more conservative. A garage sale or help with a bazaar to bring in money for a charity is successful and should go rather smoothly. Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions concerning group issues. Clear decisions affecting others could be made now. This is also a time when you may marry or take on a new role in the community or with other people. You will be in demand and recognition will be forthcoming—go for it. Circumstances are working in your favor to help you and raise you up—push you forward. You have a stick-to-itiveness that always finds you in the thick of things; working through it. Let someone else entertain you this evening—go to a concert, etc. Have fun!

Libra (September 23-October 22) Religious, cultural or philosophical controversies and crusades have a way of stirring your blood. Travel and adventure are compelling temptations as you dare to test your mettle and stretch your horizons. You and a neighbor may combine your effort in a yard sale today. You might be surprised at the results, particularly the new closet space you now have. If this is not the effort of the day, it will be some effort in which you will work with others to gain funds. You like to do things with care and enjoy being discriminating and exact. Your critical faculties are excellent, and you can always pick out what is worth saving. The ways you get around and stay in touch at the everyday level are changed by technology; you could get lost in the fun of it all this evening.

Mother Goose and Grimm

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) There is a growing

self-confidence and outgoing attitude—you have brought to a close a time of inward examination and learning. You have a growing sense of direction and self-worth and will find you reach out and establish yourself. There is a period of greater social involvement—especially with neighbors and brothers or sisters now. Learning and teaching seems to satisfy an important need and being more in touch with other people gives you a sense of belonging. You may have the urge to overspend or indulge too much just now. Careful—you could be guiding a young person and may want to set an example. Don’t be afraid to make plans for future steps to making your dreams real. There could be a graduation to celebrate soon. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) You tend to take everything with great passion. Your drive to get at the heart and truth of things is constantly invoked and serves as a common theme in your life. This could be a touch-and-go time when it comes to your emotions and the environment in which you find yourself. You may be up against it for a while, as things get tight and progress is slowed. You may find that your personal growth may depend upon how you can handle a sensitive person now. Your emotional life may seem to slow to a trickle or be completely blocked by another. Patience—this will pass—you can only make your situation more difficult if you complain. View the day as though it belonged to someone else; new insight can be enjoyed. This evening you are able to relax.

Yesterday’s Solution

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) You are in a great mood of self-enjoyment today and this is good as the people around you are busy and involved with many things. You may deal with education, psychology, spiritual enlightenment or teaching principles and techniques. Ideas and thoughts will have greater meaning and form just now. You may complete your chores early and decide to spend the afternoon in a library. You need to keep your library card updated by coming in more often; there are many new things to keep one entertained for a very long time: music, recorded books, classes, help with homework and good looking, smart people. You are at your mental best when you are communicating with others and may just find a new friend today.

Yesterday’s Solution

Aquarius (January 20- February 18) This day is not too lazy or too stressful—time for accomplishing tasks or setting things up to work in your favor. Prepare ahead for times that you know you will be extremely busy. Educational matters may be high on your priority list at this time, whether it is for yourself or in helping someone. You may find an opportunity to make a little extra money by tutoring someone; at least you could let others know you are capable. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings—marriage and other partnerships could be a key arena for this. You enjoy experimenting with a new recipe tonight. The ingredients may not be something you will care for, but another person will adore you for trying. Have some tasty side dishes available.

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Word Sleuth Solution

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Although you will find an overall increase in your finances this month, you may also find an increased urge to spend. Less is sometimes better—every month may not fare so well. Savings and investments should take uppermost attention now. Your financial earnings could be best found in the medical or health food fields. You may be considering travel to a foreign land soon, especially if your job concerns are in import, export. There is a greater than usual interest in relationships, social connections and the arts. Seeing both sides of an issue—and figuring out resolutions to opposing views—take on more importance in your life. The highest standards of truth and beauty are some of the things that quicken your pulse now.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

35 FIRE BRIGADE Operation Room 112 Al-Madena 22418714 Al-Shohada’a 22545171 Al-Shuwaikh 24810598 Al-Nuzha 22545171 Sabhan 24742838 Al-Helaly 22434853 Al-Fayhaa 22545051 Al-Farwaniya 24711433 Al-Sulaibikhat 24316983 Al-Fahaheel 23927002 Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh 24316983 Ahmadi 23980088 Al-Mangaf 23711183 Al-Shuaiba 23262845 Al-Jahra 25610011 Al-Salmiya 25616368

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Dr. Amer Zawaz Al-Amer 22610044 Dr. Mohammad Yousef Basher 25327148

(2) Plastic Surgeon Dr. Abdul Mohsin Jafar, FRCS (Canada)

25655535 Dentists:

Dr Anil Thomas


Dr. Shamah Al-Matar


Dr. Anesah Al-Rasheed


Dr. Abidallah Al-Amer


Dr. Faysal Al-Fozan


Dr. Abdallateef Al-Katrash


Dr. Abidallah Al-Duweisan


Dr. Bader Al-Ansari



Paediatricians: Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rashed 25340300

Rheumatologists: Dr. Adel Al-Awadi 25330060 Dr. Khaled Al-Jarallah 25722290 Internist, Chest & Heart: DR.Mohammes Akkad 24555050 Ext 210 Dr. Mohammad Zubaid MB, ChB, FRCPC, PACC Assistant Professor Of Medicine Head, Division of Cardiology Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital Tel: 25339667 Dr. Farida Al-Habib MD, PH.D, FACC Consultant Cardiologist Tel: 2611555-2622555 Inaya German Medical Center Te: 2575077 Fax: 25723123

Dr. Sohal Najem Al-Shemeri 25633324 Dr. Jasem Mola Hassan

Internists, Chest & Heart: Dr. Adnan Ebil 22639939 Dr. Mousa Khadada 22666300 Dr. Latefa Al-Duweisan 25728004 Dr. Nadem Al-Ghabra 25355515 Dr. Mobarak Aldoub 24726446 Dr Nasser Behbehani 25654300/3

Physiotherapists & VD: Dr. Deyaa Shehab 25722291 Dr. Musaed Faraj Khamees 22666288


Gastrologists Dr. Sami Aman


Dr. Mohammad Al-Shamaly 25322030 Dr. Foad Abidallah Al-Ali


Endocrinologist: Dr. Abd Al-Naser Al-Othman 25339330 Dr. Ahmad Al-Ansari


Dr. Kamal Al-Shomr


Psychologists/Psychotherapists Soor Center Tel: 2290-1677 Fax: 2290 1688 Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, Ph.D. 2290-1677 Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg, M.A. 2290-1677 William Schuilenberg, RPC 2290-1677 Zaina Al Zabin, M.Sc. 2290-1677

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he actor and wife Katie Holmes always take four-year-old Suri with them when working and after travelling to countries including Japan, Brazil, Australia and England, the youngster has developed a fear of planes after constant moving between time zones severely disrupted her routine. A source said: “Suri’s sleep patterns have been seriously disturbed from all the travelling. It’s why you often see her when she’s abroad being carried with a blanket as though she’s a baby. “It has got to the stage where she screams whenever she sees a plane. It’s an open secret she doesn’t like flying and has trouble sleeping

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Cruise’s daughter hates travelling

for days after she’s been on a flight.” Suri reportedly made her feelings known to her parents during a recent trip to Prague, where Tom was scouting locations for ‘Mission Impossible IV’. A source explained: “Suri kept saying, ‘Home now, home now.’ Suri’s a homebody and she’s not afraid to let everyone know.”

Cee Lo Green saved by song

ady Gaga is known as ‘Lady DullDull’ among her tour crew. The ‘Alejandro’ singer real name Stefani Germanotta - is well-known for her outlandish stage outfits but is said to prefer a more comfortable look when she is offduty, opting for baseball caps and sweat pants. A tour insider explained to National Enquirer magazine: “She gets all comfy in sweats and a baseball, then becomes the easygoing gal we jokingly call ‘our den mom’. Another nickname we have for her is ‘Lady DullDull’, because she looks just like any one of us. “And Stefani’s sweet as a


Jewish mom, always mediating and offering advice on the crew’s dating problems, family issues, or whatever. She not only listens to everyone’s problems, she gives really great advice on how to fix them.” In the past, the kooky star has revealed she thinks it’s important to maintain her public persona at all times. She said: “If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I’d come out as Gaga. I don’t even drink water onstage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music.”

Garfield’s spider man ndrew Garfield was felt like he was “floating” in a bubble after landing the lead in ‘Spider-Man’. The 27-year-old actor was thrilled to be told he would be playing the superhero in the upcoming installation of the superhero film franchise, but had to remind himself he was only playing the role and not becoming Spider-Man in real life. He said: “When I found out about being cast in ‘Spider-Man’, it was like this bubble developed around me. I was floating in it for a while. And then, suddenly, it evaporated, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m just an actor. I don’t get to actually be SpiderMan.’ But maybe I’ll have moments where I’m convinced that I am and those periods of fantasy will get me through.” However, the hype around his role as Peter Parker and his alter-ego have helped Andrew understand the problems his new character would face. He said: “I think it’s going to be a little bit more complicated than what I imagined. And, of course, I’m going to feel a great pressure, which might be one of Peter Parker’s great struggles, in having to live up to this thing that he is supposed to be or symbolises. It will be interesting. I think the more I can tie into my own reality, the better and more enriching it will be for everyone involved.”


im Ka rda shia n is having second thoughts about having a “big family”. The 29-yearold single socialite has always dreamed of having several children but us having second thoughts after seeing how tough her sister Kourtney finds bringing up her 10month-old son Mason. She explained: “I’ve always wanted a big family. But seeing how much hard work brining up Mason is for Kourt has given me a reality check. I don’t think I’ll be rushing into that just yet!” The


brunette beauty also admitted she thinks Kourtney’s partner Scott Disick has “really matured” since he sought help after he was seen smashing a up a bathroom mirror in a drunken rage while filming reality TV show ‘Kourtney and Khloe take Miami’. Kim added: “I think I’m the most tolerant of Scott in our family. Kourtney and Scott have been through some rough patches but Scott has really matured. “Hopefully he’s got proper help now, so it won’t happen again.”

Ed Westwick raunchy messages d Westw ick sends sexy texts ‘all the time’. The ‘Gossip Girl’ star - who is believed to have rekindled his romance with co-star Jessica Szohr - admitted he is a fan of sending raunchy messages, as they are easier than making telephone calls. When asked about the texts he said: “Oh yeah, I send saucy texts all the time. They’re very saucy you know. I use that classic line, ‘what are you wearing?’ people are braver when it comes to texts because they can hide behind them.” British-born Ed, who is now based in New York, also said he’s not a fan of using cheesy chat up lines on girls himself, but that girls approach him with some very strange lines. He added: “I’m not a ‘Get your coat, you’re pulled’ kind of guy. Although I’m sure I did use that line when I was 13 at the under 18s disco. “Some girls say the weirdest things like, ‘I’ve been to London’, then they try to have a conversation with me all about London. I’m like, ‘Great!’ “A lot of people still don’t realize I’m English , which is funny. The amount of times I’ve said, ‘Yes, I’m English.” — Bang Show biz


McFly to be remixed by Roger Sanchez he ‘Song For the Radio’ group who unveiled a new pop-dance influenced sound on their latest album ‘Above The Noise’ - met the dance superstar at a London hotel in August, and singer Danny Jones said he was instantly reminded of Dallas Austin, who produced tracks on their new LP. He said: “Roger got in touch, so I met him when we were in America. He reminded me a lot of Dallas Austin but with a sentimental side. He’s got family and hangs out with his kids, whereas Dallas would be like ‘Wahey, let’s go out and get some birds. “But he was a lot like Dallas, he wore his shades inside and stuff, he’s a really nice guy and he


gave me some good advice and wants to do some McFly remixes and stuff, and he wants to help me with my dance project.” The ‘Party Girl’ group - which also includes Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - also said that when it comes to partying themselves, they prefer to hang out with each other rather than at clubs or showbiz events. Dougie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “We don’t really go to many celebrity parties. I think the majority of our parties are at home with our friends, or just us lot. They’re like the bad nights for hangovers. But we do sort of branch out to the clubs and have a crazy night every now and then.”

Mark Ruffaloʼs

ee Lo Green says music saved his life. The soul singer-and-rapper admits his troubled childhood - including the death of his father at the age of two and his mother when he was 18 - led to him getting involved with gangs and drugs before being sent away to military school. But it was his love for music which inspired him to follow a different path. He said: “Without music I don’t think I would have escaped that life. I had all this energy good and evil - and felt like there was some tug of war for my soul. The evil inside me was a lot more urgent and insistent and so was winning quite a bit when I was young.” The ‘Forget You’ hitmaker revealed it was a slow process to change his bad boy ways but he can now see how much he has progressed simply by listening to his songs. He explained: “At first music gave my anger a cause. But music meant I could exorcise that fear and pain and anger. Back then I did not have the ability to articulate anything. So now in my songs I can hear my own growth.”

ark Ruffalo is thrilled to be playing his favourite comic-book character in a new movie. The actor was delighted to be offered the role of Bruce Banner and his alter ego The Incredible Hulk in ‘The Avengers’ because it was someone he had always been fascinated by. He said: “I grew up loving the Hulk. He was by far my favourite comicbook character, and I always used to watch the TV show, which was brilliant. You could see him struggling with the human aspect of what was happening.” The 42-year-old actor also admitted it is rare he would agree to star in such a bigbudget blockbuster, but knew it was an opportunity he couldn’t miss. He said: “I know some people don’t associate me with these really big productions. I generally prefer the rough and tumble of smaller filmmaking, but this was such an opportunity.” The star has also seen instant benefits to the boost in profile that his attachment to the Marvel movie has given him. He explained: “Honestly. Just consider ‘Second Coming’, which I am doing with Marion Cotillard. “It was completely dead, and when they announced that I had got ‘The Avengers’, literally, a couple of hours later the finance was pushed through. How cool is that?”



Sunday, October 17, 2010



An Acehnese woman sits at a Muslim headscarf shop in a market in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia, yesterday. Aceh is the only province in the world’s most populous Muslim nation that officially adopted Islamic sharia law. Nearly all of the province’s 4 million residents are Muslim. — AP

Crocheted coral exhibit carries environmental warning By Virginie Montet rom afar, a casual viewer could mistake the coral reefs on display at Washington’s Natural History Museum for the real thing, but in fact, it’s colorful


crochet artwork with an environmental message. The exhibit is the work of some 800 women, and a few men too, who hope to draw attention to the plight of the world’s coral reefs, which face stress, degradation and outright extinction because of damaging human activity. Participants ranging in age from three to 101 years old responded to a call for project volunteers by organizers Margaret and Christine Wertheim, Australian activists with the Institute for Figuring. The results are captivating pieces of work-barriers of coral that stand three meters (yards) tall, with multicolored strands of wool that mimic the curves and curls of coral, anemones and starfish. Fluffy stubs with threads in red and green site next to pink and purple structures with curling edges that seem to undulate as they would in the water deep beneath the ocean’s surface. The exhibit is entitled “Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef,” a reference to the hyperbolic geometry of coral, which has so far proven impossible to reproduce physically except through the medium of crochet, organizers say. “We like to surprise our visitors. You don’t expect to see crochet... in a Natural History museum,” said Barbara Stauffer, chief of temporary exhibits at the Washington institution. “It’s a good way to raise

awareness. I learned how to crochet. I made three very small pieces I hope are tucked somewhere and I’m going to spend the next few days trying to find them,” she added. “Twenty percent of the world’s coral reefs have been


colorful reefs in tropical waters.” Coral reefs worldwide face multiple threats from human activity, including global warming, which raises the ocean temperatures to dangerous levels, and acidification, which can bleach and kill coral.

The art pieces of Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, is displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. — AFP photos

Spain: Pre-civil war novel wins major prize duardo Mendoza has won Spain’s most lucrative literary prize for a novel set in Madrid on the eve of the country’s devastating civil war.The Premio Planeta was announced late Friday at a ceremony in Barcelona and carries a $846,750 cash award. Mendoza’s novel “Rina de gatos, Madrid 1936” (Cat Fight, Madrid 1936) is set just before hostilities erupted in what became a three-year conflict. The plot centers on a British art expert who visits Spain in the increasingly chaotic days before war and discovers a canvas which appears to be a previously unknown Velazquez painting of incalculable value. Among the real characters in

destroyed in the last couple of decades,” pointed out David Stuart, deputy chief of mission at the Australian embassy in Washington, as he opened the exhibit. “If we go on like this we will lose the reefs, particularly the very

the novel are right-wing politician Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera and Gen. Francisco Franco, who was to become dictator of Spain after the conflict. “The novel poses readers with the problem of what they would do if faced with those circumstances, which fortunately we aren’t in any more,” Mendoza said at a news conference on Saturday. The prize was founded in 1952 by Planeta, one of Spain’s top publishers, and is open to both Spaniards and Latin Americans. Previous winners include Nobel laureates for literature Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru and the late Spaniard Camilo Jose Cela, who won the Nobel in 1989. —AP

Switzerland dog show

A woman grooms her dog during an animal beauty contest at the Swiss Animalia Exposition in Lausanne, Switzerland, yesterday. Animalia is the biggest animal exposition in Switzerland. —AP

Overfishing and pollution also threaten the survival of the delicate ecosystems, which could disappear altogether over the next four

rience the beauty of coral reefs.” The exhibition, which runs from October 16 to April 24, 2011, carries a serious and sad message

decades, experts warn. “The reefs that I studied 35 years ago have largely vanished and most reefs may well be gone by the end of the century of sooner, if nothing is done to protect them,” said Nancy Knowlton, a professor of marine biology at the Smithsonian Institution. “This project is a stark reminder that if trends continue, an exhibition like this may someday be the only way for people to expe-

about the state of the world’s coral reefs and the negative effects of human activity. But Margaret Wertheim said the creative and unusual pieces also offer a positive message about what can be produced by people working in coordination and collaboration towards a common goal. “The reef project is a giant explosion of feminine energy, a testimony to what women can achieve when they work together.” — AFP

Rare Audrey Hepburn stamps at Berlin charity sale By Mary Lane dispute over an Audrey Hepburn stamp in Germany is going to help poor children in Africa. A mintcondition sheet of 10 stamps portraying Hepburn, a coy smile on her face and a long, black cigarette holder dangling from her lips, is expected to fetch at least $565,000 at a charity auction Saturday in Berlin. Auctioneer Andreas Schlegel said he’s received interest from four serious bidders. Two-thirds of money raised will go to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, and one-third to UNICEF Germany. The sale brings a profitable outcome to a botched stamp series that should have been destroyed years ago-and evokes Hepburn’s starring role in the 1963 thriller “Charade,” in which the characters chase a set of rare stamps. The German postal service printed 14 million of Hepburn stamps in 2001 showing the Belgian-born actress in her most famous role as the ebullient Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Only after the stamps were printed was Sean Ferrer, 50, Hepburn’s son and the chair of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, was contacted to grant copyrightbut he refused, arguing that the image


Stamps showing US actress Audrey Hepburn are presented in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010. A sheet with ten stamps will be auctioned in Berlin next Saturday for UNICEF and the Audrey Hepburn childrenís foundation. —AP had been altered. “In the original photo, she’s got sunglasses hanging from her mouth, but they had flipped the negative

and replaced the glasses with the cigarette holder,” he told The Associated Press.

Ferrer suggested using either the original photo or an alternative, but the postal service ended up scrapping the stamp and ordering those produced destroyed. Deutsche Post says it saved only two sheets of the stamps-one for its own archive and one for the German Post Museum. But in 2004, a single stamp with Hepburn smoking, postmarked Berlin, landed on Schlegel’s desk. “I was obviously very surprised, because they never were supposed to be used as stamps at all,” Schlegel said. Between 2004 and 2009, four other Hepburn stamps turned up and were authenticated. They sold at auction for between 62,500 and 173,000 dollars. After his success selling the fifth stamp, Schlegel contacted Ferrer to suggest asking the German government if they could sell one of the archived stamp sheets for charity. But Ferrer had a better idea: Why not the pristine sheet Germany sent him in 2001, which he still had? “Andreas almost fell backward and had an apoplectic fit when he heard this,” Ferrer said. Ferrer then signed a contract with the German Finance Ministry, securing rights to sell the stamp sheet for charity and ensuring the government would not be able to sell either of its sheets until 2040. —AP



R eview

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rapper T.I. headed back to prison for 11 months

ARTIST: BUDDY GUY ALBUM: LIVING PROOF uddy Guy proudly announces himself as “74 Years Young” at the outset of his latest album, “Living Proof.” But the guitar legend still plays with the energy of a teenager-albeit a highly talented one-just starting out. And when he gets his dander up on such tracks as “Too Soon” and “Let the Door Knob Hit Ya,” Guy can still diss like a street gangsta. He plays and sings with biting ferocity on “Thank Me Someday,” “Key Don’t Fit,” “Guess What” and the albumclosing instrumental “Skanky,” fronting a band that includes former Double Trouble keyboardist Reese Wynans and David Grissom on second guitar. The track “On the Road,” with the Memphis Horns, and “Everybody’s Got to Go” explore more soulful flavors. And Guy’s collaboration with Carlos Santana, “Where the Blues Begins,” is dark, snaky and unlike any of the album’s other 11 tracks. “Stay Around a Little Longer,” meanwhile, pairs Guy and fellow stalwart B.B. King in the studio for the first time, resulting in a friendly, if somewhat understated, celebration of their durability.


ARTIST: THE SECRET SISTERS ALBUM: THE SECRET SISTERS he Secret Sisters are certainly out in the open now, thanks to a vinyl single with Jack White and a debut album done under the patronage of executive producer T Bone Burnett. The two auteurs’ interest in the Alabama duo is hardly surprising, because the not-so-secret sisters, Laura and Lydia Rogers, are for real and about as pure as it gets. Recorded with polish and pluck at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio, the 11 tracks on their self-titled debut set sound like they could’ve been captured at any of the family picnics or church services where the Secret Sisters honed their harmonies singing Doc Watson, Everly Brothers and spirituals. The Rogers’ good taste and adroit touch are evident on buoyant takes of George Jones’ “Why Baby Why” and Buck Owens’ “My Heart Skips a Beat,” a gentler and slightly Latin-tinged look at Frank Sinatra’s “Something Stupid” and a loping, attitude-fueled version of Hank Williams’ “Why Don’t You Love Me.” Elsewhere, the easygoing songs “Tennessee Me” and smoothly uptempo “Waste the Day” speak to Laura Rogers’ songwriting vision for the duo.


ARTIST: BELLE & SEBASTIAN ALBUM: WRITE ABOUT LOVE n its eighth fulllength release, Glasgow, Scotland, indie pop group Belle & Sebastian ditch their sadvibes-hidden-by-happymelodies shtick in favor of legitimately upbeat songs. “Write About Love,” Belle & Sebastian’s follow-up to 2006’s “The Life Pursuit,” finds the band taking a jaunty trip backward, unfortunately toward retro days long before the act’s ‘90s heyday. Norah Jones helps create a melancholy vibe on the song “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John,” but the results sound more fitting for her album than Belle & Sebastian’s. British actress Carey Mulligan duets with frontman Stuart Murdoch on the set’s title track, which also could have worked well for Murdoch’s side musical project, “God Help the Girl.” Elsewhere, the band channels the Smiths on the track “I Want the World to Stop,” reminding loyal Belle & Sebastian fans of what they’re missing. Time seemingly has turned the veteran act optimistic, even when writing about the sometimes messy topic of love.


Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr leaves federal court with his attorneys. — AP By Errin Haines federal judge revoked rapper T.I.’s probation Friday and ordered him back to prison for 11 months following his arrest last month in California on suspicion of drug possession. The Atlanta native, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr, was on probation after serving 10 months behind bars on federal weapons charges. “I think Mr Harris had had about the limit of second chances,” US District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr said in court, according to a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. During the hearing, T.I. begged the judge not to send him back to prison, saying he needed to get help for drug addiction. He told the judge he “screwed up” and pleaded for mercy. “I screwed up big time, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I


hip-hop, with multiple platinum-selling albums and singles, production credits and roles in films like “ATL” and “American Gangster.” After the hearing, US Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said she was disappointed with T.I. “We had hoped that this would be a new, innovative opportunity,” she told AP. “We’re not giving up on Mr. Harris, but ... if you veer off the road of redemption, there are consequences.” The rapper, wearing a gray three-piece suit, walked out of court with family and friends, leaving the building through a back exit without speaking to reporters. He is expected to surrender voluntarily to authorities Nov 1. As a condition of his release earlier this year, he was ordered not to commit another federal, state or local crime while on supervised release, or to illegally possess a controlled substance. He was also told to take at

least three drug tests after his release and to participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program. Yates urged the judge to consider a sentence of two years in prison. She said T.I. submitted diluted urine samples and told his probation officer he had used ecstasy at least three times since leaving prison. T.I’s attorneys argued that after reviewing nearly 250 cases with similar charges, none of those people were put back behind bars for violating probation, Crosby said. Additionally, the attorneys told the judge that Harris was addicted to drugs and has attempted to turn his life around since leaving prison. T.I.’s label, Atlantic Records, put out a statement: “T.I. is such an important and valued member of our Atlantic family. We offer to him and his family our continued love and support during this very difficult time.” Earlier this

week, Atlanta police said T.I. helped them talked a suicidal man down from a skyscraper. The rapper heard about the man on the radio and drove over to see if he could help. The man agreed to come down from the 22-story building in exchange for a few minutes with the rapper, authorities said. They added he recorded a cell phone video of himself that was shown to the man by rescue workers to prove he was really there. T.I. rejected suggestions that his intervention was a stunt to gain advance favor with the court. Atlanta Police Department spokesman Officer James Polite testified at Friday’s hearing about being present when T.I. lent his assistance. “We believed it was genuine,” Polite said of Harris’ offer to help. “He gave words of encouragement and was an intricate part of having that situation safely and quickly resolved.”— AP

Taylor Swift ready to ʻSpeak Nowʼ with third album By Tom Roland aylor Sw ift pulled a sweater over her knees. She was seated on a black leather couch in the lobby of Big Machine Records in Nashville, and the office was a bit chilly for the short, frilly skirt she wore. Despite the brisk temperature, the room held distinctly warm memories for the 20-yearold singer. A handful of framed wall hangings provided a mini-retrospec-


ARTIST: FAITH EVANS ALBUM: SOMETHING ABOUT FAITH n the ‘90s, Faith Evans was on the verge of becoming one of the dominating R&B powerhouses of her generation. But other than a recent DUI arrest, the Notorious B.I.G.’s widow has been removed from the public eye for the past five years. Now, Evans reintroduces herself with her sixth studio release, “Something About Faith,” an album that focuses on love, lust and life. On the title track the singer’s searching for, well, a little faith to take things to the next stage with a suitor. The song “Gone Already” finds her walking away from an unhealthy relationship, while “Can’t Stay Away” (featuring Keyshia Cole) centers on not being able to leave an addicting lover. But “Something About Faith” doesn’t focus only on matters of the heart. Snoop Dogg joins Evans on “Way You Move,” a playful song about the initial attraction between two people on the dance floor, and the Redman-assisted, club-ready track “Party” finds her hitting the after-work soiree.



Tylor Swift

f Justin Timberlake recorded a “FutureSex/LoveSounds 2.0,” it could very well have sounded like Los Angeles Asian-American group Far*East Movement’s debut album, “Free Wired.” The set explodes with strong hooks, synths and sparkles, thanks to a hot roster of producers (Roger Sanchez, the Smeezingtons) and several heavy-hitting collaborations (Snoop Dogg, Keri Hilson). The quartet’s members are rappers at their core, offering maximum swagger on the Beastie Boys-referenced track “So What?” and on the spoken/rapped, staccato-friendly “Girls on the Dance Floor.” Kev Nish’s lines on the Snoop-supported “If I Was You (OMG)” sums up the album’s lyrics: “We sippin’ Goose, girl/We gettin’ loose, girl/So won’t you sit up on my lap with that caboose, girl.”—Reuters

tive of her career, including a multiplatinum award for her last album, 2008’s “Fearless.” The Big Machine lobby was, in fact, a significant reminder of just how far she’s traveled in her quick rise from unknown teen to global star. When she was still a 16-year-old high school student, there was nothing on the walls in this room. Swift remembered sitting on the floor in the early summer of 2006, stuffing promotional CDs of her first single, “Tim McGraw,” into envelopes destined for radio stations around the


don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life,” Harris told the judge, the Journal-Constitution reported. The Associated Press was relying on information from the newspaper because the judge closed the courtroom after it was filled and several media outlets including AP were not allowed inside. Pannell wasn’t swayed by the rapper’s plea. The judge had said T.I.’s sentence was an “experiment” he hoped to replicate if it worked. The rapper was allowed to stay out of prison while performing 1,000 hours of community service, mostly talking with schoolchildren about the dangers of gangs, drugs and violence. “You certainly dumped a lot of smut on the whole experiment,” Pannell told T.I. The Grammy Award-winning artist is one of the biggest names in

T.I. is shown in this artist rendering as he speaks in federal court.

country. “With every envelope that I would seal I would look at the address and the station on there and think, ‘Please, please just listen to this one time,”“ she recalled. “I would say a little message to each envelope: ‘Please, whoever gets this, please listen to this.’ There’s no promise when you’re putting out your first single that people are even going to listen to it.” Not only did the single get heard, it opened the door to sales of more than 4 million copies of her self-titled debut album, awash in songs about broken hearts and high school social dramas. Her sophomore set, “Fearless,” did even better, selling 592,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan, on its way to more than 6 million sales. Three of the songs reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 — a rare feat for a country artist-as she commanded multiple magazine covers and even a 2009 MTV Video Music Award nomination and win. When that VMA acceptance speech was infamously interrupted, the fiery Kanye West controversy supplanted the inspirational, dreams-really-do-come-true storyline in her career narrative. Weeks after the VMA shocker, the Country Music Association presented Swift four awards, including entertainer of the year. In January, she won four more times at the Grammy Awards, with “Fearless” claiming the allgenre album-of-the-year trophy. No time like ‘now ’ With every sector of the business jittery about the future of the album, the music industry’s eyes and ears will be focused quite closely on Swift when Big Machine releases her third project, “Speak Now,” on Oct 25. Being heard is no longer an issue. Now the questions concern being heard at the right time and the volume with which the public might react. An online leak forced Big Machine to rush-release the first single, “Mine,” in August. It has since sold more than 1 million downloads. The title track, a quirky lyrical exercise that blends the dashed-wedding scenarios of “Runaway Bride” and “Friends in Low Places,” debuted at No. 1 on iTunes. It sold more than 85,600 downloads on its first day of release, Oct 5. —Reuters

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Keith Richards reveals all in rock’n’roll memoirs he drugs and the music, working with Mick Jagger and sleeping with his girl, being jailed and falling in love-Keith Richards’ memoirs, revealed yesterday, are every bit as rock’n’roll as he was. Extracts of his autobiography “Life”, published in The Times newspaper, give the ultimate inside story of how the Rolling Stones raised hell as they became one of the most revered and influential bands of the 20th century. The no-holds barred account of Richards’ life reveals a fraught relationship with his songwriting partner, Jagger, who he calls “Your Majesty” or “Brenda” and who says became “unbearable” from about the early 1980s.


“I used to love Mick, but I haven’t been to his dressing room in 20 years. Sometimes I think, ‘I miss my friend’. I wonder, ‘Where did he go?’,” recalls Richards, now an unrepentant 67 years old, in the book. He also reveals that Jagger has a “tiny todger”, a detail apparently passed on to him by Jagger’s onetime girlfriend Marianne Faithfull. Faithfull was involved in a series of complicated love trysts involving the Stones, which began when Richards stole his bandmate Brian Jones’ girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, on a drug-fuelled trip to Spain. Later, Richards became convinced that Pallenburg was having an affair with

Alicia Keys gives birth to baby boy t’s a boy for Alicia Keys and her husband, music producer/rapper Swizz Beatz. A representative for Keys said she gave birth Thursday night in New York. The couple have named their son Egypt Dean. It’s the first child for the 29-year-old superstar and the fourth child for Beatz, whose real name is Kaseem Dean. The couple was married July 31. Swizz Beatz, 31, took time to tweet on Friday: “I’m so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life.” Singer Mary J Blige also tweeted her congratulations on the birth. —AP

Jagger and so took it upon himself to bed Faithfull-only to be caught in flagrante and forced to escape through a window. Jones died in a swimming pool in 1969, but Richards and Pallenberg went on to have three children together. In the book, Richards recalls how they got together: “I still remember the smell of the orange trees in Valencia. When you get laid with Anita Pallenberg for the first time, you remember things.” —AFP

Michael Jackson’s nephew on ‘Target’ with 1st album By Gail Mitchell ustin Brown is following in some pretty big footsteps: The young artist is the nephew of Michael and Janet Jackson. Then there’s his mom, Rebbie, the eldest child of the Jackson family, who charted two top 10 R&B hits of her own in the ‘80s, “Centipede” and “Plaything.” But Brown contends he’s unfazed by the inevitable comparisons. “A lot of people say I sound like the male version of my mother,” he says during an interview at Rodney Jerkins’ Darkchild studio in Los Angeles. “That sound is part of who I am. You know, I can’t help where I come from, but I do love where I come from.” Now the singer/songwriter/musician is ready to see how much listeners will love his self-described “energetic groove and soul” sound. —Reuters



File photo shows Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz attend Niche Media’s annual Gotham gala in New York. —AP


Sunday, October 17, 2010



Jolie questions decision to deny her film permit By Aida Cerkez ngelina Jolie has questioned Bosnia’s decision to withdraw her film permit, saying it was based on false rumors that her movie will be a love story about a Bosniak woman and a Serb man who raped her during the country’s war. But the actress, and two members of her film crew in Sarajevo, declined to say Friday what the plot of her directorial debut will be, and that could make it difficult to allay the concerns of the movie’s main opponents: Bosnia’s wartime rape victims. Jolie said in a written statement Friday that it will be a shame if “unfair pressure based on wrong information” prevents her crew from shooting her film in Bosnia.” It’s working title is “Untitled Love Story.” She offered to meet with wartime rape victims in Bosnia and to clarify misunderstandings that led Sarajevo’s culture minister, Gavrilo Grahovac, to deny the permit. “My


ted the movie permit application to Grahovac on Wednesday, along with a full script, and expects the minister to grant a new permit. Bakira Hasecic, the leader of the Association of Women, Victims of

hope is that people will hold judgment until they have seen the film,” Jolie said. The movie was supposed to be shot partly in Bosnia in November, but Grahovac revoked the permit this week under pressure from the Association of Women, Victims of War, which represents the several thousand mainly Muslim Bosniak women who were raped during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war. Grahovac was not available for comment Friday. Sarajevan Fedja Stukan, who plans to act in the movie, defended Jolie’s project, telling Bosnian media that “we are not making a movie about a crazy woman falling in love with her rapist. We are not sick and perverted.” Jolie’s Sarajevo producer, Edin Sarkic, told The Associated Press on Friday that the rumor about the rape victim falling in love with a rapist is “insane.” But he also said his contract with Jolie prevents him from disclosing details about the script. Instead, Sarkic said, he resubmit-

US actress Angelina Jolie walks with some crew members during the staring of the film called ‘Untitled Bosnian War Love Story’ in Budapest on October 14, 2010. —AFP

War, told the AP that she has not read the script, but said: “From what I heard, it is about a victim in a rape camp falling in love with her rapist, and that’s not only impossible but

Tale of the tape:

‘Weeds’ star Mary-Louise Parker in ‘RED’ By Roger Moore here’s something just so right about the sight of Mary-Louise Parker, bound in duct tape, in the early scenes of the all-star action comedy “RED.” “Aaahaaa,” she says, in that comically querulous way of hers. “Maybe you should tell ME why I look so at home in duct tape?” It’s not hard to make that leap. MLP is the reefergrowing mama on cable television’s “Weeds,” a show with comically startling sex scenes, spankings, and what have you. Picturing her in duct tape is no great stretch. “Oh really?” She’s being coy. She does that. “I didn’t know I HAD an image.” Then Parker thinks for a moment. “I think I’m going to end up with a little bit of duct tape this season on ‘Weeds,’ too. That kind of a year, my theme. Maybe I could endorse a line of duct tape. You can actually buy bondage tape. It’s not that hard to find. Probably easier on your skin than general duct tape, though I’m not sure I want people to know if I know that or not.” A pause, then a random Addams Family childhood revelation. “I was a really dark child. Very Wednesday Addams.” Then


(From left) Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren star in the all-star action comedy, ‘Red.’ —MCT more on duct tape: “That stuff is kind of hard on your skin. After the 50th time it’s been ripped off your face, I could see the makeup artist cringe after every take. ... I wanted them to use the real thing, because real duct tape kind of reads differently on film. I had a horrible rash the next day. But it was worth it.

Neil Patrick Harris welcomes twins eil Patrick Harris is officially a first-time father. The “How I Met Your Mother” television star announced via Twitter Friday that he and partner David Burtka’s surrogate twins arrived October 12th. “Babies!!” Harris tweeted. “On 10/12, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold. All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey.” This is the second time Harris turned to Twitter for a baby announcement. In August, he first tweeted that


he and Burtka would be expecting twins in the fall. “We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled,” he tweeted back then. This is a year of firsts for the actor on the professional front as well. In August, Harris won his first ever Emmy awards for guest-starring on “Glee” and hosting “The 63rd Annual Tony Awards.” Earlier this week, it was announced the actor would make his feature directorial debut on the romantic comedy, “Aaron and Sarah.” — Reuters

“The director let me improvise stuff and wanted to hear what I had to say. I always like that. He probably was happy when I had tape over my mouth and couldn’t make more suggestions.” Parker, at 46, is at the top of her game, her screen sex appeal dialed up to a Showtime-induced peak. She has come a long way since her film career began

with a string of earnest, sometimes earthy and sweet roles-think “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Grand Canyon.” As an interview, she’s long been a puzzling, stream-of-conscious delight. It’s a key to her appeal-the wide, innocent eyes, the occasional sneaky bad girl grin, the sexy non sequiturs. It’s why she’s perfectly cast as Sarah, who handles pension problems for a “retired extremely dangerous” (“RED”) agent played by Bruce Willis in the new film, which opens Friday. Sarah is a great phone flirt, but is appalled when he kidnaps her “for your own safety.” Then, a classic MLP transformation. “Her character embraces the danger with a flirtatious relish,” John DeFore wrote in The Hollywood Reporter. And in doing that, “Parker gives the movie more than she gets.” “She’s kind of a hopeless romantic,” Parker says of Sarah. “She’s so positive, unabashedly enthusiastic. Naive? Dorky? She kind of wears her heart on her sleeve, which is sweet. But like me? I hope I’m not like that anymore. I don’t really want to play anything like me, the REAL me, any-

way.” “When acting with her, you never know what’s going to come at you,” says college classmate and fellow actor Tim Guinee, who just directed Parker in a music video. “It’s like playing jazz or boxing. And it’s all disarmingly real without the smell of acting around it.” The “real” Parker is a single mother of two who “took my daughter for a manicure yesterday and built some volcanoes with my son. I got a Popsicle and walked around the block.” No duct tape. No electric, comically over-the-top moments showing off her taste in underwear, her delighted surprise at an assignation in a limo. The roles may be as sexy these days as they were Southern af ter her breakout turn in “Fried Green Tomatoes” back in 1991. “But I’m not Southern, either,” she cracks. No matter what image her career gives her, “mommy” is Parker’s normal. Not that her choice of roles doesn’t lead to a little confusion when she’s off the set. “‘Weeds’ fans, a certain type of ‘Weeds’ fan, assumes a sort of commonality,” she says, laughing. “They smile and think they know. I smile and laugh it off. “I enjoy being hard to place, you know?” —MCT

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat poses with a toy snake during a press conference in Hyderabad yesterday. Sherawat’s new film Hisss is scheduled for global release on October 22. —AFP


Refurbished Oscar statues that will be used for the Governor’s Awards and the 83rd Academy Awards are seen in Los Angeles, Friday. —AP

In this June 7, 2009 file photo, actor Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka arrive at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards in New York. —AP

Simon MacCorkindale dies at 58

This file photo of May 24, 2010 shows actor Simon MacCorkindale with his wife Susan George in London. — AP By Mimi Turner alcon Crest” actor and longtime British star Simon MacCorkindale has died at the age of 58 after a long struggle with cancer, his agent Max Clifford said Friday. MacCorkindale, who played British lawyer Greg Reardon in the ‘80s soap-which also starred Jane Wyman, Lorenzo Lamas and Mel Ferrer-appeared in “Death on the Nile” and spent six years on the British medical drama “Casualty.”


Oscar award show unlikely to be moved up much in 2012 scar organizers said they are unlikely to “significantly” advance the telecast for the world’s top film honors in 2012, though an earlier date could still be possible after that. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said in June it was considering advancing the Oscar telecast, a move that could speed Hollywood’s awards season and create challenges for other programs and film studios. “The Academy’s Board

the idea is insulting.” She said, “We, the victims, do not want to be portrayed that way and we complained.” In the immediate aftermath of the war, the issue of mass rape of women during the conflict was a taboo topic in Bosnia. But the victims then came forward and formed the association that fights for their rights in the courts and defends their dignity in public. The lobby has grown so strong that rarely any official in Bosnia dares to confront it. In her statement, Jolie said: “The choice to make a film about this area and set in this time in history was also to remind people of what happened not so long ago and to give attention to the survivors of the war.” The actress said she has great respect for the work of the Association of Women, Victims of War and would “like the opportunity to speak with them to personally clear up any misunderstandings about this project.” —AP

of Directors has determined that the date of the 84th Academy Awards in 2012 is unlikely to be significantly earlier than the traditional last Sunday in February,” the Academy said in a statement. “A different date still remains a possibility in subsequent years, and the Academy’s staff and Board will continue to evaluate the advantages and challenges associated with such a date.” Typically in recent years, the Academy

has held the Oscars on the final Sunday in February, although some years it has lapsed into March. The 2011 Oscars are set for Feb 27. The Academy Awards show is annually the second mostwatched show on US television and seen by tens of millions around the world. But viewership has eroded in recent years as other industry groups, such as the Screen Actors Guild, began televising their own ceremonies. —Reuters

The actor died Thursday night surrounded by his family in a private Harley Street clinic. He had been diagnosed with bowel cancer four years ago, and it spread to his liver. His wife, the actress Susan George, said he had fought valiantly against the ravages of the disease. “He fought it with such strength, courage and belief. Last night, he lost this battle, and he died peacefully in my arms ... to me, he was simply the best of everything, and I loved him with all my heart.” — Reuters

Hobbit movies get green light, location still in question he long-awaited movies based on JRR Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” were given the green light Saturday but no location was named amid an ongoing union threat to boycott the production in New Zealand. The announcement by New Line Cinema and its parent company Warner Brothers confirmed Peter Jackson, who masterminded the multi-award-winning “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, as the director and said filming will begin next February. A spokesman for New Line Cinema said no decision has been made yet on the location for the 500 million US dollar prequels to the “Lord of the Rings” but Warner Brothers president Alan Horn was emphatic Jackson would be at the helm. Confirmation the two movies would go ahead came two days after New Zealand unions and filmmakers held “productive” talks on the row threatening “The Hobbit” but would not say if a boy-


cott of the films had been lifted. International actors’ unions slapped the ban on the production after Jackson refused to negotiate with NZ Actors Equity over minimum standards on the set, prompting the director to threaten to move the shoot from New Zealand. The country’s stunning natural scenery was a key element in the look of the spectacular Lord of the Rings films. “There is no human being on the planet as qualified as Peter Jackson to direct these films,” Horn said in a statement. “Peter is incredibly talented and has the creative vision and experience to bring this beloved property to life in a way that no other filmmaker could.” The statement said Jackson “will utilise groundbreaking visual effects” for the “Hobbit” movies which will be filmed in 3-D. Jackson said that exploring Tolkien’s Middle-earth would go “way beyond a normal film-making experience. —AFP


Fashion Week

Russian designer Slava Zaitsev, left, seen during the Fashion Week in Moscow. —AFP

Models display a creation by Russian designer Slava Zaitsev during the Fashion Week in Moscow, Russia, yesterday. —AP

Portugal Fashion Show

Fake them out with fabulous faux By Ellen Warren e a phony. A total faker. And you’ll be the smartest shopper in the room. Until recently, faux fur was fineif you wanted to look as if you were wearing a Muppet around your neck. And just a couple of years ago, you could spot someone in a pleather coat (that’s plastic “leather”) from a block away. She was the one who couldn’t bend her arms. Today, I’m double-daring you to tell the difference between the real


priced at $1,095. McCartney’s Web site ( s t e l l a m c c a r t n e y. c o m ) boasts “no animal has died to make anything in here.” That said, she charges real money for her pretenders. And a word of caution. You still can find plenty of the old, ugly stuff in stores. There’s fur that wouldn’t fool a 5-year-old. It gives acrylic a bad name. And beware of imitation leather that would work better as picnic placemats. Nope, not all faux fashions are equal. When making your choices, be sure

Thai Fashion

Fake them out with fabulous faux. Here, only the price tag on this coat will tell that it’s not real leather. Models present some Spring/Summer 2011 creations by Portuguese fashion designer Luis Buchinho during the Portugal Fashion show in Porto, on October 15, 2010. —AFP

thing and the pretend. Even after you put it on and pet it. I’m serious. The old pleather polywhatever was made for car upholstery, not the human form. No mas. The new imitation leathers are supple, serviceable, some even scrumptious. And the latest editions of furry faux can even make the animalrights folks wonder if it’s mink or make-believe. The technology that has turned fake into fabulous comes at just the right moment for recession-battered shoppers who love luxe but can’t afford it. The prices of the impostors can be astoundingly low. Only the price tag will tell you you’re not buying the real thing. That said, not all fake is frugal. Designer Stella McCartney’s shiny tote illustrates that point. It’s

to take a good look in the mirror before heading for the checkout. Even the same store can carry some items that brilliantly fool the eye and, on the next rack, an array that screams “cheap.” With that proviso, discriminating shoppers will find coats, jackets, bags, shoes, boots and belts that are easy on the budget and genuinely look like real hair and hide. Nowadays, wearing faux doesn’t have to be a fashion faux pas. Faking it Textured faux leather looks more legit than smooth. Cheaplooking hardware on coats and bags gives away your secret Choose brown, tans for real fur look Mixed colors in fursnot all one solid shade-are more natural One fake fur per outfit, please. — MCT

Models display creations by Vatit Itthias part of the Bangkok International Fashion Week 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday. —AP

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