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This catalogue provides a general and comprehensive overview of the Cultural Walking Stick in Oslo for 2018/2019. The catalogue is divided into different categories, each given a separate symbol. Several events on offer are listed with a specified target group. In most cases, the event will also suit other seniors. Check with the contact person listed if you are wondering for whom the event is best suited. Are you a senior and want to attend an event? The times for the various events will be announced by the organiser. Refer also to the contact information under each write-up. Do you work at an institution and want to book an event? For booking or more information, use the contact information under the description of the individual event. Symbol legend:







DESIGN AND PRINTING: Konsis Grafisk AS PHOTOGRAPHY: Jose Lopez (cover), Tale Katrine Hendnes/Dansens Hus (foreword), Hanne Häger (6), Trine + Kim Design Studio (7), Sant & Usant (8), Deichman Library (9), Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret (10), Ryan Burch (11), Pieter Brueghel “Barns Lek” (1560) (12), Oslo Ladegård/Agency for Cultural Affairs (13), City History Collection/ Oslo City Museum (14), Ari Gautier (15), Jan Petter Lynau/VG (16), Fredrik Birkelund (17), Andreas Bache-Wiig (18), Mark Byrdin/Popsenteret (19), iStock (20), Martina Petrelli/Fotogalleriet (21), Christina Andersen (22), Kunstnernes Hus (23), Ivar Kvaal/Ekebergparken (24), Niklas Benjaminson (25), Istvan Virag (26), Anna Steingrímsdóttir (27), Kathrine Geard (28), Harald Medbøe (29), Åshild Tårnesvik (30), Stipi Kervell (31), Tommy Næss (32), Torgrim Halvari (33), Christine Gullhav (34), Anette Reite (35), Peter Achacoso (36), Lars Unneberg (37), Elisabet Kvammen (38), Erik Berg (40), Anne Margrethe Matiesen (41), Jan Braly Kihle (43), Jeton Kaçaniku (44), Per Vollestad (45), Thomas Leduc (46), Karin Fajersson (47), Roger Hennum (48), Kristin Minde/St.Hanshaugen Senior Centre (49), Jose Lopez (50), Tore Næss (51).

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Programme subject to change. For updates, see or follow the Agency for Cultural Affairs on Facebook.

Oslo Municipality is a member of the WHO Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities, which was established to facilitate the growing proportion of senior citizens in cities and communities. One of the action areas for the age-friendly city of Oslo is social participation, which is about developing better and more comprehensive art and cultural happenings for seniors. The Cultural Walking Stick gives senior citizens the possibility to experience art and culture on a daily basis where they live. Oslo residents are living longer and the proportion of elderly people is increasing. An increasing number of seniors also means a greater diversity of tastes, with diffuse needs and sophisticated cultural preferences. This is precisely why it is important that the events offered through the Cultural Walking Stick appeal to a broad base and provide a wide range of high-quality artistic and cultural experiences. In this catalogue, you will find a wide range of various genres and forms of expressions. Senior citizens out for a stroll can enjoy a literary lunch at one of the Grorudalen libraries or experience world-class art at the Munch Museum. The Cultural Walking Stick offers music lovers everything from well-known and beloved folk songs and tunes to operatic highlights. For those interested in history, there is a range of events showing key parts of Oslo's past. This year's catalogue offers everything from boat building and archaeological excavations in Middelalderparken to learning about industrial life along Akerselva. Several of the events are aimed specifically at various target groups. A recurring event is Oslo Museum’s Meetings with Memories, which is a chance to reminisce adapted for people with dementia. Among the newcomers this year you will find Melahuset, which offers artistic and cultural evenings especially aimed at seniors with an immigrant background. The Agency for Cultural Affairs hopes that the events on offer for the 2018/2019 season will appeal to the diverse tastes of the city’s seniors, and that the Cultural Walking Stick will continue to provide senior Oslo residents first-class and varied cultural experiences.

Stein Slyngstad Director, Agency for Cultural Affairs


A Dance of Care I Wish Her Well – Dance Show

6 7


Documentaries at Deichman 8 Scholastic Mornings at the Groruddalen Literature Festival 9 A Stroll Among the Continents 10


Asbjørnsen and Moe for Adults 11 Be a Part of the (Hi)Story! 12 Boat Construction in Middelalderparken 13 Along the Streets of Oslo – Mobile Exhibitions with Musical Openings 14 Culture for Movement 15 Life along Akerselva 16 Meeting with Memories 17 Snow, Skiing and Memories in Holmenkollen 18 Back to Youth 19 Yaday 20


photoSENIOR 21 Guided Tours and Graphic Art Workshop at the Munch Museum 22 Guided Tours and Art Film Screenings for Seniors 23 Sculpture Walk in Beautiful Ekebergparken 24


The Blåveis Girls The Merry Widow – an operetta Fairy Tale Images Finn Ludt's Melodies Folk Tunes from All Over Norway From Lux Soap to Love Me Tender The Place You Call Home It's D-lovely! Christmas Peace Christmas Joy and Peace Classical Fun Latin Quarter Joy of Life with Kjell Elvis Melodic Encounters Munch in Images and Music Tour of the Opera House with a Lesson on Opera Norwegian Songs Opera Concert Oslo Jazz Take-Away Oslo Houses Songs from Grini – When Otto Sat in Grini The World's Pearls on Four Strings and a Thousand Buttons Folk Songs and Anecdotes from Kristiania Our Common Past


Dear Otto Theatre Across Generations Terje Vigen – in Words and Music

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A Dance of Care The theme of this dance performance is how loneliness can be transformed into joy and hope through the sense of community that arises out of friendly care. A Dance of Care will be choreographed in interaction with the physical environment, and concludes with coffee and conversation. The performance features dancers Linda Wardal and Matilda Bosson, accompanied by violinist Ragnhild Lien. A Dance of Care is specially designed for nursing homes, assisted-living and residential care homes.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 25 min. + coffee chat afterwards Target audience: nursing home seniors Contact person: Ragnhild Lien For booking/information:, 97188984


I Wish Her Well – Dance Show I Wish Her Well is a physical and moving dance performance about memories, revelations and the joy of life. The performance is based on the diary pages of a sixteen year old girl, who is now 88 years old. Before the performances, seniors are invited to make memory jars, filled with short texts, pictures and drawings. Every show ends with socialising, dancing and partying! Outreach performances are adapted to the wishes of the various senior institutions and the space available. Performances open to the public take place at various cultural venues in Groruddalen. Choreography and performances are by the Pantarei Dance Theatre. Nathaniel Reed has composed the music for the performance.

Number of events: 6 (3 open to the public, 3 at institutions) Duration: approx. 40 min. Target audience: all ages Contact person: CODA v/ Live Rosenvinge Jackson For booking/information:, 93864796/46412150


Documentaries at Deichman Deichman extends an invitation to the screening of two select documentary films. Dans for livet (Dance for Life) is about Vilde's passion for halling (a folk dance from Hallingdal) and her close relationship with her grandfather. A school class and senior citizens from the local community are invited together to these screenings, which conclude with discussion and group activities surrounding the theme of generations meeting. The Kings Bay Affair forms the backdrop of Min nabo Harry Lindstrøm (My Neighbour Harry Lindstrøm). The film relates both the tragic destiny of Lindstrøm and his role as back-up grandfather and babysitter for actor Mads Ousdal. The films are screened at Hovedbiblioteket (the Main Library) and the Lambertseter, Bøler/Oppsal and Majorstuen branches. The event is being offered in cooperation with the Sant & Usant Production House for documentary films. Number of events: 11 Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours Target audience: all ages Contact person: Kaia Nielsen Kjøs For booking/information:, 92644555


Scholastic Mornings at the Groruddalen Literature Festival The Groruddalen Literature Festival will be held from 11th to 15th September, and the programme includes eight different morning events. Exciting authors and lecturers will visit the Furuset, Stovner, Nordtvet and Bjerke branches. The focus here will be on non-fictional prose and the dissemination of knowledge. The lectures will be both concerned with local history and of a more general nature. See the libraries’ websites or pick up a programme at the libraries for a full overview of lectures and the various authors visiting the festival. Website: Number of events: 8 Duration: approx. 1 hour Contact person: Helene Heger Voldner For booking/information:, 95904925


A Stroll Among the Continents Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret offers adapted outreach screenings to senior institutions, as well as multicultural film screenings at Grønland and film screenings where the generations meet at Deichman. The productions available are offered in Norwegian and other Nordic languages in nursing homes where residents are in poor health and/or affected by dementia. All films have Norwegian subtitles The films are put into a larger context by a film presenter or another person with particular relevance to the film, such as the director, a producer or an actor. Light refreshments will be offered in conjunction with the film screenings. These are daytime screenings and Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret will provide the necessary technical equipment. Number of events: 15 Duration: depends on the length of the film Target audience: seniors with an immigrant background, all ages, those afflicted with dementia Contact person: Ida Gulbrandsen For booking/information:, 90527702 10 : FILM & LITERATURE

Asbjørnsen and Moe for Adults In collaboration with the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the duo Sandvær/Brodall perform Asbjørnsen and Moe for Adults in Sommerstua in the museum’s Østerdalstun. Sommerstua is a summer cottage from 1750 with authentic interiors and furnishings. Asbjørnsen and Moe for Adults is comprised of narration, music and song, and is based on three of the lesser-known folk tales from Asbjørnsen and Moe. Anette Sandvær narrates and folk musician Jon Hjellum Brodal plays the Hardanger fiddle. Free admission to the museum is included, and guided tours of the museum are also available.

Number of events: 10 Duration: approx. 45 min. + any guided tour Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, can be made accessible to those with wheelchairs or walkers Contact person: Anette Sandvær For booking/information:, 97751707 CULTURAL HERITAGE : 11

Be a Part of the (Hi)Story! The world is changing. Games are different. Childhood is changing. Knowing about how things were before, how life was a few generations ago, can provide perspective. Be a Part of the (Hi)Story! brings together seniors and school children to share experiences, stories and memories of childhood and play. Seven to ten seniors are invited to a workshop where they will share stories and games from their youth with a group of school children at a gathering of both young and old. The gathering will be filmed and the event concludes with a party for all workshop participants, institution residents as well as students and parents from AKS. The films can be uploaded to in agreement with participants.

Number of events: 4 (workshop, gathering, party with film screening) Duration: 3 days per event Target audience: all ages Contact person: Tiril Bryn For booking/information:, 93088956


Boat Construction in Middelalderparken A copy of a boat from the middle ages is currently being built in Middelalderparken (the Medieval Park). The Norwegian Maritime Museum and Oslo Ladegård invite all residents, including those from nursing homes and senior centres in Oslo, to visit the boatyard and take a tour of Middelalderparken. An archaeologist will talk about the boat and the excavation of old boat wrecks. It will be possible to try your hand at boat building and participate in activities such as rope-making and whittling trenails. A guided tour visits the ruins of the old Kongsgården (king's estate) and St. Mary’s Church. Visitors can hear more about Oslo's exciting medieval history here and the king's role in shipping and trade in the medieval city. The guided tours conclude with coffee/tea and biscuits. Number of events: 15 (up to 20 visitors at a time) Duration: approx. 2 hours Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, can be made accessible to those with wheelchairs or walkers Contact person: Hedvig Magnhild Vollsnes For booking/information:, 22194468 CULTURAL HERITAGE : 13

Foto: Oslo Museum. Byhistorisk samling

Along the Streets of Oslo – Mobile Exhibitions with Musical Openings Along the Streets consists of photo exhibitions with texts inspired by daily life from a time when city streets were full of kids and housewives, and when families collected photos in family albums and came together for the Listeners' Choice radio show! Each exhibition opens with a cultural programme including a singalong with era-related music and an informal talk highlighted by pictures as a starting point. The opening ends with a chat about a bygone era. The exhibitions cover the Gamlebyen (old town), Sagene, Frogner/Majorstua, Groruddalen, Grünerløkka and Østensjø districts. Number of events: 5 Duration: 3-month exhibition + opening event Target audience: people at senior institutions and their relatives Contact person: Oslo Museum attn. Linken Apall-Olsen For booking/information:, 48258458


Culture for Movement Melahuset invites you to evenings filled with art and culture where Indian/ Pakistani classical music, poetry and conversation fill the programme. Mela wants the event to contribute to greater connection and interaction between generations, where young people are invited to share cultural experiences with their elders. The young people participating will also contribute to the event’s practical arrangements for older participants.

Number of events: 5 Duration: 60-90 min. Target audience: seniors with an immigrant background, all ages Contact person: Ari Gautier For booking/information:, tel: 22209690


Life along Akerselva Life along Akerselva is a mini-walk adapted for ambulant senior citizens in nursing homes and senior centres. The event starts with an introduction to the Labour Museum, Sagveien 28, where factory life provides a framework for worker’s memories, from the visions of an entrepreneur to the toils of a mill girl in a spooling room. The event also visits the one-room apartment in Sagveien 8, which will bring back memories for everyone over 75 years of age. There will be coffee and cake, and an open conversation about the associations the atmosphere sparked for the visitors. The topics will vary from handwork, childhood memories of meals, drunkenness and drama in the poorer communities to the role of the family both before and now.

Number of events: 15 Duration: approx. 1 hour Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, can be made wheelchair accessible Contact person: Oslo Museum attn. Gro Røde For booking/information:, 936 37181


Meeting with Memories Meeting with Memories is a chance to reminisce arranged for those afflicted with early-stage dementia. Through the stimulation of many senses, a safe setting and positive feedback, this patient group can experience recollection and mastery. Oslo Museum offers the event in a customised reminiscence room in the Main Building at Frogner hovedgĂĽrd. The room is secluded with custom lighting. Both furnishings and objects are used actively during the visit. Each event concludes with coffee and a snack. Topics are arranged when ordering with the museum.

Number of events: 30 Duration: adapted to the group Target audience: people with early-stage dementia Contact person: Oslo Museum attn. Linken Apall-Olsen For booking/information:, 48258458


Snow, Skiing and Memories in Holmenkollen The Holmenkollen Ski Museum offers an invitation to a cultural event specially adapted for seniors with early-stage dementia. There will be a guided tour of the Ski Museum's exhibition Vinterglede (Love of Winter) and conversation surrounding the memorabilia. The Ski Museum will trigger memories using many senses: watching films from famous sporting events, listening to LPs of the Holmenkollen Ski Marathon, experiencing the scents of skiing and feeling the weight of old wooden skis. The day concludes with coffee and something sweet in the museum's auditorium.

Number of events: 10 Duration: approx. 1.5 hour Target audience: people with early-stage dementia Contact person: Ă…slaug Midtdal For booking/information:, 97169758


Back to Youth Popsenteret invites you to a close encounter with distinguished artists from the 50s, 60s and 70s, as well as a conversation with Artistic Director Paal Ritter Schjerven. The conversation takes place in the intimate and unique setting of Lille Oslo Café. There are old TV recordings, news clippings and photos as well as musical samples that bring both the guests and the artists back to their youth. Previously, artists such as Jan Eggum, Karin Krog, Vidar Lønn-Arnesen, Åse Kleveland, Wenche Myhre and Kirsti Sparboe have made guest-appearances at these events. Check Popsenteret’s website for their 2018/2019 programme at:

Number of events: 8 Duration: 90-120 min. Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, wheelchair accessible Contact person: Eva Nordli Krøger For booking/information:, 99504050


Yaday Yaday is Oslo Museum’s event for seniors with an immigrant background. The event is an adapted version of Meeting with Memories. We extend an invitation to gatherings focusing on flavours, herbs and food, preferably with foodstuffs seniors can remember from their own cultures and childhood. Storytelling is encouraged through practical work with plants, herbs, aromas, memories, stories and food. The museum becomes a meeting place where the visitors' children or grandchildren can also participate. In order to build a relationship over time, six groups are invited on 3 occasions – but participants will be encouraged to stop by more often to look after their own plants.

Number of events: 18 Duration: Adapted to the group Target audience: seniors with an immigrant background Contact person: Oslo Museum attn. Sissel Oliva Ødegård For booking/information:, 932 25422


photoSENIOR Fotogalleriet is offering a photography workshop for senior citizens where they can learn simple camera skills to use in digital photography in order to become better photographers. Participants are given an introduction to digital camera skills, and then get the chance to take photos and learn how to transfer these photos from cameras to computers. Fotogalleriet’s two instructors give guidance along the way and provide the cameras. The pictures are printed on site and put together in an exhibition at the institution in which the event takes place. The event can be offered at senior institutions or on Fotogalleriet’s premises, Møllergata 34.

Number of events: 12 Duration: 2.5 hours Target audience: seniors at institutions and ambulant senior citizens Contact person: Annika Hagstrøm For booking/information:, 92288109

ART : 21

Guided Tours and Graphic Art Workshop at the Munch Museum The Munch Museum offers tailor-made guided tours for seniors in connection with the museum's varying exhibitions for the 2018/2019 season. In addition, a graphic art workshop will be arranged by a professional visual artist. Participants will prepare and print their own graphic work of art in the museum's workshop. Professional equipment such as high quality graphic colours, trimming knives and cotton paper is used for pressing. The course starts with a guided tour of the exhibition.

Number of events: 68 (60 guided tours, 8 courses) Duration: 50 min. (tour) / 3.5 hours (tour and workshop) Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, wheelchair accessible Contact person: Hilde A. Ă˜degaard For booking/information:, 97782954

22 : ART

Guided Tours and Art Film Screenings for Seniors Kunstnernes hus invites seniors to specially adapted and tailor-made guided tours in the gallery's exhibitions and art film screenings. Guided tours are given during the daytime. In the mornings, a film programme is also on offer in the gallery's own cinema.

Number of events: 30 Duration: 60-120 min. Target audience: ambulant senior citizens Contact person: Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa For booking/information:, 97697085

ART : 23

Sculpture Walk in Beautiful Ekebergparken Experience Ekeberg Sculpture Park with a skilled and experienced guide. Participants enjoy guided tours of both the park's own museum of history and nature and of the gardens, where several of the park's beautiful works of art are located. After the guided tour, participants are invited to stay for coffee and to share their experiences in a cosy setting. The sculpture walk lasts for an hour and is specially adapted for seniors.

Number of events: 30 Duration: 1.5 hour Target audience: ambulant senior citizens, wheelchair accessible Contact person: Camilla von Køppen For booking/information:, 41778972

24 : ART

The Blåveis Girls The Blåveis Girls come to your institution dressed in era-appropriate clothing from the 50s & 60s, with guitars, singsong booklets and baskets of memorabilia. Face to face, around a table in sheltered surroundings, the performers engage people with dementia in conversations about lives lived and the recent past. Coffee, cake, sweets and rock candy are served, while the Blåveis Girls talk about the memorabilia and sing well-known and cherished songs. Through sounds, smells, conversation and touch, memories are awakened and special moments are created. There are two reminiscence encounters at each institution. The Blåveis Girls are actor Malin Rønning and folk singer, cultural historian and special educator Kristin Schøyen Grude. The project is based on the Meetings with Memories methodology. Number of events: 15 Duration: approx. 1 hour per encounter Target audience: people with dementia Contact person: Kristin Schøyen Grude For booking/information:, 97533236

MUSIC : 25

The Merry Widow – an operetta Hanna Glawari has just become a widow and is considering moving to Oslo from her home municipality of Tomrefjord. Offers of marriage abound, but the Mayor of Tomrefjord knows that the village has major debts and would prefer that she marry the village's golden boy, Danilo, so that her wealth will stay in the municipality... This is the introduction to the "Oslo version" of The Merry Widow, the most famous operetta of all times. Stephanie Lippert, Hallvar Djupvik and Ilmi-Åse Mathiesen perform in an exhilarating hourlong concert full of dance, song, love and humour. The concert has been developed based on experience from previous operettas made especially for the Cultural Walking Stick.

Number of events: 15 Duration: 60 min. Contact person: Stephanie Lippert Djupvik For booking/information:, 40462401

26 : MUSIC

Fairy Tale Images Fairy and folk tales have been used as a source of inspiration by many composers. Major masterpieces have been created thanks to the classic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, Asbjørnsen and Moe, and Charles Perrault, among others. The concert Fairy Tale Images explores this tradition, where the audience enjoys compositions by Grieg, Schubert, Schumann and Bjarne Brustad. The music is performed by violist Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad and pianist Sigrún Benjamínsdóttir.

Number of events: 7 Duration: 60-70 min. Contact person: Sigrún Benjamínsdóttir For booking/information:, 48257017

MUSIC : 27

Finn Ludt's Melodies Finn Ludt's melodies have helped to shape Norwegian folk music, and 2018 marks a hundred years since his birth. Prøysen's delightful children's songs inherited his note progression, and "Lillebrors vise", "Cirkusvisa" and "Pelles bursdag" became a part of our daily life. Erik Bye's "Hildringstimen" and "Vür Herres klinkekule" have also inherited his compositions. The duo Leif Blix (vocals) and Lars Nygaard (accordion) perform a cabaret with many of the composer's most famous melodies, as they piece together an informal talk about his life and work.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Ad Libitum attn. Hege Lindblad For booking/information:, 91108227

28 : MUSIC

Folk Tunes from All Over Norway For centuries, Norway's history has had many cultural exchanges between the Sami, Kven and Norwegian peoples. These exchanges have left their mark in the form of different musical traditions. The duo Beddari and Nilsen have roots in all these traditions and serve up a concert featuring Norwegian folk tunes with traditional folk verses, Finnish melancholy and suggestive tangos, and Sami yoik echoing the call of nature. They link stories to the songs they perform with piano, kantele (a traditional Finnish plucked-string instrument), accordion, percussion instruments and vocals. The duo consists of musicians Trygve Beddari and Anne Margaret Nilsen.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Trygve Beddari For booking/information:, 97719901

MUSIC : 29

From Lux Soap to Love Me Tender In Gina's concerts, it's not just the music that takes the lead role. She also wants the audience to be seen, heard and moved. Gina tells personal stories of former and unhappy love, a grandmother's vanity and the arrival of twin boys into the family. Laughter, tears and memories will be brought back to life by the distinctive and slightly old-fashioned smell of Lux soap. Gina Nordby is a musician, nurse and lecturer who is known for her musical encounters with residents at nursing and care homes.

Number of events: 15 Duration: 45 min. Target audience: nursing home residents, people with dementia Contact person: Gina Nordby For booking/information:, 93229849

30 : MUSIC

The Place You Call Home The pop band Bart Clavier invites everyone to a memorable musical experience. With the help of old hits and their own repertoire, they provide a catalyst that stimulates participation and dialogue. Everyone has a place they call home, perhaps a place they come from, a place they yearn to return to, which can trigger vivid childhood memories. Along the way, the audience's own stories are used to add colour and personalise the music. Songs like "Nordlandsnetter", "Æ e trønder æ" and "Oppå lauvåsen" can evoke memories for many about the place they call home. Bart Clavier consists of the four young musicians Jørgen Berget (guitar), Guri Dypvik (piano), Torstein Mongstad (bass) and Magnus Johnsen Sandåg (trumpet).

Number of events: 10 Duration: 40-50 min. Target audience: residents in own homes and institutions, and people with dementia Contact person: Magnus Johnsen Sandåg For booking/information:, 99155762 MUSIC : 31

It's D-lovely! The trio D-lovely presents jazz music with a sensibility that brings out the best of the music of Cole Porter, one of pop music's greatest composers. Fronted by Gro-Marthe Dickson, the trio performs a mixed repertoire of wellknown songs and unknown pearls from Porter's rich catalogue. D-lovely serves up tunes like "I Get a Kick Out of You", "Night and Day" and "Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love" with a chamber jazz wrapping that takes listeners back to when classic jazz was at its height.

Number of events: 15 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Gro-Marthe Dickson For booking/information:, 95104537

32 : MUSIC

Christmas Peace Singer Ann-Helen Schjølberg and guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor ring in the holidays with an intimate Christmas concert featuring both Norwegian and American Christmas songs. The concert programme includes both wellknown Norwegian songs such as "Deilig er jorden", "Musevisa" and "Glade jul", which gets everyone singing, and American classics such as "The Christmas Song" and "When You Wish Upon a Star". Christmas Peace is an intimate concert series, especially for small wards with patients who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a larger public event.

Number of events: 15 Duration: 40 min. Target group: small nursing home wards, people with dementia Contact person: Ann-Helen Schjølberg For booking/information:, 94406283

MUSIC : 33

Christmas Joy and Peace In the Christmas Joy and Peace show, beautiful Christmas music is performed with lively arrangements by percussionist Eli M.Odland and singer BOBBI (Ingvild Storhaug). Songs and vibraphone take centre stage in an eclectic instrument ensemble, consisting of a melodica, washboard, autoharp, accordion and various small percussion instruments. The two musicians have a shared passion for the pop music of yesteryear. American Christmas hits from the 40s and 50s are performed along with beloved and well-known – and some slightly less well-known – Christmas gems from Norway and Sweden. There will be beautiful music and vivacious swing with lovely harmonies, with a good chance of the audience breaking out into song. Number of events: 20 Duration: 40-45 min. Contact person: Eli Molaug Odland For booking/information:, 92446221

34 : MUSIC

Classical Fun Classical Fun is performed by Signe Sannem Lund (vocals) and Torgeir Koppang (piano). The concert has a lot of energy, music with a beat and funny lyrics, with interludes of the serene and beautiful. The music ranges from operettas and musicals to good old revue songs from Chat Noir. You are allowed to sing along and say what you mean along the way. The concert creates a sense of well-being, security and reminiscence using humour and first-rate artistic skill!

Number of events: 10 Duration: approx. 40-45 min. Target audience: people with dementia Contact person: Signe Sannem Lund For booking/information:, 41665610

MUSIC : 35

Latin Quarter The Latin Quarter have, as the name conveys, Latin rhythms in their repertoire and perform a diverse array of older Latin golden oldies and recent hits. The programme also includes tunes that most will recognise and can hum along to, such as "Guantanamera" and a Bolero version of "De nære ting". With the female Cuban singer Patricia Morales fronting the band, the audience is taken on a musical journey through romantic bolero and enticing cha-cha-cha. The Latin Quarter also consist of percussionist and Artistic Director Eduardo Cedeño, bassist Alejandro Gispert and guitarist Torbjørn Sandvik.

Number of events: 14 Duration: 40 min. Contact person: Eduardo Cedeño For booking/information:, 95766488

36 : MUSIC

Joy of Life with Kjell Elvis Kjell Elvis is an artist who sounds like Elvis, looks like Elvis and creates the atmosphere for which Elvis was so famous. One of the world's best Elvis Presley imitators comes for a visit with his show performing hits you know and love. Kjell Elvis works closely with the audience and invites everyone to sing along.

Number of events: 15 Duration: approx. 45 min. Contact person: Kjell Henning Bjørnestad For booking/information:, 46636171

MUSIC : 37

Melodic Encounters Melodic Encounters offers tailor-made musical experiences for elderly residents at institutions who are either unable or unwilling to attend larger public events. The event consists of musical encounters and mini-concerts in public areas in wards, and is prepared in collaboration with staff where the visit will take place. The core of the repertoire consists of older, well-known songs of Norwegian and international origin. The recognition factor helps the audience feel comfortable singing along and gain a sense of mastery. Contributors are Charlotte Jenssen (vocals), Thale Krogtoft Jensen (vocals) and Mikael Jonassen (banjo, vocals).

Number of events: 15 Duration: 80 min. Target audience: nursing home seniors, people with dementia, people unable to move Contact person: Charlotte Jenssen For booking/information:, 92261707 38 : MUSIC

Munch in Images and Music Through the performance of Munch in Images and Music, the audience is taken on a journey through Edvard Munch's paintings, which are accompanied by Scandinavian music and musical expression. The programme contains a carefully selected combination of Munch's paintings, music and texts that put the images and music in a historical and artistic context. The audience is invited to share their own interpretations and ask questions along the way. Contributors are the opera singers Kristian Andersen, Live Danielsson and Allister Kindingstad, as well as pianist Veronika Dokken.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Veronika Dokken For booking/information:, 45135490

MUSIC : 39

Tour of the Opera House with a Lesson on Opera The Opera House offers adapted tours in select areas of the house and an enjoyable lesson about opera in the Education Centre. There will be conversation as you listen to sound clips and stories about life in the opera. The opera lesson is led by knowledgeable presenters with many years of stage experience in the opera or ballet. Up to 12 participants (including companions) per event.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 2 hours Target audience: people with dementia Contact person: The Docent’s Office at the Opera House by Eva Gran For booking/information:, 47915161

40 : MUSIC

Norwegian Songs Soprano Mariann Fjeld-Solberg and pianist Ilmi-Åse Mathiesen invite you to an intimate concert – a musical journey where the audience encounters some of Norway's most beautiful and famous classical songs. The audience will hear a selection of Grieg's ballads, Kjetil Bjørnstad's "Sommernatt ved fjorden" and songs by Norwegian composer Hjalmar Borgström. The performers invite the audience to sing along at the end of the concert.

Number of events: 10 Duration: not specified Contact person: Mariann Fjeld-Solberg For booking/information:, 47312783

MUSIC : 41

Opera Concert Opera singer Olivera Ticevic and accompanist Dejan bring opera with all its drama and props to institutions. Together they perform well-known and beloved arias from famous operas such as Il Trovatore, Carmen, The Magic Flute, La Traviata and Neapolitan songs such as "O Sole Mio", "Santa Lucia", "Time to Say Goodbye" and much more.

Number of events: 15 Duration: approx. 50-60 min. Contact person: Dejan Milivojevic For booking/information:, 40593618

42 : MUSIC

Oslo Jazz Take-Away For those who no longer have the opportunity to attend Oslo Jazz concerts during the festival, jazz concerts will come to nursing homes and senior centres during week 33 in 2018. The festival has hired the renowned stringswing band Hot Club de NorvĂŠge for a 4-day tour of senior institutions in Oslo during the jazz festival. This way, senior institutions will be able to receive visits and experience a take-away version of the festival atmosphere.

Number of events: 12 Duration: approx. 40 min. Contact person: Edvard Askeland For booking/information:, 48050907

MUSIC : 43

Oslo Houses Oslo Houses is a concert performance where three versatile musicians associate songs with buildings and places in Oslo. Through storytelling, the songs are put in the context of the time they were written, and the performance evokes thoughts around city planning, history and architecture. The Oslo Houses Band play folk songs and tunes spanning from 1850 to the present day, but are constantly working on going back even further in time. Their repertoire ranges from folk pop, folk tunes and rock songs, and this year this is made possible by three versatile musicians: Ă…smund Reistad on mandolin, guitar and vocals, Birger Mistereggen on percussion, vocals and harmonica, and "King" Sverre Thorstensen on guitar, bass pedal and vocals.

Number of events: 10 Duration: 50 min. Contact person: Sverre Thorstensen For booking/information:, 91697939

44 : MUSIC

Songs from Grini – When Otto Sat in Grini In this concert performance, opera singer Per Vollestad tells the stories of Grini prisoners through their own songs, diary notes and prohibited drawings. The main focus is on the songs Otto Nielsen wrote and sang during his incarceration from autumn 1943 until May 1945. The concert will feature, among other things, "Det har vi!" and "KjÌre lille Toril" in a performance that will elicit smiles, laughter and tears.

Number of events: 15 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Per Vollestad For booking/information:, 40220052

MUSIC : 45

The World's Pearls on Four Strings and a Thousand Buttons Join a musical journey through different musical traditions across national borders. In this concert, the musicians blend a wide range of styles and genres, ranging from Balkan rhythms and Russian folk tunes to Mozart and gypsy music. The concert is stitched together with cheerful stories between the musical numbers. Contributors are Daniel Lazar (violin) and Almir Meskovic (piano accordion/ button accordion).

Number of events: 10 Duration: 40-45 min. Contact person: Daniel Lazar For booking/information:, 93945081

46 : MUSIC

Folk Songs and Anecdotes from Kristiania This event focuses on older songs and stories from Kristiania, as well as some recent ones. There are folk songs from revues, historical folk songs from certain spots, streets and city areas, folk songs about the people who lived there and stories of life, love, joy and sorrow, but also a lot of humour. The event encourages the audience to sing along and dance in between listening to stories and music. The performance is also a dialogue, where many have stories and songs from their younger years they want to share. Contributors are Eli Storbekken (vocals/flute) Hege Rimestad (fiddle, guitar) and Irene Tillung (accordion).

Number of events: 12 Duration: 45 min. Contact person: Eli Storbekken For booking/information:, 93456632

MUSIC : 47

Our Common Past Our Common Past is part concert and part informal talk based on the music and the atmosphere of the 50s and 60s, as experienced by Per Husby in Oslo as a child/youth, and where many of today's seniors represented his parent’s generation. Framed with humorous reflections and anecdotes around popular culture, such as Children's Hour, the Listeners' Choice radio show, dance schools, the arrival of black and white television and his own encounters with the famous artists of the day, he presents a selection of melodies from the era – some as solo numbers and some as singsong. Per Husby is a pianist and well known as the long-standing conductor of the Da Capo TV show.

Number of events: 10 Duration: approx. 50 min. Contact person: Per Husby For booking/information:, 95875662

48 : MUSIC

Dear Otto The show Dear Otto is based on the correspondence between Ragnhild Myntevik's grandparents, Annemor and Otto, during the Second World War. The story is linked together with newly composed music along with well-known and beloved songs. Through words, music and visual effects, the performance rekindles memories of a time gone by for the audience. Dear Otto is reminiscence theatre based on the Meetings with Memories methodology. Contributors are actor Ragnhild Myntevik and musician Rudi Myntevik.

Number of events: 10 Duration: not specified Target audience: people with dementia Contact person: Ragnhild Heien Myntevik For booking/information:, 48195121


Theatre Across Generations Theatre Across Generations is a collaboration between Teater Prospero and the Sagene district of Oslo, where an amateur theatre group was established for seniors between the ages of 60 and 90, who develop, rehearse and put on performances. The performances are staged at senior institutions where children from local day nurseries are invited as part of the audience. The aim of the project is to create a meeting across generations between young and old, by facilitating systematic contact between senior institutions and day nurseries.

Number of events: 10 Duration: approx. 45 min. Target audience: seniors at institutions and day nursery children Contact person: Vibeke Lie For booking/information:, 90092739


Terje Vigen – in Words and Music Welcome to an outdoor performance of Terje Vigen in Gjøa Havn at the Norwegian Maritime Museum at Bygdøynes. The recital of Ibsen's epic poem is accompanied by the performance of maritime melodies, shanties and other music. The audience also gets a demonstration of rowing in old, traditional Norwegian boats. The performance is a collaboration with the museum. The event includes a short visit and film show at the museum and a snack in the café before or after the show. Terje Vigen – in Words and Music is performed by musician and presenter Marius Løkse, who recites the poem, sings and plays the piano, accordion and a whistle.

Number of events: 20 Duration: approx. 45 min., plus demonstration/museum visit Contact person: Marius Løkse For booking/information:, 92688935


About the Cultural Walking Stick The Cultural Walking Stick has been around since 2006, and aims to facilitate premium cultural experiences for seniors. The Agency for Cultural Affairs manages the Cultural Walking Stick in Oslo Municipality. The Agency for Cultural Affairs allocates grants through a scheme in consultation with the Agency for Nursing Home Care through the Centre for Research and Professional Development and the Oslo Health Agency. We collaborate with the Age-Friendly City initiative to invigorate artistic and cultural opportunities for senior citizens in Oslo. All the events supported through the Cultural Walking Stick are free and open to everyone in the target audience. Funding announcements for the Cultural Walking Stick are announced on Oslo Municipality's website for grants, scholarships and endowments (via, in the press and on social media.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs points out that institutions hosting events through the Cultural Walking Stick are themselves responsible for reporting this to Tono. For questions regarding Tono remuneration and/or reporting routines, send an email to or call 22

05 72 00 (switchboard). Age-Friendly City Oslo residents are living for longer, and the proportion of elderly people is increasing. Oslo Municipality makes an enormous effort towards making the city a great place in which to grow old. One of our main goals is to develop an age-friendly city, defined as an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active ageing. Oslo City Council adopted an action plan for becoming an age-friendly city in 2017. The action plan is largely a result of collaborative activities where the residents of Oslo have provided input for the development of an age-friendly city. Throughout the initiative, a pilot city district was established, which was followed by other districts that have developed terrific age-friendly measures. We are now using the experience learned to work towards implementing age-friendly measures in all city districts. The work involved in developing an age-friendly city concerns making city spaces, transport, offers and services more accessible and inclusive. This also includes making different cultural events more accessi-

ble and inclusive for our ageing population. You can read more about the Age-Friendly City initiative on Oslo City Council's website for senior care (via Meeting with Memories The Cultural Walking Stick events reach out to many people living with dementia. For people with dementia, both younger and older, cultural activities such as a concert, a dance show or a museum visit can be great experiences that increase a sense of well-being and evoke memories. They can also provide opportunities to participate in social fellowship with others. However, it is crucial that the cultural event is dementia-friendly. A dementia-friendly cultural event takes into account that people with dementia need respect and understanding of the challenges they face with the condition. In particular, it is about creating a good relationship between the person presenting and the people with dementia. It is also important to be aware of the pace and clarity of speech, as well as the sound and lighting in the environment, among other things. It is recommended that presenters and healthcare professionals work together to arrange the event. Meeting with Memories is a methodology designed specifically for the dissemination of art and culture to people with dementia. The methodology is used in several of the events offered by the Cultural Walking Stick. You can read more at

Do you have any questions about the Cultural Walking Stick? Please contact Birgitte Sandve Mob. 930 56 543 Email:

Contact info: Agency for Cultural Affairs Storgata 25, 0184 Oslo PO Box 1453 Vika, 0116 Oslo

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The Cultural Walking Stick in Oslo  

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