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History in the making. The Semprio. Semprio – revolutionary and unique. Optimized ergonomics and kinetics come together in this new Krieghoff In-Line repeating rifle. The result: fast, intuitive repeating motion with excellent target acquisition. Accurate gun control and quick recov­ ery after each shot combined with the classic elegance built into all Krieghoff firearms make the Semprio rifle stand out from all others. Completing the list of important Semprio features are the proven Krieghoff Combi-Cocking Device and Universal Trigger System (UAS) – hallmarks of Krieghoff hunting guns. Easy take down and compact storage size make the Semprio In-Line repeating rifle the perfect companion for the hunt.


Straight shooter. The Krieghoff In-Line Action

Quick target acquisition in close quarters – just one of many hunting situations where the Krieghoff In-Line action proves its superiority. Lightning fast reloading and repeat firing without changing hand position – a true speed advantage of the Semprio. Hunting is now what it should be – a total focus on the target and safe shooting without distraction. Ergonomic repeating naturally draws the rifle into the shoulder further enhancing high shooting accuracy.

The Krieghoff Combi-Cocking Device An uncocked gun is a safe gun. The Semprio is carried uncocked – the safest position since there is no chance of an accidental discharge. When you are ready to fire, you cock the rifle with a single, smooth, quiet forward push of the cocking device located at the tang where normally a conventional safety can be found. If the shot is not taken, simply uncock the Semprio by pushing the lower half of the cocking device completely forward to disengage it and allow it to slide back into the uncocked, safe position. During the repeating process the cocking device stays in the forward position so the rifle is immediately ready to fire again.


In-Line Action

Straight in-line repeating motion is crucial for rapid firing.

To repeat, the entire barrel in-line assembly is simply pushed forward with the guiding hand. Thereby the gun will be unlocked, the empty cartridge is ejected and the next round will be fed from the magazine. Pulling back the entire barrel in-line assembly shuts and locks the rifle and readies it for immediate firing. During the entire firing sequence, the hand positions never change. All precision parts of the mechanically operating In-Line action are moving on polished, friction-free sliders. The Semprio is designed to accommodate both right and lefthanded shooters. The steel bolt head with seven solid lugs rotates and locks in the barrel assembly. The broad 65mm2 (0.101 square inch) locking surface offers the highest level of confidence and safety. The trigger can only be pulled when the rifle is completely closed and locked. The In-Line action rifle can be easily loaded through the large ejection port or by quickly changing the detachable magazine.

Cocking – uncocking – opening the action. The Krieghoff Combi-Cocking-Device controls all major functions.


Semprio. The revolution is in the details.

The sum of the Semprio’s advanced features creates a rifle ready for the 21st century hunting experience.

In-Line Action The strong bolt head securely locks the rifle and achieves superior accuracy. The broad 65mm2 (0.101 square inch) locking surface offers the highest degree of safety including high pressure magnum calibers. The large ejection port enables rapid reloading even with a scope mounted.

Semprio In-Line Repeating Rifle A Lightning fast repeating action without changing hand positions. A Quick and easy take down without the need of tools.

Krieghoff Universal Trigger System (UAS) The Semprio offers the optimal trigger for every hunting situation. A crisp trigger set at approximately 1250 grams (2.75 lbs) for a fast, intuitive shot. Alternatively it can also be used as a finely adjusted set trigger for the controlled long range shot.

A Action and magazine enclosed and protected. A Detachable magazine for fast unloading and reloading.

Scope mounting For highest accuracy and reliability scopes are mounted directly onto the Semprio’s barrel. Barrels come factory pre-machined to allow easy scope mounting of commonly available mounts.


The ‘Safe-to-Carry’ Position In the ‘Safe-to-Carry’ position the action is locked in an open ‘safety on’ position. Thus the rifle is carried visibly safe with minimal risk of dirt penetrating the action.


Specifications and options Scope mounts The Semprio comes pre-machined for easy scope mounting. Mounts are simple to install and flexible to use allowing several scopes to be mounted on the same rifle.

Open Sights The standard sights are designed for moving targets. Featuring ­fluorescent front bead and middle sight this sight system facilitates fast target acquisition even in difficult light conditions.

Take-Down Feature The swing lever located on the bottom of the opened action allows for easy take down without the need of tools. Dismantled, the storage size is a short 70cm (27.5”) in length suitable to fit compact cases.

The Semprio In-Line Repeating Rifle Action enclosure made from Dural aluminum alloy finished in ­durable gray nickel or tough matte black anodized finish at buyer’s choice. All barrels are treated with plasma nitrate and blued for c­ orrosion resistance. Stock and forearm are made of figured walnut with rubber recoil pad and the unique Semprio cheekpiece.

• Calibers: .223 Rem, .243 Win., 6,5x55 SE, 6,5x57, 7x64, .270 Win., .308 Win., .30-06, 8x57IS, 9,3x62, 7mm Rem Mag., .300 Win Mag., .375 Ruger • Magazine capacity: 3 plus 1 in the chamber • Weight: Approximately 3.4kg (7.5 lbs) • Length overall: 107cm (42”); Dismantled: 70cm (27.5”)

Specifications and Options for the Semprio In-Line Action Rifle

Click-and-Go Sling Swivels The sling swivels can be installed and removed with just a push of a button. Just another detail underscoring the Semprio’s ease of use.

Simple Barrel Interchangeability The Semprio offers the option to change calibers by simply switching barrels. When changing between standard and magnum calibers the locking bolt head and magazine must also be changed.

Krieghoff In-Line Action


Black anodized finish


Combi-Cocking Device


Click-and-Go sling swivels


Universal Trigger System (UAS)


Rubber recoil pad


Pre-machined for scope mounts


Barrel length 55cm (21.7”) for std. calibers


Take-down feature


Barrel length 63.5cm (25”) for .300 Win.Mag.


Extra interchangeable barrels


Open Sights with fluorescent beads


Stock with Semprio cheekpiece


Semprio special and custom engravings


Stock without cheekpiece


BreaKO recoil reducer


P= Standard, p= Option


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.


Configurations and engravings

Semprio Standard The standard version of the Semprio is offered with a durable nickel finish or the even tougher matte black anodized finish. The bottom of the action bears the Semprio logo.

Semprio Standard with black anodized finish

Semprio with standard engraving pattern ‘Small Arabesque’

Semprio with standard engraving pattern ‘Large Game Scene’

Semprio with special engraving ‘African Game’

The stock made of figured walnut can be ordered with or without cheekpiece.

Standard and special engravings Optional engravings are available for the Semprio. They include ‘Small Arabesque Scroll’ or ‘Game Scene’. Custom engravings are available on request.

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