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When you need first class security for your deliveries, there is LGS Matrix. Highly skilled consultants and approved delivery companies, backed by experienced support services, for businesses and individual clients. Key Strengths We are committed to identifying your specific needs to deliver a bespoke full service. So you, the client, are guaranteed quality of service and the best value for money. Proven Track Record Discretion, integrity and confidentiality, within the framework of national and international law, gives our clients total confidence. That is why we continue to provide a quality service to clients in many parts of the world. With our experience, we can provide the level of support you need.

PPI Technology Services Nigeria Limited has been using the services of LGS for the past 5 years in the Port Harcourt area for our security, land transportation, and meet & greet needs. Throughout this period we have found them to be reliable, efficient, and professional in the manner they handle our business requirements. Equally of note is their strict adherence to safety rules and procedures. We therefore recommend LGS to any organisation that operates in the type of hostile environment that is present in the Niger Delta area.


Highly experienced LGS Matrix personnel are regularly selected to provide personal security to royalty, politicians, diplomats and other key individuals worldwide. Combining the experience of our personnel with local intelligence, using our extensive operational footprint, we constantly monitor local threat conditions, carrying out robust risk assessments to determine appropriate protection levels. Our well-trained and equipped crews can be deployed operationally for protection duties on land or sea. Additional clients include corporate executives, engineers and flight crews. We provide protection for anyone whose role takes them to areas where their safety may be at risk.

I have found LGS to be honest, reliable, conscientious and professional at all times, even in difficult circumstances. I am confident that LGS will prove to be an asset to any company wishing to hire first class security, as their contribution to our continuing operations is immeasurable. All our major clients working with our DSV’s over the past 2 years have nothing but praise for their contribution in assisting the security standards required for safe operations in Nigerian waters.

MARITIME SECURITY Protect your valuable maritime assets from piracy and other criminal acts. LGS provides effective risk management which offers clients total peace of mind. Highly experienced former British Royal Marines and Royal Navy personnel co-ordinate client security from assessment to implementation, liaising with appropriate local agencies, to deliver security in line with specific needs and ambient threat levels. Specialist maritime operators can man dedicated and fully-equipped support vessels to carry out satellite patrolling of your valued static installations or mobile maritime assets. This is complemented by onshore marine intelligence analysis, for constant monitoring of our anti-piracy solutions. LGS has significant operational experience in volatile environments where piracy is prolific, so can meet all your maritime security needs. Ship Security Survey Assessment, Review and Implementation of security measures, procedures and operations. Transit Security and Vessel Escorts >

Embarked armed and unarmed security personnel

> Crew Changes


Voyage planning and regional risk assessment

> CPV support


Vessel hardening and BMP implementation

Offshore Asset and Static Installation Security > Fully equipped and dedicated support and CPV to carry out satellite patrolling of offshore assets >

> Dedicated protection teams

Consultants permanently based in offshore or onshore installations

LGS Matrix is affiliated with the Security Association for Maritime Industry and is a fully compliant signatory member of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

Red Transport are especially impressed with their acute awareness of the operating environment, with regards to the ever changing security and geo-political environment. As far as Red Transport is concerned, they offer a second to none hands on, security umbrella within which, our clients can operate with a relative measure of confidence and assurance in their theatres’ of operations.

Journey Management Ensure the safety of your personnel operating in high threat environments and remote regions of the world by using LGS’s highly trained teams of operators based in each country of operation. Make secure Journey Management a high priority to safeguard your major asset – your personnel. LGS cover day to day business, crew changes, or flight crew and airline staff whilst in transit between the airport and hotel or residence, with bespoke Journey Management solutions tailored to clients’ needs. Journey management services include, amongst others: >

Permanent close protection details for in-country staff


Secure airport transfer services for individuals, crew change personnel and flight crews


Highly trained protocol officers providing Meet-and-Greet services


High specification vehicles tracked by our round-the-clock control room 24 hour “care package” located within a surveyed and security cleared hotel or residence.


Personal Security

> Route Selection and Reconnaissance


Transport Logistics

> Surveillance and Counter Surveillance


Real time Intelligence Briefings

> Ambient and specific Threat Assessment

Wherever in the world your personnel need to be, LGS Matrix will get them there, safely.

They have been contracted to secure our hotel facilities and to train our armed and unarmed security personnel. I have found their personnel to be effective as well as professional in their scope of expertise, possessing high level of diplomacy, discretion and proactive in their approach.

Site security From guarding services for large site installations such as power stations and industrial complexes to premier hotels and individual residences, LGS Matrix provides customised security specific to each site’s needs. Our site security services include: >

Access control


Mobile patrols


Perimeter protection


CCTV and alarm systems


Guard dogs and specialist handlers


Arms Explosive Search (AES) dogs and drug search dogs

We ensure total operational effectiveness through our comprehensive training and performance monitoring regime. All our security managers and consultants are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of Site Security.

During this time they have proved to be professional and efficient, providing day to day personnel and assets security, crew change support and various support services relating to Stena personnel based in Nigeria. They have also provided on site training to our local agents drivers along with local Mobile Police and have formed a close working relationship with both our Agent and local police force.

Security training Maximise the operational efficiency of your security services using the wealth of experience of LGS Matrix security trainers, delivering customised training courses suitable for many disciplines. We deliver training to a wide range of security professionals from police, military and commercial backgrounds. Courses are provided for all scenarios, from training a local guard force in static site security procedures to delivering advanced close protection training. Each course is specifically tailored to your company’s individual requirements, and covers subjects such as: >

Threat assessment

> Route reconnaissance and route selection


Unarmed combat

> First Aid/Emergency medical procedures


Security canine training

> Surveillance and counter surveillance


Kidnap prevention

> Explosive detection dog training


Conduct after capture

> Search dog handling


Hostage negotiating

> Compound defence dog training


Situational awareness

> Power boat handlers training



> Water craft boarding techniques


Defensive and evasive driving

We also train many of our delivery partner companies to ensure that their methods of operation meet the demanding standards required by LGS Matrix.

We would like to thank them for the excellent training and support they have given to our close protection team in Pakistan. Such is the quality of their work and professionalism of their staff that we have now entered into long term contract for the provision of a security consultant and for further training.

K9 Security Some scenarios need the extra security of dogs and handlers. At LGS Matrix, we choose canine training professionals who have served time in the British Army as lead dog handlers and trainers. They are well placed to understand from extensive first-hand experience the important role of dogs in today’s security industry. Whatever a client’s need, we can select and train dogs ‘in-country’ or import our own dogs trained to our exacting standards. Our professional Guard Dog / Protection Course incorporates the following: >

Capabilities & limitations of a guard dog

> Dog release & recall techniques


Obedience (leashed and unleashed)

> Baiting & patrol techniques


Wind scenting training techniques

> Prisoner escort

AES Dog Training Course: With current security threats, the demand for AES dogs has never been greater. A well trained AES dog will provide a mobile, quick and versatile aid to search operations for weapons, explosives and booby traps such as: >

Indoor & outdoor search

> Venue searches


Journey route searches

> Vehicle searching

LGS Matrix has the canine solution to your individual security needs anywhere in the world.

Our Experience is that they are a very dedicated and professional organization, which helped HMC to protect our personnel and assets on and offshore during our campaign in Nigeria. We have been very satisfied about their services and can recommend the company to others for similar services in Nigeria or wherever worldwide.

risk management Minimise security risks to your business in the most cost-effective way. LGS Matrix consultants are highly skilled in identifying and evaluating all risks in some of the world’s most hostile environments. They will work with you to advise on any security related matters and risks identified. We can deploy specialist consultants at short notice to support operations, where specific skills are needed. No matter how complex your security needs and operations, our experienced consultants will assess, plan, arrange and monitor the delivery of effective risk management strategies, from initial surveys through to full-scale implementation. Their extensive expertise ensures that service delivery meets the highest standards demanded by LGS Matrix.

We would like to thank them for their excellent services during our commercial activities and movements in Port Harcourt, Nigeria during the last month.

AViation security Robust, comprehensive security against potential terrorist activities faced by international carriers, particularly in developing and remote regions of the world. LGS Matrix can provide a highly trained team of operators to counter threats including terrorism, civil unrest and ever more resourceful criminal elements. Security measures provided include: >

Security of flight crew and airline staff whilst transiting between airport and hotel


Permanent protection details for in-country office staff


Location security survey to assess suitability for staff accommodation


Residential security team supplying a 24-hour ‘care package’ whilst located within the hotel or airline residence


Manned security team and physical cordon around aircraft to ensure its integrity

This information is designed to provide an overview of the services offered by LGS Matrix, however it is not an exhaustive list. A bespoke security solution will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.


Their utilization of well trained and qualified ex-military servicemen, to train and supervise the local police and naval security personnel we use to guard our personnel and assets, has enhanced the service received from such agencies and provided a much higher level of confidence amongst our personnel in-country and our client’s organization. We have been extremely satisfied with their services to date and will continue to use this company to augment in country communications and quality of security services that support our operations in Nigeria.

Specialist Recruitment You value high quality personnel. We at LGS Matrix, have an extensive network of contacts to help us identify appropriate personnel for key roles within our own or our clients’ organisations. Personal knowledge and formal vetting procedures allow us to identify the best candidates for clients’ key positions such as Security Managers, Close Protection Team Leaders or Facilities Managers. Our consultants are former members of the British and US forces, most of whom have had specialist training as Royal Military Police Close Protection Officers, Royal Marines or Special Forces. Many are former military instructors including some who developed elements of the close protection doctrine taught in military circles today. LGS Matrix personnel have extensive experience in high threat environments such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Columbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Uganda. Our security consultants have been employed as heads of security for Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) diplomatic missions, team leaders for European Union protection teams, project managers for corporate businesses and managers in government organisations.

LGS Matrix Technologies excellent and well-organised services have contributed frequent improvement to our security measures in market. We have found them very professional, cooperative and technically sound organisation as they have given all the solutions to our security concerns.

Technical Services & Integrated Systems Whatever security and protection you need for personnel, buildings, vehicles, equipment and information, LGS can provide a range of services worldwide. Expert employees will assess and instigate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) throughout the UK, USA, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Products: >

Video Surveillance


Access Control


Intrusion Alarms


Electronic Article Surveillance


Blast Mitigation


Detection Systems


Electronic Physical Barriers

Services: >

Site Survey


Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services-Pakistan


Installations Services






Systems Integration


Maintenance - (Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown)

Advanced Future Services: >

Mobile Response Services


Fleet Management Services


Personnel & Asset Tracking Services

LGS Matrix has the technical solution to keep your business running smoothly and risk-controlled, wherever in the world you’re based.

The management and staff of LGS Matrix Security Services are professional, well trained.with a helpful and positive approach. We found them extremely reliable and would recommend their professional services to any organisation.

Facilities Management

LGS Matrix also offers comprehensive, integrated Facilities Management services, specific to clients’ needs, staffing systems or part systems ranging from front of house to janitorial services, including: >

Cleaning of all types

> Landscape maintenance


Pest control

> Administration support services


Industrial Cleaning

> Electrical work



> Air-con maintenance and services



> Swimming pool maintenance and life guarding



> Comprehensive maintenance services

and much more, helping improve the effectiveness of your core business.

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