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2012-13 Annual Report

KU Alumni Association by the Numbers

Supplement to Kansas Alumni magazine

Contents Highlights of the Year........................................ 2 Membership and Alumni Records................. 4 Year-End Financial Report................................ 6 Presidents Club Members................................ 9

steve Puppe

Association Board & Staff...............................17

Dear Members:


he KU Alumni Association and its members exist to strengthen the University of Kansas by informing, engaging and mobilizing the KU community worldwide. Since 1883, members of the Association have built one of the most influential and powerful alumni networks nationally.

Evans and Corbett

This past year saw record numbers of student and alumni programs and events stretching worldwide. While hosting 450 events this past year, our partners included Kansas Athletics, the University’s academic schools, KU Endowment, the KU Libraries and many more. Through our energetic outreach, we bring talented KU faculty, staff, students and news from campus to the key communities where KU graduates live. The Association’s comprehensive programs aim to increase the value of the KU degree: the more engaged and the larger the network, the better for the University of Kansas. What has enabled us to expand so dramatically has been the tremendous growth in the Presidents Club. Launched eight years ago, the Presidents Club has now grown to more than 400 annual members who collectively provide more than $700,000 per year in support of our additional communications and programs. These members, from all across the country, are listed in this year’s Annual Report. We thank you for all that you do for KU and the KU Alumni Association. You have our commitment that we will continue to represent your interests and will continue to grow so that the University remains close to your heart.

Rock Chalk!

Kevin J Corbett, c’88 President

Ray D. Evans, b’82, g’84 National Chair, 2012-’13


Highlights of the Year, by the Numbers The KU Alumni Association’s mission is to strengthen the University of Kansas by informing, engaging and mobilizing the KU community. Through its programs and communications, the Association reaches thousands of Jayhawks who are passionate about KU.

Alumni Chapters Chapter groups enjoy KU camaraderie, recruit students and work to strengthen the University.

Legacy Scholarships


Alumni established the Legacy Scholarship and helped revamp all KU Scholarships, a benefit for all students.



Jayhawk Generations Scholars from 29 states are on campus in fall 2013.


This number includes freshmen, an increase of 50 percent over fall 2012. Academically qualifying out-of-state students from KU families receive partial tuition

waivers ranging from $18,288 to $46,700 over four years, based on their achievement. Among the 134 freshmen Jayhawk Generations Scholars for fall 2013, 86 received the largest award.



Chapters (22 in Kansas, 45 national)

Extensive international network n


Events (220 in Kansas) n

’Hawk Days of Summer

connects staff members with Jayhawks in all kinds of settings. 120 events in 90 days n

55,000 attendees

Volunteers The Association relies on the help of volunteers to connect Jayhawks across the globe and achieve its goals. We are indebted to these Jayhawks for their loyal service.

Adams Alumni Center

2013 KU Alumni Association Volunteers:


40: 30: 200: 95: 16:


National Board of Directors

Guests 900 events at 1266 Oread Avenue

Kansas City Chapter


Wichita Chapter

30th Anniversary

Kansas Chapters

Since 1983, the center has served the entire KU community, including students, alumni and friends, and current or retired staff.

National Chapters

International Chapters/ Network

155: 37:

Kansas Honors Program

Kansas Honors Program

Student Alumni Leadership Board



15: Homecoming

7: 17:

50 Year Reunion Committee

Gold Medal Club Reunion Committee

Broadcast emails


Band Alumni, Veterans Chapter)

Total KU Alumni Association Volunteers



37 events 3,500 scholars 121,428 since 1971

Jayhawks for Higher Education

Affinity Chapters (Black Alumni, Hispanic Alumni,

For 42 years, KHP has reached out to high school seniors across the state.

1,500 emails sent

(an increase of 500 over the previous year)

130,000 alumni email addresses 162,442 (including donors and friends) 40,000 participants in social media 3

Membership and Alumni Records As of June 30, 2013, the Association included 41,968 members­—a record number of Life Members and a dramatic increase in the number of Future Jayhawks memberships for children. The annual regular membership category includes 6,420 graduates of the Class of 2013, whose one-year memberships are gifts from KU Endowment. Membership type: n








Annual Regular

Life Regular

Future Jayhawks



New Graduate Members




Annual Jayhawk Society

Life Jayhawk Society

1,206 Student Alumni

Total Members:


Alumni in Kansas

n Less than 100 4

n 100-249

n 250-499

n 500-999

n 1,000-4,999

n 5,000 +

n 40,000 +

Alumni in the U.S.

n n n n

Less than 1,000 1,000-1999 2,000-2999 3,000-4,999

n 5,000-9,999 n 10,000 + n 100,000 +

Total Alumni Overall............338,311 Total Alumni in United States, . Military & U.S. Territories............ 332,756 U.S. Degree-holders......................... 213,803 Kansas Alumni..................................... 169,635 Kansas degree-holders.................. 91,233 International Alumni....................... 5,555 International Degree-holders.... 3,337

Alumni Records

217,140 Total database:

# of Records on file for KU Degree holders

718,359 5

Year-End Financial Report Financial summary for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.

Management & General 6%

Program Efficiency

Membership & Fundraising 13%

Programming 82%

The Association is a careful steward of resources, with more than


of funding going directly to programming. Highly efficient charities spend 75% or more of expenses on programming.* You can be confident that your investment in the Alumni Association is being put to good use! * 11/08/13




n 15%, $1,054,466 Membership dues n 15%, $1,060,774 University support & external grants n 15%, $1,029,871 Unrestricted contributions n 8%, $552,288 Bequests & restricted contributions n 15%, $1,040,809 Royalties n 11%, $786,843 Sales, commissions & event registrations n 11%, $720,399 Investment income n 10%, $703,691 Unrealized gain on investments & endowments

Operating Expenses


n 25%, $1,528,287 Chapters & constituent groups & advocacy n 13%, $821,125 Publications n 8%, $514,778 Records n 30%, $1,814,976 Events & awards n 3%, $207,530 Student Programming n 2%, $96,237 Other n 13%, $787,731 Membership development & fundraising n 6%, $350,452 Management and general

The figures that appear in the financial summary shown here are derived from the 2013 financial statements audited by Mize, Houser & Company, P.A., which has issued an unqualified opinion.


valerie spicher

Presidents Club 2013 members The Presidents Club recognizes annual gifts of $1,000 to $10,000 and more in support of the Association’s work to build a network that is an active and powerful community to strengthen the University. Level

$10,000 +

Monte C. Johnson & Kay Rathbone Johnson Lawrence

Richard A. Billings Thomas N. Kelly & Judy Howard Billings & Anne O’Donnell Kelly Lakewood, CO Western Springs, IL Donald R. Brada, Sr. Barbara McLiney King & Carolyn Cromb Brada & Brian C. King Lawrence Leawood James P. Broyles Brad Korell & Justin McNulty & Terry Broyles Austin, TX Newport Beach, CA Lindsey E. Leonard Linda Simons deMenocal Canonsburg, PA & Daniel C. deMenocal Jr. Bedford, NY Dorothy Wohlgemuth Lynch Olathe Barton L. Duckworth & Debra Dennis Duckworth Jeffrey B. Morrison & Mary Houston, TX Margaret Morrison Lawrence Cindy L. Fritzel & Tim B. Fritzel, Lawrence James E. Mosimann Leawood William R. Hagman Jr. & Dorothy F. Hagman George E. Nettels Jr. & Mary Naples, FL Joanne Myers Nettels Pittsburg Helen B. Healy & Edward J. Healy, Eastborough, KS Allyn W. Risley & Jill Bogan Risley, Houston, TX Lawrence Hickey Jr. Joplin, MO Edward F. Ryan & Laura Smith Ryan Catherine Holland, Russell Saint Louis, MO

400 More than

members of the KU Alumni Association Presidents Club. (Individuals & households)

30 gave $10,000 or more.

Scott R. Seyfarth & Eileen Seyfarth, Hinsdale, IL

Ray D. Evans & Sarah A. Evans, Leawood

Dan C. Simons Sr. & Trisha Simons Lawrence

Randy J. Gilmore & Virginia G. Gilmore, Liberal

Dolph C. Simons Jr. & Pamela C. Simons Lawrence Pamela A. Simons East Gull Lake, MN Linda Ellis Sims & Russ Sims Independence, MO John H. Stauffer Sr., Topeka John T. Stewart III & Linda Bliss Stewart Wellington Todd L. Sutherland & Laura B. Sutherland Lawrence

Scott J. Gilmore & Jennifer Gilmore, Liberal Charles E. Heath & Kathleen M. Heath, Lawrence Ronald E. Hill & Sue Hill Lee’s Summit, MO Forrest E. Hoglund & Sally S. Hoglund Dallas, TX Amy S. Hurst Cincinnati, OH Nancy Schehrer Jones & Jones B. Jones, Lawrence Jay A. Kerutis, Mesa, AZ

Kyle D. Vann & Barbara A. Vann The Woodlands, TX

Mike J. Kongs & Cindy Schreiner Kongs Washington


Thomas M. Leonard & Deborah L. Leonard Venetia, PA

$5,000 - $9,999 James E. Bredfeldt Bellevue, WA Melissa Montoya Burnam & Robert L. Burnam League City, TX

Shade K. Little Jr. & Bernadette Gray-Little Lawrence David L. Murfin & Janet Lusk Murfin, Wichita

Tom H. Collinson & Jane Fox Gary W. Padgett & Sue Summerville Padgett Collinson, Pittsburg Greenleaf Jill M. Corbett & Kevin J. A. Scott Ritchie & Carol L. Corbett, Lawrence Ritchie, Wichita Timothy A. Crown & Heidi Jay P. Ruf & Lori Ruf Jo Crown, Phoenix, AZ Overland Park William R. Docking Mary F. Ventura & Randy L. & Judy O. Docking Sedlacek, Roeland Park Arkansas City


William B. Vollbracht Denver, CO

Allane Corcoran Scottsdale, AZ

Erick E. Nordling & Debbie L. Level Nordling, Hugoton

Thomas S. Ward & Debbie B. Ward, Mission Hills

Richard J. Cummings & Laura Herring Cummings Wichita

Harold Burton Rice Jr. & Joan A. Rice Walnut Creek, CA

Donald D. Davis & Rebecca J. Davis, Edmond, OK

E.S. Riss & Janis Dye Riss Mission Hills

Robert G. Elton & Suzanne G. Elton, Leawood

Miles E. Schnaer & Paula G. Schnaer, Olathe

V. Cheryl Womack & Dean Piearson, Mission Hills

Sharon Perry Galloway Lawrence


Rick A. Harrington & Suzan Davis Harrington Scottsdale, AZ

Nancy Eckert Selleck & Clyde A. Selleck Greenville, SC

Sibyl Goetz Wescoe & David B. Wescoe La Jolla, CA

$3,000 - $4,999 Ray E. Allen & Nancy Smith Allen, Liberal Lyle Billips, Bogue Ellen S. Bolen & Dan P. Bolen Mission Hills

Sheri Welter Hauck & Steve D. Hauck Arroyo Grande, CA William M. Hougland & Carolie Hougland Lawrence Nancy L. Miles & John D. Miles, Lawrence

Virginia Child Shackelford & William H. Shackelford III Mission Hills John L. Stewart & Christi Stewart Lake Quivira Jeff Wilson & Vicki H. Wilson, Salina

Heather E. Abrahamson & Timothy E. Abrahamson Parkville, MO Donald D. Adams & Ann Wees Adams, Hutchinson Allison Head Anderson & Craig A. Anderson Overland Park Dana K. Anderson & Sue Anderson Los Angeles, CA Justin R. Anderson & Jean Pinne Anderson Lawrence Steven C. Anderson Wichita Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Denver, CO

stephanie Neal photography

Kurt D. Watson & Sue Watson, Andover

$1,000 - $2,999

Donor Profile

Braden and Ashley Hopkins $500,000


hrough eight cross-country moves in 15 years, KU and the Alumni Association have remained constants for Life Members Braden, j’96, and Ashley Hopkins, j’97. They met when they both sold advertising for the University Daily Kansan. Since then his career as an energy trader has taken them to his hometown of Wichita; Long Beach, Calif.; Chicago; Houston; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Connecticut; back to Houston; and finally to Park City, Utah, where he is president of SC Fuels Trading. He also serves on the board of a company that acquires minor-league baseball franchises. The couple has pledged $500,000 from their estate to the Association and $500,000 to the University. “Because of my relationship with Kevin Corbett, I’ve come to see how visible the Association has become in connecting alumni and KU,” Hopkins says. “The Association is critically important for KU. “It’s important to recognize and support financially those institutions that helped you get to where you are—it’s a big part of life. I have a lot of strong emotional connections to KU. It was a very special place, where I learned some solid skills in terms of communication and writing and real-world skills that were 10

Ashley and Braden Hopkins and family

grounded in the journalism school.” Even in faraway Park City, where Hopkins is an avid hunter and fly fisherman and the entire family is involved in outdoor sports, their three children know about their parents’ alma mater. “I grew up watching Kansas basketball on TV,” he recalls, “and now my three are glued to the set.” “Ashley and Braden, while moving all over the country, have always looked for ways to stay engaged with KU and the Alumni Association,” says Corbett, c’88. “Their support helps to ensure that alumni and students will enjoy one of the most powerful university networks in the country.”

Malcolm W. Applegate Indianapolis, IN

Craig Boomhower Garden City

Ellen C. Chindamo & Bradly L. Chindamo, Lawrence

Dee Ehling Dillon & David B. Dillon, Cincinnati, OH

Marc A. Asher & Ellie Asher Leawood

Ray L. Borth & Raena L. Borth, Leawood

Eddie A. Clark, Euless, TX

Jefferson D. Dillon & Tracy M. Dillon, Mission Hills

Kenneth L. Audus & Cheryl A. Audus, Lawrence

Lorie A. Bowman, Leawood

Richard J. Ayesh & Patti S. Ayesh, Wichita Rick Ball, Great Bend

Tom E. Bowser & Judith Strunk Bowser, Olathe Timothy E. Brandt & Debra A. Brandt, Lawrence

John W. Ballard III & Cynthia Leslie Davenport Brett & George H. Brett S. Ballard, Overland Park Mission Hills Tracy Ashlock Barton Derek S. Bridges & Mary Lake Oswego, OR Bridges, Overland Park R. Michael Beatty & Mary Jack H. Brier, Topeka Nell Beatty, Salina Frank J. Becker & Barbara A. Aaron R. Brinkman & Kerry Brinkman, Dallas, TX Becker, Lawrence Kathleen A. Beckloff & Michael C. Beckloff Leawood Catherine R. Bell & Joseph N. Sterner, Shawnee Neeli M. Bendapudi & Venkata Ramana Bendapudi, Lawrence Gary N. Bender & Linda Wright Bender Kansas City, MO J. Robert Benz & Janet B. Benz, Wilson, WY James E. Berkley & Vicki E. Berkley, Stockton Leslie Sweem Bhutani & Ashish Bhutani Greenwich, CT Mike Berkley & Debra Berkley, Salina Clay C. Blair III & Janet Blair Olathe Amy Lucas Blankenbiller & Duane Ray Blankenbiller Topeka Nicholas M. Blasi & Clare Blasi, Fairway Wayne J. Boeckman & Patricia Boeckman Fort Worth, TX Richard L. Bond & Suzanne S. Bond, Overland Park

Suzanne R. Brito & Raul F. Brito, Wichita

Richard C. Clarkson Denver, CO Donald H. Close & Robbin S. Close Newbury Park, CA Cathrine Coberly Amarillo, TX

John C. Bumgarner Jr. & Mary Ann Bumgarner Tulsa, OK F. Taylor Burch & Lisa Howell Burch, Lantana, TX Paul “Bud� Burke Jr. & Debbie Weihe Burke Lawrence Gayle R. Cain & Nancy Johnson Cain Overland Park

Jason T.M. Dinneen & Julie Pedlar Dinneen Chicago, IL

Thomas R. Docking & Jill S. Docking Howard E. Cohen & Debra L. Wichita Cohen, Leawood Mark A. Domitrovich Allison J. Cole & Darren L. Chicago, IL Cole, Katy, TX Robert L. Driscoll Kent Colvin, Liberal & Marilyn Rockwell Driscoll William J. Cook, Chicago, IL Seabrook Island, SC Martin J. Cornejo & Jenae Cornejo, Wichita Dan Crawford, Plainville

Carol Ann Brown & Clifton L. Brown Jr., Alexandria, VA John Crawford, Hays James P. Brown & Christian Weld-Brown, Leawood

Stacey D. Dillon & Reed Dillon, Lawrence

Scott Crawford, Hays Ivan E. Crossland Columbus Brandon S. Cunningham & Alaina Nesmith Cunningham, Hays Cathy L. Daicoff Ridgewood, NJ Patricia W. Daniels & Bradley A. Daniels Shawnee

Walter P. Dyck, Holland, TX Archie R. Dykes & Nancy Haun Dykes, Leawood Gregory E. Ek & Debra M. Ek, Wichita Kenneth J. Eland, Hoxie Stephen R. Ellsworth & Barbara Ellsworth Rock Hill, SC John R. Elmore & Rosemary R. Elmore Lawrence John C. Ertz & Kimberly DuBois Ertz Shaker Heights, OH

Robert M. Daugherty Jr. Reno, NV

George J. Farha & Brenda K. Farha Wichita

D. Jerome Davies & Melanie K. Davies Lawrence

Robert J. Farha & Rebecca Cleavinger Farha Lawrence

Michael W. Davis & Karyn Zarley Davis Lawrence

Martha J. Fee, Hutchinson

Francis E. Carr, Wellington

T.S. Dibble & Alice M. Dibble, Westerville, OH

Jan P. Fincham Paradise Valley, AZ

Kevin E. Carroll & Lisa M. Carroll, Johns Creek, GA

John B. Dicus & Brenda Roskens Dicus,Topeka

Lynn R. Fisher, Hays

Paul L. Carttar & Mary Frances Ellis, Lawrence

Steve M. Dillard & Gena Gunn Dillard, Wichita

Ruth M. Cathcart-Rake & William F. Cathcart-Rake Salina

Steven J. Dillman & Kelly K. Dillman Kansas City, MO

John M. Callen & Kelly Edmiston Callen, Wichita Debra Elmore Campbell & Welsey E. Campbell Garden City David M. Carr & Colette L. Kocour, Wellington

Yvette L. Fevurly Evanston, IL

Robert B. Fiss & Kimberly A. Fiss, Shawnee Mission Nina Beeler Fowler & Doug Fowler, Fredonia Charles L. Frickey & Diana Paris Frickey, Oberlin


Jay Howard & Julie R. Howard, Austin, TX

Fun Fact


Shirley Rice Howard Salina The Hon. Karen M. Humphreys, Wichita

Number of athletes honored on the walls of the All-American Room in the Adams Alumni Center Kristen Garlinghouse & Brad K. Garlinghouse Atherton, CA

Teresa L. Hanna & Christopher D. Hanna Lawrence

Tara Tarwater Gatti & John M. Gatti Overland Park

Michael J. Happe & Shannon Fitzsimmons- Happe Eden Prairie, MN

Sandra W. Gautt, Lawrence Jeff N. Gentry & Polly How Gentry, Andover

Richard R. Hargrove & Karen A. Hargrove La Selva Beach, CA

Harry T. Gibson & Becky G. Gibson, Lawrence

Ingrid L. Hartman, Lawrence

Mark H. Gillie, Dallas, TX Douglas A. Girod & Susan K. Girod, Mission Hills Shane Glazer, Kansas City, MO Jeffrey P. Goble & Sharon R. Goble, Mission Hills Cecilia Romero Godwin & Andrew K. Godwin Leawood William S. Green, Lawrence Lewis D. Gregory & Laura L. Gregory, Leawood

Bradley S. Harvey & Michele D. Harvey Colorado Springs, CO Charles S. Haviland & Barbara J. Haviland Mission Woods

James Hiatt, Mesa, AZ

CAPT J. Craig Hostetler Gaithersburg, MD

Lynn H. Kindred & Ann C. Kindred, Mission Hills Richard T. Konn Palm Desert, CA Helen Gordon Kraemer Hays

James P. Huntington & Terrie Webb Huntington Richard G. Kraemer & Mary Fairway M. Kraemer, Hays Steven B. Hurt, Lakeway, TX John M. Impens Overland Park Jerry J. Jennett & Kay M. Jennett, Valdosta, GA Drue Jennings & Emily A. Jennings, Prairie Village John H. Jeter & Ann Marie Jeter, Hays William W. Jeter & Nancy Jeter, Hays James H. Johnson & Tami Pabst Johnson Garden City Jeff M. Johnson & Corey Eley Johnson, Wichita

Jeffrey A. Johnson & Dawn Boyett Johnson Blake A. Hedges & Kristin V. Highlands Ranch, CO Hedges, Lawrence Donald A. Johnston & Alice Charles L. Hedrick & Ann Dowell Johnston Dorothy L. Hedrick Lawrence Saint Petersburg, FL Peter S. Johnston & Sara Harry H. Herington Jr. Peckham Johnston & Cindy Herington, Olathe Salina

Matthew F. Hickam & Stacey Karlyn Ann Greve & Bryan E. Cook Hickam, Topeka Greve, Lawrence Allan K. Higdon & Judy Dold Robert M. Hagg & Jessica Higdon, Wichita Hagg, Mission Hills Chip Hilleary & Tiffany A. Jacqueline M. Hall & Hilleary, Westerville, OH Sterling G. Hall, Sublette David K. Hodgson & Melody Chris G. Hamman & Hodgson, Washington Christine M. Hamman Wichita Zachary D. Holland & Melissa L. Holland, Bill Hanna, Wichita Denver, CO


Donald L. Hunt Toluca Lake, CA

Charles E. Kimbell & Sharon Lynch Kimbell Hutchinson

Christopher A. Jones Chicago, IL Thomas K. Jones & Patricia Lynn Jones, Prairie Village Jyll Standiford Kafer Lenexa Con M. Keating & Barbara Schmidt Keating Lincoln, NE

Barbara Knecht Kreutzer & Robert L. Kreutzer Garden City Cory L. Lagerstrom & Julianne Leeland Lagerstrom, Mission Hills Alma Moreno Lahm & Richard E. Lahm Lawrence Thomas W. Laming & Jennifer L. Laming Leawood Sondra M. Langel & Richard D. Smith, Wichita E. Grant Larkin & Kathleen Korte Larkin, Lawrence Milton J. Lebsack, Denver, CO Gaye Leonard & John A. Leonard, Denver, CO Kurt A. Level & Elaine D. Level, Andover Danny B. Lewis & Laura L. Lewis, Eudora Jim W. Lewis, Dodge City Carol Hochscheid Logan & Fred J. Logan Jr., Leawood W. Max Lucas, Lawrence Bonnie Anderson Maddox & Michael J. Maddox Leawood Katherine Beasley Martin & Thomas B. Martin Leawood

Jeff Kennedy & Patricia A. Gorham, Wichita

Jeffrey A. Mason & Nona Duerksen Mason Goodland

Randall K. Kilian & Terry Kaase Kilian Castle Rock, CO

Barry C. Mayhew & Cynthia L. Mayhew Mission Hills

Bobb A. Meckenstock & Sharon Blackman Meckenstock, Hays

Michael T. McCoy & Shelle Hook McCoy, Topeka

Pamela J. Menzie & Jeffrey L. Menzie, Ulysses

Janet Martin McKinney & Kent S. McKinney Kerrville, TX

Earl D. Merkel & Kathleen A. Merkel, Russell

Lawrence F. Montague & Barbara J. Montague Fairfield, CT

M.D. Michaelis & Dee Peachee Michaelis Wichita

Brian L. Moore & Karen S. Moore Kansas City, MO

Jill Simpson Miller & Reed D. Miller, Webb City, MO

Dennis F. Moore Jr. & Michelle R. Moore Wichita

Sidney A. McKnight Jr. & Carole Popham McKnight, Parker Bruce M. McPherson & Patricia Mullen McPherson, Topeka David P. Meagher Jr. Beavercreek, OH

Susan E. Miller & Douglas C. Miller, Mission Hills

Donor Profile Jay Howard $1 Million


or Jay Howard, the news that 134 out-ofstate freshmen from KU families received Jayhawk Generations Scholarships for fall 2013 is especially sweet. Howard, b’79, was among those who helped create the program, which launched in 2009. Former alumni chair Joe Morris, b’61, focused on improving KU’s student recruitment efforts when he chaired the Association’s national Board of Directors from 2007 to ’08, and he asked fellow Board member Howard to lead a task force to study various options. The group compared tuition discounts that universities in neighboring states used to recruit legacy students, and evaluated the potential benefit of such a program at KU. “The project was born of the collective frustration among many alumni who felt KU wasn’t doing the best job in recruiting students, especially retaining the sons and daughters of KU alumni,” Howard recalls. Along with KU leaders, Howard and Kevin Corbett, c’88, Association president, convinced the Kansas Legislature to approve partial tuition waivers for academically qualifying out-of-state students from KU families. This year’s group of 134 freshmen is a 50 percent increase over fall 2012. 13 Howard has long been a Life Member of the Alumni Association, but his involvement as a volunteer and donor began when he saw an ad in Kansas Alumni magazine for KU Endowment’s Chancellors Club.

Nathan Millhouse Overland Park Rosa M. Mitchell & Brian L. Mitchell, Elkhart

Phillip B. Moran & Vicki Moran, Sugarland, TX

Zachary L. Morin & Sarah Maggi Morin Longmeadow, MA Joe C. Morris & Susan A. Morris, Leawood Marvin R. Motley & Susan Nordin Motley, Leawood Kevin M. Moyer & Catherine Veach Moyer, Ulysses Phillip C. Moyer, Bellaire, TX Thomas E. Mulinazzi & Kathryn J. Mulinazzi Lawrence

steve puppe

Scott H. McCallister & Julie K. McCallister Westlake, OH

“When you are first starting out on your career, you don’t think about giving back and you don’t have any money,” he says. “But when I got my head above water, I saw the ad and thought, ‘I can do that,’ so I donated $1,000.” Soon after, he and his wife, Julia, hosted a Chancellors Club event in their Austin, Texas, home, and he Jay Howard became a member of the KU Memorial Unions Corporation board, a natural result of his student leadership as president of Student Union Activities. After his service to the Unions, he became a director of the Alumni Association, serving eight years on the Board, including a year as national chair. Currently he is a KU Endowment trustee and a steering committee member for Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas, and he has pledged $1 million from his estate to benefit the Alumni Association. “Everything started snowballing,” Howard says of his growing involvement. “People asked me to do things and I loved it, and I loved meeting everyone. People give you accolades for volunteering, but it’s so much fun. We get far more out of it than we put into it. … You already love KU so much that if you have an opportunity to do something, you leap at it because of your desire.” 13

Cindy Emig Penzler & Craig A. Penzler, Lawrence


Heath Peterson & Carrie Robertson Peterson Lawrence

The year the Presidents Club was established.

Lori Anderson Piening & Mark Piening Austin, TX

T.J. Mullender, III Overland Park Julie Nagel & Aaron C. Nagel Lawrence Warren J. Newcomer Jr. & Theresa Cernich Newcomer, Topeka Laird G. Noller & Karleen Noller, Lawrence Barbara A. Nordling Lawrence Craig B. Novorr & Alyson Novorr, Overland Park The Hon. Robert E. Nugent III & Linda D. Nugent Wichita Glenn E. Nyberg & Camille Bribiesca Nyberg Wichita David O. Ochoa Kansas City, MO Charles L. O’Keefe & Kristin Pieper O’Keefe, Leawood Maynard F. Oliverius & Sarah Oliverius, Topeka

Winifred S. Pinet & Brian C. White, Plymouth, MI Chris E. Piper & Kristin K. Piper, Lawrence Kate Harding Pohl & Brad Pohl, Findlay, OH Scot L. Pollard, Lawrence J. Richard Pratt & Nancy Haffner Pratt, Topeka Richard E. Putnam & Robin Putnam, Omaha, NE Thomas A. Rainbolt Lawrence Brett A. Reber & Kathryn Meade Reber McPherson Gil M. Reich & Kay Lambert Reich, Barrington, IL

Kellie A. Rogers & Timothy R. Rogers San Francisco, CA Christopher T. Ropp & Alsai S. Ropp Lawrence Kim Uden Rutter & Rick J. Rutter, Chanute Robert N. Sanner & Jennifer Jackson Sanner Lawrence James R. Sauer & Eileen M. Sauer West Lake Hills, TX Kenneth R. Schmidt III & Stephanie M. Schmidt Lawrence Daniel L. Schriner & Sally A. Hare-Schriner Lawrence James K. Schwartz & Kelli L. Schwartz Leawood

Russell D. Smith & Martha C. Smith Overland Park James D. Snyder & Laurie Lane Snyder, Winfield James L. Spencer & Angela D. Spencer Wichita Amy Blosser Spikes & Andrew T. Spikes Lawrence Peggy Spitz & Charles A. Spitz, Wall Township, NJ Alan M. Stearns & Maria Z. Stearns, Tustin, CA Robert T. Stephan & Marilynn J. Stephan Overland Park Nancy Tade Stoppel & Larry D. Stoppel Washington Angela Riffey Storey & Daniel W. Storey Lawrence

J. R. Reilly, Leavenworth Cathy A. Reinhardt & Norman A. St. Laurent Lawrence

Gregory E. Schwerdt & Laura A. Schwerdt Topeka

Jacob L. Strecker & Andrea Thibault Strecker McPherson

Ellen O. Remsing Manhattan

Jody Bosch Sellers & Ricky L. Sellers Council Grove

Monty E. Strecker & Catherine R. Strecker Ellinwood

Dale Seuferling & Marianne Seuferling, Lawrence

A. Mark Stremel & Toni P. Stremel, Manhattan

Albert I. Shank & Donna L. Shank, Liberal

Kala Mays Stroup Lawrence

Robert F. Shapiro Tampa, FL

Janna M. Stueve & Patrick J. Stueve, Kansas City, MO

William D. Short Jr. & Sharon Holefelder Short, Oxford

John B. Sturgeon & Samantha Lee Sturgeon Leawood

Dolph C. Simons III & Lisa M. Simons, Lawrence

Daniel J. Suiter & Maria Suiter, Pratt

Ron Simpson & Mary Jane Simpson, Joplin, MO

Perry H. Sutherland Kansas City, MO

Jerry D. Skillett & Lenor Skillett, Altadena, CA

Carole A. Swenson Lee’s Summit, MO

Becky Nettels Sloan & Steve W. Sloan Pittsburg

Deanell Reece Tacha & John A. Tacha Malibu, CA

Lindsay Olsen, Leawood Melissa Rodgers Padgett & Brent R. Padgett Lawrence

Charles E. Rhoades & Anne Jones Rhoades Mission Hills

Lisa R. Parman & Dwight S. Parman, Topeka

Walter F. Riker III & Christine David Riker Alpine, WY Mark J. Ritter, Salina

Roberta L. Patterson & Petra John H. Robinson Jr. & Kyle Simmons Robinson T. Tasheff, New York, NY Kansas City, MO Robert P. Peebler & Susie Connie Miner Rockers Mastoris Peebler & Patrick N. Rockers Houston, TX Greeley Stephen J. Pennington Michael E. Rockers Kansas City, MO & Nancy Jean Rockers Greeley


Clint M. Rogers & Dimity Rogers, Ellsworth

Perry M. Smith & Krista Schmidt Smith Great Bend

James H. Schwartzburg & Bonnie C. Schwartzburg Lawrence

Rick R. Renfro & Nancy Samuels Renfro Lawrence

Javed S. Patel & Armena Patel, Saratoga, CA

Tyler C. Rockers, Lawrence

Jay B. Strayer & Kay A. Strayer, Glen Ellyn, IL

Fenton R. Talbott & Judith Pierson Talbott Santa Fe, NM Allison Arbuckle Taylor & Matthew C. Taylor Prairie Village Elaine Sehon Taylor Lawrence Robert D. Taylor & Kathleen A. Taylor Mission Hills William B. Taylor & Marilyn K. Taylor Olathe

Beth Greathouse Tedrow Garden City Lawrence L. Tenopir Topeka John C. Thomas & Becky VanWyhe Thomas Baldwin City Jeanne Waymire Tinberg Leawood Roger R. Tobias & Deborah K. Tobias, Lyons

Joyce McKoon Trower & James A. Trower Salina

Martin C. VanDerSchouw & Amy C. VanDerSchouw Castle Rock, CO

Melanie L. Trump & Timothy T. Trump Tulsa, OK

Brenda J. Vann & Duane W. Vann, Kansas City

Lisa Evans Tuchtan & Kenneth M. Tuchtan Bethesda, MD Christopher J. Tyrrell & Brianne Kelley Tyrrell Kansas City, MO

Michael L. Treanor & Teresa David A. Van Eekeren Treanor, Lawrence Flossmoor, IL

Thomas E. Vaughn Chicago, IL Kevan A. Vick & Gail Ellena Vick, Lawrence Sharon Weaver Vitter & Jeffrey S. Vitter Lawrence

photo courtesy brian king

Donor Profile

Brian and Buffy King $100,000


n Kansas City, the nation’s largest community of Jayhawks, the Rock Chalk Ball is a favorite KU tradition. Brian King, c’98, and his wife, Barbara “Buffy” McLiney King, c’95, attended their first ball in 2005 at the invitation of his friend and business partner Cory Lagerstrom, c’94, g’98, l’98. By the following year, the Kings were chairs of the ball. “I think we have attended every ball since then,” King recalls. “We love it. It’s a fun event that provides great outreach in the Kansas City area. You can just tell that people have it on their calendar early, and they don’t want to miss it.” The ball led the Kings to other involvement: Brian led the Kansas City Chapter as president from 2007 to 2009 and served four years on the chapter board, helping the group expand its activities to more than 30 events each year. The Kings also hosted a reception for state legislators from Kansas City and members of the Alumni Association’s advocacy group, Jayhawks for Higher Education. “When I became involved and saw everything that the Association was doing, it was hard not to get behind Kevin Corbett and his team,” King says. “The Association is on the front lines in connecting with alumni all over the country and all over the world. Kevin has a passion that’s infectious and everyone around him is the same way. Their goal is simply to make KU better.” The Kings, who are Life Members, have provided a $100,000 gift to create an endowment that will fund

Buffy and Brian King and family

Association programs, and Brian remains involved as a steering committee member for KU Endowment’s Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas. “We love the direction the University is going, and the campaign is addressing a lot of important needs,” he says. King cites meeting Buffy as the highlight of his student years, but his connection to KU began years before, when he attended games with his father. “We try to pass that down to our kids with the games, the camps, the museums and the Dole Institute,” he says. But the children will stay home on April 26, 2014, while Brian and Buffy attend the next Rock Chalk Ball to enjoy the KU camaraderie, the auctions, dinner, dancing and a few speeches. “We’re always thrilled to be part of it,” Brian says. “It’s an exciting KU tradition.”


Ken Wagnon & Louise Tomlinson Wagnon Wichita Kate Mrkonic Walsh & William J. Walsh Jr Wichita The Hon. Michael E. Ward & Lissa Leonard Ward El Dorado Roger D. Warren & Linda D. Warren, Hanover

David O. Weaver & Barbara A. Weaver, Aurora, CO

Elizabeth Hartley Winetroub Prairie Village

Greg L. Wells & Christine Wells, Liberal

Elizabeth L. Winetroub Fairway

Tom West & Jan Roth Wichita

Jeff L. Wolfe & Barbara Blinn Wolfe Meridian, ID

Stacey Robisch Willenborg & David R. Willenborg Lawrence Delbert L. & Barbara Ossian Williamson Wellington, FL Mark P. Wilson & Charlene J. Wilson, Olathe

Donor Profile

George and Josie Nettels $100,000


eorge Nettels Jr. of Pittsburg recalls going to Jayhawk football games as a child in the 1930s. His father taught him early that KU meant family. “My dad lost his father when he was 6 years old, and the University became a father to him,” he explains. “Because of the love my dad had for the University, we kids all have the same affection.” He and his wife, Mary Joanne “Josie” Myers Nettels, ’50, in turn guided their four children to the Hill for college. Like his father, Nettels, e’50, became involved with the Alumni Association, and his commitment has endured through the years. He and his wife became Life Members in the 1940s and quickly became known as stalwart volunteers. During the 1960s and 1970s, George served terms on the national Board of Directors, leading the Association as president (a role now known as national chair) from 1977 to ’78. He proudly notes that his father, George Nettels Sr., e’21, led the Association years before, from 1948 to ’49. Following his terms on the Board, Nettels continued his national leadership as co-chair, with former Phillips Petroleum


Walter C. Womack & Sheri Seibert Womack Kansas City, MO Jo Letta Laron Woolwine & Thomas C. Woolwine Westwood Hills

Jeffrey S. Worly & Laurie Phillips Worly New Albany, OH Rich Worner & Lorie Walker Worner, Leawood David C. Wysong & Kathryn L. Wysong Mission Hills Richard R. Yoxall & Andrea Groves Yoxall Liberal Scott A. Zerger, Olathe

CEO William Douce, e’41, of the fundraising effort to build the Adams Alumni Center, which opened in 1983. Most recently the Nettels have contributed $100,000 as Presidents Club donors to support the Association’s programs. As the Alumni Center marks its 30th anniversary this year, Nettels recalls that the project began with a phone call he received from Chancellor Archie Dykes; Dick Wintermote, c’51, executive director of the Alumni Association; and Todd Seymour, j’50, KU Endowment president, who wanted to pay him a visit in Pittsburg. When the three arrived, “I knew they hadn’t come for tea or coffee, so I asked, ‘What are you up to?’” Nettels says. “When they explained that they wanted me to help Bill Douce raise money for an alumni center, I couldn’t very well refuse.” Nettels especially remembers the generosity of former Phillips CEO Paul Endacott, e’23, and the Adams family of Bartlesville, Okla., whose major gifts made possible the building of the Center, which is named for Adams family patriarch and former Phillips Petroleum CEO K.S. “Boots” Adams, ’21. He also credits Wintermote and former Association national president Bill Martin, b’49, for the vision to build the Center. “Bill really contributed the genius to the project,” Nettels says. “It sure has lived up to our expectations. It has been a place where we’ve had an awful lot of fun.” George and Josie Nettels photo courtesy of the Nettels

Kurt W. Vollertsen & Rebecca L. Vollertsen Oberlin

2013-’14 Board of Directors Chair • Jeff Kennedy, j’81, Wichita Chair-Elect • Camille Bribiesca Nyberg, c’96, g’98, Wichita Executive Committee • Ray D. Evans, b’82, g’84, Leawood • Jeff Kennedy, j’81, Wichita • Douglas C. Miller, b’71, l’74, Mission Hills • Debbie Foltz Nordling, d’79, Hugoton • Camille Bribiesca Nyberg, c’96, g’98, Wichita • Richard E. Putnam, c’77, l’80, Omaha, Nebraska • Scott R. Seyfarth, b’83, Hinsdale, Illinois Directors to 2014

Directors to 2016 • James Bredfeldt, c’70, m’74, Bellevue, Washington • John Jeter, c’77, m’81, Hays • Shelle Hook McCoy, d’73, Topeka • Lori Anderson Piening, b’92, Austin, Texas • Mark Randall, j’03, Englewood, Colorado Directors to 2017 • Donald R. Brada, c’61, m’65, Lawrence • Luke B. Bobo, e’82, Ballwin, Missouri • Kevin E. Carroll, assoc., Atlanta, Georgia • Marci K. Deuth, e’05, Washington, D.C. • Gregory E. Ek, b’76, Wichita

Alumni, student & Membership programs • Michael Davis, d’84, g’91,

Senior Vice President for Donor and Membership Programs • Brad Eland, b’09, g’11

Director of Academic Programs • Emily Ellison, c’11,

Coordinator of Operations • Teri Harris, Director of Membership • Kelsey Hill, c’12, Coordinator of Alumni Programs • Paige Hofer, d’90,

Coordinator of Student Programs • Jacey Krehbiel, d’12,

Coordinator of Alumni Programs

Development • Angela Storey, b’04, g’07,

Associate Development Director Finance

• Jodi Nachtigal, Controller • Dwight Parman, Senior

Vice President for Finance and Human Resources and Treasurer

• Karen Whipple,


Hospitality Services • Laurie Doud, c’98,

Event Coordinator • Bryan Greve, Senior Vice President for Hospitality • Laura Stephens, ’08,

• Michelle Lang, b’01,

Assistant Director of Hospitality

Directors to 2018

• Danny Lewis, d’05,

Internet services and

• John W. Ballard III, b’73, Overland Park, Kansas • Aaron R. Brinkman, j’98, Dallas, Texas • Debi Dennis Duckworth, d’79, Houston, Texas • Jill Simpson Miller, d’01, Webb City, Missouri • Jerry D. Skillett, b’81, Altadena, California

• Lynn Loveland, ’78,

• Douglas C. Miller, b’71, l’74, Mission Hills • Debbie Foltz Nordling, d’79, Hugoton • Camille Bribiesca Nyberg, c’96, g’98, Wichita Association Staff • Richard E. Putnam, c’77, l’80, Omaha, Nebraska President • Larry D. Stoppel, c’73, Kevin J. Corbett, c’88 Washington

Assistant Director of Kansas Programs

Director of Alumni Programs marketing Assistant Director of Wichita Programs

• Heath Peterson, d’04, g’09, Vice President of

Alumni Programs

Communications • Steven Hill, Associate

• Joy Larson Maxwell, c’03, j’03, Director RECORDS

• Leah Kohlman, c’11,

• Heather Hawkins, j’06,

Communications Coordinator

• Heather Heideman, ‘07,

Associate Editor, Kansas Alumni magazine


Alumni Center • Timothy E. Brandt, b’74,

Director of Adams Alumni Center


Editor, Kansas Alumni magazine

• Paul L. Carttar, c’76, Lawrence • Scott R. Seyfarth, b’83, Hinsdale, Illinois • Brenda Marzett Vann, c’71, g’72, Kansas City • Jeff L. Wolfe, b’83, Meridian, Idaho

• Marcia Wilson, Office

• David Johnston, j’94, g’06, Director of Internet

Services and Marketing • Jane Mahoney, j’13, Digital nator of Alumni Programs Media and Marketing • Betsy Winetroub, c’05, AsCoordinator sistant Director of Kansas • Michael Wick, c’83, Web City Programs Developer



Digital Media Content Manager

• Tyler Rockers, d’13, Coordi-

Directors to 2015

Executive Assistant to the President

• Debbi Johanning, c’98,

• Chris Lazzarino, j’86, • Jennifer Sanner, j’81,

Senior Vice President for Communications and Corporate Secretary • Valerie Spicher, j’94,

Graphic Designer • Daniel Storey, Staff Photographer and Videographer

• Susan Younger, f’91,

Creative Director

• Bill Green, Senior Vice

President for Information Services

• Brittany Johnson, c’11,

Records Specialist • Julie Lowrance, Records Specialist and License Plate Administrator • Linda McCaffrey, ’85,

Records Specialist

• Helen Meseraull, d’66,

Records Specialist

• Stefanie Shackelford,

Vice President for Alumni Records



Jayhawks adorn the cases on the third floor of the

Adams Alumni Center

Thank you Members make the difference. Your support enables the Alumni Association to do great things for our alumni, students and our alma mater.

2012-2013 KU Alumni Association Annual Report  
2012-2013 KU Alumni Association Annual Report