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2017-2018 SCH Fund


GIFTS TO THE SCH FUND allow school leadership to say “yes” to innovative programs, hands-on learning opportunities, and so much more. So far this year we’ve received $1,776,223 in gifts and pledges from more than 1,300 donors. Thank you to all who have helped us reach 89% of our $2,000,000 goal. Every gift will help us reach our goal. Please join this list of donors today by making a gift to The SCH Fund. This update includes gifts made to The SCH Fund from July 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018. Please check to see if your name is listed correctly or missing. To make a gift or a correction to the listing, please contact: CINDY MESSERLE Director of The SCH Fund 215-261-6195

LYNN BURKE Associate Director of The SCH Fund 215-261-6754


Find SCH on the Venmo App: @SCH-Academy

Thank you

to the more than 1,320 donors who have already made an annual fund gift to SCH Academy this year.

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MISSING? There is still time to make your gift to The SCH Fund. All gifts made by June 30, 2018 will be recognized in the 2017-2018 Annual Report. The SCH Fund provides more than $2,000,000 annually and supports the school’s strategic priorities across all five divisions. Your participation will ensure a rigorous curriculum along with the additional competencies that allow our students to be prepared when they enter this technology-driven global economy.

DONORS to The SCH Fund 337 West Walnut Associates Lee Abberley and Ian Hardy Anthony A. Abbott ‘58 Helen B. Abraham ‘61 W. Kellogg Achenbach ‘58 Neysa Adams Elizabeth Aertsen ‘68 Guilliaem Aertsen IV ‘66 Zonera Ali and Muhammad Ayub Geraldine Allen H’15 Martha Allen Allen ‘39 Carol and James Allison Jr. Anne and Frank Aloise Sr. Sarah and Frank Aloise Jr. HA Shannon Alston and Jarrett Payne David M. R. Ambler ‘75 Ambulatory Surgical Services, Inc. Debra Amoroso HA and Gaetano Amoroso Meghan Squire and Harold Anderson III Marylouise Bilski Anderson ‘56 Alexis Barbieri ‘66/ Andrea Mills Barbieri Foundation Ashley and Keith Angell Jr. Anonymous (5) Eileen and Joseph Apostolico Jennifer Arambulo and Marie Standeven Hildy Armour ‘69 Christine and William Arnold E. Craig Asche ‘73 Duffield Ashmead IV ‘76 Sarah and Bryan Astheimer Joshua H. Atkins ‘92 Kimberly and Michael Attanasio Autocam, Inc. Jakarea and Robert Badgett Maggie and Joel Baker Margaret Kerr Baker ‘62 Luis R. Baldi ‘78 Rita and Carl Ballinger Robin and Stephen Bandura Tamara and Ronald Banko Mary Lloyd Barlow ‘59 Corinne Barnes Natalie and Michael Barrist/ The Barrist Family Foundation F. Lewis Barroll ‘47 David C. Bartlett ‘90 Zana Bass Richard J. Bauder ‘73 Gabrielle Baugh Eileen Baughan Ann Beal Thomas Beale Katie Bechtold Patricia Beck Stephen W. Beck ‘78 Marta and Charles Becker Jackson B. Beecham ‘60

Erin and Daniel Beldy IV C. Marshall Bell Beth and Eric Bell Jean and Louis Belmonte Stephen L. Belmonte ‘95 Samantha and Gregory Benfield J. Hunter Bennett ‘88 Hope and John Bennett Jr. ‘57 Pamela Brown Benson ‘67 Perry Benson Jr. ‘65 Jocelyn Bentley ‘53 Jeanne Ludlow Bergin ‘68 Corinne and Aaron Bergmann Robin Bernstein Charlotte Cheston Betancourt ‘61 Amy and Michael Betancourt Lynne Bey ‘83 Reena Gherwada and Parth Bhatt Louis H. Bieler Jr. ‘59 David Bilger Avery and Rolin Bissell Jackson Bistrong ‘15 Jennifer Coulter and Kim Bistrong Gina Conrad Black ‘74 Carol and John Blagojevic Bridget and Brian Blake Valerie Williamson Blaxall ‘78 Janet and Stephen Blenheim Nancy Block Bonnie and Luke Bloy Patricia Blue-Williams Richard Blyweiss Paul R. Bocchini ‘82 Dickson G. Boenning ‘65 Jonathan C. Bogert ‘85 Richard S. Bonsall ‘86 Marisol Booth Carmel and Timothy Booth Mary-Helen Sheppard Boothby ‘68 and Richard Boothby ‘66 Frances Dunning Borie ‘43 Anastasia Bottos ‘99 Douglas J. Bouquard III ‘99 Jeanine Brotherston ‘97 William B. Bracken ‘59 Bonnie and Phillip Brackin Samuel Bradbury IV ‘61 Peter P. Bradley ‘66 Evangeline and Charles Bragitikos Stephanie Sen and Stephan Brandstadter Matthew Brandt Emilie Rivinus Bregy ‘38 Damien D. Brewster ‘95 Robert N. Brey ‘66 Charles E. Brinley III ‘88 W. Frazier Brinley ‘64 Gretchen Yocom Brookes ‘56 Chakia Brown Kelly Devlin and Christopher Brown Emma Crowder Brown ‘62 F. Pemberton Brown ‘02 Maia Brown ‘16

Melissa Blue Brown ‘87 and Roderick Brown Sally Cook Brown ‘48 Dena and Wayne Brown Jr. Elizabeth Sturges Browne ‘58 Natalie Browne Holmes ‘08 Leigh Brownell Currens ‘75 Sarah and Lawrence Brownell ‘50 Michelle Brownlee Taron Brownlee The Bryn Mawr Trust Company Noreen and Gerald Buck Becca and Josh Budde Melissa Spinelli Bullitt ‘93 and John Bullitt ‘95 Catherine and James Burke Lynn Burke Flavia and David Burton Sarah Price Bush ‘61 Carmen and Christian Bushong Richard McCall Cadwalader II ‘70 Colleen and Pasquale Caione Julia and Mark Caldwell Bridget and Daniel Calista Judith HA and James Callas Rashad I. Campbell ‘08 Deborah and Patrick Cannon Ilene and Andrew Cantos Peter Capano HA Capitol Strategies Group, LLC Jennifer Caraballo Sharon Carney and Stanley Kniezewski Deshell Carr Elise Wallace Carr ‘62 Meghan Carr Carton Edge International, Inc. Theresa and Charles Case Jr. Pauline Cassel Edith Breyer Castor ‘83 Lisa Castro HA Daniella Cortez Cavenagh and Andrew Cavenagh Susan and Robert Cavenagh Jr. John D. Cella ‘04 Courtney Centeno Nancy Center Alice Blake Chaffee ‘48 Kelly and David Champagne Julie Moldenhauer and David Chandler Anna and Pranav Chandra Bonnie Wallace Chapman ‘59 Craig B. Charles ‘70 Amy and Jorge Chavez Renee Chenault-Fattah and Chaka Fattah Mala and Sri Chennupati Frank Chernak James Cheston II ‘92 Martha Cheston ‘68 Morris Cheston III ‘88 Radcliffe Cheston II ‘65 Chinese Parents Association Natalie and Andrew Christofides W. Morgan Churchman III ‘60 Karen and John Cipparone H’17

Sally Bosler Cizmaric ‘60 Edward T. Claghorn ‘70 Elizabeth Frey Clark ‘58 Jeffrey H’09 and Margot Clark Sally Zeger Clark ‘73 Andrea Yannelli-Clark and William Clark Claudine and André Clarke Donald A. Clarke ‘60 Anita and Theodore Clattenburg Jr. ‘59 Peter M. Clay ‘75 Lydia Kenworthy Clay ‘71 and Philip Clay ‘70 Anne Whitney Clements ‘59 Nancy Muth Clements ‘52 Isaac H. Clothier IV ‘49 Heidi Thomas Clough ‘88 Susanna Coates Sally Frick Cockayne ‘60 Sandra and Herbert Cohen Joyce Cohen Bernadette Collins Danielle Collins Comcast Corporation Marci and Ian Comisky/ The Comisky Family Foundation Trust Carolina Concannon ‘11 Michael L. Concannon Jr. ‘13 Wendy Romig Concannon ‘82 and Michael Concannon William C. Concannon ‘16 Susan Condo Jeanne Connell Sandra Frazier Connelly ‘78 Christina and Michael Connor Raymond G. Console ‘71 Barbara Ruth-Cook and Christopher Cook David Cool Michelle and Robert Cooney Jr. Carrie and Allan Cooper III Susan Cooper Todd L. Cooper ‘73 Ian Cope ‘78 William C. Corson ‘78 Laura Breen Cortes ‘06 and Danny Cortes ‘05 Sarah and Joseph Corvasce Jane Lavelle and Andrew Costarino Jr. Jamie Costarino ‘15 Tracie Costello Kimberly Maron Coughlin ‘00 Nancy Craft William Crain Sondra and Laurence Cramer Kristin Crawford HA Cresheim Valley Church Marcia Silcox Crockett ‘60 Victoria and Barry Cross Jr. Martha Crowell HA Jennifer Culbert Lucile Rice Culp ‘08 and Thomas C. Culp III ‘08 Barclay Cunningham Mandy and Mark Cunningham Allison and Ryan Curry Alison von Clemm Curtis ‘55 and John Curtis ‘54

Judith Curtis ‘56 Carlee D’Amato Susan Dahl HA Denise and R. Wade Dale III Katherine Daley Francesca and R. Bruce Dalglish Kristin and Brian Daly Yona Dansky Emily Davis ‘12 Carey and Gerry Davis Martha Davis and A. David Dimmack Peter E. Davis ‘15 Karin and Timothy Davis Elizabeth and Walter Davis Jr. Elizabeth Dawson Cynthia Orr Day ‘73 and Keith Day Tom Day HA Vincent Day HA Rene and Ronald deBerardinis Karen and John Decesare Ishaq Deis Carl H. Delacato III ‘12 Anne Longstreth Delay ‘60 Nancy DeLisle Dustin Despres Francis Detorro Gail and John S. Detweiler Sr. ‘91 Martha DeWire Runqing Diao Gabriela Diaz-Davalos Katharine Cowperthwait Dickens ‘49 Jesse Dickson ‘59 Peter DiDonato HA Nannette DiGiovanni Gene and Charles Dilks ‘59 Anne Carpenter Dillon ‘48 Corinne Dionne Heather and Dimitry DiRienzo Edith R. Dixon Amanda Rappaport Dobbins ‘91 Paula and Richard Dobeck Joseph Dobson H’94 Paula Riley and Jeffrey Doerzbacher Patricia Hyndman Doggett ‘68 Jennifer and Stephen Dolente Mary Ann Domanska and Andrew Domanski Susan and William Doran Waneta Wills Doriss ‘70 and David Doriss ‘67 The Dorothy V. Cassard Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation Megan and Brian Dougherty Miriam Dowdell Erik Dreisbach Kenneth Dreyfuss Alec Druggan ‘17 Pia and Stephen Druggan Saranne Borda Du Bois ‘51† Deborah Baggs Ducar ‘59 Maureen Duffy Joanne Jordan Dunn ‘68 Mary Lame Dunn ‘65 Louise and Roger Dunnavan Lucy Ann and Davis Dure ‘75

Suzanne Krecker Dure ‘51 Lindsay Raden Dwyer ‘03 E.G. Rall Jr. Landscape Design Karen Partridge Earley ‘78 William T. Eastman ‘87 Kim Eberle-Wang HA and Hoau-Yan Wang Michelle Vichnin and Mitchell Edelson James P. Edgerton ‘91 Ginger and Gary Edling Matthew Einheber Roberta and Leonard Eisenman Robert W. Eisenstaedt ‘70 Nancy and Robert Elfant Sarah and Thomas Emlen ‘68 The Endoscopy Center Kevin Engleman H’14 Elisabeth Turman Ervin ‘50 and Robert Ervin Suzette Estriplet Katherine Kershbaum Evans ‘85 Sandra Gilbert Evans ‘69 Jeanette and Herbert Evert Melissa and Joseph Fabiani Liane Faermann Karen and Steven Fairlie Juliet and Andres Fajardo Tiara and Joseph Falcone III Peter R. Farnum Jr. ‘93 Karen Felder Alexander C. Feldman ‘86 Jenna Feldman Cheryl and Paul Fennessy Beverley and Joseph Ferguson III Ellen Glendinning ‘79 and David B. Fernley ‘80 Sarah and Thomas Fernley III ‘59 Kristen and Richard Ferns Taylor Ferry ‘17 Leigh and Brian Filippini Kelly and Archibald Filshill Sarah Finn Carl H. Fischer III ‘83 Betty Ann Fish HA Ellen Fishman-Johnson HA Melissa Fitzgerald ‘83 Jean and J. Michael Fitzpatrick Brendan K. Flatow ‘94 Camille Focarino and Nicholas Bardon-deSegonzac Kimberly Miller Fogarty ‘78 Margot Kurtz Forbes ‘68 Karin and John Ford Susanna Roxby Forjohn ‘87 and Daniel Forjohn Linda Cheston Fountain ‘65 Ann Fournier HA Catherine Fox ‘01 Elizabeth Fox Kim Fraites-Dow and Kevin Dow A. Carlyle Frank ‘68 Sarah and Jonathan Frank ‘69 Alexis Frankel Alexis and John-David Franklin Samuel M. Franklin ‘08 Laurie and Jeffrey Franz

Chanda Miller and Todd Franzen Fraser Advanced Information Systems Becky and B. Graeme Frazier IV Quinton G. Frazier ‘11 Katharine Ash Freeman ‘44 Margaret Davison Freeman ‘62, H’04 Katy and Jason Friedland Guy A. Fritts ‘61/The Richard Foundation Kimberly and Jeffrey Frye Leslee Frye Michael A. Fuery ‘11 Wyn Furman ‘05 Kara and John Gaghan III Morton L. Gallagher ‘92 Tess Gallagher ‘18 Allison Gatter Janet and James Gauger Patricia and Alan Gedrich Michelle and Shawn Gee Carolyn Gehr HA Abigail Gendler ‘10 Jack Gentile ‘20 Jennifer and Robert Gentile Zachary C. Gerard ‘13 Aimee and Robert Gerhard III Susan Glassman-Gettes and Charles Gettes Marlie Robbins and Kevin Gillen Susan Ginns ‘63 Nathalie Peeters and Luca Giordano Janet Giovinazzo H’01 and Robert Giovinazzo Adrienne Simpson Gittens ‘04 Edward Glassman ‘03 Mindy and William Glassman Meghan and Andrew Glendinning ‘82 Heather and Bruce Glendinning ‘78 Sandra Glendinning Angela and Craig Godshall Amy Goldberg Michelle and Jake Goldblum Margaret Golden ‘74 Michael Golden Ashley Douglas and Alexander Goldsmith Joan Mellor Goodman ‘65 Manette Carpenter Goodman ‘53 Ellen Longstreth Goodwin ‘63 and E. Howard Goodwin Jr. ‘63 Margaret and Read Goodwin ‘93 Emily Tilghman Goodwin ‘65 and William Goodwin III ‘65 Stacey and Romero Gordy Anjali and Anuj Goswami Hope and Russell Goudy Jr. George W. Gowen ‘48 Margaret Grady HA Linda and Joseph Granito Mary and Richard Grant Thomas D. Grant ‘96 Kellie Graves ‘20 Kymberly Truman Graves ‘83 Elizabeth Elkins Gray ‘55 Jill Greenberg Keelin Cummings Greenberg ‘91 and Mark B. Greenberg ‘93

Pamela Greenberg Paul Greenberg Nancy Greene ‘63 Heather and Stewart Greenleaf Jr. ‘96 Fraser S. Greenwood ‘03 Sandra and Thomas Greenwood Jr. ‘68 Emery Maine Greenwood ‘06 and Thomas Greenwood III ‘01 Trudy and Nigel Gregson Debra Gress ‘87, H’16 Dale and Jay Gress II Vicki and David Greve Catharine Peters Gribbel-Beautyman ‘62 Kelly Scollon-Grieve and Sean Grieve Clare and Charles Grogan HA Clark Groome ‘60 Danielle Gross G. S. Peter Gross ‘67 Joshua G. Grossman ‘04 Charles F. Gummey Jr. ‘59 Barbara Hall Gummin ‘73 Laura and Anand Gupte Rayna Guy Kristen and Robert Guzik Jr. Marc S. Haber ‘73 Katharine and John Hager Robert B. Haig ‘58 Melissa and Josh Haims Alleene and William Haines Sr. H’02 Mary Halfpenny Charita Hall Clare and Christopher Hall Elizabeth Nott Hall ‘82 and Roger Hall ‘82 Riley Jacoby Halloran ‘05 and Gardner Crossan Halloran ‘05 Andrew Hallowell Lisa States and Kevin Hamel Evelyn Hamilton ‘51 Gwenn Graves Hamilton ‘68 Esther Tasis and Michael Hammond Priscilla Fuentes and Tomás Hanna Rebecca and William Hannigan Ann Shettle Hansen ‘80 Nina Fleitas Hanson ‘68 Mary Ann and Al Hanus Elizabeth Hardt ‘05 Linda Newton Harlan ‘58 Anita and Orest Harmaty Doris Harmer HA Kevin Harris Madeline Harris ‘17 Mary Harris Pamela von Seldeneck Harris ‘81 and Thomas Harris William Harris ‘16 Allison Sears Harrison ‘03 Lajewel Gordon Harrison ‘96 and Reginald Harrison Philip D. Harrison ‘85 Monica and David Harrower Kate Taylor and Dennis Hart Charlotte Hass ‘09 Ellen Nalle Hass ‘77 and Jay Hass

John B. Hass ‘12 Robert Hass ‘16 Jeffrey C. Hastings ‘72 Ripley E. Hastings ‘70 Jessica and David Hayne Margaret and Richard Hayne/ Doe Run Dairy LLC,/Urban Outfitters Inc. Fuyun He and Zhiwei Xin George V. Hearn ‘09 James T. Hearn ‘12 Louise Hearn ‘10 Suzette and Peter Hearn/ S. Spencer Scott Fund, Inc. Patricia Griffin and Kirk Heilbrun Rosella Heilemann HA Tabitha and Jeremy Heit Gary Helme IV ‘68 Jane Gray Henderson ‘06 Monique and Keith Hendricks Kristin Nocco and Sean Hennessy Katherine Sanders Henry ‘99 Michael Q. Henry ‘03 Herman Goldner Company, Inc. Sharon Herzog Pamela Warwick Hewetson ‘66 Samir Hickson Emily Hill ‘99 Pamela Hill HA and James H. Hill Karla and Jerrold Hill Peter M. Hill ‘96 Lucy and Paul Hines H’03 Natalie and Ralph Hirshorn ‘56 W. Anthony Hitschler ‘56 Sarah Millet and Spencer Hoffman Dianne and Ronald Hoffmann Ann Staman Hollingworth 1965 Glen R. Holmberg ‘82 Philip Holmes Ashley Smith Holton ‘81 and John P. H. Holton ‘65 C. Griffin Horter ‘11 Tricia and Charles Horter Marianne Raynor Hottenstein ‘57 Leslie Hough ‘76 Carol and James Hovey/The Hovey Foundation Tamara Howard Mallory Howe David Hoyler Maria Sordoni Hudacek ‘02 Amber Hudson-Roberson Sheila Hudson Jacqulynn and Byron Hugee Laura and T. Benjamin Huggett Stephanie Hund Monica Rose Hustead ‘83 Patricia Foster Hutchinson ‘59 Pemberton Hutchinson IBM Corporation Katherine Yang-Iott and Nicholas Iott Lisa and Michael Isackman Anne and Joseph Ishikawa Dorothy Mather Ix ‘81 and Raymond Ix Jr.

David Izaguirre J & B Decorative Concrete Supplies, Inc. J. P. Mascaro & Sons Jo Ann Jablon Crystal Jackson Terri and Gordon Jackson Gretchen Schaefer Jackson ‘55 Erin Jacobson Nina and Albers Jaeger William D. James ‘87 Anne Atlee Jenkins ‘40 Jinya Jennings HA Nadine and Kelvin Jeremiah Monique Jernigan Ning Yan and Yong Jia Chengyang Liu and Kanli Jiang JM Search & Company Sally and Craig Johnson Randall L. Johnson ‘78 Zakia and Timothy Johnson Louise Roberts Johnston ‘58 Kate FitzGerald and Josh Jolly Barbara Jones Frances and Michael Jones Nicole Jones Roseanne and Norman Jordal Barbara McNeil Jordan ‘63 Colleen Joy HA and David Joy Matheau A. Julien ‘92 David M. Junkin Jr. ‘92 Alexandra Kahoe Jenny Yu and Randall Kamien Denise and Michael Kaplan Courtney and Steve Kapp Stephanie Kasten HA and Stephen Megargee Paul A. Kates ‘87 Natalie Reznik and Steven Katsman Marnie and Gerrit Keator H’79 Jane Carpenter Keefer ‘47 Laura Keim and Stephen Hague Ann Walker Kelly ‘82 and Jack Kelly/ Webster U. Walker Jr. Foundation Inc. Henry Kelly ‘16 J. Philip Kelly Jr. ‘14 Virginia Kelly ‘12 Gibson B. Kennedy ‘67 Priscilla Taylor Kennedy ‘65 Sean E. Kenny ‘14 Lyn and William Kenny Aimee and Martin Keough J. Renwick Kerr III ‘65 Sharon Kershbaum ‘88 Susan and Mark Kessler Jennifer Henfey and Thomas Kessler ‘88 Jennifer Steinbrook Ketler ‘87 Elizabeth Miller Keville ‘86 Mana Khandvala ‘85 and John Edwards James Kilduff Charlene Bierl and Youngmoo Kim Barbara and John Kimberly Polly Kimberly Caroline and Adrian King Jr. Aimee Rush and Charles King III

Sally Du Bois Kingsley ‘76 and Robert L. Kingsley ‘75 Carol Adams Kirshner ‘67/Andrew Allen Charitable Foundation Susanna Kise ‘97 Gregory R. Kiss ‘07 Nancy Kiss Dana Rapoport and Brett Kizner Barbara Klein Catherine Klein ‘00 Mary and Justin Klein David M. Kleinfelder ‘71 Susan Stroud Kleinfelder ‘76 and John Kleinfelder ‘76 Barbara Brown Kling ‘47 and John Kling ‘46 Dawson and Kurt Knoblock Eileen and Richard Knox Megan and Richard Knox ‘92 Maeve Koch ‘06 Ellen Koenig Karen Kolkka HA Sarah McGehee Komisin ‘75 Charles Kontra Julie and Ernie Koschineg Maria and Christian Kosmin Abbey Krain Ian Kreher Claire Kremer ‘51 Ellen Kruger Donald R. Kurz ‘67 Lea Manly-Power Kusner ‘68 Maryellen and T. Rogers Kyle III Marie and Frederick Lachat Jr. David Laigaie Celeste and Robert Lamb Laura Ruegg Lander ‘87 Cindy and Charles Landreth ‘66 Vanessa Madden and Michael Lane Lindsey Lang ‘69 Fiona Lapham ‘01 Chantal Lapp Alexandra Ferguson Larkin ‘87 and Brian Larkin Marisol and Edward Lauerman III Julie and David Lawson Toya and Gavin Lawson Victoria McNeil Le Vine ‘75/ The Le Vine Foundation David S. Leach ‘84 Robert Lebair Jr. ‘73 Ann Boothby LeBreton ‘68 Nicole and Daniel Lee Michelle and MinSuk Lee Linda and Charles Lehman Jennifer and Robert Leininger G. Michael Lemole Jr. ‘87 Trina and Antoine Leslie Alexandra and Timothy Levin Hillary Kruger and Judd Levingston Miranda Levingston ‘15 William R. Levy ‘71 Marisa and Bryan Lewis Joanna McNeil Lewis ‘77

Laura Lewis ‘84 Ashley Burkert Li ‘03 Yunfei Li and Wei Wang Valerie and Adam Lieberman Nancy and Paul Lightcap Deirdre and Patrick Lindsay David C. Lindy ‘70 Elizabeth Wistar Little ‘56 Janice Livshits Eleanor Lloyd ‘84 Sarah and Ted Lodge ‘74 Leslie and Kyle Logan Alexandra Logue ‘70 Lloyd O. Lohmeyer III ‘65 Alexa Lombardo ‘08 Michael J. Lonergan III ‘08 Regan and Michael Lonergan Jr. William T. Longstreth Jr. ‘67 Marian Brown Lorenz ‘53 Bibby Detweiler Loring and Thomas Loring Sara Detweiler Loughman ‘88 Connie Lowenstein Mimmi Whitney Lowry ‘70, H’14 and William C. Lowry ‘69 Heather and Andrew Lubell Frank Lubisky Jr. Margaret and David Luce Mairi Luce and Geoffrey Bird Stella and Jay Ludwig Lewis Lukens III ‘45 Kristin and Trevor Lunn Katherine and Daniel Lurie Kathryn Lynch ‘79 Rosemary Lynch Thomas G. Lynch IV ‘87 Deidra and Barry Lyngard Ashley Via Maass ‘03 Andrew M. MacBride ‘98 John A. MacColl ‘66 John D. MacEachern ‘77 Laurie Macintosh ‘73 Nancy and Robert MacMahon Caroline MacMoran and Joan Hooke Julia MacMullan Leslie Maddrey Maguire Enterprises L.P. Maguire Foundation Frannie and James Maguire James J. Maguire Jr. ‘78 Natawan and Nakin Mahapant Moya Kinnealey and Edward Mahlman Emily Mahlman ‘97 Jennifer and Peter Mahoney Jodi and Brian Mahony Daria Maidenbaum Debbie Maine H’16 Jenifer and Ryan Major Edward Malandro IV Maeve Malone Marianne Maloy Mark Mancini Margaret Klein Mandell ‘69 Kelli and Jon Marans

Fabian Marechal-Julbin and Robert Raymond Mary and John Mark Ockerbloom Virginia and Ronald Markos Christen Martin Andrea and Gregory A. Martin ‘89 James Martin ‘99 Dara and Aron Martinez Margaret Tyson Martinez ‘63 Christina and Peter Martinez Zane and Jason Martino Nancy Barhite Mason ‘57 Sarah Culp Massari ‘95 and Nathaniel Massari ‘96 Ann and Michael Mastrangelo Victor C. Mather II ‘55 Alexandra Matson ‘28 Patricia Collins and James Matthews III Josh Mattingly Joe May Janine and James Mazzarelli Kara McCabe Eileen and James McCann Mary and Michael McCann Sean William McCann ‘15 Kristina and Christopher McCausland ‘00 McCausland Family/The McCausland Foundation William C. McCook Jr. ‘58 Jill and David McCormack Lauren McCormack ‘15 Oona McCullough and Peter Rotelle Nancy and Joseph McDermott Sarah McDowell H’17 and George McDowell ‘76 Cristina and William McDowell III ‘75 Colette and Christopher McElwee Katelin and Julian McFadden Alison McFall HA Marjorie Hays McFarland ‘62 Lindsay McGann ‘00 Lisa and John McGill Christopher M. McGowan ‘82 Daniel L. McGowan ‘83 Maggie McGrath ‘05 Margaret McGreal ‘86 and Malcolm Youngren Steven McGuinn HA Burton P. McHugh III ‘15 Terri and Dennis McHugh Sr. Jennifer James McHugh ‘84 and Burton McHugh Jr. June McHugh Joan McIlvaine Mary Lee Lincoln McIntyre ‘50 Mary McKenna HA Shayne McKinsey-Champeau ‘88 Susan and Robert McLean 2nd Jill and Brian McLelland ‘82 Charles K. McManus ‘66 Jill and Timothy McManus Laura and Lee McManus Sarah McMenamin ‘84 Virginia Judson McNeil ‘81 and Collin F. McNeil ‘68/The Quaker City Foundation

Henry McNeil Jr. ‘61 Maria and Thomas McNichols Evie and John McNiff/McNiff Family Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation Deidra and Ronald McRae Dana and Marty McTamney Julia Lehman-McTigue and John McTigue Jean Anne McWilliams Joseph Mechem Ella Stier Mecray ‘55 and Paul Mecray III Heidi Littman Meiers ‘78 Louise Root Melby ‘73 James Mellor Jr. ‘63 Joseph Melvin HA Ann Marie and Michael Mendlow Bryan A. Merryman ‘80 Kathryn Mersky Karen and Michael Mersky Cindy and Kevin Messerle Zachary Messerle ‘17 Metal Edge International, Inc. Stacy Perper Methvin ‘75 Nina Smith Metzler ‘68 Bethany and David Meyer Diane Hershock and Robert Middleberg Joan and Jason Miles Stephanie Mill HA Eydie Miller Ellis ‘77 Deborah and Alexander Miller Ellin Dixon Miller ‘75 Jennifer and Garrett Miller Lawrence S. Miller ‘71 Barbara Baldwin Miller ‘57 and Ludlow Miller Marion Benson Miller ‘60 Phoebe Rolin Mitchell ‘68 Simone and Steven Mitchell Jefferson M. Moak II ‘70 E. Andrew Moat ‘82 Julie and Stanley Moat Sally Mobraaten ‘79 Tara and Jay Moderski Boulton D. Mohr ‘51 Cynthia and Thomas Mollen Danis Sill-Mollick and James Mollick Megan Monaghan Jennifer and Matthew Monberg Clementine Kolb Montcalm ‘68 Carolyn Sagendorph Montgomery ‘67 and David Montgomery Henri and Anthony Moore Patricia Mootz H’10 and James Mootz Jr. James B. Moran ‘83 Bruce F. Morgan ‘70 Randal Morgan Jr. ‘65/Morgan DeKalb Gift Fund Peggy Morris-Loughery and Eugene Loughery Lawanda Morris Thomas Morris David J. Morrison ‘68 Sharon Strauss and Dan Moscow/ The Moscow Philanthropic Fund Karen and James Moustafellos

Alice Churchman Muehlhof ‘68 Wilma and Robert Muir Eleanor Elliot Mulder ‘58 Mary and Gene Mulligan Heather Murphy Monteith Dolores and Joseph Murray III Christiane and Robert Murray III Linda Dudley Mutch ‘78 and John Mutch III Mary Lichtenstein Myers Seaels ‘70 Barbara and Arthur Myers Herbert Nagel Summer Nagy ‘11 Ned Nalle ‘72 Lion A. Nealy ‘02 Deborah Neff ‘95 Kristin and Craig Neverosky Leslie Connor Newbold ‘86 and William Newbold Sally and Michael Newbold William Newbold ‘17 William F. Newbold Jr. ‘68 Edith Newhall ‘69 Kimberly Newton ‘03 Nicole Nixon Jessica and Matthew Norcini Christian Hovey Norpel ‘89 and Vincent Norpel ‘87 Maureen and Herbert Northrop Kristin and David Norton Dedie Stout Nutt ‘69/Ocean Reef Community Foundation Patrick J. O’Brien ‘93 Melinda and Edward O’Connor Siobhan O’Connor Elizabeth O’Flanagan-Walder and Jonathan Walder Anne O’Malley Suzanne Kling O’Neil ‘48 Allison O’Neill HA and Charles O’Neill Bertram L. O’Neill Jr. ‘68 Francis G. B. O’Neill ‘98 Margaret Mary and Gerald O’Neill Margaret O’Neill ‘03 Robin O’Neill ‘74 Edward B. O’Reilly ‘03 Henry F. O’Reilly ‘12 Sabina O’Reilly ‘05 Schaundra and Henry Oliver Sandra Kellogg Olney ‘78 Dale and Steven Orman ‘63 Margaret Schoble Oschwald ‘43 Michael A. Padula ‘91 Nancy Padula HA and Anthony Padula Barbara Jefferys Page ‘42 Nathaniel Page III Misty and Grant Palmer Katja Seim and John Parapatt Park Lexington Advisors LLC Cherelle Parker Janie and Christopher Parker Laurie and Richard Parker H’02 Nancy and Frank Parmet

Valerie Parry ‘68 Maria Aini and Hooman Parsia Sally Parsly HA Sarah Patches ‘07 Kristin Reilley Patrick ‘88 Elissa and Earl Patterson III Rebecca Paul Bentley ‘78 and Jamie Bentley Edwitch Paul Nicholas B. Paumgarten ‘63 Jennifer and Johnston Pearcy II Alexandra Pearson ‘03 Anne Pearson ‘61 Margaret Newbold Pearson ‘45 Marian Pearson ‘64 Nicholas C. Pearson ‘06 Paul A. Pearson ‘61 Elizabeth and Stephen Pearson Jr. ‘69 Susan and Robert Peck ‘70 Margery Staman Peet ‘69 Amy and Michael Peirce Pennsylvania Trust Company Meadow Sakovics Rita Percy and Walter Percy-Perez Jennifer Perinovic James Perot ‘57 Elizabeth Hagar Perrott ‘55 Marta and Joseph Perry Daniel Pevear Paulding Phelps ‘51 Philadelphia Insurance Companies Philip Rosenau Company, Inc. Marla and Doron Phillips Margaret Phillips ‘44 Peter L. Phillips ‘64 Stephen M. Phillips ‘67 Tracy and Adam Piatkowski/Piatkowski, LLC James Pinto Karen Pizer Lynda Pizza HA Peggy Ballard Place ‘68 Jack M. Platt ‘68 Robert Plotkin Plymouth Square Associates 1 Wanda and Jesse Poltorak Deborah Popky ‘83 Saburah Posner Gianna Pownall ‘13 Marissa Pownall ‘16 Carolyn and Mark Pownall Annette Ballard ‘71 and Brennan Preine ‘77 Alexandra Prochniak ‘16 Daniel J. Prochniak Jr. ‘15 Laura von Seldeneck Prochniak ‘84 and Daniel Prochniak Regina Puleo Elizabeth Webster Purvis ‘68 Alfred W. Putnam Jr. ‘69 Robert E. Putney III ‘78 Jia Qian Yun Qiu Kelly Nelson and Raymond Quaglia Sally Ellis Quale ‘57

Lisa Queeno Nancy and Mark Quigley Rachel Lee Quilici ‘93 Gerald Quill Denise and Shawn Quinn Olivia and Timothy Rabe Susan and Mark Rabinowitz Leslie and James Racz Sophie Racz ‘21 Jennifer and E.G. Rall Jr. Betsy and Jake Ramage Barbara Randall Deborah Randall ‘68 Louisa Borie Randall ‘78 and Peter Randall ‘69 Rose Randall Susanna Randall ‘74 David Rauch Ellen Reath ‘69 Mary Reath ‘66 Gail Clements Redpath ‘81 and Bruce Redpath Riley Redpath ‘19 Sydney Redpath ‘24 Thomas Reeves and Heather Knopf Susan Regli and William Regli Kathy and Thomas Reilly Jane and Charles Reitmeyer Candace and Baba Taiye Renfrow Pepper Johnson Rexford ‘92 and Jeffrey Rexford Audrey Mastrangelo Reynolds ‘88 Elizabeth McLean Reynolds ‘80 Susan Reynolds ‘67 Pamela and Alexander Rice Candace Baldwin Richards ‘63 Allyson Abbott and John Richardson Dipa and William Richardson Jr. Linda Harris Riley ‘56 Elizabeth Tucker Ripley ‘48 Leroy Risell Dorothy Ritchie-Valhouli ‘68/Staritch Foundation, Inc. Heather Sprague Ritter ‘88 Timothy M. Rivinus ‘57 Janine and John Roberts Angela Alston-Roberts and Jonathan Roberts Katherine Roberts ‘09 Susan and Andrew Roberts Diane McConaghy Robinson ‘73 Marjorie Merritt Robinson ‘66 Victoria Roebuck ‘08 Julie Romain William W. Roper III ‘57 Edward C. Rorer ‘61/The Rorer Foundation, Inc. Gerald B. Rorer ‘60/The Rorer Foundation Inc. Herbert T. Rorer ‘64/The Rorer Foundation Inc. Sofia and Frank Rosala Anya Rose Matthew Rosen Amy Jo Rosenthal Lavinia Lamont Rosenthal ‘52 Diane Ross HA

Lucy Ross ‘04 Wilson S. Ross ‘46 Amy Durham and John Rossi Jr. Jon Rossman Joshua Rossman Jane Rotay H’11 Benjamin T. Rubin ‘14 Elizabeth Pincus Rubin ‘74 Matthew D. Rubin ‘11 Edward L. Ruegg Jr. ‘84 Deb and Jay Runkel Anne Straus Rusk ‘53 and John Rusk Jennifer and Matthew Rusk M. Brooks Russell ‘06 William S. Russell ‘09 Margaret Pilling Rux ‘77 John E. Ryan Jr. ‘68 Stephen K. Ryan ‘71 Margaret Clattenburg Sabo ‘63 and John Sabo Margaret and Timothy Sager Elizabeth McCausland Salata ‘02 and Kyle Salata Lia Salmansohn ‘13 David Salmanson HA and Lori Lorenz† Sarah Greenwood Salmon ‘97 and Morgan Salmon Leslie and Alfred Salvitti Alison and Thomas Samph Elizabeth Sanders HA and Robert Sanders Rebecca Swain Sanderson ‘91 Tiffany and Andre Sanford-Adams Christine Saraco Phinh Xu Ngo and Jason Sarsoza Janet Sawin ‘80 Richard Scarlett Donna and Robert Schapiro Monica Schardt Samuel E. Schardt ‘13 Jenna Schieber Luciana Wagner Schonenberg ‘57 Ellen Sisle and Kenneth Schotsch Vicky Schreiber Katie Warwick Schreiner ‘95 and Todd Schreiner Carly Schwartz ‘12 Colette and Kenneth Schwartz Michelle and Jonathan Schwartz Lisa and Matthew Schwenderman Christine and Michael Sciarrotta Tracey Scott-Hall Allison Scott ‘74 Samuel R. Scott ‘68 Karen Scullion Elizabeth Sedran ‘12 Martha Levine and Howard Sedran/ Howard J. Sedran Family Foundation Susan and Kenneth Segal Donald Seifert Joyce Seiferth Frederick T. Seving III ‘82 Michelle Mayer and Mark Shahin

Brett E. Shandler ‘06 Barry T. Shannon ‘70 Courtney Collins-Shapiro and Seth Shapiro Julia Randall Sharpe ‘72 David J. Shaw ‘76 Dorothy Yerger Sheffield ‘43 Raylene and Thomas Shelinsky Peter J. Shelly ‘81 Edgar M. Sheppard III ‘72 Edgar Sheppard Jr. ‘42 Sandra Worthington and Richard Sheppard ‘77 Sally Sheppard ‘72 Marjorie Kershbaum Shiekman ‘67 Fred G. Shipman ‘76 Julia and Stephen Shoff Patricia and George Shotzbarger Jeanne Shotzbarger ‘08 Rebecca Shuttleworth Monica Doran-Siltman and Claude Siltman Rachael and Danny Silva Wistar C. Silver ‘59 Susan Simon Ellen Simons ‘68 Anne Sims ‘64 Patterson Sims ‘65 Nancy Steel Sinkler ‘66 Rebecca Pepper Sinkler ‘55 Noemi and Rudolf Sinkovics John S. Sise ‘61 Alexandra Small Alexandra Smilow ‘16 Andrea Smith Claudia Masko Smith ‘01 Edward S. Smith ‘62 Erik Smith Natasha Taylor-Smith and James Smith Mary Oakes Skinner Smith ‘59 Miles V. Smith ‘83 Nicholas Smith HA Peter D. Smith ‘79 R. Peter Smith II ‘61 Jo-Anne and Richard Smith Jr. Betsy O’Neil Smith ‘85 and Richard F. Smith ‘78 Trudi Green Smith ‘86 Caroline Cahill and William Smith Amy Soeffing ‘89 and Stuart Hammerle Chunyan Liu and Xiaobin Song Cameron and John Soroko Caroline Morgan Southall ‘55 Karl H. Spaeth Jr. ‘84 Karl Spaeth James Spagnoletti Kendyl Spearing ‘12 Alissa Sperling Cheryl and Gene Spirito Robert H. Spratt Jr. ‘84 Claudia and Jay Springer Lucia Stainton St. George ‘82 and Robert St. George H ‘11 Hilary and Gerald Stahlecker Lovely and John Stallworth

Blair Stambaugh William B. M. Standish ‘10 Sarah Stapleton ‘06 Trisha and John Stapleton Dionne Gordon-Starks and Lee Starks Emily Churchman Starr ‘55 and Harold P. Starr ‘50 Elizabeth Flint Steel ‘78 and Francis P. Steel Jr. ‘77 Francis P. Steel III ‘08 Eva Stehle H’14 Mark S. Stehle ‘93 Andrea and Scott Stein HA Edwina Stelman Ellen Stern HA Caitlin and Jason Stevens Susan Kershbaum Stevens ‘63 Nadine Badger Stevenson ‘90 and Matthew Stevenson Albert D. Stewart III ‘71 Joly Walton Stewart ‘48 Dana Brown Stieffenhofer ‘05 and Michael Stieffenhofer ‘03 Katherine Jones Stillwell ‘79 Alicia and John Stoddard Sr. Jess Stokes Glenna and Matthew Stone Ann Storonas HA Gwendolyn Stout Mary Lawrence Strange ‘78 and Andrew H. Strange ‘78 Eleanor and Martin Strayer Anne Paul Streeter 1944 Nancy and Newbold Strong ‘47 Samuel S. Stroud Jr. ‘78 Sally and James Studdiford III Matthew Sturdivant Beth Somers Stutzman ‘76 Danielle Summers Cassandra and Thibault Surer Annie Hewitt Suslovic ‘75 Heather Nancarrow Sutor ‘82 Patsy and Clifford H. Swain ‘59 Meaghan and Clifford Swain Jr. ‘89 Theodore H. Swain ‘96 Sara Fischer Swanson ‘52 Mildred Eckfeldt Swartz ‘53 Carie and Shandor Szalay Nicholas J. Taglianetti ‘99 Elizabeth Cortright Tait ‘40 Alexa and Gerardo Talamo Leith Talamo Bingling Lou and Hai Tao Judith O’Neill Tate ‘68 Zakia and Julius Tate David Taylor/David V. N. Taylor Foundation Lauren and Nathaniel A. Taylor ‘88 Stuart S. Taylor Jr. ‘66 Stuart Taylor Jr. ‘66 Murielle Telemaque HA and Jeff Telemaque Patricia Terrey Eleanor Testa ‘08

Joan Gilbert Thayer ‘50 Pamela Rosser Thistle ‘86 and Michael Thistle Ariane Thomas Aires and Terry Thompson Elizabeth Lewis Thorp ‘74 C. Pierre Thoumsin ‘73 Jessica Tinney Andrea Koplove and Jayson Tonkon Patrick J. Toomey ‘99 Susan C. Toomey H’15 Laurene and Andrew Topping Carol and Donald Tornetta Robert D. Torrey Jr. ‘68 Dylan S. Tracy ‘10 Karen Tracy HA and Ernest Tracy III Transfer Real Estate Intelligence & Title Thomas N. Trapnell ‘68 Megan Traversari and Neil Oxford Kathryn Trayes Susan Matlack Troemel ‘82 Leola Hardy and Joel Trotter Louis Troup Stacye and Charles Trulear V Li-Chun Tsou Cameron Tucker ‘10 Christopher M. Turman IV ‘90 Jeanne Borie Tustian ‘58 Mary Dall Twichell ‘63 UGI Storage Company Glenn Uhlendorf Kelly Lotson and Edgar Unthank Martha Valciukas HA and Stanley Valciukas Susan and David Valen Bonnie and James Van Alen II Louisa Hubbard Van Baalen ‘64 Lorise Van Voorthuizen-Seifert Ashley Vandegrift ‘92 Katherine and Barry Vandegrift Louise Rambo Vanderlip ‘78 Candace Kubiak Varty ‘71 Staci Heindel and Erich Villasis Nina Vlasova Christine and Francis Vogelman III Brian Vogt ‘17 Mellen and Brian Vogt Henry B. Vogt ‘15 Nicole Volgraf ‘11 Peter B. von Hemert ‘72 Judith and G. Clay von Seldeneck Priscilla and L. Wood von Seldeneck Jr. Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing Company Kelly and Mark Wade Kristina Garcia Wade and Roy Wade Jr. Carolyn Kiss Wadsworth ‘04 Douglas and Robert Wainwright Alice and Walker Wainwright Elizabeth Wiley Waitneight ‘63 Anthea Waleson HA Martha Brownell Walker ‘58 Amy Rosenbaum and Paul Wallace Margaret Wallis Alexa Walls ‘18

Michelle and Gary Walls Diana Chapman Walsh ‘62 Catherine McManus and Brian Walter Ellen Pearson Ward ‘88 and John Ward Sallie and James Warden Claudette Carrion-Wardlaw and Kahlil Wardlaw Philip W. Warner ‘60 Chester I. Warren III ‘66 N. Dudley Warwick Jr. ‘59 Stephanie Waters Thomas H. Watkins Jr. ‘78 Latoya Watson Mikaela J. Watson ‘16 Maryann and Robert Watson III Marisa and Ronnie Watson Christen and George Webber Alison Grove and Eric Weinberg John R. Wenzel ‘41 Ann and Nick Weston Kim Whetzel H’17 and Will Whetzel Susan Straus Rorer Whitby ‘56 Alexander E. White ‘03 Alexander S. White ‘66 Charles A. White III ‘66 James D. White ‘81 Tina Bromley White ‘69 and Thomas R. White ‘60 Meredith Morris newton ‘55/Whitehall Foundation, Inc. Joan Whitney Whitney ‘68 Carol and James Whitten Tracey and Thomas Wilbekaitis Caren Ericksen Wilcox ‘60 Frances and Thomas Wilde Dana Wilks Deborah Williams-Gordon Jarred Williams Tamecia and Jeffrey Williams Latisha Williams Abigail Willing Ellen and David Wilson Erin Wilson ‘97 Dorothy and Todd Wilson Susan and W. Wesley Winant II H’10 Norma Jean Wingate Adrienne Winney and Frederick Bowen Sheryl Winston Smith and Jonathan Smith Joseph Winter ‘77 Mary Ann Bridger Wirts ‘69 and Steven Wirts Caleb C. Wistar IV ‘73 Roland Woehr H’07 Andrew Wolf H’16 Fred Wolf III ‘64 John Wolf ‘66 Ronald Wolf Eric and David Wolfe Eli Stabert Wolfe ‘03 Sally Strong Wolgin ‘78 Raymond T. Woodruff ‘78 Stephanie and Marc Woolley Joseph L. Woolston ‘66 Elizabeth Worgan ‘12

Catherine Worrall ‘73 Catherine and Paul Wrede Suzanne Sheppard Wright ‘68 Patricia Weaver Wurts ‘59 and Clarence Wurts ‘58 Dora Xavier Christy Yaffe HA and Peter Yaffe Elizabeth Yaffe ‘10 Kimberly and Scott Yetter Mims and Marek Zabriskie Deborah and Doron Zahal Ann and Brian Zalasky Anthony Zane ‘48 Mary Zane Celeste Zappala Denise and Carmen Zappile Mary Zell Francesca Zelnick ‘03 Timothy P. Zenker ‘65 Dana and William Zimmer Rachael and Douglas Zinser

Some reunion classes choose to make gifts towards a specific project or fund. All gifts made by alumni/alumnae celebrating a reunion year are included in this list. Anthony A. Abbott ‘58 W. Kellogg Achenbach ‘58 Elizabeth Aertsen ‘68 Henry T. Armistead ‘58 E. Craig Asche ‘73 Luis R. Baldi ‘78 Richard J. Bauder ‘73 Stephen W. Beck ‘78 J. Hunter Bennett ‘88 Jocelyn Bentley ‘53 Jeanne Ludlow Bergin ‘68 Lynne Bey ‘83 Valerie Williamson Blaxall ‘78 Mary-Helen Sheppard Boothby ‘68 Frances Dunning Borie ‘43 Emilie Rivinus Bregy ‘38 Charles E. Brinley II ‘58 Charles E. Brinley III ‘88 Sally Cook Brown ‘48 Elizabeth Sturges Browne ‘58 Natalie Browne Holmes ‘08 Melissa Spinelli Bullitt ‘93 Rashad I. Campbell ‘08 Edith Breyer Castor ‘83 Alice Blake Chaffee ‘48 Martha Cheston ‘68 Morris Cheston III ‘88 Elizabeth Frey Clark ‘58 Sally Zeger Clark ‘73 Heidi Thomas Clough ‘88 Patricia Canby Colhoun ‘58 Michael L. Concannon Jr. ‘13 Sandra Frazier Connelly ‘78 Todd L. Cooper ‘73 Ian Cope ‘78 William C. Corson ‘78 Christopher Hale Cowperthwait ‘58 Lucile Rice Culp ‘08 Thomas C. Culp III ‘08 Anne Day ‘73 Cynthia Orr Day ‘73 J. Stuart Dempsey ‘58 Anne Carpenter Dillon ‘48 Patricia Hyndman Doggett ‘68 Joanne Jordan Dunn ‘68 Lindsay Raden Dwyer ‘03 Karen Partridge Earley ‘78 Thomas F. Emlen ‘68 Erica Klein Erignac ‘88 Peter R. Farnum Jr. ‘93 Carl H. Fischer III ‘83 Melissa Fitzgerald ‘83 Kimberly Miller Fogarty ‘78 Margot Kurtz Forbes ‘68

A. Carlyle Frank ‘68 Samuel M. Franklin ‘08 Zachary C. Gerard ‘13 Susan Ginns ‘63 Edward L. Glassman ‘03 Bruce Glendinning ‘78 Manette Carpenter Goodman ‘53 E. Howard Goodwin Jr. ‘63 Ellen Longstreth Goodwin ‘63 Read M. Goodwin ‘93 George W. Gowen ‘48 Kymberly Truman Graves ‘83 Mark B. Greenberg ‘93 Nancy Greene ‘63 Fraser S. Greenwood ‘03 Thomas S. Greenwood Jr. ‘68 Phoebe Wetzel Griswold ‘58 Barbara Hall Gummin ‘73 Marc S. Haber ‘73 Robert B. Haig ‘58 Gwenn Graves Hamilton ‘68 Nina Fleitas Hanson ‘68 Linda Newton Harlan ‘58 Allison Sears Harrison ‘03 Gary Helme IV ‘68 Michael Q. Henry ‘03 Monica Rose Hustead ‘83 Kay Lawson Ives ‘58 Randall L. Johnson ‘78 Louise Roberts Johnston ‘58 Barbara McNeil Jordan ‘63 Elaine Endres Kelton ‘58 Sharon Kershbaum ‘88 Thomas G. Kessler ‘88 Lea Manly-Power Kusner ‘68 T. Rogers Kyle III ‘68 Muffie Mann Landreth ‘73 Peter M. Landreth ‘68 Robert Lebair Jr. ‘73 Ann Boothby LeBreton ‘68 Ashley Burkert Li ‘03 Thomas Lloyd ‘58 Alexa Lombardo ‘08 Michael J. Lonergan III ‘08 Marian Brown Lorenz ‘53 Sara Detweiler Loughman ‘88 Robert A. Lukens ‘58 Ashley Via Maass ‘03 Andrew M. MacBride ‘98 Laurie Macintosh ‘73 James J. Maguire Jr. ‘78 Margaret Tyson Martinez ‘63 John E. McArdle ‘73 William C. McCook Jr. ‘58

Daniel L. McGowan ‘83 Shayne McKinsey-Champeau ‘88 Charlotte Heyl McLaughlin ‘58 Collin F. McNeil ‘68 Heidi Littman Meiers ‘78 Louise Root Melby ‘73 James M. Mellor Jr. ‘63 Nina Smith Metzler ‘68 Katherine Cunningham Minevitz ‘73 Phoebe Rolin Mitchell ‘68 Clementine Kolb Montcalm ‘68 Eleanore Morgan Moran ‘58 James B. Moran ‘83 David J. Morrison ‘68 Alice Churchman Muehlhof ‘68 Eleanor Elliot Mulder ‘58 Linda Dudley Mutch ‘78 William F. Newbold Jr. ‘68 Kimberly Newton ‘03 Patrick J. O’Brien ‘93 Suzanne Kling O’Neil ‘48 Bertram L. O’Neill Jr. ‘68 Francis G. B. O’Neill ‘98 Margaret O’Neill ‘03 Edward B. O’Reilly ‘03 Sandra Kellogg Olney ‘78 Steven K. Orman ‘63 Margaret Schoble Oschwald ‘43 Valerie Parry ‘68 Kristin Reilley Patrick ‘88 Rebecca Paul Bentley ‘78 Nicholas B. Paumgarten ‘63 Alexandra Pearson ‘03 Sandra Martin Pedrick ‘58 Peggy Ballard Place ‘68 Jack M. Platt ‘68 Deborah Popky ‘83 Gianna Pownall ‘13 Elizabeth Webster Purvis ‘68 Robert E. Putney III ‘78 Rachel Lee Quilici ‘93 Deborah Randall ‘68 Louisa Borie Randall ‘78 Ann Rowland Reath ‘58 Audrey Mastrangelo Reynolds ‘88 Candace Baldwin Richards ‘63 Elizabeth Tucker Ripley ‘48 Dorothy Ritchie-Valhouli ‘68 Heather Sprague Ritter ‘88 Diane McConaghy Robinson ‘73 Victoria Roebuck ‘08 Anne Straus Rusk ‘53 John E. Ryan Jr. ‘68 Margaret Clattenburg Sabo ‘63

Lia Salmansohn ‘13 Samuel E. Schardt ‘13 Samuel R. Scott ‘68 Dorothy Yerger Sheffield ‘43 Jeanne Shotzbarger ‘08 Ellen Simons ‘68 Miles V. Smith ‘83 Richard F. Smith Jr. ‘78 Henry Southall ‘58 Margaret Smith Stallings ‘73 Elizabeth Flint Steel ‘78 Francis P. Steel III ‘08 Mark S. Stehle ‘93 Susan Kershbaum Stevens ‘63 Joly Walton Stewart ‘48 Michael R. Stieffenhofer ‘03 Andrew H. Strange ‘78 Samuel S. Stroud Jr. ‘78 William M. Swain Jr. ‘58 Mildred Eckfeldt Swartz ‘53 Judith O’Neill Tate 1968 Nathaniel A. Taylor ‘88 Eleanor Testa ‘08 C. Pierre Thoumsin ‘73 Anna Toogood ‘63 Robert D. Torrey Jr. ‘68 Thomas N. Trapnell ‘68 Jeanne Borie Tustian ‘58 Mary Dall Twichell ‘63 Louise Rambo Vanderlip ‘78 Wesley C. Wadsworth ‘68 Elizabeth Wiley Waitneight ‘63 Martha Brownell Walker ‘58 Ellen Pearson Ward ‘88 Joseph P. Watkins Jr. ‘03 Thomas H. Watkins Jr. ‘78 Alexander E. White ‘03 Joan Whitney Whitney ‘68 Caleb C. Wistar IV ‘73 Eli Stabert Wolfe ‘03 Sally Strong Wolgin ‘78 B. Schuyler Deming Wood ‘58 Theodore V. Wood Jr. ‘53 Raymond T. Woodruff ‘78 Catherine Worrall ‘73 Suzanne Sheppard Wright ‘68 Clarence Z. Wurts ‘58 Anthony M. Zane ‘48 Francesca Zelnick ‘03

2017-2018 SCH Fund Update  
2017-2018 SCH Fund Update