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Springside School For excellence. For girls .

Lower School Handbook 2009-2010

Mission Statement Springside affirms its choice to be a school for girls and young women. Here students develop the power to think, the confidence to act, and a sense of responsibility for one another. In our diverse community, students learn to honor their differences and to seek common ground so that they will live productively and justly in the worlds they inhabit. All college preparatory schools expect their students to excel in a rigorous academic program. Springside asks more: that girls discover how they learn, that they take intellectual delight in their education, and that they gain the courage and integrity to negotiate the breadth of their complex futures. In every way, Springside School educates girls and young women to develop their capacities for leadership in the 21st century.

Fall 2009 Dear Lower School Parents, The purpose of this handbook is to inform you and your daughters about life in Lower School and to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Other important sources of information are Springside’s website,, and the school directory (“The Blue Book”), which is printed each year and distributed to each student in September. Each year we update the handbook and the directory. Maeve Malone, our Lower School Administrative Assistant, welcomes and collects all suggestions and revisions. We are looking forward to an excellent school year! Sincerely,

Cary Page Head of Lower School

Table of Contents I. General Information Attendance .........................................1 Absence ..............................................1 Illness ..................................................1 Lateness ..............................................1 Student Conduct and Discipline.....1 Dress Code .........................................2 Lunch Options and Debit Account System.............................................1 Snacks .................................................4 School Supplies .................................4 Clothes Closet ....................................4

II. School Life Early Birds..........................................4 Morning Routine...............................4 Afternoon Dismissal Routine ..........5 After School Center...........................5 Intramurals ........................................6 Parent Conferences and Reports.....6 Sectioning ...........................................7 Parent Visiting ...................................7 Performances .....................................7 Parent/Family Events ......................7 Birthdays at School ...........................8 Birthday Parties Outside School .....8 Performing Arts/ Private Instrumental Study ..........8 Parents’ Association .........................8 School Trips .......................................9 Snow Days/Emergency Closings...9 Gift Giving .........................................9 Parent Education.............................10

III. Special Events New Parent Dinner ........................ 10 Back-to-School Night ..................... 10 Homecoming/ Blue and Gold Day.................... 10 Halloween ....................................... 10 Thanksgiving Assembly................ 11 Holiday Events ............................... 11 Winter Concerts Holiday Assembly Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service ......................................... 11 Book Fairs ........................................ 11 Grandparent and Special Friend Day .............................................. 11 All-School Art Show and Party .... 11 May Day .......................................... 12 O’Gorman Concerts ....................... 12 Candlelight Recitals ....................... 12 Final Class Events .......................... 12 Final Assemblies and Summer Vacation Dismissal.... 12


Lower School and the Springside Community .................. 12


Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Communication and Technology ................... 13

I. General Information Attendance School begins at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday (see page 5 for Afternoon Dismissal). For vacation dates, please check the school calendar on Springside’s website, Regular attendance is important to academic achievement. If families must make arrangements for trips outside of normal school vacations, please consult with and notify in writing the Head of Lower School.

Absence Parents are asked to call the school nurse before 9:00 AM if their daughter is absent. If families must make arrangements for doctor appointments during school hours, please notify the homeroom teacher.

Illness If your daughter becomes ill during the school day, she will be taken to the school nurse who will decide whether she can return to the classroom, needs a short rest in the infirmary, or needs to go home. The school nurse keeps all emergency forms on file and will contact a parent or parent-designated emergency person should the need arise. It is essential that the infirmary’s emergency information and telephone numbers be kept up to date. Parents should notify the school nurse of any changes. Outbreaks of communicable diseases will be brought to the attention of the parents of the children in whose classroom the outbreak occurred. A student with a fever must not return to school until she has been fever free for 24 hours.

Lateness The school day begins at 8:00 AM. Attendance is sent to the Lower School Office at 8:10 AM. Students who arrive after 8:10 AM need to check in at the Lower School Office or with the school nurse.

Student Conduct and Discipline Springside School expects all members of its community to be aware and active participants in promoting a cooperative and respectful learning environment. Springside assumes that a student will conduct herself in a responsible and constructive manner. The school will work with families to help build those attitudes and foster behavior which will lead to positive citizenship in whatever community the student belongs. The school’s policies, rules, and guidelines are rooted in fundamental values: safety, honesty, fairness, consideration of others, courtesy, respect, and mutual care. Students are expected and are 1

encouraged to develop and practice these values in both the school and larger community. In Lower School (Pre-K–4), students’ behavior will be supported by teacher presence in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, assemblies, at recess, during dismissal, and on class trips. Home and school work closely together to build a solid foundation for self-disciplined behavior and for responsible group and community behavior for each of our students. When discipline issues arise, Springside works closely with each student and her family in developmentally appropriate ways to achieve self-disciplined, responsible group and community behavior. Depending upon the severity of the issue, the Head of Lower School and/or Head of School will also be involved. Serious and/or persistent behavioral issues may result in a temporary separation (suspension) or permanent separation (dismissal) from the school. The Head of School, as the person ultimately responsible for the welfare of the school community, has final authority in all discipline cases.

Dress Code Lower School students are asked to wear clothing that is comfortable and suitable for a busy, active day. Pants and shorts are permitted. For safety reasons, students must wear close-toed shoes that are secure on the foot. Sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, clogs, and crocs are not permitted. It is necessary for each student (Pre-K–4) to have at school: • • • •

sneakers for P.E. class; an oversized shirt or smock for art class; a pair of boots for environmental education; a full change of clothes.

Students love cold and snowy weather! Students must have snow pants, hats, mittens, and boots to go outside during such weather.

Lunch Options and Debit Account System Pre-K, T-K, and kindergarten students bring their lunch and eat in their classrooms with their teachers. In Grades 1–4, students go to the cafeteria for lunch, where lunches may be purchased by the term or by the day. In addition, students may purchase items to supplement a lunch brought from home. 2

Full lunches or individual items purchased by the day are charged to the student’s family account using the Debit Account System. A debit account is a declining balance account and must have funds available in order for the student to purchase items in the dining hall. Each student uses her account number for debit purchases. Students may also purchase lunch and à la carte food items with cash. Parents should mail or bring in a check for the amount they wish to debit to their child’s account. The child’s full name and debit account number should appear on the check. The initial deposit must be $20 or more. Parents may also use the easy online MealpayPlus system, which allows them to make deposits into their child’s debit account and view their child’s balance, payment history, and purchase history. For more information about the MealpayPlus system, visit the Parent portal on Springside’s website and click on Cafeteria. Morning snacks are provided free of charge for students in Grades PreK–2; students in Grades 3 and 4 have the option of purchasing a snack in the cafeteria. Estimated purchases including lunch and snack is $5/day, $100/month, or $900/year. Parents who would like to set a daily spending limit for their daughter’s account should complete the “Daily Spending Limit Request” form. Parents who wish to prohibit any debit purchases should complete the “Prohibit Debit Account Purchases” form. These two forms are available through the Parent portal on the Cafeteria page at Parents may also call the Business Office at extension 7123 or Dining Services at extension 7120. Money remaining in the account at the end of the school year may be carried over for the next school year or refunded. When a student withdraws or graduates, money remaining in the account will be refunded. Dining Services Hours Breakfast Snacks Lunch After School snacks (Includes packaged snacks, beverages, fruit, yogurt, and ice cream)

Opens 7:30 AM Available all morning 11:15 – 1:20 PM Open until 3:30 PM daily


Snacks Morning snacks of crackers, fruit, and drinks are provided for students in Pre-K through Grade 2. Students in Grades 3 and 4 may bring their own snacks from home or purchase their own snacks with supervision in the cafeteria. An afternoon snack of fruit is provided for Pre-K, T-K, and K.

School Supplies Any necessary pencils, crayons, or books are provided by Springside for Lower School students. Each student should carry a book bag or backpack.

Clothes Closet Springside and Chestnut Hill Academy co-sponsor a used clothing store. It is located in the basement of CHA, with its entrance on Willow Grove Avenue. Through consignment and resale this store raises considerable money for the two schools. Many volunteers are needed to manage the store and all parents are encouraged to consign or donate clothes and to buy for their families. Great bargains abound!

II. School Life Early Birds All children who arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 AM go directly to the Early Bird program in the Lower School Cafeteria. There is no additional charge for being an Early Bird. A buffet of juice, muffins, bagels, and hot and cold cereals is served at this time for anyone who wishes to purchase a light breakfast before school begins. The Early Bird program is supervised by a Lower School faculty member.

Morning Routine It is important for students to arrive at school on time. Teachers are ready to receive students when the school day begins at 8:00 AM. At this time attendance and lunch counts are taken. Notes from home regarding changes in travel plans or special information for the school nurse are all delivered to the Lower School Office. It is also a time when students connect with their classmates and teachers to discuss the day’s activities with the group.


Afternoon Dismissal Routine Pre-K, T-K, and Kindergarten Dismissal for Pre-K, T-K, and K is at 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. For winter break, dismissal is at 11:40 AM By Car: Pre-K, T-K, and K students who go home by car are picked up at the back circle. To ensure the safety of all students, drivers line up around the circle and remain in their cars. Teachers bring students to the cars. Parents who wish to speak to teachers or each other should park their cars in designated parking spaces. By Bus: Kindergarten students who travel by bus remain in the classroom with a teacher until 3:30 PM when they are taken to the back circle to wait with other Lower School students until a Lower School teacher puts them on their bus. Any other dismissal plan must be phoned to the Lower School Office or put in writing and given to the classroom teacher who will inform the Lower School Office of the plan. Grades 1–4 Dismissal for Grades 1–4 is at 3:30 PM. For winter break, dismissal is at 12:00 PM. By Car: In Grades 1–4, students who go home by car are picked up at the front circle. To ensure the safety of all students, drivers line up around the circle and remain in their cars. Teachers bring students to the cars on the passenger side. Parents who wish to speak to teachers or each other should park their cars in designated parking spaces. By Bus: In Grades 1–4, following dismissal from their classrooms, students who travel by bus go to the back circle. There they wait until a Lower School teacher puts them on their bus. Any other dismissal plan must be phoned to the Lower School Office or put in writing and given to the classroom teacher who will inform the Lower School Office of the plan.

The After School Center The After School Center provides a program of enrichment and entertainment for our young learners in a fun, friendly, and safe 5

environment. The ASC staff understands that children come from a rigorous day of school and the afternoon should be a time when they can relax, visit their friends, participate in sports, and get homework done. With the appropriate mix of choice and structured activities, the ASC makes an excellent option for playdates as well as providing flexibility and convenience to families unable to pick up their children at the end of the school day. The hours of the ASC are 3:30 to 6:00 PM. Because students may not spend time at school unsupervised, all Lower School students who have not been picked up by 4:00 PM are escorted to the After School Center. They must be signed out by a parent and the standard “drop-in” fee will be charged. The After School Center also offers a variety of exciting extracurricular courses throughout the year for an additional charge as well as all-day care for families on Springside’s in-service and conference days. For additional information on rates and registration on all ASC programs, please visit Springside’s website.

Intramurals (open to students in Grades 3 and 4) This program meets twice a week from 3:30 to 4:45 PM. In the fall, field hockey and soccer are offered; in the winter, volleyball and basketball; and in the spring, softball and lacrosse. The main emphasis is basic skill instruction and beginning level play. There is no charge for intramurals; however, students not picked up by 5:00 PM will be escorted to the After School Center and a “drop-in” fee will apply.

Parent Conferences and Reports Good communication between home and school throughout the year is essential. Parents and teachers work closely together to keep each other informed about each student’s progress. • In Pre-K–4, conferences are held in the early fall and spring, with written reports in December and June. • In Grades 1 and 2, with teacher support, students begin to participate more formally in collecting and assessing their own work and setting goals for themselves in teacher/student conferences throughout the year. Parent conferences in Grades 1 and 2 are held in the fall and spring, with written reports in December and June. In second grade, students join the spring conference. • In Grades 3 and 4, with continued teacher support and guidance, students take on more responsibility for assessing their own work 6

and progress and for setting goals. Parent/student/teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring, with written reports in December and June. These conferences and reports enable parents and teachers to understand and support students’ work and progress. Parents sign up for conference times on teacher-initiated sign-up sheets in the fall and spring. Parents may always request additional conference times at any time during the school year.

Sectioning Parents are encouraged to share information pertinent to their daughter’s school success throughout the year. If parents have specific thoughts about their daughter’s placement for the next year, they must have a conversation with their daughter’s homeroom teacher and the Head of Lower School, and they must put their ideas in writing to the Head of Lower School. Sectioning decisions are made by Lower School teachers and are approved by the Head of Lower School. All sectioning decisions are mailed to families in late August.

Parent Visiting Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit their daughter’s classrooms and to experience the program firsthand throughout the year. Our open-door visiting policy makes it possible for all parents to make plans according to their schedules and needs. Please make arrangements with your daughter’s classroom teacher a few days before you plan to visit. In this way, we can monitor the number of visitors on any given day and make certain that the visit will meet your needs.

Performances Learning how to work with small and ever larger audiences is part of leadership development in Pre-K–4. There are many occasions for each student to present and perform her work in, with, and before small to large groups. Individual teachers will inform you of the dates and times of your daughter’s performances. Of course, our warm and enthusiastic audiences ensure success!

Parent/Family Events The school strongly encourages families to get to know each other well. Many classes find it helpful to organize family activities, while others prefer adult-oriented events. The choice of activities is arranged by the class parents, and they welcome your suggestions and help.


Birthdays at School To protect our students, who have life-threatening allergies, we ask our families not to bring birthday treats to school. Instead, there is a special Springside tradition, which all children can enjoy. The teachers at every grade level have a list of wonderful birthday activities. The birthday girl chooses an activity on the list to enjoy with her friends on her special day. In this way, each child’s birthday is celebrated both safely and with joy.

Birthday Parties Outside of School The school asks that families be sensitive to all children in their daughter’s section when organizing birthday parties. If more than a few children are to be invited, we ask that you include all the girls in your daughter’s section. Please do not send or distribute invitations, gifts, or thank-you notes in school.

Performing Arts/Private Instrumental Study All performing arts groups at Springside are an extension of the music curriculum. The first experience a student has with the various choral and instrumental ensembles at Springside comes in fourth grade through participation in the Fourth Grade Chorus. A calendar of all concerts, recitals, and dramatic performances for the year is available on Springside’s website. We encourage you to support your daughter’s music education by attending her concerts and coming with her to hear students in other divisions perform. All students at Springside are encouraged to study a musical instrument. Preparation for this experience begins in Grades 3 and 4 when, with a member of the music faculty, all students are introduced to recorder, violin, or cello and woodwind instruments. Following the introductory lessons, students may choose to continue instrumental study. No additional fee is required for the introductory lessons.

Parents’ Association All Springside parents are members of the Parents’ Association. Its mission is to support the school and to enhance communication between the school and students’ families. Every parent is encouraged to attend meetings and to participate in the work of the Parents’ Association in the way that best suits his or her time and talent. Visit the Parent portal of Springside’s website for a list of the many ways to volunteer. Parents are welcome to contact any of the officers of the Parents’ Association with ideas or questions. A complete list of the Parents’ Association’s Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and 8

Class Parents may be found on the Parent portal of Springside’s website as well as in the 2008-2009 school directory.

School Trips School trips are arranged by teachers in relation to the curriculum and class needs.

Snow Days/Emergency Closings In the event of a snow day closing or delay or in an emergency closing, you will receive a call from the school’s AlertNow System using the numbers you provide to the school (the AlertNow Data Collection Form may be found in the “Useful Forms” tab in the Parent portal on Springside’s website). Announcements will also be posted on our website and on local radio and television stations. Springside’s school number is 136. Please be assured that every effort is made to assess the weather conditions and make the correct call, but information is often sketchy about road conditions and transportation in the many areas in which Springside students reside. When we err, it is likely to be on the side of staying open, since this decision usually accommodates the majority of our families. If Springside does not close and you do not wish to bring your child to school, we will respect your decision. Just as with any other absence, please call to let us know. If Springside is in session and you choose to pick up your daughter due to deteriorating road conditions, please feel free to do so and have her check out at the Lower School Office. If Springside must close during the day, you will be notified to pick up your daughter as soon as possible. If you will also be picking up another family’s child, you must have permission from the parent and notify the Lower School Office. If we are informed that buses will be coming early, you will be notified. If Springside closes early for weather or any other emergency, a staff member will remain on duty until all children have been collected.

Gift Giving At holiday time and at the end of the year, many families wish to give a gift to teachers. Springside encourages all families to direct their gifts to the Annual Fund. You may choose to honor a teacher in this manner. Class gifts or fundraising activities should be cleared through the Development Office. Please know that the greatest gifts that a teacher 9

can receive are children’s drawings and notes of appreciation throughout the year.

Parent Education Parents can learn more about their daughter’s education many times during the year. Back-to-School Night, parent conferences in the fall and spring, and progress reports are formal times scheduled by the school. In addition, parents are welcome to schedule their own classroom visiting times. Each year, in conjunction with the faculty and Lower School Parents’ Association, Lower School organizes special education mornings on various topics for specific grades or the whole Lower School.

III. Special Events New Parent Dinner This is a social evening early in the school year when Springside welcomes all parents of new students.

Back-to-School Night This evening takes place early in the school year and is a good time for parents to learn more about their daughter’s education. Back-to-School Night begins in the Upper School Auditorium with brief welcoming remarks from Dr. Priscilla Sands, Head of School, and Dr. Cary Page, Head of Lower School. Then parents go to their daughter’s classrooms where the teachers describe the contents of each course, its goals, and how they are to be met. Time is given for parents to visit the art, computer, music, library, P.E., and science areas.

Homecoming/Blue and Gold Day Homecoming takes place each fall and begins with Blue and Gold Day. Every Springside student has been assigned to either the Blue team or the Gold team. The “day” begins with relay races Pre-K–12, starting with the Pre-K teams; later in the afternoon, Upper School teams compete with a local school in tennis, field hockey, and soccer. Friday evening there is an all-school supper followed by a Homecoming rally and cheering contest. Pre-K–2 leads the festivities with a group cheer. Grades 3–4 participate but do not compete. Grades 5–12 compete for the best cheer in their division.

Halloween Lower School students arrive in costume early in the morning for a parade around the school which begins at 8:30 AM. The parade is followed by a special Halloween assembly in the Lower School gym. 10

Afterwards, students change into school clothes. Children should not bring candy to school—a special Halloween treat is provided by the school.

Thanksgiving Assembly In the Thanksgiving Assembly, all students in Grades Pre-K–12 gather to share thoughts and expressions of thanksgiving in songs, skits, and poems. The assembly is held during the last period before dismissal for Thanksgiving vacation.

Holiday Events Lower School Winter Concerts: Special winter concerts are held in mid-December. Holiday Assembly: This is an all-school assembly, held in the Upper School Auditorium just prior to dismissal for winter break, to celebrate traditions of the season.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service To honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., all Springside students and faculty Pre-K–12 spend the morning participating in a wide range of service projects. First, we gather together in the Upper School Auditorium for an all-school assembly. Following the assembly, Lower School students spend the morning making breakfast bags and 175 dinners, placemats, and cards for the homebound serviced by Aid for Friends. The morning concludes at 11:30 AM.

Book Fairs The Book Fair is scheduled for three days in the fall and spring. Parents and students are given the opportunity to visit the fairs and purchase books.

Grandparent and Special Friend Day This is a special day in May when we welcome all Lower School grandparents or special friends to a morning visit in their granddaughter’s classroom.

All-School Art Show and Party The All-School Art Show runs for three weeks in late April to mid-May. The opening is celebrated with an all-school party. Every student who takes art at Springside has a piece of her artwork exhibited in the show. 11

May Day This is a colorful, outdoor (weather permitting) tradition. All students in Grades 1–8 participate. Parents are encouraged to attend. Lower School students may leave with their families or remain for the regular 2:45 PM dismissal.

O’Gorman Concerts There are two O’Gorman Concerts in May: one for first and second grades, and one for third and fourth grades.

Candlelight Recitals Instrumental students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School play in these recitals held in November, February, and May. Parents and friends are invited to hear each student’s individual recital.

Final Class Events During the final weeks of school, every grade selects a day on which to have a final event. Generally, the class parents and homeroom teachers collaborate on a location and date for these events.

Final Assemblies and Summer Vacation Dismissal A Final Assembly for Pre-K, T-K, and K students and for students in Grades 1–4 completes the school-year program. All students in Pre-K, T-K, and K are dismissed for the summer following their Final Assembly. Students in Grades 1–4 are dismissed for summer vacation at 3:30 PM on the last day of school or they may leave following their Final Assembly.

IV. The Lower School and the Springside Community The Lower School is one part of the vibrant and busy community of Springside School, and students always feel that connection. The sense of belonging is encouraged by the activities which bring the entire school together; in these events there is often a sense of tradition. Some are solemn, others joyful, but all help build the understanding that a community is created not just by immediate existence but by its roots and by its future. For students in Lower School, these ceremonies carry special meaning as they enter into the Springside community. We hope you, as parents, will enjoy watching, assisting, and participating in these years of your daughter’s education.


V. Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Communication and Technology Technology at Springside School supports and enhances the work of faculty, students, and staff in furthering the mission of the school. Every student, faculty, and staff member will have full access to the technology essential to fulfilling assignments and job responsibilities. Access to technology at Springside is a privilege and not a right and is governed by Springside School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Any violation or suspected violation of the school’s AUP will result in disciplinary action, including the removal of technology use privileges, temporary or permanent removal from school, and/or cooperation with appropriate outside agencies. The Springside School AUP incorporates the ethical codes clearly outlined in existing school policies and handbooks requiring respect for the work and rights of all others, within and outside of our community. In addition to the specific guidelines below, technology users at Springside are responsible for handling and operating all computer equipment with care.

Acceptable Use Policy All members of the Springside community are required to follow the Acceptable Use Policy when using computers and the network at Springside School to ensure the appropriate use, security, and accessibility of the computing environment and equipment essential to the work of our learning community. •

• • • •

The Springside School network may not be used for illegal activity, for accessing or transmitting offensive materials, hate mail, material advocating violence or discrimination, or for obtaining obscene or pornographic material. The network may not be used for purposes of profit, for lobbying or advertising, or to disseminate information to the Springside community of a personal interest. Creating or forwarding inappropriate (mean-spirited, racist, pornographic, false, etc.) material is strictly prohibited. The Springside network may not be used by anyone to disrupt the use of the network by another member of the community. Accessing or attempting to access another user’s account without permission is strictly prohibited. Users may not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, data, or passwords belonging to other users on the network. 13

• •

• • •

Student access of non-school email accounts, including chat and instant messaging, is not allowed. The introduction of computer viruses into the school community’s network is expressly prohibited. If a virus is encountered, a member of the Information Technology (IT) Department should be notified immediately. Unauthorized copying or distribution of software or multimedia is illegal and prohibited. All software used on Springside computers must be properly licensed by the IT Department. The illegal downloading of copyrighted material, both text based and images, is illegal and unethical. Software may not be installed on any computer without the assistance of the IT Department. Games may not be installed on Springside computers at any time. School-approved computer games and websites that house games may only be accessed at specifically designated times. Computer hardware and software settings (i.e., the desktop, Internet settings) may not be altered at any time. Hardware may not be moved from its location except by the IT Department. Use of any “hacking” software to compromise or monitor Springside’s data is prohibited. Use of technology outside of Springside which infringes upon the safety or privacy of any individual within the Springside School/Chestnut Hill Academy community, uses the school name(s), or compromises the reputation of Springside or Chestnut Hill Academy will result in appropriate action within the school(s). These actions may include disciplinary responses or cooperation with outside agencies.

Guidelines for responsible use of computers and the network at Springside School • • •

In addition to the Acceptable Use Policy, please read the following guidelines to help you in making ethical and responsible decisions regarding your use of Springside’s computing resources. Use of school technology, including any portable or laptop computers, is for education or job-related activities. Electronic communication is not confidential. Electronic mail, data files, server space, and Internet access are not private, and users should not assume privacy. Electronic communication may be monitored, filtered, and checked if necessary. All electronic communication, even after history is cleared and files deleted, leaves a digital “footprint” and can be retraced. Personal information (phone number, home address, social security number, credit card) should only be posted on the Internet or in electronic 14

correspondence with the utmost amount of discretion. Personal information about any other person(s) should not be posted online without the consent of the person. Tone is difficult to discern in electronic communication. Electronic communication is best used as a medium for disseminating factual information and should not be regarded as a replacement for face-to-face communication. Your computer account is designated for your use only and other people’s accounts are restricted to their use. Access to Springside’s technology resources is password protected with passwords initially assigned by the IT Department, then routinely changed by the user. Passwords should be alphanumeric combinations not easily guessed by others and should not be shared with anyone. Springside network users should always logoff or shut down computers when they are finished using the network. Electronic mail is the intellectual property of the sender. Plagiarism is plagiarism whether using electronic sources or print sources. You should never publicly post or forward an email message, without the permission of the author.


Lower School Handbook 09-10  

Your online reference for everyday life in Lower School.

Lower School Handbook 09-10  

Your online reference for everyday life in Lower School.