Kent Sorsky

Fresno, US

Linden Publishing is an independent publishing house, founded in 1980, that specializes in high-quality original nonfiction of national and international interest. We publish under three imprints: Linden Publishing, Craven Street Books, and Quill Driver Books. Linden Publishing publishes a complete line of books, plans, and how-to DVDs for the home craftsman and hobbyist on woodworking, arts and crafts, home improvement, and furniture. Craven Street Books publishes California regional history. Quill Driver Books publishes an extensive range of award-winning nonfiction, including the Great Books for Writers series for creative and professional writers; the Best Half of Life series, covering the creative, professional, financial, and health concerns of older Americans; and a variety of books on business, marketing, health, personal development, lifestyles, science and technology.