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FEB 2020 / issue 171

Living that Single Life Tips from Spokane’s Matchmaker


#171 | FEBRUARY 2020

(Display Until MAR 10, 2020)


A Decade of Books: Sharma Shields’ Favorites SPOKANECDA.COM

A Nordic Escape In the Heart of Spokane

californiaclosets.com 506 N. Sullivan Rd, Suite D | Spokane Valley, WA 99037 627 N. Baugh Way | Post Falls, ID 83854

168 N. 9th St. | Boise ID, 83702


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V2 4 : I SSUE 2 (1 7 1 )

Top Dentists 2020 When it comes to dental care, who do local dentists recommend to their family and friends? Find out in this year’s Top Dentist feature.


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Single in spokane

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foodie tour: 5 candlelit restaurants

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Should you hire a matchmaker to find love in the Lilac City? We explore that question, and list some dating tips, too.

If you are looking for a romantic night out with your special person, check out the five restaurants here who offer that swoony, love-filled feel.

Mr. Clark knows his chili. If you didn’t know that before, you’ll know it after reading this issue’s Clarksville (complete with his favorite chili recipe).




Editor Letter Stephanie’s Thoughts


First Look and Buzz Grand Terrace Igloos Lilacs & Lemons Artist Eye Road Trip Spokane Rising


The Scene When Women Ruled Fave Books of Decade Chef Profile: Tony Brown Give: Lonna Smith


Datebook February Events You don’t Want to Miss


THe Nest Love in a Tub House Feature Stone in the Home




prime 3 Over 50 Single in Spokane Healthbeat: Nutrition with Ann Louise Gittleman


Top Dentists 3 Over 50 Healthbeat: Nutrition with Ann Louise Gittleman


Local Cuisine Duck Dinner Prime Rib Candlelit Dinners Ribbon Cuttings The Perfect Croissant Dinner at Home Dining Guide


Clarksville Caring for a Legend

Best Traditional Furniture


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR/what you had to say

Lilacs & Lemons In the December 2019 issue, Mr. Bozzi highlighted in the “Lemons” section of school kids who cross busy streets randomly, rather than in designated crosswalks and wrote that “the schools could encourage children to do their part in their own safety.” I challenge this idea, as schools cannot solely hold the responsibility to do this. Families, friends and our Spokane community need to be included in this conversation. Schools are too often asked to be the teacher of all behaviors to our children, yet we only have the privilege of being with them 6.5 hours a day, 180 days a year. As a 28 year veteran educator in Spokane, I challenge all of us, every individual, to begin embracing opportunities that faces us each day to educate our kids; our future.

heartfelt. I so much appreciate your words. Two weeks ago I finally went through a breakthrough (with my therapist) that now it feels as though I'm rebuilding and pulling myself out of the ashes. I so much appreciate you as one of the women who has surrounded me with love and kindness. Your words were spot on. —Friend mentioned in Nothingness 2020

Clarksville Chili

Nothingness in 2020

I just finished reading Doug Clark’s Chili of the Gods article in the latest Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine. What a relief. I have embarrassed my wife many times over the years in all strata of greasy spoons and better restaurants in the seven states we have lived in plus a few more, by informing them that, “this is not chili” after just looking at it in most cases. I have been called many names, but "purist" is the only one I will mention. But I was going to say, before truth broke in, I grew up in the Ft. Worth/Dallas area and over the years somehow gravitated into the company of chili lovers who held fast to the basic requirements of chili which included “no beans.” Usually these chili lovers were gentlemen when they pointed out to the chefs, cooks and owners of establishments that it wasn't chili which was being served. There are stories, however, of tables being turned over and cuss fights breaking out over some of the more egregious presentations. Most (but not all) of my fellow chili lover associates were usually involved with aviation in some fashion or another. I was assistant director of aviation for the city of Dallas at Love Field at the time. Chili was popular with pilots and around airports in general. Partly because it was cheap, and pilots and airport managers were usually cheap. As legend has it, there was considerable controversy among high ranking chili aficionados mostly about recipes and who was the Big Chili Head. It was this controversy from which the title Chili Appreciation Society International “CASI” emerged. You are no doubt familiar with the name Frank Tolbert. He was a columnist for the Dallas Morning News and very involved with chili. He even started a small but successful chili cafe in the Oak Lawn area in the early 1970s. Frank's arch rival was a man known widely in aviation circles, George Haddaway. George was owner and publisher of Flight Magazine for many years and was largely responsible for the development of the Aviation Library at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Stephanie, thanks so much for your kind words in Nothingness in 2020. Your editorial was awesome, as usual. So real, honest and

—Gary W. Green, Fellow Chili Head

—Chris Moore, student services coordinator for Spokane Public Schools Vince Bozzi: I didn't think the students should be darting into street willy nilly, and I could just as easily lemoned drivers who don't slow down in school zones. Maybe the takeaway is that all parties should be vigilant about safety.

Nothingness in 2020 I just read your brilliant Editor Letter in the January Spokane Coeur d Alene Living magazine and wanted to applaud you for your honest and raw statements. As a realtor and a mother of four, a wife and a new “mimi”—aka grandma— life can be chaotic and overwhelming at times. Goals are always pressed on us and I love your “power down” approach because you are so right … connection is so vital as it leads to deeper relationship which is what our world needs. Soul healing and nurturing daily while finding that calm place is what I have committed to for 2020. I am calling it the year of love, loving yourself, those around you and your daily “grind.” —Angela Newcomb

Nothingness in 2020 Stephanie, you have a way of writing what I'm thinking and feeling. I tear your editor letter out of the magazine and keep it most of the time. Maybe you should just put them in a book for me. —Lorelei Plagman





EDITOR LETTER/a note from Stephanie

Another Day

Behind the Keyboard


t’s press day, and I’m sitting in my office staring out the window while the ball of fire in the sky battles its way through the clouds as though it knows I need to see it. I turn my face, eyes closed— and then my entire desk—toward the window and the blinding reflection. “The door is open,” I think, mildly concerned that a coworker may pass by and witness my feline moment in the sun. Especially after the morning I’ve had which was on display for the entire team to see. A passive aggressive punch by “leadership” had thrust me off the side of the boat, and as I reached for the safety net of my best friend’s guidance I wondered if I wanted to be saved at all. Let me drown, I thought. Let it all sink to the bottom of the deepest sectors of this godforsaken sea as I know it. But here I am, needing to conquer a blank page, again. I’ve pushed through before, I always push through … regardless of illness or divorce, death or dysfunction. Once again, there will be no sacred space for the tender lining of my creative mind to reign. “I need to take this brain and body home,” I say to my art director as I leave for the night. “I’m going to stop by the grocery store so I can grab something to feed my family, and hope for some editor letter inspiration there … because we both know I can find it anywhere.” The elevator starts descending to the main floor as I scramble to catch up on neglected texts from friends and kids. As soon as the doors begin to open, I take a step forward to exit. Two men in serious—



although a bit peculiar—police uniforms step in, and we nearly collide. I had only traveled down one story, to floor 5. “Hello … officers?” I say. “Oh, no, this is cosplay,” one says as they both laugh. “That makes sense,” I say. “Although it’s a convincing getup—nice work. But the gun makes me nervous.” They break into laughter as the elevator stops on floor 4 and they both step off. “We are the building security,” the cosplay commenter says over his shoulder as the doors close between us. I’m left to wonder if the gun is real. I keep my phone in my bag as I walk into the store so I can keep my chin up and spirit open for human connection. Whose paths will cross with mine tonight? I wonder. Whose story needs to be shared? The tall man in front of me lets out a big belch, and in case I might doubt what I just heard, he does it again. He turns his head toward me as he reaches for his cart. Based on the size of his eyes, and the quick adjustment to his waistband, he didn’t know I was behind him. He smiles and continues on into the store. I’m not amused, with this goon or anyone else at this point. And the heavy sadness I’ve felt for two days pokes its head back in. Not strictly for the stunning loss of families in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, but for the vitriol I’ve seen and read from Facebook connections criticizing those who are sad about it, and from other connections who were in the ready to remind the world of Bryant’s transgressions—proclaiming to “know” the story and using their own victimhood as condemnation. It has left me with three thoughts I would otherwise keep to myself, but here I am in the wake of some man’s burp at the grocery store and grace be gone. Of course their lives mattered just as much. Stop fighting each other over ridiculous notions meant only to discredit one another’s pain, experiences, grief. Just as “black lives matter” in no way—so help me—means other people’s lives do not matter; mourning, even wailing on social media, the loss of one person in no way—so help me—means the loss of others counts for less. I can share my undying love, adoration and appreciation for my son, and in no way does that diminish my love, adoration and appreciation for my daughters. Love 101 states: it’s endless and boundless, within you, and within those around you, too. Pain is no different.

When their pain is raw and reeling, let them hurt—for one person, for nine people, for 1,000 people. Let them hurt for their pets, their family, their friends, for sports icons, for movie stars, for starving children 6,000 miles away. Stop trying to be in charge of— or in control of—other people’s pain—even if you don’t understand, accept or approve of it. The pain of your past should not be used as weaponry … or righteousness. Having been a victim in no way grants you permission to use that experience to discredit others, to override the thoughts of others, nor does it offer you the mic on behalf of anyone else who has suffered in similar fashion without their permission. Your pain is your pain; it is not the pain of the masses—or other victims. I know you already know how having your pain doubted or questioned often feels more brutal than the initial assault—and yet you still question others and their pain with righteous abandon. You can hold space for other people’s pain without making your own pain superior, or without feeling yours diminished. Keep your eyes wide open for triggers, and realize a trigger is your own inner mechanism, not the work of the world against you. If you need the reminder: yes, this all ends … for each—and all—of us. It doesn’t matter your age, the size of your house, the length of your vacations, the brand of your purse, the amount of filler in your face. We are, for the most part, stretched so dangerously thin, it takes a whopping tragedy heard around the world to be reminded of our mortality … and we should honor the reminder, we should let it sink in. If you aren’t thanking God, or the universe, or your parents, friends and family for sharing in life daily, I challenge you to do so. We are Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living, and we are Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Please find me on Facebook and Instagram—and hop over to “like” the Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living page—to stay connected between press dates, and share your thoughts, stories, and life in real time.  Don’t forget to love one another, Stephanie Regalado stephanie@spokanecda.com



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Let us help you f ind LOVE in 2020 (509) 293-6633 SpokaneMatchmakers.com

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ws e N e c i r


_ _ _ _ _ _ r e m sto

u C _ _ ____

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photography by Weston Cederblom Photography

A Nordic Adventure in the Heart of Spokane

The Grand Terrace Igloos


Fur coats and hats are not required, but highly recommended—in fun— by Davenport staff in order to attain the full winter wonderland experience. While the igloos are heated, it is recommended that guests wear a jacket

ou may not be able to build an ice palace with the flick of your wrist like Elsa in Frozen, but you can now reserve a twinkling igloo on the terrace of The Davenport Grand Hotel. All ages are welcome in the family-friendly igloos making this fun, frosty escape the perfect winter experience for families, couples, girlfriends, guys’ night out and special life moments.










and layers to stay as comfortable as they prefer. There are ample throws, pillows, cozy seating, candles and lanterns to keep you warm throughout the evening. The beautiful domes were custom-designed in-house by the Davenport Home’s talented design team, Luke Daehlin and Lisa Strugarevic. If you love what you see and would like to incorporate any of the elements into your own home space, you can find them at davenporthome.com. Reservations—$250 base—are required for two to six guests for a 90 minute nordic oasis that includes your own butler, a $100 bar credit and a gourmet charcuterie board featuring Castelvetrano olives, Marcona almonds, select charcuterie and cheeses, pickled vegetables, house-smoked garlic hummus and pita. For an additional $50, gourmet appetizers are added including yellowfin ahi tuna poké, wonton crisps, macadamia nuts, spring onion, shoyu wild jumbo white gulf prawn cocktail and housemade horseradish. Don’t forget your cameras—the Terrace Igloos are the perfect spot for unforgettable memories to be made, captured on film … and shared on your favorite social media platforms. If you are looking for a really cool and rare life experience, gather your special people and reserve your space before they close for regular season on April 1. davenportigloos.com



FIRST LOOK/lilacs & lemons {bad}


{good out of bad}

lilacslemons by Vince Bozzi

LILACS to the Spokane School Board for allowing a new Monsters of Rock show to go on at Albi Stadium, with liquor sales allowed. I won’t be attending personally, not being a heavy metal fan, but it brings back a lot of memories for people who were at the huge show in 1988. Kind of cool to give the stadium one last hurrah. Of course, I’m not-so-secretly hoping it will spark a movement to save it from the wrecking ball. LILACS to the state Supreme Court for ruling that turn signals are always required when changing lanes. It used to be required only when public safety is affected, but it makes it safer for all of us when it is an automatic reflex. Making it optional led to people getting in the habit of not signaling at all, which has caused confusion for at least this writer. LILACS to local writer Jess Walter for landing on former president Barack Obama’s year end favorite books list. We Live In Water is a collection of stories of people on the edges of society, who are not always looked upon favorably but nevertheless live lives of honor. LILACS to U-Haul International who, beginning this month, will no longer hire smokers or vapers. Smokers raise health insurance rates and lead to lost productivity due to cig breaks and sick days. As a nonsmoker, it’s easy for me to get on my high horse, but when habits affect coworkers and the bottom line, it seems like a good decision. The more smoking is demonized, the fewer will take up the habit and we will all win. LILACS to the Spokane Public Library for moving the Shadle Library to Northtown for a few years while the branch is being remodeled. Putting services like this in shopping malls helps fill their empty space and makes them town centers.

Both malls and government offices need to keep thinking outside the box. See next item: LEMONS to Amazon as they keep decimating retail in America while we all keep drinking the Kool-Aid, lamenting the loss of our favorite stores while continuing to order online to save $1.43 on stockings. Ever wonder how a small country can completely wipe out their entire supply of trees for economic gain? We’re doing it to ourselves right now, kissing our entire way of life goodbye, a la Gone With The Wind. In a recent copy of the Spokesman-Review, multiple retail stores announced Going Out of Business Sales; all blamed Amazon. Goodbye Mountain Gear. Goodbye Jigsaw. Goodbye Sears. Goodbye Payless Shoes. Goodbye Dodson’s Jewelers. All canaries in the coal mine. LILACS to the Spokane Comedy Club for booking Stormy Daniels to Spokane on February 17. It will be interesting to see how she mines comedy gold from her liaisons with the president. When compiling a list of her greatest attributes, we probably wouldn’t have put “sense of humor” near the top of it; if nothing else, we think it’s good she can wring laughs out of her travails. LEMONS to Spokane employers who had people working at a buck or two above the new minimum wage and didn’t raise their pay when the minimum wage went up to $13.50 per hour. If you’ve slowly worked your way up from $10 per hour to $13.50 or $14 and then new hires get practically the same as you, it can be demoralizing. Wages wouldn’t need to all go up by the same amount, but to let employees go for merely asking questions about how the minimum wage increase affects their pay seems wrong.

FIRST LOOK/artist’s eye

artist’seye by Megan Perkins

Megan Perkins uses her brush to capture the spirit of Spokane places and events, exploring her hometown with paint and love. Follow her adventures on Instagram @artistseyeonspokane, Facebook and meganperkinsart.com.

The Otis Hotel was built in 1911 and called the Willard at the time. It went through

multiple owners and names over the years, becoming the Otis in 1956. It has stood mostly empty and unused in the most recent decades, but after an intense clean up and remodeling effort, it is now on the cusp to reopen as Hotel Indigo, a part of an international hotel group. I'm sad to see the historic sign didn't survive the construction effort—but am excited to see what the remodeled interior looks like and good thing I'll always have this painting of the old Otis to remember it by.



FIRST LOOK/spokane rising

spokanerising by Anthony Gill

Planning for a WORKING DOWNTOWN Every 10 years, local residents have an opportunity to co-create a vision for the future of

our urban core. The practice dates back to the city’s beginnings, but reached its heyday in the early 1970s, when years of perceived decline led property owners, civic groups, and the City to jointly push for the massive transformation which led to Riverfront Park. Such an update to the Downtown Plan is now underway, and while downtown doesn’t face the same challenges it once did, the concerns sound familiar. Some of the area’s fastest-growing companies, like etailz, Stay Alfred, and others are eschewing downtown in favor of Liberty Lake and Spokane Valley. Independent businesses sometimes express concern about rising commercial lease rates. False perceptions about parking availability or affordability drive flawed decision-making. And some businesses on the eastern edge of downtown feel perceptions about people experiencing homelessness are keeping would-be customers away. This year’s plan update cannot address all of these concerns, and it shouldn’t. But it could make a dent by helping downtown grow as a place to work. Many companies––particularly those most likely to locate in the most premium area of our city––make location decisions based not solely on lease rates, but also on amenities, livability,



Anthony Gill is an economic development professional, graduate student, and founder of Spokane Rising, an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live.

and the perspectives of their employees. The City and downtown boosters should consider this employee perspective when crafting the plan update. For example, could we adopt a more formal food truck program (and not just on Fridays) to ensure a wider variety of lunch options? Perhaps explore summertime lunch-hour or evening live music? Downtown Seattle has found significant success in solving parking and traffic challenges by working directly with employers to encourage transit use and carpooling. As the Central City Line, the Monroe-Regal Line, and other highfrequency transit routes are built out, could we require employers to forego subsidized parking in favor of subsidized transit passes? What if we did more to ensure downtown employees had the necessities they need within walking distance? Childcare facilities, dry cleaners, pet boarding, and on-site gyms may not be as sexy as a new skyscraper, but for a working downtown, they’re both desperately needed and, in the present situation, woefully missing. And then there’s the developmentrelated question. For many small offices, it’s easy (and relatively cheap) to start in a downtown building like the Bennett Block or the Sherwood. But as a business adds employees, space in larger buildings like the Wells Fargo or Bank of America Tower, can be costly and out of proportion. So the business decamps for Liberty Lake. We need more middle-of-the-road options which, short of the recently-opened and now-full Wonder Building, downtown just doesn’t provide. The plan should absolutely include some strategies for addressing this gap in the market. Downtown continues to thrive as we enter this new decade. But to keep it moving forward, we should work to make it a better place for people to work.



FIRST LOOK/Coeur d’Alene Resort

roadtrip by Erin Peterson

in Coeur d’ Alene After crushing your goals in January, you deserve to treat yourself. When you live in an area that boasts a world-class resort, it’s easy to make a reservation and get to enjoy all of the benefits of the lake without having to travel too far to get there.



14TH AND GRAND SALON 509.624.7263

(509) 731-3807


Call today for a quote! FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


FIRST LOOK/Coeur d’Alene Resort names like Lavender Mountain Spirit and Blissful Cedar Waters, the tone is set for the experience. I chose the “Fragrant Forest” treatment, which was code for three hours of bliss. It included a spruce and cedar exfoliation, the most self-indulgent showers I’ve ever been in with over a dozen showerheads, a leisurely soak in a jetted tub, Swedish massage and scalp massage. I practically floated back to my room afterward. Looking to find something for two? Reward yourself and your loved one with a couple’s treatment. They have side-by-side Aromatherapy Massages in the romantic Couple’s Suite which has a beautiful cozy fireplace and a spectacular lake view, where you can relax and reconnect as you receive your massages together. If you’re more adventurous, they offer a series of “Live Well” retreats that include yoga, hikes, meditation and access to the heated infinity pool by the water.

— Eat —

— Stay —

— Play —

When it comes to the art of the staycation, the Coeur d'Alene Resort has it down. From the moment you walk through the revolving doors in the lobby, you will be transported into a state of pure relaxation. The rooms are a peaceful oasis from our daily responsibilities without a chore or to-do list in sight. If you want romance, this is your best bet in the Inland Northwest. From the panoramic views of the lake to the myriad of amenities and services, everyone who stays here is treated like a VIP. Be sure to pick a fireplace suite overlooking the lake, and if you’re planning on spending some quality time relaxing in your room, it is best to get one on a higher floor for an even better view. Pro tip: there is one suite in particular that has a hot tub on the deck, and the only way to request this one is by calling the hotel directly.

Looking for leisure? The indoor pool and hot tub are appointed with glittering blue tile, and it feels every inch the high-end luxury destination. Even more pampering on your agenda? The day spa is utterly magic, and no matter which treatment you select, you’ll be sure to melt away the stress of the workweek. For four consecutive years, The Spa at The Coeur d’Alene Resort has been ranked one of the top resort spas in America, according to Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List, while MSNBC.com has named it one of the “World’s Most Romantic Spas.” After visiting, I now know exactly why. The menu of treatment options is relaxing in and of itself. You can choose between more than a dozen different massage treatments providing various kinds of relaxation and pain relief or a spa package that leaves you breathless. With



The Coeur d’Alene Resort’s award-winning Food and Wine Festival is back this year from February 7-9—and is filled with so many amazing activities that it may be hard for you to pick which ones you want to attend. From the opportunities to try a huge variety of gourmet foods to the absolutely stunning accommodations, no detail was overlooked. Can’t make it to the festival? Beverly's is open all year long and is the ultimate North Idaho dining experience. The restaurant’s name is synonymous with wine, as they have a well-curated selection in their cellar, as well as an on-site sommelier whose job it is to be the matchmaker for every guest to find the perfect wine to pair with their meal. We always find something rare, memorable and delightful with their help. Executive Chef Jim Barrett has crafted a new menu that shows off the best products of the season and executed with the highest precision. He knows exactly what diners expect, and he takes great pleasure in delivering a satisfying meal in a refined style. Highly recommended appetizers on their current menu include the brie en croute, delicately wrapped in puff pastry and

accompanied by dried cherries, pistachios, and a balsamic glaze, and the crispy crab cakes, served with tobiko caviar and a particularly dazzling Bloody Mary sauce. As far as entrees go, you cannot go wrong in ordering the pan-seared British Columbia King Salmon, which has a vegetable quinoa salad and roasted skillet corn (the best I’ve ever had) or the osso bucco, which literally falls off the bone. After a full day and night of indulgence, we woke up late to the resort's wellappointed room service on our deck. Wrapped in our fluffy hotel robes watching the steam rise from our coffee while overlooking the lake made this stay a perfect getaway—and made us never want to leave.

THE SCENE/spokane pulse


SNOWY STROLL by Caili Hartman Instagram @cailihart

THE SCENE/spokane pulse

WINTER WONDERLAND RIVERSIDE STATE PARK by Irfan Chaudhry Instagram @irfandesign We had driven to Spokane from our home in Seattle to see family. Having settled in for a few days, my girls decided to go shopping while I decided to go play in the snow instead. I think I got the better end of the deal.



SUNRISE FROM THE SNOW PEAK CABIN SHERMAN PASS IN THE COLVILLE NATIONAL FOREST by Jon Jonckers Instagram @jonjonckers Almost every winter sunrise from the Snow Peak Cabin is special. Located near Sherman Pass in the Colville National Forest, this cabin sits at an elevation of 6,400 feet on a ridge in the Kettle River Mountain Range. Views in the surrounding area stretch from the Cascades to the mountains of Canada and even northern Idaho.

RADIANT WINTER ELKINS RESORT AT PRIEST LAKE by Monica Kirchner Instagram @atlas_ photography_art Nothing like sunshine after a fresh snow fall in North Idaho. This particular photo was taken at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake a couple years ago. About a week later, this creek (as well as the majority of the lake) completely froze over. It is always a pretty incredible sight to see. FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


SAND PLASTIC SURGERY My passion is to build relationships with my patients and help them both look and feel their best. — Jordan P. Sand, M.D., F.A.C.S. Double Board-Certified Award-Winning Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Nat Geo Live:

When Women Ruled the World


hen it comes to women in power, we’ve come a long way … right? Join Dr. Kara Cooney, professor of Egyptology, for a look at a time in ancient history when women ruled the world. Kara Cooney is a professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA who specializes in the study of craft production, coffins, and ancient world economics. Cooney earned her PhD in Egyptology from Johns Hopkins University in 2002 and has studied nearly 300 coffins in collections around the world. In 2014 she released a biography titled The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt about one of Egypt’s poorly known leaders. Often neglected in the history books, women of ancient history were considered exceptions to the rule, political pawns in a patriarchal society. But their power and influence is undeniable. Cleopatra used her sexuality—and her money—to build alliances with warlords of the Roman empire. Neferusobek was the first woman to definitively take the title of King. Nefertiti is known more for her beauty than for bringing a fractured Egypt together. What can we learn from how these women ruled? Dr. Cooney shares some illuminating answers. February 13 at First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.











THE SCENE/lilac lit

lilac lit by Sharma Shields

Sharma Shields, born and raised in Spokane, is the author of Favorite Monster: Stories and The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac: A Novel. She lives on the South Hill with her husband and two children.

Favorite Reads of the

As 2020 progresses, I’ve been marveling over

how much can happen in 10 years. Since 2009, I published my first books (one story collection and two novels), became a mother to two amazing children, got sober (finally), and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It’s been in many ways the most significant decade of my life. It’s also been a great decade of reading, maybe thanks to my working for the Spokane County Library District and now for the Perry District’s brand new Wishing Tree Books. I’ve been thinking quite a lot of my favorite novels and memoirs over these last 10 years and have come up with a list of some of them. This is not at all a comprehensive list. If it were, it would also mention works by Jess Walter, Shann Ray, Shawn Vestal, and other local names you’re sure to recognize. Not to mention myriad others I’m forgetting. But here are a handful of favorites, some local, some international, in no particular order. I’ve included a short description of each book and why I loved it.




—Pachinko by Min Jin Lee: A family epic set in Korea and Japan as good as anything by Tolstoy or Henry James. —Kintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi: Another brilliant epic following a cursed family in Uganda. —Neapolitan Novels (beginning with My Brilliant Friend) by Elena Ferrante: A study of two close friends in an impoverished and violent Italian village. I binged all four books at once; they are absolutely riveting. —She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore: Magic realism at its best, as historically informative about Liberia’s beginnings as it is fantastical, breathtaking. —Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders: A heartbreaking, life-affirming work inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s mourning of both his son and the boys lost in the Civil War. Funny, wacky, unlike anything else. —The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro: Ishiguro embraces full fantasy in this Arthurian legend, exploring themes of marriage, dedication, and morality. —Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin: A nightmarish recounting of environmental terror, translated from the Spanish (Schweblin is from Argentina). —The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips: A novel about a young woman and her husband and their strange, surreal jobs. This book is a study in tone, as consistent in its absurdity and tenderness as Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading. —So Lucky by Nicola Griffith: A stunning, gripping narrative of the monster of ableism, recounted by a powerful queer narrator who has multiple sclerosis. —Marrow Island by Alexis Smith: An earthquake hits the Northwest and serves as an unsettling backdrop for this novel about lost love and a mysterious colony dedicated to “ministering to the Earth.” —The Flood Girls by Richard Fifield: A recovering alcoholic returns to her very small town in remote Northwestern Montana to make amends. Hilarity, deep sorrow, and a powerful community of “broads” make this book unforgettable, particularly after one haunting, violent scene in a wintry forest. —Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward: No one writes about American poverty with more power than Jesmyn Ward. This novel is a road trip mixed with a ghost story; it will grab you by the throat. —The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui: An illustrated memoir about parenthood and the anguish of a family fleeing Vietnam. —The Beadworkers by Beth Piatote: Lyrical stories that pull at you like a river, thrumming with grief, place, and community. I was astonished by the beauty and uplift of each story’s ending. —Pigs by Johanna Stoberock: A harrowing, magical, environmental allegory oft compared to Lord of the Flies but which reads to me more like Atwood’s phenomenal Oryx and Crake series. By a writer in Walla Walla.

d Owne Locally urnishings F e Home yle Boutiqu t s e if L &

—The Vegetarian by Han Kang: A suspenseful, deftly written novel, nightmarish in tone, that begins with a troubled woman’s refusal to eat meat. —The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani: No adult is without guilt in this French novel (by a Franco-Moroccan writer) about class and race. The story unfolds from the horrific murder of two children. —Caca Dolce by Chelsea Martin: This book of essays can be summed up by one of its most powerful lines, which I repeat to myself when heartbroken over my past mistakes: “I’ve come to think of all of my past selves as if they are my daughters. I want to stand up for them, to make sure that even when they were being very bad they were still loved and understood, even if only by their future self.” Just, wow. —The Round House by Louise Erdrich: A torpedo of a book, penetrating the ongoing disturbances of colonialism and the ways Native children and women are continually harmed. An absolute must read. —On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong: A poetic novel about forgiveness, trauma, and gentleness. This semi-autobiographical work is framed as a letter from a son to his illiterate mother, an immigrant from Vietnam. Be sure to order your books from Auntie’s Bookstore and/or Wishing Tree Books. You can also request any of these titles through Spokane Public Library or Spokane County Library District.

Cheers to the New Year!

Jacki and Kim wo for market to rking to prepare source exciting producnew and ts

Private shopping experience by appointment, curbside pick up & e-gift cards available. Wed–Sat 10-4 | 1407 W 1st, SavvyHomeSpokane.com






SharpShooting.net // (509) 535-4444 // 1200 N Freya, Spokane FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


THE SCENE/tony brown

chefspotlight by Erin Peterson




Working at places like Twigs, Luna, and Mizuna, Tony Brown built his career with a refined approach that contributed to his inspiration in opening Stella's, followed by Ruins. These two spots were decidedly casual in ambiance, but the food uses affordable fine-dining techniques. After closing Stella’s for a few years and focusing on the ever-rotating regionally and globallyinspired menu at Ruins, he brought it back in the Saranac Commons, much to the city’s delight. At Ruins, don’t expect to get a reservation, no matter who you are; seating is a first-come, firstserved basis. Recently he opened two more restaurants in the same location that was the most highly anticipated of the year—Hunt and Eyvind, solidifying his place as a Spokane restaurant institution. After you walk down photo by Sylvia Fountaine the 100-year-old stairs (that miraculously don’t creak) and see the dynamically lit animal skull against the pale green wall, the stage is set for the “elevated campfire food” at Hunt. The space is rustic and cozy with furniture built with salvaged wood from the restaurant’s renovation. A private dining room is shrouded with what appears to be a canvas tent, adding to the intended effect. With items on the menu like braised rabbit stroganoff, smoked trout with mustard creme fraiche, this spot will especially appeal to the dedicated carnivore but has several options for vegan and vegetarian diners as well. Dishes like root vegetable stew with seed pesto and warm chickpeas with smoked tomato are hearty and satisfying. Upstairs, Eyvind is a completely different feel. With the ambiance and décor inspired by Eyvind Earle, known for majestic and

ethereal background painting for early animated films for Walt Disney, it is a great spot for date night or a business meeting. There are four distinct dining areas—one by the window, another at the bar, one tucked away in an alcove under a stunning chandelier with a little more privacy, and my favorite, the chef ’s counter. This open kitchen gives you a full view of the impeccably focused crew working to serve both the upstairs and downstairs diners. One of Tony’s greatest strengths is seeking out exceptional talent. Chefs Chong Vang, formerly of Inland Pacific Kitchen, and Jonathan Seaman Cwik, a rising star who recently completed an internship at Noma, were selected by Tony to take on the loosely vegetable-focused menu with unique proteins upstairs, and their talent shines through in every plate and bowl. Elegant dishes like duck with perfectly crispy skin (and still somehow medium-rare) atop a bed of parsnip puree with a hint of vanilla and topped with a pistachio crumble show the complexity of the abilities and imagination of the culinary team. Tony can be seen anywhere around the restaurant at any given moment. Like a proud father awaiting a child being born, he smiles through his nerves as the new establishment finds its rhythm and formulates systems to make every element of the service efficient and refined. He lends a hand wherever it is needed, with no pretense. Smiling and laughing with his crew as he manages the flow of the evening, it is clear he continues to earn their respect, and in the end, that is the most notable ingredient we found in this restaurant.



THE SCENE/lonna smith

heartofspokane photo by ShyBeast, LLC


Lonna Smith Executive Director, Wishing Star Foundation



Do you have a personal connection to the organization? We are a “wish” family. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer two years ago at age 17. We were introduced to Wishing Star through Andrea Kilgore, the Wishing Star program director. What is something people may not know about the work of your organization? I believe the greatest misconception is that Wishing Star only grants wishes. Granting wishes is one of our services for our families. We also have Beyond the Wish activities for the families, which include seasonal activities, sporting events, concerts, Christmas giving, theater tickets and more. We offer assistance with travel and lodging for our wish kiddos who have to travel outside of the community for medical treatment. Our final program is called After the Wish, which includes assisting our families who lose their child with financial assistance for funeral arrangements, grief counseling and then, at the six month anniversary of the child’s death, we send the parents away on a trip to help them reconnect and heal. We always say, “Once a wish family, always a wish family.” What do you love most about our community? It is such a privilege to work in a community who is so generous and compassionate. Not only with their resources but with their time and talents, too. I am always blown away by the tremendous outpouring we receive when we share a need with the community.   How do you let go and enjoy personal time? I have to be extremely intentional about self-care in this role. It is easy to stay wrapped up in Wishing Star because I love our kids and families so much. However, I do like to hike, read and travel in my free time. Who is your ideal volunteer? An ideal volunteer would be somebody who is passionate about serving their community. A person who loves children and wants to invest their time and talents, into making our wish kids and their families lives better.

Who is your ideal donor? While we welcome all donors to join us in our mission, we really strive to cultivate community partnerships. We want to have relationships with our donors/partners where we can reach out and help them as well—whether it be a child within their company, or community or if we can help promote their business through our partnership. What sets your organization apart from other nonprofits? We are the longest running wish granting organization west of the Mississippi (36 years old). Our organization is truly “home grown,” being born by an area first grade teacher in 1983 who had a little boy who was stricken with brain cancer and passed away. Her response to the grief was to cash in her 401K, buy new tires for her car with the money and begin knocking on doors, asking for support. We are the only nonprofit who will be launching VGo, a robotic computer monitor that attends class in a child's place when they are hospital and home bound because of their illness. The VGo allows the child to interact in the classroom, receive classroom instruction and provides socialization with their friends and peers at school. It will revolutionize how medically challenged children receive academic support. What excites you about the future of the organization? We are on schedule to triple our wishes this year. We have increased our staffing to accommodate this growth as well as expanded our service area to Central and Southern Idaho as well as Western Washington. What does the organization most need now? We need people, corporations, organizations and businesses who have a passion to help children in need to partner with Wishing Star. Community involvement is what helps drive our programs. Without the generosity of our partners, we wouldn’t be able to serve all the children we have and continue to grant wishes and provide support for those kids in need. For more information, visit wishingstar.org.

Mission: Wishing Star fosters hope, community and lasting memories by granting wishes for children with terminal, life-threatening or medically complicated conditions and supporting their families beyond the wish. Major Annual Event: Taste Spokane, February 28, Northern Quest Resort and Casino, 7-10 p.m. Admire a leader in philanthropy? Please email stephanie@spokanecda.com with details to see them featured in a future issue in The Heart of Spokane. FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


THE SCENE/february happenings

datebook by Ann Foreyt

February 11-12:

Spokane Symphony: Chamber Soiree on the Stage: Valentine’s Day

Opening February 8:

Pompeii: The Immortal City

This exhibition will plunge you into the heart of the drama and the ruins of the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, lost for almost 1500 years after being buried by a catastrophic volcanic eruption in 79 AD. Now the most advanced scientific research brings to light the extraordinary achievements of Pompeii and Roman society. You’ll see artworks and artifacts that take you into the world of a first-century Roman town. Then hear the roar of Mount Vesuvius and feel the earth move under your feet as the volcano erupts before your eyes. Museum of Arts and Culture. 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 456-3931, northwestmuseum. org. 44


Experience the Chamber Soirée Series at one of the most intimate musical settings in Spokane — onstage at The Fox. You will be seated at a table on the stage facing the breathtaking view of the theater auditorium and surrounded by phenomenal sound. Small ensembles of symphony musicians will perform chamber works from baroque to contemporary. Coffee and dessert are included with your ticket purchase and a selection of premium wines are available for purchase by the glass. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. foxtheaterspokane.org.

February 14-March 1:

Lonely Planet Explores friendship and fear in the age of the AIDS crisis. Jody is in his forties and runs a map store. Not one for the outside world, he stays in all the time. His friend, Carl, in his late thirties, has been bringing the chairs of dead friends into Jody’s store, leaving them there. When Jody needs to take an HIV test, Carl tries to convince him it is not only okay to leave, but also that he must take responsibility for his life. Stage Left Theatre. 108 W. 3rd Ave. spokanestageleft.org.

February 21:

Spokane Symphony Movies and Music: Back to the Future in Concert Power up your DeLorean, recharge your flux capacitor, and get ready to experience Back to the Future as you’ve never seen and heard it before. In this time-traveling coming-of-age story, Marty McFly suddenly finds himself transported back to 1955, where he struggles to change the destiny of his parents, rescue an eccentric friend from terrorists, and solve an alternativeplutonium crisis … all while trying to ensure he has a future to get back to. Now, fans old and new will experience the thrill of Back to the Future like never before – on a big hi-def screen with a full symphony orchestra performing Alan Silverstri’s dazzling musical score live in synch with the movie. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. foxtheaterspokane.org. FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


THE SCENE/february happenings

Fair,” “The Boxer,” “The Sound Of Silence” and many more. This is a show not to be missed. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

Through February 23:

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder When the low-born Monty Navarro finds out that he’s eighth in line for an earldom in the lofty D’Ysquith family, he figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and sets off down a far more ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives without being caught and become the ninth Earl of Highhurst? And what of love? Because murder isn’t the only thing on Monty’s mind … A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is a murderous romp filled with unforgettable music and non-stop laughs. Spokane Civic Theatre. 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 325-2507. For tickets: (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

February 26:

The Simon and Garfunkel Story Now seen by over a 1/4 million people across the world, ‘The Simon and Garfunkel Story’ is a critically acclaimed concert style theatre show about two young boys from Queens, New York who went on to become the world’s most successful music duo of all time. Using state of the art video projection, incredible lighting and a full live band The Simon & Garfunkel Story is a moving and powerful concert featuring all the hits such as “Mrs Robinson,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Homeward Bound,” “Scarborough



February 28:

Taste Spokane – a night at the speakeasy Wishing Star Foundation is proud to present their 14th annual Taste Spokane on Friday, February 28 at Northern Quest Resort and Casino for a fabulous evening with live entertainment, delicious sips and divine bites all to support children facing life-threatening illnesses and their families. Learn about their mission, meet wish families, and feel good about a truly special night out. Granting wishes never felt—or tasted—so good. General admission tickets are available for purchase at $75, or become a VIP for $100. VIP guests will be invited to early admission and will receive a souvenir Wishing Star glass, commemorative swag bag, reserved seating and more. For tickets or more information, visit wishingstar.org.

February 28-March 22:

Cabaret In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920’s draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the emcee’s bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Cliff, a young American writer newly arrived in Berlin, is immediately taken by English singer Sally Bowles. Meanwhile, Fräulein Schneider, proprietor of Cliff and Sally’s boarding house, tentatively begins a romance with Herr Schultz, a mild-mannered fruit seller who happens to be Jewish. Musical numbers include “Willkommen,” “Cabaret,” “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Two Ladies.” Spokane Civic Theatre. 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 325-2507. For tickets: (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

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VALLEY 1401 N. ARGONNE 921-1944 | SOUTH 2821 E. 27 AVE 533-6300 | NORTH 634 W. GARLAND 290-5029 th



THE SCENE/february happenings

February 29-March 1:

Chicago There’s never been a better time to experience Chicago, Broadway’s razzle-dazzle smash. This triumphant hit musical is the recipient of six Tony Awards, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy, thousands of standing ovations and now the #1 longest-running American Musical in Broadway history. Chicago has everything that makes Broadway great: a universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz; one show-stopping song after another; and the most astonishing dancing

Somewhere between


BrickHouseMassage.com 509-891-1999 48


March 8:

The Bachelor Live on Stage The most successful reality romance series in the history of television is coming to your hometown. The Bachelor Live On Stage official tour guarantees all the drama, the gossip and the romance of your favorite TV show in one delightful evening for the ultimate fan party. Previous Bachelor and Bachelorette favorites will serve as your hosts, as one eligible hometown Bachelor is

you’ve ever seen. Whether you’re looking for your first Broadway musical, whether you’ve seen the Academy Award-winning film and want to experience the show live on stage or whether you’ve seen it before and want to recapture the magic, Chicago always delivers. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

introduced to local ladies from the audience for a chance at love. Come to enjoy the show, or come to fall in love. This engaging and hilarious experience will give you and your friends plenty to gossip about and fit an entire season of Bachelor drama into one evening. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.



facebook.com/shybeast | 509.850.2225 | shybeastllc@gmail.com | Instagram@shybeastllc 50





March 26, 2020 6:00pm–9:00pm

Hidden Ballroom 39 W Pacific Ave | Spokane Best Doctor: FREE Tickets: $35/ea Table of 8: $240 Table of 10: $300

2 0 2 0

Join Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living’s inaugural Best Doctors Dinner to coincide with the annual magazine feature honoring medical professionals in our region who are chosen based on peer recommendations. To honor this year’s Best Doctors, their practices, and their families, we invite you to celebrate with us over dinner, networking, awards, and connective conversation.

Guest Speaker Geoff McLachlan, founder and CEO of Professionals at Play, is a nationally renowned speaker with a demonstrated history of creating magic in the civic and social organization industries.


Save theDate

Wednesday April 22, 2020 7:30am–9:30am

CenterPlace Regional Event Center 2426 N Discovery Pl, Spokane Valley

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This C.E. Feltis masterpiece is the largest and most distinguished of all of the homes he built. Sits atop the boulevard just 65 yards from the serene Japanese Gardens. Old World Charm featured throughout with built-ins and hardwood floors. The ground level walk-out is well suited for an in-law suite or AirBnB. Offers tiered front gardens. Backyard is a gently sloping blank canvas. Eligible for historic preservation status. Come see this well-kept gem today! 3,504 SF • 0.22 acre lot • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths $475,000

Mead School District. Exceptional Upper Gleneden home with nearly $40,000 in recent updates. New kitchen counters with eat bar, beautiful hickory cabinets, and newer appliances. All new luxurious master suite with walk-in closet and stepless shower. Fresh interior paint, new flooring including stairs, expansive back deck. Gas heat, central A/C and 9 assorted fruit trees in an oversized backyard. 4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths $339,000





Gorgeous Pacific Park contemporary home sited on a quiet culde-sac. Living room features gas fireplace & wall of windows. Kitchen with eating bar & dining area that opens to entertaining deck & brick patio. Finished daylight basement. Spacious, treed, fenced - nearly 1/3 acre - backyard with sprinkler system. Three car garage, gas heat & hot water, plus central air All appliances stay. Convenient access to Albertson's, Sundance Plaza, Spokane Public Library, restaurants & other amenities. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths $300,000

Charming Airway Heights rancher. One level living featuring open floor plan. Pergo flooring in kitchen and dining room. Four ceiling fans. All appliances stay. Covered patio. Storage shed. Convenient to shopping, dining and entertainment. Easy access to downtown Spokane. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath $189,900


y taking a few moments of your time to set up a relaxing and romantic setting, you are able to express your appreciation for the simple pleasures in life, while making yourself—and your partner—feel loved in ways you won’t soon forget. Keep the five senses in mind as you pull together every special detail to lend a spa-like experience. To create the floral ice mold wine bottle chiller: cut a milk carton in half, place an empty tin can in the middle of the carton and fill the can with coins. Pour purified water in the carton, adding flowers and berries. Freeze for 24 hours. Let thaw for 15 minutes before removing the tin and peeling off the carton. Add your favorite bottle of wine and feel dazzled. Styled by Diane Holm | @whitepicketfenceco whitepicketfence.co Photo by Hannah LaBolle @hannahsophiaphotographer hannahsophiaphotographer.com Home by Aspen Home | aspenhomes.com

A Little Love Soak


THE by Diane Holm






Hill by Sarah Hauge photography by RL Miller Photography


hen my husband first saw the house, he said that to make it appealing ‘would be like putting lipstick on a pig,’” says Dawn Sorensen, describing the reaction of her husband, Larry, to the 1944 South Hill Colonial they purchased—against his better instincts—in 2018. “I had a vision for it,” says Dawn. But “it was kind of a jump of faith for him.” Previously, the couple and their daughter, Natalie, had been living about 15 minutes out from Spokane. The impetus for a move to the South Hill was cutting down on drive time, but they weren’t interested in taking on a large-scale renovation. This home, though, had undergone a significant overhaul by the previous owner that included a renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms and building an addition (a sunroom on the main floor and a walk-in master closet and sitting area upstairs), all done by Hug Construction. Having major projects like the kitchen and bathrooms already completed, and in a style she loved to boot, was a major selling point for Dawn. “I feel like we got really lucky,” she says.

The Sorensens hired architect Nancy McKennon and worked with Hug Construction to finish the basement (which includes a family room, a bathroom, and a “man cave”), build a mudroom to attach the garage to the home, and add on a covered front porch. In combination with gas lanterns, black shutters, and a repaved driveway and front walkway, the Sorensens’ contributions imbued the exterior (previously “almost like a pillbox”) with major curb appeal.



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As Dawn puts it, the home got “a face lift.” The classic lines and timeless elements—like white walls and dark wood floors, basketweave tile and crown molding—provide a neutral backdrop for the variety of styles Dawn mixes seamlessly in the décor. “My style incorporates bits of eclectic, contemporary, transitional, downright traditional…and world vibe,” Dawn says. “I love to mix it up.” The home combines, for instance, a contemporary ghost chair and globe pendants with the hutch the Sorensens had built in to showcase Dawn’s collection of china. “I think it’s okay





Realtor, Residential Specialist


I sincerely love what I do. It is a tremendous privilege and blessing to service my clients, friends, family and new clients who become friends. Real Estate is a service industry and I take great pride in caring for people and building relationships with them. to have your contemporary light fixtures and your traditional china,� she says. Not everybody likes china, she acknowledges, but she does, so why not display it? Your home, she believes, should be a place where you celebrate your own passions and your family’s history.

My focus is to provide outstanding customer service based upon my experience in communications, marketing, and negotiations. Honesty and integrity in every phase and earning your trust are my priorities.



The thoughtful display of collections contributes to this home’s personality: the row of cookie jars in the kitchen, the vintage Russian toleware purchased on Etsy, a grouping of blue and white pottery picked up during travels to countries including Mexico and Bali. “Our big passion as a family is travel,” says Dawn. Pieces from those travels include an array of



artwork from Bali in the dining room and the gorgeous painting from Guatemala that anchors one wall in the sunroom. There are groupings throughout the

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home of family photos, many of them taken by family friend and photographer Angela Parris of Stillpoint Photography. Dawn, who formerly worked as a buyer in the design and fashion industry, had told herself prior to getting married and having a child that she would never fill her house with family photos. “I’m not going to plaster pictures all over my house,” she remembers thinking. But now, they’re everywhere. “You should display what you love. It makes you feel good,” she’s come to realize. Dawn loves pops of whimsy—whether that be the group of porcelain dwarves she purchased at Farm Chicks, a row of dog paintings hanging in the bathroom (their dogs Odey, Bandit, and Teddy “are a big part of our family,” she says), or the statement peel-and-stick floral wallpaper in the powder room. “I love wallpaper in small spaces, like a powder room or a closet,” she says. Peel-and-stick wallpaper was also used to hang the mural in her horse-loving daughter’s room, where the canopy bed is complemented

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by a string of twinkle lights. The upstairs hallway is decorated with another fun element: framed artwork Natalie created over the years, which makes a major impact when grouped together on photo ledges. “I’m not afraid of color—I love color,” Dawn says.




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Before Throughout the home there’s a mix of things purchased recently and some they’ve owned for decades. “Let your space evolve over time,” Dawn recommends. “You don’t want your home to look like a catalog from a major retailer, where everything was purchased all at once.” This philosophy applies to other design elements. In the spacious kitchen, for instance, there are gorgeous Caesarstone countertops, both gray and white cabinetry, and a combination of stainless appliances and brass hardware. This mix adds visual interest and avoids anything matchy-matchy. “A mixture of metals—brass, bronze, silver, and copper—is beautiful,” Dawn notes. Personality is further imbued through accessories and furnishings: light fixtures (an assortment that includes globe lighting, capiz chandeliers, and lamps), art collected locally and around the world, wallpaper, Moroccan rugs purchased on Etsy, and antiques and heirlooms like an armoire most likely dating back to 1800s France and the 1940s table



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and chairs in the dining room that once belonged to Dawn’s grandmother. Textiles are also important, like the vibrant, embroidered aviary-themed curtains from Anthropologie in the sunroom. Dawn also hung sheer curtains in this space to add privacy in a room that runs the risk of feeling a bit like a fishbowl with its many windows. Other design guidelines Dawn likes to follow in her own space? Adding a touch of black in every room (“Pops of black help ground and elevate a room), using fresh flowers and greenery to breathe life into your space, and mixing high-end pieces with vintage and eclectic finds. “There’s no shame in shopping at Target, which is one of my favorite stores,” she says. And then there’s the key that brings it all together: EDIT. “Less is more,” says Dawn. “In the words of my husband…‘That means just remember, all your husband’s $*!+ is clutter and confine it to a room called “the man cave” or a closet or a drawer,’” she says with a laugh. “In all seriousness, don’t try to display everything at once.” Moving from 15 minutes away to this neighborhood has been a welcome change for Dawn. When they moved in, “We had several neighbors stop by within two days,” she says, bringing cookies and banana bread and a bottle of wine. With the warm welcome and the location—a short walk to Manito and Cannon Hill Parks—they felt connected to the community right away. “I just love the architectural variety of the neighborhood,” says Dawn. “It’s not a cookie-cutter neighborhood.” There’s a mix of Tudors, brick, Colonial, Spanish, and craftsman homes, and both older residents who’ve lived in their homes for decades and younger families walking their kids to the bus stop. She appreciates the leap of faith her husband took, “Believing in my vision for the house and supporting me in that,” she says. And she appreciates this house, where they could build on what existed and take the next steps to make it their own. “I am really grateful we found this home.”

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photo by Fernando Willadino, cosentino.com

by Darin Burt

No Stone Unturned Look beyond the surface when picking the perfect material for your kitchen countertop 70


You’ve all heard the saying, beauty is only skin deep. When it comes to stone countertops, beauty may be mostly on the surface, but the real appeal of the material—whether created by Mother Nature or man-made—is for durability, ease of maintenance and versatility as much as for style. Many of us are familiar with granite, marble and quartz. These materials have different attributes and limitations. Marble is porous, which can stain easily. Granite needs to be sealed to prevent wear. There is a new option on the kitchen scene and, according to Art Churkin, sales rep at NW Granite, it doesn’t mean making a compromise.

Aura Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton, by Cosentino, has many positive attributes. Described as “an ultracompact surface made from a blend of the same raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz,” what sets Dekton apart from other engineered stone is how it's produced. “Through extreme heat and pressure, we’re able to replicate in a matter of hours what it takes Mother Nature over thousands of years to make on her own,” the manufacturer states. That process makes Dekton extremely strong and durable enough to be used indoors and out—we're


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COUNTERTOPS Countertops are the first thing you see and the first thing guests notice when they come in. Find quality granite, quartz and other fine stone from NW Granite. CABINETS NW Granite offers all the options from pre-manufactured to fully customized cabinets to fit any budget and customer’s needs, from home flippers to basic renovators to custom home builders. FLOORING Tile, Laminate, and LVP, NW Granite has it all to provide you with the floors you will love to walk on! VOTED BEST OF SPOKANE

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talking "completely impervious to scratches, stains, heat, ice, or thawing.” To prove the point, NW Granite poured a flammable liquid onto a slab of Dekton and lit it on fire—not a mark or even a sign of singeing. “It's really an almost indestructible stone in terms of everyday use,” Churkin says. “It's the only stone that is heat proof. You can take pans out of the oven or off the stove and put them directly on your countertop without worrying about damaging that surface.” With low maintenance, high durability and endless color choices, engineered quartz offers a tempting alternative to natural stone countertops. This material is often referred to simply as quartz, but the name “engineered stone” gives you a better idea of what it is. Unlike natural stone, which is cut from granite, marble or sandstone, engineered

stone counters are made from around 95 percent ground quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals on the planet, with a mix of polymer resins. The finished result is incredibly durable and does not require sealing like natural stone. Many manufacturers provide warranties ranging from 10 to 15 years to a lifetime. “Being a man-made product means it is engineered for maximum durability and ease of maintenance,” states CJ Jenkins of Gargoyle Granite. She adds that because the material is less porous than natural stone, engineered stone countertops won’t absorb liquids, making clean up easier and more effective. The quartz material is manufactured into slabs that have the look of natural stone. Yet, because it is man-made, the color and pattern options are endless. It comes in white, cream, brown, and black, with

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This artist-owned and operated co-op features true one-of-a-kind gifts, from beautiful conversation pieces like the whimsical penguins wearing hats to functional art in the form of handcarved wooden boxes, raku-fired pots, and stoneware serving platters.

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sparkles, swirls, flecks, and veining for the look of granite or marble. One difference you’ll notice, according to Jenkins, is that the color is more uniform than stone quarried directly from the earth. Being able to more easily match individual slabs means the material can also be used to create unique designs such as waterfall edges. Rather than simply ending with a finished edge, the countertop “pours” toward the floor—like a waterfall—and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating area. Technically, any slab material can make a waterfall edge, but according to Jenkins, quartz is the most popular material for making this unique statement. Texture is an important design element that can immediately add warmth and visual interest to any project. Mario & Son, a locally owned and operated full-service stone fabrication company since 1991, is at the forefront of this trend, adding textured stone surfaces to the customary glossy or polished finishes. In 2018, Mario & Son employed a machine that can resurface any stone to whatever depth of texture a client desires. According to marketing manager Michaela Steinbach, options like smooth matte (honed) or a deeper texture referred to

as leather, can impact the overall feeling and look of a slab. Adding texture to a stone mutes the color saturation and can intensify the veining and drama to really add dimension. “Designers have enjoyed turning up the wow factor on a project with all the different textures available now,” Steinbach says. Mario & Son offers texturizing service to suppliers, contractors, designers, other fabricators, and their own custom clients. “It really allows the option to customize an already one of a kind material, and the possibilities are endless,” Steinbach says. “You have to see it in person and run your hand across a textured granite or quartzite to really understand. Even the engineered quartz manufacturers have caught on and are now launching new colors in rough and textured finishes. We expect to see much more of this detail in 2020 and going forward.” Gargoyle Granite, (208) 772-9096, info@gargoyle-granite.com Mario & Son, marioandson.com, (509) 536-6079 Northwest Granite, nwgraniteandmore.com, (509) 443-4266





For the Love of Baseball with

Mike Murphey by Darin Burt

“Every newspaper guy thinks they

have a novel in them, and for years I couldn’t get much beyond a short story and just thought a novel wasn't something I was genetically coded to do,” admits Mike Murphey, who spent almost 30 years as a journalist at papers in the Southwest and here in Spokane at the business desk of the The Spokesman-Review. Eventually, Murphey decided to make every effort to write 500 words a day whether the outcome was good, bad or indifferent. Writers often receive advice to write what they know, and that’s what Murphey did—his first novel, Section Roads, is a coming of age story set in a small town on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico

similar to where he grew up. His next book, The Conman, drew from his love of baseball, and is based on the life of his friend Keith Comstock who pitched professionally for 16 years, including major league time with the Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants and Minnesota Twins. Murphey, 68, is more than a casual baseball fan. He’s followed the Mariners since moving to the Northwest in 1978, a year after the franchise was founded, and being a player himself— taking the mound as a pitcher in adult leagues and now on the senior circuit, he excitedly took part in the first Fantasy Camp held in Seattle in the late 1990s.




“The memories from fantasy camp don't come so much from on the field. It's baseball for fun,” says Murphey. “My best memories are of the personal relationships I developed with the other players and coaches.” One of those players was Dave Henderson, all-star outfielder for the Mariners, and later the Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, and Kansas City Royals. Murphey had so much fun at the camp, that with the support of “Hendu,” he and his wife Nancy entered into a 17 year partnership 78


producing the Mariners and A’s adult baseball fantasy camps. “We had an incredible amount of fun,” Murphey says. “I met and became friends with many of the players I’d admired, including Mike Moore, Dave Stewart, Mike Cameron, and Bert Campaneris.” Murphey is still in the game. He’s earned the nickname, The Old Man Baseball Player, as he winters in Arizona, where he can play baseball minus the snow, and during the summer, his home field is Spokane. He also has a partnership with the Roy Hobbs adult baseball organization to provide clubhouse services for major adult tournaments in Fort Myers, Florida. In between innings, Murphy is working on a biography of The Chad Mitchell Trio, the popular and political 1960s folk group, who started out as students at Gonzaga and sought a career in the music business at the encouragement of a priest who liked their singing. “When I would sit down and think to myself about what would I like to have, it wasn't having a lot of money or anything like that. What I really wanted was to be in control of how I would spend my time,” he says. “There’s a saying that’s become kind of a cliché, but it’s true—you don’t stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing.“

Kelly Milner Halls photo and story by Darin Burt

A Little Bit Weird, A Lot a Bit Brilliant

Kelly Milner Halls is weird. And she wants everybody to know it—especially young readers. As an author, Halls has published more than 30 books and 1,500 magazine articles. But don’t expect any stories about lost puppies or fairy tales about wisecracking ogres. When Halls plots out a new book, if the topic peaks her curiosity, then it’s a good bet kids will love too. “I was that kid in school who asked too many questions. I made my teachers insane,” Halls says. “Now I get paid for asking questions. I see my job as anticipating what kids want to know and then merging that with what I can find out.” What kid wouldn’t check out a book called, Death Eaters: Meet Nature’s Scavengers, all about what happens to skin, blood, and the body after death—and the creatures involved in the breakdown of the body, beginning with blowflies and other bugs and moving on to mammals (yes, humans are included). In her latest book, Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide, she investigates mysterious animals and beasts that actually do—or once did—exist. Alongside the real creatures (the extinct aquatic coelacanth and the squirrel-like isothrix barbarabrownae), subjects include infamous monsters such as the Chupacabra, Kraken and Bigfoot.

Halls was first encouraged by her father, a scientist, to dig deeper into subjects that intrigued her and to discover fact from fiction. In an age where information is readily available on the internet, Halls inspires kids to be critical thinkers and look beyond the surface to where she says, lies the really interesting stuff. “Because I have an extensive bibliography in most of my books, it teaches them to evaluate the evidence,” she notes. “I'm right there in the trenches with the kids. When Halls visits classrooms—which she does virtually through streaming on the Internet—she says few kids ask about actual writing because they think it's just something you have to do for homework. “They ask me questions about the things I write about, and by the time we end our presentation, they've fallen in love with me because I'm as weird as they are,” Halls says.  “I ask, did you notice I'm old? I've got a few good years left, but someday I will be too old to write weird books and someone will have to take my place—that could be you,” Halls says. “Suddenly the kids are on fire. Suddenly, the world is opened up and they realize that rather than just being an assignment, writing and learning can be a treat.”

The Tom Sawyer photo and story by Darin Burt

Behind Tom Sawyer Country Coffee

Tom Sawyer is addicted to coffee. For 58 years, he’s been sourcing it, roasting it, brewing it and drinking it. “I tell people I'll probably die and wiggle for about four days just from the caffeine load,” jokes Sawyer —his real name that he’s even trademarked as the name of his business, Tom Sawyer Country Coffee. Sawyer, 77, started the company in 2009, after relocating to Spokane from Anacortes, Washington, where he and wife of 60 years Sandra Lee —who he was caught in grade school kissing in the coat closet—owned Fidalgo Bay Coffee. Before then, the couple had been in the coffee distribution business for two decades. Sawyer knows how to make a good cup of coffee, having supervised roasting plants in Northern California and Seattle. Now you can find Sawyer happily at work at his Kendall Yards business. You enjoy a Bali Blue Moon organic pour-over, a vitamin-packed cholaca mocha, or an all-natural chai latte, and you can watch beans being roasted and ground. Tom Sawyer sells their coffee by the bag and wholesale to many restaurants and coffee shops around town. A former Navy man, Sawyer proudly gives a portion of sales from his special Wounded Warrior Blend to the foundation that supports disabled veterans. “I was taught years ago by my parents that if you can do something for somebody else first, they will always remember you and it will come back to you,” Sawyer says. “I've been raised to be socially conscious and try to run not only our business that way, but my entire life and relationships.” Sawyer selects the highest-grade coffees from far-away places like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sidamo, Uganda, New Guinea, Columbia, Jamaica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, and El Salvador. Even then he’s giving back, sharing his knowledge with farmers, teaching them to grow better coffee. With some of these farms, Old Gringo, as Sawyer is affectionately known, has helped families for three generations. It’s a good trade—the growers have a better product, with which helps them earn more money, and 80


Sawyer gets quality coffee he can bring to coffee lovers back home. Some of Tom Sawyer’s most popular blends include Tom’s Favorite, a blend of seven different varietals from Central and South America; Viking Double Dark (the darkest they make) with rich, smokey tones of chocolate, cinnamon and cedar; and African Sunrise, a medium roast with hints of fruit leather, dark chocolate and maple. “We serve a lot of black coffee— probably five gallons of drip a day. I like mochas, and will try out the specialty drinks, but I'm really a black coffee drinker,” Sawyer says. “That's the only way to go—milk and sugar just take away from the great natural flavors of the coffee. “Years ago, I would drink 25, 26 cups of coffee a day. At the advice of my doctor, I cut back, and rather than pouring a full cup, I only drink twofingers worth at a time,” Sawyer says. “To be honest, though, I still pour a lot of fingers.”

Retire from work, but not from LIFE

—at Broadway Court Estates—

(509) 921-0249 | BroadwayCourtEstates.com 13505 E Broadway, Spokane Valley Full Apartment living with community indoor swimming pool, garden and theatre, on-site fitness center, gourmet dining and planned social events. FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


PRIME/love in spokane

Finding Love in Spokane “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…”

an individual they feel they can have a future with.” Another benefit of a matchmaker is that they can steer you toward someone you might not otherwise consider. At times, Reynolds says, we gravitate toward others who aren’t healthy partners for us, or limit our options to a certain height or weight or hair color. “I will look with that outside perspective and be able to veer you in the right direction,” she says. Reynolds knows from experience that breaking away from our usual tendencies can lead to better partnerships. When she met her future husband, he was someone she ordinarily wouldn’t have considered dating, but she decided to give it a shot. They’ve now been married 18 years. “He’s the best person for me but it was taking a chance to date him,” Reynolds says. “It was the best decision I ever made. I’m a firm believer that love can come in any package.”

by Sarah Hauge


he concept of a matchmaker can feel a bit antiquated (or bring to mind a few refrains from Fiddler on the Roof)—but Angela Reynolds of Spokane Matchmakers (spokanematchmakers.com) believes matchmaking works and can be a personalized, effective way of meeting a long-term partner. With all the dating apps out there, why should anyone opt for a matchmaking service? “That’s a really great question,” she says. The main difference, she believes, is the personal connection a matchmaker brings to the table. With online dating, says Reynolds, users have to be discerning, and there’s room for potential matches to be less than truthful about anything from their work to where they live to how they look. With online dating, “the difference is you don’t know who you’re talking to … you as the individual need to screen for yourself—is this who they really are? Is this the right picture? With a matchmaking service, clients are vetted by the agency. Reynolds interviews each potential client herself, using their time together to get to know their personalities and assess their body language. Not everyone is accepted. “I interview each person for two hours,” she says. Spokane Matchmakers runs criminal background checks and screens for domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness. Reynolds says she also checks financials, ensuring that any accepted client is financially stable. She specializes in heterosexual relationships and only takes on clients who are looking for a committed, longterm relationship. “It’s a lot more secured way” of finding a partner, she says. “It’s about not wasting your time.” With more than 1,000 local clients in the pool and more being accepted daily, Reynolds is optimistic about finding a match for each person. Clients pay a onetime fee for the service, regardless of how long it takes to find a match. “Sometimes I can find a match right out of the gate for you … but it could take up to a couple of years, depending on the person. “My philosophy is, I don’t give up until I find a match for that person and have them leave my program,” Reynolds says. “Success” means leaving in a relationship, whether that’s companionship, a committed monogamous relationship, or marriage. “They’re leaving with



Dating Tips from a Spokane Matchmaker Want to have better dates? Here are a few tips from Reynolds: 1. For a first date, avoid an interview-like setting. Try taking a walk so you’re not always having to make eye contact and you can break up asking each other questions with conversation about the sights. 2. Activity dates are a good way to go in general, whether that be mini golf, bowling, a museum, wine tasting, a bike ride, or a trip to the shooting range. “You can see how you like to do the activity together. Are you compatible? Is it enjoyable, relaxing?” 3. Don’t spill your life story all at once, but share more as your relationship deepens. “In this day and age, people will almost do word vomit,” putting everything about themselves out there online or on a first date. “We forgot the art of dating, which is, let’s get to know each other first,” Reynolds says. “Let’s actually enjoy each other’s company, go through the dating cycle, then go through the harder stuff.” 4. Present your best self. For a first date, “don’t go in wrinkled clothes,” says Reynolds. “Put something on that shows you cared.” People should express their personal style, but it’s also important to show that this date matters. “First impressions are everything. You don’t want that first impression to be that you don’t care.”

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Rudeen Development: Bringing Style and Flair to Future Projects

When Kevin Rudeen says he wants to talk about the big news at Rudeen Development LLC, his Liberty Lake-based real estate development firm specializing in commercial and multi-family residential properties, you'd likely assume he's going to promote the construction of a new office building or apartment complex. True, Rudeen Development is remodeling a 36,000 square foot office space in Spokane Valley. They’re also in the planning phase for an upscale apartment complex, with 100 two and three bedroom units, scheduled to open in 2021. But what Kevin is really excited about is the apartments’ namesake, Monika—as in Monika Rudeen, his new wife and business partner. The blonde stunner is an international fashion model, television presenter and designer, and Kevin says having her input on projects will bring a “much needed diversity and coolness” to the city.

“Monika is design-driven and knows what makes things beautiful. I am a numbersdriven guy,” Kevin says. “If I built a shoebox, Monica would transform it into the world's most beautiful shoebox.” “Especially with living spaces, they need to be beautiful as well as practical,” Monika says, adding that the influences she brings from her native Poland and cosmopolitan cities where she has lived and worked are interiors that are sleek, sharp and clean. “The Spokane community is really in a growth spurt. We're really on the map now and are getting a lot of interest from businesses and companies in Seattle, Portland and California,” Kevin says. “The draw is our quality of lifestyle and that we're adding more contemporary developments alongside the city's historic architecture. Monika is going to be a major part of that.” Rudeen Development LLC rudeendev.com | (509) 892-5114

The Yuppy Puppy:

Pet People Committed to the Well-Being of Your Furry Family Members Starting and running a successful business is enough of a

challenge as is. But when you add working with your spouse into the mix, you potentially have a recipe for disaster. For Aquila and Gavin Brown, owners of The Yuppy Puppy, it was a passionate partnership that revolved around their love for pets and their confidence in each other. The Brown’s opened The Yuppy Puppy in 2006, just six months after exchanging vows. A former veterinary technician, Aquila wanted to give pet parents a welcoming shopping experience focused on a carefully curated selection of natural food, treats, toys, supplements and supplies. Gavin, photo by Abby Muir photography the "Aquila wrangler" and "cat enthusiast," is master builder at The Yuppy Puppy, crafting everything from treat bins to product displays. The Brown’s first child was a Shiba Inu, named DuraMax, who suffered from food allergies, so Aquila researched ways to improve the dog's quality of life through proper nutrition. Education extends

to the knowledgeable staff who receive regular training not only from brand representatives, but also on topics including pet health and wellness, and basic obedience. The Yuppy Puppy has two Spokane locations: 830 W Sprague Ave. and 9511 N Newport Hwy. Both also offer full-service grooming and do-it-yourself dog washing stations, and the Northside location is home to a doggy day care. In 2018, The Yuppy Puppy was named Retailer of the Year by Pet Product News. A “paw-some” achievement, we “Shih Tzu” not. “This is our life together, and from the beginning, we’ve done everything to make it a success,” Aquila says. “It wasn't just a commitment to our marriage; it was a commitment to our future.” Northside Location: (509) 467-8221 Downtown Location: (509) 474-0394 yuppypuppyspokane.com FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


PRIME/kathy bryant

Passionate concern for others drives Kathy Bryant in everything she does

by Sarah Hauge

She began her career as a real estate agent specializing in helping seniors through an

unexpected route. About seven years into her real estate career, “I started trying to help my mom move,” she says. “She was 82 at the time. She’s 92 now.” Bryant was worried about her mother’s home circumstances. Would she fall down the stairs, for instance—“all the things kids of seniors worry about”—but her mom was “very resistant.” After six months of trying to find her mom a more suitable place, she gave up. “I realized I was the one who couldn’t get it,” she says. “She never asked for help. My intentions were good. I was trying to help her. But what I was doing was taking away control of her life.” Recognizing the unique needs of seniors informed Bryant’s approach and led to her current real estate speciality. She’s learned to provide helpful guidance while also letting clients set the pace. After all, seniors are a vulnerable population, and the decisions they’re making are enormous. “Seniors are faced with the huge question,” she says. How do they downsize, and where should they go—a retirement community? A smaller condo? A gated community? Move in with a family member? “It’s a huge passion of mine to help them through the process and hopefully make their transition a little bit brighter,” she says. “A lot of times it’s a three to five or six year process. They’ll call me and say they’re ready to sell their house. Then they’re not ready. Then they’ll call me the next year, and the next year.” “And that’s great,” Bryant says, “because I want them to be ready to do the things they need to do”—like visiting retirement communities to find one that feels right, putting their names on waitlists, or deciding which belongings will come along when they move into a condo. She’ll point them to trustworthy professionals if they need help with downsizing. Bryant’s work can be challenging when not all family members are on the same page, or when a move is necessitated by an undesirable change of circumstances—like when a senior is released from the hospital but can’t go home because it no longer meets their physical capabilities. The meaningful parts outweigh the challenges. “I just love meeting them and hearing their stories,” she says. “At the end, I feel like part of their family.” Bryant is active in the community, serving as vice president of the board of Feed Spokane,



a nonprofit that rescues unused food from restaurants, grocery stores, and caterers and distributes it to coalition members like Union Gospel Mission, Women’s & Children’s Free Restaurant, and Cup of Cool Water. In 2019, Feed Spokane gave out 250,000 pounds of food that was transformed into a million meals, she says. “It’s a group that’s really close to my heart because as a very young adult I was one of the ones going to get the food that I needed for my kids. I was a single mom. It’s really good being able to give back now that I’m in a different place in my life.” Bryant also serves on the board of the Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington, a group comprised of professionals in the senior industry who come together to network and benefit senior-related charitable causes and community outreach. “Those are my two passionate things, other than my work and my family,” she says. Bryant feels thankful for her life in Spokane, connected with kids, grandkids, siblings, her mother, and her husband and dogs—and meaningful ways to work with others. “To know that I’m sitting here now with this wonderful life that I have and great friends and a great community, yes, I feel very blessed.”

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by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD


o matter your size or shape, whether you want to lose weight or just get healthier, there’s a diet that’s just right for you. It’s a new year and time for a new you, but how do you choose the right weight loss diet? Your friend lost weight and felt great on keto, while you felt bloated and constipated. Your mom went vegan and took up yoga and feels the best she has in her life, but all you felt was tired and hungry—all the time. Your dad eats whatever he wants, hits the golf course every chance he gets so he can “walk it all off ” and doesn’t gain an ounce.

The Right Weight Loss Diet for You





If it seems like every diet you’ve tried has failed you, you’re far from alone. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, only 20 percent of people who go on a diet are able to maintain the weight they lose for the long term. Why do so many fail? The main reason so many weight loss diets fail is because they simply aren’t the right tool for the job. If you’re looking to lose a quick 10 pounds for a special event, you don’t need the 200 page detailed plan for life. And if you’re looking to revamp your entire lifestyle, lose a large percentage of your body weight, and fight off chronic disease, you can’t do it all with a juice fast. For a diet plan to work for you, it has to fit your goals and your lifestyle, and be flexible enough to change as you change. The science behind it should be sound—so say NO to fad diets. For a diet to become a lifestyle, it has to stand the test of time. Over the past four decades, I’ve taken what I’ve learned from scientific research, ancient healing wisdom, and from listening to you, and have created plans you can tailor to fit your personal needs and goals. Whether your goal is to lose five pounds, reduce inflammation through a cleanse, detox to have more energy, support your body during chronic illness, or to lose more than 50 pounds over a long term, there’s a plan that fits you just right.

Quick and Easy Weight Loss Diet and Detox Plans Fat Flush Soup Diet Lose up to 10 pounds per week with this easy one recipe, diet and detox in a bowl. This soup is one of the most copied recipes of all time, but unlike the copycats, my soup is based on scientific research, is clinically tested, and the recipe is updated each time new research comes to light. Use this soup for up to two weeks for quick weight loss, or as a jumpstart into the New Fat Flush Plan for more weight loss and detox, Fat Flush for Life if you are at your goal weight, or Radical Metabolism if you’re missing your gallbladder or need support for other health issues. Fast Track Detox Diet If you are looking for a cleanse to get you on the right track with your health and weight loss, then this is the plan for you. This 11-day cleansing diet is built around a liquid fast to stimulate your immune system, cleanse your lymph and mobilize toxins hiding in deep tissues. While the focus is on detox, plan to lose up to 20 pounds with this quick and effective detox. Transition into Radical Metabolism for a 25 day guided detox diet. Smoothie Shakedown Your active on-the-go lifestyle needs a plan to match. You can see up to 20 pounds of weight loss on this two week plan, which features two super-charged smoothies and one satisfying meal daily, plus all the snacks you need to keep you going.

For the Long Term – New YOU, New Lifestyle The New Fat Flush Plan When you need a lifestyle makeover to get healthy, stay healthy, and achieve your weight loss goals, you need the New Fat Flush Plan. Whether you are looking to lose five pounds or more than 50, this bestselling plan has worked for countless people looking to get healthy and reach their goal weight—and stay there for life. This plan has been revised and upgraded from the original Fat Flush to include the 3-Day Tune-Up for faster cleansing and updated food choices that are Paleo, Keto and vegan-friendly. This comprehensive plan has three main phases: Phase One is a quick, two week detox. The goal is to detox your liver and colon to get ready to process and eliminate fat more quickly. Phase Two is the metabolic reset for long88


term weight loss, where you stay until you reach your goal weight. Phase Three is the maintenance for a healthy life. This phase is full of foods that will keep you satisfied and makes it easy to maintain your new figure and healthy weight for your lifetime.   Your Body Knows Best If you’re looking to learn how to really listen to what your body needs from the foods you eat, then add Your Body Knows Best to your reading list. Once you are on the maintenance phase of the Fat Flush Plan, you may be looking to fine tune your long-term lifestyle. This is where Your Body Knows Best shines. In this book I explain how your ancestry and blood type define which foods work best with your genetics how to determine your metabolic rate and what that means for your food choices. Radical Metabolism If you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you try, are missing your gallbladder, or are facing chronic health issues and illness, then Radical Metabolism is the plan you need. Designed for the “fat, forty, and fatigued” feeling folks who need a more comprehensive detox and detailed detective work to lose weight, break your weight loss plateau, and regain health at the cellular level, this step-by-step weight loss diet starts with a four day Radical Intensive Cleanse and is followed by a 21 day Radical Reboot. After the 25 days, you can transition into the lifestyle phase or go back to your tried-andtrue Fat Flush phase three to continue to lose weight or Fat Flush for Life to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Join us in my Radical Metabolism Revolution Facebook group for support, encouragement, and more delicious recipes.

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f you had a patient in need of a dentist, which dentist would you refer them to?” This is the question topDentists asked thousands of dentists to help them determine who the topDentists should be. Dentists and specialists are asked to take into consideration years of experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies and of course physical results. The nomination pool of dentists consists of dentists listed online with the American Dental Association, as well as dentists listed online with their local dental societies, thus allowing virtually every dentist the opportunity to participate. Dentists are also given the opportunity to nominate other dentists they feel should be included in the list. Respondents are asked to put aside any personal bias or political motivations and to use only their knowledge of their peers’ work when evaluating the other nominees. Voters are asked to individually evaluate the practitioners on their ballot whose work they are familiar with. Once the



balloting is completed, the scores are compiled and then averaged. The numerical average required for inclusion varies depending on the average for all the nominees within the specialty and the geographic area. Borderline cases are given careful consideration by the editors. Once the decisions have been finalized, the included dentists are checked against state dental boards for disciplinary actions to make sure they have an active license and are in good standing with the board. Then letters of congratulations are sent to all the listed dentists. Of course, there are many fine dentists who are not included in this representative list. It is intended as a sampling of the great body of talent in the field of dentistry in the United States. A dentist’s inclusion on this list is based on the subjective judgments of his or her fellow dentists. While it is true that the lists may at times disproportionately reward visibility or popularity, the topDentist organization remains confident that their polling methodology largely corrects for any biases and that these lists continue to represent the most reliable, accurate, and useful list of dentists available anywhere. >>

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At The Children's Choice our board certified pediatric dentists have been creating positive dental experiences for children in Spokane for over 40 years.

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“We believe it’s all about options, because you only get one set of teeth. We work hard to keep your teeth intact and focus on providing what your teeth need for the long haul.” Ryon G. Schofield 8912 North Hess St., Hayden (208) 762-4331 schofielddental.com Jay H. Sciuchetti 2103 South Grand Boulevard (509) 624-0542 drjayspokane.com Earl L. Whittaker 1212 N. Post St. (509) 326-7307 drwhittakerdds.com Stephen O. Woodard 1020 S. Pines Rd. (509) 924-8585 drwoodard.com



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Kory J. Wilson Avondale Dental 1683 E. Miles Ave., Hayden Lake (208) 772-4066 Rudyard G. McKennon avondaledentalcenter.com Downtown Dental 421 W. Riverside Ave., Ste. 810 Michael A. Bloom (509) 413-0446 Bloom Dentistry downtowndds.com 9928 N. Government Way, Hayden (208) 772-3583 Corey L. Plaster haydenbloomdentistry.com Downtown Dental 421 W. Riverside Ave., Ste. 810 Rodney D. Braun (509) 413-0446 Braun & Jarvis Family Dentistry downtowndds.com 775 E. Holland Ave., Ste. 201 (509) 464-2391 Robert R. DesRoches, Jr. braunjarvisdental.com Englund & DesRoches Dentistry 6817 N. Cedar Rd., Ste. 201 Bradley D. Jarvis (509) 326-8170 Braun & Jarvis Family Dentistry spokane-smilesource.com 775 E. Holland Avenue, Ste. 201 (509) 464-2391 braunjarvisdental.com

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Ola J. Englund Englund & DesRoches Dentistry 6817 N. Cedar Rd., Ste. 201 (509) 326-8170 spokane-smilesource.com Blaine D. Dodson Evergreen Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 1005 N. Evergreen Rd., Ste. 202 (509) 928-4191 evergreencosmeticdentistry.com Jeffrey R. Hood Evergreen Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 1005 N. Evergreen Rd., Ste. 202 (509) 928-4191 evergreencosmeticdentistry.com Stanley A. Sargent Grand Corner Dental 3707 S. Grand Blvd., Ste. B (509) 838-2434 grandcornerdental.com Katherine M. Hakes Integrated Dental Arts 5011 W. Lowell Ave., Ste. 130 (509) 464-3100 identalarts.com

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We want to treat you the way you want to be treated. We only want to do what is needed and help you keep your smile.

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“Dr. Ross Simonds has provided missionary dentistry to patients in the Amazon Jungle, Africa, Mexico, and the Islands of the South Pacific as well as free dentistry to people here in our own community.”

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“Dr. Cloninger believes in listening to her patients, taking time to truly understand each person's needs, goals, and lifestyle—which helps her provide solutions that will improve their health while transforming their smile into something bright and beautiful.”

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Why are Black Triangles

hated so much?

Ryan R. Love 420 N. Evergreen Rd., Ste. 600 (509) 928-2525 ryanrlovedds.com Stephen H. Mills 3201 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 747-5184 drmillsfamilydentistry.com Kathrine A. Olson 210 S. Sullivan Rd. (509) 924-9596 kathrineolsondds.com


Dr. Charles Regalado is a certified Bioclear® doctor and a full faculty member of the Bioclear Learning Center where he lectures and teaches doctors from all over the world.

You can be sure to be in trusted hands!

Say goodbye to Black Triangles with Bioclear ®

Bioclear is a patented procedure that perfectly closes these Black Triangles without the need to cut the teeth. You will love the look and the stability this procedure gives you and you’ll be comforted to know they will last. Bioclear is also ideal for small teeth and all spaces between teeth.

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509.326.6862 | CharlesRegalado.com

Dustin L. Gatten Access Endodontic Specialists 602 N. Calgary Crt., Ste. 301, Post Falls (208) 262-2620 accessendo.com Timothy L. Gatten Access Endodontic Specialists 602 N. Calgary Crt., Ste. 301, Post Falls (208) 262-2620 accessendo.com

Orthodontics Erik R. Curtis Curtis Orthodontics 215 W. Canfield Ave., CDA (208) 772-7272 curtisbraces.com Jacob DaBell DaBell Orthodontics 720 N. Evergreen Rd., Ste. 101 (509) 921-1700 dabellortho.com

NOW WITH TWO LOCATIONS! Northside 509.328.1243 Behind Wandermere Fred Meyer


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John R. Ukich, Jr. Pediatric Dental Center of North Idaho 1717 Lincoln Way, Ste. 205, CDA (208) 667-3556 dentalcareforkids.com Gerald E. Smith Smith Orthodontics 101 W. Cascade Way, Ste. 100 (509) 467-6535 smithorthodontics.com


South Hill Pediatric Dentistry 2020 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 130 (509) 315-8500 southhillpediatricdentistry.com

Dallin J. Dance Dance Dentistry for Kids 1027 W. Prairie Ave., Hayden (208) 772-2202 dancedentistry.com Tom M. Dance Dance Dentistry for Kids 1027 W. Prairie Ave., Hayden (208) 772-2202 dancedentistry.com Molly Gunsaulis Dentistry for Children 15404 E. Springfield Ave., Ste. 102 (509) 922-1333 mollygunsaulis.com 98


“We practice pediatric dentistry because every child has a different story, and by helping them keep their smiles healthy, we play a role in building their confidence to tell those stories to the world.”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Filip E. Orban, DDS

DR. ORBAN obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Loma Linda University and has been practicing general dentistry in the North Idaho and Spokane area for the past 9 years. The principal values that guide his care and his vision for his office are a sincere love for people and excellence in practice and service. When faced with a difficult case, one of his instructors in Dental School used to say, “another opportunity to show excellence.” These words stayed with him and shaped his development as a professional. Dr. Orban is committed to staying current with advancements in dentistry. In his practice, he offers CEREC same-day crowns, 3-D CT scan imaging, guided implant surgery, and laser-assisted procedures, among other cutting-edge services. Dr. Orban has been a part of the Implants Northwest study club for the past eight years and has taken multiple courses in implant placement and bone grafting techniques. Most recently, he attended an intensive training in functional occlusion at the renowned Kois institute in Seattle, Washington. Next to practice excellence, Dr. Orban’s top priority is providing the best possible patient experience with every interaction and building a relationship of trust. Dr. Orban is also passionate about giving back to the community and has participated in numerous community service events such as Pathways to Health here in Spokane and a mission trip to Central America.

Let’s face it, going to the dentist for many people can be a dreadful event, but we have good news for you: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!! Please check out our Coeur d’Alene ID location and find out what a dental visit should be like! Our team will guide you and put you at ease so you will never have to fear the dentist ever again! Call us at 208-667-1546 or visit our website at www.orbanfamilydental.com. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you dream of! Look up our google reviews online!

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South Hill Pediatric Dentistry 2020 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 130 (509) 315-8500 southhillpediatricdentistry.com

“We practice pediatric dentistry because every child has a different story, and by helping them keep their smiles healthy, we play a role in building their confidence to tell those stories to the world.”

Even though they are temporary, your child's baby teeth are important

and are still susceptible to cavities. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is often referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries. Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. Their first teeth also help make sure their adult teeth come in correctly. It’s important to start infants off with good oral care to help protect their teeth for decades to come. WHAT CAUSES BABY BOTTLE TOOTH DECAY? Baby Bottle Tooth Decay most often occurs in the upper front teeth, but other teeth may also be affected. There are many factors which can cause tooth decay. One common cause is the frequent, prolonged exposure of the baby’s teeth to drinks that contain sugar. Tooth decay can occur when the baby is put to bed with a bottle, or when a bottle is used as a pacifier for a fussy baby. Tooth decay is a disease that can begin with cavity-causing bacteria being passed from the mother (or primary caregiver) to the infant. These bacteria are passed through the saliva. When the mother puts the baby’s feeding spoon in her mouth, or cleans a pacifier in her mouth, the bacteria can be passed to the baby. If your infant or toddler does not receive an adequate amount of fluoride, they may also have an increased risk for tooth decay. The good news is that decay is preventable. PREVENTING BABY BOTTLE TOOTH DECAY Try not to share saliva with the baby through common use of feeding spoons or licking pacifiers. After each feeding, wipe your child’s gums with a clean, damp gauze pad or washcloth. When your child’s teeth come in, brush them gently with a child-size toothbrush and a smear (or grain of rice sized amount) of fluoride toothpaste until the age of 3. Brush the teeth with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste from the ages of 3 to 6. Supervise brushing until your child can be counted on to spit and not swallow toothpaste—usually not before he or she is 6 or 7. Place only formula, milk or breast milk in bottles. Avoid filling the bottle with liquids such as sugar water, juice or soft drinks. Infants should finish their bedtime and nap time bottles before going to bed. If your child uses a pacifier, provide one that is clean—don’t dip it in sugar or honey. Encourage your child to drink from a cup by his/her first birthday. ENCOURAGE HEALTHY EATING HABITS. When your child’s first tooth appears, talk to your dentist about scheduling the first dental visit. Treat the first dental visit as you would a well-baby checkup with the child’s physician. Remember: starting early is the key to a lifetime of good dental health. For more information about nutrition and your baby, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.



Patrick Bradley Spokane Pediatric Dental 6501 N. Cedar Rd., Ste. A (509) 315-3200 spokanepediatricdentistry.com

ANDREW H. GARABEDIAN The Children's Choice 418 E. 30th Ave. 9711 N. Nevada St. (509) 624-1182 (South) (509) 755-5437 (North) childrenschoicedental.com

“The Children's Choice always puts the child first and believes in having patience to understand each child’s specific needs, concerns and anxieties.”

Congratulations Dr. Gerald Smith

CHRISTOPHER W. HERZOG The Children's Choice 418 E. 30th Ave. 9711 N. Nevada St. (509) 624-1182 (South) (509) 755-5437 (North) childrenschoicedental.com

14 years in a row!

“The Children's Choice always puts the child first and believes in having patience to understand each child’s specific needs, concerns and anxieties.”

DAVID B. TOILLION The Children's Choice 418 E. 30th Ave. 9711 N. Nevada St. (509) 624-1182 (South) (509) 755-5437 (North) childrenschoicedental.com

weiand weiand Professional Care

Personal Attention

yteeth.com | 509.926.1589

Patient testimonial

The office remains inviting and although I never spend long in the waiting room it has comfortable, clean furniture and some wonderful art. Personnel, respectful, prompt and well groomed. I needed a crown, and was back in chair, prepped, numbed and ready in a flash. Latest technology imaged my old tooth, and after the prep imaged that too. Then in about 30 minutes the new crown was manufactured. Dr. Marc W. then cemented it in, polished and adjusted it so my bite was perfect. On my way and all done in less than 2 hours -- no return visit Jeff S.10/17/19

“The Children's Choice always puts the child first and believes in having patience to understand each child’s specific needs, concerns and anxieties.”

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Congratulations 12 Years in a row! Dr. Marc Weiand 1414 N Vercler Rd Bldg #6 Spokane Valley, WA 99216 FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com



Voted Best Chiropractors in Spokane.


The Children's Choice Dental 418 E. 30th Ave. 9711 N. Nevada St. (509) 624-1182 (South) (509) 755-5437 (North) childrenschoicedental.com

Dr. Raymond Sicilia Certified

Chiropractic Sports Physician

siciliachiropractic.net 611 W Garland Spokane, WA 99205 | 509-489-2883 “The Children's Choice always puts the child first and believes in having patience to understand each child’s specific needs, concerns and anxieties.”

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Daniel W. Skinner Drs. Higuchi & Sinner 12509 E. Mission Ave., Ste. 101 (509) 928-3600 spokaneoms.com Trevor Griffitts Griffitts Facial & Oral Surgery 511 W. Hanley Ave., Ste. C, CDA (208) 667-0824 cdaomfs.com Daniel R. Cullum Implants Northwest 1859 N. Lakewood Dr., Ste. 101, CDA (208) 667-5565 implantsnorthwest.com David G. Gailey Inland Oral Surgery 2204 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 104 (509) 321-1404 inlandoralsurgery.com 102



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“Why is it so important to treat baby teeth? They’re just going to fall out eventually”.

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As pediatric dentists, we get this question daily. Baby teeth will eventually fall out, but before they do, they serve several very important roles in the mouth. First and foremost, they are crucial for the development of proper nutrition and physiologic health. In addition to helping children develop and maintain a healthy sense of self through eating and smiling, they act as gatekeepers for the permanent teeth. Without baby teeth, the bone of the jaw fails to develop properly, and permanent tooth development, maturation and position can be significantly affected. Baby teeth with untreated cavities and/or infection can also be reservoirs for germs. When not treated, these bacteria can spread to other teeth, or other parts of the body and have been linked with long term development of diabetes and heart disease. Thankfully, when treated early these infections never have a chance to spread.

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Combating Gum Disease Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and support

Scott J. Starley Inland Endodontics 3151 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 201 (509) 535-1720 inlandendo.com

Here are some warning signs that can signal a problem:

Timothy W. Penberthy Marycliff Dental Center 823 W. 7th Ave., Ste. 202 (509) 744-0916 spokanesdentistry.com

your teeth. It is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Because gum disease is usually painless, you may not know you have it. Also referred to as periodontal disease, gum disease is caused by plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that is constantly forming on our teeth.

• Gums that bleed easily • Red, swollen, tender gums • Gums that have pulled away from the teeth • Persistent bad breath or bad taste Permanent teeth that are loose or separating • Any change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite • Any change in the fit of partial dentures • Some factors increase the risk of developing gum disease. They are: • Poor oral hygiene • Smoking or chewing tobacco • Genetics • Crooked teeth that are hard to keep clean • Pregnancy  • Diabetes  • Medications, including steroids, certain types of anti-epilepsy drugs, cancer therapy drugs, some calcium channel blockers and oral contraceptives See your dentist if you suspect you have gum disease because the sooner you treat it the better. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If you have gingivitis, your gums may become red, swollen and bleed easily. At this stage, the disease is still reversible and can usually be eliminated by a professional cleaning at your dental office, followed by daily brushing and flossing. Advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. It can lead to the loss of tissue and bone that support the teeth and it may become more severe over time. If it does, your teeth will feel loose and start moving around in your mouth. This is the most common form of periodontitis in adults but can occur at any age. It usually gets worse slowly, but there can be periods of rapid progression. Aggressive periodontitis is a highly destructive form of periodontal disease that occurs in patients who are otherwise healthy. Common features include rapid loss of tissue and bone and may occur in some areas of the mouth, or in the entire mouth. Research between systemic diseases and periodontal diseases is ongoing. While a link is not conclusive, some studies indicate that severe gum disease may be associated with several other health conditions such as diabetes or stroke. Treatment methods depend upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed. Good dental care at home is essential to help keep periodontal disease from becoming more serious or recurring. Remember: you don’t have to lose teeth to have gum disease. Brush your teeth twice a day, clean between your teeth daily, eat a balanced diet, and schedule regular dental visits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.



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At Ellingsen-Paxton Orthodontics, our goal is to create beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Our practice specializes in the complete orthodontic care of children and adults. We strive to provide our patients with the most effective treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment. We provide state-of-the-art treatments and technically advanced methods to diagnose and treat a variety of orthodontic problems.

“I have learned it's not always just about fixing someone’s teeth, but that when we restore a person’s ability to smile, we can change their lives.” Paul F. Reamer Reamer Family Dentistry 12805 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 924-5661 reamerfamilydentistry.com



Ellen M. Hendrick Attorney at Law

A client-centered results driven exclusive family law practice

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PRACTICE AREAS • Divorce/Legal Separation • Child Custody • Child Relocations • Paternity Actions • Father’s Rights • Non-Parental Custody Actions • Modification of Child Support, Maintenance, Parenting Plans • Post Decree Issues & Enforcement of Prior Orders • Domestic Violence Protection & Restraining Orders • Extensive trial and mediation experience

2002 Certified Basic & Advanced Family Law Mediator

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2004 Spokane County Bar Association Divorce-Advice Clinic Attorney of the Year Top Attorney 2018 Spokane & Coeur D’Alene

509-456-6036 | EllenHendrick.com 905 W. Riverside Ave, Suite 601, Spokane “My job allows me to be on the leading edge of innovation, but more importantly, it allows me to create relationships with people.” This list is excerpted from the 2020 topDentists list, a database which includes listings for more than 100 dentists and specialists in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area. The list is based on thousands of detailed evaluations of dentists and professionals by their peers. The complete database is available at usatopdentists.com. For more information call (706) 364-0853; write P.O. Box 970, Augusta, GA 30903; email info@ usatopdentists.com or visit usatopdentists.com.

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will make your life happier and more fulfilled. They believe an office built on integrity and trust is also a necessity to achieving the health their patients deserve. They are proud to offer state of the art family dental care in Coeur d’Alene. Their patients benefit from their skilled, caring staff, advanced technology, and modern dental treatments. Dr. Mosby is continually refining and honing his dental skills with continuing education courses and the staff members offer years of experience and gentle care. Advanced Family Dentistry provides fast and unsurpassed dental restorations with Primescan dentistry. This innovative Primescan technology ensures that patients receive the quality, ceramic dental restorations they need in just one visit, along with the ability to perform same day crowns for your convenience. They also offer laser dentistry, a comfortable, safe and incredibly effective alternative to procedures that traditionally required incisions, drilling, and other painful techniques. They even use lasers to treat advanced gum disease, and work hard to cater to your needs and desires. To see more of what they offer, visit drmosby.com or call their office at (208) 667-1154.

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Both Prosthodontics were trained at the Mayo Clinic. They specialize in dental implant restorations, complex dental care, and the "All on 4" full mouth implant reconstruction.

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By Kacey Rosauer

ith Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not surprise your sweetheart with a fancy dinner at home that will impress while being quick and easy to make? It’s chockfull of ingredients that are wellknown aphrodisiacs like duck, red wine, and cherries—guaranteed to have your night start right. The secret to cooking the perfect duck breast is to start the duck skin side down in a cold pan so the fat is rendered and the skin is crispy. Pairs perfectly with a classic risotto or pasta—or roast some potatoes in the leftover duck fat, (just make sure to watch the garlic). The full recipe for this and simple risotto are available at rosauerskitchen.com.

ate D k c u D ic wo T Romant r o f r e ht Dinn g i N







Follow Kris Kilduff on his Instagram foodie adventures @chefboyarduff.

by Kris Kilduff

Consumers often give up quality for affordability. This happens so often in the world of food we forget how important a higher grade product truly is. The majority of beef sold to restaurants and grocery stores in the Inland Northwest is labeled select or choice by the USDA. Menu items like prime rib are always so succulent due to the fact it has to be labeled as the highest grade available: Prime. A rib cut roast that boasts generous marbling and cap of fat is key to a rich piece of meat. Everyone knows you can order up such cuts at wallet-denting steakhouses, but where can we find our favorite celebratory cuisine? I grabbed my steak knife and hit the streets to find which eats were worthy of aus jus and tiny dab of horseradish.


Prime Rib 110


621 W. Mallon Ave. Clinkerdagger has been a Spokane institution for more than 45 years. The Restaurants Unlimited owned space is home to incredible entrees such as lobster bisque and bacon wrapped waygu meatloaf, all of which take a seat to this rock salt roasted prime rib with yukon mash and an au jus you wish you could order as a beverage of its own. Still one of Spokane's best spots (and views) for an anniversary or birthday dinner.

Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime RibPr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr Prime Rib Prime R Prime Rib Prime Rib Pr CHARLIE P'S

8125 E. Sprague Ave. Long touted as the valley's best bar food, Charlie P's takes it up a notch on Friday night when, on top of the slew of delicious burgers, pastas and barbecue, their team roasts a giant prime rib and serves it in thick medium rare slices until it's gone. Don't forget the massive loaded baked potato and thick sliced garlic bread that could serve as a meal in and of itself.


6404 N. Wall St. Three years ago when the Nelson-Phelps Restaurant group took over the nauticalthemed seafood restaurant, part of the plan was to modernize it. It may still be seafood forward, but one of the most popular items is their prime rib. Roasted bone-in for the weekends—choose between a baked potato, potato gratin or risotto and choice of soup or salad. I suggest you go with the made fresh daily clam chowder.


1812 W. Francis Ave. Roasts rose to popularity during the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom, so I guess they probably made their way over to Germany. Das Stein Haus, where one would normally go for schnitzel and a cold kolsch, happens to also offer some of the best prime rib in the city. Their team serves it up in eight or 10 ounce slices with au jus and creamy horseradish. Just make sure you save room for authentic apple strudel or black forest cake.


1901 E. Sherman Ave. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, one of North Idaho's top eateries known for its smoked takes on jalapeĂąo poppers and lamb sliders, slow smokes its rib roast for a prime rib its customers can't get enough of. Relic might be a small shack, but you better bring a big appetite: it comes equipped with your choice of two sides. I suggest the smoked mac and cheese and their tomato, cucumber and red onion salad.

LOCAL CUISINE/romantic dinners

foodietour by Erin Peterson

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the toughest nights of the year to eat out—especially with the forcible lovey-dovey atmosphere that can make even the most ardent romantic feel sick. Places are packed, reservations need to be made weeks in advance, and expectations are high. Prix fixe menus can be pricey and misleading, and places with high Yelp reviews may not have the ambiance you expect. Never fear; I have your answer. But the clock is ticking and you’ll need to make these reservations quickly if you don’t want to miss out. After all, they’re the most romantic places to have dinner in and around Spokane.



Washington Best Fine Dining


With an emphasis on luxury, the attention to detail here is legendary. Perched high above the city and tucked away on the South Hill, the French influences can’t be missed. Delicate oversized chandeliers, white marble tables, sophisticated architectural details and soft colors make this one of the most sought-after reservations for the holiday. Walking through the doors feels like you’re transported to Europe, and the service matches that standard. For 25 years, they have crafted innovative cuisine as culinary leaders in the city. Head Chef Joe Morris and bartender Cody Winfrey lead the team daily with dishes that focus on fresh ingredients prepared with fine-dining techniques. While some menu items have remained on the menu to keep loyal customers happy, like the butternut squash and crab soup, coconut shrimp and the bread program, others change seasonally with special menus for occasions like Valentine’s Day.

www.mainsushi.com BEST SUSHI 8 years in a row!

Thank You Spokane!

430 W. Main Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 | 509.838.0630

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm ~ Fri 11am-10pm ~ Sat Noon-9pm ~ Sun Noon-8pm FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/romantic dinners

photo via Gander and Ryegrass facebook




Brand new on the Spokane restaurant scene, Gander and Ryegrass is one of the best restaurants you may not have heard about yet. Chef and owner Peter Froese had chosen the restaurant’s name while he envisioned a new restaurant project, and the intent was that the “gander” part of the name would be a nod to the more visually appealing dishes, and “ryegrass,” a nod to the more approachable nature of the food he planned to create. With his current vision and menu ideas, it sure seems to fit that narrative—the overall philosophy that Froese has, which is to serve seasonal, imaginative cuisine. The menu is course-based, and you can choose between a short or a long meal with lots of fascinating options that change often based on what’s fresh, unique and available.


It’s no coincidence that “love” is directly in the middle of the restaurant’s name, because the care and attention that is given to each dish and glass is immediately apparent. When you walk through the trellis and up the stairs to the stately front door of the once home, now restaurant Clover in U-District, you immediately feel like an honored guest. Throughout the walls, there are photos of the cozy bungalow and its inhabitants before it became a business, and awards line the walls—for good reason. The food and cocktail program here is among the best in Spokane. The staff is highly knowledgable about each and every dish, and their thorough descriptions really help in selecting the item menus that will delight every diner. Head Chef Kory Schimanski is no stranger to the industry, and his balance of profound creativity and practical knowledge give the dining experience at Clover a unique edge above the typical. We loved Kory’s famous squash ravioli, which stood out because of the fresh pasta, fennel and bourbon apple cider butter sauce. Bryan’s juicy brined pork chop was stuffed with spinach, feta, apple and pistachio and served on a celery root apple gratin, and was another showstopper worthy of a return visit.

Sweetheart Package

Dine & Stay Package Starting/$175.00

• Bottle of house wine or champagne • $75.00 dinner credit • Chocolate truffles in the room

$75.00 dinner credit



For Reservations 208-667-9660 x1 315MartinisAndTapas.com 315 Wallace Ave | Coeur d'Alene


Happy Hour All Day! FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/romantic dinners



Owner and restaurateur Naomi Boutz, formerly of the North Idaho favorite, the Wine Cellar, is deeply knowledgeable about wine—but she is also positively incandescent when she describes what is served here, and with good reason. Her vision was for a neighborhood establishment with a casual but beautiful atmosphere, with both the food and wine front and center. This beautiful restaurant has a deftly capable service staff ready to take care of each diner like they are family. When the first few menu items came out, the entire table grew quiet. From appetizers to dessert, you’ll be surprised as each course seems better than the last.




Led by James Beard-nominated chef Laurent Zirotti and his wife Patricia, this little gem is a slice of Paris in Post Falls, Idaho. Hidden in the same building as the Highlands Day Spa overlooking the city, it is dimly lit and sure to win over even the most astute food critic. French classics like grilled baby octopus with roasted onions and portobello mushrooms, red peppers, and sweet and sour piperade with capers and duck confit with fennel, bell peppers, sun-dried tomato fricassÊe balsamic vinegar and green peppercorn demi-glace—it is certain to dazzle you both.

ay Birthd us! t on desser + Gourmet handhelds + appetizers, entrees + 51 taps, 2 locations

302 W Riverside 7522 N Division



LOCAL CUISINE/recipe by Kacey Rosauer


RIBBON cutting by Kris Kilduff

Best New Restaurant

Join us for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Happy hour daily from 2–5p.m. 2209 N Monroe St, Spokane (509) 866-0850



february Chef Nicole

Book your 2020 party today with a THE DIPPER

1500 Northwest Boulevard Sorry Arby's, Coeur d'Alene has the beef. Owner Carol Pallett-Faber and manager Lauren Buck's favorite sandwich has always been the french dip. Why not dedicate an entire venue to roasted Angus beef cooked medium rare, coated in garlic butter and dipped in fresh au jus?

catering company inspired by flavors. I fell into cooking, hard! After a lifetime (it felt like) in the travel industry, I took a leap and went to culinary school. I am inspired by flavors, and love to visit other countries to try their culture of flavors first hand. Thailand, Mexico & Italy. More of Europe to come.

Toque' n  Basil

(509) 879-5676 | toquenbasil.com


Restaurateur Matt Goodwin has made his debut in the beer game in a big way with head brewer Sam Milne, who studied craft beer at the Chicago's Siebel Institute, and general manager Brian Carpenter, who helped build a faithful following with No-Li.


301 W. 2nd Ave Ste. 1 Downtown Spokane has its share of bars but there is always room for a lil saloon. Drink up some tequila based Ranch Water or the whiskey orange Cattle Fruit or have some beers with your favorite cow folk. Play BINGO or some poker—just don't be hiding any aces up your sleeve.

328 North Sullivan Rd. Ste 5 | Spokane Valley | (509) 703-7029 M-Th: 11a-2p, 430p-9p | Fri: 11a-2p, 430p-10p | Sat: 430p-10p FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/puff pastry

In Pursuit of Perfect Puff Pastry by Molly Lindquist

As the daughter of a French mother, I spent my formative years frequenting European style bakeries in my hometown. Croissants were essential for any breakfast at a bakery, and I learned to appreciate perfectly laminated and flaky Viennoiserie. I strive to continue that tradition into today, as I find an excellent puff pastry often equates to an excellent bakery. Fortunately, Spokane is home to a handful of excellent bakeries that are turning out impressive puff pastry.



MADELEINE’S CAFÉ & PATISSERIE For a little slice of Paris in the heart of downtown Spokane, stop by Madeleine’s Café & Patisserie on Main Ave. The decor is charming, with metal Eiffel Tower chandeliers and a beautiful periwinkle color theme. Most importantly, this mother-daughter establishment knows how to produce an excellent croissant, not to mention one delicious cinnamon roll. They offer flaky almond croissants covered with powdered sugar, their popular huckleberry croissant, pain au chocolat, butter croissants, and savory ham and cheese croissants.

MI FLAVOUR The new kid in town on the croissant scene, Mi Flavour has hit the ground running in their production of authentic French-style croissants. They began offering them concurrent with their modern cafe opening in the Union District. Owners Max and Ella took a Parisian tour to study pastry-making techniques and bring them to Spokane. Their croissants are crisp and flaky on the outside, with beautiful, butter-rich layers inside. With offerings like their almond croissant, featuring a layer of marzipan, orange swirl, pain au chocolat, and butter croissant, they have proven quite popular. On the first day that Mi Flavour began offering croissants, they sold out within two hours.



CHAPS COFFEE CO. Well known and well distributed throughout Spokane, Chaps Coffee Co. produces incredible croissants and puff pastry delectables. They’ve been on the scene since 2006 and have remained in high demand ever since. Their almond croissants are their most popular, and you’ll find interesting offerings like their Pain aux Suisse (orange and chocolate croissant) and fresh berry danishes. Owner Celeste Shaw hails from Montana and strives to bring a country meets Paris feel to Chaps. Take a bite of any of their puff pastries and you’ll find some beautiful pastry layers and a buttery flavor to boot.



ROCKWOOD BAKERY An unassuming bakery tucked away in the neighborhood east of Manito Park, Rockwood Bakery has been turning out delicious pastries and bakes since 1999. They don’t offer Wi-Fi, nor do they have an official website. Rockwood Bakery is community-centered and provides an ideal space for people to connect. And it doesn’t hurt that they offer some of the best croissants, scones, and bread around. Their croissants are crisp on the outside with buttery layers surrounding the filling. Almond dusted with powdered sugar, chocolate, plain and savory croissants are available and pair beautifully with a Doma Coffee cappuccino.

THE GRAIN SHED With a strong focus on locally sourced grains, the Grain Shed in the South Perry district offers a unique preparation of their croissants. Their whole grain flour is stone-milled to retain high nutritional value, and the croissants are baked in a wood-fired oven. The result is a well-laminated croissant with a crisp exterior and a unique flavor profile. They keep it simple in terms of flavors, with plain and chocolate croissants available. This simplicity allows the flavor of their puff pastry to take center stage. The Grain Shed has been in operation since mid-2018 and offers a whole range of bread, a full menu and even brew their own beer. Molly Lindquist lives on the South Hill in Spokane with her husband Eric. She enjoys discovering great coffee and learning about the local roasters who produce it. When she’s not going for coffee or trying out a new restaurant, she enjoys hiking with Eric and practicing landscape photography. Find her on Instagram at @the_caffiend_foodie. FEBRUARY 2020 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/date night in

A Flirty Dinner at Home by Erin Peterson



Sometimes going out for Valentine’s Day isn’t the best way to spend an evening. The stress of making the right reservation, the crowded restaurant, the expensive bill, and the lack of a personal touch. Why not put on a memorable feast at your dining room table? Take a little extra time to put out the good china, some cloth napkins, flowers, a couple of candles, fancy glasses and watch the mood shift on your lover’s face instantly. It doesn’t have to be a huge production to be meaningful, but the small amount of extra time you spent from the heart will be well-invested. When you’re planning your shopping, pick up some items that will take the stress off of you and allow you to focus on the evening with your partner. I picked up pre-cut honeydew melon and prosciutto for a simple appetizer (just wrap the ham around the melon and arrange on a plate) that packs a flavorful punch. Be sure to grab fresh bread and warm it in the oven for a few minutes before serving for that perfect crispy crust and fluffy interior without the work. For dessert, I stopped by Sweet Frostings to find some fun Valentine’s Day inspired treats including macarons, truffles, cookies, and of course, their famous cupcakes in a variety of flavors. They even have little white chocolate plaques you can add with special messages to give it an extra personal touch. Because my husband’s love language is pasta and Italian-inspired food, that is always something I make when I want to make him feel adored. If you really want to impress someone without a lot of work, making your own marinara sauce is easy to make and tastes like it took you all day. It’s a rich tomato sauce that is perfect to top your favorite pasta. Using a simple base of tomatoes (whole and crushed) with onions and garlic isn’t actually that complicated, but it is sure to impress the one you love. Once you start making this quick homemade tomato sauce, you’ll never buy jarred pasta sauce again. It takes less than 30 minutes, and it can be doubled to freeze for your next cozy meal at home.


2 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion finely chopped 4 garlic cloves minced ½ cup carrot shredded ¼ cup fresh basil leaves, chopped ½ tsp dried oregano salt and pepper to taste 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce 28 oz canned whole tomatoes 28 oz canned crushed tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato paste 2 teaspoons of sugar ½ cup red wine INSTRUCTIONS

1. In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onion, carrot and garlic. Cook until soft, about 5 minutes. 2. Add whole tomatoes (with juice) and gently break apart with the spoon. Stir in remaining ingredients. 3. Simmer uncovered on low heat for 30 minutes or until sauce reaches your desired consistency. 4. Serve over pappardelle pasta or enjoy in your favorite recipes. Freeze or refrigerate to store.






W. 1018 Francis 509.326.6794


CASCADIA PUBLIC HOUSE. Cascadia is a locally owned gastropub that sources regionally with an emphasis on sustainability. A popular dish, Oregonzola Steak Salad, features sliced steak from St Helen’s farm, organic baby spinach, candied walnuts, thick bacon, organic dried cranberries, rogue Oregonzola bleu cheese crumbles, and a fan of pink lady apples. 6314 N. Ash St., (509) 321-7051, cascadiapublichouse.com. 1898 PUBLIC HOUSE. With a nod of respect to the year our golf club was established, 1898 Public House combines a storied history, delicious cuisine and stunning views. Located at the Kalispel Golf and Country Club, Executive Chef Tyler Schwenk invites you to eat and drink inspired, while enjoying classic foods with a fresh and tasty twist. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd., (509) 466-2121, 1898publichouse.com.


p Grou ls! mea

p or Pick Uery, Deliv e We’v u o got y ed. r e v o c i) rya (I n te

| 509.413.2029 1220 W. Francis | Open 7am-9pm daily

Now Serving Breakfast!

| 509.327.4270 1724 N. Monroe | Open 10am-9pm daily

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FRANK’S DINER. Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and, of course, the don’t-missat-breakfast hash browns and silver pancakes. 1516 W. 2nd Ave., 10929 N. Newport Hwy, (509) 465-2464, franksdiners.com. GILDED UNICORN. This Modern American, Classic restaurant features hand crafted foods and drinks located in the historic Montvale Hotel. The name reflects their blend of classic and modern without taking ourselves too seriously.  They showcase  local, seasonal  food  and drinks from the  Northwest and beyond coerced into new fashioned flavors that hit you in the soul. 110 S. Monroe St., (509) 309-3698, gildedunicorn.com. MASSELOW’S STEAKHOUSE. With nine prime-grade steaks and the best seafood oceans and rivers have to offer, Masselow’s Steakhouse continually provides the “wow” factor. With an outstanding array of mouth-watering cuisine, an extensive wine selection and true Kalispel Hospitality, Chef Tanya Broesder and her team create a special experience you won’t soon forget. 100 N. Hayford Rd., Airway Heights, (509) 481-6020, masselows.com.

PARK LODGE. Chef Philip has been cooking for more than 15 years in fine dining establishments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Paris, and Spokane. His philosophy toward food is one of careful consideration—recipes should highlight the ingredients. The dishes at Park Lodge attempt to help others develop the same love and respect he holds for the ingredients they are provided with. 411 N. Nettleton St., (509) 340-9347, parklodgerestaurant.com. RANCHO VIEJO. Jose Rodriguez and his staff offer up traditional and familiar Mexican fare with some of the amplest portions and most caring family-friendly service in Spokane. 14201 E. Sprague, (509) 927-8428, rancho-viejo.net.. SUSHI.COM. Sit at the sushi bar and enjoy what’s fresh or take a table and explore the menu that also includes plenty of excellent hot options, if raw fish still makes you nervous. Some of our favorites are the super white tuna and the house tempura. 430 W. Main, (509) 838-0630, mainsushi.com. SWINGING DOORS. A family owned business, The Swinging Doors has been a part of Spokane for more than 30 years. Their restaurant offers huge portions and a wonderful atmosphere second to none in the Spokane area—along with a sports bar with 50 TVs to watch all your favorite sports, as well as Golden Tee, a pool table, bumper shuffleboard, and much more. 1018 W. Francis Ave., (509) 326-6794, theswingingdoors.com. THE ONION TAPHOUSE & GRILL. It all started in 1978 when they introduced the first gourmet burger in Spokane. Their first menu had more than 40 kinds of exotic burgers, taking Spokane by storm. Today, their menu has grown but their commitment to only using the finest ingredients, thoughtfully prepared fresh, by trained chefs remains the same. 7522 N. Division St., (509) 482-6100, theonion.biz. TORO SUSHI. Full sushi menu with a huge selection of sushi rolls, as well as a full Japanese fusion menu. They dazzle guests with daily lunch specials and traditional Japanese grilled skewers that pair perfectly with a cold beer from their wide selection of domestic and imported beer. Toro also offers a variety of sake, wine and cocktails. 328 N. Sullivan Rd., (509) 703-7029.

315 MARTINIS AND TAPAS. The Greenbriar Inn is the home of 315 Martinis and Tapas located in a garden setting in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The cuisine is eclectic and international in nature, with an emphasis on tapas and an award winning martini bar. Highlights include happy hour, food specials, live music, and a bed and breakfast. Built in 1908, this historic structure is supported by a friendly and gracious staff.  315 E. Wallace Ave., (208) 667-9660, 315martinisandtapas.com. WANDERING TABLE. The team at Wandering Table has an insatiable appetite for cooking and creating food. They love what they do. And they consider this restaurant their restaurant. This is  their way of cooking what they want to cook. And Wandering Table is how  they share  the food  they love to eat. 1242 W. Summit Parkway, (509) 443-4410, thewanderingtable.com.

PERFECT FOR weddings, concerts, birthday parties, corporate parties, holiday parties and celebrations of any kind. The space can accommodate up to 299 guests, but can also be adjusted to seem cozy for much smaller groups.

Catering available through Delectable Catering + Events

WILD SAGE BISTRO. They have designed a menu that allows them to be creative on a daily basis, and work within the limits of what is in season and available. They are always looking for unique ingredients to highlight, as well as local beef, regional fresh fish, local gardens, heirloom vegetables, fruits and tomatoes for their exquisite dishes. 916 W. 2nd Ave., (509) 456-7575, wildsagebistro. com. YARDS BRUNCHEON.  The team at Yards Bruncheon figured out how to extend the weekend to all week by offering brunch everyday. This modern diner is a combination of breakfast and lunch complimented with classic brunch cocktails. Their menu features comfort food from all over using local farms and producers in the season. They make most of their menu items in house including their pastries, which are some of the best around. They also feature some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. 1248 W. Summit Prky., (509) 290-5952, theyardsbruncheon. com.

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CLARKSVILLE/caring for a legend

clarksville by Doug Clark

What the Brooklyn Dodgers saw on Oct. 8, 1956.

Caring for a Legend Don Larsen hadn’t hurled a baseball professionally since the days when

Lyndon Johnson lectured hapless members of the White House press corps from his throne in the Oval Office can. Time warp aside, the longtime Hayden Lake resident’s death last month at age 90 made for a major news burst that was relayed via the local rags, cable channels and media waystations across the worldwide webisphere. That’s what happens when a guy pitches the only perfect game in World Series history. Larsen’s singular achievement took place in Yankee Stadium on Oct. 8, 1956. It turned Larsen into a sports icon and a hero to New York fans like me. But this isn’t just about that. I want to tell you about another hero of the unsung and definitely nonathletic variety: My pal Tom Keefe. Keefe, 71, is a retired unencumbered Spokane attorney who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by donning popish vestments and impersonating St. Paddy himself. While that’s an act, Keefe has my vote for actual sainthood for all he did for Larsen.



Doug Clark is a Spokane native and lead singer/songwriter for his band, Trailer Park Girls. He recently retired from The Spokesman-Review after writing three columns a week for more than 30 years. Clark’s humor and general-

Last fall, Keefe moved into the Larsen home and spent nearly four months cooking, cleaning and caring for the dying pitcher. He shuttled Larsen to and from doctor appointments and radiation treatments. He took him to visit old friends. He hosted a 62nd wedding anniversary party for Larsen and his wife, Corrine, who lives in a nursing home. More important, Keefe helped Larsen come to grips with his fading mortality and the esophageal cancer that would soon take his life. “Are you scared of dying?” Keefe once asked Larsen during a drive to a radiation session. “Well, I’m not in any hurry,” Larsen snapped back in a growl. Larsen family members are quick to praise Keefe for his help. “He was god-sent,” said Nancy, Larsen’s daughter-in-law. “It’s overwhelming what Tom did for us. I put him on a pedestal. He was just fantastic.” Caring for Larsen had a profound impact on Keefe, as well. “I didn’t really understand or appreciate what an overwhelming presence Don was, here in his home and what he’d become in my life, until after he had gone to Hospice House. “Now, knowing he’s gone from there, too, his eagle’s nest overlooking Windy Bay is very lonely.” Keefe spent many of his working years in the sharp-elbow world of politics. He was right-hand man for two powerhouse Washington senators: Democrats Warren Magnuson and Brock Adams. Keefe once spent a night of Chivas and chitchat with Sinatra. Yep, that Sinatra. Although that’s a yarn for another day. I’ve known Keefe for years, admiring his humor and intellect. He has a heart bigger than anyone I know. Keefe’s also a little crazy, which explains how he came to form a club devoted to the smallest big leaguer ever to play baseball. For those who don’t know: just 3-foot-7, Eddie Gaedel was given a player’s contract by Bill Veeck, madcap owner of the St. Louis Browns. Veeck inserted the 65-pound actor into his lineup on a lark, instructing the little fellow to

interest commentaries have won scores of local, state and regional honors along with three awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He can be reached at dougclarksville@gmail.com.

actually step up to the plate and assume the position during a game on Aug. 19, 1951. Gaedel’s Triscuit-sized strike zone earned him a walk, naturally, and a perfect 1.000 lifetime on-base percentage for baseball stat geeks to puzzle over for all of time. Keefe formed his society not strictly for laughs. He considers Gaedel an inspiration to every fan who ever dreamed of making it to The Show. In a hiccup of fate, Keefe’s involvement with Gaedel also led him to Larsen. He befriended Larsen during a flight to the St. Louis Cardinals organization to celebrate Eddie Gaedel Night. Larsen was invited, too, since he had played with the Browns during his first season in the majors. A 6-foot-4, 215-pounder, Larsen was the antithesis of an Eddie Gaedel. The natural athlete would play in five World Series, earning two rings as a Yankee. Yet Larsen was also tagged as a journeyman who bounced around with an assortment of teams and who amassed a losing 81-91 career record. Not that it mattered, thanks to Game 5. You may recall that I wrote about Larsen in the April 2018 edition of this fine publication. Being a loyal member of Yankee Nation, I found it otherworldly to sit down and interview the guy who was on a baseball card I owned as a kid. “Best thing that ever happened to me,” said Larsen of the game that changed his life. The Yankees were locked at two apiece with their arch nemesis, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Larsen had no explanation for what happened once he dug his cleats into the mound. Dumb luck? Divine providence? Who cares? Somehow, he magically found the control that had so often been missing in his game. The Bums, like tipped dominoes, toppled. Twenty-seven up. Twenty-seven down. No hits. No runs. No walks. It was all over in just 97 pitches. A frozen photographic moment shows Yankee catcher Yogi Berra joyously leaping into the lanky pitcher’s arms. The win was pivotal, giving the Yankees the edge to capture the “subway series” in seven. Larsen was named series MVP and given a shiny new Corvette to ride away in. The toast of New York. Larsen was Broadway Don before anyone ever heard of Broadway Joe. Nightlife and notoriety. Parties galore. Boozing with Jackie Gleason and Toots Shor, two of America’s greatest boozers. Major endorsements coming in. TV appearances. Being dubbed the “Perfect Yankee” in a popular book. Great, right? Keefe believes the constant fawning attention that grew out of

his perfect game could have also been the worst thing to happen to Larsen. Apologies to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, but the Fame Monster can do the most godawful things to human beings. It’s not my place to speak ill of someone who can’t defend himself, but I have to be real. Those who knew Larsen best say Larsen developed an inflated sense of self that made life extremely difficult for those closest around him. Keefe, to his credit, wouldn’t play the fan boy. He refused to tolerate Larsen’s verbal abuse. He “barked right back at him,” added Nancy. “And I think it humbled him.” From what Keefe has told me, the turbulent four-month “Tom and Don Show” would’ve made for one hell of a reality series. “He tried to fire me twice,” said Keefe, laughing. “I got in his face and told him that just because he had one good game didn’t give him the right to treat the people around him like his own personal doormat.” As Larsen neared his end, he had moments of self-awareness. For the first time, Larsen told family members that he loved them. He also told Keefe he appreciated all he’d done for him. “It was an incredible experience—draining, but rewarding,” said Keefe. “I learned a lot about him, the price of fame and about myself.” Keefe paused. “As a backsliding Catholic, I know there’s always grace available from the Almighty for those who do good works for others. So, if good works can save you, Don Larsen may have helped me make it inside those Pearly Gates.”

Don Larsen, Tom Keefe and Corrine Larsen during a visit to Corrine.

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