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Foodie tour: Oktoberfest

Judith Spitzer looks into the latest news and benefits of EMDR therapy, which helps reorganize traumatic memories.

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Best of the city We asked, and you responded by sharing the very best in our region in the who, what, where, when and why.

Josh and Shiva Hissong renovate a gem on Spokane’s South Hill that attracts international fame via Dwell magazine.

on the cover The Best of the City Styling by Diane Holm Photo by Ari Nordhagen We celebrate 126 categories of the very best in Spokane, Diane Holm brought in her flatlay magic for a little celebratory pizazz. Cheers!



Take a foodie tour around Spokane with Spokane Culinary Art Guild’s Erin Peterson for some of the best Oktoberfest eats and sips.





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EDITOR LETTER/a note from Stephanie


in this City

“As far as we’ve come, greater things are still to be done, in this city.”


uthor Elizabeth Gilbert recently shared a map of the Mississippi River, created in 1944 by a cartographer named Harold Fisk, called a “meander map.” Gilbert explained that the map demonstrates the various paths the Mississippi has taken over 1,000 years. Each different pathway represents moments in history when the river jumped its banks and dramatically changed course. “Native Americans used to move their settlements along with the river’s constant shifts and changes, but Americans saw things differently. In the 1940s, the Army Corps of Engineers decided to lock down the Mississippi River into a certain course. They built walls and levees and declared: ‘These are now the official boundaries of the Mississippi. She doesn’t move an inch from here.’ Nature, of course, has had different plans.” The map reminded Gilbert about the rigid ways she has tried to control her own nature. “I see the rules and boundaries I have set for myself over the years, and how often they have failed,” she says. “Endless, expensive, stress-inducing efforts to civilize the river of my being. I often say that, after a certain age, every woman in the world could write a memoir called Not What I Planned. We change. Life changes. We often feel shame, confusion and anger about those shifts and pivots. But what if we just trusted the river?”



I thought about her statement in regards to the changes our city has experienced over the years, and, in particular, the growing pains evoked from rigid expectations and a lack of grace and patience. Forced growth— or the attempt of it—wreaks havoc on a community, and creates discord within the psychology of its residents. If we neglect to exude grace—investing the time to speak of the many positives occurring in Spokane alongside the challenges we would like to tackle—we risk being steamrolled by a few of the negatives. As Spokane has grown, our culture and vibe as a community who values staying connected and keeping it real remains, although I fear a tilting of this axis in our current, primarily political, climate. I’ve been a broken record in this arena, but I’ll allow the words to leave my lips yet another time: don’t let anyone convince you to alter your inclination for continued community connectivity. Keep talking about the joys, growth and triumphs, as well as the difficulties and failures—personally, professionally, and as a community— without allowing one to negate the other. I remember a conversation with my friend Dave Cotton a couple years ago as he recalled being fresh on the Spokane scene 15 years prior, having moved here to become co-anchor of the Inland Northwest’s top-rated morning television news program KHQ Local News Today. Riding his bike downtown to explore his new city soon after arriving, he found there wasn’t much to do and that the downtown area in particular was somewhat of a ghost town. “What have I done?” he asked himself. Spokane isn’t the same city it was when Dave arrived. It’s not even the same city it was a year ago. And that’s a good thing. If we

take a moment to tune into our own senses, we’ll see more visual art, hear more music, read more literature from our neighbors— as we’ve become a writers’ town, taste “knock your socks off ” cuisine, sip award winning beverages, gather in cooler spaces with business associates and friends alike. The challenge, as we continue to move forward, will be to keep that welcoming, small-city feel as Spokane grows and diversifies. Keeping it real, honest and respectful, Spokane style, in the face of more: more humans, more businesses, more tourism, more traffic, more successes, more challenges and greater strains on our essential services and natural resources. It doesn’t have to be easy to be good. And if enough of us stay connected on a personal level, we can help each other shape this pretty little city into a place that feels safe, welcoming and exciting to all who live, work, play and visit here. And to help you “see” some of the good, glorious and gilded aspects of our region, we’ve filled this issue with more than 40 pages of the best of our region—sorted into 126 categories for the annual Best of the City Awards. Cheers to you, to our city, to change, to connectivity and to the balance of success and work still left to do, together. We are Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living, and we are Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Please find me on Facebook and Instagram—and hop over to “like” the Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living page—to stay connected between press dates, and share your thoughts, stories, and life in real time. My best, Stephanie Regalado stephanie@spokanecda.com

Best Traditional Furniture

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR/what you had to say

For the Love of Downtown

Power 50 Awards Event

Thanks for your voice in the community. “For the love of downtown.” Wow. Voice and truth. Keep it up. Thanks, Stephanie.

Hey, Stephanie: I just wanted to again say that being voted for the Power 50 Awards was a huge privilege and honor. Thanks so much to you, Vince and Emily for all you do for Spokane and allowing us the opportunity to participate in the event. Super grateful for being included amongst Spokane’s greatest! Keep up the good work—the event was awesome and we had a great time. —Armando Hurtado

—Patricia Butterfield I grew up here and went to LA for 30 years. Moved back home 10 years ago and when friends come to visit they are amazed at how cool our downtown is. I guess it is all a matter of perspective. From the free carriage rides in the winter to the summer carousel, bucket rides over the falls and free concerts in Riverfront Park in the summer, I don’t know any other city with a cooler downtown than we have. Are there some issues that need to be addressed? Sure, but the recent piling on of fear mongering and negativity is not helping anyone. Maybe we should all agree to love Spokane and work together to address the issues and come up with some answers that could make it even better. And thanks for putting things into perspective. I agree we should take a positive approach. —Tom Lookabill It’s become as impossible to acknowledge the relative safety as it is to acknowledge the growing visibility and concomittant concerns. Say the former and you are accused of being in denial and mollycoddling where tough love is needed; say the latter and it’s either “you’re just imagining a problem” or “you’re a mean _____ist.” Twenty years working downtown, twenty regularly visiting. There are more homeless people downtown. Are they a threat? Not often, but they are frequently victims. Leaving them to be victimized is not a kindness. Waving away the impact on passersby (including growing callousness as people develop the skill of walking by) is not a kindness to them either. —Sue Lani Madsen

Building the People Who Build the City I just read your editor letter in the August issue of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living and wanted to say how I truly connected with your thoughts and perspectives. It was well thought out and presented, and I appreciated the time you took to address our need to accept and learn from the perspectives that we may not always agree with. I had just been thinking that very morning before I saw your editorial how Facebook has been feeling so alienating lately with all the divisions and “infighting.” Your letter was just what I needed to realign my own perspectives. It was refreshing to read something I’d been feeling but hadn’t put into words. So, thank you for that. Maybe someday we may meet personally through one of our mutual friends! —Patti Nepean



Power 50 Awards Event You all are AMAZING and know how to throw a party. Everything was absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all that you do. —Robbie Jackson

Staying Tender Toward One Another Your words are so art-full—my heart breaks for the loss of your sweet pup. So sorry, Stephanie. —Lyndee Chatterton I had no idea how your baby had died, Stephanie. I’m picturing the rush to save her and the grief. You are a woman attached deeply to life. —Cindy Valenti Your writing is gorgeous. We feel your pain. Stay tender. It is the only way. —Jennifer Ballantyne So relatable, Stephanie. Beautifully written and so touching. I could feel exactly what you felt. Anyone who has loved and lost a dear pet understands. My heart goes out to you. —Lizanne Hansen Boy am I feeling your vibe here, Stephanie. I’m so sorry for the loss of your dog. And I love your empathy and gift for the written word. —Heidi Pope Probably my favorite letter to date. Your words are so healing. And beautiful. I can’t wait to be all caught up. —Josi Hughes







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by Drew Swanson

omestic violence is an epidemic in Spokane County. According to the Spokane Regional Health District, we have the highest reported rates of domestic violence in Washington: more than 3,900 confirmed victims each year— though the number of unreported victims may be as high as 13,500—representing 25 percent of all criminal cases. There is no one agreed-upon definition for domestic violence, as definitions are inconsistent between jurisdictions reporting statistics (i.e. city and county) as well as sectors (nonprofits, government, healthcare). Thus, a broad definition of domestic violence, also sometimes referred to as family violence is used and encouraged. Domestic violence is violence or abuse in any form, by one person against another in a domestic (i.e. family) setting, and includes intimate partner violence which is one specific type of domestic violence. DV is a leading cause of homicides in Spokane County.


This Isn’t Who We Are. This Isn’t Acceptable. That’s why a broad-based coalition has formed, encompassing dozens of businesses, organizations, agencies and citizens. The goal is simple: end the violence. With a campaign designed to educate Spokane about the shocking numbers surrounding domestic violence, we will change awareness … and change the current course. A community-wide problem requires a community-wide effort. If this is happening to you, call (509) 326-2255 (Spokane Domestic Violence Hotline) or (208) 664-9303 (Safe Passages Hotline) in North Idaho to report. You can also call or text the National Domestic Violence Hotline 24 hours a day at (800) 799-7233, or chat online at The Hotline. If you see a couple arguing, fighting, or observe any other behaviors that could potentially be signs of domestic violence and they may be in immediate danger, call 911. Even if the situation appears to be a non-issue, there could be more happening than what you’re observing. If you think this is happening to someone you know, consider offering them support and provide them with the appropriate hotline numbers above to learn more about free, welcoming, confidential services. To learn more or to become involved, visit endtheviolencespokane.org.











FIRST LOOK/lilacs & lemons



{good out of bad}

lilacslemons by Vince Bozzi LILACS to the Colville Confederated Tribes for bringing salmon back to the Columbia River. It’s the first time salmon have seen those waters during my lifetime (I was born in the 1950s). It’s about time this wrong has been righted. The first release was modest, at only 30 large salmon to test things out, but it could be a gateway for much more to come. LEMONS to the STA for missing the budget mark on the new Central City Line by a full 28 percent, or $20 million. With the price tag now zooming to $92.2 million they could just give free Uber rides to 500 people a day for the next 40 years. Is there a huge demand for a bus that goes from downtown to Spokane Community College? Seems like a lot when there are large parts of the city in which no bus service at all exists, including Northwood. LILACS to Avista for proposing a park outside their headquarters on Upriver Drive. A lot of the neighbors are up in arms because they’ll have to drive around the Avista property, but what a great opportunity to create more green space on the water. We think it’s something of a waste to have pavement along long stretches on a city riverbank, and the corner of Upriver Drive and Mission is a hodgepodge of trains, trails, and arterials anyway. LILACS to the residents of Browne’s Addition for voting to keep Browne’s historic. When grand homes are razed to create new condos in the modern style, it rids the neighborhood of the character that makes it desirable in the first place. Lilacs to the 82 percent of Browne residents who want to ensure nothing is built that doesn’t conform to the design aesthetics of the neighborhood.



LEMONS to the City of Spokane and

the Fire Marshal for forcing us to abandon the Paulsen Penthouse by giving us continually conflicting advice, misdirection, false hopes and inconsistent instructions. The city departments don’t work together, contradict themselves and provide bad advice, which they apologize sheepishly after the fact. We wonder if it would make a difference if government employees were occasionally given a taste of their own medicine and docked in pay for poor performance. We wish the new tenants of the penthouse the very best, and hope they are allowed to operate in peace. LILACS to Spokane Valley Parks and Rec for

making moves to purchase a large parcel of land north of Sullivan Park, which sits right across the river from Krispy Kreme. Adding to that park and doubling its size will give the Valley more green space and will be great for river access. The Valley is growing, and it’s good they are buying the land now while it’s still intact. Anyone who has read this column knows that I’m a park freak, having once as a child taken on the mission of attempting to ride my bike to every park in town.

LEMONS to banks that allow anyone with one’s routing number to take funds out of an account, without the bank first checking to see if it was authorized. And LEMONS to banks for not allowing members to simply cancel monthly recurring deductions. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to identify the culprit and businesses often make it difficult to cancel. Customers should have more control of their accounts, and, as a bonus, banks would be less likely to have to cover losses due to fraud.

FIRST LOOK/artist eye


by Megan Perkins

Spokane has a long relationship with its sister city in Japan, Nishinomiya. One of the fruits of this relationship is the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden at Manito Park. Behind a weathered wood fence is a beautiful pond, surrounded by maples, conifers, and huge stone lanterns gifted to us by the people of Nishinomiya. Every fall as the leaves turn, the colors are extraordinary. I always make time to stop in to admire the view and to say hello to the koi fish swimming in the pond, who are the same colors as the leaves.

Megan Perkins uses her brush to capture the spirit of Spokane places and events, exploring her hometown with paint and love. Follow her adventures on Instagram @artistseyeonspokane, Facebook and meganperkinsart.com.



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FIRST LOOK/road trip


by Erin Peterson

The Enchanting Energy of Fall in Portland The vibrant energy of this crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest can draw me in like a high-powered magnet this time of year. Before the damp, cold grey of winter sets in, I often get away somewhere that can help me sustain the excitement of the light-filled days of summer. This time, a girls’ weekend in Portland with a pair of my closest pals was just the ticket to re-ignite my heart. The quirky vibe throughout Portland is an inspiration in itself. Crossing the bridge to downtown at night, we were greeted by a lively fireworks show. A city festival downtown provided the unexpected fanfare, and we were already in awe before we settled in. Arriving at the Hi-Lo Hotel, we delighted that the official greeting is, “Welcome, wanderer.” It seemed appropriate for a weekend with no solid plans but an intent to discover the delights of the city. Of course, we immediately took advantage of the swings in the lobby, making staff members giggle at our less-than-subtle lack of cool. The rooms were stunningly beautiful, and every detail had an organic sophistication that instantly gave you a sense of being in a secret club that you’d need a password to access. We fell asleep as slowly as three women who never get to spend time together and finally feel like girls again would, ready for a day of adventure. First thing in the morning, we made the easiest decision of our day— where to get breakfast. Chelsie recommended Mother’s, which is a favorite stop of hers every time she is in Portland. It’s easy to see why—the glittering atmosphere is designed to feel like going to your mom’s house (if your mom was also an apt interior



designer), and they have comfort food for days (think biscuits, hash browns and loads of bacon). Being the grown adults that we are, we paired our meals with thick, syrup-laden chocolate milk. It set the tone for a day of gleeful indulgence. Angela told us about the most unbelievable spa, and we became ready to brave a trip back to the car to visit McMenamin’s—a converted schoolhouse that is now a hotel and miniresort. The Kennedy School location was closest to us, and it was too good to be true. The spa is to-die-for, and we popped into their tiny “Honors Bar” for a cocktail. Immediately upon receiving our drinks, three opera singers arrived from the Portland Opera as a part of their free education and outreach program. They regaled us for almost an hour with their powerful voices in the most ideal acoustic environment, and passersby crowded into the small room. We didn’t have to because we were seated directly in front of these world-class performers. Heading back to the city, we took a detour on the way home to the powerfully curated Portland Art Museum. After we worked up an appetite, we dressed up and headed out for a sophisticated meal at

Departure. The restaurant is themed to look and feel like an airport terminal, and the food is in no way pedestrian. Meltin-your-mouth dim sum, ocean-fresh fish tucked into innovative sushi rolls, and a carrot with pickled rhubarb salad that I still can’t stop thinking about. We ended the night at the hotel, and this time we noticed the incredible smell that was unique to the lobby. It’s a candle that you can take home with you. It is so popular that they were sold out, but I had to order it to remind me of the laughs and shenanigans we got into in this city. If you haven’t been to Portland lately, get on the road and enjoy the fall colors along your way. But be warned: you just might want to stay awhile. Erin Peterson is a professional educator, award-winning blogger and a passionate local restaurant advocate with the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild. When she isn't teaching, she is cooking for friends and family, eating at the best ingredient-driven restaurants she can find, or researching and writing about it. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @scaguild.



FIRST LOOK/spokane rising


by Anthony Gill

A city for optimists— that’s the “cure” LAST MONTH, a well-produced video called “Curing Spokane” dropped into local residents’

Facebook feeds and other social media accounts. Funded by local developer Larry Stone and filmed in the style of a local news report, the video highlighted certain aspects of the city’s homelessness crisis, used carefully-selected yet spurious statistics to compare Spokane to Boise, and offered “solutions,” including—inexplicably—putting the STA Plaza underground and offering free parking downtown. Predictably, the video sparked intense conversations and debates—including a few involving yours truly. But more surprisingly, I think the passionate (and generally critical) public response exposed just how out of character the video and its tone was for the city. Since before it was even established, Spokane has been solving problems through progressive idealism and optimism—not doom, gloom, and fear. Before European fur traders arrived, the Spokane Tribe—the “children of the sun”—settled near the river, subsisting primarily on salmon and other food gathered and hunted from the land. After the railroad arrived in 1881, a city was officially incorporated. Settlers were lured by cheap and fertile land, and in some cases, hoped to strike gold in north Idaho. After a fire destroyed the burgeoning downtown in 1889, optimistic local leaders, looking to the future, opted to rebuild bigger and grander than before. With the city’s regional and national influence growing, officials brought the world-famous Olmsted Brothers in 1909 to design the city’s park system. During this period, the global struggle for workers’ rights also came to Spokane, as unions like the Industrial Workers of the World organized protests and walkouts in support of better wages and working conditions. Streetcars and interurban rail lines helped the city expand north, south, east, and west. And then there was Expo ’74. Can you imagine the level of optimism required to believe that the city could transform a polluted, ugly railyard in the middle of the inland Northwest into a beautiful, green fairground for the world? But we pulled it off! More recently, forward-thinking leaders have saved the landmark Monroe Street Bridge, remodeled Riverfront Park, repaved local streets (while adding bike lanes and sidewalks), and reinvigorated neighborhood districts like South Perry and North Monroe. Artists who could have given into cynicism and left for greener pastures in Seattle or Portland have instead created one of



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Anthony Gill is an economic development professional, graduate student, and founder of Spokane Rising, an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live. *Opinions of the author to not necessarily reflect those of the publishers or staff.

509.315.4920 13910 E Indiana Ave, Ste E Spokane, WA 99216

precise. proud. balanced. passionate. local.purebarre.com/location/spokane-wa



the most exciting and positive visual arts scenes in the Northwest. At its best, Spokane has met challenges with a healthy dose of optimism. From the Great Spokane Fire to a declining downtown in the 1970s, from underutilized neighborhood districts to artists decamping for the coasts, we’ve chosen to build something better right here. We’ve chosen to believe that if we work together, we can meet our city’s greatest challenges. Yes, we have a crisis of homelessness in our city, and we shouldn’t gloss it over. But if there’s anything that Spokane’s history can tell us, it’s that forward-thinking optimism—not cynicism—will help us “cure” it.



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Maryhill Winery Tasting Room & Bistro Unveils New Brand and an Immersive Dining Experience Building on the success of its full-service restaurant at the Vancouver Waterfront, Maryhill Winery introduces regionally inspired cuisine Maryhill Winery Tasting Room and Bistro is expanding

into the restaurant business, with a new name, new logo and upcoming location in the Seattle market. Better known as Maryhill Winery, the award-winning business based in the scenic Columbia River Gorge known for its approachable, highquality wines is now offering fresh, regionally inspired food at its locations in Goldendale, Spokane, Vancouver and, coming soon, Woodinville, Washington. “Our new name and look represent our deep culinary roots in the Pacific Northwest. It matches the thought and intention that went into our new culinary program, which is centered on locally sourced ingredients, beautifully crafted food and our diverse portfolio of wines,” says Craig Leuthold, co-owner of Maryhill Winery. “By adding full-service restaurants to all of our tasting rooms, we are building on our commitment to offering an immersive tasting experience for Maryhill fans.” By mid-November, Maryhill Winery Tasting Room and Bistro will have four signature restaurants, all of which offer scenic views and casual dining experiences. The winery is best known for its flagship location in Goldendale, Washington., which offers expansive views of the Columbia River Gorge from the terrace and inside the tasting room. In April 2019, Maryhill Winery opened a 4,890-square-foot satellite tasting room in Vancouver, Washington, with both indoor and patio seating at Vancouver’s revitalized Waterfront district. Maryhill’s 5,000-square-foot tasting room in Spokane at the popular Kendall Yards along the Columbia River has opened a new full-service kitchen this fall elevating the dining experience. And in November, Maryhill Winery will make a splash into the Seattle market with a 10,000 square-foot winery, full-service restaurant and event space in the historic Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville. Each bistro’s menu is unique, but all feature charcuterie boards, as well as seafood offerings such as Dungeness crab rolls, salads,



sandwiches and small, Mediterranean-inspired plates. Many include ingredients from local partners such as Grand Central Bakery, Olympia Provisions, and Moonstruck Chocolate. Food is carefully paired with selections from Maryhill’s vast portfolio, which includes more than 50 unique wines that showcase the diversity of Washington State. “Visiting Maryhill has always been a sensory experience. Our full-service restaurants are bringing that experience to a whole new level,” says Leuthold, who co-founded Maryhill Winery in 1999 with his wife, Vicki. Together they have grown the company into one of Washington’s largest and most acclaimed wineries. Stay up to date about Maryhill Winery Tasting Room and Bistro, including information about the new Woodinville location and details about its evolving regional menus, by visiting maryhillwinery.com and signing up for its newsletter. Become a fan of Maryhill on Facebook at facebook.com/maryhillwinery, and follow the winery @maryhillwinery on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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for all the Gold, Glitz and Glamour as we celebrate the annual Best of the City Awards held at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox in downtown Spokane, 1001 W Sprague Ave, Spokane WA 99201.

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FIRST LOOK/#spokanepulse



Downtown Spokane by Wendy Cafferky Instagram @not_a_fragileflower



THE OLD BECOMES NEW AGAIN Downtown Spokane Pavilion by Michael Gass Instagram @mikegass2165 Â



FIRST LOOK/#spokanepulse

MORNING ENERGY Downtown Spokane by Samuel Mihai Instagram @samuel.canty



SUN RAYS ON MT. SPOKANE Mount Spokane by Amy Gaul Instagram @mrsamygaul




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oin us for all of the Gold, Glitz and Glamour as we celebrate the annual Best of the City Awards alongside Bozzi Media’s 20th Anniversary at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox in downtown Spokane. Enjoy a paparazzi arrival on the red carpet as we gild the city and ourselves in formal attire to honor the very best—in 126 categories of businesses, restaurants, people, places, events and more—of our city according to you, Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living readers. Visit bozzitickets.com for general admission tickets and a limited number of VIP tickets that include an hour long champagne reception and one of the swaggiest swag bags you’ll ever receive. Both tickets get you into the awards

ceremony and give you access to 15+ of the city’s best caterers and restaurants—including passed apps by gilded humans, full cash bars, live musical performances, a DJ dance party, a magazine “cover” photo booth, time with the team that makes the dream happen in the Bozzi Lounge and many surprises along the way. It promises to be the best reason ever— in years—you’ve fancied up yourself to the nines and stayed out late on a school night. It won’t be the best party if you aren’t there, so grab your tickets today and level up your out on the town game. We look forward to seeing you there. Cheers!





40 TASTE 42


THE SCENE/lilac lit

lilac lit

by Sharma Shields


Recommended 2019 Titles I love October. I love the way the autumn light slices through the trees, and I love the darker, cooler nights, especially when my family and I drink cinnamon tea with honey and read books in our living room. It’s a cozy, brilliant month, sharp with bright colors and freshly scented air. I’ve only now begun to research what I’ll be reading this fall, but here’s a small selection of books I’ve recently enjoyed, in case you need something exciting to read by the fire: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (Penguin Press) by Ocean Vuong This is the beloved poet’s debut novel, and wow, it’s a lightning bolt. The narrator Little Dog pens a letter to his illiterate mother, recounting her life in Vietnam, her immigration to the United States, and their trauma-shadowed relationship, both loving and tumultuous. Also present in the book are Little Dog’s affectionate and schizophrenic grandmother and his first love, a farm boy as gentle as he is tortured by ideas of masculinity. What strikes me as particularly singular to this novel is its infinite generosity, its ability to foster forgiveness. It’s a book that encourages compassion, visibility, and change. Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations by Mira Jacob (One World) If someone asked me to hand a 2019 title of my choice out to every citizen in our country, I might choose this graphic memoir. The intentional, thoughtful illustrations, the fluid, coursing dialog, the narrator’s honesty with those around her and yes, with her



family both immediate and remote—even with herself—all penetrates the pain of raising a child of color in a country that discounts, misunderstands, insults, and fears the immigrant presence. This is a powerful, compassionate, and monitory book. Read it and engage in your own “good talks;” this book will inspire difficult, revelatory, and necessary discussion. Normal People by Sally Rooney (Hogarth) I couldn’t stop turning the pages on this novel by Irish writer Rooney. On the surface this is a tortured love story of two young people, Connell and Marianne, whose relationship begins in a highly unhealthy fashion in high school. Connell treats Marianne abhorrently, both ashamed and in awe of her. His later regret of this behavior becomes a major plot point; steadily, we realize Marianne’s acceptance of his psychological undermining is part of a disturbing pattern percussed by an abusive life at home. The sparseness of Rooney’s prose kept me clipping along at a hurried pace as I wondered, agonizingly, “will Connell and Marianne achieve a healthy togetherness, or won’t they?” There are interesting side topics here about classism, outsiders, and misogyny, none of them handled in a simplistic or patronizing way. Ultimately a swift, brutal read about characters both likeable and mistaken. Pigs by Johanna Stoberock (Red Hen Press) Novelist Johanna Stoberock is a professor at Whitman University in Walla Walla. This, her second novel, might be my favorite book of 2019. Pigs is a powerful and metaphorical tale about our failure

to tend to our planet, to our children, and to one another. On an island in the middle of the ocean, children feed the world’s garbage to giant, magical, dangerous pigs. When a new child washes up on the shore, they must decide if he is trash to feed to the pigs or a being worth saving. The adults on the island are terrifying, reminiscent of the women in Roald Dahl’s The Witches, absurd, sinister, materialistic, murderous. This is Animal Farm meets Silent Spring meets Oryx and Crake … it’s not to be missed. The Secret Kingdom: Nek Chand, a Changing India, and a Hidden World of Art by Barb Rosenstock, illustrated by Claire A. Nivola (Candlewick Press) I have to throw in a picture book here, because I love them, both for their art and for their spectacular storytelling. My children and I recommend in particular this recent publication, a non-fiction book with gorgeous illustrations about humble road inspector Nek Chand. After being forced from his village during the Partition of India of 1947 (when Muslims were required to move to newly created Pakistan, and Hindus to India), Nek builds a secret kingdom in memory of his lost home. On a twelve-acre plot of land on the northern edge of the Pakistan city of Chandigarh, Nek stacks boulders, builds decorative walls with porcelain shards, salvages half-dead plants from the city dump, ferries in water, and carves dozens of statues of monkeys, geese, jackals, and people. When government officials threaten to destroy everything he has built, the people of Chandigarh step in to marvel over and fight for his Rock Garden. The book has been written in an attempt to protect the Rock Garden from current deterioration and neglect. If inspired, head to your favorite local library or Auntie’s Bookstore and pick up one or more of these titles. Then brew some tea, settle in on the couch, and enjoy a great October read.



THE SCENE/spiceology


by Sarah Hauge

S P I C E O L O G Y:

Upping the National Spice Scene More than a few things have changed since Spiceology founders Pete Taylor and Heather Scholten went all in on their startup in 2013. Back then, the two brought together their perspective food backgrounds (his as a chef, hers as a food blogger and recipe developer) to fill a niche they saw in the market for high-quality, direct-to-customer spice rubs. At first it was just the two of them, coming up with blends and producing them together, then selling their creations at farmers markets. “I mean, it started out as the Pete and Heather show,” says Scholten of the company (originally named Savorx, then Spiceologist before officially rebranding as Spiceology in 2018). They did everything themselves. “I have a lot of pictures of me wearing hairnets,” she says. They’ve focused on innovative flavors since the onset, with their OGs being blends like Honey Habanero, Greek Freak, Black & Bleu, and Raspberry Chipotle, impressive products that resulted in a loyal customer following. Fast forward a few years. Spiceology was recently named the fastest-growing spice company in the United States by Inc. 5000 and has 40 employees, sells more than 250 products, and is continuing to expand, shipping directly to restaurants, industry professionals, and consumers across the globe. Plans for this fall include tripling production capacity with a 4,000 square foot expansion of their “SpiceOps” headquarters on the east edge of downtown. They recently hired Chip Overstreet as CEO; previously one of the company’s board members (as well as an enthusiastic customer) he left a longtime Silicon Valley career for the position. Taylor has shifted to a CMO role,



handling marketing, product innovation, and strategic partnerships, and Scholten’s primary focus is third party marketplaces like Amazon. She estimates that Spiceology is doing about four times more business through third party marketplaces this year than last. Though their roles have continued to adapt as the company grows, Overstreet still refers to Scholten and Taylor with their nicknames of “Mama and Papa Spice.” “We think there’s an opportunity to disrupt the spice world,” says Overstreet from a conference table at Spiceology headquarters as the mouth-watering scents of today’s product test waft over from the kitchen across the hall. “There are literally tens of thousands of spice companies in America, but Pete and Heather have built this company and have really elevated this brand above the noise.” With food industry backgrounds it’s been second nature for the Spiceology team to think as a chef would. “We always try to put ourselves in a chef ’s clogs and help them out,” says Taylor. The founders say it’s their commitment to fresh, quality ingredients that sets them apart. With most companies, spices can sit on shelves for a long time before hitting a restaurant’s kitchen, says Taylor. With Spiceology, “We ship direct to the chef. From the time it’s ground to the time it’s on your shelf is weeks, not months.” Spiceology makes use of simple, engaging packaging, labeling products with what they’ve coined the “periodic table of flavor,” with two-letter abbreviations for each product and colorcoordinated labeling—red for chiles, orange for spices, etc. The company continues to market to home cooks and non-professional foodies while increasing their focus on the food industry, with local clients like Luna, the Coeur d’Alene Resort, Casper Fry, and

Northern Quest Casino, and national customers that include the Disneyland Resort and the Ritz-Carlton. As Taylor puts it, they’ve always been “maniacally focused on providing the best products to chefs.” Through word of mouth and social media sharing, those products are reaching further and further. “The people who use it become proud of what they use. It’s a trickle-down effect,” says Overstreet. Industry partnerships have helped the brand increase its reach. “What we’ve done recently is we’ve partnered with influential people in social media—pit masters and professional chefs—and worked with them to develop blends,” says Taylor. They’ve paired up with notable grillers Derek Wolf and Adam McKenzie, both with impressive online followings, to create new products. These collaborations have led to “a great extension of the brand,” says Taylor. “It’s really nice for us to get the eyeballs of people who may not know Spiceology yet and kind of infiltrate the barbeque community, which is a pretty tight-knit group,” agrees Scholten. “Our tagline is ‘experiment with flavor,’” says Overstreet, something they encourage over social media. Spiceology recently ran a contest online (@Spiceology on Instagram) encouraging participants to try unusual flavor combinations with Spiceology products. The grand prize winner combined all six elements—Urfa Biber, maltodextrine, lavender, vadouvan, sea salt, and Szechuan peppercorn—into a stunning dish that garnered more than 4,000 likes. Their active online presence makes it easy for followers to post, like, and share how they’re using Spiceology, and get new inspiration while drooling over gorgeous food photography. Spiceology releases, on average, a new product every week. One recent addition, Korean Barbecue, is a rub that combines ingredients including tamari, soy granules, Korean chile flake, and a little bit of orange. Because Spiceology’s products are low in sodium, they are adaptable to diverse dishes. “We don’t load them up with any funky things,” says Scholten. A product like the raspberry chipotle blend can be used as a rub for steaks, chicken, or ribs, but can also

spice up a standard batch of brownies. The Spiceology team anticipates customers will continue to innovate and experiment with the launch of their new baking line on October 14 (which is, fittingly, National Dessert Day). The line—packaged with hot pink labeling—will include confectionary ingredients like Tahitian vanilla beans, granulated molasses, candied ginger, turbinado, and unflavored pop rocks, as well as a range of fruit powders. “We’re opening up a new culinary market for pastry chefs, but we expect to see these ingredients used in savory dishes as well,” Overstreet says. “We’re always trying to give our customers the ingredients to help them push the envelope and try new things.” Visit Spiceology.com to learn more and purchase products.



THE SCENE/october happenings


by Ann Foreyt


Norman Rockwell’s America Norman Rockwell’s heart-warming depictions of everyday life made him the best-known and most beloved American artist of the 20th century. He lived and worked through one of the most eventful periods in the nation’s history and his paintings vividly chronicled those times. His images often served as a mirror of American life, reflecting not who we really were, so much as what we thought and felt – and what we endeavored to become. Norman Rockwell’s America exhibits a remarkable collection of 26 oil paintings as well as original posters and all 323 vintage Saturday Evening Post magazine covers spanning six decades, allowing for a comprehensive look at his distinguished career. Museum of Arts and Culture. 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 456-3931, northwestmuseum.org or themac@northwestmuseum.org.



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THE SCENE/october happenings


The Threepenny Opera


Neil Diamond Night: Performed by Jack Powell Come and listen to the timeless music of Neil Diamond’s popular songs. Jack Powell presents a non-stop, 2-hr show performing 25+ Neil Diamond hits, plus well known classics by other artists. Celebrate one of the greatest songbooks in popular music history with Neil Diamond Night. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

A time-honored and well-loved classic, this is Brecht at his best. Tackles the often arbitrary quality of human values, the ravages of post-war capitalism and the brutality invoked by a cut-throat economic system. Set in 19thcentury London, this political and social satire of Weimar sensibility concerns the larger consequences when “Mack the Knife”, an infamous bandit, marries Polly Peachum, much to the irritation of her father. Stage Left Theatre. 108 W. 3rd Ave. spokanestageleft.org.


Green Feet Rescue Booster Club Benefit for Wounded Warriors, featuring David DaVinci Support the Green Feet Rescue Booster Club and the Wounded Warriors while you suspend your disbelief with the magic of world class Thrillusionist, David DaVinci. In this production, fiction is real, and deception is enjoyed. Prepare to be mystified by mind-boggling illusions and jaw-dropping magic, seamlessly fused with exotic parrots that materialize from thin air and perform their own artful demonstrations of dexterity. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, your jaw will hit the floor, as David DaVinci presents his interpretation of the age-old art of magic and illusions, in “Thrillusionist.” Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.



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THE SCENE/october happenings

OCTOBER 19-20:

Spokane Symphony Masterworks 3: Soviet Transcendence Best Cosmetic Dentistry




Prokofiev and Shostakovich, two of the most important symphonists of the 20th century, both worked under Stalin’s highly oppressive regime. Prokofiev’s Third Symphony features material from his opera, “The Fiery Angel,” a love story set against the backdrop of demon possession. The result is both touching and dramatic, filled with foreboding and struggle. Shostakovich, who walked a fine line between state accolades and denunciation, wrote his First Cello Concerto for friend Mstislav Rostropovich. Weaving his musical monogram, DSCH, throughout the work, he skillfully combines powerful musical ideas with virtuoso pyrotechnics. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

Dr. Kevin A. King DDS PS Dr. Samuel King DDS OCTOBER 26-27:

Ancient Tales of Magic: Music of Harry Potter The Spokane Symphony will be joined by actors, dancers and a magician to explore musical tales of wizards, witches, muggles, and magical creatures from the world of Harry Potter and other Halloween favorites. Experience music from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and the Crimes of Grindelwald. Spooky classical selections include: Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, Grieg’s In The Hall of The Mountain King, and more. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

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The messiest game show on TV is now the messiest game show on the road. Double Dare Live is coming to your town and will bring all the action and excitement of Nickelodeon’s hugely popular TV show to the stage. All the slime soaking, pie plastering, and booger busting will be hosted by the Double Dare legend himself Marc Summers. Bring your whole family to the show you loved as a child. You might even get chosen to compete to win by answering brain-bending trivia questions, completing messy physical stunts and even running the legendary obstacle course. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. NOVEMBER 2:

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Jason Mraz


Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker Celebrate this Christmas with the one and only Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Featuring brand new overthe-top production and world class Russian artists. Larger than life puppets, nesting dolls and gloriously handcrafted costumes bring the Christmas spirit to life. Gather the family and see why the press is raving. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.



Coming off celebrating the 15th anniversary of his Platinum-certified debut album Waiting For My Rocket To Come, Mraz began to ponder the meaning of his time in the spotlight since getting his start in coffeehouses in San Diego. While amassing a global fan base for his positive message and soulful, folk-pop sound, Mraz has earned numerous diamond and platinum certifications for his various releases. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325SEAT or ticketswest.com.

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Veterans Day Ceremony: Honoring Those Who Served The Spokane VA Medical Center is pleased to join the leadership and members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 51 for the annual Veterans Day Ceremony at Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena on Monday, November 11 beginning at 10 a.m. Doors open at 9 a.m. The Veterans Display on the concourse will be available for viewing immediately following the ceremony. Spokane Arena. 720 W. Mallon Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

Mosets issu be canlved resoone in it! vis

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BRANDED CONTENT/retirement planning

The Most Important Question in Retirement Planning By Erin Tamberella and Rick Wright

IT’S A TOUCHY SUBJECT, BUT A LIFE EXPECTANCY ANALYSIS IS THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE YOU WILL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO LIVE YOUR LATER YEARS IN COMFORT AND EASE. What do people fear the most in retirement? Outliving their income. And what variable has the largest impact on whether or not they will outlive their income? Life expectancy. Your ability to successfully plan for retirement is largely dependent on how well you can estimate your life span. Longevity is the new buzzword in retirement planning, and rightfully so. It wasn’t that long ago when most people retired at 65 and maybe lived another five to 10 years if they were lucky. Those days are over, which makes current retirement planning a much more challenging endeavor. People are living much longer, and their retirement nest eggs must live much longer as well. Not only are life spans increasing, but statistics tell us that the longer people live, the longer they will live.

LONGEVITY ESTIMATES According the Social Security Administration, a man who reaches the age of 65 today is estimated to live until he is 82.8 years old. A woman turning 65 today is expected to live, on average, until she is 85.4 years of age. In addition to that, 25% of all 65-year-olds will live past 90 and 10% will live beyond 95. This dramatic increase in life spans is also expected to continue well into the future. Longevity planning is becoming a larger and larger component of successful retirement planning. In order to ensure you do not outlive your income, maintain a comfortable lifestyle, and have choices in retirement, you must be as accurate as possible in estimating your life expectancy. Unfortunately, estimating longevity is not even close to an exact science. The traditional approach for most advisors is to rely on actuarial tables for a best estimate. However, with life expectancies increasing practically every year, the mortality tables may no longer be enough.

Copyright © 2019 by Horsesmouth, LLC. All rights reserved. Please see next page for important restrictions on use. License #: 4913461Reprint Licensee: Michael R. Craggett, Jr. IMPORTANT NOTICE This reprint is provided exclusively for use by the licensee, including for client education, and is subject to applicable copyright laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of this material is a violation of federal law and punishable by civil and criminal penalty. This material is furnished “as is” without warranty of any kind. Its accuracy and completeness is not guaranteed and all warranties expressed or implied are hereby excluded. 50


Overestimating life expectancy is almost as bad as underestimating it. You may think a safe response to the whole longevity question would be to simply assume death at the age of 105. While the former could result in you outliving your income, overestimating can affect your quality of life during retirement by being forced to spend less than you could. INDIVIDUAL LIFE EXPECTANCY ANALYSIS To increase the probability of success in estimating your life span, consider working with your advisor to develop an individualized life expectancy analysis. Everything you do in planning for your retirement revolves around this number. Therefore, it is critical to the success of your retirement plan that you are able to estimate your life span as accurately as possible. Only then can you begin to develop a plan that will adequately provide for that life span. Areas you’ll want to consider when doing individualized life expectancy analysis are: medical history, family history, and lifestyle habits. The following are some questions you might want to think about. MEDICAL AND FAMILY HISTORY • Have you ever had a heart attack or been diagnosed with any kind of heart disease? • Are you or have you ever been on cholesterol medication? • Have you ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure? • If so, are you on medication? • Have you or anyone in your immediate family— parents, grandparents, siblings—ever had a stroke? • Have you or anyone in your family ever had any type of cancer? • Are your parents still alive? • If not, what did they die of and how old were they when they passed away? • Are all your siblings still alive? • Have any of your siblings experienced any serious health problems? • Lifestyle habits • On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a health nut and 1 eating at McDonald’s every day, how would you rank your diet? • Do you exercise regularly? • How many times a week?

• What kind of exercise? • Have you ever smoked? • Did either of your parents smoke? • How many days a week on average do you consume alcohol? • Do you always, sometimes, or never wear a seat belt? • On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being you could go postal any second and 1 you’re in a pleasant coma, how would you rank your daily stress levels? • Do you get enough sleep? • Do you participate in high-risk sports and other activities, i.e. football, skydiving, etc.? It’s probably best to go through these questions with your advisor so he or she has all the necessary data directly from you. Your advisor will then review your answers together with the actuarial tables to determine the life expectancy you’ll be using when developing your retirement plan. Once the mortality tables have been reviewed, you can decide whether years should be added or subtracted from your life expectancy based on your answers to the questions above. A large number of “bad” answers, especially the parents’ age at death, would justify lowering your estimate, while a preponderance of “good” answers would suggest a higher estimate is appropriate. The parents’ age at death is generally considered an anchoring data point for most longevity estimates, unless death occurred by other than natural causes. Obviously no one can know for sure how long you will live. As mentioned earlier, this is definitely not an exact science, but it will likely give you a better estimate than relying on the actuarial tables alone. The more accurate your estimate, the better your retirement planning will be. Going through this process will give you additional insight into appropriate strategies to use in your retirement planning as well as proper asset allocations at different stages of your retirement. Erin Tamberella and Rick Wright are managing partners of the coaching firm Executive Transformations and authors of the book Plateau to Pinnacle: 9 Secrets of a Million Dollar Financial Advisor, released in January 2015.

This article is provided by Financial Strategies Group. We believe the more education you have, the more financially secure you will be—and your financial success and stability is our mission. We would be honored to answer any questions you may have about your financial health. For your complimentary financial analysis, please call or email our office. Michael R. Craggett, Jr. RICP® Wealth Manager

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Horsemouth is not affiliated with Financial Strategies Group and LPL Financial. Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Securities offered through LPL Financial. Member FINRA/SIPC. OCTOBER 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com




GETTING PAST YOUR PAST Healing from traumatic emotions that trigger fear, anxiety by Judith Spitzer


ave you ever had a panic attack? Or fear and anxiety that seem to rule your life despite your desire to quiet it? What if I told you there was a psychological treatment that can potentially dissolve much of the anxiety caused by trauma you’ve experienced? The treatment is called EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and it’s a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. Repeated studies show that by using EMDR therapy, people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference. It is widely assumed that severe emotional pain requires a long time to heal. EMDR therapy shows that the mind can heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma. EMDR appears to approach psychological issues in an unusual way. The protocol uses a patient’s own rapid, rhythmic eye movements. The eye movements dampen the power of emotionally charged memories of past traumatic events. To a layperson, EMDR therapy can sound new agey and “out there.” Angi Pauletto, an acquisition specialist who has lived in Spokane since 1993, started seeing a therapist two years ago when problems in her marriage became intolerable. While she felt she had quite a few issues to talk over with a therapist, she was skeptical at first. “I thought it was really hokey at first. So, I thought, I’m going to tell you what you want to hear and then I’m outta here. I had a little chip on my shoulder,” she says. “Then I told her about when I was three years old and got hit by a car.” Pauletto says every time she tried to tell the story about the car accident she survived, her chest started to hurt, and she found it hard to breathe.



“I couldn’t figure out why every time I told the story it hurt physically. I always had thought my mom abandoned me in the emergency room,” she says. “By telling that story, I got into the memory and I could see that the doctors and nurses asked her to leave. It relieved the resentment and burden from that one episode. After the session I realized that I had released a big burden I didn’t know I was hanging on to.” Pauletto says the first EMDR sessions also convinced her that she could trust the therapist with “the bigger stories.” The bigger stories included being sexually abused by a trusted family member at age 7, as well as other childhood traumas. She also was raped by her husband during the final days of her marriage. “I knew there was hope that I could be relieved of the pain,” she says. “The hardest part was facing those demons that you’ve shoved down your whole life.” Ultimately, a year into therapy, Pauletto and her husband divorced, and she says although it’s been a difficult two years, she’s a different person today. “I don’t have those rocks on my shoulders. It’s been truly lifting for me and my teenage boys. The hard part is when you numb yourself for so long and you dig deep and start to feel the pain, but I’ve also been feeling the joy as well. It’s like letting in the light,” she says.

The hard part is when you numb yourself for so long and you dig deep and start to feel the pain, but I’ve also been feeling the joy as well. It’s like letting in the light.

EMDR was originally developed to treat the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and phobias. Some therapists also use EMDR to treat depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, sexual dysfunction, and stress caused by chronic disease. WHAT TO EXPECT

In the early stages of therapy, you will discuss your problems and symptoms with your therapist, but you won’t necessarily have to reveal all the details of your traumatic experience(s). Instead, your therapist will help you focus on related negative thoughts and feelings that you are still experiencing and decide which of these beliefs are still relevant and which ones you would like to replace with positive thoughts and beliefs. You will learn techniques to help you deal with disturbing feelings. Your therapist will then guide you through a process known as desensitization. While keeping the memory of a painful or traumatic event in mind, you will follow the therapist’s backand-forth finger movements with your eyes. The purpose of this technique is to help you fully process your negative feelings and begin to recognize that you no longer need to hold on to some of them. Future sessions are devoted to reinforcing and strengthening positive feelings and beliefs until you get to a point where you can bring up memories of the traumatic event without experiencing the negativity that brought you to therapy in the first place.


The goal of EMDR is to fully process past experiences and sort out the emotions attached to those experiences. Negative thoughts and feelings that are no longer useful are replaced with positive thoughts and feelings that will encourage healthier behavior and social interactions. Ultimately, clients learn to handle stressful situations themselves. EMDR therapy occurs in eight phases: 1) History and treatment planning 2) Preparation, to establish trust and explain the treatment indepth 3) Assessment, to establish negative feelings and identify positive replacements 4) Desensitization, which includes the eye movement technique 5) Installation, to strengthen positive replacements 6) Body scan, to see if the client is now able to bring up memories of trauma without experiencing negative feelings that are no longer relevant, or if reprocessing is necessary 7) Closure, which occurs at the end of every session 8) Re-evaluation, which occurs at the beginning of every session



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DR. FRANCINE SHAPIRO EMDR was created and developed in the late 1980s by Dr. Francine Shapiro, who discovered that rapid eye movements alleviated her own psychological distress. By 1995, Shapiro had structured the parts of the protocol into eight phases. In the ensuing years, more than 30 positive controlled outcome studies have been conducted on the therapy. Some of the studies show that 84 to 90 percent of single-trauma victims no longer have post-traumatic stress disorder after only three 90-minutes sessions. Another study, funded by HMO Kaiser Permanente, found that 100 percent of the trauma victims and 77 percent of multiple trauma victims no longer were diagnosed with PTSD after only six 50-minute sessions. EMDR has helped millions worldwide, including many with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Shapiro overcame opposition to make it a mainstream therapy, after its efficacy had been demonstrated in more than 40 randomized controlled trials. It is now practiced in more than 30 countries and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), the NHS, and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as many other bodies, according to the EMDR Institute, Inc. IN SPOKANE Amanda Salisbury, owner and founder of Trauma Informed Therapies, has been using the technique that she learned after moving to Germany in 2008 to work with soldiers and their families. Salisbury said when she heard about EMDR she said, “no thank you” to the training. “After I heard I’d be waving my fingers in front of someone’s face, it just felt a little woo woo. I didn’t have a clue about the science behind it,” Salisbury says with a laugh. “But for the Federal government, this was not an option. I’m so grateful for that.” Today, after using EMDR for more than 11 years she says, “I use all sorts of tools, but I can’t imagine being a trauma therapist without doing EMDR. It opens many portals that you can’t get to through talk therapy alone. Trauma is any event that you experience that is so impactful to you it also 54


affects other areas of your life,” she says. Likening the human brain to a spider web, Salisbury says our memories are attached to many other things. “I think one of the things I love the most about EMDR is that it can take away the trigger completely, and that is life changing. There is so much freedom in that.” Salisbury says the treatment tool doesn’t take nearly as much time as some other forms of talk therapy. “For each particular trauma, once you’re in that stage of reprocessing, it can take one to three sessions,” she says. “That’s pretty fast. The research bears this out. And in my 11 plus years of experience, I have definitely found that to be true.” AN EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN Bill Kalivas, who has been seeing a therapist for a little over a year, says EMDR has been nothing short of mind-blowing for him. Kalivas, a Spokane-based territory manager for Aruba Networks, Inc., a wireless networking device and software manufacturer and vendor, had what he calls a breakdown a little over a year ago. Kalivas, his wife and two teens decided to visit Pocatello, Idaho, in late spring, for the funeral of Kalivas’ biological father. Kalivas’ biological father had never married his mother because he was already married and had a family of his own. As the years went by, Kalivas says he only saw his real father two or three times. When he was about 7 or 8, his mother moved the family from Pocatello to Spokane. Several years later, his mother married a man named Kendall, who wanted to adopt Kalivas and his sister, but his real father refused to sign the papers that would acknowledge he was the father. At 50-something, Kalivas thought he had successfully suppressed or repressed all the emotions about his father, and the hurt and humiliation from his childhood. “Growing up, I was left alone a lot,” he says. “My Mom was a musician and a bartender, and my stepdad was only in town two days a week, so he was gone the other three, and when he was home he was at the bar. I was running around—there was not a lot to do—I didn’t have a lot of people in my life.”

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By high school Kalivas was into just about with this emotionally. They shouldn’t have to worry whether I’m having a bad day. I want to every sport there was, and he hung out with be positive. I want to be there for my wife and kids,” he says. athletes and coaches. “I would gain some A friend suggested he might find help with EMDR. Despite having mixed feelings, Kalivas guidance from them a little bit. But that was says he went ahead with the treatment. He realized it wasn’t all the spooky and unexplainable mostly for sports. But I always looked to stuff he didn’t believe in. “This is different, this is unconscious. This is stuff that’s hidden away. men a little bit for some examples. I guess “There was one incident I can share about a specific incident that was pretty bad,” he says. “I I cobbled together a personality from the won’t share what happened to me as a kid in that incident, but in the EMDR session. I wasn’t men I met who I admired.” consciously doing what happened. What appeared in front of me was a burlap sack and it had Eventually, Kalivas married and joined a string on it and the string wrapped around the bag and it appeared to tie itself up and then the Air Force. Ironically the family was put it on a shelf. It was like a vision. This just happened. And it was so clear. It kind of blew me stationed in Greece for three years, where away,” Kalivas says. “There are other instances where things just sort of appear and just kind of his biological father was born, and the happen. It’s bizarre. It’s like a dream in a way.” extended family still lived. After To Kalivas, the visual message was reassurance that he could work on emotional a divorce and remarriage, challenges but put them away when needed. “I can put something away for a Kalivas worked to build while and then I can still open it when I want to talk about it.” his career, and help Kalivas is still going through the treatment and says he has broken raise a family. through the fear around his childhood and is dealing with the issues Part of why I wanted So it was a EMDR is bringing up. shock, Kalivas “The EMDR has helped me to unpack all this stuff and to get help with my says, when understand it and reposition it. It’s tough. It takes a lot of courage emotions was that I he had what and you don’t know whether you have it or not—to deal with he calls an some of the stuff to relive it,” he says. “The visualization part that don’t want to be a emotional comes out, that you’re not really expecting—really caught me off bad father. I want to breakdown guard. Some of the stuff that was in there that I wasn’t expecting. after the funeral Some of the stuff that was in there I really had no clue.” be a good dad and a of his father in Kalivas says he believes more and more men are starting to seek good husband. Pocatello. help (with emotions). “It’s becoming clear that we all struggle with “That’s when stuff, and the more we get help, support each other and not judge, but things fell apart for acknowledge it and work through it … I think it will help a lot,” he adds. me. I didn’t handle it very well. I got very confused, I was NOT JUST FOR PTSD struggling to process all the emotion Salisbury, at Trauma Informed Therapies, says clients don’t have to have a PTSD I was feeling,” Kalivas says. “I broke down diagnosis to get help from EMDR. a couple of times and that’s not me. I’m “People sometimes do decide that they don’t want to do EMDR. But if you’re not in a safe somewhat emotional at certain times like at place to deal with this you shouldn’t do it because initially it can feel worse. Some people movies. But I couldn’t explain this. I didn’t are not stable enough to do this deeper kind of work. But let’s do therapy as a way to get you know where it was coming from. It was ready and to stabilize you,” Salisbury says. stuff I was feeling that I didn’t know was “There is always going to be controversy with any mental health treatment because the still there … like he didn’t want me in his bottom line is, we still have a lot to learn about the brain and how it works. There have been so life … and it just was so final. I just really many advances … certain parts of the brain that light up with certain things. Just know that if struggled.” and when you’re ready … it is a vulnerable, hard process. But it’s worth it,” she says. Kalivas said he had never experienced Therapists say EMDR should never be used with clients in crisis. It could be destabilizing anything like it emotionally. “All I could in the wrong patient. One must have good grounding skills in place and a competent clinician do was kind of sit there and sob. It was a for it to be safe. tsunami of emotions that hit me all at once The research supporting EMDR is substantial, and future research will continue to and I was kind of on overload,” he says. establish the validity of this approach and expand its potential applications researchers say. When the Kalivas family returned to To find out more about EMDR, call the NAMI hotline at (800) 950-NAMI. The EMDR Spokane, he says he struggled with how to Institute (emdr.com) provides training to medical and mental health practitioners, as well as process it. “Part of why I wanted to get help a list for clients seeking this modality. Dr. Francine Shapiro, the originator of EMDR, passed with my emotions was that I don’t want to away on June 16, 2019. be a bad father. I want to be a good dad and Judith Spitzer is an independent Journalist who writes for local, regional and national publications. a good husband. I don’t want to struggle 56



Styling by Diane Holm Photo by Ari Nordhagen



New this year to honor long-term gold winners

of the


t’s the most wonderful time of the year, the stunning change to autumn—those Fall sunsets—cozy gear, foods and drinks, holiday plans are forming … and we are celebrating more than 500 of the best local businesses, organizations, eateries, sipperies, personalities and more in our region. On the following pages, you will find who and what readers voted as “the best” in 126 categories such as food, drink, experiences, events, people and more. We hope to see you at the Best of the City party on Thursday, October 10 at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. Visit bozzitickets.com to procure your tickets. We now present you with 40 pages of what you love most about our city …



Gold: Wild Sage Wild Sage has been hosting intimate date nights and private parties inside its relaxing and refined bistro for more than a decade. Executive Chef Charlie Connor incorporates regionally sourced ingredients into creatively composed dishes, and the menu is a favorite among diners with dairy and gluten dietary restrictions. wildsagebistro.com

Gold: Churchill’s Steakhouse Gold: Domini Nowhere better to pair a thick-cut, dry-aged This family-owned, Spokane-staple is wellfilet mignon with a fine red wine than inside loved for its hearty sandwiches piled high the upscale dining room at Churchill’s. Prepare with deli-cut meats. No frills here; just the taste buds for an unmatched selection of traditional favorites by the sandwich, basket mid-Western cuts with hearty embellishments. or pound, garnished with horseradish, and churchillssteakhouse.com sweet and hot mustards. dominispokane.com Silver: Massellow’s Steakhouse Silver: Caruso’s Bronze: Spencer’s For Steaks & Chops Bronze: High Nooner Idaho: Wolf Lodge Idaho: Big Bear Deli

Silver: Clinkerdagger Bronze: Masselow’s Steakhouse Idaho: Beverly’s


Gold: RÜT Bar and Kitchen Created not only by the owners’ deep friendship and vegan diets, but also their substantial experience Gold: Anthony’s in the food industry. After working at Mizuna circa Anthony’s commitment to working with 2011, Chef Josh Lorenzen joined the Bijou Cafe in local farmers and fishermen extends from its downtown Portland, eventually becoming their sous Washington-sourced beef to its fresh caught chef. Meanwhile, Justin Oliveri found success as coselection of Northwest seafood, which owner of Cascadia Public House, which won “Best serves as the determining factor for the day’s New Restaurant of the Year 2017-18” (located in the menu. anthonys.com North Spokane Five Mile neighborhood). At RÜT, Lorenzen plays the role of executive chef while Silver: Red Lobster Oliveri thrives as chief operator. Together they offer Bronze: Clinkerdagger an artistic, conscientious, yet approachable vegan Idaho: Cedar’s Floating Restaurant dining experience. rutspokane.com Silver: Elliot’s Urban Kitchen Bronze: Cascadia Public House Idaho: Cafe Carambola Gold: Luigi’s Italian Restaurant Luigi’s is conveniently located in the heart of beautiful downtown Spokane. As the region’s premier choice for Italian cuisine, Luigi’s has been providing awardGold: Clinkerdagger winning service since 1988. The restaurant The tradition has continued for more than 40 years is equipped with three separate banquet at this Spokane landmark overlooking the majestic rooms, each which can accommodate Spokane River and city skyline. This is the perfect parties of 20, 50 or 110 guests respectively. place for a special business or romantic occasion, luigis-spokane.com or perhaps simply a nice getaway for lunch or dinner. This classic American grill artfully serves Silver: Tomato Street quality steaks, fresh and innovative seafood with Bronze: Italian Kitchen enthusiasm. clinkerdagger.com Idaho: Tony’s on the Lake Silver: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Bronze: Anthony’s Idaho: Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery








Gold: Sweet Frostings This delightful bakeshop satisfies sugar cravings with its freshly baked cookies, macarons, cake pops and pastries. Impress party guests with a delicately decorated custom cake or stop in on a whim and choose from the daily cupcake lineup. sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com Silver: Sweet Dreams Bronze: Celebrations Idaho: Lake City Cakes


Gold: The Flying Goat The Flying Goat was created in 2010 to become a neighborhood craft beer bar and casual eatery, where the crafted beer list is as carefully chosen as the menu items themselves. As the team studied the history of classic pizza making, they were inspired by its legacy, its flavors and aromas of Neapolitan-style. Their goal was to honor the craft of artisan pizza making, while infusing local flavors and ingredients. theflyinggoat.com Silver: MOD Pizza Bronze: Pizza Rita Idaho: Fire Artisan Pizza

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315 N. Ross Pt. Rd. POST FALLS, ID 83854 (208) 457-8020

9520 N. Govt. Way HAYDEN, ID 83835 (208) 762-5999

NEW LOCATION CAPONE’S ON THE GREEN Ponderosa Springs Golf Course 1291 N. Galena Dr. CDA, ID 83814 (208) 664-1101

Gold: Five Guys Burgers and Fries Now, 30 years after Five Guys first opened, there are almost 1,500 locations worldwide and another 1,500 units in development. Five Guys serves hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil and has grown a cult-like following around the world. Silver: Wisconsinburger Bronze: Fatburger Idaho: Hudson’s Burgers

Best BARBEQUE CaponesPub.com

Gold: Longhorn Barbeque The original brothers behind Longhorn Barbecue brought their Southern pit-style barbecue-in’ from Texas to Spokane back in 1956. The best place in the city for baby back ribs, Longhorn Barbecue seasons, marinates and slow-smokes them until they’re fall-offthe-bone good. thelonghornbbq.com Silver: Outlaw BBQ Bronze: Red Lion BBQ & Pub Idaho: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Best SALAD One of Spokane’s favorites for catering and take-out for almost 40 years!

Thank you Spokane, for voting us Best Caterer! (509) 458-5234 | 421 S. Cowley St | FerysCatering.com 62


Gold: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Serving a Great American Menu in a beautiful environment, Twigs has something for everyone, from delicious salads and sandwiches, hand-made pizzas, pasta, steaks and unique chef-inspired creations. Their full bar offers wonderful Twigs Signature martini selections, local craft beer, and regional wines. twigsbistro.com Silver: Golden Corral Bronze: Caruso’s Idaho: Cosmic Cowboy Grill


Best LOCAL FOOD PRODUCT IN STORES Gold: Victor’s Hummus Victor Foods is the producer of the award winning Victor’s Hummus, Victor’s Jadra, and Falafel. There are six amazing Hummus flavors, a Falafel spread, a Chocolate H’Mousse and a lentil and rice pilaf called Jadra. Their hummus flavors, on average, are about 1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fat of most national hummus brands. They also have the creamiest, smoothest hummus texture of any hummus. victorfoods. com Silver: Henderson Dip Bronze: Fletcher’s Hot Sauce


Gold: Clinkerdagger Nestled in the Old Flower Mill building, the riverside views are fabulous and the dining digs are fit for a business meeting to nights on the town, and anything in between. Peruse the menu of meat- and seafood-forward entrées, but if you get stuck on the enticing variety of appetizers, you wouldn’t be the first. clinkerdagger.com Silver: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Bronze: Hay Jay’s Idaho: Seasons


Gold: Thai Bamboo Each of the four locations has its own unique feel, but you’ll find the same high-quality, authentic Thai and Asian fare. Order your triedand-true favorite or opt for something new from the extensive menu and switch up the spice level. Thai Bamboo is known for its top-notch customer service and imported Thai art and trinkets. thaibamboorestaurant.com Silver: Bangkok Thai Bronze: Thai Kitchen Idaho: Asian Twist

14TH AND GRAND SALON 509.624.7263

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Best SUSHI Gold: Sushi.com Fresh fillets are flown in daily to this authentic Japanese restaurant, where trained sushi chefs artfully craft popular specialty rolls, among simple sashimi bites and elaborate sushi boats. A wide variety of cooked and meaty rice and noodle dishes guarantee enough options for every diner to fill their belly. mainsushi.com Silver: QQ Bronze: The Wave Idaho: Syringa

Best CHINESE Gold: China Dragon Since 1987, China Dragon has been offering traditional dishes of the highest quality with a full spectrum of flavor profiles. chinadragonspokane.com Silver: Red Dragon Bronze: Dragon Inn Idaho: Chinese Gardens

Best PHO Gold: Vina Asian Restaurant Those who claim to know the best Asian food around favor Vina for its fresh dishes and made-from-scratch pho. Three varieties of hot pots are popular for sharing couples and families, and a full lineup of veggie, chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, squid and duck entrées offers something for everyone. Silver: Pho Van Bronze: Pho City Idaho: Pho Thanh

Best MEXICAN Gold: Rancho Chico Family Restaurant Rancho Chico is the place to dine when you’re hungry for authentic and traditional Mexican food. Their extensive menu includes favorites such as burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and tacos— and

everything is prepared from the freshest ingredients to ensure great taste in every bite. Food is served in huge portions so customers never leave feeling hungry. Satisfy your appetite for good food, tamales, cocktails, margaritas and beer at Rancho Chico. mexicanrestaurantspokane.com Silver: Azteca Bronze: DeLeon Foods Idaho: El Paisa Mexican Food


Gold: Three Ninjas Delicious food done fast—started as a food truck and now with a permanent home in Kendall Yards. They serve a mixed menu of tacos, sandwiches and wraps. They produce and bottle their own hot sauces you can find at their store. Find the menu on their Facebook page @mobilespokane. Silver: Meltz Bronze: Couple of Chefs Idaho: Mad Moose Concession


Gold: Taste of India Taste of India has provided a casual, warm, homey location since 2001, offering Indian and Pakistani dishes and an impressive allyou-can-eat lunch buffet. Silver: Top of India Bronze: The Mango Tree

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ter Mas ician t e h Aest ering f f o ing & eedl ing. n o r c Mi maplan Der all for C nt. ntme i o p Ap

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Best BREAKFAST Gold: Frank’s Diner Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and, of course, the don’t-miss-atbreakfast hash browns and silver pancakes. franksdiners.com Silver: The Old European Bronze: Yards Bruncheon Idaho: The Garnet Café


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11806 E Sprague | Spokane Valley

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Gold: Swinging Doors The Swinging Doors might equate to a neighborhood’s version of a living room, with its family-friendly atmosphere, dozens of TVs to watch the home teams, free wifi, games and, oh yes, sports grill-style grub. The familyowned establishment has been at the heart of its neighborhood for more than 35 years. theswingingdoors.com Silver: The Onion Bronze: Prohibition Gastropub


Gold: Luna Luna sets culinary trends as one of the top restaurants in the region. Offering inspired, garden-to-table cuisine, Luna has provided a formative space for some of the Inland Northwest’s premier chefs for more than 25 years. We love Luna’s pizzas fired in their wood-burning oven, their Ahi Tuna Tartare starter and their salads—the Lacinato Kale, Beet and Luna Salads. Large plates include a diverse list of distinctive entrées including chicken, duck, beef, fish, pasta and vegetarian dishes. lunaspokane.com Silver: Manito Taphouse Bronze: Palouse Bar and Grill


Gold: Downriver Grill Make it in for a happy hour, weekly visits, a date night or family celebration, and you’ll never be disappointed at this neighborhood destination near Audubon Park. Let the wine pour and order perfectly prepared seasonal dishes, finished with fresh herbs from the patio’s garden. downrivergrill.com Silver: Chaps Bronze: The Flying Goat


Gold: Hay J‘s Bistro In the winter of 2005, Chef Patrick Fechser and lifelong restaurateur Rhonda Entner shared a vision together. A vision that entailed simple yet amazing food, hospitable service and a wine and cocktail selection that would cater to all. Perhaps the most distinct piece of this vision was one of love for family, friends and food. In May of 2006 the mother and son partnership opened Hay J’s Bistro. hayjsbistro.com Silver: Ambrosia Bronze: Craft and Gather


267 Bentz Rd | Rathdrum, Idaho (208) 772-9096


Gold: White House Grill If garlic tickles your tastebuds, head to the White House Grill in Post Falls. For more than two decades chef and owner Raci Erdem has served up the flavors of the Mediterranean in seafood, vegetables, pasta and lamb dishes, complemented by a full bar featuring handcrafted cocktails, 12 beers on tap, an extensive wine list featuring many Washington varietals. whitehousegrill. com Silver: Capone’s Bronze: Angelo’s



BrickHouseMassage.com // 509-891-1999 BEST OF 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


Fine Dining

Outdoor Dining







Gold: Rocket Bakery Nothing goes together better than coffee and pastries. That’s why a coffee shop that bakes its own goodies—or in this case, a bakery that serves great coffee—is one step ahead of the game. Side your vanilla latte with a fresh-baked berry scone, Danish, bagel or cookie for a rocket-powered day ahead. rocketspokane.com Silver: Sweet Dreams Bronze: Boot’s Bakery Idaho: Bakery by the Lake

Gold: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar The bartenders at Twigs known how to shake a martini for a stellar start to a night out. Keep it simple with a classic or choose from an extensive list of fruit-forward and spicy specialties. Pinky up and down that hatch as you chat with best friends and nibble on appetizers. twigsbistro.com Silver: Bistango Bronze: Durkin’s Liquor Bar Idaho: 315 Martinis and Tapas


Gold: Clinkerdagger Burnt Crème You know a menu item is something special when you can find copycat chefs on the internet attempting to recreate it. Clinkerdagger’s Burnt Crème is the real deal—rich vanilla custard, caramelized sugar crust, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. clinkerdagger.com Silver: Coconut Cake at Wild Sage Bronze: Twig’s Sticky Cookie Idaho: White House Grill, Baklava


Gold: Golden Corral Pile your plate with endless options and return to do it again, one, two, three times, at this popular buffet restaurant. Golden Corral offers something every family member will like. Don’t forget to leave room on your plate for their sweet and fluffy dinner rolls—oh, so good. goldencorral. com Silver: River’s Edge at Northern Quest Bronze: Timber Creek Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Casino




Gold: Riverbank Taphouse Riverbank Taphouse features 52 taps, craftmade cocktails and shareables to enjoy on an indoor patio just off the casino floor at Northern Quest Resort and Casino, or inside in a sleek new setting with bar‑top games. The menu is streamlined, with 14 items including brat sliders with beer pickles and red kraut, parmesan garlic bread with beer cheese dip, and roasted mushrooms with Gorgonzolagarlic butter. The classic hummus is made in-house and you won’t want to miss the “Mega” pretzel—the Riverbank’s signature dish, loaded with prosciutto, coppa, salami, Gruyere, pepper jack, stone ground mustard and house-made pickles. northernquest.com Silver: Manito Taphouse Bronze: Area 51 (The Onion) Idaho: Crafted


Gold: No Li Brewhouse Come for the beer, stay for the beer—and the pub fare and entertainment, like Rhythm and Brews Wednesday. No-Li’s Born and Raised is commonly poured at locales around the state, but at their namesake tasting room you can try all their newest endeavors. nolibrewhouse.com Silver: The Iron Goat Bronze: Badass Backyard Brewery Idaho: Post Falls Brewery


Tire & Automotive

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• Tires/Wheels • Engine Repairs • Shocks/Struts • Mufflers • Towing Available • Transmissions • Tune Ups • Batteries • Brakes 1126 W. 2nd Ave. | Spokane, WA 99201 | 509-747-5371 523 N. Pines | Spokane, WA 99216 | 509-321-7243 2925 S Mt Vernon St | Spokane, WA 99223 | 509-534-0350 Mike Federico


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Gold: Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar The hours get happy from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar. This Spokane hot spot specializes in fresh fare and cocktails— dishes like home-style grits, savory smoked barbecue, fried okra or flatbreads fired in an open flamed oven are amongst the most popular items on the menu … and a dirty martini that makes every wrong of the day feel right. davenporthotelcollection.com Silver: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Bronze: Hops n Drops Idaho: Midtown Bluebird


Gold: Barrister Winery Greg Lipsker and Michael White were vacationing with their families in British Columbia when they purchased a five-gallon Zinfandel wine making kit. Five gallons turned into fifty gallons, which then turned into crushing 1½ tons of grapes in Greg’s garage in 2000. As Barrister has grown, so have the accolades. Vintage after vintage has won awards, including “Best of Show” at the prestigious Los Angeles Wines of the World competition. As well, Barrister Wines claim consistent 90+ point scores in the industry’s most prestigious wine magazines. barristerwinery.com Silver: Arbor Crest Bronze: Latah Creek Winery Idaho: Coeur d’ Alene Cellars Winery


Gold: Barrister Winery As Barrister has grown, passion for great winemaking has always been at the forefront of the business. In November 2015, Barrister opened its second Tasting Room, located across from the Davenport Grand Hotel in downtown Spokane. This location features a selection of their wines at an easily accessible location for downtown shoppers, sight-seers, and theatre goers. Silver: Maryhill Winery Bronze: Overbluff Cellars Idaho: Castaway Cellars



251 E. 5th Ave., Suite A Spokane, WA 99202 509-838-6501 StahlOptical.com

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Best CIDERY Gold: One Tree Cider What began with a home cider kit and a love for state-grown apples morphed into a what is now One Tree Hard Cider and the newly opened Cider House. Making the most of Washington’s fruit yields, One Tree harmoniously infuses their ciders for a full lineup of flavors— raspberry, ginger apricot, huckleberry, lemon basil and even pumpkin. onetreehardcider.com Silver: Liberty Ciderworks Bronze: Twilight Ciderworks


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• Entry level beds • Membership & minute packages • Airbrush bronzing • Acrylic nails • Manicures & pedicures • Facials & waxing • Eyelash extensions • Lotions & jewelry • Bikini boutique

• Hair color/cut specialists • Hair extensions • Bags & purses • Beach & Cruise wear • NEW! Verespa Pro Sunless Booth • NEW! Teeth whitening



VALLEY 1401 N. ARGONNE 921-1944 | SOUTH 2821 E. 27 AVE 533-6300 | NORTH 634 W. GARLAND 290-5029 th


CLEANING 509 720-8488 // socleanspokane.com 72


Gold: Indaba Since Indaba opened in West Central in fall of 2009 with “just an espresso machine, a couple of grinders, and $10,000 in startup capital,” the business has grown steadily, first serving local coffee, and then going to a hip, multi-roaster format. 2014, they began roasting their own beans and 2015 they opened a second location. They now have five stunning locations and a massive following of dedicated customers. indabacoffee.com Silver: Wake Up Call Bronze: Thomas Hammer Idaho: Strada


Gold: Thomas Hammer That orange cup and white hammer logo has become a familiar sight to see, and onlookers knows it’s filled with a balanced roast of Thomas Hammer coffee. The local brand has made a name for itself, roasting, bagging and stocking plenty of smooth flavor profiles for whenever you need a refill. hammercoffee.com Silver: Indaba Bronze: Tom Sawyer Country Coffee Idaho: Union Roasters

Brooke M. Cloninger, d.d.s.

Dr. Mark Van Gemert

Dr. Brooke Cloninger

Grapetree Village | 2001 E. 29 Call 509.534.4600 BrookeMCloningerDDS.com


2009 - 2019

Appointments Available Monday–Friday New Patients Welcome


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BEST OPTICAL SHOP DOWNTOWN: 421 W. Riverside, Suite 102 | 509-624-9209 NORTH: 5503 N. Wall St.| 509-489-2020 BEST OF 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com




Gold: Method Juice Organic Juice Café The team at Method didn’t start out as organic health addicts. They were eating all sorts of processed, artificial and less-thanhealthy foods just a few short years ago. But something amazing happened when they tried a plant based diet that incorporated a daily juice: they had more energy, they lost weight, and they felt fantastic. It has been full steam ahead since then. methodjuicecafe.com Silver: The Wellness Tree Bronze: Jamba Juice Idaho: The Wellness Bar

Gold: Schweitzer Winter sports are a favorite reason for living in the Inland Northwest, and Schweitzer is a favorite destination for skiers and snowboarders. With so many ways to play in the snow—snow biking, snowshoeing and tubing, too—there’s something every family member will love, and resort accommodations are ideal for extended adventures. schweitzer.com Silver: Mt. Spokane Bronze: 49 Degrees North


Gold: Northern Quest Resort & Casino Northern Quest is the ultimate VegasGold: Swinging Doors like experience without the airfare. Play Sports fans loyally return to The Swinging a hand of poker, try your luck at the slots Doors for big game days—and all those and partake in off-track betting inside in between. With 60 televisions, you’re the Turf Club Lounge. Complete your guaranteed to keep up with all the latest visit by spending a day at La Rive Spa, plays and scores. During halftime, take eating and sipping at more than a dozen a turn at the pool table and feast upon a restaurants and lounges, taking in big-name menu filled with all the sports grill favorites. entertainment, and cozying up in worldtheswingingdoors.com class hotel rooms and suites. northernquest. com Silver: Epic Silver: Coeur d’Alene Casino Bronze: The Ref Bronze: Spokane Tribe Casino Idaho: Paddy’s Sports Bar and Grill



Gold: nYne Bar & Bistro Strap up those dancing shoes and get down with the DJ, showing off your best moves on the dance floor each weekend. Special occasion not required for lively parties to be found inside this downtown night club. It’s a crowd favorite locale for letting loose and singing some tunes during weeknight karaoke. nynebar.com Silver: The Globe Bronze: The Knitting Factory Idaho: Mik’s 74



Gold: Coeur d’Alene Resort Whether you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation or you’re ready for an actionpacked watersport vacation, this lakeside resort has it all. Start the morning playing 18 holes, meander the waters in a speed boat or pontoon, allow a massage to loosen your muscles, and wine and dine at one of the onsite restaurants. cdaresort.com Silver: Hill’s Resort Bronze: Elkins Resort















15% off Seniors Perm


15% off Women’s Color


$12.99 Men’s Haircuts




Gold: MUV Fitness Kickstart your workout routine by joining a 60- or 90-day challenge, hook your heartrate device up to the facility’s MYZONE tracker for live updates throughout your training session, and mix up your routine by joining a myriad of group fitness classes. MUV Fitness has everything you’re looking for in a gym, along with friendly and encouraging staff. muvfitnessclubs.com Silver: Integritty Fitness Bronze: Anytime Fitness Idaho: Peak Health and Wellness Center


Gold: Davenport Hotels A weekend spent at one of the Davenport Hotels properties is the perfect getaway without straying far from home. This collection of upscale accommodations spans historic to modern, and access to the best downtown has to offer is right outside the front doors. Though, with lavish dining rooms, swanky lounges and posh rooms, there’s really no reason to leave. davenporthotelcollection.com Silver: Northern Quest Resort & Casino Bronze: The Montvale Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Resort


Gold: Gonzaga University Just as the Bulldog basketball team is consistently ranked among the best in the nation, the Gonzaga University campus, professors, staff and students earn the highest accolades for their commitment to educational and life enhancing pursuits. Gonzaga offers nearly 50 service-learning courses, and 55 percent of undergraduates take part in some form of community service. gonzaga.edu Silver: Eastern Washington University Bronze: Washington State University Idaho: North Idaho College 76



Gold: Kalispel Golf and Country Club Located on the north side of scenic Spokane, the historic Kalispel Golf and Country Club provides the ultimate Inland Northwest golf experience on a beautiful course with a world-class dining experience, and the highest levels of service and quality in a picturesque setting along the Little Spokane River—which makes this one of the most stunning wedding venues in the region. kalispelgolf.com Silver: The Hangar Event Center Bronze: Arbor Crest Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Resort


Gold: Northern Quest Resort and Casino The best bet for a winning place to hold your next meeting or event is Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights. Choose from traditional meeting spaces like the Pend Oreille Pavilion, Kalispel Ballroom, and Chief Victor Boardroom. Or try something a little different by reserving one of the resort’s more nontraditional settings, including Coach Fitz’s Clubhouse at EPIC, Legends of Fire premium cigar lounge, or the private dining room at Masselow’s Steakhouse for an unforgettable meeting experience. northernquest.com Silver: Spokane Convention Center Bronze: Beacon Hill Idaho: Hagadone Event Center


Gold: Fery’s Catering Fery Haghighi has been a restaurateur and pastry chef in Spokane since 1980. Her first business, Au Croissant, which introduced the first croissants and espresso drinks to Spokane, was a huge success. Over time, Fery added a sit down dinner menu to her

restaurant. Some of the largest caterings in the area are done by Fery and her staff, as well as some of the most intimate gatherings. feryscatering.com Silver: Delectable (Bozzi Media Catering) Bronze: Black Tie Catering Idaho: Greenbriar


Gold: New Moon Art Gallery New Moon Art Gallery is a must-visit for original fine art, handmade crafts, First Friday festivities, art classes and more. A new show is launched each month, featuring the works of local artists, and juried shows are regularly scheduled throughout the year to highlight accomplished names in the Inland Northwest. manicmoonandmore. com Silver: Ben Joyce Studios Bronze: Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture Idaho: Art Spirit Gallery


Gold: Pinot’s Palette Art can be a serious endevour—but not at Pinot’s Palette. This fun and relaxing art studio is where you can take a class with your friends or your date, painting a masterpiece while sipping a nice wine. You might not be the next Rembrandt, but after a few glasses of merlot, your canvas will truly come to life in vibrant color. pinotspalette.com Silver: Paints and Pints Bronze: Board and Brush



509-624-1251 | 18 W Main | Spokane, WA FindersKeepersBoutiques.com

Spokane’s Premier Dress Boutique Best of the City Dress Sponsor



Best Florist

Best DANCE STUDIO/ACADEMY Gold: The Dance Center of Spokane The Dance Center of Spokane emphasizes bringing the enjoyment and performance of dance to all ages at all levels, offering a diverse range of styles: ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, modern, partnering, tumbling, mom and me, and competition performance. Spokane Ballet Ensemble is in residence at the Dance Center of Spokane, as well. dancecenterofspokane.com Silver: Spokane Elite Dance Studio Bronze: Inspirations Dance Studio Idaho: Lake City Highland Dance


of our community with the love and power of the gospel so they may become God-dependent, contributing members of society. uniongospelmission.org Silver: Beyond Pink Bronze: Ronald McDonald House Charities Idaho: Birthright of Coeur d’Alene

Best CHARITY GALA Gold: Beyond Pink Beyond Pink is the result of two women, Charlie Brewer and Karla Porter, who wanted to celebrate the technology of thermography and its powerful ability to aid in the early detection of breast disease. Their goal is to educate and raise awareness as well as help provide funding for women who could not otherwise afford this potentially lifesaving screening. Beyond Pink’s annual event is known as “The most fun you’ll have saving a life.” The event provides an experience you won’t find anywhere else. beyondpink.net

Gold: BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga— Spokane From power yoga and vinyasa to yin yoga and Baby and Me—which allows new moms the opportunity to socialize and build community in a safe space—the instructors at BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga will help you stretch your muscles and balance your mind. Classes are about 60 minutes and open to all levels. beyoutifulhotyoga. com Silver: Epicurean Delight Bronze: The Pumpkin Ball Silver: Yarrow Idaho: Masquerade Bronze: YogaJoy Idaho: BeYOUtiful Hot Yoga— Coeur d’Alene Gold: 92.9 KZZU The home station for the best modern hits to pump up the work day and wind down Gold: Union Gospel Mission on the drive home. Dave, Ken & Molly, As the saying goes, change starts at Dan Roberts and Ian Kelly keep you up-tohome. UGM began as a downtown soup date on the latest while making sure your kitchen in 1951 and has expanded into favorite music keeps on flowing through the a comprehensive ministry with four airwaves. 929zzu.com shelters, three recovery programs, two thrift stores, an automotive enterprise, and Silver: 99.9 Coyote Country an outreach center and summer camp for Bronze: 93.7 The Mountain underprivileged youth. Your donations help UGM to reach the less fortunate members





Let's Work Together


Best Windows

Thank You, Spokane. 10 Years of Saving Lives • 10 Years of Gratitude Best Charity Gala

Best Local Charity

Save a life—or yours—at beyondpink.net BEST OF 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


Gold: 590 KQNT (iHeart) The go-to station for all things news, from local headlines to national breaking-news coverage and commentary. 590 KQNT airs popular talk shows with national hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. 590kqnt.iheart.com Silver: 920 KXLY Bronze: 1510 KGA

Gold: Stephanie Vigil—KHQ Stephanie Vigil joined Dan Kleckner’s side as morning co-anchor in 1997 and has never looked back. Since becoming a face of Spokane’s local news, she has immersed herself in the community, helping to make a difference through local charities. She is an Emmy-award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award. khq.com Silver: Robyn Nance—KXLY Bronze: Kalae Chock—KHQ

Gold: Jess Walter This local author has a No. 1 New York Times bestseller under his belt (Beautiful Ruins), among five other novels, a book of short stories and a nonfiction piece. His writing spans journalistic to brilliantly comical to emotionally impactful. Among national appearances at writer’s conferences and events, Jess always makes time for his hometown fans. jesswalter.com Silver: Sara Allen Stewart Bronze: Sherman Alexie



Gold: Mary Poppins You could say that the Spokane Civic Theatre’s 2018 performance of Walt Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins was (not to sound precocious) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Directed by Troy Nickerson, with music direction by Henry McNulty and choreography by Heidy Cartwright, it played to sold out audiences on the theatre’s Margot and Robert Ogden Main Stage. Cast included Mary Poppins: Quincy McCune; Bert: Jerrod Galles; George Banks: Patrick McHenry-Kroetch; Winifred Banks: Alyssa Day; Jane Banks: Mia Kubicek; and Michael Banks: Eli Wissing. spokanecivictheatre. com Silver: Closing It Up Bronze: The Lion King


Gold: Dan Kleckner—KHQ This face of local news has been loyally watched by many since 1985. Dan has sat in a variety of seats throughout his 30+ year journey with KHQ, including sports director, morning news anchor and evening news anchor. His genuine reporting and community care never falters. khq.com Silver: Derek Deis—KXLY Bronze: Sean Owsley—KHQ 80




Gold: Leslie Lowe—KHQ Leslie Lowe began her career in radio before transitioning to television in 2003. She joined the KHQ news team in December of 2008, just in time to kick off the snowiest winter on record for Spokane. Leslie is the lead forecaster for KHQ. She enjoys emceeing numerous events for Spokane’s Lilac Association, Spokane Valley Firefighters, The Girl Scouts, Meals on Wheels, Providence Health Care and Susan G. Komen’s “Race for a Cure.” Her career highlight was interviewing Jimmy Fallon, right before he took over “The Tonight Show.” Silver: Tom Sherry—KREM Bronze: Kris Crocker—KXLY



Gold: Mayor David Condon Mayor of Spokane since 2012, David Condon is greatly admired by the community for his strong focus on public safety, economy growth, infrastructure, budgeting and an improved quality of life. He’s a family man, an Army veteran, former small business owner and a communityoriented leader. my.spokanecity.org Silver: Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Bronze: Ben Stuckart Idaho: Steve Widmyer


Gold: Garland Animal Clinic Taking care of your furry family members is the calling of each veterinarian at Garland Animal Clinic. Their knowledgeable care Gold: Sam Adams—KHQ comes with more than 75 years of combined Sam Adams has been covering sports in experience, ensuring your animal is in good the Pacific Northwest his entire career. He hands, no matter how simple or extensive quickly became a champion of local sports the visit. garlandanimalclinic.com when he helped launch the region’s all sports and weather channel, SWX, which Silver: Cat’s Meow Bronze: Ponti Veterinary Hospital broadcasts local games. His commitment Idaho: Lake City Pet Hospital to local sports coverage has certainly made him a crowd favorite. khq.com Silver: Keith Osso—KXLY Bronze: Dennis Patchin—KXLY





Voted Best Chiropractors in Spokane.

Dr. Raymond Sicilia Certified

Chiropractic Sports Physician

siciliachiropractic.net 611 W Garland Spokane, WA 99205 | 509-489-2883

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RE/MAX of Spokane (509) 280-3000 sheri@sheritilton.com



Gold: Tanya Broesder Tanya Broesder grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa and became interested in food and cooking early on, hanging around her grandparents’ restaurant. After culinary school in Portland and externships at various restaurants, she landed at Northern Quest Resort and Casino and became head chef of Masselow’s Steakhouse in 2014. northernquest.com Silver: Chad White Bronze: Tyler Schwenk Idaho: Adam Hegsted


Gold: Sheri Tilton Sheri Tilton can do things other Realtors can’t—she can point out the difference between an older three tab roof versus an updated architectural roof, explain the difference between an active and passive radon system, and can determine the challenges involved with adding a bathroom in an unfinished basement. Before joining Re/Max of Spokane, Sheri spent six years as a general contractor and builder and worked with her husband in excavation. That experience has given her knowledge and experience to help homeowners find the home of the dreams―she will definitely “Go the Extra Mile” for her clients. sheritilton.com Silver: Breann Kostelecky Bronze: Nancy Wynia Idaho: Sheree Cooper


Sheri Tilton

CDPE, CRS, RCC, CNHS, SRES CLHMS, 203k Specialist RE/MAX Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement



Gold: Ben Joyce Ben’s work has found home in a myriad of public and private collections both in the United States and abroad. Ben shows throughout the country from New York City to Chicago, Miami to San Francisco; and he is always refreshingly amazed that the connection to place is universal. Ben’s

private commissions have been created for some of the biggest celebrities and most prominent corporations across the globe; a recent commission of three pieces were for a private 737 Boeing Business Jet. painterofplace.com Silver: Melissa Cole Bronze: Jesse Pierpoint Idaho: Yvonne Benzinger


Gold: The Cronkites One of the most beloved bands in the region for all ages and musical tastes, The Cronkites level up any stage they grace, inspiring full dance floors and the time of life for guests. Pat Simmons, Greg Mahugh, Chris Casserino and Jim Robison play on in memory of beloved bandmate Bob Sletner. Book them. cronkites.com Silver: The Ryan Larson Band Bronze: Folkinception / Trego


Gold: Sammy Eubanks Sammy’s name alone speaks volumes— as does his music. Quite possibly the most reputable musician in the Inland Empire, Sammy Eubanks delivers a quality performance every time he takes the stage, playing a variety of blues, country and rock n’ roll classics as well as originals. Influenced by many artists and styles, he too demonstrates diversified talent rarely seen in music today. Ever the skillful vocalist and guitar player, he is a leader in the Northwest music scene. sammyeubankslive.com Silver: Cami Bradley Bronze: Rusty Jackson

BEST BREAKFAST — 14 Years in a Row —

7640 N Division | Spokane (509) 467-5987

517 N Pines | Spokane Valley (509) 891-7662

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best night club idaho Mik’s Nightclub 406 4th St. | CDA






Gold: Dave, Ken, and Molly—KZZU Weekday mornings tend to start a little better when listening to Dave, Ken & Molly on 92.9 ZZU FM. Hear the latest reports from Hollywood, listen to what the Panel of Women have to say about a variety of real-life situations and, of course, everyone wants a chance to Win Dave’s Money. dkmshow.com Silver: Jay and Kevin—99.9 (Coyote Country) Bronze: Brooke and Jubal—103.1 (KCDA)

Gold: Ritters Garden & Gift Ritters Garden and Gift started as a floral shop 70 years ago. Ten years ago, the Wyman family purchased the shop. The shop carries a wide variety of pre-made and custom floral arrangements from the traditional to the exotic. No matter the occasion, they can meet your every need. 4ritter.com Silver: Liberty Park Florist Bronze: Northwest Seed and Pet Idaho: Westwood Gardens Nursery


Gold: Stolen Images Blake Crossley started Stolen Images Photography with the mindset of delivering high quality images while having fun with all his clients! His skills, creativity and attention to customer service have earned him more than 200 5-star reviews. Crossley and his team specialize in commercial, senior portraits, sports and weddings—they’ve proudly created lasting memories for more than 225 nuptials. nwstolenimages.com Silver: Crystal Madsen-Johnson Bronze: James and Kathy Mangis


Gold: Petco Find high-quality products, grooming, training and veterinary services, and knowledgeable, helpful partners in-store. Their revamped selection of dog and cat food makes it easier to choose a complete and balanced diet for your pet—without artificial ingredients. If you’re looking to grow your furry family, pet adoption events in-store can introduce you to your new best friend. Dedicated to pet health and happiness for over 50 years, they’re your partners in providing the best care for the pets you love. stores.petco.com Silver: Northwest Seed and Pet Bronze: Yuppy Puppy 84


Best JEWELRY STORE Gold: Jewelry Design Center Jewelry Design Center carries the industry’s top brands for shoppers who know just what they’re looking for; the full-service store has a line of pieces designed in-house and offers custom order services, too. The friendly staff aims at pleasing everyone who walks in the door and has been a go-to in the industry since 1977. jewelrydesigncenter.com Silver: Pounders Jewelry Bronze: Tracy Jewelers Idaho: Cheryl Burchell Goldsmiths



Gold: The Tin Roof Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole to a wonderland of furniture? The Tin Roof is the most trusted place to find exactly what you are looking for. If it can fit inside four walls, they have it. Sofas, fireplaces, bedding, the options are endless … and always gorgeous. tinrooffurniture.com Silver: La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Bronze: Mor Furniture for Less Idaho: Runge Furniture


Gold: Dania If you’re edging toward a modern look for inside your home or office, Dania is the place to go. The pieces here are of quality craftsmanship and follow a Scandinavianminimalistic style for just the right touch of character and ultimate function. daniafurniture.com Silver: Mor Furniture for Less Bronze: Ashley Furniture HomeStore Idaho: The Furniture Doctors


Gold: Jacobs Custom Living Extend your living space to the outdoors with furnishings designed to weather the Gold: Two Women Vintage Goods elements. From dining and bistro sets Dianna Chelf and daughter Fielding, are to sofa loungers and fire tables, Jacobs experts in what they call “urban farmhouse” Custom Living carries collections that décor. The pair began Two Women Vintage enhance any patio or backyard space, plus Goods as an antique and craft shop in the expert advice to pull it all together. the family barn near Spangle in 2008. But jacobscustomliving.com you don’t need to drive into the country to visit their store; their location in the Silver: The Tin Roof historic Sprague Union District is filled Bronze: Ennis Fine Furniture with vintage inspired décor, antiques, Idaho: Ironstone Mountain unique gifts—and there’s a coffee bar, too. twowomenvintagegoods.com Comfort Silver: Boulevard Mercantile Bronze: Paint in my Hair Idaho: Paris Flea Market



Best BEDROOM FURNITURE Gold: Walker’s Furniture & Mattress Walker’s is a Pacific Northwest go-to for full-line home furnishings, great discounts and friendly service. Find bedroom sets in a variety of woods and finishes, often with ample storage, in styles from traditional to modern. walkersfurniture.com Silver: Ashley Furniture HomeStore Bronze: The Tin Roof Furniture Idaho: Koerner Furniture


(208) 665-9688 ThriveCDA.com

Chelsea Pearson, D.C.,F.I.C.P.A

“The best chiropractors! They have been more than helpful through all my pregnancies and for my kiddos! We are beyond thankful for their kindness and knowledge!” Jeffrey Pearson, D.C.

Find a Healthier YOU! Having been trained on the latest chiropractic treatments and technologies, we tailor your personal treatment plan to help you achieve a more healthier you. 1230 N. Northwood Center Court, Suite A, Coeur d’Alene, ID



Gold: Walker’s Furniture There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep. And at Walker’s Furniture you can rest easy (pardon the pun); you’ll find a variety of mattress styles including traditional innerspring, memory foam, pillow top and more from trusted brands, including Serta, Beautyrest, Enso Sleep Systems, Tempur-Pedic and Oregon Mattress Company. Walker’s has the mattress that’s just right for you. walkersmattress.com Silver: Mattress Land Bronze: Sleep Number Idaho: National Mattress and Furniture


Gold: Swank Fashion lovers rejoice: Swank Boutique, located in Northtown Square, is just the place to get started on any season’s hottest styles. Shop their amazing collection of statement pieces, handbags, and accessories from a fashionable blend of today’s best designers. Affordable, modern and chic. New arrivals daily to keep your wardrobe fresh without breaking the bank. swankboutique.net Silver: Lolo Boutique Bronze: Jema Lane Boutique Idaho: Tiffany Blue

M-F: 8a-5:30p • Sat: 8a-5p

Best PROM/FORMAL WEAR Gold: Finders Keepers II Prom is an event that young girls dream about and young women remember forever. When not just any dress will do, prom-goers count on Finders Keepers II to give them glamour and fashion with designer gowns from Scala USA, Rachel Allan, Mac Duggal, Lucci Lu, Zoey Grey, Primavera and more. Whatever the formal occasion—prom, homecoming, wedding, Finders Keepers will make it—and YOU—memorable. finderskeepersboutiques.com Silver: Men’s Wearhouse Bronze: David’s Bridal

Treating your pets like family

• Vaccines/Preventative Care • Lab/EKG’s/Digital X-Rays • Mobile Large Animal Service • Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgery • Ultrasound/Reproductive Services • Boarding/Prescription Diets • Dental Care/Laser Treatments

509-922-7465 • Otis Orchards PontiVet.com

Above and beyond care for animals large, small and exotic

• Sewer and Drain Service • Full Service Plumbing • Water Heater Installs • Bathroom Remodels • Pumps and More!


Gold: Liberty Park & Greenhouse Since 1928, Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse has been a steadfast and wellloved local business, excelling in providing clients with a wide selection of beautiful floral arrangements for any occasion. The kind staff and expert floral designers make sure each arrangement is just as special as the last. libertyparkflorist.com Silver: Appleway Florist Bronze: Rose and Blossom Idaho: Hansen’s Florist


Gotta Clog? ! Call the Dog FREE Estimates Quick Response


BulldogRooter.com 24/7 Services and never a charge for overtime, ANYTIME!

Gold: Boo Radley’s Named after the character in To Kill A Mockingbird, who collected unusual and sometimes intriguing items, this novelty shop is a one-of-a-kind trip—and one of the best ways in our region to find fun gifts for the specail humans in your life. Silver: Simply Northwest Bronze: Atticus Coffee and Gifts Idaho: Mix It Up

Mention this ad to receive $10 off any one hour service through Dec. 2019

Zi Spa thanks

you for voting for us

1859 N. Lakewood, suite 302 | Cd'A 208-765-9400 www.ZiSpas.com BEST OF 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


Best VITAMINS/SUPPLEMENT STORE Best OPTICAL SHOP Gold: Super Supplements Everything you’re looking for within the realms of vitamins and minerals, supplements and protein powders, and herbs and homeopathy can be found inside Super Supplements. The friendly and knowledgeable staff and extensive, name-brand product selection ensure your health needs stay on track. vitaminshoppe.com Silver: Hardcore Supplements Bronze: Mother’s Cupboard Idaho: Pilgrim’s Nutrition


Gold: The White Elephant This surplus store has been in the community since 1946, with its colorful exterior and wide-ranging selection of goods. Sure, you can find hunting, fishing, boating and camping gear here—toys for the adults—but kids are especially fond of the extensive children’s toy selection. whiteelephantstores.com Silver: Whiz Kids Bronze: Boo Radley’s Idaho: Figpickels Toy Emporium


Gold: Ben and Jerry’s Frozen treat fans worldwide have their favorites, including Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Phish Food, and Cinndoughrella— for traditionalists, there’s vanilla, chocolate and strawberry too. It’s so delicious that you can enjoy it by the pint, scooped into a cone or blended into a creamy shake. The locally owned Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop at River Park Square offers ice cream cakes and can turn your wedding, office party, anniversary or birthday celebration into an ice cream extravaganza. benjerry.com Silver: Didier’s Yogurt and More Bronze: Froyo Idaho: Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers 88


Gold: Cozza Optical For more than 20 years, Cozza Optical has been providing unmatched services in eyewear. Founded by Sam and Barbara Cozza, this optical shop carries the latest styles in more than two dozen brand names, with options sure to fit any facial shape and fashion preference. Cozza Optical is your leader in eyewear with in-house lensgrinding services. cozzaoptical.com Silver: Spokane Eye Clinic Bronze: Stahl Optical Idaho: Eyeguys Optical


Gold: STCU STCU, established in 1934 by local teachers who operated inside of a Lewis and Clark High School classroom, has grown to more than 20 branch locations with more than 600 employees. The credit union helps members reach their business and personal goals through loans and is a prime example of a community partnership. stcu.org Silver: Numerica Credit Union Bronze: BECU


Gold: Banner Bank More than 125 years ago, Banner Bank started with core values that will never go out of style: listen, learn and help people and businesses reach their goals. In addition to being a source of capital to personal banking clients and businesses of all sizes, Banner Bank places a high importance on contributing to the communities served throughout Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. Financial strength and stability are key reasons Forbes has included Banner Bank in the 100 Best Banks in America. bannerbank.com Silver: Washington Trust Bronze: Bank of America


Gold: Trudeau’s Marina Founded in 1948, Trudeau’s Marina proudly offers NEW and USED boats and pontoons from the biggest brands including Sea Ray, Bayliner, Boston Whaler, Cypress Cay Pontoons and Crestliner, all powered by Mercruiser and Mercury outboards. You can’t get your boat to the lake without a trailer, and Trudeau’s has those too, including the best brands: Shoreland’r, Karavan, and EZ-Loader. trudeaus.com Silver: Elephant Boys Bronze: NW Boat & RV Idaho: KJ Watersports


Platinum: Green Light Green Light is a retail marijuana store with a wide variety of premium cannabis products including flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, glass, and smoking accessories. Their team is made up of seasoned veterans who know their product and who work with you to get you exactly what you want. They pride themselves in understanding all aspects of the marijuana industry. All of this is achieved through working directly with Washington’s top indoor producer/ processors. greenlightspokane.com Gold: Cinder Cinder is the largest Spokane cannabis retailer serving customers with three locations in Spokane Valley, Downtown Spokane, and North Spokane. Specializing in quality cannabis and marijuana accessories, they strive to provide the best products available to the area. Cinder welcomes cannabis connoisseurs from Spokane and beyond. Silver: Locals Canna House Bronze: Satori

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All our food is cooked fresh to order. Our hamburgers are made from 100% fresh Country Natural beef. It is a local coop of ranchers 3rd party GAP certified to be naturally & sustainably raised with no antibiotics or hormones ever. We also serve a turkey & garden burger. Any burger can be made as a lettuce wrap. Our French fries are hand cut daily with locally grown potatoes and fried in rice bran oil. We serve premium hand dipped ice cream & old fashioned shakes & malts.


1224 E. Sherman Ave. Cda 208-930-4900 155 W. Neider Ave. Cda 208-664-0696 403 N. Spokane St. Post Falls 208-773-6532 8833 Hess St. Hayden 208-772-6205

Winescape. We value authenticity, exploration, nature's abundance, and a sense of place. And the way wine brings people together.

6011 E. 32nd Ave. | Tasting room open Fri 3-7pm, Sat and Sun 1-6pm WinescapeWine.com BEST OF 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


Best ARCHITECTURAL FIRM Orthodontic Excellence Reimagined

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Best Cosmetic Dentistry

Opening soon in Liberty Lake

509.328.1243 JohnsonSmiles.com

510 E. Hastings Rd, Suite B, Spokane

Gold: HDG Architecture Launched in 2010 by Josh Hissong and Armando Hurtado, HDG is an architecture and design studio based in Spokane that firmly believes the spaces people live and work in have the power to transform our experience. Frequently cited as an up-andcoming firm in the Pacific Northwest, their designs can also be found in places like Seattle, Oahu, New York and Pennsylvania. Their team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers and branding experts are some of the best in the industry. hdgarchitecture.com Silver: Copeland Architecture Bronze: Sam Rodell Idaho: Forte Archictural Design


Gold: Clearwater Summit Group For nearly three decades, Clearwater Summit Group has been providing comprehensive and innovative landscaping services in and around the Inland Northwest region, including design, installation and maintenance after the project is finished. clearwatersummitgroup. com Silver: SPVV Landscape Architects Bronze: Land Expressions Idaho: CDF Landscape Professionals

Best HOT TUBS Best New Restaurant

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Gold: Pool World When Kerry and Lyla Henderson started Pool World in 1976, they had one goal in mind: build a business based on customer satisfaction. Pool World has grown to become the largest pool and spa business in the Inland Northwest. poolworld.biz Silver: Arctic Spas Bronze: Quality Spas


Gold: Sherwin Williams Helping people and businesses add color to their homes and lives for more than 150 years, it’s no wonder they’ve won gold again. They stick to their paintbrushes when they say: “Make the most of your color with the very best paint.” sherwin-williams.com Silver: Miller’s Hardware Bronze: The Home Depot

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Gold: Great Floors What began as a road show through Idaho and Montana in the early 1970s with a carpet peddler selling wares from the back of his car has grown to prominence as one of the nations top specialty floor covering stores selling through 16 retail and commercial showrooms positioned across the Pacific Northwest. greatfloors.com Silver: United Floor Covering Bronze: Brother’s Flooring


northtown mall

valley mall


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Gold: Gold Seal Plumbing Since the company was founded in 1967, quality plumbing in residential, multi-family, and light commercial have always been a priority, and they plumb more houses, apartments and light commercial buildings than any other firm. goldsealplumbing.com Silver: Bulldog Rooter Bronze: Action Drain

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Platinum: California Closets For more than three decades California Closets has built a reputation as a leader in premium and luxury space-management, delivering custom products and unparalleled service. They help transform spaces and allow people to get more out of their homes. californiaclosets.com Silver: Cabinet Systems Bronze: Closets Northwest

Gold: Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson The Ernst family founded Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson in Spokane Valley in May 2008. One of them is always at the dealership and they would like to meet you—ask for one of them—Greg, Bill or Chris. lonewolfh-d.com Silver: Westside Motorsports Bronze: SpokanePowersports Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Powersports


Platinum: Wendle Ford A family owned and operated business since 1943, Wendle Ford is committed to serving the automotive needs of the Inland Northwest by creating an atmosphere of trust, respect, and ethical values for their employees, customers, and community. They strive to provide quality customer service every step of the way, from selling you a vehicle to maintaining it. It is their goal to exceed your buying expectations. wendle.com Silver: Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Bronze: Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Spokane Idaho: Dave Smith Motors


Gold: Jennifer’s Auto Sales & Service Jennifer’s has been faithfully serving Spokane car buyers and automotive service customers since 1998. As a lifelong Spokane resident, Jennifer opened Jennifer’s Auto Sales to offer her hometown true value with the mission to always sell safe and reliable cars. jenniferscars.com Silver: Wendle Ford Bronze: Dave Smith Motors Idaho: Parker Toyota 92





Platinum: Mechanic’s Pride Tire & Automotive This full-service auto repair group specializes in all aspects of auto repair including: general maintenance, brakes, alignments, suspension work, engine and transmission overhauls, as well as a wide selection of wheels and tires. usmechanicspride.com Silver: European Autohaus Bronze: Hopkins Automotive Idaho: Atlas Automotive


Gold: DAA Northwest When you need collision repair or vehicle services, you want your car or truck back as soon as possible. And you need to trust that quality parts and products are being used to fix it right the first time. DAA invests in the latest technologies and uses the very best equipment and materials. daaautobody. com Silver: A Pro Autobody Bronze: River City Autobody Idaho: Coachman Auto Body





Gold: Rockwood Retirement Living at Rockwood means you have more time to do the things you enjoy. Rockwood residents choose these communities because they know that if their needs change they can continue to live in familiar surroundings among their Rockwood friends. rockwoodretirement.org Silver: Revel Spokane Bronze: Riverview Retirement Idaho: Pacifica Senior Living

Gold: McVay Brothers Siding and Windows The experienced and professional team at McVay Brothers Siding & Windows make roofing and siding repairs and installations a seamless experience from start to finish. The company is committed to using long-lasting and energy-efficient steel panels and siding, worthy of boosting any home’s curb appeal. mcvaybrothers.com Silver: Morris Clark Bronze: Ziggy’s Home Improvement

Gold: Affordable Custom Cabinets You won’t find stock orders here. Affordable Custom Cabinets designs, crafts and installs cabinetry for any room of the home. The team flawlessly brings clients’ visions to reality, crafting remarkable custom pieces from a myriad of woods. affordablecustomcabinets.com Silver: Spokane Custom Cabinets Bronze: N-Hance Idaho: Tapley Cabinet Works, Inc


Gold: R&R Heating and Air Conditioning The experienced HVAC technicians and energy efficient experts of R&R Heating and Air Conditioning provide exceptional, value-driven service on every job. Between the wide range of maintenance and repair options and 24-hour service, this company is a no-brainer for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. randrheating.com Silver: Banner Furnace & Fuel Bronze: Sturm


Gold: McVay Brothers Siding and Windows Family-owned since 1933, McVay Brothers Siding & Windows has been outfitting homes around Washington and North Idaho with top-quality, durable and energy efficient windows. The company’s unbreakable commitment to customer service and professional work is a testament to its lengthy success in the industry. mcvaybrothers.com Silver: River City Glass Bronze: Northwest Window and Door Idaho: CDA Windows




Gold: Berry Built and Design The charismatic and experienced team of professional designers and craftsmen of Berry Built & Design help clients bring their dream kitchens to life, built from the ground up. The retail showroom gives just a glimpse to the endless possibilities for your exclusively designed kitchen. berrybd. com Silver: 509 Design Bronze: United Floor Covering

Best GRANITE Gold: Mario & Son, Inc Mario and Son customizes stonework with the most sophisticated stoneworking machinery and technology in the world. Their use of this technology saves time and money so they are able to pass the savings on to their customers without sacrificing quality. marioandson.com Silver: RW Gallion Bronze: Bedrosian’s Tile and Stone Idaho: Gargoyle Granite and Marble


Best HOSPITAL Gold: Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center When Mother Joseph and the Sisters of Providence founded Sacred Heart Medical Center in 1886, it was a small, 31-bed facility built along the Spokane River. Since then, they’ve become a major regional medical center featuring the best doctors, specialists and staff around. shmc.org Silver: Multicare Deaconess Hospital Bronze: Providence Holy Family Hospital Idaho: Kootenai Health


Gold: Providence Urgent Care Centers When you need care quickly, but don’t need an emergency room, visit the Urgent Care Clinic at Providence Medical Group—they can handle most urgent health care needs in less time and for less money than a traditional emergency room. shmc.org Silver: Multicare Rockwood Bronze: CHAS Urgent Care Idaho: Kootenai Urgent Care

po in S



Thank you Spokane for voting us Best Buffet 8 years in a row!

Breakfast Saturday & Sunday until 11 a.m.

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2012 E Sprague Avenue

Gold: Dr. Kai Morimoto In practice in Spokane Valley since 2004, Kaiulani Morimoto, MD, FACS is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, offering many services including body contouring, blepharoplasty/brow lift, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, lifts, and reductions, tattoo removal, testosterone pellets therapy, Botox injections, and fillers. Named Top Doctor consistently since 2008, Dr. Morimoto’s passion for health and wellness is evident to her commitment to continued education in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. kmplasticsurgery.com Silver: Spokane Center for Facial Plastic Surgery Bronze: Dr. Kevin Johnson’s Advanced Aesthetics Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Plastic Surgery


Gold: Rejuvenate RX The Rejuvenate RX team stands on a foundation of hospitality, knowledge, and experience―Dr. Gwyn and her highly trained staff have the credentials and experience to guide you in your journey to the best skin of your life. Rejuvenate RX offers the latest and most effective skin care and aesthetic procedures including Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella, Latisse Ultherapy, MicroPeels, skin revitalization, facials, waxing, lash extensions and SkinCeuticals. rejuvenate-rx.com Silver: Azure Aesthetics Bronze: Ritual Skin Care Idaho: North Idaho Dermatology








Platinum: 14th and Grand Whether you wish to make a bold statement or a subtle change, the team at 14th and Grand will create what you are looking for. Their entire staff is kept technically, artistically, and professionally fresh and focused. 14thandgrandsalon.com Silver: Oasis Hair Bronze: Luxe Salon & Spa Idaho: Embellish Salon & Spa

Gold: Sunny Buns Second only to a tropical vacation, the Sunny Buns team is the place to go for that sun-kissed look and feel. While you are there, you can freshen up your hair, nails, lashes and eyebrows. To complete the “vacation,” they provide massage services, as well. sunnybuns.com Silver: Coconutz Tanning Spa Bronze: Slick Rock Tanning & Spa Idaho: Beyond Bronze

Gold: Valente Chiropractic Walking into Valente Chiropractic & Massage, you know you’re in great hands. Michael’s life was positively impacted by a chiropractor during his days of playing professional football in Europe, and he has since committed himself to helping others recover from pain and injuries right at his own practice. spokanechiropractic.com


Gold: Weldon Barber Weldon Barber was born out of a curious bit of frustration many years ago when Suzette Nordstrom’s husband wanted one place that respected and celebrated the talent and professionalism of its barbers. When he couldn’t find such a place, Suzette created one. Since 2004, Weldon is that one place. weldonbarber.com Silver: Smoov Cuts Bronze: Dan Dickau’s The Barber

Best SPA

Gold: La Rive Spa at Northern Quest Experience an oasis of healing tranquility and joyful celebration, at La Rive Spa―a world-class day spa inside Northern Quest Resort and Casino. La Rive, which means “riverbank,” pays tribute to the centuriesold culture of the Kalispel Tribe and their reverence for nature and the healing powers of water. La Rive is one of only three fourstar spas in Washington with the region’s finest massage therapists, aestheticians, hair designers and nail care specialists, each dedicated to personalizing your journey. northernquest.com Silver: Spa Paradiso Bronze: Brickhouse Massage Idaho: Zi Spa




Gold: DB Nails Whether you are looking to get acrylics or simple French tips, DB Nails in Spokane Valley provides any and all nail services. Customers totally dig their no-chip gel manicures—and looking to bedazzle your nails? Head on over to this relaxing, creative and customer service-oriented salon to give your nails the makeover they deserve. d-bnails.business.site Silver: La Rive Spa Bronze: Vanity Nails & Spa Idaho: CDA Nails


Platinum: Valente Chiropractic and Massage Valente Chiropractic believes that pain isn’t something you should have to live with. A friendly and helpful staff will make sure you feel comfortable. If Dr. Valente believes your condition needs further treatment,he will point you in the right direction. spokanechiropractic.com Silver: The Brickhouse Massage Bronze: Elements Massage Idaho: Back in Touch Massage and Body Work

Silver: Sicilia Chiropractic Bronze: Back in Motion P.S. Idaho: Thrive Chiropractic


Gold: Brooke Cloninger, DDS Brooke Cloninger is Spokane’s poster professional for outstanding dental health and care. Her team is committed to providing the highest quality dental care in an environment that is relaxing and friendly. They offer a full range of both restorative and preventative dental services with a gentle touch and caring attitude. Silver: Dr. Bryan Hill, DDS Bronze: Dr. Joseph Luchini Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Dental Center


Gold: Ellingsen Paxton Orthodontics They strive to provide premier orthodontic care as a matter of personal pride that is shared by all of their team members. From the front desk, to the clinical specialists and their administration, you can never ask a question too small, nor have any concern too trivial. eportho.com Silver: Evergreen Cosmetic Dentistry Bronze: Josh Johnson Orthodontics Idaho: Delwyn L. Dick, DDS


Gold: The Kidds Place Dentistry for Children Kids will have fun going to the dentist— we promise, especially when they’re greeted by the comforting smile of Dr. Catherine Luchini and staff at The Kidds Place. Founded in 2006, The Kidds Place Dentistry for Children provides a wide array of dental procedures for children, infants, adolescents and special needs patients, including fillings, crowns, sealants, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene education and orthodontic space maintenance. thekiddsplace.com

Gold: Clark’s Cleaners Clark’s Cleaners has been washing and dry cleaning Spokane’s laundry since they opened in 1978 on the corner of Mission and Hamilton in the Gonzaga neighborhood. Owner Clark Kelsey launched the company’s second store downtown near Sprague and Division in 1983. People are picky about their garments, and Clark’s takes pride in earning their trust and repeat business. clarkscleaners.com Silver: Next Day Dry Cleaning Bronze: Beacon Cleaners Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Laundry

Silver: The Children’s Choice Pediatric Dentistry Bronze: Dr. Molly Gonzales


Best TATTOO PARLOR Gold: Mom’s Custom Tattoo & Body Piercing Mom’s is a tattoo studio specializing in personal, one-of-a-kind tattoos and home to some of the areas only members of the Association of Professional Piercers. They are dedicated to giving you the safest and most comfortable piercing experience possible. momstattoo.net Silver: Anchored Art Tattoo Bronze: On The Level Tattoo Idaho: Call of the Wild Tattoo



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Welcome Home! 428 W. 21ST

This home is a C. E. Feltis Clinkerbrick Masterpiece, largest and the most distinguished of several South Hill homes that Feltis built. Sits atop the boulevard just 65 yards from the serenity of the Japanese Gardens. 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and den, hardwood floors, built-ins and old world charm. The ground level walk-out is well situated for an In-law suite or Airbnb! Offers tiered gardens, and gently sloping blank canvas in the back. Eligible for historic preservation status. Come see this well-kept gem today! 3,504 SF • 0.22 acre lot • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths $499,999



I Board


charcuterie board by Angela Schultz @bitesandtreatscatering | smallbitessweettreats.com photography by Ari Nordhagen @joyful.meandering | amenphotography.com styling by Diane Holm @whitepicketfence.co | whitepicketfence.co

by Diane Holm

was named after a trick-or-treater in one last ditch effort to find the perfect baby name, days before my arrival. My mom asked for the first name of every ghost, ghoul and princess who came to the door that year. Aside from my name, there are many things I love about Halloween. Green Bluff pumpkin patches, caramel apples, the sound of crunching leaves, costumes, and of course—candy. This candy board is taking the charcuterie board obsession to the next level. Displaying a spooky candy charcuterie board—chock-full of candy and all of those childhood nostalgic feels—is a super fun way to welcome and entertain your guests during your Halloween party.



101 102




HISSONG by Sarah Hauge


photography by Benjamin Rasmussen

Where Lives, Love & Design Intersect





by Sarah Hauge


photography by Benjamin Rasmussen

osh Hissong and his wife, Shiva, were looking for a lot to buy and build on when a text came in one morning. “One of the girls that worked in our office texted me at like 7 a.m.,” says Hissong. “I want to say it was the Fourth of July.” She’d found a house she thought he should buy on the South Hill. Hissong (principal and founder of HDG Architecture), Shiva, and their young son, were looking to move out of the downtown loft they loved but wasn’t right for life with a kid. Though he was sure they wouldn’t make an offer on the house he’d received the link for, he decided to check it out. “No way am I going to buy it, but I’ll look,” he remembers thinking. As it’s certainly obvious by now, he was mistaken. “My wife and I pulled in and I was like, this is it. I’m going to buy it,” he remembers. The yard was overgrown, with a virtual forest of trees in the front and towering piles of pine needles amassed in the back. Inside there were signs of less than graceful aging, like shag carpet and many layers of other flooring.

As a premier builder of finely crafted homes and commercial properties, Doric Inc. is founded upon the time-honored tradition of carpenters as quality builders.


CLEANING 509 720-8488 // socleanspokane.com OCTOBER 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


The lines of the house, they were just amazing



Hissong was able to overlook all of that to see the undeniable appeal. “The lines of the house, they were just amazing,” he says of the 1971 home. He appreciated the way it sat on the site, thoughtfully positioned along a quiet residential street. He didn’t know it at the time, but the home had been designed by acclaimed architect Moritz Kundig, who had designed a number of Hissong’s other favorite local buildings. His affinity for Moritz’s body of work makes perfect sense of the instantaneous connection to this home. “My favorite building in Spokane is the Unitarian church on the lower South Hill. It’s now a dental office, but that was a church Moritz designed,” Hissong says.

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 With a tight timeline before the needed move-in date, they immediately got to work on restoring the property, aiming to honor the inherent quality of the design while stripping away what, over almost 50 years, had built up to detract from it, like thinning the trees in the front and taking up all those years of flooring. “The day it closed I





started pulling up carpet,” Hissong says. The goal was “to take it back to just the original structure and put it back together.” Co-workers from HDG pitched in, demoing the ceiling and working on the yard. “Honestly, throughout the process they helped,” he says. “We’re like a little family there at HDG.”





The post-and-beam home has many notable elements, among them the vaulted great room ceiling and the lava rock fireplace that’s the structural support for one front corner of the home. This thoughtful design illustrates what Moritz (whom Hissong met with recently to discuss the original design as well as the renovation) refers to as

Quality Design Backed by Years of Experience New Construction Historic Restoration Custom Remodeling Design Services



honesty—“honesty with your surroundings and materials,” as Hissong summarizes it. “Elements that were clearly chosen 50 years ago, like these lights, I wanted to keep,”



Hissong says of the glo-ball lights that hang in the great room. Smart additions like track lighting add brightness while not drawing unnecessary attention. The approach to

the renovation centered on restoring what they could—whether that meant cleaning the original fireplace grill so it could be reused, redoing the metal covers for the

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...this is the right size house for a family—it really is The leaves are turning so time to cozy up with a warm throw and enjoy a glass of wine in your favorite spot.

Wednesday-Saturday 10-6 | 1407 W. First

hydronic heating system rather than replacing the whole thing, or painting the fireplace rock and the vaulted cedar ceiling white to maintain those original elements while reflecting even more light through the home. The flooring was updated to luxury vinyl plank, and they had the exterior painted Deep Space by Benjamin Moore, from the color palette developed by notable mid-century modern developer Joseph Eichler. The color is changeable, looking very gray at times and very blue at others, a hue that allows the home “to sink down into the landscape,” says Hissong. Part of the renovation included vaulting the ceilings in the main floor bedrooms and taking down walls around the kitchen, where they added a large Silestonetopped island and a bookcase-like wall of cabinetry built by Dave Davis at Hissong’s design-build company, Faber. Artwork in the living room is by Ryan Miller, who incorporated

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elements of the couple’s story—Shiva being from Iran, Josh from Spokane, and the city where they met (Rome)—into a bright, striking piece. This main living area is Hissong’s favorite spot in the home; his son loves to run laps around the island.




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The three-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plan feels just right, with 1,200 square feet on the main floor and a daylight walkout basement. “We’re a society of clutter,” says Hissong. “We want to buy and store, buy



and store. We’re by no means a tiny house, but this is the right size house for a family— it really is.” That’s not to say there aren’t inherent obstacles in living today’s lifestyle in a home

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it was absolutely

worth it



designed for life 50 years ago. “One challenge is, they didn’t have the same amount of clothes,” he says. With three people vying for limited closet space, they adapted. Shiva gets full reign of the master bedroom’s closet, while Josh keeps

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bozzimedia.com his clothes in the makeshift closet they’ve added to the mechanical room downstairs. A much bigger challenge was completing a full landscaping overhaul through inclement weather, and on an unforgiving



timeline. Dwell magazine planned to run a feature on the home, which put a rush on that part of the project. The home had never had an intentionally designed yard.



509.990.6388 LoriPeters.com The real estate market is hyperlocal. It’s not about what homes are selling for on average nationally or even across the state; it’s about what is happening in your neighborhood. I am your local expert and can provide up-to-date information on home values, strategies for buying or selling, and market trends. My focus is to provide outstanding customer service based upon my experience in communications, marketing, and negotiations. Honesty and integrity in every phase and earning your trust are my priorities.

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“It felt like a cabin in the woods when I bought it,” Hissong says. Working with Chris Sothen at Blend Outdoors, they prepared for a May photo shoot, with a total transformation taking place during the month of April—barely missing 2019’s (very) late winter. “In the beginning of March I started getting really nervous,” says Hissong. “It was so stressful dealing with the long winter.” Not only had the yard never been landscaped, there were many elements that had never existed before, like a sprinkler system or gas lines. That, coupled with decades of overgrowth and compounded by a personal complication—Hissong underwent surgery for a spinal fusion just days after landscaping began—made for a stressful undertaking. In the end, though, “it was absolutely worth it,” Hissong says. The front deck spills off the great room, creating an easy flow between indoors and out. The span of grassy, tree-shaded lawn is complemented by plants. A more secluded deck area was added on the side of the property, with plans to eventually connect it to a lower deck via both a slide and a set of stairs. The couple also plans to add a two-car garage off the back alley with studio space above. Every step of the renovation revealed more to love about the design, and more of the quality of the original workmanship. After almost five decades, there was little to no settling in the foundation, and no cracks in the sheetrock. “It’s pretty amazing, the way they used to build,” Hissong says. “This house will outlast homes that were built today.”










f you’re ever around a campfire and want to hear a good ghost story, Chet Caskey is the person to tell it. But be warned, Caskey’s tales of things that go bump in the night, are all true—at least as far as he knows. “I don’t make up anything. It’s not fiction. These are things that people have talked about for sometimes hundreds of years,” says Caskey, who, with his wife and partner Cathy, leads the paranormal curious on ghost tours of the Spokane’s most haunted places. “The academic approach to history, especially around Spokane, is very, very dry and leaves out quite a lot,” says Caskey, who, before retiring here from New Orleans in 2006, had been an attorney whose practice took him to many corners of the globe and exposed

him to the spiritual beliefs and practices of diverse people on five continents. While serving as the historian for the Fairmount Association, which oversees seven memorial parks and cemeteries in the Spokane area, Caskey authored Guide to Spokane’s Historic Cemeteries, and because of demands for ghost stories during historic tours of the cemeteries, he followed this first book up with Haunted Spokane: Ghosts & Dark Places in the Lilac City. Caskey draws many of the local legends from Native American lore that goes back generations in the oral tradition. The Great Fire of Spokane in 1880 is another source of spooky tales—for many years the city council notoriously claimed that only three or four people died in the disaster, but as Caskey has discovered, ten hotels collapsed in the fire and who knows how many lives were lost. >>








Retire from work, but not from LIFE

—at Broadway Court Estates—

(509) 921-0249 | BroadwayCourtEstates.com 13505 E Broadway, Spokane Valley Full Apartment living with community indoor swimming pool, garden and theatre, on-site fitness center, gourmet dining and planned social events.

Browne’s Addition, Caskey claims, is the most haunted spot in Spokane. Not because it’s one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, but because in its development, namesake JJ Browne plowed over ancient bone yards. Since then, skeletons and coffins have been unearthed by crews building apartments and putting in sewer lines. “The implications of the movie Poltergeist are inescapable,” Caskey says. Still, it seems that graveyards have people’s nerves most on edge. Greenwood Memorial Terrace is where many of Spokane’s first high society people are buried. What history records, says Caskey, are mostly, “Subscription Biographies,” in which the rich and famous sponsored their own versions of their accomplishments, leaving out the darker details. Like that of James Glover, who Caskey recounts had his estranged wife locked away in Eastern State Hospital for the Insane in Medical Lake. She spent the last 22 years of her life there and was buried in the patient cemetery, in a grave marked only with a number: 734, while he is memorialized at Greenwood with a monument proudly inscribed, “the father of Spokane.” Greenwood is also the location of a crumbling stone staircase, known as “the 1,000 steps,” where the story goes, at night, those brave enough to reach the top hear the shrieks and cries of the dead and feel something akin to rain on their skin. “Human beings see and hear things that are both there and not there. When we have tours and I talk about the ghost stories, it’s like a coming out for people to relate their own experiences,” Caskey says. “Ninety percent of people in this country believe in ghosts, and I’m suspicious that the 10 percent that say they don’t are carrying around some ghostly baggage.” To take a ghost tour of your own, visit ietours.net or twodogcitytours.com.






Smashed jaws, broken and missing teeth. It’s all in a nights work for Mary Smith as the dentist for the Spokane Chiefs hockey team. Smith has been taking care of the Chiefs’ teeth since 1985 after moving to Spokane and taking over North Cedar Dental from the dentist who previously held the role with the team. A lifelong hockey fan, Smith grew up in Montana and Spokane, watching Hockey Night in Canada on TV and going to the Spokane Jets games at the arena. She attended dental school at University of Minnesota where she helped to make protective mouth guards for the Golden Gophers men’s hockey team, some of whom played on the U.S. Olympic hockey team that beat the Soviet Union at the 1980 Lake Placid, New York, Winter Olympics, then went on to win the gold medal. It’s a Western Hockey League rule that a dentist must be on hand at every game. Teeth knocked out, gums ripped apart, cheeks sliced open, jaws broken into pieces—whatever facial injury a player can have, Smith has probably seen it. Most of the time, Smith can patch the players up on the spot, but if the injury requires real dental tools, she rushes the player to her office across town in North Spokane, and if all goes well, she can have him back in the game before the final buzzer sounds. “If a tooth gets knocked out root and all, it’s possible to just reinsert it into the socket. I’ve done that to players, isolated the tooth, numbed them up and had them go back in the game,” Smith says. “If you do it within 30 minutes you have a really good percentage of recovery.” You might think fights are when she’d be needed most, but most dental injuries are a result of “high sticking” and flying elbows—and from players being hit in the face with the puck, which can travel more than a 100 miles an hour. “I give the Chiefs credit for giving us everything we need to keep the players healthy,” Smith says. “What people don’t understand is that these players are 15 to 20 years old and trying to prove themselves so they can go on to the next level—they want to be skating to show what they can do. “The players are still little boys in big bodies, and they’re trying to act tough. One of the advantages I have is that they don’t have to act that way around me,” Smith says. “I’m like their mom.”

PRIME/4 over 50

B O N A F I D E C O U G S FA N When John Clemens talks about point spreads it might have to

do with mortgage rates … or by how much the Washington State Cougars are favored to win their latest football game. Clemens has worked in the mortgage and real estate industry since the mid-1980s. He is currently a mortgage loan officer with Homebridge Financial and has a special designation as a certified mortgage planning specialist. “Mortgages today are considered almost a commodity. There’s so much mortgage advertising out there that people often boil the mortgage process down to a rate issue—there’s other ramifications that come from that that they may or may not understand,” Clemens says. “I enjoy helping people to get financing for a home and solve problems they didn’t think were solvable.” Clemens is always pulling for the underdog. He’s been a WSU football season ticket holder for 30 years, and as a kid, sold newspapers with game programs in them at Joe Albi Stadium before WSU football games when the Cougars played in Spokane. At half-time, the sellers were allowed into the games for free, and watching a college game was a big deal for a kid. While the Cougs are nationally ranked now, they weren’t always at the top of the standings.



“The Cougars were huge financial underdogs against other schools in the conference,” Clemens recalls, “It endeared me to them because they competed quite well considering their limitations.” Clemens’ goal is to watch the Cougars play (and hopefully get a win) in every stadium in the Pac-12 Conference. If WSU makes it into post-season play, you can bet Clemens will be there cheering on his team. Clemens was in Pasadena when the Cougs played in the Rose Bowl. One of his favorite memories was on the way there when WSU beat the Huskies in the 1997 Apple Cup to clinch their first Rose Bowl berth in 67 years. That was the game where quarterback Ryan Leaf threw for an Apple Cup-record 358 yards. “I wasn’t at Husky Stadium; I watched it on television,” Clemens says, “but I was very, very excited to say the least. “The program has grown immensely, and Mike Price (head coach, 1989 to 2002) was a big reason that it took the next step,” Clemens says. As luck would have it, Clemens got to meet the coach in person when he came into the office to apply for a home mortgage—we’re betting he was approved, too.



PRIME/4 over 50



groomers in Spokane who take cats—even though furry felines do a good job of keeping themselves clean, there are times when they can use a little help. “When a cat gets old or overweight, it can no longer reach around to clean itself, so its hair can get matted,” Klassen says. “When owners try to cut out the mats, the cats have a tendency to freak out—dogs will growl and warn you when they’re mad; cats will just scratch or bite. “We know cats really well from owning and loving them,” Klassen says. “When somebody brings a cat to us, we’ll put a muzzle on it, shave the mats off, give it a ‘lion cut’ and everybody—including the cat, is happy.” Dogs get special treatment, too. “Our regulars love coming in because they know when we give them a bath, we massage them with our fingers,” Klassen says. “As long as you do what feels good to the dogs that’s what they remember. “Sometimes we get dogs that were just adopted or found, and they’re such a mess you can’t

One of the most popular salons on the

South Hill sees about 40 customers a day, each with their unique needs and special ways their hair and nails have to be done. Some might be in for a bath or comb out, others for their annual flea dip. Pets are a passion for Debbie Klassen, owner of Pampered Pets. As a kid, Klassen raised several dogs and even a pot bellied pig. Years later, after a successful career in the brokerage industry, Klassen had the chance to take over the long-running shop where she took her dogs to get groomed. Having the know-how to run a small business is one thing; knowing how to wash and style pets is another. Klassen learned by doing; booking appointments, bathing dogs, even cleaning—three shop-vacs a day—worth of hair off the floor. After 17 years, Klassen has built a loyal clientele. She and her grown daughter Jessica, who’s been working at the shop since she was 17, are among the only



actual patients


even see their eyes. When you groom them and show them some love, they look like a show dog and have a whole new attitude.” Dogs and Cats aren’t the only clients at Pampered Pets. Guinea pigs and rabbits come to get their nails done, too. Klassen welcomes any pets, any size. One customer had a pair of giant-sized Irish Wolfhounds that he’d bring in together. The biggest, and surely most unusual, was one typically found in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East—not in Manito Park. “There was a guy with his camel that people could take photos with,” Klassen says. “I went up to look, and—whoa—It smelled like a camel.” Klassen did what seemed appropriate and suggested the owner bring his aromachallenged friend in for the bath. “I did it for free just so I could tell people I washed a camel,” Klassen says. “After I bathed him, I dried him and brushed him, and he strutted out a beautiful camel.”

Call tod y to scheduale your fr consultatieoe n!

Come join our practice of Smiles! Creating simply sensational Smiles for over 25 years!

Ron Ellingsen, dds, msd –Specialist in Orthodontics– EllingsenSmiles.com | 509.467.2606




Famous I Fat Flush Soup Recipe Gets A Facelift

by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

t’s officially fall, and that means it’s time to get a pot of fat flushing soup simmering on the stove. This recipe still goes viral, even though it’s now almost a decade old, and determined dieters still consistently lose up to 10 pounds in a week with this tasty tummy filler. But, good things can always get better and thanks to everything I’ve learned through my bestselling Fat Flush plans and my new Radical Metabolism plan, I’m giving this recipe an anti-inflammatory soup-er slim stimulating facelift. This revamped Fat Flush Soup recipe still contains hearty vegetables, cleansing beans, and power-packed protein with a delicious blend of warming spices. Now, I’ve added vegetarian, Radical, Paleo, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting options to tailor it to your body’s needs. While it is still a wonderful meal in a bowl, not everyone has the same dietary needs and this soup is versatile enough to accommodate them all. I was originally inspired by a study at Penn State that found eating soup can cut your hunger so you consume up to 448 fewer calories per meal, so don’t worry that this soup isn’t the original—it still works for quick weight loss. And when you make it part of a plan, it will help you lose weight and keep it off for the long term. This all-star recipe still calls for ground (or chopped) protein like beef, turkey, or chicken. Of course the protein you consume must be healthy—organic and grassfed is ideal—and not pumped up with hormones or antibiotics. Critical to both phases of liver detox, this star performer is equated with beauty since our skin, hair, and nails are 98 percent protein. Protein helps make the powerhouse antioxidant glutathione; creates vital enzyme to zap toxins and maintains energy levels. Protein is essential for weight loss because it can produce the pancreatic hormone known as glucagon, which accesses stored body fat for energy. And since the body can’t store protein, it is essential we get the right amount daily (at least 20 grams per meal)—which is what the soup provides. Having low protein levels increases our desire for carbs—like sugar—which contributes to a rise in insulin—the inflammatory, fat-building hormone. The filling, high fiber beans—either pinto, garbanzo, or black—contains anywhere from about 10-20 grams of fiber per serving, which will help regulate blood sugar and sweep toxins out of your body by fulfilling the 35 fiber grams per day dietary recommendation.



Here’s how to make it work for you:

Start the day with a protein rich breakfast in the morning. I suggest a Fat Flush Body Protein smoothie with its 20 grams of clean, vegan-based proteins per serving to help kickstart glucagon, the protein-based hormone that mobilizes fat from storage. All you have to do next is savor the soup twice a day—preferably at lunch and dinner— with a small salad or bowl of steamed non-starchy veggies. Throughout the day, sip on herbal teas (dandelion or peppermint tea), lemon and water, plain water, or unsweetened cranberry juice with water (1 oz of juice to 7 ounces water) so you are consuming at least 64 oz of liquid.

2019 FAT FLUSH SOUP RECIPE • 2 Tbsp. organic bone broth (Kettle & Fire Brand is my favorite) • 1 ¼ lbs. organic, grassfed beef, turkey, or chicken (can be ground or chopped, can omit and double the beans if vegetarian) • 1 large onion, peeled and chopped (use 2 leeks if on Radical Metabolism plan) • 1 large red, orange, or green bell pepper, seeded and chopped (omit if nightshade sensitive or on Radical Metabolism) • 1 large zucchini or yellow squash, chopped • ½ cup grated daikon radish (may substitute 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms if no yeast issues) • 2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced • 46 ounces of organic, reduced sodium tomato or vegetable cocktail juice (use organic bone broth if nightshade sensitive or on Radical Metabolism) • 15 ounces of canned pinto, garbanzo or black beans, rinsed and drained (can omit if Paleo or sub chopped eggplant if desired and not nightshade sensitive) • 14 ounces canned organic crushed tomatoes (omit if nightshade sensitive or on Radical Metabolism, may sub chopped cabbage if desired) • 1 Tbsp fresh lime juice • 1 Tbsp ground cumin • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper, or to taste • ½ tsp Real Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt • ¼ cup each fresh cilantro and parsley leaves, chopped • Optional seasonings:1 tsp South River Miso paste into each bowl when serving (immune boosting flavor enhancer), seaweed Gomasio (iodine rich for thyroid support), 1 tsp dried or 1 Tbsp fresh turmeric root (excellent liver and immune support)

1. In saucepot over medium-high heat, cook broth 30 seconds, or until heated. Add beef, turkey or chicken. Cook 5 minutes or until cooked through, stirring occasionally. Remove from skillet; drain, if desired. 2. In same saucepot, cook onions, peppers, zucchini, daikon and garlic 5 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender, stirring occasionally. 3. Stir in next 7 ingredients (plus optional add ins) and cooked meat. Add up to 1 cup water or broth to thin soup, if desired. Cover; bring soup just to a simmer (do not let boil). Reduce heat to medium-low. Let simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in cilantro and parsley. Cover; let simmer 5 minutes more. Garnish with shaved parmesan cheese, if desired. Soup can be stored up to three days in the refrigerator or frozen. Serving size: 2 to 3 cups (makes 10 to 12 cups)



PRIME/oddjobbers Founders Nick McLain and Zach Duffy

“These students are legit and want to work.”



Here’s the dilemma: college students are perpetually short of cash; homeowners and

businesses often have a need for somebody to perform tasks they can’t do themselves or just don’t have time in their schedule to accomplish. Here’s the solution: Gonzaga graduates Nick McLain and Zach Duffy created Oddjobbers.com, a web-based platform that connects college students with local residents who have an odd job to do. These tasks can range from moving furniture, raking leaves or shoveling snow, to more skilled labor such as tutoring or graphic design. One local business hired an Oddjobber to research the most popular snack foods with which they could stock their break room.



Established in early 2018, Oddjobers has completed more than 1,200 jobs. Currently there are 300 students from Gonzaga, Whitworth, Eastern Washington, WSU-Spokane, and the local community colleges signed up to lend a hand. The way it works is simple: customers post details of their job and are matched with students who share their bio and any special skills. Students post their bid for doing the work, and payment is made directly through the app— Oddjobbers collects a small fee, students earn money, and customers get the peace of mind of a job well done. “Hiring somebody off of Craigslist to do simple jobs can be kind of sketchy. You don’t know if or when they’ll show up, and whether they might be casing your home so they can come back later when you’re not home,” McLain says. “With Oddjobbers, you have the assurance that the student has been vetted not only by us, but by their school. You can also see their photo and background, number of jobs completed, and customer reviews. These students are legit and want to work.”

Visit us online

24/7 Admissions Number:

(800) 762-6717


Welcome to Recovery

Most Private Insurance Accepted


• Detox Program with 24/7 Available Medical & Nursing Staff • Men's Executive Treatment Program (30 years of age and older) (Heavy Emphasis on Treating Executive Burnout Concurrent with Addiction) • Women's Residential Program (Heavy Emphasis on Treating Trauma Concurrent with Addiction) • Young Adult Program (Heavy Emphasis on Personal and Professional Development) • Career Resource Center (Educational and Employment Assistance)

fully licensed, certified, and have earned the Gold Seal of Approval by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. Our multi-disciplinary team of treatment professionals are experienced, caring, knowledgeable, passionate, and provide individualized treatment using the best evidence-based standards in addiction medicine, psychiatry, and behavioral healthcare. Hotel California by the Sea’s comfortable, safe, structured, and caring treatment environment provides our clients with the best opportunity to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety and recovery from addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health conditions.

HOTEL CALIFORNIA BY THE SEA is a drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorder (dual-diagnosis) treatment provider that has been the select treatment and recovery source since 2014. Our mission is to provide the best evidence-based individualized treatment and services to men, women, and young adults who are struggling with addiction, substance use disorders and cooccurring mental health conditions. Between our three locations, Hotel California by the Sea provides the full continuum of care including Detoxification (Withdrawal Management), Residential, Partial Hospitalization (PHP) / Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient treatment and services. We are

Addiction is a disease – it’s not your fault, don’t let shame or hopelessness prevail, and no one is beyond help. Whether you are just starting or continuing your path to recovery, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, or to inquire about treatment options - Call Hotel California by the Sea Today: (800) 762-6717.

O R A N G E C O U N T Y, C A .




C I N C I N N AT I , O H .



LOCATED AT BRIDGE PRESS CELLARS 509.638.9654 39 W Pacific Ave | Spokane, WA 99201

THE HIDDEN BALLROOM, is located in downtown Spokane above Bridge Press Cellars, on Pacific and Browne. It is perfect for weddings, concerts, birthday parties, corporate parties, holiday parties and celebrations of any kind. Air conditioning is being installed and will be in place by next summer. The space can accommodate up to 500 guests, but can also be adjusted to seem cozy for a much smaller group. We will be announcing a magazine release party soon because we can’t wait to show it to our regular audience.

These venues are managed by Bozzi Media and Delectable Catering & Events 138


email us at sales@bozzimedia.com | 509-638-9654 | bozziMedia.com

Spokane’s freshest event space is located where the city meets the valley in historic Felts Field. The Hangar Event Center is a beautiful open space that’s perfect in all seasons. Heated in the winter and fully open to the runway and Mica Peak in warmer weather where beautiful sunsets beckon, it offers an exhilarating alternative to stuffy and cookie cutter event spaces. Wander halfway into the pre-runway amid cocktail tables and historic planes and enjoy the glamour of an aviationthemed wedding, party or occasion of any kind. Imagine your soiree in a well- appointed room bedecked with a great number of colorful linen-covered tables and matching chairs, lights, streamers, cocktail tables, beautiful centerpieces, a magnificent spread of gourmet food offerings…..and a huge airplane or two to ensure that no guest ever forgets the unique experience. The Sky is the Limit at the Hangar Event Center. We’ll let your vision take flight and parachute you gently through every step of the way.

Reserve your date today!

email us at sales@bozzimedia.com | 509-638-9654 | HangarEventCenter.com 6095 E. Rutter Ave | Spokane, WA 99212


509.443.4410 | thewanderingtable.com


509.290.5952 | theyardsbruncheon.com


509.768.3613 | 1198 E Summit Parkway

Enjoy comfort food put together in a more modern way with local ingredients by award winning chefs!




H Come check out the mobile unit Where HEALT!! stepping up to bricks and mortar in meets HEAT Kendall Yards newest restaurant edition. Hot sauces for sale on location

WE R! E DELIV s to

ja 3 Nin door! R YOU

Comfort food made from Local ingredients. 140


Located in Kendall Yards 1248 W. Summit Pkwy.

1198 W Summit Parkway

Picture the Recipe

Hallow e e n Jack O ’ La nte r n S t u ff ed P e pp e rs by Noreen Hiskey | picturetherecipe.com

A fun and playful twist on a classic recipe fit for any age, these Jack O’Lantern Stuffed Peppers are delicious and perfect for Halloween dinner.

Find more of Noreen Hiskey’s work on Instagram at @picturetherecipe or @noreen_hiskey and this recipe—along with many others—at picturetherecipe.com.





LOCAL CUISINE/breakfast burritos


by Kris Kilduff

Follow Kris Kilduff on his Instagram foodie adventures @chefboyarduff.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can't speak to any health benefits, but I know there is no better way to fend off a long day of menial tasks than sinking your teeth into a burrito. Luckily, some culinary mad scientist decided all we had to do was add some form of eggs and we could eat one for breakfast. As a kid, my morning ritual would mostly involve Cinnamon Life or peanut butter toast, but I have great memories of the occasional Sunday my father would raid the fridge in a hodge-podge breakfast scramble that would, more often than not, end up in tortillas. What better way to pay a tribute to my favorite Sunday snack than search across the region for the best breakfast burritos?


726 N. 4TH ST. If you haven't made it to Ten/6 in Coeur d'Alene, imagine the cast from Alice in Wonderland sat down for a delicious Southern inspired brunch. The dĂŠcor, which is second to none in the Inland Northwest, is only out-shined by its super unique menu. The K-Paul is stuffed with a smear of gumbo reduction, smoked pulled pork, fried eggs, herbed potatoes and a green tomatillo verde you won't be forgetting anytime soon. You'd have to be mad (hatter) to not follow it up with their iconic pillowy beignets for dessert. If America ever had to vote in a new currency as tender, my bet would be on their accompanied coconut lime curd.





3115 E. MISSION AVE. One of the best things about a breakfast burrito is that it is perfect for a quick on-the-go meal. If you're headed to work or school, Burrito Loco (conveniently across the street from Spokane Community College) offers a drive-thru fix that is jam packed with ham, bacon, sausage, potatoes, egg and warm melty cheese. If you decide to sleep in, they also offer a great happy hour between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Choose five of their street tacos or two of their bottled beers for $5. Maybe they are actually a little crazy.


2209 N. MONROE ST. When Elliott's opened last year, it didn't take long for their Pork Green Chili to become the stand-out hit on their eclectic menu. When it was time to implement a brunch, owners Tony and Raelene didn't hesitate to turn their most popular dish into a over-the-top breakfast burrito. The plan? Pack a huge tortilla full of chorizo, scrambled eggs and home fries and smother the entire thing in pork green chili. French toast or an eggs Benedict might be your breakfast go-to, but venture out and I promise you won’t be disappointed.



1011 W. BROADWAY AVE. Couple of Chefs food truck has long been one of my favorite treats. Since they turned brick and mortar with Bruncheonette, it's hard to eat anywhere else but the Broadway breakfast phenom. I featured their tamale waffle as one of my top 10 meals of 2018, but this year I've fallen in love with their breakfast burrito. There are the classic staples like eggs, bacon and cheddar, but what makes this dish special is the crispy fried tater tots, mashed avocado and sour cream. It's a perfect Tex-Mex mix of burrito and brunch that will make any stomach gurgling group grateful.


9425 E. SPRAGUE AVE. This long time staple in Spokane Valley has been dishing up giant handmade breakfasts alongside their famous all you can eat hashbrowns for many years. If you're intimidated by a stacked menu, make the leap to their popular breakfast chimichanga—seasoned taco meat, eggs and veg all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and deep fried. If the food doesn't make you smile, the people will. Owner Jenny Bennett has been serving breakfast there for more than 20 years, going back to when she was a server in the same building that used to be a Waffles and More.






D’Bali Asian Bistro by Erin Peterson


efore you know it, you’ll be calling her Mama Jeannie too. Regulars at D’Bali Asian Bistro know her by this affectionate moniker because she embodies what you’d hope for in a mother: caring, attentive, thoughtful and full of laughter. Just after college, she worked in many countries opening up properties for a luxury hotel group in Southeast Asia. While she was there as a part of the corporate benefits team, she fell in love with the amazing flavors she encountered in her travels. From street food to high-end mom and pop style restaurants, she was powerfully inspired with every stamp she earned on her passport. When she moved to the United States to join her husband, Tony, she learned that access to these dishes was limited, so she learned a variety of techniques and blended those flavors into bold, comforting

fare for her family. In her new home, she diligently worked three jobs to help support the family, and they saved every penny they could to be able to open a restaurant. She met a new friend named Kelly, and the friendship emboldened her to pursue her dream of owning her own place. Kelly said, “You are more than just a waitress; you deserve more for the gifts you’ve been given.” After some encouragement, she researched what she needed to do, step by challenging step, and, with guidance from Kelly, planned for two years to grow her tiny seed of a dream into a thriving restaurant. She opened her doors in October 2018, and after just one year of working nearly around the clock, she has earned her place in the hearts of thousands of diners. Her story is the epitome of the American dream. In the spirit of community, something unique that D’Bali has become famous for






save the da

There is an upcoming event hosted by D’Bali in November that you’ll want to watch for—a “Crazy-Rich Asians” themed fancy dinner, which they will host on a Saturday.



is pop-up dinners scheduled on Sundays when the restaurant is typically closed. They invite members of the community who have powerful stories and exceptional food to share in ticketed events during their day off, and it has given opportunities to budding chefs interested in opening their own restaurants, but who haven’t yet realized their dream. They’ve had Filipino Kamayan feasts, luxurious Indian food and Hawaiian favorites. It provides an outlet for them to share their gift, and for Mama Jeannie to experience their cuisine as well. They share current events on their social media platforms and the tickets go quickly, so if you want to join in, be sure to get your spot secured when you can. A recent dinner sold out in less than 24 hours. There is an upcoming event hosted by D’Bali in November that you’ll want to watch for—a “Crazy-Rich Asians” themed fancy dinner, which they will host on a Saturday.

TOI top of india

Best Indian


Mama Jeannie’s joyful presence is infectious, and the food is downright craveable. Customers rave about her chef-driven and playful takes on classic dishes like Boat Noodle Soup—and so do I. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience. This “Thai cousin” to pho, it is made with 11 different herbs and a rich, unctuous bone broth. Food lovers from all around Spokane swear by it during cold and flu season to comfort them when they’re not feeling well, and oftentimes, she will make it and have it ready for her regulars without even needing to be asked, just like any “mom” would. The regional specialties from across Asia all taste homecooked, and that’s because of the level of care and attention Mama Jeannie puts into each dish. It is different from any other experience you have around Spokane. It truly feels like, in every sense of the word, you’re a member of the family. dbaliasianbistro.com

HAPPY HOUR MON-THURS 5:00pm-7:00pm

11114 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 509-927-0500 TheToiRestaurant.com OCTOBER 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com



by Kacey Rosauer




There is something about the satisfying crunch of double-breaded chicken in chillier weather. It could be the

tanginess of the coleslaw or the spiciness of the pickled jalapeños that really set this bad boy off, but the addition of both elevates the sandwich beyond anything you can find in a drive-through. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the real secret to the perfect fried chicken, and luckily for you, I’ll share. Don’t skip ahead; follow every step and you’ll be the envy of any self-respecting chicken connoisseur.

Recipe 4 chicken thighs, boneless skinless 1 teaspoon brown sugar 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon pepper

Buttermilk Marinade

1. Season the chicken with the salt, brown sugar, and pepper. Let rest for at least 20 minutes.

2. In a medium bowl, add in all of the buttermilk

marinade ingredients. Mix well and let the chicken marinate in the buttermilk for an additional two hours to overnight.


1 cup buttermilk 1 egg, beaten 2 teaspoons granulated garlic 2 teaspoons granulated onion 2 teaspoons paprika ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon salt 2 teaspoons of your favorite hot sauce

When ready to fry—in a Dutch oven or a cast iron pan, add 6 cups of a neutral frying oil like peanut or vegetable. Bring that oil to 350° using a thermometer.

Flour Dredge

mixture, back into the buttermilk mixture, and then back in the flour mixture. Complete by setting on a wire rack on a cookie sheet to bring up to room temperature.

1 ½ cups flour 2 teaspoons granulated garlic 2 teaspoons granulated onion 2 teaspoons paprika ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon salt

Assembly 4 potato buns butter pickle chips, dill mayonnaise ¼ c slaw (recipe follows)

Slaw ½ red onion, sliced thin 1/4 of a head of cabbage, finely sliced (about 2 cups) 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon pickle brine 2 tablespoons sweet pickled jalapeños, minced

4. In another bowl, add the flour and the seasonings. Mix with 2-3 tablespoons of the buttermilk mixture to make it extra crispy.

5. One piece at a time, dredge the chicken in the flour 6.

Once the oil is at 350° and the chicken is at room temperature, add to the oil and cook until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 150°, turning often. Adjust the heat to make sure the temperature of the oil is always 350°—process should take 5 to 8 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked, allow to rest on a paper towel and salt immediately while still hot.

7. For the slaw, mix the mayonnaise, pickle brine and

jalapeños in a bowl, then add onion and cabbage and stir till combined. Let rest for two hours to overnight.

8. To assemble, toast your buns with butter until golden

brown. Add mayonnaise to each bun. On the bottom bun add at least four pickle slices, then chicken, the crisp coleslaw and top bun. Pro-tip: this pairs perfectly with an ice-cold Rainier beer.

Kacey Rosauer met her husband in culinary school. They both went on to work in multiple high-end restaurants, and then traded in the tableclothes to help open a food truck in Seattle. Since moving to Spokane, she started a food blog— Rosauer’s Kitchen— where she combines her love of sharing food and photography. Find her on Instagram @rosauerskitchen.



LOCAL CUISINE/whim wine bar



A Tasting Room


by Janice Miller

When it comes to perfect pairings in the world of wine, we (as

people—not foodies, or wine snobs) have come up with several: rosé and a summer day, champagne and a momentous occasion, a bold red on a bad day, and Kori and Paul. Well, maybe you aren’t as familiar with Kori and Paul as you are with popping a bottle of bubbly at a celebration, but they have both certainly made their mark on Spokane. In the past several years, you’ve probably had a glass of wine poured by Kori or you’ve encountered her incredible music on a patio or at the Inlander Volume Music Festival. Paul has likely made your lunch or dinner at least once or twice at The Elk and the Two Seven Public House, and you may even have grabbed his novel at Aunties: A Man Dies. I don’t think there’s really anything this couple can’t do, but Kori and Paul have absolutely taken the world of wine and food by storm in their endeavor at Whim Wine Bar. The wines are hand-curated by Kori. What does that mean exactly? Kori reached out, had conversations, and drank, and drank, and drank so when you walk in on a whim, you can say “I need a dark red—bold, spicy—and a velvet seat at the bar,” and you’ll get everything you didn’t even know you desired. The food is developed by Paul and made fresh daily by the talented Alex Wixom,

previously of Two Seven Public House. Everything about Whim Wine Bar makes you feel as though you’re in a world outside of the Spokane norm. They will cater to you as though you’re a celebrity, yet you’ll leave with the sensation of having shared a glass with a best friend. They serve wine, local beers, and bites that are out of this world. Go try a glass. Eat the food. Any occasion will do. Go for the wine, and keep going for the way the perfect pairing makes you feel. P.S. Wear shorts or a skirt and let those bar stools

snuggle you. The fabric is to die for. Whim Whine Bar is located at 808 W Main Ave, on the first floor of River Park Square. Janice Miller is a culinary school grad with 15 years of fine dining, catering and custom cakes under her belt. With the help of her family as her willing taste-testers, she’s been focusing her efforts on plant-based eating and recipe development. Follow her on Instagram @plantbasedinwashington to learn more.



LOCAL CUISINE/foodie tour


by Erin Peterson

From schnitzel and sausages to cabbage and pretzel, Oktoberfest has it all. You don’t have to celebrate just one day of the month—we have a city full of options to curb those classic German cravings. My grandfather could turn out a soft pretzel faster than anyone I know, largely because he grew up in a German bakery. As you can imagine, I inherited a great deal of his taste in great, handmade food—especially fantastic pretzels.



Monday–Friday Lunch:11am-2pm

We live in a brewery-dense region, and the accompanying dishes will tame even the surliest hunger beast. You can get your beer crawl on in the historic district downtown Spokane, or pop in after work for some fallfriendly bites in virtually every corner of the Inland Northwest. We thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you just in case you happen to love this celebration as much as we do. One of our favorite stops for a brew and a bite is No Li Brewhouse in U-District. They are famous for their wide variety of local brews, and for this crazy-huge “epic” salted pretzel with hop infused butter, creamy jalapeño cheese, and corner coast house mustard. It’s perfectly paired with their Jet Star Imperial IPA. We also recommend the Brewmaster’s Burger, which has a juicy allnatural, grass-fed Angus patty from local farms in Washington and Idaho, served on a brioche bun with guac, bacon, and Boar’s Head pepper jack cheese. It also has lettuce for good measure. Even better—they host skee ball tournaments every Tuesday if you feel like burning off those calories with competition and laughter. Another great spot to gather with friends is the freshly-renovated Steam Plant in downtown Spokane, which was recently recognized nationally for being one of the coolest places to drink craft beer in America by Men’s Journal. That’s right—in America. They also have some really great freshly prepared food in their state-of-the-art kitchen. Their richly flavored beer cheese soup with Firebox IPA, aged Tillamook cheddar, bacon lardons, and roasted jalapeños will warm you right up, as will their smoked gouda chicken. The cream sauce is a hearty and a welcome accent to the spinach and sundried tomatoes. New on the scene downtown is Pocket Bar, which is an intimate beer and wine bar featuring handmade savory and sweet hand pies. Many of their products are locally sourced, including beer, wine, and everything they use to make their

Monday–Saturday Dinner: 5pm-9pm

411 N. Nettleton St. | Spokane, WA 99201

509.340.9347 | ParkLodgeRestaurant.com

at the hangar event center

DECEMBER 10 5pm-8pm

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328 North Sullivan Rd. Ste 5 | Spokane Valley | (509) 703-7029 M-Th: 11a-2p, 430p-9p | Fri: 11a-2p, 430p-10p | Sat: 430p-10p

Sourcing regionally with an emphasis on sustainability. Mon-Thurs: 11am–12am Fri/Sat: 11am–2am • Sun: 11am–12am 154


6314 N Ash Street • Spokane 509.321.7051 • CascadiaPublicHouse.com

hand pies at Doughlicious. Located in Spokane’s historic theater district, their hand pies are so fun and easy to eat with one hand while you hold your beer in the other as you grab a bite on your way to a show. From the chicken pot pie and roasted vegetables to the classic pasty with steak, caramelized onions, and potatoes, it is easy to find something for everyone. There is even peanut butter and jelly pie for the kids (or grownups, no judgment). A fruity, refreshing brew with a touch of malt sweetness, the authentic and Northwestborn Leavenworth Biers Hefeweizen goes with so many of their pies and is a great choice for Oktoberfest season. On the north side, you cannot forget Das Stein Haus for the most authentic German restaurant experience in Spokane. They have a great list of beer to choose from, and

Best Fine Dining

the food gives you all the German favorites you’re hoping for. Their brat sampler is a great option if you want it all—all three of their homemade bratwurst on one lucky plate served with stone-ground and dijon mustard. The Sauerbraten, a roast beef marinated in red wine sauce, is cooked slowly to tender perfection. It’s a German specialty you can’t find anywhere in Spokane. They have all the schnitzels (traditionally made with meat that has been pounded flat, breaded and fried). You can’t beat this old-school local favorite. With so many Oktoberfest-approved dining options in our city, we are lucky there are 31 days in the month. Are there any other places you’d like to add to the list? Share your picks at #spokanefood for a chance to have your photo shared on Instagram via @scaguild.


Best North Bar Best Sports Bar

NOVEMBER 5 /6 /7 th




W. 1018 Francis 509.326.6794



LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide

dininglocal BONEFISH GRILL. Chilean seabass is a rich, meltin-your-mouth fish that is tender, buttery, and moist with large, thick flakes. They cook their seabass over an oak-burning grill to give it a unique, Bonefish Grill flavor. Pair with one of their signature toppings like fresh chimichurri sauce or Pan Asian style. 4750 N. Division St., Ste. 1300. (509) 960-8978, bonefishgrill.com. CASCADIA PUBLIC HOUSE. Cascadia is a locally owned gastropub that sources regionally with an emphasis on sustainability. A popular dish, Oregonzola Steak Salad, features sliced steak from St. Helen’s farm, organic baby spinach, candied walnuts, thick bacon, organic dried cranberries, rogue Oregonzola bleu cheese crumbles, and a fan of pink lady apples. 6314 N. Ash St., (509) 321-7051, cascadiapublichouse.com. 1898 PUBLIC HOUSE. With a nod of respect to the year our golf club was established, 1898 Public House combines a storied history, delicious cuisine and stunning views. Located at the Kalispel Golf and Country Club, Executive Chef Tyler Schwenk invites you to eat and drink inspired, while enjoying classic foods with a fresh and tasty twist. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd., (509) 466-2121, 1898publichouse.com. FRANK’S DINER. Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and, of course, the don’t-miss-atbreakfast hash browns and silver dollar pancakes. 1516 W. 2nd Ave., 10929 N. Newport Hwy, (509) 465-2464, franksdiners.com. GILDED UNICORN. This Modern American restaurant features handcrafted foods and drinks located in the historic Montvale Hotel. The name reflects their blend of classic and modern without taking themselves too seriously. They showcase local, seasonal food and drinks from the Northwest and beyond, coerced into new fashioned flavors that hit you in the soul. 110 S. Monroe St., (509) 309-3698, gildedunicorn.com. MASSELOW’S STEAKHOUSE. With nine prime-grade steaks and the best seafood oceans and rivers have to offer, Masselow’s Steakhouse continually provides the “wow” factor. With an outstanding array of mouth-watering cuisine, an extensive wine selection and true Kalispel Hospitality, Chef Tanya Broesder and her team create a special experience you won’t soon forget. 100 N. Hayford Rd., Airway Heights, (509) 481-6020, masselows.com. PARK LODGE. Chef Philip has been cooking for more than 15 years in fine dining establishments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Paris, and Spokane. His philosophy toward food is one of careful consid-



The Dining Guide includes summaries of local restaurants that are featured on a rotating basis each issue. Suggestions for additions or corrections can be sent to stephanie@spokanecda.com.

eration—recipes should highlight the ingredients. The dishes at Park Lodge attempt to help others develop the same love and respect he holds for the ingredients they are provided with. 411 N. Nettleton St., (509) 3409347, parklodgerestaurant.com. RANCHO VIEJO. Jose Rodriguez and his staff offer up traditional and familiar Mexican fare with some of the amplest portions and most caring, family-friendly service in Spokane. 14201 E. Sprague, (509) 927-8428, rancho-viejo.net. 3 NINJAS CURBSIDE. After five years and many glorious victories over the legions of the unflavored, the ninjas at 3 Ninjas Food Truck realized their customers wanted them to have their own lair. The lords of the land of Kendall Yards asked if they would bring their skill and fortitude to bear and bring peace to the realm. So it was to be known that 3 Ninjas Curbside would be born as the place where a road weary traveler could find new flavors and exciting combinations for which to please their palate. 1198 W. Summit Parkway, (509) 783-3613. SUSHI.COM. Sit at the sushi bar and enjoy what’s fresh or take a table and explore the menu that also includes plenty of excellent hot options, if raw fish still makes you nervous. Some of our favorites are the super white tuna and the house tempura. 430 W. Main, (509) 838-0630, mainsushi.com. SWINGING DOORS. A family owned business, The Swinging Doors has been a part of Spokane for more than 30 years. Their restaurant offers huge portions and a wonderful atmosphere second to none in the Spokane area—along with a sports bar with 50 TVs to watch all your favorite sports, as well as Golden Tee, a pool table, bumper shuffleboard, and much more. 1018 W. Francis Ave., (509) 326-6794, theswingingdoors.com. THAI BAMBOO. Since 2001, Thai Bamboo has offered a delicious Thai and Asian food dining experience. Thai Bamboo is consistently ranked as a Spokane and North Idaho number one Thai and Asian restaurant with everything you need and expect: authentic delicious cuisine, huge menu, elegant dining with fantastic décor and atmosphere, prompt and friendly service, and private banquet rooms. Open throughout the day, seven days per week. 5406 N. Division St., 2926 E. 29th Ave., 12722 E. Sprague Ave., 2010 N. 4th St., CDA, thaibamboorestaurant.com. THE ONION TAPHOUSE & GRILL. It all started in 1978 when they introduced the first gourmet burger in Spokane. Their first menu had more than 40 kinds of exotic burgers, taking Spokane by storm. Today, their menu has grown, but their commitment to only using the finest ingredients, thoughtfully prepared fresh, by trained chefs remains the same. 7522 N. Division St., (509) 482-6100, theonion.biz.

TOP OF INDIA. Indian. A hidden gem serving up northern Indian dishes in a surprisingly chic space tucked into a tiny house off East Sprague. Owner and chef Manjit Kaur brings the specialties she learned to cook on the family farm in the Jalandhar district of Punjab to the Northwest. Don’t miss the garlic naan or the Chicken Tikka Masala, but order just about anything and expect it to be quite good. There is also a lunch buffet for $9.99. Open daily 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. 11114 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 927-0500. thetopofindia.com. $-$$. TORO SUSHI. A full sushi menu with a huge selection of sushi rolls, as well as a full Japanese fusion menu. They dazzle guests with daily lunch specials and traditional Japanese grilled skewers that pair perfectly with a cold beer from their wide selection of domestic and imported beer. Toro also offers a variety of sake, wine and cocktails. 328 N. Sullivan Rd., (509) 703-7029. 315 MARTINIS AND TAPAS. The Greenbriar Inn is the home of 315 Martinis and Tapas located in a garden setting in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The cuisine is eclectic and international in nature, with an emphasis on tapas and an award winning martini bar. Highlights include happy hour, food specials, live music, and a bed and breakfast. Built in 1908, this historic structure is supported by a friendly and gracious staff. 315 E. Wallace Ave., (208) 667-9660, 315martinisandtapas.com. WANDERING TABLE. The team at Wandering Table has an insatiable appetite for cooking and creating food. They love what they do. And they consider this restaurant their restaurant. This is their way of cooking what they want to cook, and Wandering Table is how they share the food they love to eat. 1242 W. Summit Parkway, (509) 443-4410, thewanderingtable.com. WILD SAGE BISTRO. They have designed a menu that allows them to be creative on a daily basis and work within the limits of what is in season and available. They are always looking for unique ingredients to highlight, as well as local beef, regional fresh fish, local gardens, heirloom vegetables, fruits and tomatoes for their exquisite dishes. 916 W. 2nd Ave., (509) 456-7575, wildsagebistro.com. YARDS BRUNCHEON. The team at Yards Bruncheon figured out how to extend the weekend to all week by offering brunch every day. This modern diner is a combination of breakfast and lunch complimented with classic brunch cocktails. Their menu features comfort food from all over using local farms and producers in the season. They make most of their menu items in house, including their pastries, which are some of the best around. They also feature some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. 1248 W. Summit Prky., (509) 290-5952, theyardsbruncheon.com.

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by Kris Kilduff

COME TO DINNER, STAY THE NIGHT! Dinner and Suite packages beginning at $165.00

Book your Holiday Party or Special Event at the Historic Greenbriar Inn, serving Coeur d’Alene and Spokane since 1985.



For Reservations 208-667-9660 x1 315MartinisAndTapas.com 315 Wallace Ave | Coeur d'Alene


Happy Hour All Day! 158


YaYa Brewing Company

11712 E. Montgomery Dr. Over the last few months there have been a handful of new breweries opening. The owners of Yaya have made it pretty clear they want to be the go-to spot in Spokane Valley. In the large industrial complex right off the freeway, great beer will not be hard to find while you wait for traffic to thin after work on I-90. They currently offer Mama Torrez chips and salsa but promise outdoor events and food trucks in the near future.

Sawmill Grille

302 N. Spokane St. Post Falls is becoming home to a variety of new restaurants, the latest being the Sawmill. The new casual, family-friendly eatery offers some interesting takes on American casual cuisine with some hints of Southwest and French influence. Enjoy their two level heated patio and a do-ityourself ice cream sundae bar for dessert.

Pocket Bar

1017 W. 1st Ave. The historic Montvale hotel has always been a beautiful bright spot in downtown Spokane. New to the building is Pocket Bar, who hosts beer, wine and a selection of savory and sweet hand pies. The newest project from Eat Good Food Group which includes Wandering Table, Yards Bruncheon, Incrediburger, Gilded Unicorn and others.

www.mainsushi.com BEST SUSHI 8 years in a row!

Thank You Spokane!

430 W. Main Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 | 509.838.0630

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51st State Anthem by Doug Clark

Writing and recording the official

song for our brand new 51st state was more emotionally draining than I ever imagined. So many particulars had to be considered. The melody, for example. The lyrics. The fascism … Every nuance needed to be worked and reworked in order to establish just the right tone which will provoke our newstate psychos into a separatist frenzy. Not to brag, but when it comes to provoking, I can’t think of anyone more apt than yours truly. So, put a toe tag on it. Today, I give the universe my finally finished masterpiece. Sorry. I’ll get to the big musical reveal in a moment. For the time being, feel free to start warming your vocal cords while I go through the necessary journalistic hoohaw for anyone who might’ve been holed up in a cavern for the past couple of years. This all came to a header in early 2017. That’s when state Rep. Matt Shea (R-Asshat) and a couple of other ultraright automatons collaborated to produce House Joint Memorial 4000. The document contained a scheme to turn 20 counties east of Washington’s Cascades into a new 51st state they dubbed Liberty. Once the jeering and fits of laughter from legislators in Olympia died down,



Shea tried to explain that his new-state fixation was legit and not merely the latest in his long line of embarrassing antics. Like when he pulled a gun during a road rage incident. Or the time he trespassed onto a political opponent’s property. Or when he wrongly tried to tie a triple murder to the Spokane County Sheriff ’s Office. Shea’s behavior of late has been even more, um, troubling. He faces bipartisan calls for his resignation amid revelations that he A. discussed the surveilling of political adversaries and B. backed the training of children in biblical warfare. Holy tyke warriors? Wouldn’t it be better just to train kids to mow their lawns? Call me the chronic contrarian, but I can’t blame Shea. His kind of crazy can’t be fixed no matter how many electroshock treatments with the dials cranked up to 11. No, if anyone’s to blame, it’s those pinheads in the Spokane Valley who keep electing him. Not once, not twice, but FOUR FREAKING TIMES!!! Getting back to our topic… Just last month, Liberty advocates were allowed to join the pumpkins and bumpkins on display at the Spokane Interstate Fair. I know. I motored to the fairgrounds one bright sunny morning. After taking in the classic car show, I located the 51st

state booth a short jaunt from one of my favorite hand-dipped corndog exhibits. Maybe it’s me. But the Liberty booth struck me as shabby for such a grandiose, landscape-altering proposal. I did enjoy the merch: commemorative T-shirts, genuine silver coins, bumper stickers and signage of various sizes. “Divide Washington State?” declared a page from a brochure. “We think so!” Yes, indeed. Why not turn half the state of Washington over to far-right extremist Bible-thumping militants? What could possibly go wrong? Shea wasn’t around, praise Allah. I did my best to blend in by saying little and keeping eye contact to a bare minimum. “I. Don’t. Sign. Anything.” I muttered in a paranoid tone after a woman asked if I’d ink my John Doe on the 51st state petition. Instead, I plunked down $15 for a gray XXL T-shirt. The front features a state map of Washington with a line down the middle. The eastern chunk is bright red and contains the words: “Give Me Liberty” in bold font. I plan to wear it to the victory celebration, when Spokane Valley (renamed Opportunity) becomes the 51st state capitol. Damn. I was pulling for Millwood. Okay. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Clark, the odds of these kooks actually getting their way are more

remote than finding a Trump supporter at Trader Joe’s.” I hear ya. But there’s absolutely no chance if Shea & Co. don’t wise up and adopt a better new state song. See, back when this all began, the “Support the 51st State” Facebook page announced that the old Woody Guthrie classic, “Roll on Columbia,” would be the official Liberty tune. Roll on, Columbia, roll on. Roll on, Columbia, roll on. Your power is turning our darkness to dawn. So, roll on, Columbia, roll on. Unfortunately, the one thing that Shea and his right-wing pals apparently forgot was that ol’ Woody was a total LEFTIST COMMIE PINKO. Once they figure that out, I plan to lay my song on them. Not that I believe in the cause. I’m simply seizing the opportunity (Ha. Get it?) for mercenary pay day reasons. That’s right. In the unlikely event that hogs take wing and Liberty becomes reality, I’ll take one of the cheesier counties as payment. Grant, say. Or maybe Stevens. And so I got busy. Hmm? What sort of song, I mused, would send Liberty to the top of the charts? Then it dawned on me. Why go to all the bother of writing a song when I can simply steal one? Then I realized something even more important. If I’m gonna stoop to stealing a song, I may as well go Beatles and swipe a great one.

Paul McCartney’s iconic “Let It Be” fit the bill. Plus, in syntax terms, Let It Be fits seamlessly with Liberty. After conjuring some truly meaningful lyrics, I met in the studio with Joe Brasch, my best pal and virtuoso guitarist. I stepped up to the microphone. Joe worked the knobs and dials. An hour later, the new 51st state anthem was born. Listen to our finished production at soundcloud.com/trailerparkgirls/liberty. Or feel free to sing along with the lyrics below. And so, without further adieu… -Liberty (as sung to Let It Be) Them Commies in Seattle, lookin’, Down their nose at you and me. Matt Shea’s got the answer: Liberty. --Twenty counties bundled, In a new East Side fraternity. Welcome to the State of Liberty --Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. We will arm the borders, Liberty. ---Listen, white bread Christians, Time to break the chains of tyranny. Prepare your babes for battle, Liberty. -Guns n God and brown-shirt warriors, Goose-stepping to victory. Execute the liberals, Liberty. -Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Round up all the homeless, Liberty. -Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

Build more jails and scaffolds, Liberty. -(SOLO) -Liberty. Liberty. Liberty, yeah, Liberty. No gender-bender bathrooms, Liberty. -And though we may be mocked and rattled, We got lists of enemies. Payback is a’coming, Liberty. -Olympia ignores us; We’ve got Opportunity! It’s Our Way or the Highway, Liberty. -Liberty, Liberty. Liberty, Liberty. Deporting all the Muslims, Liberty. -Liberty, Liberty. Liberty, yeah, Liberty. Gov. Shea forever, Liberty. -Oh, Liberty, Liberty. Liberty, yeah, Liberty. Sing a song of statehood, Liberty. Doug Clark is a Spokane native and lead singer/songwriter for his band, Trailer Park Girls. He recently retired from The Spokesman-Review after writing three columns a week for more than 30 years. Clark’s humor and general-interest commentaries have won scores of local, state and regional honors along with three awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He can be reached at dougclarksville@gmail.com.



107 S. Howard, Suite 205 Spokane, WA 99201

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