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Health & Fitness Tips for the New Year

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Annual Wedding Feature It’s that time of year to kick off your spring, summer and fall wedding planning. We share our partner Wedding Resource Guide as well as how to add personality to your special day.

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Mic Drop Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker, podcaster and author. He shares what he has come to know about health and fitness.

on the cover Photo by: Heather Claramunt Photography HeatherClaramuntPhotography.com

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Best in B2B Awards We asked the business community who they appreciate doing business with, who they turn to when they need the support, products, resources and expertise of another business—we share those results in the annual Best in Business-to-Business Awards feature.

Venue and Rentals: Randi Ray Schmidt Schmidt Cattle Co Events Venue and Barn to Table Rentals Model: Kamina Flemming Makeup Artist: Rebecca Ausband & Alexus Nekich The Beauty Baes Floral Design: Tia Rojan Hair: Brooklynn Williams



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Stephanie’s Thoughts

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First Look and Buzz Hot Winter Nights Lilacs & Lemons 5 Ways to Stay Warm Artist Eye Spokane Rising Road Trip #SpokanePulse


The Scene You Can’t Take it With You Bethany Montgomery Culinary Art Owen McAuley



Horsepower Snowmobiling


Woman Weddings Wedding Resource Guide This is Dirt MomVillage Health in the New Year If They Only Knew


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20 Under 40 Awards Event

Feasting At Home Best Bloody Mary Culinary Arts Awards Ribbon Cuttings Top 10 Highlights Barfly: Lion’s Lair DINING GUIDE



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EDITOR LETTER/a note from Stephanie

6 Resolutions

for Big Grace and Scandalous Generosity in the New Year

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes, JR.


ne of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves—and those around us—is to stretch and broaden our minds (and hearts), which stretches and broadens our existence and presence in the world. As I contemplate life and a new year, my wish is for continued growth in understanding and acceptance within ourselves and with one another: bettering connections and building stronger relationships, families and community. In continuation of the “guiding lights” I shared in my October editor letter, perhaps you’ll explore the following concepts as your own as you plot and plan your resolve for the New Year. Pinpoint moments when you have had your heart broken and take notice of the stories you formed about yourself in those moments. We get to choose the stories we tell ourselves, so when your story makes you feel less than (anything), change the story. If it isn’t helping you level up in life, it isn’t the correct story. You have the power to override limiting beliefs—whether those beliefs come from others, or from within you. It doesn’t have to be your success in order to embrace it as such. When you surround yourself with those who are rising, you will rise, too, especially if you celebrate their success as your own possibility. In the same vein, spend time with—and listen to the feedback of— those who bring the magic out of you, not the madness. When you see someone living out loud in their life—and realize it’s not a competition—you are able to embrace the inspiration as an extension of your own life, allowing actions to create belief for your own path toward success. Find people who dazzle you and open yourself up for the adventure of becoming a dazzler, too. It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame. As a social society, our lives are about so much more than our own journeys. When your confidence shifts about showing up in any way—whether in a relationship or for a professional endeavor—take your concerns of self out of the equation and focus on the task or the people in front of you. The world needs you to show up unhindered (not to be confused with showing up unhinged) by concerns about how you look or sound or seem. You are who you are, and that will do in all you do. Whenever I hop on my podcast, or stand in front of a room full of people with a microphone in hand, I let go of all concerns about how I showed up and focus on the people and the purpose in front of me. It’s so much easier to get over yourself (and your hangups and bangups) when you understand you are a conduit—not a wall—for important work in life and love. Don’t make peace with other people’s suffering. There isn’t any such thing as other people’s children, or other people’s pain … hu-



mans are a collective body of beings contributing to the experience and reality of one another, whether or not you can detect it. Keep caring for the plight of others, even if they are a starving child thousands of miles away, or someone losing their life while seeking asylum from unthinkable circumstances, or a person without a home and stability wandering the streets of your city. Everything becomes relatable when you place the faces of your loved ones on the faces of those who are suffering beyond comprehension. You don’t have to know how to solve the atrocious realities of others, or how to create change, to stay uncomfortable with appalling crimes against humanity. Do whatever it takes for your heart to stay soft and to care beyond your own existence and livelihood. The world needs that flow of collective tenderness, which will, indeed, make a difference. Give others the opportunity to be heroes. Heroes cannot become without first being given a need to fulfill. Let your needs be known to those you trust so they have the opportunity to rush into your life and be a safety net in some way, even when it feels uncomfortable or unreasonable. It’s as much our responsibility to share our needs with others as it is to be aware of the needs of those around us. Stay vulnerable, look for the helpers (be one when you are able to)—and continue deepening the connections in your life. There isn’t a person on this planet who should do life alone. Allow people to rise to the occasion of you. Living big grace for yourself and others while extending scandalous generosity is one of my favorite notions Life Center’s Pastor Joe Wittwer shared over the holidays. I’ve tucked that one deep down and remind myself often that we are all equals in worth and in “sin,” and there is no greater glory than being tender toward myself and others … which makes extending massive amounts of grace and generosity to one another less of a distant fantasy and more of an attainable gift I wish for us all. Thank you for your continued readership of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine. You are a valuable and cherished part of the creation of this magazine. As always, I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to send your thoughts my way. Wishing you one of your best, most grace-filled years yet. Your ally, Stephanie Regalado stephanie@spokanecda.com



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR/what you had to say

Doug Clark, I’ve been enjoying your columns for many, many years but the piece in the December issue of Spokane Coeur d’ Alene Living magazine was GREAT! Laughed so hard my wife rushed over to make sure I was not having some sort of attack. As someone who has Crohn’s Disease since 1970 (a type of inflammatory bowel disease), I have had multiple colonoscopies over the years and could relate to every sentence you wrote. The section on “the prep” really had me rolling. Thanks for the great humor to make a gray day brighter. Keep up the good work!

—Steven Meltzer, Medical Lake

Lilacs & Lemons ID Complaint In your October issue’s Lilacs and Lemons column, Vince Bozzi was complaining about being asked for ID at establishments in spite of obviously being over 21. I believe this is actually done in response to rules for places that sell liquor by the WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board. Many places check everyone’s ID to try to avoid any accidental sale to a minor, which can cost a business in many ways. I worked for the (then) WSLCB for 18 years and I am fairly certain that their oversight of places selling liquor is more likely the reason why all ID’s are checked and, if everyone is checked, no one can complain about being singled out.

—Wendy Weidman

Vince Bozzi: I do suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry, but what bothers me is the abandonment of common sense. Some even ask you to take your ID out of your wallet. When you’re way past middle age it seems a bit silly and demeaning. I do have to wonder, also, why some establishments ask for ID on Friday or Saturday night but don’t ask at all in the daytime. Seems they should be a little more consistent.

Doug Clark, Just read your story in the September issue of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living. Loved it! Miss your stuff in the newspaper, by the way. Did you know that there is a gang of scooter riders from Spokane who ride together regularly? Don’t know their name, but I’m sure you could google it. I see them from time to time in the summer as I blast along the back roads on my real motorcycle. Hope to see you out there!

—Chuck Booth, Spokane





californiaclosets.com 506 N. Sullivan Rd, Suite D | Spokane Valley, WA 99037 627 N. Baugh Way | Post Falls, ID 83854

168 N. 9th St. | Boise ID, 83702





10205 N. Division St. • Spokane , WA 509-465-4380


Weston Cederblom Photography

photo by Brent Looyenga Weston Cederblom Photography

Weston Cederblom Photography

s t h g i N r e t Hot Win

The Coeur d’Alene Resort is transforming the Lakefront Infinity Pool into a giant hot tub


or the first time ever, The Coeur d’Alene Resort is delivering what every Pacific Northwest local and traveler didn’t know they wanted during our chilliest winter months: a giant infinity-pool-turned-hot-tub, complete with a lakeside bar and warming fire access. For those tough enough to brave the icy air before taking the plunge, guests can book a Resort stay on every Friday or Saturday night in January to access the heated infinity pool and warming-

lounge. Lucky guests locking in a January weekend stay will be whisked from the hotel to the infinity pool hot tub, located adjacent to The Resort Golf Course by Resort limo vans. While basking in the sheer delight of giant hot tub relaxation, warmth-seekers will enjoy frosty views of Lake Coeur d’Alene, surrounded by radiant white twinkling lights and toasty warming fires. This heart and body warming experience is complemented with indoor lounge area access, mul-




TO P 5


tiple bars with winter-themed cocktails, snacks and desserts. The cherry on top of the already squeal-worthy news—entrance to the blissful infinity pool hot tub, only available to registered overnight guests. Accommodations start at $179, as part of The Coeur d’Alene Resort’s Hot Winter Nights Package and includes two pool access tickets. Families are encouraged to enjoy the infinity pool hot tub from 4-8 p.m., then the party cranks up the music from 8-10 p.m. during the adults-only soak (ages 21+). This adventurous Hot Winter Nights experience is not for the faint of heart, but it’s sure to ignite lasting memories. cdaresort.com











FIRST LOOK/lilacs & lemons {bad}


{good out of bad}


by Vincent Bozzi

LEMONS to the Spokane Public School Board for rushing the vote on the downtown stadium. When the Spokane Sports Commission proposed combining their already-planned Sportsplex with the stadium by making the Sportsplex just a bit bigger and saving taxpayers $20 million in the process, we thought it was worth a close look. It’s admirable that the school board wanted to follow the will of Spokane’s generous voters, who overwhelmingly approved the new school bonds, but we don’t think the public had a great idea of the options at the time of the vote; another vote would have been worthwhile. Haste makes waste. LILACS to Sharon Smith and Don Barbieri for donating the money to buy all those blue tents at “Camp Hope” that sat outside City Hall, and LILACS to the General Store for selling them at cost so more could be purchased. They’ve all been scattered now—the camp broken up, and other shelters opening—but that gracious act of charity is one of the great things about our city, which we see repeated over and over. Barbieri is right: they live a tough life, one which few of us would ever want to walk. LEMONADE to the electricity regulators

who decided that the company buying Avista was too encumbered with Canadian politics to give us steady and sure leadership. The regulators got it right: A foreign company at the whims of party leadership is no company to run our voltage. LILACS to the idea floated by some to set up a cooperative where we, the people, own our power company. That may be tilting at windmills, but it’s less scary than having a dictatorial leader play games with our watts.



LILACS to Tyson Sicilia, owner of the Observatory bar downtown, for forming an alliance with other bar owners, keeping the racist bully group the “Proud Boys” out of their taverns. Pubs have long been a bastion of “live and let live” behavior, but Sicilia believes there is no place for hate and discrimination in his tavern. We’ll proudly support his efforts and his tavern. LEMONS to stores for closing early, especially on weekends. We went to see an 8:30 movie and thought we’d kill time shopping at River Park Square. Other than Urban Outfitters, everyone shuttered their doors at the ridiculous hour of 8 p.m. In the summer, that’s practically late afternoon. Go to Seattle and things are hustling and bustling until midnight and beyond on weekends, but in sleepy Spokane, our downtown dies early. So do the shopping malls. But drive over to Ross, which stays open until 11p.m., and you’ll see a parking lot jammed with cars. It seems many people DO shop at night. And guess what: Amazon and the internet stay open 24/7. So if you want to compete with the web, we suggest hiring a couple employees to keep your business going for that late night crowd, at least on weekends. LILACS to Goodwill for creating Hope Works, a program where they drive around looking for panhandlers and offer them $50 on the spot if they’ll do a couple hours of work, give them a ride to the social services they may need, and sometimes even find them a place to live. Apparently, they have no problem getting signups, proving that often the best way to help the disadvantaged is to give the money directly to them instead of into top-heavy bureaucracy.





by Kimberly Gunning

Ways to stay warm

in the Winter Not all of us are snow season enthusiasts. And once the temps freeze over, it can be tough to convince oneself that donning boots, gloves and a hat can lead to anything “fun.” While that may sound like an extreme case of winter blues, this time of year calls for some time spent indoors. Even those who count down the days to ski season often need a break from the cold. Here are five ideas for how to stay warm while still venturing out of the house this winter. Watch and Play The locally loved Garland Theater shows both new and old films at discounted rates—lending a perfect date idea on a chilly night. Among a short list of today’s film titles, Totally Tubular Tuesdays in January features “Labyrinth” (Jan. 8), “Mrs. Doubtfire” (Jan. 15), “Weird Science” (Jan. 22) and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (Jan. 29). The in-building Bon Bon is an ideal first stop for a cocktail and a snack, or to partake in Monday-night trivia and Wednesday-night bingo.

Read and Sip If your idea of the perfect weekend afternoon is one spent wrapped in a blanket by a roaring fireplace at home—tea in one hand, book in the other—a trip to Auntie’s Bookstore is in order. The independent bookseller stocks the nation’s bestsellers along with indie picks and works by local authors. Browse the literary selection to your heart’s content; then visit Atticus Coffee & Gifts two blocks west, where you can settle in with a warm beverage to read the first few pages of your favorite find. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of local roast or loose-leaf tea to take home.

Float Away Unwind from the holidays inside a tranquil pod of warm water and Epsom salt. The water—matching your body temperature—seemingly melds with your body, creating a gravity-free sensation, as you float on the surface. Float therapy has been used to help those with PTSD, 22


anxiety and addiction. It’s also the perfect way to calm one’s mind and body for the year ahead. Find a pod to warm up in and float your stresses away at Renew Float Spa in Kendall Yards or at one of Float Spokane’s locations (Division Street and Wellesley Avenue; Liberty Lake).

Get Creative Finding outlets for artistic pursuits is no challenge in this city of creatives. Spokane Parks and Recreation Department’s Corbin Art Center offers a myriad of classes geared toward toddlers to adults. Generally taught one day a week—for a single date or up to six consecutive classes—participants can stretch the left side of their brain in classes ranging from caricature drawing to creative memoir writing to portrait photography and more.

Work it Out Whether chasing a New Year’s resolution or simply staying in shape throughout the winter months, sometimes switching up your routine is just what you need to stay motivated. There are plenty of workout classes to get your blood pumping. Break a sweat and burn some calories in a barre class at Bar Method (South Hill), Pure Barre (Spokane Valley) or Spokane Barre (downtown). Take a dance-party-style spin class at The Union (North Spokane and downtown), or work through a timed cardio-strength circuit at Orange Theory (North Spokane and South Hill).

FIRST LOOK/artist eye


by Megan Perkins

SPOKANE PUBLIC RADIO Spokane Public Radio is housed in one of Spokane’s many fabulous brick buildings, the old Fire Station No. 3. I love the green doors, large enough for an old fire truck, and absolutely adore Harold Balazs “Listen” sculpture out front. One of the things I appreciate most about Spokane is the way people and businesses have reclaimed historic buildings and built on our past to new adventures in the future. Megan Perkins began her project, Artist’s Eye on Spokane, in May and plans to continue sketching and painting at cool places and events in Spokane for the next year. Follow her adventures on Instagram @artistseyeonspokane, Facebook and meganperkinsart.com.






FIRST LOOK/spokane rising


by Anthony Gill


Homelessness is Complex—

Listen to the Stories It was difficult not to feel at least somewhat in-

spired by the energy that surrounded Camp Hope, the activist camp erected at City Hall to spur action on our community’s homelessness crisis. At its height in early December, the encampment grew to include 25 donated tents, dozens of participants, and various displays of community support. Protesters expressed discontent with the city’s sit-lie law, which bans the activities downtown during nighttime hours, and the lack of safe shelter space, as well as the city’s policies toward homelessness more generally. In a very public way, the protest drew focused attention to the festering issue––and to the heartbreaking, personal stories of individuals experiencing homelessness. Many outlets even gave substantial airtime to protesters and unsheltered people themselves. Ultimately, Camp Hope was cleared in early December, but the protest arguably succeeded in raising awareness, and maybe in heightening a sense of urgency. And while the protest’s methods were not without flaws and miscalculations, it did give the people most directly impacted by the crisis an opportunity to share their stories in a raw, difficult way––and for the broader community to show solidarity. In order to maintain energy and commitment surrounding the issue, the community should continue acting boldly and swiftly. Each person unhoused in



this city is one too many. Given a growing body of evidence that housing affordability and homelessness are linked, we should take steps to implement a land trust––a community-owned group dedicated to purchasing and developing affordable housing. By pooling properties into a single tax-exempt nonprofit organization, CLTs have seen success in cities across the country, and allow for new, often small-scale models of development that would not be possible under a private developer. We should explore better use of city assets, like community centers, to address the crisis. While these spaces would not have the resources or infrastructure for true overnight shelter space, they might make passable emergency warming shelters in extreme temperatures. And as one of the largest property owners in the region (especially when rights of way, like streets, are counted), the City should take every opportunity to offer that space for affordable housing, shelter space, tiny homes, or new public, private or nonprofit development. Some of this work is (thankfully) already underway. Finally, some of the Camp Hope protesters expressed a desire for something even more fundamental—a space to store their belongings. Imagine the difficulty of seeking medical care, taking a class, or finding a job if you had to keep your possessions with you. Naturally, some of these solutions feel like low-hanging fruit, while others are more vexing than they appear at first glance. We cannot gloss over that complexity. If Camp Hope tells us one thing, it’s that we cannot abandon our efforts to aggressively confront homelessness—and the conditions that lead to it. We have to treat it as the human crisis it has become. Anthony Gill is an economic development professional and the founder of Spokane Rising, an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live.

Addictions Depression, Anxiety PTSD Dementia, Parkinson’s



Lyme Disease

What is NAD? NAD is a detoxification and brain restoration protocol that includes intravenous NAD and oral nutritional supplementation. It has proven itself effective at detoxing patients eliminating cravings and reducing withdrawal symptoms in 90% of cases. Who is a Candidate? We use NAD as a nutritionally based treatment for addictions (drug, alcohol, gambling etc) anxiety, depression and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Brain Function Restored In addition to addressing the physical cause of addiction, anxiety and depression, NAD helps to restore mental clarity and function, elevates mood, restores memory, and increases the sense of wellbeing that years of suffering may have destroyed.

ARE YOU A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR STEM CELL THERAPY? Does your pain keep you from doing things you love? Do you often take medications for the pain? Are you considering surgery to alleviate the pain? Has pain diminished your quality of life?


Stem Cell Seminar 4:00pm

The Untold Truths of the Stem Cell Industry

NAD Seminar 6:00pm Stop the Addiction Now

FREE, no-obligation, educational, snacks and drinks provided. Call to reserve your seat now, 509-924-6199.

Holiday Inn Express Spokane Valley 9220 E Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99206 Dr. Susan Ashley, M.D. Board Certified Family Physician

1431 N Liberty Lake Rd. | Suite A | Liberty Lake, WA 99019 | (509) 924-6199| HealthyLivingLL.com

FIRST LOOK/road trip


e l t t a Se e d i s h Sout

Stay Situated on 11 lush acres and surrounded by seven additional acres of natural wetlands, Cedarbrook Lodge is an unexpected urban oasis located less than five minutes from SeaTac International Airport. We loved the resort feel, the incredible complimentary breakfast every day and the 24/7 snack and drink stations. cedarbrooklodge.com Towering above Seattle Southside’s retail core and transportation hub, Hotel Interurban provides unparalleled views, convenience and innovation. The hotel is the tallest building in the city of Tukwila and offers 185 contemporary-style guest rooms. The entrance is composed of an outdoor canopy made up of 60 solar panels that produce enough electricity for most of the first-floor operations, followed by a two-story lobby featuring a custom glass art installation by Bryan Rubino. hotelinterurban.com

hotel interurban Sustenance

by Stephanie Regalado


y small fry and I love to zip over to the west side for a quick—and financially feasible—getaway. This year, we made the trek multiple times, and each time experienced Seattle in a different way than we had before (we skipped the gum wall and Pike’s Place Market, as much as we can’t get enough of those activities). In this edition of our road trip itinerary, we explore Seattle Southside, which encompasses Sea Tac, Des Moines and Tukwilla.



Anthony’s HomePort Des Moines overlooks the Des Moines Marina with views of Maury Island, the snowcapped Olympic Mountains and south Puget Sound. It offers two restaurants in one setting. Anthony’s HomePort is located on the second level and the casual Des Moines Oyster Bar & Grill is located on the plaza level. You can’t beat the atmosphere or the seafood and if you dine at sunset, be prepared for a spectacular show of magic from Mother Nature. We sa-

Duke’s Seafood & chowder vored surf and turf orders—steak, shrimp and salmon—with a calamari starter. anthonys.com I will never pre-judge an eatery found inside a mall again. Duke’s Seafood & Chowder House’s newest restaurant in Westfield Southcenter offers the same healthy and nutritious food and drink—all from safe and trusted sources—they have been known for for more than 40 years. Executive chef “Wild” Bill Rannigerhef dazzled us with popular items from the menu, along with some off-menu dishes he was considering adding. Hands down, the best inland seafood dining experience of my life. Pro tip: Eat. Everything. dukesseafood.com Inside the first floor of Hotel Interurban, the Waterleaf Restaurant + Bar serves globally inspired comfort food made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant includes a full premium bar and a sophisticated yet approachable setting ideal for social gatherings, due to its delicious menu and some of the best personalized service we’ve ever experienced (my 14 year old, who is super hard to connect with and impress—she can detect “trying too hard” from 114 miles away—put our server on the “when we win the lotto” list). We loved the luscious calamari steaks, she said her cheeseburger was one of the best she’s ever eaten, and I devoured my bowl of cioppino. hotelinterurban.com

bag of goodies for the road and snap a pic in front of the giant chocolate-dipped pink pig as you head out the door. experiencechocolate.com Des Moines is considered among the best places in the Northwest metro to retire or raise a family. The city’s six miles of shoreline offer public beaches, waterfront parks, top-notch restaurants, fishing piers and a well-used boardwalk. Family activities include camping, fishing, whale watching, boating and personal options seem limitless with community sports, skiing, boating, hiking, bird-watching, rock hounding and more. Recommendation: do it all on the Des Moines Waterfront. Spread your wings at The Museum of Flight, the world’s largest nonprofit air and space museum in the world with more than 175 aircraft and spacecraft awaiting your exploration, along with tours of Space Shuttles, flight simulators, and a 3D Movie theatre. If you have littles in your life, take some mula to spend in the gift shop—their youth-sized flight suits will inspire big dreams in young minds. museumofflight.org

Play If you appreciate chocolate at all, you will enjoy a “best day ever” adventure during an “Experience Chocolate” tour at Seattle Chocolate Factory and Flagship Store. While learning how chocolate came to be, you’ll be able to taste their signature, smooth chocolate recipes throughout your journey. Explore the start-to-finish creation of their truffles and bars from the vantage point of their hot pink walkway, raised nearly 10 feet high. Fill up a

seattle chocolate factory and flagship store

the museum of flight

FIRST LOOK/#spokanepulse

BEARGRASS IN THE SELKIRKS Priest Lake State Park by Monica Kirchner Instagram @monica.amdg

Priest Lake has a special place in my soul, and having lived there for two years, I became quite familiar with all that it has to offer. This view is from top of Lookout Mountain in the Selkirks; the beargrass bloom that year was exceptional. I own Atlas Photography and recently started a blog and social media page called Adventure Spokane to highlight all there is to do in this beautiful area.




Riverside State Park—Bowl and Pitcher by Mai Choua Lor Instagram @maich.l

As a recent Midwest transfer to Spokane—avid hiker and nature lover—photographing landscapes has been a wonderful way for me to discover the new area I now call home. The Bowl and Pitcher is a treasure to have nearby and has offered me many beautiful photo ops throughout all four seasons.



FIRST LOOK/#spokanepulse




Downtown Spokane Carousel by Erin Gibson Instagram @giberin

I love being able to capture images of our beautiful city. I consider it my perfect therapy whenever I have a chance to walk around town with my Canon. This image was taken last summer of the newly restored Looff Carousel. I am proud to call Spokane my home.


Medical Lake/Spokane

by David Elkins Instagram @providential_house I took this photo one day on my morning commute to work as a psychologist in Medical Lake. Moments like this remind me and my wife of why we relocated from Seattle to Spokane. Spokane life flows through a rhythm of contrasts. City streets lead to country roads, summer heat anticipates the stillness of winter, beautiful architecture of yesteryear perseveres in the midst of aspiring progress. Like its river, Spokane life is always moving and always here … right where you are.


14TH AND GRAND SALON Get Your Vacation GLOW On!

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his celebrated comedy revolves around the family of Martin Vanderhof who live “just around the corner from Columbia University—but don’t go looking for it.” Grandpa, as Martin is more commonly known, is the paterfamilias of a large and extended family: his daughter, Penny, who fancies herself a romance novelist; her husband, Paul, an amateur fireworks expert; their daughter, Alice, an attractive and loving girl who is still embarrassed by her family’s eccentricities—which include a xylophone player/leftist leaflet printer, an untalented ballerina, and ballet master exiled from Soviet Russia. When Alice falls for her boss, Tony, a handsome scion of Wall

Street, she fears that their two families—so unlike in manner, politics and finances—will never come together. During a disastrous dinner party, Alice’s worst fears are confirmed. Her prospective in-laws are humiliated in a party game, fireworks explode in the basement and the house is raided by the FBI. Frustrated and upset, Alice intends to run away, until Grandpa manages to not only bring the happy couple together, but to set Tony’s father straight about the true priorities in life. After all, why be obsessed by money? You can’t take it with you. Rated PG-13 | spokanecivictheatre.com













by Sharma Shields


This month we’re sharing a poem by Bethany Montgomery, founder of Power 2 The Poetry. Bethany is a 23 year-old graduate of Eastern Washington University (MBA), and P2TP is a performing arts LLC that, as Bethany explains, “entertains, educates, motivates, and activates” through spoken word poetry. The group, spearheaded by Bethany, speaks at schools, emcees at political rallies, mentors youth, teaches writing workshops, and also offers consulting services. “We are on a mission to connect humanity through conversations that are considered perplexing,” Bethany wrote me in an email. They don’t offer solutions but instead “encourage the audience to be the solution, because transformation starts from within.” In October, P2TP gave a TedX talk called “Poetry as Activism,” available to view on YouTube. On stage, Bethany talks about the full ride for basketball she received to EWU (“Go Eags!” she cheers), and how, when her basketball career was cut short by health issues—a literal hole in her heart—she turned to poetry. What’s particularly beautiful about Bethany’s writing and performances is her ability to convey both vulnerability and strength, authority and compassion. She’s able to peel back the veneer normally pasted over difficult conversations about race, gender, privilege, and bigotry, and still never wander from a message of hope and love. Her work is a call to action for all of us, and it glows with affection for Spokane. Here’s a poem she’s asked me to share, and I recommend watching the video of Bethany reading this on the Power 2 The Poetry Facebook page, as well; her delivery shouldn’t be missed. “Life In Spokane” by Bethany Montgomery of Power 2 The Poetry Spokane Spoken Eyes wide open To infinite possibilities Constantly fueling my dreams With endless amounts of scenes Whether I’m playing in the trees Or running around downtown In a jungle of concrete Hikes at Bowl and Pitcher To embrace the bigger picture When looking into the Spokane river The experience is as metaphorical As when I look myself in the mirror Sometimes I feel as though I am a fish swimming against the current Fighting oppression, discrimination, and preconceived judgments Being told that Spokane is not a good place to start a poetry movement But for me Spokane has become a solution See I choose to tap-in Into the potential of Spokane Many think Spo-can’t 36


But I know Spo-can There is opportunity in this community And we all have the chance to be major influences Yes We will be met with opposition Which will not stop our progression I am here to instill culture, diversity, and inclusion Power 2 The Poetry It is more than a movement It is a way to prove that Spokane is different That in Spokane you can be respected even if you have a difference of opinion That in Spokane you won’t be discriminated against because of the color of your skin That in Spokane it is ok to be openly lesbian That in Spokane there is equality And people don’t worry about Pedigree That in Spokane I can unapologetically be me That in Spokane everyone can be who they want to be But you see This Spokane is not yet a real thing This Spokane is still a dream Just like the Zags winning the whole thing

And finally bringing an NCAA basketball championship to the city Because Go Eags But I do believe that dreams come true So if you truly support what I say Then you too will realize that YOU Are the key to Spokane’s breakthrough We all deserve to live our best lives And freely live our truths Come on Spokane It’s time for change We don’t have much to lose But so much more to prove The change starts with you So please BE the breakthrough —Get involved with Power 2 The Poetry by attending one of their events and following their social media feeds. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, @power2thepoetry, or catch them on their website at power2thepoetry.com. Please note: a version of this poem also appeared in The Spokesman Review.


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culinary art

by Erin Peterson photography by Amen Photography

Ten years ago, if you were to tell me that my phone would one day give me a

Local Cuisine Inspired by Social Media



front seat to some of the best restaurants in the world, or help me to know exactly what is being made in a local restaurant kitchen down the street, I would never have believed you. With unprecedented access to information, and a myriad of new ways to express creativity and experience effortless global connectivity, social media has changed the way we cook, how we get recommendations to restaurants, and the way we think about food. It has even changed demand for particular ingredients based on current food trends. Many of us are still unaware of the profound effect technology is having on our choices, and how chefs are being influenced by culinary personalities on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. More than 87 percent of people surveyed indicated that they use social media to determine where they are going to dinner, and local social media accounts focused on food are wildly successful--the group Spokane Foodies on Facebook has more than 5,000 local members that reach hundreds of thousands of people with content shared from its platform. That’s powerful. Individual chefs can be launched from obscurity to the world stage just by sharing their latest creation with just the right hashtag, and it can even catapult them to the television screen, as many local chefs have proven, to successfully elevate their brands. Just ask Linda Miller Nicholson of Salty Seattle—she has crafted a widely engaged global following of hundreds of thousands of people from her vibrant, technicolor pasta in every shape you can imagine. She is passionate about sharing her deep knowledge in the craft of pasta making, as well as the history behind some of the most obscure and challenging shapes. On December 15, Santé hosted Linda and the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild for a rainbow farfalle pasta demonstration and an inside peek into Pasta Pretty Please, her first cookbook with her best recipes taken straight from the inspired images on her Instagram profile and prolific YouTube videos. Do you want to eat some absolutely delicious handmade pasta locally? You can find it at just a few restaurants—Italia Trattoria (the BEST lamb ragu with pappardelle), and Vine and Olive, which features a variety of fresh pasta features including a wonderful ravioli. Other area chefs have been directly inspired directly by her savant-like talent and vivid use of color (thanks to the power of the internet), and they have dishes you can simply enjoy—no of slaving away in your own kitchen necessary. Chef Joe Morris of Luna was particularly enthralled with the work Linda has displayed on social media, and he created a dish especially for Luna’s 25th anniversary featuring sage, goat cheese and butternut squash ravioli with fried sage, basil tuile, spiced pumpkin seeds, palouse greens and a browned butter and squash jus. Working with his team, Howard and Carly, they collaborated to create this work of art that you can see and taste at the restaurant. Jeremy Hansen of Inland Pacific Kitchen and Santé (which will soon be rebranded with a new focus) features housemade pastas at both establishments. He showcased this colorful spinach linguine with roasted corn sauce that was as delicious as it was vibrant for his lunch with Salty Seattle, available on the menu for a limited time. Spokane boasts numerous restaurants on the cusp of the latest culinary trends, and we are here to help you discover them. Do you have any tips for exceptional local restaurants preparing handmade pasta? Send us an email at spokaneculinaryartsguild@gmail.com so we can share your food finds using the hashtag #spokanefood.

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by Jennifer LaRue

Owen McAuley

Artist Owen McAuley was born and raised in Cheney. Back

then, he never considered art a calling, though later, when looking through boxes from his childhood, he found many awards he earned for his early artistic endeavors. “I guess I always had the impulse to visually capture moments,” he says. He went on to Spokane Falls Community College and then to Eastern Washington University, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. He then moved to Seattle where he entered a piece into an annual art show at the Center of Contemporary Art Gallery. His work tied for first place and caught the attention of Greg Escalante, co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine, who wrote an article about the exhibition and mentioned Owen prominently. When asked why he didn’t lead with that bit of information—being featured in the pages of Juxtapoz, a feat that many artists aspire to—he says, “It’s not that I’m superstitious, but bragging might jinx my future. If I rehash it, it just might become the best thing that ever happened to me and, well, I aspire to something bigger,” adding that it really is about doing the right thing. In this case, it’s simply about continuing to do good work without all the bells and whistles. The piece featured in Juxtapoz sold, and the exposure led to Owen’s involvement in Seattle’s rental and sales gallery at the museum. He stayed there for five years and then headed to Austin, Texas, where he received an MFA from the University of Texas and where one of his peers hooked him up with a good job in New York as a studio assistant to artist Robert Longo. For the next 10 years, Owen was immersed in the art world in a city where art peppered every conversation—and where critics were appreciated. “There, traditional or repetitive works were frowned upon, leaving artists scrambling to stand out,” he says. “But trying to stand out counters the authenticity,” and Owen is



all about authenticity; true stories about life and the simplicity of it in a moment he experiences and recalls like the corner of the ceiling where we’ve all been as our thoughts wander or the subtle ways light manipulates darkness on a frozen tundra or in an empty parking lot. “My work has always been, in some way or another, a response to whatever particular environment I find myself in, and more or less stylistically realistic,” he says. An autoimmune disease mixed with alcohol put him in the hospital with time to think and sketch his thoughts. “Without trying to sound cliché, those were my darkest times, and my work reflects that darkness and the light that counters it,” he says. And so, from the bright lights of New York City, he returned to Cheney to recover. “It could have been the end of me,” he says. “But I’m an optimist.” Over the years, he’s learned many things—including how many artists cater to consumers and pander to a sense of nostalgia—but he sees through that intent and aspires to stay genuine. “Good art is about removing the ego, which is a tough thing to do. I guess it’s good to get torn down once in a while; it gave me the opportunity to grow, to learn and to be more honest with myself. And here I am in the house I grew up in, starting all over again. It’s definitely an exercise in ego containment.” Owen’s work is Zen-like; without bells or whistles; pure moments of reflection and simplicity, exquisitely executed in oil paint, charcoal, ink, conte or watercolor. Minimalistic at first glance, a second look brings forth the hint of action just around the corner, behind or within that tree or off in the distance where lights glow in the reflection of an animal’s eye, a covert or accidental meeting in the dead of night or just over that hill where the deep ruts lead. “My art mirrors my life, both which are nebulous; so many possibilities lurking just outside of the frame,” he says. “I aspire to make my next series of work better than the last.” owenmcauleyart.com

THE SCENE/january


JANUARY photo by Kayleen Michelle

January 11: Little River Band

January 18:

The Eagles’ founding member, the late Glenn Frey, knew what he was saying when he dubbed Little River Band “the best singing band in the world.” Through the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, Little River Band enjoyed huge chart success with multi-platinum albums and chart topping hits like: “Reminiscing,” “Cool Change,” “Lonesome Loser,” “The Night Owls,” “Take It Easy On Me,” “Help Is on Its Way,” “Happy Anniversary,” “We Two,” “Man On Your Mind,” “The Other Guy,” and “It’s A Long Way There.” Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

The 2nd Annual Mac & Cheese Festival celebrates your favorite childhood dish by featuring variations carefully prepared by local Coeur d’Alene chefs competing for the Golden Noodle Award. Attendees will enjoy a comfort-foodfilled day tasting different cheesy dishes with select craft beer pairings. Vote for your favorite dish to award the People’s Choice Trophy. Coeur d’Alene Resort. 115 S 2nd St, Coeur d’Alene.



Mac and Cheese Festival

January 11-27: The Controversy of Valladolid

Imagine a time when the Catholic Church had the right to determine whether or not you were human. In a sixteenth-century Spanish monastery, the fate of millions of American natives from an ocean away hangs precariously in the balance. The Controversy of Valladolid, an exciting new masterwork by French playwright and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, brings to light the shocking real-life debates whose outcomes are still felt today. Stage Left Theatre. 108 West 3rd Ave. (509) 838-9727. spokanestageleft.org



THE SCENE/january

January 23-February 3: Disney’s The Lion King

More than 90 million people around the world have experienced the phenomenon of Disney’s The Lion King, and now you can, too. Winner of six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, this landmark musical event brings together one of the most imaginative creative teams on Broadway. Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor brings to life a story filled with hope and adventure set against an amazing backdrop of stunning visuals. The Lion King also features some of Broadway’s most recognizable music, crafted by Tony Award-winning artists Elton John and Tim Rice. First Interstate Center (previously INB Performing Arts Center). 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

January 18-February 10:

The Memory of Water

Three sisters gather for their mother’s funeral. Each has her own memories of her childhood and this creates conflict, which is, by turns, angry, desperate, poignant, and wildly funny. The situation is deepened by the recurring presence of Vi, their mother, a ghostly vision in flowing taffeta. While visible only to one of the sisters, her influence and demand to be understood rather than buried and forgotten drives the other sisters as well. An evening both provocative and hilarious is promised. Spokane Civic Theatre. 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 3252507. For tickets: (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. 44


January 26:

The Spokane Symphony Presents the Music of Queen: A Rock Symphony The Spokane Symphony “will rock you” with the classic music of Queen in this electric symphonic-rock tribute. Amped up with a fabulous rock band, glittering light show, and top-notch vocals, Queen’s distinct sound is captured in its entirety. With spot-on inflections and virtuosic playing, you’ll experience the wall of sound that made Freddie and Queen world famous. With killer Queen hits like “Somebody to Love,” “Under Pressure,” “We Are the Champions,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and more … There will never be another Freddie Mercury—but you’re going to get something very close. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.




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THE SCENE/january

Through January 27:

The Inland Northwest and the Great War On the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, which ended World War I, we remember and celebrate the Spokanites who went to war. Museum of Arts and Culture. 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 4563931, northwestmuseum.org or themac@ northwestmuseum.org.

January 31:

Dierks Bentley: Burning Man Tour Current three-time CMA nominee Dierks Bentley will bring his 2019 Burning Man Tour to the Spokane Arena, along with special guests Jon Pardi, Tenille Townes and Hot Country Knights. Bentley’s live show has long been applauded by critics who mirror the capacity crowds’ enthusiasm. Spokane Arena. 720 W. Mallon Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

Retire from work, but not from LIFE

—at Broadway Court Estates—

January 24-27:

15th Annual Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival Catch a glimpse of the reality of Jewish experience with three diverse films, chosen to appeal to a wide audience. Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel, Bye Bye Germany, and Shoelaces all showcase, in markedly different ways, compelling themes of Jewish resilience, perseverance in the face of great challenges, and overcoming long odds. Festival-goers are likely to leave each screening with new appreciation for the longevity and vitality of Jewish life and tradition. Wolff Auditorium at the Jepson Center. Gonzaga University. 502 E. Boone Ave. (509) 747-7394 or sajfs.org.

(509) 921-0249 | BroadwayCourtEstates.com 13505 E Broadway, Spokane Valley Full Apartment living with community indoor swimming pool, garden and theatre, on-site fitness center, gourmet dining and planned social events. JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


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THE SCENE/january

January 31:

R E L AX • R E K I N D L E • R E V I TA L I Z E

Call Now for Summer Reservations

Whose Live Anyway?

Priest Lake, Idaho

Whose Live Anyway? is 90 minutes of hilarious improvised comedy and song all based on audience suggestions. Cast members Greg Proops, Jeff B. Davis, Dave Foley, and Joel Murray will leave you gasping with the very witty scenes they invent before your eyes. Audience participation is key to the show, so bring your suggestions and you might be asked to join the cast onstage. Whose Live Anyway? showcases some of the improv games made famous on the longrunning TV show as well as some exciting new ones, featuring musical direction by Bob Derkach. All ages welcome. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

February 1-8: Spokane International Film Festival

The Spokane International Film Festival is an intimate festival where filmmakers and audiences engage the art of cinema. We offer a small, selective offering of worldclass films. These are the very best features, documentaries and shorts that have been made around the world during the past year but have not yet been commercially released for wide distribution. SpIFF hosts a variety of parties, events and filmmaker panels that are open to the public and encourage lively and educational interactions between filmmakers and our audiences. spokanefilmfestival.org


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THE SCENE/people pages 20 under 40 20 UNDER 40, 2018 | Hosted by Bozzi Media Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill | November 20, 2018 photography by James & Kathy Mangis



Also Specializing in: Weddings, Family Events, Portraits, Senior Pictures, Product Shoots, Fashion, Royalty


info@mangisphotography.com (509) 863-3068 JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com




s d r a w A B est in B2


Personal recommendations are said to be the number one driver of consumer purchase decisions at every stage of the purchase cycle, across multiple product categories, including Business-to-Business enterprises. And there isn’t anywhere that makes building personal and business relationships quite as accessible as the Spokane region. We asked our readers to tell us who they appreciate doing business with, who they turn to when they need the support, products, resources and expertise of another business. Read on for this year’s list of


businesses that hit gold, silver and bronze with their clients in Catalyst’s Best in B2B Awards.






Best Engineering Firm Best Employment Agency

GOLD: Provisional Recruiting + Staffing Since 1994, Provisional has been the Inland Northwest's leader in specialized recruiting and staffing services, employing more than 15,000 contract workers and placing more than 8,000 direct-hire professionals with area companies. Provisional uses a consultative approach to provide customized solutions, which includes temporary, contract-to-hire, and directhire placements. SILVER: Aspen Personnel BRONZE: Accountemps

Best Local Business Woman

GOLD: Betsy Cowles The Cowles Company is a diversified family-owned company. Betsy Cowles oversees the real estate, broadcast and insurance divisions, including television stations in Washington and Montana and retail development River Park Square. She is past chair of Greater Spokane Incorporated and the WSU Board of Regents. SILVER: Bonnie Quinn BRONZE: Nadine Burgess

Best Sign Company

GOLD: Signs For Success Since 2001, John and Vanessa Bogensberger have left their mark all over Spokane. From the Spokane Transit Authority fleet wraps to the famous carousel banners downtown, Signs for Success is the go-to sign maker for many local business owners, as well as businesses large and small all over the nation. SILVER: Mountain Dog Sign Company BRONZE: Baldwin Sign Company

Best High-Tech Firm

GOLD: Itron, Inc. In 1977, Itron was founded by a small group of innovative engineers intent on finding more efficient ways to read meters in Hauser Lake, Idaho. Itron has been a technology leader in the energy and water markets ever since and works to help their customers create a more resourceful world using big ideas and continuous innovation. SILVER: Egnyte BRONZE: Gravity Jack 54


GOLD: DCI Engineers Mark D’Amato and Guy Conversano founded DCI in 1988, beginning the adventure out of one of their basements. From the start, they were committed to creating the kind of environment that would enable employees to thrive and make clients want to come back. DCI is based in Seattle, with offices in Spokane, Portland, San Diego, Austin, Irvine, San Francisco, Anchorage and Los Angeles. They are licensed in all 50 states and most Canadian provinces. SILVER: Coffman Engineers BRONZE: TD&H

Best Commercial Architectural Firm

GOLD: HDG Architecture Hurtado | Hissong Architecture [HDG] is a multi-faceted architecture and design studio with experience in a variety of project types such as commercial, multi and single family residential, mixed-use, hospitality and restaurant design. Their team's diverse set of skills can create and materialize every aspect of a project from start to finish; architecture, interior design, branding and graphic design are all in-house assets, affording them the level of control required for their pursuit of an integrated, cohesive and appealing design solution. SILVER: Integrus BRONZE: ALSC Architects

Best Commercial Photographer

GOLD: Roslund | MacKenzie Tony Roslund and Barry MacKenzie are a traveling team of architecture and design photographers with experience in commercial and residential projects throughout North America. The duo are Platinum Corporate Allied Partners of the American Institute of Architects, and nationally recognized members of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers. SILVER: Diane Maehl Photography BRONZE: WorkStory Photography

Best Commercial Construction Company

GOLD: Baker Construction & Development, Inc. Baker Construction & Development is licensed in 12 states and British Columbia, Canada. They are one of the premier construction and development companies in the western United

States and are committed to providing each client with superior service and construction. Clients include the Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies including Starbucks, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CENEX, US Bank and AutoZone and marque clients like Goodwill Industries, Washington. SILVER: Walker Construction BRONZE: Bouten Construction

Best Advertising Agency

GOLD: Quinn The team at QUINN is composed of advertising, marketing and media professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Their principals have worked on global brands and national advertising campaigns, but they have intimate and thorough understanding of the intricacies of local marketing in the Northwest. Their team has won national awards for television and print creative, but they love to create effective search results ads, social media posts, and product/price print ads. SILVER: Hanna Advertising BRONZE: BHW1

Best Public Relations Agency

GOLD: DH For nearly 20 years DH has blended advertising, public relations, research and design. They’ve built a team of people who work across disciplines: advertising, PR, public affairs, brand strategy, and research, which helps them connect the dots in ways others can’t. Which means more effective marketing programs, big ideas grounded in smart strategy, and powerful ideas communicated in simple ways. SILVER: Switch Up BRONZE: QUINN

Best Web Design Business

GOLD: Well Dressed Walrus Founded in 2010, Well Dressed Walrus has been building websites and a strategic online presence for dozens and dozens of small businesses and organizations dating back to 1998. Their core team members have more than 25 years of combined experience, and love keeping up with the fast pace of the web solutions industry. SILVER: Zipline BRONZE: Tran Creative

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Connected to skywalk system Updated modern decor Parking contributions available Building amenities include on-site café, 24 hour fitness center with showers, building conference rooms, shoe shine service, dry cleaner drop-off service

Thank you to all of our tenants and for choosing the Paulsen Center as the Best Office Building. 421 W Riverside Ave

Spokane, WA 99201

www.PaulsenCenter.com Lisa Dowers | (509) 624-6788 | Lisa.Dowers@PaulsenCenter.com

Best Office Building/ Office Park



Best Printing Company

GOLD: Plese Printing & Marketing Plese Printing & Marketing is a stateof the-art, full service, commercial printing company specializing in design services, sheet-fed full color printing, spot color printing, high speed digital black and white copying, high speed digital color copying, binding/finishing and complete in-house direct mail marketing. Owner Kim Plese has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and commercial printing with valued clients in Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and California. SILVER: Mojo Print Solutions BRONZE: Garland Printing

Best Copiers and Printers

GOLD: Digital Imaging Solutions Digital Imaging Solutions has been serving Spokane and the Northwest since 1998. They are an exclusive Sharp dealer that sells and maintains office equipment in the Northwest and specialize in copiers, printers and faxes. They take great pride in our customer service and fast response time SILVER: QBSI Xerox BRONZE: Kelley Imaging

Best Coffee Services

GOLD: Indaba Coffee Since founding Indaba Coffee in 2009 with just an espresso machine and a couple of grinders, owner Bobby Enslow has been recognized with an AGORA Award for Community Service, Bronze Best of the City Award for Coffee Roasters, and voted one of Spokane's Best Baristas. A self-described “Social Coffee Company,” Indaba is all about community. SILVER: Tom Sawyer Country Coffee BRONZE: Craven’s

Best Florist

GOLD: Appleway Florist & Greenhouse Established and family owned since 1952, let Appleway Florist and Greenhouses specializes in fresh flower bouquets, basket gardens, custom silks and sympathy arrangements. Appleway has more than 30,000 square feet of



greenhouses growing many varieties of hanging baskets and bedding plants. SILVER: Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse BRONZE: Sunset Florist

Best Gift Basket/Gift Services Business

GOLD: Simply Northwest Simply Northwest was founded in May of 1989 as a home-based gift basket service with the purpose of helping companies acknowledge and show appreciation for their employees and clients for a variety of occasions. The business grew quickly and soon required a warehouse space for storage and assembly. As demand rose from noncorporate clientele, they opened a gift boutique in 1994 at the current location. Simply Northwest also offers printed and etched promotional items for your business or event; convention and event execution services; and in-home décor consultations. SILVER: Adorable Gift Baskets BRONZE: Ritter's Garden & Gift

Best Accounting Firm

GOLD: Moss Adams, LLP A leader in assurance, tax, consulting, risk management, transaction and private client services, Moss Adams has a staff of more than 2,500 that includes more than 290 partners. They focus on serving public, private, and not-for-profit enterprises across the nation through specialized industry and service teams. SILVER: Fruci & Associates BRONZE: Anastasi Moore & Martin

Best Collection Agency

GOLD: Valley Empire Collections From humble beginnings in 1976 with only a shoebox full of accounts to collect, Valley Empire Collection has been assigned more than 1.2 million listings to date to become the “Inland Northwest’s foremost Bill Collector.” SILVER: Bonded Adjustment BRONZE: Automated Accounts, Inc.

Best Business Law Firm or Lawyer

GOLD: Winston & Cashatt Lawyers Winston & Cashatt's history began more than 50 years ago with the founding of two separate law firms in Spokane. Patrick Winston and Leo Cashatt

respectively developed firms dedicated to the highest level of legal practice. In 1971, the two firms merged. Many of their clients have been with Winston & Cashatt for more than 40 years. As a full service law firm, they represent businesses and individuals who reflect the diversity of the Northwest, from the local entrepreneur to the large multinational corporation. SILVER: Foster & Pepper BRONZE: Etter, McMahan, Lamberson, Van Wert & Oreskovich, PC

Best Credit Card Processing

GOLD: First Interstate Bank First Interstate Bank, formerly INB, offers the technology and a dedicated team to help you accept all forms of payment including traditional debit and credit cards, EMV chip cards, tap cards, and mobile wallets in your store, as well as safe and secure payments via your business website and your mobile device (to accept debit or credit card payments). SILVER: Washington Trust Bank Merchant Services Bronze: Electronic Transfer, Inc.

Best Business Banking

GOLD: Washington Trust Bank Inland Northwest Bank was founded in 1989 by a group of local business people who were unhappy with the fact that Spokane headquartered banks were getting gobbled up by big out-of-state banks. They felt strongly that being headquartered here enables a bank to be more responsive to the needs of the local community. While they offer a full complement of competitively priced personal loans, the large majority of their loans have historically been to small and medium sized businesses. SILVER: First Interstate Bank BRONZE: Banner Bank

Best Credit Union

GOLD: Spokane Teachers Credit Union Founded in 1934, STCU is one of the largest and most successful financial institutions in the Inland Northwest. As a member-owned financial cooperative, they focus on local business owners who share their desire to sustain a strong economy and to give back to the community. SILVER: Numerica Credit Union BRONZE: BECU

Established 1951


AVAILABLE Y FOR EVER OCCASION Reliable, professional, licensed business for over 18 years! Stretch Limousines, Stretch SUV's, limo busses and "new" private black car service. Special round-trip packages available & small group discounts Perfect for dances, dates and birthdays


(509) a-starlimousine.com JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


Brooke M. Cloninger, d.d.s. Best Commercial Realty Company

Happy New Year! 2009 - 2018

Grapetree Village | 2001 E. 29 Call 509.534.4600 BrookeMCloningerDDS.com


Appointments Available Monday–Friday New Patients Welcome

GOLD: NAI Black Founded in 1958 as James S. Black & Company, NAI Black has more than five-decades of commercial real estate leadership in our area. Under the direction of CEO David R. Black since 1984, NAI Black delivers cutting-edge services of the highest quality to its customers and serves a wide spectrum of real estate needs. NAI Black serves clients in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Montana. Their affiliation with NAI Global allows them to reach beyond the local market and provide services to clients on a regional, national, and global basis. SILVER: Kiemle & Hagood Company BRONZE: Cantu Commercial

Best Business Insurance Firm

GOLD: Alliant Insurance Founded in 1947, their roots run deep. Their dedication to providing superior customer service and risk management solutions to both businesses and individuals has not changed. It’s this foundation, built on trust, and our dedicated staff that allows us to always be forward thinking in our approach to your insurance, benefits, financial, and life needs. Moloney + O'Neill is part of Alliant Insurance Services, the nation's largest specialty insurance brokerage firm with a history dating back to 1925. SILVER: Moloney + O'Neill BRONZE: Blasingame Insurance

Best Office Supply Business

GOLD: Kershaw's, Inc. Kershaw’s is big enough to get you the right product at the right price, yet small enough to be flexible to the way you do business. Founded in Spokane in 1900, Kershaw’s has been providing products and services to the Spokane business community ever since. There have been many changes throughout the last 100 years, but their commitment to service has remained steadfast. SILVER: Office Depot BRONZE: Complete Office



Multifunction Printers

Aquos Boards

Digital Displays

We are an exclusive Sharp dealer that sells and services Sharp office equipment in the Northwest for over 20 years! We are a local female-owned and operated business who strives to provide our customers with world-class service and solutions custom fitted to their business needs.

Let us find a solution for your business today!

SKYWELL, The New Atmospheric Water Generator.

11712 E Montgomery STE C-6 | Spokane Valley WA | 509-535-8000 | DisImaging.com




Best Office Furniture

GOLD: Contract Design Associates Founded by Bruce and Jill Butterworth in 1980, Contract Design Associates (CDA) is a leading office furniture dealership in the Northwest. In 1984, CDA became an authorized Herman Miller dealer servicing Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. One satisfied customer aptly describes CDA as “Progressive thinking professionals with innovative design ideas that help their meet their clients needs through timeless designs.” SILVER: Davis Office Furniture BRONZE: Kershaw’s, Inc.

Best Office Design Company Decor • Gift Items & Home tio • Garden, Backyard, Pa ies Supplies & Accessor ants • Indoor & Outdoor Pl • Trees & Shrubs arden • Fountains, Water G & Koi Pond Supplies

GOLD: Contract Resources Group Whether you are equipping a multi-story major headquarters office building, establishing a medical center, setting up an entrepreneurial enterprise or just need to add to an existing facility, the Contract Resource Group team tailors to your individual project. They assist in all phases of your interiors projects, from the initial analysis, through planning and design, budget development, order entry, project management, delivery/installation, and ongoing facility maintenance. SILVER: HDG Architecture BRONZE: Integrus

Best Office Building Featuring the work of Local Artisans

15614 E Sprague • Spokane Valley 99037 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday 10am-4pm

Sculptured-Gardens.com • 509.290.6866 60


GOLD: Paulsen Center From the private, underground parking garage, to the prestigious penthouse at the top of the building, the floors of The Paulsen Center offer unique amenities that make doing business there easy. Professions offered in the building include a bank, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance providers, a dentist, a massage therapist, personal trainers, an eye doctor and state-of-the-art tech companies. SILVER: Rock Pointe Corporate Center - Unico Properties, LLC BRONZE: Cutter Tower

Best Office Park

GOLD: Spokane Business & Industrial Park The Park is the region’s largest employment center with more than 120 resident companies employing more than 4,500 people. More than 4.5 million square feet of both dock-high and grade-level buildings rank The Park as one of the largest business and industrial complexes in the county. SILVER: Pinecroft Business Park BRONZE: Playfair Commerce Park

Best Restaurant for a Business Lunch

GOLD: The Onion/Area 51 Taphouse Established in 1978, the Onion is the grand dean of gourmet burgers and casual family dining in Spokane. With the addition of Area 51 Taphouse (with, yes, 51 different beers—and some hard ciders, too), you may never want to leave. From gourmet burgers and sandwiches to pizza, salads and their namesake beer-battered onion rings, The Onion Taphouse & Grill pays attention to details and creates the bulk of their menu from scratch. SILVER: Clinkerdagger - Restaurants Unlimited, Inc. BRONZE: Max at Mirabeau

Best Catering Business

GOLD: Fery’s Catering Fery Haghighi has been a restaurateur and pastry chef in Spokane since 1980. Her first business, Au Croissant, which introduced the first croissants and espresso drinks to Spokane, was a huge success. Fery added a sit down dinner menu to her restaurant and was named one of the top 10 restaurants in Spokane. Eventually, she decided to use her creativity in a catering and take-out venue. Some of the largest caterings in the area are done by Fery and her staff, as well as some of the most intimate gatherings. SILVER: Delectable BRONZE: Red Rock

11806 E Sprague Spokane Valley

Best Event Facility

Your source for premium gourmet gift baskets for ALL occasions

Visit our retail shop to find the perfect gifts and home décor!




LISA BREWER Complex family law & military family law litigation.


• Property Division • Pension Division • Maintenance • Custody • Military Family Law • Child Support

Lisa Brewer, Attorney

(509) 325-3720 LBrewerLaw@msn.com

Six changes in tax law that effect divorce and child support: • Dependent exemptions are $0.00 for 2018 on. • Child credit is now $2000. • Maintenance will not be deductible as of 1/1/19 (This doesn’t apply to decrees entered by 12/31/18).

• Spouses often use a HELOC to "buy out" a former spouse. Unfortunately, the home interest deduction for HELOCs (Home Equity Line of Credit) has been eliminated. • Personal tax cuts end in 2025 while corporate cuts are permanent.

• Parents can use their 529 Plan for private primary school education, not just university. • ACA penalty still applies in 2018 but not 2019. TOP ATTORNEYS




GOLD: Spokane Convention Center The Spokane Convention Center campus includes the First Interstate Bank Performing Arts Center and the Spokane Convention Center, attached to two major hotels. Built specifically to host events, the Spokane Convention Center is the region’s premier choice for conventions, consumer shows, banquets, meetings and social events. With the completion of the 2015 expansion, the Spokane Convention Center has more than 650,000 square feet of user-friendly spac, including a 120,000 square feet exhibit hall. SILVER: Beacon Hill Catering & Events BRONZE: Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill

Best Place to Host a Company Party

GOLD: Northern Quest Resort and Casino NQC is well known as the place to go for gambling and great food. With everything it has to offer, including more than 22,000 sf of flexible meeting space, 16,000 of which is dedicated conference rooms, NQC is also the perfect place for your next company event or party. The state-of-theart conference facilities are unmatched in the Spokane region—with their unrivaled meeting provisions, and right outside the conference room door, your event shares a roof with the most energetic, luxurious and popular venue in town. SILVER: Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill BRONZE: Nectar Catering & Events Also, these winners:

Best Place for a Team Retreat GOLD: Laser Quest SILVER: Pinot’s Palette BRONZE: Commellini Estate

Best Manufacturing Company

GOLD: Pyrotek SILVER: HotStart BRONZE: Berg Premier Camp Solutions

Best Promotional Products Provider

GOLD: Brand it Promotional Products SILVER: Mojo Print Solutions BRONZE: NBS Promos


Best Trade Show Displays

GOLD: LCD Exposition Services SILVER: Zome Design LLC BRONZE: Signs For Success

Best Business Security System Providers GOLD: Allied Fire & Security SILVER: Certified Security BRONZE: Total Security

Best Computer Repair Business GOLD: Friendly Computers SILVER: Spokane Valley PC Repair BRONZE: Friend of a Friend Computers

Best IT Company

GOLD: ISOutsource SILVER: Intrinium BRONZE: PreEminent Corporation

Best Business Startup (One Year Or Less) GOLD: Amy’s Donuts SILVER: Creative Fix BRONZE: Hello Sugar,

Best Local Business Man GOLD: Gerry Dicker SILVER: Walt Worthy BRONZE: Dave Black

Best Networking Events

GOLD: GSI SILVER: Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce BRONZE: Spokane Society of Young Professionals

Best Employment Agency

FIND YOUR NEXT CAREER Our specialized Recruiters have placed over 18,000 professionals with growing Northwest companies since 1994. We work closely with local companies to help find you the perfect job.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE HOW WE DO BUSINESS. Spokane • Coeur d'Alene • Tri-Cities • Seattle


Best Places to Work, Medium Sized

GOLD: Etailz SILVER: Stay Alfred BRONZE: Whitworth University

Best Places to Work, Large Sized

GOLD: Rockwood Clinic SILVER: Gonzaga University BRONZE: Eastern Washington University





learning can happen away from distractions. Provide refreshments. Demonstrate that it is an important undertaking. SHIFT: Prepare to make the philosophical and operational shift from having only managers to having coaches. Organizations committed to ongoing improvement allocate resources (human, in this case) to focus their time and energy helping sales professionals and other employees progress. INFLUENCE: Make an effort to get key players on board and consider an incentive or rewards program. In every organization, there is an informal power structure. A top performing sales professional may hold considerable influence over other members of the team. Enlisting the support of internal influencers is critical.

Understanding Adult Learners by Rene’ Johnston-Gingrich

Successful organizations understand the importance of investing in training and

learning opportunities. If you want to improve the way your company does business, it is critical to understand how to best select, design and deliver education programming that will have a significant and lasting impact. There are tremendous benefits to adopting a mission and philosophy of continuous improvement—learning organizations tend to be the most effective and profitable. Regardless of how you are leading your learning organization, you want to be certain to have an understanding of the best processes, practices and procedures for selecting, developing and delivering educational programming and training to your employees.

Understand and Embrace the Value of Ongoing and Continuous Improvement

Success begins with your organizational culture, philosophy, values and mindset. There are sound business and financial reasons related to motivation and productivity for developing and embracing a learning culture.

Be Ready to Receive and Weather Change

Change is never easy and preparing for it ahead of time will help make transitions much smoother. Develop programming in a way that reflects your vision, goals, and mission. There is always something to gain from an educational experience, seminar or workshop, but in order to position yourself for the best possible results, you want to take thoughtful appropriate steps to prepare. Think of it as going into an important meeting prepared, engaged, excited and having a solid idea that something interesting and useful will come of it. ENGAGE: Make sure leadership is invested in the programs being on-boarded. Leadership needs to demonstrate their commitment by attending training and playing an active role in reinforcing that training. When you demonstrate the importance, and communicate the value ahead of time, participants will be in a better frame of mind to engage and absorb. SEPARATE: If you don’t have a separate training room, carefully choose a place where 64


Workplace training programs, whether they are developed in-house or by an external resource, will be much more effective if the following principles, drawn from the discoveries of Kolb, Fleming, Knowles and other educational researchers, are incorporated into the training materials and delivery (as applicable) so that training works with, and not against, the basic nature of the adult learner: • Respect for the knowledge and experience that participants bring to the table. • A format or facilitation process that encourages participants to share their knowledge and experience freely. • Content that focuses on real life situations, addresses immediate problems, and offers direct applicability to their professional roles. • A student-centric approach to program delivery that incorporates active involvement by participants in the learning experience, with instructors serving as facilitators and technological tools functioning as enablers and resources. • A conscious effort on the part of facilitators and/or course developers to meet the needs of participants with varying learning styles.

Partner with the Right Resources

When working with outside firms, trainers and consultants, make sure they understand the working values of your organization. Implement programs that reflect those values. Be leery of outside individuals wanting to jump in and “train” without fully understanding your operation. Certainly, some training more easily lends itself to a wider variety of retailer scenarios, but the best partner understands your operation fully before making recommendations and providing services.

Commit to Reinforcement

Understand that when the training is complete, the real work begins. A good consulting partner will leave you with information on how to reinforce the programs that have been implemented. Learning programs are a dynamic force for continuous improvement that need to be altered, amended and upgraded. Part of investing in training and consulting is investing in follow up.

Locally Owned & Operated by the Arger Family

Where Wellness is a Way of Life FREE-In Movveice Ser LIFESTYLE OPTIONS



• Independent • Light Assisted • Assisted Living • Cottage Homes

• Warm Water Pool • Programs/Classes • Fitness Center • Walking Trail

• Gourmet Dining • Activities • Social Events • Putting Green

What We Have Learned About Learning

There are many variables in the wider economic and competitive environment that retailers cannot control. However, retail organizations that are dedicated to the values of continuous improvement and growth show results that are well above the average. When adapted, these values positively permeate every aspect of an organization. Embracing the value of ongoing learning, preparing for and embracing change, understanding your employees as learners, partnering with the right resources, and committing to reinforcing the process is the formula for maximizing your training investment. Rene’ Johnston-Gingrich is the owner and founder of Employee Engagement Solutions, specializing in improving culture, retention and profitability by building more engaged teams. She was selected as a TEDx speaker and holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. employeeengagementsolutions. com

Phase II Skywalk Addition NOW OPEN and Leasing

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Spokane Valley, WA 99216

HALOTHERAPY RESPIRATORY WELLNESS Sniffle free Merry Winterdays to all! CELEBRATING 4 GREAT YEARS! – THANK YOU SPOKANE – OnTheLevelTattoo.com ontheleveltattoo@gmail.com

Inhale. Exhale. Be Well.

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CATALYST/corporate events

Life is a Series of Events 7 Tips to Planning a Successful Event

by Jennifer Evans

We celebrate the birth of a new business, milestone accomplishments, new product releases, retirements. We celebrate to express gratitude for our employees, family and customers. There is always a reason to celebrate. Many of us love events and look forward to the next gathering. The day I wrote this, I logged onto Facebook and received a notification that I had been invited to eight events that day. Eight. I am a self-proclaimed event addict and even I can’t and won’t attend eight events in any given day. Choices have to be made. We are bombarded with to-do lists a mile long. How do you create an event that stands out and is worth someone’s time to attend? I’m a teacher by trade. Lesson planning and thematic units of study is where I excelled in the classroom. When I was a young teacher and planning my wedding in my early 20s, a friend gave me a sage bit of advice and it stuck with me. She suggested that I focus on the kind of wedding I wanted to have—a party, something traditional, something unexpected? She said to decide and hold fast to that decision. This advice and my teaching experience melded when I realized that an event is nothing more than a well executed lesson plan with a set of objectives and a means for accomplishing them. Twenty years later, I’m still a teacher at heart, but my planning is focused on corporate events. I hold firm to my friend’s advice and start with the end in mind. Events require an exhausting amount of effort and energy. They are challenging, but they are effective and can show a return on investment when planned well.




NEW BU If you are going to invest the time and resources to create an event, make it worth your hard earned marketing dollars. Here is my “Lesson Plan” for a successful event:

1. Set your objectives. A successful corporate event is not just a party. Know where you’re headed. Here are a few common event objectives: • Build brand awareness • Gather new prospects • Gain press coverage • Recruit, educate, or motivate employees or members • Retain current customers and increase customer share • Raise money for your organization or cause

2. Make your objectives measurable. Identify with your team the method by which you will collect data and measure it against your objectives post event.

3. Events are an experience. Decide what you want your event to look like and what kind of experience you want your guests to have. You have the ability to create an atmosphere that evokes an emotion. Plan wisely.

4. Identify your event partners—both internally and externally. Does your sales team need to be involved in the planning? Is there a channel partner who can help sponsor and/or promote your event? Are there key customers you would like to solicit opinions from during the planning phase?

5. “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

—Hunter S. Thompson

Always plan with the guest experience in mind. Use your objectives to help you through the decision making process; however, a general rule of thumb is: be

creative, be diligent, be generous. Take care of your guests and put your best foot forward. When cutting costs becomes the focus of your energy, your guests will be able to sense that. If budget becomes an issue, find creative ways to accomplish your goals that don’t sacrifice the end user experience.

6. Have a well planned marketing and promotion strategy. The invitation alone isn’t enough; however, it should be critical in setting the tone. You want to back up a well designed invitation with social media, personal invitations, radio/print ads, community calendars and other means that support your objectives.

7. “The fortune is in the follow up.” Before you close the books on an event, debrief! Look at the data, measure your results and set a course for follow up while the information is still fresh. Send thank you letters and emails, schedule follow up appointments and use social media to carry over the post event “high.” Be sure to connect while the event is still fresh in people’s minds.

Jennifer Evans is the founder of Encore Events, LLC. Her company produces events for numerous corporate and non-profit clients in the Inland Northwest. Jennifer is also the Events Coordinator for the Elson S Floyd College of Medicine.

ary n o i t u l o Rev Clinic l a c i d e M Opens Inland Wellness & Vitality is

a revolutionary medical clinic focusing on sexual health and age management using breakthrough methods and technologies started by brothers Dr. Jacob Deakins and registered nurse Peter Deakins. With Dr. Jacob Deakins’ background, he has come to see that the effects of chronic disease are dramatic, and attempting to combat the symptoms and not the cause is often futile. With that understanding, Dr. Deakins chooses to focus on wellness through proactive and preventative evidence base medicine such as nutrition, health coaching and innovative therapies which address the root cause of many health issues. Peter Deakins has had extensive patient care experience both in acute care and outpatient settings. He worked in the hospital setting for more than a decade prior to and after nursing school. Through his experience, Peter has also seen the devastating effects of chronic disease and illness. With this in mind, he was excited to help start a practice centered on wellness and preventive evidenced based medicine. The Deakins aim to provide cutting edge technologies and therapies to aid in the treatment of conditions such as: Erectile Dysfunction, Hormone Imbalance, Sexual Dysfunction, as well as musculoskeletal problems and injuries, recognizing that sexual health and wellness is integral to the overall picture of health, happiness and well-being. inlandwellnessandvitality.com





women in business leadership

To Nominate:

Email stephanie@spokanecda.com the nominee’s name and THEIR email address so we can follow up. DEADLINE to nominate is January 25th.



March 21 // 7:30am

chateau rive at the flour mill




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H Come check out the mobile unit Where HEALT!! stepping up to bricks and mortar in T meets HEA Kendall Yards newest restaurant edition. Hot sauces for sale on location

A local Spokane Winery located in the heart of Kendall Yards. Putting the Craftsman touch on winemaking since 2013. Visit our beautiful tasting room today!


Downtown and surrounding area. 70


1198 W Summit Parkway

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Best Appetizers

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Best Spa




Now Open Mondays 10:00am-4:00pm

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1237 West Summit Parkway | Suite A | Spokane, WA

Nancy Wynia Associate Broker ABR, CNE, CRS, GRI 509-990-2742 nwynia@windermere.com

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Highland Park Traditional 6614 S. WESTCHESTER CT Stunning two story home features sought after four upper level bedrooms. Grand soaring ceiling entry. Lavish living and dining rooms ready for entertaining. Updated kitchen island with slab granite counters flows into family room. Main floor office. Master suite with jetted tub and walk-in closet. Daylight, walk-out lower level boasts family room, two bedrooms, bath, craft room and wine cellar. Oversized backyard includes sport court. Convenient to South Hill, Latah and Downtown. 6 Bedrooms, 4 Baths $575,000

A WHOLE NEW YEAR by Diane Holm


hatever comes your way this year, welcome it with all of your heart. Learn how to be still and enjoy the little things that you may otherwise take for granted. Life is amazing; happiness and kindness are simple treasures to hold and are truly the best gifts to give to yourself and to others. Here’s to a beautiful new year.

Calendar design by Emma Blumel Free printable bullet journal/calendar at emmaflhair.com styling by Diane Holm | photography by Kayleen Michelle fenceandfrill.com







THE NEST/home feature

All the Bells and Whistles

in transitional contemporary

by Sarah Hauge


hen Ryan and Blaine Plumeau were looking to relocate from Miami to Spokane, they decided to build a home in the Qualchan area. “It’s a great family neighborhood,” says Ryan of the spot they settled on. With parks at the top of the hill and lots of kids, it’s ideal for the couple and their now 18-month-old son, Paxton. It’s also just a seven-minute drive to downtown, and 12 minutes to the airport, which is important for these frequent fliers; Blaine is a JetBlue flight



attendant based out of Boston and Ryan is a Delta pilot based out of Seattle. The steep grade of the site might have made it a non-starter for others, but Jeremy Taylor of JMT Builders wasn’t daunted. “People might think it’s too hard to build

on, or too steep, but I knew it could be done,” he says (as the brother of Josh Taylor, the neighborhood’s developer, he had an insider’s perspective on the feasibility). A steep site also comes with some advantages, like great views. The bonus, adds Blaine, is



THE NEST/home feature

that those views will never be hindered. “The back is protected,” he says. With the site selected, design and construction began. A collaborative effort of JMT Builders, Taylor Design, and the homeowners, they describe the home’s aesthetic as “transitional contemporary.” The goals were clear: a modern house that wasn’t cold or sterile, with space that worked as well for their family as for entertaining large groups and hosting guests. The Plumeaus also 76


wanted to avoid a cookie cutter home, while still fitting in among the other houses in the neighborhood. There was another simple but key objective for the 6’ 7” Ryan: “Ryan’s dream was to live in a house where he didn’t have to duck,” says Blaine. The result is a lovely and inviting two-story modern home, with an exterior that combines textures (stucco, cedar, exposed beams, and James Hardie lap siding). The front door opens to a two-story

Blaine, Ryan, and Paxton Plumeau



THE NEST/home feature

entry with a floating-look staircase with a clean-lined black handrail. The interior brings together timeless patterns and cuts, like herringbone and penny tile, and a mix of materials that includes warm-hued wood, dark metal, light-colored tile planks, and dark-stained hardwoods. A few terms guided the design, says Jeremy: “less is more” and “simple and clean.” The high



ceilings—ten feet on the main floor, nine feet elsewhere—keep everything open and airy, with no ducking required. The kitchen is particularly impressive, with custom cabinetry, marble mosaic tile that extends to the ceiling, floating shelves, lots of storage drawers, and a spacious island topped in 3 cm quartz. The couple admits they don’t cook much, but decided to invest in the kitchen anyway since that’s the room where everyone gathers. It’s turned out to be one of Ryan’s favorite spaces in the house. “The kitchen has forced us to get better at cooking,” he says with a laugh. Windows have been carefully placed throughout the home to let in lots of natural light while focusing views toward open spaces and away from nearby neighbors.

Where building relationships is just as important as the projects we build




WA License # RENOVDC9600B/ID License # RCE-14413 Licensed • Bonded • Insured

The kitchen is open to the living room, set apart visually by the dark hardwood floor. The stone fireplace is offset so as not to compete with nearby artwork (or, if they ever desired, a TV). Blaine and Ryan decorated around a base color palette of neutrals, which allows them to change things up easily via accessories and textiles. The home is hardworking and forward-


CLEANING 509 720-8488 // socleanspokane.com JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


THE NEST/home feature

thinking in its tech. The light fixtures are primarily LED, which is a significant help with the energy bills, as is the R60 insulation in the attic and garage spaces. The dual zone Infiniti heat system is another efficiency-minded choice. Downstairs, the family room has a soundproofed ceiling, which is helpful for late movie viewings and poker nights. The video security system has given the frequent travelers peace of mind, and enabled a new level of ease with things like receiving packages. If a UPS delivery arrives, Blaine can see it on his phone, open the garage door remotely to let the delivery



person place the package in the garage, and close the door again, all from out of the state. Rounding out the main floor are the powder room, a small but stylish space with textural tile walls and floating vanity, and the music room/office, which has some fun pops of color via the upholstered Chesterfield and a multi-toned area rug. The sliding barn door leading into this room has a geometric etched design, and was inspired by a similar door Blaine and Ryan saw at a church in Dallas; their version was crafted locally by Randy of R&D

She took my dreams into consideration and tried to find homes that were accommodating. I felt cared for through out the whole process. She was very accessible and easy to communicate with. I would HIGHLY recommend Traci Bemis as a Realtor for the Spokane area! If and when we buy and sell again, she will be the first I call!


Happy Buyer





Boutique Furnished Apartments for Stays of 30 Days or More! Woodworking. On the second floor are the family’s bedroom spaces, which build on a base of neutral colors with some pops of blue. The serene master bedroom has great views toward downtown Spokane. The master bathroom has a gorgeous walnut vanity and tile laid in a artful mix of patterns. A floating wood shelf lends more visual

1120 N Division | Spokane WA

Call for Move-In Special Sheryl Stone: 509.309.2400



THE NEST/home feature

warmth near the deep soaking tub. Accessible off the master bath is the dressing room, which has plenty of space for clothing storage as well as countertops for placing luggage, which is often in a state of being packed or unpacked in this household. Because both Ryan and Blaine travel so frequently, they added a door off the dressing room to get in and out without disturbing anyone else. From the upstairs landing, the hidden entry to this dressing room is cleverly concealed as a bookcase. Also on the second story are a guest room, a laundry room, and Paxton’s playful, airy bedroom, with a mural of a mountain sunrise (hand-painted by Ryan) and aviation-themed accessories. The nearby full bathroom repeats, but with a twist, elements used in other spaces, like the textured tile of the powder room. The large bathroom closet has deep shelving for toiletries, bath toys, and anything else they might need for their young son. Throughout the home, form didn’t take precedent over usability. “We tried to make it as functional as possible,” says Blaine. “Sometimes modern isn’t



Tu-Sa 10am-9pm | M 10am-6pm | Su 11am-6pm


This artist-owned and operated co-op features true one-of-a-kind gifts, from beautiful conversation pieces like the whimsical penguins wearing hats to functional art in the form of handcarved wooden boxes, raku-fired pots, and stoneware serving platters.

A A 8 1 3 O L D WO R L D HE R R I N G B O N E | 1 9 0 0 9 H A N OV E R

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THE NEST/home feature

very functional.” In the sunny daylight basement, the décor is relaxed. “We wanted it a bit more casual down here,” says Ryan. The comfortable gray sectional sits before a fireplace surrounded in a lightcolored, subtly sparkly stone. An almost full kitchen makes life easy for guests, who can wake up in the morning and get themselves a bowl of cereal or coffee without having to traipse upstairs. While spaces like the main kitchen were spots to splurge, in the basement the couple made economical choices when they could. The flooring is a durable luxury vinyl plank tile, and the kitchen countertops are laminate (sourced from Costco) with a waterfall edge. The glass tile backsplash extends to the ceiling. Two guest rooms and a full guest bathroom round out the lower level. Their favorite guest room has bedding, furniture, and accessories all taken from the showroom floor of Dania, one of their favorite places to shop locally. They’re particularly grateful to the staff at Dania Furniture and to Cheryl Scribner of ProSource of



Spokane. For Blaine, Ryan, and co-collaborator Jeremy, the process of building the home was sometimes a challenge, but always very rewarding. “They were always super nice,” Jeremy says of the couple, who’d come in for meetings with coffee and maple bars to share. “I had a lot of fun building this house.” And the design speaks for itself. “We went above and beyond with this house,” he says. “All the bells and whistles.”

January Storewide SALE Your life doesn't get better by chance.

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THE NEST/homestyles

Décor Resolutions for the New Year by Darin Burt

Forget about giving up sweets or promising to exercise more; a truly great resolution is something you enjoy working on just as much as you enjoy the results. Nothing creates a more satisfying change than redoing home décor. There are plenty of ways to revamp your space, so be ambitious, and make 2019 the year your design style truly shines. Make a Statement It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. One décor New Year’s resolution can simply be brightening up your rooms with fresh collection of decorative items. This is a simple and affordable way to add color, pattern, texture and finish to a space. Bring in local flavor with handcrafted pieces, such as stained glass, fiber arts, handmade candles and even paintings and photography featuring scenes of Spokane and the surrounding countryside—that’s exactly what you’ll find at Pottery Place Plus. These investment pieces can be reused in varied spaces and in endless combinations. Go Big in Small Spaces Where space is limited, choosing the most appropriate furniture for a room can be a challenge. This means you have to be realistic when deciding what furniture you need (and what will fit), as opposed to what you want. The innovative Dou line from La-Z-Boy solves that dilemma, combining modern style and design with reclining comfort. You’re basically getting both a recliner and stationary piece out of the same furniture. Duo designs look and act like your standard sectional, sofa, love seat or chair; however, the power reclining action transforms the Duo into a relaxing recliner. You can kick your feet up after a long day without worrying about having to make a compromise between style, function and comfort. Give Windows a New Look One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room is to focus on the windows. Window treatments should be stylish and functional, adding warmth and privacy to your home. 86


Consider valances, pleated draperies and other elegant window treatment options. If you want to brighten up a lackluster room, consider patterns and sheers. Accessories like trim, braids and ribbons, and even decorative curtain rods can add style and panache to basic draperies. But why go for basic? To give give your windows a real “wow” treatment, you can choose from a wide selection of custom coverings, from blinds to roller shades to valances. The design experts at Jacobs Custom Living have options to meet your imagination. Make More Out of Less One of the major vows people make to start the new year is to declutter, whether it be donating unworn clothing or deleting “friends” from their Facebook profile. Taking the “less is more” and “everything needs a place and a reason” approach to home décor can give your living spaces harmonious and practical spirit. Think clean, modern lines, a concise color palette, and multi-functionality, yet don’t shy away from creating a layered, warm, rich and inviting minimalist home with a gallery-like setting from room to room. Af-

Pre-Finished Steel Carriage House Doors

ter all, this is a place of comfort and refuge. For the perfect mix of form, function and beauty, nobody inspires more décor ideas than Dania Furniture. Get Cozy Raw materials, neutral tones and natural fabrics add a feel of warmth and comfort, making rustic style perfect for cozy spaces, whether in an updated vacation cabin or mixed in to modern home décor. Visit the showroom at Ironstone Mountain Comfort in Coeur d’Alene, and you’ll discover furnishings crafted from natural elements like warm wood and metal. A fireplace is an essential piece of a modern rustic home. Ironstone can build a custom fireplace, whether wood burning, gas, electric, pellet, metal or insert, that compliments the natural designs to create an uncomplicated, cozy vibe.

Accents Planks Residential and Commercial • Carriage House Doors Raised Panel Doors • Garage Door Openers Transmitter Replacement • Spring Repairs & Parts

3820 E. Dalke St. Spokane, WA 99217

(509) 482-7262

SpokaneOverheadDoor.com license #SPOKAOD830NB


Resources: Dania (daniafurniture.com); Jacob’s Custom Living (jacobspatio.com); Ironstone Mountain Comfort (mountaincomfortcda.com); La-Z-Boy (la-z-boy.com); Pottery Place Plus (potteryplaceplus.com) JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com



Take a fast, fun ride on a snowmobile for an epic winter adventure

Snow Going 88


• Family-owned since 2009 • FREE Courtesy Shuttle • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians



Where Honesty Counts & Customers Are #1 Try Us Once and We Will Become Your Go-To Shop!

All of Our Work is Guaranteed SPOKANE VALLEY

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Since 1989

by Darin Burt


ith blue skies above and fresh powder below, there’s no better time to explore the winter wonderland of the Inland Northwest. Strap on a helmet, turn the key and roar off down

• Tires/Wheels • Engine Repairs • Shocks/Struts • Mufflers • Towing Available • Transmissions • Tune Ups • Batteries • Brakes

1126 W. 2nd Ave. | Spokane, WA 99201 | 509-747-5371 523 N. Pines | Spokane, WA 99216 | 509-321-7243 2925 S Mt Vernon St | Spokane, WA 99223 | 509-534-0350 mechanicspride@gmail.com JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com



the trail aboard a snowmobile. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can race through the woods; if you prefer something more leisurely-paced, you can opt for a scenic backcountry tour. “It’s a rush to go up and down places where you normally can’t travel, and depending on how fast you want to go, snowmobiling can be a really exhilarating sport,” says Venn Jones, general manager of Westside Motorsports, Spokane’s largest motorsports dealership, and seller of the popular Ski-Doo brand of snowmobiles.



Snowmobiling is a great family activity. It’s one of easiest motorized recreational activities to learn, making it suitable for individuals of all ages to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, develop new friendships and extend old ones. Imagine blazing a new trail into the woods and building a campfire where the gang can sit around roasting marshmallows and drinking cocoa before zooming off again to continue the adventure. It’s a sport, Jones points out, which also “Builds character, respect and discipline, knowing what


Happy New Year

M-F 8am-6pm // Sat 8am-5pm // Closed Sun

2736 N Division // 509.242.3682 1505 W NW Blvd // 509.327.2262 14704 E Sprague // 509.922.4432

fast oil changes

2815 E 30th Ave // 509.242.3682 406 W Francis // 509.315.5756 1414 N Argonne // 509.926.8778 No appointments needed, EVER!

AME RICAN WAY AU T O B ODY Yesterday's quality and service,

with today's knowledge 509-535-5008




HORSEPOWER/snowmobiling you can and cannot do on the machine.” One of the best things about snowmobiling is that it can take you to all kinds of new places. A few inches of snow will cover rocks and stumps, and with its wide track and nimble steering, a snowmobile can glide easily over the terrain. Washington State has more than 3,000 miles of groomed trails, and some of the best adventures are right in our own backyard. Mount Spokane, 49 Degrees North, Priest Lake and Silver Mountain all offer easy access and no shortage of breathtaking scenery. Snowmobiling is mean to be fun—today’s snowmobiles are designed with a variety of comfort and convenience features that



make it enjoyable to ride for hours. Loading and unloading is effortless with a small trailer that can be pulled behind most SUVs or extendable ramps for your pickup truck. In terms of reliability, dependability and affordability, Jones says modern machines get good fuel economy and are easy to maintain and built to last for the life of ownership. Snowmobile manufacturers have also developed cleaner and quieter engines to lower the noise levels as well as lessen the impact of emissions on the environment. Safety is an an important factor in snowmobiling. Westside Motorsports can get you geared up with goggles, gloves and helmets. Many of their staff, from sales to parts and service, come from generations of snowmobilers, so their literally experts on the sport. “You can be secure in knowing that we’re not going to put you on a machine that you can’t handle. We’ll find out what skill level you are and steer you in that direction,” Jones says. “We want our customers to have the best snowmobiling experience possible.”

Happy New Year! TRUCK / AUTO

REPAIR • Air Conditioning • Brakes • Cooling Systems • Electrical • Engine Service • Oil Changes

• Preventative Maintenance • Suspension • Transmission • Fluid Service • Fuel System

FIVE MILE AUTO CENTER provides complete

American & Import Auto & Truck Repair. We are your Performance Corner Outlet for high performance parts and accessories. Five Mile Auto Center takes pride in their professional service we have given Spokane WA and surrounding communities since 1979.


Mile Auto Center

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20 O 19 R ) E

C A 00 TE O ir O es RD R IN F F m E ar R G ch O R O


$ (e 50 xp 0


Full service award winning custom catering company. Available for all your catering needs.

Caterer for weddings, retirement dinners, parties, corporate events and celebrations of all sorts. We listen and customize your event so that your guests are satisfied and pleased to have been invited. For quality and service you can count on every time, call Delectable.

It’s divine, it’s delicious, it’s Delectable (509) 638-9654 | kellie.delectable@gmail.com delectableCateringAndEvents.com

Venue and Rentals: Randi Ray Schmidt Schmidtcattlecoevents@gmail.com Schmidt Cattle Co Events Venue and Barn to Table Rentals Model: Kamina Flemming kaminamina@gmail.com Makeup Artist: Rebecca Ausband & Alexus Nekich The Beauty Baes thebeautybaesartistry@gmail.com Floral Design: Tia Rojan Inbloomspokane@gmail.com Hair: Brooklynn Williams brookehaackstyle@gmail.com Attire: Emily Applegate Affordable Elegance Bridal CDA

by Patrice MacMillan of Apple Brides photography by Heather Claramunt Photography


n the days of Pinterest and inspiration overload, it can be easy to create a gorgeous wedding, no matter your budget. Something that can get lost in the shuffle, however, is your personality as a couple. This is an aspect you don’t want to overlook because it’s


something that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Here are five ways to add personality to your wedding and make it yours.











Get creative with table numbers Being creative with table numbers is an easy way to insert a bit of personality, and it’s a great conversation starter for your guests. We’ve seen pictures of a couple’s relationship where each year they were together corresponds to a different table number, or superhero emblems for those comic enthusiasts. Some even tell a story of places they’ve traveled as a couple, or quotes describing what they love about one another.

Craft signature cocktails and food menus Who doesn’t get excited about custom drinks and food? A “his and hers” version is really fun and helps both families get to know a little more about the person their loved one is marrying. Don’t be afraid to get pun-y with the names or feature totally opposite options. Maybe you love tacos and she loves mac and cheese—they say opposites attract and chances are they’ll be something for everyone. 96

bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

lets make your wedding day extraordinary

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum

sits in the middle of downtown Historic Wallace Idaho, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and romantic vistas on every side that create a serene, picturesque setting perfect for wedding ceremonies.

208-752-0111 • npdepot.org

Learn Lace Knitting with expert, Sally Jackson.

Every Saturday Jan 19TH thru Feb 2ND $100 per student. Supplies available in store.

1805 N. Monroe / Spokane (509) 368-9527 TheHookAndNeedleNook.com

Email or call our downtown Bakeshop to book a wedding consultation info@sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com | 509.242.3845 | sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com downtown

| whitworth | valley mall | northtown mall JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



Give favors with meaning Favors are best when they have a clear meaning behind them. We love little bags featuring each of the newlywed’s favorite candies or a bag of popcorn because that’s your favorite snack to share together. Local favors are having a huge moment right now, and it’s a great opportunity to give your guests a glimpse into your hometown and what’s most important to you.

Think outside the box for a guestbook Can you remember the last time you actually saw a plain old guestbook? Couples are really starting to think outside the box by having guests sign something they plan to display in their home. Think custom wood rounds, longboards or even a framed engagement picture. Or, if you’re not into displaying everyone’s name


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

in your house, consider doing a polaroid guestbook. Most of your guests will love snapping a photo of themselves and it will give you some fun memories to look back on.

Tell stories The best way to add personality to your wedding is to use every opportunity to tell your story. From your vows to your exit, try to add a little bit of yourselves to each moment. Feature photos of loved ones who have passed or have your DJ or band dedicate a song to them. Have someone tell your love story during either the ceremony or reception. It will be new to most of your guests and the ones who have heard it will love to hear it again as you commit to one another. For more wedding tips, visit applebrides.com.

More than Just Wedding Officiants. We would be honored to perform your Wedding Ceremony! 509.599.5632 | RalphsRegalWeddings.com personalized and affordable wedding ceremonies

JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



photography by Heather Claramunt Photography


t takes a village to create a memorable wedding experience and we’ve partnered with a few of our favorite clients for you in our Wedding Resource Guide. They are in the wings ready to be part of your special day.

CATERING DelecTable (509) 638-9654 delectablecateringandevents.com Award winning catering company for venues such as the Penthouse at the Paulsen can make your wedding dreams come true. Full event planning and delicious food for every budget.

Red Rock (509) 443-3281 | glovermansion.com Red Rock menus are a mix of fresh Northwest and other American styles. They are proud to customize menus—that is the way they achieve the style and the budget goals of all of their customers. They source locally whenever possible and purchase for each event.

Le Catering (509) 210-0880 | lecatering.co Le Catering features the best Inland Northwest producers and products cooked by award winning chefs. They strive to create a great experience for guests and to serve them beyond their expectations.

Greenbriar Inn Catering


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

(208) 667-9660 315martinisandtapas.com Greenbriar Catering has been in business since 1986, catering every type of location and event. Their experience assures you that you are working with seasoned, capable and creative people who strive to offer the best cuisine the area has to offer at a reasonable price.

Third generation, family owned and operated since 1929! FLORIST & GREENHOUSE

Your Wedding This will be one of the biggest days of your life, so let us help you find the perfect flowers! Each wedding is unique and special. We provide one on one time to help you decide what is best for your special day!

www.libertyparkflorist.com Like us on Facebook!


8th and Perry | Spokane, WA

your event style. Choose a date. Choose YOU CHOOSE. Choose the menu. Choose a venue, one of ours or another.

Le Catering will work with ANY budget and at any venue. Available for all of your catering needs from bridal showers and weddings to corporate lunches.

509.720.5412 | LECATERING.CO 24001 E. MISSION AVE., LIBERTY LAKE, WA 99019

JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



Red Lion BBQ & Catering (509) 835-5466 | redlionbbq.com There isn’t anything quite like the savory flavors of some of the best barbecue in Spokane at Red Lion BBQ and Pub. And to think you could share this culinary glory with your wedding guests. All sides and sauces are homemade, too.

AESTHETICS C&A Cosmetics (509) 251-3786 | cnacosmetics.com The primary goal of C&A Cosmetics is to deliver high quality, highly pigmented, all-natural beauty products at an affordable price to customers of all ages. Owner Robin Peltier loves playing with color and making the world of makeup as fun, new and exciting as possible.

7 Wonders (509) 309-2603 | 7wondersbeauty.com The team at 7 Wonders strives for excellence to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit that results in a state of well-being. Whether it’s for the bride or her entire bridal party, their team will ensure your look is on par for your best day ever.


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019


Whole Body Medi Spa (509) 795-2025 | wholebodymedispa.com Whole Body Medi Spa is focused on creating a place where clients can come and feel comfortable choosing personalized treatments and procedures designed to encompass their whole body.

Oasis Hair (509) 216-2747 | oasishair.com Oasis Hair is an establishment that offers the ultimate in quality and luxury hair service. Anyone who walks through their doors receives a prompt “Welcome to Oasis” from their professional and charismatic staff. From the moment you enter their salon you can rest assured you will enjoy VIP treatment and expert services.

Tuxedo Gallery (509) 455-8344 | tuxedogallery.net With the largest selection of styles and colors in the northwest, Tuxedo Gallery can match almost any bridesmaid dress or prom dress. They carry a range of sizes to fit everyone: the ring bearer, groomsmen, ushers, father of the bride, and, of course, the groom.

Call tod y to scheduale your fr consultatieoe n!

Come join our practice of Smiles!

Creating simply sensational Smiles for over 25 years!

Ron Ellingsen, dds, msd –Specialist in Orthodontics – EllingsenSmiles.com | 509.467.2606









7 Wonders Beauty - AVEDA 10 N Evergreen Rd, Spokane Valley (509) 309-2603 • 7wondersbeauty.com

JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



VENUES Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill (509) 533-5350 | bozzimedia.com Chateau Rive is the perfect wedding venue for couples who appreciate timeless beauty, old-world stone, and the romance of an ancient European setting nestled in a secluded downtown oasis of grass and lush vegetation, just steps from the river. Whether your dream is a picture-perfect princess wedding, a period Victorian or Goth event, or a modern, elegant affair, the character and charm Chateau Rive offers will take your event to that mystical place where dreams come to life.

Glover Mansion (509) 459-0000 | glovermansion.com The mansion is the historic 1888 home of James Glover, father of Spokane. Beautifully restored, it is the ideal location for intimate dinner parties or a society wedding— 104

bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

any event where quality is the primary consideration.

Northern Pacific Railroad Depot (208) 752-0111 | npdepot.org The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum sits in the middle of downtown Historic Wallace, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and romantic vistas on every side that create a serene, picturesque setting. Wedding ceremonies may be held within the NP Depot or on the east lawn.

Loft at the Flour Mill (509) 638-9654 | bozzimedia.com The top floor of the historic Flour Mill boasts a lonely venue with beautiful hardwood floors, brick walls, skylights and a view that’s to die for. Perfect for an intimate wedding when you—and your love—feel on top of the world.

Octagon House Entertainment (509) 844-2187 | museumeventcenter.com The Museum is an excellent venue for weddings and private parties with plenty of space and seating for your guests, a stage for a band or DJ, projector screen for slideshows and videos, large dance floor, fully functioning bar and free games to make your event one to remember.

OFFICIANTS Ralph’s Regal Weddings (509) 599-5632 | ralphsregalweddings.com With the goal of providing every happy couple with a ceremony they have always envisioned, Ralph and Karen Fishburn provide loving care as wedding officiant and ceremony coordinator to assist with ceremony staging and provide ceremony direction the day of the wedding. They believe the ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your special day and work to ensure a flawless delivery.





Best Wedding Venue

Picture getting married here...


(509) 795-2030 JODIE.LAIB@REDROCKSPOKANE.COM 621 WEST MALLON S P O K A N E , WA 9 9 2 0 1 CHATEAURIVE.COM JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



SWEETS Sweet frostings (509) 242-3845 sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com Thinking cupcakes, a traditional cake or maybe a full dessert bar? Sweet Frostings is happy to create anything for the happy couple. For the best results, stop in or set up an appointment so they can help you design something deliciously you for your special occasion.

Book your Wedding or Romantic Staycation now!

FLOWERS Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse (509) 534-9381 | libertyparkflorist.com Dominic Alice, an Italian immigrant, opened Liberty Park Florist in 1928 at the same location where it stands today. Although many changes have been made over the years, Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse is still growing strong to meet and exceed your floral needs.

LIMOS A-Star Limousine (509) 879-7948 | a-starlimousine.com A-Star Limousine has been leading the luxury transportation business for 14 years. Committed to excellent service at competitive rates, their friendly chauffeurs will guide and assist you at any time during your limo service, catering to your every need with class.


PHOTOGRAPHERS Heather Claramunt Photography (949) 292-1922 heatherclaramuntphotography.com Serving Northern Idaho & Eastern Washington, and will travel upon request. Heather's goal with each session is to create a relaxing, enjoyable, and downright fun environment where you join together as a team in creating beautiful art.

James & Kathy Mangis

For Reservations 208-667-9660 x1 315MartinisAndTapas.com 315 Wallace Ave | Coeur d'Alene 106

bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

(509) 863-3068 mangisphotography.com James and Kathy Mangis capture the best memories of the most special life moments in the sweetest—and most affordable—way.

SHOWCASE/keep it local

C & A Cosmetics Specializing in customized make up for brides and bridal parties ranging from foundation to eyeshadow palette’s, customized lipstick and highlighters. Helping to make your special day picture perfect with adding your custom wedding color makeup. We can even create honeymoon colors for your romantic getaway! Visit cnacosmetics. com, call 509-869-5807 or stop in at BeYOUtiful Too Salon to book your free consultation!



SKIN-BODY-WELLNESS Be your best self this year. Contact us for your Best Self Bridal Checklist. Services ranging from facials and waxing to lash extensions, laser skin rejuvenation and weight loss program! Wholebody Medi Spa 2204 E. 29th Ave suite 206 Spokane Washington 99223. 509.795.2025. Check us out online at wholebodymedispa.com and see why our clients leave feeling like their best selves.

JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com


WOMAN/this is dirt


by Amber Jensen

S, N TIO DS U L O EE RES ING S EP SLE AND A P LA C W SLO REINVENTION. RESOLUTIONS. TRANSFORMATION. Go on, peel away the papery layers of that good ‘ole self-improvement onion. Isn’t that what we get caught up in around this time of year? The resolutions, promises and goals made and set. There are entire consumer product lines devoted to the idea the beginning of the year signals we must make ourselves better, different, new. While my subscription to this idea has long since expired, my constant desire for motion, shifted perspectives and a fresh layer of juicy onion skin has me in a driven and active personal development and transformation quest. A conundrum. As the year came to a close and everyone hustled and bustled about—Christmasing and Holidaying and straight up holding themselves together with bits of tinsel and curling ribbon—I was pacing in my heart, head down, pushing through all the things I needed to accomplish to earn myself a chance at breaking the finish line ribbon. That’s me at the end of the year. I push through all the emotional stuff that may pile up. I push through any drama that arises with friends, push through expectations, any loose ends that don’t involve glitter or sugar sprinkles, I push. It’s in the social media feature of looking back on past years that I have gained the most insight in recent months. The ability to look back on a given day over the course of several years has been a gift to my pattern seeking mind. I’ve learned that September and October 108

bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

are times of feathering and preening for me. I stay fit, dress attractively and the sun is shining enough that I still have my summer glow, both in appearance and in being. I’ve learned that November is fun, I still think the holidays are exciting and going to somehow “be different” this year. I dive in head first and by mid-December, I’m reeling, done. Fortunately, the cavern of darkness only lasts a few days and I’m up and about with my festive jolly-making. By January, I’m tired. I’m ready for quiet solace. I have no big fight. I’m not in an epic battle of any sort. I’m living my life, raising my kids, being a wife, signing up for meal trains, attempting and often accomplishing living my best life and by the end of the holiday sprint, I’m spent. From mid-February to May things start moving, bras and real pants are required. Public appearances and peopling are more frequent. When the sun moves through the sky on those blessed lengthening days, I’m totally over feeling any sense of remodeling my wellness or introspection. January and February are my gifts to me. As many people are preparing themselves for a great and honorable disassemblage and reinvention of sorts, I quietly hunker down in my sweatpants and drink whatever hot beverage will deliver the tastiest version of caffeine. I think. I write. I plan. I carry on my daily rhythm and I slowly dig into the soil of my life.

Who am I? Who do I aspire to be? What is the difference and what has me in that space? I burrow in, like a seed, soaking up the warmth of the earth around it, quaking inside for the things to come but patient and willing to wait in the darkness. Some would have you believe that transformation or reinvention only happens in an instantaneous manner. Some does. I’ve witnessed it and experienced it for myself and others. Some alterations of being are more like opportunistic adaptations. A slow slumber of sorts, a stretching and tugging and deep reckoning. Then, without pomp and expired gym memberships, an awakening and rebirth of small pieces of one’s self. This is the sort of creation I get myself up to in January. Perhaps you’ll join me. It’s far less crowded and there is no shame involved if two weeks in you just want to take a nap. You do you. I’ll just be over here, drumming up my personal magic for 2019 and slow clapping for everyone still on track for their resolution in March. Amber Jensen is an author, journalist and freelance marketing and copywriter specializing in pieces that highlight the human condition as connection and contribution. She hails from small town Idaho and makes her chaotic home on a piece of dirt in Eastern Washington with her adventure seeking husband and four wild children. amberjjensen.com


An Online Source for Local Moms When Carolyn Saccomanno was pregnant with her firstborn daughter, Annie, she found herself wishing there were an Apple Brides—the local wedding blog—to help guide her through new motherhood. Google searches for some of the most basic local new mom questions (Where and how do I get a pump? Which local restaurants have changing tables in the restroom? etc.) yielded no helpful results, so Saccomanno spent an absurd amount of time calling local businesses, crowdsourcing information on social media, and texting her local mom friends. Having previously dabbled in blogging as a hobby, Saccomanno decided to create the local parenting website she wished she had. “I quickly realized that, like so many things in life, blogging is better together,” she says. “I enlisted the help of my own mom, Carmen Green, to make Momvillage a true hub for Inland Northwest moms of all ages and stages.” Saccomanno and Green are working together to pull together the village of businesses serving Spokane families. Momvillage strives to be the online resource for Inland Northwest moms. “We’ve lived in Spokane for almost 30 years—since I was two!—and we love raising our own families here. We want all local moms to feel the same way,” says Saccomanno. “We believe simplicity and connection creates happier moms, families and communities. Whether you’re a mom, a business owner, or both, we’re not just cheering for you—we’re here to support and empower you.” Visit momvillage.com to find local mom guides—including their popular seasonal guides to Green Bluff and a curated list of family events. Green writes a weekly highlight reel of her favorite events every Wednesday. New blog content comes out multiple times a week, featuring helpful tips, how-tos, and other special collaborations with their favorite Inland Northwest businesses—most recently, a photo shoot with several mom-owned businesses in downtown Spokane’s Steam Plant Square. Most importantly though, they strive to share the unique, authentic stories of moms in our region.

Kali Arthurs, PA-C I feel strongly that having a strong provider and patient relationship built on trust is necessary to good patient care. It is my passion to work together with patients, while educating, empowering, and supporting them on their journey to optimal health.

Advanced, compassionate care you can trust Accredited 3D/4D Ultra Sound

Accepting New Patients

at Two Great Locations



1415 N Houk, Ste A Spokane Valley, WA 99216

1334 N Whitman, Ste 220 Liberty Lake, WA 99019

JANUARY 2019 / bozzimedia.com



Nutrition, Exercise & Living a Long Time


by Ben Greenfield

here are prevailing characteristics that research repeatedly shows are consistent across the healthiest people on the face of the planet, particularly Blue Zones, where people tend to live a disproportionately long period of time. For example, most follow a predominantly plant-based diet, usually as a result of a dependency on their own homegrown or locally grown


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

foods. Long-lived Sardinians, Nicoyans and Okinawans tend to consume nutrient-dense produce they grow in their own gardens, and supplement them with smaller amounts of animal protein foods, along with traditional staples like legumes, ancient grains such as quinoa, amaranth and millet, sweet potatoes and corn tortillas. Wild plants deliver plenty of fiber, including the natural anti-cancer agent insoluble fiber, antioxidants, oxidized cholesterol

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WOMAN/health reducers, blood-clotting factors and essential minerals. Perhaps most notably, wild plants possess natural built-in defense mechanisms that subject the body and gut to mild amounts of stress, causing a hormetic response that can allow the body to better mount and build its own antioxidant defenses. One excellent book that explores this topic is Eating On The Wild Side, by Jo Robinson, which even teaches you to cut up or tear apart plants such as kale several hours before eating them. This action causes the plant to believe it is being attacked by a wild animal and thus to amp up its natural defense mechanisms that then mildly stress your body upon consumption. In contrast, red meat is typically eaten only a few times a month— notably during holidays and festivals—in many of the Blue Zones, although sheep or goat milk, eggs, and fish are eaten often, usually two to three times per week. The animal products that are consumed tend to be raised locally, grass-fed, pastureraised, wild-caught and free from many of the harmful substances commonly used in Westernized meat and dairy, like antibiotics and growth hormones.

Staying Fit

Other characteristics repeatedly seen in any healthy diet include: -Regular intermittent fasts or longer fasting periods. -Be ruthlessly cognizant of inflammatory foods and control of glycemic variability. -Occasionally re-feed the body with adequate calories and carbohydrates. -Occasionally engage in periods of more intense detoxification.


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

-Whenever given the option between real food and packaged/processed food, choose the former. -Eat a wide variety of multicolored plants, herbs and spices. -Whenever possible, choose clean, organic, wild, nonGMO or otherwise healthy foods and ingredients. -Whenever possible, eat locally grown foods that are available on a seasonal basis

Exercise—at least the way most modern gym junkies think of exercise—is not a prevailing characteristic of any of the longevity hot-spots around the world. Despite the prevalence of lean, muscular, strong and fit populations, there’s little evidence of Crossfit boxes, Planet Fitness clubs, fancy health spas or kettlebell classes. The need to go “hit the gym” is largely a fabrication of a post-industrial society in which engines and computers now do much of the manual labor for us, and we are now expected to be at a desk or in a largely sedentary environment for eight or more hours each day. The unfortunate consequence of this is that the manual labor our bodies are designed to do no longer needs to get done, and we don’t get the all-day-long movement our bodies crave. To scratch our ancestral itch to move, it only makes sense that at the beginning or end of the day, we’d have a deep-rooted desire to go lace up our running shoes or lift heavy stuff at the gym. Unless we’re going out of our way to hack our environment with treadmill workstations, Pomodoro breaks for movement and brief exercise forays throughout the day, most of us simply don’t experience the same natural nudge into movement that the Blue Zones have as they collect water from springs, till the fields, walk everywhere, weed the garden, push wheelbarrows, lift rocks, build fences, hunt and fish.

Kim Resleff Kimberly Grandinetti

Growing up isn’t always easy. So pick a pediatrician’s office that will help you and your children as they mark every milestone from birth through college. At Spokane Pediatrics we practice modern medicine in a decidedly old fashioned small-office setting!

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So it’s only natural that unless you’re a construction worker, farmer, gardener, trail builder or someone else lucky enough to have a relatively physically active job, you’re going to want to insert formal, planned exercise sessions into your week. It’s also natural that in our relatively coddled, overprotected, safe lives, you’ll experience an urge to go climb a mountain or “slay a dragon,” whether those mountains and dragons be a marathon, triathlon, obstacle course race, fitness competition, sporting event or some other physical challenge. But just don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s necessary or natural for optimal health for you to be working on your bench press or training for a marathon, because it isn’t. In an ideal scenario, you’d instead be moving all day long at a low intensity, lifting heavy things, sprinting occasionally, perhaps engaging in a longer stamina-challenging effort once every one to two weeks, and not crushing yourself at the gym for 45-60 minutes a day, then staying sedentary the rest of the day. Ultimately, the gym-based exercise that was once the realm of gymnasts, warriors, bodybuilders and athletes has now trickled down to the general population, but in a sedentary society, when it comes to health outcomes, the pros outweigh the cons. Although, it doesn’t matter how hard you exercise at the beginning or the end of the day if you have your butt planted in a chair for the remaining eight simultaneous hours you spend awake.

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Keeping Children Fit A study done at the University of Essex asked kids to rate how active they thought their parents were, then they had those kids complete a test of their own cardio fitness—in this case a "bleep test," where a loud bleep sounds, you run about 20 meters, and then the bleep sounds again and you run again, basically running back and forth with increasingly shorter recovery times until you’re completely exhausted. What researchers found was that how well a child did on a bleep test was directly influenced by


bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

how active and fit that child perceived their parents to be. In other words, the fitter and more physically active your child thinks you are, the fitter and more physically active your child will be. When it comes to making your children a part of your workout or letting them see you being physically active, the sky’s the limit—and if you want to grow tiny superhumans, you must think beyond confining yourself to a treadmill and your mp3 player and doing your workout at 4 a.m. when nobody is watching. I discuss this, along with many other healthy child-raising concepts, in my book How To Grow Tiny Superhumans.

Living a long time I’m currently writing a book on antiaging and longevity. Toward the end of the book, I summarize all the best practices of both ancestral wisdom and modern science for living a long time and feeling really good doing it. Just a few of these proven concepts include: -Don’t smoke. -Minimize your intake of any processed and packaged foods. -Develop and be able to clearly identify and succinctly state your life’s purpose. -Calendar time for social activity and time with friends and family. -Calendar time to attend to your spiritual disciplines, such as silence and solitude, meditation, gratitude, fasting and breathwork. -Have sex regularly. -Incorporate low-level physical activity throughout your entire day, and take it outdoors as much as possible. -Follow a lower carb, ketogenic-style diet rich in wild plants, dark berries, tannic beverages, herbs, spices and fenugreek seeds, sulfur-rich foods, and healthy fats for five days of the week, then have one day on which you eat carbohydrates ad libitum, including legumes, and have a final day of fasting. If you carry genetic factors that predispose you to fat storage, an inflammatory response to fats or difficulty digesting fats, continue to incorporate regular periods of fasting and control of blood glucose, but shift towards a more Mediterranean approach higher in monounsaturated fats.

Dogs can have New Year’s Resolutions TOO. We offer help for weight loss with fitness classes, gym work and hydrotherapy. Visit us online for more information. Massage Therapy and Reiki Fitness and Conditioning Weight loss Boot Camp Structured Day Care Hydrotherapy Pool Wag It Games Dog Training K9 Treadmill Grooming Get off the couch, Gym

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-Perform a 12- to 16-hour intermittent fast every day, and two to four times a year, do a caloric-restricted or zero-calorie three- to five-day water fast.

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-Drink pure, clean, filtered water, and add trace liquid minerals, sea salt or Celtic salt to it, along with hydrogen tablets, or drink a hydrogen-rich water if it fits your budget. -Each day, expose your body to a variety of hormetic stressors, most notably cold, heat, sunlight, wild plants, herbs and hypoxia.

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-Prior to any carbohydrate-containing meal, consume insulin-stabilizing foods including bitter melon extract, Ceylon cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, berberine, rosemary, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek, gymnema sylvestre, and cayenne.

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-If you eat meat, don’t just eat red meat. Instead, if you are up for the task and like the flavor, consume a variety of shellfish and organ meats, including sweetbreads, liver, heart and kidney.

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R MIE PRE SLETTER ia! d NEWzzi Me o B y b


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-If your budget permits, consume a morning or mid-day smoothie that contains superfoods such as Rhodiola, colostrum, chlorella, marine phytoplankton, aloe vera, coffeeberry fruit extract, frozen broccoli sprouts and moringa. You can also include other sirtuin-supporting foods in the smoothie, such as blueberries, cacao powder or cacao nibs, black currant powder, turmeric and green tea extract.

Ben Greenfield, CEO of KION & Ben Greenfield Fitness, is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life (BeyondTrainingBook. com). Ben's articles, podcast and videos reach more than a million views each month. Ben's blog and podcast are at BenGreenfieldFitness.com, every solution Ben recommends is at GetKion.com. Ben resides in Spokane with his wife and twin boys.


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High Temperature

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7 Bars working pressure




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About Us A father and son team, we love the Spokane community, and love working with all of you.

Strength training equipment with free weights and machines, a variety of cardio equipment, functional and athletic training with 80 feet of turf. 10 2 0 W F R A N C I S AV E S P O K A N E WA 9 9 2 0 5 fitnessNorthwestSpokane.com 118

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RIO WELLNESS focuses on self-care as a necessity, which challenges the notion that taking care of yourself is considered pampering. They take an integrated body, mind, and spirit approach to help their clients find healing, balance, and happiness from within. From their location on the banks of the Spokane River, you can enjoy yoga, massage therapy, self-development workshops, and several other special events. During the season, sunrise and sunset yoga and meditation is also offered. Everything offered by Rio Wellness is in an effort to bring balance to your life in a hectic world. (509) 474-1800 | riowellness.com WHOLE BODY MEDI SPA is where beauty and wellness converge. Their focus is creating a place where clients can come and feel comfortable choosing personalized treatments and procedures designed to encompass their whole body. They offer medical weight loss, clear and brilliant skin rejuvenation treatments, laser hair removal, lash extensions and waxing. They also feature prescriptive PCA skincare facials and chemical peels, as well as a full range of body therapies. Recently added to their services is IV and injection therapy, and this has proven to be one of the most sought after experiences. Monthly maintenance programs are available to help achieve lifelong health and wellness. (509) 795-2025 | wholebodymedispa.com ABIDE YOGA is Spokane’s premier yoga collective. Their mission is to bring you high quality, diverse, and inspiring classes taught by the most skilled and passionate teachers. Power Yoga classes are designed to get your body strong a vibrant. Through a high-intensity fusion of yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics, Buti Yoga connects your mind and your body. Yin Yoga is a gentle, meditative style of yoga that combines postures from traditional Hatha. If you want to build flexibility, energize your body, get rid of stress and boost your willpower, Abide Yoga is the place for you. Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training also available. (801) 201-2147 | abideyoga.com


Bringing Out the Best in You at Rio Wellness People often think about wellness in terms of physical health— exercise, weight management, stress relief and more, but these are just small parts of developing a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is an integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being that fuels the body, engages the mind and nurtures the spirit, says Patti Gallagher, founder of Rio Wellness. At her beautiful studio on the banks of the Spokane River, you can recharge with a variety of massages, from deep tissue to hot stone and even relaxation therapy for expectant mothers. There are classes in yoga and meditation. But at Rio, taking care of yourself is about so much more. Gallagher and her team believe that self-care should not be considered a luxury, and that choosing to make it a regular part of your life allows you to become the best version of yourself. Personal growth, says Gallagher, does not happen by accident. It requires a conscious choice to pursue knowledge that will enhance your self-awareness and personal skills. Beginning in 2019, Rio

will be offering a rotating series of self-development workshops covering everything from improving communication to emotional intelligence and self-awareness. A spring retreat is planned to Mountain Springs Resort near Leavenworth—it will be a wonderful opportunity to unplug from the pressures of daily living and focus one’s self. Before starting this new journey, Gallagher had a two-decades long career in the corporate world— she brings that background to upcoming workshops on managing personal finances, resumé review and effective interviewing techniques. All these things, she says, help to bring balance to life in our hectic world. “A couple of little shifts can have a dramatic change on your life,” Gallagher says. “You have everything inside you that’s necessary for change. Our job at Rio Wellness is to give you the tools and help you bring out the best in you.” RIO WELLNESS

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WOMAN/if they only knew

ifthey onlyknew FINDING FREEDOM I had started a new job when I also began to notice inconsistencies in my husband’s behavior. He was frequenting bars, working out and staying late working a job that gave him quite a bit of freedom. He had two cell phones—one for work and one for personal—both of which, I was locked out of. Most people would have raised the red flags and said, “PAY ATTENTION”— which I believed I was—but I also believed many of his lies. But it was hard to tell what was a lie and what was the truth. He told me one three-day weekend that he was going camping by himself in the woods where there was no cell phone reception. My intuition told me he wasn’t going alone. When I asked about some of the duplicate things he was packing—two sleeping bags?—he said that’s how he always packed to go camping. He came back early, telling me he “just felt like it.” I won’t go into how I found out my over 40 year old husband had gone camping with a 23 year old girl. He let it slip he was married—after initially sharing he was a widower—and she cut the camping trip short. My intuition often told me to check up on him when he was working late. I’d drive by his office, not seeing his car; all the while, my guts were wrenching inside telling me I was on the right track but my mind kept telling me I was a crazy lady. I checked cell phone records. I took the consistent numbers and looked them up. He forgot to log out of the computer, and I saw all of his history on the computer and his phone: looking for threesomes on Craigslist, many porn websites, and Facebook pages of girls he was chasing, along with the Instagram page of the girl who he’d taken camping—with a picture of the two of them together. Finally, we agreed that it was time he moved out. He wanted to work things out and thought some time apart would be good. We had two kids together— one just entering middle school and the other just entering high school. Seventy-five percent of me said “no” to reconciliation while 25 percent of me said I owed it to the kids. A friend called to ask how my husband and I were do120

bozzimedia.com / JANUARY 2019

ing. She and I hadn’t spoken about the state of affairs, so I filled her in. She asked because my husband had a Tinder account—but it wasn’t a new account, and it wasn’t his only online dating profile. I was steadfast that if he wanted to work things out, there were a lot of things he was going to have to do, and closing his dating profiles were just the tip of the iceberg. I provided him that list and called a counselor for myself. When I met with my counselor, I shared the list I had given my husband, as well as a list of my expectations in a spouse. I wonder if she could have screamed at me, if she would have. The number of times I went in telling her I wasn’t sure if I should get a separation or a divorce and that maybe we should try and work things out. She never once gave her opinion, but gave me the tools to see things more clearly. Each week she’d check in about my percentage of staying in or out and the “staying in” percentage was dwindling. I finally decided I was all out. One evening when my husband dropped off the kids, I was ready to tell him I was done. He wasn’t doing anything to earn his way back into the marriage and I deduced he was seeing yet another 23 year old. He told me he’d been unfaithful many times during our marriage and that while I was working during the many years he wasn’t, “he” had paid for three abortions with three girls. I continued counseling, and it finally got through to me that I deserved more. I deserved laughter, I deserved respect and love. I began making new, supportive friends who got me out and active in the community. I continued working and tried to make sure my kids were healthy while I was fixing my wounds. I spent so many years walking on egg shells and trying to hold things together because I thought I should—not because I was in love—but it was my responsibility. Four years later, I have someone in my life who treats me how I should be treated. I actually like and respect myself a lot more, too. If I had only known then what I know now, I could have saved myself years and year of pain. But, I am no longer oppressed, and I am finally free.



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PARTY PLANNING? Let Thai Bamboo Cater For You! Business Meetings, Receptions, Parties, On-site Banquets, Off-site Caterings, Special Events, Holiday Parties Thai North and Thai CDA offer private banquet rooms with audio/visual capabilities, and a choice of buffet or limited menu. We offer an off-site Catering Platter Menu available for pick up or delivery.

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February issue TOP DENTISTS march issue TOP doctors 122




his crockpot crispy caramelized pork ramen noodle soup with curry roasted acorn squash is some real deal ramen. The mixture of flavors and broth—oh my. Ramen has always been one of my favorite things to eat and now it’s one that I love to make AND eat. Growing up, I pretty much lived on ramen noodle soup, especially during the cold fall and winter months. Comforting soup is the best cure-all for the freezing rain, the snow, the ice, the bitter cold—with no sunshine for days. This is the perfect, hearty meal to warm you up through the rest of the winter months. Find the full recipe at feastingathome.com.


by Sylvia Fountaine | feastingathome.com





LOCAL CUISINE/bloody mary


by Kris Kilduff

Follow Kris Kilduff on his Instagram foodie adventures @chefboyarduff.


115 S. 2nd St., CDA Part of the allure of Dockside has always been the sweeping views of breathtaking Coeur d’ Alene lake. However, if you order a Bloody Mary, be prepared to only see a monstrosity of bacon burger sliders, garlic shrimp, sausages, olives, asparagus and more. Sure, the food is great, but wait until you guzzle down spicy house-made Mary mix in a glass the size of one of the boats on the lake.

as a self-touted food fanatic, I am often sought out by hungry patrons in search of a new spot or the craziest menu items to be found around town. I receive plenty of inquiries about burgers and pizza, but by far the most sought after item I am beckoned to deliver is a wildly ambitious Bloody Mary. Tomato juice cocktails have been around since the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the famed Pump Room Ambassador of the East Hotel in Chicago started adorning a frilly celery stick as garnish that the half cocktail, half brunch Frankenstein became such a breakfast staple. Leave it to the foodie revolution to begin stacking all sorts of amazing edibles atop the rust-red, Worcestershire spiked mixture of vodka, tomato juice and spices. I figured, why not call an Uber, bounce around and see who has the most unique Bloody Mary in town. 124


Boombox Pizza

221 N. Division St. Many Bloody Marys have skewered pickled veg, celery and olives, but who puts a huge slice of pizza on a glass? Boombox Pizza, with a theme revolving around 90s pop culture, must be paying tribute to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of lore. Mine came in pepperoni, but I’ve been told you can get any slice by request. Sip your way through an over-sized margarita glass full of vodka, tomato juice and a special spiced salt rim.

Logan Tavern

1305 N. Hamilton St. The best thing about a Bloody Mary is that anyone from a dive bar to a 5-star hotel can serve them. Logan Tavern is generally packed full of Gonzaga students cheering on the team and subsequently needing a hangover cure. They pack a punch, and what better to mix with tomato than a freshly grilled cheese sandwich, bacon and a seared jalapeño? Sip it all down with a pepperoni beef-stick straw that must be pretty popular— because they were fresh out.

Outlaw BBQ

4427 W. Wellesley Ave. An outlaw in the West was someone sought after for breaking the rules. This downriver eatery is doing its best Eastwood impression. It made my day to see a giant smoked double rib spilling out of my drink like the Flinstone’s intro. Barbecue is made to be messy and Outlaw is the perfect place to chase down some savory fire-fresh meats with a tall spicy mix of tomato, Worcestershire and vodka.

The Onion Area 51 Taphouse

7522 N. Division St. The Onion knows how to do things big. I once ordered their State of the Onion Burger, and I couldn’t even fit a bite in my mouth. Their newest oversized treat is dubbed The Kraken, packed full of bacon, cougar gold stuffed tots, boneless wings, pretzels, and shrimp. Not to mention skewers of pickles, olives and celery. I heard they had to hire a few Jenga experts as bartenders just so they could keep these things upright. JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/culinary arts




When I first moved to Spokane Valley from Hayden, Idaho, it took me a great deal longer to find my way around than I had thought it would, but it took me even longer to find all of the great restaurants. With so many local food bloggers and some who are paid for their opinions, it was difficult for me to get a list of date night spots for myself and my husband (also a gourmet food enthusiast) without worrying about the authenticity of the “best” lists I was reading. I didn’t want the results of a popularity contest, and I didn’t want to fall for a paid advertisement. If I ever saw “#sponsored” on a social media post, I knew that I couldn’t trust that message to the same level as I would other fully unbiased sources. I realized that I had to do something about it myself, and that’s when the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild was born. It was just an idea in that moment, but it felt so real to me. It was almost as if it was what I’d been waiting to do my whole life. I ran it by several chef, blogger and food writer friends of mine to get quality feedback and meticulously researched culinary award evaluation systems. As a professional educator, evaluation is a daily part of my job. Applying these same concepts to food translated naturally from my field, and I approached it with the same intensity. I quickly realized, though, how many restaurants there really were in the Inland Northwest, and knew

that the next step would be forming a really dynamic team. I again took to researching, but this time, under local hashtags like #spokanefood and #eatspokane, and found so many wonderful individuals who had both a zest for life and a strong knowledge base about cuisine. We shared our passion for living well and formed fast friendships through mutual respect. They ranged from chefs, to food bloggers, to passionate (and talented) home cooks, to food photographers, business professionals who dine out almost every day and more. They are as diverse in their interests as they are as individuals, and each one of them has a helpful perspective in discovering great local gems as well as evaluating meals. They all rallied behind our collective cause and evaluated hundreds of restaurants throughout the last two years using our highly developed rubric that includes ratings on service, ambience, plating, proper execution, consistency over multiple visits, accurate menu description, flavor balance and many more. We have meticulously reviewed the data compiled throughout the year to find Spokane’s best eateries, and every one of these unique spots is listed below. We are thrilled to be celebrating all of these local award-winners at our first annual Spokane Culinary Arts Guild Awards Gala at the Max at Mirabeau Park Hotel on January 8.




LOCAL CUISINE/culinary arts

We hope you enjoy eating at these phenomenal, locally owned hotspots—let them know we sent you, and give them a high-five from us.

Outstanding Restaurant Awards:

Individual Awards:

Fine Dining - Inland Pacific Kitchen Upscale Casual - Vine and Olive Casual - Ruins Fast Casual - Cochinito Brunch - Bruncheonette Bar - Hogwash Whiskey Den Gastropub - Prohibition Gastropub Best New Restaurant - Fine Dining Park Lodge Best New Restaurant - Casual Dining Cochinito Best New Bar - Tiny Tiki Spokane Legend - Luna

Best Chef Jeremy Hansen Best Front of House/Manager Justin Curtis Best Bartender Simon Francis Moorby Best Food Writing Adriana Janovich Best Food Event Coeur d’Alene Food and Wine Festival Best Food Blog - Feasting At Home Restaurateur of the Year - Tony Brown Best Guild Tastemaker - Queena Hale



Individual Category Awards: Best Destination Dining 1898 Public House Best Neighborhood Dining Elliot’s An Urban Kitchen Best Sushi - Izumi Best Ice Cream Panhandle Cone and Coffee Best Hotel Dining - Table 13 Best Family Dining - Central Food Best BBQ - Junior’s Barbecue Best Food Truck - Raw Dead Fish Best Ethnic Dining - D’Bali Asian Bistro Best Take Out - King of Ramen Best Bakery - The Grain Shed Best Craft Cocktails - Ruins Best Cafe - Madeleine’s Cafe Best Quick Lunch Soulful Soups and Spirits Best Market - Main Market Best Wine Tasting Room Nectar Tasting Room Best Brewery - Whistle Punk Brewing Best Juice/Smoothies - The Wellness Bar Best Southern Food - Ten/6 Best Doughnuts - Hello Sugar Best Tacos - Cochinito Best Steaks - Wolf Lodge Best Seafood - Hay J’s Best Vegan Dining- Mizuna Best Burger - Durkin’s People’s Choice - Messy’s Burgers Best Sandwiches - Smacky’s On Broadway People’s Choice - Meltz Best Coffee - Indaba People’s Choice - Vault and Woops Best Pizza - Veraci People’s Choice - The Flying Goat You can find all of the nominees at spokaneculinaryartsguild.com if you want to know even more great “Guild-Approved” locations beyond what's listed here.

Best Fine Dining


Erin Peterson is a professional educator and a local food blogger for the Spokane Culinary Arts Guild. She is married to Rob Peterson and is the proud mother of three sons, William, Matthew and Shane.

Happy Hour All Day! JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/top 10 highlights

Top 10 Culinary Highlights by Kris Kilduff

that didn’t make it into the magazine in 2018

photo by Noreen Hiskey

Sopes with Duck Confit Mole—Cochinito I was invited for a pre-opening special tasting of Chef Travis Dickinson’s (formally from Clover) new taqueria. The tacos were phenomenal but the duck confit sopes were easily the dish everyone was talking about. Their housemade mole was the best I’ve had in my life, and everything from the rich duck to the thick chewy sope to the crumble of cojita cheese seemed elevated above anything we’ve seen in our area.

As a child of the 80s, reading Spiderman comics taught me two important things:

Peter Parker doesn’t get credit as being the originator of the selfie, and that with great power comes great responsibility. I’ve never had a run-in with a radioactive spider, but I have had the opportunity to eat and drink at all the restaurants and bars in the Inland Northwest and consider it my job to keep each of you abreast on the culinary highlights year to year. Here are my top 10 favorite menu items not featured in the magazine in 2018.



Fried Mozzarella—Post Street Ale House If you travel to taverns and bars, it’s strange not to see some form of fried cheese holding its place on an appetizer menu. Post Street is no different. Unsuspectingly nestled between onion rings and beef sliders are the best cheese sticks you’ll ever have in your life. The servers say it's because of the batter and seasoning, but I’m prone to believe they are using some form of alien mozzarella that could stretch around earth. A dish certainly worth E.T. phoning home for.

Pad Thai Fries—Garageland Some of the best surprises consist of combining two already wonderful items. With the rising popularity of fresh fry centric dishes (totchos, poutine) it was nice to see someone local offering a unique take. Garageland, if anything, is creative. What other place in town can you play The Simpsons stand up arcade machine and fill your mouth with fries covered in their housemade sauce, crushed peanut, sriracha, lime and cilantro? Plus, they are only $4 during their 4-7 p.m. happy hour.



LOCAL CUISINE/top 10 highlights

Pulled Pork Nachos— Daft Badger Brewing There should be mandatory rules in place that if a new brewery is to open, it needs to pass a 10-point nacho inspection. The lack of quality nachos in town astounds me. Luckily, Coeur d’Alene is only a quick ride away. Cue a gigantic pile of smoked pork shoulder layered with kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, green onion and pickled jalapeños with melty feta and provolone cheese. Gather some jalapeño sour cream for dipping and a doggybag for all the leftovers.

Candy Bar Cheesecake—Outlaw BBQ When you tell people that an out of the way barbecue joint in the Downriver area consistently makes some of the best desserts you’ve ever had, you get some odd looks. With a giant dessert case that changes week to week, Outlaw crafts up huge portions of sweets to feed the whole table that will send your entire group to sweet tooth heaven. I was lucky enough to catch them in a particularly crazy mood as they covered an entire cheesecake with chunks from every candy bar or cookie you can think of. Beef Wellington—Clover Wellington might get a bad wrap (see what I did there?) if you’ve watched any season of Hell’s Kitchen. The puff pastry packed provision is notorious for being difficult to cook. The team at Clover might be up Chef Ramsey’s standards with this Kobe beef tenderloin with cherry-mushroom duxelles wrapped in prosciutto. Add a duck fat mash and charred broccolini, and it easily became one of the best new menu items this fall.



since 1959

Meat Your Maker—Best Sandwich Shack Earlier this year I covered the best cheesesteaks in town. I received an email from the team at Best Sandwich Shack lamenting that they didn’t make the list. Well, here is my formal apology—I finally was able to partake in their out-of-this-world sandwiches and they were the best cheesesteak I’ve had in the Inland Northwest. It was one of my top meals of 2018. Don’t miss this full Italian sausage topped with a 1/2 lb. of thin-sliced steak, onions and sweet peppers, pepperoni, and bacon covered with white american cheese.

Best BBQ There’s a reason people have been coming here since 1959

Specializing in Weddings and Corporate Events

Turkey Pot Pie—Chaps Bakery When you’re consistently touted as the best bakery in town, I guess it’s a no-brainer to try anything with the word pie on the menu. For whatever reason, in all my lunch meetings I’d never ordered one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. Something clicks when the server brings a large bowl full of this thick creamy mix of veg and chunky turkey covered with flaky pastry. It is everything you want out of a pot pie. Perfect for warming up in winter or sitting out under the sun on one of Spokane’s most iconic patios.

509.835.5466 RedLionBBQ.com 126 N Division Happy Hour 11am-6pm JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/top 10 highlights Garlic Green Beans—White House Grill There’s good and then there’s “dear Lord what is happening in my mouth?” If you love garlic, surely you’ve been to the White House Grill in Post Falls. I’m always afraid people may miss the best thing on their menu … because it isn’t a stand-alone entrée. Whatever they do to these green beans has me capable of kidnapping the chef and holding him ransom for a recipe. Order these as your side dish, especially amazing with their popular mixed grill that features Chilean sea bass, tiger prawns and curry chicken.

Follow Kris Kilduff on his Instagram foodie adventures at @chefboyarduff. 134


Surf and Turf—Downriver Grill Every Tuesday, Downriver Grill creates a new steak special that will tickle all of your senses. At $18 I was able to wrap my mouth around an 8 oz. filet mignon with firecracker shrimp, and chive mashed potatoes with a balsamic reduction. Make sure to follow their Instagram or Facebook @downrivergrill to stay up-to-date on the various specials to be plated before you have to commit. A perfect date night without having to sell an arm and a leg.

Thank You, Spokane! Best Neighborhood Restaurant

CHAPSGIRL.COM | 4237 Cheney Spokane Rd, Spokane, WA 99224



by Kris Kilduff

Follow Kris Kilduff on his Instagram foodie adventures @chefboyarduff.

The Lion's Lair

Walking downtown it’s easy to get lost in cookie-cutter bars offering the same drinks and bar top snacks in the same stodgy atmosphere. If you stumble down Riverside and happen upon glowing lights with a large lion logo and the owner's face in the middle, you can quickly turn to Toto and tell him you’re not in Kansas anymore. The Bar: The Lion's Lair has had its share of owners, but no one has given this iconic space the love it deserves. If you haven’t stopped in the once rundown Riverside drinkery, it has new life, new customers and a whole lot of new personality. The space has a handful of high top lounge tables and a roomy upstairs game room with full-size pool table, but if there is room, find your way to the sweeping bar top. Some bars you want to sulk away in a dark corner, enjoy some music, your friends or a quick cocktail before you continue with whatever your night has planned for you. Lion's Lair is not one of them. The shine of this bar is engaging with its eclectic atmosphere and people. The People: Enter Candace Diams. If you aren’t familiar or haven’t been introduced to her, just scan the room for the everchanging bright neon hair and absurdly long acrylic nails. More



than likely, she is your bartender, and she’s worked her whole shift in heels. Her moniker “beastmode Barbie” is a testament that a girl can spend all day switching out beer kegs and manage to not break a nail. Her staff is much like her: highly energetic, hard working and dressed to the nines. They’ll make you your favorite drink, and if given the chance, they are happy to turn you on to something new. The bar is famous for its variety of creative takes on classic cocktails. The Drinks: Lion's Lair has always been home of the “Fast Break,” but Candace and her team have expanded greatly on the concept. With themed drinks for different crowds, there is something for everyone. They have eight taps rotating with domestic and craft varieties. They offer $1 beer nights on Wednesdays, $5 Fridays for any shot or fast break and Mondays are all day happy hour, where bottles, wells and certain foods are discounted. If you’re not sure what sounds good, ask Candace; she always has something fun up her sleeve. You might just end up with a bathtub shaped glass full of a mysterious alcohol mixture and a little floating rubber ducky. The Food: Previously, the bar only offered small bar top snacks, but with recent renovations, a small kitchen was installed in

the basement, allowing an expansion on their offerings. Now you can have your brew with a giant soft pretzel and beer cheese, tater-tot skewers or the already famous chicken and waffle sliders. Perfect late night munchies for an area of downtown that doesn’t have much available for the late night crowd.

Modern American Restaurant & Craft Cocktails

The Extras: Pick a time of year and Lion's Lair has an event. Whether it is one of their monthly Coyote Ugly nights or spending the entire weekend theming the bar and drinks around the popular Hasbro board game Candyland, you’re bound to find something special in the mix. But to be honest, the EXTRA in this cozy little bar is the creativity and spunk of Diams’ Crew. The bar isn’t your dad’s rundown neighborhood tavern, but it’s the place he probably wishes he was at. Lion's Lair 205 W. Riverside Ave. FB @LionsLairSpokane IG @LionsLair

# 1 Spot

for the perfect burger with beef that’s always fresh and not frozen, homemade sauces, and hand-cut fries!

best burger

1625 N Division St JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide


The Dining Guide includes summaries of local restaurants that are featured on a rotating basis each issue. Suggestions for additions or corrections can be sent to stephanie@spokanecda.com.


Vegas with pad Thai. All locations Mon-Thu 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Sat 12-9:30 p.m., Sun 12-9 p.m. Delivery available. thaibamboorestaurant.com. BARBECUE Red Lion BBQ & Pub. For about 20 years, whether it was in the old rhythm and blues, peanut-shells-on-the-floor days, or more recently as a sports bar, there’s always been butt-kickin’ BBQ at this downtown corner spot. The undisputed star here is wine-broiled chicken, spicy and robust, yet falling-off-the-bones moist and tender. Together with the signature fried bread and honey, you have a BBQ experience that can’t help but please. Sun-Thu 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m. (Sunday breakfast buffet 9 a.m.-noon during football season.) 126 N. Division St. (509) 835LION (5466). redlionbbq.com. FINE DINING Park Lodge. Located in Kendall Yards overlooking the Spokane River, Park Lodge is surrounded by natural beauty. The views offer inspiration for creating a unique dining experience of locally inspired comfort food in a fine dining setting. Chef Philip has been cooking for more than 15 years in fine dining establishments in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Paris and Spokane. His philosophy toward food is one of careful consideration—recipes should highlight the ingredients. The dishes at Park Lodge attempt to help others develop the same love and respect he holds for the ingredients we are provided with. 411 N. Nettleton St., Mon.-Thurs. 4-9 p.m., Fri.-Sun. 4-10 p.m., (509) 340-9347, parklodgerestaurant.com.

ASIAN, INDIAN, HAWAIIAN Thai Bamboo. Thai. Each of the four regional Thai Bamboo locations offers a massive Southeast Asian menu in settings designed to transport you across the Pacific. Inside each restaurant you’ll find Thai stone and wood carvings, water fountains, Thai music and the namesake bamboo décor. Thai Bamboo continues to be No. 1 Best Thai in readers’ polls, and both the newest location on North Division and the CdA restaurant feature a Tiki Beach-styled lounge and striking sky ceilings in the main dining rooms. Think 138


Wild Sage Bistro. Tucked into a classic 1911 brick building on Second Ave. and Lincoln St., Wild Sage offers an intimate dining setting and memorable food with real flair. The atmosphere combines class and warmth. Executive chef Charlie Connor presents regionally influenced Northwest cuisine using only the finest locally sourced products. Try the Yukon Taquitos, the Crisp Bacon and Blue salad or the Cioppino. Be sure to finish with a slice of the “Soon-to-be-Famous” Coconut Cream Layer Cake with lilikoi sauce. This award-winning bistro is known for its inhouse bakery and an amazing array of gluten-free options. Also, make it a point to order something from their “scratch bar,” with or without alcohol. They use only fresh juices and house-infused flavored liquors. Dinner seven nights a week, opening at 4 p.m. 916 W. Second Ave. (509) 456-7575. wildsagebistro.com.

Ribbon cuttings by Kris Kilduff

Riverbank Taphouse

100 N. Hayford Rd., #112 Northern Quest adds to the latest bars and restaurants within their casino with 52 taps of beer, ciders and sodas. Share a large pretzel or some spicy popcorn with tabletop gaming to not even miss a beat.

North Hill on Garland

706 W. Garland Ave. North Hill adds to the long line of great priced local eatery/drinkeries in the Garland District. Whether it’s a mimosa using fresh squeezed juice or their version of a Hot Pocket that is loaded with cheeseburger toppings, you’re sure not to miss that loving Garland flair.

Union Tavern

1914 E. Sprague Ave. East Sprague continues its face-lift with new food and drinks in the 111 year old Palmstry Building. Offering burgers, sandwiches and their take on some popular appetizers, it gives the locals a new place to meet up with friends to watch the game over a cold beer.

www.mainsushi.com BEST SUSHI 7 years in a row!

Thank You Spokane!

430 W. Main Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 | 509.838.0630

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm ~ Fri 11am-10pm ~ Sat Noon-9pm ~ Sun Noon-8pm JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide The Wandering Table. Chef Adam Hegsted delights with a variety of small plates (try the Garden for a creative salad take, the Deviled Eggs, or the Popcorn), craft cocktails, a whiskey bar, and other substantial dishes, such as the BaconWrapped Bacon Sliders or the Braised Shortribs. The chef is known for his previous culinary venture of the same name consisting of a twelve-course dinner party. Take his advice and go with the “You Choose the Price” meal option for the table offered at $15-$65 per head for a surprising culinary journey. Hopefully it will include the Olive Oil Gelato for dessert. Open Tues-Thurs, 11:30 a.m.–11:30 p.m., Fri -Sat 11:30 a.m.-1 a.m. Sun-Mon, 4 p.m.11:30 p.m. 1242 W. Summit Pkwy in Kendall Yards. (509) 443-4410. thewanderingtable.com. Masselow's Steakhouse. Named after a strong chief who was instrumental in the survival of the Kalispels, Masselow’s combines the culinary heritage of the tribe with Northwest fine dining. The restaurant features an intimate and lavishly appointed dining room just off the hotel lobby in the new wing of the Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Airway Heights and serves up an Elk Sirloin and Seared Scallops worth the drive. Their chocolate mousse on the dessert menu is also a show stopper. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 100 N. Hayford Rd., Airway Heights. (509) 242-7000. northernquest.com. 1898 Public House. With a nod of respect to the year the golf club was originally established, 1898 Public House combines a storied history with modern flair. Led by Executive chef Tyler Schwenk, their culinary team takes pride in preparing classic foods with a fresh twist, while using the finest ingredients. From hand-pressed gourmet burgers and house-cured bacon, to house-made rolls and charcuterie, dining at 1898 is an exciting culinary tour for your palate. With signature comfort food dishes and unique combinations designed for the more adventurous foodie. Sun-Thurs 4-9 p.m., Fri/Sat 4-10 p.m., happy hour 4-6 p.m. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd. (509) 466-2121. kalispelgolf.com. BREAKFAST & LUNCH SPECIALTIES Chaps. This farmhouse turned restaurant is easy to fall in love with. Celeste Shaw is the genius and passion behind the eclectic restaurant and the from-scratch bakery. Chaps is packed to the rafters for their weekend brunch and does brisk lunch (Tues-Sat) and dinner (Wed-Sat). Try the Blueberry Muffin French Toast, the amazing avocado toast or a Scramble for breakfast, or Apricot and Prune Stuffed Chicken for dinner. Actually, try it all. You can’t go wrong. 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd., chapsgirl.com. Frank’s Diner. Frank’s has become a Spokane



landmark throughout the past decade. Both early 1900s vintage rail cars were originally obtained by the Knight brothers, Frank and Jack, during the Depression, and converted to diners. Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and the don’t-miss hash browns and silver dollar pancakes. Seven days 6 a.m.-8 p.m. 1516 W. Second Ave. (509) 747-8798. 10929 N. Newport Highway, (509) 465-2464. franksdiners.com. Yards Bruncheon. The team at Yards Bruncheon figured out how to extend the weekend to all week by offering brunch everyday, and—oh!— how that pleases us. This modern diner is a combination of breakfast and lunch complimented with classic brunch cocktails. Their menu features comfort food from all over using local farms and producers in the season. This food is food the team loves to eat and is meant to be taken lightly. They make most of their menu items in house including their pastries, which are some of the best around. They also feature some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. 1248 W. Summit Prky., Mon-Sun 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (509) 290-5952. theyardsbruncheon.com CASUAL DINING D. Lish’s Hamburgers is the #1 spot for the perfect burger with beef that’s always fresh and never frozen, homemade sauces, and hand-cut fries. Dreamed up by Dave Lish and his best friend, Curt Goller, and opened in 1998, D. Lish’s Hamburgers has served thousands of burger aficionados in the Inland Northwest and beyond, with the help of Anne Marie, Dave’s wife. Since 2008, Mike Lish stepped up to take Dave’s place and has continued his parents’ legacy of providing a quick, tasty meal at a fair price. 1625 N. Division St., dlishs.com. Gilded Unicorn. The Gilded Unicorn is a modern American, classic restaurant featuring handcrafted foods and drinks, located in the historic Montvale Hotel in downtown Spokane, right in the heart the entertainment and arts district. The restaurant's name reflects its blend of classic and modern without taking itself too seriously. The Gilded Unicorn showcases local, seasonal food and drinks from the Northwest and beyond coerced into new-fashioned flavors that hit you in the soul. This is a “must visit” eatery experience. Sun-Sat 3 p.m-close, 110 S. Monroe St., (509) 3093698. gildedunicorn.com. 315 Martinis and Tapas. Located within the historic Greenbriar Inn in Coeur d’Alene, this

restaurant specializes in small plates with a global focus and well-crafted cocktails. Come sit in the intimate martini bar for happy hour beginning at 3:15 p.m. and enjoy drink and tapas specials, or share small plates or entrees along with live music on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights in the main dining room beginning at 6 p.m. Expect good service, great atmosphere and an experience you won’t soon forget. Tues-Sun from 3:15 p.m. to close. 315 Wallace Ave. in Coeur d’Alene. (208) 667-9660. 315martinisandtapas.com. PUB AND LOUNGE FARE The Onion Taphouse & Grill. Established in 1978, the Onion is the grand dean of gourmet burgers and casual family dining in Spokane. With the addition of Area 51 Taphouse (with, yes, 51 different beers—and some hard ciders, too), you’ll never want to leave. From gourmet burgers and sandwiches to pizza, salads and their namesake beer-battered onion rings, The Onion Taphouse & Grill pays attention to details and does more from scratch than many other restaurants aspiring to loftier appellations. 302 W. Riverside. Sun-Thurs 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Mon-Sun 11 a.m.-11 p.m. 7522 N. Division. (509) 747-3852. The Swinging Doors. Opened in May of 1981, the tavern-turned-restaurant has been in the same family for its whole life. With 27 beers on tap and 60 television screens, The Swinging Doors is a sports fan’s paradise. On the food front, the restaurant is famous for its large portions (which can be split). Breakfast is served all day and the huge pieces of Broasted Chicken remain the most popular item on the golf-themed menu. Show up on your birthday for a free steak dinner. Open seven days a week from 6:45 a.m.-2 a.m. 1018 W. Francis Ave. (509) 326-6794. theswingingdoors.com. OTHER Rancho Viejo. Jose Rodriguez and his staff offer up traditional and familiar Mexican fare with some of the amplest portions and most caring family-friendly service in Spokane. 14201 E. Sprague, (509) 927-8428, rancho-viejo.net. Sushi.com. We still think the name is about as cheesy as you can get for a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant, but the food transcends the curious .com label over the door. Sit at the sushi bar and enjoy what’s fresh or take a table and explore the menu that also includes plenty of excellent hot options if raw fish still makes you nervous. Some of our favorites are the super white tuna and the house tempura. Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Sat 12 noon-9 p.m., Sun 12 noon-8 p.m. 430 W. Main Ave. (509) 838-0630.

Loft at the flour mill

Chateau rive at the flour mill

621 W Mallon Ave / 509-638-9654

621 W Mallon Ave / 509-795-2030

BozziVenues Most Bozzi venues catered by Delectable Catering, our wonderful in-house catering company. If you are looking to book any kind of event, contact us first. If none of our venues fit, we can find one that does. We do all the work! 509.533.5350 | bozzimedia.com | sales@bozzimedia.com



photo by James & Kathy Mangis




This New Year, like the dozens that came before it, will no doubt be dictated by time-consuming and tasteless diet fads, spendy weight loss gimmicks, magical new supplements that drain your wallet, and trendy As-Seen-On-TV health toys. But, when it comes to looking, feeling and performing like an optimized human being, it’s the lowhanging free fruit that moves the dial the most. Start with five simple steps that keep the human battery charged every day: do something that makes you cold (such as a two to five minute cold shower); get outside in the sunlight (preferably in the morning) for at least 20 minutes a day; take off your shoes or figure out any other method to be in touch with the planet Earth (or rocks, or trees) for just a few minutes each day; drink pure, clean water as close to the source as possible; and consume a diet rich in a full spectrum of minerals. Your entire body and your daily energy is all dependent on electrochemistry of your cells; and cold, sun, earthing/grounding, water and minerals are all inexpensive and simple methods to keep your cells charged. What I know about diets Diets suck. Most diets apply a one-size-fits-all approach that paints an entire population with a broad nutritional brush without considering genetics, personal health history, nutrient, vitamin and mineral holes that need to be addressed and, as you have just learned, biochemical individuality. To optimize the flow of energy through your body, doesn’t it seem logical to account for the type of gas you put in the tank and to not pump unleaded fuel into a diesel engine? Based on the concept of biochemical individuality, the diet that works for one person leaves another person completely stripped of the ability to tap into their life force because it causes food intolerances, brain fog, bloating and other chronic food-related problems. What I know about resolutions and habits In his book Willpower Isn’t The Way, my friend Benjamin Hardy sums up why you can’t simply will your way into your New Year’s Resolutions. To radically change your habits, you must instead radically change your environment. Your environment is either pulling you forward toward your goals or pushing you against them. If you’re serious about losing weight, don’t force yourself to use willpower to not eat the junk foods you don’t want to eat. Remove them from your home and replace them healthy snacks like cauliflower rice, celery sticks, blueberries, macadamia nuts and guacamole. You must outsource willpower to your environment.

What I know about the current infatuation with health and living “as long as possible” I do not believe that immortality for the sake of simply living longer is a noble pursuit, nor do I believe that we are capable of attaining a perfect body and brain. I do not believe that a vain grasping at straws to hang on to every last shred of life, especially when driven by a fear of death, is a healthy way to live. I have witnessed many colleagues, friends and anti-aging industry leaders spend too much of their precious time biohacking their bodies to live longer while simultaneously sacrificing time with their family and friends, a robust spiritual practice, or subtle enjoyments in life such as learning to play the harmonica or taking a break from their infrared headset and handful of mitochondrial-support pills to go create a beautiful watercolor painting or spend time gardening with their children. I am a Christian—and therefore I believe in a natural cycle of birth and death, followed by an ultimate resurrection of our bodies into a state of heavenly glory unlike anything we would ever be able to accomplish here on earth. I also believe that each and every person, including you, was born with a unique purpose, set of skills and calling in life, and that to achieve that purpose to the very best of your ability, you must equip yourself with a sound body and mind, and take steps to ensure you don’t come down with cancer when you are 50 or have a heart attack when you are 60 or lose your memory when you are 70 because you made poor decisions about your health earlier in life. In other words, the longer you are around on this planet, the better able you are to fulfill your purpose in life, whether that be inspiring others to greatness, discovering the cure for cancer, making beautiful art or writing books that delight children around the world. I believe that God has surrounded us with wonders and mysteries in both the natural world and the scientific domains that do indeed allow us to engage in better living via a marriage of ancestral wisdom and modern science, and that to ignore our ability to “garden” the planet, to forage and to create new tinctures, capsules, oils, devices, machines and techniques for allowing us to live healthier and longer is to neglect a big part of what it means to be an intelligent human being who is far different from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is to neglect our unique ability to explore, to invent and, ultimately, to create.




57 33 70 103 57 113 91 115 57 7 77 41 47 107 16 21 117 102 135 105 58 63 9 70 137 93 4-5 94 59 111 120 103 65 121 118 93 68 69 137 145 47


BC 58 13 48 106 27 49 70 75 77 51 2 118 18 101 101 46 121 111 25 34 89 23 71 97 37 85 99 65 70 55 14-15 83 52 63 55 99 129 133 79 119



WHY WE LIVE HERE: Submitted by Mikayla Hoffman







Jukebox Jive & Wail by Doug Clark

The good news is that the Clark family

jukebox has entered the New Year refreshed, restored and reconstituted. It’s all thanks to Larry Reasor, my friend and one of the planet’s last jukebox repairmen. But we’ll get back to Larry in a moment. As for the bad news? Well, let the 20-something worker who rented me a U-Haul tell you in his own words: “What’s a jukebox?” True dat. The young man asked why I needed the truck and then had no clue when I tried to explain. Staring into the clear blank eyes of youth made me feel older than a museum coprolite. I don’t want to sound like the clichéd geezer in a bad sitcom, but IT’S TIME YOU KIDS CLEANED THE WAX OUTTA YOUR EARBUDS!! Allow me to explain the wonders of these glassy chrome silos called jukeboxes. And I don’t mean modern jukes that play music via Bluetooth, the internet or even CDs. I’m talking about vintage machines that have amplifiers powered by electronic tubes. Machines that spin vinyl 45 (RPM) records on turntables for quarters and dimes. Why, there was a time, my children, when every malt shop, beanery and juke joint (get it?) had at least one. And the hipsters of the day would sacrifice their spare change to these coin-fed gods and then dance and rave on and…. Aw, screw it. Why bother? Millennials don’t read anymore, anyway. I found my jukebox one night in 1994 while driving east on Sprague. Like Hank Williams, I saw the light—emanating soft hues of green, yellow and red through the front window of a collectibles shop. I got out, pressed my nose to the thick pane and stared into the closed store. There it was: a Seeburg JL100, circa 1955—the same year



Elvis bought his first pink Cadillac, inked his name on a contract with RCA and recorded “Heartbreak Hotel.” “Well, since my baby left me, “I found a new place to dwell…” Next day I begged shop owner Benny Sedore to please, please hold it while I divested myself of some previously prized possessions and dipped into my savings. He agreed and a week later, the 300-pound music maker was mine. There was just one catch. “So, um, where do you want me to put it?” asked Sedore when he hauled the jukebox to my home. Mmm. Hadn’t thought of that. So I made a tactical decision. I slid my lovely wife, Sherry’s, cedar hope chest into the dining room from its place in the foyer, creating a center stage venue for the Seeburg. “You sure about this?” Sedore added in the same tone combat soldiers use before wading into battle. Sherry arrived an hour later. It’s times like this when you realize what a gracious person you have as a partner. She gazed at the jukebox, now facing the full view of our glass front door. “That’s interesting,” she said, and started laughing. And there it remained as the family’s offbeat centerpiece. I filled the Seeburg with 50 records (1955-1965) as suggested by readers of my newspaper column. Many of the brightest stars of that era were represented: Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys and even The Beatles. When my daughter, Emily, turned 16, I put in every “Sweet Sixteen” and birthdayrelated 45 I could find. On the big day, I played them all to her happy surprise. “Na-na na-na nah… “I hear it’s your birthday, “Na-na na-na nah… “It’s my birthday too, yeah.” Post Thanksgiving, we’d stock our jukebox with Christmas tunes and “Jingle Bell Rock” the holiday season away. Fortunately, 45 classics are still being reproduced to satisfy the needs of the country’s many jukebox owners. After my son’s band got a record deal,

Ben had the label press some 45s of their single so dad could stick one in the jukebox. Out went Jerry Lee Lewis. In went The Lashes. Oh, what fun we had. But time is the destroyer of all things, Seeburg Selectomatics included. In short, the jukebox stopped spinning the wax and started waxing a chugging death rattle. We knew it was serious when the moneymaker would no longer swallow coins. Something drastic had to be done. Fact: There are more active astronauts than humans who know their way around the insides of a vintage jukebox. Try to find one. I dare you. I made phone calls. I searched low. I searched high. One well-intentioned gentleman gave it a go, but was too infirmed to fix everything that was wrong. Years dragged by. The Clark Family jukebox stayed in place as a giant nightlight. Sad. Then someone mentioned that I should try to get ahold of Larry Reasor, the wizard who restored and repaired jukeboxes for Sedore way back when I bought the beast. Well, that came as a shocker. Some boob years ago had told me that Larry had joined Big Bopper in that Rockola in the Sky. “But I thought you were DEAD!!” I said after I tracked down Reasor’s number and I called him. Fortunately for me, the man has a stellar sense of humor. He assured me that, yes, he was still very much among the living. So the deal was made. If I would bring him my Seeburg, he would work his magic. Such a talented soul. Originally from Oregon, Reasor, who turns 81 this month, has repaired and restored old cars, player pianos, collectible toys, vintage advertising, clocks and radios. Not to mention jukeboxes of various years, models and makes. And he did it all with no formal training. Reasor’s like a gifted self-taught musician. Blessed with a mechanical mind and voracious curiosity, he has an uncanny ability to figure out how things work. “If I find something interesting,” he told me, “I’ll want to find out everything about

it.” His love of jukeboxes dates back to the 1970s. A friend brought him a box filled with odd-looking parts and a question: “Can you put this back together?” Reasor examined the tangle and responded with a question of his own: “What is it?” It was a highly prized old Seeburg “trashcan” jukebox, which, when complete, looks like R2D2’s grandpa. Reasor found it interesting and through trial and error put it back to working order. Which led to another jukebox project, and another and … His wonderful wife, Caroline, ran the business side of their enterprise, handling the paperwork, billing and moral support. “I love these old machines,” Reasor said. “There’s nothing like them.” Reasor went to work on my Seeburg, every now and then texting me entertaining messages about his progress, such as: “Coin mech done. Parts repaired. Lock replaced. Smooth operation.” Or: “All parts are done and I’m doing the last bit on the case. The front screen need cleaning and, as they say, ‘the devil is in the details.’” So on a recent chilly Wednesday, my brawny amigo, Scott Cooper, joined me as I drove the rented hauler to the Reasor home and garage workshop in North Idaho. And there it stood, glowing and gleaming at me in near-showroom condition. “You’re a master,” I told Reasor and wrote him a well-deserved check for his labors. Then we secured the Clark Family jukebox in the bowels of the truck and headed back to ol’ Spokanistan with a song in our hearts. Doug Clark is a Spokane native and lead singer/songwriter for his band, Trailer Park Girls. He recently retired from The Spokesman-Review after writing three columns a week for more than 30 years. Clark’s humor and general-interest commentaries have won scores of local, state and regional honors along with three awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He can be reached at dougclarksville@gmail.com. JANUARY 2019 / BOZZIMEDIA.com


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