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Body Work A-List The “Body Work” A-Lists are the first in a series of lists of businesses who receive high accolades via social sharing and Yelp rankings, coupled with editorial discretion. We celebrate the 50 top chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists according to Yelp in this issue.

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Fun in the Sun Fashion We turned to our friends at LoLo Boutique and Urbanna Salon to help us find our way to stunning summertime looks with a free and flirtatious flair ... and they helped us hit the jackpot.

Body Work A-List

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Summer Fun

JUNE 2018 / issue 151 / spokanecda.com

As we soak in the sunshine and fill our lives with summertime adventures, we share our Summer Playbook of ideas worth including in your plans. You’ll find several features throughout full of events, adventures, road trips, stay-cations and so much more. Cheers to warm weather and time with family and friends.

on the cover

r Summe

This month’s cover is in honor of the magical


season of summer and


all of the adventure, relaxation and lake MEET OUR A-LIST OF CHIROPRACTORS, PHYSICAL & MASSAGE THERAPISTS #151 | JUNE 2018

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time it provides. Cheers in the City


to Fun in the Sun!

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Editor’s Letter Stephanie’s Thoughts


First Look and Buzz Food Truck Fridays Lilacs & Lemons 5 Restaurant View Patios Person’s of the Year Artist’s Eye Spokane Rising Road Trip: Lakedale Resort Lead Spokane Good Deeds #PulseSpokane Photo Pics


The Scene Regional Vintage Shows The Spokane River Book Angela Marie Project Darrell Sullens & Sami Perry Summer Fashion


Datebook A Few of our Editor’s Favorite Upcoming Events (expanded list of community events on bozzimedia.com)


Hot Topic Sojourn in the City


Summer Fun


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The Nest Mason Jar Bouquet Eclectic Farmhouse Gardening Tips


Body Work Our A-List of Chiropractors Physical Therapists & Massage Therapists


Local Prime 3 Over 50 Garage Saling Senior Dog Photos Men’s Heart Health Alzheimer’s Disease


Local Cuisine Feasting At Home Favorite Ice Cream Ribbon Cuttings DINING GUIDE


Mic Drop: Charlie Brewer


Clarksville: Feathered Friends

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR/what you had to say

And the Trees Bud Again Stephanie, since the first time I met you I felt a connection! When working with you and reading your magazine, the first article I would read was the editor’s letter because there was a personal story intertwined in the words written on the page. You’ve always been amazing and the kind of woman I like to surround myself with. This story let’s me know you so much better. Thank you for sharing your heartache and how we can still live after such profound grief. —Deb Smith

To the Boys and the Mothers they Razz Dear Ms. Regalado, The purpose of this email is to applaud you for writing “To the Boys and the Mothers they Razz,” to lightheartedly highlight the amazing experiences with your son, “ManCub,” (which is so adorable) and to acknowledge the young men that died by suicide. When I met Jim McNeiece at the Beyond Pink event, I could not believe he worked for you. I told him that I loved the article, and I was interested in speaking with you. He suggested that I reach out. I was very touched because so much attention regarding young men is negative, and to have you write a whole article about the joy and delight you experience with your son, I was very moved, so thank you. I have been a certified relationship coach for the last seven years with my own business, and now a licensed mental health counselor, who has worked for an agency, primarily with 16 to 24-year-old males. In my experience, sadly, I have seen that these wonderful young men often feel devalued and insignificant in society, whether they are rich or poor. Additionally, I have noticed a disturbing trend that depression and suicide has increased among this group. Consequently, in my opinion, any exposure to bring awareness to the plight of these young gentlemen is needed and appreciated. Thank you for loving your ManCub, and honoring the young men that tragically lost their lives. —Karen Bontrager

Disappointing Pro-Choice Tone Dear Stephanie, I enjoy reading your magazine, and appreciate the inclusive, uplifting tone of the articles. That’s why the tone of the May issue book review section “LilacLit” was so disappointing. Spe-


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

cifically, Sharma Shields’ ardently pro-choice comments inspired by the novel Red Clocks (a book which imagines a federal abortion ban) read more like a one-sided call to political action. Ms. Shields broadened her book review to describe “disturbing” moves to restrict abortions after 15 weeks, and the nomination of a “flagrant pro-lifer” for a federal judgeship. “Don’t wait for it to happen,” Ms. Shields urged. “We have to fight now.” I know that many people support her passionately held position, and in general I would not want to stop anyone from freely expressing their opinion. At the same time, just under half of Americans identify themselves as pro-life (46 percent: Gallup poll, May 2017). I don’t believe that holding a pro-life position is unreasonable, archaic, or motivated by negative emotions. In my experience here in Spokane, it is motivated by feelings of love and wonder. Perhaps the article felt especially harsh because I had suffered a late miscarriage at 20 weeks back in February. Our son was delivered with no heartbeat, and measured at about 18 weeks gestation. He was a small, perfectly formed baby. It was heartbreaking, and for sure I was reading those comments (“flagrant” in particular being an adjective with strong negative connotations) with him in mind. Elsewhere in the May magazine your contributors wrote beautifully about co-existing with less divisiveness and vitriol (Talking Points), and about finding common ground and understanding with different people (Perspective is Everything). In contrast, the “LilacLit” article felt very partisan and sadly discordant. (P.S. Stephanie, your Editor’s Letter page is always wonderful … last month’s was especially moving. I am so sorry for your loss.) —Eleanor Baumgartner Eleanor, thank you for reminding me of my own rules of providing a safe, beautiful space to highlight and celebrate all that is good in our community. I want our readers and this community to feel respected and heard … and I truly believe we need to find our way together—which will never be accomplished by broadening, or contributing to, the divide. I’m sending you the most tenderhearted thoughts and love in honor of your sweet angel baby, and your grace-filled spirit. May we all strive to spread love and light like you have done here.


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EDITOR LETTER/a note from Stephanie

One Bridge, Two Heroes, Thousands Inspired


n May 5, my 17-year-old son, ManCub, nightcapped with friends at Hotel RL after the North Central High School senior prom. His dad, Joe, called me at 2:30 a.m. to verify Christopher’s pick up location because he couldn’t find him at the (other) Red Lion, and Christopher wasn’t answering his phone after a text about a half hour before stating he had heard someone call for help and was going to the bridge to check it out. Joe and I stayed on the phone until he made it to Hotel RL and, again, couldn’t find our son anywhere obvious. We hung up our phone call so Joe could hustle around the hotel property, trying to locate Christopher while dialing his number over and over. I reminded myself he was a big kid, a smart kid and that he was going to be okay. Fortunately, Christopher and Joe connected about 20 minutes later. We were stunned to hear what had happened in the space of time he was missing: Christopher “knew” he had a second to decide to go toward the cry for help or to turn away and head toward the meeting place with his dad, but before he could decide, he found himself running toward the bridge. He began to see the outline of a person perched up on the third of four railing bars with her body leaning over the top, looking down toward the raging river. She wouldn’t acknowledge his presence through a fencing barrier, so he leapt over the concrete barrier alongside the roadway. He used a calm voice and asked her what was happening. He was terrified he “would have to watch her leap off the bridge,” but he pushed closer, hoping to get close enough to catch her feet if she went over. Eventually, she looked back at him with a “terrifying look in her eyes.” And he asked her how he could help. She shared stories of years of abuse and a father who abandoned her. Christopher listened, validating her state of being by saying he couldn’t imagine such horrible things happening to him and although he hadn’t experienced anything like that—or knew the pain the way she was feeling it—he could understand why she would want all that pain to go away. And he didn’t judge her for feeling hopeless. She stepped down off of the railing, sharing she didn’t trust men and would attack them if they approached her. Christopher thanked her for not attacking him, which made her smile. He shared a little bit about himself so she could feel like he wasn’t “some stranger she had no connection to.” She couldn’t believe he was only 17 and still in high school. Or that he had been celebrating his senior prom that night (he was still in his tux). He said he wished he could comprehend the pain she was feeling, but there was no way he could. And he knew that she had a special opportunity to help others who feel the way she does because she truly understands it. And if she chooses to live, she could help other people choose to live, as well. He went to give her a hug and then apologized because he remembered she was apprehensive around men. She said it was okay and gave him a “pretty big hug.” He had his hand on the top railing as they were saying goodbye. He made her promise she would always remember a stranger could see how strong she is, he made her promise she would always choose to live. Soon afterward, they walked off the bridge together and as she 14

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

walked on, Christopher crossed the street to go back to the hotel to meet his dad. When I asked if he knew how proud I was, and why I was emotional about his experience, he said: “Not really. I mean, if you hear someone calling out for help, you can’t turn away from that.” Indeed. As someone shared after hearing the story: it took two heroes to work through those moments that night. We agree, and our family sends continuous thoughts to the young woman. After sharing this story on Facebook, we received messages from people who had considered suicide and who struggle with depression. They wanted Christopher to know what it meant to know someone cares, that someone would reach out to a stranger and ask them to choose to live. We’ve received messages from those who have lost loved ones to suicide, as well. They wanted Christopher to know how much it meant to them to know he prevented the traumatic loss they had to live with (I’m included in this group, having tragically lost a teenage brother to suicide). They wished their loved ones would have had a Christopher to step into their final moments and potentially alter them. We continue to see and feel the magnitude of his actions and their ripple effect of positivity, awareness, hope and change. May we all behold a little ManCub in each of us. To my amazing son, to the brave young woman, and to a community who cares,

Stephanie Regalado stephanie@spokanecda.com


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018



ack by popular demand, Downtown Spokane is shutting down Wall Street on Fridays in June, July, August and September to bring you Food Truck Fridays. Starting the First Friday in June, Wall Street will close from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. weekly to host four to six members of the Greater Spokane Food Truck Association. With a wider variety of trucks this year, downtown workers, residents and visitors are invited to a break for great food, entertainment and company. Appearances by: Brain Freeze Creamery, Compass Breakfast Wagon, Couple of Chefs, Crate, D. Lish’s, King of Tacos, Mac Daddy’s, Mangia, Meat BBQ, Mixed Plate, One Night Stand BBQ, Skewers, Tacos Camargo and




Toby’s BBQ. As Downtown Spokane’s revitalization continues, the Downtown Spokane Partnership and Business Improvement District strive to promote the heart of our city and keep building the synergy and momentum surrounding it. “Ever since the redevelopment of Wall Street in 2016, we’ve been working to find activities that bring a sense of community to the festival Street,” says Elisabeth Hooker, marketing and programming manager for downtown. “Last year’s event was an experiment that took off and we’re excited to bring it back again in partnership with the Greater Spokane Food Truck Association, as well as explore other opportunities for Wall.” For a weekly schedule of trucks, visit greaterspokanefoodtrucks.com.












FIRST LOOK/lilacs & lemons {bad}


{good out of bad}

lilacslemons by Vincent Bozzi

LEMONS to the city for the heavy handed treatment of Elkfest, the free music festival in Browne’s Addition. Our city doesn’t deserve to attract the corporate headquarters of even a small business, let alone a behemoth like Amazon, if we don’t start embracing the idea that businesses want to attract a demographic comprised of young, educated, urban people who dig living in a cool city. Spokane should be SPONSORING events like this rather than trying to price them out of the market. LILACS to the Skippers on

North Monroe for giving a free dinner to the construction workers on the Monroe Street project. Skippers was opposed to the project from the outset but hasn’t let that stop them from being good neighbors to the very crew they feel is disrupting their business. I believe the remodel will be a boon to the street, but I know many businesses don’t have the luxury of seeing if they can make it or break it during a down year. We salute those who are finding ways to patronize those businesses during these hard times.

LEMONS to the Not-In-My-Backyard crowd on South Perry that opposed turning a decrepit looking former auto repair shack into a restaurant for fear that it will increase the traffic to the neighborhood. We’re talking about a building that is an utter vacant eyesore being turned into a delightful coffee shop for Vessel Roasters. Luckily, cool heads prevailed, and Rob Brewster, the developer, was allowed to go ahead with it, but not without experiencing needless delays and grief.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

LILACS to the new baby! The bears

on the Great PNW billboard who were caught in an act of congress for a few hours a month ago are now depicted on the same billboard with a delightful little bear baby. LILACS, also, to a very real, lovely baby girl for our art director, Kristi Soto, who managed to get this issue out on time while working from home. Bravo!

LEMONS to the city of Spokane for doing

NOTHING to clean up the burned up hulk on east Wellesley in Hillyard, once the Mansion House nursing home. After six months, this asbestosriddled deathtrap and eyesore should have been demolished expediently, with the bill sent to the owner. Some in Hillyard insist that in more affluent parts of town, this would have been taken care of immediately. We wonder the same ourselves.

LILACS to the gracious lady who witnessed a guy and his daughter trying to buy food at the valley Winco and trying to pay by credit card, which they don’t allow. She put their groceries on her debit card and left before they could even thank her properly. How wonderful that Spokane has so many giving people. LEMONS to those who won’t leave

voice mails. Apparently many now think voice messages are a hassle and rather than leaving one they figure you’ll just call them back. Some of us won’t return a call unless we recognize the number, as it may be a crank call or a solicitor. It’s great being able to scan the auto-texted message to decide whether it’s worth attending to. Hang up without leaving a message and the call will likely go unheeded.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


spokane views rising FIRST LOOK/patio


Restaurants with Big Views from the Patio

by Kimberly Gunning

The umbrellas have been drawn and tables and chairs arranged on patios all across the Inland Northwest. For those of us who count down the days ’til winter’s end, this—THIS—is what we’ve been waiting for. Patio dining is about more than just enjoying your favorite dish and a cold one with friends— it’s an event. It’s an opportunity to sit back and relax in the warmth of the sun and enjoy the cool breeze and the nature that surrounds us. What better way to dine out than outdoors? In the Inland Northwest, we’re blessed with city skylines, views of natural waters and even luscious green landscapes to choose from for patio dining excursions. Spokane and Coeur d’Alene’s local restaurants excel at choosing picturesque placements. Though it’s difficult to leave several of my favorites off of this list—including Chaps, Clover and Luna, which have the quaintest patio dining spaces around—this one is about the views. And at these five spots, you’ve got all that you could ask for. Central Food Among Kendall Yards’ patio perches, Central Food has enticing dishes to pair with a spectacular view of downtown Spokane. The city view is unbeatable, and the menu includes entrées that can become favorites by meat-lovers, vegetarians and gluten-free seekers alike—think, Lamb Tagine, PNW Lentil Bowl and Smoked Pork Shoulder 22

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Hash. And while one can easily plan a fancy dinner date to Central Food, the casually dressed passerby fits in just fine, too. 1335 W. Summit Pkwy.

Crafted Tap House and Kitchen Following a mountain hike, a trail run, a day on the lake or working in the yard, there’s

just nothing better than a frosty beer on the patio of Crafted Tap House and Kitchen. This Coeur d’Alene establishment offers the ideal patio from which to admire and observe the city’s main downtown stretch. And when the weather’s nice, the garage-doorstyle walls open to connect the indoor dining space. There are 90 beers on tap to choose from, and the food menu offers sophisticated yet casual dishes. 523 Sherman Ave., Coeur d’Alene

Clinkerdagger Just before the Spokane River’s waters meet the falls, Clinkerdagger’s outdoor dining patio sits above with stunning views of down below. The steakhouse’s panorama showcases some of the best of Spokane and its kitchen dishes upscale, mouthwatering cuts of steak and fresh seafood. It’s the favorite by many for special occasions, and the chance to dine on the patio is one to relish all the more. 621 Mallon Ave.

Tony’s on the Lake Find your seat on this expansive patio from which to sip a glass of wine and enjoy the scenic views of Coeur d’Alene Lake. This family owned, authentic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to watch the sunset while indulging in your favorite pasta dish. 6823 Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive, Coeur d’Alene

1898 Public House at Kalispel Golf and Country Club Head to the north end of Spokane for a round of 18 holes on beautifully manicured greens, and then drop into 1898 Public House for locally sourced cuisine. Even if you skip the tee time, these lush landscape views from the patio dining space will give you the dose of nature you’re craving, alongside delicious dishes like the Southwest Bison Burger and Seafood Gratinee. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd.

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JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


FIRST LOOK/armed forces

Armed Forces Persons of the Year & First Responders Recognized During Let Freedom Ring Event THIS YEAR MARKED THE 62ND anniversary of Let Freedom Ring, celebrating our nation’s military and first responders through a special awards program that honors local active duty, guard and reserve, members of the armed forces, and first responders. The Spokane region recognized Armed Forces Persons of the Year and First Responders at the annual Let Freedom Ring event organized by Greater Spokane Incorporated, in partnership with the Spokane Lilac Festival. Nominations were solicited from each branch of our armed services. Candidates were interviewed by a group

of volunteer judges. Selectees were awarded based on the criteria of: responsibilities and accomplishments, appearance, poise and courtesy, leadership qualities, education and training, decorations, awards and honors, and community involvement and civic activities. We celebrate and solute each of them!

This year’s award-winning selectees in each category are:


Guard/Reserve Category Senior Enlisted (E7-E9) Master Sergeant Andrew Dittman—WA Air National Guard

Active Duty Category Junior Enlisted (E1-E4) Airman First Class Arthur A Kidd—United States Air Force

Active Duty Category Senior Enlisted (E7-E9) Master Sergeant Shane Poole—United States Air Force

Guard/Reserve Category Junior Enlisted (E1-E4) Senior Airman Caroline E Belch—WA Air National Guard

Guard/Reserve Category Mid-Grade Enlisted (E5-E6) Staff Sergeant Angela L Brown—WA Air National Guard

Active Duty Category Mid-Grade Enlisted (E5-E6) Petty Officer Second Class Kristiana Constantino—United States Navy

First Responders: Officer Ben Brown-Bieber—Spokane Police Department

First Responder: Firefighter Gabe Mills—Spokane Fire Department

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018


July 27 6pm–11pm


| 2426 N. Discovery Place | Spokane Valley

Dance under the stars at Spokane's premier bash of the Summer... Enjoy nibbles and drinks samplings from the areas vast array of culinary and beverage aficionados, live music, dancing, games, food trucks, costume contest, artisan vendors, and so many other fun and wonderful surprises!

$35 'Made in the Shade' GA:

includes food and beverage samples from the areas finest restaurants, breweries & wineries, 2 live bands outdoor stage, costume contest, DJ's, food trucks, full service cash bars, artisan midway, games, face artistry, photo booth, classic cars & a whole lot more!

$65 'Classy Chassis' VIP:

Includes all of the above PLUS access to exclusive VIP outdoor lounge with catered appetizers, beer & wine, paparazzi photo opp, a commemorative glass & SWAG bag (to the first 100)!


Questions? Contact us 509.533.5350 | bozzimedia.com


JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


spokane eyerising FIRST LOOK/artist

Boot’s Bakery


by Megan Perkins

Patio season is finally here and Boot’s Bakery has a fabulous one with its red chairs and prime people watching opportunities on Main Street. Boot’s is the creation of Alison Collins and is a delightful place on Main Street that showcases coffee, pastries, cocktails and a delicious deli case. Besides the food, it is well worth a visit simply to see the beautiful murals, paintings and wall displays behind its turquoise frontage. I love the display of mirrors by the entrance and the way the light came into the room from the big picture windows. Gorgeous.

Artist’s Eye is the adventure of Megan Perkins as she explores our region through painting and sketching what makes Spokane unique. Follow her adventures on Instagram @artistseyeonspokane, Facebook and meganperkinsarts.com.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018





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FIRST LOOK/spokane rising


by Anthony Gill

PARKING, TRANSPORTATION AND HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN I’ll admit, I was a little bit bemused when the City of Spokane launched a comprehensive study of the parking experience downtown. Do we really need another opportunity for civic curmudgeons to bemoan their inability to park in front of Pottery Barn on a busy Friday evening? But it is true that as our city grows and changes, parking increasingly takes up valuable land that could grow our economy, provide valuable public space and add new middle-income housing. In order to capture this opportunity, we’ll need to think more strategically and systemically about how we use our space downtown. First, and most crucially, parking isn’t really the issue. Transportation is. In our current system, if too many people drive to a particular place, traffic congestion might begin to clog the roads as users flock to popular routes. Parking will be extremely limited at the destination. As demand begins to outstrip supply, its cost will dramatically increase, and many people will start accepting a longer walk in order to avoid these high rates. While it might be tempting (and easy!) to adopt Uber’s “surge pricing” model and charge more for parking to reduce demand, this probably wouldn’t be a great experience for people.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Fortunately, there are other ways to reduce demand for space. Because our transit system routes many buses through downtown, we are uniquely suited to use mass transportation as a possible cure for any problems we find with downtown’s parking situation. We can promote carpooling, incentivize employers to provide subsidized bus passes, and even subtly nudge housing developers to include transit passes in a month’s rent. We can finish our incomplete network of bike lanes and greenways, and ensure our sidewalks are in good condition. More fundamentally, however, we should consider people––and our desired outcomes––first. How do we want downtown to feel? Who do we want it to connect? Where do we want people to be? What do we want them to do? Do we want it to be a place of lively, energetic activity, a “living room” for the community? A place where people can connect and collaborate? What do we need to do to accomplish that? Does further parking investment fit in with that vision? By flipping the premise, we can envision a world unencumbered by its current limitations, and dare to dream boldly. And critically we can better center the needs of all users at the core of our conversations. My take? The best public places encourage face-to-face connection, are hassle- and confusion-free, and are experienced largely on foot. Think NYC’s High Line or our own Centennial Trail. These spaces invite spontaneous interaction, and allow for creative expression––all without a car in sight. Ultimately, if we want downtown, and Spokane as a whole, to be a place for people, then we need to dispense with the notion that a car––and the sea of parking that comes along with it––is the only way to get there. Anthony Gill is an economic development professional and the founder of Spokane Rising, an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live.

FIRST LOOK/family road trip


by Stephanie Regalado

Family Road Trip:

Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes

The Adventure Kids and I zipped off to Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes on San Juan Island for spring break in early April and had a blast in spite of incessant rain. Operations director Richard Pitchford and his team were the consummate hosts, and I would encourage any family considering a road trip to visit Lakedale.

6 Hour Drive, One Hour Ferry Ride: Worth Every Minute

a bouquet of boutiques, stop for a café lunch or enjoy a fresh seafood dinner overlooking the harbor. Plenty to sip and nibble on with a happy heart (ideas listed below). The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park Romping Around the Resort is 20-acre “outdoor museum” located in a The resort is surrounded by 82 scenic acres, providing a range of outdoor activities including microcosm of the San Juan ecology: forests, hiking and nature-watching (there are no aggressive creatures on the island). The three fresh meadows, freshwater wetlands, saltwater spring water lakes are perfect for swimming, as well as canoeing and paddle and row boating. wetlands and rocky outcroppings. Five trails Organized activities for the entire family (including making tie-dye shirts, a Lakedale tradithroughout the reserve are interspersed with tion), a giant chess set, ping pong games, bocce ball, horseshoes and bird watching will keep interpretative displays about nature and a royou and your kiddos entranced. There’s fishing for wide-mouth bass and trout in their welltating exhibit of over 125 sculptures, creating stocked lakes (Lakedale fishing permit required), you can learn how to paddle board, paint a touchable museum for all ages. your own birdhouses, create crazy jewelry and take a campfire cooking class. The Whale Trail is a series of sites where the public may view orcas, Resort Accommodations other cetaceans and maFrom tent-camping spaces to lake-front canvas glamping cabEach Log Cabin offers a fire ring rine mammals from shore. ins and yurts—with private hot tubs and a king sized bed—to perfect for grilling and toasting marsh- Its mission is to inspire spacious cabins and an adults-only lodge, the accommodations fit mallows. The Log Cabin kitchen is fully appreciation and stewardany lifestyle requirement you desire while providing the quintes- stocked with cookware and cutlery. ship of whales and the sential summer family adventure. We made a log cabin our home Bring your favorite ingredients with you marine environment by for a magical three days. The pet friendly cabins offer groups of or stop by King’s Grocery once you are establishing a network of up to six some extra space to stretch out and relax on their island on the island. Because I’m a “travel on viewing sites along the a shoestring budget” kind of mom, we whales’ trails along the vacation. stopped at Grocery Outlet in Mt. Vernon Salish Sea and the Pacific and packed the back of the car with more An Island Adventure Coast. Sites in the San than enough food for every meal for Historic and just one square mile in size, Friday Harbor is the three days, plus some treats (and wine) Juan Islands include Lime walkable hub of San Juan Island, the most populated of the San for $100. Kiln Point State Park Juans. Browse art galleries, bookstores and antique shops. Sample (we LOVED this little



spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018


lighthouse and exploring the surrounding tide pools. This is also said to be the number one place in the world to view orcas from land), The Whale Museum and the San Juan Island National Historical Park.

Friday Harbor Dining Options Cask & Schooner Public House & Restaurant: Rustic fare highlighting local sustainable ingredients. Backdoor Kitchen: International cuisine. Mike’s Café & Wine Bar: Vegan café and wine bar serving Northwest wines and beer. Lime Kiln Café: Famous for in-house donuts made daily, traditional American café. Café Demeter: Charming, small town bakery and café. Rocky Bay Café: Breakfast served all day. Downriggers: Pacific Northwest foods and views. Van Go’s Pizza: A warm family atmosphere serving pizza creations from authentic classics to unique pies. Coho Restaurant: Island grown pacific cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. lakedale.com



Enter online at BOZZIMEDIA.com This is your chance to play critic. Tell us what you like and don’t like about dining and shopping in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


FIRST LOOK/lead spokane


by Brian Newberry


Spokane’s Voice of Reason June is a month when we as a community stay on the world’s stage with the largest ever

3-on-3 basketball tournament, Hoopfest, which comes on the heels of our internationally recognized Bloomsday run in May. As I reflect on our community’s current Renaissance, I am reminded of the philosophical question: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Fortunately for Spokane, we have a multitude of media outlets that broadcast the good news of our current awakening. It was the invention of the printing press in the 15th Century that supercharged the original Renaissance, and today, our media is equally important in our community progress. Last month, Inlander publisher Ted McGregor was inducted into the Spokane Citizen Hall of Fame. It was a well-deserved recognition for a leader and a well-received weekly newspaper that boasts a circulation of more than 700,000 readers. Another venerable Spokane voice, The Spokesman-Review—our state’s third largest daily newspaper—has been published for more than a century by the visionary Cowles family. The new editor, Rob Curley, brings an infusion of good news to our community, highlighting it daily through incredibly creative and colorful front pages, which have dramatically boosted circulation. Bozzi Media and their popular magazine, Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living, is another voice of reason, showcasing our community growth monthly. It is important to pat our risk takers on the back, and annually the Bozzi Media leadership team does just that, celebrating Women in Business Leadership, the Top 20 Under 40 Leaders, the Power 50 Most Influential Leaders and their newest awards, the Spirit Awards, which will highlight those of all ages giving back


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

in time and monetary contributions to our community. In a similar vein, as the new CEO of Girl Scouts for Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, I am pleased to share we are starting a creative new blog called Girl Scout Voice, run by our Girl Scouts. Without question, when our collective voice of reason is heard, especially from our younger leaders, hope for a better tomorrow grows exponentially. Yes, the good news is spreading like the blooming lilacs and dogwoods did this spring—that is why our Renaissance continues. Col. Brian Newberry, USAF (Retired) is the CEO of Girl Scouts Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho and the former Commander, 92 ARW, Fairchild AFB.

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FIRST LOOK/good deeds


by Cindy Hval

Walking School Bus Medical School Students Promote Healthy Habits through Walking School Bus Many local elementary students have discovered not all school buses are big and yellow.

Instead of the wheels on the bus going round and round, this bus runs on the foot power and commitment of a group of dedicated student volunteers from the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM). It’s called a Walking School Bus: groups of children walking to school with one or more adults. This simple idea can have profound health benefits. These medical students are attending school at the UWSOM on Gonzaga University’s campus that’s part of a public-private collaboration to advance medical education through a regional health partnership in Spokane. Studies show that fewer children are walking and biking to school, and more children are at risk of becoming overweight. Providing a safe and fun activity, like walking to school with medical students, can help children get a healthy start to their day. “It’s been really amazing to get to know the kids,” says Blake Henley, a first-year student and organizer for the program at UWSOM. “The hope is to be consistent role models for them.” The Walking School Bus is part of the Safe Routes to School Spokane program operated by Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD). When leaders of UWSOM’s Med for Ed program heard about Walking School Bus, they quickly added it to their roster of volunteer opportunities in Spokane. 34

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Other Med for Ed activities include tutoring and assisting in high school classrooms, supporting Sleep Over for Science events, facilitating high school student shadowing of med school activities, and participating in college outreach fairs.​ For Henley, hanging out with kids and getting fresh air proved a good fit. “It’s a great way to give back,” she says. Approximately 15 UWSOM students participate, walking kids from their homes to Bemiss Elementary one or two times a week. Four volunteers usually accompany five to eight kids. The school identifies the children and helps organize the route. Henley says some of the kids were curious about college students. “They asked if we were in middle school,” she says, laughing. “We told them we were a bit older and are going to school to become doctors.” The staff at Spokane Regional Health District is delighted with the participation of the UWSOM students. “We sing the medical school students’ praises,” says Annie Szotkowski of SRHD. “They are wonderful to work with. They’re real go-getters.” Szotkowski said the Walking School Bus always needs more volunteers. “We’ve had firefighters and Avista employees help too,” she says. “We really appreciate the Med for Ed program and their leadership and commitment to student health and safety. We’re seeing increased student attendance with students who participate in the program.” It’s not just the elementary students who benefit from the Walking School Bus. For Henley, the program solidified her career goals. “I realized I want to go into pediatrics,” she says. “I wasn’t sure before, but now I am. I love being with kids. I get so much joy out of this experience.” For more information, visit saferoutesspokane.org or contact Jenny Arnold at (509) 324-1537 or jarnold@srhd.org.





Picture getting married here...



JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


#SpokanePulse 36

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

GARDEN GLORY by Myk Crawford Instagram: @mykcrawford It’s hard to beat the iconic colors of Duncan Gardens in Spokane on a summer evening. As an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in sports, music and landscape photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery, this was the perfect capture for my style.

DOWNTOWN VIBES by Brian Tobin Instagram: @brainsurfsphotography I took this photo one evening in March while exploring downtown Spokane shortly after relocating to this area from Puerto Rico. After enduring Hurricane Maria, I decided to follow my passion for photography which led me here. I’m now a student of the Light Benders Photography program for disabled veterans pursuing my dreams. I’m loving my new life in the Pacific Northwest; the people are great and the land is beautiful.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

AUTUMN COLORS AT MANITO by Tiffany Hansen Instagram: @tiffhansenphotography Manito Park’s Japanese Gardens have always been one of my go-to destinations in the fall. It’s the perfect place to relax, reflect and capture timeless images of the gorgeous autumn colors. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for photography. As a lover of nature and the outdoors it was inevitable that I’d eventually combine my passions. My favorite thing about photography is being able to share with others the beauty I see in the world.

SUNLIT MIST by Dawson Reynier Instagram: @dawsonreynierphotography My girlfriend and I wandered down to the Monroe St. Bridge for fun, and I noticed how perfectly the spray from the falls was being illuminated by the sun. I told her to run down the stairs and stand on the edge, and I quickly whipped out my camera. I think it was worth it.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Back in the Day by Judith Spitzer


o you have a yearning for antiques and vintage everything? Are you in love with all things repurposed, reused and, yes … JUNK? By the time you’re reading this you will probably have missed the best vintage show in Spokane, which is widely known about throughout the country, but not so much locally. The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair is the first weekend in June … every year. Known as the happiest show on earth, more than 15,000 happy people visit 100s of spaces filled with curated goods. “It’s a magical event that once you visit, you’ll never want to miss,” says founder Serena Thompson. Now that you know about it, you can put it on your calendar for next year. And when someone asks you whether you went to Farm Chicks, you will know of what they speak. After Farm Chicks. there’s a steady stream of shows in or near Spokane. On June 8-9 there’s Glamping on the Farmstead, a Glamming Show & Vintage Trailer Rally in Medical Lake. Lucky for you there is a Vintage Directory Newspaper. Pick up a copy at most antique stores or check online at rachaeljeanvintagefarmgirl. wordpress.com for a listing of shows. There are almost 50 shows in the Summer 2018 issue (I counted them) for nearby vintage shows.

Here are a few:


June 16 Rusty Relics Vintage Market Evergreen State Fairgrounds Monroe, WA

Moses Lake Farmer’s Market Vintage Market McCosh Park Moses Lake, WA

June 15 & 16 Love of Junk Walla Walla, WA

Pink Farmtiques Show Nez Perce County Fairgrounds Lewiston, Idaho

RELICS Vintage Outdoor Market & Vendor Fair Spokane Valley, WA

July 21 Vintage Fix Market Benton County Fairgrounds 1500 S. Oak St. Kennewick, WA

June 22 & 23 Not Too Shabby By Camy Barn Sale Post Falls, ID June 30 & July 1 Old Galvi Warehouse Occasional Sale Sandpoint, ID July 6 & 7 Rebel Junk Market Kootenai County Fairgrounds Coeur d’Alene, ID

The Junk Stops Here Riverwalk Park Chelan, WA

July 28 Treasures in Thompson Falls Thompson Falls, MT August 4 & 5 Old Galvi Warehouse Occasional Sale Sandpoint, ID August 18 &19 Pickin’ Spokane Antique Show & Artisan Market Joe Albi Stadium Spokane, WA September 14 & 15 Hayden Outdoor Market Hayden, ID















LilacLit by Sharma Shields

Rivers Have Always Moved Me: A New Anthology Supports Spokane Riverkeeper What is your own relationship to the Spokane River?

For 24 years I’ve fished, paddled and swum the river. Twelve years ago, I shot a video on its banks as part of a package for an online literature class. Rivers have always moved me; I have dreams about them; I am always writing about them. I think I might have drowned in a previous life. I titled a book In Earshot of Water; that is how I prefer to live. Can you speak to a couple of pieces in the anthology that struck you as beautiful/haunting/true?

Eastern Washington University pro-

fessor Paul Lindholdt’s writing has always been defined by rivers. His memoir, In Earshot of Water: Notes from the Columbia Plateau (University of Iowa Press), won the 2012 Washington State Book Award. His latest title is an anthology he edited called The Spokane River (University of Washington Press). The anthology includes essays, poems and stories from activists, scientists and writers, including Jess Walter, Tod Marshall and Nance Van Winckel. Best of all, all royalties from the book go to Spokane Riverkeeper. I emailed Paul about the new book; here are his responses.

What prompted this anthology?

The idea for this book came to me three years ago. The old proverb that we need to act locally motivated me to start. What better way to put thoughts to action in our community than to reverence the Spokane River? Pleasure and education might arise from the publication of this book, but I also hope for social change.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

One favorite chapter in the book is by colleagues in Archaeological and Historical Services at EWU. Their excavations near the Sandifur Bridge demonstrated that the confluence of the Spokane River and Latah Creek, the place we call People’s Park today, is the oldest continuously occupied site in present-day Washington State. For 8,000 years people gathered at that seasonal city. Till 1910, when the ruinous dams went in, indigenous people from all around the region came together at the confluence to fish and socialize and trade. Hundreds gathered in the spring and summer, taking tens of thousands of salmon. Salmon were traded as far east as Montana, the dried filets baled like hay for ready transport. Today, people still gather at that rustic wedge of land between the flowing waters. Other favorites include a study by Barry Moses of the Salish tongues to try to determine what the natives named the river. Barry is one of the few speakers of the dialect around. There’s also the laugh-aloud squib by Jess Walter, one of whose lowbrow characters boasts, “Our river foams like a poured Guinness and has more heavy metal than a 1988 record store.” Finally, I am proud of my capsule biography of Lokout, a guerilla fighter who almost died by the banks of Hangman Creek the same day his brother Qualchan was hanged.

Please tell us a little bit about Spokane Riverkeeper.

The Riverkeeper was founded by Rick Eichstaedt as a project of the Center for Justice law firm. Rick was the first keeper. Bart Mihailovich succeeded him. Today’s keeper is Jerry White Jr., one of whose projects is to see Hangman Creek come clean. Due to bad agricultural practices upstream clear into Idaho, Hangman Creek pollutes our river and sickens its fish. You are also an accomplished writer yourself, with a new poetry collection on the way. How was editing an anthology different from your private work?

Like the old saw about herding cats, this project required a lot of urging. My contributors had to be patient with the process and tolerant of adjustments and cuts I made. I rejected some, and other would-be contributors did not follow through. Two missing bits of the river’s biography continue to nag at me. Those are the detailed histories of mining pollution from the Silver Valley and the community circus that came to be known as Expo ’74. What books do you recommend to area readers?

The Spokane River complements and updates The Fair and the Falls, the wonderful 1996 history of Spokane published by my colleague Bill Youngs, a book I hope to help bring back into print so that everyone can own a copy. The city of Spokane (a river runs through it) has truly come to love its river. You can learn more about the work of the Spokane Riverkeeper online at spokaneriverkeeper.org. Sharma Shields, born and raised in Spokane, is the author of Favorite Monster: Stories and The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac: A Novel. She lives on the South Hill with her husband and two children.

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localsound Angela Marie

by Matt Loi photos by Creative Life

Angela Marie Project

Guy Caillouet

ALMOST A DECADE AGO, a musician decided to strike out on her own path. Wisconsin-raised Angela Marie had played covers and written songs with other musicians, but had never done so alone. However, when she moved from Seattle to Spokane, she was surprised to find a community that welcomed original songwriting. The Angela Marie Project was born. Angela writes approachable lyrics with a positive message. Musically, she draws upon 1970s rock and funk, such as Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder, Heart, Bonnie Raitt and Santana. More recent influences include Ani DiFranco. Her performance is both passionate and compassionate, as she manages to connect with the audience on both a visceral and social level. 44

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

New York native Kat Hall played flute in concert band, but put it away for more than 20 years. When she listened to Angela’s new songs, she couldn’t help but hear flute lines that needed to be there. Despite never having played in a rock band, she took to it naturally. When Angela handed Kat a bass guitar, essentially the opposite of her native instrument, she still figured it out in no time. Kat’s fondness for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and America has shown itself in the vocal harmonies she adds to the band. Drummer Chris Kohut was entrenched in the Los Angeles studio scene for years. The fierce competition leads to superb musicianship, but also an unforgiving, cut-throat culture. When he moved to Spokane 11 years ago, he was blown away by the welcoming, generous

Kat Hall

Chris Kohut

atmosphere. The skills he gained through SFCC’s Audio Engineering program certainly come in handy at gigs, as he does double-duty on drums and live sound. His studio chops, combined with his jazz and funk background, add a professional sheen to the Angela Marie Project. Guy Caillouet is the latest member of the group. This Houston native has been in Spokane bands for years. When Talmadge McCamment, Angela Marie Project’s previous lead guitarist, decided to go a different direction, he recommended Guy to take his role, insisting on his superior guitar skills. His bandmates are thrilled to have Guy on board, considering him a great interpreter of Angela’s ideas and someone who plays exciting, dynamic solos.

The Angela Marie Project is the Inland Northwest’s quintessential spring and summer outdoor band. They have played Bloomsday and Pig Out in the Park for years, in addition to Earth Day and Artfest. They’re big on fundraising and awareness events, including the Women’s March and the Pride Parade in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. You can see them at Spokane Pride on June 9, at the Spokane Street Music Week June 11-15, at the Rocket Market on June 12, and at the Barefoot in the Park event on August 4 in Liberty Lake’s Pavilion Park. Their upcoming fourth album Owl of the Night, engineered by Chris, is dedicated to a good friend of Angela’s who died a couple years ago. Expect it to be released at nYne Bar and Bistro early this fall. Find the band online at AngelaMarieProject.com.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com




by Jennifer LaRue

“Aftermath” by Darrell Sullens & Sami Perry “I’m a little concerned about my co-workers seeing this show, but oh well,” Sami says. Darrell isn’t concerned at all because he’s retired, but both agree it is an artist’s duty to create work that sparks thought and dialogue. “Sure, my landscapes sell, but it’s important to illustrate the times in which we live,” Darrell says. “Sharing our opinions brings forth the realization that you’re not alone.” In his teens, Darrell took art classes from legendary local artist Herman Keyes in the early-1950s. He joined the Navy after high school and then studied business and graphic design. From 1978 to 1999, he owned Ratel’s art supply shop on Garland in Spokane, enabling him to connect with the arts community and continue to paint. After closing the shop, he began painting full-time and showing his work selectively in group or one-man exhibits. His paintings are in collections in Ireland, Florida, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon and Washington. His landscapes and abstracts have always received praise, but the “edgier” work—not so much. “I did a series a while back that touched upon attacks on Iraq. A news crew actually came out to do a story on the series, but they decided against it once they actually saw the work,” he says.

WE ALL HAVE OPINIONS. Some are fact-based while others come from personal experience and perception. Whatever the case may be, before the birth of social media platforms, those privy to our opinions were limited to family, friends and acquaintances … including bartenders. It certainly is a new world, but artists have always had a social platform, whether or not they chose to use it. Artists Darrell Sullens and Sami Perry have, more so as of late, chosen to give a visual voice to their opinions in an attempt to sort out their own feelings, which they share in their exhibition, “Aftermath.”


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Sami (Darrell’s half-sibling) also chose to create art in her teens when, at the urging of her art teacher, she displayed her watercolors at the IMAX during Expo ’74. She has since shown her work in dozens of group and solo shows and has been commissioned to do public works including embellishments to the Barker Street Bridge, a permanent metal sculpture on Howard Street, and a 9 foot red stiletto in the River Park Square Atrium. Her day job is working as a resident artist at a public school where she sees the benefits of creative expression firsthand. “Gun violence, immigration and racism affect many of my students,” she says. “Making art helps for a little while, and being exposed to art opens their minds.” Aftermath will run through June at KolvaSullivan Gallery (115 S. Adams St.). The display includes 16 of Darrell’s figurative oil paintings which capture feelings like fear, sorrow and destitution and Sami’s educational paper castings, which contain the seven words currently banned at the CDC, clay and metal pieces, and small cast glass lapel pins that look like something we all have (and she’s not talking about excuses or opinions). For more information about “Aftermath,” you can contact Sami Perry at sami@samiperry.com.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



City Traffic Stopping Fashion for Fun in the Sun photography by Amy Stone Photography

We turned to our friends at LoLo Boutique and Urbanna Salon to help us find our way to stunning summertime looks with a free and flirtatious flair ... and they helped us hit the jackpot.

Kayla Porter


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Irina Boyko

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



Kayla Porter


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Erin Coleman

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



Erin Coleman


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Kayla Porter

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



Irina Boyko


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Photographer Amy Stone Photography amystonephoto.com


319 W 2nd Ave Spokane, WA 99204

509-747-2867 lolospokane.com

Erin Coleman Irina Boyko Kayla Porter

Makeup & Hair Makeup: Erin Thacker & Linda Biel Hair design: Kayla Nestler, Krista Leonard & Natalie Gregg Urbanna | 104 S. Division St. urbannaspa.com

Fashion Styling: Lainey LaRue Lolo Boutique | 319 W. 2nd Ave. lolospokane.com

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com





JUNE 2018 June 16: Parade of Paws

Join the community in raising funds for animals in need with a fun-packed two or four mile walk to benefit animals waiting for a forever home. You, your dog, family, co-workers and friends are all welcome to join inon the fun for a great cause. Funds raised will help provide food, clean and safe shelter, play time and training, veterinary care and love to our community’s companion animals while they await their forever homes. spokanehumanesociety.org.

June 17: Dad’s Day Dash The 2018 Dad’s Day Dash is the 6th annual 5K benefiting SNAP, your local community action agency. SNAP is a nonprofit serving Spokane County residents who strive to exit poverty and build a better life. Last year, they served more than 40,000 people with energy assistance, small business loans, housing, home repairs and more. All proceeds from this event directly benefit SNAP’s mission to provide access and connection to resources that create opportunities with dignity for people of low income. snapwa.org.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Thursdays through September:

Sundays through September:

On Thursdays, the Arbor Crest Summer Concert Series presents live music among the towering pines just outside the tasting room on the Patio Stage, plus a featured display from local artists during summer months.

Every Sunday, Arbor Crest Summer Concert Series brings one of the hottest regional bands to the Main Stage of the Cliff House courtyard.

June 7: Jan Harrison Trio Jazz | Tracy Hardy, Jewelry June 14: Bill Bozly Bluesy Folk/Rock | Kevin Montgomery, Photography June 21: Scott & Kevin Pop/Rock | Patti Simpson Ward, Americana Paintings June 28: Son of Brad Rock | Cindy Dillehay, Glass Art July 5: Benton and Gallagher Rock Violin | Debbie McCulley, Paintings & more July 12: Current Flow Funk/Jazz/Blues/Rock | Suzanne Alvarez, Jewelry July 19: Bridges Home American Celtic/Folk | Molly Meyers, Artist July 26: Karrie O’Neill Acoustic Pop/Folk | Janet Cook, Brilliant Barrel Works Arbor Crest Winery. 4705 N. Fruit Hill Rd. arborcrest.com

June 3: Cattywomp | Blues-Funk-Rock June 10: The Powers | Folk-Country June 17: Rewind | Rock Covers June 24: Grand Avenue | Classic Cover Hits July 1: Devon Wade Band | CountryRock July 8: Rhythm Dawgs | Rock Hits July 15: Sammy Eubanks | Soul Country & Blues Rock July 22: Soul Proprietor | Funk Rock R&B July 29: Sara Brown Band | R&B & Soul

Arbor Crest Summer Concert Series— Thursday Concerts

Arbor Crest Summer Concert Series—Sunday Concerts

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


Actual Invisalign Patients


June 16: 33rd Annual Trailblazer Triathlon

This comeback race is growing like crazy and is fun for both first-timers and seasoned triathletes alike. It’s a straight-shot swim, followed by a bike ride on paved roads, and ends with a scenic run around Medical Lake. The race boasts a mass start with a single transition area–perfect for spectators. Water and aid stations will be located at each transition, every 1-1.5 miles on the run, and at the finish line. Coney Island Park, Lake and Jefferson. Medical Lake. medicallake.org.

June 22: Buddy Guy

At age 81, Buddy Guy is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a major influence on rock titans like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, a pioneer of Chicago’s fabled West Side sound, and a living link to the city’s halcyon days of electric blues. Buddy Guy has received seven GRAMMY Awards, a 2015 Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, 37 Blues Music Awards (the most any artist has received), the Billboard Magazine Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, a Kennedy Center Honor, and the Presidential National Medal of Arts. Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him #23 in its “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325SEAT or ticketswest.com.

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June 28: I Love the 90s Tour

Kicking off in 2016 and quickly racking up 100s of shows across the United States, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the hugelysuccessful “I Love the 90s” tour continues its reign in 2018 with new stops across the United States. Nostalgia will lead the night with Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix-a-lot, Color Me Badd, and Young MC taking the stage and playing hits and favorites from a decade that blurred the lines between pop, hip-hop and R&B. Northern Quest. 100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights. northernquest.com.

June 28: Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington is a multi-talented comedian, actor, singer and writer who recorded eight major record label comedy albums, which have sold millions of copies. According to Pollstar, Rodney has been one of the top 10 highest grossing touring comedians for the last 10 years and among the top five the last several years. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325SEAT or ticketswest.com.

June 30-July 1: Hoopfest

Spokane Hoopfest is the largest 3-on-3 outdoor basketball tournament on earth. That means more than 6,000 teams, 3,000 volunteers, 225,000 fans and 450 courts spanning 45 city blocks. Beyond basketball, it is an outdoor festival with shopping, food and interactive entertainment. Downtown Spokane. spokanehoopfest.net.

July 6-22: And Then There Were None…

A group of people are lured into coming to an island under different pretexts, e.g., offers of employment, to enjoy a late summer holiday, or to meet old friends. All have been complicit in the deaths of other human beings, but either escaped justice or committed an act that was not subject to legal sanction. The guests and two servants who are present are “charged” with their respective “crimes” by a gramophone recording after dinner the first night and informed that they have been brought to the island to pay for their actions. They are the only people on the island and cannot escape due to the distance from the mainland and the inclement weather, and gradually all ten are killed in turn, each in a manner that seems to parallel the deaths in the nursery rhyme. Nobody else seems to be left alive on the island by the time of the apparent last death. Stage Left Theatre. 108 W. 3rd Ave. (509) 838-9727 or spokanestageleft.org.

July 21 | 9am | SpokenyaRun.org

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Power 50 Save the date July 10TH, 5-8pm Chateau rive at the flour mill 621 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99201 nominations are open for 20 Under 40 Please email stephanie@spokanecda.com

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July 27TH 2018


CENTERPLACE 2426 N. Discovery Place Spokane Valley


6:00pm - 11:00pm

Tickets: $35 GA | $65 VIP

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HOT TOPIC/spokane summer


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by Judith Spitzer


here’s almost too much to tell about what’s available to do, see, experience and hear in the city and its environs this summer: news about what’s free (hint: Spokane city pools), and what’s not (Spokane county pools), as well as a ton of activities, attractions, what’s new on the City Park and Rec’s list, and things to do off-the-beaten path. Here’s a little breakdown for you:

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Located in the beautiful Marycliff Business Center directly across from the Corbin House.

In the Pools Thanks to the city of Spokane, cooling off in city aquatic centers this summer won’t cost one red cent. Open swimming sessions are complimentary at six city pools including pools at Shadle, Comstock, Hillyard, Liberty, A.M. Cannon and Mission parks. All pools open for the summer season on June 18, with regular hours of operation until August 25. The free-swim measure passed by the Spokane City Council also includes free access to parent-tot time, as well as a calm and exclusive swim time in the pools’ wading areas. Lap swimming and family nights are also included. Swim lessons offered through the Parks Department, along with novice swim team and aquatic fitness programs, will continue to be offered for a modest sign-up fee. Check out the Spokane City Parks and Recreation catalog for more information, or go online spokanecity.org. Spokane County pools are not free, however. To swim at either the Northside or Southside Aquatics Centers, it’s $5 for everyone ages 6-59, for those older or younger. spokanecounty.org. Did you know you can rent out city pools for parties for up to 15 guests over the summer? Pool parties include two hours use of FUNbrellas picnic tables or classrooms, and a staff facilitator (also known as a kid wrangler) to play in-water games. Call to reserve your party date. Spokane City Parks and Recreation (509) 625-6950.

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Integrity You are important to us. We focus on your care and giving you world-class dentistry, and we stand by this everyday.

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In the Parks After a less-than-ideal debut season as an ice rink over the winter, the city opened the Skate Ribbon to roller skating and scootering in April. Admission is free during the season, and skates and scooters are available to rent. Visitors can, however, don their own roller skates, rollerblades, toddler scoot bikes, non-motorized scooters and skateboards. Helmets and wrist guards are required by law. Knee and elbow pads are also highly recommended. If you’re 15 and under, you will need to be accompanied by an adult. There are free weekend roller skating lessons by Lilac City Roller Derby, according to the city’s website my.spokanecity.org. Classes are taught on select Saturdays and Sundays. To ensure quality instruction, class size is limited to 15 skaters per lesson. Sign up begins at the Sky Ribbon Café at 11 a.m. Check the website for dates.

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The Looff Carrousel, built here in1909 by Charles Looff as a wedding gift for his daughter, is a favorite among Spokane’s oldest artifacts. The carousel began operation in Natatorium Park, an amusement park on the bank of the Spokane River. “The Nat” closed in 1967 and the ride was put in storage. The Carrousel came back to life for Expo ’74 and was housed in a Bavarian Beer Garden, where it stayed from 1975 to 2016. Two years ago, it was determined the structure lacked the stature to properly display the carousel’s rounding boards and

Brooke M. Cloninger, D.D.S.

did not have proper climate control. Spokane residents voted to rehouse the carousel as part of a bond to redevelop Riverfront Park, and it’s gorgeous. Riverfront Park’s SkyRide provides one of the most stunning views imaginable. The Spokane SkyRide is scheduled to return to service in mid-June after a brief hiatus during Riverfront Park’s ongoing construction. The purple gondola cars float above the Spokane River and Falls and offer 15-minute rides. The lifts glide passengers down a gradual 200-foot drop over Huntington Park before turning them face-to-face with the full force of Spokane Falls, then under the historic Monroe Street Bridge and back up to the park. Visitors can experience incredible views through July when the water is raging, and cabin windows open for clear photos. Rainbows often gleam above the water. The SkyRide has been one of the most popular attractions since it provided a bird’s eye view of the Park during Expo ’74. With more than 100 acres to explore, including the stunning Spokane Falls and River, the Expo ’74 Pavilion, 1902 Clocktower, the Sculpture Walk which includes Riverfront Rotary Interactive Fountain, giant Red Wagon, garbage eating goat, Vietnam Memorial, Centennial Trail bike path, and Havermale Point, as well as meadows and conservation areas, there’s something for everyone in the

Grapetree Village | 2001 E. 29th

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2009-2017 Reader's Survey

BEST DENTIST 2009 - 2018

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HOT TOPIC/spokane summer

Best Cosmetic Surgery / Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Specialist Dr. Morimoto is able to help her patients achieve the body shape they desire. Make your consultation appointment today by phone (509)-315-4415 or online at KMplasticSurgery. com. She is here to help you.


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12615 E Mission Ave | Ste 105 Spokane Valley, WA 99126

July 10TH, 5-8pm

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family to discover. Not to mention the wildlife—ducks, geese, beaver, marmots and ospreys. Notice: construction is ongoing in Riverfront Park and may impact some bicycle and pedestrian routes. Before you visit, check the latest construction map (spokanecity.org) for the best routes around redevelopment zones. Pick up a copy of the Spokane Parks & Recreation Brochure and you’ll have trouble narrowing down fun things for everyone in the family to do this summer. There are tried and true programs in the arts, aquatics, sports and outdoor courses, but some of the new offerings across the city this summer are truly extraordinary. One of the new classes for the preschool set is Rainforest Adventure week. Travel with guides to a tropical rainforest, complete with tigers, monkeys, birds and snakes. Make fun, wild animal art projects to display and wear. This class is held in mid-June at the Corbin Art Center. In July for those aged 6-11, there’s a week-long Dino-Mite Explorers class where kids will learn about paleontology, the study of prehistoric life—animals that walked the earth millions of years ago. Kids will become pterodactyls, create their own fossils and learn how nature creates them. For adults and/or families, try out a kayak tour, rafting, rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, teen adventure camps, ghost walking tours, or dance, music and theater classes. Be sure to also check out the restaurant and datebook listings in Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine throughout the summer for local up-to-date listings. Judith Spitzer is an independent journalist who writes for publications throughout the Pacific Northwest.

SHOWCASE/keep it local

photo by: Ardour Photography

C&A Cosmetics FINDING THAT perfect lip colour in one tube of lipstick extremely

difficult? Now you can create that perfect colour just for you when you visit C&A cosmetics custom colour lipstick bar. For only $24.95 you will team up with our colour creator to make that perfect shade of lip colour and take it home that very day. Located inside BeYoutiful Bath Bombs at Northtown Mall. Make your appointment at cnacosmetics.com or book it at FB: C&A Cosmetics or IG: c_and_a_cosmetics

Christophe Saint Lawrence Creative Design Collective & Gallery

SITUATED IN the rooftop garden loft of the famed Saranac/Commu-

nity Buildings, 25 W. Main Ave., in downtown Spokane’s most diverse, eclectic pocket of cutting edge galleries, foodie approved restaurants, vibrant boutiques, as well as many of the Lilac City’s most influential community organizations, award winning Christophe Saint Lawrence Creative Design Collective & Gallery provides a uniquely curated, private showcase, specifically designed to indulge the senses, while exciting your imagination with stylish interior décor, and vibrant artwork ranging from whimsical to one of a kind. Let’s share a glass of wine and discuss bringing creativity to life. By Appointment Only (206) 377-9568



Pigtails Mercantile Spokane’s newest and most charming retail destination... featuring antiques, up-cycled clothing, jewelry, home decor and so much more. Where “everything has a story!” Hours 10a-6p Tues-Sat. Pigtails Mercantile 3028 S. Grand Blvd.

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Give Me Sunshine, and You Give Me LIFE


he almighty ball in the sky is making all sorts of promises to the region, and area businesses and activity hubs are ready to show you some fun. As vitamin D levels increase throughout the region, we’ve pulled together a little booko-fun across the region you won’t want to miss out on this summer. Grab your friends and family—or journey solo—and get out there and live.


Can You Hear Me Now? Northern Quest Resort & Casino Outdoor Summer Concerts From country and comedy, to pop and rock for all ages, 2018 will mark a summer to remember at Northern Quest. New this year is the addition of grandstand seating, increasing the capacity of the venue by approximately 1,000 seats. The new 5,000-seat amphitheater will accommodate some of the largest touring artists in the world, while still retaining its intimate ambiance with unmatched sightlines. Hotel packages are also available for all shows and can be purchased online. In addition to the updates of the beautiful Northern Quest Outdoor Summer Concert venue, this area includes more than 11,000 square feet of space, a 60’x40’ stage, as well as food and beverage vendors to accommodate guests. The venue may also be rented for private outdoor events, including parties, corporate events, weddings, receptions and more. northernquest.com

Maryhill Winery

Conkling Marina and Resort

Maryhill Winery is located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Goldendale. Maryhill is perched on the northern side of the Columbia River, against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Hood, in the Southern tip of the Columbia Valley, located near the world-class cultural institution known as the Maryhill Museum. Maryhill Winery opened its doors as a true destination winery and is known for its diverse portfolio of exceptional quality and affordable wines, as well as the stunning landscape, a world-class summer concert series and tournament-quality bocce courts. With concert offerings by musical guests such as Chris Isaak; Michael Franti and Spearhead; and Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, you’re sure to have a great time enjoying the best in music and amazing wine. To experience Maryhill closer to home, visit their beautiful tasting room overlooking the Spokane River in Kendall Yards. maryhillwinery.com

There isn’t anything that says summer quite like lake time and MUSIC. Conklings is a family owned marina with 250 boat slips on Coeur d’Alene Lake in Worley Idaho offering covered and open berth slips. They have a fantastic restaurant—with a full bar—that hosts live outdoor music on the weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You can also find RV sites, cabin rentals and a C-Store that includes a nautical gift shop and fuel available dock side. They have a large, private parking lot to accommodate all visitors so boaters and drivers alike can enjoy the magic of summer at Conklings. conklingmarina.net


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Klink’s Resort on William’s Lake Just 45 minutes from Spokane, Klink’s Resort is close enough to make it for dinner and drinks but far enough to achieve one of summer’s most desired experiences: being “away from it all.” Every weekend in the summer, Klink’s serves up Music On The Patio, a musical variety from full band street dances to dueling pianos, acoustic duos and more. The Bistro at Williams Lake is their award-winning casual dining establishment with a menu that is sure to please. For a more comprehensive experience, Klink’s invites you to stay via RV, cabin or tent and enjoy fishing, water sports for the entire family, and much more. If you are looking for a summer to remember, you need to dial a visit to Klink’s into your summer playbook. klinksresort.com

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move that body


Kalispel Golf and Country Club

Flying Irish Running Club

The Inland Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the state, and one of the best ways to take in the scenery is with a round of golf. Celebrated since 1898 for its competitive challenge and impeccable care and beauty, the Kalispel Golf and Country Club, nestled along the Little Spokane River, is the place the region’s most passionate golfers call home. The 72-par course has remained largely unchanged since its inception. With natural landscaping and the opportunity to see deer, moose and other animals wandering across the fairways, the Kalispel Golf and Country Club experience is second to none. As a semi-private course, the Kalispel Golf and Country Club offers a limited number of tee times to nonmembers—so book early. And don’t forget to stop in for happy hour or Sunday brunch, two of the best experiences—and values— of the sort in the region. kalispelgolf.com

The benefits of living in the Pacific Northwest center around the outdoors scene, and Spokane is no exception. The number of trails, golf courses and ski slopes within close proximity to the city center is incredible. And you don’t even have to travel out of the city in order to fill your lungs with air and move your body. As the largest social running club in the United States—and perhaps the world—the Flying Irish Running Club is more than 400 members strong. They meet Thursdays at 5:45 p.m. for a three to four mile run, and then socialization afterward. They now meet at Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill (alongside the beautiful banks of the Spokane River), and always have room for more. Membership is free, and the experience is priceless. flyingirish.org

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cooling your jets Abide Yoga Collective Abide Yoga is Spokane’s premier yoga collective with a mission to find the most skilled and passionate teachers who bring you high-quality, diverse, inspiring classes. They offer daily classes and workshops, as well as Yoga Alliance certified teacher training. It’s the perfect way to ground yourself between the wild adventures summer provides while helping you maintain your mobility and keep your body healthy. As you do your best in each pose, you receive 100 percent of the many benefits of yoga—including increased flexibility. abideyoga.com

Saltroom of Spokane You’ve likely heard that too much salt is bad for your health. Saltroom of Spokane thinks just the opposite—but their offerings aren’t of the dinner table variety—instead, clients sit in a “saltroom” where the walls, ceiling and floor are covered in pure mineral salt. While you relax in a lounge chair, you breathe in salt particles suspended in the air. Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is known to cleanse both the airways and the skin to relieve congestion, inflammation, skin irritations and mental fatigue. People who have airborne allergies or a respiratory condition find breathing easier while in the saltroom. In the 1840s, a Polish physician was among the first to study the properties of salt. He had noticed while coal miners were plagued with all kinds of respiratory problems, salt miners were emerging with pristine lungs and no health complaints. Salt Therapy has gained popularity in recent years, its benefits lauded in medical journals and national magazines like Time, Vogue and Men’s Fitness. Saltroom of Spokane offers sessions from 40 minutes to an hour. saltroomofspokane.com


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Right Here at Home Best Western City Center Whether you are traveling on business or leisure, you are going to love being just steps from shopping, restaurants, entertainment and incredible attractions. Conveniently located within walking distance of the convention center, performing arts center, and Riverfront Park, Best Western offers great value for customers in their newly renovated hotel offering a complimentary hot breakfast complete with cheese omelets, sausage, waffles, yogurt, fresh fruit and more. bestwestern.com

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family fun


Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach

Olympic Game Farm

Billed as the premier amusement park in the Northwest, Silverwood Theme Park—along with their Boulder Beach property—offers all of the thrills and chills—and chilling out—that you and your family crave. Ride the Aftershock, one of five giant inverted boomerang coasters in the world. There is that behemoth to conquer, and then two of the best wooden roller coasters you’ll ever find. If a lazy day is more on your agenda, then head over to Boulder Beach and rent one of the cabanas for the day. Kick back and relax with a book or splash your way down a 650 foot slide with a few of your best friends. Between the two parks, there are five different water attractions to keep cool and ensure a good drenching. While you enjoy group discounts and affordable food, don’t forget to leave with the picture of you making your best roller coaster face after getting off of Timber Terror. silverwoodthemepark.com

For more than 40 years, the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim has offered visitors from around the world the opportunity to observe and learn about a wide range of wildlife. Visitors experience Kodiak bear, a white Siberian tiger, zebra and much more. Drive tours are the main attraction at the farm. The tour takes you through 84 acres of pristine terrain giving you a unique view of the various types of wildlife. Elk, Bison, and Tibetan Yak might come up to your vehicle to say hello. During the summer months, the tours include a petting farm, aquarium, duck pond and pheasant aviary. You can even take a tour of the reptile house. Because the Olympic Game Farm worked exclusively for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years, the farm houses an abundant array of movie memorabilia, props and sets, lights and other antiques from the farm and the farm owner’s movie days. Most of the animals on the farm are “in need animals” and have been given a safe sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives loved and well-cared for. olygamefarm.com

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Olympic Game Farm

On the Olympic Peninsula

Come See the Waving Bears! Olympic Game Farm 1423 Ward Rd. • Sequim, WA 98382

1-800-778-4295 • 360-683-4295 • www.OlyGameFarm.com

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Regal Pond

44 & Regal th

Thursday Evenings June—September

Survive the Tribe’s HAZEN AUDEL

Violence & Youth

Is it Inevitable?

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Rendezvous Coeur d’Alene Casino


Bellevue Collection

Your great escape awaits in less than an hour’s drive. Revel in the beauty and serenity of the Coeur d’Alene Casino’s premier resort casino. With a championship golf course, world-class spa, luxury accommodations, awardwinning cuisine and the hottest casino games, the perfect mini getaway begins here. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has a grand legacy of taking care of its own and helping its neighbors. That mentality has been central in garnering six expansions, creating 300 luxury hotel rooms and more than 100,000 square feet of gaming space. The Circling Raven Golf Club is renowned as one of the finest golf challenges in the region, the nation and the world. This is the perfect summer adventure for a solo getaway to clear your head or a trip with friends or your family. There is something for everyone at the CDA Casino. cdacasino.com

Fun in the sun is a way of life in the Tri-Cities– one reason it’s among of the most popular spots for Washington vacations. Recreation and sports enthusiasts will love everything there is to do in Tri-Cities, including bicycling, bowling, hunting, and soccer, as well as fishing, water-skiing and paddling on the Columbia, Snake and Yakima rivers. The area’s 10 beautiful golf courses challenge the most experienced players, but can be enjoyed by beginners as well. Visitors can also cheer on one of the three professional sports teams. After savoring just one of the local premium wines, visitors will understand why the area has been rightfully called the “Heart of Washington Wine Country.” Tri-Cities boasts more than 200 wineries within a 50-mile radius, producing some of the finest wines in the world, thanks to the climate and geography of the area. Learn more about each of the cities below and plan one of the best Washington vacations ever. visittri-cities.com

No matter how many times you visit The Bellevue Collection—or the city of Bellevue in general—you’re bound to find something new. Comprised of Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square and Bellevue Place and conveniently connected by sky bridges, this complex embodies hundreds of options all in one place for dining, drinking, shopping and socializing. Explore more than 200 shops featuring a smart selection of global brands— from fashion, décor, tech and more. Three onsite hotels offer a variety of experiences for the business or leisure explorer—flying (and shopping) solo, with friends or your entire family— bold, modern or zen, all steps away from the vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment options, all in one place. A trip to the Bellevue Collection is a must. bellevuecollection.com


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Conkling Marina the smooth end of the lake. Family owned since 1910. Slips still available / Excellent food

LIVE MUSIC ON WEEKENDS 20 W. Jerry Lane | Worley, ID

Golf Stay and Play Package

Hill's Resort & Priest Lake Golf Course

Sunday - Thursday

Great City Center Location— walk to countless restaurants, the downtown shopping area and Riverfront Park

• Lake view king room and 18 holes of golf • $55.00 per person double occupancy • $89.00 single occupancy Valid till June 20 Subject to availability th

Complimentary hot breakfast bar

PLGolfCourse.com 208.443.2525

Indoor parking garage

June 21 - Sept 10 18 Holes, $55.00 Hill's summer nightly and weekly availability Call 208-443-2551

HillsResort.com - Priest Lake, Idaho

33 W. Spokane Falls Blvd Spokane, WA 99201



catering an offsite event at the Paulsen Penthouse

catering for all events JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



A Solo Adventurer’s Outdoor Safety Guide TOP TIPS FROM EXPERTS FOR STAYING SAFE ON THE TRAILS THIS SUMMER by Kimberly M. Gunning

It’s warming up to a beautiful season packed with outdoor adventures, and many of us are

ditching the housework and city life to venture onto trails and into the mountains. Though adhering to the buddy system is what mom—or your friends or spouse—may urge, when your buddy calls and bails on your morning long run or afternoon hike, the trails still beckon. According to the Washington Trails Association, the volunteers of the organization conduct more than 800 search-and-rescue missions each year to locate lost and injured outdoor enthusiasts. Likewise, a survey conducted by Runner’s World, published in an article titled “Running While Female,” found that 43 percent of female runners experience harassment while on a run and states, “For women runners under 30, harassment is a frequent experience, with 58 percent in our survey saying it happens to them mid-run always, often or sometimes.” Particularly for the solo adventurers out there, pledge to follow the experts’ safety tips this season and lessen the chance of becoming a predator’s target or a lost-hiker statistic.

Research Before You Go When exploring new areas, whether it’s a running path you have yet to try or a hiking trail you just heard about, research the area before your trip. Find a map, note the terrain and elevation gains, and ask those familiar with the trail if there are any areas that have been damaged by the weather. “Navigation has traditionally meant knowing how to use a map and compass. With the popularity of smart phones and GPS apps, navigating is becoming a lost art,” says Daniel Klassen, lead instructor and wilderness medicine coordinator for Peak 7 Adventures and a member of the Mountain Rescue Association team of Inland Northwest Search and Rescue. “At minimum, a solo hiker should know how to use the GPS features on their phone or standalone unit. However, having a paper map and compass is a great idea as they don’t require batteries.” 80

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Tell a Friend “Make certain that someone you know has your itinerary,” says Diana Dupuis, area manager of Riverside State Park. Tell a friend or family member where you’re going, alternative routes you may take and when you should return. This person may serve as your lifeline in a case where you’re unable to contact someone if something unexpected were to occur during your trip. Go Prepared Daypacks, hydration packs and running belts offer pouches for the storage of strategic gear and nutrition for hikers and runners. For both activities, it’s recommended to bring more food and water than you think you will need, and certain safety accessories like a bear bell or pepper spray shouldn’t be overlooked.

For trips to the mountains, Klassen says, “In order to dress appropriately, the key principle is to layer your clothing. This gives you the ability to adapt to changing weather and temperature, avoiding getting soaked by sweat or rain.” Klassen also recommends packing a first aid kit, a shelter such as a trash bag or tarp, a pocket knife, a headlamp or flashlight, sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen, a map and compass (or GPS unit), and firemaking materials like cotton balls soaked in Vaseline with a metal match. Know How to Fight Owner of Krav Maga Spokane, Brayson Buckner, explains that his studio’s self-defense seminars begin with the same combatives training that the regular classes offer, and then focuses on circumstances participants have faced and addresses, “how would we have either avoided that, deescalated that or defended ourselves in that situation.” The goal is to help individuals increase their situational awareness and trust their intuitions. “We want to be able to react, not have to think about it, because that’s what we need to do under stress,” says Buckner. Learn First Aid Finally, understanding how to handle basic injuries is an important factor for all outdoor adventurers. Klassen recommends taking the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course to better understand the body, learn how to manage injuries and improvise solutions for a variety of situations that one might face out on the trails. If Things Go Awry … “If your plans fail and you become lost or injured, the first step is to remain calm,” Klassen says. “For a lost person, the key is to stay put. Get into a clearing or opening where it will be easier to spot you.” Follow the advice of the experts and explore all that the Inland Northwest’s trails and mountains have to offer this summer. As they say: go—the mountains are calling.

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930 N Beck Road Post Falls, ID 83854 Idaho EXIT 1

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the texture, the feel,

the comfort

r alan brown interior design 10303 East Sprague // Spokane // 509.924.7200 // ralanbrowninc.com

Mason Jar Bouquet

by Diane Holm


ummertime … and the living is easy is the theme for this cute floral arrangement. A simple little bundle of collected garden flowers plopped in a glass jar will be the perfect addition to any outdoor picnic or as a made-with-love hostess gift. For longer lasting blooms, cut flowers with a sharp knife and submerge the stems in water immediately. Place the bouquet in the shade to enjoy for as long as possible. styling by Diane Holm | whitepicketfence.co photo by Kayleen Gill | kayleengill.com






NEST/eclectic farmhouse


Blooming of an

Eclectic FARMHOUSE by Sarah Hauge photos by Kayleen Gill


ometimes when you know, you just know. And sometimes when you know, your spouse might not. That’s how things started out for Ashley and Francis Pirness, anyway. Following years of renting, they moved from Alberta, Canada, into their first homeowner experience in Deer Park, where they purchased a foreclosure that was definitely a fixer upper. Ashley was in Phoenix visiting family when she saw the listing online for the property, a blank slate in need of lots of love but full of potential. “I could tell with the layout and everything that it was something we could probably gut,” she says. She liked the

ranch style—familiar from a childhood in Phoenix—and the foreclosure price. It sat on 13 acres of land, with a long, private driveway ideal for young


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

children; she was pregnant with their third at the time. When she first sent the listing to her husband, though, he didn’t quite catch the vision. “He looked at it and thought I was

absolutely crazy, because it was pretty bad,” Ashley says with a laugh. Eventually they did both come to see the potential, purchasing the property in May of 2013. They took the home down to studs for a complete renovation. They used contractor K.C.I. for construction and electrical, and Ashley’s dad, a plumber, took on that part of the project. The rest of the work Francis tackled himself. “He can do everything,” says Ashley.

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

“He’s very patient, and very easygoing—he’s pretty amazing. And he enjoys it.” An addition—which included a master suite, nursery and mud room, as well as a


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

garage—brought the main level square footage from 1,300 up to 1,940 (with an additional 1,300 square feet in the daylight basement). The resulting ranch home has a kitchen/dining/ living space and four bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main floor, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a family room downstairs.

Nancy Wynia Associate Broker ABR, CNE, CRS, GRI 509-990-2742 nwynia@windermere.com

View complete virtual tours at www.NancyWynia.com www.facebook.com/NancyWyniaRealEstate

Fly Home from Work! 116 RICHMOND LANE

Stunning Post & Beam Craftsman sited on the 2nd tee box of the Chewelah Golf Course. This custom home includes a 40'x50' heated hangar with easy runway access. Fabulous great room with floor-to-ceiling double fireplace, hardwood floors and natural woodwork. Gourmet island kitchen features slab granite, gas range, custom maple cabinetry and eating bar. Stylish master suite with cozy fireplace, walk-in closet. Lower level sports a recreation room, wet bar, 2 bedrooms, hobby room, full bath, and ample storage. 5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths $675,000

NEST/eclectic farmhouse

While the original 1970s-era home was full of closed-off spaces (think lots and lots of walls and hallways), during the renovation they knocked down walls, added windows—“I would put windows on every wall in every space if I could,” says Ashley—and vaulted the ceiling, crafting a sunny, open space perfect for their young, growing family. They ran into some bumps along the road— resheeting the exterior revealed an infestation of carpenter


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service... community... home 5 Bed / 6 Bath / 6,818 sqft / $739,999

23814 E Broadway Liberty Lk WA 99019 Gorgeous Liberty Lake Custom 2 Story on 7th hole of Meadowwood golf course! Tandem garage, imported Italian tile marble leading to the master suite with his & her closets, garden tub & skylight! Formal dining and Living with den off entry! Chef's kitchen with double ovens, island cook top w/grill & SS appliances. Loads of storage~the basement potential is enormous! All new interior paint, covered aggregate patio perfect for entertaining!

marie pence windermere north spokane

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Locally crafted quality cabinets to suit your every need. 5105 N Freya | Spokane WA (509) 487-8416

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

ants, for one thing, and the plumbing and electrical work presented significant challenges. However, taking the home down to studs meant they could re-think the way


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

the entire space was used. In the basement, they added a sauna off of a bathroom; upstairs, a bedroom was turned into a dining room. A coat closet, made obsolete by the addition of the mud room, was transformed into a cheerful spot off the kitchen that allowed Ashley to hide the computer away behind doors when not in use. “When I did open them, it was fun and







Our designers will come to your home Call for your appointment. E. 2820 30th Ave • 534-5064 wallflowerdesigns.com wallflowers1981@gmail.com


Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM Saturday BY APPOINTMENT

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

bright,” she says. Ashley summarizes her style as “eclectic farmhouse.” More than defining a style, though, what matters to her is how a house feels: warm, colorful, lived-in and inviting. “I know the trend right now is neutrals, and I love the looks of them, but when I’m out looking for the home I’m always drawn to color, and I always have been,” Ashley says. “My biggest thing is I like warmth, and I want the house to feel lived in enough that you don’t have to feel like you can’t touch anything, or you can hardly move if you


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

sit down. We have five kids, so our houses are pretty kid-friendly.” Though she does tend to stick to classic, adaptable neutrals for large pieces of furniture and kitchen design, when it comes to accessories, art and paintable furniture, anything goes. She’s particularly drawn to blues. In the kitchen, the blue wall color was inspired by an image in HGTV Magazine. When Francis saw it painted on the walls—this was before the cabinets and tile were in to tone things down—he called her to make sure they were on the right track. “He called and was like, ‘This is bright,’” Ashley says. “But we left it, and I loved it.” In addition to color, vintage is


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


NEST/eclectic farmhouse

another major love for Ashley. After living in Arizona, North Dakota and parts of Canada (where Francis is from originally), she attests that no one does vintage like Spokane. “Spokane is an amazing place for vintage finds compared to anywhere else I’ve been,” she says, citing shops like Paint In My Hair, Boulevard Mercantile and Lucky Vintage. She’s also had lots of success at garage sales—the retro kitchen table on the back deck is just one of the home’s garage sale scores—and scours Craigslist for potential pieces, finding through the site everything from the weathered doors used in the basement


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Where building relationships is just as important as the projects we build




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Enter online at BOZZIMEDIA.com This is your chance to play critic. Tell us what you like and don’t like about dining and shopping in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

to a dresser that Francis converted into a bathroom vanity. The décor has come together slowly over time, with vintage finds balanced out with


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

materials and pieces sourced everywhere from Home Depot to Pottery Barn to the North Dakota hardware store, where Ashley found the clock that hangs on the dining room wall. The family’s favorite spot is the great room space, with the spacious kitchen and open access to the living and dining rooms. “In our kitchen we did a huge island, and that was just

Pre-Finished Steel Carriage House Doors

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Proud to bring together community since 1999.

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

kind of the gathering place in the home. I wanted the kids to be able to do homework there while I worked in the kitchen,” Ashley says. In addition to that bright pop of blue on the kitchen walls, they brought in visual


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

interest by making the island a standout, staining the island’s cabinets and giving it a quartz countertop. On the perimeter, the cabinets are white and the countertops are a durable Formica that looks “almost like leather,” Ashley says. They changed the countertop edge “to make it look a little higher end,” she says. “Not many people picked up on what the material actually was. I really liked it.”

A modern approach to selling homes in today’s market. Real estate isn’t what it used to be. I Provide: -Professional Photography -Drone Footage -360’ Footage -Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Annie McCurdy (Windermere Manito LLC)



2829 S Grand Blvd. #101

Visit our retail shop to fin perfect gifts and home d the décor!

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NEST/eclectic farmhouse

Outside, they rebuilt the deck and removed 30-40 trees that crowded close to the house, in addition to having fire safety clearing done; they also put in front yard grass, had concrete curbing poured, added bushes, and contemplated rock work. Before they could get started on the back yard, something unexpected came up: they decided to move. They loved their house, but to live within their preferred school district, a move made sense. So when another Deer Park fixer upper property on plenty of acreage came on the market, this one near friends in two directions, they made


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Divorce can be a very difficult time in your life, and the outcome of your proceedings could continue to affect you and your family for the rest of your life. You need to know that your case is being handled by someone you can trust, someone you know can fight to get you the property division, alimony, child custody, and child support judgments that you need.

Family Law Disciplines: • Divorce • Maintenance (Spousal Support) • Child Support • Child Custody & Visitation • Property Division • Paternity • Domestic Violence • Restraining Orders • Adoption

Get the help and support you need from an attorney you can trust. CALL TODAY! 509.326.4162 1821 West Fifth Avenue • Suite 101 Spokane, WA 99201 spokane-familylaw.com • clgallagherlaw@yahoo.com



509 720-8488 // socleanspokane.com JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


NEST/eclectic farmhouse

the leap. They’re already filling their new home with just as much color, warmth, and love as their former one—though with five young kids at home (ages 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1) they’re


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

glad the renovations needed for the new place aren’t quite as extensive as at the last one. Their first homeowner experience taught them a lot and led to a wealth of experience they brought to their new home. Both Ashley and Francis are excited to see where it goes from here. “We were both kind of itching for another project,” Ashley says.

Celebrating Sewer Replacements Gas Piping Hydro-Jetting Pipe Thawing Water Heaters Drain Cleaning Backflow Testing Fixture Repairs & Installations Softener Installation & Repair Residential & Commercial New Construction

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Choose from in stock or special order from hundreds of fabric options. Guaranteed lowest prices. Shop and compare or shop and call us for a quote. ALL ON SALE: Stationary • Reclining • Dining room sets • Tables

208.664.2131 303 Spokane Ave | Cd'A RungeFurniture.com JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



How Does Your by Darin Burt

The birds are singing, grass is growing and flowers are blooming. Warm weather brings with it many opportunities to get outside and enjoy your yard and garden. A bit of regular maintenance is all that’s required to keep your lawn and garden healthy and attractive. Follow these tips and you’ll have the greenest thumb on the block, and then visit our partners—listed in our resource directory—for even more inspiration and advice.

Garden Grow? tial Essen r a Tips fo awn ss L Succe arden and G on Seas


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

JUNE 16 & 17

Gardening Resource Directory Sunset Florist & Greenhouse

Serving customers in Spokane for more than 70 years, Sunset Florist and Greenhouse specializes in custom, oneof-a-kind floral arrangements, gourmet gift baskets, fresh green plant baskets and dish gardens/terrariums. (509) 342-9750 | sunsetflorist.com

GRAND OPENING & Father’s Day Celebration,


Spokane’s Newest Gift Shop, Garden Center & Nursery

Sculptured Gardens

With two acres of nursery grounds, including two greenhouses, Sculptured Gardens is the place to find lush, healthy plants for your home and garden. Whether you are landscape planting, container gardening or patio and deck gardening your project is in good hands at Sculptured Gardens. (509) 842-2672 | sculptured-gardens. com

Liberty Park Florist

A full-service, family owned and operated florist and garden center for all occasions. Want to add some color to your life? Their specialities include fresh flower arrangements, unique European gardens, sympathy pieces, green and blooming plants and fruit and gourmet baskets. (509) 534-9381 | libertyparkflorist.com

ary, Specimen Trees, Topi & Espalier Fruit Trees n Statuary, Water Garde & Koi Pond Supplies cor

Gift Items & Home Dé

Garden, Backyard & Patio Accessories

Spokane Boys

Landscape materials professional landscaping services, water features and yard decorations—Spokane Boys has you covered. Need a patio, walkway, deck or retaining wall? Spokane Boys can tackle any sized project o beautify your outdoor living space. (509) 487-0295 | spokaneboysincwa.com

Featuring the work of Local Artisans

Wittkopf Landscape Supplies

Whatever your vision, Wittkopf has the high quality materials to help your project succeed. Soils and sand, bark mulch and compost, gravel and decorative rock, flagstone and pavers, garden décor, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens—you’ll find it here. Want to play a few games of softball at the summer picnic? Wittkopf can even build you the field of your dreams. (509) 467-0685 | landscapeandgarden.com

15614 E Sprague • Spokane Valley 99037 Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm • Sunday 10am-4pm Sculptured-Gardens.com • 509.290.6866

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Stay on Top of Watering Although established plants don’t need to be watered as regularly as your new transplants did at the beginning of spring, don’t let drought steal your garden’s thunder. An inch of water is necessary for your yard as well as most flowering plants. A simple rain gauge will tell you when you’ve reached that level. Or you can place empty tuna cans (which are about an inch deep) in different spots around the lawn and measure how long it takes to collect the necessary water. Water Early Logic says plants and grasses need water when it’s hot. But realistically, the best time to water is in the early morning while you’re having your first cup of coffee; the weather is cooler and winds tend to be calmer so water can soak into the soil and be absorbed by the roots before it can evaporate. When it gets hot, you may need to go soak your head, but your plants, which absorb water through their roots, not the leaves and flowers, need to enjoy the sun as much as you’ll let them.

Fertilizing Flowers In the middle of summer, your annuals and roses may need a fertilizer boost to maintain their beauty until the first frost. Adding potassium in the form of liquid seaweed will provide a blossom boost. Make a note to apply liquid fertilizers every two weeks for heavy feeders like dahlias and cannas to keep them productive. Cutting Back For most annuals, frequent pruning will keep plants bushy. For best results, prune back one long stem each week or so, cutting back to a set of leaves or a node. The plant will respond by sending out more shoots from that point. Another effective technique is to shear all the stems back by a third. However, you will sacrifice flowers for a few weeks with this method.


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STEP OUTSIDE THE ORDINARY TO CREATE WONDERFUL WALKWAYS. Invite a beautiful world of possibilities

home with Belgard, America's premier hardscape brand. From walks and

driveways, to outdoor kitchens and

patios, inviting fire pits and fireplaces,

you'll discover a Belgard Paver or Wall perfectly suited to compliment your

home's one-of-a-kind look and lifestyle.

be prepared for companyâ„¢ www.belgard.biz



Northside: 8721 N Fairview Rd | (509) 467-0685 Spokane Valley: E 19215 Broadway | (509)-893-3521 JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



Mulch Much? Grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, compost, and manure are all common mulches that improve the look of your flower beds, help retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, and even add some needed nutrients. The general rule of thumb is to spread mulch a couple of inches deep around your new plants (but keep the mulch a couple of inches from the plants stem). Woody mulches, such as bark or tree grindings, are most effective around woody plants, while compost, manure or leaves are the best choice around perennials and annuals. Go Au Naturale Choosing native plants is a great way to increase the odds of a successful garden and also lessen time needed to maintain it. Native plants are “local” varieties that adapt easily to your specific soil, altitude, temperature and climate. Most nurseries should have a native plant section—Indian Paintbrush, Lilacs and Golden Currant are a few plant species that are native to the Inland Northwest. Under

most conditions, native plants won’t need much in the way of soil amendments, fertilizers, or excessive watering. Native plants also have the benefit of co-existing birds and animal life, and can create a better environment for living creatures that may rely on these plants for food or shelter. Containing Color Whether you live in an apartment with just a patio or house with a landscaped lot, container gardens are perfect for providing fresh color and life throughout the summer months. Garden planters can be used for brightening up a deck or balcony or even adding color to dull spot along a border. Flowers are a fantastic choice for containers, and you can get really creative with varieties—practically any flower will flourish in a container, from royal roses to sweet and simple petunias. No room for a vegetable garden? Small root veggies, such as carrots, radishes and tomatoes do well in pots. Plant a few strawberries in a container, and soon you’ll have a delicious treat—their lush leaves and white or pink flowers are pretty as well. 110

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Brighten someone's day with an amazing spring bouquet.






QUALITY TREE REMOVAL AND TRIMMING SERVICES 509-458-0838 | BudgetArbor.com Contractor Lic #BUDGEAL995BB | Certified Arborist Available On Request

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Creating innovative and healthy solutions for your home, business, and community projects.

Build with Character Site Responsive Design High-Performance Resource Efficiency Build What You Need NEW CONSTRUCTION | REMODELS STRAW BALE | PASSIVE SOLAR

621 South 'F' Street Spokane, WA 99224 tel.: (509) 747-7647 fax: (509) 747-5979 tom@tomangell.com www.tomangell.com

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Dr. Andrew J. Czapla Dr. Michael R. Valente


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Massage Therapy Voted Best Massage

• Deep Tissue Massage • Sports Massage • Swedish Massage • Clinical Massage

Kari M. Defreese LMP MA 60168868

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Daniel J. Naccarato MA 18685

Quality chiropractic care from pain relief to wellness. 3017 E. Francis Ave. Suite 101 | 509-467-7991 | www.SpokaneChiropractic.com | Open Monday – Saturday 112

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Benefits of


a c t ic Ca You Didn’t Know About


hances are, if you have pain in your neck or back, you may have sought the help of a chiropractor for an adjustment. What you might not know is just how powerful chiropractic care can be. Chiropractic based on the idea that, given the opportunity, the body can heal itself, and research has found that with the right adjustments, chiropractors can help your body overcome a surprising variety of ailments. Here are five conditions that chiropractic care can treat that many patients know nothing about.

Headaches Although headaches can be due to a wide variety of causes, studies have found that most headaches – and even severe migraines, are often caused by a misalignment, or subluxation in the spine. When vertebrae are misaligned, it can actually cause nerves and muscles to become irritated and inflamed. A chiropractic adjustment can correct this misalignment, meaning your vertebrae are where they should be, and that pain, stiffness, soreness and irritation is gone.

Poor Posture Many go through life with their shoulders slouched or their neck sticking out similar to that of a turtle. Unfortunately, mobile devices and computers in today’s day and age have caused much harm to everyone’s posture. To help regain great posture, chiropractors are able



to perform posture evaluations to adjust your neck and back, lifting so much weight off areas of pressure!

High Blood Pressure Many different factors can raise your blood pressure, from genetics to excessive sodium intake to stress. One way to help lower this potentially life-threatening condition may be through regular chiropractic adjustments. Researchers at the The University of Chicago Hypertension Center found that patients who visited a chiropractor were able to significantly lower their blood pressure. The amount by which their blood pressure decreased was the equivalent to the benefits they would have received by taking two medications intended to do the same.

Tummy Trouble Digestive issues such as heartburn, bloating, or excess gas are all too frequent in today’s fast-paced world. It’s easy enough to pop some Pepto to relieve symptoms, but studies show that chiropractic treatment can provide a natural, effective way to prevent digestive problem them from recurring as often, and may even keep them from happening altogether. You see, the digestive system is linked to the nervous system, which has control over your digestive function. Spine problems can also be linked with internal organ problems. By having your spine realigned, you can correct those interferences and get your nervous and digestive systems back to functioning properly.

Pregnancy Pain

It is common for women to experience pelvic misalignment during pregnancy, the result of which can be sciatic nerve pain and lower back problems. With such limited med-based pain relief options available to expecting mothers, chiropractic care is one of the best ways to feel more comfortable. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help to realign the pelvis, ease aches and pains and promote overall health to help ensure an easier delivery experience.







A-List Series


he “Body Work” A-Lists are the first in a series of lists of businesses who receive high accolades via social sharing and Yelp rankings, coupled with editorial discretion. The following Body Work lists were chosen according to Yelp’s listings in or near Spokane. We appreciate that Yelp’s rankings aren’t determined by reviews alone, and that people who provide many Yelp reviews carry more weight than those who review just a few businesses (or one glowing—or fiery—review).

Advanced Chiropractic 515 W. Francis (509) 328-8269

Chiropractic Life Center 2110 N. Washington St. (509) 327-4373

Advanced Health Chiropractic & Massage 10709 N. Division St. (509) 466-8962

Christopher Melich, DC 400 E. Fifth Ave. (509) 342-3296

Alder Family Chiropractic 225 W. Francis Ave. (509) 533-9200 Alpine Family Chiropractic Clinic 9505 N. Division St. (509) 466-9209 Anglesey Family Chiropractic & Massage 500 S. Pines Rd. (509) 927-8881 Applied Health Associates 1303 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 838-2225

Argonne Family Chiropractic

Dr. John Goldfeldt 826 N. Mullan Rd., Unit B (509) 928-8550 argonnechiropractic.com Taking a pragmatic approach with a holistic perspective, they heal and optimize the function of your entire body with a suite of practices, incorporating chiropractic, massage, physical medicine, stretching and nutrition. Art & Science Chiropractic Center 8606 N. Wall St. (509) 487-2074


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Audubon Park Chiropractic

Dr. Michelle Snyder Dr. Jim Snyder 2909 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 327-4049 audubonparkwellness.com Providing fast, affordable, short-term relief care for people like you with neck and back pain, in a professional and caring manner.

Clear Chiropractic

Dr. Rachae Bell 2503 E. 27th Ave. (509) 315-8166 clearchirospokane.com Offering upper cervical specific chiropractic care with gentle procedures and a warm, caring atmosphere, it’s easy to see why patients throughout the Northwest rely on them get well and stay well.

Back in Motion Chiropractic

Dr. Cameron Weishaar 1717 W. Francis Ave. (509) 443-3535 thespokanechiropractor.net Offering leading-edge, evidence-based chiropractic methods and specializing in relief and trauma care (auto accidents and workers compensation injuries), as well as rehabilitative and wellness care. Better Life Family Chiropractic 15 E. Central Ave. (509) 464-0444 Central Chiropractic 20 W. Central Ave. (509) 484-7578

Fourth Avenue Chiropractic

Dr. Darcy Kelly 1625 W. 4th Ave. (509) 624-5855 fourthavechiropractic.com Through chiropractic care and massage therapy, they help patients with neck, low back and extremity pain return to normal function, injured workers return to work, and athletes get back into the game.

BODY WORK/profile

Northwest Center for Regenerative Medicine Northwest Center for Regenerative Medicine Of-

fers Non-Surgical Regenexx Treatment for Orthopedic and Degenerative Conditions Northwest Center for Regenerative Medicine is the exclusive provider of Regenexx in Eastern Washington at their state-of-the-art clinic conveniently located on Spokane’s South Hill. Known as “regenerative medicine,” Regenexx has proven highly effective for treating orthopedic injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions. The patented procedure, invented in 2005 as an alternative to surgery, entails precise injections of concentrated blood platelets or stem cells to aid the body’s ability to heal damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints, nerves and bone. To become a Regenexx affiliate, a doctor in musculoskeletal medicine must take part in a rigorous selection process, which includes demonstrating competency in treating related procedures. Northwest Center for Re-

Double Board Certified MD’s

Jamie Lewis

Ghassan Nemri

generative Medicine is directed by Jamie Lewis, M.D. and Ghassan Nemri, M.D. Dr. Lewis is a board-certified physician in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a subspecialty in Pain Medicine. Dr. Nemri is board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Management. The doctors’ extensive experience brings patients the expertise of compassionate and caring physicians. The Regenexx system obtains 20 times the number of Mesenchymal Stem Cells when compared to typical bedside centrifuges used by most clinics and allows the physicians to customize the procedure to the needs of the patient. Regenexx procedures are the world’s most advanced and evidenced-based Orthopedic Stem Cell and Platelet Therapy to help patients return to their normal active routine without the necessity of invasive surgery. 2607 S. Southeast Blvd, Bldg A100 (509) 588-7340 | nwc4rm.com

Is pain limiting your ability to be active?


Orthopedic Stem Cells

Super Concentrated Platelets

The Most Advanced Evidence-Based Regenerative Medicine. nwc4rm.com | (509) 588-7340 2607 S. Southeast Blvd, Bldg A100 | Spokane, WA 99223 JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


Your Partner to Better Health

Our passionate team of Doctors, Therapist and Staff provide award winning treatment for pain and injuries. Specializing in healing the chronic dis-ease of modern life. Stop living in pain! Reduce stress on your body. Restore your energy. Feel better.

Give us a call today to Restore your Health. (509) 624-5855

Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology to unlock Your Healthy Future.

We specialize in treating:

• Detoxification • Headaches, migraines & brain fog • Back pain • And more

Gaitway Chiropractic 8611 N. Division St. (509) 466-1366 Glass Chiropractic Clinic 4407 N. Division St. (509) 484-2044 Guthrie Chiropractic 524 W. Indiana Ave. (509) 327-8188 Houk Chiropractic & Massage Therapy 3809 N. Monroe St. (509) 904-1140 Houk Chiropractic & Massage Therapy 9720 N. Nevada St. (509) 464-2273

1625 W 4th Ave | Lower Level 200 | Spokane | FourthAveChiropractic.com

Lenoue Integrative Medicine

Dr. Phillip Lenoue 301 E. Sharp Ave. (509) 328-9610 lenoueintegrativemedicine.com Whether it’s pain relief, increased mobility, activities of daily living, or better general health, they can help you improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and quality of life.


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BODY WORK/profile

Leaving a Lasting Impact on the Future of Healthcare

Originally from the small town of Davenport, just west of Spokane, Dr. Rachae Bell found chiropractic after being suggested by a friend, realizing that the chiropractic lifestyle matched the way she lived her personal life—holistically, trusting the body’s ability to heal and facilitate health. While studying at the University of Redlands prepping for medical school, Dr. Bell was immediately connected with the way the practice of chiropractic care focused on getting to the root cause of the problem, allowing the body to heal itself. As

the founder of Clear Chiropractic Spokane, Dr. Bell has a passion for helping people get well with natural health care and organic living. Dr. Bell successfully completed her schooling as Student of the Year with clinical honors and has become one of the first chiropractors with a Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP) from the International Chiropractors Association. She is the only doctor in the pacific northwest with this extensive specialty training. Dr. Bell built (literally with her hands and the help of family members) the Clear Chiropractic Spokane location in July 2013. An independently owned business, Dr. Bell looks forward to growing Clear Chiropractic Spokane throughout the Inland Northwest. Clear Chiropractic aims to restore life and health one specific chiropractic correction at a time, allowing you to live the life you were born to fully express. Dr. Bell and her team work to leave a lasting impact on the future of healthcare with their innovative systems, cutting-edge technology, precise detail and reproducible results. Clear Chiropractic | 2303 E. 27th Ave. (509) 315-8166 | clearchiro.com

Dr. Michelle Snyder Holistic Chiropractor

Wellness for the

Accepting many insurances and PIP.

entire family

– stress – – pain – – personal injury – – immune support – – fertility – – allergies – (253) 273-5235 NewMoonacupuncture.com 906 South Cowley | Spokane

Dr. Michelle's Specialties: • Women's Hormones • Nutritional Counseling • Allergies • Pregnancy: Back Pain • Infants & Children: Latching, Colic Ear Infections • Webster's for Breech Baby

Dr. Jim Snyder

Chiropractic Orthopedist

Dr. Jim's Specialties: • Short Term Care for Pain Relief • Auto/Work Related Injuries • Accepts M.D. Referrals • Walk-Ins Welcome

—25 Years Experience—


(509) 327-4049 | 2909 W Northwest Blvd, Spokane AudubonParkwWellness.com | AudubonParkWellnessBlog.com SAFE AND GENTLE CARE, Affordable / Insurance Accepted Be Seen Today No Appointment Necessary

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MacDonald Chiropractic

14 W. Graves Rd. (509) 466-1117 alignyourspine.life Many recommend Dr. MacDonald as the first line of defense in maintaining proper vertebrae alignment that is the primary foundation for you and your family’s good health. North Spokane Chiropractic Clinic 8621 N. Division St. (509) 844-2226 Pearson Chiropractic 7922 N. Panorama Dr. (509) 466-7654

Pittman Chiropractic Clinic 405 E. Hartson Ave. (509) 456-0347

Siler Chiropractic 12211 E. Broadway Ave. (509) 928-3164

RAAB Chiropractic Clinic 1020 W. Francis Ave. (509) 327-8005

Spinal & Sports Care Clinic 12905 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 922-0303

Revalesco Chiropractic & Wellness 1427 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 315-5686

Spokane Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic 11909 N. Division St. (509) 465-8400

Rockwood Chiropractic Center 801 W. 5th Ave. (509) 724-4485 Roybal Chiropractic 1203 W. Francis Ave. (509) 328-7575 Salina Family Chiropractic 1605 W. Garland Ave. (509) 467-2888 Scott Chiropractic Center 5625 N. Wall St. (509) 482-1982 Scott Lindquist, DC 1207 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 326-2570 Seth Popham Lac, LMP 922 S. Cowley St. (509) 995-7070

Spokane Integrative Medical Center 403 W. Hastings Rd. (509) 465-5767 Stanford Chiropractic 2816 E. 30th Ave. (509) 535-5771 Summit Chiropractic & Sports Institute 1124 S. Pines Rd. (509) 922-1909 Tricia Kamerer, DC 8606 N. Wall St. (509) 315-4943 Twenty Ninth Ave. Chiropractic 3144 E. 29th Ave. (509) 534-5712

Performance Chiropractic Clinic

Brendan Irwin, D.C. M.S. 3324 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 838-7973 performancechirospokane.com Believing in a personalized treatment approach to quickly get you, back to you, Dr. Irwin understands that feeling your best is important for all of your dayto-day activities. 118

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University Chiropractic Sicilia Chiropractic

611 W. Garland Ave. (509) 489-2883 siciliachiropractic.net Helping you achieve whole-body wellness by offering the latest in chiropractic care, massage therapy, and wellness instruction and products.

Dr. Karl Smith 303 S. University Rd. (509) 922-4458 universitychiropracticspokane.com Working toward the goal of getting you back on the road to good health and then empowering you to “take charge of your health.”

BODY WORK/profile

Your Partner Along Life’s Journey Toward Optimum Health and Well-Being

Chiropractic care can be just as helpful for children, as it is for adults. From infancy through teens, young people are constantly putting their bodies under stress—from learning to walk to playing sports in school, there is a significant amount of straining, twisting and falling throughout childhood. Kids bounce back quickly, and they don’t always share why or where they may feel sore or are in pain—and as with adults, if the underlying cause is left alone for too long it can develop into a serious problem.

That’s why Dr. Russell MacDonald, of MacDonald Chiropractic, is committed to providing your entire family a solid foundation for wellness. Chiropractic care helps children optimize their nervous systems’ abilities to control growth, development, the immune system and more. Dr. MacDonald has extensive experience in treating patients in every phase of life—from newborns to the elderly, from those in pain to those seeking wellness. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Chiropractic College, and has been practicing in Spokane since 2001. He has advanced training in Pediatrics and Pregnancy through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and is certified in the Webster Technique, which helps expectant mothers experience a safer and more comfortable birth. MacDonald Chiropractic has also invested in the latest scanning technologies that allow the doctor to find the root cause of your health concerns and correct them at their source. Because we live our lives through our nervous system, Dr. MacDonald and his team see themselves in a partnership with their patients to maximize their potential through all stages of life. MacDonald Chiropractic | 14 W. Graves Rd. (509) 466-1117 | alignyourspine.life

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Whispering Falls Massage Therapy 9671 N. Nevada St. (509) 467-3336

Deer Park Physical Therapy & Fitness Center 707 S. Park | Deer Park (509) 276-8811 Elite Physical & Sports Therapy 309 E. Farwell Rd. (509) 465-2139 Eric Schaefer, PT – Inspire Physical Therapy 601 W. 5th Ave. (509) 413-2495

Valente Chiropractic

Dr. Mike Valente 3017 E. Francis Ave. (509) 467-7991 valentechiropractic.com Providing quality chiropractic care, delivered with integrity, professionalism, excellence and fun. Walk in Chiropractic 915 E. Hawthorne Rd. (509) 413-2302

Physical Therapy Acceleration Physical Therapy 1111 W. Wellesley (509) 448-9358 Achieve Center 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 435-0481 Achieve Physical Therapy Spokane 3010 Southeast Blvd. (509) 533 – 9003 Airway Heights Physical Therapy 9725 W. Sunset Hwy. (509) 624-4100 Apex Physical Therapy 1111 E. Westview Ct. (509) 465 – 1749

The Wellness Tree

Dr. Patrick Love, chiropractor Dr. Lauren Boldebuck, naturopathic doctor 1025 S. Perry St. (509) 598-8558 wellnesstreeclinic.com Providing holistic medical care through naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care and acupuncture. Whalen Family Chiropractic Center 100 N. Mullan Rd. (509) 777-2225


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Apex Physical Therapy 10511 W. Aero Rd. (509) 413-2140 Apex Physical Therapy 12721 W. 14th Ave. (509) 244-9968 B & B Physical Therapy 6415 N. Monroe St. (509) 327-4867 Cornerstone Physical Therapy 104 S. Freya St. (509) 209-9488

Gordon Physical Therapy 626 N. Mullan Rd. (509) 892-5442 Ham Larry & Assoc Physical Therapy PS 3151 E. 29th Ave. (509) 532-0500 Holy Family Hospital 5633 N. Lidgerwood St. (509) 482-0111 Indian Trail Physical Therapy 8801 N. Indian Trail Rd. (509) 465-4799 Inspire Physical Therapy 601 W. 5th Ave. (509) 413-2495 Inspire Physical Therapy 5905 N. Mayfair St. (509) 315-9155 Inspire Physical Therapy 12410 E. Sinto Ave. (509) 242-3944 Kindred at Home 8502 N. Nevada (509) 464-4970 Momentum Physical Therapy & Industrial Rehab 203 E. Dalke Ave. (509) 483-8228 North Spokane Physical & Sports Therapy 203 E. Dalke Ave. (509) 483-8228

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Personalized Care with Natural Therapies

You might say that the root of the Wellness Tree is in recogniz-

ing the cause of heath conditions—not merely the symptoms—and developing individualized treatment plans to restore and maintain optimum health in their patients by emphasizing nature’s intrinsic self-healing processes. Doctors Lauren Boldebuck and Patrick Love are certified Naturopaths who diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, digestive problems, respiratory conditions, fibromyalgia, fertility and menopause issues—and more—with natural-based remedies. The Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine de-

gree (ND) covers conventional medical sciences as well as holistic, natural therapeutics. Among the specialized services provided at Wellness Tree are: chiropractic adjustments, IR sauna, ozone therapies, drainage remedies, prolotherapy, neural therapy, homeopathy, herbology, exercise with oxygen, and supplementation. The state-ofthe-art clinic also administers IV therapy, which delivers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream to boost the immune system to better fight numerous conditions and achieve optimal health. Speaking of boosts—the Wellness Tree Juice Bar serves up a healthy and delicious menu of fresh-squeezed fruit and juice blends, superfood smoothies, specialty teas and acai bowls to lift your spirits and vitality. Wellness Tree also offers organic juice cleanses designed to rid your body of unwanted toxins. “The reemergence of alternative medicine has the potential to greatly improve the quality of peoples’ lives,” says Dr. Love. “It is the intention of the Wellness Tree to motivate, empower and inspire people to make the safest and wisest decisions regarding their health.” Wellness Tree Health Clinic & Juice Bar | 1025 S. Perry St. (509) 598-8558 | wellnesstreeclinic.com

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We offer holistic orthopedic physical therapy with an emphasis on “hands-on” manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education for treatment of all types of injuries and surgeries. Our comprehensive hands-on approach can help find the root cause of your problem, which will lead you to feeling better faster. We accept a wide variety of insurances, as well as cash pay options. Call today to experience the difference hands-on healthcare can make in your function and well-being.

Mon–Fri 7am–6pm


(509) 624-4035 / 202 E Spokane Falls Blvd, Suite 100, Spokane / TherapeuticAssociates.com JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


Northwest Physical Therapy & Spine Rehab 9715 N. Nevada St. (509) 928-6325 Paisano Physical Therapy 603 N. Oak St. (509) 795-4910 Parkside Physical Therapy 201 W. N. River Dr., Ste 510 (509) 323-0066 Physical Therapy Associates PS 2507 E. 27th Ave. (509) 456-6917 Rockwood Main Clinic 400 E. 5th Ave. (509) 342-3300 Rockwood—Sports Medicine 400 E. 5th Ave. (509) 838-2531 Sara Johnson, DC—Fourth Avenue Chiropractic Clinic 1625 W. 4th Ave. (509) 624-5855 Sicilia Chiropractic 611 W. Garland Ave. (509) 489-2883 South Hill Physical Therapy Sports 1403 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 931-1534

St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute 711 S. Crowley St. (509) 473-6000 Studio Pilates and Physical Therapy 5915 S. Regal St. (509) 413-2564 Summit Rehabilitation Associates 407 E. 2nd Ave. (509) 455-6002 Tailwind Physical Therapy 2814 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 456-0888 Therapeutic Associates Advantages Physical Therapy—Downtown 101 W. Cataldo Ave. (509) 326 – 7311

practice specializes in cutting edge orthopedic physical therapy for all types of injuries and surgeries, sports rehabilitation, women’s health and cancer care. Therapeutic Associates Wandermere Physical Therapy 101 E. Hasting Rd. (509) 466-4379 Thunder Physical Therapy 10208 N. Division St. (509) 465-5400 U-District Physical Therapy and Institute of Sports Performance 730 N. Hamilton St. (509) 458-7686

Therapeutic Associates Advantages Physical Therapy—South Hill 3022 E. 57th Ave. (509) 443-9323 Therapeutic Associates Mount Spokane Physical Therapy 14120 N. Newport Hwy. | Mead (509) 468-4861 Therapeutic Associates Northside Physical Therapy 6821 N. Country Homes Blvd. (509) 325-6776

Vibrance Therapeutic Massage

Spokane Sports & Physical Therapy 9631 N. Nevada St. (509) 209-8280

Tammara McGovern, LMT 316 W. Boone Ave., Ste. 270 (509) 951-7289 Providing clients with the best experience, working with you to come up with the best treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Star Physical Therapy 208 E. Francis Ave. (509) 489-7827

Washington Outpatient Rehabilitation 765 E. Holland Ave. (509) 242-6002

Star Physical Therapy 601 W. 5th Ave. (509) 467-1244

Integrated Sports Medicine Rockwood 2420 E. 29th Ave., Suite 100 (509) 724-4320

Star Physical Therapy 12410 E. Sinto Ave. (509) 927-7827


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Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint

202 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. therapeuticassociates.com (509) 624-4035 Their physical therapist-owned private

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Helping You Reach Your Peak Performance Potential


ries and biomechanics to help patients facilitate reaching their health Whether you are a runner, skier, high school or college athlete, and fitness goals. or just an average joe wanting to improve your The therapies offered by Performance Chiflexibility, mobility and overall quality of life, Perropractic help you feel and play your best, and formance Chiropractic Clinic can help you reach they can be an important step to preventing inyour top functional form. juries. Dr. Irwin relies on a range of proven chiUnder the new direction of chiropractor and ropractic techniques to bring the body back to exercise science specialist, Brendan Irwin, Perits natural state with increased healing capabiliformance Chiropractic Clinic offers expert care ties, and can show you low-tech exercises to do for back and neck pain, headaches, spinal comat home. Nutrition is also a vital part of an overpression, physical rehabilitation and recovery all health plan—Dr. Irwin has the knowledge to from vehicle collisions. He specializes in treatteach you proper habits, especially when it comes ing sports injuries and—as the clinic name sugto dietary requirements, hydration and supplegests—performance enhancement. Brendan Irwin, D.C. M.S ments. In addition to professional training in chiroThe goal at Performance Chiropractic is to practic care, Dr. Irwin has a Master’s degree in create healthy, active lifestyles by tapping your exercise and sports science, and has coached and body’s full potential. trained athletes with an emphasis on marathon running, baseball, football, basketball and soccer. He firmly believes the most effective Performance Chiropractic Clinic | 3324 S. Grand Blvd. treatment plans begin with individual assessment—he then uses (509) 838-7973 | performancechirospokane.com manual therapy combined with extensive knowledge in sports inju-


University Chiropractic Serving Spokane Valley Since 1977

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Our Services:

Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Guidance


Dr. Karl Smith

303 S. University Rd, Spokane 99206 UniversityChiropracticSpokane.com JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


Massage Therapy Agape Massage & Treatment 319 W. Hastings Rd. (509) 466-9301

Captivating Massage Therapy 111 E. Magnesium Rd. (509) 340-9666 Central Chiropractic 20 W. Central Ave. (509) 484-7578

Healing Therapy Northwest

Deborah Harney-McCrink, LMT (509) 9390-2929

Steve Wells 1727 E. Francis Ave. (509) 844-7700 stevewells.amtamembers.com Specializing in manual/manipulative therapy—a physical treatment primarily used by physical, physio, occupational and massage therapist as well as chiropractors, athletic trainers and osteopathic providers.

Art of Massage 707 N. Cedar, Ste. 4 (509) 998-0255

Dharma Healing Hands 507 S. Washington St. (509) 385-1332

Heart to Hand Massage Therapy 215 W. 2nd Ave. (509) 869-3143

Asian Touch Massage Spa 603 E. Francis Ave. (509) 319-7967

Ecru Massage 201 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 869-3143

Highlights Salon & Spa 1812 N. Washington St. (509) 325-4278

Belle Vie 2 N. Post St. (509) 999-2754

Elements Massage 101 E. Hastings Rd. (509) 340-3303

In Touch Therapeutic Massage 7527 N. Market St. (509) 467-8814

Elements Massage 3209 E. 57th Ave. (509) 448-9398

Kenneth Jeremy Zutter, LMP 703 W. Seventh Ave. (509) 869-3209

Elements Massage 15412 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 928-9098

Kharisma Massage 6227 N. Cannon St. (509) 263-7343

Fancy Oil Spas 6704 N. Nevada St. (509) 381-8886

Knead Harmony Massage 6747 N. Sutherlin St. (509) 777-9023

Greg Hughes Massage Therapy 430 W. 2nd (509) 993-5010

Lynn Short, LMP 1521 E. Illinois Ave. (509) 772-4340

Happy Day Spa and Massage 13817 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 922 – 6364

Main Touch Massage & Wellness Center 20 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-9200

Healing Hut 204 N. Division St. (509) 990-9099

Massage Envy—South Spokane 2203 E. 29th Ave. (509) 394-4440

Agility Massage 227 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 216-7411 Applied Health Associates 1303 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 838-2225

Brick House Massage & Coffee Bar

14222 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 891-1999 brickhousemassage.com Schedule your favorite combination of massage therapy, body treatments, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures—or bring your friends in for a private spa party and sample them all. Butterfly Massage 9307 N. Division St. (509) 465-3211


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Davenport Spa and Salon 10 S. Post St. (509) 789-7300

Massage Envy—Spokane Pavilion 920 E. Hoerner St. (509) 465-3689

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel

Tammara McGovern, lmt

(509) 951-7289

Rock Pointe Tower | 316 W Boone | STE 270

Massage for Spokane 507 S. Washington St. (509) 218-2257

Therapeutic Massage for athletes, injury recovery, chronic positional strain and stress induced muscle tension.

Mia’ s Massage 1414 W. Garland Ave. (509) 795-1888 Myo Performance 508 W. 6th Ave. (509) 953-8952


Nemeton Healing Therapies (509) 608-1905 Pure Harmony Massage 12 E. Rowan (509) 723-6977 Pure Salon Spa 423 W. 1st Ave. (509) 487-6628

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Rebecca Moffitt, LMP 1337 S. Grand Blvd. (509) 220-3143 Seth Popham 922 S. Cowley (509) 995-7070

Dr. Raymond Sicilia Certified

Chiropractic Sports Physician

siciliachiropractic.net 611 W Garland Spokane, WA 99205 | 509-489-2883


Spa Paradiso

1237 W. Summit Pkwy. (509) 747-3529 spaparadiso.com Covering all relaxation bases by offering therapeutic massage and body treatments, clinical skin care, eyelash extensions, Botox, facial fillers, eyebrow microblading, hand and foot care, waxing and hair care.


(509) 844-7700 1727 E Francis Ave, STE 2 stevewells.amtamembers.com

– Control and reduce pain – – Increase range of motion – – Reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation – – Induce relaxation – – Restore proper function to muscles – – Improve stability and function –

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PARK LODGE 509.340.9347 | parklodgerestaurant.com

Spokane Massage 20 W. Main St. (509) 863-6164 The Space 201 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 389-2474 Twenty Fifth Avenue Massage 1001 W. 25th Ave. (509) 624-0567

Urbanna Natural Spa Salon & Wine

104 S. Division St. (509) 747-7076 urbannaspa.com Dedicated to providing their clients with nurturing treatments to promote relaxation and healing.

411 N. Nettleton St. | Spokane, WA 99201

Valente Chiropractic 3017 E. Francis Ave. (509) 467-7991 Vibrance Therapeutic Massage 316 W. Boone, Ste. 270 (509) 951-7289 Wendy A Hall Massage Therapy 608 W. 2nd Ave. (509) 230-7407 Whispering Falls Massage Therapy 417 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-9999 Yarrow Hot Yoga & Wellness Studio 412 W. Boone Ave. yarrowyoga.com


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509.340.9347 | ParkLodgeRestaurant.com

MOM’S CUSTOM TATTOO 509.426.4465 | momstattoo.net


509.290.5952 | theyardsbruncheon.com


509.443.4410 | thewanderingtable.com-


509.747.3529 | spaparadiso.com

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509 443 4410 1242 W. Summit Parkway thewanderingtable.com

509.290.5952 1248 W. SUMMIT PARKWAY SPOKANE, WA 99201




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1237 West Summit Parkway | Suite A | Spokane, WA


(509) 747-3529 | www.spaparadiso.com

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by Michele Martin



ew Spokane businesses—that have been closed for decades—render such fond memories of day’s past as Thrifty Auto Supply. Originally opening in Spokane in the 1950s as a highperformance automotive parts retailer, Thrifty Auto Supply swiftly made a name for themselves by being involved with and sponsoring some of the most innovative race cars in the nation’s history. Their dragster (which became their logo) was particularly successful. Unfortunately, the store fell on hard times


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

as the 50s came to a close and it filed for bankruptcy in 1959. But the story did not end there. The second generation of Thrifty Auto Supply actually got its start decades earlier when Opal Carroll and Bill Bailey opened a store called Hercules Specialty Corporation selling auto parts. By the mid 1940s, the “Herc”—as it was called—was a Texaco Service Station in Greenacres, selling parts to nearly 300 accounts in the area. George Cole, who had gone to work in the 1940s

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Since 1989

• Tires/Wheels • Engine Repairs • Shocks/Struts • Mufflers • Towing Available • Transmissions • Tune Ups • Batteries • Brakes

1126 W. 2nd Ave. | Spokane, WA 99201 | 509-747-5371 523 N. Pines | Spokane, WA 99216 | 509-321-7243 2925 S Mt Vernon St | Spokane, WA 99223 | 509-534-0350 mechanicspride@gmail.com

Proudly serving Post Falls for over 30 years.

State-of-the-art Dry Cleaners and Professional Shirt Laundry 606 N Spokane St, Post Falls, ID 83854 1-208-773-2878 Monday-Friday 6am-6pm, Saturday 10am-2pm


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

for the Herc, after returning from the war and marrying Opal Carroll’s daughter, Barbara, bought Thrifty Auto Supply, along with its building at 2001 N. Division St., in 1965 from the local bankruptcy court. Muscle cars were widely popular in the 1960s, and the newly reopened Thrifty Auto Supply seized the opportunity as the go-to source for performance parts. Eventually, the Herc became a Thrifty location in the valley, along with three other locations sprinkled throughout Spokane. As time marched on, George and Barbara Cole wanted to retire in the mid-80s, so they sold Thrifty Auto Supply to Republic Auto Parts in 1985. It was the beginning of the end. Eventually, Thrifty Auto Supply closed its doors for the second, and most likely final, time. Since then, the store’s logo has become an iconic collector’s item. The store was also featured in the June 2012 issue of Hot Rod magazine in a feature on Genuine Hot Rods of the 50s. In effort to commemorate the store beloved by so many, hot rod enthusiasts are hosting the First Annual Thrifty Auto Supply Reunion, Car Show and Fundraiser. Invitees include former employees, sales reps, racers and car nuts, but everyone is encouraged to attend. The event is June 9 at 17325 E. Sprague Ave.—Relic’s Vintage and Custom Furniture (formerly the home of the “Herc” and Thrifty Auto Supply’s valley location). It is an open car show, so all makes and models are welcome. The charge for entry is $15, and there will be commemorative dash plaques for participating. Proceeds of the event will be donated to Team St. Luke’s. Registration is from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. the day of the event. You are encouraged to come out and show off your ride, have fun and celebrate days gone by. For more information, contact Tim Ehrgott at (509) 217-8780. Michele Martin is a motorsports photographer and racing enthusiast.

AME RICAN WAY AU T O B ODY Yesterday's quality and service,

with today's knowledge 509-535-5008


A M E R I CA NWAYAU TO BO DY. CO M JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



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Jim McCurdy, 71

im McCurdy grew up in footballcrazed Texas, dreaming of one day being involved in major league baseball. In high school, McCurdy played short stop and centerfield, but without the natural skills that would take him to the next level, he eventually went on to study law at the University of Texas at Austin. While he never swung a bat in the Bigs, he’s now at the plate as the president of the Pioneer Baseball League. “I deal with things like scheduling and distribution of games via live streaming. I also arbitrate disputes between teams, and set fines for players and managers for abusing umpires,” McCurdy says. “I’m the Bud Selig (former commissioner of Major League Baseball) of the Pioneer League.” The Pioneer is a “Rookie Advanced” league that includes teams in Billings, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, Grand Junction, Idaho Falls, Ogden and Orem. McCurdy has been in the league’s main office since 1993 after starting out as the assistant general manager with the Spokane Indians. McCurdy’s boyhood hero was Ted Williams, easily one of the best hitters to ever play the game, but also a player who rightfully earned the nickname the “Bad Boy of Baseball” for his off-field antics.


“As a kid, we had dice baseball card teams and we traded players around—it was interesting having that kind of player as an idol,” McCurdy says, “because his personality left you a lot of room to roam.” The irony in that is that much of McCurdy’s career has been on the legal side of things. Now a Professor Emeritus at the Gonzaga University School of Law, McCurdy has practiced in the Indian law, natural resources and environmental law fields. He is an internationally recognized expert in Sports Law, having co-authored a top-selling casebook for law school use, now in its ninth edition. McCurdy’s favorite aspect of sports law deals with the organizational and financial foundations of sports leagues and conferences. “It all starts from there,” he says. “The business of sports is a fascinating area — you move from anti-trust into labor battles, strikes, collective bargaining agreements to the dynamic of the salary cap and luxury tax in baseball. Scheduling, restrictions on trades and free-agency are all designed to ensure some degree of competitive balance. “Fans now get a better glimpse of arbitration and the discipline of players because it generally makes the front page of the sports section,” he says. McCurdy is also part of the team at Taste Cafe & Fine Art with wife Mary Ann, their son Michael and a mighty team of eight who "do all of the heavy lifting," says McCurdy. “We pretty much all collectively do what’s needed. We also do a lot of catering and deliveries of lunches for our corporate clients,” McCurdy says. “In many ways, operating a café is like running a ballpark,” he says. “You’re dealing with customers coming through the gate, and serving good food is a big deal—it’s gone way past popcorn and peanuts.”








Stan Inzer, 71


For many years, Stan Inzer didn’t talk about his tour in Vietnam. Now he’s telling anyone who will listen. And he’s encouraging other veterans to do the same. As a young man, Inzer, 71, was drafted and volunteered to be a member of the 101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles,” an elite specialized light infantry division of the U.S. Army, serving in Vietnam. Deployed inside the A Shau Valley, a key infiltration route for North Vietnamese forces, and the scene of some of the fiercest fighting during the Vietnam War, Inzer carried an M60 machine gun, and most of the time he and his fellow soldiers were fighting an invisible enemy, hidden in the dense jungle. Inzer rarely saw the “person” across the line, which made it easier to do his duty. “We did search and destroy missions—we took no prisoners,” Inzer says. During basic training, Inzer was inspired by the discipline and war games that were to prepare him to charge blindly into battle. The reality of his situation hit home the first time he saw combat. “We had 17 men wounded. I can still see the first three bullets that hit the ground right in front of me,” Inzer says. “For most of us, from that point on, the mission became helping each other get home alive. “It didn’t matter our color or nationality,” he says. “We were brothers.” Inzer survived his tour, physically unscathed except for shrapnel wounds from a grenade attack. He returned home safely with a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his heroism. But back home is where the real battle began. There were stories to tell, but few people could relate to 134

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

what he’d been through. “I wanted to talk about it; I wanted to get it out,” Inzer says. “I had nobody to talk to, so I spent years drinking myself to sleep at night to stop the bad dreams.” Inzer, like many combat veterans, was stricken with what we now know as posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. “It is taking a young man who has been taught all his life: ‘Thou shall love your enemy and Thou shall not kill,’ and then putting a rifle in his hands and telling him to kill anything that gets in front of him,” Inzer says. “That’s the kind of stuff that stacks up. The human mind can only take so much.” Inzer can trace his heritage back to the Revolutionary War where an ancestor died at Valley Forge under General Washington’s command. There has been an Inzer in virtually every combat situation up to and including Afghanistan. It’s something Inzer is

SENIOR HELPERS can be your HELPING HAND. Let our trusted caregivers assist you or your loved one when extra help is needed. Whether it’s one hour or around the clock care, Senior Helpers is ready to ease your mind & provide quality, compassionate care. proud to talk about, but when it came to his own wartime experiences, he buried his feelings and tried to move on with life—raised a family, worked as the Postmaster at the Sprague station, and, after retirement, traveled to Iraq as a member of the U.S. Military Postal Service to ensure that servicemen received their mail. It wasn’t until Inzer visited the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. that he was able to open up and let down his own personal wall. “It was the first time I cried,” he says. “Those names spoke to me.” Inzer has a new mission now advocating for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and combating the roughly 20 suicides that needlessly take the lives of veterans every day. “I have bad and good memories of Vietnam, but I can never forget them,” Inzer says.

“What I tell veterans is to talk about it—tell your family about it, and if you can’t talk about it, then write about it, share it with other guys who’ve been there and done that—find a reason to keep on living. “Those who came home alive gave their best,” he says. “We owe them our best to help them heal.” PTSD in the U.S. affects 31 percent of veterans. The National Center for PTSD’s website aims to help readers understand must-know aspects of the disease, including the different types of trauma that can trigger the condition and what to do if a loved one is struggling with PTSD. ptsd.va.gov The Veterans Crisis Hotline and Online Chat employ professionally trained clinical staff who can provide referral to other services, such as substance abuse treatment, marital counseling, treatment for depression and PTSD. veteranscrisisline.net or (800) 273-8255

Quality care for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.

509-922-4333 SeniorHelpers.com/spokane Serving Spokane since 2006

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Pia Hallenberg, 52


Pia Hallenberg is bursting with energy, much like a kitten playing with a ball of string. As

development director at the Spokane Humane Society, her day is filled with a variety of jobs: grant writing, donor relations, social media management and staging fundraising events, just to name a few. Hallenberg, 52, joined the Spokane Humane Society in September 2017 after leaving her job in journalism with The Spokesman Review. During the 13 years at the newspaper, Hallenberg held numerous positions including features editor, news columnist, and reporter covering neighborhood news in Spokane and Spokane Valley. Previously, she was with the Inlander for six years as news writer and associate editor. After riding the ups and downs of the newspaper industry, Hallenberg, a native of Denmark with a double degree in journalism and sociology from Eastern Washington University, sought to write a new chapter in her career life. She saw enormous potential in the Spokane Humane Society. “It’s an old and respected organization and there’s great potential for growth, education, outreach and a stronger profile in the community,” Hallenberg says. Being a member of the media makes one a recognizable name in the community, and Hallenberg brings a lot of influential and helpful contacts. “When you work at a newspaper you learn quickly to do a hundred things at the same time, so now I can use that energy for good things here,” Hallenberg says. “And I know weird stuff about growth management and politics and stuff that you would never think of that I’ve learned from being a reporter and covering public meetings and appeals.” One of Hallenberg’s big goals is to raise funds for a new facility, replacing the current one built in the 1970s. The Spokane Humane Society takes great care of the animals in their charge, but can always use more room for staff and supplies.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

The Parade of Paws, June 16, is one of Spokane Humane Society’s most successful fundraising events. In 2017, the pledge walk saw 450 four-legged participants who raised more than $40,000. Funds help pay for food, water and veterinary care for more than 3,000 animals each year. Hallenberg is happy to report that 98 percent of animals that find their way to the shelter are eventually placed in loving homes. “This is probably one of maybe three community events in Spokane I’ve never been to, and now I get the privilege to put it on,” Hallenberg says. “For all these years I wrote stories about local tragedies, and every time the people of Spokane showed up with their help and support. Now I get to be at the receiving end of some of that, and it’s really an amazing feeling,” Hallenberg says. “We have incredible supporters in our community, and I’m so grateful.”

Q ua l i t y

n e w f u r n i t u r e at a f f o r da b l e p r i c e s .


Senio r C i Disco tizen unt Every Day!

6607 N. Maple

Donations Are Welcome Mon-Fri 10:30-4:30 Sat 10-4 Sun 1-4

JUNE 25% OFF Valid 6/1/2018 - 6/30/2018 Excludes Well Rounded Corner and Consignment Items


2 Blocks North of Francis on Maple

Monday - Saturday 9-6 Sunday Hours 1-5


JULY 25% OFF Valid 7/1/2018 - 7/31/2018 Excludes Well Rounded Corner and Consignment Items

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PRIME/garage sales


Garage Sales

Garage sale season is once again upon us, and I feel it is my duty to tell you

about garage sale etiquette. I look forward to them every year, and I’ve even been hired to do garage sales for others, so I consider myself a bit of an expert.

Here’s some advice to get the most out of garage sales as a seller and a buyer: Sellers, take note: Signs advertising your sale are the top priority and are effective only if you do it right. Signs should be securely posted (unable to fall over or float away) on busy streets. Do not write your address in small or unreadable lettering; this could cause a traffic jam, a fender bender or even a road rage incident as the garage sale enthusiast slows to a near stop in order to read the sign. The word SALE and a distinct arrow pointing in the correct direction will do. You must then continue the arrows at every turn and, for heaven’s sake, take the signs down when the sale is over. Also, warn your neighbors of the event. Better yet, ask them if they have anything they’d like to sell because more is always merrier when offering sales and connecting with your neighbors. Do not place anything in the near vicinity that you do not want to sell because it might be the one thing that a visitor is interested in. Once, I was helping a friend with her sale and a customer pulled an antique wheelbarrow out of the flower garden and proceeded to count her change. We practically had to pry her fingers loose from the handles. An obvious “not for sale” sign also works. Invest in a little extra time making your sale look less like an afterthought; anything looks better (and will sell better) without dust or spider eggs, and


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

hanging up or sitting on a doily. And please, make sure that things with moving parts are in working condition or, be assured, you will be the cause of someone’s grief. Finally, if your sale is five miles up a winding road and you only have baby items, write “baby items only” on the sign to save someone who has no interest in baby items a trip. Buyers, do not show up early. I once had a sale advertised as starting at 9 a.m. and a woman came knocking at 6 a.m. I peeked at her through the curtains and then went back to bed. She returned about an hour and a half later and was persistent with her pounding. I threw the door open and said, “The ad says 9 a.m. and when that time rolls around, I better not see you on my property” and I slammed the door. At 9 a.m., she appeared on the sidewalk and asked, with a forlorn expression on her face, why she couldn’t shop at my sale. I curtly explained that 6 a.m. was a ridiculous time to be pounding on a stranger’s door. She tried to deny that she had been there at 6 a.m. We had an elementary school moment and then she mentioned the collectible item that I had highlighted in my ad. I thought for a second and said, “It’s yours for $150.” “But the ad said $125,” she said. “The ad also said 9 a.m,” I said. She bought it for $150. Pricing. Bickering over price is fine if you believe something is overpriced, but don’t do it just to save a dollar; you know it cost way more when it was new and it will be new to you or whoever you gift it to. The seller might really need the money, too. Stealing from a garage sale is not worth the wrinkle in the moral fabric of society or that b-word named Karma (if you believe in that sort of thing). So, don’t do it, people. Last of all, to buyers and sellers: enjoy it. It’s fun to meet new people and to learn about about them from thier items, all while reducing the girth of the local landfill. Happy garage sale-ing.

Retire from work, but not from LIFE

—at Broadway Court Estates—

(509) 921-0249 BroadwayCourtEstates.com

13505 E Broadway, Spokane Valley

Full Apartment living with community indoor swimming pool, garden and theatre, on-site fitness center, gourmet dining and planned social events.

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Finding Joy in Senior Dog Photos 140

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

by Rachel Moore

At first, it is the simple greying around the mouth and eyebrows.

Then the steps get slower and slower, the run for that favorite tennis ball just a bit harder. The twilight years of our beloved pets' lives tend to sneak up on us before we know it. And we wonder, after the faded collar is put up or the favorite toys stored away, what do we have to truly remember them? Over time, the visions in our memories fade. But with photographs, we can revive all those fun times. The expressions, that fun little spot on his nose or the way her ear tipped to the side. How he would kiss your nose or snuggle into your lap. A photo will bring you back to the moments you treasured most about your best friend. Moreover, a printed photo will outlast digital technology, which changes year by year. Recently, some senior dogs and their moms had the opportunity to take part in a special

• High Quality Natural Dog & Cat Food • Do-It-Yourself Dog Washing • Professional Grooming Services • And Much More!



Touched By a Dog Photography session at the beautiful High Country Orchard in Green Bluff. Tilli, an almost 15-yearold Golden Retriever. Lucy, a 15-yearold dog of mixed origins. And, Riley, a 12-year-old Sheltie. Tilli had a stroke more than a year ago and needs assistance walking with the help of a special harness and her mom, Valorie’s, capable hands. She settled in comfortably with her stuffed sheep for company. Valorie says that Tilli, who is exceptionally well behaved and the gentlest soul she’s ever met, has definitive opinions about how things should be and is absolutely in charge of everyone around her. She’s rarely pushy and always gentle yet somehow all humans end up doing her bidding. Lucy does not look or act like 15 at all. Her mom mentioned that Lucy absolutely refuses to play with little dog toys and insists on having or doing whatever her golden retriever siblings have or are doing. This often means she is proudly dragging around a Kong that is nearly as big as her head or delightedly wrestling with a stuffed animal twice her size. Both have sweet expressions that we wanted to capture for Valorie to treasure. Riley is a bit timid when his mom, Theresa, steps away from his side. They are close and it was important to catch their interaction together. Riley’s eyes light up when he catches Theresa’s glance. She says that her favorite thing about Riley is when he comes to wake her up every morning with kisses and playfulness. The favored images from the Orchard sessions will soon be put into archival print. Then, both dog moms will have lasting visual reminders of their furry friends who bring them so much joy. It is beautiful proof that these wonderful companions have enriched lives, given selflessly and loved unconditionally. touchedbyadog.com

Northside 9511 N. Newport Hwy Spokane, WA 99218 509.467.8221 Downtown 830 W. Sprague Spokane, WA 99201 509.474.0394

R MIE PRE SLETTER ia! d NEWzzi Me o B y b

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


HEALTHBEAT/men's health

by Ed Clark


What I didn’t Know, could Have Killed Me 142

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

n January I had the privilege to write an article for this magazine entitled “What I Know.” But, what I didn’t know at the time was that I had coronary artery disease. What?! My blood pressure was okay, cholesterol levels were okay, my weight was fine, I was getting some regular exercise and my diet was fairly good. But, I suddenly experienced some “sensations” across the top of my chest. No pain, but an uncomfortable tightness, a slight shortness of breath, causing some obvious anxiety. Both alarm and relief went through my mind because 60 percent of the time, the first symptom of a heart attack is death. After an EKG and a treadmill stress test, I found myself sitting in front of cardiologist Dr. Ellie Mueller. She performed an angiogram that showed two blockages, one 90 percent, and the other, a “tricky” one, close to the aorta, at 98 percent. “These are not new, they’ve been building up for decades,” she said. Dr. Mueller was unable to remove the blockages during the first procedure, and scheduled an angioplasty—a surgical unblocking of a coronary artery that is done through the femoral artery in the groin. I wondered, how could this be? I thought I had been careful over the years, but then I remembered all those steaks, burgers, fries and tartar sauce, bacon and eggs, barbecued ribs, ice cream … all in moderation, of course. My denial about my diet

was killing me. The two hour angioplasty was a success, with Dr. Mueller skillfully “drilling” the blockages out. Because of the changes I have made in my diet, I will likely get many more years out of this life. I have become 90 percent vegan, eating a plantbased diet, nothing with a face or a mother, no dairy, no oil, no nuts, no sugar and no refined grains. I am eating to live, rather than living to eat. And I actually enjoy it. It may sound a little severe, but it’s not as severe as a heart attack … or death. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but more than half of the deaths due to heart disease are in men. So don’t ignore your heart, gentlemen. Even if your cholesterol and blood pressure seem to be okay, you could still have a problem like I did. Get a physical every year, and ask about a referral for a CT coronary calcium scoring exam, offered by Inland Imaging at its Providence Holy Family Imaging Center in North Spokane. It’s a $238, 15-minute screening study that measures the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries. This quick, non-invasive exam that assesses an individual’s risk for heart attack in the near term could be a life saver for you. Now, you know what I didn’t know, so pay attention. Your wake-up call doesn’t have to be as dangerous as mine was. Live long and prosper.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com



The Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter has offices in Spokane and June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Coeur d’Alene offering a range of services to help people impacted by Alzheimer’s Month, a time dedicated to increasing public and other dementias, including support groups and educational workshops. They also awareness of brain health, Alzheimer’s disease offer a 24/7 helpline ((800) 272.3900) and website (alzwa.org) for people needing and dementia, resources available for those information, resources and support. affected, and ways to get involved to support the As part of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, the Alzheimer’s cause. Association will host The Longest Day on June 21. The Longest Day is Dementia is the umbrella term for a an event in which people from around the world and locally in the slow decline in memory, thinking and Inland Northwest will join together to raise funds and awareness of reasoning skills. There are many care, support and research programs. types of dementia, but the most ALZHEIMER’S Held annually on the summer solstice, The Longest Day common is Alzheimer’s disease, & BRAIN symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with a fatal disorder that results in the Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. Participants do loss of brain cells and function. AWARENESS what they love—biking, hiking, playing bridge, swimming, According to the 2018 knitting and more—to honor a caregiver, someone living with MONTH Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Alzheimer’s, or someone lost to this devastating disease. In Figures report, there are an Spokane, the Steam Plant smokestacks are lighting up purple to mark estimated 5.7 million Americans the occasion. living with Alzheimer’s and another If you’re interested in joining the cause, a great way to get involved is 16 million unpaid caregivers providing by participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the world’s largest event in the fight support to their loved ones with the disease. It is against Alzheimer’s disease. There are two events held annually in the Inland Northwest. currently the sixth leading cause of death in the This year, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be held in Coeur d’Alene on September 29 U.S., and the only one in the top 10 that cannot and in Spokane on October 6. For more information, please visit act.alz.org/Spokane. be prevented, cured or even slowed.


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A Personalized Approach to your Health Testosterone Replacement In Aging Men May Improve Vitality, Libido, Cognition, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular & Prostate Health. It has long been assumed that testosterone absorbs well topically from a variety of bases. However, many patients and physicians often report problems with achieving desired testosterone levels in male patients. There are many variables that can affect these levels in men, and Riverpoint Pharmacy has a new base that has proven results for testosterone delivery

Your Treatment. Custom Designed.

1802 N Monroe, Spokane WA



catering for all events

catering an offsite event at the Paulsen Penthouse JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


108 N Post 509-624-tini



Group s!


p or Pick Uery, v Deli We’veu o got y ed. cover k i) rya (I n te

| 509.413.2029 1220 W. Francis | Open 7am-9pm daily











Now Serving Breakfast!

| 509.327.4270 1724 N. Monroe | Open 10am-9pm daily

Visit us online at EatAloha.com 146

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i a h T y e r t u Cur p n i M t u 5 1 con le Sou Co Nood


by Sylvia Fountaine | feastingathome.com


pring showers have been here, making everything exceptionally bright and green and lush. On rainy spring days like we had last month, all I want to do is wrap myself up in a cozy blanket, curl up with a good book and slurp soup. Preferably with a little heat and some kind of noodle. This 15 Minute Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup is called Khao Soi, and hails from the Northern part of Thailand where the weather stays a bit cooler. It’s a godsend when time is short, or you are feeling a bit lazy, yet you crave something warm and spicy. The coconut broth is fragrant and rich, coating the noodles well. And once the flavorful base is made, what you add to the soup is easily adaptable. Here, I’ve added prawns— but it’s equally delicious with tofu or chicken, or even just veggies. Find the full recipe at feastingathome.com.








by Kris Kilduff

In the 1991 cult classic My Girl, a young Anna Chlumsky takes an adult writing workshop and reads aloud from her poem aptly titled “Ode to Ice Cream”: “Vanilla, Chocolate, Rocky Road, even with pie a la mode.” Although it was intended to be a bit of joke, as I wandered the Inland Northwest on a smoldering hot day, it didn’t take long to realize that if anything deserves a ballad or a sonnet, it’s refreshingly cold, mouthcoating ice cream. From the ancient Greeks, mixing snow with honey and fruit, to some culinary genius realizing you could wrap a waffle into a cone, we as a people have found groundbreaking ways to cure our sweet tooth in the summer. What a better time to put on some shorts, grab a spoon and get the scoop on the most ice cold creameries of Spokane and Coeur D’ Alene.


If you want premium locally made ice cream, look no further than the wizards at Brain Freeze. From a tiny little scoop shop to what has become a full-on creamery, there’s no better place to end up on a hot summer day. I decided to take a walk down by the river, but I couldn’t decide between gorging on their famous Red Lentil Cinnamon or the Raspberry Pistachio Chocolate Chunk. So I did what any fat kid would do and ordered both. Not only was this the winner, but it very well could have been the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten.


spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

In 2016, Idaho got a new resident in their popular Food Truck Pod: one that was making ice cream right in front of customers' eyes. There is little to the imagination when cream, flavorings and toppings are added into a big bowl and then frozen in front of your face with heaping amounts of liquid nitrogen. If Blackberry Lemon Curd sounds delicious, you should try putting it in your actual mouth. Street Treat is living up to its name with incredible locally sourced ice cream and an even more wonderful experience.


THE SCOOP | 1001 W. 25TH AVE. The hardest thing about visiting all these phenomenal ice cream shops is choosing which flavor to partake in. Luckily for us, our friends at the Scoop feel our pain. Just ask for their scoop sampler, and they will load you up with a bowl of five baby scoops in the flavors of your choice. If you’re vegan, be sure to make one of those scoops their Vegan Mud Pie, a coconut milk base cream packed full of Oreos.


SWEET PEAKS ICE CREAM | 415 W. MAIN ST. If the old adage is true, you’re about to start hearing a lot more screaming in downtown Spokane. Moms, dads, daughters and dogs alike will flood the gates of this hip new ice cream parlor. With a shop full of shirts, accessories and sweets, maybe … just maybe, you’ll be able to be distracted from the wild flavors like Pine + Chocolate or Blackberry + Lavender. An amazingly fun take on what a new age creamery should look like.

If you want to make a kid incessantly happy, just get them some Superman ice cream from Spokane Valley’s only ice cream shop now that the iconic Mary Lou’s has moved on. I had a special date with a sweet little girl turned savage when she got to devour this hodge podge of colors and flavors. She rated it two (very sticky) thumbs up. Their website says it all. Don’t ask about the nutritional information. If you want nutrition, eat carrots.

JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


LOCAL CUISINE/ribbon cuttings

n o b b i R

1017 W. 1st Ave Spokane, WA 99201 T / 509-624-3014

by Kris

f Kilduf

s g n i t t cu Ten/6

726 N. 4th St., CDA Think Mad Hatter meets biscuits and gravy. Mother and daughter team Jill Davis and TJ Taylor take cooking together in their kitchen to building a new brunch empire in Coeur D’ Alene. Fresh, funky and full of Alice in Wonderland fun.

offering the South Hill a new taste of fresh sashimi, soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil.

Umi Sushi Elliott’s an UrbaN Kitchen

2209 N. Monroe St. If you’ve tried to drive up Monroe street lately, you’ve seen two things: a ton of construction and a new American bistro style restaurant offering handmade daily soups and insatiable shareables, such as in-house raviolis and Green Chili. Orlison strives to provide a unique, accessible craft beer experience for the adventurer in all of us. orlisonbrewing.com 150

spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Poke Express

905 S. Grand Blvd. There aren’t many genres of food the Inland Northwest is missing. Hawaiian famous poke bowls is certainly one of them. Worry no more; Poke Express is

1309 W. Summit Pkwy. Since Kendall Yards opened, I ‘d long voiced that a trendy sushi bar would be the perfect fit. Someone must have been listening. Right off the river, relax on their patio, where you can now get your sushi favorites without having to leave Spokane’s hottest neighborhood.

Park Lodge Restaurant

411 N. Nettleton St. Fresh seasonal flavors and comfort food. Chef Phillip, who has more than 15 years in fine dining experience, has made his move into Kendall Yards with a vibrant menu filled with wild mushroom risotto, grilled lamb and the irresistible sturgeon chowder.

Thank You Spokane! Best Asian

Tues-Fri 11am-9pm Sat 12pm-9pm

501 E 30th | Spokane South Hill | 509-747-1170

got kabob?

2118 N RUBY ST, SPOKANE WA 99207 (509) 474-0499 | mykabobhouse.net > find us on facebook! <

Catering / Delivery Take-out / Dine-in


Happy Hour All Day! JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide


The Dining Guide includes summaries of local restaurants that are featured on a rotating basis each issue. Suggestions for additions or corrections can be sent to stephanie@spokanecda.com.



Aloha Island Grill. Hawaiian. Operating out of two former Taco John shacks on Monroe and West Francis, Patrick and Lori Keegan serve up fresh, tender Teriyaki Chicken “plates” that will keep you coming back. Based on family recipes from the islands and plenty more than just teriyaki, both spots offer a student discount; the Francis location serves a creative breakfast concoction called the “Loco Moco.” Open daily. 1724 N. Monroe St. (509) 327-4270 and 1220 W. Francis Ave. (509) 413-2029. eataloha.com.

Canaan Buffet Cuisine. Refuel, work, meet, celebrate or unwind with Canaan Buffet’s fantastic selections of Pan-Asian cuisines, along with affordability and a fun atmosphere. Enjoy delicious dishes, expertly prepared with more than 200 items to choose from. They use organic vegetables on their salad bar and in all vegetable dishes. Huge varieties of freshly made sushi and the freshest fruits of the season. Seven days a week, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m., 9606 N. Newport Hwy. (509) 465-4849. canaanbuffet.com.

Thai Bamboo. Thai. Each of the four regional Thai Bamboo locations offers a massive Southeast Asian menu in settings designed to transport you across the Pacific. Inside each restaurant you’ll find Thai stone and wood carvings, water fountains, Thai music and the namesake bamboo décor. Thai Bamboo continues to be No. 1 Best Thai in readers’ polls, and both the newest location on North Division and the CdA restaurant feature a Tiki Beach-styled lounge and striking sky ceilings in the main dining rooms. Think Vegas with pad Thai. All locations Mon-Thu 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri 11:30 a.m.9:30 p.m., Sat 12-9:30 p.m., Sun 12-9 p.m. Delivery available. thaibamboorestaurant. com.



spokanecda.com / JUNE 2018

Red Lion BBQ & Pub. For about 20 years, whether it was in the old rhythm and blues, peanut-shells-on-the-floor days, or more recently as a sports bar, there’s always been butt-kickin’ BBQ at this downtown corner spot. The undisputed star here is wine-broiled chicken, spicy and robust, yet falling-off-the-bones moist and tender. Together with the signature fried bread and honey, you have a BBQ experience that can’t help but please. Sun-Thu 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m. (Sunday breakfast buffet 9 a.m.-noon during football season.) 126 N. Division St. (509) 835-LION (5466). redlionbbq.com.

The Wandering Table. A much-anticipated American tapas-style restaurant located in Kendall Yards. Chef Adam Hegsted delights with a variety of small plates (try the Garden for a creative take on salads, the Deviled Eggs, or the Popcorn), craft cocktails, a whiskey bar, and substantial dishes, such as the Bacon-Wrapped Bacon Sliders or the Braised Shortribs. Take the chef 's advice and go with the “You Choose the Price” meal option for the table offered at $35-$65 per head for a surprising culinary journey. Hopefully it will include the Olive Oil Gelato for dessert. Tues-Thurs, 11:30 a.m.–10 p.m., FriSat 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m., Sun-Mon, 4-10 p.m. 1242 W. Summit Pkwy. in Kendall Yards. (509) 443-4410. thewanderingtable.com. Wild Sage Bistro. Tucked into a classic 1911 brick building on Second Ave. and Lincoln St., Wild Sage offers an intimate dining setting and memorable food with real flair. The atmosphere combines class and warmth. Executive chef Charlie Connor presents regionally influenced Northwest cuisine using only the finest locally sourced products. Try the Yukon Taquitos, the Crisp Bacon and Blue salad or the Cioppino. Be sure to finish with a slice of the “Soon-to-be-Famous” Coconut Cream Layer Cake with lilikoi

TOI top of india

Gluten-Free Options

DINE-IN TAKEOUT CATERING 11114 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 509-927-0500 TheTopOfIndia.com

—2nd Annual—

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Tap Takeover and Cornhole Tournament

Saturday June 23rd 11-5pm | Northside Onion • 25 Beers From Sierra Nevada • • Cornhole Tournament • Food Specials • Prizes •

MENU GUIDE IN THE JULY ISSUE www.mainsushi.com Contact us to be a part of this feature in the next issue! 509.533.5350 sales@spokanecda.com

BEST SUSHI 6 years in a row!

Thank You Spokane!

430 W. Main Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 | 509.838.0630

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm ~ Fri 11am-10pm ~ Sat Noon-9pm ~ Sun Noon-8pm JUNE 2018 / spokanecda.com


LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide

sauce. This award-winning bistro is known for its in-house bakery and an amazing array of gluten-free options. Also, make it a point to order something from their “scratch bar,” with or without alcohol. They use only fresh juices and house-infused flavored liquors. Dinner seven nights a week, opening at 4 p.m. 916 W. Second Ave. (509) 456-7575. wildsagebistro.com.

BREAKFAST & LUNCH SPECIALTIES Frank’s Diner. Frank’s has become a Spokane landmark throughout the past decade. Both early 1900s vintage rail cars were originally obtained by the Knight brothers, Frank and Jack, during the Depression, and converted to diners. Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and the don’t-miss hash browns and silver dollar pancakes. Seven days 6 a.m.-8 p.m. 1516 W. Second Ave. (509) 747-8798. 10929 N. Newport Highway, (509) 465-2464. franksdiners.com. The Yards Bruncheon. The team at The Yards Bruncheon figured out how to extend the weekend all-week-long by offering brunch every day, and—oh!—how that pleases us. This modern diner is a combination of breakfast and lunch complemented with classic brunch cocktails. Their menu features comfort food using local farms and producers. The food is food the team loves to eat and is meant to be taken lightly. They make most of their menu items in house, including their pastries, which are some of the best around. They also feature some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. 1248 W. Summit Pkwy., Mon-Sun 7 a.m.-


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3:30 p.m. (509) 290-5952. theyardsbruncheon.com.

CASUAL DINING Taste Cafe & Fine Art. If you love the taste of healthy and enjoy putting nutrientdense fuel into your body—while giving your tastebuds the stuff food dreams are made of—Taste Cafe & Fine Art is a notto-be-missed downtown destination. Jim and Mary Ann McCurdy whip up their most popular dishes—Asian chicken wrap, lentil salad, cookies and a kale salad that would make carnivores drool—among a long list of tantalizing dishes. Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-4 p.m., closed Sun. 180 S. Howard St. (509) 468-2929. tastecafeandfineart.com. Gilded Unicorn. The Gilded Unicorn is a modern American, classic restaurant featuring handcrafted foods and drinks, located in the historic Montvale Hotel in downtown Spokane, right in the heart the entertainment and arts district. The restaurant's name reflects its blend of classic and modern without taking itself too seriously. The Gilded Unicorn showcases local, seasonal food and drinks from the Northwest and beyond coerced into new-fashioned flavors that hit you in the soul. This is a “must visit” eatery experience. Sun-Sat 3 p.m-close, 110 S. Monroe St., (509) 309-3698. gildedunicorn.com. 315 Martinis and Tapas. Located within the historic Greenbriar Inn in Coeur d’Alene, this restaurant specializes in small plates with a global focus and well-crafted cocktails. Come sit in the intimate martini bar for happy hour beginning at 3:15 p.m. and enjoy drink and tapas specials, or share small plates or entrees along with live music on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights in the main dining room beginning at 6 p.m. Expect good service, great atmosphere and

an experience you won’t soon forget. TuesSun from 3:15 p.m. to close. 315 Wallace Ave. in Coeur d’Alene. (208) 667-9660. 315martinisandtapas.com.

FINE DINING Masselow’s Steakhouse. Named after a strong chief who was instrumental in the survival of the Kalispels, Masselow’s combines the culinary heritage of the tribe with Northwest fine dining. The restaurant features an intimate and lavishly appointed dining room just off the hotel lobby in the new wing of the Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Airway Heights and serves up an Elk Sirloin and Seared Scallops worth the drive. Their chocolate mousse on the dessert menu is also a show stopper. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 100 N. Hayford Rd., Airway Heights. (509) 242-7000. northernquest.com. Stacks at Steam Plant. Named for the twin smokestacks that have been a part of the downtown Spokane skyline for nearly a century, Stacks offers a full-service dining experience in a one-of-a-kind space. Unique private dining spaces include boiler rooms where the original pipes still line the walls and ceiling. Signature dishes are created from scratch and incorporate ingredients produced only at the Steam Plant—including smoked meats, fish and vegetables, and many of the ales brewed on-site. 3 p.m.–10 p.m. Sun-Thurs, 3 p.m.–11p.m. Fri-Sat. 159 S. Lincoln, under the smokestacks downtown. (509) 777-3900. steamplantspokane. com. 1898 Public House. With a nod of respect to the year the golf club was originally established, 1898 Public House combines a storied history with modern flair. Led by Executive chef Tyler Schwenk, their culinary


The Difference 180 S. Howard 509.468.2929 tastecafeandfineart.com

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LOCAL CUISINE/dining guide

team takes pride in preparing classic foods with a fresh twist, while using the finest ingredients. From hand-pressed gourmet burgers and house-cured bacon, to housemade rolls and charcuterie, dining at 1898 is an exciting culinary tour for your palate. With signature comfort food dishes and unique combinations designed for the more adventurous foodie. Sun-Thurs 4-9 p.m., Fri/Sat 4-10 p.m., happy hour 4-6 p.m. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd. (509) 466-2121. kalispelgolf.com.

The Gathering House Café. A great place to meet with a friend for a latté or to work away on your laptop. The café offers a full range of espresso drinks as well as delicious baked goods, and a host of delicious artisan sandwiches and a salad bar for only $5.95. The Gathering House is a church that uses their facility as a job training coffee shop, café, and meeting place that is elevating quality food and lives. Weekdays 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 733 W. Garland Ave., (509) 340-9113. gatheringhouse.biz.

Sushi.com. We still think the name is about as cheesy as you can get for a sushi bar and Japanese restaurant, but the food transcends the curious .com label over the door. Sit at the sushi bar and enjoy what’s fresh or take a table and explore the menu that also includes plenty of excellent hot options if raw fish still makes you nervous. Some of our favorites are the super white tuna and the house tempura. MonFri 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Sat 12 noon-9 p.m., Sun 12 noon-8 p.m. 430 W. Main Ave. (509) 8380630.


The Swinging Doors. Opened in May of 1981, the tavern-turned-restaurant has been in the same family for its whole life. With 27 beers on tap and 60 television screens, The Swinging Doors is a sports fan’s paradise. On the food front, the restaurant is famous for its large portions (which can be split). Breakfast is served all day and the huge pieces of Broasted Chicken remain the most popular item on the golf-themed menu. Show up on your birthday for a free steak dinner. Open seven days a week from 6:45 a.m.-2 a.m. 1018 W. Francis Ave. (509) 326-6794. theswingingdoors.com.


The Onion Taphouse & Grill. Established in 1978, the Onion is the grand dean of gourmet burgers and casual family dining in Spokane. With the addition of Area 51 Taphouse (with, yes, 51 different beers—and some hard ciders, too), you’ll never want to leave. From gourmet burgers and sandwiches to pizza, salads and their namesake beer-battered onion rings, The Onion Taphouse & Grill pays attention to details and does more from scratch than many other restaurants aspiring to loftier appellations. 302 W. Riverside. SunThurs 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Mon-Sun 11 a.m.-11 p.m. 7522 N. Division. (509) 747-3852. Steam Plant Brewing Co. & Pub. An amazing location for a brewery—under layers of catwalks and an '80s ceiling inside the renovated steam plant. The brewery produces 11 handcrafted microbrews on-site, from their famous Double Stack Stout to several seasonal varieties. Its microbrews are also available to go in kegs and growlers. The pub features multiple flat-screen TVs and a game room to make a night of it. The brews are complemented by signature menu items like the Coal Bunker cheese bread, smoked steelhead and beer cheese soup. 3–10 p.m. Sun-Thurs 3–11 p.m. Fri-Sat.159 S. Lincoln, under the smokestacks, downtown. (509) 777-3900. steamplantspokane.com.


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Crave. Where to go that’s lively, airy, and serves some of the best pub and lounge fare around. They do wraps, burgers, salads and fries (yes to the fries!) right. On the super hip corner of Riverside Ave. and Washington St. with eats, drinks, and nightlife done right. Daily, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. 401 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 321-7480.

SUSHI Kobe Hibachi Sushi and Bar. Their talented hibachi chefs make your meal right in front of you adding extra flair to your dining experience. They offer great selections of sushi and sashimi along with a full bar and their entire team aims to satisfy each and every customer. Mon-Thur 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. - 9:30 p.m., Fri/Sat 12 - 10 p.m., Sun 12 - 9 p.m. 2819 N. Divison St. (509) 315-8864.

Nudo. Asian-fusion. This new-age “ramen house” speaks urban cool in the heart of downtown Spokane. Try the Grilled Miso Chilean Sea Bass, Edamame, or Crisp Salt and Pepper Basil Chicken for appetizers, followed by a Tonkotsu Bowl featuring fresh ramen, barbecue pork, hard-boiled egg, corn, braised bamboo shoots and seaweed in a slow-boiled pork bone broth. Their signature Ramen Burger—a fresh-ground beef patty topped with arugula and tonkatsu sauce between two homemade rounds of “ramen bun” is a fun entrée. A wellselected drink menu, late hours, and modern lounge-feel makes it well set for lingering dates and après-event noshing. Vegetarian options also offered. Mon-Sat 11 a.m-close. 818 W. Sprague. (509) 290-5763. nudoramen.com. Fire Artisan Pizza. Walk in the front door and you smell smoke from local orchard wood burning at 800 degrees in the Forno Bravo oven that is a focal piece of the open kitchen at the back of the restaurant. Whether you order up one of the creative pizzas on the menu or design your own pie, you are in for a treat. Fire’s chewy charred crust and bright red sauce are both excellent. The wine list is also well chosen and the space has an industrial retro feel that also manages to be warm and welcoming. The bonus of sushi and seafood pizza will knock you off your feet. Open Sun –Thu 11:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; Fri–Sat, 11:30 a.m.–11 p.m. 816 W. Sprague. firepizzaspokane.com.

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WHAT I KNOW/charlie brewer

by Charlie Brewer CO-FOUNDER OF BEYOND PINK “Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.’’ —Thomas Merton

I grew up milking cows, cleaning stalls, bucking bales, butchering chickens, slopping pigs, wearing hand-me-downs and working in our

acres and acres of gardens to harvest and can foods for our family of 10 for the year. We made our own toys out of things we found around the farm, and the only thing we bought at the store were paper goods. We made our own butter, flour, peanut butter and bread, and I was raised on whole milk. Pulling from both my wholesome upbringing and my current life in the fast lane, these are a few of the things I think I know:

I know that each of us should chronicle our mother’s wisdom and treasure the moment we are repeating her words. Although I’m a little bitter about the things she didn’t tell me; she could have at least written a book called What Nobody Will Tell You before she left this earth far too soon. Her book would have contained hints of what happens when you age, such as sudden mood changes and creaky bones. Or that your hair may fall out or change, and the hair in your eyelashes and eyebrows (and other places) turns gray out of nowhere. I know that in my family I am the “crap handler” and although I am good at it, I don’t like it. It means tough conversations, hard situations and decisions that are not easy. I have been called too clinical, cold, uncaring and unfeeling although I am none of those— but the task was given to me, and I did my best. I have days when it all hits me and I sob as I level what has been thrown at me and the emotions I did not have the time or luxury to release while in the middle of situations or chaos. I know I dance with abandon and truly sing as though no one is listening. My good friend Brittany Comrie told me that anyone can learn to sing. You just have to listen to what you want to sing and keep trying until you sound like that, and I believed her—so I sing. I know that when you give of yourself and you are passionate about what you do, you will cry, you will laugh, you’ll worry, you’ll be broken and you’ll be lifted up. You just don’t get to have one without the other. Nothing really is all roses, but in the end your heart will be full. So because I love what I do, I am happy, I am grateful and my heart breaks every day just a little as I try to save the world one girl at a time. I know I have six friends with breast cancer. Six. How could I have not ensured they had a thermogram? How could I have missed so big? These are women I love and speak with often—and now they are sick. They are scared to death, they want to know if we can help them now and they want someone to talk to. So I meet them—wherever they are—and we talk, exhale, and try to make sense of the fast-

paced track they are now on with an oncologist, the surgeon, the radiologist and on and on. I know there is no good way to lose someone you love and I have lost people I love in every way possible. I know you will always wish for another moment, another day, one more time, another sunset and then you would be okay … but you won’t. We hurt as deeply as we love. I know if you wait for the big blessings or victories, you will miss many of the small and beautiful ones you receive each day. If you live your life from a point of gratitude, the smallest things seem amazing. I know the hardest year of my entire life had the happiest day of my life tucked into it. I met and married my husband in eight months. My mom was sick and didn’t have much time, so we planned for a wedding sooner than later. Later that year we lost my mom—who moved in with us a month after we got married—my dad, and my husband’s twin brother. My husband would go on “date nights” at my mom’s house when she first got sick until she couldn’t sit up for them anymore. He would go to her house, BBQ for her, watch a movie and just hold her hand when she wanted to talk or felt scared. I wake up every day delighted and surprised that my husband is still loving me and I haven’t scared him off. Because of a reminder from my friend Jennifer Evans, I know that “God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.’’ I know that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. I know the phrase “Do not be afraid’’ is written in the bible 365 times—I rely on a daily reminder from God to be fearless every day. I know I am grateful for every day I am given and plan to celebrate it every morning when I am fortunate enough to wake up to another sunrise. And I hope you do, too.

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JUNE 21, 2018 RELEASE PARTY Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living June release party hosted at Healthy Living Liberty Lake, 5-8pm 1431 N Liberty Lake Rd, Liberty Lake, WA 99019


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CLARKSVILLE/feathered friends

Feathered Friends by Doug Clark

In the spring of 1963 (I was barely 12 at the time) filmmaker genius Alfred Hitchcock hatched his horrifying flockumentary, “The Birds.” Scared me crapless. SPOILER ALERT: The movie tells the tale of a bloody bird uprising and, in particular, the unprovoked fly-bys upon two of Hollywood’s most photogenic actors, Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren. A half-century and change later, however, I believe “The Birds” was no flight of fancy, but a portent of aviary aggression to come. What I’m saying is that we’re in trouble, friends, right here in River City. Trouble with a capital “T” and that stands for turkeys. I was born in Spokane. Grew up in Spokane. Delivered the Spokane newspaper that would one day pay me paltry wages to write columns. That’s right. I’m a living example of what can happen when you embrace the power of low achievement. But trust me when I say that at no time during my formative years did I ever encounter wild turkeys strutting the cracked and root-buckled sidewalks of my hometown. I do have a hazy recollection of a few evenings spent with Wild Turkey back in college. We mixed the booze with peppermint schnapps and called the concoction a “snowshoe.” Ah, the foolishness of youth. Anyway, my point is that real turkeys weren’t around Spokane back then other 162

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than in the meat freezers at Ranch Market and IGA. Seeing wild turkeys wandering about would’ve been a big deal, like a Sasquatch sighting or Expo ’74. But today? Spokane turkey gangs are as common as hookers and blow at Secret Service hotel parties. So what does it mean? Where did these strange oversized creatures come from? Hell if I know. Do I look like a game warden? It doesn’t matter where these critters came from. What matters is that turkeys are here, roaming our streets, using our lawns for commodes and lurking in our trees. And how have our leaders at City Hall responded? The usual. While citizens are stepping in dark, oily piles of turkey doots, these birdbrains are obsessing on coal trains and destroying commerce on North Monroe. Well, we’d better do something quick because I’ve seen just how far the invasion has spread, and it chilled me to my giblets. The following is a true account of what happened the other day when I ventured downtown to pick up the freshly repaired gold Omega watch that was given to my late-father when he retired in 1971. (COLUMNIST NOTE: Times sure have changed. Having retired last August, I can state categorically that the reward for 35 years of sticking my neck out didn’t win me so much as a busted Timex.) But getting back to the day in question, I scooched my ample behind into my truck

and traveled a whole seven blocks before having to stop to let a ragged troop of turkeys saunter slowly across the middle of Rockwood Blvd. They all moved at the speed of a concussed centipede, showing absolutely no fear or regard for human drivers, common courtesy or Washington State traffic laws. The temptation to step on the gas was there, sure, but only a fool would do that. These suckers are burly and big enough to cause major damage to anything smaller than a Humvee. Crossing completed (I swear I saw one of them give me the feather), I continued on for maybe eight blocks more when … you guessed it—another turkey parade. Watching the ugly beasts go by reminded me of that famous Abbey Road album cover. If all the Beatles looked like Ringo, that is. But two turkey crossings in two minutes? Come on. And I used to gripe about potholes being the biggest threat to navigating this burg. Little did I know that the weirdness was only warming up. I took the left, continuing on that stretch of Rockwood that takes you down past Sacred Heart to the wide intersection across from the Park Inn. There I witnessed the most terrifying display of psychotic rage since being with Democrats on the night Trump beat Hillary. The vehicle in front of me was one of those Jeep-like mail delivery rigs. And as

insane as it sounds, it was being chased by a pissed off gobble-screeching, wing-flapping turkey. The bird clearly had homicide on its mind. Stunned, I slowed to almost a crawl to watch the carnage. As the mail wagon pulled into a loading zone, this Conor McGregor of the animal kingdom raced around the front where it began to peck and chest-thump the grill like a feathered fiend. Wanting to document the combat for digital posterity, I made a grab for my iPhone. Unfortunately, cars were lining up behind me. I had to move on, crossing the street that intersects with Grand. Leaving the scene, however, I could see in my rearview mirror that the wishbone warrior was now charging around to the open door that exposed the driver. “My God,” I thought. “The poor civil servant is doomed.” Then I was gone. Days afterward found me scanning the newspaper in search of a telltale headline, like: “Mail Carrier Loses Left Cornea in Pecking Attack.” Nothing. Just like in Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” I’m left with this deep empty feeling of dread. But take my advice and prepare for the worst. Keep a loaded shotgun by the door. Stay frosty. This was only the beginning. I fear it’s only a matter of time before the entire Spokane turkey population goes postal.

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