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Where do you begin when you love your city so much you want to shout it from the rooftops? Our readers helped us create a list to keep what we love most—and the best our city has to offer—organized in the Best of the City Awards 2016.


COVER Photo by CToreson Photography | Crystal Toreson-Kern Styling by Kristi Somday

It’s an urban celebration for this month’s Best of the City Awards issue, and Crystal Toreson-Kern captured Spokane’s energy, beauty, and culture through her lens.


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What do you do in the prime of your life? We share another wave of 5 Over 50: individuals reinventing themselves or rocking their lives more than ever before.

Doyle Wheeler’s life has run the gammut, he’s not afraid to share what he’s learned through life’s adventure. Read on to find out why “the bottom of the barrel” and losing everything is the perfect chance to grow and take life to the next level.



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Doyle Wheeler

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EDITOR LETTER/a note from Stephanie


It is Achievable


t is beautiful when we place upon ourselves to be the instrument for change and a contributor of a better world.” Tererai Trent’s father had her married off at 11 years old. She was mother to three children by her eighteenth birthday, with babies four and five to soon follow. Raised in a cattle-herding family in rural Zimbabwe—in a country known as Rhodesia under colonial rule—Tererai did not have the opportunity to go to school, although she dreamed of an education and taught herself to read and write from her brother’s schoolbooks. During a visit to Tererai’s village, Jo Luck, president and CEO of Heifer International, asked Tererai what her goals and hopes were for her life. “No one had ever asked me those questions before,” said Tererai. Jo shared something that would spark an insatiable hunger for life above and beyond traditional women’s roles and cultural norms, and alter her life trajectory: “If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable,” Jo said. Tinogona—it is achievable—became Tererai’s life motto. With this bid of confidence and her mother’s support, Tererai transcribed her dreams of going to America for college onto a piece of paper, folded the note into a tin can, and buried the can under a rock. I listened to Tererai’s keynote address during the National Association of Women in Business Owners’ Women Business Conference in Columbus, Ohio, at the end of September, in one of the most stunningly inspiring speeches I have ever witnessed. A smile on my face and tears in my eyes—as her words passed through the filter of my own experiences, and through the experiences of my daughters, putting our faces on hers as she faced marriage at 11, motherhood as a teen, no worth beyond domestic duties—I learned why she had been named by Oprah Winfrey as her all-time favorite guest. With the firm belief that education is the pathway out of poverty along with a desire to give back to her community, Dr. Trent founded Tererai Trent International. Generation after generation after generation, the baton of poverty had been passed along in Tererai’s village. “That was not the kind of baton I wanted to pass on,” she said. Her unstoppable perseverance eventually earned her a trek to the U.S., multiple degrees, and a prominent global platform with world leaders and international businesses and audiences where she advocates for universal access to quality education and fights to empower marginalized populations. Today, Dr. Trent is invited to speak all over the world, to share her remarkable story and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way. She was a keynote speaker at the UN Global


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Compact Leaders Summit where she used her growing voice to appeal to international businesses to invest in equal access to quality education. Leading the global charge in the fight for quality education for all children and women’s rights, Dr. Trent has become a symbol of hope for everyone, and living proof that anything is possible. Oprah donated $1.5 million to rebuild Tererai’s childhood elementary school in recognition of her tenacity and “never-give-up attitude.” She continues to build schools in the region, knowing, even when she’s tired, she has a responsibility to take what has been afforded to her and pass the baton. When I think about communities only being as rich as an accumulation of its members, when I think about Spokane, I think about Tinogona. I think about possibility and achievement for all of us. Tererai says, “Leadership is not about you, it’s about watching those around you rise.” It is ensuring the opportunity for community members to sign—and redesign—the blueprint of their lives. It is empowering us all with new batons to pass along, and to be told: “If you believe in your dreams, they are achievable,” and then given the space to dream big and the chance to make those dreams their realities. The realities of now, of future generations . . . and the realities of Spokane. We are Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living, and we are Spokane. Please find me on Facebook—and hop over to “like” the Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living page—to stay connected between press dates, and share your thoughts, stories, and life in real time. Tinogona for all,

Stephanie Regalado stephanie@spokanecda.com

LETTERS /to the editor

g n i g s n i s i R rA AtrtR

Invisible Pain Hi Stephanie, congrats on another great issue (Sept. 2016). As always, I enjoy your Editor Letter (and the one about the quail brought tears—my husband and I always watch for the quail and stop, but they are quick little birds, and sometimes get confused). All of the articles are good—loved the Arts info—so many talented people in Spokane. The article that really “hit me” was “Invisible Pain” by Lerria Schuh. It just so happens that last Sunday I was ready for church, sitting in a chair in our bedroom waiting for my husband and that is all I remember (from about 10 a.m. to about 3 p.m.—I remember nothing). My husband found me lying on the bed and not making a lot of sense. After a series of tests, I seem to be okay. Lerria’s article was so good about Traumatic Brain Injury and those with invisible illnesses. Bless her for sharing her thoughts. I also enjoyed “Sockpants & Super Heroes” by Holly Lyle (she is my husband’s cousin—we love her and her family). —Trudy Raymond 3.95

•$ 130 016) 16 # CT 15, 2 O T 20 SEP lay Until isp (D

in CDA, and opened The Fisherman’s Market and Grill. It is the only place that we will buy seafood—which is delivered fresh six days a week (they are closed on Sunday). I love Spokane Coeur d’ Alene Living magazine; thank you, Stephanie! — Kaye Fry SEPT 2016 #130 • $3.95

(Display Until OCT 15, 2016)

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the tip—and the readership, Kaye!

Editor’s Note: So glad to hear you are on the mend, Trudy. It isn’t always easy for our writers to share themselves in such a raw fashion as Lerria and Holly did. Your words are fuel for authentic writers.

Hopping Art Community It’s funny, I realize I often don’t absorb, fully, the positive talk about all of the things going on in Spokane. As I read Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living cover-to-cover, it is increasingly difficult to deny and I am stunned at this newer reality of all of the creative energy and positivity. Apparently, things really are abuzz in Spokane! It’s exciting to read about everything going on, and I appreciate that nearly every article ends with a way to engage in the community. Thank you for inspiring Spokane’s residents—even the once-naysayers—to find new ways to love and appreciate our city. —Harry

How Fresh is Fresh Fish In response to your article about “Fresh Fish,” check out Fisherman’s Market and Grill on Kathleen St. in Coeur d’Alene. Jennifer and Bob Palm moved to CDA from Oregon, noticed the lack of fresh seafood

Editor’s Note: Give this city—and her people—enough time and she’ll win you over. Better yet, be part of the change you would like to see . . . get out and engage and you’ll help speed up—and sustain—our trek to greatness.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

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20 LI L ACS & L EMO NS 24 DAY T R I P 2 8 CR E AT IV ES 3 4 S P OKA N E R IS I N G


Tra c k i n g Lo ca l — a n d G l o b a l — Le g a c i e s v i a Handheld Express

ostalgia Magazine launched a digital app that aims to publish and curate local, regional, national, and international history, heritage, and memories to audiences all over the world. Nostalgia Magazine began in Spokane in 1999, as a print publication founded by local publisher Byron King. The magazine featured a monthly collection of stories and photos from Inland Northwest history and heritage. Most of the stories were written by the people who lived them. In 2011, Byron sold Nostalgia to Garrin Hertel, a graduate of the history program at Gonzaga University. In May 2015, Garrin invited Howard Crosby to participate as a guest vocalist in the live music documentary film event, “Now You Has Jazz,” a multimedia production that tells the stories of Bing Crosby, Mildred Bailey, and Al Rinker. Howard is Bing Crosby’s nephew, and an investment consultant living in Walla Walla. Howard Crosby happens also to hold a degree in history from the University of Idaho, and has a particular interest in World War I, in addition to his fondness for the

music of his Uncle Bing, and early twentieth century pop culture history. One conversation led to another, and as they say, the rest is history. Howard and Garrin formed a new media company—Nostalgia World Wide Media, LLC—and hired M6 Limited to customize a digital media platform based on the ragingly popular Born2Invest media model. Nostalgia’s app and website will continue to offer the Inland Northwest its usual blend of local history and personal memoir stories, accompanied by rare and often never-seen-before historic photos. As the app grows, Nostalgia aims to serve more and more hyper local content to communities all over the state, the country, and eventually, the globe. “This is one of the most important things we do,” Garrin says. “Readers thank us regularly for helping them stay connected to communities and people that exist today only in memories and photos. It’s life-affirming, and the stories help them feel remembered and valued.” In addition to memoir stories and researched articles, the new Nostalgia app also offers short documentary clips and professionally curated content from media companies around the world. Authors, historians, museums, and historical societies are encouraged to participate in Nostalgia’s programs for free publicity for books, exhibits, collections, and events. Download the Nostalgia app from Google Play and the App Store, available for android and iOS devices. The Nostalgia app is offered free of charge. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/lilacs & lemons

s n o m e l d n a s lilac d]

[not so goo


nt by Vince

B oz z i


fb [good out o

LILACS to BHW1 Advertising for organizing a huge clothing and food drive for the people of Wellpinit, Washington, many of whom lost their homes in a wildfire. Thank you to all who donated and to Jamie Sijohn of the agency for organizing. The stacks of donations downtown at the former Marquee space were astounding. Thank you, Bill Butler, for donating the staging area at the Marquee. We are looking forward to producing great events there, including our Best of Spokane party.

LEMONS to the Spokane City Council for changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s not that a new holiday couldn’t be set aside to honor them, but I wonder if there aren’t more pressing issues facing the city right now. Further, judging Columbus, a one-time hero by the standards of his day, through the lens of today, could lead to abolishing other holidays and tearing down other heroes as we continue to revise history.

of poverty. Yet the schools’ hands are tied by law. The children aren’t at fault, but with so many parents addicted to drugs and neglecting their children, teachers’ hands are tied and for the most part need to give most of their attention to the troubled children instead of educating those who desire to learn. We can’t let the school system devolve into a mere holding pen. I know of one brand new teacher in a poor neighborhood who spends nearly every lunch hour crying.

LILACS to Northern Energy for spearheading an effort to fight heroin/opioid abuse in Spokane. The local propane company is donating a portion of their income back to the Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council. I like spokesperson Doug Holcomb’s line: “I’m from here, and I’m for here. Let’s figure out how to beat this together.” Driving through our once pristine working class neighborhoods and seeing lawns and homes completely neglected is prime evidence that this scourge is touching all of us.

LILACS to Pigout in the Park for taking the change in location in stride. To my mind, it was an improvement to have the booths lined up alongside the river. It felt less cramped and it pushed all the action a little closer together. Great lineup of food and music this year! With Bill Burke’s organizational skills, I still feel it’s a shame he didn’t make another run for a political office.

LEMONS to Colin Kaepernick for not standing during the national anthem. There aren’t THAT many things that unite us, but respect for our country is one thing we shouldn’t mess with. His intentions are good, but he should find another way to get his message across. I’d hate to see young people who look up to him losing respect for our symbols. How awful if it begins to be “uncool” to participate in a simple show of respect, and we begin questioning whether we even should, depending on whom we’re with. RELUCTANT LEMONS to the public school system for making a gallant, but failed, effort at attempting to babysit or warehouse children


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

LEMONS to anonymous letter writers. We occasionally get letters to the editor or anonymous emails disparaging either one of us, a contributor, subject of an article or someone we work with on one of our events, usually with the most astounding claims and using the most astounding language. If you don’t have the courage to identify yourself and stand behind your thoughts, don’t bother writing. We have a good laugh and throw it all in the circular file.


Spokane County Stats 2015 Population Estimate 490,945

Median Household Income $50,432

People in poverty 16.3%

Educational Attainment: high school graduate or higher 92.6%

People without health insurance 12.3 %

Median Housing Value $182,000

Total Housing Units 204,023

Number of Companies 36,392

Veterans 45,187

Spice & Vine Mercantile

Spices, Oils and Balsamics Oh My! Turning Everyday into Gourmet.

15614 E. Sprague Ave | 509.315.4036 | www.spiceandvinemerc.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



Top 5

Coziest Hideouts

Around the

by Erika Prins Simonds



hen frost begins to cover the world each morning, it’s time to get serious about coziness. In the event that hibernating at home through the cold months does not work with your schedule, try these shortcuts to cold weather bliss as often as possible—warm beverages, cushy seats and secret hideouts go a long way to make the biting cold more bearable.

Tap Into Your Inner Calm (and Maybe Your Dreams) at Calypsos Coffee & Creamery calypsoscoffee.com The mood ring of coffee houses, Calypsos is filled with eclectic seating options including some well-worn armchairs and loveseats. Find the nook, or perhaps cranny, that best reflects the state of your soul in this moment. Stop by in the evening and you may stumble upon a free dream interpretation session (Wednesdays and Thursdays) or open mic night (Mondays). The company roasts its own coffee, so you can take a bag of the ethereal coziness home with you. Hide Out in Plain Sight at Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie santespokane.com Known for its cured meats and fancy take on dinner, Santé has some well-kept secrets that make it a perfect cold weather hideout. It’s open daily for breakfast starting at 9 a.m., not just for its famous weekend brunch. Call in sick on a weekday, snag some local fiction from Auntie’s next door, order a latte and a pastry, and suddenly you’re transported to your “brisk morning in Paris” daydream. Wear a classy scarf for the full effect. Santé’s Butcher Bar, tucked inside the restaurant itself, offers open-seating, so you can slip in and warm your bones with a top-shelf whisky and appetizer even if the restaurant is full.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Find Peace Midweek at The Davenport davenporthotelcollection.com Kill time between meetings slouched contentedly in an enormous armchair upholstered in the style of your rich grandma’s living room. Grab a coffee from the lobby café, watch the passers by and find your zen in under 15 minutes—then get back to work. Optional: Buy yourself flowers at the hotel florist and tell co-workers they’re from a secret admirer. Steal a Serene Morning Together at Rockwood Bakery (509) 747-8691 As the evenings get darker, spending daylight with your beau may require scheduling date night in the morning. Getting outdoors together will lift your spirits—work up frosty noses on a morning stroll through Manito Park, then duck into Rockwood Bakery to warm up and work on a crossword puzzle. Pick from the spread of indulgent pastries or savor the bakery’s secret specialty: house-made granola with steamed milk. Curl Up by the Fireplace at Vessel Coffee Roasters Vesselroasters.com The newly opened coffee house and roastery in North Spokane feels like a trendy Portland shop, with stark decor and a palpable seriousness about the craft. Order something that sounds fancy. It will be delicious. A fur rug flanked by surprisingly comfortable couches play centerpiece in the middle of the space, and a gas fireplace lends some literal warmth to the metaphorical cool of the space.

Paris, France

Joy Moore takes each of her grandchildren to the country of their choice in honor of their 10th birthday. Her grandson Paul was the fifth grandchild (she has three more to go) to embark on the adventure with her, and he chose France this year. They always take Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living with them and send in their picture as part of this tradition. Cheers to double digits, Paul (and an amazing grandmother)!

FIRST LOOK/road trip

Save a tree, call Devries! hint: it rhymes


Secure Document Shredding Service


Drop off or onsite services

by Cheryl-Anne Millsap


ess than a day’s drive from Spokane, or a short flight from Spokane International Airport, Boise is an excellent place for a weekend away. The capital city of the State of Idaho, Boise is a hub of arts and culture and a foodie’s delight. From football games on the famous blue turf at Boise State University to performances at the exquisite 1927 Egyptian Theatre (egyptiantheatre.net) to delicious handcrafted chocolates at The Chocolat Bar (thechocolatbar.com), Boise offers a lot of entertainment and fun.

Environmentally friendly Value-added services Respected in the community Identity theft prevention Easy to call – Locally owned Secure and professional

509.822.2634 | devriesinc.com 24

Get Away to Boise

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Sip and Savor Stop by BleuBird (bleubirdboise.com) for lunch. The grilled gruyere and brie with caramelized onion and fig preserves is memorable and don’t pass up the beet salad with lentils, pistachio and truffle oil. As if the atmosphere at Barbacoa Grill (barbacoa-boise.com) wasn’t dramatic enough, the food steals the scene. From guacamole made at your table to the sweet corn and crab bisque to the “Hot Rock” filet and cognac sauce, everything on Barbacoa’s menu is creative and delicious. For an extra treat, stop by the Basque Market ((208) 433-1208) and taste authentic paella and Basque wines.

Medical La ke ty of i C What's New in Medical Lake

Stay The Red Lion Downtowner offers convenient and comfortable rooms within easy distance of most area attractions. redlion.com For a more distinctive experience, consider a room at one of the Boise Guest House’s locations. on my next visit, I’ve got my eye on the dog-friendly Travel Suite or the utterly charming Treehouse Suite. See and Do While you’re in town, be sure to stop by the grand historic Idaho Capital Building (capitolcommission.idaho.gov) for a tour. The Old Idaho Penitentiary was built in 1870 and opened in 1872 and operated for 101 years. Open year-round, the Old Idaho Penitentiary offers a peek into history. Visitors can tour cell blocks, solitary confinement area, and the gallows room.

6am–2pm | Serving Breakfast and Lunch

MLHS Booster Club 10th Annual

Grapes & Hops Silent & Live Auction Fundraiser OCTOBER 29, 2016 6pm-10pm St. Anne's Parish Hall- 708 E Lake St, Medical Lake Tickets $25 ($30 at the door) 21+ Event Includes a variety of local and regional wines and brews; heavy hors d'oeuvres and desserts Event benefits students of Medical Lake High School

World Center for Birds of Prey Just a short drive from Boise, the World Center for Birds of Prey is worth a visit. The center offers an up-close look at the work of preserving birds of prey as well as the history of falconry. Cheryl-Anne Millsap writes about travel for The Spokesman-Review and other publications.

KNOW A HOUSE THAT SHOULD BE FEATURED? Contact Spokane CDA Living editor, stephanie@spokanecda.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/retail therapy

Spokane’s Urbanova: Our City of the Future

FOR MORE THAN TWO YEARS, the founding partners of Urbanova—the newly-named smart city living lab in Spokane—including Avista, the City of Spokane, Itron, McKinstry, the University District Development Association and Washington State University (WSU), have been working to create a living laboratory to design cities of the future in the 770-acre University District, adjacent to Spokane’s downtown core. Urbanova’s goal is to harness data to gain insights, empower people and solve urban challenges in new ways. It will enable healthier citizens, safer neighborhoods, smarter infrastructure, a more sustainable environment and a stronger economy. “As new technologies continue to change the energy landscape, Avista is proud to be one of the founding partners to come together to create a smart city technology proving ground that anyone can utilize and that everyone will benefit from—in the heart of Spokane,” says Heather Rosentrater, Avista vice president of energy delivery. “The City of Spokane and its citizens will greatly benefit from Urbanova’s mission as it aims to improve the economy, environment and well-being of our community,” says City of Spokane Mayor David Condon. “In the future, cities will address issues like resource scarcity, traffic, safety and health through the use of technology. Local businesses and residents will want to be involved in this exciting work.” Successes to Date: Smart and Connected Streetlight Pilot The smart and connected streetlight pilot is the first of Urbanova’s smart city projects and central to its participation in Envision America’s yearlong technical support program. The pilot aims to intelligently manage and control streetlights to increase energy efficiency, among other goals. The pilot features a human-scale urban air quality R&D component, measuring the quality of the air at different sensor points throughout the district and assessing its role in a healthy city. The pilot will play a key role in helping define how to develop and design a living laboratory, from establishing a data governance platform to understanding how to architect a shared platform, while working through issues, such as who owns the data, who controls it and how it is shared. Shared Energy Economy Model Pilot Avista was awarded a grant from the Washington Department of Commerce and Governor Jay Inslee’s Clean Energy Fund to demonstrate how a Shared Energy Economy can benefit Washington energy consumers. As part of the grant, Avista will work with several partners to pilot a Shared Energy Economy model in the University District. Avista’s partners in this endeavor include, UniEnergy Technologies, McKinstry, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy, Washington State University and technology partner Itron.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

The Shared Energy Economy model allows various energy assets—from solar panels and battery storage to traditional utility assets—to be shared and used for multiple purposes, including system efficiency and grid resiliency. Smart City Research Grant Researchers in the WSU Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture are leading a five-year, $1.5 million initiative to develop a framework to monitor, predict and control energy and air quality in an urban environment and to record resulting health impacts in Spokane’s University District. Funded by WSU, the multidisciplinary initiative is part of WSU’s Grand Challenges in smart systems, which aims to harness technology to improve quality of life. Urbanova partners have applied for several other grants and opportunities to catalyze initial efforts. “Itron knows from our experience working with smart city initiatives around the globe that the proving ground in Spokane is a valuable resource and essential for the effective development of smart city solutions that are scalable and replicable,” says Sharelynn Moore, vice president of global marketing and public affairs at Itron. “Cities across the globe are working to use technology in new ways to help improve services and infrastructure for citizens and to help address urban challenges like energy and water usage, traffic, waste and citizen engagement. Urbanova is an innovator in this effort.” Visit urbanova.org for more information.

FIRST LOOK/abuzz on facebook

The Music That Makes Us Dance Social media is equal parts fun, games, and meaningful conversations. Okay, maybe not equal parts. Especially during a presidential election year. Nonetheless, we turned to Facebook to ask the very important question: Which Song is Your “Stop Everything and Dance” Song?

Sheila Bush:

LMFAO’s “La La La” Every. Single. Time.

Jon Fine:

Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”

Ashala Faircrest:

Dirk Vastrick:

Bruno’s “Uptown Funk”

Ides of March’s “Vehicle”

Shanda Brown Woodward: Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”

Rene Johnston-Gingrich:

Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”

Ryan Bludau:

Lynnetta Ellis:

Just one? Postmodern Jukebox’s “All About The Base”

Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”

Elizabeth Fletcher: War’s “Low Rider”

Tine Reese:

Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”

Penny Simonson: Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride”

Emily Powell:

Macklemore’s “Dance Off”

Dona Ehlers Reynolds: Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Joel Evans:

Usher’s “Yeah” or “Pony”

Follow us on Facebook to be part of the discussions about our community and to share story ideas in real time.

Guitars, amps, accessories, lessons, repairs

509-315-9700 618 N Monroe Spokane, WA 99201 TheSenator Music Store spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/life by creative design

A Gem of a Mercantile The Golden Gem Mercantile sits along highway 27 on the way to Rockford, Washington. It’s hard to miss the red barn storefront among the rolling hills of the Palouse. For many years, Jeff and Amanda LaShaw have farmed the land around them and have built a steady clientele of local farmers and livestock owners who rely on them for non-GMO, natural, nutrient-rich animal feeds. About a year ago, the couple opened a brick and mortar feed store with an attached vintage boutique and coffee shop. It has been a bustling stop along the busy highway since last fall. The espresso drive-thru stays busy with moms on their way to take kids to school and the boutique offers patrons a variety of vintage goods and antiques scoured from local farms and barns on the Palouse, and handmade goods by crafters and artisans in the towns of Rockford, Fairfield, Tekoa, and the Palouse, as well as locally roasted Tom Sawyer coffee. They will be hosting a harvest hay maze, pumpkin patch, and “trough or treat” station for kids and families on the property. They are open 5 a.m.-6 p.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekends. You can follow them @goldengemmercantile on social media and visit them at 18805 S. Sr. 27 in Rockford, Washington.

by Alisa


y b e f i L e v i t a Cre gn Desi photo by Rogue Heart Media

Farm to Freezer Goodness Fannie’s Ice Pops are handmade, whole fruit, farm to freezer goodness on a stick. The pops are made by hand in small batches using seasonally fresh local and organic fruit. The company never uses refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or artificial colors. In 2014, Mandolyn Hume began buying local, seasonal fruit from Spokane farmers markets to turn into healthy ice pop treats for her twin girls and to share with friends.The reaction to their product was overwhelming so Mandolyn invested in a tricycle freezer cart and began distributing at various farmers markets, health food stores and select outlets around town, including the Perry Street Farmer’s Market, Kendall Yards Night Market, Liberty Lake Farmer’s Market, Fairwood Farmer’s Market, Main Market, The Rocket Market, Spokane Club, WSU-Spokane Fresh Plate Market, The Well (Liberty Lake), and Fresh Design Gallery and Vintage Rental (Medical Lake). The ice pop company offers catering for weddings and community events. Some of their interesting flavors are Strawberry Basil, Strawberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Balsamic, Cucumber Apple Mint, Roasted Peach Vanilla, Chocolate Avocado, Lemonade Rosemary, and Cold Brew Coffee. fanniesicepops.com photo by Mary Banducci Photography

Alisa Lewis was raised in the Inland Northwest with a family of “American Pickers.” Alisa thrives on community and enjoys bringing other creative souls together to celebrate and inspire each other. She lives in Dalton Gardens with her talented husband, delightful little girl, dapper little boy, and flock of chickens. 28

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/lead spokane

Actual Invisalign Patients

October’s Renaissance Moment:

Enthusiastic by Brian Newberry



in the month of August with mention of this magazine.




2319 N. Division, Spokane, WA 99207 | 509-703-7375 | SpokaneGlassCenters.com License #: CC SPOKAGC844B6


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

celebrates excellence in our flourishing city. Reflecting on our recent Renaissance, it is clear to me one strong pillar contributing to our recent success is our hard-charging educational institutions. Let us start by celebrating all our local school districts awarded the 2014 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health for the massive community collaboration to improve high school graduation rates. This success is joined by an impressive number of innovative schools across our region from the new charter schools to the newly renovated NEWTECH Skill Center which propels high schoolers ahead in trade education with bold and impressive technical curriculums. Likewise, this Spokane enlightenment is energized by the collegiate trailblazing in our town. The Community Colleges of Spokane is providing incredible opportunity to a growing number of students. Whitworth, coming off their 125th anniversary, is expanding its outreach to the community with an impressive speaker series twice a year and Gonzaga is stepping up hosting

Lawyers licensed in Washington, Idaho, & Tribal Courts

for Education


community symposiums, including a widely heralded spring educational forum which motivated educators region-wide. Eastern Washington University is celebrating its second consecutive Big Sky Presidents’ Cup, celebrating both its athletic prowess and its impressive emphasis on academic accomplishment. Certainly, WSU Spokane continues to move swiftly ahead establishing its visionary medical school and Gonzaga is partnering with the University of Washington to promote even more medical education. For our Renaissance to continue, we need to stand up for our educators. Thank a teacher, mentor a student, and attend an athletic event. We can do our part. College Success Foundation is seeking mentors and many high schools have similar mentor programs. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, let us give thanks for our educators lighting the way for a brighter tomorrow. They are clearly Best of the City.

509.868.5389 | EowenLawOffice.com 108 N. Washington, Ste. 302 Spokane, Washington 99201

Col. Brian Newberry, USAF ret. is current executive director of Leadership Spokane and former Commander, 92 ARW, Fairchild AFB. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/news flash

New Downtown Event Space


Bozzi Media has swooped up the Classic Marquee on Riverside (formerly the Marquee Lounge nightclub) and is turning it into an event space. With room for nearly 500 guests on the two floors, as well as full catering service, the Bozzi Media team can provide everything from simple coffee service to formal plated dinners. There are two large bars—one upstairs and one downstairs—so the space can be divided into two separate spaces for simultaneous events. The Classic Marquee has the classic feel of old-time Hollywood, hence keeping the “Marquee” in the name. The event space kicks off with Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine’s Best of the City red carpet party on October 21. Since the space has a retro vibe, the Bozzi Media team is looking forward to hosting an 80s themed dance party and all of Spokane will be invited to come dress up and join in. To get you in the mood, try getting THESE ear worms out of your head: Mickey, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Don’t You Forget About Me, Every Breath You Take, Shake it Up, and Centerfold, all of which will be played, and many more! Find out more by contacting events@bozzimedia.com or (509) 533-5350. Cheers!

Buddy Benches to Encourage Kindness



spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Gus Johnson Ford will be bringing Buddy Benches to three elementary schools in partnership with Spokane’s KIDS NEWSPAPER. The Buddy Bench Program gives children who are feeling sad or lonely the opportunity to support to one another. These benches act as a signal for other children to gather around to help. Lincoln Heights, Adams and Sheridan will be receiving Buddy Benches this year. Christian Bucks, an elementary student at Roundtown Elementary School located in York, Pennsylvania, came up with this idea after learning about a similar bench in Germany. Gus Johnson commented: “Conflict in our schools is in the news every day; Buddy Benches seemed like an easy way for kids to help each other make a positive difference. So we are proud to offer our support.”

Macy’s Makeover Centennial Properties has begun a complete makeover of the 274,00 square feet Macy’s building. The mezzanine level will be removed, creating expansive ceilings to welcome shoppers on the first two floors of retail space. Floors five thorough nine are being designed as residential apartments with fifteen apartments per floor. Parking will be created in the basement of the building. Centennial is working with Walker Construction, DCI and NAC Architects River Park Square is holding a “Name That Building” contest. Entries will be accepted through October on the website, riverparksquare.com, and at the River Park Square Concierge desk, located on the first level. Four finalists will each win a $100 River Park Square gift card. The new name will be announced in November.






Thank you Spokane for voting us GOLD Best New Restaurant!


905 N. WASHINGTON ST. | 509-392-4000


TheBlackbirdSpokane.com /




FULL BAR Thank you Spokane for voting us GOLD Best Neighborhood RestaurantSouth, and Best Beer List!

3011 S. GRAND BLVD. (509) 279-2671 11AM-11PM SUN-THURS. 11AM-MIDNIGHT FRI. & SAT. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FIRST LOOK/spokane rising

Spokane Rising Let’s make transit a choice, not a novelty by Anthony Gill

WHEN I WAS FIVE OR SIX, growing up in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, my dad and I would occasionally ride the bus downtown for a weekend “adventure.” I remember gawking at the huge green, white, and blue buses, straining to figure out where the money from the coin drop went, and sitting at the edge of my fuzzy seat as I struggled to get a view out of the window. Once we arrived downtown, the park and the mall provided a bit of entertainment, but really, it was the novelty of the bus that made these “adventures” such a blast. But public transit shouldn’t be a novelty. It should be a viable option for all who live here. It should be fast, frequent, and easyto-use. But unfortunately, current Spokane Transit Authority service comes well short of this mark. It’s still easy to miss a bus and be forced to wait half an hour for the next one. It’s still impossible to take a bus late on weekends. And—get this—to get from, say, the South Perry District to Gonzaga University, you still have to transfer buses downtown, turning a quick five minute ride into an hourlong trip. No wonder people drive. Knowing this, I can’t express my excitement that fifteen years after those initial bus “adventures,” we finally have an opportunity to make transit less of a novelty in our city. In November, residents in the Spokane area will vote on Proposition 1, a measure which will, if passed, extend transit service past 11 p.m. on Saturday nights, enable more connections without a transfer downtown, and develop higher-frequency 34

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

lines throughout the system. In addition, the plan would create a bus rapid transit line from Browne’s Addition through downtown and the University District to Spokane Community College. Consider the possibilities this enables. Students would be able to find less expensive housing in Browne’s Addition and ride to WSU Spokane, EWU Spokane, Gonzaga, or any of the other institutions nearby. Those insane downtown transfers would become less necessary with four new transit centers and a new route directly from South Perry to Gonzaga. Weekend nightlife-goers would be able to catch a $1.50 bus instead of a $20 Uber ride. And with more frequent service on a number of routes, timetables could become a thing of the past, making transit more convenient. Even non-users would see benefits; on South Regal or Indian Trail, where traffic has increased significantly in recent years, more buses would pull more cars off the road, decreasing commute times for everyone. It’s always your choice whether to take a bus, a car, a bike, or your feet to your destination—or for that matter, whether to approve Proposition 1 in November. But as a result of these improvements, transit would become a more convenient, easierto-use option for everyone. And that’s no small thing. Anthony Gill is a Spokane native and recent graduate of Santa Clara University. He is the founder of Spokane Rising , an urbanist blog focused on ways to make our city a better place to live.

Oscar-Esque at the former Marquee Lounge 522 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

The pride of our city is reflected on the pages of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine and nothing crescendos quite like the annual Best of the City Awards issue: the best of Spokane—voted by our readers— splashed across the pages of the magazine, and then solidified on Friday, October 21 with a posh “after” party in Downtown Spokane. We are scrapping the hoopla and going straight to the VIP party this year In lieu of a large-scale formal awards event. The resurgence of energy in our urban core has inspired us to go upscale and move Best of the City downtown, into the vacant Marquee Lounge space, for an old Hollywood-style VIP experience. Tickets are limited, so secure yours as soon as possible for a night of city lights, celebrities (YOU), and an Oscar-Esque celebration you won’t forget.

TICKETS $37 eventbrite.com

Questions? Contact Jennifer Evans of Encore Events at j@allfortheencore.com/509-981-8439 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Sightings Doug Wilson

FIRST LOOK/sightings

photo and story by Jennifer LaRue


met him unconventionally. I was hanging an art show at a local gallery and I stepped outside for some fresh air. With the street to myself, I snooped in windows and skipped through alleys. Looking up, I saw him surveying the area from a rooftop. “Hey, you up there,” I hollered from below, “you should come down here and look at some awesome art.” He assured me that he would be down shortly and our friendship began. That same day, he gave me a tour of a loft he was designing. He returned to the gallery for opening night a week later and bought a piece of art to put in the loft. After he left, a woman approached me and informed me that he was a celebrity. I protested. “Really,” she said, “look him up.” Sure enough, Doug Wilson is a celebrity. Best known for the show Trading Spaces (TLC), he also hosted Moving Up, America’s Ugliest Rooms, Making it Home: Greensburg, and has appeared on news programs, talk shows, and game shows including Donny Osmond’s $250,000 Pyramid and Hollywood Squares where, he says, he experienced his favorite celebrity encounter: “Kermit and Miss Piggy, hands down.” I asked him to drop names and the list was long; he sat with Liza Minnelli on her shag carpet, gave Matt Damon decorating tips, and worked on Lindsay Lohan’s apartment in New York which had TMZ suggesting that Doug and Lindsay’s mother Dina were dating. “We were shopping,” Doug says. “Not dating.”


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Doug grew up on a farm in the middle of a corn field, five miles from Broadlands, a small town (population 323) in Illinois. He did what boys on farms do, but went looking for something else because, he says, his three older brothers “took all the tractors.” Involved in sports and student council, he joined a community theater and, at 15, he was paid $50 a week to perform in a dinner theater production of Annie Get Your Gun. He went on to the University of Illinois to study voice. He performed in local theaters, worked on sets, and learned about decorating from an artist and interior designer on the weekends. He then headed out to New York to study at the National Shakespeare Conservatory. He earned bit parts in New York and subsidized his income with odd jobs, including washing windows 30 stories up and doing carpentry work in people’s homes and in theaters. He began a business called Handy Man Can and his clientele and repertoire grew. “Performing and interior design work are similar in that I challenge my audience/ clientele to think outside the box and to expand their comfort zones with a splash of color or unexpected element,” he says. “And well, really, isn’t the whole world a stage?” He became known as one of the best handymen in the area and was invited into opulent town houses and penthouses, working with top New York designers and people such as Barbara Walters, Michael Bloomberg, and Brooke Astor. He taught himself faux painting and fabricating techniques, and received a lot of press for his forward thinking designs. He was eventually contacted by producers of Trading Spaces and he got the gig, becoming known for his flamboyant and confrontational manner, pushing the envelope often. “Television is the best playground for experimentation,” he says. “Taking risks is how we grow.” I stalked him a bit, watching videos and reading articles and it occurred to me to ask, “Have you ever been stalked?”

“Oh yes, I needed police protection in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I was headlining at a home show,” he says. Doug has a big imagination and his eyes sparkle when he talks about design; color, fabricating techniques, a fabulous thrift store find or work done by a local artist can make him giddy. He has a big heart, creating environments for places like the Ronald McDonald House (in memory of his nephew, Tyler who died of cancer at 5), speaking at charity events, and mentoring young designers and artists. His book, Doug’s Rooms, was written to inspire others, as well as his design column for In Touch Weekly. Doug is in Spokane soaking up the local flavor at his leisure. A good friend of his moved here and asked Doug to design his loft space downtown. “I’ve been through the area in the past doing shows and book signings but this is the first time I’ve actually experienced the Pacific Northwest,” he says. “Yes, I’m working but there’s also time for pleasure.” The large, open space he is working on includes custom ceiling panels and book shelves with an integrated bed, all designed and fabricated by Doug Wilson LTD. While giving me a tour of the place, Doug said “Boom” a lot; excited about the potential. He still has clients in New York where he maintains a home, and projects lined up in other states. He may or may not host another show. Really, the sky’s the limit. A song and dance man at heart, he might even check out area theater opportunities. What he knows for sure is that he will take risks and that he doesn’t want to “leave the building” being called “that television designer.” I asked him about a quote that was credited to him—“There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure.” “I said that? Hmm. Maybe I was suggesting that we shouldn’t feel as guilty as we do over things that make us happy.” Boom.

R MIE PRE LY EK R - WE SLETTE dia! W NE zzi Me o by B

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


September 11, 2016 Spokane Polo Club

Benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities photos by James & Kathy Mangis

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



509.747.3529 | spaparadiso.com


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Eyebrow Microblading!

Perfect procedure for reconstructing and defining shapely brows.

Eyelash Extensions! Fall Fashion at its best.

1237 West Summit Parkway | Suite A | Spokane, WA

(509) 747-3529

| www.spaparadiso.com

Thank you Spokane for voting us Best Spa

KENDALL YARDS Kendall Yards is Spokane’s premier urban neighborhood, featuring scenic views, diverse businesses, quality homes and walkable streets. Just a five-minute stroll along the Centennial Trail from downtown, explore the wild beauty of the Spokane River Gorge and some of the area’s best local restaurants.

For more information KENDALLYARDS.COM

Come in for a FREE cup of coffee Monday through Saturday during the month of September.

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Wood-Fired Authentic Neapolitan made from the freshest ingredients


Online ordering now available! WWW.VERACISPOKANE.COM


NORTH SIDE OF KENDALL YARDS (just off the beaten path!) 608 N. MAPLE, SPOKANE WA 99201 509-818-3355 | TOMSAWYERCOUNTRYCOFFEE.COM

THE WANDERING TABLE 509.443.4410 | thewanderingtable.com


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BRAIN FREEZE CREAMERY 509.321.7569 | brainfreeze.biz

For session pricing and more information visit us online

Wandered Yet? Best New Restaurant

Best Appetizers

RENEW Your MIND Your BODY Your SPIRIT With nothing to distract you, the outside world disappears and amazing things happen.

509 443 4410 1242 W. Summit Parkway thewanderingtable.com

1170 W. Summit Parkway | Spokane Monday – Sunday: 8am – 11pm (509) 242-3949 | renewfloat.com

509.290.5952 1248 W. SUMMIT PARKWAY SPOKANE, WA 99201



Visit our website for hours, flavors, & more! brainfreezecreamery.com


New location on the South Hill!

Kendall Yards | 509-321-7569 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016 41 1238 W. Summit Parkway 1230 S Grand


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



Ch in es e La nte r n Fes t i va l Retu rns w i t h Tro p i ca l F la i r


by Fianna Dickson

he second-annual Washington State Chinese Lantern Festival is back through Sunday, October 30 and debuts all new lanterns—about 30 new fully lit, dazzlingly colorful displays—each one comprised of hundreds of handmade parts. There are two daily performances by Chinese artisans from Tianyu Culture, the Sichuan, China-based company presenting the Festival. Performances include contortionists, face changing, plate spinners, acrobatics and martial arts. Four times a night, the IMAX will show a documentary about how the lanterns are made and how the festival is produced. Several local food trucks will serve Asian noodles, teriyaki, street food, espresso and kettle corn. Twenty-three electricians, engineers and designers from Sichuan, China, have spent months constructing displays. Each lantern is comprised of dozens of separate pieces and figurines. The theme this year is tropical, so you’ll see beautiful fish and sea creatures light up the park.

Tickets can be purchased through the website or in person at the festival’s ticket booth, which opens at 4:30 p.m. daily. School field trips and group tours are available, contact Colleen at (509) 625-6640 to make arrangements. Students who tour with their class take home a free ticket to return with an adult. Ticket prices are lower this year: Adults are $15, Youth 4-16 are $10, Children 3 and under are free, and a Family 4 pack is $40. spokanelanternfestival.com.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


THE SCENE/read by Sharma Shields

Lilac Lit:


s Louise Glück writes in her spooky poem, “All Hallows Eve,” October is the month when the “toothed moon rises . . . And the soul creeps out of the tree.” As we gear up for streets filled with candy-obsessed goblins and ghosts, we also celebrate Create Spokane Arts Month and a witch’s cauldron of iconic literature events, including the Washington State Book Awards and Spokane is Reading. For this year’s WA State Book Awards, three Spokane authors, S.M. Hulse, Shann Ray, and myself, have been nominated in the fiction category for our respective novels Black River, American Copper, and The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac. We took three of the five slots for fiction finalists, which is an awesome feat for Spokane and shows how rich our literary landscape truly is. Two other writers with Spokane connections are nominees, as well: Jack Nisbet, nominated in the history/general nonfiction category for Ancient Places: People and Landscape in the Emerging Northwest, and Rob Carney— a graduate of the MFA program at EWU— nominated in poetry for his collection 88 Maps, notably published by Sandpointbased Lost Horse Press. Winners will be announced at a celebration on October 8 at the Seattle Central Library. Events at Spark Central occur throughout the month, including an Artist Trust Workshop (open to artists of all disciplines, Saturday, October 1), an INKlings teen writing workshop (October 8), and a Silent Reading Party (October 11). Spokane Poet Laureate Laura Read offers another I AM A TOWN reading and event, and the Gonzaga Center for Public Humanities Series features Whitney Terrell, who will give a reading and a


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

O cto b e r, t h e W i tc h ’ s Cau l d ro n of Lo ca l L i te ra ry H a p p e n i n g s panel discussion with other writers on veterans and writing about war. This latter event, sponsored by Gonzaga University’s Center for the Humanities, is free and open to the public, Tuesday, October 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. Later in the month, accomplished novelist and short story writer Kris Dinnison will present a two-day workshop about the architecture of scenes. “Seen & Heard: Creating Dynamic Scenes in Fiction with Kris Dinnison,” will take place on two Thursdays, October 13 and October 20, from 6-8 p.m. The cost is $40 per person. For this program, you must register online. Find the entire Spark Central calendar online at sparkwestcentral.org. There are great events at Auntie’s, as well, including Asa Maria Bradley’s book release party for her latest Vikinginspired romance novel, Viking Warrior Rebel (October 6, 7 p.m.); a reading with EWU Visiting Writer Kristin Dombek (October 14, 7:30 p.m.); and a children’s event with local writer John Bladek, who launches his new middle grade title Lost in Ghostville (October 29, 4-5 p.m.). The Auntie’s calendar is online at auntiesbooks. com. Spokane Public Libraries will host “Pulp Fiction: Chapbooks, Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls” at the Downtown Public Library at various times throughout the month. Fans of these quick, snappy reads can peruse this historical exhibit throughout the month. Exact times and dates for the exhibit can be found at spokanelibrary.org. You can also celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday with the SPL at their South Hill Branch (Thursday, October 6 at 4 p.m.). This is a great event for children. While most famous for his children’s books, I have to interject

here that Dahl wrote one of my very favorite short story collections for adults, the creepily creative Tales of the Unexpected. It includes stories of a woman who cooks her husband, a landlady who murders her tenants, and a beekeeper/father who willingly turns his newborn daughter into an insect. Obviously, this is a perfect read for Halloween. The fall programs at our county libraries (Spokane County Library District) are all linked by a theme, “Words: Because you have a story to tell.” Their “World of Word Crafts” programming includes cross stitchery, letterpress, and library-inspired crafts, all free and open to the public. At multiple county branches, our esteemed Washington State Poet Laureate, Tod Marshall, will offer “Exploring Poetry” workshops at various dates, talking about poems from Langston Hughes to Adrienne Rich. There are free workshops on digital self-publishing, preserving your family’s story, writing a memoir, and a whole host of other topics addressed by well-known and prestigious area writers such as Rachel Toor, Bruce Holbert, Kelly Milner Halls, Claire Rudolph Murphy and many more. Learn from the best, and for no cost. Check out the full “Words” calendar on the Spokane County Library District’s website, scld.org. Lastly, it’s the month to gear up for Spokane is Reading, a wonderful community event brought to you every October by both the Spokane Public Library and the Spokane County Library District and Auntie’s Bookstore. The book chosen for this year is the celebrated short story collection The Tsar of Love and Techno. Author Anthony Marra will give two readings, one at the Spokane Valley Event Center (10514 E. Sprague, 1 p.m.) and one at The Bing Crosby Theater (7 p.m.). If you’re not up for buying the books, the public libraries have loads of copies available for check out. Phone the library or go on their respective websites to place a hold. So get out there and enjoy trick or treating, enjoy your books, and enjoy the witchy magic of Spokane’s literary scene. Sharma Shields, born and raised in Spokane, is the author of Favorite Monster: Stories and The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac: A Novel. She lives on the South Hill with her husband and two children.



MAMMALS by Matt Loi


ut of a family that has made music for at least three generations, Coeur d’Alene’s Flying Mammals assembled in 2010. The Birdsall brothers— Aaron, James, and Andy—set out to combine rock and pop into a glossy, fun-filled production, both live and in-studio. After three self-produced releases and multiple tours, they’re about to take things to the next level with a new bandmate plus a big-name producer. The three brothers take turns singing lead. Aaron, the oldest of the three, does so most often, while playing the bass guitar and keyboard simultaneously. This is a feat to be seen and heard, with his left hand doing a hammer-on technique on the bass neck and his right hand on the keys, while singing a melody different from what either hand is playing. And this is no gimmick. Instead, it’s the end result of being a multi-instrumentalist in a band whose ethos is to keep it in the family. Aaron is also the taskmaster of the band, keeping things in order and moving smoothly. James plays electric guitar and adds vocal harmonies whenever he’s not singing lead. As the middle child, he focuses on the artistic side and is the most diligent in practicing his instrument. Andy, the youngest, plays drums and sings, sometimes blindfolded or with one arm tied behind his back. He’s also the resident problem-solver, whether it’s gear, songwriting, or relationships. On stage they put on a vibrant show, sometimes incorporating a trampoline into the act. After six years as a trio, Flying Mammals will soon take on a new member. Jeremy Birdsall is the oldest of the siblings and has recently been playing in a Disneyworld-based group while living in Orlando. With skills as a producer and as a session musician proficient on more than two-dozen instruments, Jeremy will be a valuable asset to the band. Now Aaron can free himself up to focus on vocals, or Jeremy can take a seat at the drum kit to allow Andy to sing lead at the front of the stage for a song or two. The possibilities are myriad. Having produced all their own recordings so far, they will soon benefit from the skills of multi-Platinum record-winning Sylvia Massey, who has worked with Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, and many others. The Birsdall Brothers have been hard at work whittling down 80 songs to about 20 that they will float to Sylvia as possible material, with the hopes of recording up to 15 album tracks. Then in November, they will fly to Castle Röhrsdorf in Germany for a whirlwind session with her and some of the finest studio gear, vintage and modern. However, recording with the best is not cheap. Flying Mammals started a crowdsource funding campaign via Indiegogo, hoping to bring in at least $15,000, which is half the projected cost. You can keep tabs on their progress or make a donation at FlyingMammalsBand.com. After majoring in music and minoring in physics at EWU, Matt Loi got started at iHeartMedia Spokane in 2007. Since then, he’s brought hundreds of local musicians into the studio and has grown to love the local music scene. You can catch Matt around town at multiple concerts each week, sometimes on stage playing bass.

Great City Center Location— walk to countless restaurants, the downtown shopping area and Riverfront Park Complimentary hot breakfast bar Indoor parking garage

33 W. Spokane Falls Blvd Spokane, WA 99201


bwcitycenter.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



by Robin Bishop

I GRown Up Finger


Natalie Hoebing—2D Artist 46

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

can think of nothing better than a talented artist embracing her inner child and really getting her hands in her work. Young artist Natalie Hoebing horrified and worried all of her technique instructors by “finger painting” most of her oil and acrylic backgrounds. She turns typical instruction on its ear by using her hands to expertly blend mottled and gradient backgrounds while also using a reductive process to procure rich color and soft textures. She’ll start dark backgrounds by slathering on a solid color and then instinctively working with her hands and rags to remove and blend the color to achieve a well-lit and emotionally satisfying result before painting her details and subjects into place.

Versatile Expressive Raised in Arizona, Natalie settled on Gonzaga University for college for no other reason than the people. “The people here are like none I’ve ever met. Kind, helpful, and open,” she says. Natalie is finishing up her senior year at Gonzaga University and can’t say enough about her mentor and professor, recently deceased Robert Gilmore, allowing her to embrace her quirks. She credits him for helping her hone her techniques and owning her vision while not trying to change her creative process. Music grounds her in the emotions of a piece, so she regularly has music that connects her with specific emotions cranked in the studio while beginning a new painting. She recently completed a large format technicolor piece with a roaring lion as the subject. She was cranking to Pink Floyd which guided her color choice and stroke style. While enveloped in the sounds, she said, “I want to put a lion on this piece,” and without a second thought went with it. It’s now one of her favorite pieces. While she’s studying entrepreneurship and finance at Gonzaga, it isn’t necessarily the “backup plan.” It’s to enhance and promote her art passion. “I’ve loved to draw since I could hold a pencil. I’m so connected with each piece that I create, it’s hard to consider selling them, but if I can give a meaningful piece of me to someone who really enjoys my work, then I can be happy with that.” Natalie has applied to participate in Terrain and will be scheduling a showing at the Lantern Tap House in the next year. To keep tabs on Natalie, follow her on Facebook. She can also be reached at (480) 734-3505.

Painting from the Home & Away Series acrylic on canvas | 12x36” | framed | $1440.

See more of E.L. Stewart’s original paintings! Please visit the website below.


(509) 327-2456



If you don’t use it you lose it! Your insurance company will gladly keep the money, even though it is yours.

2700 S. Southeast Blvd., Ste. 101 Spokane, WA 99223

Robin Bishop is a free-lance writer and editor of Catalyst Magazine. She can be contacted at dragonflywriter2014@gmail.com or via facebook at Dragonfly Writer/Robin Bishop.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DATE BOOK/october


October 10: The Head and the Heart

It wasn’t that long ago that the members of Seattle’s The Head and the Heart were getting acquainted with one another at the local pub Conor Byrne, strumming their acoustic guitars, stomping their feet and singing in harmony as they attempted to attract the attention of customers. That unbridled energy informed their earliest original material, which was honed in local performances before eventually being captured on the band’s 2011 debut album for hometown label Sub Pop. INB Performing Arts Center. 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

October 12: An Evening with the Quebe Sisters

Lost Egypt Through January 6: Using hands-on challenges, authentic artifacts, and guidance from real archaeologists, Lost Egypt shows how modern science and technology can reveal the mysteries of Egypt, its culture, and its people. Visitors will discover a real human mummy “Annie,” animal mummies, as well as scans, forensic facial reconstructions, and—for the first time ever—life-size rapid prototypes, displaying the mummy in various stages of “unwrapping.” Museum of Arts and Culture. 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 456-3931, northwestmuseum.org or themac@northwestmuseum.org.


October 7, November 4: First Friday

Enjoy visual arts, musical presentations, sample local foods, get acquainted with local performing artists and more at this monthly event sponsored by the Downtown Spokane Partnership. On the first Friday of each month, participating galleries, museums, boutiques and more host a city-wide open house with refreshments and entertainment. First Friday is free and open to the public. Downtown Spokane. downtownspokane.org.

October 2, October 17, November 6, November 21: Spokane Poetry Slam and BootSlam

Spokane Poetry Slam is competitive performance poetry at its Northwest finest. Every first and third week of the month spoken word warriors battle for Inland Empire supremacy, and a $50 Grand Prize. Each poem is judged by five members of the audience and, after two rounds of poetry, whichever poet has the highest cumulative score is declared the winner. Bootslam, at Boots Bakery, is held on the first Sunday of each month, while Spokane Poetry Slam, held at the Bartlett, is held on the third Monday of each month. Boots Bakery and Lounge, 24 W. Main Ave. The Bartlett, 228 W. Sprague Ave. spokanepoetryslam.org.

October 14, November 11: ArtWalk

Every second Friday of the month, April-December, stroll through beautiful Downtown Coeur d’Alene and enjoy local and nationally acclaimed artists. Visit supporting galleries, shops, restaurants and businesses. A free family-friendly event. From 5-8 p.m. Coeur d’Alene. artsincda.org.

Through January 1: Linda Hyatt Cancel—Paintings of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Whether rendering the glacial valleys of northeast Washington, the barren hills of Central Idaho, the pastures and forests of the South Carolina Upstate or the marshes of the Carolina low country, Linda Cancel’s tonalism finds its voice in the effects of atmosphere on the horizon. Linda will be creating works that represent the beauty and mystery of the 130-mile lake formed by the Grand Coulee Dam as a collection of paintings for the Artist-in-Residence program for Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Museum of Arts and Culture. 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 456-3931, northwestmuseum.org or themac@northwestmuseum.org.


October 8-9: Spokane Symphony Classics: Northern Lights

Explore the influence of geography on the creative vision of composers from the far north. Lush, romantic, and filled with dazzling piano effects, Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto is a brilliant setting of the tune made famous by Frank Sinatra’s “Full Moon and Empty Arms.” Sibelius wrote his transcendent swan theme for Symphony No. 5 after sighting 16 swans, which he called “One of my greatest experiences.” Dreamland paints a gorgeous, intriguing musical landscape. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets may also be purchased with personalized service at the Box Office of Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox or by calling (509) 624-1200.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

When the Quebe Sisters from Texas take stage, and the triple-threat fiddle champions start playing and singing in multi-part close harmony, audiences are usually transfixed, then blown away. Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon Ave. ticketswest.com.

October 13: Chris Young, With Dan+Shay and Cassadee Pope

With five albums to his credit, Chris Young has amassed seven No. 1 singles, fourteen Gold/Platinum certifications and performed for audiences ranging from Good Morning America to Australia and Japan to Jimmy Kimmel Live. He’s an international ambassador for his genre, a talented songwriter, and a southern gentleman who is frequently declared one of country music’s sexiest men. Young is just as well known for his classic baritone as he is for melt-yourheart ballads and is winning audiences across the globe. Spokane Arena. 720 W. Mallon Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

October 13: Norman Foote Family Sing-Along

Family fun sing along with Norman Foote. Ticket packages for the whole crew are available. Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon Ave. ticketswest.com.

October 15: Spokane Symphony Special: Indigo Girls

With a career spanning nearly three decades, Grammy-winning folk icons the Indigo Girls continue to grow and challenge themselves. They now perform select shows with regional orchestras. For Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, this is a chance to hear their music performed in a new way and to bring something special to their fans. For these symphony performances, the Indigo Girls brought in musical arrangers Sean O’laughlin and Stephen Barber to write orchestral charts for a selection of songs spanning their career, from the 1980s through their most recent release. Fox Theatre.

1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets may also be purchased with personalized service at the Box Office of Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox or by calling (509) 624-1200.

October 21: The Hankers

Fiddles will be flying when The Hankers take the stage. This group is a dynamic country, southern rock, and blues band who expertly blends extraordinary vocals wtih a powerhouse of instrumental talent that only promises to entertain. Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill. 621 W. Mallon Ave. ticketswest.com.

October 22-23: Spokane Symphony Classics 3: Hymn to Nature

Mahler wrote his hymn to the natural world, the longest symphony in the standard repertoire, while a young man anxious to make a big noise in the world, to fulfill his vision of “creating a world with all the technical means available.” As he later told Sibelius, “The symphony must be like the world. It must embrace everything.” The music ascends from “worldly tumult” of birdcalls, rustic dances and marches to a profound expression of serene power and beauty. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325SEAT or ticketswest.com. At the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

October 29: Spokane Symphony Special: The Music of Harry Potter

You won’t want to miss “The Music of Harry Potter,” an interactive concert experience for wizards of all ages, featuring the Spokane Symphony under the direction of Morihiko “Professor Dumbledore” Nakahara. Choose from one of two slightly different performances. The 2 p.m. matinee is appropriate for young wizards and their parents, while the 8 p.m. performance is for older wizards and adults. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

October 30: Spokane String Quartet: Visions of Russia

The Spokane String Quartet performs a work by Haydn dedicated to a Russian crown prince, and pieces by Russian composers Glazunov and Tchaikovsky. String Quartet No. 1 by Tchaikovsky includes his famous Andante Cantabile movement, which was inspired by a Ukrainian folk song and heard in a variety of arrangements by the composer and his admirers. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

November 4: Spokane Symphony INTERSECT 1: From China to America —Merging Countries

INTERSECT (formerly Symphony with a Splash) is an evolution of the best parts of their adventurous programming infused with the collaborative innovation audiences have grown to love. They’ll be presenting music, art and culture in a way that will enhance your concert experience. Partnering with local chefs, bartenders and cultural arts groups—this concert series will be an intersection of the best of what Spokane

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DATE BOOK/october has to offer. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

November 5: Il Divo

Vocal quartet, Il Divo, the multinational classical crossover vocal group, is heading to Spokane. Urs Buhler, Sebastien Izambard, Carlos Marin and David Miller were first brought together by Simon Cowell in 2003. None of them suspected what a monumental impact their union would have. “I never thought we would be successful,” says Carlos. “I thought maybe we would do one record and then I would go back to my opera or my musical theatre or whatever.” Twelve years, and four world tours later, Carlos is delighted to admit he was wrong. INB Performing Arts Center. 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

November 5: Whitworth Jazz Ensemble with Branford Marsalis

One of the world’s greatest jazz and classical musicians, NEA Jazz Master, renowned Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and Tony Award nominee composer Branford Marsalis, is one of the most revered instrumentalists of his time. He will perform in concert accompanied by the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

November 12-13: Spokane Symphony Classics 4: Sounds of Scandinavia

Pavel Baleff returns as guest conductor with a pair of dazzling works from Scandinavian composers. Grieg’s concerto maintains what Tchaikovsky called a “perfect simplicity” while delighting the listener with flashes of brilliant color “like an aurora borealis of sound dancing in the air.” Nielsen wrote: “Music is life, and, like life, inextinguishable.” His dynamic fourth symphony will leave you dazed but thrilled. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 6241200.



509 720-8488 // socleanspokane.com 50

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

November 16: Scott Bradlee’s PostModern Jukebox

Fox Presents Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, a genre-busting, rotating collective of musicians and vocalists that reimagines modern pop hits in the style of jazz, ragtime, and swing classics of the 1920s-1950s. As arranger and producer, Bradlee has assembled a multi-talented group of performers who rework versions of popular modern songs. The music videos of these collaborative covers have become viral sensations with millions of views on YouTube. An act that crosses all musical boundaries and generations, Postmodern Jukebox has developed a niche all its own, and performs a live show unlike any other—a mustsee for anyone who loves jaw-dropping live performances. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. At the Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

November 19: Spokane Symphony Superpops: Wylie Gustafson and the Wild West Wylie Gustafson, an American Original, is

returning to perform with the Spokane Symphony. The gifted singer, songwriter, rancher, horseman, and the world-famous Yahoo! yodeler leads the musical outfit known as Wylie & the Wild West. As one music writer sums it up: “Forget everything you hate about modern country, this guy is all old school cool without being a tired period piece.” Since 1989, the Wylie & the Wild West has become internationally known for their captivating presentation of original and traditional music of America and its colorful West. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com. Tickets at the Fox Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

Olympic Game Farm

On the Olympic Peninsula

Come See the Waving Bears!


Through October 30: Green Bluff Apple Festival

The popular Apple Festival is held over several weekends offering a large variety of the best cooking apples, plus fresh pressed cider and other produce. There’s live music, craft booths, corn and straw mazes, and great food for the whole family to enjoy. Green Bluff. greenbluffgrowers.com.

October 14: Beyond Pink

Beyond Pink is hosting their 7th annual Designer Bra Fashion Show. Doors will open at 5 p.m. to a silent auction with hundreds of items, no host bar and healthy hors d oeuvres. At 7 p.m. the live show and auction kicks off with local artists and designers showing off their best themed packages. The event will wrap up with an exclusive and fun VIP event. 100% of the net proceeds go toward funding for women who cannot afford thermography. This show is attended by both men and women and show organizers assure you it will be the “The Most Fun You Will Have Saving a Life.” Spokane Convention Center. Tickets are $50. BeyondPink.net

Olympic Game Farm 1423 Ward Rd. • Sequim, WA 98382

1-800-778-4295 • 360-683-4295 • www.OlyGameFarm.com

October 16: Momix—Opus Cactus

After a 10 year rest period, Opus Cactus is back again with a new look, fresh energy, and fun surprises. Moses Pendleton brings the landscape of the American Southwest to life with his signature illusionistic style creating dynamic images of cactuses, slithering lizards and fire dancers. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest. com. At the Box Office or by calling (509) 624-1200.

October 21: Best of the City

Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine is going downtown for an upscale Oscar-Esque VIP-style party in honor of our Best of the City Awards. Dress up and come out to party the night away like a celebrity WITH Spokane’s best people and businesses. Tickets are limited. Vacant Marquee Lounge. 522 W. Riverside. (509) 533-5350. eventbrite.com.

October 27: Dan Hinkley, International Plantsman and Collector

The Master Gardener Foundation of Spokane County is sponsoring a fall fundraising event complete with a catered dinner, no-host bar, silent auction, raffles and a meet and greet book signing with this year’s keynote speaker, Dan Hinkley. Within the state of Washington Dan Hinkley is often recognized as the founder



Weathers & Associates Consulting is a local tax settlement practice representing both individual and small business tax clients. Providing a financial analysis and assessment prior to determining a tax resolution plan. 1029 W FIRST AVE, E | SPOKANE (509) 994-8904 | WEATHERSASSOCIATES.COM spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DATE BOOK/october of Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, Washington, but he is internationally recognized for the distinctive plants he has found in the wild on his global expeditions. In high demand as a speaker throughout North America and internationally, his dedication to plant collection has resulted in numerous awards and citations from the world’s leading horticultural institutions. Dan’s engaging style will provide an entertaining and informative evening not to be missed. The Lincoln Center. 1316 N. Lincoln St. Tickets are $40 and available by calling Brown Paper Tickets at (800) 838-3006 or mgfsc.org

October 27-30: Disney on Ice Presents Worlds of Enchantment

Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment showcasing beloved characters from Disney Pixar’s Cars, The Little Mermaid, Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3, along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Joining these cherished characters are the stars of Disney’s Frozen, including Anna, Elsa and Olaf. The wintery world of Arendelle, with sisters Anna and Elsa and pals Olaf and Kristoff, the high-speed stunts from Lighting McQueen and Mater, Ariel’s undersea kingdom and the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and the Toy Story gang are all featured in this year’s production. Spokane Arena. 720 W. Mallon Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest. com.

October 26: National Geographic Live. Ami Vitale—Rhinos, Rickshaws, and Revolutions

Clothing | Handbags | Jewelry | Accessories

Experience the world through the eyes of an award-winning photographer whose career has brought her face-to-face, not just with violence and conflict, but also with surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit. Ami Vitale’s work has taken her to more than 90 countries. She’s lived in mud huts and war zones, contracted malaria, and donned a panda suit—all in keeping with her philosophy of “living the story.” INB Performing Arts Center. 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

October 28: John Cleese and Eric Idle

Still together again, Britain’s living legends of comedy, John Cleese and Eric Idle, announce their must see show John Cleese & Eric Idle: Together Again At Last . . . For The Very First Time. In this show, Cleese and Idle will blend scripted and improvised bits with storytelling, musical numbers, exclusive footage and aquatic juggling to create a unique comedic experience with every performance. No two shows will be quite the same, ensuring that every audience feels like they’re seeing Together Again At Last . . . For The Very First Time, for the very first time. INB Performing Arts Center. 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

613 S. Pines Rd. | Spokane Valley, WA Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm 6630 E. Sprague Ave. Ste B. | Spokane Valley, WA Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

509.321.2330 | jemalane.com


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

November 3: Moving a Generation to Act—Generation Alive’s Ignite. Fall Fundraiser and Auction

Generation Alive is a nonprofit organization focused on instilling into young people that their compassion, their generosity and their energy are paramount in identifying and alleviating the needs in their community. On November 3, join the movement at Gen-

eration Alive’s Ignite Fall fundraiser and auction. This event will be held at Northern Quest Casino and resort with food, music, live and silent auction, and libations from River City Brewing. Northern Quest Casino. 100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights. generationalive.org

November 10: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live.

The legacy of the beloved “Mister Rogers” lives on with the hit television series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, from The Fred Rogers Company and airing daily on PBS KIDS. Now, Daniel and all of his friends are hopping aboard Trolley to delight live audiences with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live. Donning his iconic red sweater, Daniel takes the audience on an interactive musical adventure as he and his friends explore the vibrant world of their muchloved Neighborhood of Make-Believe, sharing themes of friendship, helping others, and celebrating new experiences. This live theatrical production filled with singing, dancing, laughter and “grr-ific” surprises will warm the hearts of multiple generations. Fox Theatre. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest. com. At the Box Office or by calling (509) 6241200.


Through October 23: Chicago

The Inland Northwest will be the home to the longest-running musical in Broadway history. This classic is a universal tale of fame, fortune, and all that jazz. The six-time Tony Award and Grammy winner will tackle the roaring twenties with vaudeville flare. Join them for what has been called the most entertaining showbiz production in history. The Modern Theatre—Spokane. 174 S. Howard St. themoderntheatre.org.

October 14-30: A Piece of My Heart

This is a powerful, true drama of six women who went to Vietnam: five nurses and a country western singer booked by an unscrupulous agent to entertain the troops. The play portrays each young woman before, during, and after her tour in the war-torn nation and ends as each leaves a personal token at the memorial wall in Washington. Stage Left Theatre. 108 W. 1st Ave. spokanestageleft.org

October 14-November 5: The Rocky Horror Show Civic is dripping with antici…pation to bring this cult classic to their stage. One fateful night, Brad and his fiancée, Janet — a wholesome, well-behaved, utterly normal young couple in love—innocently set out to visit an old professor. On the way, a thunderstorm and a flat-tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, an alien, transvestite scientist with a manic genius and insatiable libido. The night’s misadventures will cause Brad and Janet to question everything they’ve known about themselves, each other, love, and lust. A loving homage to the classic B sci-fi film and horror genres with an irresistible rock’n’roll score, The Rocky Horror Show is a hilarious, wild ride that no audience will soon forget. Spokane Civic Theatre. 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 325-2507. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

October 21-November 6: ‘Night Mother

Winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Finding order is the challenge for both Jessie

PAINT. DRINK. HAVE FUN. and Thelma as they are unable to meaningfully communicate the importance of living. The despair of loneliness is too much for one to manage. The contemplation of choosing one’s own destiny is explored and ultimately determined. The Modern Theatre—Coeur d’Alene. 1320 E. Garden Ave. themoderntheatre.org.

Great for all occasions! Girls Night Out • Date Night • Private Parties • Team Building

October 28: Girl, Awake.

Luminary Initiative Project presents Girl, Awake., an original production written by Brook Bassett. Six girls take on a world of issues in this theatrical production supporting The Malala Fund. Strong youthful voices speak out for girls around the world by addressing topics such as child marriage, poverty, bullying, and refugees while celebrating our history and individuality. This show of interest to all ages and genders with all subject matter presented gracefully and backed by statistics, historical precedent and personal experience. The Modern Theatre—Spokane. 174 S. Howard St. themoderntheatre.org.

October 28-November 13: A Streetcar Named Desire

Tennessee Williams’s sultry story of passion revolves around faded Southern belle Blanche DuBois’s visit to her sister in a seedy section of New Orleans. On the fringes of sanity, Blanche is trying to forget her checkered past and start life anew. Tensions rise as the web of lies closes in on her, leading to a shocking climax that will change them all forever. A Streetcar Named Desire, winner of the 1948 Pulitzer, is often regarded as one of the finest plays of the 20th century, and is generally considered to be Williams’ greatest work. Spokane Civic Theatre. 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 325-2507. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.

View our class calendar and RSVP at www.pinotspalette.com Use code SPOCDAMAG for 10% off seats to any public class. offer expires 12/2016


TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Coeur d’Alene: 728 N 4th St Spokane: 319 W Sprague Ave

November 4: Stop Kiss

A poignant exploration about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably. After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate. The Modern Theatre—Spokane. 174 S. Howard St. themoderntheatre.org.

November 4-6: Hit & Run X

This is a special event produced by Sandra Hosking. The tenth year of Sandra Hosking’s ever-popular staged reading of short comedies by playwrights from the Spokane area and beyond. This year’s production will be a retrospective of favorite plays from the previous nine years. Stage Left Theatre. 108 W. 1st Ave. spokanestageleft.org

November 9-13: Best of Broadway Presents Beautiful: The Carole King Story

Long before she was Carole King, charttopping music legend, she was Carol Klein, Brooklyn girl with passion and chutzpah. She fought her way into the record business as a teenager and, by the time she reached her twenties, had the husband of her dreams and a flourishing career writing hits for the biggest acts in rock ‘n’ roll. But it wasn’t until her personal life began to crack that she finally managed to find her true voice. INB Performing Arts Center. 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (800) 325-SEAT or ticketswest.com.Silvertips spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Quality Care at Affordable Prices

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asper lives with Alyssa and Daryl Ando: he’s their first dog together. “Both of us grew up with dogs, but Daryl insisted on a golden retriever and I’m so glad he did,” says Alyssa. “I wasn’t sure about the hair everywhere at first, but he’s so worth it.” “Puppers,” as they affectionately call him, is a “complete doofus.” He lays down in mud puddles, grabs Daryl’s socks to run around the yard with reckless abandon, whines like Chewbacca, constantly thinks it’s ball-throwing time, insists on bringing home sticks from the park that are so huge they stick out into traffic as they walk home, and sits on Alyssa’s lap at a dainty 80 pounds. “We’re completely in love!”

photo by Dean Davis Photography

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PET LOVE/pet connection

by Erika Prins Simonds


racy Martin treats her furry friends like they’re her children. It’s not uncommon to see people nurturing a puppy as if it were a toddler, but Tracy isn’t raising a puppy. She’s raising rabbits, chickens and a pigeon. Yep, a pigeon. The plump gray bird often called “sky rat” for its abundance in urban areas and scavenging ways. “They make amazing pets. They’re really fun and they’re really smart. They’re so low maintenance, really,” Tracy says. Like all of her animals, the pigeon is a rescue. The rest, however, are domestic animals. Cats

For the Love of a Pigeon And Rabbits, And Chickens, And . . .

and dogs most commonly find homes after being rescued or surrendered to a shelter, but Tracy believes they all matter equally. Rabbits, for example, exhibit the same amount of personality, and need just as much attention and care—as a cat would. “Rabbits just don’t get any respect,” she says. Though the Humane Society will take in rabbits and ensure they are spayed and neutered, few people come looking to adopt them. “Every animal that I’ve rescued—and we’ve even had reptiles—I’ve found that they’re all individuals,” she says. “So when people have this tendency to have a certain breed of an animal or a certain animal, they are seeing them as an object, not an individual.” Tracy is doing her part to give local rabbits and other rescue animals a home. She currently has 15 rabbits, three dogs, two cats, two chickens and of course, the pigeon. She and her husband, Max Martin, divide up daily pet duty. He wakes up early and makes a salad for the rabbits. When she wakes up, they feed the rabbits together. “I have a disabled rabbit that needs to be washed every day. I have rabbits that need medicine,” she says. And then there’s “bunny duty”—cleaning the cages. “We’ve kind of got it down to a science now, but it is difficult when one of us is out of town.” 56

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Tracy realized about a decade ago that rabbits are purchased from pets stores en masse around Easter. “People buy them for their kids, they lose interest and just mere weeks just after Easter, you’ll find domestic rabbits wandering around the neighborhood,” she says. But domestic rabbits, who live up to 12 years, can’t survive in the wild. She founded the rabbit rescue campaign Rabbitron and began saving throughout the year to buy educational billboards and newspaper ads discouraging parents from buying their kids live Easter bunnies. A graphic designer, she created catchy slogans and paired them with endearing photos of rabbits. “Silly parents, rabbits aren’t for kids,” reads one. Another says, “Choose chocolate: Too many ‘Easter’ bunnies are neglected and abandoned,” and shows a live bunny touching noses with its confectionary counterpart. And, she began rescuing rabbits whose families no longer wanted them, eventually ending up with dozens. “They’re affectionate, they’re playful, they’re hilarious. They have huge personalities people don’t know about,” she says, but they’re better as a family pet, just like a cat or dog, not a child’s pet to be isolated and forgotten in a backyard hutch. “The child’s going to learn to drive, go away to college, all during the rabbit’s lifepan.” Tracy—and her mission—can be reached via rabbitron.com.

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PET LOVE/travel with pets

Tips for Traveling with Pets


lying with your pet: If you are going to take your pet on an airplane, it is important to determine whether your pet will need a crate or a carrier. Larger dogs will fly in a crate in the cargo, and smaller dogs that fit into a carrier can fly in the plane. Make sure you find out the requirements for your dog prior to booking your flight. Familiarize your pet with its crate or carrier: Pets like familiarity. If you plan on keeping your pet inside a carrier or crate while traveling, make purchases at least a month before travel to allow your pet ample time to get comfortable with the new environment. Place him or her in the carrier and provide some treats. Gradually lengthen the time your pet is in the crate or carrier until your pet seems at ease in its new space. Car Safety: It is important that we always think about the dog’s safety while in your car. If you want it to sit on the seat, get your pup a dog seatbelt. It allows your dog to move around, but provides restraint in the case of an accident. If you have an SUV, you can buy a gate that keeps pets from jumping from the back to the front. Feed your pet no less than five or six hours before traveling: It is very easy for your dog or cat to become sick during travel. Providing time for food to digest lessens the chances


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

of your pet becoming ill. Find a pet-friendly hotel: And if you’ve got plans during the day, since most petfriendly hotels will not allow pets to be left in the room alone, consider looking for a nearby Camp Bow Wow doggie day care facility or hiring a Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow pet sitter to keep Fido company or similar camp. Camp is open early in the morning until late in the evening, so your pup can play all day. Make your pet feel at home: Use familiar dishes, blankets, toys and other items from your home to create a sense of comfort for your pet.

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METRO TALK/homlessness, part 2

Sheltering the Family, Creating the Hearth: Spokane’s Soldiers for the Poor Fight Back

by Paul K. Haeder


nd it was interesting, because afterwards, there was a party, and there were couples who were arguing. Basically, the men, in general, didn’t like the movie. They were like, ‘I had hard times, he should have gotten a job, he should have pulled himself


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

together, he had a kid.’ They were very tough with him. And the women were, ‘No, you don’t understand, he had mental illness, he was broken, he lost his wife.’ They were much more understanding toward him. I just stood back and thought, look at this.” – an after-screening party at the Sarasota Film Festival: writer-director Oren Moverman referencing his

Richard Gere-starting movie, Time Out of Mind, about a homeless 65-year-old It’s the Economy . . . it’s the community . . . it’s us, from the top down

Homelessness is largely caused by an uncaring society, from the head CEO on down, and facilitated by systems that eat at the family, that put

people in work that is low pay, meaningless, dangerous, and spiritually and physically destructive. Many advocates, case workers, and in-the-trenches folk reiterate this, and while we have a difficult time convincing people that systems of economics, public commons, housing, education, labor, banking, medicine, community

are failing, fact is newer and newer groups of people, from the retired graying population to young just graduated college students, are one-or-two paychecks away from losing everything. Once homeless, an individual feels any number of tsunamis and earthquakes unleashed: “Then there’s paperwork in general,” says Connie Nelson

with Shalom Ministries. “If you’re homeless, where do you keep your important papers?” Caseworker as Bearing Witness

As a caseworker going on five years, coming from a journalism background and almost three decades teaching for colleges, alternative high schools, prisons, and K12

programs, I have seen it all. But the reality is working with homeless-recovering addictsre-entry felons, I have seen the results of what many call “rampant learning disabilities.” Connie Nelson reiterates: “As a former Special Ed teacher I am amazed at the coping skills developed by so many of them who cannot decode the English language.” Nelson is now with a

homeless meal program within Shalom Ministries in Spokane. Navigating Byzantine and competing systems of bureaucracies and “paperwork generators” is sapping. She calls it a nightmare, and points out the application for the Rapid Rehousing Program to get homeless into Spokane’s limited housing is an inch thick and filled with “bureaucratese that

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


METRO TALK/homlessness, part 2

is difficult to understand.” This is my day, too— helping homeless clients with expungement clinics, getting food handler cards, finding old warrants in other states where they might have lived a life on the streets, inebriated or in their words, as tweakers (methamphetamine intravenous use). Landing my clients dentures, steel-toed boots, trainings, certifications, all of this plus the soft skills and report writing, part and parcel my job in the heart of Chinatown. Living on the streets means possessions get confiscated by police or stolen, and that includes birth certificates, driver’s license or state ID cards, and social security cards and birth certificates. “If you’re on the streets, it’s almost a given that your possessions will be stolen at least once, and it always seems to include documentation,” Connie says. I am a homeless advocate, case worker, in Portland, a city that has dozens of major services to assist the homeless. The film with Pretty Woman’s Richard Gere I watched, and while it is still quirky superficial Hollywood, the undertones of this main character’s street life, confusion and dysfunction are real. But the narratives of the homeless are much more profoundly destructive, demented and not for Hollywood or New York Times consumption. If you have


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

seen Requiem for a Dream, you might have a glimpse of what addiction is like. It’s not a blockbuster flick, though. Broken Families, Broken Systems—Then There are the Children

Many of the people I serve who have addiction issues were brought to that place at a very young age—at age 10 or

minister and head of Spokane’s Family Promise program cited in the first part of this series (Sept. 2016, “Six Degrees of Separation”), what keeps these almost universally down and out families going is something I too hear frequently: “Children. I have seen some of the most addicted and broken women and men saved by their child. Many wanted

“To move forward, you HAVE to have a place to stand that is safe, quiet and allows you to keep your personal effects close. Otherwise, you pull your world with you wherever you go and just hope that this week you’ll find a place to shower and wash clothes so you are acceptable to society.”

12—both boys and girls were exposed and forced to consume heavy drugs, booze and pot. Many—most of my 35- to 65-year-old clients—were also sexually abused/assaulted/ raped in their formative years. This is not some choice, some celebrity rags to riches scenario. We’re talking about young brains at vital developmental stages way before 10 years of age exposed to violence, hate, flailing parents, no reading time, forced to watch violent and sexualized films and people, where truancy, lashing out and substance abuse were the only options. When I asked Steven Allen,

to give to their child what they didn’t have: a stable, healthy, predictable home,” Steve says. “One young women was strung out on drugs after losing her husband and realized she had to give her child a better future, left it all to move to Spokane to live with a friend and ended up homeless. She is a fighter. For her child and a better future.” Some of the most spiritually sapping stories are those of my clients who are into six months of successful heroin or meth recovery (even forty years clean, once an addict, always an addict), just off probation, looking 15 years older than their chronological age, but in a series of programs and moving

ahead. All good, right? Not when it comes to children: my clients are lost souls when it comes to sons and daughters who are running the streets, full-fledged drug abusers, and lost inside the same abusiveaddictive-adrenaline rush as their parents once had been. Day after day, homeless people I work with have dozens of stories each detailing why they are in the places they find themselves. My job is to educate, coach, connect and re-skill so they can get jobs. The home—stability—is the first place they must secure to even consider starting a life of recovery. Life on the Streets WITH Dignity—Re-parenting is Re-tooling

Connie Nelson is just one of hundreds of advocates in Spokane working to lift up the world one meal at a time. She is program manager for Shalom Ministries’ Dining With Dignity, a 4,000-a-month meal program that serves predominantly homeless and very low income dwellers in Downtown Spokane. “If I could wave my magic wand, I’d build more affordable housing, even if they are single room occupancy,” Connie says. “To move forward, you HAVE to have a place to stand that is safe, quiet and allows you to keep your personal effects close. Otherwise, you pull your world with you wherever you go and just hope that this week

you’ll find a place to shower and wash clothes so you are acceptable to society. Showers, laundry and a safe place to store your personal items are like the holy grail for those who are homeless.” In Portland and dozens of other cities, tent cities or camps are being removed because citizens who don’t understand the realities of homelessness tied to addiction and tied to criminal backgrounds and then mental illness aggressively force their NIMBY sensibilities (not in my backyard) onto politicians and police. For parenting and child rearing issues tied to transitional housing, that is, getting homeless women with children solid services, we have programs like the 30-year-old Transitions nonprofit. Mary Nelson is the program director and is clear on what has to happen to bring children home and out of dangerous conditions tied to homelessness—they need their mothers to be healed or healing, confronting the hell of trauma, PTSD, and other mental health barriers. So, counseling, medical help, therapy, respite care, and rapid permanent housing are part of a holistic approach to helping redirect cycles of homelessness and children at risk into new beginnings. The mission is clear—to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. This nonprofit runs five key n , salo ckets re ! i t t , even l and mo ning e on di ices, trav serv

thedealplanet.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


METRO TALK/homlessness, part 2

programs: Women’s Hearth, Transitional Living Center, EduCare, Miryam’s House and New Leaf Bakery Cafe. Parenting children while one is homeless is fraught with dozens of hurdles, and Child Protective Services (CPS) is not thrilled with the conditions children are forced to endure in a state of houselessness, Mary says. Many children are taken away, put into foster care, and then the mothers have to navigate even more systems of bureaucratic despair. The idea is to give people gestation, to get their lives turned around—mothers need nine months just to understand the trauma, so Transitions offers sessions dealing with child trauma. There are education services, vocational programs, occupational therapies, soft skills training. Mary Nelson knows that when people are dealing with all that trauma, abuse and unimaginable family and street histories, getting into the workforce is virtually impossible. “We really need to nurture people, and if we don’t help that parent in crisis, the next generation then falls into the same pattern and carried-over trauma,” Mary says. The axiom, “it’s a two-way street,” has to be modified, and while Mary sees the landlords’ point of view and bottom line, we have not only mothers and children needing housing, but in so many cases, service animals. Those renting


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

places rarely take on pets, service animals or not.

When You Think You Are Ahead, Another Series of Crises Unfold in Spokane

When I approached Connie of Shalom Ministries, 518 W. 3rd Ave, about the first part of this series published last month, I got one part kudo and three parts crisis in an email: “Loved your article! This article is SO timely! We have lost our building space unexpectedly and it looks like Shalom will have to close unless we can find a new spot to serve our 4,000 meals a month. We’ve been paying $1,200 a month for roughly 6,000 sq. ft with a kitchen in downtown Spokane, so for us to go down, will be felt big time by the other providers. “I think we need to raise around $650,000 to get the space, locale and equipment we need. Shalom’s been downtown for 22 years, so it just seems criminal that we might not be there anymore.” The reality of America for 80 percent of us is that we are struggling to make ends meet, to hold families together, and raising families with divorced parents in the mix. For mother Mary Nelson, she is “so grateful that her older daughter knows how to keep a job, knows how to drive, and knows how to work.” We are talking about people, children and adult mothers who can’t have conversations with adults, and they just don’t

know how to interact; people who don’t know how to dress in clean clothes or keep kept hair. This is what family dysfunction and lack of “being there” do to the next generation. Mary’s daughter is a single mom, is holding down a full-time job, and goes to school. For the people Mary Nelson serves, that combination is almost impossible to imagine, let alone achieve. Again, jail-time is common for someone who is an alcoholic or drug user. Things fall apart, and street life turns into sometimes violent drama. For Layne Pavey, a social worker who once served time in jail, it’s a lot about Spokane reducing both the jail population and reforming who should be sent to jail (or even get charges in the first place). She’s got some active credentials—Master’s in Social Work; Director, I Did the Time; Program Director, Revive Reentry Services; JustLeadershipUSA 2016 Cohort Member; Executive Committee Member, Smart Justice Spokane. This all adds up to Layne being a steeled advocate for Spokane’s jail population, and African Americans especially, who face a “system of racial disparity.” Not many want to admit it, but statistically, Spokane County, Layne points out, is “the worse county jail in the state.” There are more than 970 inmates locked in a jail constructed for 300. More than

65 percent of the inmates are awaiting trials—up to a month or more. Spokane County will receive funds from the MacArthur Foundation in the Safety and Justice Challenge, a national initiative to rethink how America uses its jails. The grant totals $1.75 million—looking at and rectifying racial and ethnic disparities among its jail population. In addition, the City and County are committing $1.2 million to match these funds. Homeless ex-felons, as any of these advocates will say, face the biggest battle to reintegrate into society. Yet, in some sense, many of us, two or three paychecks away from losing our home, could face disturbing and life-shattering lives as houseless people. It takes more than a village to help stop this from happening: it takes systems change. For information about saving Dining with Dignity, contact: Shalom Ministries. P.O. BOX 4684. Spokane, WA 99220, (509) 455-9019. Executive Director: Tim Swartout. Paul K. Haeder is a freelance writer who worked in Spokane as a community college instructor and journalist for more than 12 years. The positions taken in Metro Talk do not necessarily reflect the views of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living’s publisher, editor or staff.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


by Stephanie Regalado & Pepper Root

o matter where you land on the enthusiasm spectrum for the love of our city, there is no denying our community shines bright in many sectors. In the Best of the City Awards, our readers— you—cast your votes for the people and the places you appreciate most. We love to share our pride for Spokane on the pages of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine and nothing crescendos quite like this issue: the best of Spokane splashed across the following pages, and then solidified on Friday, October 21 with a posh “after” party in Downtown Spokane. We are scrapping the hoopla of a large-scale awards event and going straight to the VIP party this year. The resurgence of energy in our urban core has inspired us to go upscale and move Best of the City downtown, into a the vacant Marquee Lounge space, for an old Hollywood-style VIP experience. Tickets are limited, so secure yours as soon as possible for a night of city lights, celebrities, and an Oscar-Esque celebration you won’t forget. You can find more information on our Facebook page, and tickets are available through eventbrite.com. Now turn the page for a journey through the Best our fine City has to offer . . . spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Thank you Spokane for voting us #1!!

, p u eat


rcu e t t u


1001 W 25th Ave, Spokane, WA 99203 509.535.7171 www.t hescoopspokane.c om thescoopspokane Established & Family Owned Since 1952

Best Fine Dining WILD SAGE With their creative use of local ingredients and flair with crafted cocktails, Wild Sage offers a variety of cuisine that is sure to please even the most discriminating palates. They offer gluten-free options and can cater for big or small groups with an atmosphere that is described as comfortable fine dining. wildsagebistro.com Silver: Clinkerdagger Bronze: Churchill’s Steakhouse Idaho: Beverly’s

Best Seafood Restaurant

Thank you Spokane Readers for voting us one of the best Florists in Spokane!

11006 E. Sprague

509-924-5050 • 1-888-345-1145 www.applewayflorist.com 68

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

ANTHONY’S More than just the catch of the day, Anthony’s offers the best of the season’s fish. Their extensive knowledge of quality seafood cuisine and close partnership with local fisherman lead to top of the line seafood. They offer fine dining, casual, and even to-go options. anthonys.com Silver: Milford’s Fish House Bronze: Red Lobster Idaho: Wolf Lodge Steakhouse

Best Italian ITALIAN KITCHEN If you dream of authentic Italian cuisine, but aren’t headed to Italy any time soon, you are in luck. The Italian Kitchen offers Italy in Spokane. Their dedication to authentic food and atmosphere will satisfy your taste buds and your soul. Enjoy some delicious food and sincere hospitality in this restaurant. italiankitchenspokane.com Silver: Tomato Street Bronze: Italian Trattoria Idaho: Tony’s on the Lake

Best Steak CHURCHILL’S STEAKHOUSE The steak served here is as perfect and flawless as one of Winston Churchill’s speeches. This steakhouse turns cooking a steak into an art form. The elegant atmosphere, and attention to detail provides a dining experience worth remembering. Here you can experience why Churchill had such a great appreciation for fine dining. churchillssteakhouse.com Silver: Spencer’s Steakhouse Bronze: Masselow’s Steakhouse Idaho: Wolf Lodge Steakhouse

Best New Restaurant THE BLACKBIRD These new kids on the block are knocking it out of the park for gastropub cuisine. Their creative and ingenious combinations of flavors are sure to satisfy your appetite. They have a large variety of craft beers and wine to quench your thirst. theblackbirdspokane. com Silver: 1898 at Kalispel Golf & Country Club Bronze: Ruins Idaho: Timber Gastropub

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Grapetree Village | 2001 E. 29th

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2009-2016 Reader's Survey

BEST DENTIST 2009 - 2016

Best Outdoor Dining ANTHONY’S Reminiscent of a seaside café, Anthony’s offer an outstanding outdoor dining experience. You can enjoy the remainder of the nice weather while indulging in the season’s best catch. They offer a dining experience that is sure to fulfill your desire for some ocean atmosphere and cuisine. anthonys.com Silver: Clinkerdagger Bronze: Twigs North Idaho: Bardenay

Best Sandwich DOMINI’S If a sandwich could change your life, Domini’s sandwiches would do just that. The big meat, big cheese sandwiches can satisfy even a hollow leg appetite. Homemade ingredients, a variety of combinations, and large portions make it the best place to get a sandwich. dominispokane.com Silver: High Nooner Bronze: Caruso’s Idaho: Mulligan’s Bar & Grill

Best Cupcakes SWEET FROSTINGS If variety is the spice of life, this cupcake shop is the whole spice rack. Decadent and detailed these cupcakes are works of art. With the cupcakes available changing every day, the options are endless. They can cater to your special event as well, because they are the frosting on the cake to any occasion. sweetfrostingsbakeshop. com Silver: Celebrations Bronze: Boots Bakery Idaho: Stacey’s Cakes

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BEST OPTICAL SHOP Downtown: 421 W. Riverside, Suite 102 | 509-624-9209 North: 5503 N. Wall St.| 509-489-2020

w w w. c o z z a o p t i c a l . c o m

Best Yogurt/Ice Cream

Best Barbecue

THE SCOOP This family-owned scoop shop makes fresh ice cream so good it will soothe your soul. A scoop or two served on top of their signature liege waffles with toppings of your choice is just what the doctor ordered. Can it possibly get better? Did we mention they serve organic coffee too? A grown up’s dream come true, this is Spokane’s favorite ice cream shop. thescoopspokane.com Silver: Brain Freeze Bronze: Froyo Earth Idaho: Roger’s Ice Cream and Burgers

LONGHORN BARBECUE Straight from Texas this BBQ is everything you hoped it would be. The “southern pit style” BBQ is beyond savory. The rich flavors and saucy entrees will have you saying “Yeeehaww!” in no time. thelonghornbbq. com Silver: Chicken-N-More Bronze: Red Lion BBQ & Pub Idaho: Dicky’s BBQ

Best Chocolate Shop CHOCOLATE APOTHECARY This family-owned shop offers a chocolate experience you can’t get anywhere else. The crafted chocolates are sure to win you over in the first bite. They also have gelato and an espresso bar. Is this Heaven on earth? We think so. chocolateapothecary.com Silver: Hallett’s Bronze: Spokandy

Best Pizza

Best Salad TWIGS BISTRO The perfect harmony between sophisticated and casual, Twigs Bistro has a wide array of dinner and drink options. With new and exciting combinations of flavors, their salads have something for everyone. Dishes bursts with bright and full flavor: there are no bad choices here. twigsbistro.com Silver: Rocky Rococo Bronze: Soulful Soups Idaho: Café Carambola

Best Locally Produced Food

FLYING GOAT The unconventional name is right in line with their unconventional pizza. They don’t just make pizza, they craft it. The combination of aromatic flavors and rustic process make this pizza unbelievable. They bring a whole new meaning to the idea of beer and pizza. theflyinggoat.com Silver: South Perry Pizza Bronze: Bennidito’s Pizza Idaho: Fire Artisan Pizza

HIDDEN ACRES ORCHARDs Farm fresh favorites and great customer service, Hidden Acres Orchards has everything you wish you could grow yourself. Crisp vegetables and freshly picked berries, this orchard has a long list of produce available. Free range, organic and unpasteurized is the name of the game here. hiddenacreswa.com Silver: Bumble Bars Bronze: Victor’s Hummus Idaho: Huckleberry Thicket

Best Burgers

Best Appetizers

FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES How many guys does it take to make 250,000 combinations of burgers? Five! The options are endless in this local “focused on fresh,” burger joint. Rich in history and flavor, Five Guys offers the best of everything a burger can be. fiveguys.com Silver: Wisconsin Burger Bronze: Delish’s Idaho: Hudson’s

CLINKERDAGGER This local favorite has traditional and innovative selections for any occasion. The experienced team can help find just what you have been craving. Steak to seafood and everything in-between, Clinkerdagger’s is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. clinkerdagger.com Silver: Wild Sage Bistro Bronze: Wandering Table Idaho: Beverly’s

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BARBER Best Caterer

Best Asian

FEAST Fresh and seasonal, extraordinary presentation, Feast does fierce work! This full service fully mobile caterer will bring the kitchen to you. Their philosophy is that food should be fresh, vibrant and flavorful. They never stop wowing customers. feastcateringco.com Silver: Fery’s Catering Bronze: Red Rock Carering Idaho: Satay Bistro

GORDY’S SICHUAN This restaurant’s simple design and elegant dishes are sure to wow you. There is no shortage of flavor or pizazz in these dishes. The menu is broken up into mild, medium and hot options. A pleasant curtesy for those new to the place. The unusual combinations of flavor are sure to keep your taste buds on edge. These flavorful dishes are a new and exciting way to enjoy Asian cuisine. Silver: Ding How Bronze: Mustard Seed Idaho: Bonsai Bistro

Best Thai THAI BAMBOO The most authentic and best place to satisfy your appetite. Thai Bamboo has a huge selection of Thai and Asian cuisine. On top of the great customer service and multiple locations, they are open 7 days a week. Sweet or savory, vegetarian dishes, and endless combinations, Thai Bamboo has something for everyone. thaibamboorestaurant.com Silver: Bangkok Thai Bronze: Thai Kitchen Idaho: Asian Twist

Best Pho

Best Sushi

Best Mexican

SUSHI.COM This authentic Japanese sushi restaurant is sure to please any and every sushi lover. The skilled chef will prepare anything just the way you like. With the distinctive flavors and skillful design, Sushi.com offers a complete experience that pleases the eyes and the taste buds. Silver: Ding Howe Bronze: Wasabi Bistro Idaho: Syringa

AZTECA This family owned Mexican restaurant brings flavors straight from Jalisco. They are pleased to share their authentic family recipes with you by bring the flavors of Mexico to life in every dish they serve. The value in the traditional family recipes is evident in the ingredients and process used in preparing traditional Mexican dishes. aztecamex.com Silver: Rancho Chica Bronze: Fiesta Mexicana Idaho: Toro Viejo

Best Chinese

7 WA S H I N G T O N L O C AT I O N S T O SER VE YOU! weldonbarber.com 72

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

MING WAH RESTAURANT With authentic Cantonese style food this Chinese-American restaurant if a favorite of Spokane. They serve the traditional favorites and have some new options as well. You can have your tried-and-true Chinese or try something new and exciting. Complete with fortune cookies that offer some sage advice. Silver: Red Dragon Bronze: China Dragon Idaho: China Inn

VINA Vina puts the “Pho” in phenomenal Vietnamese cuisine. Come take a walk on the wild side and try their squid. They have all of the non-mainstream dishes and so many more. Customers cannot stop raving about the complexity of flavors and textures Vina has to offer. Silver: Pho Van Bronze: Pho City Idaho: Pho Thanh

Best Food Truck 3 NINJAS The 3 Ninjas will have you wishing every day is taco Tuesday. They prepare food in a way you’ve never seen before. All of your favorites but strictly fresh. The Bruce Lee of the food truck world; these guys are skilled at their craft. They will karate chop their way to the top of your list for best food truck. Silver: Big Red’s Bronze: Tacos El Sol Idaho: Coeur de Breizh Crepes

Dr. Andrew J. Czapla

Dr. Michael R. Valente


Thank you Spokane, for voting us Best Chiropractor 12 years running!


Kari M. Defreese LMP MA 60168868

C. Jill Pendleton LMP MA 60279629

Katie A. Mennealy LMP MA 60354134

Brittani M. Urann LMP MA 60605111

Voted Best Massage • Deep Tissue Massage • Sports Massage • Swedish Massage • Clinical Massage

Quality chiropractic care from pain relief to wellness. 3017 E. Francis Ave. Suite 101 | 509-467-7991 | www.SpokaneChiropractic.com | Open Monday – Saturday


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Best Greek

Best Breakfast

AZAR’S The finest and heathiest Greek cuisine around, your taste buds and heart will thank you. Fresh sea salt and olive oil are staples here. Great atmosphere and amazing food, you never knew Greek could be so healthy. azarsrestaurant.com Silver: Two Columns Bronze: Mediterrano Idaho: The White House Grill

FRANK’S DINER All aboard for the most amazing breakfast in Spokane. Start your morning off here and you sure to leave starting on the right foot feeling like a million bucks. Piping hot coffee, smothered pancakes; Franks knows how to give customers what they need. franksdiners.com Silver: Chap’s Bronze: Kalico Kitchen Idaho: The Garnet Café

Best Indian TOP OF INDIA Top of India pampers their guests. They honor the tradition of treating every guest as if they might be a god in disguise! They specialize in tandoori cooking, this clay oven cooking brings the true flavors of India right to your table. Their creative dishes are sure to transport you to another world. thetopofindia.com Silver: Taste of India Bronze: The Great Taaj

Best Options for Restricted Diets MIZUNA A vegan, a gluten free, and a lactose intolerant group of friends all walk into a restaurant, where are they? Mizuna of course! This place offers a wide array of choices for even the most restricted of diners. There is something for everyone at Mizuna. mizuna.com Silver: Boots Bakery Bronze: Luna Idaho: Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Best Neighborhood Restaurant—VALLEY HAY J’S BISTRO This family owned restaurant will welcome you with TLC. Their dedication to keeping things interesting and treating customers like family has made them a favorite among locals. A cozy inviting atmosphere, and flavorful fare will make them your go-to spot in no time. hayjsbistro.com Silver: Palenque Bronze: Savageland Pizza

Best Neighborhood Restaurant—NORTH

Best Neighborhood Restaurant—WEST

WADDELL’S BREWPUB & GRILLE The food here is exactly what you would expect coming from a legendary fastball pitcher and alligator wrestler: unbelievable. This homerun brewpub will sink its teeth into your heart. Hearty appetizers and full bodied brews, it is no wonder this is the local watering hole for North Spokane. waddellsbrewery.com Silver: Ferguson’s Café Bronze: Swinging Doors

DOWNRIVER GRILL With a focus on the local community, this grill offers the best fresh and local ingredients. Delicious and affordable Downriver Grill will exceed your expectations. You’ll always have a new favorite with the Chef’s menu changing week to week based off what is in season. downrivergrillspokane.com Silver: The Elk Bronze: Flying Goat

Best Neighborhood Restaurant—SOUTH MANITO TAPHOUSE Eat, drink and “beer” merry is the motto of this upscale tap house. This eco-friendly pub has 50 beers on tap and food made from scratch. This place is the perfect marriage between chill and the wow factor. manitotaphouse.com Silver: Picabu Bronze: Wisconsin Burger

Best Neighborhood Restaurant— NORTH IDAHO FLEUR DE SEL France in North Idaho, the cuisine is as outrageous as you would expect. Combinations you would never think of putting together provide a wide array of choices. If French is the language of love, this restaurant speaks it fluently through their succulent dishes. fleurdeselcreperie.com Silver: Capone’s Bronze: Whitehouse

Best Happy Hour Food TWIGS BISTRO & MARTINI BAR You can make a meal out of this happy hour fare. Come for a signature martini but stay for the fig and prosciutto flatbread. Coming to unwind after work, or celebrating, this is the ideal place to stop for happy hour that is sure to put a smile on your face. twigsbistro.com Silver: Clinkerdagger Bronze: Zola Idaho: Seasons Fresh Grill

Best Bakery ROCKET BAKERY This stable of Spokane with nine locations is tried-and-true. Wholesome baked goods made from scratch, a “candy shop,” of specialty drinks. Rocket Bakery has things dialed in when it comes to knowing what customers are looking for. Great atmosphere, stellar food and drinks. rocketspokane.com Silver: Rockwood Bakery Bronze: Nothing Bundt Cakes Idaho: Bakery by the Lake

Best Dessert CLINKERDAGGER Clinkerdagger knows that one of the best things about being an adult is that you CAN have dessert first! These decadent dessert are not for those who sit at the kiddy table. Pair a rich dessert with an after dinner drink. They will be sure to find the perfect cognac to accompany that death by chocolate cake. clinkerdagger.com Silver: Anthony’s Homeport Bronze: Wild Sage Idaho: Dockside

Best Buffet GOLDEN CORRAL BUFFET Endless buffet and endless options: this buffet will make you think you’ve died and gone to food heaven. As you pass through the golden corral gates everything you could possibly dream up to eat is there. Plenty of seating for large groups, this is the perfect place for a large or small group. goldencorral.com Silver: Timber Creek Bronze: Canaan Buffet Idaho: Grille From Ipanema



kY ou



Best Local Coffee Shop BREW BROS Brews Bros will sooth your soul with their rich and bold coffee. The chill atmosphere and wide array of drinks and snacks make this the perfect haven to get some work done. Whether you’re an espresso or pumpkin spice latte fan, they will find just the right drink for you. Silver: Wake Up Call Bronze: Rockwood Bakery Idaho: Java on Sherman

Best Coffee Roaster THOMAS HAMMER From local to exotic Thomas Hammer is a ring leader of coffee beans. Roasted to perfection, the full bodied beans are the stars of any drink. You’ll feel like Jack and the bean stalk leaving with a bag of these magical beans. hammercoffee.com Silver: Roast House Coffee Bronze: Indaba Coffee spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, All Occasions

Best Cocktails & Martinis

Best Happy Hour

TWIGS BISTRO & MARTINI BAR These martinis are good enough to knock the socks off James Bond. You’ll be feeling sophisticated ordering any of the drinks here. Perfectly crafted, every drink is a delicacy, fruity to dry: this is the perfect place to go for after work drinks. twigsbistro.com Silver: Bistango Bronze: Press Idaho: 315 Martinis and Tapas

STACKS AT THE STEAMPLANT Come try some of the best beer around during happy hour. You might have think you’ve tried them all but have you had a jalapeno ale? Variety and specials are aplenty here. They will have you joining their mug club just so you can have an excuse to keep coming back. steamplantspokane.com Silver: Fat Daddy’s Bronze: Clinkerdagger Idaho: Bardenay

Best Wine Bar

We have arrangements for all your special events

LEFT BANK WINE BAR Left Bank knows that enjoying wine is more than just a great glass of your favorite vino, it’s about atmosphere. They love their wine almost as much as they love their customers. With eclectic decor, constantly changing live music, happy hour and of course an extensive wine list, Left Bank is the perfect place to come sip with friends. leftbankwinebar.com Silver: Nectar Wine and Beer Bronze: Mizuna Idaho: The Cellar



509.747.2101 ?


1606 S Assembly St Spokane, WA 99224

sunsetflorist.net 76

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

ARBOR CREST WINERY You’ve seen it in the movies, now come experience it in real life. This fairy tale winery will charm you with its landscape, architecture, and award winning wine. Whether you’re taking a tour or attending one of the fabulous concerts this Cliff House estate will exceed your expectations. arborcrest.com Silver: Barrister Winery Bronze: Overbluff Cellars Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Cellars Winery

Best Beer List

Best Cidery

MANITO TAPHOUSE On tap and bottled, Manito has the best of the best craft and specialty beer. Stop by for a smoked stout, tangerine wheat, or a British pale ale. Once you’ve had a beer here, with the wide variety and great atmosphere you’ll never go anywhere else. manitotaphouse.com Silver: The Growler Guys Bronze: 24 Taps Idaho: Capone’s

TWILIGHT CIDERS Will and Jackie Jordan put the cider veil over us long ago with their delicious mixes brewed from their very own family farm Greenbluff Apples. They have expanded the cool factor down off the hill and into Kendall Yards in their shiny new tasting room. It has become a “be there or be square” situation, People. twilightciderworks.com Silver: One Tree Cider Bronze: Liberty Ciderworks

Best Brewery

Buy Local

Best Winery

NO-LI BREWERY LocALE Monday, Brewsday Tuesday, Rhythm and Brews Wednesday: this place knows how to have a good time. No-Li provides customers with more than just a great craft beer, they want to provide you with the craft beer experience. They know how to accommodate customers with the best experience possible. nolibrewhouse.com Silver: Iron Goat Bronze: River City Brewing Idaho: Trickster’s Brewing

Best Sports Bar SWINGING DOORS Breakfast, lunch or dinner the Swinging Doors caters to the real sports enthusiast who just can’t get enough. With 60 TVs you’re sure to be able to catch any game, any inning, and any round your heart desires. Can this place get any better? How about a free steak on your birthday! It’s no surprise this is Spokane’s favorite sports bar. theswingingdoors.com Silver: 24 Taps Bronze: Northern Quest’s Epic Idaho: Paddy’s Sports Bar & Grill

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Best Marijuana Shop

Best Lake Resort

CINDER Cinder knows that marijuana products are a science. The educated and friendly staff is always happy to help and answer any questions you might have. They know their products, and they know their growers. Good prices and excellent product. cindersmoke.com Silver: Sativa Sisters Bronze: Green Leaf

COEUR D’ALENE RESORT HOTEL Want to indulge in that lakeside lifestyle? Look no further, the Coeur d’Alene Resort is exactly what you’ve been searching for. From summer water sports to winter light shows the options are endless any season of the year. Wake up, hit the lake, eat and repeat. This resort knows what vacation mode is all about. cdaresort.com Silver: Hill’s Resort Bronze: Deer Lake Resort

Best Fitness Club/Gym


ers r u t

t h lig


ve Ad


MUV FITNESS Classes, personal training, weight loss challenges, this no hassle gym practically does the work for you. It’s got the bells and whistles without the long contracts. Hours that accommodate any schedule, some locations are open 4 a.m. -11:30 p.m. and a friendly genuine staff. It’s no wonder this is Spokane’s favorite gym. muvfitnessclubs.com Silver: Gold’s Gym Bronze: Total Fit Idaho: Peak Health and Wellness Center

Best Hotel Best Ski Resort SCHWEITZER With ski-in ski-out options this resort is everything you wish it would be. This is a family friendly place. You have double black diamond runs for the pro in your family, and an activities center for the younger crowd. Great accommodations, a variety of runs, this place is the ideal ski resort. schweitzer.com Silver: Mt. Spokane Bronze: 49° North

Best Casino NORTHERN QUEST CASINO This place is a true oasis. Between the casino, resort, entertainment, and spa you’ll think you’ve hit it big Vegas style. Step inside and you’ll never want to go home. Slot machines, table games, poker and off track betting: there are so many ways to win, how could you lose? northernquest.com Silver: Lilac Lanes & Casino Bronze: Ace’s Casino Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

DAVENPORT HOTEL This historic hotel knows how to maintain its great history and still provide modern accommodations. Step into the parlor and your back in the early 1900s. Rich in history and with an extensive options for rooms and suites the Davenport is the ideal hotel. davenporthotelcollection.com Silver: Northern Quest Resort Bronze: Davenport Grand Hotel Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Resort

Best Golf Course DOWNRIVER GOLF COURSE Home to several major tournaments, the Downriver golf course is the choice of pros and amateurs alike. Golf among statuesque pine trees with a picture perfect background. This is Spokane’s hole-in-one golf course. spokanegolf.com Silver: Wandermere Bronze: Indian Canyon Idaho: Circling Raven

Best Bike Shop WHEEL SPORT This trusted bike shop prides itself on quality parts, repairs, and customer service. Not sure where to find those specialty tires from the 1970s? Have no worries, Wheel Sport has it. Specialty to novelty they have the parts and knowledge to get the job done. wheelsportspokane.com Silver: The Bike Hub Bronze: Monkey Boy Bicycles Idaho: Vertical Earth







Best Local Artist BEN JOYCE The abstract topophilia work of Ben Joyce is hypnotic and mesmerizing. The dramatic pieces will have you looking at where you live in a whole new way. He draws the viewer in, each piece dimensional and complicated; you will never think of a map the same way. We can’t wait to seek what this beyond talented guy comes up with next. benjoyceart.com Silver: Melissa Cole Bronze: Tom Quinn

Best Art Gallery AVENUE WEST GALLERY Ceramics, pottery, wire sculptures, oil paintings— Avenue West gallery is sure to have the perfect piece you’re missing in your life. Maybe you want to explore your creative side and create your own masterpiece? They offer classes in a variety of mediums and supplies are typically included. avenuewestgallery.org Silver: Trackside Studio Bronze: Bozzi Gallery Idaho: Art Spirit Gallery spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Best Dance Studio

Best Charity Gala

SPOKANE ELITE DANCE This family focused, supportive dance studio is the best place for children and adults to get their twinkle toes on. Their experienced and passionate staff is sure to help guide you toward your goals. They offer stage and competition options when you are ready to show the world your new moves. spokaneelitedance.com Silver: Inspirations Dance Studio Bronze: Dance Motionz Idaho: Ballet School of Coeur d’Alene

BEYOND PINK Celebrating the technology of Thermography that helps with early detection of breast cancer, this charity gala is nothing less than an extravaganza. Complimentary wine, a fashion show and silent auction are just some of the things that await you at this party with a cause. Beyond Pink is beyond amazing. beyondpink.net Silver: Pumpkin Ball Bronze: Epicurean Delight

Best Local Band RYAN LARSEN BAND This country rock band will have you two stepping, twirling and cutting a rug in no time. Be sure to catch them at your local venue: watching these guys play is a real home style treat for your ears and eyes. ryanlarsenband.wixsite.com Silver: Nixon Rodeo Bronze: The Backups

Best Local Singer CAMI BRADLEY This natural born talent continues to astound us. Having been a contestant on America’s Got Talent a few years back, Cami has really honed her vocal abilities. She can now be heard performing with The Sweepings. camibradley.com Silver: Sammy Eubanks Bronze: Jeremy Shilley




18 W Main | Spokane, WA

insta: @finderskeepers2 fb: Finders Keepers II Finderskeepersboutiques.com


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Best Local Charity RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE Having provided support to families with children with medical needs for more than 25 years, Ronald McDonald House is still going strong. They offer a “home away from home,” for families by providing lodging and accommodations. rmhcspokane.org Silver: United Gospel Mission Bronze: House of Charity

Best Radio Station—FM 92.9 KZZU Playing today’s hits and home of the Dave, Ken and Molly show it’s no surprise this is Spokane’s favorite radio station. Whether you’re tuning in for the AM trivia or attending Working Women’s Wednesday, KZZU is a bombshell radio station. 929zzu.com Silver: 99.9 KXLY (Coyote Country) Bronze: 98.1 KISS

Best Radio Personality DAVE, KEN, AND MOLLY (KZZU) Buzzword Trivia, Win Dave’s Money and Pass the Popcorn: these are just a few of the reasons the Dave, Ken and Molly show has so many faithful followers. When you pull up to a stop light on your morning commute and the guy next to you is grinning from ear to ear, it’s because he is listening to the Dave, Ken and Molly show. 929zzu.com Silver: Jay and Kevin (99.0) Bronze: Sara Jean (96.1)

Best Photographer GARY PETERSON This award winning photography is able to capture that perfect moment, the essence of a person’s smile, the breathtaking silence in a landscape. Spokane can’t get enough of the amazing work of Gary Peterson. garypetersonphotography.com Silver: Crystal Madsen Bronze: James Mangis

Thank you Spokane for voting us Best Garden Shop & Florist!



509.534.9381 8th and Perry | Spokane, WA www.libertyparkflorist.com

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The residence at the Paulsen Penthouse is available for overnight stays and small gatherings. (Not available for ticketed events)


events@bozzimedia.com for information.

(509) 655-9367

421 W. Riverside Ave. | Spokane, WA 99201


Best Play Performed PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (BEST OF BROADWAY) The new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s phenomenal musical success has become a bucket list musical production across the U.S. Critics rave—and so do we—that this breathtaking production has become “bigger and better than ever before.” Featuring brilliant scenic designs and a larger than ever orchestra, this show remains a favorite time and again. Silver: Rocky Horror Picture Show (Civic Theatre) Bronze: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Civic Theatre)

Best News Anchor—Male

STEPHANIE VIGIL—KHQ Our long time KHQ news anchor, it’s no wonder she is award winning. Her professional demeanor and charming on-air personality make her our favorite female news anchor. Silver: Nadine Woodward—KXLY Bronze: Kris Crocker—KXLY

Best Weather Person TOM SHERRY—KREM The chief meteorologist at KREM, Tom has been keeping us up to date on the weather for more than 15 years. He puts on multiple charity benefits throughout the year, and has a true passion for the Inland Northwest. Silver: Leslie Lowe—KHQ Bronze: Mark Peterson—KXLY





THANK YOU SPOKANE! BUY 2 GET 1 FREE: Airbrush bronzing sessions or Versa Spa sunless booth sessions SILVER PLAN $69.99: Monthly unlimited tanning in all 4 levels of beds GOLD PLAN $19.99: Monthly unlimited tanning in the entry level beds Boutique • Tanning • Airbrush Bronzing • Massage Lash Extensions & Waxing • Manicures & Pedicures Full Nails • Service Hair Salon • Minute Packages Session Packages • 1 Month Unlimited

Versa Spa Pro Sunless Tan Booth

Best Sun Tanning 9 years running!



Best News Anchor—Female



SEAN OWSLEY—KHQ Spokane’s favorite guy on the AM newscast. We trust Sean for our need to know information that gets our day started. A native of Spokane he covers the major stories that shape our lives. An Elvis Presley fan, it’s no wonder we adore Sean Owsley so much. Silver: Dan Kleckner—KHQ Bronze: Derek Deis—KXLY

SOUTH HILL 2821 E. 27TH AVE : TANNING 533-6300 / HAIR 534-5100 | NORTHSIDE 634 W. GARLAND : 290-5029 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Best Sportscaster DENNIS PATCHIN—KXLY The recognized television and radio voice for many of your favorite sports teams including the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the Washington State Cougars and the Idaho Vandals, Dennis is the most trusted voice in sports for the Spokane area. Silver: Sam Adams—KHQ Bronze: Darnay Tripp—KREM

Best Elected Official

DAVID CONDON “Municipal government can become more flexible, transparent and adaptive to citizen needs.” This core belief of Mayor Condon is his compass for his political career. Bringing big services and the citizens of the city together, he truly cares for the people of Spokane. Silver: Kevin Parker Bronze: Ben Stuckart

Best Actor From the Inland Northwest CRAIG T. NELSON This Poltergeist actor is scary good. A Spokane native, Nelson is a rags to riches story. This funny but serious actor is the voice of Mr. Incredible on the Incredibles. We couldn’t be more proud that he is a native of Spokane. Silver: Julia Sweeney Bronze: Mikaela Hoover

s e bl

a r ea


Best Actor Working Primarily Locally TROY NICKERSON This talented actor, director and choreographer has been in some of your favorite theater productions. Luckily this big time actor continues to enchant Spokane with his incredible talent. Silver: Ellen Travolta Bronze: Jerry Sciarro

Best Local Author JESS WALTER Recipient of the Edgar Allan Poe Award and author of six novels, Walter continues to wow us with his work. As soon as you start one of his books, you won’t be able to put it down. Wry and witty, Jess Walter is a brilliant author. jesswalter.com Silver: Dawn Nelson Bronze: Kenn Nesbitt


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Best Jewelry Store JEWELRY DESIGN CENTER “We want to be your jeweler for life,” is the motto here. From the perfect diamond engagement ring, to that special anniversary or congratulations piece, they have just what you are looking for. They always carry your favorite designers from Hearts on Fire to Tacori, you’ll find a lifetime of perfect pieces here. jewelrydesigncenter.com Silver: Pounder’s Jewelry Bronze: Austin’s Fine Jewelry Idaho: Cheryll Burchell Goldsmiths

Best Optical Shop COZZA OPTICAL Sam and Barbara Cozza have been Spokane’s darlings—and go-to professionals—in the optical field since beginning their business in June 1996. With both a north side and a downtown office, Cozza Optical became the only independently owned optical outlet to have the ability to sell, grind, edge, and dispense eyewear to the public after purchasing a full lens grinding facility in 1998. cozzaoptical.com Silver: Stahl Optical Bronze: Inland Optical Center Idaho: Visionworks

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Best Tattoo Parlor ANCHORED ART TATTOO This crew of professionals take the art of tattoo to new levels of professionalism with the understanding that every tattoo deserves to be considered for its independence. anchoredarttattoo.com Silver: Mom’s Custom Tattoo Bronze: Bulletproof Tattoo Idaho: Call of the Wild Tattoo

Best Women’s Clothing Boutique LOLO You won’t find this signature style in any department store. Lolo prides itself on unique designs. Hand bags by Hobo, shoes by Born, this place knows how to treat a girl right. Whether you’re looking for that one thing to complete a look, or wanting to try a whole new style Lolo is the place to go. lolospokane.com Silver: Jigsaw Bronze: Audrey’s Boutique Idaho: Tiffany Blue

Best Men’s Formal Wear MR. TUX Need to turn that scruffy cousin of yours into a James Bond look alike? Mr. Tux is a miracle worker in men’s formal wear. Proms, weddings, and special occasions— they do it all. With options to buy or rent, they can make anyone look sharp as a tack. mr-tux.com Silver: Tuxedo Gallery Bronze: Men’s Wearhouse Idaho: Touchdown Tuxedo

Thank You Spokane! Best Chinese

Tues-Fri 11am-9pm Sat 4pm-9pm

Best Asian

501 E 30th | Spokane South Hill | 509-747-1170


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— Ho





Best Furniture—Traditional TIN ROOF Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole to a wonder land of furniture? The Tin Roof is the most trusted place to find exactly what you are looking for. If it can fit inside four walls they have it. Sofas, fireplaces, bedding, the options are endless. tinrooffurniture.com Silver: La-Z-y Boy Furniture Galleries Bronze: Comfort Furniture Idaho: Runge Furniture

Best Furniture—Modern DANIA This modern furniture store offers the most beautiful Scandinavian designs. The sleek and sophisticated pieces are sure to give your space that upscale feel you want. With a variety of designs and financing available, Dania is what you’ve been looking for in furniture. daniafurniture.com Silver: Tin Roof Bronze: Metro Eclectic Idaho: Mill River Rustic Furniture

Best Furniture—Patio JACOB’S CUSTOM LIVING The days of plastic furniture that become part of your behind on a hot day are long gone. Jacob’s knows that if the ceiling is a fifth wall, a patio can be a living room. They have a variety of options in outdoor sets. They will help you find a set that will fulfill your needs and wants. jacobscustomliving.com Silver: Falco’s Fireplace & Spa Bronze: Cost Plus World Market Idaho: Wild West Log Furniture

DOWNTOWN | 210 N Howard WEST CENTRAL | 1425 W Broadway Ave

Best Coffee Roaster

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www.mainsushi.com Thank You Spokane!

BEST SUSHI 4 years in a row!

430 W. Main Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 | 509.838.0630

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm ~ Fri 11am-10pm ~ Sat Noon-9pm ~ Noon-8pm

Coming 2017 Post Falls 403 N Spokane Street Post Falls, ID 83854

208.930.4900 1224 E. Sherman Ave Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 208.644.0696 155 W. Neider Ave (Between Hwy 95 & Govt. Way)


Taste The Quality! est Voted B t/ yougur am e r C e Ic

Our hamburgers are made from 100% fresh ground beef. We also serve a turkey and garden burger. Any burger can be made as a lettuce wrap. Our French fries are hand cut daily with locally grown potatoes and fried in rice bran oil. Every burger & fry is made fresh to order from scratch the old fashioned way. Both locations have over 17 flavors of premium hand dipped ice cream. Come check out our nostalgic, family friendly restaurant that is open year round on Sherman Ave or the Neider location offers indoor seating and a drive thru.

Best Bedroom Furniture MOR FURNITURE FOR LESS A bedroom should be a safe haven, a place to rest and be away from the world. Mor Furniture knows this better than anyone. With a wide variety of bedroom sets in every style imaginable they can help you find exactly what you need. Sweet dreams await you on one or their designer beds. morfurniture.com Silver: Tin Roof Bronze: Bedroom Expressions Idaho: Walker’s Furniture

Best Mattress Shop NORTHWEST BEDDING This is not your grandma’s mattress store. With specialty products like adjustable and chiropractor approved designs they can find just the right mattress to fit your needs. Upgrade your sleep and life with the new Future Sleep mattress. No one does mattresses like Northwest Bedding. nwbedding.com Silver: Mattress Firm Bronze: Walker’s Furniture Idaho: National Mattress

Best Garden Shop LIBERTY PARK FLORIST Saving those of us who don’t have a green thumb, this florist and greenhouse has been around long enough to know quality. They also know quantity; the greenhouse covers 70,000 square feet of growing area. Hanging baskets to foliage, Liberty Park Florist has exactly what you need. libertyparkflorist.com Silver: Ritter’s Nursery Bronze: Judy’s Enchanted Garden Idaho: VanHoff’s Garden Center

Best Security Systems


Best Fine Dining

Best Dessert

Best Fine Dining

Best Dessert

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Best Best Happy Best Happy Best Outdoor Appetizers Hour Food Hour Dining

Best Dessert

Best Fine Dining

Most Best Outdoor Romantic Dining

ALLIED FIRE & SECURITY Protecting your community in the Pacific Northwest for 65 years, Allied Security is trusted to take care of your home and business. They provide full service assessments to ensure that they find the right products for your security needs. They want to ensure that your property and people are safe. alliedfireandsecurity.com Silver: ADT Bronze: Solid Rock Security








Picture getting married here...




spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Best Lighting & Accessories REVIVAL LIGHTING Reproduction lighting, antique lighting and glass shades, Revival has it all. They have the largest selection of vintage and restored fixtures in the Inland Northwest. Their talented staff can help you find just the right light to create the ambiance you’re searching for. They are also skilled at repairing your existing pieces that you just can’t find parts for anymore. At Revival, you’ll see lighting in a whole new light. revivallighting.com Silver: Broadway Electric Bronze: Ferguson Showroom Idaho: Idaho Lights

Best Windows

Best New Restaurant

MCVAY BROTHERS SIDING & WINDOWS A window is our looking glass into the world and it can be the final touch on a house. McVay Brothers are skilled window technicians who know how to find and meet your window needs. With speedy installation and great customer service, they are clearly the best choice for windows. mcvaybrothers.com Silver: VPI Home Solutions Bronze: Reve Exteriors Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Windows

Best Siding & Roofing MCVAY BROTHERS SIDING & WINDOWS They offer a large selection of materials and styles in siding and roofing. Some of the options include fiber cement and stone siding. This 21st century siding and roofing company will bring the efficiency of modern materials and beauty of the looks you love to your home in a friendly and timely manner. mcvaybrothers.com Silver: Inland Roofing and Siding Bronze: Morris Clark Siding & Roofing Idaho: Roofing Northwest Inc.

208.262.9593 1610 E Schneidmiller Ave Post Falls, ID Everyday 11am-Close timberpub.com

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SPOKANE W. 245 Spokane Falls Blvd. SPOKANE VALLEY 14700 E. Indiana St. Spokane Northpointe 9738 N. Newport Highway #7A

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


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for voting us


Local Coffee Shop & Bakery

Best Kitchen Design

Best Landscaping Design

BERRY BUILT AND DESIGN Berry Built puts the professional in professional remolding. Their creative and talented designers are ready to take your kitchen to the next level. With their attention to detail and skilled eye for design, Berry Built is the only name you need to know in kitchen design. berrybd.com Silver: Capstone Construction Bronze: Crafted Kitchen Design

LAND EXPRESSIONS Comprised of a team of landscape architects, designers, artists, craftsmen and construction managers since 1987, Land Expressions has been envisioning and building exceptional outdoor living and entertainment spaces for discerning homeowners, commercial building owners, developers, and creators of public space throughout the western states. landexpressions.com Silver: Clearwater Summit Group Bronze: Alderwood Landscape Idaho: CDF Landscape Professionals

Best Granite MARIO & SON This father and son team combine wisdom and enthusiasm to bring you the best in granite, intricate inlays, furniture and table tops. Home and business they do it all. The quality and craftsmanship of Mario & Son is unsurpassable. marioandson.com Silver: RW Gallion Bronze: NW Granite Inc. Idaho: Gargoyle Granite & Marble

Best Cabinets

8 Locations Serving you! New location!

downtown 207 N. Wall St.

GARLAND 903 W. Garland 325.8909

VALLEY 3315 N. Argonne 462.2345

DOWNTOWN WEST 1325 W. 1st Ave. 747.1834

SOUTH HILL 1301 W. 14th Ave. 456.3534

SPACE STATION DRIVE THRU 3101 N. Argonne 703.7277

HOLLEY MASON BUILDING 157 S. Howard 838.3887

(Next to Urban OUtfitters)

Main Office Production 4124 N. Burns 927.2340


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

AFFORDABLE CUSTOM CABINETS We all love the look of custom, but not necessarily the custom price tag. Affordable Custom Cabinets is here to save the day with beautiful custom cabinets that won’t break the bank. A forest full of wood options: cherry, hickory, maple and so many more; they will create just the look you are searching for. affordablecustomcabinets.com Silver: N-Hance Bronze: Spokane Custom Cabinets Idaho: Tapley Cabinet Works

Best Architectural Firm NAC ARCHITECTURE From making sure that kindergartners get to the school cafeteria easily to rethinking the way physicians and patients interact within healthcare environments, discovering the best combination of functionality and beauty is what motivates NAC’s architects to create engaging spaces that work for the greater good. nacarchitecture.com Silver: Sam Rodell Architects Bronze: Zeck Butler Architects Idaho: Architects West

Best Hot Tubs POOL WORLD When Kerry and Lyla Henderson started Pool World in 1976, they had one goal in mind: build a business based on customer satisfaction. Pool World has grown to become the largest pool and spa business in the Inland Northwest. Their son Mark—now helping to lead the company—says, “We sell more than pools and spas, we are in the business of giving people fun and relaxation.” poolworld.biz Silver: Apollo Spa Bronze: Jeff’s Quality Spas

Best Paint Store SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Helping people and businesses add color to their homes and lives for more than 150 years, it’s no wonder they’ve won gold again. They stick to their paintbrushes when they say: “Make the most of your color with the very best paint.” sherwin-williams.com Silver: Rodda Paint Bronze: Wahl Paint Center

Best Flooring Store GREAT FLOORS What began as a road show through Idaho and Montana in the early 1970s with a carpet peddler selling wares from the back of his car has grown to prominence as one of the nation’s top specialty floor covering selling, as the name promises, Great Floors though 16 retail and commercial showrooms positioned across the Pacific Northwest. greatfloors.com Silver: Carpet One Bronze: Carpet Barn Idaho: Accent Floors




12701 E. SPRAGUE SPOKANE VALLEY | 509.927.7777

Best Granite



Best Plumbing

Best Gifts

GOLD SEAL PLUMBING Since the company was founded in 1967, quality plumbing in residential, multi-family, and light commercial have always been a priority, and they plumb more houses, apartments and light commercial buildings than any other firm (and they have cute kids, too). goldsealplumbing.com Silver: Roto-Rooter Bronze: Bulldog Rooter Idaho: Exner Plumbing

Best Closet Storage Systems CALIFORNIA CLOSETS For more than three decades California Closets has built a reputation as a leader in premium and luxury space-management, delivering custom products and unparalleled service. They help transform spaces and allow people to get more out of their homes—and do more in their everyday lives. californiaclosets.com Silver: Cabinet Systems Bronze: Closet Guys

BOO RADLEY’S This offbeat shop has the gifts that are one of a kind. With its whacky style and novelty items you’ll find things you didn’t know existed. The store is jam packed full of goodies; you can never see the same thing twice. Spokane loves this quirky shop for its comical approach to gift giving. Silver: Simply Northwest Bronze: Graceful Gift Baskets Idaho: Mix It Up

Best Toy Shop FIGPICKELS TOY EMPORIUM Figpickels is no joke when it comes to toys. This family-owned toy store is a staple of the Northwest. Locals and visitors alike will feel like a kid again trying the hands-on displays. Everything from tub toys to electric cars. Big or small Figpickels Toy Emporium has toys for them all. figpickels.com Silver: Toys R Us Bronze: Whiz Kids

Best Credit Union

Best Women’s Clothing Boutique

3131 N DIVISION ST SPOKANE, WA 99207 P 509-324-8612 F 509-324-0357 HOURS MON-FRI 10am-5:30pm SAT 10am-4pm


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

a s e k

e g illa

a It T


SPOKANE TEACHERS CREDIT UNION At any stage of life STCU will be there for you. Saving, spending, going to college, buying your first home STCU wants to help. No gimmicks or hidden fees these guys know what banking is all about. With their snazzy new mobile phone app that lets you deposit remotely, it’s no wonder STCU is Spokane’s favorite credit union. stcu.org Silver: Numerica Credit Union Bronze: Spokane Federal Credit Union Idaho: Icon Credit Union

Best Florist

Best Bank

ROSE AND BLOSSOM With arrangements like “You are my sunshine,” and “Big fun” this florist puts a new spin on the idea of sending flowers. From simple and elegant to fun and flirtatious, they have exactly what you are looking for. A 100 percent guarantee of freshness, Rose and Blossom is the go to place for flowers to accompany any occasion. roseandblossom.com Silver: Liberty Park Florist Bronze: Beau K Florist Idaho: Hansen’s Florist & Gifts

WASHINGTON TRUST BANK Washington Trust Bank is as trusted as George Washington himself. The oldest and largest privately held bank in the Northwest, Washington Trust Bank is about building lifelong relationships. With a variety of accounts and wealth management options, this bank knows how to treat clients right. watrust.com Silver: Inland Northwest Bank Bronze: Banner Bank Idaho: Mountain West

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Get A Way Packages for $130.00 - $199.00 Restaurant open weekends during winter Dinner reservations requested

www.hillsresort.com | 208.443.2551 Priest Lake, Idaho

Best New Car Dealership


LARRY H. MILLER DOWNTOWN TOYOTA With something for every taste and need, Larry H. Miller provides a full line of sales and services dedicated to their customers. From Toyota auto repairs performed by expert mechanics, to OEM Toyota auto parts, to car loans, Larry H. Miller Toyota Spokane is the smart choice for your automotive needs. larryhmillertoyotaspokane. com Silver: Wendle Motors Bronze: Gus Johnson Ford Idaho: Dave Smith Motors

Best Used Car Dealership

photo by Jared Retter


LARRY H. MILLER TOYOTA SPOKANE You know there’s some magic sauce happening when a business conquers two categories in a row (read above). Kudos to Scott Brewer and his amazing team for providing Spokane with trustworthy auto sales and service. And what a gorgeous rebuild downtown. larryhmillertoyotaspokane.com Silver: Jennifer’s Auto Sales Bronze: Wendle Motors Idaho: Dave Smith Motors

Best Auto Repair



509-216-2747 NORTH 829 E INDIANA SPOKANE 99207




Best Auto Body Shop




MECHANICS PRIDE TIRE & AUTOMOTIVE This full-service auto repair group specializes in all aspects of auto repair including general maintenance, brakes, alignments, suspension work, engine and transmission overhauls, as well as a wide selection of wheels and tires. No one loves to spend time and money on auto repairs, so the team at Mechanics Pride makes it a priority to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. mechanicspride.com Siver: Hopkin’s Automotive Bronze: Carlson’s Import Repair & Service Idaho: SilverLake Automotive

GREAT SERVICE AT A GREAT PRICE!! MondayTuesdayWednesday15% off $9.99 Men’s 15% off Haircuts Seniors Perm Women’s Color

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

CRAIG’S AUTOMOTIVE COLLISION & REPAIR Craig’s has been providing professional collision repairs for more than 30 years. They are able to offer complete auto body repairs to restore your vehicle. Whether it is a minor fender bender or a major collision, their certified technicians will restore your car to optimal condition. craigsautocollision.com Silver: Ed’s Premier Auto Body Bronze: Flash’s Auto Body Idaho: Gerber Collision

"Om-e-Let you check mine out!"

Thank you Spokane for voting us Best Buffet 5 years in a row!

Breakfast Saturday & Sunday until 11 a.m.

7117 N. Division | Spokane WA 99208 | 468-1895 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016




Best Cocktails

& Martinis

108 N Post | 509-624-TINI

Spokane's Premier Caterer

for over 20 years!

Thank You Spokane for voting us one of the Best Catering Services, six years in a row!

Best Dry Cleaner NEXT DAY DRY CLEANING Nobody has time to be rushing about town trying to track down a place to clean your garb, and then remember to track it down again several days later. Next Day Dry Cleaning came up with the brilliant idea to go all 21st century and cater to the insanely busy professional with pick up and drop off of dry cleaning. They also provide alterations and can clean just about any kind of fabric. nextdaydc.com Silver: Scollard’s Bronze: Clark’s Cleaners Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Laundry & Drycleaning

Best Veterinarian CAT’S MEOW This cat-only veterinary clinic specializes in feline disorders including hyperthyroid. The experienced and caring staff can diagnose and treat almost anything. Striving to extend all nine of those lives, the Cat’s Meow is the purrrfect place to bring your feline companion. catsmeow.com Silver: Garland Animal Clinic Bronze: Hunter Veterinary Clinic Idaho: Lake City Pet Hospital

Best Wedding Facility 421 S. Cowley Street

Spokane, Washington 99202

(509) 458-5234

GLOVER MANSION The Glover Mansion is the fairy godmother of wedding venues. Everything you’ve dreamed of for your wedding all wrapped in a stressfree affordable package. Charming and elegant, this Victorian mansion is the perfect spot to tie the knot. glovermansion.com Silver: Beacon Hill Bronze: Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Resort

Best Meetings/Events Facility


SPOKANE CONVENTION CENTER Located in the heart of Spokane just a hop skip and jump away from great food and entertainment. The Convention Center is the place to have your next event. Whether it’s a business meeting, or family reunion the convention center can host all kinds of events big and small. spokanecenter.com Silver: Lincoln Center Bronze: Northern Quest Resort & Casino Idaho: Hagadone Event Center spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Come see. taste. experience. Best Spa

d a e h o Toe —


SPA PARADISO Spa Paradiso offers therapeutic massage and body treatments, complete spa and clinical skin care, eyelash extensions, Botox, Dysport and fillers, hand and foot care, waxing, and full-service hair care in an oasis of relaxation that exceeds expectations, stimulates creativity, and provides unbelievable moments in time—offering a world of wellness and a cure for the ordinary life. spaparadiso.com Silver: La Rive at Northern Quest Bronze: Brickhouse Massage & Coffee Bar Idaho: Slick Rock Tanning & Spa

Best Manicure

Best Skin Care SATO SKIN CARE Sato offers natural and organic masks and serums that are specially blended in their spa. Every facial includes medical-grade microdermabrasion, performed by licensed estheticians. Treatments are designed for the benefit of the skin, and to promote an overall sense of tranquility. satoskincare.com Silver: Ritual Skin Care Bronze: Pure Skin Spa Idaho: Advanced Dermatology

Best Hair Salon 14TH AND GRAND Whether you wish to make a bold statement or a subtle change, the team at 14th and Grand will create what you are looking for. Since opening their doors in 1985, continuing education has been at the heart of the salon. Whether it’s an individual in-house class or a trip to New York for cutting-edge instruction, their entire staff is kept technically, artistically, and professionally fresh and focused. 14thandgrandsalon.com Silver: Oasis Hair Salon Bronze: House of POp Idaho: Extension Addiction Salon


DB NAILS From their E. Montgomery Ave. location in Spokane Valley, Db Nails beautifies your nails, top to bottom, offering manicures and pedicures in a relaxing atmosphere. Silver: Jonathan Nail Salon & Spa Bronze: Vida Nails Idaho: Polished Nails & Skin & Body Spa

Best Chiropractor DR. MICHAEL VALENTE Twelve years in a row, Dr. Michael Valente and his team have won gold—and hearts— in the Best of the City Awards. From pain relief to overall wellness, and for all of your back and spine care needs—as well as massage—the Valente team has your back. spokanechiropractic.com Silver: Scott Chiropractic Center Bronze: Central Chiropractic Idaho: Thrive Chiropractic

Best Massage VALENTE CHIROPRACTIC & MASSAGE Valente Chiropractic believes that pain isn’t something you should have to live with. A friendly and helpful staff will make sure you feel comfortable. If doctor Valente believes your condition needs further treatment he will point you in the right direction. Chiropractic that truly cares about the patient. spokanechiropractic.com Silver: Elements Massage Bronze: La Rive at Northern Quest Idaho: The Highlands

Flour Mill

621 W Mallon

chocolates, drinks, gelato

Feeling stressed? Let’s talk. Licensed and Experienced Mental Health Counseling Anxiety • Depression • Trauma

Cami Huysman, MA, LMHC (509) 228-8901 www.ACTspokane.com

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Thank you Spokane for voting us #1 for BEST PHO! 2303 N Ash STE A,B | Spokane

Sun-Thu 10am-9pm | Fri-Sat 10am-10pm


Best Sun Tanning SUNNY BUNS Second only to a tropical vacation, Sunny Buns is the place to go for that sun-kissed look and feel. While you are there, you can freshen up your hair, nails, lashes and eyebrows. To complete the “vacation,” they provide massage services, as well. And they are much more affordable than a Hawaiian vacay. sunnybuns.com Silver: Sun-Sational Tanning Bronze: Tropical Tan Idaho: Beyond Bronze

Best Dentist BROOKE CLONINGER, DDS Brooke Cloninger is Spokane’s poster professional for outstanding dental health and care. Her team is committed to providing the highest quality dental care in an environment that is relaxing and friendly. They offer a full range of both restorative and preventative dental services with a gentle touch and caring attitude. Silver: Andrew T. Biggs, DDS Bronze: Richard D. Weigland, DDS Idaho: Coeur d’Alene Dental Center

Best Cosmetic Dentistry

Bloody Mary Bar & Breakfast Served Sundays! Open @ 10:00am!

$20 off

90 minute session New Clients only

(509) 321-7480 Mon-Fri, 11 am - 2 am | Sat, 2 pm - 2 am| Sun, 10 am - 2 am 401 W Riverside Ave, Ste 101, Spokane WA


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


SLEEP DENTISTRY OF SPOKANE Who doesn’t like the idea of sleeping right through their dental appointments? As a dental ambulatory surgery center, Sleep Dentistry of Spokane caters treatment to adults and children with dental anxiety as well as developmental and medical disabilities. They also cater to Spanish and Russian speaking families with fluent team members on staff. sleepdentistryspokane.com Silver: Northview Family Dental Bronze: Ellingsen Paxton Orthodontics Idaho: Riverstone Dental Care

Fall releases available now! OPENING OCTOBER

Best Children’s Dentistry CHILDREN’S DENTAL VILLAGE At this oasis of fun and adventure, the team at Children’s Dental Village prides themselves on providing the best care and attention to your child and family. Each member of their staff is trained and certified specifically for the pediatric dental field. They take the time to understand the circumstances that surround each child’s unique situation and treat them with ultimate kiddo care. childrensdentalvillage.com Silver: Kidd’s Place Bronze: Children’s Choice Idaho: Pediatric Dental Care of North Idaho

Best Barber



18102 N. Day Mt. Spokane Rd Mead, WA | 509-570-8748

TASTING ROOM open Sat & Sun Noon-6:00pm

WELDON BARBER Weldon Barber was born out of a curious bit of frustration many years ago when Suzette Nordstrom’s husband wanted one place that respected and celebrated the talent and professionalism of its barbers. When he couldn’t fine such a place, Suzette created one. Since 2004, Weldon is that one place. weldonbarber.com Silver: The Barbers Bronze: Dan’s Barber Shop Idaho: Bulwark Barber

Best Plastic Surgery SHAPE COSMETIC SURGERY & MEDSPA This crew provides some of the finest cosmetic plastic surgery and med spa treatments at their three Inland Northwest locations. In “dream it and you shall have it fashion,” Shape Cosmetic Surgery supports your dreams and vision for the “shape” you wish your body to be, from breast augmentation to smart lipo and Coolscultping’s magical fat freezing technology, share your vision and they shall make it your reality. shapespokane.com Silver: Dr. Cooper Plastic Surgery Bronze: Plastic Surgery Northwest Idaho: Owlsey Plastic Surgery

509.482.3556 BeaconHillEvents.com

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016




The Art of Layering for Warmth by Diane Corppetts


he weather has begun to cool, so it’s time to warm up the house by layering with fall colors. Rather than lining up decor in a row, I like to place some items closer to the back of shelves and some items closer to the front. An exception would be when you have several of the same item (such as several vases of the same size) then line them up in one line. Otherwise, try to vary the depths. One of the keys to arranging shelves has to do with how you stagger your items. For instance, see how all of the wheat colored items, the browns and the autumn colors are diagonally staggered from shelf to shelf. By using “repeaters”—using the same object in a few different places on the shelves— the look becomes more cohesive. Diane Corppetts is a room stylist and owner of White Picket Fence. She can be reached at dianecorppetts@gmail.com.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


by Robin Bishop photos by Pix’All Photogrpahy | Hannah Givas


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



etting into the construction business was not the long-term goal for Zach Bane. It was a way to pay off student loans after finishing school in the mid-90s. After spending time working for several different companies and learning the business of building, from log homes to


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

typical stick frame construction, Zach found himself craving a signature of his own, so he and his wife, Katie, formed Bane Built in 2005. Fairly quickly, Zach realized a passion for working with clients one-on-one from design through completion. This allowed him to assist clients on timeline, design choices, and budget throughout the process. He also eventually chose to keep the company small enough that he could stay involved in every project, visiting the site and staying connected on a daily basis. This was easy with his most recent build. Zach has had three builds in the North Idaho Building Contractor’s Parade of Homes

through the years. His first was in 2007, second in 2014, and without really planning it, his most recent project finished up in time to participate in this year’s parade. However, this was the first year the project was his own private residence. “It was an eye-opening

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



4th Generation, Family Owned Since 1928 9310 E. Sprague | 509-926-8911 Mon-Sat 9-6 www.falcospokane.com


Trusted in the Inland Northwest for over 80 years

Voted Best Patio Furniture


The Law Office of

Shannon Deonier Professional Service that is right for YOU. • • • •

Divorce Separation Custody Paternity

• • • •

Child Support Third Party Custody Adoption Guardianship

122 N Raymond Rd #3c, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, USA 1-509-381-5995 | Shannon@SpokaneValleyFamilyLaw.org SpokaneValleyFamilyLaw.org 108

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

experience having 2,000 people traipsing through my home. It gave me a healthy understanding and respect for clients who have allowed us to use their homes in previous parades,” Zach says. While Zach never intended his private residence to be a “show home,” he was purposeful about using construction details, fixtures, and appliances that could be used as an example for clients. In essence, his home was built to “sell” examples and options his clients can touch, feel, and experience. Zach and Katie chose a ten-acre parcel of land south of Coeur d’Alene a distance off Highway 95 for their home. The home, designed by Zach, is a grand example of Bane Built’s commitment to quality, attention to detail, and creativity of design, but the location was also intended to impart the lifestyle component of the design-build process. When you turn down the long driveway to this western-ranch-style home you

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


are treated to a manicured view of paddocks, pastures, and the house, nestled between shop and barn, as the focal point of this equestrian lifestyle. The home’s rugged timber-constructed exterior appeals to the outdoor, western lifestyle sporting a large wrap around exposed sand porch/patio,


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

flagstone fire pit area and rear deck that take advantage of views of the riding arena, barn, shop, and surrounding pasture. Unique details on the exterior of the home are the first sign of Bane Built’s approach to the design-build process. The siding is an intriguing blend of cedar shake, horizontal lap siding, stone, and an unusual application of vertical board and batten siding. Enjoying the sizeable look of log and timber construction, Zach chose 2” x 12” kiln dried select structural red fir specifically fabricated and custom finished for siding installation by Edgewood Structures

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


north of Coeur d’Alene. He applied it in a reverse board and batten so the 2” x 12” rests on top of the batten strip instead of below. The result is a substantial visual


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

adding mass to the home implying “log” without using entire timbers. The detail continues throughout the home, from the cathedral ceilings throughout the entry and open-style great room, to the nine-foot ceilings, eight-foot knotty alder doors, and sliding barn doors throughout the rest of the home, to the timber beams and posts, even

BE OUR GUEST Our free Teeth in a Day seminars are a great way to come in to the clinic and learn about our Teeth in a Day process and how it can help you. It will give you the opportunity to meet our staff and doctors in a relaxed, educational setting. You can call us at (509)467-5268, or email us directly at classes@nwisd.com. Reserve your seat today at our FREE, no obligation seminar.





9911 N NEVADA ST. #120, SPOKANE, WA 99208

involved the flooring. The vaulted entry ceiling is covered with rusted corrugated metal siding, as is another section of the living room. The asymmetrically vaulted great

COME TO OUR EVENTS Monthly release parties, Best of the City, and more!

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sign up for our newsletter at bozzimedia.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


room ceiling is covered with Alaska yellow cedar treated with a patented aging process created by CDA Woods. The treatment provides a variation of color creating an old or repurposed wood look. In addition to the huge stone fireplace and the Bane Built signature old-growth snag mantle, the space


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

is fitted with creative small details such as several custom-built lighting fixtures designed and fabricated by Zach that contain repurposed wood and metal elements, and custom exhaust hood and iron accents applied on timber girder trusses fabricated by Costa Fabrication of Hayden. These are the more obvious creative options in the home, but the detail continues in other elements solidifying the worn and comfortable feeling throughout the home. Zach treated the rough-sawn red fir timber posts and trusses in the space to give them an aged appearance. They were distressed, sanded, and etched out to imply years of exposure,

R E M O DEL •••

Where building relationships is just as important as the projects we build

N E W C O N S T R U C TIO N •••




(509) 869-7409 www.RenovationsByDave.com

/Renovationsbydavecovillo Visit us at the Home Idea Show Oct. 07-09

Build with Character Site Responsive Design High-Performance Resource Efficiency Build What You Need

WA License # RENOVDC9600B ID License # RCE-14413 Licensed • Bonded • Insured

High Performance

Blending science and thoughtful design to conserve water and energy.


then lightly stained and rubbed down with a healthy coat of tinted hand wax resulting in a pleasingly seasoned finish. Accent Tile and Design provided an engineered flooring that worked with the radiant-floor heat throughout the 2,452 square foot main floor. Unlike

621 South 'F' Street Spokane, WA 99224 tel.: (509) 747-7647 fax: (509) 747-5979 tom@tomangell.com www.tomangell.com

Creating innovative and healthy solutions for your home, business, and community projects. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


normal engineered wood floors that come prefinished, Zach chose a raw wood floor that could be screened, stained, and finished to their liking. He chose to do a natural stain and applied three coats of tung-oil giving the floors a seasoned hardwood appearance that could be refinished or altered in the future. There were several different woods used through the home, but using matching stains throughout provided unity overall. In the kitchen Zach and Katie used rustic hickory Huntwood cabinets sporting iron handles topped by granite counters with a laminated edge providing a thicker


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

slab visual. Modern and high-tech Miele appliances, such as a speed oven and induction cook-top, provide a contemporary twist in the design. Again, Zach blended hand-built cabinets with custom cabinetry through the entire home including two

William A. Wray, MD

Thorough, Compassionate


William A. Wray, MD Board Certified Dermatologist

Regan Brown, PA-C Physician Assistant

(509) 484-4591 5901 N Lidgerwood St #118 Spokane, WA 99208 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016








509-458-0838 | BudgetArbor.com Contractor Lic #BUDGEAL995BB | Certified Arborist Available On Request


bedrooms, a living space, and bathroom in the 850 square foot bonus space above the garage. While the rustic western charm of old ranch houses is not preferred by everyone, the skillful combination of organic substances and masterful marriage of contemporary design

(509) 496-5207 | artistrypaintingllc.com | artistrypaintingllc@gmail.com 118

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Home Furnishings Boutique

HUGE BRAMBLE FURNITURE SALE! Built By Hand to Withstand the Test of Time NORWALK FURNITURE Quality Upholstery Built in the USA

Original Paintings | Aidan Gray | Import Collection | European Linens | Antique Reproductions

18 S Union Rd, Spokane Valley 99206

509-217-6646 | find us on facebook

aesthetic with hand-crafted, repurposed charm is accomplished in this beautiful home by Bane Built Construction. This is supported by the three Titanium Awards this project received during this year’s Parade of Homes: Craftsmanship, Exterior Appeal, and Use of Technology. The Art of Marianna Di Lorenzo theartofmariannadilorenzo.gallery spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


HOMESTYLES/heating & wired

Smart Home, Smart Heat: Heating and Wired Homes by Robin Bishop


athering around the hearth has been a way of life since time began. While we no longer rely on the hearth as our sole source of heat, it hasn’t changed our desire for the special moments shared around these integral home features. It also doesn’t hurt that manufacturers of fireplaces and wood stoves have managed to keep up with the changing times, releasing tantalizing indoor, outdoor, open fire pits, sleek modern gas inserts, and more. The industry maintains our interest with new and exciting technology and design. Grant Falco, general manager of Falco’s in the Spokane Valley says that he sees “pilot on demand,” a new technology in fireplaces allowing customers full control of the fireplace for the first time in history. This allows improved remote control fireplace experience. The pilot-ondemand feature is an electronic ignition technology that allows instant operation of a fireplace or gas insert without requiring a pilot light to stay lit all the time. Additionally, on-demand thermostats allow the homeowners to “heat where you live” kicking on and heating a space at a scheduled time in specified rooms. “We see more and more gas fireplaces being able to work with the smart home wired systems,” says Grant. He suggests educating yourself about what’s new out there, and asking how it might differ from what you currently have. “I see a lot of people coming in shopping, but once they learn about how effective these new fireplaces are in meeting their needs, they quickly become buyers.” Grant says—when considering making a change—consider maintenance requirements, how you intend to use the product, and retrofitting, if necessary. If needed, Falco’s offers free in home consultation to verify the product will meet your expectations and offer an installation bid. Falco’s has been in the fireplace and insert industry for 88 years and now is an exciting time with many innovative brands offering convenience and technology to make life easier on homeowners. One of the most innovative brands for hearth and home is Heat & Glo, which Falco’s offers. While embracing its roots, this innovative fireplace manufacturer has designed to meet the needs of busy modern families. Justin Pinter, director of business development at R


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

& R Heating has seen the ease of use during installations and likes how it allows for ultimate convenience through remote control options. Of course, fireplaces are rarely our only source of heat these days. Most homes use some type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. R & R Heating specializes in installation and maintenance of these types of systems. Justin likes the Honeywell RedLink (Wireless Comfort Systems). The Total Connect Comfort system with RedLink allows users to wirelessly control, program, and schedule HVAC settings with their smart-phones from halfway across the world: heat, cool, fan, dehumidify, humidify. Homeowners also have access to more than 90 system alerts, allowing users to setup alarm notifications on water leaks, carbon dioxide, gas leaks, or if it gets too cold or too hot. New technology offers homeowners more control and options with more than just their heating system: lighting, HVAC, entertainment systems, even some kitchen appliances. Huppin’s, a Spokane mainstay for every-

Home design is a work of art... Let us inspire you!


Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5PM | Saturday 10AM-2PM


E. 2820 30th Ave • 534-5064 • wallflwr@aimcomm.com • wallflowerdesigns.com

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



HOMESTYLES/heating & wired

Draperies, Blinds and Window Coverings

Has served the local region for over

45 years

Artistic draperies offers covering not only for all your interior windows, but offers a great selection of outdoor products such as Retractable Awnings, Exterior Solar Screens, and Retractable Screen Doors.


5620 S. Regal St. #8 | On Spokane’s South Hill | 509.242.3731

Offering a great selection of quilt fabrics and accessory kits from the top manufactures of popular quilting fabrics. Sewing classes for beginners on up! Check for classes & registration on our website.

• Totes & Purses • Wool • Fleece • Apparel

• Home Decor • Yoga Cloth • Quilting • Gifts & Collectibles

www.regalfabricsandgifts.com 122

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

thing home electronics, offers home automation installation (smart home wiring and setup), and they are seeing technology grow by leaps and bounds in recent years. Scott Rhen, Huppin’s custom installation group manager, says, “We make it simple and affordable for homeowners to intelligently control virtually any device in their home.” Smart home wiring and full home automation allows control of everything from TVs to thermostats, door locks to DVRs—no matter your location, using one interface. Huppin’s website draws a cozy picture: “Imagine. With one touch, the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. When the sun goes down, your porch light goes on. And the whole house locks at 11 p.m. Automatically. This is intelligent home control.” With continued technological breakthroughs, it appears having a little more control over our home heating options is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know about you, but full just-add-water meals being zapped out of a centralized home distribution system while a robot vacuums my living room doesn’t seem too far out of reach anymore.

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REAL ESTATE/curb appeal

Steps to raise Your Home’s Curb Appeal 124

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or good or bad, first impressions count. Whether you’re keeping up with the Joneses or capturing attention from would-be buyers, give your home’s curb appeal a boost with these easy steps. Even if you’re not planning to sell, give your home a once-over with the critical eye of a buyer. Make a list of any imperfections that require replacing or repair, and be sure to look from all angles. Also, consider a follow-up exam at a different time of day, when different lighting may reveal new flaws, and even invite a friend or family member to lend their own critique for issues you may have become desensitized to over time. Prioritize your to-do list, taking into account your budget, which changes will make the biggest impact to your home’s appearance and weather considerations (save painting for a dry day with moderate temperatures). If you’re in doubt about which items should receive the most attention, a qualified real estate agent or appraiser can give you some guidance, not only on the improvements that will bring the greatest return on investment, but also insight on the features buyers in today’s market value most.

Nancy Wynia Associate Broker ABR, CNE, CRS, GRI 800-403-1970 509-990-2742 nwynia@windermere.com

View complete virtual tours at www.NancyWynia.com

Welcome Home

Street of Dreams 22200 E. BENNETT LANE

Stunning Craftsman located in the Estates at Legacy Ridge! Spectacular Liberty Lake Views! Great room features floor to ceiling stone fireplace and wall of windows. Epicurean island kitchen boasts custom cabinetry, slab granite & gas grill top range. Luxurious master suite boasts dual sinks, walk-in shower & garden tub. Upper level includes 2 BR/3 BA, media & craft rooms. Covered patio with fire pit, gas BBQ & hot tub. 3-car garage with extensive built-ins. 3 Bedrooms, 5 Baths

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REAL ESTATE/curb appeal

listing by

4 BEDROOM & 4 BATH | $350,000 So many possibilities and room to grow with this Daylight Rancher on over 1 acre in Mead School District. Home features include main floor laundry, spacious kitchen, open concept plus an additional formal living and/or dining room. New A/C and plumbed for central vac. The master suite includes large walk-in closet, dual sinks, new vinyl flooring and jetted tub. The main floor bathroom has been updated with new countertops and new vinyl flooring. There is both a covered front and back porch plus 3 car garage and large storage shed.

Teresa Jaynes, Broker 509 714-5284

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Weddings - Family Events - Portraits - Senior Pictures Product Shoots - Fashion - Royalty

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Don’t overlook the impact of cleanliness. As the calendar pages turn, your home’s exterior accumulates a layer of dust and dirt that can dull its overall appearance. An adjustable pressure washer with Briggs & Stratton POWERflow+ Technology will let you wash siding, garage doors and shutters without stripping paint, as well as delicate items such as glass top patio tables. With the high-flow mode, which delivers up to five gallons per minute, you’ll have extended reach to clean second story windows, eaves and gutters or to blast away hard-to-reach cobwebs. Even when your goal is upping the aesthetics, keep function top of mind. Avoid putting off improvements that will stop current damage or prevent future problems. For example, chipping paint isn’t only unsightly, it can lead to rotted wood. Similarly, unkempt landscaping not only looks uninviting, it can harbor creepy crawlies and other critters you’d just as soon not make welcome. Beware of decks, sidewalks and driveways with faded slats and discolored stains, as these can be telltale signs of a home’s age. Fortunately, it’s actually quite easy and affordable to give these areas a facelift. Skip the messy buckets and brush, and instead reach for an outdoor cleaning tool such as one of Briggs & Stratton’s rotating surface cleaners. These cleaners have integrated detergent tanks to apply and then quickly help deep clean large outdoor areas, while controlling overspray to protect walls and flower beds. Simple finishing touches can go a long way. Little details like new house numbers, freshly potted or planted flowers, a new porch light and a pretty seasonal wreath on the door all create a cheery, welcoming impression for visitors. Find more solutions to make the view from your curb as appealing as possible at briggsandstratton.com.

Steve Ronald Associates Architects | Oliver Irwin Photography

Exceptional quality and craftsmanship throughout this architectural masterpiece. Timeless design & finishes featuring 14ft ceilings, 9ft doors and hardwoods throughout. 4 suites, including lavish master with his and hers bathrooms & dressing rooms. Nicely appointed kitchen with walk in pantry, solarium, 7 bathrooms, elevator, 4 car garage. Situated on a 3.68 acre gated, fenced, and VIEW lot 20 minutes from downtown Spokane.

TONY VAUGHN Broker | Windermere Manito 509.230.3922 tonyvaughn@windermere.com tonyvaughn.withwre.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


Tire & Automotive

Since 1989


• Tires/Wheels • Engine Repairs • Shocks/Struts • Mufflers • Towing Available • Transmissions • Tune Ups • Batteries • Brakes

GRAND OPENING SPECIALS AT THE NEW LOCATION ON THE SOUTH HILL! 1126 W. 2nd Ave. | Spokane, WA 99201 | 509-747-5371 523 N. Pines | Spokane, WA 99216 | 509-321-7243 NEW! 2925 S Mt Vernon St | Spokane, WA 99223 | 509-534-0350 mechanicspride@gmail.com


Spokane, WA: 4003 East Broadway | 509-535-7794

Pasco, WA: 716 S. Oregon Ave. | 509-535-7794



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by Michele Martin

Airway XFlying High in the West Plains

The Spokane area is blessed to have such diverse motorsports facilities for both spectators and participants to use and enjoy. One such local jewel is Airway X. Airway X is our regional motocross facility in Airway Heights. If you are new to motocross or supercross, I invite you to come out to this special track and check out some exciting racing action. Josh Hitchens has owned Airway X for the past three years and he and his wife Crystal have dedicated their lives to operating the track for the love of the sport. There are a few different types of racing at Airway X. Motocross races are a daytime race that starts bright and early and lasts the day. It uses a track that is sprawled out across a large landscape. A lap around the track is typically about two minutes. The jumps are large and the pace of the race is fast. Supercross is held at night on a shorter and more compact course. The pace of a supercross is slower, but the number of obstacles is higher. Average lap times for a supercross are 50-60 seconds. These are great events to watch as they are at night in a fun family orientated atmosphere.

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HORSE POWER/airway-x

Scrambles are off road racing and are a timed event or a set number of miles. Airway X scrambles incorporate the motocross track and the neighboring flat track along with natural terrain. On my late-summer Saturday visit, I came across 12-year-old Ashton Cicchetti and his grandparents. He was out practicing and it quickly became obvious to me how much he loves the sport of motocross. Ashton is a seventh grader who was recently accepted into the Valley Christian Homeschool program. He lives with his grandparents, who have been involved in motocross for decades. He started riding as a toddler in the backyard and then became a woods rider, practicing at a homemade track without jumps. He started racing four years ago. In his first season of racing, at the very first race, he broke his collar bone while practicing. Ashton convinced his doctor to release him early, and was back out riding only to succumb to the temptation of a jump some other kids had made with a shovel. He broke his collar bone again. Nothing seemed to thwart his passion for motorcross. Since that time, he has endured some minor injuries, until earlier this season when he tipped over after tapping the rear tire of the bike in front of him. When he fell, his arm lay on the track across a rut and another rider ran over his arm and he suffered a compound fracture to his lower arm. Before—and since—that injury he has achieved much success on the track. Last year he placed first overall in both the 65 open and 65 age class for the season. This year with his injury he has run the Supercross series at Airway X, holding first place in the 85cc 10-12 year olds. He is in first place for the 85 open and is in second place in the 85 Supermini, behind his good friend, Cody Heberling. For more information about Motocross or Airway X, please contact Josh at airwayxmxp@gmail.com.


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Best New Car Dealership

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C ITY S O U T H A U T O B O DY Yesterday's quality and service, with today's knowledge Lex us Toyota factory train ed techn icians 509 - 448-2883 3 0 14 E 55th Ave S po kan e, WA 9 9 223 W W W. C IT Y SOU T HAU T OB OD Y.COM spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016






Reg $199

*Upcharge for trucks

Stateline Speedway—raceidaho.com Saturday October 8, 10 a.m.: Drifting Test and Tune


Airway X—airwaymxp.com


Round 11: Saturday, October 8 Round 12: Sunday, October 9


Dusty Cleavage: Saturday, October 29 Scare Scramble: Sunday, October 30


Spokane County Raceway— spokanecountyraceway.com Friday Night Street Wars/High School Drags: Friday, October 7 Summit Series #11/Powder Puff: Saturday, October 8 Northwest Nights Roll Racing, Diggs and Road Course: October 14, 15, 16 Friday Night Street Wars/High School Drags: Friday, October 21

509-924-2233 8810 E 1st Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99212 M-F: 7:30am - 5:30pm 132

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National Dragster Challenge, King of the Track, Queen of the Track, Trick or Treat Extravaganza Bring the kids ages 14 and under to Trick or Treat in the Pits-Family Day of Fun: Saturday, October 22


October 1: Cars and Karaoke Open Car Show, 18221 E. Appleway Ave., 1 p.m. Contact terryroot1836@yahoo. com or (509) 435-6294. October 8: Hutton Settlement Benefit Car Show, 9907 E. Wellesley Ave. (509) 927-1738. October 15: Northwest Classic Motorcycle Club Halloween Swap Meet, 6607 N. Havana St., 9 a.m. Contact drichardson@ spokanehumanesociety.org or call (509) 939-9911. October 15,16: A Cinderella Story, An Indoor Car Show, Jacklin Event Building at Kootenai Fairgrounds— Coeur d’Alene. Contact shawnyfredricks@gmail.com or call (208) 704-8068. October 29: Pumpkin Lane Open Car Show, 111 W. 1st St., Deer Park, 12 p.m. Contact preciousmetals@msn.com or call (509) 276-9505.

Michele Martin is a lifelong Spokane resident and motorsports photographer and enthusiast. She can be reached at michelemartinphotography@ gmail.com

• Works with ALL insurance • Lifetime Guarantee • FREE premium detail with the completion of every service • BMW + Mini Cooper Certified Collision Specialist • Locally family owned since ‘79

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1 3 5 5 OVE R 50 1 4 0 NOT DEAD Y ET 142 ROLE MODEL 144 3 RD LI F E

Bud Namek photos and stories by Darin Burt


ome moments in sports are unforgettable for fans—if you’re a Washington State Cougar fan, it’s doubtful you can forget the last game of the 1982 season. The annual Apple Cup with cross-state rival University of Washington, as the Cougars with just two wins pulled off the greatest upset in series history. The game was especially memorable for Bud Namek as it was his first as a member of the WSU football broadcast team. Bud, 59, is familiar to local sports fans as the host of the Morning News on KXLY 920 am. An Emmy Award winner, he has been a part of the KXLY family since 1982, starting as the Sports Director on television. Following 13 years on TV, Bud moved to radio where he has been the host of the Morning News and the Program Director for KXLY 920 for the past 20 years. Prior to KXLY, he was the Sports Information Director at Gonzaga University and handled play-by-play of Gonzaga basketball and baseball.

Sportscaster Extraordinaire

A two-time Sportscaster of the Year in the state of Washington, Bud was the radio voice of Cougar basketball for 22 years, during which time he also added his commentary to WSU football games for fans listening in at home and on the road. Bud has been a Spokane resident since 1980, and this football season he’s sticking closer to home, as he takes over play-by-play duties at Whitworth University following Bob Castle, who served as announcer for Pirate sports for nearly 20 years. Bud says he’s looking forward to being part of the game-day atmosphere at a smaller school. “I like college athletics the way it used to be where you had student-athletes,” Bud says. “I remember playing baseball in college (at Santa Clara University) and if I had a big lab, the coach would say to go take care of that first and come out to practice when you’re done. That’s the sort of things that happen at Whitworth. It’s more fun, and the kids are there going to school and playing sports because they love to do so. “The beauty of being at Whitworth is that I don’t have to drive an hour and a half to do a game,” Bud says with a laugh. When fans tune in, they’ll hear Bud telling a story of sorts, bringing the action and the characters to life. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know the players, and especially the coaches. I can be an ambassador for them, and the more I know about how they do things, the more I can project that during the broadcast,” he says. “I love the fact that if you’re listening to a game on the radio, and the announcer is doing a good job, you can picture in your mind’s eye what is going on . . . it’s neat to be able to create those images,” he says.

PRIME/5 over 50

Sherry Waldrip

Laughing in Cancer’s Face

University Chiropractic Serving Spokane Valley Since 1977

New patients get first hour massage for only $29.99!

Our Services:

Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Guidance

509-922-4458 303 S. University Rd, Spokane 99206 www.universitychiropracticspokane.com 136

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“Cancer isn’t funny, but it’s important to keep a sense of humor through the experience,” says Sherry Waldrip, 70, author of the award-winning book, I Don’t Remember Signing up For Cancer! in which she chronicles her journey through breast cancer. Just days after Sherry was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990, she was heart-broken by news reports proclaiming the health risks involved with implants. She cried out to the Lord for a way to be whole again fearing the amputation of her breast. The very next morning she discovered a little known, innovative reconstruction which uses the patient’s own body tissue to rebuild an absent breast. This procedure, the Free TRAM Flap, involves something that most women over forty have caught themselves fantasizing about at the launching of every swimsuit season: a “tummy tuck.” Sherry decided that if she had to face the horror of losing a breast, gaining a flatter tummy wasn’t a bad consolation prize. Sherry’s initial reason for writing the book was to inform women about the then-special kind of reconstructive surgery. But it evolved to also become a story of friendship, humor, family, and faith. “I’m normally a fun loving person, but there were times when I could not laugh, and that’s when my husband and sons, or my girlfriends stepped in,” she says. “It’s like a balloon that’s been blown up so tight full of air, and you let a little air out through laughter, and you feel relief. “Everyone wants to say just the right thing to someone who is dealing with cancer or some other difficult experience, but there are no magic words to say,” Sherry says. “But there is power in your presence and just being there . . . you just have to take someone’s hand and walk through the valley with them.” I Don’t Remember Signing up For Cancer! was so well received that it earned an Excellence in Media’s International Angel Award. She relates more stories on her website (sherrywaldrip.com), and is a nationally sought after speaker, spreading her inspiring message of how the power of humor and friendship can beat even the most devastating odds. “One of the reasons that I love speaking for breast cancer at survivor celebrations is because there’s an immense sisterhood,” Sherry says. “The encouragement, hugs and laughter are powerful.” Whether Sherry is speaking for a cancer event such as Race For Women or a businesswomen’s luncheon; whether she’s speaking to doctors’ wives, legislators or children, her heartwarming encouragement, humor and candor are well received. Her audiences have stated that they’ve found themselves laughing in the most unexpected places. “I love traveling and speaking, and having people from all over the country share their hearts with me,” she says. “It’s a blessing to be a part of that. I love hearing the laughter.”

Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen

Lynette Spilker

If you’ve ever tried to hit a golf ball, then you know how—as golf legend Arnold Palmer said—it is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. That’s where Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen comes in—as the director of instruction at Indian Canyon and the founder of Golfresultsnow.com, Kathy helps players of all ages and skill levels improve their game. “My challenge is putting the puzzle together for the person and getting them to hit the best shot they can ever do within five minutes. When their eyes light up and they ‘get it’ and they see results they can’t wait to hit another and another,” she says. “Then they’re hooked on the game.” Kathy, 54, has been hooked on the game of golf since she was a just a kid, playing a nine-hole course in Baker City, Oregon. She received an athletic scholarship to play golf at Oregon State University and became a PGA and LPGA Golf Club Professional under Joe Durgan. Kathy’s success rate as a golf instructor is unquestioned. Professional Golfers’ Association of America agreed, naming her the 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year. A major achievement to be sure, and an even bigger feat considering she was the first woman—as well as the first professional in the Northwest region—to receive the honor. “You don’t get anywhere without people motivating or supporting you in some sort of way. When it came to teaching, I really enjoyed being around people,” Kathy says. “When you play on a golf tour, you don’t get that experience.” There are a million ways to hit a golfball, Kathy points out. If a person has a bad back, for instance, she can work around that so the swing doesn’t cause pain. She works with people who are disabled and with injured veterans, as well. “Whatever they’ve given me, I can help them hit a golfball,” she says. “It can be a great healing place,” Kathy says of the golf course. “It’s kind of like Cheers where ‘everybody knows your name,’ it’s great to feel a part of a place. “Some people like to just hit balls rather than play, some only play a few holes, a lot of people play golf for socialization. It’s a nice atmosphere to be around,” she says. “People are really looking to improve themselves and get some exercise, and it’s a fun way to do it.” The oldest “beginning” golfer to whom Kathy has given lessons was 92 years young. “He said it was something to check off his bucket list,” she says. “People always say that they wish they would have started younger . . . golf is a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.”

As a School Resource Officer (SRO), Lynette Spilker has seen the good and bad in area students. As one of 13 SROs patrolling Spokane Schools, Lynette’s duties include criminal investigations to directing traffic in the morning bus lanes. Her authority is limited in comparison to an official police officer, but she beholds the ability to make an impact because of her close connection with the students starting from grade school through senior high. Lynette, 64, is in her 29th year as an SRO. Born and raised in Spokane, she attended Ferris when it was a brand new high school in the sixties. After college, she worked in banking, until she married and had a child, and decided to change careers. She initially trained in juvenile sex crimes investigations, and as schools across the country felt the need to have officers on school grounds, Lynette’s role evolved; now she does everything from mentoring and mediation to working security at sporting events and dances. “The excitement of the police work and investigations was really exciting when I was younger; now what I really love is developing relationships with kids, working to help them rather than making arrests,” Lynette says. “My motto is ‘everybody has a story’ and we need to figure out how to best work with those histories. My goal is to get them across the (graduation) stage. “Sometimes being a female officer helps a lot,” she says. “Boys sometimes want to be macho with male officers, and with me, they can kind of let their ego down; some of them look at me as mom . . . or grandma now.” Because Lynette doesn’t carry a gun—only pepper spray, a metal baton and handcuffs—and might be out directing traffic in the bus lanes as part of her job, some students might confuse her for a security guard. That doesn’t mean it’s all talk and no show. The school year had only started when Lynette had to chase down a student who had jumped off of a bus on the way home from school. If a student is playing hooky, and she spots them hanging out on the street, she will give them a gentle nudge to class. “They call me the red-headed 'b' cop,” she says with a laugh. Ultimately, Lynette promotes an atmosphere and attitude of respect for family and community. “I’ve had a lot of kids who’ve come up and told me how much they appreciate that I was there for them, or even arrested them, because otherwise they’d be in a whole different world,” she says. “They really do have my heart.”

Conquering the Little White Ball

Kid Cop

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


PRIME/5 over 50

Greg Lipsker

For the Love of Wine & Community

Register at: abcfinancialed.org or call 509-280-4533

View the class calendar at triadwealth.net/events

621 W. Mallon, Ste. 601-A (the Flour Mill) Spokane, WA 99201 Office: (509) 822-1082 email: bonitak@triadwealth.net


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

“Wine is about food, culture, art, history and sharing that with your friends . . . it’s more than simply drinking wine—it’s a bond that people share.” Such are the thoughts of Greg Lipsker, 66, co-owner of Barrister Winery with founding partner Michael White, and their new collaborator Tyler Walters. Barrister draws its name from Greg and Michael’s previous profession in law. Greg grew up in Chicago, and came to Spokane as a student at Gonzaga, majoring in political science and psychology. He used his masters in counseling to work with street kids and help set up a methadone clinic. After graduating law school at Georgetown University, he returned to the Lilac City where he practiced securities and corporate law. It was on a family vacation in British Columbia, that Greg’s passion for winemaking got its start. En route, they stopped in a local shop to buy wine and walked out with a five-gallon Zinfandel wine making kit. Five gallons turned into fifty gallons, which then turned into crushing one and a half tons of grapes in Greg’s garage. “We were so proud, and we just ‘punished’ our friends with it,” he says. Validation came when the pair submitted their wine to the Indy International Wine Competition and came home with three golds and a silver medal. In 2001, Barrister joined what is now some 900 wineries in Washington State. No wine is the same—and it’s the creative aspect of the process Greg enjoys most—that makes Barrister’s vintages unique. “That’s the art . . . we’re blending to try and come up with our signature style,” he says. “Which is fruit forward with a soft mouth feel, gentle tannins, and a long finish." Barrister is a name on a label, and a community of wine lovers, who support this downtown winery, events center, and tasting room. When Barrister formed a wine club early on, the hope was attracting 75 members—five years later they have a roster of more than 1,400. “We have wonderful support from the local community,” Greg says. “It makes the difference between flourishing and flailing, and it’s important for us to give back.” Barrister assists the fundraising efforts of 75 nonprofit organizations throughout the Inland Northwest and Idaho Panhandle region. They are big supporters of the local arts community, hosting First Friday gallery showings, and also promoting educational opportunities for underprivileged youth, and aiding programs for those less fortunate, such as low-income cancer patients. “There are thousands of very good wines being produced in Washington, so it’s ‘who does the individual have a connection with and what kind of experience they’ve had,’” Greg says. “It’s that shared experience that brings another dimension to what we have to offer.”


Some of us never forget a face. We put our best face forward. We face the music and dance. Faces are intrinsically interesting to us; we begin recognizing faces at just a few weeks old and are fascinated with them for the rest of our lives. Faces are utterly unique, and we have an almost unlimited capacity for recognizing them. But among the billions of faces that have wandered the earth, only some are currently living in Spokane, Washington, and only some of them have achieved notoriety in their field of endeavor. Still fewer can claim to be the “face of” their profession or industry. We celebrate those few, the Faces of Spokane, in this special section.

The face of Washington Wine Maryhill Winery | maryhillWinery.com

Maryhill Winery has made quite a name for itself since its inception in 2001. It was awarded “2014 Winery of the Year” by San Francisco International Wine Competition, and “2015 Pacific Northwest Winery of the Year” by Wine Press Northwest, and more. In addition to hosting 75,000 visitors a year to their one-of-a-kind winery and outdoor amphitheater in Goldendale, Washington, they now produce more than 50 awardwinning varietals and blends solidifying Maryhill Winery as the face of Washington wine.

Recieve 15% OFF if booked by October 31

Don't Sweat it, Sculpt it!

Give yourself a gift! 12615 E Mission Ave | Ste 105 Spokane Valley, WA 99126


(509) 315-4415

www.KMplasticSurgery.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


PRIME/not dead yet

The Art of Aging Gracefully

photo by Sandy Tarbox

by Dennis Held


ast week, I was knee-deep in proofreading a very good book: a collection of interviews with women who had flown during WW ll. Those women—who flew for the military in the WASPs and the WAFS—did a lot of the vital and often dangerous work of flying test planes, shuttling aircraft from base to base, and training other pilots. But after the war, their units were dissolved and they were dismissed without much in the way of thanks or recognition. They weren’t even accorded veteran status until 1977. Of course, many of these women are now what we delicately call “women of a certain age”: after all, they served their country roughly 70 years ago. But at the time of the interviews, many of them were still healthy and active, some flying into their nineties. Their memories were as sharp as their wits, and they spoke glowingly about flying, their common love: “It’s always been there for me,” a pilot named Fran Bera said,”no matter what else happens, or whatever hardships or things happening that might not be what I would wish. I always have my airplane and I can always go back out and fly it. And then I’m okay. It’s been a source of joy.” One source of joy for me is to work on interesting projects like this book, put together by local writer Irv Broughton. These stories are testaments to living fully, to women who never let the limiting expectations of others define their lives. I search out such stories for inspiration, and look to them for clues on living well and graceful aging. One thing I noticed, time and again, was the spirit of adventure these women shared, their willingness try new, even dangerous things, as a way of getting the most out of life. That spirit carried throughout their lives, and into their senior years: Fran Bera said, “I’ve enjoyed it. A great life of flight. And I’m still enjoying it. This past year, though, I’ve had two artificial hips put in. I’ve had a few other problems, but I am still flying and I intend to fly as long as I can get in the airplane.” That’s what I’m talking about! That’s how you stay young at heart, even when you’re constantly being reminded by your aches and pains and memory lapses that you’re not so young at body, not so young at mind. It’s the spirit that keeps you young, and the rest of it is just a matter of accounting. (How about that for a T-shirt: “I don’t believe in chronology.”) A couple of threads wove through their stories: these women were not afraid to take chances, and they weren’t afraid to change their plans to follow their passions. When an opportunity presented itself, they took it. They remind me of a favorite maxim: You can’t get


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

across a wide chasm in two small jumps. Sometimes, you just have to go for it. I thought of that axiom last week, as I crouched in the sixty-degree air, staring at a pool of what I knew to be ice-cold water high above Priest Lake, on Lion Creek. I tried to talk myself into—and out of—jumping into that water, which I knew would be refreshing and cleansing after a couple of days of campfire smoke and hiking sweat. I also know what it feels like to jump into a pool of mountain-cold creek water, the shock and startling chill of it, so I was having one of those good cop-bad cop, angel on one shoulder devil on the other shoulder moments. Truth to tell, it was stretching out past the stage that could reasonably be called “moments.” So I did what I always do under such circumstances: I started counting backward from three: “Three, two, one.” The rule is, I have to jump before I get to “one.” I don’t know who made the rule, but in my head, it’s always been there, and it must not be violated, and it’s gotten me off more than one high-dive, or quarry ledge. I was right, on both counts: it was miserably cold and until I got dry clothes on I was shivering and cussing myself for being a fool and . . . and then, once I warmed up, I felt so light, so fresh it was as though my perceptions had been scrubbed clean along with my skin. To get to that pool, my friends and I climbed for an hour up a gravel road that was more of a goat trail with occasional washouts. We considered going back a time or two, but decided to press on. The view on top was worth the ruts: granite slides and spectacular views. (Check out Lion Creek on Youtube.) And no, I’m not equating my little icewater plunge to the heroic risks taken by these pioneering women of flight. But there is connection: to stay young, to stay fresh, you’ve got to take chances, and do the things you’re afraid of doing. Like learning something new every day, it’s a way of life that puts you in the driver’s seat—or the pilot’s seat—as you move through the later stages of your life.

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PRIME/role model

karen mobley by Erika Prins Simonds


aren Mobley has worked in arts organizations and galleries since before finishing college. Now, four years after her position as the City of Spokane’s Arts Director was cut from the city budget, she’s shifted her focus to her own creative life. In this month’s Role Model, Karen discusses the evolution of her priorities, her art and the creative life of her city. What’s changed since your 15-year stint as the City of Spokane Arts Director ended?

I’ve been kind of reinventing myself. My focus has really changed a fair amount in that time since 2012—I’m still working for Spokane Arts as a contractor, but I’ve shifted my focus to my art. It’s sort of a rebalancing of activity because I’ve always done all of those things but they’re in different proportions. How would you describe your career, currently?

Eclectic. I am doing many different things from project management, writing freelance articles, selling my art, teaching workshops, and working on my own writing and art. I love the variety and the flexibility. What are you working on right now?

I am actually in Kentucky. I am staying for two weeks at AIR Studio Paducah which is a residency location. This is a UNESCO Creative City and I am staying in the Lowertown Arts District just a few blocks from the flood wall of the Ohio River. I am drawing and painting rivers, real and imagined. Thus, being in the area of the country where the Ohio meets the Tennessee seemed like a good inspiration. These are big, wide rivers with barges and riverboats. I am writing poems and stories. I have been submitting my work—art, poetry, and curatorial projects—for exhibitions, publications and organizations. I am happy to be working on some cool projects for Spokane Arts in the transition with Laura Becker leaving for her new position in Santa Monica, California. 142

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

What does a normal day look like for you now?

There really isn’t a “normal.” Sometimes I work on art or writing for the day, some days I am downtown in meetings, sometimes I am traveling or reading for inspiration. Yesterday, I went to the American Quilt Museum and Yeiser Art Center here in Paducah and then went to a “Meet the Artist” event and talked with people who sell their work in this part of the country. I am researching for my art and writing but also trying to figure out how to get my work out. Sometimes I am carrying my work to and from a show. How does it feel to be, essentially, creating and doing what you love for a living?

Some days it is exhilarating and I feel the flow of it. I am making the best work I have made in many years and my productivity is strong. I also have been trying to meet my goal of submitting to 100 publications, art projects, residencies, or events this year. That means I stretch. It also means rejection.

I spend most of my time alone which is good for productivity but sometimes it is a little lonely. I am building on a base of very hard work and my experience working in arts administration has provided insights that are helpful to me now. How has the subject matter of your art evolved over the years?

There are some things both in the art and in the writing that seem to echo back and forth. My approach has been different at different times, but I think ultimately while a lot of my work has a feeling of abstraction to it, almost always, there’s a bit of a personal narrative. And there’s some relationship to the natural world, whether it’s birds or animals or some aspect of landscape—or in some cases, it’s even the micro-landscape. I’m really interested in science, so a lot of times things kind of creep in that I’ve been reading about, whether its birds or some thought about the microbiology of water or disease, or something like that.

Though you’re most known for your visual art, you are also a writer and poet. When did you become interested in writing?

Pretty much all my life, since I learned how to write, I’ve been a writer. I have intermittently, as an adult, taken some creative writing classes or hung out with other writers. Writing and art both are very solitary activities and occasionally taking a workshop or class or something is good to kind of mix with other people a little bit. You said you’ve considered yourself a writer since a very young age, yet many people who write—or create art—never feel confident claiming the titles of “writer” or “artist.” What, to you, makes someone a writer or an artist?

There are a lot of people who would say to be a professional, you know, with a big “P” that you need to do the work that you do in exchange for money. When I think about what really makes you an artist or a writer, I think a lot of that is, are you working at it? Not so much are you getting paid, but are you doing it? And the harder part is, are you doing things to get the work out there? I don’t like the word competition, but it is competition. You create the events to create opportunities for people to engage with what you are doing. What advice do you have for someone interested in becoming an artist or a writer, either as a hobby or as a vocation? Where does one start?

This is a hard one because everyone is different. It seems to me that most people don’t allow themselves enough grace to fail and to practice. We ask little kids to start playing an instrument when they are three and to practice soccer for hours. Artists need to allow themselves time to grow. And to start over or write or draw through the challenging parts. Buy good paper so you can use sandpaper if you need to erase something completely away.

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PRIME/3rd life

Garden of Winter Daydreams by Cheryl-Anne Millsap


he last thing I remember,” I told a friend, “is the first of June.” That’s when we moved, surrounded by a team of strong young men who swarmed through the house and basement, shouldering beds and chests and carrying boxes and stacks of books with ease. From that day to this, in my mind, I have been racing to be ready for fall and winter. Last November, before we’d even thought of moving, the windstorm that swept through Spokane toppled a 70-year-old spruce onto the house, cracking the roof, and the tree’s roots ripped across one corner of the front lawn. In April, by the time the tree was gone, the roof had been repaired and the house went on the market, the hole was filled leaving only a big scar across the lawn. We bought it anyway, looking only at its location and potential.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

“Leave it,” I told my husband when he stood looking at the ragged spot where the tree had been, obviously not excited by the idea of patching it with sod. “I will make a garden out of it.” And I did. Each morning, after the first cup of tea, I put on my work jeans and went out to the front yard. I dug up old roots and branches that had been left behind. I planted roses and delphiniums and phlox. I planted lavender and clematis and foxgloves. I put in several small trees. As the weeks went by, the scar became a pretty cutting garden. And each day, when the sun climbed high in the sky and there was no shade to be found, I moved indoors, feeling guilty because I hadn’t gotten as much done there. I’d unpacked a great many of the boxes and I’d painted the rooms that needed it the most, but there was still so much to be done. “I’ll do all that this winter,” I told myself and anyone who would listen. “Those are chores I can do after the garden is done, when it’s too cold to work outside.” And now, it’s suddenly October. I have put the roses to bed, tucked under a mound of earth to protect them from freezing. I’ve staked the young tree to protect it from the winter wind. We’ve stacked firewood outside, filled the wood boxes by the fireplaces. There are only the daffodil and tulip bulbs to plant. Once they are in I’ll close the door and do all those chores I’ve saved for winter. I’ll finish the painting, hang the photos and organize the pantry. I’ll go into the cluttered study, a door I haven’t opened any more than necessary, and I’ll sort the stacks of papers that seem to multiply every week and put them away. I’ll hang the rest of the curtains and do all the little things I didn’t do while I was outside playing in the garden. And then, before I know it, fall will fade into winter and winter will melt into spring. And whenever I can I will sit in my favorite chair by the window, the one that looks out over my front yard, at the broken place I turned into something fragrant and beautiful. And I’ll daydream until summer comes around again.

Quality care for your loved one. Peace of mind for you.


enior Helpers stands ready to serve your family’s needs with personalized, in-home care and expertly trained, professional caregivers. Let us ease your mind with a complimentary in-home care initial appointment. Call today to learn more.


www.seniorhelpers.com/spokane Owners Mark & Tiffany Murphy, RN

Serving Spokane since 2006 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


PRIME/your life, your terms

Lifting the Veil by Kathy Bryant


319 W 2nd Ave Spokane, WA 99204 509-747-2867 lolospokane.com 146

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

ome of the most tragic things people working in the senior industry hear are: It happened so fast we just were not prepared; or I thought I would have time to let the people in my life know my desires. In an effort to stay competent and aware of issues related to aging, I am part of the Spokane Elder Resource Team (SERT). SERT is comprised of professionals working in the senior industry. I spoke with member Becky Tiller, owner of Tiller Care Strategies, about some of the issues she encounters. “Some of the biggest mistakes elders make is a lack of planning,” she says. “It’s nice to think we will not become infirm or need assistance with our daily activities of living, and die peacefully in our sleep.” Assumptions are often made that family—or the power of attorney (POA)—know what someone desires when it comes to end of life choices. This misstep can place family members in impossible positions of guessing what their loved one would have wanted, and can create family conflict. Becky recommends establishing a team of professionals to work with you—especially if family does not live nearby. This team could include all or some of the following: physician, attorney, home health provider, retirement facility staff, caregiving agency, any involved social service agencies, and trusted neighbors or friends. It is vital that the team include people in regular contact with the individual. SERT has partnered with the Spokane County Library to present an eight-part weekly series entitled Lifting the Veil. Gail Goeller, a Spokane author and senior activist, discusses the emotional aspects of aging and the importance of being prepared. Lynn St. Louis of Elder Law Group, shares how to protect assets and prepare legal matters. I will address the strategies of saying goodbye to the the family home. Lifting the Veil also will address insurance, taxes, Medicaid, and long term care issues. The biggest gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones is to prepare for our “tomorrow” today. scld.org

Apartments include: Large 1 & 2 Bed/2Bath, Full Kitchen w/Appliances, Washer and Dryer in each unit.

(509) 921-0249 www.BroadwayCourtEstates.com 13505 E Broadway, Spokane Valley

• Gourmet Dinner Menu • Continental Breakfast • 24 Hr Emergency Call System • All Utilities

• Indoor Pool • Transportation Service • Free Wi-Fi Internet • Housekeeping

• DIRECTV Included • Onsite Exercise Facilities • Life Enrichment Programs • Greenhouse/Raised Bed Gardens spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



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Understanding a Breast Cancer Diagnosis


hether it’s October or not, breast cancer is one of the most recognized cancers in the world. Thanks to massive public awareness campaigns, nearly everyone understands the significance behind a pink ribbon, but how many can say they have breast cancer knowledge beyond pink? The truth is, breast cancer is extremely complex and not a one-size-fits-all disease. It’s classified into different types based on the unique biology of each tumor, including the size, whether and where it’s spread, how it looks under the microscope and what’s causing it to grow at the cellular level, according to the American Cancer Society. Understanding the various biological features is critical, as they help determine treatment decisions and directly affect patient outcomes. As breast cancer survivor Pamela Cunningham knows all too well, knowledge is power when navigating a breast cancer journey. When diagnosed with Stage II HER2-positive early breast cancer, an aggressive type of the disease, Cunningham said that while she understood there were different stages, she was shocked to discover there were so many different types.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



In fact, her mother had faced breast cancer several years earlier and neither Cunningham nor her father knew what kind her mother had. To better understand her diagnosis, she talked with friends who had faced similar situations and even sought a second opinion. After learning more, Cunningham felt confident in her decision to receive a treatment regimen that helped shrink her tumor prior to undergoing surgery to remove it. “I’m really thankful I went the way I did,” Cunningham said. “I would advise other women to do their own research, find out the available treatments and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about all of your options and possible side effects.” Cunningham and her oncologist, Dr. Karen Tedesco of New York Oncology Hematology, offer the following tips to help patients more fully understand how to approach a breast cancer diagnosis. 1) Strength in Numbers: The news of a cancer diagnosis can be incredibly overwhelming to patients and their loved ones. Make the most of the first few doctor appointments by bringing a friend outside of the immediate family to ensure the information is being absorbed and the right questions are being asked. 2) Build a Support Team: In addition to family and friends, it’s important to have a strong health care and surrounding support team. Seek out nurse navigators, local breast support groups and financial assistance to ensure you’re properly informed and have all the resources you need. Do not hesitate to consider a second opinion until you feel 100 percent confident in your health care team and treatment plan. 3) Understand Your Diagnosis: Learning about your specific type of breast cancer is essential because the unique biology of your tumor can directly impact your breast cancer journey. Knowing the four S’s—stage, size, status and subtype—of your tumor can help you better understand your diagnosis and the treatment options available to you. 4) Ask Questions, Then Ask More: Consider asking your doctor the following questions: Are you eligible for clinical trials? Are there special treatments geared toward your specific type of breast cancer? Do I need surgery? Does surgery have to be the first step? Being actively involved can help ensure each patient receives the best treatment option for them. For more tips to take on a breast cancer diagnosis and to better understand the four S’s, visit gene.com.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



509.991.1977 | TotalFitSpokane.com | 5620 S Regal St., Suite #6, Spokane, WA 99223 |

Locally owned and operated, Clean and Comfortable atmosphere, Friendly & knowledgable staff

HEALTH/transgender health care Raelean Hendrickson, Dr. Debra Gore, Shannon Mitchell

photo James & Kathy Mangis 152 byspokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

It Takes a Village Transgender health care can be challenging but health care providers here have joined forces to meet their patients’ needs by Judith Spitzer


n an early Wednesday evening in July, the seats at the Magic Lantern Theater on West Main were filled to near capacity with an exclusive audience of some of the best health care providers in Spokane—physicians, therapists, endocrinologists, midwives, speech therapists, OB-GYN docs, social workers, a urologist and even an electrologist. The documentary screened that evening was called Finding Kim, which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in May 2016. The story chronicles that of Kim B., a Seattle transgender man, and his life-long struggle with gender issues. Assigned a female at birth and raised as a girl, Kim B. endured a childhood of bullying, trauma and isolation, as well as drug addiction in later years. The documentary picks up after he makes the decision that he was meant to be a man and begins the female-to-male transformation process at age 50. The invitation to the screening came from Dr. Debra Gore, one of three women who founded the Eastern Washington Gender Health Group, a local consult group of about 30 health care providers from various practices who are dedicated to working with the transgender community in Spokane. Gore, a family practitioner for Group Health Cooperative in downtown Spokane, came up with the idea for the group when she and two Group Health social workers were returning to Spokane after attending Gender Odyssey, an annual conference in Seattle focused on the needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. “At the conference in Seattle, we heard about a consult group whose mission is to act as a resource for transgender patients, and other health care providers,” Gore says. “The idea is to advocate for the patients. The trans movement

is growing by leaps and bounds and there are a lot of courageous people out there asking for help. Certain docs are willing to take the risk and help them out,” she says. Gore, two Group Health social workers—Shannon Mitchell and Raelean Hendrickson as well as Marybeth Markum, a local therapist—joined forces to come up with an initial list of practitioners to invite to the first meeting in October 2015. “This group has grown totally from word of mouth,” Gore says. “People bring other people and we meet quarterly to discuss relevant issues about transgender health care.” One of Gore’s first transgender patients was Teresa Kinder, 24, who grew up in the Mead area as a boy. Kinder says matter-of-factly that she was born a male but identifies as a female. “But I knew I couldn’t suddenly become a girl. I knew that just couldn’t happen,” Kinder says. “I never dressed in girls' clothes because I knew I would be labeled a freak or an outcast. So I did whatever boys were supposed to do.” Doing whatever boys were supposed to do in the Kinder family meant being an older brother to two younger brothers, and generally not talking about emotions. “It’s hard when you’re socialized as a boy. I grew up playing soccer, fishing with my dad and I pretty much hid my desire to do feminine things,” she says. “I had always wanted to dance but I knew it wasn’t something that boys were supposed to do.” Teens struggling with gender issues may have known they don’t identify with the gender they were born with even as toddlers, but don’t necessarily know how to talk about what they’re feeling, says Sevan Bussell, director of youth programs at Odyssey Youth Movement on Spokane’s lower South Hill, a consult group member. Odyssey Youth Movement is a youth-led, adult-supported

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


HEALTH/transgender health care

organization committed to creating, sustaining, and advocating for the with sex reassignment surgeries which include vaginoplasty and breast lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth augmentation. community in Spokane. “I want to be as close to cisgender female as possible,” Kinder says. “I have “Often times they know who they are. They identify as male or female, the surgeries scheduled but I have to pay at least $10,000 out of pocket. I but they’re confused,” Bussell says. “They know they’re uncomfortable but have one out of three surgeries covered by insurance, so every penny I save they don’t necessarily have the words for that. We do a lot of education goes to that.” around gender identity and different pronouns. We talk about that on an Kinder works as a paraeducator and currently has three other part time ongoing basis.” jobs that will help pay the cost of transitioning. Bussell says children typically begin to understand gender at age four or Kinder says when she first started transitioning none of the surgeries was five, which surprises many people. covered by insurance. “So, it’s progressing,” she says. “So the idea that teens who identify as transgender are in a phase or will An estimated 1.7 percent of youth (aged 13-19) and 0.3 percent of adults grow out of it, or they’re just doing it to get attention I think is just not true. in the United States identify as transgender. Applying these percentages to Whether it’s a female brain with male body or vice versa, it’s not so much the number of youth and adults living in Washington State indicates that about environment, but coming into the world the state is home to approximately 10,500 transgender knowing who you are, but the body doesn’t support youth aged 13-19 and 15,900 adults aged 20 and older, it,” Bussell says. according to the Williams Institute, a think tank at “After four years of working with Kinder says during her childhood and in high UCLA Law School, that disseminates research on sexual school she questioned whether she was gay or orientation, and gender identity law and public policy. the transgender population, I’ve bisexual but that didn’t seem to fit. All that changed In 2010, the Affordable Care Act banned sex after she enrolled at Spokane Falls Community discrimination in health care settings that have a found it’s some of the most College and began to meet other people with connection to federal funds, which has served to help gratifying work I do. These gender issues. protect transgender people from discrimination in health “I didn’t even know what the T meant in LGBT,” care settings. In theory, health care providers can no people are living in the wrong she says with a smile. “I met a transgender person longer treat transgender patients differently or refuse to at a gay/straight alliance event and we became treat because of gender status. body and are not happy and friends.” Experts say, however, that the American health are suffering from depression, Around that time Kinder was referred to care system remains a challenge for people Marybeth Markum’s office where she attended seeking transgender health care as individuals face suicidal thoughts, anxiety . . . it therapy sessions and a transgender support group discrimination, harassment and barriers to access. for several years. In the summer of 2012, she started Shannon Mitchell, a social worker who makes referrals brings tears to my eyes.” living full time as a female. to practitioners both inside and outside the Group By the time she started seeing Dr. Gore in 2011 Health Cooperative, says it’s state-mandated for health as her primary care doctor, Kinder says she had decided to start the process care insurers to cover transgender services that are medically necessary. of transitioning to a female. “But what is medically necessary is up to the insurance company to “Dr. Gore was really, really nice but she didn’t know a lot about determine and to define,” Mitchell says. transgender issues since I was the first trans woman she’d seen. So it was “Our job is to case manage all Group Health members who are accessing kind of a learning experience for both of us,” Kinder says. gender health benefits. The underlying piece is gender dysphoria and we Gore says the transgender community has such specific health care provide access to care for that diagnosis and all referrals are generated by needs that it takes a number of different specialties to deal with all the issues us,” she says. they encounter. These include hair removal which is required for surgery, One of the biggest problems in doing so, she says, is that there are far speech therapy, and the special care of endocrinologists, psychologists and fewer providers east of the Cascades. others who can be sensitive to those grappling with gender dysphoria. “The closest gender affirming surgeons are Oregon Health Sciences “This population has been so marginalized, and when I was asked in the University in Portland and some of our patients have to go to Scottsdale,” beginning to start someone on hormones I thought why not? I have the Mitchell says. expertise and if I have questions I can access other specific needs that this Although no one knows what the numbers are in the Spokane area, group requires,” she says. Mitchell says she and Hendrickson typically case manage about 30 to 35 “After four years of working with the transgender population, I’ve found people at any given time. it’s some of the most gratifying work I do. These people are living in the For information regarding the consult group or other transgender wrong body and are not happy and are suffering from depression, suicidal issues, contact Shannon Mitchell at Group Health Social Work, Care thoughts, anxiety . . . it brings tears to my eyes.” Management Services at (509) 324-3740. Kinder, who graduated from Eastern Washington University last Judith Spitzer is an independent journalist in the Pacific Northwest. year with a degree in social work, says she has decided to move ahead


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Northwest OB-GYN is pleased to announce that Dawn Kopp, MD has joined our Practice and will be providing Obstetric and Gynecological Services to our patients, starting 8/1/2016. Dr. Kopp is seeing new patients and appointments can be made through our scheduling desk at 509-455-5050. Dr. Kopp is from the Northwest and she and her family have many ties to Spokane. She has spent the last two years in Malawi gaining international women’s health experience and is looking forward to settling in and raising her family in our beautiful city.

Dawn Kopp, MD

(509) 455-5050 | www.nw-woman.com 105 W. Eighth Ave, Ste. 6020 & 6025 Spokane, WA 99204


Increasing Fitness Outside of the Gym

Ditch the Car: Walk to the corner store, ride your bike to dinner. You will be burning more calories, and you may find a new coffee spot or park that you never saw when speeding by at 40 mph. Exploring your city is always a great way to be healthier and learn. Take the Harder Route: As in use the stairs, and not the escalator or park in the farthest parking stall. Adding more distance equals more movement, which equals more calories burned. Another “harder route,” ditch the riding mower and use the push mower or, a great one for the coming fall, ditch the leaf blower/vacuum and bust out the good ol’ fashioned rake. Even this simple task can help you increase your burn and strengthen your core, a double bonus.

by Matt Griffith, CSCS, CFSC


ost people have the ability to dedicate three to four hours a week to their fitness regime. Out of a possible 168 hours in a week, that leaves you with 164 hours that aren’t focused on fitness to help or hinder your fitness goals. So those 164 hours outside the gym make the difference. Researchers have found that people can burn up to 2,000 more calories a day just by their non-exercise related activities. It may seem small overall, but it takes 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat, so right there you are burning more than half of that amount by being active at home. And those 2,000 calories can mean the difference between seeing your abs or not. So how do we make these hours count? Let’s try to tip the calorie equation in your favor. “Calories in” is easy to understand and track. All foods and liquids (aside from plain water) carry caloric content and that’s easy to track with a journal or an app. “Calories out” is a bit trickier because these are affected by body composition, thermic effect of food, and activity. Studies have shown that two adults of similar size can vary by as much as 1,000 to 2,000 calories per day in their energy expenditure, and much of this can come from non-exercise activities. Too often we focus on the training, but not the time away from the weights and cardio. Here are three tips to help engage in healthier behaviors and burn more calories:


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Stand More at Work: Too often I’ve heard clients come in after a long day at the office and their backs hurt, hamstrings are tight, and shoulders are slumped. Just the simple act of standing makes your body work more throughout the day. If you can’t stand at work, then set a timer for 20 minutes and do a quick lap around the office whenever it goes off, just to burn more, feel more energy, and actually be more efficient at work. These simple tricks can lead to big changes in your lifestyle and your fitness. You lose more weight, are more efficient in the gym, and your daily life will improve with better posture and more energy. Matt Griffith is the owner of Catalyst Fitness and has been a personal trainer for 11 years.

BUSINESS CLOSEUP/ptera / slecu

SPOKANE LAW ENFORCEMENT CREDIT UNION (SLECU) 924 W. Sinto Avenue, Spokane WA 99201-2531 (509) 327-3244 | slecu.org | marketing@slecu.org

SLECU is celebrating their 50th year of serving those who protect and serve our communities. They are a federally insured, closedmembership financial institution specifically founded for any and all law enforcement personnel living or working in Spokane and the surrounding counties. This unique credit union originated in November 1966 by nine police officers who wanted a financial co-op for the law enforcement community. On December 5, 1966, the credit union was incorporated by the State of Washington and the Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union journey began. SLECU is firmly committed to treating members with dignity and respect while providing responsive, reliable service through high quality membership benefits at a competitive value. With cutting edge technology and forward

PTERA – HIGH TECH CONNECT The Ptera team lives, works and plays in this community so being involved is important to them. That’s why they give back their time, donate their services to a number of non-profit organizations and are involved in community events like Hoopfest and the Veteran’s Breakfast. They’re proud of the organization they’ve built and the relationships they have nurtured with their customers and partners. Founded at the turn of the century out of a need to bring better than dialup internet to Liberty Lake, Ptera specializes in fixed wireless internet and Voice Over IP phone. Fixed Wireless is a method of delivering the waves carrying data through the air as opposed to the more commonly adopted copper DSL phone lines or coaxial cable. This allows Ptera to provide high-speed broadband data to more locations and often prevent costly wire installations.

thinking leadership SLECU provides the ability to deliver a flexible advantage to the law enforcement community. It is a full-service financial institution offering all the basics as well as numerous multifaceted products and services. As a part of the law enforcement community, Spokane Law Enforcement Credit Union is a place where members are treated as friends and neighbors. From meager beginnings, SLECU has grown to meet the needs of an expanding First Responder membership. Their mission is “SLECU is committed to providing superior financial services to our Law Enforcement communities” and they strive to deliver that every day. If you are affiliated with law enforcement, and haven’t looked into becoming a member, check them out today!

VoIP is a service that translates the analog audio signals that phones have been carrying for the last century into the same digital data that’s passed on the internet. The true advantage of VoIP lies in the inherent ability to support call flows, routing and advanced features that traditionally cost thousands of dollars in hardware, implementation and maintenance with analog telephony. The digital data can be processed by software allowing for traditional telephone functions like only having one line in and one phone number, accept everyone on a VoIP system can call out on the same line and number at the same time. Additionally, location is no longer a significant constriction. As long as internet is present, people spread around the world can interact with their VoIP system as if they were in neighboring cubicles. Through advanced technologies like these Ptera has grown into the largest regional internet service provider in the Inland Northwest. While their size has changed their core values have not. They believe the quality of their network is paramount and base every decision on a customer-centric viewpoint of “How would we want our provider to treat us?” A great example of this is the Free Internet For Life program that gives a customer free service as long as they have five or more active referrals. This commitment to excellence and innovation is what has allowed Ptera to compete over the last decade and a half as technology has shifted and competitors have come and gone. It’s also the reason they were recognized by Greater Spokane Inc. (Chamber of Commerce) with the 2015 Agora award for medium sized business of the year. 24001 E Mission Ave #50, Liberty Lake, WA 99019 (509) 927-7837 | ptera.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



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Feasting at Home by Sylvia Fountaine | FeastingAtHome.com

Turmeric Gingerade


urmeric Gingerade is a healing, magical elixir for your body: sugarfree—it’s sweetened only with fresh apple juice—and then fresh squeezed lemons, ginger and turmeric root give it such a refreshing boost of flavor—it is full of cleansing, energizing and healing properties. Visit feastingathome.com for the full recipe.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FOOD ROULETTE/cheesecake

Food Roulette

Max at Marabeau $8.95

Huckleberry Lemon Cheesecake—Winner

by Kris Kilduff


ach month I face the arduous task in choosing which food to feature here. Sometimes, I’m craving a specific item, other times are just divine intervention. Sometimes they come to you when a 17-year-old kid veers into your lane going 45 miles per hour, and totals your Escalade. Luckily, I walked away with minor cuts and bruises. The more lasting affect was my fat kid subconscious repeating: “You better do a dessert round before you die.” So I decided to put on some loose pants and break out the sweet tooth. Some people say when you almost die your life flashes before your eyes. Mine was more of a kaleidoscope of whack-a-mole and cheesecake.

Easily dessert for two, this twin tower of New York style cheesecake with crispy shortbread crust was noteworthy in every way. From the heavy huckleberry glaze to the shards of lemon zest, it made many of the desserts I’ve eaten over the last few years dissolve to distant memory.

Kris Kilduff is crafted of 77% smoked gouda, 20% gnocchi and 3% ice cream sandwich.

Common Crumb $3.50

White Box Pies

Spokane Cheesecake

Perfect for your afternoon stroll, or something sweet on your way to or from work. Common Crumb is hidden inside the Saranac Commons. Pastries and artisan breads are their craft, but don’t miss out on the single serving cheesecakes that would put a smile on anyone’s face. Simple blueberry gelle and a soft crumble give the richcake some serious depth.

Today is brought to you by the word “rich.” Thick, chewy pieces of their in-store made brownies are hidden deep within the creamy insides of this little treat. Easily enough for two, White Box does it right with a bit more crumble than the others and some sprinkled-on chocolate bark.

With personal cheesecakes in flavors that range from pumpkin spice to spicy Mayan chocolate, Spokane Cheesecake lives up to its name. What really caught my attention was their list of liquor-flavored specialties. Booze, cheese, cake . . . it sounded like my own little version of Julie Andrews's “My favorite things.”

Blueberry Gelle Shortcake Cheesecake


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

$5.00 Brownie Chunk Cheesecake

$5.50 Pendelton Whiskey Cheesecake

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The Syrah was produced in Sheldon’s honor

Valerie Wilkerson, new owner of Glamagain finds a new way to give back to the community and continue to fight cancer with EMVY Cellars


BRING IT! The Shield honors the life, courage and “joie de vivre” - that was their son.

(509)979.2749 • www.EmvyCellars.com In Marketplace Winery | 39 W. Pacific Ave. Spokane, WA 99201

Lost Boys Garage $8.95 Raspberry Cheesecake Chimichanga

I needed to mix it up a bit. Cheesecake has experienced a recent surge in popularity. You see a handful of restaurants playing around with creative takes on the decadent dessert. No one is doing it better than Lost Boys Garage. Deep fried chunks of dense cake batter intertwined with a powerful raspberry sauce. This was like a Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake roll-up on steroids. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016






by David Ross

wedding cakes specialty cakes pies cheesecakes cupcakes specialty desserts we do custom designed cakes & pastries! Creating cakes for you is our passion. We cater to you and your special day with whatever theme you can dream up.

3131 N Division www.sweetdreamsbakeryspokane.com t: 509.747.6900 • f: 509.327.6904 162

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The Growler Guys

IN 2012, the “Growler Guys,” Kent and Kizer Couch, partnered with Mark Knowles to create a new concept in the wildly popular craft beer market. Housed in a Stop and Go Shell station in Bend, Oregon, (still selling gas to this day), the Growler Guys introduced a new type of “filling station”—a store where beer enthusiasts could fill their growlers with high-quality, seasonal craft beers brewed primarily in the Pacific Northwest. The beer growler was developed sometime in the late 1800s as a means for folks to carry beer home from the local saloon. But in the early days, metal tins with loose lids were used to carry the beer. By the time they arrived home, oxygen had seeped into the pail, terribly affecting the flavor and freshness of the beer. The Growler Guys focused on improving the traditional techniques for delivering quality beers to customers by trademarking the “Phssssh CO²TO GO” technology, insuring high-quality standards while preserving the integrity and flavor of the beer and keeping it fresh indefinitely. From their humble beginnings in Bend just four years ago, the Growler Guys have grown to 13 locations in Oregon, Washington

and Idaho, including two stores in Spokane and a store in Coeur d’Alene. The Newport Highway store is approaching its two-year anniversary. Enter the store and be amazed at the wall of taps behind the bar. Starting with IPA-style beers on the left, traveling into malts and stouts, then onward to ciders and root beer, it’s a beerlovers dream. They offer 41 craft beers on tap, six ciders and a craft root beer from Snoqualmie Falls Brewery in North Bend, and four styles of kombucha. Taste free samples of the beers while making your selection, and enjoy a glass of beer with a slice of pizza, sliders or breadsticks while your growler is being filled. I fancied the slightly sweet, perfumed Huckleberry Harvest Fruit Beer from the Steam Plant in Spokane. Alex Arent, the general manager of the Newport Highway store, tells me they’ll be featuring four types of pumpkin beers from Elysian Brewing of Seattle beginning this month. Visit the Growler Guys website, blog and Facebook page for the current beer selections and information on upcoming events and tastings, along with recipes for pairing craft beers with foods. thegrowlerguys.com


by Kris Kilduff

BELLACROSTA BAKERY 1235 N. Liberty Lake Rd.

Opening in Liberty Lake, which seems to be the newest hotbed of locally sourced restaurants, Bellacrosta (originally the in-house bakery for Clover) will be offering hand-crafted artisanal breads, pastries and desserts fresh daily from locally grown and milled flours. Additionally they will feature a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches and salads for dine-in or the on-the-go work crowd.


1601 N. Division St. Fresh from the University District in North Spokane, the continual trend of ramen has reared its delicious slurpy head. Spokane needs more specialty restaurants with small menus. This featured a few classic dishes: Tonkotsu (pork bone) or Pai-tan (chicken) ramen each offering a spicy version and a teriyaki pork rice bowl.


808 W. Main Ave. If you frequent Spokane’s most popular martini bar, Twigs, then you have to sneak over to the owners’ new brainchild in Riverpark Square. Focusing on southwestern cuisine, this is your chance to dive face first into inhouse enchilada sauces, grilled street corn, or espresso chocolate cake with avocado ice cream.

Join us for


First week of November. Call today for reservations!

326-6794 | 1018 W Francis | www.theswingingdoors.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DINING GUIDE/local eats




Aloha Island Grill. Hawaiian. Operating out of two former Taco John shacks on Monroe and West Francis,

Red Lion BBQ & Pub. For about 20 years, whether

Patrick and Lori Keegan serve up fresh, tender Teriyaki Chicken “plates” that will keep you coming back. Based on family recipes from the islands and plenty more than just teriyaki, both spots offer a student discount; the Francis location serves a creative breakfast concoction called the “Loco Moco.” Open daily. 1724 N. Monroe (509) 443-1632 and 1220 W. Francis (509) 413-2029. eataloha.com.

Thai Bamboo. Thai. Each of the four regional Thai Bamboo locations offers a massive Southeast Asian menu in settings designed to transport you across the Pacific. Inside each restaurant you’ll find Thai stone and wood carvings, water fountains, Thai music and the namesake bamboo décor. Thai Bamboo continues to be #1 Best Thai in readers’ polls and both the newest location on North Division and the CdA restaurant feature a Tiki-Beach styled lounge and striking sky ceilings in the main dining rooms. Think Vegas with pad thai. All locations Mon-Thu 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Sat 12-9:30 p.m., Sun 12-9 p.m. Delivery available. thaibamboorestaurant.com.

Top of India. A hidden gem serving up northern Indian dishes (gluten free and vegan options) in a surpris-

ingly chic space tucked into a house off East Sprague. They bring the specialties learned on the family farm in the Jalandhar district of Punjab to the Northwest. Don’t miss the garlic naan or their signature dish Chicken Tikka Masala and try the desert Mango Moose, but order just about anything and expect it to be quite good. There is also a lunch buffet for $9.99. Open daily 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. 11114 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 927-0500. thetopofindia.com.

MEXICAN Azteca. A family restaurant, Azteca features a wide selection of authentic Mexican fare including a variety

of Mexican salads, soups, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and a “Little Amigo” menu, specifically designed for children, all served in a warm Hacienda-style atmosphere. Azteca features a broad range of non-alcoholic beverages, and entrees available for those watching calories, featuring Broiled Chicken Breasts served with Rancho (colesterol-free) beans. Each restaurant boasts a Cantina where Azteca’s famous Ramosrita Margaritas, Sizzling Fajitas and Award Winning Nachos make every visit a fiesta. Open daily 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Multiple locations. (509) 456-0350. aztecamex.com.

Rancho Viejo. Jose Rodriguez and his staff offer up traditional and familiar Mexican fare with some of the amplest portions and most caring family-friendly service in Spokane. 14201 E. Sprague. Sun-Thurs 11 a.m.10 p.m., Fri & Sat 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (509) 927-8428. rancho-viejo.net.


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

it was in the old rhythm and blues, peanut-shells-onthe-floor days, or more recently as a sports bar, there’s always been butt-kickin’ BBQ at this downtown corner spot. The undisputed star here is wine broiled chicken, spicy and robust, yet falling-off-the-bones moist and tender. Together with their signature fried bread and honey, and you have a BBQ experience that can’t help but please. 126 N. Division. Sun-Thu 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m. (Sunday breakfast buffet 9 a.m.noon during football season.) (509) 835-LION (5466). redlionbarbeque.com.

BISTROS Downriver Grill. Innovative, local and seasonal cuisine

in a sleek, modern space with dishes at various pricepoints to suit every diner. Try the Chipotle BBQ burger for a flavor-packed lunch or the Lemon Thyme Grilled Salmon for a leisurely dinner. Either way, you’ll want to sample the Chocolate Pot de Creme for dessert. Open Tues-Sun 11 a.m.-9 p.m. 3315 W. Northwest Blvd. downrivergrillspokane.com.

Laguna Café. This South Hill restaurant calls itself a café, but in actuality it is much more. Owners Dan and Debbie Barranti have created a sophisticated combination of gourmet food, great wines, and gifts. The dinner menu features entrees such as Wild Pacific Salmon with fresh rosemary mango salsa and roasted rosemary potatoes or the Flat Iron Steak and Black Tiger Shrimp. They offer an extensive line of summer salads, along with a full bar—and delectable burgers, too. Want to fine dine at home? Don’t miss their pick-up window with meals to go. Live music weekly. 2013 E. 29th Ave. Mon-Thur 8 a.m. -9 p.m., Fri 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Sat 9 a.m.-10 p.m., and Sun 9 a.m.-8 p.m. (509) 448-0887.

The Dining Guide includes summaries of local restaurants that are featured on a rotating basis each issue. Please visit SpokaneCDA.com for a full list. Suggestions for additions or corrections can be sent to stephanie@spokanecda.com.

TOI top of india

Best Indian

Gluten-Free Options

DINE-IN TAKEOUT CATERING The Cellar. One of the most popular eateries

along Coeur d’Alene’s historical Sherman Ave. was revamped in 2015 by Adam Hegsted, Spokanebased chef and restaurateur. A talented kitchen team uses only seasonal, natural, farm-fresh foods like fresh steelhead from the Columbia River and cheese from Idaho-based Ballard Cheese Company to make approachable dishes like Miso Roasted Steelhead and Northwest Paella. True to the establishment’s name, they have a subterranean, climate-controlled, security glass and access-code enclosed room for their vast wine collection (estimates fluctuate from 2 to 3 thousand bottles at any one time). The Cellar’s wine program is the cornerstone of the restaurant (Wine Spectator Magazine has honored them 3 years in a row). Music is often jazz or blues played live and to a packed house on weekends. 313 E. Sherman Ave. in Coeur d’ Alene. Open daily 4 p.m.-close. (208) 664-9463. thecellarcda.com.

The Wandering Table. A much-anticipated

American tapas-style restaurant located in Kendall Yards. Chef Adam Hegsted delights with a variety of small plates (try the Garden for a creative salad take, the Deviled Eggs, or the Popcorn), craft cocktails, a whiskey bar, and substantial dishes, such as the Bacon-Wrapped Bacon Sliders or the Braised Shortribs. The chef is known for his previous culinary venture of the same name consisting of a twelve-course dinner party. Take his advice and go with the “You Choose the Price” meal option for the table offered at $15-$65 per head for a surprising culinary journey. Hopefully it will include the Olive Oil Gelato for dessert. TuesThurs, 11:30 a.m.–11:30 p.m., Fri-Sat 11:30 a.m.-1 a.m. Sun-Mon, 4 p.m.-11:30 p.m. 1242 W. Summit Pkwy in Kendall Yards. (509) 443-4410. thewanderingtable.com.

Wild Sage. Tucked into a classic 1911 brick building on 2nd and Lincoln, Wild Sage offers an intimate dining setting and memorable food with real flair. The atmosphere combines class and warmth. Executive Chef Charlie Connor presents regionally influenced Northwest cuisine using only the finest locally sourced products. Try the Yukon Taquitos, the Crisp Bacon and Blue salad or the Cioppino. Be sure to finish with a slice of the “Soon-to-be-Famous” Coconut Cream Layer Cake with lilikoi sauce. This award-winning bistro is known for its in-house bakery and an amazing array of gluten-free options. Also make it a point to order something from their “scratch bar,” with or without alcohol. They use only fresh juices and house-infused flavored liquors. Dinner seven nights a week, opening at 4 p.m. 916 W. Second Ave. (509) 456-7575. wildsagebistro.com.

BREAKFAST & LUNCH SPECIALTIES Frank’s Diner. Frank’s has become a Spo-

kane landmark in just over a decade. Both early 1900s vintage rail cars were originally obtained by the Knight brothers, Frank and Jack, during the Depression, and each converted them to diners in Seattle and Spokane, respectively. Larry Brown, of Onion Bar and Grill fame, acquired the Seattle diner in 1991 and moved it to its present location, meticulously restored by well-know local restaurant restoration artisan, Pat Jeppeson. Frank’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, available all day, has all the classics. Among our favorites are the open-face turkey, roast beef and mushroom sandwiches, chicken pot pie, Joe’s Special (the venerable scramble of eggs, ground beef, spinach, onions and parmesan), and, of course, the don’t-miss-at-breakfast

HAPPY HOUR MON-THURS 5:00pm-7:00pm

11114 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 509-927-0500 TheTopOfIndia.com spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DINING GUIDE/local eats

hash browns and silver pancakes. 1516 W. 2nd. Seven days 6 a.m.-8 p.m. (509) 747-8798. 10929 N. Newport Highway, Sun-Thurs 6 a.m.-8 p.m., Fri-Sat 6 a.m.-9 p.m. (509) 465-2464. franksdiners.com.

Family friendly pizzeria by day, favorite local hangout by night!

Yards Bruncheon. The team at Yards Bruncheon figured out how to extend the weekend to all week by offering brunch everyday, and— oh!—how that pleases us. This modern diner is a combination of breakfast and lunch complemented with classic brunch cocktails. Their menu features comfort food from all over using local farms and producers in the season. This food is food the team loves to eat and is meant to be taken lightly. They make most of their menu items in house including their pastries, which are some of the best around. They also feature some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. 1248 W. Summit Prkwy., Mon-Sun 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (509) 290-5952. theyardsbruncheon.com.

CASUAL DINING 315 Martinis and Tapas. Located within the

historic Greenbriar Inn in Coeur d’Alene, this restaurant specializes in small plates with a global focus and well-crafted cocktails. Come sit in the intimate martini bar for happy hour beginning at 3:15 and enjoy drink and tapas specials, or share small plates or entrees along with live music on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights in the main dining room beginning at 6:00 p.m. Expect good service, great atmosphere and an experience you won’t soon forget. Tues-Sun from 3:15 p.m. to close. 315 Wallace Ave. in Coeur d’Alene. (208) 667-9660. 315martinisandtapas.com.

1898 Pubic House. With a nod of respect to

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the year the golf club was originally established, 1898 Public House combines a storied history with modern flair. Led by Executive Chef Tyler Schwenk, their culinary team takes pride in preparing classic foods with a fresh twist, while using the finest ingredients. From hand-pressed gourmet burgers and house-cured bacon, to house-made rolls and charcuterie, dining at 1898 is an exciting culinary tour for your palate. With signature comfort food dishes and unique combinations designed for the more adventurous foodie. Sun-Thurs 4-10 p.m., Fri/Sat 4-11 p.m., happy hour 4-6 p.m. 2010 W. Waikiki Rd. (509) 466-2121. kalispelgolf.com.

Prohibition Gastropub. A small, but cozy

pub on Monroe offering modern meals with a vintage vibe and a carefully curated cocktail menu. Specialty candied bacon appears throughout the menu, from jalapeno poppers to a bevy of burgers. The kitchen is eager to please vegans and vegetarians, as well. 1914 N. Monroe. Mon, Wed-Sat 11a.m.-11 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.10 p.m., closed Tues. (509) 474-9040. facebook. com/Prohibition.Gastropub.Spokane1

Palm Court Grill. The Palm Court Grill offers

upscale casual dining fare that highlight favorites discovered all around the world by Walt and Karen Worthy, the owners of the Davenport. Home to the original Crab Louis, named for original hotel owner Louis Davenport, the grill also serves USDA Prime beef and a fine wild salmon filet with a huckleberry champagne sauce. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Reservations recommended. Private dining room available, seating up to 30 people. 10 S. Post. (509) 455-8888.

Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar. The Dav-

enport Hotel Tower’s Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar will add a spice of adventure to your dining


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

experience featuring a full menu with a variety of tasty flatbreads, small plates, salads and gourmet sandwiches. Private dining room available seating up to 30 people. 111 S. Post St. (Davenport Hotel Tower lobby). Serving Breakfast 6-11 a.m., Lunch 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Dinner 4-10 p.m., and Late Night 10 p.m.-close. (509) 455-8888.

Taste Cafe & Fine Art. If you love the taste of healthy and enjoy putting nutrient-dense fuel into your body—while giving your tastebuds the stuff food dreams are made of—Taste Cafe & Fine Art is a not to be missed downtown destination. Jane Heber and her daughter Hannah whip up their most popular dishes—Asian chicken wrap, lentil salad, cookies and a kale salad that would make carnivores drool—among a long list of tantalizing dishes. Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-4 p.m., Thu-Fri 5:30-8 p.m., closed Sun. 180 S. Howard St. (509) 468-2929. tastecafespokane.com. Gilded Unicorn. The Gilded Unicorn is a

Modern American, Classic restaurant featuring hand crafted foods and drinks located in the historic Montvale Hotel in downtown Spokane, right in the heart the entertainment and arts district. The name reflects their blend of classic and modern without taking themselves too seriously. The Gilded Unicorn showcases local, seasonal food and drinks from the Northwest and beyond coerced into new fashioned flavors that hit you in the soul. This is a “must visit” eatery experience. 310 S. Monroe St., Sun-Sat 3 p.m-close. (509) 309-3698. gildedunicorn.com.

FINE DINING Clinkerdagger. English pub décor overlook-

ing the Spokane River. Known for their fresh seafood, steaks, and rock salt-roasted prime rib, Clinkerdagger is a favorite eating place among locals. Their salmon filet is one of the best in the area. The Broadway Pea Salad and Blums Coffee Toffee Pie are two classics since 1974. Two cozy fireplaces make for a warm, friendly atmosphere. 621 W. Mallon (in the Flour Mill). Lunch Mon-Fri 11:15-2:30 p.m., Sat 11:30-2:30 p.m., Dinner Mon-Thurs 4:30-9:00 p.m., Fri 4:30-9:30 p.m., Sat 4-9:30p.m., Sun lounge 2-9 p.m. and dinner 3-8 p.m. (509) 328-5965. clinkerdagger.com.

Masselow’s at Northern Quest. Named after a strong chief who was instrumental in the survival of the Kalispels, Masselow’s combines the culinary heritage of the tribe with Northwest fine dining. The restaurant features an intimate and lavishly appointed dining room just off the hotel lobby in the new wing of the Northern Quest Resort and Casino in Airway Heights and serves up an Elk Sirloin and Seared Scallops worth the drive. Their chocolate mousse on the dessert menu is also a show stopper. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 100 N. Hayford Rd. in Airway Heights. (509) 242-7000. northernquest.com. Stacks at Steam Plant. Named for the twin smokestacks that have been a part of the downtown Spokane skyline for nearly a century, Stacks offers a full-service dining experience in a oneof-a-kind space. Unique private dining spaces include boiler rooms where the original pipes still line the walls and ceiling. Signature dishes are created from scratch and incorporate ingredients produced only at the Steam Plant—including smoked meats, fish and vegetables, and many of the ales brewed on-site. 3 p.m.–10 p.m. SunThurs, 3 p.m.–11p.m. Fri-Sat. 159 S. Lincoln, under the smokestacks downtown. (509) 777-3900. steamplantspokane.com.

Tickets $65 / Cocktail Hour starts @ 5 / Dinner starts @ 6

STEAKHOUSES Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops. Greeted with dark mahogany paneling and crisp linens, Spencer’s has been a destination for USDA Prime beef for almost 15 years. Try the signature bone-in Spencer Ribeye or pull out all the stops and order the dry-aged New York Strip. Beautiful fish and seafood are also featured and the kitchen offers a number of classic side dishes also—including a memorable au gratin hash browns laced with smoked bacon, sweet onions, and cheddar cheese. Open Mon-Thurs 11:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m., FriSat 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m., Sun 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. 322 N. Spokane Falls Crt. inside the Doubletree. (509) 7442372. spencersforsteaksandchops.com.

Oct 18 Beer Dinner

River City | Ninkasi

1st Course / Green Pea and watercress soup poached egg and creme fraiche 2nd Course / Arugula, grilled baguette, red onion, asparagus, goat cheese, tangerine vinaigrette, balsamic reduction 3rd Course / Duck confit ravioli with a pumpkin cream sauce 4th Course / Roasted lamb, duchess potatoes, candied figs, grilled broccolini 5th Course / Deconstructed lemon tart

PUB AND LOUNGE FARE Crave. Where to go that’s lively, airy, and serves

some of the best pub and lounge fare around. They do wraps, burgers, salads, and fries (yes to the fries!) right. On the super hip corner of Riverside and Washington with eats, drinks, and nightlife done right. Daily, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. 401 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 3217480 and on Facebook.

Garageland. Located in an iconic Spokane venue,

Garageland specializes in Inland Northwest cuisine using all natural meats and seasonal ingredients, and is well-known for their exceptional burgers and comfort food. The bar features craft cocktails, an extensive absinthe list, and curated local and international beer and wine. Also well-known as one of the best record stores in the region—with punk, jazz and rock offerings and thousands of vinyl titles. 230 W. Riverside Ave. Open daily at 11 a.m. (509) 315-8324 and on Facebook.

Sun-Wed: 11am-9pm Thurs-Sat: 11am-11pm 1914 N Monroe St Spokane WA 99205 509-474-9040 find us on facebook

Manito Tap House. Manito is living into its name as a gastropub that offers high-quality dining fare to go with their 50 beers on tap. A fun pub atmosphere and friendly service make this a great hangout. Try the yam chips, the Carne Adovada, the Murphy’s Beef Boxty, or the inventive veggie burger that comes inside out. 11 a.m.–11 p.m. Sun–Thur. Open until 2 a.m. Fri–Sat. 3011 S. Grand Blvd in Spokane. (509) 279-2671. manitotaphouse.com. nYne Bar & Bistro. Pub fair done right. Everything

from juicy burgers, and delicious wraps to salads, nachos and a select array of appetizers. All entrees served with your choice of Kettle Salt & Pepper Chips or Tomato and Cucumber Salad. Tacos served every Tuesday and only Tuesday with $5 margaritas. You can take advantage of the patio during the warmer weather. Happy hour is Tues-Sat 3 p.m.-6 p.m. $5 appetizers, $1 off well drinks, pints and wine. nYne has one of the best dance floors in town featuring DJs on the weekends and karaoke Tues-Thurs. Live music and special events as well. Private party space available with reservation. 232 W. Sprague Ave. Mon 7 p.m.-close, Tues-Sat 12 p.m.-2 a.m. nynebar.com.

The Onion Taphouse & Grill. Established in 1978, the Onion is the grand dean of gourmet burgers and casual family dining in Spokane. With the addition of Area 51 Taphouse (with, yes, 51 different beers—and some hard ciders, too, on tap), you’ll never want to leave. From gourmet burgers and sandwiches to pizza, salads and their namesake beer-battered onion rings, The Onion Taphouse & Grill pays attention to details and does more from scratch than many other restaurants aspiring to loftier appellations. 302 W. Riverside. Sun-Thurs 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.1 a.m. (509) 747-3852; 7522 N. Division, Mon-Sun 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (509) 482-6100. Peacock Room. It is all about martinis, cold beer and great music. Known as the place to see and be seen, the Peacock Room contributes to Spokane’s vibrant downtown nightlife. Showcasing a giant spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


DINING GUIDE/local eats since 1959

We do all set-ups and take-downs. We supply all plates, napkins, and all utensils.

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stained-glass peacock ceiling, the menu features such items as giant prawntinis, open-faced crab sandwiches and gourmet onion rings. Casual attire. Private dining room available seating up to 25 people. Mon-Thurs 11 a.m.-midnight, Fri-Sat 11-1 a.m., Sun 2 p.m.-midnight. 10 S. Post. (509) 455-8888.

Post Street Ale House. This floor to rafter renovation of the former Fugazzi space in the Hotel Lusso by Walt and Karen Worthy of the Davenport gives downtown Spokane a great English-style pub with a striking bar, twenty beers on tap, and a reasonably priced menu built around comfort food. We feel they do some of their fried food particularly well: the Halibut and Chips, the Fried Mozzarella “cubes,” and the Ale House Fried Pickles. If you are hungry, try the Guinness Braised Short Ribs served over mashed potatoes and topped with a pan gravy chunky with vegetables. 11 a.m.–2 a.m. daily. N. 1 Post Street. (509) 789-6900. Steam Plant Brewing Co. & Pub. An amazing location for a brewery–under layers of catwalks and an 80’ ceiling inside the renovated steam plant. The brewery produces eleven handcrafted microbrews on-site, from their famous Double Stack Stout to several seasonal varieties. Its microbrews are also available to go in kegs and growlers. The Pub features multiple flat-screen TVs and a game room to make a night of it. The brews are complemented by signature menu items like the Coal Bunker cheese bread, smoked steelhead and beer cheese soup. 3–10 p.m. Sun-Thurs 3–11 p.m. FriSat.159 S. Lincoln, under the smokestacks, downtown. (509) 777-3900. steamplantspokane.com. The Swinging Doors. Opened in May of 1981,

the tavern turned restaurant has been in the same family for its whole life. With 27 beers on tap and 60 television screens, The Swinging Doors is a sports fan’s paradise. On the food front, the restaurant is famous for its large portions (which can be split). Breakfast is served all day and the huge pieces of Broasted Chicken remain the most popular item on the golf-themed menu. Show up on your birthday for a free steak dinner. Open seven days a week from 6:45 a.m.-2 a.m. 1018 W. Francis. (509) 326-6794. theswingingdoors.com.

Catering for all types of holiday parties, company events & summer family reunions!!

509.835.5466 RedLionBBQ.com 126 N Division Happy Hour 11am-6pm


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Timber. A sleek yet laidback gastropub in Post Falls, Timber is all about nostalgia with its sepia-hued history of the region’s logging industry on their walls and a friendly wait staff bedecked in lumberjack-chic red suspenders. The diverse menu puts its focus on pizza with star attractions like BBQ Roadhouse (brisket, pulled pork, German sausage, sliced apple and house-made cheese blend). Other gastropubesque dishes include the duck quesadilla, a surprisingly creative house salad, and chocolate Stromboli. More conventional favorites like the “Consummate Burger” and airline chicken also pepper the menu. Timber has enough funky dishes to earn its gastro pub cred, where new combinations are likely to become old favorites. 1610 E. Schneidmiller Ave. MonThur 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sun 11 a.m.-9 p.m. (208) 262-9593. facebook.com/timbergastropub.

PIZZA Bennidito’s. Though we didn’t realize it for several years, it is possible to order a gourmet pie without garlic at Bennidito’s. But who would want to with choices like the popular “LC Primo” with both fresh and roasted garlic along with chicken, mushrooms, feta and mozzarella over a pesto sauce? The crust is hand tossed and bready in the best sense of that designation. Bennidito’s is the spot to eat outside in good weather with its own deck at the South Hill location. It also has a larger menu that includes salad, wings, calzones, and several popular hot sandwiches like the Italian Beef Sammie ($7.50 whole, $5.50 half). The gluten-free crust is top notch and made by local purveyor, Fusion Flours. 1426 S. Lincoln, Mon-Thurs

11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Closed Sun. (509) 455-7411.

The Flying Goat. Careful thought went into the design of this pub and pizza sibling of the Downriver Grill—and it’s paying off. The Goat offers both classic and artisan toppings on Neapolitan-style pies, the “char” on the crust imparting a distinctive, crunchy flavor. Try the surprising Kiernan and wash it down with a craft beer (14 taps, 1 gravity-fed cask beer, and more than 50 more in bottles). The Goat has a “Mug Club” for regulars; all dishes are named after neighborhood quirks–see if you can decipher their menu-cryptography. Open daily at 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. (11 p.m. on Fri and Sat). 3318 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 327-8277. theflyinggoat.com. Slice, Pints, and Pies. This family-friendly pizza

place in the GU District serves wings, garlic bread, pizza by the slice, traditional pies and a list of specialty pies your taste buds need to experience. With their Return of the Mac pizza—covered in mac and cheese, jalapeños and a crust stuffed with Little Smokies sausages—and their eggs Benedict-inspired pie along with the Thai Breaker—a chicken, shrimp and onion pizza with peanut sauce, covered in crushed peanuts, they offer taste combinations not found anywhere else. Slice’s happy hour (3-5 pm every day; all day on Sunday) offers discounted drinks, half-price pies, $1 slices and a $5 beer-and-a-slice special. 829 E. Boone Ave., Mon-Sun, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. (509) 241-3001. facebook.com/SLICEPintsandPies

Veraci Pizza. Veraci Pizza features a delicious ultra-thin artisan crust made from their secret recipe. Each batch of dough is hand prepared in a mixing bowl, never by machine. Each pizza pie is cooked in fewer than two minutes. They use only the freshest and highest quality natural ingredients and buy direct from local farms whenever possible. All of these things combine to create one of the most delicious pizzas you’ll ever experience. Look for their mobile oven at events and around town, or visit them for one of the best dining views around at their brick and mortar restaurant in Kendall Yards. 1333 W. Summit Pkwy. Open daily 11 a.m.-9 p.m. (509) 389-0029. veracispokane.com.

OTHER Brain Freeze Creamery. Ice cream, espresso

drinks and sandwiches are offered all day at this welcoming, family-friendly spot in Kendall Yards. The small-batch creamery supplies mom-and-pop stores The Scoop, Cannon Coffee and Cone and other locations around town and opened their own storefront in 2014. They offer 24 different flavors with at least a few vegan and dairy-free options each day. Try a scoop of their famed Palouse Crunch, a blend of cinnamon ice cream, red lentils and candied almonds, or Muddy Cups-Dirty Dishes, a brownie batter ice cream studded with mini peanut butter cups. Another favorite is Cakey Doe, vanilla cake batter ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. Anvil coffee and espresso and a small selection of hearty sandwiches broaden the menu just enough to suit everyone’s tastes. 1238 W. Summit Parkway. Sun–Thurs 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 7 a.m.-10 p.m., www.brainfreeze.bz. (509) 321-7569.

The Scoop. A quaint community gathering place,

hidden amongst the tree-lined streets on the South Hill of Spokane serving fresh made ice cream created in store using fresh ingredients and liquid nitrogen. Known for their amazing Liege Waffles, they make these yeast-based delights every morning from scratch in small quantities. The Scoop serves locally roasted Organic Roast House Coffee on their espresso bar and carries vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan options as staples, alongside their classic menu items such as cranberry turkey and the BLAT—a BLT with avocado. 1001 W. 25th Ave. Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-8 p.m., Sat/Sun 9 a.m.-8 p.m. thescoopspokane.com

Quenching Thirst Area 51 Taphouse at the Onion


p Grou ls! mea

p or Pick Uery, v i Del We’veu o got y ed. r i) covery ak (I n te

| 509.413.2029 1220 W. Francis | Open 7am-9pm daily

Now Serving Breakfast!

| 509.327.4270 1724 N. Monroe | Open 10am-9pm daily


the chefs at The Onion have taken advantage of all the fresh natural local (and sustainable) products in our area and throughout the Northwest. With the explosion of local craft breweries, it seemed only natural to offer all those fresh craft products as well. To accommodate the enormous amount of rotating inventory a 51 Tap facility would require, and to deliver it adhering to the high standards that have made The Onion so successful for 38 years, an extensive remodel was mandatory at both Onion locations. After consulting with countless professional brewers and equipment manufacturers, Ken Belisle and his team decided to manage everything from brewery to glass. Managing 10 percent to 100 percent nitro pushed, and CO2 blended products with nearly zero chance of oxygen exposure was mandatory. Large self-closing automatic valves and individual keg monitoring was also a must to deliver the finest, freshest products to the Spokane market. To be the best, they knew Area 51 had to have the finest tap equipment available in the world today, even if some of it hadn’t been invented yet. “The cutting edge custom built equipment we finally chose was created by Perloc, just for Area 51,” says Ken. “It took enormous expertise and a sizable investment to accommodate our beer handling standards, but for us to guarantee quality we must have the best equipment, people and products available.” Since the beginning, the brewers Ken and his team purchase from have loved The Onion and their Area 51 Tap system. “They know their craft beer drinks the same at Area 51 as the beer being poured from their own bright tanks at the brewery,” says Ken. In 2015, Area 51 won Best Beer Menu in the brewery category in Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine. They were also chosen by Sierra Nevada to nationally debut their 2015 Octoberfest that was jointly created by them and a 600-year-old German brewery. In 2016, Area 51 Taphouse at The Onion was chosen to host “The Best Local IPA Competition” featuring 10 of Spokane’s local breweries. “With our level of product management sophistication, we can rotate 45 taps of fresh Ale daily when necessary, while pouring cask-conditioned wines and even 100 percent nitro pushed bourbon and seasonal spirits at the same time.” theonion.biz

Visit us online at EatAloha.com

It’s divine, it’s delicious, it’s DELECTABLE!

(509) 655-9367

kellie@delectableCateringSpokane.com delectableCateringAndEvents.com

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


FOOD CHAIN/celestial

The Difference


Mechanics & Produce by Chris Patterson


180 S. Howard

509.468.2929 170

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

ur planet is racing at 66,600 miles an hour in our orbit, and we always end up at the same point in produce every year at the same time. The scenario is stable, reliable, and predictable. The problem is we forget about it every year, or at least we don’t think about it. The Earth’s axis (tilt) is 23.2°. During the summer—in the northern hemisphere— we are tilted toward the sun. The summer solstice is when we are closest. And during the winter solstice, we are tilted away from the sun at that same 23.2°. That is a 46.4° swing. In the process we lose more than 15 hours of daylight. This celestial fact, more than anything else, defines what we can and cannot grow in our region. Every weekend gardener knows this, although probably not in quite this context. We forget to connect the dots at the produce counter in February when tomatoes aren’t very good, and really expensive. Our latitude is 47.6° north. This gives us about a 60 day window of standard produce harvest. Two months. In contrast, the same harvest at 36.7° is 120 days. Other factors contribute: altitude, coastal vs. mountain, etc., but mostly it’s our latitude, and the tilt. So, if the harvest here is 60 days, what is the local farmer to do with that land for the other 10 months? The simple economics of feeding your family tells you, if you can’t feed your family for the year on one harvest, plant something you can reap more than one harvest out of. That’s why we have so much wheat, barley and hay in this area. The other things such as wine-grapes, apples, pears, and peaches yield enough and are substantially profitable for the farmer to survive on for the year. This reason is why there’s just not more, for example, lettuce farmers in this area. So let’s explore why we don’t see lettuce farmers thrive in this region. According to WSU, one acre of productive land can produce between 20,000 and 24,000 heads of lettuce at harvest. In our growing climate, you can reap about one and a half harvests in those 60 days. So that means, a productive acre, at best conditions, could produce 36,000 heads of lettuce. The shelf life of lettuce after harvest is about two weeks. At the end of the harvest window, there would be another two weeks of lettuce available in the area. The population of Spokane County is about 500,000. How many acres of just lettuce would we need to feed this county? The tourist mouths to feed, too. That’s a lot of lettuce. And what about the other 10 months outside of harvest? There is a significant gap in the math. It has nothing to do with a lack of farmers. It has everything to do with where we sit on this beautiful blue planet.



Small Plates $10-$15 everyday

Fresh Wild Salmon, Filet Mignon, Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Chicken Parmesan, Oven Baked Meatloaf, Tuscan Chicken Pot Pie, Soup Sampler, Pasta Primavera Marinara, St. Louis BBQ Pork Ribs

Featuring full breakfast / brunch Saturday& Sunday starting at 9 AM, Full Espresso Bar all day

2013 E 29th Spokane WA 99203 | (509) 448.0887 When winter comes, our produce flies south just like the birds: Southern California, Arizona, Florida, South and Central America. It gets picked earlier in the growing cycle in order to be as ripe as possible when it arrives. The goal is for it to ripen en-route. So we have distance, transportation costs, Mother Nature, and the fact that we are 46.4° further away from the sun at that particular time of year conspiring to influence the inevitable change in the quality and prices of produce. Hopefully, when you’re standing at the produce counter in February, looking at those tomatoes that just aren’t quite perfect, think of that 23.2° angle pointing away from the sun. Remember we’re moving at 66,600 miles an hour. Those great tomatoes are on their way. Food for thought. Before you know it, you’ll be back in your flip-flops on again.

Mon-Thr 10:30am-9pm | Fri 10:30am-10pm | Sat 9am-10pm | Sun 9am-8pm

Modern American Restaurant & Craft Cocktails

Chris Patterson is the Director of Business Solutions at Food Services of America. He is a 30 year veteran of the hospitality and restaurant industry and has conducted more than 700 trainings, seminars, and consulting sessions with Inland Northwest operators. spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



Solace Mead

& Cider:

Innovation through Collaboration

by Chris Lozier


ierophant Meadery and Twilight Cider Works are great friends and neighbors on Green Bluff, and now they are partners under the roof of Solace Mead & Cider in Kendall Yards. With about 10 mead and cider taps, bottle and by-the-glass sales, and rare mead and cider cocktails, their cooperative tasting room brings their unique products together in an innovative way. Twilight and Hierophant are already popular destinations on the Bluff and staples of the Kendall Yards Night Market. Solace Mead & Cider won’t replace their Green Bluff production facilities and tasting rooms, but it will offer products that you cannot find elsewhere, like a new line of draft ciders from Twilight. Twilight’s ciders are made from Green Bluff apples, some of which owners Will and Jackie Jordan grow themselves at their family farm across the street from the production facility. Served alongside their original line of complex and sophisticated artisan ciders at Solace, Will says the new line of draft ciders are more like beer, poured in pints and growlers rather than wine glasses. “They’re not meant to be saved for the holidays, this is the stuff that you want to take home because it’s Tuesday and you had a hard day at work or friends are coming over,” says Will. Also on tap, Hierophant’s session meads (beer-strength honey brews) include peach, raspberry, spiced apple, elderberry, dandelion wit, and other seasonals. In addition to their traditional non-carbonated bottled meads, they even have some carbonated full-strength meads on tap, like their hopped and chamomile varieties. Kindred Spirits Mead and hard cider are two of the least-known but fastest-growing craft beverage categories, so Hierophant and Twilight have plenty in common. Twilight’s Will and Jackie and Hierophant’s Jeremy and Michelle Kyncl have been cooperating on the Bluff for years—sharing ingredients, equipment, and ideas—and through those experiences they learned that they were kindred spirits. When Michelle heard about an open retail space in Kendall Yards, a community interested in artisan-centric, locally owned businesses like theirs, their friendly partnership came to fruition. “It was our first thought—these are the people we want to work with,” says Michelle about


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Will and Jackie. “They truly are our best friends.” Michelle first learned about cooperative tasting rooms on mead sales trips to Seattle and Walla Walla. She says she loves the concept of small businesses working together, and says that starting the business in Kendall Yards was an easy decision. She and husband Jeremy think it’s an incredible part of Spokane, and both said that Greenstone, the property developer, has been very supportive of locally owned businesses like theirs. “The more small business, the more craft beverage, and the more art you put in a space, the more of a hub it becomes for the city,” she says, explaining that Solace will contribute to that community spirit by participating in First Friday, working with neighboring Marmot Art Space to host co-op art parties, and more. Solace is a friendly space with about 16 seats, and next spring they will open a patio to double that. They serve small plates which include local cheeses and smoked salmon from Sandpoint, Idaho-based Thunder’s Catch Seafood, another Night Market regular. People can also enjoy French press coffee from neighborhood roaster Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, and herbal teas from Seattle’s Cunning Crow Apothecary.

Cocktails, & ft a r C s, er g r u B Fancy


nd Weeknech Bru

509.315.8324 As they move forward, the four friends plan to collaborate on innovative cider and mead hybrid products, and they are working on a low-proof cocktail menu featuring ciders and meads rather than highproof spirits. They also hope to collaborate with local brewers to make other hybrid beverages, and have spoken with local distillers about making fortified meads and ciders. All this innovation means that each time you visit you will probably be able to find something you’ve never tasted before, in a welcoming community environment. “When we thought of the word solace we thought it just means comfort and relief,” says Twilight’s Will, who says they have something for everyone to enjoy. “Look for solace in Kendall Yards.” A Spokane-based food and drink writer with a fishing problem, Chris Lozier is the assistant editor of a national distilling trade publication. You can find his stories at chrislozier.com.

Find us on

Coeur d’Alene’s Best Venue For Large Groups and Parties!







Modern Northwest Cuisine ● Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” ● Live Music ● Craft Cocktails

317 SHERMAN AVE, COEUR D'ALENE ID || 208-664-9463

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


LIQUID LIBATIONS/beer & dinner pairings

Knocking Your Culinary Socks Off With Beer Pairing Dinners by Kris Kilduff


ome Superheroes wear spandex and bound into burning buildings; others spend countless hours fine-tuning their culinary crafts like they were students of some food fundamental X-men. Instead of lasers, they shoot Rainier cherry gastrique out of their eyes. Prohibition Gastropub, Elysian and Bellwether Brewing are some of Washington’s elite. The craft beer scene continues to build and as new flavors find their way into our glasses, we are starting to see a trend of up-and-coming and long-standing breweries fleeing their hoppy home-base to play

Course 1: To get us started we received a beautiful arrangement of mesclun greens and herbs with asparagus, peas, pickled shallot and a six minute egg. A sweet vanilla lime aioli and green goddess dressing (which usually consists of mayonnaise, sour cream, chervil, chives, anchovy, tarragon, lemon juice, and pepper). A perfect pairing of Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA had our 10-person table going strong as it was unanimously voted the best pairing of the night.

Upcoming Beer Pairing Dinners October 11: Clover with New Belgium Brewing October 18: Prohibition with Ninkasi/River City


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Course 2: It was an immaculate

presentation and the crispy pork belly sitting atop smoked pork rillettes and thinly sliced golden beets had many of us hoping they would just bring this course back for dessert. They could have easily paired this with a small glass of the glorious Rainier cherry gastrique it was plated with, but Bellwether Buying Time Pale Ale did the trick. A refreshing mild cop who knocks on the door of the party that was just in my mouth.

Course 3: Seeing grilled octopus on the

menu had the audience a little up in arms but I am a sucker for seafood. Often chewy or over-charred, tentacles can be notorious for over-cooking. Chef JD and his crew hit the nail on the head. The dense sweet meat that settles somewhere between crab and chicken was fantastic. The spice of the chorizo puree and cilantro oil were consummate accompaniments. I’d never had an arancini before, but I now want more. Think of a well-seasoned saffron rice, balled, breaded and fried to a crisp. Pairing beer for such a dish with such a variety of flavors would be tricky. Apparently beer guru Thomas Croskrey of Bellwether agreed and brewed Prohibition Secret Knock just for the occasion.

12 Beers on Tap

with fine dining establishments across the INW. Half dinner date, half pub crawl, a beer dinner is not your Grandma’s country club. Within minutes I had everyone conjoin tables and ordering pre-beer beer instead of conventional introductions. Tim wanted an IPA, Patrick was more into ambers and reds and Denise found out she was pregnant three days after ordering tickets.

Best Pizza

Course 4: Finally time for

something a bit lighter. Smoked beef brisket and potato pavé? I’m pretty sure the chef was trying his best to make us explode. Small tidbits of savoy cabbage and smoked bacon danced around a decadent grilled corn puree. It was supposed to be served with a whole grain mustard but I somehow received more Rainier cherry gastrique. This didn’t offend me in the slightest as I would happily dip cardboard in that sweet nectar of the Gods. Anyone who smokes meat knows black pepper is a must. Elysian perfectly paired their spicy Saison Poivre with the course, leaving no taste unturned on my palate.

Course 5: Even the foodiest of the foodies learn things. Apparently Gianduja is a chocolate that contains about 30 percent hazelnut paste, and when it’s turned into a mousse there is a good chance you’d steal more of it from a baby. A drizzle of vanilla bean white chocolate sauce and macerated peach relish gave everything dimensions. My only complaint was needing more of the crumbled shortbread that was pulling everything together. You can’t object for long when you have two beer pairings to finish the night. Bellwether’s Patrick Horn Brown had a smooth nutty finish that lent savory depth, and Elysian’s Dragon’s Tooth Stout was dessert in a glass. Chocolate, coffee and oatmeal rolled in to a strong 8.1 ABV. Someone grab me a pint of Rainier cherry gastrique and call me an Uber.

Great pizza & sandwiches

509.290.5018 benniditosbrewpub.com 1909 East Sprague Spokane, WA 99202 spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


MIC DROP/doyle wheeler

photo by Cathye Bordwell


spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016

Doyle Wheeler CEO, Kinetek Media and FilterNerd Photography


’m often asked, “how do you find time to get everything done?” and my instant response is: “work!” I look back to my unexplainable past and realize I am not here because of good luck or chance. I’m here because I lost it all. Most humans don’t experience the fortune of losing it all. I feel like experiences that bring me to my knees, have me asking why or wondering how I got here are the best. When I was in 8th grade, I had a strong passion for anything that rolled on wheels. I was looking at high school and constantly told, “here’s everything you need to get to college.” I was always thinking that college would not get me the experience I needed to follow my passion. So, I enrolled in Spokane Skills Center, which is now NEWTECH Skills Center, for the Auto Body class taught by the great Willy Harms. I wanted to find the best shop in town to work as an apprentice instead of college. At the age of 18, I was able to convince Craig Bartels at Craig’s Automotive Collision Center to hire me. He let me use his tools until I earned enough to buy my own. I worked in the auto collision trade for 18 years until being badly injured on the job. I had to stop working and begin healing. Through all of the hassles of insurance, paper work and legal battles that come with an on the job injury, we lost everything. Well, almost everything (I know this now). I was depressed, fighting and angry. My wife Carri was my rock. She was firm in believing this was not the end of our legacy. Our family was more important than money. Just being alive was a gift. We’re meant to live, not be successful. The Bottom of The Barrel Is The Best Place To Be, ALWAYS: At rock bottom, the bottom of the barrel, or whatever your analogy would be is a good place. Everything looks up from there. I was able to see things in a new perspective. When I was consumed with the bad days, my head was in the sand. When I was willing to look up, everything was good, I could see a potential future that made sense, I just needed to go forward, do something, make a difference, help others. The Internet can change your life: It was 2008. My automotive collision repair career came to a cold stop. I remember hearing radio ads saying “friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.” I had been keeping busy with some easy artwork while recovering, and decided to start using an artist name on Facebook to see what happened. I found new people that wanted to get to know me across the country. I eventually went to meet some of them and realized they recognized me before I introduced myself. I regained my confidence and started reinventing myself. When I came up with the idea of building a social media marketing firm in Spokane, no one thought it would work. I started volunteering my time to help businesses become acquainted with others in Spokane. After five years of hard work, my business is rocking.

Don’t work to be successful: Remember when your dad and mom were showing you how to save money, be responsible, kind, have patience, and help others? Success is not how much money I make, how big my business is, what kind of car I drive. It’s how I made the money. If you treat your business like it is your life—or like my friend Troy Freesman told me once: “You will always take care of your kids. Treat your business like it is part of your family, and it wont fail.” you’ll find real success. Don’t believe everything you think: DREAM BIG. Be willing to change. Be flexible. Be honest. But most importantly, be honest with yourself. I can become consumed in a good idea. Then the thoughts of doubt, fear and “it won’t work” start banging in my head. Again, life at the bottom of the barrel is really good. Turn dreams into goals, make a plan, execute, be patient, make them reality. Patience for the win: In your work, business, life, but most importantly the dream. When you’re working 12-16 hour days to make the next big thing, time is not your friend. I have found there’s more time than you can imagine, but it takes patience. Work your 9-5, work your overtime. Follow your dreams after 9 p.m. or get up three hours early. Keep at it. PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE: The acrostic for fear should be ingrained in our heads: False – Evidence – Appears – Real. Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? I have. And I gave into fear. I was in the best place in life—the bottom of the barrel—and my head was in the sand because I was scared. Scared I was going to lose everything. Scared I could not provide for my family. Now fear will never be an operative word in my life. In the board room. Behind a camera. With my family. Results come from optimism, positivity and encouragement. There is no balance: If you know your priorities in advance it’s much easier to make choices in your daily life. I follow this order of importance: spiritual life, marriage, children, work. When I go back to this list of priorities, everything looks up. Remember where you came from: My grandparents survived the depression. My grandpa built a house by hand with a hand saw and used scrap lumber to finish it. Their home still stands today. Now we’re worried about how many likes we have on Facebook. How many people saw our Snapchat story. Live. Work hard, live at the bottom of the barrel. We live in exciting times. Help others: When my family had nothing left, we made lasting relationships. People we didn’t know well stepped up and helped. Now I love helping others, because I know what it is like to be on the receiving end.

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016



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eventbrite.com or bozzimedia.com 178

spokanecda.com • OCTOBER • 2016


BNSF Railway heading north from Latah Junction Doyle Wheeler has always been impressed by Spokane’s history and unique structures. This shot is one he had been planning for a few months. The narrow elevated train track that carries thousands of trains a year across Latah Creek can be seen from I-90 just west of Downtown Spokane. “I am fascinated by this junction because it splits above ground and connects North and South railways around Sunset hill,” he says. “There are fantastic views of this bridge and the Sunset Highway bridge with a quick hike in from Vinegar Flats.” Doyle has become widely known for his #FilterNerd photos around the state.

107 S. Howard, Suite 205 Spokane, WA 99201

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