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setup to preview new books from the publishers. While no books were checked out, valuable sugges ons were given by some students. A link was also set up for students to request a book, genre, or series. I highly encourage them to give their input for the library collec on (h!p:// libserv •

"Those who say it can't be done, shouldn't interrupt those who are doing it. ~Unknown

Preview Books—Last week at lunch in the cafeteria a display was

Folle Enlight App—With eContent everywhere and any me, Folle! (our Districts library resource for books, eBooks and audiobooks) has released their latest reading environment focused on universal access. This is great for our District CTA/BYOD ini a ve. Once we have established which eBooks we would like in the collec on for Fern we can begin to support and promote this App to the students.

Check out what Gale has to offer for nonfic on and your curriculum at h!p:// Do send me anything you are thinking about in regards to your units of study.

Newsletter Contribution! Got an idea, tip, or suggestion that you would like to share for the newsletter? Submit it here:

Highlighted & Underlined Technology, Research, and Learning Resources

7 Simple Google Tips to Search Like a Boss The ar cle put out by TeachThought presented a great infographic on effec vely maximizing Google search in seven steps that students (or yourself) might remember. The larger version can be found at h!p://

Mashpedia h!p:// - is an interes ng service that matches reference ar cles from Wikipedia to materials from YouTube and news websites. The purpose of drawing materials from mul ple sources is to provide users with a comprehensive view of news stories and reference topics. Mashpedia also presents Amazon lists of books related to your chosen topic. It could be a great resource for a current events class. Adapted from

Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (For Free) The list contained on this webpage h!p:// has free 15-20 minutes Q & A sessions with classes or book clubs that have finished reading one of the author’s books. The age range is from elementary up to adult. More in-depth virtual visits are offered for a fee. Also note that you should make contact with the author to be sure he/she s ll offers the Skype sessions before planning lessons and purchasing books.

Illustra-ve Mathema-cs is a free resource for K-12 mathema cs. They offer correct, educa onally sound, Common Core aligned lesson ac vi es and illustra ons. They are accessible to all and if you register you can rate and share ac vi es. h!p://

How to Overcome Stage Fright I heard that the students at Fern are preparing speeches. This resource, a TEDEd mini-lesson, will assist those students who are completely freaked-out by the prospect of having to speak to a public audience. So why do people get stage fright and what can be done about it? This TED-Ed lesson (h!p:// has the answers. Understanding why something happens and accep ng it are the first steps to changing it. This four minute TED -Ed video could be a great li!le lesson to share with students in the weeks before they give presenta ons in your classroom. Adapted:

Learning Opportunities Discovery Educa-on's Common Core Academies are free events arranged around the themes of Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, and leadership of Common Core implementa on. The highlights of each academy are… • prac cal strategies to implement CCSS • research-based instruc onal prac ces • best prac ces in using digital content • resources and digital tools for immediate classroom integra on Discovery Educa on will be in town to present these academies on November 13th for ELA Literacy & Common Core in the Digital World (Register h!p:// and November 14th for Teaching & Assessing Common Core Math in the Digital World (Register h!p:// NOTE: Currently there is a wait list. Loca on: Brentwood School District Admin Conference Center from 8:30 to 3:30

Last week of Connected Educator Month! What is Connected Educators about? It’s an online professional network supported by the Department of Educa on. The mission is to help educators like yourself thrive in a connected world. Connected Educators combines research, development, and outreach all year long, but invites you to celebrate and par cipate the whole month of October. To get you going, Connected Educator has created a Starter Kit for you to peruse in order to get the best experience. The kit is a!ached to this weeks updates. Visit the official Connected Educator Month site at h!p://

K-12 Online Conference h!p:// This online conference is organized by educators for educators around the world interested in integra ng emerging technologies into classroom prac ce. The goal is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a con nually changing learning landscape The conference is organized into four strands and each strand has an invited keynote speaker. This week’s strands are: Week of Oct 28 – Nov. 1: Leading Learning and Building Learning

Parkway Library Media Webinar Series Library Services is presen ng our own webinar series to librarians and the good news is that they are archived so that anyone can view them. Please feel free to watch the archived webinar from October 10th on —Google Collabora-ve Tools presented by Bill Bass. Take a peek at —h!p://

Fern Know & Go Vol 1 | Issue 8  
Fern Know & Go Vol 1 | Issue 8  

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