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That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them! ~Stephen Fry



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All Library books are due back by May 9th! The Parkway Summer Reading List is available at and on the St. Louis County Library webpage. Students should also apply for a St. Louis County Library card because they will have access to hundreds of eBooks, databases, and magazine subscrip&ons all online. h'p:// Back ligh&ng is s&ll be added to the bookshelves to enhance the selec&on process for students and staff.

More new books have arrived. Some complete sets and others are from the Parkway Summer Reading List.

Highlighted & Underlined Technology, Research, and Learning Resources Go Social Studies Go This Social Studies site contains a series of mul&media books about common social studies topics. It is typically used with middle school students but could also be used at upper elementary or lower high school levels. h'p://

20 Great Ways Libraries/Classrooms are Using Pinterest Pinterest is a great way to curate informa&on by topic for teachers, students, and librarians. In this post from they talk about how it is a great approach to keeping up with crea&ve and cu1ng-edge approaches for libraries (or possibly classrooms) to engage their communi&es. Examples include: pinning books covers, showcasing archives, crea&ng reading lists, sharing new acquisi&ons, promo&ng ac&vi&es, showcasing infographics, encouraging readership, and many more. 5 Must Watch TED Talks—eSchool News In last weeks tech news Carly Buchanan, discussed five TED talks that talked discussed how to improve students learning. The perspec&ve was given from educa&onal professionals with a unique vision on how to accomplish this mission. The TED topics include: using data to build be'er schools, teaching students to code, using MOOCS, students as app developers, and using video to reinvent educa&on. The ar&cle can be found on eSchool News. 5 Tools That Help Students Organize Research and Create Bibliographies put a list together to help students organize and write a bibliography. One of them is a Google Docs Add-on which is the EasyBib Bibliography Creator. The ar&cle also gives direc&ons for the process of using the add-on. Other services discussed are Scribble, Cite This for Me, refDot (Google Chrome extension), and Citelighter and (also a browser extension).

NETA 2014 Conference Highlight A webmix of 2.0 sites was created on a Symbaloo gallery from the spring NETA Nebraska Educa&onal Technology Associa&on) conference. Take a peek and see if you find something that makes you curious! Everything from animal webcams to games, and produc&vity tools are represented.

Frontline on PBS—Thought Provoking Journalism This site offers classroom ac&vi&es with streaming video, downloadable lesson plans, and resources to accompany Frontline programs. They have featured guides, various topics ( biographies, business & economy, diversity, foreign affairs, government policy, health, media literacy, and religion), and Frontline planner (a monthly newsle'er designed with informa&on on upcoming films and &mely resources). h'p://

5 Terrific Web Tools to Create Academic Digital Por6olios Many schools are looking at the best way to incorporate digital porAolios so that students can showcase their work. This ar&cle from Educa onal Technology and Mobile Learning looks a wide variety of web tools for the task. Some of the featured tools are: Pathbrite, Google Sites, Silk, Weebly and Dropr.

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4 New Tools for Customizing Google Forms Recently Google has introduced four tools to customize Forms and make them even more func&onal. The five minute YouTube video h7ps:// shows you all about : •

Adding a progress bar to show home much of the quiz is s&ll leF to complete

Data valida&on—to be sure the users enter informa&on in the correct format

Embedding YouTube videos

Custom messages for closed forms

100 Important Google Drive Tips for Teachers & Students As we begin to think about how Google Apps will look in our district and how we can support teachers and students, the Educa&onal Technology and Mobile Learning site has put together a great resource to help streamline what it is we need to share about Google Drive. The ar&cle has sugges&ons for keyboard shortcuts, produc&vity, features & tools, collabora&on file management, organiza&on, and much more.

Student Opportunities St Louis County Library’s Summer Reading Club The Kid Reading Club (ages 3 to entering grade 5) and the Teen Reading Club (Entering grades 6-12) starts on May 12th! There are two promo&onal videos showcasing how the club works and this year’s prizes are now available on the library’s YouTube channel. The direct link: Teen Club Promo&onal Video. The videos can be use to promote the club to your students and parents. Other ideas for sharing include: showing the videos during assembly &mes, pos&ng them on your website, or sending the link in a newsle'er.

FR Know & Go Volume 1 | Issue 25  
FR Know & Go Volume 1 | Issue 25  

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