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A Walk in the Park

Johnson City Parks and Recreation

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From our Family to Yours... Christmas is more than a day in December it’s all of those things we love to remember. It’s carolers singing familiar refrains. It’s bright colored stockings and shiny toy trains. It’s streamers of tinsel and glass satin balls and laughter that rings through the house and its halls. Christmas is more than a day in December. It’s the magic of love that we’ll always remember. From our family to yours

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Administration Highlights ~ 

The 35th Annual Wall of Fame Banquet was held on December 8 at Memorial Park Community Center. Congratulations to this year’s inductees.

Randy Collins

Athletics Division Highlights 

Carl Williams

Frank Leroy Knisley


There were 67 teams playing in the Holiday Basketball Classic .

Park Services Division Highlights ~ 

Park Services assisted with the decorating of the City Commission float for this year’s Christmas parade and provided tables and chairs for the Whoville event at the downtown pavilion. They also assisted with the Christmas tree lighting downtown on Friday, December 2.

Winterization of park locations that have no heat in the restrooms has been completed.

The concrete at Lions Pavilion has been extended, and a roof has been added to compliment the existing pavilion.

Park Services also assisted with the set up of the Living Christmas Tree performances which took place at Carver Recreation Center December 9-11.

A Walk in the Park

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Memorial Park Community Center ~ 

The Annual My Little Valentine Daddy Daughter Flash Sale was held on December 9 with 86 tickets purchased during the sale.

Memorial Park Community Center hosted the Annual Wall of Fame Banquet with 200 in attendance.

Santa’s mailbox has accepted 100 plus letters to be mailed to Ole’ Saint Nick!

Recreation Services Division ~ 

Carver Recreation Center held their Annual Children’s Christmas party on December 16. Youth ages 6-13 were presented with gifts purchased by area businesses and industry sponsors. The Living Christmas Tree program in conjunction with Central Baptist Church was held on December 9 with approximately 800 in attendance for the three performances.

Both Princeton Arts Center and Nature participated in the Whoville event downtown on December 3. Princeton Arts Center provided face painting, and Nature set up a booth showcasing different animal pelts.

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Kudos to Park Services their efforts throughout the year have made our parks and facilities clean, beautiful, and safe for the enjoyment of our patrons and staff. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all your hard work!

Walk in the park december 2016