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Inaugural Seed Swap takes root at MPCC! Johnson City Parks and Recreation’s firstever Jump Start Seed Swap and Pollinator Day took root many months ahead of the Feb. 2 event, and the planning, networking and organizing resulted in a large and diverse web of enthusiastic participants. The event at Memorial Park Community Center drew 325 visitors, more than 180 alone for guest speaker Dr. Darrell Moore, an ETSU Biological Sciences professor. Nature Program Coordinator Connie Deegan said Melanie Kelley, one of her volunteers, came up with the idea. “We talked about it, and it sounded like it was going to be big, so I purposefully scheduled it out a bit,” Deegan said. “There are lots of people who can’t wait to get their hands in the soil, but that’s based on the seeds and plants people will have available.” Deegan contacted people to gauge their interests, and their reactions was very positive. They liked the fact there was and education component and that there would be no cash exchanged, she added. She dubbed the people and groups that might be interested in exhibiting their samples and sharing their collective knowledge “talent” – people that would be able to answer questions and offer expert advice. The talent ranged from specialists in garden pollination, native plants, water quality, backyard wildlife habitat, as well as academic experts. “There also were citizen science opportunities. For example, one group may monitor butterflies, but they can only monitor so much personally. So they are involved with others who use smartphones to document a variety of species so they can be given to experts who collect and analyze the data.” Some attendees went only to see what the buzz was about, but ended up sticking around asking questions from exhibitors and others. Many chose to put their names on an email list Deegan put together that delivers links to all exhibitors and participants. The Jump Start Seed Swap and Pollinator Day proved such a success that a bigger space or venue will be needed in the future. A special thanks to these partners/exhibitors: Boone Watershed Partnership, Build It Up TN, ETSU Art & Design Dept., HERBalachia, What’s the Buzz, Southern Appalachian Plant Society, Tennessee Smart Yards, Wild Ones, Zoo Knoxville, Carver Peace Gardens, ETSU Biology Dept. (staff and students), Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek, Tri-Cities Food Cooperative Interest Group.

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Administration Highlights ~ 

Tannery Knobs - Park signage is being produced and staff will be constructing a guard station. Exploring costs of a vaulted restroom.

Keefauver Farm—A meeting was held with ETSU Biology Department to discuss potential use and/or partnerships of the property for natural research programming.

Buffalo Mountain Park - Signage changes and construction of a guard station and other improvements are being discussed.

Park Services Manager—Interviews third week of February.

Athletics Division Highlights ~ 

The 2018-2019 youth and adult basketball seasons wrapped up in February with tournament play. Congratulations to all our teams on a fun season. The Swarm took first place in the 10/11 girls division end-ofseason tournament.

Youth spring soccer and adult softball registration is underway.

Youth softball registration opened on Feb. 25.

Now hiring officials for our soccer and adult softball season.

Athletics Division considering offering volleyball.

Revised Athletic Policy Manual will be presented to the Park Advisory Board for their approval at the March meeting.

Park Services Division Highlights ~ 

Metro-Kiwanis Park - Vandalism repairs.

Optimist Park - Gate installed.

Liberty Bell Tennis Center - Fence repairs.

All parks - Major tree clean up and removal from high winds.

Golf Division Highlights ~ 

Major storm damage from extreme wind, uprooted trees and left enormous amounts of debris. City forester assisted with clean up and tree removal.

A Walk in the Park Your Parks and Recreation Connection

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Recreation Services Division ~ 

Aquatics - Memorial Park Community Center teaching and therapy pools have failed an inspection. Staff is currently working with Public Works to resolve the issue. Fault seems to be that of the mechanical contractor who provided and installed the boilers.

Carver Recreation Center - Martin Luther King, Jr. Dinner had 350 in attendance. Additional equipment has been purchased through the Medical Library Grant (computer chairs and printer cart).

Nature - Nature coordinator attended the Outdoor Task Force quarterly meeting. The first meeting of this semester’s Practicum and Service Learning students was held at Jacob’s Nature Park at Sinking Creek where students placed mulch on the lower part of the Minga Trail on the far side of the bridge.

Memorial Park Community Center - Teen Game Night was held each Thursday this month with 40 in attendance for the report period. The annual Daddy Daughter Dance was a success with 731 participants enjoying a Beauty and the Beast themed evening. Adaptive recreation classes are averaging 30 participants. Start Smart Soccer began this month with 20 enrolled in the program. Homeschool Art had 15 this report period.

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Rambunctious and distinctive Nature Program Coordinator Connie Deegan needs no introduction, but her extensive networking, planning and hard work that brought together Johnson City’s first-ever Jump Start Seed Swap and Pollinator Day also places her in the spotlight in this month’s Kudos Corner. The Feb. 2 event at Memorial Park Community Center drew 325 visitors. The event featured a diverse group of “talent” who shared their exhibits and knowledge, as well as a venue packed full of enthusiastic participants. Congratulations, Connie!

Upcoming Events February 28 - Youth Soccer Registration Concludes

March 16 - Athletics - Youth Soccer Practice Begins

February 28 - Winged Deer Park - Park Advisory Board Meeting

March 22-24 - Winged Deer Park - East Tennessee Classic

March 1 - Senior Services - Friday Night Dance - The Shooter Band

March 24 - Athletics - Girls Softball Registration Concludes

March 4 - Athletics - Girls Travel Softball Registration Opens

March 28 - Winged Deer Park - Park Advisory Board Meeting

March 4 - Athletics - Adult Softball Practice Begins

April 4 - Memorial Park Community Center—Start Smart Basketball

March 9 - Memorial Park Community Center - Wacky MPCC Mini Golf Challenge

April 4 - Memorial Park Community Center - Spring Sock Hop

March 13 - Winged Deer Park - Youth Softball Coaches Meeting

April 15 & 16 - Carver Recreation Center - Easter Crafts & Egg Coloring

March 13 - Winged Deer Park - Youth Soccer Referees Meeting

April 18 - Carver Recreation Center—Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout

March 13 - Winged Deer Park - Adult Softball Umpires Meeting

April 18 - Memorial Park Community Center - Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

March 13 - Athens, TN - TRPA NE District workshop

April 19 - Memorial Park Community Center - Girls Night Out

March 14 - Carver - St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

May 4 - Memorial Park Community Center - Mother’s Day Tea

March 15 - Senior Services - Friday Night Dance - Retroville Band

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A Walk in the Park Newsletter - February 2019  

A brief look at what's been going on.

A Walk in the Park Newsletter - February 2019  

A brief look at what's been going on.

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