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FASHION & DESIGN Page 12 Timabee Bags - The Latest Collection Severe Nature SP Collection 2015 We Are Kings - King Hectors new collection Faduma Designs Chigozie - Wearing Denim Tufafi Fashion Nataly Vu Le design Currently Wearing - Swiss fashion blogger

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PHOTOGRAPHY & MODELING Page 48 Zoe Everson - Model photography by Jan Cibula Spiro Photography - The best of photography Audrey Bowes - Photography by Garry Black Teye Wears Kenzo 42 Sttom Photography “My Calvins”- Soul Kreativity Photography Liza Natchetaia & Anna Prikhodko Temitope Owolabi - Moving worlds

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BEAUTY & BUSINESS Page 82 Loola Cosmetics - Fashion, beauty and health Anthonia Bejide - Make-up artist Rent Frock Repeat Marlet Aguilar - Make up artist Gwen Madiba - Spring It !

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THE NEXT BIG THING “The biggest ever!“ Krowd Magazine Issue No. 4 Black Edition A special edition of Krowd Magazine featuring new creatives and businesses. All content is approved and published with consent of the respective creatives. All contact details are also delivered in this magazine with permission of the respective business and creatives. Unavailable contact details may be available upon email request.



Editors Note It has been really fun working on this Black Edition. First of all I would love to thank Spiro Polichronopoulos, Marlet Aguilar and Anthonia Bejide for an amazing contribution in this issue. At Krowd Magazine, we are always ready to work with individuals who are willing to put in their very best without hesitation. In this edition, we decided to have a variety of photographers, designers and models so feel free to check our Connect page to contact any of these features. I would love to announce that Krowd Magazine is now in operations in Switzerland. The Swiss first edition would be a customized version of the Black Edition with Katia Ivanova as the cover model. We hope to inspire other models and photographers in this region in the near future. Thank you to everyone who helped in making this edition a success and we hope to work with you all again soon. In the meantime, Enjoy the Black Edition.

George Promise Krowd Magazine


The face of November Shelby Del Franko Is an international model, aspiring actor and artist. She was featured in our second edition and with her exceptional professionalism, we chose her to be our cover girl in our third edition. Shelby was born in Brazil, raised in Israel, and currently resides in Canada. She has been featured in Top Ten Magazine, Lex Magazine, and has worked with Canadian renowned photographer, Mike Giovinazzo. Shelby is currently working on “Free Pour� which is a comedy film that is due to be released in 2015, at the US International Film and Video Festival. Shelby has been a very influential creative to both Krowd Vibe and Krowd Magazine and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Thank you Shelby!

Photographer: Spiro - Designer: Luciano Martin Model: Shelby Del Franko - Makeup: Marlet Aguilar - Hair: Tisha Thompson


Preface Issue four’s concepts - “We want our creatives to be well known”. This special edition of our magazine is purposely made to promote our creatives. We wish to thank all our current and new readers for their commitment to our magazine. We also thank all our contributors and creatives who worked with us to create this edition. In this edition you will discover new talents and new businesses from around the world with whom you can get in touch with directly by checking the connect page at the end of the magazine. A big thank you to the Krowd team for all their hard works and we wish every reader a good time. Enjoy.


Loola Cosmetics

The Black Edition original copy. Canada and Switzerland May 2015 Produced by Krowd Vibe and Krowd Magazine Printed by Rickshaw Studios Sponsored by Krowd Vibe Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution Non commercial No Derivatives 4.0 International License.




Krowd Magazine issue 4. The Black edition - May 2015

Submissions / Features




Timabee The Shahidah Bag by Timabee - Latest collection Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Photo by Envoy Photography




We are Kings King Hector’s new fashion project. “...My love for blazers and suits has inspired me to launch my first clothing line/collection of blazers and suits : “We are Kings”. For this first collection I wanted to pay tributes to my African heritage by working with African print.” I chose the name “We are Kings” for I believe we are each kings and queens in our own rights. The full collection, should be ready by Fall. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Credits: Photographers Chase Miller & Spiro Photography Models: Emmanuel Kattiems & Bethel Francis

King Hector.


Photographer: Spiro Photography Designer: King Hector Jnr Model: Alee Abozmal Makeup: Marlet Aguilar

Faduma Designs Designs by Faduma Sidow - Ottawa, Canada Photo by: Roland Bast - Make up artist: Marlet Aguilar Models: Emma Stace, Asoomi Jay, Sarah Boswell, Jezella Maria

Wearing Denim Chigozie Izugou, fashion blogger Denim is one of life’s most essential clothing in my opinion. Everyone has at least one item made out of denim whether it is a shirt, jeans or even a jacket. In most cases our denim is our favourite or a go to piece in our closet. People often get confused about the difference between denim and jeans. Denim is a fabric made of cotton twill that is 100% cotton. It is sturdy yet very comfortable. On the other hand, jeans made from denim fabric. So you can say jeans is a by-product of denim. As you can see, they are similar but quite different. Denim can be worn up, down or whatever way you choose. Denim may be made in form of pants, jacket, shirt, bag or even an accessory piece like denim jewelry. Not only can denim be recreated in different forms, they also come in many different colours. We are used to seeing denim in regular blue, but now more than often we see designers putting different colours of denim out there like purple, pink and white. In season 13, an upcoming designer from project runway Kini Zamora,designed most of his finale collection with denim. It’s amazing how much people can do with denim and how creative you can be with your outfits. Personally, I love denim and have a lot of denim pieces in my closet. I wear them differently and I love how much personality I show when I wear denim clothes. You can pair denim with anything and look amazing, be it be formal or causal. Whether you’re trying to look basic or high fashion; denim works. Finally I know we all have denim and in most cases people think it’s basic. My challenge to you is to push your style and try to use denim in more creative ways than just the basic ways that we already do. Be like Kini and push yourself.


Photo by: Chase Miller Model: King Hector

TUFAFI FASHION Tufafi Fashion Designs by Charifa Labarang Photo by: Eldora Crystal Canada

MODELS Photo 1: Amy Armour Photo 2: Nathalie Eji Photo 3: Samantha Dove Kennedy Photo 4: Alexander C G Farrow

NATALY VU FASHION Nataly Vu fashion Designs by Nataly Vu Photo by: Spiro Photography Ottawa / Canada

Model: Dove Kennedy Dove is wearing a reversible bustier and detachable peplum skirt.

Photographer: Spiro Designer: Natalie Vu Le Designs Model: Eva Bruketa Makeup: Marlet Aguilar Hair: Tisha Thompson Eva is wearing a modern take on a classic 50’s inspired dress with a full lace back. Shot on location at THE BALDACHIN INN, and INCH OF GOLD boutique, Merrickville Ontario.

Photographer: Spiro Designer: Natalie Vu Le Designs Model: Carolyna Bauer Makeup: Marlet Aguilar Hair: Tisha Thompson A Blue lace V-neck gown by NATALY VU, shot on location at THE BALDACHIN INN, and INCH OF GOLD boutique, Merrickville Ontario.

Currently Wearing


More info on currently wearing




Zoe Everson

Born in the Czech Republic, Grew up in Switzerland, Vegan, Law student, Interested in Music & arts, Traveler and Trilingual Photo by Jan Cibula



SPIRO photography

Spiro Polichronopoulos Was born and spent his formative years in Greece, immigrating with his family at the age of 11 to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His interest in photography was piqued when he took photography as an elective at Vanier College, under the guidance of Tom Fisher, who encouraged him to pursue the art. He later studied philosophy at McGill University with the intention of getting into international law but the draw of his first love guided him toward further studies in photography at Ryerson University.

A lifelong passion Starting his career in fashion photography, he quickly discovered his love for portraiture, dance and interior design photography. He has been fortunate to see his work published in many countries but was especially honoured when the celebrated modern philosopher, Dr. Raymond Klibansky sat for him. The two developed an enduring friendship until Dr. Klibansky’s death in 2005. Spiro has spent many years away from photography, only to return with a passionate embrace of his art in the past few months. His new found interest in fashion is inspired by what he describes as a greater maturity as an aesthete.

Dr. Raymond Klaybansky

AESTHETICS AND THE IMPERFECT OBSERVER. “Art is the accomplice of love. Take love away and there is no longer art.” Remy de Gourmont


hotography is by its very nature, a crafty lie, told in the sincerest way possible. If we consider that it is a slice of reality as represented by someone who has edited the time, place, perspective and conditions in which this occurred, one comes away with the feeling that a photograph is entirely subjective and made to represent an impossible reality since by its very nature it is a misrepresentation of that reality through filtering it in specific terms. While this is true, the esoteric truth however is that photography is a view beyond the reality it pretends to represent. A crafty lie is in fact a grander truth in the paradoxical essence of our relationship with this ideal vision. I have always said that photography is most closely related to sculpture than it is to painting. Every chisel mark, every hit of the hammer and weathering of time is visible; every enduring experience is shown, illustrated and featured for all to see. Light wraps around the surface of the work, always changing it, always in motion and constantly forcing it to adapt to the environment, much like we do as we pass unaware through life. Sculpture is a selectively chosen moment in time that depicts the most ideal version of the subject. Sculpture is a pure definition of beauty, as the sculptor wants us to understand it; it is the artist’s imposed ideals that we see and appreciate as our own. Sculpture is the naked reality of endurance through time and space and we are left naked in its gaze, looking and being looked at all at once. I have always had a devout adoration for sculpture that I have approached my work as a photographer from this starting point. I have considered the problem of photographic representation to be a great responsibility and the moral dilemma inherent in this responsibility is obvious. I believe that what you say as an artist must be warranted, must have value and must refer directly to the paradoxes of representing a selected moment, perspective and light to depict a grander sense of your subject, one that transcends the limit of the immediate, static view. As sculpture is the ideal representation of the subject, so is photography. It is from this starting point that my work finds meaning for me, especially through portraiture, as I hope it finds meaning for the viewer. While I am working, I want my subjects to speak

to me, to tell me their stories, without words or actions but by simply being there, quietly; gazing back at me and the viewer with the depth of their being, not the surface of their reflection through my lens. I am in constant search as I work, of the moment when the viewer and the viewed become accomplices in the paradox of their relationship through my representation. The ideal relationship between subject and viewer is when the viewer identifies with the subject, seeing both the frailty and enduring timelessness in that relationship; appreciating the similarities they share more then the differences between them. I am in constant search of the moment when the physical relationship of my subject and the viewer becomes blurred and unnoticeable and I hope it is clear in my work that though I am working in a purely physical realm, my intent is to transcend that physicality in favour of the more timeless qualities of the esoteric convergence through unity of the experiential relationship and physical proximity with the work. I did my studies in photography before the digital revolution changed the art forever. I was trained to be a good technician. I have learned however, that being technically perfect often detracts from the overall message that the work is conveying. I believe that like us mere mortals, photographs have a life of their own and the most enduring images bare the signature errors and faults of the creator. What is important to me is less the technical aspect than the message of resonance I am able to establish between my viewer and the work. I much prefer to know that the viewer has connected with the work on a personal level and has seen beauty in the ideal representation of the limited reality I am presenting. Though I don’t expect the viewer to be aware of it, I hope my work is a testament to the finite mortality of our being as it is the timelessness of presence; of ideal beauty through the hard, unfiltered, though highly selective reality; of the ideal perspective through the real representation. I hope that my viewer will come away from the work with an unconscious questioning of their own mortality and resilience, with a feeling that contradictions are not illogical and that our perceptions of beauty are limited to our experience and most importantly that they can change, adapt and evolve as we evolve continuously. I hope more than anything, that the viewer sees a bit of themselves in the work and that the relationship between the subject and the viewer is one of likeness.



Photography by Garry Black Ottawa - Canada More: The Passion for fashion Model: Audrey Bowes

Imagems Photographie The Passion for fashion Model: Audrey Bowes


Oluwatosin wears Kenzo Oluwatosin ‘Teye’ Adekeye wears Kenzo Tiger Sweater Styled by Optimustee(Teye) TEYE for Krowd Magazine, photographed by CHRIS

42 Sttom Photography 42 Sttom for Krowd Vibe Model: Natasha Wisdom

Soul Kreativity Photography I started professional shoots about a year ago. Being around passionate people and knowing that there are many more moments to capture through a lens inspires me and I enjoy reading and writing poetry.

Model: Nouha Jullienne Photo by: Soul Kreativity Photography Title: My Calvins



Soul Kreativity Photography Model: Nouha Jullienne



Liza Natchetaia Daniel Lamarche photography


Fashion inspires me and it has always been an interest. I just never thought I could end up doing something with it. When my cousin (Anna) and I were little, we always loved to dress up in our grandmas old dresses, cover ourselves in makeup and take photos. That was one of our favorite activities; we would even put on little shows for our family after.

When did you start professional modeling? I have done some shoots in the past but last summer a photographer, Wayne Brunet offered to shoot. I got my cousin, Anna to go with me and we had so much fun. We didn’t think much of it at the time we were just having fun but then everything spun out for us. Asides modeling, what do you do during your spare time ? I oil paint and draw. It calms me down and almost puts me in to a Zen mood. I also love to swim and ski. Why do you both like working together? Working together with Anna is always fun. We help each other on set and whenever a photographer writes to one of us, we automatically suggest the other. Which photographers have you been working with? We got the chance to work with a range of photographers. Anatoli Sviajine, Ian Dalton, Daniel Lamarche, Aimee Burb and Tooma Productions. It has been a good experience and I am really grateful for that. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in the modeling industry? Hopefully expanding to Montreal and Toronto, establishing strong base and relations in our career. --Liza Natchetaia Daniel Lamarche photography



Creativity is one of the greatest things for me on Earth; it grabs my attention from all the other things happening in my life and lets me fall into a deep ocean full of wonderful, beautiful, unusual and inspirational ideas. To me, modeling is a creative process thus, during the shoot I feel like I am doing something really great. What inspires you? I am inspired by ideas of the photographers I work with. They are very creative and I love to bring their creativity to life. Asides modeling, what do you do during your spare time? During my spare time, I like to spend time with my family especially with my youngest sister, Veronica who is 9 months old. I also love to go on nature walks with my lovely dog Soleil. Which photographers have you been working with? Our first photographer was Wayne Brunet. We are very thankful to him as the shoot opened us to the world of modelling and got us acquainted with Ottawa’s world of photography. Since that time we worked with lots of awesome professionals such as Chase Mark Jordan, Mike Giovinazzo, Garry Black, Anatoli Sviajine, Spiro Photographer, Ian Dalton, Alvin Chai, Benoit Delage, Doug Budzak, Mark Kelly, Eric Desarmia, Barry Thoms, Daniel Lamarche, Evan Sixone, Normand St-Denis, Saken Sabden, Jessica Lemieux. --Anna Prikhodko Photgraphy by Wayne Brunet


Anna Prikhodko Photography by: Wayne Brunet

Temitope Owolabi Temitope Owolabi is a visual artist, professional photographer, designer and entrepreneur from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Born in Dakar, Senegal and raised all over the world. His works of photography mainly focuses on fashion, art, portraiture and film. He has worked for Redcrown, a clothing brand founded in Ottawa now based in Toronto. He learned his various works of art while studying Human Rights with a minor in Communication Studies at Carleton University.


Moving worlds Temitope Owolabi Instagram: @Temitopeowolabi 6132824744



Loola Cosmetics Founded by Ife Elizabeth Shabi who is a Professional make-up artist. The cosmetic line is nothing like we have seen before. With roots in Canadian heritage and the need for a product line that is healthy, hypo-allergic, non-carcinogenic, colorful talc free with no synthetic oils, no parabens in preservatives, no D and C reds. Without all these drawbacks the products all provide continuous coverage with a natural sunscreen. Not only is the product an amazing investment, the Canadian consumer can feel confident that they are wearing something made in Canada. All products are also made in an environmentally conscious way. All the products are also available at affordable rates. They are Ultimately a smarter way of cosmetic enhancement.


S/S COLLECTION 2015 Loola Chiseled-Glow Contour Pallet Loola Vinyl Lip Lacquer Loola Liquid Matte Lipstick

All Available on Twitter: @Loolacosmetics Facebook: @Loolacosmetics Instagram: @Loolacosmetics

S/S COLLECTION 2015 Loola Chiseled-Glow Contour Pallet Loola Vinyl Lip Lacquer Loola Liquid Matte Lipstick

All Available on Twitter: @Loolacosmetics Facebook: @Loolacosmetics Instagram: @Loolacosmetics


Anthonia Bejide Make-up Artist

I am a self taught Makeup Artist born in Nigeria and raised in Ottawa, Canada. I have always been artistic growing up but never thought I would want to become a makeup artist. I’ve been working for MAC Cosmetics for two years now and it has made me fall in love with the art of makeup.



Who are we? Rent frock Repeat (RfR) is an exciting new way for women to have access to high-end designer labels for a fraction of the retail cost. RfR is every woman’s wardrobe solution, designed for those with a love for fashion and shopping to those with busy schedules and a dislike for a day at the mall.

The RfR story In March 2010, Kristy and Lisa were invited to attend a wedding. Neither wanted to spend money on another dress that would be worn once then subsequently sit in their closet collecting dust. They had seen an article about a rental company in a U.S. magazine and discovered that the company did not deliver to Canada. Rent frock Repeat was born. The two co-founders have over 13 years of combined experience in sales and marketing and a passion for the fashion industry.

Our Service Wear the hottest designs fresh off the runway, some from designers that are not available anywhere else in Canada, and designer labels that are out of the average woman’s budget.Designer labels include: Adam, Ali Ro, Badgley Mischka, Bibhu Mohapatra, Catilin Power, Camilla and Marc, Catherine Malandrino, Christian Cota, Christian Siriano, Copious, David Dixon, David Meister, Erin Featherston, Doo Ri, Finders Keepers, Halston, Jay Godfrey, Lovas, Mark & James by Badgley Mischka, Milly, Narces, Nicole Miller Peter Soronen, Pink Tartan,Ports 1961, Preen, Raoul, Robert Rodriguez, Shoshanna, Tracy Reese, Yigal Azrouel and more. RfR works directly with designers and buys either directly from them or through their authorized sales agents to find the hottest dresses in a variety of sizes for its customers. RfR does not buy from discount stores or consignment shops and does not purchase used clothing.

THE FOUNDERS Kristy Wieber, Co-Founder Rent frock Repeat

Lisa Delorme, Co-Founder Rent frock Repeat

For as long as Kristy Wieber can remember, she yearned for a career that would ignite her passions for art and fashion. Throughout her studies in Fashion Merchandising at Clark College in Vancouver, Kristy would also draw and paint. Fascinated by cosmetics and the way in which it could transform any woman, Kristy worked with leading cosmetics brands in the U.S. and Canada including Clinique, Prescriptives, Stila and Philosophy for over fifteen years.

Lisa Delorme’s sales career began when she was just seven years old – selling chocolate covered almonds in an effort to raise funds for her bowling team. After completing her B.A in English at Carleton University, this young and ambitious professional worked for over two decades at some of the world’s largest corporations including Coca-Cola and Xerox. For three years, Lisa served as President at the Art Institute of Toronto, recognized in the industry for their prestigious Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Programs and four years as Vice-President at the Education Management Corporation.

Throughout her experience in the cosmetics industry, Kristy oversaw event planning, inventory control, sales strategies, and team building. Relocating to Canada in 2003, Kristy shifted gears and transferred into Executive Recruiting. With a creative hunger that wouldn’t die down, she took a position with The Art Institute of Toronto. When the school closed, she was recruited by the marketing firm that did all the school’s campaigns, Big Clic Inc. Here, she oversaw SEO, SEM, PPC, direct mail and email campaigns, lead generation, conversion, and account management. Kristy holds a diverse repertoire of skills from various industries which brings her expertise in sales management and retail sales experience along with her artistic talents to Rent frock Repeat. Kristy looks to dominate the Canadian retail landscape with RfR one Camilla & Marc dress at a time.

Through her vast experience Lisa gained the insights and experience to lead marketing, sales, and P&L responsibilities at one of Canada’s most promising e-commerce businesses of 2011, Rent frock Repeat. Lisa relishes this opportunity to marry her love of fashion and sales experience into a dream-turned-reality. A determined and savvy businesswoman, Lisa is devoted to ensuring women across Canada of any age, race or economic status have the opportunity to enjoy luxury and look fabulous for their special occasions. Lisa has been happily married to her husband Jake for fourteen and a half years. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two dogs Chicago and Lenny.

Metallic Tweed with Back Cut-Out Dress Retail price: 125 CAD Photographer: Spiro Model: Mojisola Adesola Makeup/Hair: Anthonia Bejide

Marlet Aguilar The importance of professional makeup in photography by make-up artist Marlet Aguilar

I began working as a makeup artist because of my passion for seeing the transforming effect my work could have on the people I was working on.

I was inspired and moved by the way the women felt after I applied a bit of colour and shade to their features, enhancing the beauty that was already there. All artists require constant inspiration and makeup artists find it in the transformative effects they can achieve. Photographers who understand the artistry involved in applying makeup, know that collaborating with makeup artists gets them better and more accurate results. Qualified makeup artists are in high demand in fashion and portraiture. There is a big debate however, on whether makeup artists are essential at a photo shoot. Some, especially technically minded photographers believe that Photoshop has become “the tool� for photographers to achieve the results for a great photo. You will often hear them say how they can do anything, including the makeup required, just using the right tools in Photoshop. While Photoshop has changed the nature of photography and the art itself, it is important to understand the passionate eye of a photographer. He will see the subject different than the passionate eye of the makeup artist. Both have unique views on what constitutes beauty and while the photographer will often have a better understanding of lighting, composition and positioning; makeup artists better understand pigmentation, colour and shade. How to fit the look that is required within appropriate standards of good taste and what can guide the image to perfection based on beauty trends and industry requirements. While photographers are trained on what constitutes a great photo, makeup artists are trained on what constitutes a great look especially given the different requirements of each project, client and image in question. Makeup artists refine the photographer’s vision through experience and passionate interest in achieving the final result. Makeup artists understand how light affects the final outcome and can adapt the work they do to the specific lighting requirements. We are trained to apply proper skin care to cover blemishes and imperfections. We have the right products in our arsenal to do this as we save photographers long hours of touch-ups at the production stage. Photoshop can be more time consuming than shooting the image. Photographers who understand the importance of using their time wisely and productively, will have a close working relationship with a qualified makeup artist as a matter of practicality, more than anything. In the end, the greatest results are achieved through collaboration. The unique talents of photographers and makeup artists compliment each other when each artist is focused on their own specific passion of expression.


Marlet Aguilar. make-up artist

SPRING IT By: Gwen Madiba

After long strenuous winter blues it is time for us to unleash our inner fashionista and welcome spring in style. We travelled the world’s greatest runways and street to bring you our top 5 springs must haves. The Kimono - Kimono robes, coats and jackets are some of the most popular must have spring items seen on many S/S 2015 runways, bloggers, stores and online stores. From Alexander McQueen (through Sarah’s Burton geisha inspiration) to Gucci; designers are endorsing this sumptous traditional japanese wear. The kimono jacket seems to be taking over. Celine paired it up with tailleur pants while Etro added a beautiful oversized belt. The effortlessly chic item is slowly but surely becoming the new black.

The Jumpsuit - The jumpsuit is back. The jumpsuit has also been gracing runways around the world. From Christian Dior, to Ralph Lauren with a quick stop at Emilio Pucci, designers are adding their own twist to this timeless piece. Sonia Rykiel and Gucci gave us a conservatively sexy backless jumpsuit, while Leonard added a beautiful splash of color.

Bold red - Another Spring/Summer 2015 trend is bold red. Seen on various runways, from Miu Miu to Louis Vuitton, designers are embracing their bolder side; and so are celebrities. From the lipsticks to the outfits, red is shining this season. Be ready to let out your inner-Diva and dare to wear red; bold red that is! The lace - Coquettish romantic lace outfits are taking over. This spring expect to see lace in all shapes: dresses, shorts, skirts. Designers such as Valentino, Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy are mixing lace with various fabrics and sometimes going bold: all in with full lace dresses.

Mesh - Just like the lace, mesh is also conquering the fashion world this season. Balenciaga kept it sultry and sexy, while Calvin Klein and Adam Selman are giving us a sportier mesh look as seen on celebrities such as Rihanna. From Top Shop to ASOS with a quick stop at Forever21, mesh is taking over our closets.

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severe nature

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Runway for hope

Photographer: Garry Black Event: Runway for Hope Ottawa

The event’s focus is to promote local fashion designers in Ottawa

while also supporting charities that help make our communities better. The event promotes local talent in the city involving models, makeup artists and hairstylists and fashion designers. AUDIENCE Business individuals ,Fashion Enthusiasts, Local Fashion Designers, Fashion Design Students, Local Artists, Local Media, Ottawa/ Gatineau Community. PRESENTERS Ottawa Local Fashion Designers from Richard Robinson Academy, clothing stores ( Vasto & Banana Republic ) & Ottawa local talent Artists CHARITY Our goal is to make Ottawa a fashion capital and this event is tailor made for this purpose. Proceeds from this year’s event went towards Project Stitch at CHEO (Children`s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)


Mathieu Richard

Photographer: Spiro Model: Mathieu Richard Makeup: Marlet Aguilar

MATHIEU IN PERSON 1. Where are you originally from? Smooth Rock Falls is the place. It’s a small town located in northern Ontario which has no more than 1000 people. 2. What school do you attend and what is your major? I attend the University of Ottawa. I first started in the fall of 2012, enrolled in the Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am presently in my third year and going on to my last one in fall 2015. 3. When did you start modeling? To your surprise, I have never modeled before. However, l have always showed a personal interest for the industry. In fact, I partook in an outdoor photoshoot with a local photographer last summer to help her build her portfolio. It was a first for me and that was the start of a whole new adventure. 4. Why do you like modeling? A lot of people think that modeling is all about showing up on set, taking a picture, and then leave. But it’s much more than that. Modeling is really about working closely with a team of professionals and connecting with each and every one of them. It’s about helping each other and bringing out the very best in all of us. Along the way, you get the chance to meet and collaborate with so many different people who all contribute to the better model you are becoming. If you look at it this way, modeling is all about teamwork and that’s what I like most about it. 5. Do you plan on taking modeling to a professional level? Honestly, I have never even considered myself being an actual model, let alone the thought of becoming professional. But, I do however consider myself to be very open-minded and if ever the opportunity

of taking a step forward into becoming a professional model presented itself, I can assure you I wouldn’t let that go to waste. 6. If you do plan on taking modeling to a professional level, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? I think it’s a little premature right now to anticipate where I would be in 5 years’ time if I were to take modeling to a professional level. Taking into consideration my modeling background, I am not aware of all the numerous possibilities this business has to offer and I am also not very familiar with the way the modeling world works yet. However, I do know that I learn quickly and that I am eager to expand my knowledge and understand what modeling is all about. I like to take it one day at a time and savour every moment of the ride. 7. What do you do in your leisure time asides modeling? I love the gym and I make time to work out somewhere in between my schedule. It lets me take my mind off some problems and focus on myself for that hour or two. I also do some volunteer work at the Montfort Hospital and work part-time. The outdoors is also a place I love to escape when reality becomes overwhelming. There is nothing more therapeutic than taking off in the woods with a bunch of friends and take a short-well-deserved break from civilisation once in a while. 8. Which photographers have you worked with recently? I have worked with Photography par Lori this summer and I have also worked with Spiro a couple of times these past months.


9. Which photographer would you consider as your favorite? I believe that each photographer has their own special set of skills, creativity and originality. What makes them unique resides directly in their personalities and how well they work with their models. I don’t think it is necessarily about who is best or not, but more about the passion and dedication they show through their work... and that says everything about them. 10. Is there anyone you would love to work with in the future? Taking the fact that I haven’t been in this industry for very long, I am not aware of all the people who work within this business. But like I mentioned earlier, I like to keep an open mind because that is what will take me on further into this career. I love taking on new challenges that will test my limits and see where these will take me. Risks are good; you can’t always play it safe. 11. Do you have any fears? If you do, please name them. Unknowing. That’s my fear. Not knowing whether you did the right thing or not. Not knowing if you succeeded in something or completely missed it. That’s what I fear. The future is a scary thing because you never know what it’s got in store for you. One day, you can be in total control of your life and the very next second, all of that can change. But like I said, I take it one step at a time and make the best out of my journey. 12. Do you have any other talents? I have always been a fan of sports. At the age of 4, my parents decided to register me to my first hockey practice. I continued to play hockey as a defenseman for the next 14 years until I got to University. 13. What would you say to people who are thinking of becoming a model like you? I would tell them to follow their dreams. If it is something you truly want to do, then do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Take my word for it, being from a small town, where modeling isn’t even a thing, it doesn’t mean things are impossible. Set some goals, reach them, then set some more. Don’t quit and don’t let anything bring you down. Time flies faster than you think, so don’t waste a second – you can do it.


Katia Ivanova Katia Ivanova is a our newly discovered model featured on our Swiss edition. She exhibits great potential as a model and has a positive attitude towards humanity. With her multi-cultural background, Katia aspires to reach international heights in the years to come.

Photo by: Joy Corthesy photography


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Krowd No.4 May 2015  

Krowd Magazine issue 4 THE BLACK EDITION. A fashion edition for Ottawa's new and upcoming creatives Ottawa release - 29th May 2015 Geneva (...

Krowd No.4 May 2015  

Krowd Magazine issue 4 THE BLACK EDITION. A fashion edition for Ottawa's new and upcoming creatives Ottawa release - 29th May 2015 Geneva (...