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EDITORS NOTE Its been a blast working on this issue, with so much we had to do, we’re glad it’s finally here. As we approach the end of the year, reflect on the beauty of 2014 and hopeful beginnings of 2015. How are you to become braver? How are you evolving into your own greatness? Here at Krowd Magazine we implore you to be at your very best. Take chances, make bold moves, never hold back proclaiming something that is right and never have regrets for situations that taught you your hardest lessons. Love what you have and appreciate the beauty of others possesions. Life is too short and our stories in this issue reminds us of that. So do not look back at this year with pity or regrets but with content and desire to be better. Love who you are and who you’re becoming. Life is what you make of it and you can make it worthwhile, while it lasts. Lastly, without you there will be no us, so believe it when we say you’re as amazing and important to all of us here. We hope you enjoy reading just as much as much as we enjoyed putting it together. “You only get one life and if you do it right, once is enough.” Keep warm and cozy this Fall/Winter Season and Happy Holidays in advance!




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Chase Miller “My favorite thing about photography is showing people how I see things. Working in Ottawa and Gatineau gives me access to beautiful scenery, locations and also amazing people to work with who share the same passion as I do. I got into photography about 8 years ago when I bought my first camera: a Canon Powershot. Not at all professional by any means but it certainly gave me the photo bug and still captured many great photos. I love doing all different styles and still learning something new every time I shoot. Showing someone a photo I took of them and watching their eyes light up with love is the biggest reward for me.”

Shannon Povin-Gamache “Teaching the meaning of beauty throughout my creations is what I live by for. Indeed, I got big love for arts! It is always a pleasure to collaborate on future projects with anyone who wishes to get diverse in their portfolio, photo shoots, artistic projects, fashion shows, bridal events & proms. Throughout everything I have done so far, I still can’t get enough meeting new people and share everything that I know about modeling, photography, hairstyling and makeup. My career is my true passion.”


Kevin Turnquest II

Kevin Turnqueat II, from Freeport, Bahamas is a 5th year Accounting major at Acadia University. His hobbies include reading, weightlifting, photography, and pretty much anything water related.

Chipo Nhema

“I am a third year Business student majoring in Marketing. I enjoy my degree, because it allows me to reach out to people, talk to people and be creative at the same time. My goal is to help people attain financial freedom, by helping them start their own businesses, as well as provide services in business development and project management. I eventually want to start my own real


Assa Kaba Diakite

Born and raised in Mali, the 23 year-old just recently graduated from Carleton University . She is currently starting her master degree in Paris at a Business school. She wants to be a trader and own small businesses in Mali. She loves animals especially snakes and dogs. She is obsessed with fashion and sport.

Nashia Maxwell

Toronto based makeup artist and student. She was born in Nigeria and moved to Canada in 2012 for her post secondary studies in film production at York University. “I started doing makeup shortly after I was done with high school. I have always been fascinated by the art of makeup, but I didn’t know how to do it. So I’d have my friends do my makeup. My inspiration would be my clients. I love to see the joy and satisfaction on their faces when I’m done. The thought of knowing that I can transform faces challenges me to do even better. Yes. Over the years, I’ve realized that out of the other talents I have been blessed with (singing, drawing e.t.c), I am most passionate about makeup. As they say, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day. My future plans would be having a makeup line and using makeup as a whole as a medium to empower women.”


Jeremy Rodney-Hall

“My name is Jeremy Rodney-Hall & I am a photographer amongst many other things art related. I was born in north york and have not moved all my life so this is home to me. I got started in photography through my family. My mother took pictures of us when we were children, and anytime we were on vacation. In 12th grade I wanted a camera so bad and I made a deal with my parents (actually they made it with me) that if I got straight A’s for that semester they would help pay half of the price for the camera I wanted. Obviously it happened so I began shooting portraits from then. God is very important in my life so I actually pray, every week that He would impact & inspire people through this passion of mine. Photography is my way in and my way out.” estate development company.”

Michael Oyeleye

Imani Bawa

“I am a visual artist and photographer based in Ottawa, Canada. I study Health science at Carleton university and I aspire to go to medical school and become a cardiologist. I am indeed a creative mind with great appreciation of art in all forms.” From visual art, poetry to music and photography, you can consider Michael to be a jack of all artistic trades.

“I am a 3rd year student at the University of Ottawa and I am currently studying International Development and Globalization. During my leisure, I really love looking for new music, reading and spending time on tumblr. I hope in the future, I get to work with the UN alongside women organizations that help spread awareness of gender equality either globally or locally.”



KV TALENTS - The creatives of Fall 2014 - People who go beyond dreams -

Dubai based artist Kontei Degema Moko popularly known as S.D. * Music career started in 2008. * Musical inspirations include Jesse Jagz,Burna Boy, Fela Kuti. * He listens to reggae, R&b, Hip Hop * His family is not aware of his involvement in music. * Other than music he’s intrested in directing and shooting videos. * Hidden talents include dancing and painting. * He has also been playing the guitar since age 13. * He’s single at the moment * When asked how old he was he responded with “I’m young and ready”.

Ottawa’s DJ Nashito Nashito is a term of endearment meaning “a strong force of energy.” You can always expect the unexpected with DJ Nashito. The Nigerian born DJ, has lived in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya and France. In 2009, the international student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada began to DJ at various campus events creating a buzz and establishing himself as one of Ottawa’s premier party rockers. Nashito’s growing popularity landed him an impromptu gig as DJ for Canadian Hip Hop legend Moka Only during his performances at Winter-fest. Winter-fest, labeled by North American Hip Hop enthusiasts as one of North America’s marquee urban music festivals. DJ Nashito, an avid traveler, has accumulated an insatiable appreciation for all genres. He has acquired an inept ability to seamlessly create memories everywhere he plays.



Christian Onyinyechukwuka Oluwatobiloba Aligasim, formally known as Chris Aligasim Have you watched the official video to the banging song by LDNC titled ZAGADA? If you have, then I guess you remember the second dancer who was in the suit. Yeah this is a casual picture of him! 20 years old Christain was born on May 7th 1994 in Kaduna state, Nigeria. He grew up in FCT Abuja Nigeria and he’s been dancing since he was 3 and recently started rapping in 2011. Currently in the United Kingdom, Chris has proved to be an energetic rapper, actor, dancer, designer, stylist and performer. He is really into fashion and hopes to start his own line some day. He makes a lot of comedy skits that are really loved and appreciated by his instagram followers. “I make dance freestyle videos to hiphop, krump, dub-step and afrobeats music and also direct music videos�

Jane Ezeanaka AKA Janelle My name is Jane Ezeanaka, but most people call me Janelle. I am based in London and study law up in Hertfordshire. I am 19 years of age and I absolutely LOVE dancing and the modelling. I started dancing from a very young age when I was still in Nigeria, I would usually take part in anything such as acting or dancing. I absolutely loved the stage. However when I moved to the UK 8 years ago, I went to an art performance school where I studied dance for 3 years before going onto college. While in college I stopped dancing for a while because I had to focus on my work. Ever since college, I starte doing fashion shows and modelling and I love every part of it. Earlier this year, I made the decision to take modelling more serious and to start developing my dancing skills again. But I'm currently looking for a way to start off. I am very committed to what I do and I enjoy every part of if it, which is very important to me.

Photography: Olu Oke 8

Morris Ogbowu -ARTIST Morris Emeka Ogbowu - I was born and raised in Nigeria. I started

drawing in April 2013. Inspired by a ground breaking hyperrealism Artist that goes by the name Kelvin Okafor, i was inspired to make Art pieces that hold emotions of the physical human. My Art was influenced by my forenamed mentor and I have focused on developing hyperrealism portrait skills over the past year. I take drawing as more than a career. In this case, being an Artist. I see my Art as a path I have taken to better myself as a person. As I evolve as an Artist, I fall in love with my creating process and the idea of making progress over time and effort. This previous summer, I incorporated my art into a small business where I did mostly commissions and sold a few original pieces. In the future I want to use my Art to inspire and influence people in anyway I can. I aspire to live a happy life through my creative processes ; visual Arts being one. I plan to explore my creativity for the betterment of the community I live in, impacting young minds and spreading love through Art.

Luciano Martin -FASHION DESIGNER Luciano Herve Martin Jeudy - I am a graduate from the renowned school of Richard Robinson fashion design. I am originally from a small island in the Caribbean called Saint Martin. I have always been interested in fashion ever since my young years and when I discovered my talent for drawing, it added a whole new level to my passion. Not only was I able to put pieces together to make the perfect outfit, but now I could draw my own collection. I usually get inspiration by listening music, or walking outside and picturing what people would look like with my designs. I think when someone feels good in what they wear, they are happier and more productive in there everyday life. Putting this happiness on the faces of people is what I strive for.



Shelby Del Franko is an international

model aspiring actor and artist. She was featured in Krowd Magazine’s last edition and with her exceptional professionalism, we chose her to be our cover girl. Shelby was born in Brazil, raised in Jerusalem Israel, and currently resides and works in Canada. She has been featured in Top Ten Magazine, Lex Magazine, and has worked with Canadian renowed photographer, Mike Giovinazzo. Shelby is currently working on “Free Pour” which is a comedy film that is due to be released in 2015, at the US International Film and Video Festival. Shelby is a really commited, young and hardworking lady who credits her work ethic and drive to her childhood activities. She spent 8 years dancing Jazz and Hip-Hop. She did several years of competitive gymnastics and swimming. The discipline, hardwork and dedication she developed are now the same skills that help her land a modeling job or a role in a movie. It is always a pleasure working with Ms. Del Franko and we wish the best in her future endeavours.

--Designer: Eyal Zimerman Phototgraphy: Lok Ng Make-up: Stephanie Dube 10

--Designer: Luciano Martin Phototgraphy: Lok Ng 11


Bold & Beautiful

Fashion and Beauty Vlogger, Isoken Enofe-Asemota

We believe here at Krowd Magazine that you’re a true epitome of a Nigerian lady. What is your full Nigerian name? What does it mean? My name is Isoken Jennifer Enofe-Asemota. My first name Isoken mean “I am satisfied” and my last name Asemota means “God has answered my case”. Tell us a bit about yourself. I hear you are a twin? How amazing is that? Where do I start from. Yes I am a twin I have a twin sister and it’s pretty cool. I am a 22 year old Libra, from Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria currently living in the United States. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the American University, Washington DC in 2012. Regardless I decided to follow my passion for beauty and make a career out of it. I own my own clothing line which is called Puksies Wardrobe. I am a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and also a youtube fashion and beauty blogger. I know its a lot, lets just say I am multi-talented. You are most popularly known for your YouTube channel, when did you start and how have you grown over the years? So, I started my Youtube channel back in 2012 in my Junior year in college. I have been going strong for 4 years now and it has been a totally amazing experience. Over the years, my exposure on Youtube has helped advance my beauty skills. I have gotten better at recording and editing the videos that are showcased on my channel and it has enabled me to grow my brand and create a name for myself both in the Youtube beauty community and amongst my peers.

We know how dangerous these social media streets are. How do you cope with the criticism from people who admire your work and others not so much? It’s so crazy because I have a friend who always asks me how am able to cope with criticism on social media, and stays applauding me about having a thick skin. The truth of the matter is that I am one of the biggest critique of my work. Before I put any video, picture or content, I study it to find if there are any faults in it and try and fix it to the best of my ability. Honestly, I am low-key a perfectionist. If I am comfortable with the content and feel its good enough for me then I put it out. Now if someone else feels they need to critique my work in a negative manner, after all the time and effort I put into it and they cant show me what they themselves are capable of doing; then I really couldn’t care less about whatever they have to say or their opinion about my work. I am blessed to have a lot of people who support the work that I do. They give good feedback about my work and constructive criticism where it is due so i can be better. Those are the only people whose opinion count to me, because those are the people who truly care about me. There is only so many people you can please in this life. I am just human like every other person and I may not know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone, and my goal is to be successful in life and not be a failure. Just


If I were to be interested in starting up a Being part of the Youtube community you must channel- fashion related, what would your advices be? definitely have a channel(s) you love to tune in to? What are What kind of grounding do I need? Technical and they? Why do they inspire you? otherwise? Some of my favourite Youtubers are Peakmill, If you were interested in starting a fashion channel, I Msroshposh, Efikzara, Gossmakeupartist, Theislandbeauty, would advise that you make sure fashion is s Songbirddiva4life, Jazzyjujubee. These Youtubers inspire me something you are passionate about and you because they are very talented, original, creative, and intellienjoy. If you are starting a channel for any other reason, gent. like trying to take advantage of the companies who give free products (virgin hair, clothes, You recently took part in a competition held by makeup, accessories, etcetera) to bloggers, then I can Buntricia. Congratulations on your win, we wish more of only assure you that you won’t last or grow on the best for you. What new experiences did your win bring? YouTube. What does competition with ladies all over the world with talents like yours do to your zest for make-up? Youtube is literally like a full time job believe me and I don’t mean a 9-5 job, its more like a 24-hour, 7 days a The Buntricia competition was a blessing to me. It gave me week job. The amount of time and effort that one has to the opportunity to showcase my work to people from all over invest in producing good quality videos is very hectic, the world. Being one of the winners of the competition also and you would have to love what your doing to be able gave me the chance to attend her Las Vegas conference, to keep up. “it is not beans oo” believe me, its not always the opportunity to network with other makeup artist from a smooth. For you to be successful on Youtube you have around the world, as well as professionals who have been in to put a lot of things into consideration, such as your the beauty industry for years. HD camera, lighting, set up station, editing softwares, computer, filming equipments, clothing, makeup, hair, Being in the competition further more boosted my love for consistency with videos, originality, amongst others. make-up and also made me appreciate and And did I forget to mention that its also very expensive recognize how talented makeup artist are all over the world. to run a successful Youtube channel when you add up We were given an inspired look to recreate for round 2 of the all those things, for those who take it as hobbies, it’s competition, and various artist probably one of the most e interpreted and stretched the concept of their entries in varxpensive hobbies they have, so you have to be ious ways that I found mind blowing and also very inspiring. prepared and sure before getting into it. There are so many people on Youtube who make similar videos and its highly competitive, for people to watch you have to make sure your packaging is on point and distinguish yourself from the rest. Packaging is so Nigerian.

“...I may not know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone...” 13

Who exactly can you say you get that from or what inspires you to be you?

What do you think the essence of make-up is? Would you recommend it daily? When is make-up a bit too much?

I would say i get my entrepreneur spirit form my mum. She owns her own textile business and has been running it for over 30 years. Growing up around her, I’ve always known that I wanted to be just like her and that’s where I get my zest.

I believe the essence of makeup is to enhance ones beauty and self-confidence. I would totally recommend it daily, no matter how minimal it is. When applied properly, it gives you a clean and polished look, and I believe that that is very important. However when makeup is worn and the person looks like a completely different person and is unrecognizable then I believe that is a bit too much.

Where is your dream vacation? Who would you be spending it with?

My dream vacation is to go to Las Vegas with my friends. I just recently went there for the first time in October and I know when I have my friends with me the turn-up will be maximum. Right now, I am already planning that with them. d

If you had to pick one out of all the things you are best known for make-up, hair and clothing. What would your choice be? I would choose makeup. I choose makeup because I believe I can be able to impact more people’s life through that. The confidence a woman has when her makeup is looking right and she feels beautiful within herself to me is priceless. I wouldn’t give up blessing others with that for anything.

Apparently a lot of your comments on Instagram talk about your weight loss? Was this as a result of stress or something you consciously worked on? And if so, how did you go about it?

My weight loss was partly stress and also something I worked on. Stress came from over-working, juggling hair-making, makeup, and my clothing line- this all by myself for the most part. This messed up my eating routine because I would rather take out time to nap than eat and when I did eat I tried to eat as healthy as possible by avoiding Nigerian food for the most part like pounded yam, rice, and all that good stuff.

Favourite brand of makeup?

My favourite brand of makeup is MAC. I am a MAC lover!

Who is your number one fashion icon? My number one fashion icon is Solange. She does no wrong in my eyes.

What are your future plans? Marriage? Children? Work?

I finished from the University in 2012, so at the moment my main focus is my business and I pour my heart and soul into it. It’s like my baby, like a growing child and everyone knows how important and protective a mother is over her child. So basically I am a workaholic, every other thing is secondary.

You have the spirit of an entrepreneur.

Photography: Buchi Akpati Make-up: Isoken Asemota 14




Yvonne Ben

What is the most gratifying thing about owning The Kaleidoscope? The most gratifying thing about owning the Kaleidoscope I’ll say is being able to raise awareness for the growing brands and events I write about. The feeling I get when someone tells me that they were able to purchase a beautiful dress from a designer I featured and they love it, is very gratifying!

who is the first of three girls was born in a little town called Eket in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. She had her nursery and primary education in Eket at Pegasus Primary School and went out of her hometown to have her secondary education at Igbinedion Education Centre in Edo State, Nigeria. Right now she is on the verge of completing her Undergraduate Studies in Liberal Science at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. Krowd Magazine wanted to know a little more about Yvonne and her blog so we decided to do a little interview. This is what Yvonne said: Kaleidoscope? Why the name? The name was formed a long time ago in reference to my blog posts at the time. When I started, I created the wordpress account but it was dormant for a year, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it at the time. After a year passed, I thought I had a knack for writing and later found out that I didn’t and after I decided to pursue photography, which I didn’t do so well in also. The next thought that came to mind was blogging about my love for African prints, and that’s where the name “ The Kaleidoscope” birthed. African prints have different colors and patterns and when you look into a kaleidoscope, you see always changing patterns of beautiful colors. “The Kaleidoscope” is the blog and “The Kaleidoscopian” is the person who owns the blog which is me! There was a segment named The Quad on your blog and now it seems not to have been updated since July. Any plans on that or is that a closed chapter due to circumstances? Yes, The Quad was a trial segment on the blog and because of timing, it’s been suspended. For now, no plans and who knows maybe we keep it or change it to another segment. We’ll see what the future holds.



Kaleidoscopian -

Who inspired your blog? What can you say it does to inspire people?

Honestly when I started The Kaleidoscope, It was more of a trial and error at that point, so I was trying all the pieces to see which one fit and finally found it, but as my blog grew, a lot of things and people were some inspirations. Like take for example, the first spotlight I had; All or Nothing; The Mixtape by Ife B.O.S. At the Le Rouge 2013 event, which happened early June, I was given a CD to listen to and when I did, I was amazed with how good it was and how much work he and other great minds alike put into it. So I decided to do a spotlight feature on him, and that’s how Kaleidoscope Spotlight came about. So that and many other things along the way have inspired and helped in the growth of The Kaleidoscope.

How and what can I do to be featured on your page?

The Kaleidoscope is based on raising awareness for African Fashion in Canada and Worldwide, Fashion lines, upcoming ones as well, Music, Events, Street Style and Talent. So if someone will like to have something in these categories featured, advertised or promoted, they should send an email to

What other things do you enjoy doing apart from blogging?

I really enjoy going for events, I love road trips. I love dressing up to for events, dinner or any form of outing. I also love trying new dishes from time to time.

What is fashion to you? What statements do you hope to make when you dress?

Fashion to me I’ll say is a unique way of speaking, like language without words but with clothes, patterns, designs and colors. I hope to have the wow effect when I dress, I want to dress in such a way that when people see me, they will immediately want to know who or what I’m wearing.

What are you studying in Laurentian University? How do you think it will impact The Kaleidoscopian.

I’m studying Liberal Science and I don’t think it will impact on The Kaleidoscope in any way. I do plan to do my masters in Mass media and communication to further and enhance the growth of my blog and brand The Kaleidoscope.

You seem to be a fan of African prints, which we all at KV love. What is your favorite Nigerian attire and who is your favorite designer?

My favorite Nigerian attire right now will be the designing of African prints in different westernized looks. And my favorite designer right now will be Tehilah Abasakanga of TEHILAH Designs. n

--Photography: Ifunanya Paulinus Make-Up Artist : Nashia Maxwell Wardrobe: TEHILAH Designs



Zubaida Zang “My name is Zubaida Simi Zang, and I’m a 22 year old designer residing in Toronto, Canada. Fashion Design is an art I’m really passionate about; it is my voice and my way of expressing myself. Working in an industry that is so focused on the outside, it is my mission to dig deeper, to empower young women around the world. I recently released a 3 piece capsule collection, and it is going to act as a kickstarter towards my official launch. By pre-ordering, you’re not only getting a well crafted handmade piece, you’re also supporting my future projects.”


Photography: Jeremy Rodney-Hall Make-Up Artist : Nashia Maxwell Wardrobe: Zubaida Zang 18



ow your voice can be heard in yet another way, thanks to these two young Nigerian enthusiasts who believe in the power of the written word. We are delighted to feature Torinu in our Fall/ Winter edition because we are all about positivity and enlightenment here at KV. When we came across they’re website, we just believed that every other person should too. We wish them the best, and we hope everyone does same too.

What are the aims of Torinu? Torinu’s mission is to increase global awareness of all important subjects in Nigeria, and we believe the best way to achieve this mission is through telling the compelling stories of Nigerians on the internet and participating in social media activism. We primarily want to serve as the liaison between Nigerians’ experiences and the rest of the world.

Where is your traffic mainly from as directed to a country? Surprisingly, most of our traffic comes from the United States followed closely by Nigeria and the UK. I think the content is very appealing to Nigerians in the diaspora. Another reason could be that we’re both based here so our marketing efforts reach the audience here more.

What was your inspiration? Our major inspiration to start Torinu was the girls’ kidnapping by Boko Haram. The outrage on international media made us think about the way Nigeria is perceived by non-Nigerians. We believed that, by starting Torinu, we could push the true Nigerian stories told by Nigerians. Although these stories aren’t all rosy, they paint a more accurate picture than one would instinctively think.

Why is Torinu important? There are more than 170 million Nigerian voices that are yet to be heard by the rest of the world. Torinu provides a framework for these voices to be heard. We all understand that there are issues that need to be addressed in the country, but there have been little or no signs of improvement in the nation’s general wellbeing. Torinu will do its best and all that is in its’ power to make these voices heard. As long as we continue to provide this forum where Nigerians and non-Nigerians can immerse themselves in the stories of one another, we will continuously raise the needed attention on said issues and influence action-based responses from those in power, and from Nigerians as well.

What was the hardest process in starting up? Since none of us are well learned in programming, it took us a lot of time to design the website, create themes, and manage the technical features. That was basically three weeks of all-nighters. Collecting stories and marketing these stories is also time-consuming. Do you solely tell Nigerian stories or are you broadening in future to tell African stories? Broadening our base to Africa is definitely in our plans but that’s more long-term rather than short-term. What new technological advancements do you plan to add to Torinu? (such as apps, webcast, videos etc) We have plans to add some new features over Christmas. But we’re keeping that to ourselves. :) Are all of the stories real or some are fiction? There’s some fictional stories on the website, but definitely nothing unrealistic. The purpose is to paint an accurate picture of Nigeria and therefore, if we have a submission that is both enlightening and important, we put it up. Also, there’s a note before each story telling if it’s fictional.

Can everyone be heard on Torinu despite their stories, or are stories sieved to avoid bad perceptions? We don’t sieve stories. We may make minor edits to be politically correct but every voice will be heard! How do you balance personal life with upkeep of this website? It’s hard. And it’s more like balancing schoolwork with Torinu. But we prioritize our education over Torinu; therefore, we post less during the semester so we can focus on what matters in the long-term. Tell us your own short story that makes you Nigerian. We’re actually starting a club with a few friends in NYU that’s focusing on African development. We aim to bring in speakers and have meaningful discussions on African problems, solutions, and how we can do things differently. University years are very vital and we believe that if these problem-solving attributes aren’t inculcated now, chances are that they never will. c You can read more mind blowing stories at





also filling; preferably within 400 calories. Examples of breakfast choices are:

f you want something to jump start your metabolism for the day, it is advisable to drink some cold water with lemon in the morning, preferably 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast.

2. Breakfast Smoothie (taken from Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Plan): Ingredients: Rice Protein Powder, Ground Flaxseed, Vanilla Almond Milk, Half a Banana (you can use a full banana too if you prefer), Frozen Berries.

1. Why lemon? Lemon contains pectin fiber, which assists in fighting hunger cravings. Also, it helps flush out the toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function, and stimulating your liver. Lemon is also known to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping and bloating. On a normal day, I tend to eat about 1500-1700 calories. Depending on your BMI (Body Mass Index), you might eat more. This also depends on your weight goal. If you want to lose weight, about 1500 calories is good. If you want to maintain weight, I would say about 1700 calories. Here below is a sample day into my eating habit.

Blend everything together and drink. If you want some other healthy choices, you can also add Spinach and/or Kale.

Breakfast: First and foremost, you NEVER want to skip breakfast. Eating breakfast can help you control your weight. Some people think by skipping breakfast, they can lose weight. The answer is no, as when you skip breakfast, you do not give your body the metabolism boost it needs, and you end up eating more throughout the day. For breakfast, you want to eat something light, but

Spinach is one of the best sources of dietary magnesium, which is necessary for energy metabolism, maintaining muscle, and nerve function. Spinach is also high in fiber and water content, both of which help to prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract. Kale is high in Iron and Vitamin C. This is helpful for your immune system, your metabolism and hydration. Kale is also great detox food as it is filled with fiber and sulfur, which are both great for detoxifying your body.



3. Oatmeal and Blueberries Old-fashioned oatmeal is healthier than instant oatmeal however, for lack of time to properly prepare my oatmeal before work, I buy the Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal in Apple Cinnamon. If you’re like me and don’t have time to make an old-fashioned oatmeal, instant is the way to go. When shopping for oatmeal, look for a brand that’s low in sugar - ideally unflavoured or no added sugar - and low in sodium. Choose brands that contain less than 6 grams of sugar and no more than 250 milligrams of sodium per serving (1 pouch). Aside from protecting your heart and lowering your cholesterol, oatmeal can also help you control your weight by improving your digestion. It is also good for metabolism boosting and full of fiber and antioxidants. Blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants, such as Vitamins A, B, C and E, copper, iron, selenium and zinc. You can also mix other berries with your oatmeal such as, cranberries, blackberries, and raspberries. If you’re not a fan of the old-fashioned oatmeal taste, you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon for taste. 4. Granola with Greek Yogurt and Berries The protein and yogurt and dietary fiber in granola

can help delay the onset of hunger. Granola and yogurt are rich in many essential vitamins and minerals. When choosing a yogurt, choose fat-free to limit the number of calories and amount of saturated fat. Plain yogurt instead of flavored yogurt is also an added benefit however, there is nothing wrong with vanilla yogurt for taste. If you want to get the full benefits of granola, choose those that contain no extra sweeteners, like chocolates, honey or extra sugar. Snack: Snacks are very important to a healthy, balanced diet. Eating snacks with the right ratio of nutrients, with the right calories, will help keep your body energized and help you lose weight. Perfect snacks are those that are under 200 calories, with 10 grams of protein, and close to 5 grams of fiber. Almost any fruit is going to make a great snack however, the mistake people make when eating fruits as a snack, is they forget to pair it with a bit of protein to make it more satisfying. This is one of the reasons why some people eat fruits, but still feel hungry afterward Examples of great snacks are: Apple and skimmed milk, Almonds and banana, Grapes with one hard-boiled egg, Carrots and hummus



Lunch: For lunch, you want something filling and also rich in Protein as you would most likely be going to the gym after lunch, or after your lunch snack. 5. Brown Rice with Broccoli and Grilled Salmon This lunch is my favorite to eat. Salmon is a sustainable source of Omega-3 fish and Vitamin D, which are both important in maintaining optimal health. You should aim to eat two 150-g servings per week. If you want to eat more than that, it is advisable to alternate between different types of fish, not just salmon.

Ingredients Berries, Almond milk, Banana, Soy or Whey Protein powder If you like it sweet, you can use honey as a sweetener.

5. Brown Rice with Broccoli and Grilled Salmon This lunch is my favorite to eat. Salmon is a sustainable source of Omega-3 fish and Vitamin D, which are both important in maintaining optimal health. You should aim to eat two 150-g servings per week. If you want to eat more than that, it is advisable to alternate between different types of fish, not just salmon.

6. Grilled Chicken Salad Ingredients: Greens (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, etc.),Grilled chicken – your source of protein and carbohydrate, Olive oil – use this as dressing as it is a healthy fat. If adding olive oil is too bland for you, you can have your favorite salad dressing however, instead of pouring it on your entire salad, put it aside and dip your fork into it with your salad. l

Snack (before the gym): Whole wheat bread, peanut butter and banana Blended power smoothie:

Dinner: For dinner, you want to go for something light as you would probably be sleeping soon and do not want to sleep after eating something heavy. Whatever you eat, make sure it includes some lean protein in order to help your muscles recover from your exercise, and some healthy carbs and fats.


Reach your better body - Exercise Yes , it is true that your best body is made in the kitchen however, exercising at least three times a week is

also a step forward towards achieving your best body yet. Here below are some of target areas, and the exercises I do when I am at the gym:

By knowing this, you will be able to understand how different exercises target these muscles. Here below are different butt exercises to target these muscles and get that desired butt.

In order to know which exercises will give the maximum effect when working on your glutes, you need to know the three muscle groups that form the glutes; maximus, minimus and medius.

Gluteus Maxiums, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus




FireHydrant Assume all-fours position and lift your leg directly to the side and hold for two counts.


Make sure you squeeze your glutes. Ensure your knee is at 90 degrees. Slowly lower to start position. Ensure your feet does not touch the ground, and remains elevated. Right leg: 2 sets of 20 Left leg: 2 sets of 20






Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, bend in a sitting position, making sure your spine is straight and your chest is thrust out. Also tighten your abdominal muscles. Ensure your knees do not pass your feet and is in line with it. When doing this exercise, I do 4 sets of 25. However, for beginners, I would advise to do 4 sets of 12 reps. For added effect to the maximus, I could advise kicking your leg back once you get up from the squat position. Make sure you squeeze those muscles as you get up. You do not have to use the weight for your squats, you can squat without weights. Just keep the same form, and your hands in front of you in a praying position. I suggest doing squats 2-3 times a week



Stand with your back straight and shoulders square. Take a step forward and lower yourself and aim to have your leg bent to about 90 degrees. Hold the position for a count of two and engage your butt muscles. When raising up, ensure you squeeze your butt. Right leg: 2 sets of 10 Left leg: 2 sets of 10 As you lift up from the lunge, for more effect, you can also do a kick back (pictured above). Make sure you squeeze those gluteus tight.

Photography: Darryl Otten 24




Get a ball and a mat. Put your legs on the ball and slowly roll it in to this position above, with feet planted on the ball. Ensure you squeeze your glutes tightly. Do 3 sets of 8 reps. Bicycle crunches are one of my favorite ab exercise. It is very good for your core and targets the rectus abdominus and obliques. workout


I never feel tired when I do this and can go on for a very long time. In order to make this effective and feel the burn, I suggest going at a slow pace for about 5 reps, on each side, making for a total of 10, and then going really fast for 10 reps, on each side, making for a total of 20, and then slow again for 5 reps, on each side. This brings it to a total of 30. Do 2 or 3 sets of this exercise. This exercise has recently become my all-time favorite ab workout.

1. Lie on the floor and place hands on the floor or behind the head. 2. Bring the knees in towards the chest until they’re bent to 90 degrees, with feet together or crossed. workout


3. Contract the abs to curl the hips off the floor, reaching the legs up towards the ceiling. 4. Lower and repeat for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps. Place your hands on your sides, and if that is too tough, place is under your butt in a triangular position. Lift your legs slightly above the ground, and then move it up to the center, and then towards your chest. If you want it to be more effective, as you lower it down, open your legs wide and then bring them together again and do the reverse crunch. Other ways to make it more effective is to pulsate as you bring them together. When you bring them together, make sure those legs don’t touch each other. Do 3 sets of 15 reps



Put yourself in the plank position picture above. Ensure you flex those abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for a min. if a minute is too much, start with 20 seconds and gradually increase your time by 10 seconds. You can also move your hip from side to side in this position to work on your abs. l


Juicing: Detoxifying and Cleanse

What you need to know? So many misconceptions about juicing in regards to weight loss. Get ready for the revolution; juicing in a new era. A colour for everyday. Juicing can be a fun way to experiment your taste buds. Be experimental this season. Start juicing!


uicing is an amazing way to stay cleansed and detoxified. Juicers cost quite a fortune and most people revert to blenders to “detox” and “juice”. Using a blender doesn’t exactly allow a proper detox or juice since it does not remove the fiber, therefore allowing the body to use energy while digesting. A juicer loses fiber in fruits and vegetables therefore no energy is used by the digestive tract which makes the body lose toxins found on the shells of fruits. Because the vitamins and nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables oxidize over time, it is more efficient to make only the amount you are willing to consume each day. A variety is always the best option. I advise to use three types of vegetables and a fruit per cup to tone and sweeten the taste. Trying a new recipe every other time is a better option than sticking to one. For one, various fruits and vegetables give different nutrients and act on different organs in the body. I also highly recommend a vegetable based juice cleanse. Fruits are great in limited quantities, but vegetables speed up the detoxifying process and can make your cleanse symptoms (shakes, headaches) feel much better.

Yes, you might observe dizziness, weakness and other symptoms as you begin a detoxifying journey. This is solely because your body learns to adjust to these changes in the strangest of ways. The key is to choose one that satisfies your budget, taste, and dietary expectations. To begin juice cleanses, you can start by a day per week cleanse. When you feel more comfortable, move on to three days and soon enough you could complete a whole month of detox action. Proteins are contained in vegetables. The truth is all food classes are contained in all types of food but in different percentages. We class foods in the groups where they present the highest percentage of nutrients. In case you might need more of your proteins, a handful of wheatgerm can be added to your juice. While cleansing helps a great deal, maintaining expected results in weight loss involves you sticking to a routine of healthy living and exercise. r


2 stalks KALE 1/2 CUCUMBER inch size GINGER 1/2 APPLE 1/2 cup GREEN GRAPES few stalks MINT handful of SPINACH KIWI 3 stalks LETTUCE 2 stalks PARSLEY WHEAT GRASS (extra protein) 1/2 cup cubed HONEYDEW MELON 1/2 AVOCADO


1 ORANGE 3 CARROT 1/2 APPLE 1 stalk CELERY inch size GINGER 1 ORANGE BELL PEPPER 1/2 cup cubed PAW PAW 1/2 cup cubed CANTALOUPE







All juices are per cup. Serving suggestion- 3 vegetable types and a fruit. Wheatgerm or ginger can be added to all recipes.



Model: Mandy Photographer: Tdot pics Stylist: Matilda

MONA Dress

$179.59 CAD 27



GISELLE DEAN KHADIJAH COOPER Bahamas 2nd Year Economics “Everyday I learn a new life lesson. This week I got into an altercation with a friend. It taught me that you cant be friends with everybody. You have to have a discerning spirit at some point. Being here has taught me you have to discern who is worthy of being a friend, and who is just an associate.”

Bahamas 4th Year Environmental and Sustainability Studies “They always tell me. You don’t look Bahamian.” “I definitely want to go back home. The interesting thing is that I came to Canada specifically to go back home. I came here to learn to protect the environment.”


Saudi Arabia

“I was surprised that Canadians play soccer. Infact I was shocked. I did not expect them to play so well. They are great!”

JINGMIN XIONG China 5th Year “I haven’t been home in four years. I miss the food and I miss my family. When I don’t go home during christmas, I travel to big cities and shop. I love boxing day shopping. Wolfville is a really small place, everything is so simple and calm and I don’t spend that much money here.’’


LOLO OBELEGENG Botswana 4th Year ‘’What is your definition of Canadian food?” Haha….Candies. Anything sweet. I would consider burgers and fries Canadian food too but it is also a North American thing and it is really cheap here compared to when I go back home. I was like oh….. I can have a burger for 4 dollars, thats nice!”


CAMIA PITCHER Bermuda 4th Year( Acadia University)

SERGIO F.GARRIDO Guatemala Owner and Founder Aroma Maya Coffee 4th Year Business Student

I asked her what she feels about the dating scene in Canada and she said: ‘’I think there is a lot of interracial and intercultural dating in Canada and I love it. I have not really found anyone I am interested in yet though but I think I am just really picky’’ “Canada has taught me to look at things from other people’s perspective. People from different cultures have different ways of approaching things. I have also definitely learnt to take responsibiites.”

“Sometimes I make spelling mistakes because I didn’t pay attention to what I was writing. Like everybody does. And people say, oh it’s ok, you are international. Just because I am not from here, doesn’t mean I do not have the same capabilities as any Canadian.” “I don’t want to live in Guatemala. I want to stay in Canada. I will just go and visit sometimes.”



Nassau, Bahamas 4th year

Nigeria 3rd Year( Acadia University) ‘“Would you like to go back home eventually?’’ Yes probably in my 60’s, when I am retiring. Haha…don’t get me wrong, I love home but when you spend a lot of time away from a place,the people you grew up with change. Life is over here now so going back home is like reconnecting. ‘“What is the most annoying thing you have been asked as an international student.’’ How did you learn to speak english. Did you learn it at the airport?”


‘’ I base my life off of this quote ‘’ If you imagine it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it. You must be destined to win and to win you must ignore ‘ignorance’ and press pass your agony to get to your destiny. I would take back the knowledge that I have learnt here and the work ethics that i got from working in the Canadian Institution and apply it when i get back to the Bahamas because we are a country that is continuing to develop.’’


By George-Nwaeke Jane



riends are the family we choose. They accept us for who we are. A friend is someone you can count on. With the world revolvong faster than a spin top it is usually hard to define friendship as it truly is. When friendship is more work than growth, we begin to question the necessity of being a worthy friend. I texted somebody first all the time, we spoke practically everyday. The conversations were fun and all but I had to text first all the time, which made me feel like the other party didn’t care much for our “friendship”. One day, as an experiment, I decided not to text the person first in hopes that she would say hi, but days passed and she did not bother to text me. Sometimes friendships like that can seem one-sided. Very often, people forget that friendship is built on two important principles: communication and teamwork. As the saying goes: it takes two to tango. Just keeping a conversation going does not make you a good friend; taking the initiative to start a conversation equally counts. When one party is always reaching out, they will eventually feel as though they value you more than you value them. Then they start feeling the need to distance themselves from you in hopes that their absence will make you want to reach out as proof that they are no bother to you. Would you constantly text a person who never bothered to start a conversation with you? Is a “friendship” like that healthy? Ideally, a friendship should go like this: the first meet, a friendship erupts, some people even become best friends, then there are the lucky ones who fall in love with their best friends. Is a person who is always there when you need them still just a friend? Friendship is more like a puzzle; it is not always clear what makes a good friend. You have to try to put different pieces together to find the best fit. Some people think that doing everything in order to not offend a friend is what being a good friend is, but others may disagree. Some may feel that being honest, even if it may hurt the person’s feelings is very important, as long as it comes from a place of love. This includes having different opinions and views on small and large-scale issues. This type of understanding of “true friendship” requires a mature mind. There cannot be a good friendship amidst an unhealthy relationship. Lets assume yet again you ask another friend for help on a project with a deadline. They have other things going on but instead of just stating that, they promise to have it done before the deadline. When the deadline draws close, they decide to tell you that they will not be able to have it done. Problem is there is no time to find a new person to do the work, and there is definitely not enough time for anybody to do the entire work from scratch. Some may argue that this is a good friend because they were “willing” to take on more work for a friend but I think that this is what is wrong with friendships. Some people think that to be a good friend they have to tip toe around every matter in other to not step on their friend’s toes, they have to sugar coat everything, and they have to belittle themselves by taking all the insults that their “friends” throw their way.


The problem with doing everything in order not to offend a friend is that it takes away the actual essence of being a good friend. If the person in this situation had just been comfortable enough to decline from the start, the person would have acted as a better friend. A good friend would try not to make commitments they are most likely not to keep. In this situation, trying not to be offensive is rather offensive. Honesty is truly the best policy here and a good friend should live by giving you a harsh reality when it is needed rather than sugar coating it. Admittedly, sugar coating could make you a good friend when your friend just needs comforting, but a lot of times, it only makes matters worse. Lastly, not opening up about how the actions of your friend hurts you could be a recipe for disaster. Allowing them to constantly ridicule you is obviously mean and definitely not healthy in building a strong relationship. All of this is fine if the goal is not to build a lifelong personal relationship with a person. But who starts a relationship thinking it would’nt blosson into something for life? Other possible types of friends you may want to have could be: The party friend: It’s definitely fine to have such friends. We often believe that our friends should always positively influence us, mostly in school but ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. It’s healthy to know where individuals stand in our lives and not to mix them up. If someone feels offended by just being addressed as a party-friend, try to develop a more serious relationship with the person, if you would also like that too. The friend that helps with work i.e. study partners, etc.: We have some friends that we only meet at class or class related events, and they encourage our academic pursuit. While these friends are the people who most likely can account for our noticeable growth, they are no less than the friends who we party with. Everybody needs relationships to balance fun and work. Lastly, examine all the important relationships in your life. First decide what you want from each person. If you desire a life-long relationship, begin to invest in building it. Make the extra effort to do better, and ask how you can improve. In turn, a good friend will work at par when they see you making an effort. You also become a role model, as others around you make similar effort to grow their relationships. It is a lot easier not to have a care in the world, but remember that many of the best things in life happen if you make an actual effort. Regardless, this should not to be confused with forcing on a relationship. Once you have established a relationship with a person, do not stop trying to be a friend. A lot of relationships are ruined because both parties stop trying like they did when they first met. Honestly, the way I see it, the best way to be a friend is to be the friend that you would want to have. y

The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey



Popular amongst Africans, iRokoTV has become a remedy for keeping up with the Nollywood industry, for all living abroad, it is our personal go-to for a hearty feel of home. Here are some amazing African drama series that are a good to watch aside our most-cherished home videos.This and many more on iRokoTv.

Lekki WIVES When I first heard Lekki wives I had to throw the normal distraught by a typical Nolkywood lover- "Wetin be dis" (What is this?), solely because I thought it was a reality show. But as my curiosity lead me on I decided to hold my judgement before seeing the show. LEKKI Wives is a drama series written, produced, and directed by Blessing Effiom Egbe. While starting it up maybe just a little drag, keep up to it and you would soon know why it's worth watching. Starring the likes of Adaora Ukoh as Miranda, Keira Hewatch as Peace,Katherine Obiangas Uju,Kiki Omeli as Loveth, and Chinonso Young as Cleopatra. Lekki is the epitome of aristocracy living in Lagos synonymous with wealth, power, and ostentatious lifestyles. Lekki poses as a goal point for these women, it's glitz and glamour awaken them. They would do every and anything to be a part of this pretty picture that Lekki prints. At least so it seems for the Lekki wives. On the outside they parade a facade of perfection but behind it all, they own up to problems as difficult as anyone on the streets of Lagos. Issues such as marital problems, sexuality scare and dirty deeds for love of money they stop at nothing to be up in the clouds and they have a spicy way of showing it. The themes of infidelity, hypocrisy, distrust, and hatred are amplified in this drama series. Aside from the noticeable characterization and continuity flaws, this production manages to be exceptional in its delivery and depth.


An AFRICAN CITY I remember one Saturday morning when I was looking for some new shows to keep myself busy, then I came across The African City. The name captured the essence of my thoughts and I thought to give it a try. Immediately after the first episode, I fell in love. It is everything I want the African movie industry to portray of Africans. The unique story line of African women and the cinematography was on point. The show highlights African women for who they really are: the dark and light skinned, the thick and thin body structure and our preferences in hair be it natural, weaves or dreads. The show centres the lives of five African ladies with high fashion, high end life-style who have recently resettled in Accra, Ghana after living abroad almost their whole lives. All five women must learn to adjust to home from their previous lifestyles even though have different views on life. Issues on African matters are discussed and these women narrow their lives to discuss and overcome it. This gives just about enough variety to bring the right amount of drama. There’s also an amazing wardrobe to look out for. The African prints are styles in the most glamorous ways giving one or two ideas on the next type of style you might want to put on. I earnestly love this show and I think for the most part the acting is commendable. One thing I don’t understand about this show is why five intelligent, beautiful, well travelled and promising young ladies spend so much time discussing over the issues of sex,money and men. This drives me to ask this question: Is this the kind of message our young African ladies need? In my opinion, I would say that this movie should show more of what an African woman SHOULD be, what things she should aspire for, what she can achieve by hard work and determination. In conclusion, this is a great show and I strongly recommend you watch it.

Festac TOWN Festac Town is undeniably one of my favourite Nigerian show since the unpopularity of Thursday night Super Story and hilarious Papa Ajasco. Created by Mary Remy Njoku, Festac Town exposes life as it is in Festac a housing estate along Lagos-Badagry Expressway in Lagos. With wonderful performances from Blossom Chukwujiekwu, Oge Okoye, Kelvin Ikeduba, Tina Mba, Ada Ameh, Binta Bulama and Jemila Bulama this show is sure to keep you glued to your screen and wanting more. Festac Town exposes the distinct gaps between lives of Nigerians- the lower, middle and upper class living. It showcases the high inequality that citizens in Nigeria face which leads to corruption, crime and selfish indulgences. Whether you reside in Festac or you love the local Nigerian broken English be sure to be intrigued by amazing performances and exposed to scenarios of hard life and where it leads people to.

Get cozy this season with iRokoTV and enjoy these shows as it enlightens you about Africa through Nolly33 wood’s best talents. c

7ToThings Do


Before Bed Sneak A Workout

Do The Dishes

A lot of busy work junkies out there aren’t able to take advantage of the best workout times during the day. Sometimes the stress of an unnecessary trip to the gym can discourage one from living a healthy life. So before you get ready to sleep, it’s always wise to hop around the room a little to maintain your figure and relieve some built-up stress.

You never know how much can pile up until the next morning when you get out of bed and visit your kitchen. Two key tricks to a clean sink are: Washing your plates immediately after eating & not eating late into the night Admit it, most of us would go straight to bed with the lack of energy to clean up. And in the mornings, it’s straight to school or work we go. By the time you’re back, the best ake ut he rash you can do is wash-up your plates for your rushed meal This one is a do it today or tomorrow kind of situation with a “not now” for the rest. This “not now” can easily turn and mostly depends on how big the trash is at your place. into a “not ever”, and you may end up with Jerry and co. as For me this can never be something I do on a day or two your guests (From Tom and Jerry. Jerry the mouse. Get my day basis. Maybe weekly or biweekly, but the importance drift?). of this is to keep your kitchen looking proper.





Take A Shower

Make A List

I personally can attest to how fatigued one can be after a long hard day. Some days can just get harder as the week goes by. The urge to fly to your bed after that 9 pm class – can I hear an Amen? Well sometimes a nice hot shower can work wonders after a long day. Letting out under the shower most be the calmest thing in the wirld. Most importantly, the only way to truly enjoy a bath is to relax, so make sure you let your tense muscles relax.

For me this was a lifesaver during my first year of university. Carleton U (Go Ravens!) distributed journals during the first week and I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon this goodie at a price of nothing. Writing lists keeps you in tune. Life moves in a more positive and realistic vision when you strategically plan ahead. I would scribble things I had to do, people I owed, places to go, and other things like that. I wrote due dates for assignments, the day they were given in class, and the day I would do it. All this to say, it is essential to keep the details of your life in check whether it’s by using the technology of today or the very primitive note-taking.

Drink Water

Put Things In Order

While some people can formulate good drinking habits, many others find it hard to remember how much of water goes into their system. There are effective ways of drinking water properly… Drink water when you wake up, before a bath, before eating, and before you go to bed. For one it’s an amazing hydrant for lost fluids. So after a hard day’s work, it’s always wise to have water by your bed side. It is also a natural calorie burner. So for that fit life you’ve been craving, you can start by having a cup of water every day for a thirty-day challenge. Drinking water balances out your hormones and therefore contributes to a good night’s rest.

After a long day out you just want to come home for some serious chills. For once, no one’s around to tell you what to do. You throw your bag on the floor, kick off your shoes, fall on the couch and sleep… At the end, you should pick everything up and put them in its right order. Yes it’s ok to have that moment of disorganization. No one can judge you in your own zone. But the thing about disorderliness is that it’s an easy road to laziness and procrastination.


How to save your money

By Gurinder Singh


eing a student is all about learning (at least by definition) but lets be honest to ourselves none of these classes would ever teach us how to save up. enough to keep our pockets equally warmer and greener form First Friday night of the month till the last of the month Here are a few things that helped me and might help you as well:

Don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and eating out. Save on the small things and you would soon learn to save on the bigger things. Buy clothes only when neccessary and capable. Do not spend above your means to buy a new cloth. Also wait for deals. Comapre prices from various stores and pick the best that suits you. If you limit your expenditure on takeouts and save up for groceries. You dont only save money to do other things but on the long run you also adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s simple: if you want to save money don’t buy a coffee everyday just make it at home. If you are going out take the bus don’t cab. Use a taxi only when neccessary. Buy monthly passes instead of daily tickets to save on transportation and avoid the wrath of the inspection officers. If you have a bus pass, be sure to use it because you’ve paid for it in your tuition! Check for deals at the grocery store and don’t buy more than you need because you will only end up throwing out excess food and wasting money Waiting for deals could be better than buying foods at their original prices. While buying in bulk saves money and time spent going to the grocery store, buy non-perishable foods in bulk and go on trips to the store for goods that should be bought weekly. Also collecting loyalty points in stores helps you save on the purchases you make. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all your purchases can add up to give you a free shopping spree? Important to keep track of what you spend your money on so look at your fixed costs and take care of those first such as tuition, rent, groceries etc. If you have enough left-over, you can spend it on leisure, eating out, or alcohol but wisely and considerably. Only if you have taken care of your necessary costs first. Remeber always to priortize as you go on. Open a savings account and learn to keep some money for the rainy day. n






in Love

It’s that time of the year where leaves change colors and the weather gets a little cooler. Despite the harshness of winter, fall is always our solace before the storm. The days become shorter and nights just a bit longer. Well, the season of warmth is here. Even though we all miss our dear summer, Fall/Winter fashion is definitely a to-do! So what are the must-haves for this year? Assa Diakite tells it all...

Coat: A really important piece of outerwear for this fall/winter 2014. An easy way to look chic and classy. It can be plain or, embroidered with pearls or delicate design or paired with a fur hood. These two authentic pieces from Forever 21 and H&M have us swooning like never before. We feel warm already! Comes in sizes XS-L.

Burberry Poncho $1,565 CAD r 21 eve CAD r o F .80 ck) $35 in bla o (als

an lm 1 e Ed 9.0 D 4 m Sa $1 US

Poncho: We have seen in different fashion runways this season, how big worldwide designers have put back this iconic piece of folk style. The right poncho can give you a really sophisticated look. You can also hang it nonchalantly over your shoulders like a chic blanket.

H&M Coat $149 USD

Ban $39 ana R .98 epu CA blic D Military Khaki: Hello fashion soldiers, we are an army against bad taste. It’s time to step in line as military hit the runway for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015. The dominating color is khaki and the rules are simple. The army has to capture attention, inspire other fashion soldier’s , have stricter silhouettes and structured look.


es sho O D D AL 40 CA 1 $

ZA $67 RA CA D

Michael Kors $430 CAD

Ankle booties: This is your Fall yes yes and you can get your favourite designs at a much lesser price. You thought summer was the time to strut your heels. These Fall boots think so too.




by Anthonia Bejide



With temperatures dropping considerably low, we all want to keep warm, cozy and stylish. Love or loath make-up, there is definitely a new knack to be learnt and we have Anthonia Bejide to thank, who was more than happy to share her makeup expertise with you. You’ll love her forever for this!

Exfoliating the lips

There is nothing worse than wearing lipstick or lip gloss with dry chapped lips. Here is a quick tip to keeping your lips soft this fall/winter season. Sugar and Honey is a very inexpensive way to taking care of those dry lips this cold season. All you need is 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon white or brown sugar, warm water and a tooth brush. Use the toothbrush to scrub away the dead skin and apply your favorite lip chap to finish the treatment.

The Perfect Bold Lips

The trick to having the perfect bold lip for the fall/winter season is properly prepping the lips. Make sure your lips are well conditioned or you will have a difficult time wearing lipstick or lip gloss. This fall season is all about bold lips and here are the steps to having that perfect lip.

Step 1

Start by using a lip primer to ensure your lipstick will last all day and spread on the lips evenly.

Step 2

Apply a lip liner all around the lip but make sure to stay within your natural lip liner.

Step 3

Apply your favorite lipstick in the space where we did not apply the lip liner.

Step 4

This last step is the most important part of any bold lip. This step is what most people skip that gives that perfect clean look to the lips. Take your favorite foundation or concealer on a flat brush to clean up all around the lips by dragging the brush from one corner of the lips to the other. Set the concealer/ foundation with a powder and voila! Your perfect bold lip is complete.


Contouring the face

Contouring has become this new thing in the beauty world. Everyone wants to learn how to create that perfect Kim Kardashian contoured face without spending a long time drawing and blending lines all over their face. Here is quick easy way for contouring the face.

Step 2

Step 1

First step to contouring the face is using the proper brushes. Using a medium size blush brush will be more effective for contouring the face than using a large powder brush. Contouring the face can be done with either cream or powder but if you’re looking for quick way to contour I recommend using a powder if you don’t want to spend a lot of time blending.

Step 3

After contouring the face, apply your favourite blush right above the contour. Follow the exact same way we applied the contour to cheeks Blend Blend Blend and you will have a perfectly contoured face.

Take a little bit of your contour powder on your blush brush and apply the product from the center of the ear all the way to the center of the eye. Avoid bringing the contour close to your lips for a more natural looking contour to the face. Take whatever is left on your brush and work your way around the hairline and temples to create more of a shadow. Add more product if needed to deeping the contour. Take your time blending because there is nothing worse than having a block of unblended color on the cheeks. Contouring the face should create an illusion of a “slimmer” face rather than having a ton of makeup on.

Applying Lashes

Lashes are probably the best makeup product that has ever been invented. I love lashes because it can take a simple look from 0 to 100. When choosing lashes you have to take into consideration the look you are going for. There are different types of lashes from natural looking to super dramatic lashes. You should also know that some lashes might need to be cut to fit the eyes perfectly. The first tip when applying fake lashes is to cover the lash rim with black eyeliner. Some lashes do not need this step if the lash rim is already all black. The reason for covering the lash line is for a more natural look when its applied to the eyes.

Step 1: Apply liquid liner to the upper lash line to create a place to place the lashes. This also helps to camouflage any mistakes you could make if you are not yet comfortable applying lashes. Step 2: Apply your favorite mascara. Applying mascara

before the lashes rather than after keeps your lashes lasting longer. The more mascara build up is on your lashes the more you will damage your lashes and won’t be able to reuse them as often. I am able to use a pair of lashes 6-10 times depending on how I take care of them.


Step 1: If you’re a beginner to applying fake lashes, you want to place your lash on a tweezers to help make the placement much easier. When you have become more comfortable wearing lashes you can always use your hands.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of glue to the lash rim and wait 10 seconds for the glue to get tacky. Step 3: Grab a mirror and instead of looking straight in the mirror, you want to look down in the mirror. Doing this will help you see the lash line/ black liner properly where you want to place. Step 4: After the lashes have been applied wait for the glue to dry and go over it with liquid black liner again for a completed look. n 39


Tis’ The Season Christmas gift ideas for him, her and the parents. It is that time of year again when we start stressing about Christmas gifts. We sit around thinking " I do not know what to get them" or "will they like this?" Well here are a few holiday gift ideas for her, him and the parents to make your christmas shopping a little less stressful!

You can never go wrong with perfumes as party gifts. It’s a perfect present for anyone and can be bought in many stores and online.

GIVENCHY Play Intense Holiday Gift Set $93 CAD BVLGARI Bright Crystal Absolu 3 Piece Gift Set $139 CAD Show some appeciation to the special lady in your life. Get her a gift that makes her feel extra sexy and special this holiday.

She’ll go crazy taking selfies with this awesome gift. Remember to add a sweet note reminding her how beautiful she always looks behind the lens. This is also a perfect gift for amateur photographers who love to capture the moments but never ready to commit to anything bigger than a phone.

Stretch Chantilly Lace Teddy $58 USD

Splurge on him a little! Get him a customized leather douffle bag. This gift is sure to make him happy and have him looking stylish.

300 Instant Camera $69.95 USD


COACH Bleeker cabin bag $898 USD

This is a special gift for all the wine lovers! Club W offers a selection of wines from around the world which you can choose from by taking a quick survey to find out what best suits you. Based on the results of your survey, 3 bottles of wine from around the world are mailed straight to your door for only $50! This is a great gift for the parents or that extra special somebody.

Wines starting at $50 USD

With the year coming to an end, we all need time to reflect on our growth, changes and resolutions for the upcoming year. Nordik spa offers you a relaxing experience with their award winning facilities and amazing body treatments. At Nordik, you are sure to get your mind off a lot of things and focus on yourself. Nordik offers a variety of rates and packages that will meet your needs without breaking the bank! Give your loved ones the gift of relaxation this season.

16 Ch Nordik, Chelsea QC J9B 2P7 Christmas.

For the music lovers! Beats by Dr. Dre Pills is a portable, bluetooth speaker with a sleek design that comes in various colors. The sound system is amazing, making it ideal for holiday get togethers. Great present for both him and her.

Beat Pills $219.95

Even though we love men with beards, we also love a clean shave. This all-in-one shaver is a great way to keep him and dad properly groomed all through the year. Very considerate and definitely a thoughtful gift.

Keep him fit or motivate him to get fit this christmas with running shoes! Whether he’s a gym enthusiast or you plan on giving him a nudge to become one in the new year, this is an excellent gift that stays in fashion and retails for a moderate price.

Nike Free 5.0 Mens $129.99

Phillips Norelco Shavers $40.37


Be sure to get a present that reminds your loved ones how much they mean to you. It doesnt necessarily need to be high budget or materialistic. A simple massage or heartfelt message can go longer than you think. Remember to love also whatever is given to you. e

Expérience de la musique HOLIDAY

Maroon 5

Justin Timberlake

He’s definitely a bucket list option. This multi talented hot bud is coming to us in December as part of his 20/20 experience tour.

Wed., Dec. 10 2014- Toronto, Canada

If you like so much powerful music and action and jumping you should definitely prepare for these fire hot artistes. Enjoy some electric music, next year with these guys!

Sun., Mar. 29 2015- Vancouver, Canada Wed., Mar. 25 2015- Saskatoon, Canada

Sam Smith

His music is our new solace.Girls and boys alike cant get enough from this amazing talent. His vocals will definetly be shaking the audience and there might be a lot of tears so come prepared. His growth in the music industry is tremendous, you should check him out to find out why.

Jacob Moon

Tues., Jan. 20 2015- Toronto, Can-

If you’re in need for some soul searching you might want to come out and listen to Hamillton- vased songwriter Jacob Moon. His Change the Story in Jesus name tour is a perfect goto for all Christain music lovers.

Mon., Jan 19 2015- Montreal, Sat., Nov 22 2014- Ottawa, Can-


Usher Raymond

Thurs., Nov 27 2014- Vancouver, Canada Sun., Nov. 30 2014- Edmonton, Canada We can’t get enough of this hottie and we are so glad he’ll be here in Canada this November. Mr. Moving Mountain.

Blake Shelton

Ariana Grande

She has no PROBLEM getting down and she’ll be sure to wow you when she comes next year. Remember early bird tickets are the best and also to plan ahead- accomodation, feeding and the likes. If you’re coming from a distance, chances are you’ll need to be sure about these before making this trip. Not everyday R&B, sometimes enjoy country music. If you watch the voice you’ll know his vocals are as incredible as his personality.For a change you can listen to a different genre of music and indulge in a new city if you do decide to.

Thurs., Apr. 15 2015- Vancouver, Canada

Sun., Mar. 08 2015- Toronto, Canada Fri., July 10 2015- Calgary, Canada Our favourite boy band have a confession. They’ll be touring next year! We cant wait to scream out at them and they’re new love singles. Be sure to book your tickets as they would be out of market by August 25th, or sooner.

Fri., July 17 2015- Vancouver, Canada Tues., July 21 2015- Edmonton, Canada One Direction

Fri., July 24 2015- Winnipeg, Canada 43

Adventures this Season Feeling adventourous this season? Break your norms and inbibe in the Canadian life. Leave your province and visit other places that Canada has to offer. You’ll thank us for it, and you’ll have a memorable holiday to look back to. Love to go tobboganing? Visit Edmonton this season. Located on Edmonton’s eastern edge within the Strathcona Science Park, the Sunridge Ski Area is home to the province’s only tube park. Starting December, Sunridge becomes snow tubing central with its mind-blowing hill chutes and tube lifts that takes you back up the hilltop so you’re ready to be screaming wildly again for your next sliding adventure. Safety helmets and specialized snow tubes can all be rented at the park. Sunridge is family friendly and definetly for you!

Say no to diabetes, but yes to Nova Scotia’s Sugar Moon Farm! Nothing says Candaina more than Maple Syrup and get ready to enjoy the numerous treats this farm has to offer. Discover all you need to know about the maple syrup. 90 minutes away from Halifax, Sugar Moon Farm offers hospitality alongside tours, brunch, maple sampling and hiking trails. Food lovers get ready to be amazed by Sugar Moon’s Chef Nights when the Maritime’s finest chefs concote finger-licking dinners for a grumbling stomach and a satisfied crowd. Go on now to book your visit, go to

Enjoy sipping wine while overlooking a gorgeous scenery this holiday. At Niagara-on-the-Lake, locals and tourists can honour the regions celebrated libations at the annual Niagara Icewine Festival. Wine lovers can indulge in vineyard tastings with a Discovery Pass – your ticket to a medley of food and wine pairings over three consecutive January weekends. Or if you want to don your high heels and kick off the festivities with a little glamour, be sure to attend the Xerox Icewine Gala: the Ice Queen’s Ball. This glitz and glam event is held in the ballroom of the Fallsview Casino Resort andfeatures live entertainment, tasty Niagara cuisine and Canada’s largest sampling of icewines from over 30 independent wineries.

Enjoy a Winter Carnival this year at Quebec. This year makes it the 60th year of parade. Filled with evening parades, snow tubing, skating, snow rafting, outdoor BBQs, ice sliding, snow sculpture competitions and dance parties, the fun never stops. There is definetly an activity to belong. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the fete’s main man – Bonhomme Carnaval – Québec’s beloved snowman and Carnival ambassador. Perfect way to unite friends and family and learn a word or two in French.



At Whistler, British Columbia you can face your fears of heights and enjoy the supreme downhill skiing experience. This daring attraction was named North America’s best resort. So if for anything you’ll be having bragging rights by the end of the winter if you dare go up this ramp. It is only two hours away from Vancouver and offers many other facilities to make an enjoyable trip. Enjoy spending money shopping as there are over 200 shops, 90 restaurants and bars.

For the first time you wouldn’t dread walking in the snow. This is the ultimate Canadian adventure as selected by The Canadaian Tourism Comission. Located in Alberta, Banff Tours’ Johnston Canyon IceWalk is an intresting way to brace the ice-coated canyon. Get set with your jackets and be ready to explore tales of fearless hunters as told by your guided tour. Be sure to take an ounce of bravery as this is home to wolves, coyotes and mooses.

Quebec’s well kept secret is finally out in the open. Tu comprends? With a scenery that can make eyes water and the highest standing mountain in the east of the Canadian Rockies, Le Massif de Charlevoix is indeed a dreamy destination to spend this Christmas in. The ski offers its vistors an experience into the rich cultural heritage and beauty of Canada’s French province. Skiers – both alpine and cross-country – share the white-coated mountain with energetic snowboarders, but if your style is less ski and more ‘après-ski’, treat yourself to the best in Charlevoix gastronomical goodies in your choice of casual or formal. Ottawa’s Rideau Canal is always bustling with amazing skaters from around the world at this time of the year. If you dont know how to skate, take a friend along and challenge your innerbility. With its famous Skateway equivalent to the standard Olympic-sized rink. Twirl, twist, fall but get back up as quickly as possible and enjoy the ambience of the Parliament Building. Also enjoy some warm treats from the popular Byward market.


There are so many other activities to be enjoyed in Canada be it indoor or outdoor but most importantly always stay safe and layered. It is one thing to have so much fun but definiety a great thing to come out sick or wounded. Have a festive season this year and deck your halls. c


holiday fever Why not start the coming New Year with the resolution to celebrate every holiday and give each day a little more meaning? Did you know that almost every day has some type of celebration? Whether it’s official or an initiative to support a good cause, it’s sure to bring light into each day. So if you’re having a bad day, want more adventure this year, or you’re as amazing as the guys at Krowd magazine, be sure to start the new year with a bang and celebrate every day with special loved ones. After all, it’s the amazing things we do that make us who we are. Here are some of the best holidays to celebrate during the year. some are found in orphanages, and most sadly, some are among you in your everyday life. If you know someone who struggles with friendships or can’t seem to smile, make today or every day a challenge to make them smile. What is a beautiful soul if not one that raises others up? Be that beautiful soul.

January 3rd - Humiliation Day This has nothing to do with humiliating someone but recognizing the negativity of the act of humiliation. We think this is awesome and even if we should always be aware of what a horrid thing it is to humiliate, we believe a day set out to remember the ills it does to society and faith in humanity is appropriate. February 11th - Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day Just 3 days before Valentine’s Day, this is a quick and cheerful reminder that we are all humans who make silly mistakes like spilling milk. This is an amazing time to take on all the positivity in life and look for gold at the end of every rainbow. The name is so cheeky that it already brightens up your day. March 30th – “I am in Control” Day This month’s holiday is associated with some interesting American history. On the 30th of March 1981 after an assassination attempt in the White House, Secretary of State Alexander Haig stated, “I am in control here”. Thus a day was born out of these words. People thought it was a good reason to reconcile with their fears and take their lives seriously. In similar thoughts, every day is a call to action. “I am in Control” day is your chance to think things over and get your life on a constructive pace. Relax, observe, move forward and take life poco a poco - little by little. April 24th – Pigs in a Blanket Day For our food lovers – who wouldn’t want a sausage wrapped in a pancake? Every April 24th, some enlightened few celebrate Pigs in a Blanket Day. Someone thought their culinary idea was so brilliant that the world should celebrate with them. So if you feel that you’re the chef of the century, you can support the cause of a fellow foodie. Who knows, you could start up your own day in the future. J- Rice day on April 4th maybe? May 16th - Wear Purple for Peace Day If sci-fi is a thing for you or maybe you even believe in life outside of Earth? Wear purple on the 16th to show your support for aliens and encourage their coming to Earth. This day recognizes the inexistence of a mutual bond between aliens and humans. Some very special people of the world believe those from outer space don’t find us very welcoming. By wearing purple on this day, aliens will look down on us and slowly begin to accept us. Maybe someday they’ll find us inviting and reveal themselves.

August 9th – Book Lovers Day For some of us, it is natural to engross ourselves in a Danielle Steel or Frank Peretti book. Whatever your author writes, in August, all book lovers join one another to celebrate the art of literature. Book Lovers day encourages everyone to pick up a book, relax, and indulge. Reading is very important. Whether it is educational or solely for relaxation, it is a fun and important activity everyone should try and be involved in. September 16th – National Step Family Day Family is important. No one can deny that. Who you are and how you become can be determined by family in so many ways. We learn in life that blood ties aren’t the only bonds of family. When something inevitable happens, we can acquire new family and should learn to love and appreciate them the same way you would with your own blood. National Step Family Day highlights the importance of the new additions to family and extended family. October (first Friday of the month) -World Smile Day All smileys and emoticons owe their existence to the happy face for it birthed all other smileys. October appreciates that very popular yellow faced smile. Now, every phone user is able to send that “:)” to lift someone’s spirit. For years to come, we hope the world still enjoys this joyful smiley face and the smiles it brings to everyone no matter the mode of technology used. November 8th – Cook something Bold Today Day This month, as you read this magazine, we implore you to be daring in the kitchen. Don’t burn down your place of course! Cook an old recipe you’ve always loved, look for something you have always wanted to eat, or be creative and concoct something from what you find available. Most importantly let the aroma of this meal fill your house with warmth and love. Plus, with the winter you’d be sure to capture all the mouth-watering aromas so you don’t get all the neighbors jealous.

December 5th – Bathtub Party Day I want to have this day everyday till the end of the year. Soft music, candles, a bath tub filled with bubbles, drops June 10th – National Iced Tea Day of my favorite essential oils, sparkling wine… need I go With summer approaching, National Iced Tea Day is our on? With the winter coming in full force and the holidays time to chill out and say cheers to beaches, flip flops, and around the corner, one day dedicated to pampering the natural beauty of the sun. If you don’t already have yourself before the craziness is just what everyone needs. the summer vibe on June 10, you should soak up a nice On December 5th, put up your feet and be thankful for tea bag with a spritz of lemon. While it is refreshing, it the end of the year. Feeling charitable? Invite a friend and also has some medicinal advantages which include: cancer enjoy a calming feet soak, or even have a masseur or two prevention, soothing sore throats, and the prevention of over. With the end of another year and all its stresses– evstomach ailments. eryone deserves that break. Twelve months in a year and every day is a day to be celeJuly 11th – National Cheer up the Lonely Day brated with a chance to support a good cause. n There are so many people struggling with no one to be there for them. One person thought it was right and necessary to acknowledge lonely people every July 11th. Who is a lonely person? This could be someone who has few close family and friends. Some may be old in homes,








ersonally, I have never been one to check the news or Google the CNN website until the onset of Ebola. It is so painful to realize that the Ebola virus could cause such mayhem in West African countries and to the world at large. Throughout the history of deadly viruses, not one has caused so much fear and confusion in the world as Ebola has done. People have fled their countries and engaged in practices to prevent the virus which has led some to an untimely death for some. In the light of Ebola, despite the countless deaths in West African countries, there was limited actions and concerns from developed countries. Even when the virus got to its peak and it had sent countless to a sick bed, the inputs from developed countries such as America was minimal; till they got infected. I guess even I was complacent about the disease, because I didnt have to wake up in the morning with the fear of contacting the virus from anyone. I was living in a fools paradise. I think it’s time for us to gain awareness on the rudiments of Ebola and how to protect ourselves and loved ones from contacting it . • Ebola virus disease was formerly known as Ebola haem-

By Rubby Nwaluka

orrhagic fever • Community engagement is the key to successfully controlling outbreaks. Good outbreak control relies on applying a package of interventions such as: case management, surveillance and contact tracing, a good laboratory service, safe burials and social mobilisation • There are currently no licensed Ebola vaccines but two potential candidates are undergoing evaluation. • Ebola virus disease (EVD) first appeared in 1976 in two simultaneous outbreaks, one in Nzara, Sudan, and the other in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. The latter occurred in a village near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name. • The current outbreak in West Africa, (first cases notified in March 2014), is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. There have been more cases and deaths in this outbreak than all others combined. It has also spread across countries starting in Guinea then spreading across land borders to Sierra Leone, Senegal and Liberia, by air (one traveller only) to Nigeria.



I have never felt this much paranoia about any other disease except maybe bird flu, which made me a vegetarian.On my way to school one day, I boarded a fully packed bus. Normally my thoughts are usually, “why don’t I have a car” or “this is really suffering”. But recently all I have been thinking about is “I just hope nobody has Ebola here, if not I’m dead.” I guess I was not the only one thinking about Ebola because anybody that dared to cough would get a stare down by the whole bus and there would everyone would keep away from the ‘victim’ from then on. Needless to say, I needed to know, how this virus was transmitted and how I could save myself. I did my own little research and this is what I found: • Ebola can be contacted through human-to-human transmission via direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and with surfaces and materials (e.g. bedding, clothing) contaminated with these fluids. Humans could also get it through direct contact with infected fruit bats or primates (apes and monkeys)

• Burial ceremonies in which mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased person. • People remain infectious as long as their blood and body fluids, including semen and breast milk, contain the virus. Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery from illness.

Symptoms The incubation period, which is the time interval from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms is 2 to 21 days. Humans are not infectious until they develop symptoms. The first symptoms are the sudden onset of fever fatigue, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, symptoms of impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding (e.g. oozing from the gums, blood in the stools). Laboratory findings include low white blood cell and platelet counts and elevated liver enzymes. I have heard many crazy stories about Ebola and how to prevent it. These are the ones that I felt were the most unrealistic amongst the rest: 1. Faith(prayer and fasting) without taking preventive measure will keep u safe from Ebola 2. Salt or disinfectant will prevent you from Ebola 3. It’s not sexually transmitted 4. Eating onion three times a day 5. Mosquitoes and insects can transmit Ebola 6. It Is an airborne virus 7. It cannot survive outside the body Your’s truly Ebola Expert just kidding a Paranoid girl Rubby a


EBOLA: Fear is a Choice

antiseptic, soap and cream. The fear of the disease cured him of his OCD- he stopped chewing on his nails. Every day he would scour the Internet, searching for updates on the deadly Virus. On the 4th of August, it was confirmed that the doctor who had had contact with the Liberian had been infected. On the 9th of August, one of the nurses who had attended to him ious had always been a careful boy. Even as was confirmed dead. On 14th of August, Lagos state a kid, he had taken all the elderly advice to sectioned off a ward in Obalende, specially for Ebola heart. He always looked left, and right, then victims. Pious thought he wasn’t protected enough, left again before crossing. He never spoke so he stopped taking public buses and stuck to only to strangers, ignoring them as they called to him “Keke” and taxis. Public places such as markets and on the way to and from school. Even when playbars were a no-go area. He was even tempted to ing “catcher” with his friends in school he never let join the craze of salt water drinking and bathing that people grab him, because of suspected germs. But swept through the country. he had one major flaw- nail biting. He just couldn’t Then came the day he woke up and felt something stop. Even throughout his secondary school up until wrong within his body. Oh my God, I have Ebola!! He his university days. He just never could bring himthought frighteningly to himself. But the symptoms self to use a nail-cutter; he chewed on his nail when were not like any he had read about. He found it he was scared, worried, hungry or bored. Pious had hard to breath, his heart beat faster than normal, he read somewhere about obsessive compulsive bewas losing sensation in his fingers and toes, and he havior. That must be what it is, that’s my OCD. He felt dizzy. What do I do? What’s going on? Am I dyalways used to say to himself. That all changed on ing? Am I going crazy? Oh my God I am going crazy. the 26th of July 2014.


“Nigeria records the first case of Ebola” was the headline that jumped at Pious that morning. He had been following the news on Ebola passively for a few months. The deadly virus that had already killed 600 people was now in the Lagos, the most populous city in West Africa. This frightened Pious. He spent days pouring over Wikipedia and other websites trying to understand this deadly virus. He understood that the virus originally originated in bats and that it had been contained in Congo and Sudan in the 1970s. How the hell did it they let it get here? Pious went into overdrive. He ran to the mall, bought extra hand sanitizers, gloves, Dettol

As soon as it was daybreak, he headed off to Ikoyi in a taxi to go see a trusted family doctor. Gbenga, the doctor laughed hard when Pious asked him if it was Ebola. “You had a panic attack Pious…nothing to fear”. The Doctor said. “Are you sure?” Pious asked looking very concerned. “Trust me, my certificate is original, you are very much free from Ebola… you are just really stressed out”. Gbenga continued “I know the Ebola outbreak, if you can even call it that, is scary, but you shouldn’t stress yourself over it” “There are about thirty million people in Lagos and there have been only ten cases so far… I mean you



some drugs and sent Pious off on his way. It took a while, but Pious did calm down. He even boarded a bus when going back. As he sat in the bus, he felt himself relax, his heartbeat and breathing normalized. Me, panic attack? How? Pious thought to himself, am I white? Smile was all he could do from laughing out loud. For the first time in a long time, he was aware not anxious of his surroundings. There sat by him a woman cradling her child to sleep. In front, the conductor was cursing at a passenger who had just handed him one thousand Naira bill. Pious looked outside the window, it was a beautiful day. It wasn’t too sunny, too windy, too cold or rainy. There were no extremes. The weather was perfect. He had been crossing the Third Mainland bridge to and from work for more than 3 months now, yet he never saw what he did today. For the first time he noticed the river which sprawled out on either side of the bridge. The river seemed so serene, so peaceful, so undisturbed, yet so powerful and so majestic. He felt humbled and uplifted at the same time. He took another deep breath. At that moment, Pious remembered a statement he had read or heard somewhere; Danger is real, fear is a choice. He chose not to be afraid anymore- he felt freer, he felt lighter. He felt alive.

horrific crash site. “No survivors in horrific bus accident on Third Mainland Bridge” was the headline that was carried in the Newspapers the next day. Life is beautiful because it is ephemeral. Do not let fear stop you from enjoying the beauty of living. r Story by Ekundayo Ayodeji

As the bus sped through to the end of the Third Mainland bridge on this fine Wednesday afternoon, there was a loud pop sound. Before anyone could fathom what had happened, the bus was swerving and spinning out of control. It crashed into an oncoming vehicle, before somersaulting violently into a broken down BRT bus. The scene was chaotic, with screech sounds coming from everywhere, everyone trying hard to avoid the crashed bus. After a moments passed there was just silence, people getting out of their vehicles moving closer to observe the

You can read more mind blowing stories at





ith both palms in the air, he implored “Don’t shoot!” as 9 bullets made their way through his body. On August 9th 2014, Michael Brown was fatally shot in Ferguson, St. Louis, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson. Accounts of what may have caused this incident remain conflicting even today. Initial eye witnesses say Officer Darren Wilson asked the 18 year old man to get off the road on which he and a friend were walking. When Brown refused, a short altercation took place, officer shot and Michael Brown knelt down. With both palms in the air, he implored “don’t shoot!”, the phrase that would become a campaign’s motto.

August 2014 - On the nights following Michael Brown’s death, residents of St. Louis denounced Darren Wilson’s actions and demanded his arrest by protesting in the streets. Live streams of the unrest made the police’s excessive use of force available to all. Military tanks, police dogs, tear gas and S.W.A.T. teams were standing guard as civilians practiced their right to protest.

discharged his service weapon several times.” Residents of Ferguson were outraged by the autopsy, which supported most of Officer Darren Wilson’s claims. Despite the media’s minimal coverage, protests are still ongoing.

On August 9th, America woke up to the chilling It is reported by twitter that on the first night of violent pro- realization that maybe the civil rights era wasn’t completely over. Police brutality and racial injustices might tests, August 10th, nearly 700 tweets per minute were sent using #Ferguson. Media coverage of the Ferguson events had have been ongoing for years. However, these heartbeen minimal before it seemed to be on everyone’s timelines. breaking tales are simply not being told by mass media corporations. Social media gave people the power to The story soon became a national affair. influence mainstream news sources and to have their voices heard. October 22, 2014 - In the midst of jury deliberation for Darren Wilson’s prosecution, a St. Louis police department autopsy of Michael Brown was leaked by St. Louis Today. This Michael Brown’s murder was the unfortunate story of information poured salt over open wounds as it was conflict- police brutality towards African-Americans taken to extreme levels. It left Ferguson with many unanswered ing with initial eye witness accounts. questions: Why are civilian and police relationships in St. “The deceased became belligerent towards Officer WILSON. Louis so strained? Where is Darren Wilson? What truly As Officer WILSON attempted to exit out of his patrol vehicle happened on August 9th? the deceased pushed his door shut and began to struggle with Officer WILSON, during the struggle the Officers weapon Ferguson is the story of people using their voice. Bringwas un- holstered. The weapon discharged during the strug- ing light to issues that are important yet left in the shadows. St. Louis is the story of people claiming and using gle. their power; One protest and one tweet at a time. c The deceased then ran down the roadway. Officer WILSON then began to chase the deceased. As he was giving chase to the deceased, the deceased turned around and ran towards Officer WILSON. Officer WILSON had his service weapon drawn, as the deceased began to run towards him, he 52

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Krowd Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 Edition  

This is the official online copy for the 2014 Fall/Winter edition of Krowd Magazine. We thank everyone that contributed heavily to this edit...

Krowd Magazine Fall/Winter 2014 Edition  

This is the official online copy for the 2014 Fall/Winter edition of Krowd Magazine. We thank everyone that contributed heavily to this edit...