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Hi Kristy, I know this sounds weird, but probably the coolest thing I ever googled was how to patch a hole in the wall. Yep, I had a 2 by 2 foot hole in the wall in my hallway from my teenage son jumping up & losing his balance. He slammed right into the wall & his body crushed it. He's 6'2" and the size of a linebacker so I was mortified. I didn't know what I was gonna do and to be honest - I was a short on funds at the time & didn't want to hire anyone. So I decided to google it. I learned what to buy, how to apply it and believe it or not - that hole was impossible to detect. I even learned how to match the texture of the spackle. I was proud. Google has a way of helping me look really knowledgeable. But the one thing that I have yet to find on google is how to properly market things online. It may just surprise you that I was actually pretty skeptical about doing it at first. I didn't just "jump right in" when I had the chance. In fact, quite the opposite happened. Oh I was interested in making money online, but I just couldn't figure out what the first step was and with so many partial truths (there are tons of people giving advice) and little tools being sold here and there - there was nothing that tied it all together for me to clearly see how to do it. It wasn't until I connected with someone who took me under her wing to show me the ropes. She had been introduced to the real "behind the scenes" approach to building up her knowledge of how to do it - and in less than a year, she became one of the experts. I was thrilled when she offered to introduce me to some of these "guru's" in the industry. This is the VIDEO that made that difference for me. I'll tell ya - there's nothing more powerful than knowledge and believing in your knowledge. I have come to understand that competency breeds confidence and that confidence pushes you to learn even more, thus further building your competency. It makes so much difference when you have the right people and the right tools to help you achieve both the competency and the confidence you need to create cash-flow online. It's such a wonderful feeling. And in the end I discovered that there would have been absolutely no reward with out the risk that I took to learn and trust those who were willing to teach. My life is different now because I have a skill that I can apply to anything I want to do online. Take a little time and look at the video RIGHT HERE that finally got me started doing this online thing! It could just be the key to building some retirement cash-flow the same way that its buiding mine! Kristy Chase (571) 318-6715 Helping you make your tomorrow better than your today! PS. Email me back and let me know about something you learned to do from google! I'm want to hear what cool or crazy things you learned!

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