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EDITORIAL Editor-in-chief Naomi Ong Managing Editors Nahjan Binti Amer Nordin, Qisti Parr B. Zahairi WRITERS & CONTRIBUTORS Alya Amirah Azman, Careen Wong, J.C. Lee, Koh Kay Xin, Nadia Wong, Stephanie Aeria DESIGN Creative Director & Layout Artist Esther Ho, Inoue Taki OPERATIONS Operations Directors Jared Wong, Sam Wei Quan EMAIL


EDITOR’S NOTE Heyhey, Inti Insider has officially reached its 10th issue! It’s amazing how time flies so fast- before we realized it, half of ’09 has gone by! In fact, semester break seems just around the corner… Nonetheless, it’s never too late to turn productive-

”Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”.

A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

Embracing a “Get Up & Go!” theme for July, be sure to check out Stephanie’s article The Way to Green to find out how you too, can get involved. Not only that, JC goes in-depth about internshipthe tough facts and we do it anyway. Already in the midst of finals blues? Check out some lastminute cramming tips and follow Careen in putting your Geek on! Well, g’luck everyone and happy reading!

A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

Managing Editor, Nahjan

The average person creates 4.0 pounds of trash a day. Every year about 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced.





Face it, if students can be deemed professionals for a particular something, it would be to procrastinate-

NAHJAN shares some tips on how to do it smartly. It’s been a heck of a fun weekendFriday night you were at a party; you woke up the better half of the day on Saturday and later that night, late-night movie marathon with friends or family… all day Sunday, something’s been nagging at the back of your mind but ahh, you told yourself, it’s surely nothing. Then at 10PM that night, bam! Text message from that friend of yours from American History I, “hey dude, have you revised for finals tomorrow?” Uh-huh- familiar with the saying, “better late than never?” You would be lying if you’ve never heard that and actually put it into play. Yes, we all know the howto’s for cramming last-minute but do we practice the smart ways in doing so?

that’s all. Tell yourself, this is for a half-studying doesn’t really bring Greater Good cause. It’s only for a you anywhere. few days anyway, so what’s the big Tip 5: Zzzzzzz. deal? A sleepless you equals to a Tip 2: Early kind of Late terrible mood which equals to a This is going to sound ironic, but potentially terrible performance even if you were to procrastinate, when sitting for the exam thanks don’t start too late. Chances are, to panic and nervousness. So try you wouldn’t be able to finish your best (with all the caffeine and revising everything on time and sugar rush aside) to put your mind this kind of defeats the purpose, at ease and get some sleep a few no? So do everyone else (but hours before your paper. mostly yourself) a favour and There are other tips out there, in be smart even when it comes to the end, whatever works for you, procrastinating- 2 days before, at go ahead. In the meantime, as the least… surely you can. famous Star Wars saying goes, may Tip 3: Caffeine Rush

the Force be with you.

Yes we’ve all heard this before: caffeine is a no-no. But face it, if we’re to stay up all night what’s going to keep the internal ‘rush’ going if not caffeine? In this case, DO ANYTHING TO STAY AWAKE. … Anything except actually falling asleep with the book staring back at you, that is.


Tip 4: Take A Break (Having a Kit Kat’s optional)

As much as we like to believe that never letting our eyes roam away from the book helps in digesting the facts, truth is, it doesn’t. It’s Here’s some two-percent’s worth: been said that the mind can only Tip 1: The Greater Good concentrate for a maximum of less Get off the TV! …And the PSP, the than an hour. So give 100% focus internet, the Wii… whatever, you for 45-50 minutes and then take name it. Just a little bit of sacrifice, a break for 15 minutes. After all, J U L 2 0 0 9


EMBRACING YOUR Geeks are here to rule!



hick old-fashioned spectacles and a Star Trek T-shirt tucked into his pants with hair gelled neatly; strict, intellectual look plastered onto his acne-infested face while carrying just about a million books and a laptop. His level of self-confidence can go two ways: one, he thinks he is way too smart to be talking to a ‘normal’ student like you. Or he thinks that he is invincible – with an almost non-existent presence which occludes him from the rest of the student body. The word ‘geek’ was once used to label carnival performers who perform disgusting acts, but what are geeks, really, in our own context? If what I had just described is your answer, then you better wipe that stereotypical idea right out your mind and open your eyes wide!


Careen tells you the definition of cool – its geeks yo, so start embracing this fact.

Anyone who has an obsession is a geek! You can be a Book Geek, TV Geek, Fitness Geek or even a Conspiracy Geek! So long as you have an obsession, YOU ARE A GEEK! So let’s face it, since you’re probably already one, it is high time you start to embrace that fact and shout out for the whole world to hear how proud you are to be one! Remember, being a geek has its quirks- but you should know the right ways. First, know what you’re good at and turn it into a good obsession. Once you are fixated on something, you’d reach a level in that particular subject that no one else can. It doesn’t matter if your talent is fishing with your legs or talking backwards really fast. If you have the talent, why keep it? Flaunt it! Next, be confident! If you are a geek, and carry yourself well, others will not treat you weirdly. Remember, Bill Gates is a perfect example of a Tech Geek whos’ captured the world! Sometimes, as geeks, we feel left out and desperately want to fit in with the ‘normal’ crowd. Nothing wrong with that, but always keep in mind not to try too hard. Remember to stay unique and think as an individual. You may have an obsession but it doesn’t mean you should lose track of what’s hip n’ happening. Be up to


date and you’ll find it easier to fit in. Lastly, many times, even in movies, we see geeks being bullied. Here’s what I have to say: Stand up for yourself! Don’t look down meekly, acting submissive. Look them straight in the eye and laugh along with whatever prank they’ve just pulled! Or walk away with your head still held high knowing that you are better than them. Being a geek isn’t a bad thing- it’s an awesome thing! So start embracing your geekiness now because we’re here to rule! Remember, without us geeks, the world cannot advance! We Geeks Rock! What will people think when they find out that Sam’s a geek? What will people do since they know Craig is too? We don’t really care if we are labeled “super geek” ‘cause there ain’t no disguising the smell. (Butchie Boys – Super Geeks)




ou know you are a Japanese anime, manga, and/or gaming geek, aka otaku, when you have toed past that line: the boundary between an enthusiast and a plain crazy, obsessed fanatic; you know… that line. Plenty of people all around the world, even in our very own INTI Subang Jaya, identify themselves as otakus. However, most of the time, these people aren’t really otakus, mistakenly identifying themselves as such when they are in truth mere anime enthusiasts.

NAOMI investigates the Otaku answer. So, how do you know when you have crossed that boundary? Here are a few self-test questions: • Do you cosplay (play-dress in costumes) to college everyday?


If you have gotten nothing but positive answers for two-thirds of the test, then you probably are an otaku. Suffer and die™ But the question remains unanswered. How far are people willing to go to reach that pinnacle? Here are a few astonishing examples of fans taking their obsessions beyond the spectrum:-

オ タ ク

4. 私はおたくです If you can read this, it is pretty much self-explanatory. In conclusion, this is how far you have to go before claiming that lofty title that is the otaku. So… how far are you willing to go?

1. Collecting Merchandise Who wouldn’t dream of getting that elusive figurine of Sephiroth? And doesn’t he look absolutely cool in all his black-leathered glory?! KYAAAAAA~~~~!!! In conclusion, if you see a figurine, have that reaction, and then add said figurine to your already monstrously huge and diverse collection… Congratulations, join the otaku pride!

2. Cosplay To be a princess from a magical land, or a hard butt-kicking fighter from another dimension, who • Do you have your very own wouldn’t want that? corner-of-honour of If you have these secret desires to merchandise such as anime dress up like the characters you figurines, limited edition posters, soundtracks and DVDs? witness from an anime, and have actually acted those desires out… • Can you read and speak fluent Salutations, and welcome to the Japanese, and in addition, have Otakuhood! an entire shelf filled with manga (raw) and light novels? 3. I only do limited edition, honey • Do you trawl the Internet daily Does the idea of a limited edition for news and happenings in the poster of Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion tempt you? Anime industry? *nod* Even if it costs RM 10,000? *again, nod* RM 10,000 for a piece of paper?! *nods vigourously* Such is the dedication of an Otaku.

Otaku is an all-encompassing term to mean geek, whether you are a geek for computers, or a cat-obsessed fanatic, you can count yourself an otaku for those interests. For the sake of brevity, however, we shall only discuss anime/manga/video game otakus. J U L 2 0 0 9


Conservation and Going Green is all the rage now. Here, Stephanie introduces 3 dedicated NGOs to encourage you to take that (first) green step.


The Way to Green


re you tired of hearing the phrase “Go Green” but not getting the opportunity to do anything about it? I know most of us perceive it as a boring thing or even if we had the interest, we wouldn’t go without friends. Well, maybe it’s time to be proactive! Let’s look at a few selected NGOs in Malaysia that fight for Mother Green passionately.

Malaysian Nature Society Malaysian Nature Society has been crusading on since 1940. That’s a long time to keep the organization going! It is a society that has been contributing to and preserving our natural heritage, which is slowly being depleted. MNS is the largest environmental organization in Malaysia and is still growing. It is comprised of a group of volunteers in their own designated fields. This includes marine, bird watching, caving and flora. Cool! You can help out as much as you can to save the last few trees for our future sons and daughters. The best way is to log on to their website and click whichever method suits you. C’mon. Click click click! The world is not waiting to be saved; you have to take the first step.

WWF-Malaysia I am sure plenty of us have heard about the World Wide Fund for Nature. Established as a twoperson organization in 1972, it has grown to over a hundred people working for them from Langkawi to Sabah. They are also known as Tabung Alam Malaysia. One thing for sure, WWF-Malaysia really sticks to their mission. They are running over 75 projects now! A few of these include scientific field research and environmental education. Of course, if we wanted to get involved, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can either volunteer at WWF by dropping your resume and their website and they will contact you when there is any major project on. If you still want to do MORE, there is a chance to be an intern in the WWF Office. If you don’t have the time, drop a donation or start working on conserving the environment from home!


Wild Asia Wild Asia is a social enterprise working to support conservation of Mother Nature. With the motto, “Learn, Be Inspired, Make A Difference”, their goal is to minimize the adverse impacts on the environment and ensuring that the local communities’ cultures remain well respected. As usual, there are plenty of ways to support them. Buying their merchandise could be a start. Donating RM50 for their Plant-ATree programme is big give. We often complain of the weather being too humid, sun scorching down on us. Instead of complaining now, make a difference! You may not need to create huge campaigns, but you can start by contributing slowly. Click on the websites and learn about them. Then we can all slowly move to creating a better environment for us all!


Volunteering can bring joy to all parties involved, even when the act is completely unplanned. Alya Amirah went out and did just that, and in the process, learnt how to put a smile to a lonely heart.


’ll admit it: I was nervous. But everyone there was feeling pretty much the same way. At the Tun Razak’s Leadership Program (PKTR), all 49 participants could never anticipate the activities. Abang Sumi, a programme facilitator, went straight to the point. The task was to entertain an orphanage for a whole day. I was taken aback for sure. I never did expect I was to entertain a bunch of brats for the day. But, I steeled myself for what I expected would be a completely exhausting day.

n the Easy o , buddy nuts dough My team (we were split up into two teams) named “Ohana”- meaning “family”- came up with the carnival and talent time combo concept. We planned to have stations where the orphans have a chance to play games and do a variety of activities. As for talent time, we planned to have performances where they could showcase their talents and have fun in the process. Our day started early on that particular Sunday. At 6.30AM, we hopped on the bus from Majlis Sukan Negara (our temporary hostel during



the programme) to Memorial Tun Razak. After breakfast, both teams split up. Team Ohana remained at the memorial while the other team, Euphoria, went to the Lake Garden.

The orphans from a Petaling Jaya orphanage arrived at the site. Most were boys aged 7 to 18 years old and some of us (including Group Photo me) were afraid that they would be plain uncooperative, naughty, and incontrollable. It didn’t help it soon grew on me. I realized that most of us were as green as something important; volunteering grass when it came to social work. is both fun and rewarding. We got down to work, The talent time was awesome, transforming ourselves into with performances far better than kakaks and abangs for the day. their elders (us). And no, this is not Our first encounter was one of mere “proud-sister speak”, they pure chaos. The orphans were were good, and very energetic. playing everywhere! Many of the They started off with singing, and games were for the benefit of the followed it up with a dance number. younger children. And boy did they know the meaning of playtime, in its purest form. Fortunately, although they were shy, the older orphans volunteered to help us rein in the younger ones. They were so cute then, I couldn’t help but coo over them. Though I had felt reluctant at first, and apprehensive towards all this volunteer work,

Pose rs


At the end of the day, parting with the orphans was difficult. Even though things were awkward at first, we had really bonded through the activities. Personally, I learnt from them what independence and courage truly meant, and I will always be grateful for that. Also, I truly believe that we had also brought joy to them; and that is what really matters, at the end of the day. So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a celebrity to bring a smile to a lonely heart. Don’t wait for your college or club to take that first step for you; go out into the big, big world and take that first plunge yourself! Get involved!

J U L 2 0 0 9


Interning is Brutal Business. Your

pampered college life of textbooks and examinations is no help in the workplace if you do not know how to apply that knowledge. JC LEE explains why we do it.



ave you ever chanced upon feeding time for the Tasmanian Devils at its native Australian zoos? An unblemished, white hare would be lowered into the display. Animals know when they are being served as chow: to no surprise, it darts into the shrubbery just as its feet touch the exhibition floor. Seconds later several black streaks burst through the foliage: the Tasmanian devil with its small beady eyes, bared pink tongue, and sharp incisors. The rest is left to imagination. What does this have to do with internships? You connect the dots: as a young college student entering the workplace. You get a hands-on look of just how the working-life draws parallels to the animal kingdom. Cubicles replace plants, and plants are plastic excuses to make the office look more organic. The watering holes are bottled into water coolers, and the furry pelts of its animals exchanged for black khaki pants, a Carrefour buttoned-up shirt, and a cheap tie with a cartoon motif. The only exception is that everyone is not inclined to

defecate just anywhere, but the same rules apply. Beat your chest and remind everyone who is the Alpha Male in your gorilla world, and like the Tasmanian Devil: take out the weak links. As an intern, you are the man behind the glass watching as all of this passes you by. One day, you are going to be the hare and you get lowered into the glass yourself. So give yourself a head start. Here’s why: Internships are more often than not expected of in a resume: when an employer looks



through the candidates, they see those with previous workplace experience as an intern a potential employee. Chong Ley-Lynn, 22, is a Mass Communications student at University College Sedaya International. She spent two months as an intern at Fly FM, one of the leading English radio stations in Malaysia. “Being able to work in a radio station in Malaysia is considered a golden opportunity. When I was working there, people asked how I manage to get in and told me that they have friends

9 who were being rejected by the company.” Many students have the impression that working as an intern usually entails repetitive and menial work: Chong Ley-Lynn is no exception. “There’s one time, I was asked to make tags for crew and committee for an event. I had to cut 500 papers and put them into the tag. And that was my job for the entire day (I even skipped lunch). The next day, I was told to take out 200 because they did not need it anymore.” This only happens once in a while, she relates. The experience, she relates, did provide her with valuable insight into the many facets that together make the radio business. “I worked in Brand and Promotions department. I was involved with events, web design, contests, advertising, going out with the onground team and so on…” Working in such a company offers up the intern different ways of thinking and of performing later on when he or she gets an actual job. The experience that the intern acquires will help him to gauge

Welcome to the Zoo

common work-related situations and apply the most effective method rather than applying the same approach whenever the same problem arises. Job offers can also materialize out of internships, should you make a good enough

impression on the head ape of the company you are interning at. Which is good reason to take your work seriously: they might be your future employers. All of these put together should be reason enough for you to pursue an internship of your own: giving you what is an advantage over the numerous other competitors biting at your heels to have that extra edge in being employed. Even more so in these especially trying times with the economic crises when company CEOs can be seen flipping burgers and shining your shoes. Everyone is game. As Chong Ley-Lynn puts it, “Depending on how much effort you want to put in, you will get it by grabbing every opportunity.” So will you be the hare or the Tasmanian devil?

homosapiens? J U L 2 0 0 9


THE WORLD OF HOT DOGS BY NAHJAN & KAY XIN In April they brought you all around the globe for April Fools insights- lo and behold, July is the month of hotdogs! This time around, follow Nahjan & Kay Xin as they share yummy hot dogs from around the globe! Let’s start with the East Japan- where on August 6th 2006, Shizuoka Meat Producers and the All-Japan Bread Association made the world’s longest hot dog to obtain the world record. It was an astonishing 60.3m long! But the really cute story? It’s usually cut into small pieces and sliced to resemble and octopus where it’s packed into bento for loved ones. And off into the East we travel on till we reach… Hong Kong! You know that yummy sausage bun you often buy from Baker’s Cottage? Well, this is the typical HK hot dog! Another popular one is sausage covered in a sweet and creamy mayonnaise-covered bun. For all mayo-lovers out there, you know where to get your treat… For the ones with the unconventional taste bud, head on over to Kazakhstan! There, hot dogs - called “kazy”- are made from HORSE meat. In fact, they’re even cased naturally in horse intestine! However, to tempt your appetite, it’s usually served with bread and onion. Ahh, all you folks heading over to UNL, take note of this: you might want to get your hands on their famous red hot dogs when you’re there! Why red? It’s the color of their Cornhuskers! So head over to their football games and you might get one for free- fired from the sidelines by a guy carrying “Der Weiner Schlinger”. That is, an air-powered cannon that fires foil-wrapped hot dogs into the stand! Now, is that cool or what?

Lastly, we end our (mouth-watering) journey of hot dogs in the place that’s famous for: Chicago hot dog! Specifically topped with a variety of condiments including onions, relish, tomato slices and pepper, it has its own Golden Rules too: only ever boiled or steamed- to broil would be an offence. Ketchup is also not used in Chicago-style hot dogs.

Craving for a very yummy, very hot and mouth-watering hot dog already? Head over to 1901 or any of your favorite hot dog stalls to grab a bite; enjoy! INTIInsiderNewsletter



Orientation Night Aloha everyone! As you may already guess, the theme for May 2009 session’s orientation night was Hawaiian Tiki Night. On the 19th of June, the Rotaract Club organized the event to welcome the new students of ICSJ. The event kicked off with the usual speeches, followed by the exciting lighting of the Tiki torch by Ms Rubina. The audience was entertained by College Players, Reza Salleh, and by an impromptu dance by members of the Rotaract Club. Then, Hello Bali took over with a turntable show and a DJ scratch tryout, followed by a lucky draw. The most anticipated event, the Orientation Night Pageant took place, with the laurels ofMr and Ms Tiki going to Chandera Kumar and Pang Rhae Yaenn respectively. Finally, Black Light Banquet and Dose2/Trix ended the night with their superb performances.

Academic Award Presentation

On 17th June 2009, ICSJ held an award ceremony as acknowledgement to students who have worked hard to reach academic excellence. Students who scored a CGPA of 3.5 and above were invited. It started at 2PM with group photograph session following their respective programs. Mrs. Joyce Yuen, the principal of ICSJ then started the event with an inspiring speech congratulating the students on their achievements. Mrs. Joyce urged the students to maintain their outstanding performance and offered them valuable advice. The speech was followed by the presentation of the President’s Honor Roll and the Certificates of Excellence by Mrs. Joyce. Next, Dr. Ng Lai Ling, the Academic Director presented the Dean’s Honor Roll and the Certificates of Merit. Parents, students and all involved were then treated to some refreshment. The event ended at 4PM. J U L 2 0 0 9

Happening: Campus Events

IntiBall 2009 Mystical Illusion

Date : 17th July “09 Venue : P.J. Hilton Ballroom From 7p.m. to 11p.m.

>> Guests are encouraged to wear masks. >> For more enquiries, please visit us at our booth.

Installation of the 34th Intima Council

>> The Installation ceremony of the new Intima council. Date : 24th July “09 Venue : L3 - MPH From 1p.m. to 3p.m.


J U L 2 0 0 9

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