Irvine Nature Center - 2021 Annual Report

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LETTER FROM DIRECTOR No one would argue that the past year was one of the most challenging. Our lives were disrupted, uncertainty prevailed, and we were compelled to do many things differently. As spring approached and reminded us that nature pushes forward no matter what, we began to emerge both figuratively and literally. Like the periodical cicada that had been nourished underground for seventeen years, we metamorphosed. At Irvine, we were innovative about fulfilling our mission by embracing new technology and also getting back to our roots. Our educators and participants adapted and showed how they could thrive outside in all conditions, while we also reached new audiences through virtual programming. And we were able to do this thanks to you, our loyal supporters. Many of you recognized our evolving needs and worked with us to keep this incredible place open and accessible to visitors, volunteers, and program participants realizing that being outside was both safe and nurturing. As spring turned to summer and we approached the end of our fiscal year, the cicada reminded us how important it is to plan for the future. The mighty Brood X spent their last moments ensuring the success of the next generation and so have we. Just imagine what Irvine will be like when they emerge next. While that generation is nourished underground, we will continue our work fulfilling our mission and providing this unique resource to our community.

Executive Director

Spring 2021 brought the emergence of the Brood X cicadas. For 17 years, they fed and tunneled beneath the soil. When they surfaced from the ground, they shed their exoskeletons, found mates, attached to branches, and laid eggs for the next generation.

A Green Heron takes flight above a painted turtle on one of Irvine’s ponds in the wetlands area.

FRONT COVER: A Green Frog rises from a pond covered with duckweed in Irvine’s wetlands. Like the Green Frog, Irvine is emerging from the pandemic and is ready to make a big splash!

PEOPLE & PROGRAMS Nature teaches us many lessons, and one important lesson Irvine learned during the pandemic was about adaptation. By adapting, we found new ways to fulfill our mission to stay connected with the community and our audiences. Our littlest learners – those in our Nature Preschool — adapted by experiencing nature-based learning completely outdoors. Through all sorts of weather conditions, our Preschool students thrived outside. Their parents were thrilled that Irvine was able to host Preschool under safe protocols.

“We have watched as Elanor has grown into an inquisitive, kind and adventurous person under the nurturing guidance of The Nature Preschool teachers and staff. Spending the majority of days outside has made her a confident and capable explorer. This past year in particular, it has been a great source of joy and peace to watch Elanor learn to find refuge in nature, a skill she will carry throughout her life.” Anedina Canzian and Eric Stiner Irvine Nature Preschool Parents

“Irvine is a local treasure that provides opportunities for our families and friends to explore and learn about nature. Constellation Energy is proud to support an organization that prioritizes environmental education. When our customers and our communities are better educated about nature and the environment, they can make more informed choices about their energy use and energy providers. Irvine’s impact extends well beyond its campus.” David Dardis Senior Vice President, Exelon Corporation and General Counsel, Constellation

Children in our Earth Friends Homeschool Program didn’t let any unfavorable weather conditions stop them from exploring and discovering the wonders of nature on Irvine’s property.

Irvine’s educators adapted and found new ways to offer nature-based programs to children and families. They faced the new realities of remote learning by producing high-quality, age-specific virtual lessons, activities. and animal presentations. They pivoted our popular in-person Eco-Explorer program into a virtual learning experience for kids to conduct nature-based activities in the comfort of their own backyards. Through the generosity of the Galanthus Foundation, Irvine partnered with the Baltimore Hunger Project, a local nonprofit that addresses food insecurity issues to area students. Irvine delivered 155 Nature Adventure kits with a theme of “Get Out and Explore Nature” to 2nd through 5th graders.

“We support Irvine because it has provided us with tools and experiences to help our children become environmental stewards. Beyond that, we see Irvine as a critical resource for Baltimore, where both adults and children can learn about and connect with nature in a life-affirming way.” Meg and Rob Lawrence Longtime Irvine members and supporters

Irvine was honored to be chosen by Trout Unlimited as the official site for a new virtual Trout in the Classroom program. Tanks were added in our Exhibit Hall to house young trout and Irvine livestreamed the growth and development of the fish for school children all over Maryland. Just as Irvine’s educators shifted to virtual platforms during the pandemic, event planners for our signature annual fundraiser Pumpkins on the Green adapted by hosting a virtual event, Pumpkins on the Screen, incorporating many of the event’s favorite elements: great music, delicious food and drinks, exciting entertainment, and fabulous silent auction. Guests were invited to Irvine to pick up meals and pumpkin crates filled with goodies and enjoy entertainment on their screens from their homes.

“Sanaa and Selah had a wonderful time attending Irvine’s Nature Camp. Every day they came home excitedly telling stories about their day. They loved the nature hikes, learning about creatures in the streams, exploring the garden and doing all the arts and crafts. They would happily return and hope they have the opportunity in the future. Thank you for giving them this wonderful experience.” Carissa Hubbard Irvine Summer Nature Camp parent

Thanks to the Devito Family Trust, Irvine welcomed camp scholars from Glyndon and Reisterstown Elementary Schools earlier this summer.

Adam Powell has spent most of his life at Irvine. He attended Summer Camp as a child and participated in the Junior Naturalists program. After volunteering on the trail crew and with animal care, he was hired to help with public programs. He has recently assumed many roles at Irvine including Visitor Services Coordinator, Camp Counselor and Animal Care Assistant. Our homegrown employee is pictured here with one of his favorite raptors, the Great Horned Owl.

COVID forced us to close and conduct layoffs, and it was difficult to say good-bye to some very talented staff members. As Irvine has emerged from the pandemic and started to resume programming, we have been able to hire some amazing new staff to help Irvine expand our programming, reach new audiences, steward our land, and grow as an organization. All Irvine staff have learned and grown in their respective roles this past year.

“It’s amazing to stand on the hill overlooking the meadow and see nothing but rolling hills, trees and greenery. Intellectually, you know there’s a major commercial area to the west with thousands of homes, businesses and schools, but you can wander the paths, gaze out over the pastures and feel the peace and quiet. Irvine is in the heart of my district, close and convenient for so many. I love that it doesn’t take me long to get there.” The Honorable Shelly Hettleman Maryland State Senator, 11th District, Baltimore County

PROPERTY For quarantine-weary families, Irvine provided a physical escape from the confines of home; a safe and secure place to be outdoors; and a protected environment to find respite. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of new Irvine Environmental Educator and Master Gardener, Dr. Clare Walker, new and interactive features have been added to our Native American Site to make the learning experience about our ancestors more fascinating. Clare has also doubled the size of the Three Sisters Garden with plantings of squash, beans, corn, and pumpkins to showcase the harvesting process for young students.

With the support of The Charles T. Bauer Foundation, Irvine constructed a gatehouse at our entrance where Visitor Services staff greet visitors six days a week. Our official greeters are thrilled with their new digs. The new gatehouse provides important protection for them during the changing seasons and unpredictable weather. Pictured above left are our dedicated Visitor Services staff. Sophie Fuchs, a Park School student, conducted her senior art project at Irvine by painting a spectacular mural on the back of the gatehouse depicting Irvine’s mission. (pictured above top) It provides guests with a recap of their visitor experience when they depart the property. Irvine welcomed four summer interns to help clear new trails for even more pathways to explore nature on our property. (pictured above right)

PARTNERSHIPS Irvine has partnered with many local organizations over the years to help us fulfill our mission. We have enjoyed a longtime relationship with our neighbor, Stevenson University, and this year, 26 students in a Conservation Biology class completed 20 hours of volunteer service as part of a service-learning component of the class. Students helped Irvine with a variety of projects to enhance our property and then conducted online presentations about what they learned from the experience. Irvine also forged a new partnership with Towson-based Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative (CMHC) who now uses our property for nature-informed therapy sessions. CMHC, along with many other wellness organizations in the area, were part of the new Health and Wellness through Nature program launched this fall. Wellness classes ranging from tai chi to meditation to nature photography are being offered in addition to the creation of a therapeutic herb garden at wedding point near Irvine’s wetlands.

“Our partnership with Irvine has exceeded our expectations. We’ve been able to integrate nature-informed therapy with our clients in the most beautiful way possible.” Heidi Schreiber-Pan Clinical Director, Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative

DONORS The previous pages have showcased a year in which Irvine adapted to face challenges during the pandemic and emerged as a stronger organization. We are grateful for our ability to serve so many diverse audiences by providing a beautiful place for outdoor exploration and nature therapy and by offering robust educational programming for all ages. We thank each and every one of you for standing with us and continuing to believe in our mission to bring nature to life for children and families. TRAILBLAZERS CONSERVATIONIST $25,000+ Caves Farm Mrs. Charlton Friedberg Mr. and Mrs. Terral Jordan Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashton Newhall SUSTAINER $15,000+ Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. DeCosta Toyota of York Mary Jean and Oliver Travers Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Dyke AMBASSADOR $10,000+ Mrs. Richard Allchin Mr. and Mrs. Preston G. Athey Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bonsal Jr. Mr. David Imre and Thomas Crusse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence GUARDIAN $5,000+ Anonymous Ms. Amy J. Boebel Mrs. Nelson Bond Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting Mr. and Mrs. David O. Dardis Ms. Marion P. DeGroff Mr. and Mrs. John L. Flanigan III Mrs. Jennifer Glose Mr. and Mrs. John W. Guinee Ms. Mary Howard Mrs. Cassandra S. Naylor Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newhall III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nigro Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. Palevich Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Pinkard Mr. and Mrs. James S. Riepe Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Ruppert Mr. and Mrs. James Shea

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Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brayman Amy and Joseph Casper Alix Fenhagen and Pierce Marbury Dr. Michelle Gorra and Mr. Matthew Gorra Peter Griffith and Esther Fleischmann Erin Hall and Nick Oster Mr. and Mrs. James Hendricks Stephanie Jesse and Christopher Jesse Ana Jimenez Ms. Judy Jones Ms. Iye Kanu Alexandre Kwon and Hayang Kim Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Kreider Dr. Merton Lee and Ms. Jessica Heley Mr. and Mrs. Gary Link Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Beth Moreland Sanaa Balghiti-Myers and Andrew Myers Mr. Craig Newcomb Ms. Sherrie Norwitz and Mr. Paul Yutzy Mr. and Mrs. Tony Oliver Kwame and Marguerite Osei-Wusu Ms. Alissa Parker and Ms. Lauri Caplan Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Powell Mr. and Mrs. Eric Reynolds Ms. Miri Rotkovitz Wagner and Mr. Dan Wagner Mrs. Laura Samuel Kimberly Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tallarico Mr. Samuel Tillman Mr. and Mrs. Ciaron Vize Tameka Walker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Watkins Mr. Will Weiskopf and Ms. Gina M. Corso Ms. Tracey Whitehead and Ms. Kia Baker Jacqueline Wiedel Malka and Dovid Wilansky Tikvah Womack Ms. Karen Zink CAPITAL PROJECT SUPPORT The Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation Toyota of York GRANTS AND FOUNDATIONS $200,000+ The Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation Maryland Department of Housing and Community Assurance $25,000.00 + Citizens of Baltimore County The DeVito Family Trust The Kahlert Foundation The Orokawa Foundation $15,000.00 + Galanthus Foundation Maryland State Department of Education AID/State Aided $10,000.00 + Anonymous Clayton Baker Trust E. C. Wareheim Foundation Fancy Hill Foundation The John J. Leidy Foundation Maryland Department of Labor State of Maryland Venable Foundation $5,000.00 + Bunting Family Foundation

The Dillon Fund J.C. Crothers Foundation Lois and Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund $2,500.00 + Chesapeake Bay Trust The Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation Wells Fargo $1,000.00 + Bonsal Family Fund Howard C. Muller & Marguerite E. Muller Charitable Fund John Ben Snow Memorial Trust Koinonia Foundation Maryland State Department of Education - Office of Child Care Maryland Dept of Natural Resources - Office of the Secretary PUMPKINS ON THE GREEN SPONSORS PRESENTING: $10,000+ Constellation, an Exelon Company M&T Bank SUSTAINER: $5,000+ Bolton Edgesource Greenspring Associates Stansberry Research Obrecht Properties PATRON: $2,500+ Jeanne and Kurt Aarsand Caves Farm Knott Mechanical Allan and Charlene Macht Philanthropic Fund McCormick & Company RES Shore United Bank Brian and Joy Singer T. Rowe Price Whit Harvey Group FRIEND: $1,500+ AJ Billig & Company, Auctioneers AR Marani Brown Advisory CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Cigna Eisenbrandt Forbes Design Center George Rich Family Foundation Guide and Thrive Terral and Lynn Jordan Family Fund Maury, Donnelly and Parr Metlife Miles and Stockbridge Foundation Morgan Stanley Francie and Jared Spahn Stevenson University VIP: $800+ Accurate Weatherstrip Beechbrook Landscape Architecture Mr. and Mrs. Eric DeCosta J.A. Tiralla Builders, Inc. Leah and Jeff Maddox Mr. and Mrs. William L. Paternotte Pinehurst Landscaping Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert D. Tress Tufton Capital Management Weyrich, Cronin and Sorra

Mr. Ted Winstead and Ms. Ann-Barron Carneal Mr. and Mrs. John Wolff GIFTS IN HONOR OF In Honor of Mr. Geoffrey Adams Mr. Mark Whitcher In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Balfour Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In honor of Faith Baris Benjamin M. Fertig In Honor of Mrs. Susan Baxter Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward For the Birthday of Mrs. Christina N. Beneman Kim Holcomb In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Biggs Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward A Holiday Gift for Ms. Amy J. Boebel Mr. Richard Boebel For the Birthday of Seth Cain Ms. Jane Ayers In honor of Sarah Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doub In honor of Jeremy Carlino Joyce Powell For the Birthday of Mae Ceryes Mr. Francis Rosenthal IV In Honor of Mr. Robert F. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Mr. Charles W. Cole Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Eric and Lacie DeCosta Sports Boosters of Maryland, Inc. A Holiday Gift for Rick Dorsey Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Rosenstein In Honor of Mr. W.T. D. Gibbs Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lapham In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glick Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward A Holiday Gift for Mrs. Janet Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. DeCosta In honor of Travis Henschen Brian Rollfinke In honor of Sherry Holmes Benjamin M. Fertig In honor of Irvine partner school teachers Nettie Washburn In Honor of Shelley Jones-Price Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doub In Honor of Mrs. Lynn R. Jordan Mary Beth Babikow Winfield Cain In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Beth Knapp Anna Lincoln Whitehurst A Holiday Gift for Hallie Label Mr. and Mrs. Justin Label In Honor of the Marriage of Paige Livingston Bailey and James Russel Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Neuman In Honor of Mr. Robert L. Mardiney Mr. John L. Bowman Jr. A Holiday Gift for Sharon Mobley and team of Bering Straits Frederick Ward Associates In Honor of Jessica Monterastelli Brian Rollfinke In Honor of Mr. William L. Paternotte Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Boyce III In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Plant Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward A Holiday Gift for Mrs. Shirlee Price Zachary Price

In Honor of Cathy Reed Lorena Azocar-Ahern In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Rice Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Lilly Richardson Grace Sagal In Honor of Christine Rogym Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doub In Honor of Jennie Roe Joyce Powell In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Katie Rooney Ms. Marjorie Shulbank In Honor of Chris Sakers Joyce Powell In Honor of Dr. Barbara Shelton Courtney Sagal In Honor of Mrs. C. Van Leuvan Stewart Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Mrs. Elizabeth H. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Christina Torres Elizabeth Auzmendi In Honor of Dr. Yoram Unguru Ms. Stephanie Holzman In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Dyke Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward For the Birthday of Jenny Washburne Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reid For the Birthday of Anna Lincoln Whitehurst Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward In Honor of Mary Williams Monarch Academy In Honor of Howie Wolfe for the Wolfe Family Trail Mr. and Mrs. James C. Alban IV Mr. and Mrs. Peter Askew Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bonsal Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. DeCosta Mr. David Imre and Mr. Thomas Crusse Mrs. Michel L. Modell Mr. and Mrs. C. Ashton Newhall Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newhall III Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte Mr. and Mrs. R. Todd Ruppert Mr. and Mrs. David Wilmerding Mr. Trip Wolfe A Holiday Gift for Jack Woodland Ms. Ruth Wickless

Mr. Dennis Malone Ms. Elizabeth Oxendine Ms. Sharon Pearson Mrs. Clare H. Stewart Elizabeth Warriner Mr. and Mrs. J. W. T. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Welbourn III In Memory of Frank Kolbe Miranda Grabill In Memory of Ms. Joan Kolker Mr. Peter Lucas In Memory of Cornelia Levering Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Levering IV In Memory of Carol McCord Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McCord In Memory of Linda Panitz Mrs. Clare H. Stewart In Memory of Frank Riggs Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte In Memory of Ms. Jacqueline Rollfinke Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rollfinke In Memory of Diane S. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Gus Williamson In Memory of Tally Spadone Mrs. Clare H. Stewart In Memory of Mr. C. Van Leuvan Stewart Mrs. Clare H. Stewart In Memory of Will Thomas Ms. Brooke Blumberg



In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Andre Brewster Mr. Douglas B. Lane In Memory of Charles Carpenter Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte Ms. Courtney Sagal In Memory of Joan Franklin Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte In Memory of Sheila Goldman Marilyn Berman Louisa Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LeGendre Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte In Memory of Ms. Mary Gorman Mrs. Anne R. Dorsey Mrs. Katharine M. Washburne In Memory of Philip Iglehart Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Brown Jr. Ms. Barbara Cox Mr. Mark Dees Green Spring Valley Hounds Mr. James Groschan Mr. and Mrs. G. Ridgely Hardy Mr. and Mrs. David C. Iglehart


IRVINE LEGACY SOCIETY Anonymous Mrs. Richard Allchin Mrs. Jeanne H. Baetjer* Ms. Joan S. Barton* Ms. J. Catherine Bishop* Ms. E.J. Coffin* Mrs. Olivia I. Dodge* Ms. Ruth Fegley* Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Dixon Gibbs Jr. Mr. Louis Hillman Mrs. Townsend Hoen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel I. Kemper Mrs. Cynthia Murray Mr. and Mrs. G. Peter O’Neill Mr. W. Brooks Paternotte Mr. and Mrs. James Piper III Mrs. Ann L. B. Yellott

The Amateur Gardener’s Club Franklin Garden Club Garden Club of Twenty Green Spring Valley Garden Club Hardy Garden Club Lake Hills Garden Club Monkton Garden Club Mt. Washington Garden Club St. George’s Garden Club MONTHLY DONORS Mrs. Melissa Becker Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Becker Mr. Ron Caplan and Ms. Leigh Cochrane Dr. Holly Cymet and Dr. Tyler Cymet Miss Ellen Danielson Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Fauth Dr. Elana and Dr. Benjamin Fertig Ms. Marisa Galitz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galuardi

Ms. Tracey George and Mr. Joshua Jones Mr. and Mrs. Rob Gibson Harry W. Holt Jr. Adreon Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Kearney Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Powell Ms. Alison Rees and Mr. John Morgan Mrs. Karen Ropka Ms. Courtney Sagal Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. Chris Steele Mrs. Margaret C. Taliaferro Ms. Bridget Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Mrs. Kristin Zucconi


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Jamison Miller Misty Valley Farms Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Newhall III Mr. W. Brooks and Dr. Elizabeth V. Paternotte Personalized Lagree Training Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Seville Anna and Beetle Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Soud Mrs. Clare H. Stewart The Daily Record The French Paradox Wines V-No Wine Bar and Shop VPC Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Washburn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Winstead Jr. Yoga Hikes Baltimore Zeffert & Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Adams Arbor Valley Brian Bankard Caves Farm Coldstream Park Elementary/Middle School Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Flamholz Mr. and Mrs. John L. Flanigan III Green Spring Valley Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. John W. Guinee Mr. Harry W. Holt Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Hubbard Jr. Mr. Cris Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Terral Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Keelty Mr. Douglas B. Lane Lauring Dermatology Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LeGendre

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FISCAL YEAR 2021 (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) Full Financials can be found on Irvine’s website.








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