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Jaan Puusaag: “Every living thing has to be nurtured if you want it to grow well.”

K29 business centre in the heart of Vilnius represents a fusion of distinctive architecture and compelling style. Designed by Danish and Lithuanian architects, this building is characterized by clever solutions for blocking sound and absorbing noise. The construction’s facade meets all current energy efficiency requirements. Olivé’s C-22 silicone sealant was used for the fastenings of the building’s aluminium profiles.

Krimelte Iberia – the first step into the future Info: Wolf Group Coordinator: Monika Kelle Suur-Paala 10, 13619 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 6059 300 Fax: +372 6059 315 E-mail: info@wolfgroupweb.com www.wolfgroupweb.com

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Jaan Puusaag and Jaanus Paeväli



TIME FLIES Yet another year has flown by. Krimelte’s 25th anniversary will be remembered with a serious house-cleaning. We have made a number of significant changes in our house, discarded the inessential, but we have also performed substantial repairs to our foundation and roof. The 25-yearold company needed to be aired out more

thoroughly, because after all, what brought us to this point is not necessarily what will lead us forward. Our group’s two largest companies have seen transformations that may seem downright startling at first glance. We have initiated bold changes in our team, given up some window dressing and built a stronger foundation. The work is certainly not finished and it will hopefully never end. But knowing that things are in order at home instils the self-confidence we need to sally forth again looking for new challenges – surrounded by best people possible. Congratulations and many happy returns of the day, Krimelte, and to you as well, my dear colleagues!

Jaan Puusaag, founder of Wolf Group / Krimelte


Eddi Joost has been appointed the fourth management board member of Krimelte OÜ. He is in charge of the financial area. Eddi has taken regular part in the work of the board since 2018, when he joined the Wolf Group pack. “I take being appointed board member as a recognition of what I have achieved so far and I sense the added responsibility,” said Joost. Chairman Peeter Tohver and members Jaan Puusaag and Jaanus Paeväli will continue as the other board members.


Wolf Group has merged the management of its development and product management departments with Veigo Kallaste as head of both units. Veigo has been working for WG since 2012, when he was hired as construction manager. He was director of the product management department during the last 3.5 years. Veigo is a graduate of the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences as a civil engineer and has managed a company specializing in owner’s supervision and construction consultation.


HUNTING IS IN OUR DNA Krimelte was nominated for the Estonian enterprise award in the category “Exporter 2019”, the country’s highest honour for outstanding businesses. The jury, which also visited Krimelte, looked at both economic indicators and values and contribution to society. Krimelte has previously won the title of best major exporter and exporter in 2004 and 2007 and was recognized as an implementer of design in 2011. Krimelte’s export share has consistently been over 90% and in 2018, the figure was 93%. There are 72 destinations for Wolf Group Krimelte’s exports. Krimelte is among the 1% of Estonian companies that account for 2/3 of Estonian tax revenue.


WELCOME TO A NEW ERA! On 30 April, Krimelte aquired a 100% holding in the Spanish company Olivé Química S.A, 75% of the company already having being purchased in 2014. Over five years, effort has been poured into developing production and sales, product portfolio and export geography expansion. The Olivé Group, which includes a Spanish unit and subsidiaries in Portugal, France and United Kingdom, employs more than 100 people and last year's sales turnover amounted to nearly 26 million euros.

Following the transaction, the founder and board member of Wolf Group / Krimelte, Jaan Puusaag, will be in charge of the company until a new director is appointed.


BREAKING THROUGH 2003 saw the GoldGun, 2006 brought EasyGun, 2015 the EasyPRO range and spatula. What’s next? This year’s product tech breakthrough is the launch of the sprayable foam PENOSIL EasySpray, which complies with European Union requirements for low isocyanate monomer levels without sacrificing quality or product characteristics. Compared to large-scale insulating panels, the spray foam insulation is now made convenient and on the spot. Thanks to the unique spray nozzle, uneven or hard to reach surfaces can also be insulated and the number and thickness of the coats can be freely selected. On the non-European markets, the product with PENOSIL’s spray function goes by the name of Premium Insulation Foam.


In 1995, the first mobile phone was leased to Krimelte. It cost 16,000 Estonian kroons (about 1,026 euros). No one could dream back then of delivery robots and digitaliza-

tion or the fact that in 2018, software called Global Reader would be implemented on production lines for gathering data, performance analytics and monitoring efficiency. With the implementation of a platform adapted for Krimelte’s processes, the share of manual work has decreased, production volumes have grown and time is being used more efficiently. The warehouse and production system’s functionality is linked to warehouse management, production, registration of production materials, quality control and day-to-day laboratory testing. The greatest synergy comes from the compatibility between Global Reader, the scanner system and the ERP software MS Dynamics AX.

100 TIMES BIGGER Krimelte OÜ’s date of birth is 27 October 1994. That is the day on which Jaan Puusaag and Jaanus Paeväli launched their world conquest with a company that distributed construction materials. The annals of history reveal that a year later, Jaan’s calculations showed that a third person would be necessary for the firm to continue developing … 25 years later, the Tallinn production facility and headquarters have grown by a factor of 100. »» The company now employs 195 people; »» The average time worked at the company is about 5 years;

»» The average age is 39; »» 1/3 are managers and specialists and 2/3 work in production; »» Sports-related hobbies include cycling, running, triathlon and football; »» There is an average of 2 children per family; »» The most common first name at the company is Sergei.




KRIMELTE – A CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLE AND TIMES In the run-up to Krimelte’s silver jubilee, longstanding cooperation partners and heads of subsidiaries share their brightest experiences with the birthday child. INGRID LILLEMAA, 21 years in Krimelte foam production

“The work-related memory that comes to mind immediately is the fact that in our first year, we produced about 600 foam cans a day per line and that was considered a very high output. Now 10,000 to 12,000 cans is completely normal. In the old days, most of the work was done by hand, but now machines have a greater role. As to surprises, I will always remember my first birthday at Krimelte, when I received well wishes accompanied by song and a bouquet of flowers. At Krimelte, I have great co-workers and I have made a few good friends here, too.”

REET RUUTO, Lead auditor, Bureau Veritas Estonia

“Krimelte OÜ is a truly big chemical plant, one of the top five polyurethane foam producers in the world, and it’s significant to mention that Krimelte is of Estonian origin. As an auditor it’s been very interesting to visit companies where you can see development and improvement taking place. Krimelte has invested heavily into production and management systems. The management and employees have done much to make the company’s integrated management system work on a practical level. Certainly a positive influence for the management system comes from the fact that the company is part of Wolf Group and that it can draw on the experiences of the other production units. As an auditor, it’s good to note that the management system has become clearer, more transparent

and better understandable for employees. A good example of this are operating instructions with clear visual elements. The company is on the road to setting quality and environmental indicators for every sector even more specifically and more understandably for rank-and-file employees. I wish you success in the next phase of your development!”

ANDREW TAYLOR, Account Manager, BASF

“From initial contact with Krimelte, both the purchasing group and management have been welcoming and accommodating BASF. The good relationship between Krimelte and BASF has grown stronger ever since. Currently, we enjoy a strong partnership where supply and communication are key.



MARKUS PLAAR, Head of Marketing and Sales, Covestro


Elton John says and it’s true…. “Who's to say who's right or wrong Whose course is braver run Still we are, have always been Will ever be as one”

The RELATIONSHIP over the past 25 years. It’s all about PEOPLE. Thank you!

From left: René Kloever, Dijana Vujica, Christian Enstipp, Markus Plaar, Antje Voigt

BASF looks forward to a continued close relationship with Krimelte, in helping to innovate and develop their market further.”

DOVYDAS AUŠTRAS, PENOSIL&Olivé Sales Director, Country Manager of Krimelte LT

“One of my first big challenges in Krimelte was in January 2009. At that time, Krimelte LT had one big distributor, which comprised 70% of total revenue. And the economic crisis was at its peak. This customer had a big debt to us – all invoices were overdue in the total amount of 350 000 EUR, while insurance cover was only 100 000 EUR. So our sales were stopped and the risk of having huge losses was very big. I made my decision to cancel cooperation with this solo distributor and to







start our own direct distribution network that we still have today. But how to get our money back was a big challenge. So I did the following: I gave all debt to the court of justice and the court blocked all accounts of the distributor. Then I delegated all communication with the customer to my lawyer and went myself on 3-week holiday, with my phone switched off. After I came back, the distributor was furious, but all the debt was paid. I was happy and started to build our own distribution network. P.S. And on top - after 2 months I







headhunted their best sales manager, who is very successful now in Krimelte LT – Sigita Gasparaviciene.”

JANNO VILBA, Shift Supervisor with 18 years at the company

“Only a handful of people who have been at Krimelte in the early years are still here, but I still keep up with most of




those who have moved on to other hunting grounds. I’ve made very many good friends here, including my wife. For me, the team is important, I think it’s a great team we have working under one roof.

ADAM LUKASZEWICZ, Purchase Manager, Kartpol Group

“Thinking about Krimelte, the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing evening when we celebrated the company’s 10th birthday, singing and dancing at a club. Our entire relationship over the close to 20 years has been something to celebrate. I don’t remember any unpleasant meetings. We’ve always had cordial, even warm relations, with never a hint of a chill. I hope we’ll continue in the same spirit in the next 20 years.”

VIESTURS SALTAIS, Country Manager of Krimelte Latvia since 2004

“Krimelte Latvia SIA was founded on 16 November 2004. We wanted it to be founded on 18 November as this is the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, but for exactly the same reason this

AIVAR SAVIAUK, Krimelte representative in Finland since 2003, Remitron OY

“The first Krimelte ski trip has been at Himos, Finland, where we planned to hold a small gathering and also get in some active time. It was the winter of 2004-2005. No one knew then it would become a Krimelte tradition. On the picture, you can see how while on a trip in the Alps, the car – and not the skis – started sliding.”

date was declined. Our first business deals took place around January 2005 and at the beginning, there were only 3 employees: me, Edgars Lozda and the delivery driver Aigars. All of them are still part of the Krimelte Latvia team. The first company e-mail was krimelte@apollo.lv and Jaan Puusag commented that it was a very cool e-mail address, because of Apollo – like the spaceship. In order to use time effectively, every time one of the Krimelte board members was in Latvia there where many express meetings held – mostly in cars, airports, hotels and other public places, so to say “on the go”. We celebrated Krimelte OÜ’s 20th anniversary in Latvia with a Dinner in The Sky – now our clients can’t wait for the 25th anniversary celebration. Need to top that! Our team has very warm and happy memories of the Christmas Gala party on 18 November 2016 – the party train and fireworks – as it was also the celebration of Independence Day for the Latvian team. Of course, the evening moderator knew that and reminded everyone about it – a huge thanks!”

I’ve made very many good friends here, including my wife.

GIEDRIUS SUTKAITIS, PENOSIL’s distributor in Poland, PLONMAR Sp. z o.o.

“Penosil was the start of big changes. It was a very difficult moment in my life. At that moment I had nothing, only desire, big desire. One day I offered PENOSIL to one of my clients and he told me that in Poland there are many competitors, and it would be very difficult for me. He asked how many I plan to sell? I told that in Poland there are 16 regions, so one truck for one region per month, in total 16 trucks per month. He said that it was not possible. That was 2009. Now in 2019, I am selling about 10-12 trucks per month in the Polish market; so in the next 2-3 years, I will reach my own target that I set in 2009. Difficulties cause you to think otherwise. And if you desire something, you can reach everything!“

ŽENIS KARIMOV, Krimelte partner in Kazakhstan since 2004

“One of the oldest stories is a the habit of Jaanus Paeväli to use a Nokia 3310 mobile phone. Even though the whole world has started to use



smartphones, Mr. Paeväli, as a stalwart of a certain model, tried to get yet another new Nokia 3310. One more story happened with Tarmo Nork. A few years ago, during his travels in Almaty, he made contact with a potential distributor in Tajikistan. After some phone conversations, he arranged a meeting in our office with this person. Despite their phone interaction, Tarmo could hardly pronounce the guy’s name correctly. As a result, he met a man who was hanging around our office and tried to bring him into the office for a quick chat. When Tarmo named him “Sjobrin”, this guy said, “Yes, I am”. So during their short walk to the office, the new guy tried to speak with Tarmo calling him "Broker". As we understood later, he was a truck driver who had arrived from Turkey, and his name was Sabir. So he waited for a customs broker (officer) for several days. The driver’s knowledge of Russian and English was very poor. The company, which had ordered the goods, didn’t meet this truck. And the poor truck driver tried to get any help he could in order to make the customs clearance. So, we sometimes call Tarmo Nork "The Broker".

MARTTI LEMENDIK, Managing Director/CEO, Metaprint

“I’d tell a jolly little story that could be titled ‘the clever production director’s ruse’ about how all the aerosol cans ended up getting to Krimelte at the right time and in the right quantity in the early days of the business relationship between Krimelte and Metaprint. Whereas Krimelte and Metaprint’s cooperation goes back to 2003, this story took place in the hot summer months of 2004. Fifteen years ago, Estonia was a young country and its companies were full of enthusiasm for growth and worldwide fame. People had a near boundless appetite to do work and so the main concern was to ensure that everything tackled would be finished by the right time. The sales of foam sealant were so good that the actual need for cans was much greater than the first confident forecasts. For that reason, a bittersweet moment dawned at the peak of the summer

season, as it seemed Krimelte’s orders of the cans would exceed Metaprint’s production capacity. Facing a complicated situation, Krimelte’s purchasing department and Metaprint’s sales department scratched their heads and tried to figure out in what sequence to produce which products and which Krimelte client had to get the bad news that their order would be delayed due to the undercapacity. All of this complicated math was based on Metaprint’s then production director’s information about the average output per day for an average product portfolio. But all of the desired orders were put into writing along with the desired deadlines so that nothing would be inadvertently overlooked. Even the quantities that exceeded the limits of the daily productivity level. Unexpectedly a wonder occurred. Although quantities were greater than production


would appear to permit, the output was comfortably ready by the deadline. And this miracle happened again and again. At first, the production director said that yes, Krimelte just happened to be lucky as their production portfolio was easier that day, and so they could afford to produce more. But since this wonder recurred more than once, Metaprint’s sales department started comparing the daily order portfolios and found that everything was completed even if it was a complicated purchase portfolio. Now the production director had to confess up to the little bit of cleverness. He had left a 10% reserve just in case something should go wrong. On this occasion, it allowed all of the cans to be produced for Krimelte by the deadline, but it cost the smart production director his job. Cleverness can save you once, but honesty helps every time.”

Time is passing and we remain standing in hot and warm but never cold relations. And we hope for such cooperation to continue in the next 20 years!




Jaan Puusaag

In the spring, Wolf Group Krimelte acquired a 100 % holding in the Spanish chemical company Olivé Química S.A, which changed to the name Krimelte Iberia S.A.U in October. Why was this big step taken and what will change for Wolf Group as a result of this transaction? Wolf Group had been the majority owner of Olivé Química already since 2014, when a 75% holding was acquired. The goal of that acquisition was to enter the Spanish and Western European markets, strengthen the product portfolio and export geography. “Five years ago, the agreement with a trusted company with a long history was our admission ticket to old Europe. True, they had some payment problems, but we felt that they stemmed from the recession. Our hope was that we would help the company out of a jam and that it would be able to get by under its own steam. After all, outsiders cannot start teaching those who have been in the business for decades longer than us,” says the CEO of Krimelte Iberia, Jaan Puusaag. Unfortunately, it became evident about a year ago that a more radical change had to take place at Olivé Química, as the same problems kept on recurring year after year: inventories remained uneconomically large which caused problems with financing and employee dissatisfaction was rising. “I cannot say that it is difficult to do business with southern Europeans. And by the same token, sometimes it is not easy at all with Estonians,” says Puusaag and adds that today they can see that the move was the right one. “Olivé Química employs a professional team and they have accepted the changes very well. They just needed more operating freedom and possibility to put their abil-

ities to good use. At the same time, I do admire the capability of the previous management to always find a way out of situations and retain people’s jobs all through that whole period when they were on the verge of bankruptcy on several occasions. This was truly impressive and I hope employees give them credit for that.”

Every living thing has to be nurtured

What has changed at Olivé Química over the six months? “As the company is structurally sound when it comes to executing its processes, we have now overcome the production problems and reached the point where the results are based on successful sales. All of the teams provide support for Olivé Química in every facet, and in half a year we have attained results the company has not enjoyed for years – sales records on the local and export markets. We have reworked our logistics and we are trying to reduce fragmentation in regard to products,” says Puusaag. Puusaag says it was important to analyse how money was earned and where it was spent and change the pricing policy somewhat. One important change was also the restructuring of the company’s financing and bringing it over to Estonia, because the credit situation in Spain was like a patchwork quilt – a number of different banks and loans that were difficult to service. So the entire amount was channelled

into one bank in Estonia. As Olivé Química exports and imports its products, it is not that important to them to work with a local bank. To sum up, Olivé Química with its 85 employees has today become more attractive to customers, who are motivated to order products in a wide range and larger quantity. Top-notch, reliable customer service and rapid and accurate deliveries have helped it to find new partners and win back older ones. “Helping out Olivé Química is based on our international experience amassed over the years and synchronizing our activities in all fields; and also the recognizing which of our activities are important and which are ‘nice to have’. We have gained lots of self-confidence about how to do things well and we realize that every living thing has to be nurtured and cared for, it does not just grow by itself,” says Puusaag.



We believe in synergy! JOAO MAMEDE, Country Manager of Krimelte Portugal S.A

“Changes always bring news, which may be good or less good. In our case it is quite clear that we have seen huge improvements. Olivé is today a different company – a better one and with more freedom for us all to grow together and follow the great example of Krimelte. The sense of responsibility has increased as the commitment is higher today. Together we can do better – today there is more cooperation. The sky’s the limit!”

DAVID GONZÁLEZ, Export Manager of Krimelte Ibera S.A.U

“It´s the culmination of a process that began in 2014; now with the acquisition of 100% ownership by Krimelte OÜ we are entering a new era. From an export point of view, this strategic step strengthens our position worldwide and our image in front of our current partners in more than 50 countries. A new era full of opportunities and challenges for all of us is coming. I want to personally thank Jaan Puusaag and Dovydas Auštras, who have dedicated body and soul to coordinating and leading everyday tasks for the last months, and conveying everybody around with their enthusiasm and passion.”

JORDAN DIAMOND, Sales Manager of Krimelte UK Ltd

Luis Olivé Carrió - the founder of the company Olivé Química S.A.

“From time to time, our product development seems like an imperceptible activity, a case of fine-tuning existing products, but actually it is something we are intensively engaged in. It is exciting to suddenly discover oneself in a niche we did not expect, such as preparing products for sealing champagne bottle corks or for gluing beach shades made from reed! But that is precisely the place we are now at thanks to acquiring this new company.”

On 2 September, an olive tree was planted at the entrance to the offices of Olivé Química. The metal plaque reads: “Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”

“Krimelte OÜ’s 100% acquisition of Olivé Química S.A brings additional ambition and dynamism, with the company going from strength to strength in a relatively short space of time. In the United Kingdom, there is great potential for growth and I fully expect that we will seize every opportunity presented to us. The acquisition represents a new dawn for Wolf Group with a bright future ahead for Olivé Química S.A and its sales branches!”

JOSÉ-MANUEL CASTRO, General Director of Krimelte France sarl

“I am happy that we have a global vision for the group. I remember perfectly the day when Stig (Stig Flemming Bredahl, Export Manager) and I presented our respective directions. I remain convinced, more than ever, that this was the only way towards a positive future.”



MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL For 45 years Olivé has been the fairest in the land. José M. Martos guides us through the decades. In 1938, the father of Luis Olivé Carrió began making chemistry products and putties for the glass industry.​In 1974, Luis himself founded the company Perenattor, which was later named Olivé Química in 1984.

R&D highlights include the best silicone for mirrors, in particular, OLIVÉ 9009 (1987). Olivé is a pioneer of the Structural Glazing Silicone OLIVÉ SG-71 (1988). In 1993, a special silicone for Insulating Glass was developed, OLIVÉ IG-40. In 2003, a new hybrid technology combining the qualities of silicones and polyurethanes was implemented.

The production plant (14 000 m2​), laboratory, warehouse and office are situated in Gavà, Barcelona.

In 1974, 20 people worked for production; nowadays, the team is as big as 100 people. In the first years, 3500 cartridges per day were produced. In 2019, production is 45 500 cartridges per day. Olivé Química has subsidiaries in Cuba, Brazil, Hong Kong and Venezuela. Currently, the daughter companies are in France, Portugal and the UK. Olivé Quimica logos through the years.

From the first production facility to the present.

Most famous references: In 1995, the first project with solar panels​in Europe was built using special Olivé silicones​.

Al-Sharo Tower in Kuwait



TIMES CHANGE, BUT SALES REMAIN THE MEASURE Just 25 years ago, the salesman’s main tools of the trade were a ballpoint pen and a smart-looking notebook, nowadays it takes a Power BI and Axapta, online ordering systems and CRM. Yet behind it all is still an array of knowledge and experiences that goes beyond Excel tables and sales performance measurement systems. TEXT: PIRET SAUTER (WG SALES DIRECTOR), JAANUS PAEVÄLI (FOUNDER OF KRIMELTE). Looking back, we can say that sales and marketing of construction products have gone through greater changes in the last 25 years than in the preceding 100 years. Today a salesman with great sales-talk is not enough. The sales process has become more complicated and requires more extensive sector-based knowledge. Yet the importance of emotional intelligence and trust-based customer relations has not disappeared. Today’s customers are highly competent and have a good command of the market situation. Having sufficient background information, the customer’s position is stronger than ever before. The rapid flow of information from different channels gives a good overview of prices and has increased competition in commodities. As manufacturers, we attempt to find ways to make our portfolio distinctive and offer added value, like good customer service, flexibility, experience in distribution, and an open atmosphere in meetings and negotiations.

New markets, new customers

A career in sales must be more than just a job, it has to be fun too. Krimelte´s export managers and sales coordinators with the company´s founders Jaan Puusaag and Jaanus Paeväli at Wolf Group´s annual Christmas party.

In international sales, our organization’s knowledge and competence is becoming an important filter for achieving broader success. One distinctive strength of ours is a team of experts in terms of production development and management. It is not merely a product we offer, but a set of user know-how skills, certificates and intercompatible products solutions. Similar approaches are often appropriate to different customer groups, small changes make a product suitable for different markets. Whereas a few years ago, there was talk about the globalization in the construction chemicals sector, now the goal is to grow existing focus markets stronger and more sustainable. The keyword is stability, a thorough knowledge of the market and market-based well-planned sales

activities. Setting goals for ourselves in countries where we still lack a permanent presence, we also analyse local construction practices and the climate to offer a portfolio that is sufficiently strong. Environmental, green ethos has brought tighter requirements, and energy efficiency is at the forefront on developed markets. In the last years, Wolf Group has been growing mainly on the European front, and there is still room to grow for the PENOSIL and Olivé brands. Over 70 export markets means tens of different views about business. In Europe, most of sales work can be done via email but there are some markets where we still need to travel to get things agreed. A number of more exotic deals have been done this way and the Wolf



Group brands have gone up on storefronts in locations that may seem obscure or unusual but where sales are very healthy for local conditions. The most far-away places were Wolf Group sells its products are India, Colombia, Australia, Qatar, African countries and many others.

Now that Wolf Group can look back on 25 successful years of activity, it is a good time to let our imagination run free about where we dream about reaching next. We are currently mostly operating in the construction sector, this is true, but sealants are being increasingly widely

used in the automotive, shipbuilding and furniture industry as well. Who knows? Maybe one day we will be supplying our products to the space industry. We are in a sphere where dreams radiate out like the rays of a sun, and indeed Wolf Group’s principle is “The Sky’s the Limit”.

THE BEST CLIENT: a growing and ambitious one, bursting with bright ideas, searching for new sales channels and turning them into success. In two or three years, that client will certainly be one of our largest ones.

BIGGEST DREAM: the kind of year in sales that proceeds uphill at fantastic pace, without hitting any major snags.

his wives and finally the lady of the house, too. The deal did not go through, because our man already had a wife in Estonia.

THE BEST SALES DEAL: something a bit of the exotic, even if it’s in terms of merely geography (e.g. Japan or Brazil). A new continent, although there are not many left for Wolf Group anymore.

A FUN MEMORY: some years ago, one of our export managers came back from the Caucasus, where he had received several jars of delicious jam as a present. Upon tasting the jam in the office, he told about a local businessman who had also been planning “a sales deal” – both daughters were offered to become

A SALES FIGURE WE WILL ALSO REMEMBER: Once, an annual turnover of one billion Estonian kroons seemed unattainably attractive. Today, converted into euros, though, Wolf Group has been outpacing that mark for many years.

DISCOVER THE NEW GENERATION Wolf Group is recognised globally as being among the leaders in spray foam development. Innovation and efficiency also describe our other current year products. PENOSIL Roof Liquid MS Membrane Hybrid polymer based liquid membrane for repairing works on roofs, balconies, rain gutters, etc. The product is ready to use and forms a completely watertight layer after curing. PENOSIL Premium Repair Tape Self-fusing silicone-based elastic repair tape is a product for various quick-repair jobs. The tape adheres to itself, helping to repair pipes, cables, hoses, etc. without damaging the substrate. PENOSIL Premium Air & Vapour Membrane Vapour barrier mastic for covering window and door joints from inside. The purpose is to form an elastic, airtight and water vapour-resistant layer to prevent vapour movement in the foam joint and providing full airtightness for a building.

PENOSIL Window & Door Elastic Straw Foam A premium class straw foam with exceptionally low curing pressure and post-expansion. It has great elastic performance and excellent airtightness and thermal insulation properties. Very well suited to window installation. PENOSIL EasySpray Used for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, vehicles, vessels, uneven surfaces and for insulation repair works. Quick and easy application with the accompanying special nozzle. Cured foam has very good thermal and sound insulation properties, enhanced UV-resistance and excellent adhesion to all commonly used building materials.




The secret of success, especially in the chemicals sector, is trust-based and effective cooperation between strong and reliable partners. Almost all areas of modern life are strongly influenced by the use of polyurethane. The range of applications is very versatile and the material can be found in all kinds of home appliances, the automotive industry, various types of insulation and many other products. The polyurethane business is growing and expanding as we speak, due to continuous development of materials, formulas and upgrading the list of possible future applications. Whenever we start the day by opening the fridge for breakfast, drive a car to work, close the window in the evening or sit down on our favourite couch, we benefit from polyurethane and its properties.

Focus on One Component Foams

For PCC Rokita, One Component Foams are one of the most important business areas going through constant improvement and evolution. The range of Wolf Group / Krimelte business activities coincides with PCC Rokita’s business focus on polyols and flame retardants. That makes Wolf Group / Krimelte one of our strategic clients and a great partner for building a strong and reliable commercial relationship. For the One Component Foams division at PCC Rokita, it is crucial to invest time, people and resources in order to provide the opportunity for multidimensional growth. PCC Rokita decided to pursue OCF business some time

ago, and thus extend its sales, marketing, as well as research and development potential towards this commercial area. The decision resulted in development of a new product portfolio dedicated to OCF industry under the brand name of Rokopol iCan. Rokopol iCan is a product which meets clients’ highest requirements and whose properties allow to improve foam parameters. Aside from investing in manufacturing, PCC Rokita decided to invest in a modern OCF R&D laboratory. This allows us to join forces with our customers in order to develop polyols that improve foam parameters.

Members of FEICA

One Component Foams market is continuously growing and Central Europe is one of the largest producing regions. This makes Wolf Group / Krimelte and PCC natural partners in the OCF industry. PCC Group has a very broad range of chemicals that find a use in OCF formulations. PCC Rokita has over 40 years of experience in production of polyether polyols and phosphorous-based flame retardants, plasticizers and antioxidants. A recently commissioned polyester polyol production line also offers polyester polyols made specially for OCF products. Soon one of the PCC subsidiaries will start to manufacture ultra-pure dimethyl ether, which will find its way as a propellant in OCF cans. Both Wolf Group / Krimelte and

PCC Rokita also cooperate as members of FEICA which is a European voice of the adhesive and sealant industry.


“The cooperation with PPC Rokita started in 2003, when development chemist Toomas Sepper contacted the firm himself and started engaging with them. Today they supply us with five different types of polyols and TCPPs, both of these products being principal raw materials for foams. The availability of both ingredients is currently good, although it is forecasted that the TCPP situation could go downhill. The great advantage and distinction of PCC Rokita from other partners are their logistical solutions and the proximity of Poland to Estonia. In addition, they have very close cooperation with us – at least once a year we meet PCC Rokita representatives in Tallinn.



WOLF GROUP VALUES 1. Cooperation Our strength lies in cooperation, loyalty and partnership. We do our best to make our employees, partners, clients, and users of our products to feel they belong to our wolf pack.

2. There is always a solution Nature does not forgive errors. Good quality in everything is vital for us. The wolf is a survivor, there is always a solution, there is always the way out, never give up.

3. Hunt is our DNA Wolf is a perfect hunter, a hunt is in our DNA. We hunt for survival, for gaining the strength and for growth of our wolfpack.



4. Sky is the limit Successful hunt needs the courage and brightness - in open landscapes our feeding grounds can cover more than a thousand square kilometres.

5. It must be fun Joy is an essential part in successful hunt. Wolf shares its prey with the pack and enjoys life.

6. We take good care Wolf Group regards the environment that should be treated with respect.

7. The true wolf leaves a trace



GREEN FEDORA PARTY At Olivé’s 45th birthday party, the celebrants reflected on the past and set goals for the future, recognized colleagues and danced into the night. Under Jaan Puusaag’s leadership, Olivé is well cared for and in good hands.

Welcome drinks at the beach bar. The rhythms of southern climes left no one cold.

Miquel Sanfeliu’s creativity knows no bounds. His contribution earned him the title of most creative and innovative colleague.

Professionals in their field. Left: sales manager David Alegret, marketing manager María López and graphic designer Miquel Sanfeliu.

Fernando Mariuzza was recognized as the best team leader.

Nuria Mitjans has the reputation at Olivé of being a very trustworthy and respected colleague.

Green fedoras ruled that day in Barcelona.



THE MOST EAGERLY AWAITED PARTY OF THE SUMMER Wolf Club’s summer get-together by the seaside along with active pursuits and entertainment.

Krimelte’s boy band’s opening number was very much awaited.

In a little workshop where men and women, boys and girls all joined in doing some woodwork. The R&D Department trying to find a balance.

OLD WOLVES’ HUNT 2019 A party without a band is like summer without sun.

The best sharpshooters. The winning team at Wolf Rally wasn’t slowed down even when they ran into a thicket.

“No, no, please let’s not go home yet!”

The Krimelte Cubs’ maturity exam.

Slime! Homemade and in a matching colour.

Krimelte’s Robin Hoods squaring off on the archery range.



Jaan Puusaag: “Every living thing has to be nurtured if you want it to grow well.”

K29 business centre in the heart of Vilnius represents a fusion of distinctive architecture and compelling style. Designed by Danish and Lithuanian architects, this building is characterized by clever solutions for blocking sound and absorbing noise. The construction’s facade meets all current energy efficiency requirements. Olivé’s C-22 silicone sealant was used for the fastenings of the building’s aluminium profiles.

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