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Does First Page Google Rank Bring Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Website?

Without a doubt, Google is the mightiest fish amongst the Internet search engines. It alone gets the search requests and what others have grouped together do not. Forgetting Facebook, its nearest rival, Yahoo offers no competition. In fact, people have even invented the term ‘Google it’ for ‘search in the Internet’. And when SEO managers talk about optimization, they talk in terms of Google rank. Although as a rule of thumb Google loves textual relevance and relevant keywords at the site, and links from other sites - affirming dignity, it chooses to remain mythical. That essentially makes SEO a challenge. However, SEO managers are quick to tempt you with ‘we’ll make your site rank in the first page of Google and you will get tons of clicks to your site’. And money flows and SEO managers become the modern day ‘messiahs.'

In terms of the Google ladder, the rule of thumb is the more general the keyword, the more difficult it is to reach the top. On the other hand, the more specific your keyword is, the more the chances of it appearing in the first page. For instance, the keyword ‘women’ is general, faces enormous competition (2,500,000,000) and therefore is very difficult. ‘Women’s power’ is easier. ‘Book on women’s power’ is even easier. Being easiest, ‘book on women’s power in London’ - like keywords that specify locations are relied upon by small businesses. In fact, if you search for your name, it will easily come at the top of the results. This is because there is little, if any, competition for your name. You can know the competition your keyword faces by looking at the count given above the search results.

Our site Women’s Power Hub’s keyword ‘women’s power’ competes with 649,000,000 and finds itself in 6th position at ‘Women power’ competes with 1,370,000,000 and places itself in the 9th position. Topping videos, our women power video even makes it to the 7th position in website section of search. Despite that, we get only few clicks from those positions. From that perspective, it is difficult to believe in the statement ‘Once your keyword reaches the first page you will get tons of clicks to your site’. Click wise, we can only feel sorry for the ones below.

But then, how do websites actually get their clicks? How do major sites like CNN or BBC get their traffic? The answer is very simple. You have used Yahoo or Hotmail or Gmail for your daily email check. Do you search for those sites? The simple answer is no, you don’t. So you bypass Google, but routinely deliver clicks to those websites. How? Besides search engines, tentatively, websites get visitors from three sources: 1. Clicking on bookmark/favourite list. 2. Typing website address. 3. Clicking a link. 1. Bookmark: Whenever you visit a site and you like it, you can bookmark it. This means that you don’t have to remember the web address of that site again. Bookmarking will also remind you of a forgotten site that you visited a long time ago. Unless you organize the bookmark, however, it can easily become messy. Originally designed for one’s own computer, now you can share your bookmarks with the world like in Yahoo bookmarks. 2. Website address: If not bookmarked and especially if your bookmark is messy, you can type the web address to go to the site. This is the reason why companies try to choose the addresses (domain name) that are easy to remember. 3. Links: For a website, links have two benefits. They can enhance the PR ranking of a site and also bring potential customers who click them. Links can come from articles, discussion forums, YouTube, pictures and what not. No wonder, we travel from one site to another clicking links. And when you do so, you land up in amazing pages that you never thought existed! From the above, it is clear that unless your keyword is competitive and is placed right at the top (at least the first three positions), first page ranking alone does not give you many clicks. Instead, you can try your luck on making your domain name simple and easy to remember. And try the art of link building. In the later case, besides clicks, it also helps in Google rank.

Google page rank article as video

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Does First Page Google Rank Bring Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Website?  

All SEOs tell their clients the advantages of reaching the first page of Google. The question is ‘Does first page Google rank really bring m...

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