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Web banner ads are sales message or promotional images created to attract the attention of potential customers and motivate them to visit your website. They can found on many websites in the margins, header and footer. These ads can even be found within the text areas of a website. A web banner ad can be placed anywhere a web image can be placed. Many elements of web banner advertising are standardized. Things you need to know to place a web banner ad: Standard sizes - There are several standard web banner ad sizes used. Web banner ads are measured in pixels in both width and length. Each standard banner ad size usually has its own name. Other terms used in describing standard web banner ads are: skyscraper, banner, rectangle, and button. Standard placement - Web banners are usually placed at the top and on the sides of a webpage. Prominent positions on a webpage would cost more to advertise. For example, a leaderboard is 728px x 90px. It is usually placed in the top portion of a webpage. Because of its placement, it usually would cost more than a smaller ad or an ad placed lower on the page. Also, whether the banner ad is placed on the first page or an internal page will also affect the cost of a web advertisement. Standard format - The standard formats are.jpg,.gif, and.swf files. The cheapest format is.jpg. It is the most common image file used on the internet. It is useful for advertising in many forms. Animated file formats are.gif and.swf files. Animated.gifs are easier to create but less sophisticated than a Flash (.swf) file. There are many websites that use banners for advertising on their website. Good places to start advertising would be on social networking websites, e-zines, Google, and many other websites that receive high traffic. However, the more traffic a website receives the higher the advertising rate will be. A keyword used in determining exposure to an ad is "ad impressions". Ad impressions are the number of times your ad will be viewed. With banner advertisement, you do not have to create your own eNewsletter or email to take advantage of email marketing. You can advertise on the email blasts and enewsletters of other related businesses that email to your target audience.

Advertising with banner ads gives you a way to reach audiences you would not be able to reach.

Camille Dykes, MBA is Chief Consultant and Designer for Dykes' Webshop ( ). She has over ten years' experience in web design and business development. Ms. Dykes seeks to give her clients quality websites that attract new customers. Start promoting your business with internet marketing now. Click Here to Learn More!

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