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This is me Try and draw yourself as a baby.

What do you look like now? Draw yourself.

What color are your eyes? What color is your hair? What’s your favorite hairstyle?


My toys Color the toys. Make sure the color matches the one in the pictures.

Here you can draw your favorite toy.


What does it look like? Try to describe it. How do you play with it?

Friendship What does it mean to be a good friend with someone? What is necessary for good friendship? Is there anything you should never do to a friend? Have a look at the pictures. What can you see? Color the circle next to a picture of good friends green. Color in red a circle next to a picture of not so good friends.


My family Parents, children and close relatives who live with them make a family.

Members of this family are parents and their children.

Parents, three children and grandparents who live with them are members of this family.

Try and draw your family and yourself. Who are the members of your family?


Can you explain how relatives like uncles and aunts relate to you? Which relatives do you have?

My house

This family lives in an apartment building.

This family lives in a house.

What is the difference between an apartment building and a house?

Draw the house or the apartment building you live in. What does your house/ apartment look like? How many rooms are there?


From home to kindergarten

Look at the picture. What way should the girl go to get to the kindergarten? Where should she cross the street? What road rules does she need to follow?

Draw your favorite place on your way from home to kindergarten? What can you see on your way from home to kindergarten?


Who do you usually go to kindergarten with? How do you go back home?

My world  
My world