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I H ! A AVE A N I D E FIR Milan BataveljiĂž


AG E 4-6

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Dear adults, Spending time with children helps them develop their abilities. This book will make your time with them more enjoyable and useful. Therefore, it is good to encourage a child to think and notice things: - ask your child to explain why he or she gave you that particular answer to a certain question. - try and analyze if there are other possible answers - encourage your child to observe every illustration and notice as many details as possible - talk to your child while you are solving the problems - ask him or her more questions about a picture - help them stick a sticker they want on an empty space at the top of a page every time they solve a problem. Don’t be discouraged if some problems are too difficult for your child. You can skip them and go back to them later or some other time when they are older. And then, when they open the book again, it will be exciting to see your children suddenly come up with a solution to a problem! Enjoy your time together!

A lost shoe Colour the cap of the child who lost its shoe.


A bunny is hungry Draw the way for the bunny to get to its carrot, but it must be careful not step into a pool.

For adults: Ask your child what rabbits like to eat and where they live.


Pupils Draw the circle next to the child who isn’t on the way to school.

For adults: Discuss with your child why he or she chose to that answer.


Drawing Colour the pencil the girl used.


A Kitty Draw a line to connect the kitty and the house from which it came out of.


A naughty goat Colour the circle next to the goat which grazed the flowers.


I have an idea!  
I have an idea!