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FOLDOVERS The first concepts

Being brave isn't easy when you're young. Still, when you get to know your fears a little better, you will see that they are not as terrible as you think andthat you can easily defeat them.

Chicken Lion

FOLDOVERS The first concepts This series of picture-books is intended for the youngest readers. The pages which fold over and the pictures concealed behind the flaps make them interesting toys. These picture-books help children to acquire their first experiences of the world around them and their basic needs, feelings and fears.

I have something to confess: When I'm alone I'm in distress.

I must say I feel much better When my mother's in the room.

Bats and spiders in the night Darkness gives me a huge fright.

When my Bunny's with me Of my fears he has rid me.

A new problem has appeared Water makes me shake and tremble!

Swimming, floating, diving All this water I am loving!

Chicken lion  
Chicken lion