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Vigil Family Chatter Volume 11

Juan De Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Board of Directors 2010-2011 Executive Committee John H. Vigil, President JoAnn Phillips, Vice President Mimi Vigil, Secretary Carl Salazar, Treasurer Carolyn M. Romero, Member at Large Members Rosemary Salazar George F. Vigil Rose Theresa Vigil Beverly Vigil Sasse Jose Perez Phillip Vigil Andrea Romero

December 2011

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Dear Family and Friends: Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Juan De Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Scholarship recipients: Andrew Apodaca, Benique Lucero, Sarah Oates, Adam Vigil, and Amanda Vigil. Their goals and aspirations make all our work worthwhile. Welcome to our two new Board members: Phillip Vigil and Andrea Romero. We have three more open Board positions. Please contact us if you are interested. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the outstanding support for our Annual Golf and BBQ Event on August 6, 2011. A special thanks to Carl Salazar for planning and organizing the golfing event. I also want to thank the volunteers: Carolyn Romero, Rosemary Salazar, Jeffrey Vigil, Bev Sasse, Mimi Vigil, Jo Ann Phillips, Rose T. Vigil, Jose Perez, George and Florida Vigil who were also instrumental in the success of the event. A note of appreciation to our many sponsors, too. Obviously, this was another OUTSTANDING team effort that would not have been possible without all the support of the Board Members and the wonderful volunteers and sponsors who stepped up to the plate on that day.

“Educación es la luz del mundo” Education is the light of the world The Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization established in 2005 by the descendents of Juan de Jesús Vigil dedicated to maintaining opportunities for scholarship and grants to qualified descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil.

Our goal for the coming academic school year is to surpass the five scholarships we gave out this year. We can only do that if we have your continued support. See additional information about expanded grant opportunities and scholarship deadlines in this newsletter. Sincerely,

John H. Vigil


2011 Golf Tournament and BBQ

Another Terrific Success!!!! A resounding success took place on Aug. 6th 2011 in our continued effort to promote education in the Juan De Jesús Family Foundation. We held our 1st Annual Golf Carl Salazar and Rose T Vigil Tournament. Although we had held prior golf outings in the prior two years, this was our 1st effort to graduate to a full Golf Tournament. We had a total of 72 golfers and a wide variety of volunteers most of whom were Board Members, pooling together an effort and huge commitment. Family members came from as far as California to be a part of the celebration. We held a picnic after the tournament including raffles and door prizes which raised approximately $3,700 for our Scholarship Fund to continue to promote education as a vehicle to success. We would like to thank our sponsors for promoting memories and a few businesses. Our sponsors included: Hole #1 – Salazar Electric Hole #9 – In Memory of Jerry Romero Hole #10 – LCD Transportation Family members, friends of the family, and companies that do

business with family members also participated in the fundraising. Please join us in thanking the following people and businesses that sponsored golfers and donated prizes and items to our raffle: Salazar Electric * Beverly Sasse * Carolyn Romero * Phillip Vigil * The Novak Agency (Allstate) * Congressman Ed Perlmutter * Congressman Jarad Poli *, State Representative Cherylin Peniston * Ciaque Food *, Compensino (Colorado Ranchers Dairy Products)* Valley Foods * Miravalle Foods * Lori Grunewald L&T Properties * David Nugent * The Omni Resort Hotel * Hair at the Village * Mountainside Fitness * Colorado Vertical Tours * Colorado Grande Hotel Cripple Creek * Las Brisas Restaurant * Dave Gover * Mimi Vigil * Massage Clinic

Joanne Phillips betting on the golfer’s accuracy

On Sept 15, 2012, we will be holding our next Golf Tournament at the Applewood Golf Course in Golden Colorado where we will again be provided with a great facility and course for us to continue building our scholarship programs. Please “SAVE THE DATE.”

Platinum Sponsor: Jerome Romero Memorial Team


Education is the one path to success that can provide our family members with opportunities to become successful business owners, community leaders, politicians, professionals, and active citizens. We cannot do this alone; we need a concerted effort from everyone to make this happen. So please be generous in your consideration of 2012 Annual Memorial Golf Tournament.

Our Senior Golfer, Joe Apodaca (standing with John H. Vigil), is still challenging the others to shoot their age

The Wilson Family traveled from California


Student" for the year 2010. John attended the 2010 Vigil Family Reunion and thanked everyone for the opportunity to continue his education.


We have a few items still available for sale: Short Sleeve Shirt - Large (5 left) Books: Trujillo Creek in Early Days – 4th Edition By: Anne Lucero Vigil Family Cookbook By: Andrea Romero

$15.00 $ 7.50


Embracing Life: Poems that Inspire the Heart and Soul $14.95 By: Florida Vigil Contact Carolyn Romero at (303) 514-0620 or for more information. NEW ITEMS Early Roads to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains $35.00 By: Phillip Arnold Vigil Settlers of the Purgatoire River Valley: Their Heritage and Culture By: Phillip Arnold Vigil

In June 2011, as a result of the successful reunion and your generous contributions, we awarded 5 more scholarships.


Contact Phillip Vigil at (303) 986-1022 or to obtain copies.


In August 2010, the Scholarship and Grant committee met and selected one outstanding student to receive a scholarship from the Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation. John Lucero resides in Thornton, CO and is currently attending Heritage College in Denver, majoring in Esthetics. He was recently named "Outstanding

Andrew Apodaca will be attending Red Rocks Community College studying to be a Sports Trainer. I am honored to be the recipient of the Juan de Jesús Vigil Scholarship. Thanks to the generous support, I am the first in my immediate family to attend college. I have dreamed of attending college since I was young and now my dream is becoming a reality. Without scholarship patrons like you, there would be many students such as myself unable to pursue the career they’ve dreamed of. Amanda Vigil is attending Trinidad State Junior College studying Nursing. I would like to thank you for helping me take the first steps to the start of my future. This is one of the biggest steps that I will have to take in my life, and pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse would not have been possible without you. Again, I would like to thank you for everything that you do, not only for what you have done for me, but what you have done for everyone that has received this scholarship. You are an important part of all the lives that you have touched through this scholarship. Benique Lucero is attending the University of Phoenix studying Accounting. Benique is looking forward to owning her own Accounting and Tax business, providing affordable services for the middle working class families. She plans to help people understand their rights as tax payers, and show them how to 4

budget, and save money for the future. Anything is possible when you are determined and hardworking. Sarah Oates is attending Eastern New Mexico State University and is enrolled in the Pre-Med program. Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I am very grateful that I am part of a wonderful family that can offer this. It helps tremendously with allowing me to achieve my educational goals so I can do what I love. I can't wait to be able to help people with their health and make a difference in the world. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into this foundation. P.S. I found out I made honor roll this semester! Thank you so much!! Adam Vigil will be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Political Science and PreLaw. I would personally like to thank the Board of Directors for investing a scholarship in me. I am sure that there were a great many other deserving candidates and for that I am especially grateful. Thank you for seeing my potential for future growth.


JOSÉ PEREZ In January 2011, José Perez (Rose Therese’s husband) joined the Foundation Board. Jose has an accounting background and will be helping with the website.

Jose Manuel Perez-Vera was born and raised in Lima-Perú. His mother, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers that still reside in Perú. José has 2 children: Renzo my son, is attending ESAN

UNIVERSITY in Perú studying system engineering, and my daughter, Maria, resides in Fairfax, Virginia where she attends Northern Virginia Community College studying business administration. After graduation from The University in Perú, José studied to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He also taught Information Systems. José and his daughter arrived in the USA 10 years ago.

“Our life here has been more than we anticipated, and I thank God for all his blessings,” said José.

PHILLIP VIGIL Phillip Vigil joined the Foundation Board in June 2011. Philip was born in San Juan Plaza, Segundo,


Colorado. He has lived in many places in addition to Colorado including Venezuela, Argentina, Honduras, Argentina, New

NEW NON-DEGREE GRANT PROGRAM The Board of Directors has added grants for people who are not attending full degree programs. The grant committee will meet quarterly to approve requests for funding for Certificate programs or for individual classes to help the applicants increase their job skills. Applications for scholarships and grants can be downloaded from the website or contact John Vigil at (303) 650-0470 or

Cut-off for the 2012 Scholarship Applications – 4/30/2012

Mexico and Texas. Phillip married Marta Barnech Vigil in 1962. They have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Phillip is a retired mechanical engineer. Phillip has published 2 books: (1) Early Roads to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and (2) Settlers of the Purgatoire River Valley (1860 - 1960).


ANDREA ROMERO After working side by side with her mom, stuffing envelopes and working on Vigil events, Andrea Romero submitted her application to join the Vigil Foundation Board of Directors. Andrea developed the Vigil Family Cookbook that was sold at the 2009 reunion. (There are still a few copies available.) Andrea is a sophomore at Colorado State University studying Anthropology. She enjoys cooking and listening to all kinds of music.

VIGIL FOUNDATION BOARD IS EXPANDING The Foundation is searching for three more board members who are willing to make a difference in the lives of the descendants of Juan de JesĂşs Vigil through the gift of education and youth leadership. We need people who are just willing to just get involved. Call Carl Salazar at (303) 429-4105 for information.



Jacob Vigil (Hilario)

I am currently in graduate school in Chicago, studying social work. My wife, Veronica, and I live in the Chicago suburbs. I am set to graduate in May 2012 and I will go on to get my PhD in social service administration. I am working as a policy analyst and legislative advocate for Latino educational equity/opportunity in Illinois. I will be looking for jobs this winter in preparation for graduating, and am open to moving anywhere in the country. Amanda Phillips (Celedon)

Hey Carolyn!! DARRELL GALLEGOS and ASHLEY SHAW (Celedon)

Darrell Gallegos married Ashley Shaw on July 4, 2011. Darrell is Nicole Romero's son and great great grandson of Faustino Vigil.


Yvonne Vigil married Kenneth (Dusty) Bowers on July 2, 2011.

Things are going good up here in Iowa! It's nippy out but snow has yet to grace our presence thank goodness for small mercies! My car windows have been fogging up but as the first trimester of my Senior year comes to a close it amazes me that I only have 2 semesters left! I'm hoping to come out to Colorado for college, of course! I'm looking at small community colleges were I can easily get scholarships, I don't want to be 40 and still paying of student loans, if you know what I mean! I started working at Arby's, it's nothing extravagant but at least it puts gas in my car and small money in my account. I'm pretty content with it overall. My wonderful cat, Orion, is doing VERY well, and so is my family up here.


I'm involved in numerous clubs: TAG, SADD, Bookclub, Student Government (I'm the President of my High School) and Do Something. I strongly encourage the kids in our family to get involved by helping out their communities! It is rich with rewards and feels doubly fantastic. Hope all is well on your side of the globe!

grade. Joe got a job as a plumber and was a number one plumber. He worked about 40 years plumbing then he worked in a gas company for another 40 years. He is one smart man. He was self taught. He is a smart man. He didn’t need books. GUADALUPE (“Lupe”) VIGIL GARCIA (Celedon)


Story provided by Tammy Garcia

Born: September 19, 1936 Eaton, Colorado DORA CARMEN COBO (Isidoro)

Dora Carmen Cobo, 84, passed away July 30, 2010. Preceded in death by her parents, Vicente and Easilda (Quintana) Cobo; brothers Vince Cobo and Ernest Cobo. Survived by sister-in-law Ann Cobo; nieces Kathy (Norman) Baity and Doris Cobo; nephew Larry Cobo; special friends, Linda Russ, Stacy and Jennifer Steinbeck, Harold and Janet Steinbeck, and many other relatives. Dora worked at the University of Southern Colorado Library until she retired. She spent all her time with her loving cat, Snooky, and enjoyed going out to eat with her friends and volunteering her time at the Cathedral as a Sacristan. Dora was awarded the Bishop Tafoya Medallion for service to her parish. JOE ROMERO (Manuel)

Born: December 28, 1924 Earl, Colorado Died: January 28, 2010 La Junta, Colorado

Excerpts from the Life Story of Tina Vigil Romero July 23, 2005 I met my husband in La Junta. I was with my momma down on 1st Street. He asked my momma if I could go out on a date. I was about 14 at the time. We have now been together for 58 years. Joe did not have much school. He went only to the 3rd

Died: July 31, 2011 Lakewood, Colorado Lupe Vigil Garcia has lived a life being everyone’s favorite. She was the wife and widow to Tom Garcia for over 51 years, mother of 4 children (Daniel, Lorraine, Michael, and Cheryl) their spouses (Mary, Tammy, and Greg), grandmother of 6 (Carlos, Christina, Ken, Melissa, Joshua and Nicholas), great-grandmother of 10 (Dominique, Madison, Vincent, Brianna, Adrian, Gianna, Kendall, Tommy, Jaelyn, Ayden) plus one on the way, Sister (Virginia), sister in-laws Rita, Katie, and Lucy, Auntie, Friend, Neighbor, and Teacher. Lupe was a faithful churchgoer and we followed her and our dad’s lead ever since we were born. In every step of the way she instilled in us that everything is God. She loved God, Jesus, and Mary with all her heart. She always had a very special devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, her namesake. Lupe has inspired all. Her creativity has no limits from quilting and painting to her hip fashion sense. She has always been able to amaze people with her talents and her vision. Our family would not be who we are without her bravery. Our fearless leader never hesitated to be the first person to do or say bold things. She was always daring enough to take the bull by the horns, get on that motorcycle, be bucked off a horse, or tell a joke at any time. She didn’t face life with fear or with trepidation she embraced it and all of its challenges with courage and humor ready to shock us all. Her bravery was not only a key component to her infectious fun or life long memories, it has also been the reason that she survived every medical challenge 7

that she encountered. Her bravery combined with her strength enabled her to live through Epilepsy, Breast Cancer, Heart Surgery, Emphysema, Pneumonia, and Leukemia. Beyond the fun and the strength Lupe was proud. She was proud of her family. Her love and compassion for her family and friends was always known to everyone. She knew all of our hearts and loved us all unconditionally. Though she was everyone’s favorite she always made you feel that you were her favorite too.


Since July 2005, we have obtained the oral histories for more than 70 people. If you are willing to participate in this project, please contact Jan Lindgren at or at (303) 980-0432. If you are not in the Denver area, we can make arrangements to take your history over the phone. A note from Jan Lindgren:



Darrell Gallegos and Ashley Shaw Gallegos had a son on August 25, 2011. James Doyle Gallegos was named after Darrell's twin brother James who is deceased. Darrell is Nicole Ellerman Romero and Darrell Gallegos' son and great great grandson of Faustino Vigil.

Since the Vigil reunion in 2005, I have given each of you interviewed a free copy of your own tape/s. I have kept an audio taped copy of each of your interviews over the years and would like to offer you an opportunity to have your story converted to cds or a zip drive. The process is time-consuming as it has to be played minute to minute so the cost is $40 per tape. Once you have those CDs you can make as many copies on CDs, zip drives, etc. as you wish. For those prior to 2005, I have a copy of each person’s story, and I can make you or your immediate family a copy, knowing you haven’t heard your own story. Check out my website to see what has been written about the Juan de Jesus family!


On October 30, 2011, Stephanie and Marcus Vigil welcomed a baby boy to their family. Marcus-Makaeus Maximus Vigil weighed 9 lbs. 10oz. and measured 23 inches. His big sister, Malaya, is thrilled to have a new brother.



ONE MORE DAY By: Florida Vigil

The sun is shining through the window once again. A new day is here, a day to pray and give thanks. One more day to sing a song, be strong all day long. Write yet another poem that rhymes, without delay while sitting by the lake. Do another good deed, set my heart free as I swim the high sea. Hear the musical sound of the wind chime, hear the meadow lark sing it’s sweet song in the spring as it sits on my window sill. Smell the sweet pea in May, on a mid-summer day while watching the children play. Smell the fragrant rose one more time in the daytime to last a lifetime.

To see a newborn baby, hear a nursery rhyme in the summer time. I want to see all the seasons one more time before they’re gone. Lord, I want to hold on for as long as I can before you call upon me. Let me see the leaves change their colors in the fall just in time before the snowfall, it won’t take too much of my time, but it will fill my heart. I want to see the snowfall on the playground as it crowns the ground and the children horse around. I want to buy time but I’m running out of time. I want to be kind until the end of time. I want to see the eagle fly above until it’s out of sight, and I wave good-by. I want to wish upon a star as it lights up the sky. Lord, I ask you please spare me just one more day.

FUNDRAISING UPDATE On behalf of the Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your past support and contributions. The demand for scholarships continues to increase. The Juan de Jesús Vigil Family Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Established in 2005 by the descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil, the Foundation honors the name of Juan de Jesús Vigil and promotes our Vigil family legacy into perpetuity. The Mission for our Foundation is to promote educational scholarships, grants to qualified and deserving descendants of Juan de Jesús Vigil, and to provide support to charitable causes that will benefit the descendants of Juan De Jesús and Maria Bustos Vigil. In addition, we provide leadership opportunities for young people. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors that represent a cross section of our community and who are committed to making a difference for the educational success of the Juan de Jesús Vigil descendants. Please help us by sending your donation to: Juan de Jesús Vigil Foundation 3072 E. 136th Place Thornton, CO 80602 Any amount will help and your donation is tax deductible. Thank you again for your continued support.



Save the date SEP. 15, 2012


2:00 PM

100% of the net proceeds support the Scholarship program. Please help by: 1. Sponsoring a hole HOLE SPONSOR

2. Sponsor a team GOLD $500.00 INCLUDES TWO FREE PLAYERS 3. Be a golfer ($100 per player) SILVER $300.00 INCLUDES ONE FREE PLAYER 4. Come to the BBQ BRONZE $200.00 For Information, Contact: Carl Salazar 303-429-4105,

3068 W 11th Ave. Circle Broomfield, CO 80020


Vigil Newsletter 12/2011  

December Issue

Vigil Newsletter 12/2011  

December Issue