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EDITOrial Dear readers,

I am not a person who could talk a lot about arts. Still, I enjoy listening to long artistic conversations - and sometimes I decide to get involved myself. On one occasion like this I told my friend that my problem with art is that sometimes I completely fail to understand it. On this he responded: “Well, art is not always meant to be understood”. I was thinking much about this talk. At some point I thought – well, why do I have to understand what the artist wanted to say? Maybe artist’s idea was to create something that could be understood in thousands of different ways by thousands of people; or something that was not meant to be understood at all – but was created purely for enjoyment. After all, art is present in so many different shapes and forms – how could we possibly understand everything? As art is not gathered only in galleries, books, cinemas and theatres – but you can also easily find it in parks, gardens, on dining tables and on the clothes you are wearing. For a change, this time we are offering you arts packed in LIBERTAS. We have always believed that LIBERTAS is partly magazine and partly piece of art (if the magazine is not a piece of art itself?!?); but for this issue we decided to create a product that is 100% arts. You can consume it during the whole day, it goes together with all kinds of food and drinks, and it’s completely safe and healthy. Enjoy LIBERTAS on arts!

by Dragan Atanasov


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THE ART OF CALLIGR by Anastazija Dimitrova

Art H


ave you ever wished you have lived in the past? Time when technology wasn’t so advanced and when people knew how to appreciate the beautiful things around them. Back then, art had a different form. Calligraphy is a very old form of art, a word that has no meaning at all for most of the people, but to few it means a lot. To me, only the way this word is pronounced is special. Calligraphy. It gives a feeling as if you are saying something very important, something sophisticated and old-fashioned and so melodic. Calligraphy is a word with Greek origin and literally it means beautiful writing. It’s a form of art that has been very much cherished and admired in the past for many reasons. Above all, in times when all of the books had been hand-written the world had been in need of people who were able to write beautifully. So this is when the virtuosos in calligraphy showed itself. For beautiful writing you don’t need only talent but also big patience. Today we can’t even imagine what kind of skills and nerves you need to write a whole book by hand (for example The Bible) because we are a generation who gets upset if we have to wait for more than five minutes in a queue.

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Photo: miskan/ CC-by-nc / Flickr

“For beautiful writing you

don’t need

only talent but also big


Although calligraphy developed equally in the West and the East, still it had been much more cherished in the eastern region. Arabia was and still is a place where calligraphy is considered to be a very difficult job or hobby and its appreciation is on a much higher level. In the land of China, where the alphabet consists of more than 3.000 signs calligraphy has developed with a much greater speed and the people have paid much more attention to it. The eastern countries still keep the tradition of beautiful hand-writing alive. For them it is a link that connects the past with the present through signs and letters which are being written over and over again for centuries. For western countries things are a bit different. We can even say that the only knowledge the western world has of calligraphy is that “those beautiful, narrow letters which you can find in the font bar on the computer”. So what does this mean? Does it mean that we are not able to carry on the tradition that was so much appreciated in the past by our ancestors or does it mean that we are just too lazy to spend our time writing by hand when we have a computer to do it for us?


Events n°8...Art


Sweden´s most intelligent festival With hundreds of activities and over 100,000 visitors The International Science Festival Gothenburg is one of Europe?s leading popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden. All year around The Science Festival arranges science cafés, workshops, lectures and more

Photo: Roobee/ CC-by-nc-sa / Flickr

Photo: / CC-by / Flickr

When :22-25 April Where : Gothenburg, Sweden Website:http://www.goteborg. com . . .

April Jazz Espoo .

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The International Festival



by Lea Perinić


Johannes Vermeer (1665’ painting) vs. Tracy Chevalier (1999’ book) vs. Peter Webber (2003’ movie)

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4 6

“He sees her as


who has a somewhat

artistic soul”

Photo: Painting from Vermeer


he painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Het Meisje met de Parel) is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterworks and, as the name implies, it uses a pearl earring for a focal point. It is sometimes referred to as “the Mona Lisa of the North” or “the Dutch Mona Lisa”. The mysterious girl with a turban and a pearl earring, nowadays held in The Mauritshuis Museum in Hague, has been watching us over her shoulder from the canvas for more than three hundred years, but her identity has not yet been determined. Art historians believe that she was most likely the member of artist’s family, considering the high costs of renting a model, is why the authors of that period often took pictures of their mothers, wives, daughters... Maertge Vermeer? It is believed that the girl from the picture is Vermeer’s oldest daughter, Maertge, who was about the same age. Magdalena von Ruijven? The fact that the possession of the painting later went to art patron Mr.Von Ruijvenu leads some art historians to think that the girl in the picture could be his daughter, Magdalena. But, many people denie this because of the intimate layer observed by in regard to that piece of art,. Maid Griet? Tracy Chevalier, author of the book „Girl with a Pearl Earring“ has rejected all such ideas, saying that girl’s face from the picture has some erotic tone, which is not something that a girl would show in the presence of her father, and therefore it can not be Maertge von Ruijven, nor Maertge Vermeer. The intimate relationship expressed in the painting forced her to think that it shows someone the painter was physically close to, someone who has lived in his house and who he had seen often, someone like the house maid who used to clean his studio and watched him paint. That thought motivated Tracy Chevalier to take a








look beyond the canvas and write a powerful story about forbidden love, passion and jealousy.


. .

AIDS Walk Orlando . .

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Look inside the book The plot of the book is placed in the Netherlands in the 17th century.. Griet is a young woman who comes to the city of Delft to serve the Vermeer family because her family is facing a difficult financial situation caused by her father’s blindness,. Although illiterate and hot-tempered, she proves to be very intelligent. After a critical

April Jazz Espoo When :28 Apr - 02 May 2010 Where : Helsinki, Finland


About the book author Tracy Chevalier was born in Washington in 1962. In 1984 she moved to England. She earned her degree in creative writing at the University of East Anglia. Her first novel, The Virgin Blue was published in 1997. While she was pregnant, she wrote Girl With a Pearl Earring and has published it two weeks before the birth of her son, in August 1998. She also wrote Falling Angels (2001), and The Lady and the Unicorn (2003), which haven’t been translated into Croatian yet. During the interview for one independant internet website, she revealed that she got the inspiration for the book by looking at the image reproduction poster that was hanged in her room. Before writing the book, she conducted a research on Vermeer as previously she did not know much about art history. The book itself is primarily based on her vision of a painting, but she hoped that many would accept her interpretation because it is not considered a mere fiction, but it can be substantiated with well-known facts about the author’s life. When asked what would she say if she had an encounter with Vermeer, she replied, “I would ask him to forgive me.” You may be asking yourself whether this encroachment into the history and the painter’s life was justified. Given the quality of her literary work my answer to her question would be, „You’re forgiven.”

. . Welcoming the arrival of the warmer weather, the April Jazz Espoo is a popular spring-time event that attracts music fans from all over the country and beyond. The festival is the largest annual jazz event in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and always attracts a great selection of bands and musicians from all over the world. Performances take place in a number of different venues with plenty on offer to suit all tastes. There are also a number of after-hours parties and club events which keep the feet stomping late into the night.




slow scenes are and

just as captivating as the



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Photo: From the movie “Girl with a Pearl Earring

moment in her first encounter with Vermeer, he begins to look at her as the only person in the house who can understand his art. He sees her as someone who has a somewhat artistic soul, regardless of how much lower social status she is and lack of education she has. They develop a complex emotional relationship that causes jealousy in the eyes of his wife, Catherine, his mother in law, as well as his daughter Cornelia. The animosity comes to its peak when they find out that he’s using Griet as a model... However, there’s also a rich patron Van Ruijeven that falls in love with Griet and gives new complexity to the whole situation. Still, I would not like to talk much about the plot because I do not want to turn this article into a spoiler. On the contrary, I would like all of you take the book and read it, since I really believe it’s absolutely worth reading. In 2003 Peter Webber directed a movie based on the book which has increased the number of fans, not only of the Griet’s character, but also the fans of the painting itself. Through the book and movie, the story of the girl with a pearl earring and a blue turban has entered the lives of people around the world. Co-existance of the original piece of art, together with two different media representations – book and the movie – has given us numerous perspectives and starting points for conducting our own private surveys and investigations on Dutch Art and lifestyles in the 17th century. These literary aspects presented in a book, movie script, other kinds of artistic expression inspired it. For example, numerous poems essays, sketches and other forms of expression can be found on the Internet. We are given the possibility to choose our own path: to travel to Hague to take a glance at the picture and then go to the movies, or to read the book and then do the rest, or to stop at only one media if we’re scared that other versions could spoil it. So, will the girl from the billboards (in this case – Scarlett Johannson) encourage us to go and see the movie? Or will the movie tackle us to read the book and experience the same story in a different way? Or, we are familiar with Vermeer’s painting, but were always interested about the story behind it and now have a chance to hear it? Whatever the answer is, we’re always taken back to Vermeer’s painting. Even though some think that this type of popularization is completely unnecessary, we cannot deny that the line between

AIDS Walk Orlando When :24 Apr 2010 Where : Orlando, USA Website:http://hopeandhelp. org/Default.asp. . .

Verzaubert Film Weekend The Verzaubert Film Weekend brings gay and lesbian cinema to the masses and travels to four major cities in Germany. This stop is in Munich. The festival reflects the changing dynamic of issues related to love and gender identity.

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Short insight into the movie Tracy Chevalier has sold the rights to the book only 3 months after it was published. She somewhat feared that the movie will spoil the story by featuring untalented actors and naked scenes. Nevertheless, she agreed to risk and go along with it, but refused to participate in writing the script. She believed she would not be able to remain objective, which was proven to be true when she later on partly disagreed with some of the changes they made in the story. However, it is considered that the screenwriter Olivia Hetreed did a great job, and quite truly transformed her story, without compromising the aesthetics. Compliments go also to director Peter Webber, who put the script to the big screen. As for the actors, in the leading roles were given to Scarlett Johansson (Griet), Colin Firth (Vermeer), Essie Davis (Catherine), Alakina Mann (Cornelia), Tom Wilkinson (Van Ruijven), and Cillian Murphy (Pieter). The leading actress, Johansson, has managed to embody the character of a young girl with a Pearl Earring, and, thanks to the physical similarities, to revive it. Other members of the film were convincing in their roles as well. The quiet and slow scenes are just as captivating as the canvas, together with the reverse way of seeing the art-making process, and by being already familiar with the painting before it is finished, give a special tone to the movie. Also, it successfully draws us into the atmosphere of the period and gives us a different conception of that piece of art. This is by no means a classic love story, but the story of some other time, some other people, some other dimension of art. Maybe it is precisely the one that will motivate us to take a different approach to any piece of art and listen more cautiously what the art is telling us.

. . AIDS Walk Orlando takes place in the beautiful environs of Lake Eola in the heart of the city. The three kilometre event helps to raise much needed funds for those suffering from AIDS in the Florida area. In addition to taking part in the walk, entrants can volunteer to head a team of ten participants or help set up the event. Please visit the AIDS Walk website for more details.


high and popular culture, and therefore art as well, is slowly bluring. It’s not a bad thing although some might contradict. That painting touches my emotions each time I see it, it will continue to do so. In this case, actually, both book and movie version are really amazing. Authors have done their best to captivate the spirit of the 17th century Netherlands, to speak not only about art, but about social norms, economic situation, personal fears and struggles in a growing process of one young girl. The motto that is present within the whole book is: Remember to remain true to yourself. We have to learn how to listen to that inner voice that controls our thoughts and actions.


Head of a Girl, at the Met a poem by John Updike Vermeer’ girl in your turban and pearl: I saw you once in The Hague, some sixteen years ago, and now in New York, as part of this visiting show. You haven’t changed, you famous girl, your lower lip as moist and thoughtful as the painter’s touch could render it, your eyes resting sideways on mine, their gaze weighted by that fullness of a woman’s eyeball.


I, I have changed by a great deal: hair brown then now gray, heart fresh as paint veined now by the crackling of too many days hung in the harsh sun of the real.

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Photo: *** Fanch The System!!! ***/ CC-by / Flickr

Photo: Vali.../ CC-by / Flickr

You will outlive me, artful girl, and with averted head will rest your moment’s glance on centuries of devotees (barring mischance), the light in your eyes like the light on your pearl.

HALF-HEARTED SHIP by Tiberiu Iacomi

Sailing towards the edge of silence, two halves apart

No longer is this our heart, a million waves of silence

Sailing towards forgotten neverlands, two halves of violence. Nevertheless, we cannot hope for either hunger or thirst of riot Against the ocean of our hate, against the wish of being quiet Nevertheless, we cannot wish either to die or even pray

For finding lands of peace, for saving those who were just cast away. Therefore, shall we consider joining hands a crimson echo dying Dying in rings of twilight rays, sunrise of death’s defying?

Therefore, shall we forget the name and touch the mask with our hands

With our hands, shall we just split the world in enemies and friends? Not any other moment do we have for our soul to heal the seed

To heal the friendship’s seed in our hands, forever joined to forbid Each moment of forgotten hearts, each half of broken ships

That in no any other moment will have sealed our wounded lips.

Mayor Daley’s Kids and Kites Festival The sky in Chicago fills with colourful kites during Mayor Daley’s annual Kids and Kites Festival. The family-orientated affair is held on Cricket Hill, at Lake Shore Drive and Montrose, in Lincoln Park. In addition to the spectacular aerial acrobatics, there are workshops and basic classes on making, decorating and flying kites so kids can learn about this entertaining hobby. Visitors are invited to bring their own kites and join in the fun. . .

11 Digital Magazine __ Libertas

o longer is this our ship, two halves of casted heart

. . Verzaubert Film Weekend When :17-18 April 2010 Where : Munich, Germany Website: . .




HOW TO BECOME AN ANGEL by Tiberiu Iacomi



First, you will need to feel the pain, in vain will you become a shade, within your shoulder blade, dare to feel a pair of wings and feel the pain that brings the chain of life to its completion, the intuition to fly among the other blades as our god slowly decades. 2. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DREAM FOR A DARKEN AURA Then you will have to learn, to burn desires in your flight and white you’ll choose to wear and swear to all the gods on Earth that birth you’ll give to their son, the undone version of the Torah enlightened by the power of your aura.

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4 12


3. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD FOR AN ILLUSORY FLIGHT Now you are truly the angel that you wished to be but don’t you see that little child, and don’t you feel the mild, painful touch of such a pure, how can your wing endure, the touch of such a pure and faithful soul when you can only fall? Photo: Laura Burlton / CC-by-nc-nd / Flickr

“Now take

your wing

from this world’s

mud and FLY...”

4. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOPE FOR A GLORIOUS MASK You should have learnt, within our burnt desires, fires of greatest hate grew more than ever all against our fate. You should have felt the evil, endeavor to break once more what once had soared. You should have learnt how to dismantle within our fury candle the bomb that made all dreams of peace succumb. 5. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TEAR FOR A FAKE PRAYER You have become what people want to be, you are their angel in disguise but can’t you see that little child that cries and cries and cries hanged by the wing of his beloved flight of lies? 6. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LESSON FOR ALL That is all you need, a seed of wings that brings the power, hour of hate within your shoulder blade. Now take your wing from this world’s mud and fly as if you never were its god.


The water flows no more along the light And breaks no more the symphonies of glass. This earth land’s sound will never pass The ending of a glowing night.

But it is only now when water flows along the fate And breaks and reunites the single circle of our time If our love and our hearts are not a crime Then we should kill in us the song of hate.

Mayor Daley’s Kids and Kites Festival When :1st of May 2010 Where : Lincoln Park, Chicago, USA Website: html . .

Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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My hands will clear your skin of sorrow And play my words on your cold lip Within eternity, my devil and your angel keep The heart, the only heart that I can borrow.

. . Alternatively, it can be left to the experts to perform thrilling . displays of different kite-flying . techniques. Additional activities include face painting, storytelling and caricature drawing.


And this piano of my soul no longer cries, No longer plays the pain along the love. Because we cannot touch the water high above We cause just circles in our lies.


ART AS by Raquel Batista

art t r a art artart artarat rt art art art art art art art ar t r a aarrt t art art art artart ar artart art a


Art as we know. Art as we don’t know. Art as we see, don’t see, hear, don’t hear. Art as we feel, and don’t feel. Art as we get, and as we don’t get. Art as it is and doesn’t. Art isn’t just about what we contemplate, but about the whole process behind it, the person who made it and, of course, the result of it.

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4 14

Drawed by Raquel Batista

“Art is


Is it necessary to understand every single piece of Art that we behold? No. Indeed there’s no right way to understand art. Art is introspective. Only its interface is collective. And this insight is not just about the interface. It’s also about the creative process. Sometimes we just like some piece of art, when we understand the process, or even when we imagine it. Its like, we create a personal relationship with the piece- and I’m not talking specifically about Catharsis. And I think it is important to know the intermediate step, the idea that the artist wanted – or not- to pass. His techniques, his commitment to art, his ideas. I like to know art from the inside, from the insight. I made this drawing as a visceral vision of art. Knowing it from inside literally. And I think, most artists have this “visceral insight” before starting to produce something. Like, knowing themselves, morally, and in this case, physically, to make art. Sometimes, someone can know himself at the process of making art! Sometimes, someone can know himself through a piece of art! There is no problem with knowing ourselves through something outside of us. Also no problem in recognizing a piece of art inside which doesn’t belong to us. No problem at all, art is everywhere. Art is air. Air surrounds everything. Art is in everything!



THE ART OF EXPRESSING YOURSELF Picture by Mariska Regtvoort

rt art art art art


. . Grenoble’s gay and lesbian film festival offers film-lovers the chance to travel the world and explore gay issues from the comfort of their cinema seat. Screenings take place at Cinéma le Club. The festival combines feature-length films with documentaries. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival When :20-27 April 2010 Where : Grenoble, France Website: . . n°8...Art


Background and earring: Nikola Dimovski and his jewelry-art “Vo Ime Na Vmetnosta”/”in the name of art” Persons on pictures: Elena Dimitrovska, Carolina Nunes, Caroline Björklund

DJs from around the world are drawn to Vienna’s clubs and cultural spaces for something a little different than just spinning tunes. The Sound:frame Festival is dedicated to audio-visual art forms, explored through live performances, symposia, workshops and exhibitions. .

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Sound:frame Festival

WORDS OF PLAY by Mauro Giordano

I’m free


Syntax. Grammar. Coherence & Cohesion. It’s all about the structure, the rules of la lengua. Communication. Controlled communication. It’s great to have them all, but just for now dip yourself into the following texts: set your mind free from the web of syntactics and semantics. Mix it all (or unmix it). Have a free ride, untangle one of the many truths underneath the symbols. Create your own semiotics. Play with the words… o no. Oh, and just for the broken record, phone the ethics!

Digital Magazine __ Libertas

4 16 MagiK

Lost in the maze of boredom He reached a silver door, grabbed the Knob tightly and turned round the lock… ONE TWO FREE The Magician was released the nomologic order was detpursid the hegemonic boredom burnt to ashes space shifted, mass morphed put out simply, a new haven was born. Fun was all around Silence nowhere to be found. Magic K held parties til late at night sacrilegious was not to show up. FOUR FIVE SEX was abundant everywhere SEVEN EIGHT TIME was erased from every life NINE TEN REMEMBER not to mess with K the hexer


Vio lentamente, violentamente. Violenta mente. Vio lenta mente. ¿Vi o lenta mente? Vio letalmente. ¿Qué vio? ¿Qué vio? ¿Qué vio? Amor. O eso creyó, creo yo.

Strawberry Handshake

The Seal Deal was already sealed. No more tricks, no more pricks. Definitely no more treats. A clean deal as sin in Spring. Silly Livy brings the T (in it is a B). Sealy Livy even brings the pay per capita and the penseals. Sign & Shine. Jimmy Reed tilts his niece and lives the seat. Lowell Maxwell bakes a green. Million Trillion Quids. Both light there warthy cigars, Sandrine a very strong milkshake they deal the seal.




Sale a paso lento y deforme de su guarida oscura, un hombre cuya vida (o cuyo aporte) no hace olor a la cordura. Camina errante, perdido con el corazón roto en vuelto en la bruma della duda casi muerto, casi vivo.

. . Sound:frame Festival When :26 Mar - 17 Apr 2010 Where : Vienna, Austria Website: . . .

Sus ojitos opacos aquella belleza habrán visto ad mirado, ven Heraldo; cuánto sesgaste habrán sufrido. Pero ni el ex hilo ni el escondite en clave de sol han guarecido al vagamundo de su edad, “¿quién desenfunda su puño para en el viento monarca dejar?” Llega calamar de las lágrimas pero no ve su reflejo, b e l d e l l a, borrón guiado por la es puma que las locas dejan al rehechizar a las solas que con esmero se les acercan. Sus labios arrugados desean ve Zar Lorena ti vi a perro Alá ves fría, ensalada pero a la pez Duce. It’s un nocuerdo sabrá oso. El animal seda vuelca, hecha un pistazo a la cuerda don de infinitos años apaisado desenterrado por diapazón que ha carvado en la hiedra. Más sea venda en la es tigre Más bi yo el acuerdo se as e Llaga lálgas son su conchón, done un señuelo circolar lo hagan dona….

FineTech Japan The industry surrounding LCD and its components, materials, equipment and production meets at Tokyo’s International Exhibition Centre (also known as Tokyo Big Sight) for Finetech Japan. Manufacturing equipment, components, materials and inspection devices are all on display. 2010 introduces the nanoimprint technology fair, centred around the next-generation technology process for flat panel display lighting devices, to around 46,000 visitors. When :14 - 16 Apr 2010 Where : Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan Website: english/ . .

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by Tiberiu Iacomi

18 32

Digital Magazine __ Libertas

4 18

The reader becomes the writer, the writer becomes the guide, the guide becomes the bearer of the concept, the bearer becomes the friend of the other concept keepers and the keepers become the readers. Creativity arises. The ideas come. The concepts evolve. This is the process of the new type of article that we are putting forward--no need for research. The article is a transformed Dadaist play with boxes of information and inspiration; a rearrangement of opinions and visions; a place left empty for new boxes and ideas.


??! I challenge you not to think outside the box any longer. Why do you find solutions outside the box for improving the content of the box, for decorating its inner walls when you can change the box as a whole? Change the appearance of the box in this universe of various boxes. Or, even build a new box with no walls, just foundations and pillars in order for the inner and the outer thinking to mix in a creative perspective. The concept of creativity does not serve the purpose of empowering mankind’s evolution. By induction, creativity defines the imprisonment that we have confined ourselves to; the box of our world that underlines the borders with the magical land of creativity within which all the seeds of solutions for our helpless and sterility-stricken world lie.

The Pan Celtic Festival began in Killarney in 1971 to foster better relations between the Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and Wales. It’s still going today, and in 2010 takes place in the Dingle Peninsula. Events over the six-day festival include plenty of pageantry and dressing up - there’s the Pan Celtic International Song Contest, special dance performances by Cornish and Breton groups, fiddle and piping competitions and a Pan Celtic parade culminating in a huge outdoor dance display and Celtic Mass. When :6 - 12 Apr 2010 Where : Dingle Peninsula, UK Website: . . .

19 Digital Magazine __ Libertas

Thus, I created a blog entitled http://the-other-box.blogspot. com/ (powered by Libertas) within which I shall grant author rights to each and every reader who decides to continue the thread of creativity inspired by the most recent posted idea. Hopefully, by transforming all the ideas in connected boxes, we shall be able to select, glue and combine them in order to create puzzles of projects that can shape our future. We have also decided that at certain intermediate points we shall publish on volumes of what will become the Encyclopedia of Personal Creativity, powered by Libertas and written by all of you. Play and create!

Pan Celtic Festival


I was supposed to write a normal article (by most journalistic parameters) about creativity in everyday life but after I did all the scientific and artistic research, I stopped and I realized that I’m actually preparing for writing a normal article about creativity in everyday life. I oddly thought to myself, “Is this wrong, what would all the research do for everybody then, just information sharing?” No, it has to be more than that. I decided to go creative on this one, to challenge you to the greatest journalistic quest: the creation of the longest thread of creativity, both as a world record and a reach-out to the metaphorical other box.


. . .



magine that you are lost... Not lost in the middle of your city on a sunny Monday looking for a street or avenue, but lost in a place that you have no idea where you are. Even if you walk until your feet feel numb, you’ll still be lost. At one point you freak out, run a little, and seek help. Are there other people as lost as you? Actually, you are not just lost; you are alone in the incredibly mysterious underworld. Now, you start to familiarize with the idea of being lost. Eventually, after a couple of hours that place doesn’t look that bad. You start to look at things in a much more simple and objective way. You sit on the floor and behold. Now, more calmly, it’s possible to see that there is life in this place, there is the wind and even some flowers. How much beauty did your despair not let you see? The colors pass through like a kaleidoscopic reverie, the smells come to you with such violence that you can’t see if it is real. The sounds... Oh, lots of distinct sounds that intertwines. What is this? You no longer try to conceal the truth that brings a real requiem, something you didn’t know before.


Photo: h.koppdelaney / CC-by-nd / Flickr

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4 20

Imagine that you are lost... Now can you see the reality? What does it look like?

by Mika Carvalho . . . That steamy coffee always tasted like love. And now the cup was lying down at the middle of the table, untouched. Words were no longer necessary, everything they had to listen had already been told. Both of them had noticed that the end was inevitable, but neither wanted to be the first to say ‘’goodbye’’. That damn word that was bringing tears to the lady, even before being told. The thoughts thrown on the table were looking for space between the cup, the rings, the bags and the silence. Silence that was breaking the heart of the former lovers who claimed to be eternal. Those late confessions and the insincere apologies. And the pain in all of this. The trust had been lost in time, they couldn’t continue anymore. At last, crying, the man stood and grabbed the cup. One last look, one last unspoken goodbye. One last sip. The coffee has never tasted so bitter.

SHORT STORIES by Mika Carvalho

It all started with a loving kiss, a shy smile, and it would end with the same kind of love but this time with tears.

But she waited... In vain.

Every April the town of Laval, in north-western France, becomes the capital of virtual reality. Visitors can explore different worlds and tap into other dimensions during this five-day exhibition at the Salle Polyvalente. There are many different attractions on offer, from games to simulators and interactive music. In previous years, the event has also featured a giant aquarium and interactive kayaking. Please note that the three first days of the festival are open to professionals only. When :7 - 11 Apr 2010 Where : Laval, France Website: .

21 Digital Magazine __ Libertas

As the first words were being spoken, the woman realized from the bitterness of male voice that it was the end. And then the first tears came, and called the others, and she burst into tears. The male figure tried to bolster the tears and sadness, but how could he do it if inside he was as sad as she? Hours were passing by and loneliness entered the place. The man stood up and began to put on his military uniform again. The war was waiting for him, and perhaps would have him forever. Could the girl stand it? The pain and the loss of the uncertain return? With tears in their eyes, they kissed once again, and with those same tears he left. Leaving her with the tenderness of an uncertain love.

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Hands were slowly touching each other, along with the syrupy rhythm of the music. Eyes intertwined, and the mouths completing themselves, like they need each other. A hand came down; passing-by the female silhouette dancing to the rhythm, the other hand smoothed the silky blond hair of the woman. The two bodies were coming closer together; they had the perfect complement to each other. Two silhouettes becoming one, a single body. Last night was the last dance they would dance together, but she barely knew. He slowly pulled the woman’s silk dress and she did the same with his new military uniform, and they loved like never before. They kissed tenderly with love. With each passing hour, time was running out, it was necessary to tell the truth, to say goodbye. But how to say something so terrible that could break one’s heart? ... It was necessary.

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by Nina Pavlovska

Of the 7,400 people infected with HIV each day, almost half are under the age of 25. As the single largest group infected and affected by the virus, a huge part of the potential solution to this issue lies with the young people just like you or me. For this reason I got myself involved in Y-PEER (Youth Peer Education Network) which is a global youth network that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through peer to peer approach and to empower young people to make responsible decisions. Pioneered and supported by UNFPA, the Y-PEER network not only gives opportunity for young people to get involved as trainers and peer educators in sexual and reproductive health, but it also has amazing international partner organizations where young people could work as fellows and gain unforgettable experience.



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Photo: from Nina Pavlovska video from dance4life: yZftf8Oss


people infected with

HIV each


Tears in my eyes rushed out in excitement when I heard the news that I was selected to do a fellowship for the dance4life international foundation in Amsterdam. I knew that the experience that will follow would be a giant leap in my personal and professional development, but also a great benefit for both organizations. And apparently, I am happy to say that those expectations were fulfilled. dance4life is an international project which through its programmes, involves young people, strengthens their voice and empowers them to take action and to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. Building a global youth movement, dance4life is present in 25 countries around the world and already more than 600 thousand young people have taken part in the dance4life schools programmes. dance4life uses the universal language of music and dance as well as youth icons to connect with young people across the globe and to stimulate a worldwide movement of young people taking actions to create change in their surroundings.



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In addition to all that great work experience, during my stay in the Netherlands, I’ve managed to meet fascinating and inspiring people coming from all over the world, build strong friendships and also enjoy the liberating and dynamic Amsterdam lifestyle to its max. All in all, I am deeply grateful to UNFPA and Y-PEER for giving me the opportunity to live up this experience4life. Greatly inspired from what I learned I feel so eager to share my knowledge and skills with many, as I continue my career in the non-profit sector on the national and international level.

When :23 - 25 Apr 2010 Where : San Mateo County Expo, San Mateo, USA Website: .

Happy that I am not only learning but contributing to this joint venture, I also got engaged in other very exciting dance4life projects like the dance4life youth council, training of the dance4life special agents of change and other events and experiences such as the annual dance4life international meeting and the fundraising event with the world famous super model Doutzen Kroes .

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RoboGames RoboGames is the world’s largest open robot competition. Robot enthusiasts from around the world travel to San Mateo’s County Expo to take part in events ranging from pure combat and robo-sumo to soccer, climbing and hockey. First held in 2004 as the RoboOlympics, the event was so popular that organisers couldn’t leave it four years before the next event and it became an annual animatronic festival overnight. Competition is stiff and the variety of robots of all shapes and sizes is baffling, from 340lb combat robots to bartending artbots. One of the more spectacular events sees competitors step into robot body-suits known as Tetsujin to take part in motor-assisted weightlifting and walking races.

Traveling to Beirut, Tunis, Sousse and Bishkek for the kick of dance4life, was a truly unique experience. Working in variety of cultural contexts, with a variety of people coming from different governmental or non-governmental organizations, media or UN agencies was a great boost for self confidence. It was the biggest thrill to be aware that I, as a young person, am influencing a change in all of these countries.


Being part of the Regional Programme Coordinators team in dance4life was a life changing experience. Working in an international team with amazing colleagues and a brilliant manager like Mr.Colin Dixon, my responsibilities were to facilitate and support the launch and implementation of the dance4life programs in 5 Y-PEER countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Turkey. Challenges and struggles, but also great successful experiences in each of these countries meant immense learning.



by Daniel Nunes

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Person on picture: Kaki King

“It’s probably the


work” of King so far

Kaki King, or Katherine Elizabeth King, is an american guitarist and singer, born in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her complex instrumental songs, Kaki King composes dense guitar music, the hard-to-play kind, impressing the first time you hear it for her technique, and later on for the feeling she manages to pass on using a single instrument. But in her last record, “Dreaming of Revenge”, we can see a more mature composer, with less dense, but not less beautiful instrumental songs, along with touching and beautifully composed lyrics. “Dreaming of Revenge” is probably the greatest work of King so far, where we can see the development of the changing she started in her previous CD “... Until We Felt Red”, when she started singing but kept the intricate guitars, a combination hard to get used to. Ranging different moods, “Dreaming of Revenge” is a perfect soundtrack for traveling or even sleeping, it fits anything perfectly, being a must-listen to all guitar and instrumental music lovers, but also a very pleasant experience to all.


DREAMING OF REVENGE 1. Bone Chaos In The Castle 2. Life Being What It Is 3. Sad American 4. Pull Me Out Alive 5. Montreal 6. Open Mouth 7. So Much For So Little 8. Saving Days In A Frozen Head 9. Air And Kilometers 10. Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person? 11. 2 O’Clock


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Rotary River Rally

When :17-18 Apr 2010 Where : Tempe Town Lake, USA Website:

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If you fancy getting in on the action, and probably getting very wet, full details of how to register are available on the event’s website.


Building a boat out of cardboard might not seem like the brightest thing to do, but each year teams of enthusiastic boatmen compete in the Rotary River Rally on Tempe Town Lake. Prizes are handed out following the race. The judges award trophies for the Best Dressed Team, the Most Spirited, Pride of the Regatta, Vogue Awards and (the most sought-after) the Titanic Award for the most spectacular sinking ship!

Photo: Lucie Ferlin/ CC

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