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October 1 - December 30

Saturday School is Cool! Too tired after work to take evening classes? Only in town for a few days? Check out our new Saturday School. Fun and informative workshops have been created for adults of all skill levels who are longing for an upbeat activity that makes the weekend special. You’ll also find Saturday Shorts, our popular make & take art activities for children. There’s a full listing of our Saturday School schedule inside and new sessions will be posted online often. You can spend a morning, a full day, or maybe a pair of Saturdays, making new friends while making art that’s too cool for school! YOU CAN REGISTER ONLINE BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1ST. Just go to our website at and click the “Fall

Schedule of Classes,” browse through our many exciting offerings from workshops to fine arts classes and find registration right at your fingertips...AND…get an early bird discount of $10 off class tuition by signing up before September 7th …ALSO…we’re keeping costs low by implementing a new pricing structure that pairs tuition with a separate studio fee that’s class specific...AS WELL AS…eliminating the practice of “building in” the costs of art materials. You can now save money by using your own art supplies or acquiring them only as needed. We think this news is positively web-a-licious!

The Big T’s THANKS to Amy Johnson of Grand Rapids for sponsoring a scholarship for a deserving young art student who has shown great promise during our summer term of classes. A TIP OF THE HAT to Dianaie Vaneizenga and Ellie Grimm for the donation of over 60 never used vintage brayers for printmaking. Jack Ruess of Harding’s Friendly Market on Niles Avenue was TERRIFIC for donating paper grocery bags for our many campers to take their week’s worth of art home with them. A TREMENDOUS outpouring of generosity was shown by a multitude of you who gave recyclable items that were turned into art project for our K-Rock Summer art camps. The kids had a blast with the clever uses our TALENTED faculty imagined for the myriad of recyclables.

The Big C’s We would like to recognize you for your art making achievements at the KAC so we’re introducing honorary Certificates in the Arts upon completion of a class in the fine arts classics. See pages 4 & 5 for a full listing of selections. Our studios are just waiting for you to get started!

Thoughtful Thursdays All Thoughtful Thursday programs are free and open to the public and are held at the KAC unless otherwise noted.

First Thursdays: Creative Space; a Lecture Series at 7 pm

The fountain, the waterfront, the bluff and the Arts District, the children’s museum, the carousel, the history museum and the art museum; these destinations accommodate a diverse range of individuals within the parameters of their space. This lecture series will focus on the concept of space as creative grounds for enlivenment and immersion. Guest speakers will address topics large and small, from individual artistic projects to major metropolitan transformations. October 4: artlab; Monica Correia and Terry Rathje discuss their roles as artists and designers and how they transform space through these dual platforms. November 1: Joel Henning of the Wall Street Journal presents: Chicago’s Millennium Park: The Art of Public/Private Partnerships December 6: ArtPrize: Citywide by Kevin Buist, Director of Exhibitions

Second Thursdays: Books + Art at 7 pm

Join Jodie Hardy for a casual yet engaging discussion of fiction and non-fiction books about art by noted authors, biographers, art critics and even by the artists themselves. October 11: Ways of Seeing, John Berger November 8: The Artist’s Reality, Mark Rothko. Optional book of images: Mark Rothko, a Retrospective Exhibition: Paintings, 1945-1960 December 13: Becoming Georgia O’Keeffe, Karen Karbo. Optional book of images: Georgia O’Keeffe Museum: Highlights from the Collection, ed. Barbara Buhler Lynes

Fourth Thursdays: Philosophy of Art at 7 pm

The Philosophy of Art returns! This fall will focus on themes of objecthood and materiality in contemporary art. Assigned readings will include essays by Clement Greenberg, Rosalind Krauss and Michael Fried, as well as excerpts from the 2012 Whitney Biennial catalog, Vitamin P & Vitamin 3-D.

Every Thursday: Noontime Videos at 12 pm

Bring your lunch and learn about art through videos especially selected for sparking lively discussions afterward. September 27: Chihuly at the Royal Botanic Gardens (55m) October 4: Louise Bourgeois (52m) October 11: Paul Soldner; Playing with Fire (60m) October 18: The Collector; Allan Stone’s Life in Art (62m) October 25: The Cool School; How LA Learned to Love Modern Art (86n) November 1: Goya; Crazy Like a Genius (75m) November 8: My Kid Could Paint Like That (83m) November 15: Artisan Market - No video November 22: Thanksgiving Day – KAC closed November 29: Richard Serra; Thinking on Your Feet (90m) December 6: The Highwaymen: Florida’s Outsider Artists (58m) December 13: Alice Neel (81m) Videos are sourced through mail order provider and are subject to change.

Saturday School is Cool!

Saturday School is Cool!


SAT1: PHOTO FIELD TRIP – 2 sessions October 6 & 20 12-4pm Join Tim Schroeder for this 2-part workshop that starts with a field trip where he will work with you individually on composition, lenses, and exposure for your DSLR or digital camera. The second session will be a critique of photos taken and include simple Photoshop techniques. Tuition: $235/245 SAT2: ENAMEL JEWELRY DESIGN – 1 session October 27 10-4pm Meg Tang has a way of making it both fun and easy to design your own jewelry. Make enameled earrings and a pendant, for yourself or to give as a special holiday gift. This is a perfect girl’s day out activity so call your friends and sign up as a group. Materials included. Tuition: $140 /150 SAT3: TAKING SUCCESSFUL PHOTOS – 1 session November 3 10-4pm Bring four JPEG photos you’ve taken with any type of camera and Tim Schroeder will spend the day facilitating an open forum discussion on the keys to taking great photographs just in time for you to capture those holiday memories. Tuition: $125/135 SAT4: BEADING BASICS - 2 sessions November 3 & 17 10am-12pm Molly Moran will show you how to turn Grandma’s old costume jewelry into updated jewelry designs including beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You can also buy beads at your favorite local craft store to use. We will provide all the right findings and fasteners for your convenience. Tuition: $135/145 TUITION LISTED AS $MEMBER/NON-MEMBER PRICES


Need flexible weekend planning for your family? We’ve got the perfect Saturday morning activity for your child that allows you to sign up just a week in advance. Each week a different Saturday Shorts session will consist of an imaginative “make & take” art project that teaches FUNdamental creative skills. Our faculty members are experienced local art instructors who have a love of teaching children. Remember, making art is messy so old clothes and shoes are a must! Saturdays: 10 am-12 pm FEE: $20/25 per SHORTS All art materials provided KIDS1: October 6: Painting KIDS2: October 13: Drawing KIDS3: October 20: Printmaking KIDS4: October 27: 3-D Project KIDS5: November 3: Painting KIDS6: November 10: Drawing KIDS7: November 17: NO SHORTS

KIDS8: November 24: NO SHORTS KIDS9: December 1: Painting KIDS10: December 8: Drawing KIDS11: December 15: Printmaking KIDS12: December 22: 3-D Project KIDS13: December 29: Painting

Family Fun Project FAM1: REDBEARD’S WORKSHOP – 1 Session AGES 8 AND ABOVE October 27 12-4pm Calling all woodworking Dudes & Dudettes! Come make yo-yos, spinning tops, magnifying glasses, pens or letter openers in this mini-lathe wood turning workshop for parent/child teams of two. This afternoon adventure with the red-bearded wonder, Hanns Heil, will make your heads turn! Materials included: 2 items per person Tuition: $150/160 per team of two Materials included Children must be at least 8 years old to participate VISIT KRASL.ORG FOR THE LATEST IN WORKSHOPS AND SHORTS

Certificates in The Arts for Adults — Ages 16 and Above It’s always a good time to learn something new and we think you deserve to be recognized for it! So the KAC is introducing honorary Certificates in the Arts for classes in traditional methods and mediums of art making. Whether you’re signing up for self-enrichment, or preparing for a future in college or a professional practice, you’ll learn in a positive studio environment where you can push your creativity amongst others who are just as dedicated as yourself. You’ll also benefit from feedback given by faculty and your peers. Now that’s an accomplishment!

CERAMICS CC1: WHEEL THROWING PRIMER Keelin Johnson leads this project driven class in wheel thrown ceramics that will cover all the basics for those of you wishing to finally get your hands around spinning clay. Access to ceramic studio outside of class is not permitted. WEDNESDAYS: 10am-12:30pm October 3-November 28 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $25.00 Materials: $25 per bag of clay CC2: HAND BUILDING BASICS Lisa Blubaugh will give you informative, structured lessons covering pinch, slab, and coil construction to help you develop a unique style of your own as a budding ceramic artist. Access to ceramic studio outside of class is not permitted. THURSDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 4-November 29 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $25 Materials: $25 per bag of clay

CC3: WHEEL THROWN CERAMICS Anthony Schaller will provide demonstrations of wheel thrown methods for you to discover new techniques to add to your repertoire while you hone your existing skills. Clay Independent Study is available only with the Education Department’s approval. See Clay Independent Study below. TUESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 2-November 20 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $25 Materials: $25 per bag of clay CC4: RAKU METHODS & FIRING Raku ceramic methods require a body of knowledge that Lisa Blubaugh is well versed on, and she’ll cover the specifics from clay construction to pulling it out of the ashes. Clay Independent Study is available only with the Education Department’s approval. See Clay Independent Study below. WEDNESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 3-November 28 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $25 + $10 per propane firing Materials: $25 per bag of clay CIS: CLAY INDEPENDENT STUDY This non-certificate offering is available exclusively to students who are concurrently enrolled in a ceramics class and is designed to provide additional access to the studio without instruction. Enrollment is allowed only upon approval by the Education Department. Please call Jodie Hardy, Education & Interpretation Manager for details including cost.

SCULPTURE SC1: SCULPTURAL ARMATURES All 3D objects have a skeleton to give them form. This project-based class will cover what you need to know to create that yard art idea, paper maché object or any other sculpture you’ve imagined but didn’t know how to build. No welding is offered in this class. TUESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 2-November 20 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $50 Materials: list upon enrollment SC2: CLASSICAL WOOD CARVING John DeLapa will instruct students of all skill levels to carve incised designs of classic scroll motifs into wood panels with hand tools. THURSDAYS: 6:30-9 pm October 11-December 13 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $35 Materials: included

Pitch it Our Way Our sculpture studio has been waiting patiently to be given a new lease on life, and Jodie Hardy, Education & Interpretation Manager brings her Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture to the task of re-inventing the program as well as the space itself. As a sculpture collecting institution we hope to build a thriving community of 3-D artists of all ages who will fill the studio with creativity and saw dust! In the effort to provide faculty and students with a space to work that is as inspiring as it is stocked with the tools of the trade, we are asking for donations of shop equipment, power and hand tools. If you have items in good, safe working order that you think could be of use, we promise to give them a happy home with all the care they deserve. Call Jodie beforehand at 269.983.0271 ext. 15 to discuss items you might like to donate.

Certificates in The Arts for Adults — continued DC3: RENDERING THE NUDE For adults 18 and older. This classic drawing class will focus on gesture, short and long poses with faculty guidance and feedback. Education Department approval required. THURSDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 4-December 6 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $10 per model session Materials: list upon enrollment

PC3: WATERCOLOR PAINTING Tess Story will guide you through a variety of watercolor methods such as masking and brushwork while painting landscapes and still life compositions. WEDNESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 3-November 28 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: list upon enrollment

DRAWING DC1: DRAWING FUNDAMENTALS Composition, shape, value, volume, and perspective will be covered in this still life drawing class that will let you make your mark with style. MONDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 1-November 26 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: list upon enrollment DC2: FIGURE DRAWING Learning to draw the human form by way of anatomy studies and clothed live model drawing sessions has stood the test of time for hundreds of years. This is the perfect class for you to bone up on the basics. WEDNESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 2-December 4 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $10 per model session Materials: list upon enrollment

Just for the Fun of it!

PC2: OIL PAINTING Oil paints provide the ability to achieve results that no other paint can. This class focuses on finessing this luxurious medium while painting still life vignettes. MONDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 1-November 19 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $20.00 Materials: list upon enrollment

PAINTING PC1: ACRYLIC FUNDAMENTALS Even the seasoned painter will learn methods to insure successful paintings in this class for all skill levels. Faculty will provide lessons in simple color theory, value study and hue saturation with paint on paper and canvas. WEDNESDAYS: 6:30-9PM October 3-December 5 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: list upon enrollment

PHOTOGRAPHY PHC1: DSLR TECHNOLOGY Tim Schroeder will show you how to take your DSLR off automatic so that you’ll gain expertise to enable you to utilize it to its full potential. You’ll also learn practical every day photographic techniques in this discussion driven class. THURSDAYS: 6:30-9 pm October 4-November 29 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: Bring your own DLSR camera

Just for the Fun of it!

These classes are geared toward fun, entertainment and to be the perfect vehicle for jumpstarting your creativity! FUN1: CLAY SLAM! THE REALITY SERIES KAC introduces its first class based on the reality TV formula of “project challenges” that anyone can do! You’ll meet new people while you create competitively in a playful studio environment with surprises around each corner. Thought provoking feedback sessions led by Christina Root are sure to charge your imagination. You won’t get “kicked off the island,” but you will get a kick out of every twist, turn and spin. MONDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 1-November 19 Tuition: $125/135 Studio Fee: $50 Materials: $25 per bag of clay

FUN2: FABULOUS FIBERS! FELTED COLLAGE WALL ART Nicole Rimes has a whimsical way with wool. Join her to make a felted collage using raw wool fibers and yarns embellished with beads and other mementos to grace your home as a decorative accent. MONDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 1-November 19 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: list upon enrollment

FUN3: BEACH GLASS JEWELRY Capture those summer memories by turning them into wearable art! Bring pieces of beach glass or pebbles and learn basic silver soldering, bezels and wire wrapping. These decorative surrounds will turn your beach keepsakes into delightful pendants and charms. TUESDAYS: 6:30-9pm October 2-November 20 Tuition: $125/135 Materials: list upon enrollment

Registration Ends Monday September 24!

Classes for Youth Ages 15 — and Younger All is right with the world when a child can attend art classes! Whether your youngster is just starting out or already an enthusiast, these classes are designed for introducing creative concepts and advancing art basics. Classes are cross-listed with the Berrien Home School Partnership and Niles Extended Home Community under similar names/codes. Please register through your partnership if you are a home school participant. Y1: PLAY & CLAY – AGE 5-7 Clay is a fantastic medium to build fine motor skills while enjoying the many forms it can take. Children will experiment with methods of coil and slab building, mold making and casting, which will provide ample opportunities to develop a vocabulary with the materials. Most importantly, kids will have fun in three dimensions! MONDAYS: 10am-12pm October 1-December 17 Tuition: $195/210 Materials: Included Instructor: Christina Root

Y6: JEWELRY & ALL THAT JAZZ GRADES 6-9 Create jewelry designed to express your personality while you learn the fundamentals of jewelry making. You’ll make wrap bracelets, beaded string necklaces, wire wrapped earrings and will be able to integrate your own mementos or found objects for unique adornments. TUESDAYS: 4-6:30 pm October 2-November 20 Tuition: $185/195 Materials included Instructor: Angela Caldwell Y7: CERAMICS MASH-UP FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLERS – GRADES 6-9 Experimentation and self-discovery that allows for personal interests and fascinations are what this class is all about. Students can let their imaginations run free while learning the fundamentals of ceramics with faculty’s encouragement. TUESDAYS: 4-6:30 pm October 2-December 18 Tuition: $195/210 Materials: included Instructor: Laura Boyce

Y5: MULTI-MEDIA 2-D STUDIO GRADES 6-7 There’s no limit to the imagination in this class that will cover a wide range of methods and materials including drawing, collage, printmaking, watercolor & acrylic painting while also allowing for independent immersion into individual student interests. TUESDAYS: 4-6:30 pm October 2-December 18 Tuition: $135/145 Materials: Included Instructor: Sherri Baun

Y8: UNCONVENTIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY – GRADES 6-9 Did you know you could take a photograph without a camera? This class begins using a tin can and progresses to a toy camera and cell phone. Cyanotypes and photograms, digital and analogue photography will also be covered. Get into the light as well as the darkroom to learn these fascinating photo processes. TUESDAYS: 4-6:30 pm October 2-December 18 Tuition: $200/210 Materials: included Instructor: Andy Sawyer

Y9: PAINTING SENSATIONAL SURFACES WITH OILS – GRADES 6-9 This class focuses on the dynamic properties of oil paints through non-representational techniques, which will emphasize texture, movement and form. Students will also learn about the artists who redefined painting in the 20th Century with these innovative methods. TUESDAYS: 4-6:30 pm October 2-November 20 Tuition: $185/195 Materials: included Instructor: Joshua Mason

Class Policies: • Registration is only confirmed upon full payment. • Late fee applies to registrations past deadline. • Full refunds apply if cancellation or withdrawal on or before September 17. • No refund once class begins. No pro-rated tuition for missed classes. Make up classes are not provided. • KAC reserves the right to withdraw a student if needed for safety or security of others

CLASS REGISTRATION  FORM  –  All    FIELDS  MUST  BE  COMPLETED  –  PLEASE  PRINT  LEGIBLY                             One  registration  form  per  student.      Additional  copies  available  at  reception  desk  or  online    at     Student  Name  (Last)  _____________________________________  (First)  __________________________________        Age:______     Parent/Guardian  Name  (17  yrs  and  younger):   ___________________________________________________________________________________________     Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________     City:______________________________________________________________________State__________Zip__________________     Home  Phone:____________  -­‐  _____________  -­‐  ____________                      Cell  Phone:______________  -­‐  ___________  -­‐    ______________       Email:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________     EMERGENCY  CONTACT:  ______________________________________  Phone:  ____________________________________________     Membership  Status:    ___Member      ___New  Member/renewal:  (names  on  card)___________________________________________               ___$25  Youth    ___$35  Single    __  $50  Family    ___$28  Senior  Single  ___$40  Senior  Family       $________________       Class  Information:                   Class  code:  _____________Class  Name:___________________________________TUITION  +  STUDIO  FEE:  $________________       Class  code:  _____________Class  Name:___________________________________TUITION  +  STUDIO  FEE:  $________________       Class  code:  _____________Class  Name:___________________________________TUITION  +  STUDIO  FEE:  $________________       LATE  REGISTRATION  ONLY    UPON  EDUCATION    DEPT  APPROVAL:  DEADLINE    IS  SEPTEMBER  24                  (  $20)      ________________                                                                                  Sub-­‐total:  ________________                                                                                                                    Scholarship______________  Gift  Certificate#_______________                                    -­‐      ________________                              TOTAL:  $________________                                          PAYMENT  IN  FULL  IS  REQUIRED  AT  TIME  OF  REGISTRATION       ___  Cash    ___  Check  #______________  Make  checks  payable  to  the  Krasl  Art  Center                                                                                                                                            ____  Visa  ____MC  ____Discover  ____________  -­‐  ____________  -­‐  ____________  -­‐  ____________    Exp.  Date:    ______  -­‐  _______         Name  on  card  ______________________________________________  Signature_______________________________________     Consent:  I  hereby  give  consent  to  KAC  staff  to  provide  basic  treatment  for  minor  occurrences.  I  authorize  the  transfer  of  me  or  my  child  to  a   healthcare  provider  if  the  KAC  staff  suspects  medical  attention  is  necessary.  I  further  grant  permission  to  the  KAC  to  take  photographs  of  me  or  my   child  for  use  in  promotional  materials  including  printed  media  and  web  applications.  I  authorize  this  use  indefinitely  with  out  compensation  to  me.   X_________________________________________________Registrations  taken  by  phone  require  consent  form  signature  at  time  of  first  class.     Class  Policies:  NO  WALK  IN  REGISTRATIONS  ARE  ACCEPTED  THE  FIRST  DAY  OF  CLASS.  Enrollment  is  on  a  first-­‐come,  first-­‐served  basis.  Registration   confirmed  only  upon  full  payment.  Full  refunds  are  given  for  withdrawal  one  week  prior  to  class  and  upon  class  cancellation  due  to  lack  of   enrollment.    No  refunds  are  given  once  a  class  begins  except  for  documented  medical  reasons.  No  pro-­‐rating  of  tuition  for  missed  classes.    Make-­‐up   classes  are  not  provided.  KAC  reserves  the  right  to  withdraw  a  student  from  a  class  if  necessary  for  the  safety  or  well-­‐being  of  the  student  and   others.    I  have  read,  accept  and  agree  with  class  policies  as  put  forth  above:_____________  (initial)     Mail/fax  or  bring  form  with  payment  to:  Krasl  Art  Center,  707  Lake  Blvd.,  St.  Joseph,  MI  49085   Phone:  269.983.0271      Fax:  269.983.0275  

[OFFICE USE]    Deposit:  ____________      Receipt#:_________________    Mbr  OC:_____________  Mbr  Renewal:___________   Reg.  by:  _____________    Reg.  date:____________  Schlshp:__________________  Award:_________________    BSHP:___________    

2012 Fall Class Schedule  

Our Mission: To bring People and Art together Our Vision: To enhance the quality of Life through Art Our Goal: To provide communication and...

2012 Fall Class Schedule  

Our Mission: To bring People and Art together Our Vision: To enhance the quality of Life through Art Our Goal: To provide communication and...