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Our Cover Interview with Josh Todd and Keith Nelson











By: Agnieszka Wilde

Photos By: Simi Friedman

KCM: How did HELLYEAH come about, who started this band? TM: Me and Chad the singer we met in 2000 when his old band Mudvayne and my old band Nothingface toured together. We became really good friends, best friends and we always kind of in our little moments of hanging out we said it would be great if we could get together and write some music. So we did, and we wrote one song called “Waging War” which is on our first HELLYEAH record. It was very sustainable; it kept the fire alive until the time came when we had an entire year to devote to putting a band together. Then Greg got involved and we were on the hunt for a drummer and that’s when we started calling Vinnie over and over again. Everything that happened with Dime it stopped, and it took quite a few phone calls but he finally said OK come on down. We went down there and the rest is history. KCM: In your songs I hear a lot of varied musical influences, what bands inspire HELLYEAH? TM: I listen to a lot of classic stuff. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Van Halen, Motley Crue. KCM. When I was listening to your music, I hear a little bit of Southern Rock in there TM: I think Vinnie brings a lot of that and plus we’ve done the past two records in Texas so that brought in a lot of vibe. That environment

does become a part of you; it gets into your soul a little bit. A lot of the stuff we do is heavy but I write a lot of blues based kind of riffs, I just play them aggressively. The same goes for Gregg we both grew up listening to the same stuff. Our parents played a lot of Skynyrd and Z.Z.Top so that kind of stuff imprints into your life. KCM: How did you get hooked up with BUCKCHERRY ? TM: We just kind of got offered the tour. We were just coming back from Europe. We did five months with Stone Sour and Avenged Sevenfold between the States and Europe and the U.K. Since we did that package we wanted to go out and do something a little bit different. We thought that this would be kind of different, different dynamics and this puts us in front of their crowd which is totally different. We’re people’s band we want everybody in here to see what we do. KCM: What was the experience like filming the “Cowboy Way Video”? TM: It was very fast paced. We did as much under budget as we possibly could. We were trying not to spend frivolously. Got a cool little bar in Dallas and we put a few hundred of our friends and fans in there. Drank a lot hung out and just had a good time. It was fun to do. KCM: It does not look like an under budget video.

TM: It’s because of Frankie, he is awesome. He goes beyond the call of duty to make everything kick ass. KCM: Since this is the Jager Tour, is there a lot of drunken debauchery going on like in the Motley Crue days? TM: (Laughs) I don’t think anything will be like the Motley Crue days, but YES! It just depends on who you ask? No comment. KCM: So far which place did you enjoy playing the most? TM: I love playing anywhere, but I love Australia people down there are really awesome. Australia is like a giant Texas. The crowds are frantic down there. KCM: With two words describe each member of your band? TM: Oh Yeah, Vinnie is very kind, very giving. I could say a lot more but you said two words. He is everything a Rock Star should be. Chad is crazy and unpredictable but honest. How about three, I’ll say three for everyone. Greg is quiet, commanding and genuine. Bobby is funny, witty and very smart and I’m out of my mind!(Loud laughter)

KCM: Tell us one crazy thing that has happened to you on the road? TM: It’s hard to pinpoint just one. I think the one crazy thing is the persistent, fanatic stalker type of people. This one person actually got into the hotel and snuck behind the counter and tried to find a grouping list to find our aliases and stuff like that. They got caught but it’s kind of scary. KCM: Would you recommend this lifestyle to up and coming musicians who think that touring is luxury?

TM: I think it would be unfair to say just one person, because I like variety of people such as: Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson from Rush and The Beatles the whole band.

TM: Its one thing when you’re in a band where you get along with everybody, and that’s great. The thing is, there’s a newness that wears off after a while. When you’re on the tour bus for the first time you’re seduced by the scene. It’s very seductive lifestyle. When you do it for years and years it becomes kind of redundant. You have your hour that you play onstage and then you have the twenty three hours where you’re trying to figure out what to do with yourself.

KCM: Speaking of God’s, what would you say to God if he were sitting next to you on a barstool?

KCM: Ultimately who’s the one band you’d love to tour with?

TM: Buy me a drink! ( Laughter) or I would say you look like I could use a drink.

TM: Motley Crue, for me personally.

KCM: Who is your guitar God?

KCM: How would you describe the experience of recording an album? TM: It was good, very off the cuff and quick. It was a good time, but a little distracting recording in Dallas because there are a lot of people that we know there. For the next record I would like to go away someplace else to record.

KCM: What would say not to do to a band that’s going on their very first national tour? TM: Don’t fuck anybody over and have cocky attitudes.

John Waite The BAD ENGLISH BABY is all grown up or is he? By: Agnieszka Wilde Photos By: Simi Friedman

KCM: Hi John thanks for talking with KRASHCITY, How has this tour been so far? JOHN: There’s no official tour yet. We just go out and play two gigs here three gigs there, smoke a cigarette go to bed, wake up and go back out for three more days. KCM: Right you’re going over to Europe to support this album? JOHN: We go in three weeks. KCM: Ok, and where will you be going in Europe? JOHN: Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and Great Britain. It’s a full European tour. KCM: What is the inspiration behind your latest album “Rough and tumble”? JOHN: Well,,,,ehh just to sing on key. I think its songs thrown from everywhere that I had lying around and some songs that I wrote specifically. Half of it was written with Kyle Cook from Matchbox 20, and he coproduced and played guitar on those tracks. Then I went off to Europe to do a tour and when I got back the management was saying” do more songs, we could probably get a deal quicker if you had a full album” because it was going to be an EP. So I put together seven songs and drew in two covers Tina Turners” Sweet Rhode Island Red” and Gabe Dixons “Further the sky” and the rest I just had lying around or I wrote it on the spot. KCM: Wow!

JOHN: Yeah I know it’s the first album in my life that didn’t have a theme. KCM: So everything is kind of thrown together. JOHN: It is,,,,The idea was the performance really, the performance of the songs. Making them sound as live as possible. If there is a theme to this album then that would be the theme. Seems like that kind of worked. I didn’t have a chance to over think it. KCM: Sometimes it’s good not to over think it. JOHN: Yeah… KCM: It’s better not to think about it just roll with the punches right? (Both of us laughing hysterically) JOHN: All best music is made like that. I think all the best singing is done like that. I think it’s unpretentious and beautiful. It’s difficult when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Everybody is expecting a masterpiece, so you become self-conscious, but I managed to pull it off working around the clock for three or four days. And it worked.

Live from B.B. Kings NYC 2011 KCM: I think you gotta roll with the punches and when you do that you don’t have a chance to think about it and that’s when your true emotions come out. JOHN: Absolutely, it’s like I always wait till the last minute to write songs so I can’t over think that either. KCM: You’re like me, I wait till the last minute to write interviews( me laughing again)

JOHN: Well there you go, If you just follow your instinct. Allen Ginsburg said” The first idea you have is the best” and I think that’s true. KCM: You have not been in the Limelight in quite a few years, what made you come back with a brand new album? JOHN: Well I’ve been making records, it’s just been more about being a singer/song writer. They have been very dark I suppose, but I really loved making them. I suppose in some ways they are my favorite records. When we toured Europe last year I was very aware that I needed new songs to play live, and I made a live album called ”In Real Time” and that was inspirational because the sound of it was so edgy. Then I thought I could make an album in a studio and make it sound like this , so I was kind of inspired to put something together that was going to have more weight.

KCM: What was it like to play The Beacon theatre….ahhhhh..I mean B.B. Kings in New York City? JOHN: When I was playing B.B.Kings I kept on thinking the whole time, Why does it look like the Beacon?? (Both engulfed in roaring laughter) Somebody must have put something in my drink..No it’s great to play B.B.Kings. It’s great to play in New York City anywhere. It’s my home I spent 20 years there. I adore the city, I love it, I miss it. Bryant Park , I’d go there and sit and just stare at the back of the library, but I left because my life was too Rock’n’Roll.

It was just too much and I thought I’d give myself just six more months and I’d be in trouble. So I left. KCM: Too fast paced. JOHN: I was too fast, and I thought I’d take a year’s break and it wound up longer to get back. I hope to buy a place back in the city the next two years. KCM: Oh Great!! JW. I hope so, I can’t take anymore any of the California crap.(Both Laughing) KCM: Ok then I guess I can skip the next question. You answered it. I was going to ask “ How does it differ to live on the West coast as oppose to the East”? JOHN: Well, I live in Santa Monica it’s like a little England. It’s got two English pub’s there’s an English tea room, there’s an art cinema that plays foreign movies, and has major book shows. So you come off the road and you come here and it’s like you can decompress. But there are Palm trees and there is the Pacific. It’s not the East coast. KCM: What is the one skill that people would be surprised to learn about you? JOHN: (John starts laughing hysterically and that gets me going too) Honestly do you have to ask that question? KCM: (Still laughing) yes I have to ask. I want to dig deeper. JOHN: You want t dig deeper? Let me see now? What’s the one skill I’ve got? I have to think about that. Actually I’ll tell you before we finish the interview. KCM: In your opinion how has the music business changed in the last 20 years? JOHN: Oh it has changed enormously. It used to be the record companies dominated the artist, or they tried to. They made money and they used to throw pennies at the artist. It was hard to co-exist. Now the internet it’s a leveled plain field and you can go into a partnership with the record company. Which is what I’ve done, I made the record first and the licensed it to a label, and we split the costs, and we split the profit. I’m in command of my albums and I have been in the last ten years. KCM: If you had a chance to meet with President Obama, what’s the first thing you would ask him? JOHN: Why are teachers paid so poorly? The foundation of our future and the people who

supposed to teach kids interested in our Science we don’t spend any time on that. It just tells you where the world is. KCM: It upsets me that book stores are being eliminated here and look at the level of illiteracy we have in this country… JOHN: Well there is the internet and a lot of people are reading on the internet. I just got a Barnes and Noble nook and I’ve been downloading books into that. It’s a dying thing but it’s a beautiful thing. KCM: In all the years you have been traveling what is the one place in the world that left you breathless? JOHN: New York. KCM: What’s the last book you have read ? JOHN: “The Diceman” by Luke Rhinehart and actually I’m reading Willie Nelson’s biography called “An Epic Life” and that’s written by Nick Patoski and that’s a really good one, but “The Diceman” it’s really serious and I strongly recommend it. KCM: What other hobbies and interests do you have outside of music? JOHN: Well I read, I travel, I have a bike. I’m plugged into everything. I don’t just come home and turn off. I’m pretty wide awake. Music just isn’t a part of what I do, it’s how I live. It’s an expression of what I do, so my life is all things.

John still has that Rock-n-Roll Attitude KCM: Are you still in touch with your old band mate Tony Brock? JOHN: No, I haven’t seen Tony for years and years and years. He called me up a couple of years ago, we were gonna go for a drink and then we said “Ok Next Sunday” and then he had to cancel because he had to go and pick up his son somewhere in San Diego. So it never happened, we just live in a different world. KCM: If you were competing in a tennis match against one of your Idols (who would it be) and if you knew you were better them, would you let them win? JOHN: Hank Williams. I wouldn’t let him win, because he has back problems. It would be just a complete slaughter. (Both Laughing hysterically) KCM: On that note, what last words of wisdom would you like to share with your fans besides buy my album and come to the shows? JOHN: (John laughs out loud) Close your eyes and visualize it first. It’s got power. JOHN: I’m a great kisser! KCM: That’s your skill? JOHN: That’s my skill! Call me “Hot Lips” KCM: Ok, I’ll call you “Hot Lips” and thank you for speaking with me. JOHN: Absolutely! Thank you for your time.

Live from B.B. Kings NYC 2011

Steve Whiteman & Brian Forsythe Photo By: Simi Friedman

Chatting it up with

BRIAN: I don’t know I think the music sounds really great outside. There’s air you can breathe.

KCM: Out of all your road stories, tell me one that stands out in your mind to this day?

STEVE: Breathing is important too.

STEVE: That naked woman on the flagpole.

BRIAN: Well the M3 takes place at the Merriwether, and it’s a cool venue.

BRIAN: Somebody asked me this before, and like a million stories popped into my head and I could not answer that.

STEVE: More than anything it’s our stomping ground. We grew up there and our fans are coming from Balitmore ,D.C., all over the area. So that’s one of the places we can headline and not be embarrassed. KCM: If you were writing a book about KIX, what would you call it?

By: Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: Rocklahoma has become a huge deal in the States, what was the experience like playing there?

STEVE: “KIX” Wow I don’t know I never really thought about writing a book. “The book of Mormons”? I don’t know.

STEVE: Honestly it isn’t the crazy shit that happens on the road it’s the memories that stand out for me. Like the first time we played Japan, and seeing thousands of kids hold up KIX albums like we were The Beatles. So that’s what comes to mind, the really great things that happened. BRIAN: Opening for Ratt at the Capital Center where we grew up and seen all the big concerts.

STEVE: The first time it was amazing because there was a monsoon it nearly blew everything away, and the show was a little postponed. We went out there in that monsoon and because of the later start we had a whole lot more people then probably we would have had if we played earlier. So it was packed and they were all on their feet and lovin’ it and getting rained on hard, but it was a great show.

BRIAN: Gosh, you’re giving me all the hard ones….Well you wouldn’t wanna call it something serious.

KCM: You are kicking Off the M3 Festival this year, what would you say makes out door festivals so special?

BRIAN: We can call it “KIX” the inside Joke”

KCM: Brian if you were at the last supper with Jesus and his apostle’s, what’s the one thing you would tell them never to do?

STEVE: I like that.

BRIAN: What?

STEVE: No, you wouldn’t. BRIAN: You wouldn’t wanna call it” Kix are for kids” or you might find it in the children’s section. STEVE: I don’t know “The antics of Kix” cause we were known for crazy shit you know.

KCM: Steve what do you do in your everyday life outside of music? STEVE: Fornicate ( laughter) Fornicate often. I actually give vocal training. I’m a Dad, a Husband and an avid workout crazy person. That’s about it. I’m boring. I love sports, so I sit at home and watch a lot of sports when I’m not doing anything.

STEVE: Don’t trust Judas. BRIAN: I’d say “Don’t eat the fish” KCM: After all these years, what made you get KIX back together and Start touring again? STEVE: I didn’t do it. It kind of fell together with my band Funny Money. Jimmy finally came out of retirement to help Ronnie with some drums and his band The Blues Vultures , and Ronnie and I would hook up every once in a while and play shows with Funny Money and Blues Vultures. When he had Jimmy and Ronnie and me at a show in Baltimore, the place sold out and went ape shit. The club owner said chi ching and he said What if we flew Brian in and did this the right way? So that kind of got this whole thing started. We kind of just eased into it and anytime we played local it sold out and was crazy. Brian ran into an agent in L.A. named Sullivan Big, and he started talking to us about taking this farther like doing the festivals and the Rocklahoma’s . It’s evolving still. We do it because we enjoy it and we’re still good at it. KCM: Most of you have other music projects, would you consider going back to KIX full time? STEVE: If there was a reason for it. Yeah, I would sure I would. For us to do it full time there would have to be a reason to do a full

album, and we would all have to work together on it. It wouldn’t be just one guy writing all the material on it. It would have to be a group effort, cause we’ve never done that before. I would be damn curious to see how it would turn out. It’s something we would kick around, but there’s nothing in the works right now.

BRIAN: No actually I’m a good cook.

KCM: Which woman out of the entertainment industry would you vote for to become our President and why? BRIAN: Cheryl Crow.

Steve on stage at the CRAZY DONKEY By: Simi Friedman

NY 2011

STEVE: I’ll also say Sheryl Crow. KCM: If you were on a reality cooking show and you were asked to make a Rock’n’Roll soup, what ingredients would you throw in it and what would you call it? STRVE: “ Jack Daniels stew” BRIAN: But…would they want it to taste good?? (laughter) STEVE: Fish just put fish in. (laughter) I don’t know. That’s a dumb question and we refuse to answer something so stupid. Move on. BRIAN: If I were still on drugs and I were still drinking, it would be one thing, but since I’m not I could make real soup. STEVE: I would just get some canned soup.

KCM: Name one goal you have set for yourself that you have yet to achieve? BRIAN: Becoming a billionaire, but I still have not become a millionaire so maybe I should stick to that one first. Actually a real goal would be to write a hit song myself. STEVE: Yeah that’s a good one. KCM: As a kid, who were your role models? STEVE: Father Ed, Sister St. Monica. Ok I’m being stupid…I went to Catholic school obviously. I idolized Rock’n’Rollers like Robert Plant, Alice Cooper, Mark Foreigner and hundreds of other bands. It was all about the music. Anybody who was in the Hard Rock genre I loved them.

KCM: Who have you not shared the stage with yet, but would like to? BRIAN: Keith Richards. I’d also say if Keith is not available I’d take Billy Gibbons. STEVE: Lady Gaga for me. I’d like to eat her dress off. KCM: If you had your own Jet what would you call it and why? STEVE: “Steve’s Jet” pretty clever isn’t it? I don’t think about such silly shit. KCM: What other issues are you passionate about besides music?

STEVE: In all the years that they continue to come out , and we’re going on like 30 years of doing this, and the fact that they still come out and tell us how much they’ve enjoyed us over the years . That’s still pretty damn special being at this point in our lives, that we can still go out and attract a lot of people and the appreciate it. We appreciate them right back. BRIAN: Yes, we couldn’t have done this without them. STEVE: Well we could have it would just suck! BRIAN: So a big, huge Thanks! LINKS FOR KIX

BRIAN: Guitars.


BRIAN FORSYTHE Photo By: Simi Friedman

KCM: Outside of that. BRIAN: I love animals. I like food. I like being calm and not worrying about stuff. Oh and art I’ll say art. My favorite artist is my Dad.

Brian on stage at the CRAZY DONKEY NY 2011 Photo By: Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: What would you like to say to your fans?

Cool Kids


Blow My Fuse

Midnight Dynamite

Hot Wire

Show Business

STEVE WHITEMAN Photo By: Simi Friedman


ROCK-n-READ…. All Available Now!! (Jagger 09/2011)

other savage artists of that time. The nocturne issues were with no limits. We are talking about Ozzy Osbourne. He had to have her removed from the backstage area because she was so crazy. The Madman was disturbed with the girl with the angelic appearance.

Gimme Danger, Excess. Belinda Carlisle By: Philip Beaucamps Garcia We always heard about Rock´n´Roll stars excesses, It´s not new. There are a lot of examples in the story. Keith Moon from The Who, the legendary orgies with Led Zeppelin, the flirt between heroin of Lou Reed and the audience at his shows, the bizarre sex triangle with Iggy Pop, Bowie and Mick Jagger. On the extreme wild side we have GG Allen or in present time the case of Kembra Phaler. The list can be long as you want and wild as you want to know, but maybe there is an artist you´d never imagine doing all those things. She had a life similar to the wildest of Rock stars: Belinda Carlisle. The girl next door, a woman every mother would like for her son to have as a girlfriend. Ms Carlisle can be proud of displaying her name written in shining capital letters entitled "The wildest people on earth. Well she said it and she sang it, on her Heaven Is A Place On Earth. As a teenager she was determined to be the best groupie in her town. One of her intents was to join Freddie Mercury backstage where she met Pat Smear and formed the punk band The Germs. Not a bad way to begin in the music industry. Her real success came with her next band, The Go-Go´s. With this band her life turned into a spiral of excess of sex and drugs. The party partners were John Belushi and

As her addiction to cocaine worsened, she decided to marry an honest man named Morgan Mason, son of actor James Mason. She preferred over married life, to visit her neighbor on a more then a regular basis. After all he was the biggest dealer in town. Why go out to find coke when your neighbor has tons of it? The divorce came and Belinda wanted to change her life and begin a vegetarian diet. This time it’s when the success came to her with her solo career and she wrote her mega hit Heaven Is A Place On Earth, but only one week of holiday in Ibiza island was enough to turn her back to the wild side again. The white nights in Ibiza are famous and Belinda didn’t want to miss one !!! In her wildest moments of the second part of her wild life, she got pregnant but this didn’t pose a problem for her except to find a gynecologist who would treat her! At her due date she forgot that she was supposed to fast and she ate a burrito and listened to Metallica all while giving birth! Once in Thailand with a friend, Belinda wanted to try opium. The problem was that she didn’t know where to buy it and her friend never had drugs, so after a few days the trust with her tour guide developed and she

decided to ask him where she could get opium. The tour guide helped her to buy the drug and she wanted more... But what he wanted was to fuck her. Belinda and her friend had time to run out of the place and return to the hotel, but it’s no news that drugs destroy your brain and after a few hours of smoking opium she realized that the tour guide knew that they had opium. Too much quantity to smoke it and also her friend didn’t want to know anything about drugs. The solution? Put the drugs in their ass ! That makes for a Incredible image of a sophisticated artist and an innocent friend putting a few grams of opium in their ass with diarrhea included. Impossible image of Tarantino´s scene with Belinda, but it happened! A controversy, naked appearance in Playboy using too much photo shop and a strange habit to have big party’s after the shows including a 3 days nonstop flirt with her best friend Mrs. Cocaine with the result of an overdose which led her to the decision to let go of drugs for good. With the help of Buddhism she´s now clean until.... nobody knows. All these incredible stories can be read in her book” Lips Unsealed”. A great book with real stories about Belinda one could never believe. Unbelievable stories about drugs, sex and the business. This business that made us believe that she would be the next Madonna and in reality she was the next Sid Vicious. Belinda Carlisle A true Rock´n´Roll Star.

Josh Todd & Keith Nelson

BUCKCHERRY By: Agnieszka Wilde Photos By: Simi Friedman KCM: Keith thanks for Chatting with KRASHCITY, how are you doing at this point of the tour? Is it wearing you down yet? KEITH: No we’re road dogs I mean we’ve been touring for so long at such a pace that it doesn’t really wear you down anymore you know. I think we’re pretty use to it we have gone on our sixth year of touring non-stop. KCM: Josh, with such a busy schedule, where are you at the moment and what’s the agenda for tonight? JOSH: We are in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m on the Jagermeister music tour and I got a show tonight. KCM: How many more dates do you have in the U.S.? And where do you go afterwards? KEITH: We’ve got about another two weeks left on the U.S. leg of this Jagermeister tour, and then right after that we go to Canada for three weeks and right now we’re putting together Mexico, Spain, and Europe. Lot more touring for us. KCM: You have been almost all over the world on this tour, so far what has been the most memorable show and why?

JOSH: On this particular tour, let’s see. On this tour we played a show in Portland, Maine and it was really just kind of a unique night you know. Everybody was good and thoroughly messed up. By the time we hit the stage it was one of those quintessential BUCKCHERRY evenings where just everything was working and it was like animal house in the crowd. There had to have been like three fights. Two girl fights, one guy fight. You know people running up on stage. Everybody was just going bananas and it was really cool. KCM: What is something that you enjoy doing in your downtime away from music? KEITH: Oh wow, I enjoy mountain bikes and street bike riding. I’ve been exploring the world of art a little bit not painting or anything but doing metal fabrication and metal sculpture and metal art. So that’s been a lot of fun for me. When we come off the road and we’re not working I like being with my family. Just kind of chillin’ out and enjoying my home. Since I’m not at home that much any chance to be home it’s a vacation for me. KCM: Years ago when I had an independent record company a picture of Slamhound has come across my desk. What were those days like? JOSH: Those days were really fun. That was the first band I was in when I moved to L.A. from Orange County. I grew Up in Orange County, California and as soon as I graduated high school I moved to L.A. To

make it you know, and that was my first band that I was in for five years and we had a really good time. We just didn’t quite get to where we wanted to be, but we had a lot of fun and I learned a lot you know. KCM: Name your favorite Rock’n’Roll Cliché? (Except sex drugs and Rock and Roll)(I’m laughing under my breath.) KEITH: Have a good time all the time!! KCM: What happened to that famous Russian hat you use to wear? JOSH: The famous Russian hat?? Ohh Yeah that was like this fuzzy hat I borrowed from a friend of mine. It was actually in BUCKCHERRY that was Stevie D’s hat. He is one of my guitar players in BUCKCHERRY and we were friends back then. He had this hat and I grabbed it to do a photo shoot, and it just became this hat and I just started wearing it and a (Josh Laughs) everybody wanted to see me in it. KCM: Being that this is the Jagermeister Tour, are the parties out of control? KEITH: There have been some really random acts of weirdness on this tour. I don’t wanna get anybody in trouble, but I will say there’s been a lot of male nudity in the hallways. There’s been a lot of overindulgence. We had food poisoning epidemic that ran through the entire band and crew of ours as a result of some catering. KCM: Cool..(Laughing again) KEITH: Yeeeahh it’s always an adventure. KCM: If you weren’t into Chuck Berry there would be no BUCKCHERRY, so if you weren’t into Chuck Berry, what would you have named the band? JOSH : Well the band name isn’t just Chuck Berry, there used to be a transvestite that would come to our shows named BUCKCHERRY and the name BUCKCHERRY came up twice, once when Keith was reading a book about Chuck Berry’s life and then with the transvestite. That’s why we went with the name. It was just ironic that the name came up two times in a row you know. So that’s where the name came from. If we didn’t have that I don’t know, you know. The first name of the band was ‘Sparrow” but there were copy right issues when we had that. I think it was just meant to be. KCM: Is it as crazy as the old Motley Crue days? (Now laughing with total abandon)

KEITH: I think the days that you’re talking about. That was pre-aids so I think things were lot’s freer and wilder, but we’re having a good time. I’ll just leave it at that. KCM: But being smart about it. KEITH: Yeah we’re having a really good time and we’re being really smart about it. KCM: What’s the inspiration behind the tattoo on your back, the King of hearts is it? JOSH: Yeah it’s the only king in the deck of cards that made sense. I just thought it was really cool and I wanted a whole piece that you could see from faraway you know, and that was kind of a statement. I look at myself as the king of my kingdom so I like the king. KCM: It’s a great tattoo. JOSH: Thanks!


KCM: I have been a BUCKCHERRY fan from the very start, and it seems like you evolve tremendously with each album, does it feel like that for you? That you have come a long way? KEITH: I mean yes it does feel like that. I feel like we went from a band of four guys living in Hollywood to a band that’s headlining this tour, so we definitely evolved. I don’t think you notice it much until you sit back and look at it because for us it’s always been about making a great record and to go out and put on a great live show, but I can tell you that I love this line up of the band. It’s probably the band that Josh and I always envisioned being. KCM: If you had a chance to be the President of the music industry what is the one thing that you would change for sure?

JOSH: The one thing that I would change for sure? Ahhh,,,that’s a really hard question. I would probably sign less bands and spend more time developing bands. You know getting behind the band for the duration of their career, not signing tons and tons of acts and only sticking with the ones that are selling records. I think it’s all changing and hopefully the record won’t go away, but that’s looking like where it’s going which would be awful. So I would try to make sure that I signed less acts and spend more time developing those acts and staying with them for their entire career.


KCM: Which song would you say drives the BUCKCHERRY fans mad crazy when you play it live? KEITH: Well “Lit up” is definitely one of those songs that gets a reaction. “Crazy Bitch” I’ve never seen quite a reaction to that song before. KCM: Which song is your favorite on “All Night Long”? KEITH: I can’t pick just one but I can pick two. “Bliss” and “Oh My Lord” KCM: Which song gets you and the audience all lit up? JOSH: Ahhh…Right now the song that I’m really liking live is “Slammin’” which is off of our second record “Time Bomb” This so just has been so much fun live. KCM: You have played with a variety of bands on this tour such as PAPA ROACH, HELL YEAH, ALL THAT REMAINS and CRAZYTOWN. Which band would be the ultimate high for you to share the stage with?( and don’t say the Rolling Stones, because everyone says that) KEITH: The Rolling Stones!! KCM: And I said don’t say The Rolling Stones!

KEITH: OOOOOHHHH Come’on!!! She just took a picture of me with half a smile FUCK!(Refering to our photographer) (We are laughing hysterically at this point!) KCM: It was not a good picture, smile again! KEITH: Oh no! I won’t smile again don’t worry!! (Background laughter by Simi (photographer) & I) The Rollling Stones is definitely one of those bands that you wanna tour with. We’ve already toured with AC DC, we’ve done dates with Aerosmith, and we’ve played with Kiss and Motley Crue and so many bands. So there aren’t really many bands for us to tour with you know. Of course I’m a huge Metallica fan. I would love to tour with Metallica but I don’t know that their fans would appreciate that because we’re not a metal band. KCM: The band has come such a long way, each album reaching a larger fan base. Do you feel that with “All Night Long” you are compromising your sound to capture that larger audience? JOSH: Yeah you know that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been trying to really expand our global audience and on this record we’re going to South America which we’ve never been to. We’re going to Mexico which we’ve never been to. We are also going to Iraq to play for the troops which we’re really looking forward to and that’s in April. Just really trying to expand our global market. KCM: If you had a T-shirt made for yourself that you had to wear everyday what would the slogan say? KEITH: WOW!! Do I have to have a slogan; can’t I just wear a plain black T-shirt? KCM: No!! You must have a slogan! KEITH: Alright! Ahhhh…I would probably have a slogan that said” Instant asshole just add alcohol” *answer followed by a roaring laughter* KCM: I have seen you with your solo band years ago; do you have any desire to go back to your solo band? JOSH: No! KCM: You have an arsenal of guitars on tour which one is your favorite in bed? KEITH: In bed? KCM: YES! You know how guitar players treat their guitars like girlfriends?

KCM: Now here’s the scenario, Josh Todd prize fighter going for the championship belt, who’s the most important industry person in your corner? JOSH: Wow..ahhhh..huh…..Allen Kovac, our manager. KCM: Thank you so much for speaking with me. JOSH: Alright, Thank you!!


KEITH: Yes! Yes! Man it’s hard. I’m a bit of a polygamist when it comes to guitars. Not girls just guitars. Ahhh…I have a guitar named ”Re-run”. Right now that’s my favorite guitar. KCM: Why is it named Re-run? KEITH: Because it’s big and it’s black! *Roaring laughter* KCM: If you had a T-shirt made for yourself that you had to wear every day, what would the slogan say? JOSH: “Fuck art, let’s kill!” (Laughter) KCM: What would be a great piece of advice that you would give to a band that it’s just starting their very first tour? KEITH: Ahhh First tour? Pack light and bring baby wipes. KCM: Why? KEITH: Because it’s really hard finding a place to take a shower. When you’re a new band and you’re in a van and you’re touring around certain basic necessities need to be met, and cleaning up after yourself is one of them. Believe it or not baby wipes come into a number of uses. KCM: I can picture that*laughing* KEITH: YESSS! Especially when you can’t find a shower. KCM: If you had to start all over again knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? JOSH: I would have really got into the business with the right people. You know along the way I made some bad decisions about who I got into business with and it cost me. So I definitely would have done that differently. KCM: Currently who’s your favorite band or bands? JOSH: Currently like a current artist that I’m diggin’ right now is Cee Lo Green.

Special thanks to Corey Brewer & Suzanne at 10th Street Entertainment NYC Simi Friedman Photography


ATHENA By: Agnieszka Wilde Photos By: Simi Friedman

KCM: I read that your Mom has won Ms. Greece in the 60s, did you ever think of following in her footsteps when you were younger? ATHENA: No, never. Actually it wasn’t Ms. Greece it was Ms. Athens. I took ballet and tap but I never had any interests in pageants. KCM: What got you started as a drummer, how did you get into it? ATHENA: There were just always drums at the house because of my brother, and where we grew up there was seriously nothing better to do. It was a really cool family type city, but if you were a teenager there was nothing to do. When my brother would leave the house I would jump on his drums and play them and put everything back the way it was so he wouldn’t know. Then I fell in love with it and just kept going. That’s how I started, because they were there.

them. He’s a monster drummer too; he kicks anybody’s ass in our family. You will hear about them soon. KCM: When your kids were younger did you take them on tour?

KCM: So you never took lessons? ATHENA: No I haven’t. I would ask Tommy to teach me but he wouldn’t. KCM: Your kids, do they show interest in music? ATHENA: Yeah our son Miles he is 18 and he is in a band called” Bad Suns” They’re great! They just changed their name a few months ago used to be” Blackout 101” and they changed it, and just what a great band! They’ve done some tours and they are actually recording tomorrow at the atrium at my brother’s house with this engineer named Smiley who’s amazing and they’re doing some demos there. They also just signed with management and they’re ready to go! They’ve done a few tours but the management is doing kind of a re-birth of them and helping them get it together. Then they will send them out into the world and you’ll see, you’ll hear of

ATHENA: Yeah, they kind of grew up thinking this is the way it was. They were always in school, but during the summers that’s what we would do. This is kind of funny but really cool too. A lot of our friends would have drums in their houses, so for the longest time they thought everybody owned a drum set. If they went to somebody’s house and they didn’t have one, they’d be like “Well where is your drum set”? (Both Laughing) It was funny and they figured out eventually that not everyone had one, it was cute. KCM: Which would you say is harder: Motherhood or being on tour with a hectic schedule? ATHENA: Motherhood big time! Because there’s no guidance for that you just kind of feel it and go with it. With them I messed up a lot and I still do. It’s just hard because now they’re a little bit older and I can talk to them easier, but when they were young it’s a lot of guess work trying to raise kids. You just hope you do the right thing, that’s all you can do. KCM: You’re a breast cancer survivor; tell me what got you through that ordeal?

ATHENA: I did that alone. I was married at the time but he was never around, so I was alone with my kids but what I did was: I had really good friends who were positive so we hung out a lot that came and stayed with me. I just had to switch my mind over to be positive. I told the story once before. I was going for my second or third round of chemo and there was a nurse there that I was kind of cool with, she was a little bit younger and I would talk to her when I would go in there. I would go in and bring food and DVD’s and watch them, and I’d bring a friend and we’d laugh and hang out. Whereas other people would be there and you could just see the look on their face, and they would look angry or I don’t know whatever. Anyway, it was during Christmas time and one of the chemo patients came in and said” Hey I made some cookies” and she was passing them out and one of the patient’s said” Yeah there’s probably cyanide in them” Just really shitty you know and I just said “Whoa” and I just looked at her like” well, ok I’m sure that she wanted to hear that” The nurse started talking to me and said” You know what? You’re gonna be fine” and I said “Whaaat?” because that just came out of nowhere. She said” You’re gonna be fine, I guarantee it” and I said” why do you say that?” She said, if I look around this room I can tell you who’s going to be here in six months and whose not. She said” I can tell you by the attitude alone” and she started pointing around the room. She’d go” She’s gone,

he’s gone, she won’t make it, her she’ll be here” and honestly throughout the next six months she pegged it. The people that she said were not gonna be there, were not there. They sunk into that funk and let it get to them. I’m not sitting here saying you can think yourself healthy, but you can certainly change things. If you sit there all dark and angry, you’re going to get sicker, because your mind is sick with your body. Its sounds like “Yeah it’s easy for you to say” but I’ve really been there. I’m not just looking at somewhere I’ve never been and saying “Hey Guys, get a good attitude” I would find myself totally going there and I’d catch myself and I’d go “Get out of it” It’s really easy to let your mind go the other way. Even negative people, get them away from you. Surround yourself with everything you like, keep your head straight and stay away from everything dark. It is what it is and if you’re extremely sick, it makes that a little bit lighter. There were times I was lying on the floor by myself; I couldn’t even get up to make my kids food. So it’s really easy to get pissed off and get mad. Figure something out to make yourself happy, do whatever it takes. KCM: Please tell me a little bit more about your new endorsements? ATHENA: Ohhh Ok well, Rikki Rockett I’ve been friends with him for I think twenty years now. I met him the first time Poison came to L.A. And we’ve been friends ever since. This is

something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, to work together but things just kept on coming up and we’d go “ Ok, we’d do it later” Finally the time just came and I said “Rikki let’s do this” and he’s like “Let’s go” It was that easy, so I’m really, really excited to work with him. He’s so funny and so cool and such a good friend and his drums are amazing. It is fun trust me, it’s hilarious. KCM: What does a day in the life of Athena look like? ATHENA: Hmmm, wow every day is different honestly, it depends what I’m doing. Right now, I wake up I have a thirteen year old. I wake up with him at six thirty, he gets ready and goes to school. Then I drink coffee and check my e-mail and do my computer funk, then I get ready and head out to whatever I’m heading out to. Whether it would be rehearsal or filming or just errands, whatever. In the mornings that’s how I start out and the rest is anybody’s guess. KCM: What projects do you have lined up for this year? ATHENA: This year I’m writing my first book which is really like, I had no idea how therapeutic it would be ( Athena Laughs) I didn’t know quite where to start, and so my friend Krista who’s actually a journalist , she’s writing the book. She said “Just start from the beginning” It went from I don’t know where to start and it went to prrrrrrrrrrrrr, I don’t know where to stop talking.

Jumping from subject to subject and she’s like” whoa, whoa, whoa when did that happen?” I spent six days in her house with her and her family just two months ago in February and working on the book and I was amazed, I felt like I came out of a month of therapy. I felt great! When I came home I was on fire, I felt awesome and I was saying” Wow, I’m gonna keep writing books” Hopefully that will be out in October and so far I just called it “Coming in Second” and I can’t explain that . If you’ll read it you’ll get it. If I explain it, it will make no sense, but there is a reason for it being called that. Also, I’m working on a TV show now which is a blast. I’m taking a little break from playing because the last band I was with it just ended on a bad note. Honestly it was a disaster, so it turned me off from music and playing for a while…Weird timing too, because right when I stopped this TV show came along and I was saying “This is insane, this could have not worked out any better because I want to take a break” I’m still playing I’m just not in a band. So I’m doing this TV show and believe it or not it’s called “Ex Wives Rock” and it’s crazy, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. It’s about really cool girls who just kick ass.

KCM: Is it kind of like “Rock Star wives”? ATHENA: No, no God No! Not even close. I saw an episode of that show and I just went “You know what? “ I’m glad all those guys got that gig and whatever with that show, and I hope they have fun filming it, but that’s the farthest thing from reality I’ve ever seen. That is not what it’s like. Nobody goes and buys eight thousand dollars’ worth of Hello Kitty and decorates her boyfriend’s bus. First off – that’s ridiculous, second off- she would have her ass beat … You just don’t do that. I mean I know it’s funny for TV’s sake for entertainment but if they really want to see what it’s really like, they’re not getting the right translation of what it’s really like. It’s funny but I wish they’d kept it more realistic. KCM: When is your show coming out? ATHENA : I think in September/October. KCM: The end of the year is going to be huge for you!

ATHENA: No kidding! I can’t wait!!!! The book and the show should be coming out around the same time, should be pretty, pretty crazy! This book is probably not what people think, it gets pretty deep. People always think that I’m laughing and joking all the time. I mean it funny but it’s more true life, I’m actually talking about things that happened so it’s pretty interesting.

cooking and their hair is hanging down over the food that freaks me out. I don’t like stickers all over stuff for some reason. You know when you get your phone and there’s like that little clear film all over, and some people leave that on forever. If they leave the room I’ll take it off!

KCM: If you were asked to be on reality TV, which choice would you choose…….Staying at the Playboy Mansion and hanging with Hef or living in a chaotic house with Gene Simmons on his show “Family Jewels”

ATHENA: Greece.

ATHENA: I don’t know? Because Hef has some pretty good parties and a cool swimming pool, but then the Family Jewels family could be really fun. I’m gonna say Gene Simmons. I think the other would be a little too mellow for me. KCM: Would you ever pose for Playboy if they offered you a ton of money? ATHENA: Probably, but not now because I’m really scarred up from breast cancer surgery, but if I didn’t have scars and I looked normal yeah probably. KCM: Name some of your pet peeves? AL. I can’t stand when people cook food and don’t put their hair up. When somebody’s

KCM: You have traveled all over, what is your favorite place in the world?

KCM: If you were selected to play in a movie, which actress would best describe you? ATHENA: Oh my God! I don’t know, Pippi Long Stocking, no I’m kidding! I actually played her in a play in school. Yeah it was cool! I put these wires in my hair, and I had braids. So I had these two braids sticking from the sides of my head. She had cool socks with Doc Martens . I’m just going to say Pippi Longstocking, I thought she was rad. KCM: What’s the one skill you have that your friends, fans and even possibly your family does not know about? ATHENA: You’d have to ask somebody that knows me, but I can cook though! Yeah I love to cook! I like to decorate too believe it or not. Interior decorating and painting, I love it! If I have free time I watch the HGTV channel. I love it! I can’t stand white walls, it freaks me out. I feel sterile. I love color.

KCM: Finally, what advice would you give to up and coming girl drummers? ATHENA: Quit! ( laughter) There are some good girl drummers out there. Odds of them hitting it big and going on a major tour are pretty slim. If that’s something you want to do for a living just keep pumpin’ and go for it, but if it’s for fun that’s awesome. I’m not trying to be negative I’m just saying the way it is. For guys there are million bands to choose from and for girls as far as big bands that are touring the pickings are really slim. So you have to be better than the guys in order to get that gig because there’s a guy on every corner that could kick ass. It’s harder, that’s all but there are a lot of girls out that who have that kind of determination, and they’ll do it. KCM: Athena thank you, it was wonderful talking to you! ATHENA : Thank you! It was great talking to you too!!

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ON THE SCENE The Making of



“Who’s Coming Back to Who?” DATE:

March 22 & 23rd, 2011 LOACATION:

New York City


I had a chance to go to Don Hills and be a part of the video making experience with The Dirty Pearls. It took two days of hard work but I have a feeling it that this video will be off the hook. Few days after, Don Hill sadly passed away and the club shut down. Therefore the premiere of this video will be held at The Studio in New York City on May 11th. Amidst the chaos of video making I spoke to Jasin Cadic the video director. By: Agnieszka Wilde Photos By: Paul Cybulski & Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: What made you work with The Pearls? JASIN: I’ve been friends with The Pearls for a long time now and they just recorded their new record and their new single is coming out and I pitched the idea. They loved it and we ran with it. KCM: Have you worked with anybody else? JASIN: Not video wise. I wrote a screenplay two years ago that was filmed and it’s coming out in December called” The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll “ It will be in theatres I’m thinking June or July of this summer and then on DVD and all that kind of stuff. KCM: Do you have a website? JASIN: You can find all my links at: KCM: What’s this video about? JASIN: It’s a throwback to the greasers and the outsiders mixed a little bit with all the Grease films. It’s a modern lower east side dirty Rock’n’Roll. It’s also a love story and a little bit of everything. KCM: When is it coming out? JASIN: It’s premiering at WEBSTER HALL (The Studio) at The Dirty Pearls show that’s going to be broadcasted live on 101.9. May 11th is the premiere of the video. It’s slated for MTV, Fuse and all that kind of good stuff.

there is a whole new audience for the band.

Photo By: Helen Hosie


PIGGY D. (That’s Mr. D to you) By: Helen Hosie

Sunday 20th February, Rob Zombie returned to the UK after 12 years, and I was lucky enough to catch this sold out show and believe me it did not disappoint, a couple of hours before the show I got time to talk to Piggy D bassist for Rob Zombie, a talented individual in his own right, the setting a very dark, blue lit room and here is how it went . KCM: It’s been 12 Years since Rob Zombie has graced UK shores, what brought about the decision to finally come back? Piggy D: I think it’s just the right time, the bands better than it’s ever been, and the show is better than it’s been and it was a really good time to come over here, there is a whole new generation of fans that didn’t get to see White Zombie and probably never seen Rob and have been watching his movies for the last ten years. So

KCM: Rob Zombie, John Five and yourself make up the current lineup, following the departure of the band’s drummer. Joey Jordison (Murderdolls & Slipknot) stepped in during your US gigs, and when Joey had other commitments Ginger Fish (Marilyn Manson) stepped into the breach. How are things working out with these two exceptional musicians? Piggy D: Great, everything’s great. They both have a completely different style that fit with the band. So, it’s great! KCM: What is Rob Zombie really like?????? Is there something you could tell our readers about him that would surprise us For example Is he really the master of dark and sinister or is he a hearts and flowers type of guy * Helen laughs* Piggy D: *laughs* No he is that guy KCM: He is the dark and sinister? Piggy D: Yeah pretty much KCM: *Good, I like that* You have fitted in well to the Zombie line up and you seem happy. What is life like in the Zombie camp and how did you feel about switching from guitar to bass for this band?

Piggy D: I actually have more fun playing bass in a band than I ever did playing guitar, it’s really strange I didn’t expect that to be the case but it is and I don’t really know why I have always been in bands with two guitar players so being, I guess the one bass player in the band I somehow feel like my roll has a little more importance on stage, when one of two guitars cut out on stage it can go un missed, if the bass drops out it’s like “what happened” so it was a little more of a challenge playing base in such a high energy band. So I think I was attracted to the challenge of playing bass in this type of band. KCM: You guys are heading to “Hell fest” in France and “Download Festival” in the UK in June before returning to Scotland to play the Capital Edinburgh. Don’t you ever get sick of touring and want to go home? Piggy D: You know when I am home I settle in and go “o man its sure is nice to be home, I hope I am home for a little while” then once I get on the road I go “it’s sure is good to be on the tour” *laughs* I have been doing it so long now I think I am a pro at both, I am a pro at being at home and a pro and being on the road, and I can do it I can adapt, KCM: you have been touring extensively for the last few years?

Piggy D: I have been touring for a long time so its second nature at this point, and I know how to do it. KCM: You are a very talented individual, you have your musical talent, photography, your graphic designing plus artwork, for the second edition of “HELLBILLY DELUXE 2” and also JOHN 5’s solo album. You also co-directed “Along Came A Spider” for the legendary Alice Cooper. Where does your real passion lie? Piggy D: In all of it , I am completely and totally schizophrenic when it comes to creative outlets, there is not one thing I that like more than the other , it’s just like music I love all different kinds of music, I love writing all different kinds of music and I have always loved album packaging and photography design in general and film and videos .Alice Cooper was a good example it gave me the opportunity to do his album art, all his merchandise, we also did all the clothes for his “Theatre of Death “ show we did the curtain for that show and we did his video so that’s a perfect scenario, where is like they come to you and go we need everything and you can make everything coand make everything fit together, I really enjoyed doing it I have been studying Alice Cooper my whole life so I could do it. KCM: Your solo album “Evacuation Plan” rocked one of my favorites from the Album being “For my Revenge”

*Helen laughs* “That helped me through my divorce” *Piggy laughs and says, It got me through mine to. *Both still laughing* Back to the question at hand, you also released a new single on I Tunes called “Can’t Blame Me” have you any plans for a new solo album? Piggy D: Yeah there is a new song called “Hard to get” coming out in March and I have a new country project called “Black Fox “and that first single comes out the 1st or second week in March a song called “My Own Private Radio” which is our first single so I am excited. KCM: What do you personally think of Rock/Metal music at the moment? Piggy D: With the exception to about three bands I can think of from the top of my head, metal bores the shit out of me, there is nothing exciting going on right now and I am waiting for something. I buy so much music, I still buy metal records, and I am always looking for something where I go wow I haven't heard this before. Honestly since slipknot there hasn’t been anything exciting in metal, I don’t care how loud you can scream or how fast your double base is GIVE ME A SONG!!!!! Give me something to relate to, I am not fifteen and I am not punching walls, or hating my parents anymore. I just can’t relate to it. Maybe I am just a grouchy old man now, but I am holding on.

It’s the same with punk rock too the last band I got into was The Gallows from the UK; The Gallows just blew my mind. KCM: Congratulations on the launch of you BLACK VICTORY CLOTHING line. Do you do all the designs for the clothing yourself? ( Piggy D: My partner Karen and I she has more of a fashion background than I do we have an interesting working relationship with that stuff, we are doing more stage clothing right now and we are doing some new stuff for Alice Cooper we are doing stuff for a big pop artist, so we are in a good position that we can pick and choose what we do and I am very grateful for that. You have to do what you’re passionate about. KCM: You are a bit of a sex symbol, How do you feel about that? Piggy D: * rolling his eyes, and shaking his head* I think it’s completely and totally ridiculous , it’s a sad state of affairs if I am any kind of a sex symbol for anyone anywhere. I think everyone needs their eyes checked, maybe you guys don’t have good Opticians here in the UK, maybe I can find one for you all. KCM * Helen laughs her head off whilst quietly drooling over the man himself * Who are your influences, heroes and inspirations?

Piggy D: Big ones Alice Cooper I a big one, when I was a kid Johnny Ramone was probably one of my biggest influences guitar wise I learned how to hold a guitar watching that guy. KCM: If you had to have five things you want to do before you leave this world, what would they be? Piggy D: * laughs* I don’t know Jump out of plane, milk a cat. I don’t know it changes everyday

Piggy D: A nap and then dinner, how rock n roll is that? KCM: Thanks for the interview. Piggy D: Thank you.

LINKS: sullyerna

Piggy D Solo CD’s Available

KCM: *Helen laughing” Milk a cat??” haha* If you had to be a Vampire, Werewolf, or a Zombie, what would it be and why? Piggy D: I think I would probably be a zombie as I could walk around looking like shit, and everyone would go he’s a zombie, he is supposed to look like shit and you don’t have to keep yourself up because this is a lot of work. PIGGY D – The Evacuation Plan 2007

KCM: If you had to be one of the 7 deadly sins, which one would it be? Piggy D: What’s the one that eats? *Helen* “that would be, Gluttony”. Piggy D: Probably that. I like gummy bears. KCM: What’s next for piggy D?

PIGGY D – Can’t Blame You 2010



Posh Vandals By Agnieszka Wilde

If you ever wondered what the name “Posh Vandals” means, wonder no more. They are five guys from Stockholm, Sweden who seem unfazed, unspoiled by this jaded Rock’n’Roll business. They are witty, creative and have the ability to effortlessly charm your pants off. Posh Vandals are a little bit of good and evil, a little bit of sugar and spice or like Steven Tyler says “You are just the right amount of wrong” However when ingested their catchy sound stays branded on your brain. Read on and find your own definition of the band. KCM: Who is Charlie Snarl? CS. Happy-go-lucky strapping young lad who likes to play my white strat, sporting fancy makeup, and yeah I also believe a sip of whiskey or two is good for your health every now and then. KCM: How did Autostrada Outlaws turn into Posh Vandals and why?

LL. It didn't really. Even though three out of five Posh Vandals members were in that band, it wasn't the predecessor. Instead, it was Redlight Attraction which featured everyone but me. Initially, we thought of doing Autostrada Outlaws and Posh Vandals at the same time. Perhaps letting Autostrada Outlaws be the hobby project or something, but since Dave didn't seem very eager to work with us down in Stockholm anymore and Posh Vandals turned out to be very open minded and creative, the need for a hobby project really wasn't there anymore. Autostrada Outlaws still lives, on paper, I guess. There's been no official break-up but no one's done anything with it since June 2010... KCM: What is the process of song writing for you, and how did these two demo songs come about? CS. Divine inspiration I guess. I can play the guitar for hours and get nothing done, and then all of the sudden it hits me and I have a new tune going. "The sack of Rome" is JJ´s song mostly, he came down to the rehearsal studio and played it and i just played along making stuff up along the way. It went pretty fast getting the guitar parts done since it fitted my style of playing "Just for the sake of it" was a mess of different guitar riffs I had made, and when Liz came over we had put the different riffs in some kind of order. Once that

was done, Liz came up with lots of lyrics and ways to sing them the hard part was deciding on what to sing where, and how to phrase the different parts of the song. And hell yeah, let´s not forget that Kongo had a big part in how my guitar is played during the verses of the song. In the studio he sat drinking beer and looked annoyed. "it´s such a good riff Charlie, but it sounds sloppyplay it this way instead” *mouthing the guitar riff*It´s always hard trying to describe how we work since most of the time we mock each other or make jokes about my obese body. But somehow we always get the job done. Working with Liz is hilarious - I usually show him my idea of a song with just the basic chord structure and then let him do the vocal parts on his own at home. When we put it together I show him how I’m doing the riff on the chords and then we try to mix it together. - The hysterical part comes when Liz has an idea for the guitar playing: he jumps around, waving his arms, screaming and trying to make guitar-like sounds. And then he goes "can you play it like that? “Somehow I always manage to make something good out of itLiz once said that I’m the only one who has been able to get what he means.-I guess it´s all about chemistry. KCM: Who mostly writes the song's in this band? LL. So far it's been pretty much 50/50 in between Charlie and JJ.

I've been more involved in Charlie's writing than JJ's though, sitting in his kitchen adding suggestions and stuff. But since I really just talk and don't come up with any chords I'd just give myself like some additional 5 or 10% maybe.

once played with a guy who didn´t know how to style himself; it was horrible walking on stage with him. .Still gives me nightmares thinking of the way he dressed!"

KCM: Do you have a name or names for this hopefully soon to be recorded Posh Vandals album? CS. We haven't really discussed that yet but what about "Cracker Jack clothing Inc." or "Riot at the poop deck"? KCM: I love "The sack of Rome" what was the process like when writing this song? LL. That's JJ's song. He presented it at rehearsal when it was more or less complete except for vocals and lyrics. He had been working on that riff for quite some time and felt it would suit us well, which it certainly did. I found it a bit tricky to add vocal melody to at first but once I figured it out I wrote the bulk of the lyrics pretty fast. I wrote some of it on a bus to Örebro. I love writing when traveling. I used to write a lot on airplanes. KCM: What are some of your Pet Peeves? CS. I’d say people who can´t dress nice, and especially people who mix patterns all wild: Stripes, Leopard, Zebra, Checkerboard squares, Polka dots... Random patterns give me the creeps. I

KCM: What's it like when all Posh Vandals are together in a studio? LL. When we start working around like 10 or 11 AM most people are more or less hung over and mostly complain. Then the mood rises quite a bit and there's plenty of joking around at lunch at some nearby restaurant. Late afternoon most people open a bottle of beer to chill out and when the producer decides to call it a night we might be a bit rowdy, hehe.

Liz Lascivious KCM: Will you eventually record a full album? LL. Hopefully, if someone's interested. Because I'm not one of those jerks who’ll record like 10 demo songs, have them uploaded to Spotify and Itunes and then say "Hey, look at us! We released an album, we rock!" Nah, I want a proper CD with a good looking booklet and some seriously produced tunes of good quality distributed and promoted by a label. That's an album and I can't promise we'll ever make that. Writing 10-15 great songs to be on an album won't be problem though. So anyone out there give us an offer will ya? KCM: Who are some of your idols? CS. Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Johnny Thunders - and of course my dad for being the pirate that he is.

KCM: If you were being pushed to the Niagara Falls what would you yell out on your way down? CS. I think I´d get a kick out of it, hoping I could live to do it again so I guess an excited laughter? KCM: Your songs have a bit of 70's flare, what sorts of ingredients do you like to incorporate into your songs? LL. Hey, now that's a compliment! Ingredients, ingredients... I'd say a lot of guitars not just wham bam, riffs like mad but rather add those little details everywhere. Plenty of licks and interesting solo parts. Like at the "B-side" of the demo, just For The Sake Of It, we worked for hours and hours with two different amps for one solo, trying to merge the more fuzzy 60's like sound with the cleaner 80's one. Give us plenty of studio time and we'll go freaking bananas with coming up with things like that, hehe. Drums

are really important too. The more the merrier! Same thing goes for that, it's all about those nice little details. KCM: Name some of your fave films?

KCM: In your own words finish this Nursery Rhyme. It has to be funny and it has to rhyme." Little Miss Muffett Sat on a Tuffett eating her curds and whey, along came-------.

CS. "Caligula", "Salo or the 120 days of Sodom" and "Clockwork orange" KCM: Name three things you do when you first wake up? LL. A smoke, a cup of coffee and a Facebook check. Unless I wake up hung over somewhere else than home, then it's a smoke and two hairs of the dog, hahaha... KCM: Which actor best describes your life? CS. Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton the schizophrenic relation between them fits kind of perfect. KCM: Name three things you can't live without? LL. Beer, Sex and Top Gear on BBC... KCM: Fave Rock'n'Roll Cliché? CS. When Sweet played in Stockholm back in the seventies they totally vandalized the backstage room and as a grand finale took a dump in the champagne cooling bucket. Not sure if that's regarded as a cliché but it sure was epic and a big scandal here back then, haha.

Charlie Snarl LL. Hehe, not being a yank I was totally unfamiliar with this song and had to look it up on YouTube but I'll give you my best shot, OK: "A brewer, said he'd like to screw her, despite actually being gay" KCM. What is the world like according to Charlie Snarl? CS. Wow... Now that's a very general question indeed... But I'd say the world is a grand Swedish smorgasbord of whiskey, cigarettes and wild, wild women. So there's no time to feel troubled or bothered about shitty details, really. KCM: What interests do you have outside of music? LL. Those are partly covered two questions earlier but I'd like to add that I have a certain interest in history, both ancient and recent. I'm a huge fan of the

Civilization computer games, I can easily play for 8 hours in a row or more if there's an epic war going on. Spending hours in front of the History channel, Discovery or BBC knowledge works too. Then I sometimes annoy people with drunken rants about how the Second World War could have ended differently, hahaha... I do like cars a lot even though I can't afford a funny one at the moment. I would like to own an Alfa Romeo one day or any true American muscle car of course... KCM: What is your biggest addiction? CS. That Swedish smorgasbord I just mentioned, hahaha. KCM: Which one would you rather…… Hang out with Hef at the Playboy Mansion and clean up his dog’s poo? Or Hang out with Larry Flint from Hustler and clean up his poo?? LL. Hahaha! That has to be question of the year... I have to say Hef, even though that horrible TV show "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" made me think that place is bloody lame, but human feces are still human feces even if they come from an icon like Flynt.

am now actually comfortable with my age these days.

music around it. We just have an easy writing relationship.

KCM: Glad you are I am not (Both laughs)

KCM: The MURDERDOLLS are back, how does it feel to be back playing together again??

Wed 13: Yeah I am cool with it now, it fun on this tour to watch new bands come out and get people going it’s all fun for me . INTERVIEW WITH


By Helen Hosie

Its Thursday 10th of February and the MURDERDOLLS are back and with all the painted faces I see outside Glasgow’s ABC their fan base is still as strong as ever , before their show I had a rather long chat with front man Wednesday 13. KCM: So far, how has the tour in the UK been treating you? Wed 13: Awful !! Terrible!! * Both laugh* No it’s been!!!!! , honestly the crazy thing is this year has been so busy with all the set up for the record and the touring. When this tour started I never really looked at where this was going I never really had any expectations of what it was going to be like, if it was going to be old fans, no fans or new fans. But every show has just been packed more people know the new stuff better than the old stuff, but they still know the old stuff too, so it’s a big mix. Yeah it’s a cool package we have the younger band on tour with us and they are bringing a lot to the table, for me we are like the older guys of the tour, I

KCM: “Women and Children Last” has a different sound and feel to the “Beyond the Valley of The Muderdolls” tell us a bit about the making of it.!! Wed 13: The way the whole album was written, it wasn't like Joey and I, when we got together to record this, we just didn’t sit down and write everything from scratch, this was ideas and songs that went from 2003, when we took our break, I always write stuff. I don’t always write for a particular thing I just write music, and sometimes I write typical MURDERDOLLS or Wednesday 13 then keep it and use it at a later date. I am such a fan of music, so the written process is just years of song writing ideas, and tiny demos. Then Joey and I will go back through it and we may come across something that we think is a really cool song. For example (what really blows my mind) "Nowhere" Summer Suicide" were in the trash list for years, also" Blood stained Valentine", that used to be called” Brain Dead Valentine”. It’s like Joey will listen to it then we would start playing it and I would be like O yeah I hear it know. So that’s kind of how he and I write, we start with all the Lyrics and fit the

Wed 13: It’s cool, it’s different, every band that I have been in has a feeling and a difference mentally, where my solo stuff has a different vibe than this. I feel that the MURDERDOLLS are like a combination of everything, and we have fun and all get along well. KCM: On “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls” you had anthems such as “197666” and “Dead in Hollywood” what are your favorites to perform? Wed 13: Oh without a doubt my two favorite songs to play live on this tour is “Chapel of Blood” in which we open with and the " Nowhere" you will see tonight it’s just how it translates with the audience, everyone gets involved in that song , and it’s cool and its new and not everyone knows it . KCM: You guys have a phenomenal fan base in the U.K, how do the crowds differ here from say the US? Wed 13: We started off on this tour in Europe, and that’s how I sort of got to judge what these new audiences were going to be like. It’s really still kind of hard to judge as we haven’t really been on tour in the States like a proper headline tour the States since we have been back together we supported Cooper and

Zombie, but that’s different it’s not personal or intimate. Over here this has just kind of been our home, as it’s the first place that embraced us. And thought you guys have just got something special, the US made us our home. KCM: Not only does the band sound different, but there has been an image change, why did you feel there needed to be a different look this time around? Wed 13: I do what I want to do, and I know what I do, I know that I can change something, enough that’s not going to change me. But for me what I needed to do for example the hair, when your hair becomes more of a staple. I had dreads for 11yrs, and I have been touring for nine years and when you have to go to sleep in a little tiny bunk with all that hair, it’s like your laying on cables and ropes. So we had to change with the music as well, it’s like a whole new breed of what we do now, when we go into those old songs, I don’t think there is a person that doesn’t feel the same vibe like we do. The look just started to feel like a uniform, it was easy to copy and easy to imitate, it is flattering to see fans dressed up like you but I always want to stay one step in front, so if anyone can imitate my look I didn’t do it correctly enough. So really we just wanted to do something new and something unpredictable You have to re-invent yourself. Because if you don’t it becomes boring.

KCM: You did a lineup change this time, why did you chose not to bring Acey Slade and company back????????????????????? Wed 13: Basically what it came down to honestly , where Murderdolls went on hiatus in 2003, not many of us kept in touch, we weren’t super close in the first place, I knew Acey kind of and I knew Joey kind of I didn’t know Eric and I didn’t know Ben , when the band formed it was like hey you guys are going on tour ,get on a bus learn to be friends , then on top of that you have 5 crew guys you don’t know then you all live on a bus and get along for a year. I don’t air our dirty laundry and stuff we fought, we were dysfunctional, but it made us work. We were also in our mid 20s then and we didn’t care. We just didn’t keep in touch with those guys so it wasn’t like a friendship kind of thing, The way that band was put together it was just thrown together real quick. Not to take anything away from that line up. That line up was great, and it was cool, but we wanted to do something different, we wanted different players. KCM: Illegal downloading , what are your thoughts on it???? Wed 13: I don’t know it’s getting to a new age and stuff , I want people to hear my music but I also want to make money. If people are downloading then coming out to the shows, buying tickets and buying T shirts then fine. You got to take the good with the bad.

KCM: You cancelled some of your US dates will you be re scheduling? Wed 13: I don’t know, now that Slipknot have announced their dates. I don’t know what we are going to be able to do now, we are going to Australia, so I don’t know with Joey’s other commitments and we really need a break. KCM: If you were trapped on a desert island what three things would you take? Wed 13: I would take a life time supply of chicken that wouldn’t spoil, an umbrella so I wouldn’t get sunburned and a gun with unlimited ammunition in case anyone came to the island I had to shoot., or kill or animals or things like that, or if I want to go out, if I got sick off chicken maybe hunt like a wolf or something or a wild fox . KCM: What’s your poison Jim, Jack or Jaiger ? Wed 13: I am not a Jim Beam fan, but I will drink it only if I had to (both laugh) I change it up I drink vodka from time to time. I like tequila from time to time and Jack and Bacardi. KCM: What advice do you give to up and coming bands trying to make it in the music industry today? Wed 13: I don’t want to be negative this business is tough, it has to be in your blood to live it out this long .This industry can chew you up and spit you out,

you got to take the good with the bad. Hard work and patience you got to have thick skin. KCM: Will there be any more mad manager, and is he really in on it?

LISTEN TO WEDNESDAY 13 Home Sweet Homicide Curse of Me Skeletons

Wed 13: Mad manager isn’t out on this UK tour but we will be meeting up with him in Australia, so yeah there will be a couple more Mad Managers.

Wednesday 13- Bloodwork e/p 2009

KCM: Poor guy (laughs) Wed 13: And yeah he doesn’t know anything we just fuck with him. But we love him he is like our older brother and we are the two annoying kid brothers,

Wednesday 13 – Transylvania 90210 2005

KCM: What’s your favorite one, mine is “I got this Knife “ Wed 13: That’s a lot of people’s favorite but mine is the pool one. I was so drunk, and I can’t swim and they had me in that pool chair. KCM: l thank you for your time, be sure to check out New York’s No 1 magazine, KRASHCITY MAGAZINE.

Wednesday – F*ck It We’ll Do It LIVE 2008

Wednesday 13 – Skeletons 2009

Wed 13: It was a pleasure.

LINKS TO WEDNESDAY 13 esday13!/officialwed13 sts/Wednesday13/ sday13

Wednesday 13 – Fang bang 2006

Murderdolls – Women and Children DVD (SPECIAL EDITION) Last 2010



Nickname: Dee

D.O.B: 10/16/82

Where: New York, NY

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 116 lbs

Waist: 26

Hips: 36

Breast: 34D

Shoe Size: 6 1/2

Tattoos: None (My body is art)

Piercings: Belly

Demetria My Ambitions: I want to be someone that wakes up in the morning and is proud of who is staring back My Turn-on’s: A great Smile, a sense of humor Turnoffs: Someone who doesn’t have a heart My Current Crush: David Wright NY METS My Fetishes: My shoes My Favorite Bands: Metallica and Incubus My Political View: A Democratic- I believe in change My Favorite Movies: Any Given Sunday, The Blind Side, and of course Fast and the Furious If I was the U.S. President I would: Change the world for the better. For the people and for animals Any Final Words: IT IS WHAT IT IS

Just call me


An Interview with New York’s Sexy Vocal Metal Queen, By: Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: How did you get started in the music business? MALITIA: Initially, I started off as a classically trained pianist. I was the little girl that played Chopin in your mall. I used to compete and even won a few honors. I went on to direct women's choirs at my Catholic high School and perform in musicals and plays. I went to college at a music conservatoryfocusing on music, theatre and Directing. Somewhere in my intensive musical studies I got roped into one. I always loved rock n roll and was fascinated by bands but it always seemed like some far off thing to me, like Something on T.V. I grew up in suburban Maryland. We didn't have bands where I grew up; we had Playgrounds, neighborhood pools and shopping centers. My first band was an industrial dance band called Disciples of Astraroth. We sounded like Thrill Kill Kult meets Dead Can Dance. 2 singers, 1 guitarist, and 1 guy who doubled on bass and keys while

running a drum Machine and sampler. We played our first show at The Middle East in Boston. The first note hit and something in me just took over (I remember it like it was yesterday.) A bunch of my friends were there that night And said "Fuck school! Baby, you're a rock star!!" All I knew was that I finally felt liberated. Finally free of other people's rules and being judged by uptight folks That couldn't and wouldn't relate to me in a Million years, mostly based on plain sight. People who were clocking my mistakes rather than enjoying the sound and the feel of the music. This new thing, this new way for me to get my yaya’s, it, felt great. I was finally writing and performing music AND getting paid for it. When I came to New York, I started hanging out at Don Hill's. They did a night there called "Bitch-a Ladies Tribute to Metal", and I wanted to take a crack at it. At that point, DOA was basically over. I was in a local Shock rock band as a bassist that blurted our cookie monster backing vocals and feeling limited. So, I made my NYC solo singing debut at Don's. I sang "Selling Jesus" by Skunk Anansie, a song I still perform occasionally today. st rock band!

on my own and I also work as a backup singer to celebrities. I just split the time as best I can, it's not always perfect, sometimes things overlap but it's all good. I like to keep busy. KCM: What was it like meeting people like Doro Pesch and Lemmy? MALITIA: It was very cool, of course. It's always fun to finally meet people you've admired from afar. Doro's very sweet and she still looks smokin hot. Lemmy and I met and hung out a few times after shows. He always likes to comment on my tits. He's even told me that I have "the best tits in rock n roll"- ha. One time after he played The Stone Pony in NJ, we got really ripped on Jack Daniel's and he gave me some RNR wisdom...I asked him what his secret was. How can he drink, smoke, party, play and go hard after all these years and survive? His answer: "Dumb luck." Go figure.

KCM: How many bands are you currently in, and how do you split the time between bands? MALITIA: I have an original band "SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE" and “JUDAS PRIESTESS", an all girl tribute to the Metal Gods, JUDAS PRIEST. I constantly write songs

KCM: So far which is your favorite city to perform in?

MALITIA: I enjoy the adventure of traveling, playing different places, seeing the world. However, there's nothing like playing in New York City. KCM: Who is Militia outside of music? MALITIA: Shhhh....It's kind of like Jem and Jerrica. We don't talk about it. ; ) KCM: In one word describe your Judas Priestess mates? MALITIA: Conqueresses!! KCM: What are you working on currently?

outlook. My mother's side of the family recently found out that we are in fact Cherokee/Blackfoot Native American NOT Sioux/Blackfoot Native American. A mistake made because oral tradition's stories can lie, be altered, or worse- be forgotten. That in combo with the recent death of Don Hill (who I loved very much as both a friend and advisor) has made me reexamine a person's legacy in life and ask myself hard questions... most importantly being: what good is my story if no one can learn from it? Records. Records in every sense of the word. Capturing and preserving moments- either publicly or privately- by video, audio, journals, art, blogs, books, this interview...this is my main interest and focus these days. KCM: What are you like in the morning ?

MALITIA: None of it really matters until it's out there... let's just say that I've turned a corner of sorts... I used to put more emphasis onto the live aspect of music. Performance. I always thought it was more magical to participate in an amazing musical moment and having the only recording of It would be memories and storytelling. Like oral builds great mysteries. However, recent events in my life have changed my

MALITIA: I keep weird hours. I'm usually crawling into my coffin in the "mornings." 6, 7, 8am. That's my bedtime. And unless I've been drinking, I'm pretty chill. I sleep for a few hours, then get up + start my day. KCM: What is your favorite cover song to perform live? MALITIA: At the moment: out of the Judas Priest catalog- Riding on the Wind. It's got a lot of energy and it's like a fist to the face (but in a good way.) With +SOYL+ I love doing Nine Inch Nails'"Reptile."

KCM: How did you end up adding your flavor on The Dark Party’s “She brings down the moon?” MALITIA: Acey and I met when The Murderdolls came to town. I was already friends with Erik (Griffin, guitar) and Ben (Graves, drums) from when I was in college in Boston. They introduced me to Acey and we've been friends ever since. We kept in touch throughout the years. He said he was changing his sound and wanted me to bring some soulful RNR vocals to his record. We knocked it out and the rest is history. KCM: What was it like working with Acey Slade? MALITIA: The track was essentially done when I came into the studio. I just sang the parts and then riffed and ad-libed like crazy- take after take, a bunch of times, and a bunch of different ways and stacked it with harmonies. It was like spreading icing a cake. KCM: What inspires your creativity?

MALITIA: my moods, my muses, extremes, Duality, my passions and strengths, The city, a good story, a good time, shit that pisses me off, witches, badasses, goddesses, villains, a strong drink,. a late night, and the morning after. KCM: What do you think sets you apart from other female singers? MALITIA: Everyone brings a different story and experience to singing. I know have a unique way of getting a song out. My sound and interpretation are strong, feminine and tough; particularly now more than ever. I've been told that I engage the audience and sing "with conviction." A lot of chick singers come at their crowd like they're cheerleaders at a pep rally or something, or worse, like they're not even there. It's very masturbatory and wimpy. I'd rather get off by bringing people into an exciting experience. KCM: If you had the power to change one thing in the music industry today, what would it be? MALITIA: One thing? Hmmmm...That's a toughie... So much wackiness to choose from...Top of my head? I would eradicate American Idol and all of its spin-offs. There. I said it. American Idol is more satanic than The Sound of Music. If those shows were deleted from the record, then labels would be on the hook to go out and find talent the old school way- by going to

Live shows. They'd have to pay to develop artists. I firmly believe that some bands that "made it" back in the day, wouldn't be given a second glimpse if they came out now. A lot of artists/bands back then didn't even have real "hits" at first- it took many years and several albums for them to make their dent. And forget about the aesthetics of it all... Because the game has changed so you have permission to suck, be fake and be talentless, as long as people know you from TV.

KCM: Do you have a personal quote you live by? MALITIA: "Disgrace your stereotype." I said it years ago and it's still my personal mantra. There are too many rules when it comes to race and gender roles. FUCK EM ALL. I am mixed raceGerman, Italian, Israeli on my father's side and Blackfoot and Cherokee Native American And Black on my mother's. Which is hilarious, because most of the time, people think I'm Latina. I'm attracted to heavy music, which is considered a very masculine taste, but that's what I like. I've always been this way and I am not going to change for shit. And maybe it's confusing for some people to grasp, but I got to be true to myself. No one else is going to live my life for me. Stereotypes should never dictate behavior. That's why I have certain contempt for Tyler Perry movies and The Jersey Shore. They're way too stereotypical. Live above.

In the Spotlight

Haunted by Heroes For more News, Pictures, Music Videos Go right here: http://www.hauntedby

I find this a bit bizarre that five kids who met in day-care became best friends and at 10 years old formed a Rock’n’Roll band. At their age they are influenced by AC/DC, Paul Mc McCartney and Randy Rhodes, this seems a little off. Clearly their parents had to be heavily into Rock’n’Roll or none of these kids would know who AC/DC is, much less The Beatles. Formerly known as The Thrashers they recorded a 10 track debut album with the legendary producer Sylvia Massy. The band consists of brothers: Nick and Chris Rigling, Geddy Franco, Charley Rutledge and Brandon Lurie. I only heard a few songs by these boys, and if you didn’t see a video you would have not known that they are ten years old. I heard a cut called “Rock me Roxy” and I have to admit that these little monsters rock. This took years of preparation. Most Ten year old boys have no idea nor do they care about performing at this magnitude. They just played the Whiskey a go-go in Hollywood and I’m sure they will tour throughout the summer. This was definitely well thought out by their parents, and I hope this is what these boys want to do with the rest of their lives, however I hope their education takes the forefront. There’s clear talent there that should be cultivated and I just hope their lights don’t burn out way before their time.



punch, catchy stick-in-your-head tune. With an early White Zombie feel, this song would definitely make you want to go over 65. "Black Junk World" delivers the clean sounds of a synthesizer, mixed with the heavy guitar riffs, deep bass and heavy hittin' drums. Anzi's vocals are nothing less than amazing. "Live Before You Die" ends this phenomenal album with a rockin' bluesy with a punch sound. The icing on the cake would be to see Anzi hit the U.S. stage! I have a new favorite added to my iPod. You can find Anzi Destruction here.

very redundant. The vocals became mundane, while the music masked lack of talent with distortion. I just really wasn't too fond of this album. But that's just my opinion, and you know what they say about check out Jet Black Kiss for yourself. You can find him here.



BETTY MOON Rollin Revolution By Helen Hosie

ANZI DESTRUCTION High Clash Motherf**kers (2011) By: Fiona Lane

Anzi Destruction, that is what you get when you mix the sounds of early NIN, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, and the vocals of Iggy Pop. Anzi, singer-songwriter, musician, & producer who hails from Finland is also the former guitarist from the glam/punk band Plastic Tears, the former lead vocalist from Stereo Junks. Here’s Anzi’s latest solo effort called “High Clash Motherf**kers” This album is in-your-face immaculate. The first track "Psychosis" delivers an amazing industrial like instrumental intro with it being like the teaser, and it screams to me "Bring on the rest of the CD!" "Jaded & destroyed" which is one of my favorites has a combination of the raw power vocals of Iggy, along with the sounds and angst from The Dead Boys with a modern sound production. "Electric" packs a power

JET BLACK KISS Cursed By: Fiona Lane

Jet Black Kiss is a blend of hard driving metal with Goth, and industrial overtones. Robert S. Liam (aka Simon) stems out of California. He is a one-man-project with the vocals, instruments and production. Here is the third addition to the Jet Black Kiss legacy "Cursed" 2011 The first track I chose was "Don't Take Me There" has exploding powerful vocals and a great chorus. I really liked this one. The next is "Bullet Train" This is hauntingly catchy with the somber acoustic sound breaks into a melodic yet powerful chorus. This one I was very impressed with as I am a sucker for acoustic guitar. I felt after listening to the other songs, they were just

Betty Moon born in Ontario, Canada now based in LA, is there any end to this women's talent. From Singer/ Songwriter to film maker. She keeps herself very busy. Ms Moon has worked with many in the music industry from Wes Scantlin, Nick Milo as well as Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins) and Scott Warren of Type O negative. She has also contributed to two film soundtracks. She’s very talented women indeed. Vocally for me Betty Moon can keep any of her male counterparts. Her influences range extensively from Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, King Crimson and David Bowie. "Rollin Revolution” is the track on the album that I loved; I honestly don't know what to say except from wow, there isn't anything about this track that I think is bad. Vocally Moon rocks it; she and the band have nailed this track 100% on this one. It made me want to carry on listening.

The second pick of the album I went for was "Damagement" A very mixed genre song but never the less got the point straight across. I have to admit it’s a breath of fresh air this album, and I definitely believe it’s what the rock genre is lacking and needs, a kick ass front women with rocking vocals, and we have it here in the form of Betty Moon. I definitely am a fan now and will be watching to see what she comes up with next.!/profile.php?id=5 08199877

you to do this haha). It’s full of vocal aggression on the whole this was the best track on the album by far. The second track that I have chosen is called "Rock This Place Down" Just as good as the first track I selected and just as hard hitting, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by these guys and this album. The only negative thing I have to say as that it did remind me of something, what? I just couldn't put my finger on. Apart from that I will definitely be adding these guys to my play list. That I can be sure of.

Rated Rated

see if The New York Dolls still have what it takes to blow our mind. The track that I have chosen first from this album is a track called “Fool For You Baby" this starts off promising with the same New York Doll flare that we have seen before. This album has a totally different style and sound to previous work, and sadly to say as a long term fan I am sorely disappointed, this time around I wanted to hear something EPIC and all I got was good. The second track I have chosen and my favorite on the album is called " Funky But Chic" for me a totally feel good track that made me smile, totally mixed up track but had a certain something for me. As always people don't take my word for it, go check out "Backwards in High Heels" by the New York Dolls, and make your own opinion. Rated

HELL IN THE CLUB Let the Games Begin By: Helen Hosie

NEW YORK DOLLS Backwards In High Heels By: Helen Hosie

Italian rockers "Hell In the Club" band members consisting of Dave on Vocals, Andy on bass, Picco, guitars and Fede, Drums and percussion. The band was put together by two of the members, both having history in two other Italian bands "Secret Sphere" and "Elvenking" so there no strangers to the industry. It was just time for a change and time to embark on a whole other project."Let the Games Begin" is there first full length album. Shall we hear how it went!!!! This is my favorite track on the album, "Natural Born Rockers" a hard hitting track with wailing guitars, for me this track just thundered in my ears, in my opinion a total smash shit up track (not that I am telling

The New York Dolls in my opinion shouldn’t need an introduction, as they are one of my long time favorite bands. Not many people of my generation haven’t heard of them many people and bands have been influenced by the New York Dolls. So for those readers that hasn’t had the pleasure. New York Dolls formed in New York in 1971 then reformed again in 2004; with three of the original members they just have rock n rock/ punk in their heart. Recently announcing a tour with Motley Crue and Poison, I think it’s going to be one hell of a show. The album I will be reviewing is the recently released "Backwards in High Heels" .Lets check it out and

BABYJANE Are You Listening By: Helen Hosie

100% Rock Management introduced Krashcity to a “Diamond in the Rough" in the shape and form of rockers "BABYJANE" with Andy Smith on vocals and rhythm guitar, John Gerasolo, lead guitar, Paul Judge, bass and last but by no means least Nik Kats on drums. These guys have a very old school sound a kind of Motley Crue/Kiss with a good old helping of Guns and Roses, but with their very own BABYJANE twist.

The vocals of Andy Smith reminded me in some tracks of The Cults Ian Astbury, in my personal opinion I think this is a good thing, with guitar solos and riffs in all the right places, put together gives us an impressive sound indeed, The album released March 15th blew me away and they have definitely made a fan out of me, and I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next. The first track that I would recommend is the albums opening track "Are you listening". From the first strains of the guitar solo, to the clean even bass line and total rock out drumming I keep the vocals for last. Andy Smith leave me spellbound and transfixed with the mixture of soulful, gritty rock vocals need I say more what more could you ask of a front man. He certainly can hold my attention. The second track I have chosen is the epic track called "Demontonic" this is my favorite on the album is song has an all together different feeling from the other tracks on the album it "totally hits the spot” in so many levels for me rock and roll perfection. To sum up this album in a word "Awesome" but as always don't take my word from it go check these guys out. Rated

What can I start to say about Tampa Florida's, rockers "Sister Kill Cycle" apart from they are a well Deserved breath of fresh air that purified my black soul. There early Manson with a deliciously evil twist of their own. The band consisting of Raven Chain, My kill, Vii and Erock have something different going on. 2004 brought us the band’s Debut EP "Massacre the Guilty" and it wasn't long until they had established a firm fan base. They have opened for acts such as British shock rockers "Cradle of Filth" to the US rock/metal band "The Genitortures " both these bands being highly recognized worldwide.2010 saw them tour extensively with their "Crash and Burn " tour. The first track from the EP I have selected for you has to be for me the best on the album, the track called " Cruel World" with its haunting synth sound, and steady drum beat accompanied by the haunting strain of guitar, gave me goose bumps, topped off by the gritty drawl of front man Raven Chain, all I can really say is "wow" The second track I have selected has to be "Survival of The Sickest" I loved this track, it's a full rock out, kick ass track, it has everything I was looking for musically and lyrically, they kept me wanting more. I just can't get enough of these guys Hell Yeah!!!! Go check them out on their MySpace page Rated

SISTER KILL CYCLE Redemption through Rebellion By Helen Hosie


CLAYMORE Prolonged Active Antagonism By: Helen Hosie

Claymore from Ruse, Bulgaria these Black Death Metalers have been together since the summer of 1999. When I first listened to this album, all I can think of were vampires and blood. It has a mix of styles in there it's very dynamic and elusive, a very dark album indeed for me it had a very gothic feel tinged with a lot of darkness. In parts I felt that this album was confused very aggressive and intense, musically and vocally. I think all in all these guys could do well in the industry especially with the younger generation. I am still very much on the fence with Claymore. The first track that I recommend is the track called "Gift of Hate” from start to finish, this track delivered, raw aggression defiantly a "Gift of Hate" melodic in parts but personally for me very Dani Filth influenced. Don't get me wrong I do feel Claymore are very talented in there genre, but for me I wanted it to stop before my ears bled. "Near Death Experience" is the second track I have chosen for you guys. Less brutal than my first choice but at least it didn't make me want to run into a corner and hide. Musically they are very talented musicians just a bit too heavy going for me. As I always say don't take my word for it. Go check them out yourself. Rated



By: Helen Hosie

Tryptefanatic By: Helen Hosie

By: Helen Hosie

Hion Martell, formed in 1992, in a sleepy little town in Ljusdal, Sweden. Falling into a classic rock/blues genre. Members Ch Nilsson, Hakan Nilsson, Ulf Hagberg, Stefan Larsson and Peter Suback, wanted to form a band with an edge, having influences from The Rolling stones, JJ Cale and Lynyrd Skynrd, Now they bring us there album "Will Cure My Disease" "7 Devils" This for me was a total feel good track and my favorite on the album, it did have a very 70/80s feel to it but in all fairness a totally unique sound all of their own. A little cheesy at times, but in a quirky sort of way it kept me listening so that can’t be a bad thing at all, "Any Disease" starts off promising with a clean even bass line and wailing guitar solo, THEN IT HAPPENED the vocals came in and the track started to sound a bit only I can describe as sort of gospel feeling to it then it would tapper back to the clean cut sound we have at the beginning of the track. I personally think that it sounded a little mixed up and I really didn't know where they were going with it. I was sadly lost by the end of the track. On the whole not a bad album, I just think they need to find a genre and stick to it. The album in parts sounded a little mixed up.

U.S. alternative rockers The Kidney Thieves are back after a long eight year break, and are now back with the album "Tryptofanatic" band now consisting of the enigmatic, Free Dominguez on vocals and Bruce Sommers on guitars this LA duo know they have something to prove with their long absence. Having made sound track contributions to TV and film we all remember the captivating "Before I'M Dead " for the vampire flick "Queen of the Damned" I would recommend this band for fans of NIN and Marilyn Manson, as I feel this album sounds very influenced by both artists. The first track I have chosen is a track called "Freaky People” for me this one of the best tracks on the album, the chorus was catchy and I couldn't get it out of my head, it did sound very much like the Manson track "Beautiful People" this in my opinion isn't a bad thing as I did really like this track, and made me want to listen to the rest of the album. The second track that I recommend is a track called "Dead Girl walking" although a shorter track than the rest of the songs on the album, Frees strong intense vocals, left me spellbound. I firmly believe they can pick things up where they left them, and will gain a stronger fan base than ever before.



HION MARTELL Will Cure Any Disease

Hold on rockers our favorite Pistolero is here 100% in your face and Lee certainly isn’t going to leave quietly. The new album released under the label 100% Rock now released in Australia and available in the U.S./U.K. May 3rd. Duende "Last of The Pistoleros" This album is a solo album from Lee Pistolero it's a mix of Flamenco, sleaze rock, which is hard hitting in every aspect lyrically, musically and vocally. The band consisting of front man Lee Pistolero, Steve Payte, Danny Watt and Ryche Green these guys really are a force to be reckoned with. Currently booking there UK and U.S. tours before jetting off to Oz looks like there is no part they are going to leave unturned and that isn’t going to hear what the Lee Pistolero has to say. The first track I have chosen has to be without a doubt a track called "Livin Down with the Gypsies" from the flamenco opening into the thrash and energetic drums, this song grabs you by the balls and screams "ARE YOU LISTENING" teamed by the sexy sleaze rock vocals of Lee Pistolero, this made me pay attention. If you weren't a fan I personally think this track could make you change your mind. The second track I would recommend would be a track called "Stand and Deliver" a cover of the 80s track by the band Adam and the Ants. I personally think this version is better the guys have definitely made this track their own, with their own

unique style. Some covers just don't work, but this one does what it is supposed to do and give us a total rock out experience. So go check them out the bands info can be found at


If you listen closely you might be able to hear Lemmy and Lucinda Williams putting their signature stamp on a few tunes. This album takes you on a journey through this ever changing world, and making the change within yourself while still being who you are. Who would have thought that Michael Monroe would serve people life lessons on a silver platter combined in a single, yet very powerful album. There’s not one song I can recommend. You have to listen to the whole album and draw your own conclusions; however in my opinion this album is the long awaited gold star that everyone has been waiting for. Rated

MICHAEL MONROE Sensory Overdrive By: Agnieszka Wilde

I always fancied Michael Monroe for his clever lyrics and catchy melodies but I have to admit that his current album “Sensory Overdrive” has upped the ante on all musical components and the album title couldn’t have been better-chosen. The album has the ability to stir up all your senses and with a dream line up of players. Steve Conti (guitar), Ginger Wildheart(guitar), Sami Yaffa(Bass) and Karl “Rockfist” Rosqvist(drums) you have no choice but to give in. All of these guys are legends in their own right, and that shows in the music they create together. “I had a nasty habit, it didn’t work for me” Michael sings on start off track “Trick Of The Wrist” Michael talks about changing his bad boy ways while still maintaining his Rock’n’Roll Soul. “78”,”Got Blood”, “Superpower Superfly” are kick ass, in your face, catchy melodies, and guitar riff driven songs. The album takes a slightly lighter note with songs such as “All You Need” and “Gone Baby Gone”.

talented singer in her own right and still young I don't think we have seen the best of her yet. The first track that I recommend to listen too is called "My Medicine " Momsen has a raw intensity with her strong, grungy growl vocals, accompanied with heavy riffs and wailing solos this track works well, but can she pull off the same intensity live, I cant answer this as I haven’t seen them live. I do hope so if they can carry this off it’s in my belief you’re in for a hell of a show. The second track I recommend is the track called "Miss Money" I think this track is good vocally she reminds me of a younger version of Courtney Love, but really do we need another Courtney, This track is the one that stuck out in the album for me, but there is something stopping me loving it. It has hints of Paramore in there as well for me it doesn't sound fresh, in my opinion she needs more tracks like “My Medicine to keep my attention. Rated

THE PRETTY RECKLESS Light Me Up By: Helen Hosie

In 2009 American actress/ model Taylor Momsen formed a band called the “The Pretty Reckless", after a lineup change the band consisting of Ben Philips/guitar, Mark Damon on bass and Jamie Perkins on drums, this line up seems a better fit, and feel. With the worldwide release of "Light me Up” they have established a firm fan base. The band has many influences from Joan Jett to Kurt Cobain, from the White Stripes to Led Zeppelin. The question is, is this just another actress trying to make a transition from the acting world to the music world?? In my personal opinion although Taylor is an exceptionally

SMASH HIT COMBO Loading By: Helen Hosie

French Death Metal/ Metal/rap artists Smash Hit Combo has been on the music scene since 2005, they hail from Cernay, Alsace. They have a hard hitting obnoxious sound, and fans of Slipknot and Linkin Park may be able to relate to them. The first track that I have chosen is called "Contre Nature" this song sounded very much like Slipknot and the start of the track sounded

very much influenced by Linkin Park. On the whole it’s not a bad track, and for fans of the mentioned bands you guys will relate to this. Sadly It wasn't for me musically the guys have defiantly have something, but nothing screamed at me saying love this album, the only thing that was screaming at me was the bands front man. The second track I have chosen was “Casier Vierge” this starts off very NU Metal, similar to "The End” by Linkin Park. For me, there was too much similarity with the two artists. I don't feel they put their own stamp on things. I was waiting on baited breathe for their own unique spin, but this happened nowhere in the album. As always this is just my opinion and I am very sure that there is an eager audience out there for them, but sadly I am just not a fan of the album

rocking let’s find out. The first track that I decided you guys should take a listen to is "Crushed" it has a very rock/country feel to it, and to be brutally honest I LOVED IT, it’s not something I would usually like, but this particular track made me want to hear more. I could actually listen to Matt's voice all day, there a mix of rock/blues very sexy indeed they certainly had me hooked. The second track I would recommend is called "Keep Me Coming Back" and this is certainly what this song made me do, such an addictive song and vocally this guy makes me melt lyrically and musically I was trans fixed. I must say that it is good to hear something different, it was actually refreshing. These Dudes really are terrific.

it does what it supposed to, make you sit up and want to listen. But sadly for me there was too much similarity with Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica I wanted to hear something new and exciting. The second track you should take a listen to be called "Hail Me As Your God" this is a good song a proper rocking track with the thrashing metal drums, to the awesome guitar solos. But once again I was sadly disappointed it just sounds old and tired heavy metal repetition that has sadly become apparent in the industry. There was nothing there to utterly blow me away. Rated



RHINO BUCKET Who’s Got Mine By: Helen Hosie


By: Helen Hosie

By: Helen Hosie

The Dude Terrific, a four piece band from Nashville, Tennessee, band members Matt, guitars and vocals , Doug, guitar and vocals Michael on bass and last but by no means least Ruben on drums and percussion. Having a very large and mixed batch of influences from ACDC and The Beatles to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash just to name a few, shows us the diversity in the musical choices. 2010 brought us there debut album now their back with their new album, the big question is can they deliver us something raw and

Whyte Ash, these heavy metal outfit from Orebro, Sweden, the band consisting of members of previous bands Burning Saviors and The Grand Frontiers, thought that it was time to give the world another kick ass band. So that exactly what band members Mikael Monks, Henry Pyykko, Isak Ahlman, Jimmy Thell and Anrdres Erikson, did and "Whyte Ash was born; now they give us there debut album "I Will Remain". You guys and gals should check out the album’s title track called "I Will "Remain" this track was a good album opener, and

Van Nuys CA, USA, rockers Rhino Bucket have been around since the early 90s. We all remember their self titled debut album for me one of the most re memorable songs being "Blood On The Cross" The guys who are currently on an extensive US/European Tour, there extremely busy guys at present. So have the guys still got it takes to blow us away and keep us wanting more. Let’s find out shall we!!!! "Drive Thru The Liquor" is the first track I have chosen from the album the gritty, dirty rock vocals from front man Georg Dolivo had me addicted this track definitely hit the spot for me in all aspects and I wanted to hear more, for me very AC/DC which I

loved AC/DC but sexier. I have to admit I played this track on repeat for ages and I never got sick of it, the wail of that guitar gave me Goosebumps. "Life Line" This is the second track I have chosen for you guys and gals. For me this track is very AC/DC influenced, don't get me wrong they really do make it their own they give it their own stamp, then it totally holds its own. For me this is raw and energetic and makes me want more,

played loud. As an opener for the album this hit the nail on the head. "Rain on you" the second track I have chosen has the Glam Rock Sleaze appeal that you expect for these guys. There were a couple of songs on the album that I didn't like but that's not really that bad from a twelve track album. This album has impressed me on all levels, not a bad album indeed. All I have to do now is see them live

can find Red Sea Rising here -Rising/570149339


Rated Rated

MOTHER MERCY Standing Alone By: Claire Hosie

RED SEA RISING Eye of the Storm KING LIZZARD Viva La Decadence By: Helen Hosie

King Lizard a Glam/ Rock/ Metal band hailing from the English Capital London start back in 2002 and many band lineup changes finally completing their lineup in 2006. Now consisting of members Flash Roxx, Niro Knox, Alice Rain and Sky. Having done many shows on the London circuit and establishing a firm fan base, these guys aren’t afraid of a bit of hard work to get the music out there to the public. If you’re a fan of Motley Crue or the LA GUNS your sure to like King Lizard. "Viva La Decadence" is the first track I have chosen from the album. Having listened to this album many times, I think the guys still have what it takes. This being the title track from The album and I personally loved it. It’s a, don't give a fuck what you think track and I think should be

By: Fiona Lane

Run for cover.....The Eye of the Storm hailing from CA with a six musician combined effort, bringing an 80's powerhouse full speed Red Sea Rising. Here is their latest, Eye of the Storm. "Just Bleed" I love rock ballads and this song brought some nostalgia to my listening. Very dark, powerful, yet moving. It totally had an Ozzy feel to it. Yet, I feel the keys were a bit excessive, and not fitting for this song. "Life on Hold" Flows powerfully bringing the high energy wails and strong percussions. The raspy vocals morph into a piercing howl that brings you back to the good old days of cruisin' in the Firebird with your boyfriend with the cassette cranked to eleven. Red Sea Rising brings to mind of a favored bar band that would pack the place on a Friday and Saturday night with die hard Priest, and Ozzy fans. So if you like the 80's metal sound, you will like this band. You

Swedish rockers Mother Misery have been around since 2004, vocalist John Hermansen, started the band with guitarist Thomas Piehl. Following the release of their debut album "Grandiosity" they toured extensively. Now in 2011 they bring us there new album "Standing Alone" Dirty Secrets has to be one of my favorite songs on the album, love the vocals reminds me a bit of Audioslave good guitar riffs that put an edge to this track. I definitely think this is a band that is thriving with potential, and one too looks out for. Being hard women to please musically, I must say I am pretty impressed by this band. The song "Fade Away" has to be another one of my favorites on the album. I played this one loud and love the haunting vocals, rocking drums and guitars. I would love to hear this band live. They will definitely not "Fade Away" in my book .


DIRTY PASSION Different Tomorrow By: Claire Hosie

Dirty Passion is four guys hailing from Sweden the band have been around since 2006. Having opened for bands such as Faster Pussycat and Enuff z' Nuff in Malmo Sweden which is their hometown, so they have established a stance in the industry now bringing us there debut album "Different Tomorrow" let’s have a listen shall we. "Rockin The Night" If I had to pick a song from the album this is the song that kept me slightly interested, very 80s influenced, really not my thing at all. For me there was no originality at all for me, it’s all been done before. So sadly for me I didn't feel this at all. Even though I wasn't a fan of this album, I am pretty sure there are fans out there that will love this album. "Trip To Paradise" This track has a smother feel to it than the rest of the album, which I did like vocally this guy rocks and musically they are talented the solos on the album were fast and energetic pretty rocking to say the least. If the rest of the album was more like this one I would have loved it.

DAVE WICHAEL Fortune in Love By: Fiona Lane

Dave Wichael, a comrade of the music scene since 2002. With several bands under his belt, this 26 yr old comes from Spain. Here is Dave's First Solo EP "Fortune in Love" "Fortune in Love" In the beginning, the guitar sounds pretty solid. The overall sound is Supertramp meets REO Speedwagon. Did I hear a tambourine in there? "Break in Pieces" This was all so overwhelming for me. The vocals were low, then high, then high, then low...very off key a number of times. The guitar wasn't bad. I don't know what else it was I heard, but there for a minute I heard as if I was playing an ATARI video game. As I listened to the rest, not any of the other songs brought anything new to the table. It was all very monotonous in vocals, and in music. I just wasn't a fan of this. You can find Dave Wichael here

Rated Rated

ENCORE Out The Window By: Helen Hosie

The band I am going to review has to be without a doubt the most invigorating band I have ever reviewed. Why is this? I hear you ask. Well people the band I am talking about is called "Encore" from Ohio USA, and the band consists of an 11yrs old and a 15yr old. Brothers Chaise Bearire and Riley Bearire these youngster's have been around for over two years and and pretty determined to make it. Completing the line up are Paris Stewart and Scott Cairns. I have to say I am pretty impressed with what I heard and recommend you guys give them a listen as well. The first track that I listened to was "Drift Away" as I have said I was pleasantly surprised by this album, this is pretty good stuff. They definitely have something going on, vocally a little weak in some parts but I believe this will develop into something kickass, the guitarist definitely has found his calling. What a talented young man indeed, if he has the ability to blow me away now, Jesus what will he be like in a few years time. On the whole, Well done guys. Loud and Proud, this track I enjoyed immensely a very rocking track. This style is better suited to the vocalist very rock/punk this track indeed. It isn't very often that you hear a band with such potential as these youngsters A little rough round the edges in parts but

hey give them a break. I like them. Good job guys.


JOLLY ROX Welcome To My Twisted Room

Percussions, the clean vocals just pour into my brain. A very raw and rockin' in-your-face well structured ensemble. I highly recommend this album. The vocals, riffs, beats, and bass are nothing less than amazing. In all honesty, there is not one song on this CD that I didn't like. Each song brought its own unique sound and diversity. Now if hopefully someday, we can see Jolly Rox on the US stage that would make me a very happy girl. Jolly Rox is definitely in my favorites. You can check them out here:

By: Fiona Lane

With a logo inspiration of the famous Pirate, Jolly Roger and the music style influences of glam/ metal/rock & blues this trio: Joey, Eric & Danny hail from Italy. And truth be told, I fell in love with this band after listening to their CD the very first time. This CD marks the beginning of the long awaited production of their first true album "Welcome To My Twisted Room ". Here is Jolly Rox."Twisted Room" Walk into a show with this song playing, do a shot, and you're ready to go! A great party tune that keeps you singing along, and the energy moving throughout. Whether you’re listening to it in your car, or a night out. Joey's high-range vocals are crisp, and the elevated rhythm section combines so perfectly. A total feel good tune. "Elizabeth" Starts out with my favorite...the acoustic guitar. Beautiful melodies fit perfect with the soft, emotional vocals that draw you in then suddenly morphs into a powerful ballad with the riffs and beats. "I could fly in your voices sound" A line from this song that I am using to describe my thoughts on this. Immaculate. "Evil Inside" Breaking into the song with sharp guitar riffs, and pulsating


FOR SNAIL MAIL: KRASHCITY MAGAZINE 21-24 47th Street Astoria, NY 11105

will learn four of their old band’s songs and we’ll see how it sounds. It sounded great with all 8 songs sounding better than they ever had. As far as the name goes we had a few suggestions going around but they were all old clichéd metal names. As soon as I heard Baby Jane I was sold. I loved it. I like the contrast of us being a hard rocking band with such a sweet sounding name. Of all the names we had been testing on our friends BJ was the one that got the best feedback. I’m pretty sure it was Judgies idea that he had got from an old movie, ‘whatever happened to Baby Jane?’ so you’d need to ask him the specifics-I just thought it sounded cool.

BABYJANE By: Helen Hosie Hailing from Perth Australia, four guys Andy Smith, Nik Kats, Paul Judge and John Gerosolo had a vision and that vision came in the shape and form of "BABYJANE " These guys have a raw intensity and are driven with passion for what they do. Their sheer determination is going to take them far. Having spoken to them, they each have their own unique charm and humor. Laugh I that a lot whilst chatting with them. Following the release of their debut album "Are you listening” I wanted to find out more about them. So here is how it went. Enjoy, I did!!!!!!

KCM: Tell the KRASHCITY readers a bit about "BABYJANE" PAUL : We’re the only Australian rock n’ roll band of our type with a sound reminiscent of AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses – pretty much all the older generation of hard rock bands. We love what we do and we’ve been doing it a while... we thrive on friction and that’s what fires us up. The album will tell you everything you need to know about us. ANDY: Like everything with this band we did things the long way. John, Nik and Judgie were looking for a singer and I auditioned. We ended up jamming together for about a month and although I could see that the guys could play it just wasn’t musically what I was looking for at that point. I put another band together and over time firstly our bass player left and Judgie joined, then our lead guitar player left and John joined. That line up lasted maybe a year before it ran out of steam and I left. I went to Europe for a couple of months and when I came back John came to my house and pitched his offer: Nik will learn 4 of my old band’s songs, I

KCM: You have just released your album "Are you listening" on 100% how's that been going for you guys? PAUL : It couldn’t be better. You tend to get lost pretty quickly when you don’t have management and being from Perth it’s harder than you’ll ever imagine. Despite Bon Scott hailing from here and this being his final resting place Perth is as ‘un-rock’ a city as you can get, it’s pretty ironic. 100% ROCK’s got a plan and we’re in it for the long haul. Aside from all that, our CD launch went off without a hitch – the crowd was great, the bands were great and WE were fucking awesome. KCM: What do you guys think of the music industry at the moment? PAUL: I personally am not a big fan of technology and the internet has revolutionized the industry in equal measures good and bad. I’ve heard this point of view a thousand times but I completely agree... people want a quick fix these days and they can get it at the click of a mouse. So they won’t buy a CD ‘because they’ll get it for free. They won’t see a band ‘because they can see a million different gigs on YouTube. Bands that aren’t already established can’t sell albums, especially if there’s no record company nurturing them and giving them a chance to grow. But then again, it’s all the next phase of the wheel isn’t it? Things never stay the same. KCM: Do you guys have any plans to go to the UK or the US PAUL : Of course! We’d come there permanently if it was logistical. But we’re a band with limited funds. It’s expensive to go hopping around the globe without a plan so if someone likes the album and wants to set up gigs for us or a band wants to take us on tour with us for a few dates we’d be there in a flash. And we LOVE the UK --- each of us have been there individually and our singer’s from Manchester so it’s a place we’re very familiar with. Our kind of music’s

always been strong over there as opposed to the US where it seems to come and go. Someone foot the bill and we’re there hahaha! KCM: Part and parcel of being in a Rock band are the fans, and all being devilishly handsome you must have a few female followers, have any of you guys had any weird or embarrassing female requests or gifts.!!!! PAUL: Let’s just say, without going into details, that it’s the country towns in WA where the female followers surprise us from time to time. It seems the further inland we go the looser and weirder they get! We’ve never been given gifts but some characters we’ve met and... Been ‘entertained’ by... are the ‘Wristy Twins’, ‘Stick it Anywhere Steph’ and ‘Gobby Karen’. There’s also the Metal Mariah’s in Melbourne and ‘Alexandria the Great’ in Sydney. And ‘Drippy Donna’ too. Let’s leave it at that. KCM: There are loads of bands crashing on to the scene at the moment is there any bands you particularly like or is there any you think should give up, or totally piss ya off!!!! (I have a few lol) PAUL: I can’t speak for any of the other guys but theres no new bands that have excited me the way the oldies do. There are some great bands here in Perth. 10 Seconds to Mars need to take a permanent break; they represent everything that sucks about new music. KISS should give up – they’re the perfect example of a once legendary band completely whoring themselves to anyone who’ll pay into their retirement fund. AC/DC should keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing – no one comes close to them, same goes for Alice Cooper. I think it’s about time Motley Crue hung it up too. Any band clearly doing it for money should follow Led Zep’s example... don’t tarnish the magic! KCM: Recently I have seen Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper in my opinion all time greats they still leave there audience in awe, What do you guys think of the older generation bands, for example Motley Crue have announced a tour with the New York Dolls and Poison do you think this is good or should they leave it alone now???? PAUL : Despite what I just said about the Crue... a tour like that is a pretty exciting package for fans, especially having the Dolls on the bill... who knows if the other 2 bands would even exist if the Dolls weren’t around. Our drummer is going to be in LA for that show and he can hardly contain himself. It’s a hard question to answer... if you can pull it off live then why not do it until you drop? But our genre

requires extra effort – it’s not like the Eagles or the Grateful Dead where you can do it forever. For me personally there’s nothing more tragic than seeing balding old men wearing make-up running around the stage with a sore hip trying to pull of those huge 80’s anthems. Then you have the master – Alice Cooper – who may not have the greatest voice anymore but is as in control of his audience as he ever was touring year after year, with a flawless backup band just kicking ass. So it all depends on who’s still got it. KCM: So what do you guys think of Social Networking sites, Facebook, My space etc, do you think they help in promoting your music ?? PAUL: They definitely help but, like I was saying before, there’s just so MUCH of it now. There’s too much choice. And now you have overnight stars who release a song on the net filming themselves in their basement or whatever and BOOM! Famous. Never hit the live circuit and honed their sound over a period of time, there’s quite a few examples of those. But hey I don’t want to sound cynical. The internet IS a forum now that HAS to be utilized so we WILL use it. Ultimately though I like to think the true test of someone becoming a fan or not is for them to come and see the band in their live environment. KCM: This question is directed at Andy, I hear that you are a Man united Fan, are you still as passionate about them and if you had to choose football or music which would it be???? ANDY: Music. But I am passionate about United. I just don’t like the way the game is going where it’s all about money. It’s not the same game I grew up with anymore but I still love to watch a good game and I am United till I die. And if Wayne Rooney has the nerve to think Alex Ferguson and Manchester United have no ambition he can fuck off wherever he wants...where is there to go but down. Fuckin idiot lost my love when he came out with all that bullshit.

KCM: This is my favorite question; I ask it all the time, who is your influences and Heroes????? PAUL: For me Alice Cooper’s the all-time great. He influenced so much more in popular culture than people realize and when I see or hear Manson or Zombie I just think “Whatever, Alice did it better 30 years ago”. Slash is certainly my favorite guitar player, John’s too. There’s no other axeman around who can make his guitar scream, cry and wail like he can, he’s just got perfect mastery of the instrument and his solos are classics. Being a bassist though Duff McKagan is how I aspire to sound. His tone, his style... it gives me a fucking hard-on. The start of ‘It’s So Easy’? Hard-on right there. Gene Simmons playing on the early KISS stuff is beautiful as well. Visually I love what Sid Vicious did – I can’t say I’d want a padlock hanging off my neck but he just WAS that look. I could go on and on but it would take up 3 pages – you’ve got the main guys there for me.

KCM: So what’s next for BABYJANE? Nik : Next for BABYJANE is to take the album on the road and play as many venues as possible. Bash it into the public’s head that BABYJANE mean fucking business. So hopefully for the next year or so we'll be on the road playing live and writing new material. An album is definitely on the cards; we've got some new songs that are sounding great and a few older tunes that we are reworking. People keep saying that they would love to hear what the 2nd album would sound like if Michael Wagener recorded pre produced and mixed it. So that’s something that we're discussing.

ANDY: I think the Beatles are the greatest band of all time but the first time I saw a Motley Crue video I was hooked and never looked back. They were my new favorite band and that still stands today. Nikki Sixx is the number one inspiration to my lyrical style and the whole attitude of the Crue really brought me out of my shell. Mick’s riffs, Tommy’s beats big hooky choruses. This band had everything I was looking for and I soaked it all up. The bands I really like have all got attitude. From GnR, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Zeppelin-even Oasis. They are all dangerous. Nik : My heroes are: Bon Scott, Lemmy , Nikki Sixx, My influences AC/DC, Phil Rudd, Tommy Lee and Nikko Mcbrain. Favorite bands are AC/DC, Crue, Ozzy, Skid, GnR, Sabbath, Motorhead, and list goes on and on haha John : My main influences are: Ace Frehley, Jimi Hendrix and Slash and my heroes are Slash, Joe Perry and Bert Reynolds and band Gunners KCM: The world is going to end, What would you do on your last day on earth? Nik : Ok Last day on earth what would I do. Well firstly say a quick c-yah to everyone, then get heavily fucked up and steal a Lamborghini or Ferrari from a show room and go on an out of control road rage just destroying and tearing up shit, with AC/DC Highway to Hell album blasting. I love destruction. Oh yeah and try and sneak a quick drink at the local Titty bar.!/pages/BABYJANE/1109 02428925603

ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE There’s nothing like….. A Live Performance

Put their best foot forward especially “Cheap Trick or Treat tribute to “Live at Budokan” The Dark Party were the headliners and as usual the energy kicked into full gear with” Here Today” Followed by “She Brings down the Moon” and crowd favorite ”Sugar Cum” The stage was huge the lights were perfect for taking pictures and the band played brand a new song called “Star Gazer Lilly” If you’ve ever been to a Dark Party show you know how highly entertaining they are. As with all of their shows the time has passed by fast and they closed the night with an awesome rendition of” Transmission” by Joy Division. with a little help from their friends, Cheap Trick or Treat (Cheap Trick Tribute), The Orion Experience, High Teen Boogie and The Young Things. Rock 4 Japan has raised Three Thousand Dollars in just a few hours.

Photo By: Paul Cybulski

Show: Rock 4 Japan. Venue: BROOKLYN BOWL Where: Brooklyn NY Date: April 12, 2011 Starring: Acey Slade and the Dark Party & Friends Reviewer: Agnieszka Wilde It’s rare that I ever turn down going to a Dark Party show simply because Acey Slade always has New and unexpected trick up his sleeve. I’m sure a few bands could learn a thing or two from his Way of thinking. Rock 4 Japan was a great cause and it featured great bands. Everyone seemed to

Photo By: Paul Cybulski

Show: Texas Terri Venue: TRASH BAR Where: Brooklyn, New York Date: March 27th, 2011 Starring: TEXAS TERRI Reviewer: Agnieszka Wilde It was pretty damn cold in New York considering that it supposed to be spring, but I knew that

The temperature would change drastically once I encountered the presence of Texas Terri…. the Queen of Punk came from Berlin, Germany (That’s where she currently resides) to do a few dates in the U.S. The Trash Bar in Brooklyn was her very last stop before returning home. The Place was packed and you had to squeeze through people to get anywhere. I knew that the first two songs were just a warm up and by the time Terri sung “Shut up” the crowd went crazy. She wowed the audience with her stage charisma and personality, kissing people in the crowd and flirting shamelessly with her in your face songs. She seemed to be in a catatonic trance as she starred at her fans like a cat looking through a fish bowl ready to devour everyone with her fiery persona. Fans responded enthusiastically with singing back on “Oh Yeah” and heads went bopping up and down as Terri delivered Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer” and Iggy Pop’s “I Wanna Be You’re Dog” The show was wrapping up with” Hundred Bucks” and the grand finale included Terri laughingly and mooned the crowd. If you have not ever seen Texas Terri live, I strongly Recommend it. You will not only enjoy the show but will also pick up a few tricks along the way.

Photo By: Simi Friedman

Show: Chris Cornell Venue: TOWN HALL Where NYC, NY Date: April 13, 2011 Starring: CHRIS CORNELL Reviewer: Agnieszka Wilde Town Hall is more of a theatrical venue which I would say is more equipped for Broadwaylike shows, so I was somewhat surprised that Chris Cornell would perform there. The stage was dimly lit creating the perfect atmosphere for intimate setting and a semi-circle was created with a vast array of guitars. The show started around 9:15 and you couldn’t hear anything for the first few minutes, but excited cheers from fans. This show was nothing like the SOUNDGARDEN shows and judging by the constant enthusiastic cheers of fans looks like Chris Cornell has etched quite a name for himself as a solo artist. This “Acoustic Songbook tour” was interesting to say the least. The show started off with a song called “Dark Globe” and the powerful emotion of that song has given me chills. Next was a song called “Ground Zero” which in my mind reminded me of the

Disaster which occurred all those years ago in New York City, but Chris had a different spin on it and said it’s about Hurricane Katrina. What makes acoustic shows in general kind of intimate is the stories behind the songs, so before breaking into “I promise you it’s not a goodbye” Chris explained that he used to get emails from a fan whose daughter had brain cancer and he sent Chris a poem written from his daughters perspective to which Chris felt that he had to immediately put music to and turn it into a moving song. The crowd roared with cheers by the tiime Chris kicked into “You can’t Change Me” over all the show was a dream come true for any Chris Cornell fan, and although it was an acoustic show it lacked the element of being boring. After playing his heart out and gratefully accepting the constant cheers from his fans, the show descended toward an end with John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Audioslave’s” Like A Stone” Special thanks go out to: Devora and Lisa Taylor at 42 West

Photo By: Simon Suleman

Show: Michael Monroe Venue: ISLINGTON ACADEMY Where: London, England Date: April 8, 2011 Starring: MICHAEL MONROE Reviewer: Simon Suleman Michael Monroe recruited in the finest and legendary musicians into his group to make his band stand out among all other glam bands of the present. Ginger the backbone of the band The Wildhearts was brought in by Michael Monroe to play guitar on the solo project he’s running, on bass Monroe called his old fellow from his previous legendary band Hanoi Rocks “Sami Yaffa”,on second guitar Steve Conte from the New York Dolls and to fill the space for a drummer Michael called in the from Danzig and The Chelsea Smiles “Karl Rosqvist” Also known as Rockfist. All these great names in Rock n Roll history make the group a superGroup of great musicians. Michael got into the studio with his musician and came out with his 6th studio album called “Sensory Overdrive”. The much awaited album by fans was released

Through Universal/Spinefarm Records on March 14, 2011 and Monroe announced the tour Dates to promote his new album. Michael announced a 13 date UK tour which kicked off on April 4th from Brighton (well known for its beautiful beaches). After touring several cities in the UK Michael finally brought his band to play in London on 8th of April at O2 Academy Islington. Last year Monroe played at the same venue around same time so for some fans seeing Michael Monroe again at the same venue this year was kind of Déjà vu. O2 In late afternoon and boys and girls, men and women with big long hair wearing make-up, tight jeans and cowboy boots Started popping out of the underground station. Anyone could’ve told that they are coming out to see the legendary Michael Monroe. People started lining up for the show around 3pm. Gates opened at 7pm and fans rushed in to get their places right at the barriers to catch the best view of the show. After two support bands stage lights went dim which alarmed the crowed that in few seconds they’ll be watching the glam rock legend performing in front of them. The crowd cheered and shouted out loud calling the band on stage and the four musicians came on stage without Michael Monroe. Fans cheered for Michael as the drums kicked in and Michael ran on stage with his Saxophone. The band started the gig with “Trick of the wrist” followed by the “Got Blood?” both songs from his latest album “Sensory Overdrive”. For the hungry Hanoi Rocks fans Michael fed them with

three tracks from Hanoi that made Hanoi Rocks fans go crazy. Some fans seemed a little disappointed as they wanted more tunes from Hanoi Rocks but since It was the album promotional tour Michael played more songs from his latest album than from His other projects. The band played three songs from Demolition 23 and the songs included “Hammersmith Palais”, “Nothing Alright and Dysfunctional” “Not Fakin”’ it and “Dead Jail Rock-n-Roll the two most energetic tracks from Michael’s previous solo albums brought a wave of energy to the crowd. Michael and his band left the stage and after a big noise from the crowd the band came back for the encore. The band started with the Johnny Thunders cover “I Wanna Be Loved” during the song Michael stunned the crowed when he ran from one corner to the other of the stage and climbed the stage rigging to reach the people in the balcony. The people in the balcony threw their hands out to shake with Michael. After meeting his fans in the balcony Michael came back down to finish the song and to wrap the gig off with the last song to the day.

Photo By: Paulina Stasicka

Show: CHILDREN of BODOM Venue: THE FORUM Where: London, England Date: April 11, 2011 Starring: CHILDREN of BODOM Reviewer: Paulina Stasicka On April 11, 2011 at The Forum (Kentish Town) in London, a great show took place of a Finnish band called Children of Bodom. The show started around 9pm and the band opened the show with “Not my funeral” from their latest album “Relentless Reckless Forever” Their music is a definite ear catcher and by the sound of it their fans know that CHILDREN of BODOM are back in full form. They brought back a unique style with keyboards that don’t quite fit the music and overwhelming, electric guitar riffs, and let’s not forget the unmistakable speed of playing their instruments. The next song totally moved the audience as well as me. “Needled 24/7” I have to admit it’s one of my favorite cuts. ”Ugly” was the next song from their latest album. Some may think this song is chaotic but I think all of that should be overseen by the genius guitar riffs and constantly changing tempo of music. The show continued with the next tune called ”Round trip to Hell and Back” This cut is also from their latest album and it reminds me a bit of a song called ”Every time die” from their earlier album “Follow the Reaper” The crowd went crazy to “In your face” and I think it’s because it’s one of the better known songs from CHILDREN of BODOM The fans had a great time and so did I. “Living dead beat” from their album “Are dead yet?” It had To be included in the repertoire of the show. The next song was”Hate me” This band was definitely

promoting their latest album with vigor and determination at the London show. The next song they kicked into was “Shovel Knockout” and I have to admit that this song is my absolute favorite from the album. They slowed down their pace a bit and let everyone catch their breath with “Angels don’t kill” followed by “The Reaper” . Towards the shows end they played another one of my favorites called ”Downfall”. They started the song with pulsating keyboards which were over ridden by thumping drums and the screams of Laiho. One powerful riff was out done by another and the keyboards would light up with the intensity of the song giving it that extra kick.The show was exciting and filled with fresh intensity. The tickets sold out as fast as freshly baked rolls. The lines for the show were very long full of hungrily waiting fans. This is my fourth time seeing CHILDREN of BODOM in concert and my feelings were heightened with each show. I’m glad I bought their latest CD and I highly recommend it. Too bad CHILDREN of BODOM rarely perform in London.

Electric Ballroom is known for its club nights in London and serves as a venue for live performance as well. It has two floors and three bar areas. Every first Friday of the month is INFERNO and then every Friday is SINCITY. As soon as the tour was announced people went crazy As it was a big package for them to see their three favorite bands together on one stage. It is still Considered as the biggest show of the year. Lineup of this tour had CRASHDIET, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and THE 69 EYES. People started lining up for the gig around 3pm. around 5pm When the long line almost started to block the Camden High Street, Jocke from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR came out to meet people. The doors opened around 6 and the first band to go on Stage was CRASHDIET. The back

stage had several stories on for each band. On the first floor Were CRASHDIET, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and THE 69 EYES. It was good to see that all the bands Were hanging out together in the backstage area. The top floor was kind of common area.

Fans were really disappointed on the very short set by band. But the fans who have been touring throughout the UK to see Dark Decadence said that CRASHDIET put on the best show in London. They started the show with their song from the 3rd album Generation Wild “Down With the Dust” which went straight into “So Alive” in which Simon Cruz picked up and played the 2nd Guitar to support Martin Sweet’s riffs. The third song the band played was” Riot In Everyone” which made everyone go crazy in the crowd followed by “Native Nature”.” Breaking The Chains” was the 5th song played and made everyone sing to the chorus. The last song the band played was “Generation Wild” which is also known as, THE CRASHDIET ANTHEM. Fans raised their fists up as Simon sung the chorus “Raise your fist high, we’re Generation Wild”. CRASHDIET played the shortest set on the tour but the energy and performance of the band was amazing. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR


Show: The Dark Decadence Tour Venue: CAMDEN ELECTRIC BALLROOM Where: London ENGLAND Date: April 1, 2011 Starring: CRASDIET, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, and THE 69 EYES Reviewer: Simon Suleman

Photo By: Simon Suleman

Photo By: Simon Suleman

The band jumped up on stage and waved their hands to their fans and a drumroll got into the

first song of their set. The first song they did was from their latest album Split your lips “Sadistic Girls”. “Guest List” was the second song played by the band and the song made all the fans jump as Jocke jumped and asked everyone to jump along. A number I would call as a dancing song is” My good reputation” was the 4th song played by the band and it made everyone dance in the crowd. Everyone sung along to the chorus of the song. After playing the 5th song “Dreaming in a Casket” the stage light went off as a spot light fell over Jocke and Vic. Vic brought his acoustic guitar on stage. Martin and Adde left the stage and everyone knew it’s time for “Here comes that sick bitch”. Jocke and Vic performed this beautiful acoustic song amazingly and again everyone in the crowed sung along the chorus.” Last Call for Alcohol” and” Moonshine” were the two other songs the band did from their latest album “Split Your Lips”. During “Last call for alcohol” Jocke picked up a girl from the audience and brought her up on stage. The girl sang along with Jocke and danced to the song. 12 songs later and people were still waiting for their favorite song from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR” We don’t celebrate Sundays” was the last song by the band and it’s An anthem to all HCSS fans. As the drums kicked in people started jumping and every single person in the crowd sang and danced to the song. I would say that the fans were singing louder on this song than Jocke. HARDCORE SUPERSTAR” provided the best show, better than the other two bands. People who

even came to see THE 69 EYES or CRASHDIET were blown away by the HARDCORE SUPERSTAR” performance. I spoke to a couple of people who were not HARDCORE SUPERSTAR” fans but after that performance they were truly amazed.

ended with what seemed as the crowd favorite” Lost Boys”. After the shows the venue cleared out quickly as the club was being prepared for their regular Friday night madness called “Inferno”


Would like to Thank The Following Bands: Kix, Wednesday 13, Piggy D. John Waite, CrashDiet, HardcoreSuper Star, 69 Eyes, Michael Monroe, Posh Vandals, Acey Slade and the Dark Party, BuckCherry, Hellyeah, Chris Cornell, Athena, Demetria , Militia, Texas Terri, Baby Jane, The Dirty Pearls and Children of Bodom. Photo By: Simon Suleman

Jyrki slid on stage to the sound of the first song which was “Devils” and proceeded to sing in his signature husky voice before

kicking into “Ghettoway Car” and “Dead n Gone” It’s very clear that the heartbeat of this band is pumped by Jussi. He was clearly the star of the show as his performance usually surpasses everyone’s expectations. His energy clearly infects the band and by the time they moved onto playing “Wings and Hearts” and “Perfect Skin” the fans started going out of their minds by singing along and jumping about. The energy shifted a bit by the time they played “Kiss me undead”,” The Chair” and “Never say Die” Towards the end of their performance the energy picked up again as the pounding drums and roaring guitars continued with” Dead Girls Are easy” and “Brandon Lee” The show has

Very Special Thank You: Go out to the people behind the bands. Cory B. from 10th street, Suzanne Hurt, Tuula Rossi from Spinefarm Records, Adam Saig and Lucy Freeman from the Noise Cartel in London, Michelle Kerr from Roadrunner Records, Nick Mallinson from Halbe Miete Management, Markus Wosgien from Nuclear Blast Records, Sanjay Larsson, Lisa Taylor and Devora from the Chris Cornell camp and everyone who helped with this issue. A Kick Ass Thank You: To our friends and fans! If you keep reading us we will deliver the best! I would personally like to thank: Tom Maxwell, Keith Nelson, Josh Todd, Tom Waite, Liz Lascivious, Charlie Snarl, Tommy London, Marty E. Concussion, Acey Slade, Salva Diaz, Adrian Breeden, Star Mafia Boy, Julieta Marilyn, Marketa Labajova, Mama Trash and Shawn Marazine at Bio Electric Design. All of you ROCK LIKE FUCK! Agnieszka

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