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fast from my first clients Def Leppard .I would say it has taken 25 years to get where I am now. KCM: I couldn’t help but notice that you have hot Assistants worldwide. From Australia to Germany, Ireland and Italy what made you think of doing this on such a huge scale? DS: I just cannot be everywhere at once. Many bands cannot afford to take massage therapists on tour, so I make SURE they have the best of the best on call for them at each stop of their tours. I call my assistants "Dot Bots" (a nick name bassist Bryan Beller made up many years ago). Naturally I still massage some of my favorite clients personally but I am a dot bot dispatcher now. KCM: You have had your hands massaging people like Mick Mars, Gene Simmons and the guys from Slipknot just to name a few, who is your favorite client to date? DS: Impossible to pick just ONE favorite. How about I list a few: Charlie Watts, George Clinton, Gregg Allman, Simon Cowell, Aaron Lewis of Staind and Josh Groban has been growing on me, he is good people.

DR. DOTTIE STEIN The Kitten With The Magic Paws By Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: You have a very interesting career to say the least, how did you get started in the celebrity circles and how long did that take to establish? DS: I remember massaging at age five. I had a very young mom who was sixteen when she was pregnant with me and my Dad adopted me when he was only seventeen. So I had 17 yr old parents who were very much into hippie music which included smoking pot and lying around the house. So there was nothing much more for a little kid to do then walk on parents backs. It was a hippie house. I started massaging them at a very young age. Walking on my mom’s back, massaging my mom’s feet and my mom massaged me. Music and massage were always in my life as far back as I can remember. I always thought I would be a photographer or a writer, and massage was just a hobby I did for my family and my friends but it turned into my career. Word of mouth spread

KCM: Do you ever fly out and massage people on strange locations? What was the weirdest and with whom? DS: I was flown from Berlin to the country Georgia (former USSR) with the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili on his private jet and stayed there for a week to massage him every day. I had body guards with me almost 24/7. VERY strange situation but I really like the Pres; he is fun to be around. A good laugh. I blogged about my trip and all hell broke loose. Whatever. KCM: What is your favorite part of the male body to massage? DS: Their faces. They always LOVE it. It can bring them to heaven and back. Sting falls asleep every time I massage his face. KCM: How long have you been doing this, and how do you handle being on call 24/7? DS: Been massaging as I said above since I was 5 years old, been massaging rock stars since I was 14. I do have to sleep SOMETIMES

but dealing with VIPS, you have to be on your toes and sometimes work very odd hours (massaged Kanye West from 4am to 6am once in Berlin). I don't mind. I live for music. I can sleep when I am dead. KCM: Who would you say was your most difficult client and why? DS: Well, all I can say is she is almost more popular than Madonna at the moment and more I cannot say. KCM: Do you ever get strange requests from people? DS: Always. People are picky and massage is a very personal thing. Some want the room to be overt 100 degrees, some want to be massaged while they are getting their makeup done, some want to have their feet done while they dine. Hard to shock me.

never moved it). He called out "Dot, where are you, are you ok?" hahaha, I was on the floor. He called me Ms. Bean from then on. KCM: If you had ex-rayed vision what would be your focus concentrated on? DS: I don't need ex rayed vision. I can read people THAT well. KCM: One thing you’ve always wanted to say out loud but never had enough guts to do it? DS: I don't do favors. Either I want a guy or it AIN'T gonna happen. KCM: What is the one thing you desire most but have not accomplished yet? DS: I want to massage Madonna, the band Rush, Ellen De Generes, Lisa Lampanelli and Ringo Star and any original members of Queen. Then I will be satisfied.

With Katie Perry

With Steven Tyler KCM: What is your favorite career memory and what is one of the most embarrassing moments? With Sheryl Crow DS: Massaging Jerry Garcia's and Frank Zappa's hands and forearms, in trade for seeing every sound check and show for free on their tours are up there. Singing Start Me Up to Charlie Watts during a massage (he doubted my singing talent) was hilarious. Being crowned "Dr. Dot" by Frank Zappa in 1988, well, what can beat that? How about biting Roger Water's back for an hour. Still in heaven over those things. Kissing Paul McCartney on the cheek still has me smiling. Embarrassing... well, I fell down while massaging Bruce Willis. DARK room, he was laying on his back while I massaged his hands. I moved quickly to other side to work on his other arm and CRASH, I forgot stool was still there (I had sat on a stool to massage his face and

With Alice Cooper

JASON: We want to do some festivals next year, and I can tell you, we are all excited about exploring new territory over in Helsinki. Trash Fest is a 4 day music festival in Finland. It has a great line-up of bands, and I think fans will really have a great time. KCM : For you personally, who are some of your favorite musicians?

Interview with Jason of Trash Gallery By Agnieszka Wilde

KCM : How long has the band been together? JASON: We have a few years behind us. We've grown up together. Trash Gallery came from our interest in art, old theatre, silent films, and the love of underground music. We are a pretty tight knit group. It's hard to get in, even harder to get out. The band is a weapon, and we've been through our share of battles over the years. We have guitars and we aren't afraid to use them. KCM : Your current album sounds very polished musically and it certainly sounds like you are influenced by Southern Rock, which bands inspire Trash Gallery?

JASON: For me,‌ this may be a tough one to narrow down but I would have to say Jimmy Page would be up there. He's untouchable! The charm of being dangerous! As far as favorite drummer's, I would have to say Phil Rudd from AC/DC no question! I remember as a young kid practicing the drums in the attic to "Back 'n' Black" and "For those about to Rock" over and over again. I just love his intent, his stick placement, how he plays the backbeat and how it fits so well with the music. Subtle things can make the music so strong. KCM : Do you have a favorite quote of your own that you live by? JASON: "It's better to have lived a day as a lion, then a thousand years as a lamb"

JASON: We've spent some time with the recordings on this album. It has been a long process that we are currently re-living in the studio again with some new recordings. I can say that each of us brings a variety of influences to the table, but perhaps one should never put ones worship into words? What we like to listen to for inspiration really comes from a wide spectrum, but we seem to continually return to the altars of Guns'N'Roses, Aerosmith, The Cult, Hanoi Rocks and we are huge Smack fans. KCM : So Far have you played anywhere outside of Canada? JASON: We will be doing some more dates in June for Trash Fest U.S and we will also join Australian rockers Sunset Riot on tour for some more dates. We are looking forward to getting to Europe early next year. KCM : How does it feel knowing that you will be playing a huge festival in Helsinki next year?

Photo provided by: Jason

KCM : Say you were on a cruise ship which started sinking who would you save along with yourself. Your band, the porn stars or the old nagging gamblers? JASON: That would be just my luck when my ship finally comes in? Anyways It seems it's every man for himself these days, is it not? Well I guess we all have our price and everything is negotiable, but without compromise

the porn stars would provide some good entertainment. Wink!

way too much greatness to be had out there. Create something! Build something! Get out there and do great things! KCM : Which movie character describes you best and why? JASON: It seems I'm always fighting something, and the world always seems to be pushing back. So I'm going to relate to a classic film with Paul Newman called "Cool Hand Luke" great film! ….and if the world wants to be rough with me! …I can surly be rough with the world!

Photo provided by Jason

Keep Fighting! Never give up!!!!

KCM : Name three of your favorite bands that you listen to on your I Pod right now? JASON: Right now I'm listening to the new Stone Sour "Audio Secrecy", the new Warrior Soul "Destroy The War Machine" and the new Alice In Chains "Black gives way to Blue" KCM : If you died and reconnected with some musicians in heaven, who would you party with? “Miles Davis, Elvis or Stevie Ray Vaughan?” JASON: Well,.. assuming I'm going to heaven? …and of course all of them being amazing performers. My first choice would have to be "The King" There can't be no other performer that can bring a man to tears like Elvis. Have you ever heard him sing Gospel? I would have loved to see him perform in Las Vegas in the groovy 70's. Vegas is a long way from Heaven I can tell you that!…….. I really should get to confession!


KCM : One thing that annoys you the most about people? JASON: This fucking cult called Facebook. Yeah that's right!… I said it! It seems to have power of it’s own, to bend all hope in the universe. It consumes people's lives, and the quality of their life. It can destroy a marriage, a family and a future,… and now they have Facebook email to make it even harder for you to ever leave. It seems overpowering. C'mon people there‘s

T R A S H G A L L E R Y "NEW VIDEO" [msn contact]

BILLY: We have written several new songs and started recording. We've also re-mastered the entire Grimm Jack catalog from 1986 to 1995. Plus we also shot a video for "Can't Stand Another Day" which will be available at

or on our Face Book page.

KCM: I know you have several projects going on, how the hell do you do it?

Welcome back GRIMM JACK By: Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: I can’t believe that after all these years Grimm Jack is back. What’s different this time around? BILLY: It's been close to 20 years but it feels like we just took a short break. Getting together with the guys is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans...It fits and feels right. We're enjoying ourselves this time around rather than hustling from showcase to showcase and falling into the "grind" that the industry creates. There's a sense of unfinished business where we feel that we still have something to offer the fans. Not to be cliché, but "there's still gas in the gas tank". The internet has also added a new dimension where we can interact with the fan base locally and abroad. We've had fans show up to our recent gigs that live nearly 16 hours away. They just needed to see Grimm Jack again...that's cool! KCM: You’ve re-mixed songs like “Maybelline “and “Can’t Stand Another Day” but have you written new material with this line up?

BILLY: Well...being and incurable insomniac and always going 100 miles an hour, is my nature. I enjoy playing with guys that I have a long standing relationship, friendship and musical bond with. Everyone's commitment just makes me push myself even more. There are days where my energy level is just not there...but after some bantering with the guys and hearing the guitars, drums and music...I'm recharged. I'm passionate about the music and honestly can't see myself slowing down. KCM: Where do you draw inspiration and artistic creativity from? BILLY: I wish that I could give you a metaphysical answer to your question but it's pretty simple...Open your eyes and ears to what you see and hear around you. Relationships, current events or just a simple guitar riffs provide inspiration for me. Grimm Jack happens to have a collective creativity bond. Tommy or Jim would play something and the next thing you know, we're working on a new song. If anyone ever needs inspiration, they should just take a ride on a New York City Subway. KCM: What would you say is the biggest lesson that you have learned in the last 10 years?

BILLY: With age comes maturity...And I've noticed that I have less "knee jerk" reaction’s to comments or situations. I react less out of emotions and more with reasoning. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, assess the situation and come up with a solution rather than add fuel to the fire. It's hard to keep a band on the same page at all times but if you can be level headed, that's half the battle. KCM: Have you given up old bad habits, but picked up new ones? LOL BILLY: Oh man, there are some habits that I will always have fond memories of and others I want to keep the skeletons in the closet. Excessive substances we indulged in...Late night partying...It's good to be 25 and feel indestructible. But as years have gone by, I've seen enough of my old friends lay by the wayside. I've turned the page and I'm doing well. And the answer to the second part of the question is...Yes! I've become a beach junky. KCM: What should the Rock’n’Roll world be according to Billy? BILLY: If I could snap my fingers, I'd recreate the late 60's and early 70's where Rock music made a tremendous difference in pop culture. Woodstock, The Filmore, Madison Square Garden...where shows were events and so over the top. You could have Jimi Hendrix, the Mama's and the Papa's and Carlos Santana on the same bill in one night. Rock music still had innocence about it but at the same time the rebels were emerging. I'd love to see the dynamics and diversity of that rock culture come back.

Dolls. Just being on the same stage with them would be an absolute thrill. With bands of that stature, it would obviously be a world tour. All nights..."Sold Out". KCM: What’s the best advice that someone has given you?

All Photo’s provided by Billy Kohout KCM: Where’s the one place that you always love to come back to? BILLY: There are a lot of great places....but the one place that always feels like home is Kenny's Castaways in NYC. I've played over 160 shows in that building they are like family to me. I've met fans from all over the world at that place. I couldn't be an active musician without that venue in my life.

BILLY: "It's better to understand than it is to be understood". "It's better to listen than be listened to". "It’s better to love than be loved". In other words, if you shut the f*ck up long enough you might just learn something. KCM: In your opinion what would be some words to live by? BILLY: Never let something of relevant importance slip away. Nurture it, care for it and be passionate.

"Music, I truly do love you" Billy Kohout

KCM: What is next for Grimm Jack? BILLY: Currently we're working on releasing a Greatest Hits CD, followed by a new CD with this current line- up. Grimm Jack Always loves being out there, so we have more east coast dates As well as some Midwest dates on the agenda as well. KCM: Name three things you can’t live without outside of music? BILLY: Women...blondes, brunettes and redheads. KCM: What would be your dream tour? BILLY: Spreading the gift of our music and touring with the bands that we idolized growing up. The Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, Aerosmith to the NY

GRIMM JACK is available at the following locations:

Video Link: “Can’t Stand another Day”!/video/video.php?v=16 7174369980131



By: Helen Hoise & Paulina Stasicka

Photo By: Helen Hoise

Nottingham rockers "Patchwork Grace" what can I say other than "wow". I had the pleasure of seeing these guys and girl live a few weeks ago in Glasgow and as always they did not disappoint they totally blew me away. The band consisting of front women Tori Tea, Scott O Conner, Christophe Marrizon, and Danny Gunn, this new line up leaving Tori as the only original member are tight and they're sound is better than ever.

There opening track "Soap" I have to admit has always been one of my firm favorites and was pleased it was on their set list, this one gets the audience’s attention Tori has such an enigmatic stage presence and your always left wondering what she is going to do next. The bands cover of The Cure's "The Love Cats" was a rocking performance to say the least. My favorite of the night had to be "Play Dead" taken from there recently released Ep "Play Dead"" which was released in August 2010. This has to be one of the best gigs I have been to this year and I can assure you "Patchwork Grace" are a force to be reckoned with, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this band. Outstanding performance.

Photo provided by: PBF

On December 5th, 2010 I had the pleasure of attending the Pretty Boy Floyd concert at the Underworld in London. I had little bit of reservations before the show as the venue didn’t seem crowded, but after the boys hit the stage at 9pm the room filled up with adoring fans and enthusiastic groupies and all my worries had vanished. The room seemed on fire once the music started flowing. The band performed ten amazing songs and some of which were: Rock and Roll (is gonna set the night on fire), 48hours, I Wanna Be With You (I love this one) and Leather Boys with Electric Toys.

The crowd went absolutely nuts forming a family –like atmosphere between band and fans. My only regret was that the show ended too fast as the boys put up quite a performance. I have to admit that this was one of the best shows at the Underworld since Crashdiet hit town. My overall impression of the concert is simply “amazing” and I hope Pretty Boy Floyd returns to London before too long. Other PBF favs performed that night were: Toast Of The Town, Rock and Roll Outlaws, Saturday Night, Your Momma Won’t Know, Wild Angels, Rock and Roll ( is gonna set the night on fire) and Fight For Your Right To Party.

My Favorite Bands: The hardest question on the planet to answer. My tastes changes more often than the average college student changes underwear. I will say that I am a classics rock enthusiast at heart, but I love me some Hank or Hank III when the mood is right.

My Favorite Movies: The BigLebowski & This is Spinal Tap

KRASHCITY KITTY OF THE MONTH The beautiful & lovely………..

Notorious Ang Date of Birth: January 24th Birth Place: Hayward, CA My Ambitions: I'll settle for nothing less than world domination, but for now I will take the pinup world by storm and rock your radio to the fullest.

My Turn-on’s: Confidence, Sense of humor, and that tall, dark and handsome business doesn't hurt either. Most important: See sense of humor... Unless you have 1970 Chevelle 454 SS. As long as I get to drive.

My Turnoffs: People that end every sentence like they're asking a question? Stopping in the middle of intersections. Fixies. Melon.

My Current Crush’s: Tequila on the rocks with a pineapple back. We are involved!

My Fetishes: Latex clothing and shoes that aren't made for walking.

My Political View: I have more change than Obama... I just wish I made that paper!

If I was the President I would: ...Wonder who the Hell would elect me as President?!! Looks like we're all in this hand basket together. At least pot is legal.

Any Final Words: "Between two evils, I always pick the one I've never tried before." ~Mae West Check me out every Sunday morning from 6am - 10am on THE Bay Area's Rock Station 107.7 The Bone, and find me at the following sites: facebook "notorious ang"

KCM: You've toured many times over, what's your favorite country to play in and why?

“KISS IT IN THE MIX” By Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: Rewinding back Kristy to the early days when you started Pretty Boy Floyd, do you remember the first moment when you felt like a true Rock Star? KRISTY: Damn, the only rock stars in my book are Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash so I can't say I ever felt like a true rock star but there's one night when we were playing at the universal amphitheatre and Gene Simmons from kiss was in our dressing room hitting on all the girls (creeping them out) so I had him removed from the backstage area against his will. That was a pretty funny rock star moment.

STEVE: Yeah I’ve toured for pretty much 20 something years and I love it each time. The best place that’s a hard one there’s so many great Pretty Boy Floyd fans out there but, I must say Argentina and Brazil the fans are the most loudest and craziest. I mean nothing against everywhere else but these kids scream and sing all the songs like it’s a championship soccer match. Like I said, sure I love Japan and the UK and there great in Mexico City but South America it’s pretty damn rockin’. So get it together everywhere else. KCM: Criss, How did you hook up with Pretty Boy Floyd? CRISS 6: I was always a huge fan of PBF and used to follow them around to all their local shows in the early 90's when Keri Kelli was in the band. I slowly got to know Steve and a few other members. I don't know what the motivation was but for some reason I decided to write an email through MySpace in 2007 asking for a shot at the bass player position if it ever came available. Almost to the day, 1-year later... I got a response from Steve asking if I wanted to come down for an audition. Practiced my ass off, nailed the part and the rest is history KCM: Vik, How did you end up drumming for the Veronicas?

VIK: I was just in the right place at the right time. KCM: What do you wish you knew then that you know now? What's something that you now consider pretty dumb? KRISTY: I wish I knew that you never listen to a producer say “We’ll fix it in the mix “ because they never do hahaha. I consider getting a specific tattoo pretty dumb but thank God for laser removal ‘cause it's gone now. KCM: Who are some of your favorite current bands? CRISS 6: I'm a metal head for life. I actually prefer the heavier side of metal. I'm currently head over heels for Five Finger Death Punch, they remind me of Pantera in their early years. I'm a Rob Zombie fanatic, also bands like Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head, G n' R, and Judas Priest will forever be on my I-pod playlists.


KCM: Kristy, Why did you choose to pursue a clothing line? Did you ever want to become a designer? KRISTY: I'm a Shopaholic. One of the bedrooms in my house is like a clothing store. I like to be different and wear one of kind pieces. Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man. Bah, Bah, Boom. KCM: What other band were you in, in the past?

Kristy Majors KCM: What are you looking forward to on this tour that maybe didn't happen last time you toured? STEVE: Well that’s an interesting question. Well it’s the first time we are hitting France so that’s very exciting for us, that’s a first. Most of our tours we usually fulfill our goals so being able to rock for over 20 years, hanging with the fans meeting fab girls it’s all good, getting home alive is always a plus. KCM: So Vik, what was it like to be on tour with Jay Z, someone who has had such tremendous presence in the music industry? VIK: It was amazing because he plays with a live band and the energy is off the hook.

CRISS 6: Since high school I've been in tons of local heavy bands that went nowhere. Untold, Locjaw, Mame, Drift Wood to name a few. Playing in dive bars to 10 drunks pretty much describes my career early on. Gotta pay your dues right? I played in various cover bands for years & years, but most notably my Motley Crue tribute band "True-2-Crue" which is still very much active and has been the reason for my musical success. Oh, by success I mean that I don't have to pay for my own beers at a show anymore. I like to keep my expectations low.

KCM: Mr. Fox, what do you miss about the good old days – Enuff-ZNuff being one of the hottest bands on MTV? VIK: Hmmmm nothing . Haha . I actually had more success with Vince Neil and The Veronicas KCM: What are some of the songs on the album and when will it be available? STEVE: 15 tracks lots of stuff people haven’t covered like Hotel Room Service, Going Blind, Black Diamond, Creatures Of The Night and also all the classic’s Love Gun, Duece, Firehouse. People have had a great response so far. It’s out now it came out October 26. You can get it on our new website at

KCM: Why did you decide on a KISS tribute album? STEVE: We are currently working on an all original record due out in the summer of 2011. In the meantime we wanted to do a cool CD pretty much thanking KISS for all their great stuff and we thought our fans would really dig it and it was fun to do since we are all big KISS fans.

Pretty Boy Floyd -KISS OF DEATH KCM: If you were compared to a cartoon character, who would it be and why? CRISS 6: Funny... blonde is my natural hair color and I've always been an avid weight lifter, so with those two combined... my friends used to call me Johnny Bravo.

VIK: I have 2 amazing kids that I have a blast with everyday. KCM: Name one thing that would make your heart stop out of excitement? CRISS 6: Getting a call from Rob Zombie asking to fill-in for Blasko for their summer tour. KCM: So Kristy, Is it self-gratifying to have your own solo project?

CRISS 6 KCM: Name one defining moment that helped to shape your life? KRISTY: Blitzkrieg Bop was the first song I learned to play on the guitar so seeing The Ramones at CBGB's when I was 11 years old was a life changer that turned me into a Rock and Roller for life. KCM: Once the Pretty Boy Floyd’s tour is over what do you go back to doing in your normal life? STEVE: First off we are not normal but thank you. We pretty much tour all year, write new music record etc. Pretty Boy Floyd is full time, sure we all do some other things and have a little bit of private lives but we are still Pretty Boy Floyd24/7. For us we still have many goals we haven’t reached so, not much time for just chillin’. KCM: What are some of your interests outside of music?

KRISTY: It’s just another outlet for me to express myself personally outside of Pretty Boy Floyd. I like the freedom of writing and releasing music that I wouldn't do in Pretty Boy Floyd. I guess it's like psychotherapy for my soul. KCM: What are some of the things you simply can't do without?

KCM: What's the one unique skill you have that no one else knows about? CRISS 6: I'm a computer geek and play first person shooter games online... and I WON! KCM: Name one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you. VIK: I'm a very private person. KCM: Where could we possibly see you in two years? KRISTY: Doing the same thing I've been doing for over 20 years. Music is my passion and the one thing that has been a constant in my life since I was a kid. That's never gonna change.

STEVE: Air conditioning, girls, rockin’ on the road, watching sports, cold beer, and many, many, more things that’s why we work so hard so we don’t have to live without the things we want. KCM: If you had super powers, name three things you'd change immediately VIK: Build a time machine for my personal benefit / Use mind control on anyone I choose and X-ray vision

Vik Fox All Photo’s provided by Pretty Boy Floyd.

Photo by: Karena Bernard 2010

THE BRATS Are Back And you’re Gonna Be In TROUBLE! By Karena Bernard

The Brats are back. In fact they have been back for a few years. However, unless you live in the rock-centric Lower East Side, NYC or West Hollywood, Los Angeles (which has its ear to the NYC pavement) you may say, “Who are The Brats”. Well, as one insider put it, “The Brats RULED the NYC Rock scene for most of the 70’s” and maintained a strong presence in various incarnations thereafter. Their history is intricately enmeshed with that of Kiss and the New York Dolls. While the former two bands went on to become Rock Royalty, the Brats remained our New York’s best kept secret. In fact, for a while they went by just that moniker for a while: The Secrets. What makes The Brats such an enduring local success is that rare combination of talented and action-packed delivery, street cred / visual appeal and lastly but definitely not least, their wrap around your brain sticky pop punk material. So, I repeat, The Brats are back, and you should care. Our planned day of picture taking late one Sunday in September started with a rendezvous on the barely gentrified Lower East Side corner of Pitt and Rivington where we found great photo backdrops such as the door of a rehab clinic where the band

gathered despite being shooed away by the nurse a couple of times. Other treasures included a sunken car in an abandoned lot with weeds growing out of the dirt filled back seat. As we prowled around looking like, well, a band with a photographer in tow, the locals called out the names of bands which The Brats, especially lead singer Keith West (in all black with his signature jet black hair) inspired a comparison. We got “MICK JAGGER!!!”…”ROD STEWART!”….and lastly, the band with which they shared the stage in the early days, “KISS!!” in response to which Keith stuck out his tongue in true Gene Simmons fashion. All in all it was a fun day spent with a talented bunch of guys, not a brat among them. Later I caught up with Keith West for some insight into the past and present of the very much NOW….Brats.

The Brats circa 1977 KCM: Hey Keith KW: Hey Karena KCM: What’s going on? KW: Still rocking out. KCM: I have read in several places the band started when Rick Rivets came into your store, the Music Box, in Queen, looking for a particular British Import. Do you remember which import he was looking for? I think he was looking for a Jeff Beck / Rod Stewart record called “I’ve been drinking again”. Yeah, I had this crazy little record store out in

Queens – it was pretty much rock and roll central – it sure freaked out the neighborhood, that’s for sure. KCM: OK… (laughs) How did the conversation move to the possibility of you two working together? KW: Well he had just left The New York Dolls at the time and he was searching for something new. He walked into my store and said, ‘hey, do you do anything? I used to come to work each day dressed in velvet and satin….and I said “I sing”, and he said, do you want to get together? So, we got together. I didn’t enjoy the first experience and I told him no. He got the rest of the band together and he dragged me down a second time and then I said, yeah’, I’ll do it. And we got together with David Leeds on bass and Sparky Donovan on drums and formed the first version of The Brats. KCM: How long did it take you to get out and play your first gig? Well, we found that we all enjoyed the same kind of music: The Yardbirds, Stones and that kind of stuff. I never saw The [New York] Dolls, so they took me to see The Dolls, and I really enjoyed the whole visual experience; I loved watching them. So we decided to write a bunch of songs and put it in that vein, a stonesy type of vein, and also do some covers like Carol by Chuck Berry, Train Kept A Rolling by The Yard birds …so we threw a bunch of covers together and some originals, added our look, and we were pretty much ready in 4 to 6 months. KCM: What was the first show that you ever played? Tell me about that.

KW : That was on St. Patrick’s Day with, The New York Dolls. It was packed.

KCM: Nice, great venue. KCM: Where was it? It was at The Hotel Diplomat on St. Patrick’s Day 1973. Then we played two more dates with The Dolls the following week, March 23rd and 24th at Café –a-go-go on Bleecker Street. KCM: How did you and KISS start playing together? KW: at first we were doing dates with the Dolls and other local bands: Teenage Lust, Ruby and the Rednecks, Jayne County, people like that. My store, of course became Brats central. Kiss used to come in and trade records. Paul Stanley used to come in all the time and we would talk. Eventually he asked, “Can we do a gig with you guys?” David had a loft where we practiced on Broadway and Houston. In order to cover the rent we would throw a party once a month to pay the rent. It was $1 to get in: The Brats, Kiss and Jayne County for one dollar. The loft was actually a factory. There were machines all over the loft. So people would have to party between the machines. David worked there during the day putting studs on belts and his boss let us rehearse there at night. And then he let us have these parties as long as people didn’t steal anything; they were really wild! So we put the entire product in a storage area. No one could steal the actual machinery. We did a couple of those. We loved playing with those guys and became very good friends so we moved on to renting out The Diplomat Hotel cause we were drawing so many people. The Diplomat had a great stage and it was only $400 for the night. We would charge $3 a person and we We’re pulling in about 500 people. We were entrepreneurs.

KW: Yeah, it was a great venue. KCM: Backing up a little bit, you hung out at Max’s Kansas City almost every night. You mentioned that the name The Brats was coined by another regular at the club who you used to hang out with a lot; Alice Cooper, who called you a bunch of brats. Why did he call you a bunch of brats? KW: We were looking for a name and we came up with a few names and that was one of them. He just thought we were a bunch of brats. KCM: No doubt. What were the runner-ups? Husky Babies and Jelly Filled Liver Doughnuts. KCM: Oh, I’m so glad you chose The Brats. Everybody does say that. There was no other choice. I like Husky Babies, actually. Alice was recording the Billion Dollar Babies when we were hanging out with him and there is a line in the song Generation Landslide that says, “Brats in battalions were ruling the streets.” KCM: Cool! KW: Later, we wrote a song dedicated to Alice called "I'm so cruel". KCM: In addition to the catchy pop sound of The Brats; there is a lot of fashion statement that defines The Brats…you always dressed in suits with a black and white theme. KW: Well the Dolls had the androgynous look – the dresses everyone was influenced by The Dolls at that time. The Dolls and Bowie were probably the two biggest

influences of that era. Kiss started out wearing lipstick and then moved into the Kabuki make-up. Our thing is we wanted that early Yardbirds / Beatles look - the suits, the ties, except we wanted it to be a little more extreme. We wanted to take it one step further with a bit more edge. KCM: Not too many people know a little factoid about you, that you spent two years going to magic school. KW: Yeah, I wanted to learn stage magic like David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, except incorporate it with a rock band, which no body still, to this day, has done. But we never got the financing to do what we had in mind. KCM: You spent a lot of time hanging out at Max’s in the early days of The Brats….. KW: Yeah, that’s where it was all happening, That’s where every person in New York that was in some form of art writers, artists, musicians, models, they all met in the VIP back room…it was legendary.. Andy Warhol and his entourage, Janis Joplin, Todd Rundgren, Judas Priest, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Madonna, Aerosmith, Iggy Pop, Patty Smith, Sid Vicious, The Ramones, Mick Jagger, The Dolls, of course….everybody hung out back there when they were in New York. And we were back there every single night. I lived back there. I don’t think I missed one night in 4 or 5 years. KCM: Fast forward to the present, Fountains of Wayne recently brought The Brats into the studio to record five songs. How did that come about?

KW: We were doing a gig at Crash Mansion and they happened to be in the audience. Brian Young came backstage. He introduced himself and said that he really enjoyed us. Two weeks later we got an email from him saying that he was interested in producing us. We jumped at the chance. He took us into Stratosphere Studios which is owned by Smashing Pumpkins. It took us two or three days to record five songs. We mixed them a few times until we came up with the sound we were after. [You can download those songs from The Brats Facebook site.] We want to put out a Brats album next spring with those songs and about 7 more, some that we have been doing for a while and a couple of new songs that we’re working on.

Photo by: Karena Bernard 2010

KCM: What are some of the working titles of the new songs? KW: Baby Just Wait, If I Should Run and Danger In The Dark. Danger In The Dark is a ballad and other two are typical Brat songs, up-tempo , 4/4 beats. KCM: Scott Sheets spent several years working with The Pat Benatar Band and was one of the writers of

‘Fire and Ice’, which won a Grammy. How did that come about? KW: Pat had come down to see us at Gildersleeves. She was doing a piano and vocal performance at Catch a Rising Star all the time. Her manager, Rick Newman ran the club. She had gotten this deal with Chrysalis and was looking to put a rock band together. She had heard about Scott, came to one of our shows, loved his playing and asked him to join. She took the drummer, Glen Hamilton, from another band that she heard at Gildersleeves, The Wonderland Band. Supposedly it was just to do the album and she was going to get a working band, but the album came out so great that she asked them to join the band permanently. When Scott left, we continued as The Secrets with Anton Timps taking over on guitar until I put my next band together called West World. After that – fast forward 15 years. I wanted to reform the Brats with all new members. There was word on the street that I was doing this. Scott had left the Pat Benatar band at that point due to some musical differences – Pat’s husband Neil Giraldo, the lead guitarist was taking more and more control of the band. So Scott was back in NY. He heard that I was putting The Brats back together so he gave me a call. He said, “Hey, why don’t we do it with the original guys”? He said that he never had more fun than playing with The Brats. The guys in The Brats are more than just band members together. It’s almost as if we’re married. We’ve been playing together for 35 years. We kind of can finish each other’s sentences. KCM: Yeah, I can tell that you guys are completely in synch when you are on stage.

KW: Yeah, when we write new stuff Scott is right there, adding his parts. The Brats really get our creative juices flowing. We know our sound. The whole creative process is the reason we became musicians in the first place. Playing with Pat was a great experience for Scott but after a while it left him a little empty. It served its purpose. It brought a lot of attention to Scott and The Brats because everyone knew that Scott was formerly a member of The Brats. KCM: Most of the band members have had major label experience. Right. KW: Manny, Michael Mancuso used to be with Cherry Vanilla, on RCA. Joe Guido was signed to Capital while with The Koala, which was, for some reason, billed as an Australian band. I’ve never taken a break from music. I’ve been in one band or another since I was 13 and have never stopped writing and creating. Whatever else I do takes second place to that. That’s just who I am. KCM: Well, you are the consummate artist. So, what can we expect from The Brats going forward? KW: Our top priority is to get into the studio and finish a Brats CD by the spring. We have so much already written, and we’re really excited about our new material. Other than that we’re continuing to play out, mostly in the city. We have gigs booked after the New Year so check our Facebook site for the dates. The Brats will be appearing in 2011 “THE BOWERY ELECTRIC” NYC February 17

produced by Acey Slade, What was it like working with him, and is There any plans to work together again in the future?

By: Helen Hoise

………..On a cold snowy Thursday evening I braved the cold and went to meet Acoustic/Punk artist and fellow Scot Billy Liar. Hailing from Edinburgh but now based in Glasgow, I was intrigued to find out more about this cheeky chappie. Unfortunately the gig was called off due to bad weather conditions, but never stopped us having a few jack n cokes a good chat and a bloody good laugh, Billy was a pleasure to interview and here is how that interview went !!! KCM: Who is Billy Liar? BL: Everyone's favorite punk rock scumbag?! KCM: Who are your biggest influences? BL: The Clash/Mescaleros, Tom Waits, TV Smith/The Adverts, Kerouac, Bukowski, Jesse Malin & The St Marks Social, Amen, Dick Gaughan, The Stooges, Black Flag, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave...... KCM: Your 2nd Ep "It Starts Here" released in 2009, and was

BL: An absolute honor! I grew up listening to bands that Acey played in like Murderdolls and Amen, so For me to work with someone like that was pretty surreal. The main thing that's great about Acey is that above and beyond everything else, he's an amazing songwriter. He really knows how to structure brilliant songs, and if you listen to any of his work throughout his career, you'll realize that this is the case. His stuff he's doing right now with The Dark Party is completely different to anything you might expect and it's all the better for it! He's a fantastic songwriter and a great friend. KCM: You have a busy year with extensive touring of the UK, and New Zealand, What are your highlights of this year then? BL: Touring New Zealand was absolutely amazing yeah. I couldn't have done any of that without The Rabble and Andrew Treeby so hats off to them! They are most excellent guys! I had an awesome time over there and also shot my first music video so that should be out sometime in 2011. Playing Rebellion Festival in Blackpool was fucking great also. I got to see lots of great bands I'd wanted to see for ages, and some I've seen many times before and always enjoy! It was great in particular to see TV Smith (with The Valentines), Pascal Briggs, Radio Dead Ones, The Dead Class, I.C.H, The Grit and Strawberry Blondes. KCM: How did the audience in New Zealand differ from the crowds in the UK? BL: Well Scottish people and people from New Zealand are quite similar in that we love drinking and

we're insane (!) so it was great to get drunk with them and compare Our cultures! I saw some great bands while I was over there too. I'd recommend NZ to any touring band. KCM: If you could work or play With anyone in the music industry, who would it, be? BL: You know - in this business, I've been lucky to work and tour with a lot of people I respect and look up to already! Doing the EP with Acey and Robin Guy was an absolute blast, and I've also had the chance to gig and tour with bands like Sorry And The Sinatra’s, Kevin Seconds, Kings Of The Delmar, Amen, Star Fucking Hipsters, Vince Ray and The Boneshakers, Defiance,Ohio!....... I'd really like to tour with Jesse Malin's band because they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Also, Frank Turner would be amazing. KCM: So what does Billy liar do to when he isn't hot footing it around the country? BL: I write songs, read a lot, hang out with my girlfriend, go to a lot of gigs, play with the cats that's about it! KCM: Out of the songs you have written which one is your favorite to perform and why? BL: Whichever one is my newest! New material is always challenging and therefore I find most exciting to perform. KCM: Have you any plans to visit America in the future thought the States could do with some Billy Liar? BL: Most definitely! I think you're right! Hopefully I can orchestrate that in the near future!

KCM: What’s your motto in life?

Billy’s Discography

BL: I used to want the Bukowski line; 'great poets die in steaming pots of shit' tattooed on me but I'm not entirely sure how positive that is...... hahahaha. 'Where's the bar?' is probably more accurate. KCM: What’s next for Billy Liar in 2011?

Helen & Billy

KCM: Who are you listening to at the moment? BL: The Murderburgers, Tom Waits, Jesse Malin, The Dead Class, Joey Terrifying, I.C.H, TV Smith, Tragic City Thieves, Kings Of The Delmar, The Hold Steady, Arab Strap, Pascal Briggs, The 241ers, The Stay Gones, Sorry And The Sinatra’s, Star Fucking Hipsters............

BL: I can't say yet but I am booking a tour just now with someone I have respected for a long time and grew up listening to, so that will be amazing! Also hopefully playing more festivals and playing with more great bands!

KCM: If you were stranded on a desert Island which three items or people would you want with you? BL: My guitar, a crate of brewdog and a complete works of Bukowski! KCM: What advice would you give to up and coming artists? BL: Don't stop! It takes a lot of hard work but if you want it enough, you can do it! Work out what kind of sound you want to make and what you want to say, record the songs as well as you possibly can, and then talk to as many people as possible and spread the word!!

It Starts Here E/P

(Produced By: Acey Slade 2009)

LIVE at Granton Pierhouse E/P

Helen & Billy

KCM: Here's a question just for the hell of it, if you had to have a superhuman power BL: Time travel definitely! I wanna see some history! KCM: It’s been a pleasure Billy thanks BL: Thanks very much for the interview! Look out for a new EP in 2011! Cheers!

Runaways, has courage to do it in a cover of Stooges´s song I Wanna Be Your Dog. That’s shout of freedom in a changing society.

From the ashes of the cult band Kaka De Luxe, this song was another rebellion for freedom with its title: Who Cares. Then the Gay community adopted this song like the anthem for the fight of their rights. Now Alaska, the singer is making techno but we have to give her the respect of being one of the first punk girls in Spain.

By: Philip Beaucamps Garcia In Spain we have great beaches and different cultures all in a same country. We have traditional parties known internationally as The Fallas, San Fermin in Pamplona or La Tomatina. Our food is recognized all over the world. Such as the Mediterranean diet known to be the healthiest. A lot of things are known from Spain, much more than other countries. As big as we are culturally there’s one essential component that’s missing and that’s good taste in music. After all these years the ears of Spanish audience have become lazy and all the stupid and easy listening music is always on the radio. But inside this disaster we have some bands that made some hits in the past and today. And adopting the title of the mythical song of The Clash, I want to show you some of bands who changed the life of a few of us. This is my tribute to them.

In the early 80´s, British heavy metal was the music in fashion in Europe. Like always in Spain there were only a few people who followed this trend and Obús is the most similar of Deep Purple we could have at this time. This song was a big hit in Spain, and everyone identifies Obús with this song, actually they still playing but with less success.

This part of the story is unbelievable; I can’t believe this song wasn´t an anthem in Spain. It has the ingredients to be a hit: Lyrics, riffs and attitude. This song will never get old with time because is pure Rock´n´Roll.

It’s an incredible song. A lot of people were fans of this band and in Germany the band was the next big thing. With a very special voice, Enrique Bunbury could agree. A big part of Spanish audience says that music is sounds better when played instruments, not machines.

Is our female answer to Rob Halford. She is an incredible singer Azucena giving everything for Heavy Metal. She stays in our hearts and we´ll never forget her.

In the same way as Obús, we have possibly the most important Spanish band in Europe. Idolized in the UK, Barón Rojo still plays with success and this song: Rockers Goes To Hell, is a permanent fixture in their concerts. An authentic hit which sums up their whole Spanish life.

Shouting "I like to be a bitch" in a country who just left a fascist dictators way of life is a bold move and this band, a mix of the Sex Pistols and The

Finally and currently we have Star Mafia Boy. He might be the best Rock´n´Roll musician in Spain. With his first album,, he confirms the talent he shown in Guitar Mafia, and now with La Noche de los Vampiros he´s showing that there is a place for the savior of Rock´n´Roll in Spain. With such a song as “Rock´n´Roll Business “anything is possible.

KCM: What’s the one thing you wish you knew then that you know now? MARTY: ONE? Jeez. I wish I’d known that you’re generally screwed in the Rock N’ Roll business without a good manager. That said, I’m lucky I learned that when I did. KCM : Is there a formula that you can advise people on to make their bands stand out?

Talkin Shit With Marty & Tommy of NYC‘s Own


By Agnieszka Wilde

KCM: In one word describe each member of your band? MARTY: Tommy London: Driven, Tommy Mokas: Combustion, Johnny B: Subversive, Dougie: Solid, Myself? Hahaha….Cantankerous! KCM: Being an Unsigned band, how the hell did you become so popular?

TOMMY: I don't think there is a formula per say. You need to target the people who would be interested in your kind of music first and then shoot for the people outside that circle to get interested as well. That's how you increase your following and spread your name. Unfortunately, its a big 'ol marketing campaign to get the name out there and to peak that interest in the music. KCM: What hobbies do you have outside of (Drinking, women and music)? MARTY: I love books (I read a LOT, once upon a time), poetry, movies, great food, wine (oops, that’s drinking), etc…. KCM : In your opinion motivation+passion= what? TOMMY: Motivation + Passion = Success!

TOMMY: Besides using the power of the internet with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, we also took matters in our own hands and took it to the streets handing out flyers. We went old school! We noticed that a lot of bands don't really do that anymore. Everyone relies on the social networks and whatnot, which is cool and makes sense, like I said we do that as well, but there is nothing like having that personal interaction with someone, giving them a flyer and selling yourself and your band to them. We call it the New York City handshake! hahaha TOMMY

KCM: What was it like to open for Bret Michaels? MARTY: We’ve played with him, I think 3 or 4 times. We always had a good time. A couple of times (In Jersey at the Wellmont and at the Opera House in Wilmington) the shows were in these classic, beautiful old venues that were built in the 19th Century….so, there was great ambience! Great crowds too. Bret has always been cool to us, as has his band. KCM : Did it feel surreal to open for KISS at Madison Square Garden?

shoes?", I'd have to say just waking up knowing I'm living in the best city in the world and in one of the biggest bands on the NYC rock scene. That always puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning. KCM: Who would you like to share the stage with that you have not done so yet and where? MARTY: Well….There are so many. I’d love to play a junk percussion kit, backing up Tom Waits someday! That would be fucking cool! And….I’d love for the Pearls to open for the Stones at least once.

TOMMY: It was AMAZING! I mean we opened for the biggest band to ever come out of NYC....KISS! They were really cool. Paul and Gene both came over to us and asked us how our show went and if everything ran smoothly. It's crazy because they really don't need to care. It was such a surreal moment for us. KCM: If you had a chance to have your own reality TV show, what would it be called? MARTY: It would be called, “CHANGE THE CHANNEL….NOW!”

ALL PHOTO’S PROVIDED BY “THE DIRTY PEARLS” KCM : Is New York City really a drug? And why do you think so? TOMMY: New York City is a very addicting town. You can't help but get caught up in the energy of it all. There is no other place like New York City in the world. A lot of New Yorkers tell me that we nailed the way NYC makes you feel with the lyrics to that song. KCM: Who writes the songs in the band? MARTY: Everybody in the band writes here and there.

MARTY KCM : What gets you out of bed in the morning? TOMMY: Besides the sun shining in the window or some random girl asking "Hey have you seen my

KCM : Do you feel like you have achieved certain goals in your life?

TOMMY: As a band, we've always set certain goals to achieve and because we work together as a strong team...we always hit them! But its all levels of different goals leading up to the ultimate goal, which is us doing this full time. Making music and touring the our day job! KCM: What would give you the ultimate high? MARTY: Well….We’re almost finished recording our album, & I’m extremely proud of it, and I think that unleashing it on the public will be a lot of fun, which should be happening in the Spring of ‘11. Headlining a sold-out Madison Square Garden some day would be nice too! KCM : In your opinion what would make you a better person, from the person that you already are? TOMMY: Hmmmm...some sleep would be really really good! Hahahha KCM: Have you ever played outside of the U.S.? If not, what country would you like to conquer first? MARTY: The Pearls haven’t yet, no….but there was talk of something in England recently. I played Tokyo with a previous band, and it was fucking amazing. You haven’t played in front of a crowd until you’ve played over there. They LOVE American Rock N’ Roll over there! So, I’d say Japan and the UK would be my first choices….but, hell, I’ll play anywhere!

TOMMY: We are looking forward to a HUGE 2011. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our first full length album release. It sounds amazing! We can't wait for the world to hear it. The album is being produced by David Kahne (Strokes, Sublime, Paul McCartney) and engineered by Joe Barresi (Weezer, Queens Of The Stone Age). When you hear these songs you will be blown away! It looks like it's going to be ten songs. Three of the songs are from our past EP's and the rest are all new. The lead off single is a brand new song called "Who's Coming Back To Who", which will impact radio early next year. KCM: If someone had asked you for your words of wisdom, what would you tell them? MARTY: Rock N’ Roll can be a lot of fun and games, and certainly has an element of mixing business with pleasure. That said, all of the partying and “fringe benefits” you get out of it are just the cinnamon sprinkles on the icing on the cake. That cake is your music, and you need to bust your ass making it, perfecting it, and promoting it, in order to get anywhere, and you can’t rely on anyone other than yourself and your band, initially, to make that happen. The party is a lot more fun after you’ve put in the hard work. THEN you have something real to celebrate, hopefully. But what the hell do I know about any of it? Hahahahahahaha….. KCM : If God were sitting next to you in a bar, what would you ask him? TOMMY: Hey God...uhhh...can I buy you a shot? KCM : What’s next for the Pearls?

The Dirty Pearls first 2 E/P’s are Available

O,,,, Just Sluttin’ Undercover! By Agnieszka Wilde

I had an opportunity to catch up with the ever so Opulentmouthed, mildly Obscured, highly Opinionated, and raggedly Obnoxious “O” of non-other than Undercover Slut. He discusses his love for others, hate for the corporate world of music, the KKK and everything in between. Will he sweep you off your feet? “O” who knows, but one thing’s for sure, ”O” stands for “Total Mind Fuck” and the Undiscovered Truth. KCM: Well, well…I have to say, the band name is interesting and so is the album title. Who is the creative brain here? O: You're actually speaking to him. KCM: Why did you choose this particular title for the album and in German no less? LOL O: "Amerikkka Macht Frei" was recorded @ the Chop Shop

(HOLLYWOOD, CA), that's why I wanted to use the word "America" on that title. Having performed live in the States more than in Europe, “Amerikkka Macht Frei” became some kinda tribute to a country that gave me way more opportunities than our homeland. "Amerikkka Macht Frei" is my own word play on Hegel's philosophy "Arbeit Macht Frei". (German for ”WORK WILL SET YOU FREE”) It may sound sarcastic but true, and I deeply respectful your great country. Of course for the sake of shocking the comfortable via an UNDERCOVER SLUT album, I wrote Amerikkka with 3 K's. Because of that spelling, everyone wants to know if I'm a White supremacist, yes or no. Well I would suggest those people ask Ice “motherfuckin” Cube about his "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" album, if he's KKK too!

perform there more. We plan to be in NYC this summer.

KCM: How many times have you played L.A.? And why not the East coast of the States? (Or have you?) “Sometimes promoters do a terrible job at advertising bands.”

O: French music scene is as pathetic as French population: boring-as-fuck, dull, grey, lame, and uninspired. AVOID!!!

O: L.A. A half-a-dozen shows each year from 2003 to 2008 (Whisky A Go-Go, Viper Room, King Hollywood (twice), Pretty Ugly Club (twice), Hard Rock Cafe, Cat Club (twice), and Relax Bar (twice). I sang backing vocals for Rebel, Rebel last summer 2010 @ the Viper Room. East Coast, we did. NYC's Manhattan exclusively: Don Hill's a couple times, Pussycat Lounge (twice), Snitch and Lucky Cheng's, 6 NYC's shows total. My goal is to

KCM: Who is your favorite artist to date that you have toured with? O: L.A.'s kings of noise: Rebel Rebel. KCM: On a personal note, what is this album about? Is it fact, fiction or little of both? O: Definitely fact over fiction. I can't stand fiction. I love my info’s to be raw & uncensored. That's why I love Wiki leaks so much! This project is based on Truth, capital T. Who said truth was supposed to be pretty? It isn’t! People are scared of knowing the truth. KCM: How would you describe the French music scene? Any good bands around?

KCM: What has been one of your favorite places to play in and why? O: None. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to perform. In Paris, It’s the same feeling in London, L.A., and New York. KCM: If you had a chance how would you change today’s music industry to your liking? O: All rebels without a cause will be shot dead! Art is War! You need a fuckin' target! I personally

got several in sight and I'm a pretty good sniper. Literally thousands and thousands of bands, famous or not should quit. They're a fuckin' waste of everyone's time. Most record labels are slowly dying, not a bad thing though. A&R will be a dead profession in the near future. Good fuckin' riddance! Most of them don't know shit about music anyways. Downloading is pretty bad in my book. I got way more respect for shoplifters that actually have more balls stealing at record stores than all of those jerks that are literally stealing artists' music here and there in the privacy of their comfortable homes. Pillage without balls! KCM: Do you have any cool or morbid fan stories to share? O: We headlined Snitch in NYC, and after the show, (right outside the club) some male fan approached me with his girlfriend, who was actually his own incestuous sister. He gave me a pretty sick giant size collage of very disturbing graphic photographs glued together with his own cum. One-of-a-kind lovely fan gift that we took with us on the plane to LA. Funnily embarrassing to carry it in our luggage, while both JFK & LAX security obviously loved it! KCM: What’s next for UNDERCOVER SLUT? O: Currently working on what I like to call our Siamese albums: "Inside That Cult That Loves To Terror" (thee violent record) and its alter-ego: "Only Sick Music

Makes Money Today" (thee vicious record) dropping late "Two thousand ill heaven". Booking intercontinental shows too All the dirt I wanna share plus inside scoop via

KCM: What’s in your iPod today? O: About 4,000 tunes, all my personal favorites, “Glam, Glitter, Goth, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Industrial, Metal, Punk, RNR, Trash discotheque. “All killer, No filler!” KCM: So what’s this I hear, you’re re-vamping your line–up? O: Yes! UNDERCOVER SLUT is a mother fuckin' vampire. Remember those “rumors” when Keith Richards had his blood completely changed? I guess UNDERCOVER SLUT needed new blood too. Two guitarist’s and a new drummer. Dav still plays that low slung bass though. UNDERCOVER SLUT “that band with way more line-up drama than The Brian Jonestown Massacre!!!”

O: Scandal, capital S via Truth, capital T and vice-versa. I want everyone to be awake and aware! I want them to know what's right & wrong on their fuckin' plate, I want them to know whose behind that fuckin' Muppet of a monkey they did vote for. I want them to know how all organized religions, cults are fuckin’em over! I want 'em to respect life, "animals", women, kids, poor people, disabled, etc... And I also want 'em to disrespect those who don't respect. Both eyes for an eye, and a jaw for a tooth! Revamping "lex talionis" my fuckin' way! KCM: What’s a good piece of advice you would offer another starting musician?

O: DON'T!!!!!!!!!!

KCM: Favorite song on this album? O: "Creature Feature". KCM: Obviously a band like UNDERCOVER SLUT causes controversy just with the name alone, do you do things to cause controversy or make people open their minds to broader things in life?

Photos provided by “O”

KCM: How did the title of this album come about? SMB: I have always been fascinated by the night and tales of blood drinking zombies. The word “Vampire” for the title of one of my albums has been hanging around my brain for years. KCM: When you mention the word “Vampire” most people think of bloody fangs piercing someone’s neck, what does the word mean to you? SMB: For me the word Vampire has much to do with Rock & Roll. Stiv Bators had the true image of a Vampire.

Star Mafia Boy Here we are again, with a man who’s called by his peers “The King of Madrid”. This second solo album reflects a lot of things, so read on to find out what makes up the heart and the soul of” the Night of the Vampires” By: Agnieszka Wilde Translation by: Norma Lingo KCM: What makes this album different from your first solo album? SMB: This album was recorded in a much more relaxed way than first album because for this album I already knew the studio and the way Juan Olmos does the production. There were fewer guests artist than the first album. I recorded almost all vocals, guitars and basses. Juanan (my band current direct drummer), Apachete (band of the exile) and Jeff Blumenthal (from N.Y.C.) were in charge of the drums of the album. Juan Olmos who is a great vocalist came up with choruses and played some keyboards (apart of his duet vocal in rock and Roll Business). PsychoLuis (current bassist SMB) played bass. On the cover song called Karousel Kitten I collaborated with Brandon Rouge (Peep Show Junkies) N.Y.C., Bobby Lingo (Peep Show Junkies) on guitars and Dave Whitney played bass.

KCM: Your first solo album reflects more of a street-like vibe and this album sounds like it was written with a little bit more of sophistication. While writing for this current album were you thinking of how to write an album that would bring you to the next level?

For me success means to continue playing live and record albums with the music I carry in my blood since the late 1980s in a country where the musical culture has nothing to do with Rock and Roll. KCM: The collaboration with Juan Olmos on “Rock’n’Roll Business” was that a spontaneous idea or something that you have planned? SMB: I had decided to include in this album a song I composed with Juan and that song is "Poor Rouse". This is a song that we had already written as a ballad some years ago. We increased the tempo and we recorded it again. After having the album ready Juan told me that he wanted to make a song with me and record a video of us for a side project. So that’s how "Rock and Roll Business" was born. I liked it so much that I put it on the album (with the permission of Juan), it is a very catchy song, I love it.

SMB: I really never prepare nor do I think about writing lyrics or music. I let everything flow. I believe that this album has led me to the next level in a natural way, and I'm very happy with it. KCM: What are your favorite songs on this album? SMB: It sounds like cliché but I like almost 11 a lot. Anyway, "La Noche de los Vampiros", "Fruto Prohibido", "Entre Cristales Rotos ", "Rock & Roll Business" and "Dulce Sensacion". I like them more than the others.

KCM: If you were not a musician what other ways would you use to express your creativity?

KCM: You managed to film three videos from June to September[ it looks like you are determined to succeed) Does the word ”Success” scare you, and do you feel that you are completely ready to overcome any obstacles to get to a place where you would feel happiest in the music business?

KCM: What’s the one thing that you have not accomplished yet but you feel like you have to before you die?

SMB: I love the word “Success” but right now with the money I spent on the album and the videos I only know the word “broke” ha ha! just kidding!

SMB: I think that drawing. Since I was a kid painting and drawing came very easy to me.

SMB: There’s a lot for me to do in the music world, and in life I have to try to be as best as I can for other people.

KCM: If you were a writer and you wrote a book, what would it be about? SMB: Sex, blood, Rock and Roll, Vampires, Darkness! Hahahaha! KCM: If you were touring the world, which band from Spain would you take on tour with you? SMB: That question is a genuine commitment to me. Should be a good band of rock and in addition, people that I love. Let's see, candidates would be: Antigua, Superriffs Motociclon, Nancy Hole and Rojo Omega (Madrid), Lipstick, Motosierras (Barcelona), Maggot Brain (Caceres) or The Punishers (Oviedo) and I’m sure that I forgot someone. That should be a Festival hahaha! “The Mafia Fest” sounds good.CM: What would your first reaction be if you saw a huge billboard with your face in the middle of Times Square?

SMB: I am a person who understands a lot about music and Rock and Roll and “LaNoche de los Vampiros" is one of my favorite albums ever. KCM: What would you do if you were attacked by three Vampire girls just like in Bram Stokes Dracula? SMB: I will cross the heart with a wooden stake. In Russia they use wood from “Alamo temblor”, in Dalmatia and Albania: a dagger previously blessed by a priest and in Romania: you give a single hit with the first morning light... It is all joke, really, I will let myself go and enjoy the moment.

Available at these On-Line location

Just click on. I-Tunes Anoroc Entertainment Reverbnation Amazon MP3 SPOTIFY

For a Limited RED VINYL Go to:

SMB: I will ask somebody to pinch me to realize that I am not dreaming. KCM: How have you grown as a person in the last five years? SMB: Stopping drinking alcohol is very important for me (and I already did 12 years ago) When I stopped drinking I really started to live. Now I ly have to leave drugs and I will be almost perfect haha! KCM: What would you say your biggest life’s lesson has been so far? SMB: Life gives me lessons every day. I really consider myself very fortunate for sharing life with a woman and both of us enjoying life in good health. Health and motivation to do things are the most important in this life. KCM: Would you sell your soul to the devil for one night on stage with KISS? SMB: Of course without a minute of hesitation. KCM: What would be a good sales pitch if you were trying to convince people to buy this album?

KCM: What were you feeling at the time when you wrote a song like" Entre Cristales Rotos"? SMB: "Entre Cristales Rotos" summarizes a little of the history of my life. Everything is very difficult, hard and you got to climb up, but if you really believe in what you do, you don’t care about anything; and the only person you have to convince with your music is yourself.

STAND & DELIVER (The New Single) By:

Gypsy Pistolero Available At: Download It Now.

Urrrh. What the Fuck it’s only a buck $

KCM: What else would you like to accomplish in life? HM: There are so many things what we want to do with the band, and that is the number one thing for everyone at the moment. KCM: What are some other things that you do besides playing in a band?

It’s good To See That Rock-n-Roll is still a

By: Paulina Stasicka

I’m sure that by now most of you heard of Reckless Love from Finland, but if by any chance you have not check out this interview with their drummer Hessu Maxx. KCM: Do you feel like this is where you belong with Reckless Love? HM: Absolutely!!!

HM: We do a lot of sports, and try to enjoy life all the way, with this kind of lifestyle you need to remember to relax and take care of your health too ♥ KCM: How does it feel to be looked up to?

KCM: Who are some of your idols?

HM: Finland!

HM: We have lot of idols. For example bands like Kiss, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Toto etc...

KCM: Have you had a crazy fan experience? HM: So many but that's the whole idea of rock music ;) KCM: Lastly what would you like to tell your fans in the U.S.? HM: We would love to come there ASAP!! Hopefully next year we have the time and the opportunity to make at least a small tour there. We love you all ♥

KCM: Will you be playing any place else in Europe besides of course London and Finland?

HM: More than happy, but we want more 

HM: Bon Jovi would be nice... or any other of those bands above. KCM: What’s your favorite country?

HM: Estonia was awesome. Hopefully we will soon go back there!

KCM: Are you happy right now with where you are in life?

KCM: Who would you love to do a tour with?

HM: It feels awesome, it's another dream come true!

KCM: How was the experience playing a country like Estonia?

HM: We have played already in Venice, Riga and Tallinn so obviously we want to spread Reckless Love in every country ;) We are soon going back to Italy, and we are planning a full tour in Europe next year.

Photos Provided by: Hessu Maxx


KCM: If you were haunted by Hitler’s ghost, what would you tell him? HM: Wow, that's the weirdest question ever. I believe he should smile more and stop yelling and just listen to some good old rock n roll. That would do the trick! ;)

VIDEO’s Beautiful Bomb Romance Back To Paradise

I can look at people and think, “I fuckin hate you.” and that triggers a song. Jo: One step further, what was the actual inspiration for the new album, “Perfectly Defect”?

MORTIIS By Jo Sheldon

I had an opportunity to interview Mortiis on behalf of Krash City Magazine on 10/10/10 just in time to discuss their new release, “Perfectly Defect”, which is currently available on their website for free! Jo: You’ve been around for a while, what inspires you to create your music? Mortiis: The inspiration for me can be anything from finding a noisy sound and basically building a song around that in terms of arranging songs or it can be a one liner in my head that turns into a great lyric, like a verse or a chorus. It can pretty much start anywhere. I guess I am answering that from a “how I write my songs way”, but if you are looking for what emotionally triggers me to write music. It’s usually down to the frustration and anger with people. How they treat me or others and the way they try to run the world. Things like that…it is easy to say “the daily stuff”, but that sounds really mundane, I suppose. To me,

Mortiis: The thing with “Perfectly Defect” was that it is almost like a by product from the “Great Deceiver”. When we were making “Great Deceiver”, we were coming up with all kinds of weird shit which didn’t fit. What eventually became “Perfectly Defect” is way more experimental and a lot more artistically daring, not saying that “Great Deceiver” was not daring, but “Great Deceiver” was more of a formula than the songs on “Perfectly Defect”. Jo: With a name like Mortiis, I associated you more with death metal, but listening to the new album I’m pleasantly surprised and I like it a lot. What kind of feedback do you usually get from people when they first meet you? Mortiis: I guess some people expect you to behave like a god damn maniac since you look a certain way in photos. Jo: Yea, they forget it is a stage persona. Mortiis: Yea, it is imagery. I believe in everything we do. I don’t dress that way because we have to, I dress that way because we like the way it looks. I think it compliments the music. Having that said, I don’t believe we have to act like barbarians to push the point home. Jo: Would you say that Mortiis LIVE is an experience like no other? Mortiis: I think it could be given the budget and the freedom. Yea, of course, and I think that every

band should feel that way and should have that sort of vision. I think most other bands are too busy copying someone else. I don’t think that Mortiis right now is an experience like nothing else, but we do have that potential. That of course entirely depends on the budget we have to work with, just the band can only be so good. You can have an awesome live band, with no show, but I always believed that you need a great production around a show to make it better. That has always been my opinion. Jo: How is Chris Kling working out? I know him from a previous project of his. Mortiis: Really good! Unfortunately, we have only done four shows with him so far and we didn’t even rehearse, but he showed up and fuckin’ delivered, he nailed it! Personality wise he is definitely our kind of guy. We are just kind of waiting to get out there and play for real! Jo: Where is your favorite place in the world to perform? Mortiis: That is a difficult question. Places change, you know? You can play a great show one year and the next year only five people show. It is not exactly that bad, but I have had places were we killed the show and the next year, there are 40 people and nobody cares… Jo: So it is more of a moving target? Mortiis: Yea, it kind of is…you can generalize a little bit. Places like the UK are always good. Finland, the States, I really like playing. What else…Holland, almost always good. Jo: Outside of the band, what do you like to do?

Jo: Oh, I love it…that is a good one. I can’t even see that. Do you still have your long dreadlocks? Mortiis: I gotta be honest. I cut off a lot of them. I still have long dreads, but they were getting so long that they were getting stuck in the car door… Jo: I can see that being a hazard. (laughs) Mortiis: Um, I no longer have free will (laughs) because I now have a daughter and a big tank of a dog. Who is a complete maniac. He is like a hormone, fuckin’ machine gun. Jo: What kind of dog? What is his name? Mortiis: New Foundland. Brutus. Jo: Brutus, I love it. Oh, they are big dogs. How is the baby with him? Mortiis: She is great with him. If he gets a little too close…because he likes to lick your face. It is like five gallons of phlegm when he does it. She will just push him away. She is used to him. Jo: Does she laugh when he does it? Mortiis: Sometimes, but she is a moody little kid. There is a tremendous amount of will in that kid from me and my wife. I do go out once every two or three months. To me, my life is more family and work. I never sit still, if I do it is to do this or work on music or push my band. That’s all I do. Jo: What is the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? Mortiis: That I have become addicted to jogging. (laughs)

Mortiis: Yea, it was a total pain in the ass. If I was bending down to tie my shoes or something, I would step on them and on my way up I would almost whiplash. I was literally standing on my dreads as you get back on your feet and it throws your head back down. Going to the bathroom was an ordeal, to make sure your hair doesn’t go into the toilet. Yea, so for the last year, I contemplated cutting them off, and now they are off, I took off about 2/3 of them. It looks better now, I like this look way better.

Mortiis: Everybody needs to see that. I watched it and almost cried, you know. Anvil was on the verge of major success, not that we are there, but on a smaller level. We have dealt with a lot of the same stuff and that goes for a lot of bands. Just watching that and the perseverance and the spirit of Lips, the singer of Anvil…it actually brought a tear to my eye, there is something beyond human about that guy, he just never gives up and you have to admire that. Jo: What would you like to tell your fans? Mortiis: We now have a free record out there for you to check out. Will be free for a couple of months, so be sure to download it! It will be free for the rest of the year at our site! You have plenty of time to grab it!

Jo: Who do you look up to and why? Mortiis: Who do I look up to? Are you looking for a Miss Teen America kind of answer? (laughs) Jo: I will have to tease her for this question. Mortiis: I really can’t pin point a certain person, but at this point in Mortiis’ lifetime as a band and the stuff we have endured, I really do admire bands that have been dealing with the same and worse, dealing with labels that fuck you over, an industry that doesn’t give a flying fuck about anybody. Just the stress of trying to make ends meet. Take Lips from Anvil…have you seen that documentary? Jo: No…not yet.



By: Agnieszka Wilde Johnny Rainbow is the lead singer of an Italian based band called Skull Daze. I fell in love with their album which was reviewed in the previous issue of KRASHCITY ( see archives section) and I simply can’t put it down. I decided to go behind the scenes and interview the lovely Johnny Rainbow. Read on to find out more about the heart of Skull Daze. KCM: Would you say that Skull Daze is the “It” band for you, do you feel like this is the right group of people to work with? JR: I definitely love my band mates they gave me the opportunity to live my dream. KCM: Is it difficult to split your time between Skull Daze and Sticky Sweet your Motley Crue cover band? JR: Not really, Skull Daze are my main band so they are the priority. We don't practice that many times with the Motley tribute because we know the songs perfectly so we rehearse a couple of days before a gig, and we're ok!

KCM: Name three things that you can’t live without? (Besides Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll) lol! JR: Love, friends and McDonalds! I’m Lovin’ it! :D KCM: Just recently all these rockers have been writing books about their lives, if you had a chance to live one of those people’s lives who would it be: Slash, Steven Adler or Keith Richards? JR: I'm reading Slash's book at the moment and it's pretty cool!!! We're looking forward actually to make our own book just for fun, but we have a lot to say, so it is a great one! KCM: As a Kid, which band inspired you the most to want to become a musician? JR: Probably Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. I remember back when I was like 15 or 16 and I used to listen to their records over and over again all day long. I so wanted to be a musician too, and that's how it all started. KCM: What one goal you have yet to achieve that would bring you the ultimate satisfaction? JR: A lot of money! lol haha nah…. Seriously, I just need some Danish butter cookies and I'll be alright: ; ) KCM: I love the Skull Daze album, it’s very well written and produced, what’s “Dirty Girl” written about? JR: Thanks so much!! We worked pretty hard to make our best and we're very proud of it. Well, "Dirty girl" talks about a good looking girl who turns on people easily. It’s a story about being sexy and stuff.

KCM: If you were in Hollywood right now and you got jumped by a Mexican gang which would you give up first: Your Wallet, The girl you just spend the night with, or the keys to your brand new Porsche? JR: Lol! Funny question! I would definitely drop out the girl! Lol! KCM: What are some of your favorite “American� things? JR: I like their "easy living" way of thinking. People here are very stressed.

KCM: What are you looking forward to in 2011 with Skull Daze? JR: A new album, a big record deal and touring around the world ;) KCM: Which movie character best describes you and why? JR: Conan the Barbarian. He is Silent, alone and against everything, yet very determined.

Introducing ‌..

CH, CH, CH, CHAD CHERRY BOMB By Agnieszka Wilde Yes Chad Cherry is the wonderfully unique mouth piece for The Last Vegas. He totally has it going on with his cool sense of style and stage presence women drool over. His colorful personality could easily lure you into a Cherry addiction, read on to find out more. KCM: Can you give us an idea of what the next album will sound like? CC: The next album is going to sound like 'The 50 Foot Woman' and 'Godzilla' fucking in the middle of Times Square having an orgasm at the same time. Big, Sexy and Rough. KCM: How different was it being in the studio this time around as oppose to all the other times?

CC: Well for starters, it was the first record I've done while not living in a hotel haha. And this record really put us to the test as a band. We spent a lot of time soul searching as song writers on this. We are proud of our past records but always feel the need to top ourselves as musicians and writers. TLV is like fine wine... The older we get, the better we taste...We had to dig deep on some of these songs and I think you will hear and feel it in this one. KCM: Who would you nominate for a President from the Rock’n’Roll world? CC: Bono.... Or G.G. Allen... But he's dead... Maybe Danny Smash, he seems to be on the ball. KCM: What are you addicted to besides music? CC: Crazy women and horror movies.... KCM: What do your Sunday mornings look like? CC: Work. Most folks think that my life is a rock-n-roll party 24/7. If you only knew... You will always have to work hard in the music biz.Just to let you know... Your coolness has a shelf life haha. KCM: If you were made into a unique drink, what would you call it? CC: BLOOD! KCM: Fill in the blanks: If there was a book written about you the title would be: Life---------of the-----------.? CC: Lifestyles of the "Too stupid to give up." KCM: If you had a chance, which 70’s TV show would you start in as the main character?

CC: Herman Munster. He had it all!! KCM: Choose one answer from the list and explain why you chose it. A-Would you rather have a double life (James Bond style), B-Crazy-psycho girlfriend (but hot as hell), C-Psycho dog (who loved you unconditionally). CC: Can I have a double life as a psycho dog who's master is James Bond and gets to bang his crazy-psycho-girlfriends bitch? Come on! I want it all! KCM: What’s next for you in your personal and professional life? CC: Asking me this question is like asking me to predict the future. Let's just say I'll be around to shake the foundations... Evil never dies. KCM: If you could escape to one place at a moment’s notice where would it be? CC: NEW YORK CITY baby!!!!!! KCM: In your opinion, what should be some words to live by? CC: Love and respect. KCM: How would you complete this phrase?” Drink like a fish, screw like a monkey and take life………………….? CC: If you are drinking fish and screwing monkeys you need to take your life to the shower... Wait, I think I misunderstood the question... I'll just say. “TAKE LIFE AS IT CUMS”.

All Photo’s used with permission By: Chad Cherry

Johnny Rainbow & SKULL DAZE

Chad Cherry &The Last Vegas

What’s In Your IPod ? Music Reviews

The second track on the album that I would recommend would Have to be the track called "Crazy Bitch" the intro on this track was very similar to The Cults, I Assassin this was the only similarity that I found. Vocalist Josh Todd uses his awesome rock vocals to their maximum potential and musically Keith, Stevie D, Jimmy and Xavier Complement each other to the max. So give the album a listen. The bands info can be found on their MySpace

Rating ♣♣♣♣

Buckcherry "All Night Long" (LIVE) By Helen Hosie

"All Night Long" the fifth album released on Eleven Seven Music, by Los Angeles based Buckcherry; this in my opinion has to be their best album yet. Currently on their European Tour, and more to my pleasure and excitement will be hitting UK shores in December a show definitely not to be missed. The only negative thing I have to say about this album is that there are a couple of tracks that sound very similar, but this quickly redeemed and came into a sound of their own. The first track that I recommend you guys have a listen to is a track called "Dead" with a very old school sound I personally loved it, from the guitar intro to the thrashing drums this tune rocked big style for me, this has to be without a doubt my favorite on the album and can’t wait to hear it live this is my crowd pleaser.

music industry frenzy. The first track that I recommend would be "Dig your grave" starting off with a slow and steady guitar instrumental then “Bang” it's A sound that's totally in your face. I personally think that in this track the vocals are very Wednesday 13 and musically Iron Maiden. The second track that I recommend is "No Return" all I can and have to say about this Track is "Wow" Michael Priestley can rock the fuck out of a guitar This guy leaves me transfixed, a Very talented guy indeed this was my favorite from the Ep. It does Make me want to hear what else they have to offer. So check them out on MySpace

Rating ♣♣♣♣♣

Green River Project By Helen Hosie

London based "The Green River Project" formed in 2009, band members Andy law vocals, Mick Priestley, guitars, Muggsy on bass and Alex on drums, These guys have been very busy indeed after making a blistering appearance at this year’s Bloodstock festival and are currently working on an album and booking a tour. “The Green River Project" is in your face and ready to rock. Even though the band have only been around for a short period of time the band members have had other experience in other bands so they know what to expect in today's


"To Die For" By Helen Hosie

Five rocking guys make up this band, Tom, Chas, Pat, Eric and Rob. Killcode born and bred in New York are here and in your face, and they certainly are not backing down anytime soon. 2009 brought us the outstanding Debut Ep."2009 " Killcode are a band that excite me and leave me

Hungry and wanting just a bit more with each song. This is a band I can’t wait to see live. Killcode are no strangers to the music industry having toured the world with their individual projects, they certainly know what they’re talking about. In my opinion this has a little something for everyone. The first track that I would recommend has to be "Truce" very old school classic rock, the vocals are truly hypnotic, and musically these guys know the meaning of “kicking it out”. I have listened to this album many times over and loved every bit of it. They definitely will not disappoint their fans with this release; and will no doubt gain many more. The second song I recommend would have to be the track called "6 Am Again" this song is gritty in all the right places, I am loving the guitar solos they rock out big style, all in all I have to say this group of musicians complement each other giving the listeners a total kick ass, rock out experience. Did I want more "Hell Yeah!!!!!!! And you will To. So go check them out on their MySpace page Rated ♣♣♣♣♣

Killcode review 2

"Taking It All" By Helen Hosie

Let's try this again shall we!!! Due to some confusion and Anarchy this is the review that should have been done. But in a way I am lucky because I get to do it all over again, I just can’t get enough of these guys. Who am I talking about? I am talking about a kick ass band from New York called "KILLCODE" of course, I raved about these guys on their debut EP "To Die For" now I get to do it all again. They are here again, rocking it louder and more in your face than before. The release of their new (EP) "Taking it All", excited me a lot. This album to me, shows that these guys aren't about to bow out gracefully. They’re poised and ready, to rock us all over again. The first track that I selected for your listening pleasure has to be the track called "Hammer" this song blows me away, there front man Chris nails it vocally I love this guys voice, I also loved the throbbing steady bass line. I am a sucker for a good guitar solo as well. I wasn't disappointed with this song, it simply “KICKS ASS!!!!. The second song I have chosen from the EP is "Devil Song" I loved this song, It just screams rocking and sexy to me. It has all the trademarks of a rockin, grab ya by the balls rock song!!!!!!! Am I a fan of "Killcode" HELL YEAH!!!! I am. For more info on the bad visit there MySpace page at Rated ♣♣♣♣♣

Livin n a Valvestate By Helen Hosie

Forming in 2004, Livin n a Valvestate, a young rocking band hailing from Torquay in the United Kingdom, are for me a breath of fresh air and I am amazed that these guys haven't been signed to A major label. The band has many influences from Motley Crue to Bon Jovi and from ACDC to Black Sabbath. Currently on tour in the UK these guys are busy they also Toured with kick ass band Gypsy Pistoleros as their support act. The first track I recommend has to be a track called "Lock n Load" you can definitely hear the influence of early Motley Crue in this track, but as the track progressed it was apparent these guys are one of those bands who sound like they're building they're sound with every guitar solo, to every beat of that drum, teasing us more and more. The second track I recommend has to be "I'm

Coming Back ", just as hard rocking as the first track this one is my favorite. All I have to say is that these guys should be played at maximum volume. It will be interesting to see what else they have to offer in the future. Check them out band info can be found on their MySpace page. Rating ♣♣♣♣

Mortiis “Perfectly Defect” By: Helen Hosie

Mortiis return better than ever before, hailing from Oslo, Norway These (Industrial/Rock/Alternative) Rockers still have what it takes to please us and with the release of their long awaited album "Perfectly Defect" can they keep the fan base they had? "Hell Yeah". The first track I would recommend would be "Perfectly Defect" the vocals of the main man Mortiis are awesome to say the least if you’re a fan of Nine inch nails you are going to love this track a very electronic influence this track like most on the album is a staggering five minutes long and it held my

attention and leaving me wanting more, it had me hooked. The second track I recommend from the album has to be without a shadow of a doubt "This Absolution" this is my favorite and "Wow" it knocked me for six sexy guitar riffs and steady rock beat totally compliments the electronic synth feel you can definitely hear some Rob Zombie in there. On the whole this album ticked all the boxes for me I can’t stop listening to this album am I am fan "Hell Yeah" after listening to this album they are a firm favorite of mine and it’s good to see them back doing what they do best. Darkness still prevails in the world of Mortiis!!!!! the bands info can be found on their MySpace page.

Rating ♣♣♣♣♣

Pretty Boy Floyd “Kiss Of Death” By: Helen Hosie

From Hollywood California, Stevie W, Kristy, Criss 6 and Vic Foxx make up this dandy lot, to form the band Pretty Boy Floyd. This Glam /Rock outfit are no strangers to the music scene forming in 1987, this was also the year of their debut album "Leather Boys With Electric Toys” then breaking up the reformed again in 1995 and they are now back entertaining

crowds all over The States and more recently have just completed a UK Tour as support for the LA Guns so they have been very busy boys indeed. They have stuck with their 80s style Glam Rock which is disappointing they should have moved with the times and brought something new to the table. I think if they had done this they would have gained a much bigger and wider fan base they still know how to entertain a crowd but sadly not for me. Don't get me wrong the album isn't bad but it doesn't wow me either it sounds kind of tired and dull, I wanted this album to grab me and keep me hooked but all I thought was this sounds like very early Motley Crue and there can only ever be one Crue. But like I always say this is just my opinion and don't take my word for it go and check out the album and see what you think. The first track from the album I am Going to recommend would be “I Love It Loud “this track was one of The tracks that did catch my attention the vocals very similar to that of Vince Neil, this track is fun and rocking in its own Glam rock way I liked it but didn't love it, it made me smile which is a rare thing for me believe me, it did have a very Def Leopard feel about it. The second track that I have chosen from the album has to be " I Stole Your Love " this one I did love from the rocking thrashing guitars to the gritty gnarly vocals this one is the best on the album for me, this track has awesome solos. Check out Their MySpace

Rating ♣♣♣

out for yourselves band info can be found on MySpace

Rating ♣

look for in a rock band, very enticing and very addictive I will Definitely be adding Undercover Slut to my playlist and so should YOU!!! Check out their MySpace

Rating ♣♣♣ The Zeros “Zero In” By Helen Hosie

I really am not the best person to ask on this genre, so this review Will be of my considered opinion, but my opinion all the same. The Zeros didn't really do anything for me at all, their particular sound is old, forced and tired, and also sounds like every other Punk/Rock band out there, they just don't Bring anything new to the musical table. I found at times they're Sound was very mixed up and they try too hard to impress with their So called "shock lyrics" no shock just cringe for me. Maybe Someone with more knowledge on this genre would get them I just don't and I am sure there is an eager audience out there for Them. The track I have chosen for you guys is "Are you a Nut" this track had more of a rock feel than punk but sadly was let down Lyrically as I felt that it was constantly repeating itself and I got bored. The second track I have chosen is "Yeah Dude" as with all the tracks musically it was good but was so let down vocally and lyrically. But hey this is just what I think go check these guys

Undercover Slut "Amerikkka Macht Frei” By Helen Hosie

If I had to pick one word for this band it would have to be "Hardcore", hailing from Paris, France, French rockers undercover Slut members consisting of 'O' on vocals, Drag on guitar, Divine on guitar, Dave on bass and last but by no means least Fake on drums and together these guys make a hell of a sound. Their album entitled "Amerikkka Macht Frei" Definitely isn't one for the faint hearted released on Offensive? Records this album by my standard’s, has it all. The first track I would recommend has to be "Shadow Song" with trashing guitars and crashing hardcore drums teamed with the rocking vocals of front man 'O' this track sounding very much like early Marilyn Manson had me well and Truly sold. The second track I recommend has to be "Dear Dead Prez" this song is sexy in a dark rocking way and I love it. For me it has it all the vocals the guitars and the drums everything that you

Velvet Star Velvet Star (E/P) By: Helen Hosie

I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys live in a sleepy little town in the UK, but I can tell you This there is nothing sleepy about the Glam/Punk/Rock, outfit they Call Velvet Star, from Yorkshire in the UK these guys know how to Keep your attention with many influences that does show in their Music their sound is altogether, and tight I think this is a band that We need to watch out for as they most certainly know how to rock With their various mix of influences these youngsters have a presence that’s out there. The first track that I would Recommend from there Ep has to Be "Ego" there vocalist Danny oozes sex appeal with his punk rock snarl that reminds me of a Younger Iggy pop I would say has a very addictive voice which goes

Well with their style of music, the second track that I would Recommend would have to be "Something About You" with Smooth thumping bass line, and outstanding guitar solos from the opening guitar intro to the last I was kept very interested. The Bands info can be found on their MySpace page.

information go to website. http://www.Torpedohead.De

Rating ♣♣♣♣♣

RADIO STAR SF By: Helen Hoise

Rating ♣♣♣♣

Reckless Love By: Agnieszka Wilde

Torpedohead “Let’s go for a Ride” (E/P) By: Agnieszka Wilde

German bred Torpedohead have just the right amount of ammunition to get my brain into a tailspin. Their latest EP called “Let’s go for a Ride” is dirty, gritty and unapologetic, just the way Rock’n’Roll was meant to be, simple and melodic. I love this EP, I simply can’t put it down and now I understand why they toured with bands like, Vains of Jenna and The New York Dolls. My Favorite songs are: Cadillac Beach, Black Rain and Moonshine highway which by the way is branded on my brain. This is a group of talented musicians not to be taken lightly; these guys will soar to the top. I highly recommend this EP, everyone should own a copy. For more

I feel as thou this CD if properly exposed to radio, could potentially get worldwide attention. Song such as”Beautiful Bomb” is an instant hit and it does not hurt when the guys are easy on the eyes .Adored by female fans all over the world these guys have it made. Initially I thought I would be more impressed by this cd, and Although I do like this band and the songs, I’m disappointed by the fact that there are too many remixes. Hearing “Back to Paradise” three times on this album is a little bit much for me. I do like the “Hysteria” cover by Def Leppard and every other song on this album. The songs are catchy and commercial, but I feel that if Reckless Love were pushed a little bit harder they would write songs which would surpass this album. That’s what I expect from the next one. My favorites on this album are “Beautiful Bomb”, “Hysteria” “One more time” and “Bad ass” and I enthusiastically rate it… Rating ♣♣♣♣

Imagine a mixing bowl throw in a load of ingredients and you have RadioStar SF. Forming in 2002, hailing from San Francisco the band consisting of Jay Skyler on vocals and lead guitar, Cameron Landers, Drums/backing vocals, Chris Skarkrow, Bass/backing vocals, and Jim Skaggs on Keys/backing vocals they all have a musical background, so they all know how to rock. With each of them having many different Influences, they all have found their place in the band. When I listened to the album I thought their sound was very much like Type O Negative meets Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds not a bad mix if I do say so myself. Having written the theme song for the Horror flick "Puppy" which starred Calico Cooper there music has been noticed more than ever. The first track that I have chosen for you guys is the track called "Puppy" in my opinion this track sounds very much like Type O Negatives "Black No#1" but with a twist all of their own I didn't love the track, but did like it, theirs Just something there that made me want to keep listening, this band intrigues me somewhat.

The second track that I think you guys should listen to is "Buried Alive" there Classic rock /metal/punk genre does show in this track and it does rock out good style it has what all great rock songs should have thrashing guitars the crashing drums and strong rock vocals but there is something missing for me, I wanted to love these guys but only got as far as like. I will however be keeping my beady little eye on them and see what they have to offer in 2011.Check out their MySpace page. Rating ♣♣♣

Smith to the Spin Doctors. She will also grace the UK this year. One thing I have to say is that Rew* is not afraid to work hard to obtain her goals I think she is a very talented individual indeed. The first track that I would recommend would be a track called "U Suck", I loved this song it’s a true to the heart song and we all have someone in our lives that we think sucks, so we can all relate to this song. I loved this track lyrically it made me laugh. I personally find Rew* addictive I just wanted to hear more. The second track I have chosen is called " That's Rite" this song sounds very much like "Bad Things" by Jace Everett, (the True Blood theme tune) I loved this track lyrically and musically it pushed all my buttons I will definitely be following this gal in the future.

Rating ♣♣♣♣

Rew Star By: Helen Hosie

Alternative/Indie/ Pop punk performing artist and songstress Rew * , is a very talented women indeed, if she isn't touring regularly in her home town of New York, she is busy also with her web show Rew and Who which is a raw internet show aired on Wednesdays 4-6pm on

She has shared the stage with greats such as Joey Ramone, Patti

Voodoo Bunny By: Agnieszka Wilde

Voodoo Bunny has an enigmatic sound. The captivating, rhythmic guitar hooks and Tresors voice capture the essence of bands such

as The Bangles and Garbage. Tresors vocal style reminds me a lot of Shirley Manson of Garbage. My favorite tracks on this EP are“First” and “Eight Tattoos” and I have to admit that these songs tend to be addictive. Not bad for a band whose only been around since 2009. I do like this EP and I hope to hear more from this electrifying group of musicians. Tresors vocals possess unstoppable energy and Voodoo Bunny deserves to be permanently planted on everyone’s brain. Check out their MySpace

Rating ♣♣♣

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KCM : Has this past summer tour been any different from all the previous tours, anything that stands out more this time around?

Who Is

Texas Terri ?

By Agnieszka Wilde KCM : You are one of the hardest working people in the music industry, has it been paying off for you? T.T: Wow, thanks for noticing this. I always wonder if all of the work pays off and then a statement like this one that you notice me because of my hard work tells me that it is paying off and that I get to do an interview for your bad ass magazine is really cool for me. I can only imagine how much hard work it also takes to put together a magazine so thanks for inviting me to be a part of your world and please, keep up the good work! I believe that all of my hard work, even the work in the past I've done, is still making an impact on my current and future success. To be honest, and I try to be as honest and open with my life as possible, I had hoped that all of my hard work would have paid off a little more than it has after so many years of "the hustle". About 5 years ago, I went through a huge burn out period from dealing with all of the daily details from running a band. I thought I was going to have to quit for a while. My mind was so exhausted. This really slowed me down. But it also gave me a different perspective on things. I think with all of the questions in this interview, that this new perspective will reveal itself, so read on!

T.T: Just reading this question fills me full of excitement and makes me smile. The shows I did this past summer were the most fun and best time I've had touring in years! The first difference was that I had musicians that live in the UK for the UK dates I did with The Damned, musicians from Sweden for the Swedish dates (from the bands Sweet Addiction and High Hats), and musicians from Finland for the Finnish dates (from the bands Pelle Miljoona, No Shame, and Vanity Ink). This past summer I got to play with so many cool musicians, some of them friends of mine that I've always wanted to play with and some I had never even met before I had them playing with me. I decided to try it this way because through a chain of events, my berlin musicians were just not available enough to do all of the shows I wanted and needed to do and I didn't not want to take shows just because they were not available. They were busy with other projects and I just could not pass up the opportunity to play with The Damned in the UK or work around their schedules. Then I just decided to book more shows in other countries and have bands in those countries. It's actually so much easier for me this way. Then I just have to plan for one person, me, instead of four for transportation, etc. I really love doing it this way. I get to have fun playing with the different musicians in and from a particular country. I get to learn more about the culture and the country I'm in because I'm working with people from that country. I get to work with people that love and adore me because they are Texas Terri fans. It's killer! I'm going to be doing the same thing in Italy in December with an Italian band, One Trax Minds, backing me up. This allows me to go and stay in Italy and see more of it this time around. I have been there on tour before but only played in the cities in the north. I've always wanted to go to Rome and the One Trax Minds boys live outside of Rome. This time I'll get to play about 10 shows there and eat all of the pizza and gelato that I want. I'll go a few days early so I can just hang out in Rome as a tourist. This

way of touring is easier in some ways but a little risky in other ways. For instance, I have to rehearse with the bands when i get to each country and that can be rather exhausting and sometimes stressful getting the music up to par in a short amount of time. So far, it's all worked out just fine. I just booked a show for Malmo, Sweden for Oct. 29 and I'm taking the Berlin musicians with me for this one and it's already been more work to organize than it is to for me to just fly in alone. I just love traveling alone and having new experiences with new people. Guess I'm weird this way. I just got a new guitar player (an Italian boy) here in Berlin that I really love and the band sounds so good that I wanted them to be with me for this show. I know eventually I will most likely have only one band again but for now, I'm just enjoying the freedom of playing with different musicians all over Europe. It's such an interesting and enriching experience and I really want to play with as many musicians over here as possible. It's really good for me mentally and musically. KCM : What is it about Berlin that makes you want to live there for good as oppose to say L.A? T.T: Berlin was my second choice of cities to move to. My first choice was Stockholm. But at the moment when I was moving, it just didn't work out for me to move to Stockholm for several reasons so I ended up in Berlin which is not a bad place to end up by any means. This is a great city, a melting pot of people from all walks of life from all over the world. I like that in a city. That's how it was in Los Angeles and that's why I loved living in that city for so long. Berlin kind of reminds me of Austin, Texas though because of it's laid back, small town type rhythm. I actually feel I have already outgrown Berlin for my personal growth needs. It's a little too laid back for me. I really would be better off living in a city like London. But for now, this is where I'll stay. It's a good life here. I will always love L.A. but I was starting to stagnate there and I had wanted to move to Europe for quite some time after touring here a few times. I was and still am fascinated by the European culture and each country's individual

culture. I'm learning a lot here about myself and others. Sometimes it's very exhausting and very confusing for me because of all of the different languages and the winters are brutal compared to L.A. but I'm really digging the Euro scene. I'm meeting so many interesting people and I'm learning so many interesting things. And I love being able to fly out to a country for a weekend with all the low rate airlines. The thought of living back in the U.S. and not being able to take a quick flight to Sweden puts me in a panic so I hope to stay in Europe for a very long time. I will go back to the U.S. next February/March and hopefully do a couple of shows in L.A., Austin, and NYC while I'm there. And it's a good way for me to get away from the tail end of the brutal Berlin winter. KCM : What is the funniest or most unbelievable thing that you’ve read about yourself? T.T: Oh, probably that I worked as a porno actress. I love how my reputation evolved from go-go dancer at a popular Hollywood weekly dance club, Club Cherry (which was a really fun, fab club) to that I was a stripper and then to that I was a porno actress, Whatever. And then there is the debate whether I am a man or a woman and whether or not I've had a sex change. I always wonder which sex I changed to? But it's always cool to know that people are curious about me. Oh yeah, then there was the time it was written in an article that I broke my guitar player, Demon Boy's elbow. That stems from a night on stage when his little electronical device that is called an Ebow got broken. Having a big, aggressive, loud, outgoing personality has gotten me accused of all kinds of things all my life. KCM : You have done a lot of things in your career, so what’s next? Are you planning on recording any new music? T.T: I mentioned that I like to be as honest as possible when I do interviews, etc. Well, to be honest, I don't really like recording as much as I like doing live shows but in order to stay in the game, I'm getting songs together for a new record. I don't know when, how, or with

whom I will record it with, but it will come together eventually, sooner than later I hope. It's way past time for me to put something new out. I feel kind of lame about it. I was hoping to meet some musicians or at least one over here in Europe that I feel comfortable writing songs with. Someone that I have creative chemistry with. So far no good. But I am writing songs on my own using the little bit of knowledge I have at playing guitar. It's a bit frustrating. I do have a couple of people that I click with songwriting wise. They live in the U.S. so there is always that option. I've tried to write together with one of them sending files back and forth over the internet, but I really need to be in the same room with them. I need that connection. And, of course, I am already planning shows and tours for next year. I have absolutely no connections in Japan but that is one place I would love to go as I haven't been there yet. KCM : What is your favorite place in the world that you have played in? T.T: Man, this question is a tough one. I don't think I can pick just one place. I can tell you that the first place that I felt like a rock star was in Spain. Thanks to a really cool rock and roll magazine out of Barcelona, Popular 1 Magazine putting me on the cover when I was barely known in Spain, I was like an overnight sensation. I will always be grateful to them for having the courage to put me on the cover instead of a big, well known band that would sell more magazines. They were secure enough with their fan base to know that people would buy the magazine regardless and of course with a wild pic of me on the cover, that didn't hurt either. But as we all know, most magazines play it safe when it comes to sales promotions. So that was really amazing and the coolest. I love people that take risks! Hail! Hail! Popular 1! Playing Sweden the first time is also one of my many highlights. My guts kept telling me I needed to get to Sweden and it was like pulling teeth to get my booking agent to set up shows for me there. Thankfully, an American Texas Terri fan in Stockholm, Ed O'Neill had been emailing me in L.A. saying he wanted to bring me to Stockholm for a show. So he set up a show for me in Stockholm, one

of my Swedish myspace fans set a show up for me in Visby, and my booking agent set up a show for me in Gothenburg. I had always wanted to go to Stockholm as I am a fan of a lot of bands and musicians there. So with a lot of pushing and shoving, I made that happen and it was the coolest. This was back in 2004. Not a lot of bands were going to Scandinavia back then because booking agents didn't want to risk losing money because of the ferry or bridge situation from mainland Europe and I don't think they had so many contacts over there was the truth of the matter and they didn't seem to want to go the extra mile for the artist to make the artist happy. But don't get me started on this. Yep, I have frustrations with booking agents from time to time like a lot of other musicians do. I always wanted to play in Helsinki also. Thanks to the guy that put on my first show in Gothenburg, Jonk from Alley Cat Records, I finally got to go to Finland. After my first pushing and shoving event with booking agents, I spoke to Jonk and asked him if he would be interested in and able to book me a 10 day run in Scandinavia, including Helsinki. He booked me the coolest Scandi tour I've ever been on. This was in 2005. On this tour I had some friends of mine from L.A., Prima Donna (yep, the ones that just recently opened for Green Day all over Europe and Asia) as my back up musicians. They were a really great band for me and we has so much fun. It was so cool to play in Helsinki. The fans were incredible. They told me they had been waiting 6 years for me to come to Finland to do a show. So, needless to say my gut intuition about Scandi was right. It's just been a great time for me. I absolutely adore the Scandinavian fans. Oh, by the way, I've been having a debate with people whether Finland is considered a Scandinavian country or not? Is it or isn't it? Well, whichever it is, I love going there. To be honest, I'm really tired of all of the pushing and shoving I have to do to go and play countries and cities I want to play in. It really wears me out. I am presently doing my best to find booking agents in each country that believe in me and want me to succeed and that have the ability to book good shows for me to make it all happen so that I can get to play for more people which is my dream. I love what I

do, I love my fans, and I only want to work with business people that also love what I do. One big fucking love fest! And as you mentioned, I work hard. This should be a really cool thing for a booking agent to know. So if there are any cool booking agents that are reading this that believe in Texas Terri and want to succeed with me, give me a shout. KCM : Any outlandish road stories? T.T: I've got a million of them but then I would never finish this interview and get to you on time. So here's one quicky: The first time I toured Europe was in 2000. At that time I was pals with Angelina Jolie and she was kind enough to sponsor my band. That is how I was able to do my first Euro Tour. So everyone has her to thank for me coming to Europe. i am so grateful for all the help she gave me. Anyway, she was in London training for the Laura Croft movie at the same time I would be there on tour. It was a great coincidence that it worked out this way and we were really excited that we could hang out in London together. Our first show ever in London was at the Underworld. When I handed in the guest list with Angelina Jolie's name on it, John, the promoter thought I was either deranged, full of myself, or just plain insane. He thought I was a total joke for thinking Angelina Jolie was going to be coming to my show. Well, when she arrived at the door, he just about shit his pants! I would have loved to have seen his face! He told me that I was welcome to play the Underworld any time I want because he got to meet Angelina Jolie because of me. Also, at sound check, all of the bands that were to play that night were arguing over who would go on first and who would go on last. So I told them that TxT would go on last. I had no idea that that would be considered the headliner spot. So as it turns out, TxT got the write up in the Kerrang with a big picture of me topless with the tape across my breasts. (Yes, I used to play without a shirt with gaffer tape across my breast, it just felt so rock and roll! Ahhh, the good ole days).. The funny part of this story is that the editor called the writer to find out if I was a man or a woman. To this

day, even with my shirt on people seem to be confused about what sex I am. KCM : What takes precedence in your life right now as oppose to ten years ago? T.T: My top priority is just being happy each day. Also taking more time for myself these days to avoid another burn out. That was a really dark and horrible period of my life. I felt so sick all of the time, I was so unhappy, and had no passion for anything. Now that was scarey! I love doing my music thing but not if it's going to fuck me up with exhaustion to the point of me not having fun so I'm more careful now. It's a lot of work to do the music thing but it's got to be fun also. I take more time for the people in my life. You never know when they may not be around anymore. I don't want to have any regrets. KCM : Do you ever plan to stop doing this? And if you did what else would you be good at doing? T.T: I've thought about this many many times throughout the years. Well, I don't plan on stopping music. I will keep going as long as I can find musicians to play with me and people keep coming to my shows. When people lose interest in me, then I suppose I would have no other choice but to stop. But then again, it hasn't reached that point yet, so I don't really think about it. I just keep surging ahead. I have no idea what else I would be good at doing. Maybe that is why I have stayed with music so long. I was a hairdresser for a lot of years but I don't want to do that anymore. I loved doing the acting thing when I was in L.A. but that is like music, something that is hard to break into. I would do that for fun if it came up again. Maybe I would learn some sort of computer program writing skill or something. And one day I'd like to write an auto-biography. KCM : What is your favorite song to perform live and why? T.T: This is an easy one, "Oh Yeah!" is my favorite song without a doubt. It means a lot to me, probably more than any other song I sing. It's about having an easy,

carefree, fun life and doing what you want (as long as you don't hurt others). It's fun to sing and it's easy for people to sing along to. I have put "Oh Yeah!" on both of the cd's I have released and I will probably put it on the next cd I release until it becomes a hit song and has been heard by everyone in the world (or something like that). Yep, I am the queen of crazy, silly ideas. I specialize in crazy ideas. KCM : Name three things you can’t do without? T.T: Only three? Ok, let's see. Hmmm, this is why I really love this interview. It really puts me on the spot. Cigarettes, a warm place to sleep, Texas Terri red hair color and lipstick. KCM : What advice do you have for up and coming female musicians? T.T: This is advice I would give to all musicians. Learn as much as you can about the music business. I know it's not as much fun as just playing music, but you will be happy you learned this stuff in the long run. I highly recommend Donald Passman's book "All You Need to Know About the Music Business". Donald Passman is a music entertainment lawyer. It all seems like fun at the beginning and that nothing could ever tear your band apart but as things progress, the business things come up and money things and if you don't know what you are doing, you will really mess things up and make mistakes that will slow you down and waste your time. Not that I am a total authority on the music business, but I have made and learned quite a bit from my mistakes and anyone that has any questions that I may be able to answer, just shoot me an email ( As I said, I'm not an authority but I do have experience and if I could help someone not make the same mistakes I have, then I would be more than happy to. If you are a vocalist, do yourself a favor and learn how to play at least one instrument also. It comes in handy for songwriting and for playing in other people's bands if you decide you don't want the responsibility of being the lead singer anymore. It can really open up your

world. This is one thing I didn't do for myself in the beginning that I wished I had done. Do all you can to become the best musician you can. Do your best to stay humble and don't let your ego ruin things for yourself. And....Have fun! KCM : What are your hobbies outside of music? T.T: When I was a youngster, I loved to tap dance. So about 6 months ago, I started taking a tap dance class here in Berlin. It's loads of fun and totally separate from my music thing. I don't want to intertwine them. Tap dance helps me relax and get out a lot of my angst from running a band and the other stresses of life. That's pretty much the only hobby I have time for these days. I love to spend as much time as I can alone and I love to read books and study all kinds of things I'm hoping to write a book as I've mentioned. KCM : Name one band that changed your life forever? T.T: The Rolling Stones. When I heard The Rolling Stones' music and saw pictures of them, that was it for me. So sexy, so sleazy, such charismatic bad boys, such great passion in their music. I could feel it. I got to see them several times in their younger days (and my younger days) and I still go to see them when I can. Still one of the best Rock and Roll bands around in my opinion. “I'll close with saying thanks again for the interview. Much respect to you and to the music fans all over the world. Lot's of love and magic to everyone.” Texas Terri


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