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April-May| 2017


ADDRESS: 159/9 MOO 2 AO NANG KRABI 81000 | PHONE: +66 (0) 758 132 11


Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand - 23 March 2017 - At Layana Resort & Spa we are extremely proud of our luxurious accommodation, top grade facilities and impeccable service; perhaps, though, are greatest pleasure comes from seeing the reaction from first time guests when they venture on to the beach, just paces away from the resort. “Had Phra Ae”, or Long Beach, is aptly named, comprising a cool 4 Km. of uninterrupted golden soft sands fringed with tall pine trees and natural, verdant vegetation. Probably the nicest beach on Koh Lanta (which, in our opinion, makes it the best in Thailand!), its sheer length means it never seems busy even at the height of High Season and, west-facing, is the perfect location for viewing the most spectacular sunsets that turn the sky a myriad of hues before the sun finally sinks below the horizon. It offers, too, perfect swimming conditions, gently sloping into the waters of the Andaman Sea, whilst on a clear day - and most are, during High Season - the views from Long Beach are stunning, taking in the islands of Phangna Bay, with famous Phi Phi in the distance. No umbrellas and sun loungers clutter the sands, no beach vendors or jet skis interrupt the calm and unspoiled beauty of the beach, for which we give heartfelt thanks to Krabi’s forward-thinking authorities who have banned such usage throughout the province. Instead, our guests can, if they wish, escape the heat by relaxing at our Sundowners and Sands bars or by enjoying a light lunch on the terraces of Tides, our all day restaurant. We truly believe that there is nowhere in Thailand, and, perhaps the World, to compare with the beauty, serenity and naturalness of Long Beach. Visit us at Layana Resort & Spa to find out for yourself - we know you won’t be disappointed.

Layana Resort & Spa, Koh Lanta Yai A haven of pampered indulgence, tranquil vistas, manicured landscapes and personalised service, at the Layana Resort & Spa you will find turquoise seas showcased by lush green vegetation and soaring blue skies. Nestled on Koh Lanta Yai island, this adults-only intimate resort sits on a three kilometre long white sandy beach and features accommodation in contemporary Thai style, complete with natural and luxurious décor and furnishings. Facilities include a stunning newly renovated Spa, library, infinity pool enjoying sea views, Sundowner bar and Tides restaurant, perched on the very edge of the beach overlooking the sea. An ideal choice for a luxurious and romantic stay.....

April-May| 2017

Tel: + 66(0) 75 607 100

WWW.LAYANARESORT.COM Fax: + 66(0) 75 607 199



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The chaos, the fun, the celebration of Sonkran! Every year the whole of Thailand after baking for the past 2 months (starting in the middle of February) breaks the pressure and ushers in the new year the best way possible, with a water fight nationwide and for a week long! It’s just the way to do things in the kingdom and we’d rather be no other place during the celebration. just made sure when you venture from your hotel rooms you keep your phone and wallet in a plastic bag. This year we’ve seen a shift in the weather pattern with the typical low season rain sticking around until the end of January keeping the whole of Krabi nice and wet when it has hispirically been sunny and dry. For those of us who were to witness this change, we thank you for sticking around to weather the storm, it wasn’t easy but we made it! This year has brought many new improvements to Krabi, the new bridge connecting Koh Lanta Yai to Koh Lanta Noi is up and running full tilt, the next bridge is currently in the planning stage but should be completed within the next five years. Ao Nang has added many new hotels ranging from 3 up to 5 star properties to it’s selection providing more options to those visiting. Thank you for reading!

Cover by 69 Slam


Krabi Magazine Team

April-May| 2017














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69 Slam has come to Krabi and is changing the way we look in the sun

Naturally grown, these vegetables are healthy, hearty and closer than you think

Some of the must visit shops in town

April-May| 2017



KOH PODA This is the iconic island of Krabi and the first and most dramatic one you can see from Ao Nang beach. Hop on a longtail boat - the local wooden boats with their picturesque prow - and sail away surrounded by turquoise water..

AO NANG BEACH At 20 km from Krabi Town Ao Nang Beach is the most developed of Krabi’s many beaches. Ao Nang Beach is famous for it’s white sand beaches and large limestones karsts towering over the eastern edges. All of your accommodation, shopping and service needs can be found here. It is the hub from which to plan your trip to sea as well as to any number of the nearby islands. NOPPHARAT THARA BEACH Just around the corner from Ao Nang, yet still undeveloped with only a few resorts, bars and restaurants, Noppharat Thara beach offers a bit more “local” feel than it’s sister Ao Nang. Attractive because of its natural setting, this is where local youngsters and families gather during sunset and on weekends. At low tide, walk out together with millions of small crabs on the sandy pathways to a small island on the western edge of the beach. KLONG MUANG BEACH A further 20 km away from Ao Nang Klong Muang is the up-market side of Krabi, the place to be if you are after a peaceful and hassle free holiday. Catering to families and couples, it is here that you really get that well deserved repose, surrounded by pristine nature. KOH LANTA BEACHES Koh Lanta has a wide selection of resorts for all tastes and pockets. Koh Lanta Yai island has long stretches of gleaming white sandy beaches and shallow emerald waters. Lined with tropical vegetation, a private spot is never more than a short walk away..

CHICKEN ISLAND This should be next on your list as it is right next to Koh Poda. From the right angle when passing Chicken Island (Koh Gai) you can catch a glimpse of a chicken’s neck and head, some would argue more like that of a turkey but it’s up to you. The second island, Koh Tub, is connected to Chicken Island by a sandy isthmus and people can walk from one to another at low tide.

clear waters, pure sandy beaches, lush mountains and rocky islands emerging from the sea. Both beaches are known all over the world for their famous climbing routes. They can only be reached by boat, a 15 minute ride from Ao Nang or 30 minutes from Krabi Town. Enjoy a cocktail in one of the beach bars, visit the Phranang Cave, challenge yourself on a rock climbing or ‘deep water solo’ cliff jumping into the sea, hike the limestone trail to a lagoon or the viewpoint or simply chill out and watch the day pass you by.

TUBKAEK BEACH Next to Klong Muang Beach, Tub Keak beach is another place to just get away; long, clean and powerful, the area boasts breathtaking views over the Koh Hong archipelago and provides for wonderfully charming sunsets. From Tubkeak beach you can venture inside the National Park and try the nature trail “Naga trek” to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Krabi. RAILAY AND TONSAI BEACHES Are split and separated from Ao Nang by a limestone mountain range. Railay has two sides, east and west, and its settings are simply marvelous: crystal



KOH HONG This island archipelago demands everyone’s attention as it is one of the highlights of Krabi Province. The Archipelago, a group of limestone islands with many hidden caves and lagoons makes it perfect for snorkeling and exploring. Visit Lading and Pakbia islands before Koh Hong as they are much less visited and sport a blend of both lush jungle and tropical waters. Koh hong is usually crowded until 3pm so we recommend visiting other Lading and Pakbia in the morning, then going to Koh Hong after the crowds have started to leave.

end of the province known for its prime sunset views, heaps of activities and glimpses into sea gypsy life. Koh Lanta is also a National Park that comprises many local islands surrounded by coral reefs, such as Koh Ngai, Koh Mook and the remote Koh Rok. LIMESTONE MOUNTAINS These iconic karsts characterize most of the inland area of Krabi, the most spectacular being the crags of Sai Tai, in between Ao Nang and Krabitown. Susaan Hoi is a 40 million yearold seashell cemetery; once a large swamp where freshwater crustaceans proliferated, today it’s home to 40 centimeter thick, shell encrusted limestone slabs, a geologically rather unique and is only 5Km from Ao Nang beach.


Private bays, limestone cliffs, waters rich in marine life and caves where swallow’s birds nests are harvested are all here on the island that Leonardo Di Caprio once rolled his hot bod in while filming ‘The Beach’ at the now iconic Maya Bay. KOH JUM & KOH SIBOYA Both are unspoiled tropical hide-aways that have a unique atmosphere. Tune in to the slow culture here, imbibe the peace and recharge your batteries with the soundtrack of lapping waves. KOH LANTA The developing island at the southern

KHAO PHANOM BENCHA NATIONAL PARK At 20 km from Krabi Town, the Khao Phanom Bencha national park comprises waterfalls, streams, lush forests and caves. It is home to all kind of flora and wildlife and to the highest mountain in the region from which it takes it’s name. One of the features of the park is Huay Thoi Waterfall where water runs down onto several huge pools. TARNBOK KHORANEE NATIONAL PARK Located in the north of the province, Tarnbok Khoranee national park is made up of limestone mountains, verdant tropical forest, caves and beautiful islands. It is well known kayaking explorers as there are a number of tributaries curving into a number of small caves boasting ancient cave paintings. SA MORAKOT OR THE EMERALD POOL Truly a natural wonder of Krabi: a pond of turquoise water with an average temperature of 30-40°C fed by a hot spring in the middle of the jungle in Klong Thom district, 70 kilometers from Ao Nang. HOT SPRINGS Situated in Klong Thom district, These natural hot springs are natures jacuzzis. They melt away tensions, relieve the body and mind with the fresh spring water running over mineral enriched limestone rocks.

April-May| 2017



THE UN BLAMES CORRUPTION FOR MAKING THE LAND OF SMILES UNHAPPY, BUT BLOOMBERG CITES LOW INFLATION IN NAMING IT THE HAPPIEST OF ECONOMIES. GO FIGURE If you weren’t too glum to notice, Monday the 20th of March was International Day of Happiness, an occasion when the United Nations tries to improve the global mood with its World Happiness Index. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to cheer up anyone in Thailand, which ranked 32nd among the 155 countries covered. The UN’s happiness assessors noted that Thailand fares well in terms of social support and per-capita sharing in gross domestic product, but not so well when it comes to “healthy life expectancy”, “freedom to make life choices” or “generosity”. We did worst of all under the heading “perception of corruption”. What that last finding means, according to the guidelines set out in the UN report, is that corruption is holding the country back and undercutting public happiness. Merely improving our standing on a global “happiness index” might not be much of a spur to efforts to tackle graft, but there are ample other incentives to ending corruption.  The corruption that dogs Thai life at every level, from slum to university to Parliament, brings short-term gain for those who indulge in it and long-term suffering to millions of others and the Kingdom as a whole. Paying bribes to officials in exchange for convenience or better service has become so routine that


few people give it a second thought. We need to jettison that complacency, demand that public services, education and justice are administered equitably, and drag this country into the 21st century. Then we might see the Thai happiness quotient rising. All 10 countries at the top of the UN list are developed Western nations – in descending order Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. Are the parameters used to construct the Happiness Index “too Western”, as has been suggested? It doesn’t appear so. The rankings take into account sound yardsticks such as social support in difficult times, freedom to make lifestyle choices – and citizens’ perception of how corrupt their society is. On the other hand, are these really the factors that affect how happy people are? Surely there are plenty of people content with limited freedoms and choices, even if they’re not cheerful about it.  Take a look at some of the less-developed countries lower down on the UN list. Bhutan is ranked 97th – the tiny Himalayan kingdom famed for its “gross national happiness” government policy, which by most accounts does actually reflect public spirit. How can the Bhutanese be so much unhappier than Danes and Australians? Clearly different

measuring sticks are in play, rendering the gauging of national happiness little more than a rhetorical game. Bloomberg, the financial-news agency, released its “Miserable Index” early this month, listing Thailand as the “least miserable nation” (among 65 countries evaluated) for the third year in a row, thanks to low unemployment and inflation. We have “the happiest economy”, in other words, with Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Taiwan, Denmark, Israel, South Korea and Hong Kong trailing behind us. The unhappy conclusion to draw from this is that happiness can be measured in many ways without ever guaranteeing that the result reflects reality. Happiness being subjective, it’s unlikely it can be measured accurately at all. Never mind. We do know at least that happiness does exist, however fleeting or tenuous it might be, and that the pursuit of happiness brings tangible rewards. Over the centuries the sages have suggested a multitude of ways to achieve happiness, so we’re not lost for choices. Most people realise it doesn’t require wealth or worldliness. It resides in the heart and mind, waiting to be stirred.  So, as the song goes, don’t worry, be happy. Source: The Nation



Maya Restaurant at Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort welcomes special guest chefs, Le Duy Thanh and Duong Dai Doan from our sister property, Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi. The two talented chefs will create a feast of authentic Vietnamese specialities to enjoy at our renowned restaurant, Maya. Vietnamese cuisine is known for its healthy and vibrant dishes, bursting with flavours. During the Taste of Vietnam week, Maya Restaurant will feature a special cooking station with a selection of Vietnamese dishes available each day for lunch and dinner, including the famous pho noodle soup. PHUKET: Large fishing vessels will be banned from working in the southern Andaman Sea during the spawning season, from April 1 to June 30, the Fisheries Department announced yesterday. About 4,696 square kilometers of fishing space will be closed off in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and Trang. “According to our research, most marine life in the Andaman breeds between April and June. This is a vulnerable time for the marine ecosystem, as many juveniles and breeding adults can be caught,” says Saen Sringam, chief of the Krabi Fishery. “Protecting young fish is essential, because it can help replenish fish stocks to later be harvested by the fishing industry. It can also boost the quality of marine tourism in the region. The most important fish are short-bodied mackerel (Pla Too). They are very important for the Thai economy, so by giving them time to breed, we will get much larger hauls in the future,” he added. Though larger fishing boats are banned, local fishermen using nets that have meshing holes larger than 4.7cm wide will be allowed to continue fishing as usual during this time. — Kritsada Mueanhawong

April-May| 2017

On 5th, 7th and 9th at 4pm in Maya Garden, Chef Doan and Chef Thanh will also teach guests how to make Vietnamese spring rolls and won tons in a fun and informative hands-on cookery class. Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi is renowned as one of the best hotels in the world and it has led many innovations in Vietnam since its opening. Chef Doan and Chef Thanh have many years’ experience of preparing authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and have also embraced the challenge of creating refined and innovative interpretations of classic dishes. and innovative gastronomy in Vietnam. At Maya Restaurant, the two gifted chefs will present enticing dishes such as banana flower salad, mango salad, Cha Ca red river fish with turmeric and galangal, pan-seared beef on lemongrass stalks with green peppercorns, and much more. There will also be traditional desserts such young sticky rice cakes, purple yam with sago and coconut milk, and other sweet treats to end a memorable meal. Join Chef Doan and Chef Thanh for “A Taste of Vietnam”, only at Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa from 3 – 9 April! offer! For more information and reservation, please call 075 627 800 or email to H6184-RE@SOFITEL.COM. . Sofitel, World Class Hotels & French Elegance Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents with 120 addresses, in almost 40 countries (more than 30,000 rooms). Sofitel offers contemporary hotels and resorts adapted to today’s more demanding and more versatile consumers who expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence. Whether situated in the heart of a major city like Paris, London, New York, Shanghai or Beijing, or nestled away in a country landscape in Morocco, Egypt, French Polynesia or Thailand, each Sofitel property offers a genuine experience of the French “art de vivre”. For more information, please email or call +66 75 627 800



Thai Cooking Class at Ao Nang Thai Cookery School

Scuba diving and snorkeling at Scuba addicts

If you want to take home some techniques of the famous Thai cuisine, you must stop off at Ao Nang Thai Cookery School, operating since 2001. Learn how to cook Royal Thai Cuisine with experienced chefs who will take you step by step through each recipe with the exotic herbs and spices that make Thai cuisine one of the world’s culinary delights.

Scuba diving in Krabi is how diving is meant to be – Safe, Fun and Relaxed. Visibility is generally very good (12-35m), the water is warm (28-30 degrees), minimal equipment is needed, and there is always something new to see.

Sow, one of the main instructors at Ao Nang, has ten years’ experience as a chef in several of Thailand’s large five star hotels and restaurants. At Ao Nang Thai Cookery School, you will get to choose the dishes you wish to learn to cook. Impress your friends when you return home with green Thai curry fragrant soups or stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, spring rolls, chicken satay, pad thai and many more recipes. When the cooking is all done, you can sit and enjoy all of your hard work. Ao Nang Thai Cookery School is just the thing you need when you want a break from the beach. Come discover the authentic Thai culture.

Scuba Addicts Dive Centre offers diving and snorkeling adventures for all ages and abilities, and are tailored to suit your individual or group needs. Their aim is to make your scuba diving holiday in Ao Nang fun and memorable by discovering famous dive sites such as Phi Phi Islands, the King Cruiser Wreck/Shark Point Marine Sanctuary and the clear, secluded waters of numerous local islands of Krabi. They also offer night dives, cavern diving and Liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands.

REAL ROCKS CLIMBING RAILAY Rock Climbing is fun for everyone! Let Real Rocks show you how you can get to the top! Sport Climbing Instructors are Certified and Licensed to Teach Climbing daily, including beginner- advanced courses. Kids (5 years old and up) climbing & caving tours available. We are one of the top rated activities in the area with excellent reviews! With more than 16 years of experience, we strive each day to continue to be Railay Beach and Krabi’s premier climbing school. Open everyday 7am-5pm Phone number : +66 (0)9 5743 3325

Phone number : +66 (0) 75 637 394

Phone number : +66 (0) 81 415 9358 / +66 (0) 75 695 478


Enjoy a unique show at Blue Dragon Cabaret

Horseback riding at Krabi Nature Horseriding

marina Yoga

Enjoy an amazing show with beautiful costumes, fun dancing, and great lip syncing. The Blue Dragon Cabaret show is a must see with very professional Lady Boys. Blue Dragon is the first cabaret show in Krabi, and is very entertaining to watch. Located in Ao Nang’s Center Point on the third floor, three one-hour shows are scheduled nightly – 8 pm, 9.30 pm and 11 pm.

Have you ever dreamed of a romantic horse ride on the beach with the one you love? Have you dreamed of escaping your busy lifestyle for a relaxing holiday with your family or friends ? Then Krabi Nature Horseriding is the place for you.

Take a break from the beach and try another way to enjoy your holidays. Relax, take a deep breath, and head to Marina Yoga. Marina Yoga offers a systematic and flexible approach to yoga that will suit all your needs. The practice integrates the use of postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), relaxation (Shavasana), and meditation (Dhana) to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and promote general well-being.

Phone number : + 66 (0) 99 561 5684

Owner Khun Pan will help you explore and discover Krabi by horseriding along the white sandy beaches and and beautiful Thai countryside, and even swimming with horses by high tide. Choose a one hour trek, a two hours trek, a half day trip or a whole day trip. Krabi Nature Horseriding offers a variety of horseriding activities suitable for all the levels. Horses are selected to match your riding skills to ensure that you will enjoy your ride. Open everyday 8.30am-4.30pm Phone number : 075 662 305 0810 085 9627 / 087 272 6134

Yoga practice is the best way to workout, tone your muscles, get you in shape fast, and develop your « whole person » by putting the emphasis on awareness and control. The incorporation of mind and body helps to lower both physical and mental stress. Yoga is a unique exercise that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, strength, or flexibility. At Marina Yoga, no more aches and pains – you will gain energy instead of losing it and at the end of the class you will feel amazing and definitely want to come back. Phone number : +66 (0)94-320-5335

April-May| 2017



April-May| 2017


How far does twenty dollars reach... A bang for your buck...

Thailand is an incredible country. A land of spectacular topography from mountainous panoramas, valley's laden with rice fields and water buffalo. To seascapes only dreamed about with island and karsts that will release ones jaw to the point of dropping. The tropical terrain and weather beckons hundreds of thousands each year to leave frigged temperatures to a land where the body begins to defrost almost immediately after departing from the aircraft. The food is bar none some of the most delicious cuisine world wide and the people so adorable it's no wonder how this nation has been deemed the “land of smiles�. Travelers from around the world find themselves embraced by a nation that expresses kindness, serving and a desire for them to have an incredible experience in amazing Thailand. However, very few travelers or tourists get to see or experience the underbelly of this nation or its people. Where behind every face and every heart there is a back story as to how Thais carry this nation's smile. One such story is that of Somjit, nicknamed, Fern. At seven years of age, young Somjit was taken by her mother to an orphanage at the Northern border of Thailand and handed over to spend her entire childhood separated from her family. Her


father died when she was five years old. Being the youngest of 7 children her mother could no longer bare the burden of caring for all of her children. She felt it best to take her youngest child to a center that she heard about from others who could care for her daughter. This fearful and extremely shy little soul was placed in the care of an organization making provision and protection for little lives such as these. The program reaches out world wide to care for orphans, children at risk and the poor. They provide sponsorship given by individuals who will send $20.00 dollars a month to care for the physical needs of a child that they could select through a panel of photos. Somjit was selected by an American couple to sponsor her. Through this sponsorship she found shelter, food, clothes, education, friends and even family within the care of incredible organization. She and her sponsor family were able to communicate quarterly through direct mail; similar to that of a pen pal. Photos and stories could be exchanged with one another. Somjit discovered through these letters that she was being sponsored by

a family who had three children, one of who’s birthday was only days from her own. The boy and she were the same age and there were also younger and older girls. Quickly both she and the sponsor's claimed one another as family. Allowing no breach because of culture, distance or bloodline. Months of sponsorship and letters being exchanged turned into years and even more than a decade caused for this family to draw closer to one another through pen and paper. Each year her sponsor family were allowed to send her a special gift on her birthday and for Christmas. Her proxy siblings were excited to send her the latest gift or gadget from the western hemisphere but had to hold back in order to stay more relevant to Somjits culture, lifestyle and living conditions. Her siblings were learning life lessons beyond the classroom that extended beyond the borders of their own homeland. Both she and the sponsor family would express a desire to someday see one another face to face and to finally embrace what was for years only held within their imagination. Somjit went from childhood to adulthood and would soon lose her sponsorship through

the organization which finalized sponsorship after 18 years of age. Both she and her siblings were all moving into adulthood and their relationship would quickly be ending. Somjits sponsor parents wanted to go to Thailand and meet Somjit before her sponsorship was over. However, a series of circumstances caused the door to close on them, the sponsorship stopped and so did the communication. Two years passed and her proxy parents had yet another opportunity to visit Thailand for the first time. They began to try to find a way to reconnect with Somjit seeking out the program that they sponsored their Thai daughter through. Although it took months and excessive communication there was finally a breakthrough; Somjit was located. Arrangements were made to meet Somjit at the center that she grew up in. The introduction was awkward and uncomfortable for both she and her sponsor parents. Although on paper there was much love expressed and communicated there was no ability to express themselves because of language and cultural barriers. This union was longed for but challenging to say the least. They all made the most of the visit and hoped that they would see each other again some day. From that visit 10 years passed and thanks to the invent of social media Somjit reached out to try to find her family from afar. A reunion was arranged and this time there were no more barriers because her family were now living in Thailand and could speak the language enough April-May| 2017

to really have a proper reunion. The joy in reconnecting after almost 25 years of knowing Somjit was discovering that she had returned to the same sponsorship program that offered a hope and future for other young children and was now acting as an employed coordinator. She understood the tremendous blessing that was offered her and wanted to be a part of bringing this same blessing to those that were now on a road that was all too familiar to her. Compassion was shown this life and she knew to extend compassion to others. You may not feel that twenty dollars will buy you much from where you are from but it may buy a future for someone else. Somjit is one face

that where's the Thai smile proudly for more reasons that you may ever know. As you travel the roadway's through this incredible nation remember that each smile you see has a very special story unto itself. Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN�. Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out; overcome weight issues, sickness and disease. Those wanting to discover a life of overall health and personal well-being. Want to know more? Contact: or



Enjoy Fine wines, whiskey, sake and imported beers in the atmosphere of a classic 4 star wine bar. A wide seleccon of fine wine from around the globe, single malt whiskeys from Scotland and Japan not found elsewhere in Krabi. Come join our weekly wine and food promooons each Friday, wine tassngs and sports weekends. Full food menu by Chef Umberto and BB Bistro—Italian fare at its best!


Lo Located at the Lai Thai Luxury Condominiums TheGrapeEscapeWineSakeBar

April-May| 2017







Freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes available to order from Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi’s new bakery.


To place your order or for more information please contact:


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17/3/16 10:16

Usher in the


YEAR in style by getting

wet in the world biggest water fight.



In Thailand as many of us know the hottest months of the year are March and April. During these months temperatures can soar into the 40's, in 2012 the temperature peaked at 48C!! It is hot to say the least. It also happens to fall in line with the welcoming of the new year, so why not throw a party? But this time it's not about champagne and cake, it's too darn hot for that stuff. Let get outside and get wet! April-May| 2017


All across Thailand Songran is celebrated from the densely populated regions of Bangkok to the real countryside of Esan and the far south of Thailand partying “thai style” and welcoming in the new year. It’s all about having fun and smiling, so as they ‘when in rome’ smile past someone on the back and move onto the next person to do the same. In Chiang Mai the festival is so immense that elephants are brought into the city alongside large blue buckets of water which they suck up and spray out into the crowd. it’s quite a sight to witness, a street full of people attacking each with squirt guns and buckets of water, smearing white paste in each others faces, laughing, singing, shouting and hugging each other while lumbering by them elephants shower the crowd with water. Many would say only in Thailand and thats true because not only do the police not regulate these activities but they actually partake in the festivities. It’s a party from the North to the South. A few of us here at Krabi Magazine are hoping you landed in Thailand completely unaware of this festival and were thrown into a tizzy and are now only learning what this seemingly insanity is all about. Sonkran is a wonderful way to usher in the new year, the party is probably the biggest on the planet involving some 50 million people nationwide and grows ever year! If you are reading this prior to the festivities get ready for quite an event. Pack your electronic valuables in a dry bag (or just leave them in your hotel room) and head out into the festivities. Don’t worry you wont get far without getting a bucket of water! There are some precautions/considerations to take into account during Sonoran: DON’T PLAN TO GET ANYWHERE FAST KEEP YOUR ELECTRONICS SAFE DON’T RIDE A MOTORCYCLE WEAR GOGGLES IF YOUR HAVE SENSITIVE EYES SMILE!!!! NOTHINGS PERSONAL Have fun during the biggest party of the year!


April-May| 2017



Krabi’s coastline spreads over 300 kilometers, making it a great place to find new beaches and get wet while exploring the underwater paradise that surrounds us. If you prefer to go a little deeper and stay longer, you can try SCUBA diving. The entire bay area is quite shallow with most diving locations less than 30 meters in depth. The life underwater is rich and incredibly diverse, with hundreds of different fish, corals and mammals to discover. There are blacktop reef sharks, leopard sharks, numerous parrot fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs and of course the friendly clown fish (or more commonly known as nemo fish).

The underwater world is rich in life, but it is up to us to help preserve it for future generations, so please be considerate with your trash whether you are on a boat or on a beach and always look for a trash bin to dispose of your waste. Thank you!



Over 150 islands dot the coastline, offering a plethora of safe havens for fish and coral to live and grow. A number of these islands are only rock outcroppings without any beaches, making them ominous and stunning to look at and great for snorkeling and to experience the amazing underwater life. There are many soft and hard corals that grow underwater and provide small cracks and crevices for fish and small crustaceans to hide in. If you have the breath in you and have the desire, you can head out on a snorkeling expedition and dive in to see what you can find!


Diver’s Inn Steak House

We offer juicy Australian Angus Steaks and delicious Thai & Seafood together with a nice selection of imported wines and international beers. Our menu is available in English, Deutsch, Svenska, Suomi, 中文, 한국어, русский and 日本語

SCB Bank

For reservation call: 089-587-3533 (eng/ger)

Diver’s Inn

Mc Donalds

AoNang Villa

Ao Nang Beach road

Est 2000

(ENGLISH SPEAKING DOCTOR) Eyelid surgery 15,000 THB Botox (price per unit) 150 THB Hyaluronic with vitamins 2,500 THB per dose Facelift thread lift) from 8000 THB Breast augmentation from 80,000 THB


April-May| 2017


Nadivan Apartm a ents


Exotiq Property


PhuPimaan Resort

Andakiri villas

Emerald GYM Muay Thai Center

German Beer Gardern

Krabi Apartments

Ao Nang Whisky




Glur Hostel

Pams Pub

POST OFFICE Babaji Hostel

Ao Nang Mosque

The Lai Thai Condominium

rant stau le Re Nood Boat SOI 13

The Earth Cafe The D ive

Diver’s Inn



Ao Nang Travel & Tour

Tetris Hotel

U&P Bakery

Andamana Beach Club




Jungle Village






Centara Grand Resort and Villas


Ao Nang Mountain View

Vipa Resort

Real Rocks Climbing School

Ao Nang Haven GH Ao Nang Paradise Resort

Entertainment Bamboo Restaurants

First Standard Clinic Wattanapat Clinic


Plaza Buffet Starbucks

Ao Nang Villa



man her t Fis t Cafe’ Las Las

Krabi Heritage Resort

Peace Laguna Resort

Somkiet Buri Resort Taj Palace

The Massaman Spaghetti House



Fullmoon House

KITDEE MEDIA & DESIGN (Krabi Magazine)

CTOP Nice Nature Homes Nice Day Resort

Cobra Show

Thai Village Resort

The Hilltop Restaurant



Oceanmart Bernies



Haagan Daaz


Lae Lay Grill AONANG Restaurant VIEWPOINT


Italian Kitchen

t Theshi Hu Su

Azzurra Restaurant Jeanette's Restaurant

SupsaengDao Resort


Klong Haeng Mosque


Devanna place

Luna Bar

Krabi Resort

Krabi Spesialisten Carnivore Steakhouse

Palm Paradise Emerald Gardens ChaWan Resort Pavilion Queen's Bay



Ao Nang Muay Thai Stadium


Ao Nang Gardens

Sabai Resort

Tip Anda

Resort & Restourant


Burger King



Ao Nang Beach Resort


Connecting Krabi Tour



Natin Spicy Garden



Ben Beach Bar


HOLD ME CLOSE Tsunami Memorial Sculpture


Hippy Bar

Sabai Residence

Ayudhya Suites

April-May| 2017


Dining guide / Krabi

CARNIVORE | STEAK & GRILL Soi Klong Haeng opposite Thai Village Resort, Ao Nang.

DA CARLA | ITALIAN & THAI Noppharathara Beach, inside Sabai Resort.

The quality of what this kitchen produces is extremely hard to beat - and the experience of the owner Gidi is evident. All main courses come with salad and a choice of thirteen different side dishes that include homemade french fries and mashed potatoes to die for.

As well as great thai food, this is the place for some real-deal homemade pasta just like it should be made. Great meat selection too, with quality steak and the freshest seafood you could hope to find.

Average price: 400-900+THB

Average price: 250+THB

What to Try: The “Carnivore” signature Steak

What to Try: The hand-filled ravioli

Free WiFi?: Yes

Free WiFi?: Yes

Opening Hours: Open daily from 3pm - 11pm.

Opening Hours: Daily from 7:30am - 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Tel:+66 (0)75661061

Tel: +66 (0)75637791





200 Moo.3 Klong Muang Beach, Tambon Nongtalay, Muang, Krabi SOFITEL KRABI PHOKEETHRA GOLF & SPA RESORT’S Ristorante Venezia serves up gourmet cuisine featuring traditional Italin recipes, pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven and a large selection of wines from all over the globe.

401/4 Ao Nang, Krabi. End of Na Thai Road. One of the very few bakeries in town that bakes a good loaf of bread, U&P also have a great array - and display - of pastries, cakes, flatbreads, rolls, buns and even breadsticks to choose from. Lunchtime is sorted with great selection of western and thai dishes.

Dining is available either indoors or on the outdoor terrace, al fresco style, with panoramic views of the ocean and tropical gardens. Average price: 400++THB What to Try: Special selection of Rissoto’s by our Italian Chef Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm - 11pm Tel: +66 (0)75 627 800 Website:


What to Try: Any of the sandwiches Free WiFi?: Yes Average Price: 100THB Opening Hours: 6am - 5pm Tel.: 081-8956670

Dining guide / Krabi


Located in the ground story of Alisea boutiquw hotel, Klong Heang Rd. Ao Nang

Umberto’s Italian Kitchen is a newly opened restaurant in Ao Nang Ruen Mai, “old wooden house” in Thai, was built for Thai people to featuring a wide array of traditional Italian dishes complimented of fresh represent the most authentic Southern Thai cuisine. Andaman seafood and imported Australian steaks. Three years ago, the restaurant was relocated to its current location, just outside of Krabi Town and Ao Nang. Come and be amazed by the range of dishes. Average price: 250THB What to Try: burnt eggplant, Free WiFi?: Yes

Average Price: 200 - 600+ What to Try: The Seafood pasta Wifi: Yes Opening Hours: 11am-10pm

Opening Hours: Daily from 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm

Tel: 084 627 2991

Tel: +66 (0)75 621 387


PALM COURT | THAI & INTERNATIONAL 182 Moo 3 soi 8, Tamboon Ao Nang, A. Muang Krabi 81180

AO NANG BUFFET | THAI & WESTERN 328, Moo 2, Tambol Aonang, Amphor Muang, Krabi

Palm Court is located on Ao Nang soi 8, Offering a range of dining options from a mouth watering seafood buffet and succulent steaks to traditional Thai cuisine and general Asian food. Palm court has something for everyone. The menu is designed daily as per the theme of the night. Monday & Friday: Seafood Thursday & Sunday: Cowboy Tuesday: Thai Saturday: Italian Wednesday: Wok on fire Average price: 350 THB

What to Try: A little of everything

What to Try: The theme of the night

Free WiFi?: Yes

Free WiFi?: Yes

Average Price: 459THB

Opening Hours:6pm-10:30pm

Opening Hours: 6pm - 10pm

Tel: 075-626-222

Tel.:075 626888

April-May| 2017

Our daily dinner buffet serves endless portions of BBQ, sushi, western favorites, and Thai cuisine. We have something for everyone, eat to your heart’s content for 459+THB, with kids always eating for free. Conveniently located next door to McDonald’s in Ao Nang with both indoor and outdoor seating available.


Dining guide / Krabi

DIVER’S INN | GERMAN & STEAKHOUSE Ao Nang, opposite the Siam Commercial Bank, Near Mc Donalds. Enjoy Australian Angus steaks, duck or chicken breasts as well as pork tenderloins. You can also enjoy traditional German and Belgian beers or a nice imported wine like a German Riesling as you munch on tasty appetizers such as tempura shrimp or maybe a full plate of steamy spare ribs.

ANDAMANA BEACH CLUB | THAI-BEACH CLUB 328, Moo 2, Ao Nang,, Krabi Town 81000 The Andamana Beach Club will impress anyone coming for a visit as it has been built with twisted bamboo stalks and large overhangings roofs. The beach club is truly a unique place to dine on those hot afternoons. Open to public all year around and only a quick 5 minutes’ drive to Ao Nang towards the Fossil Beach.

Average price: 150 – 900+ THB What to Try: The Angus steaks Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Daily from 11am - 11pm Tel (Th/En): + 66 (0)75-637 297 Tel (En/Ger): + 66 (0) 89 587 3533

Average price: 200



Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort on Klong Muong Beach Limoncello offers a comfortable and casual ambience with stunning views over the azure waters of the Andaman Sea, where guests can choose between the cool comfort of the air-conditioned dining area or enjoy the sea breezes that waft across the outdoor terrace.

Average price: 190-420THB What to Try: VITELLO-TONATO Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10:30pm Tel: +66 (0)75 628 000 Website:       


What to Try: Pad Thai Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Daily from 10am-21pm Tel: 075-66-2232

99 Moo 3, Ao Nang Krabi The Hilltop Restaurant is located on one of the most phenomenal perches for a panoramic sunset. Pamper yourselves with fresh Andaman lobsters, king prawns, crabs and giant oysters carefully chosen and prepared. Try new mouth-watering dishes such as ‘duck, the hilltop style’ and ‘southern curry with crabmeat & local herbs’’. Average price: 400-900+THB What to Try: Southern Crab Curry, Duck The Hilltop Style Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Daily from 11am - 12am Tel: +66 (0)75 637 195 Website:

April-May| 2017


Tthe traveller I whoNstopped atA

nothing to help those in need.

We’re going to talk for a minute about somebody who loved Krabi very much, who visited Krabi often over the past 2 decades and witnessed its change over time. From a quiet beach community to a thriving destination attracting people from all over the world She watched as Krabi transformed its landscape. Her name was Tina and her native homeland was Italy, but she left Italy many decades ago in search of adventure, love and a chance to help others.



lover of nature, she was always planning trips through the globe, from Sub-Saharan Africa and China to South America and South east Asia. Her love for new places and new adventures drove her to continue exploring. Although she loved travel in general and seeing new places she also has a certain reverence for mountains, maybe is because some of worlds most dramatic peaks were a short 4 hour trip from her front door, Maybe it was because she had a connection with mountains raw and absolute power, or maybe it was because she loved the challenge of getting to the top. Her love of mountains and adventure led her to one of the world’s most iconic and massive mountain ranges; the Himalaya. Nestled deep in the northern reaches of India is a region called Zanskar, one of the highest areas in the world with an average elevation of 6,000 meters (19,600 feet); this was to be Tina’s destination. Only recently opened for tourism this region of India has long remained an area of isolation for the locals who are mostly of Tibetan origins. The region has begun to change with the influx of tourism as a lot more money has begun to come into the region funding hotels, school infrastructure development and a significant amount of job growth. Human relics and artifacts found in the area date human activity in the area to sometime around 2,000BCE. Tina traveled to the Zanskar region for the first time in 2002 in search of untouched land and truly local people and she found this in Zanskar. With a total landmass stretching over 7,000 Sq. meters and with a population of just under 14,000 inhabitants making it one of the most sparsely populated regions of the globe. This made communication difficult throughout the region and many towns throughout had their own unique feeling and style. Many of the children Tina met in Zanskar had to travel an upwards of 3 hours each way by foot just to go to school. Many of the families were farmers or raised livestock, the locals were a simple yet kind and welcoming one. Once Tina arrived in Zanskar a certain energy came over her, she felt something compelling her to help the children of the region. Not blessed with copious amounts of money she was unable to buy goods and supplies to make their lives better, but she did have the gift of her camera, and this camera travelled with her everywhere she went.  Her travels had taken her throughout the globe and her camera has accompanied her to all of these places, she had therefore collected a wide range of photos of both locations as well as people from these places. She decided to make a calendar featuring images of Zanskar which her April-May| 2017


friends and family could buy, the profits from this calendar would go directly to supporting the children of Zanskar and in particular the Lamdon school where she worked as a volunteer. Tina was indeed a great supporter of children schooling and was committed to the project of the Lamdon school, aimed at promoting and preserving traditions and culture of the Tibetan minority in Zanskar. The calendar would feature scenes from throughout the region, from the rivers and mountains to the kids playing and working together. Starting her calendar charity some 15 years ago when there we're only a few people who supported her, now in 2017 hundreds of calendars are sold every year, the profits from these calendars have paid for a new school bus, expanded the current school and supply it with pencils, notebooks and desks as well as paying for many students school uniforms and student conchs? (who need this). In addition to raising money with her calendars Tina also held regular conferences around Italy to raise money and awareness for the children and people of Zanskar. Her talks would focus not only on the culture of the Zanskar people but also on their real life problems, such health education and getting to and from school and work daily which can take hours as many people don’t have cars or trucks and there is no public transportation service. Her talks given over the years brought awareness to the region and have paved the way for further travellers to travel to this remote beautiful land supporting the region directly by their travels or simply by donating to Tina’s cause. Tina’s support for the region also included Christmas time activities, where she would setup outdoor markets which would feature gifts and items made in Zanskar, the money from these markets would also go towards the above stated goals. Tina’s actions have changed the lives of many children in the region. She has cared for the children by not only giving them more supplies and better opportunities but she has also offered to teach a number of children to speak English.  As many of the great people of this world Tina was taken too soon, at the young age of 57 years old on her way to the school she worked so hard to improve she was struck by a surprise heart attack in August 2014 and past away. If you are interested in donating to the people of Zanskar please visit the website: www.aazanskar. org and select “contatti” from the drop-down menu. Tina's spirit lives on through the many lives she changed in both Zanskar and Krabi.





66-75695522-3 OR 66-930681721

April-May| 2017



The Bali based brand 69 Slam has come to Krabi, bringing it’s fun, eccentric and stylish attire.



Originally found in Bali Indonesia in 2004, 69 Slam began it’s company to offer the growing surfing community in Bali an outlet where they could buy swimwear and beach attire that complimented their fringe lifestyle. A style they didn't play to the drums of another, a brand with enough different styles which offered surfers a range of choices representing them as individuals. The trend in this fashion of Bali has since spread throughout the globe and now in 2017 there are 42 different stores worldwide.

April-May| 2017


What defines your personality, what makes you stand out from the crowd and be an individual. For many of us it’s what we wear, how we dress and what first impression we give to those around us. 69 Slam offers a style and design which screams out: jump in, play hard, laugh and be who you are. An unfitted vision of bring out the inter side of us all 69 Slam allows the who don it’s brand the option to start out above the crowd, to make others turn their heads and admire when you walk by.

The brand’s style and ability to stay ahead of the current trends has garnered a substantial following worldwide. With over 55,000 facebook followers and over 100,000 instagram followers it’s presence is substantial and it’s voice is being heard more and more. And with the brand poised

Be yourself, Be unique, Be free with 69 Slam

Since their opening 69 Slam has grown in attraction not only among the surfing community but also among a much wider audience, people who just want to have a voice when they go to the beach. People who want to say, “Hey I’ve got something to say, I’ve got and idea and I’m not shy to tell you what it is”. 69 Slam has made people more aware of what they wear and conscious of how their attire matches with their lifestyle and personality.

Their products range from board shorts, and bikinis to backpacks, hats, shorts and T-shirts, but one thing that separates the 69 Slam brand from other competition is it’s use of bamboo fibres when creating many of it’s clothing lines. This might sounds strange but you have to feel these fabrics to understand the difference. Bamboo clothing is softer, longer lasting, more breathable, stretchable and just overall much more comfortable. It’s perfect to wear in a tropical environment as these clothes protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays and also don’t overheat your body much, as opposed to traditional cotton or synthetic fibres which can leave you sweating like mad in this sweltering sun.


Now it’s time to come back to Krabi. Ao Nang just opened it’s first 69 Slam branch at the end of 2016, it’s proprietors are from Italy and Thailand and are passionate about their brand. After working in the Phuket branch the couple seeing the immense growth and possibility of the brand in a beach going community such as Krabi saw the opportunity of relocating to Ao Nang and opening their own branch of the iconic brand 69 Slam. The idea of starting their own store was always present since the start of their business endeavours but it was just about finding the right area at the right time, Ao Nang is just that.

“Krabi provided us with so many opportunities” one of Ao Nang’s new location Lorenzo explains to us of the growth the whole region is experiencing and the whole of Phuket although there are many more visitors in the province there is such high level of competition throughout the island. Krabi is growing at a similar pace but still much younger in it’s life making the opportunity to get a foothold in the apparel industry much easier. With the main concentration of visitors to Krabi come to Ao Nang, and most of those visitors live on or close to the main beach walk which runs the length of the town, so most shopfronts if they show themselves off property have great foot traffic daily. April-May| 2017


Without any other swimsuit and beach attire retailer in the area there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for the couple, so off they went, across the bay to Ao Nang. Soon after the 69 Slam shop was up and running, and already generating a significant interest level from the many window shoppers. Khun Koy and Lorenzo come from different backgrounds, Lorenzo is and Italian from Florence, and Koh Koy his wife is from Buriram Thailand,now home to the #1 football team in Thailand. Lorenzo comes from a background in online marketing, in particular vacation property websites of which he build and managed a number of successful sites up until recently. When he decided to make a change in his lifestyle and come to Thailand for a different life. Khun Koy is a hard working woman who worked her way the ranks in the garment industry in Bangkok before she moved to Phuket to seek employment in a hotel or similar business.

In Phuket she was fortunate enough to meet the wife of the 69 Slam importer to Thailand. The two of them had an immediate connection, so Khun Koy put aside her desire for hotel employment and began helping in the opening of new 69 Slam stores throughout Phuket. In total over the next 3 years Khun Koy would be instrumental in opening 5 separate locations throughout the island, 2 in Patong, 1 on Koh Phi Phi, 1 in Laguna Bangtao and 1 in Karon. Her work did not stop with only opening a new location, no she was also responsible for operating the stores as well, managing staff, orders, invoicing and all the other issues which comes up when operating retail outlets. Lorenzo and Khun Koy met in Phuket and began talking about the option of opening their own store front, it was juts a matter of when and where. Their prayers were soon answered in Ao Nang, and the rest is history. 69Slam is a vibrant, colourful, energetic brand that's gaining traction with unique prints and styles, a refreshing logo and a cool community of followers worldwide. Based off Bali has expanded to many countries worldwide, Thailand being one of the biggest and most recent markets. There is room for growth and Ao Nang is for sure the right place to expand and push the brand even further. If your interested in seeing more of what 69 Slam has to offer you make the trip to see some of their outstanding products on display daily from 10am-11pm address: 159/9 Moo 2 Ao Nang Krabi 81000 Phone: 084-844-5742 email:


April-May| 2017



For some it’s a gift from birth, for others they must learn to develop their green thumb, but once you’ve got one it’s there for good. “You are what you eat!” We’ve all heard that familiar saying over the years, one particular one I like my mother always used to say: “you can pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later”. It’s all true we are like a machine, and with the correct fuel our bodies or our machines work at their


optimal levels. With the massive farms throughout the globe sometimes it’s difficult to find healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables, no matter what part of the globe your inhabit the availability of locally organically grown vegetables is getting harder and harder to find.

Even in quiet and rural Thailand a growing number of massive farms are taking over the produce scene all across the country. Still there are number of small and locally managed farms which sell to locals markets, but one never knows how these arms operate and how they manage their crops. Let us introduce you to Khun Jazz and her wonderful hydroponics garden located just outside the center of Ao Nang. Owner operated for the past 10 years Khun Jazz has been delivering top notch produce to restauranteurs and locals throughout Ao Nang, keeping her customers healthy and happy. Her garden began over a decade ago when the king instituted a hydroponic incentive throughout the kingdom which sent teachers throughout the kingdom to the reaching provinces to bring the knowledge of hydroponics to those without the means to learn about this simple yet highly productive means of farming.  The kings incentive came at the perfect time as her husband had just left his work in and was home full time to help tend the crops. There was a special weekend class held in Phuket  sponsored by the kings incentive giving locals from throughout the region the opportunity to learn this new farming technique. Khun Jazz with over 10 rai of land thought maybe we could use some of our land to be a suitable means of income for her family so she took the trip off to  learn the arts.

After learning how to build and manage her own hydroponic garden Khun Jazz purchased a few small systems which she could easily set up and practice at her home. The was the moment of change, the last moment where she was in her old skin, her last moment when all of her fingers were tender and pink. From this day forward she would don a new name and a new reputation throughout Krabi and Ao Nang. Soon after her first batch of lattice was ready for harvest, she gave the excess to her friends and parents at her children school. Before this high quality, consistent and healthy produce was only available in Phuket and few of the families in Ao Nang were wiling to take the 2+ hour trip just for produce. Khun Jazz was a legend, word of mouth was all it took and her reputation spread throughout the little community of Ao Nang and Krabi like wildfire. 

April-May| 2017


Now her gardens have expended much beyond her first crop of luttice. At Krabi hydroponic you can find Japanese tomatoes, Italian basil, cucumbers, strawberries, avocado trees, mulberry trees, over 5 varieties of lettuce, rosemary, rose apple trees and much more. No matter how big the garden gets one thing always remains the same, the commitment to quality and a sense of home. The farm although it produces a huge amount of fruits vegetables, supplying a number of the large high end restaurants in Ao Nang still holds true to Khun Jazz’s core principles of not using any pesticides or chemicals to grow her crops, and while yes this means that she looses a lot of her harvest due to aphids and other insects she still stays true to her beliefs.  So a little excuse must be offered to Khun Jazz when a certain vegetable or product is not available, maybe the bugs got to it before she could. More important over other things is her energy she imbues into every plant. Her totally and unrelenting positivity can be felt on first approach and then throughout the garden as she explains each and every vegetable and what it’s good for, offering recommendations and recipe ideas. The sense of purpose and happiness in knowing this purpose is amazing and just adds to the experience of visiting Khun Jazz and eating and buying her vegetables. One thing that is truly amazing about Khun Jazz is that she down not actively market her delicious, healthy and beautiful crops at all. She harvests daily and people come to visit her or call her about what she has available, it’s all word of mouth and based around individual needs, but there is never a surplus of goods lying around. “Whatever I harvest is gone the same day, somebody comes to get it for their home or restaurant” [Standout quote] It’s amazing her love and affections for nature and the land. Her commitment to keeping the crops pure and healthy, safe for all to eat right off the vines, Krabi hydroponic is a wonderful and holistic farm much closer than you think. to get in touch call Khun Jazz here: 089-812-3486 or visit her by following these GPS co-ordinates: 8.049833, 98.844455







April-May| 2017


Krabi, a province of a thousand roads,

Each one leading to a new memory

Find your memory in Krabi on 4 wheels

Rent a car: Tel: 093-658-4415


thai talk

Hello (m) / (f)

Sawadee Krap / sawadee kaa

Thank you (m) / (f)

khopoon krap / khopoon kaa

How are you? I’m fine How much is this? What is this? Yes No

Sabai Dee Mai? Sabai Dee A Nee Tao Rai? Nee a Rai? Chai Mai Chai

I can’t speak Thai

Poot Passa Thai Mai Dai

Sorry/Excuse me

Kor Toht

Can you speak English?

Khun Poot Passa Angrit Dai Mai?

I don’t understand

Mai Khao Jai

Do you understand?

Khao Jai Mai?


Chooey Dooey!



Not spicy Is that tasty? Hot (Temperature)

Mai Pet A Roy Mai? Rawn





Where is the restroom/toilet? Can I have the bill/check? See you soon April-May| 2017

Hong Naam Yoo Tee Nai? Kep Tang Pop Gan Mai 53




ver the years, Thailand has become the premier and preferred hub of yachting and marine activities in Asia. Alongside, new marinas were development along the west coast of Thailand, where today, the Krabi Boat Lagoon (KBL) stands proud as a premier marina at Krabi.

beauty of the picturesque Phang Nga bay, Phi Phi Islands and surrounding islands.

Located in a well-protected area, with a surrounding of natural atmosphere, Krabi Boat Lagoon offers just more than a marina. The marina is a one-stop service marina, with travel lift capacity up to 35-tons. It also has facilities for repair and maintenance works. The location also makes it perfect for every boater, to explore the

The Krabi Boat Lagoon has been fully in operation since 2012, providing wet-berths for over 80 yachts and a dry docking area for another 100 boats. The Krabi Boat Lagoon provides a wide range of services for yacht owners.  


From great beaches to variety of international restaurants, shopping, bars, nightclubs, plenty of touristic places to visit at Krabi today. Krabi also has an international airport, which has many direct flights, from most of the Asian countries.

The marina is located 2.5 hours from Phuket international airport and a short 20-minute drive from Krabi airport. There are supermarkets within a 20-minute drive from the marina and a number of local markets, which are only a short 5 minutes from the property. It is an ideal location as the mangrove estuary surrounding the marina provides great protecting from the open seas while also provides the opportunity to explore through the waters around the river ways before getting out into the open seas.

The Krabi Boat Lagoon is not just a marina but also features a number of other amenities on site, such as restaurants, shopping areas, a swimming pool, including a luxury award-winning condominium - The Cleat. The Cleat condominium is with modern amenities and services for guests and owners alike. Bookings are now open for the third block, which is expected completion towards mid of 2018. For more information on Krabi Boat Lagoon and The Cleat Condominium, kindly contact: Miss Maja Smiljanic Tel : 098 0137 985 Krabi Boat Lagoon Co., Ltd 175 Moo 2, Ban Klongsai, Talingchan, Nueakhlong, Krabi, Thailand. Email: VHF: 67 GPS: N 08°00’43.6 E 098°57’42.1

April-May| 2017


Luxury accommodation & Yachting services


Over 80 Berths Dry docking area Restaurant on site Luxury accommodation Condominiums for sale Retail shops C afe

Krabi Boat Lagoon Tel +66(0) 75 818 765 | Mobile +66(0)8 6281 0330 E-mail : Website :

All in at the captains galley! The Andaman sea is a beautiful place for yacht owners and sailors alike, it’s now one of the top sailing destinations in the world as it provides challenges and unrivaled beauty to those wishing to sail it’s historic waters. When you do make the trip to the region and work atop the waves, you’re soon to realize those days out on the water can be rewarding but can also be tiring. After you’re done on the sea there is nothing is better than a delicious meal and tasty drink shared among familiar faces, especially other adventures willing to share their stories. The captain’s galley offers just that. Operated by chef Garn, a season Thai chef with a distinct understanding of European cuisine. Wine and dine at Captain’s galley but let her menu speak for itself. Loaded with English and German specialities it’s bound to please, and if you’re around on the weekend you can even catch the famous Sunday roast.

Open daily from 10am-10pm at Krabi Boat Lagoon TEL: 095 7688 217


Take a trip out into the seas The Andaman bay is one of the most scenic regions to take a trip out with your sail or motor yacht in the globe. It’s numerous karsts erupting from the waves with dreadlocks of vines and tristed roots hanging off their peaks provide a mot stunning backdrop for any trip out into the waves. Tracing the history of the region back many centuries, it was a different time. Ominous fleets of Siamese pirates trolled the waters looking for Dutch and English trading vessels these waters bound for Europe. There are even rumors of buried treasure laid to rest on Koh Poda and other local islands, so don’t be surprised if you see a few beachcombers with metal detectors searching for bullion. The waters might have had different sailors on them but the region was neatly identical, the same vines hung from cliff

tops, the same jagged bluish rocks jutted from the edges of the cliffs, and the same glorious fish swam in waters below. Nowadays this stunning and prehistoric region is home to yachters and voyagers who look for a range of sailing opportunities, from island dodging and slalom style sailing to leisure trips over the waves, there are opportunities a plenty in the region. The number of yacht owners coming to Krabi for short and longer stays has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is due in part to Krabi’s newest marina, the Krabi Boat Lagoon. This new fully serviced marina offers owners the chance to moor their boats in between day trips out to the islands or to dry dock their boats while they travel back to their home countries. Just north of Koh Lanta and just south of Krabi town there are plenty of places to explore in the region, and not only in the open seas, often much that is to be explored lies in the tributaries fringed by mangrove forests. These mangrove forests twist and meander through the region and are actually the primary protection from waves and wind for the Krabi Boat Lagoon. Motoring through these forests provides a great build up to any day trip (or longer) and also provides a nice cool down period after a great day out on the water. Krabi’s sailing community will continue to grow over the coming years as more people learn of the services available to them and their boats and also the magnificent beauty which makes the region famous.

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Krabi is well known for it’s stunning beaches, it’s fantastic nature and scenery, but what if you’re into another side of Krabi, maybe a little window shopping? With Krabi’s growing tourist market so to are the amenities which Krabi offers its millions and millions of travellers every year. From the general resort facilities and sheer number of resort to choose from to the new tours and


activities available. Then there is another kind of amenity, massage, restaurants and of course souvenirs and retail shops. Thailand is a country full of handicrafts created locally and typically also sold locally, sometimes items are shipped nationally to other provinces or possibly even internationally (rarely) but usually each province has it’s won typical handicrafts which can be bought only in that province. When you browse the streets in search of

little trinkets, clothes or larger items you will be happy to know that a wide range of the items on display in Ao Nang are actually made locally. Krabi being a province which contrary to other provinces throughout the kingdom has a diverse unique population share by two major religions, Buddhism and Islam there are many unique foods and souvenirs which exhibit these two groups.


Night market - Locally made products One of the great places in Krabi to visit and catch some of the great souvenirs made by local people in is the Nightmarket or walking street as it is called by the locals of Krabi. The night market is located in Krabi town and is open only on the weekends from 7pm - 10pm. locals craftspeople there are able to rent tables and stands where they can present their creations. The unique thing about this place is that the craftspeople here are by in large the same every night there are some people which come and go. This creates an atmosphere where you can always be surprised in what you’ll find for sale. The Night market is also a great place to grab a bite to eat and watch a performance, the food offered at the night market is widely diverse and encompasses everything from traditional Southern Thai curries to northern Thai Khao Soi to Esan style sticky rice with Laab dishes, it’s all at the night market. Find them on the map by using these GPS points: 8.063985, 98.915825

Souvenier shop - Unique take homes Then theres the great pakarang souvenir shop right on Krabi river, located a short 100 meters from the rivers edge the pakarang souvenir shop is a great place to get a bag, a mango wood bowl, a classic zippo lighter or maybe one of great shirts or pairs of pants on display. The best selection thought is by far the bag selection. A certain kick back to a time of old, the bags resemble those found commonly throughout the 60’s & 70’s. The shop is one of the oldest in Krabi town, founded by it’s owner over 30 years ago. Since its humble beginnings offering only simple handicrafts and paintings it’s grown into a medium sized shop featuring an upstairs coffee shop with balcony dining and also a small library next door. The library at this moment is one of the few available in Krabi and has books in a range of languages such as Swedish, German, English, Spanish and much more. Find them on the map by using these GPS points: 8.064480, 98.917474

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DeCare Pharmacy - Balms & medicine Getting beat up by the sun?! Well you’re not alone and thats why you can see aloe vera on sale all over the place. It’s a great antidote for those long hours under the sun, and don’t be fooled, you need it even if your not lobster red, it works wonders at skin rejuvenation, so next time your under the sun grab a bottle from DeCare Pharmacy and lather it on next time your out under the sun. DeCare pharmacy is also a great go to place for a number of pharmaceutical needs. As opposed to the states and European regulations there are many more over the counter medications available throughout Thailand, in addition pharmacists are knowledgable about sicknesses and can recommend medication on the spot, saving time and the hassle of having to go to the doctor and get a prescription. DeCare pharmacy is one of the friendliest English speaking pharmacy in Ao Nang. With two locations in Ao Nang they are easy to find and their staff are always willing to help with any ailment. You can get in touch with them here: 075695-286 GPS: 8.032244, 98.823993 and 8.034328, 98.818887

69 Slam - Cool beach attire Krabi is a province with over 100 islands dotting the waters surrounding meaning there is plenty of waters to snorkel in and beaches to explore. But what if you forgot your swimsuit, or maybe your luggage was lost by the airlines or more commonly you just want a new look. Well Ao Nang’s newest shop has your answer. 69 Slam was opened just easier this year by a forward thinking couple who wanted to bring attractive swim and beach wear to Ao Nang. Founded in Bali some 20 years ago 69 Slam operates in locations all across South East Asia and offers a range of swimwear for men, women and kids along with attractive bags, shirts and even a line of clothes made from bamboo. You can get in touch with them here: 075813-211 GPS: 8.035575, 98.818985


XXACT - Fashionable attire Looking for some fashion, well then head over to Xaact in downtown Ao nang next to the famous Starbucks. A large brand name clothing maker in Thailand, Xxact has locations throughout the kingdom and stocks the latest trends in fashion. Coming in at regular western prices be prepared for higher than expected price tags but with this added cost come a lot of added value. The clothing stocked at Xxact is a high quality product which will last you many years to come. You can get in touch with them here: GPS: 8.032871, 98.825459

Ao Nang street - A little of everything Just some regular street side knick knacks, You’ll find these temporary stands set up throughout Krabi, they usually are erected in the evening an close in the wee hours of the morning. They offer a range of goods from colourful soap carved into flowers to hand woven bracelets. You can find some of the handicrafts here: 8.035575, 98.818985

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Just over yonder Another beach by Todd Lerlost


ince the time when Ao Nang beach was first “discovered” and began to attract more and more visitors because of it’s beautiful blue waters and cove like beach and the backdrop of stunning towers mountains. It’s popularity grew day and night throughout word of mouth (as this was in the late 80’s when the first dirt road was built and before the internet) Even though the amount of tourists coming to Krabi was much less than it is today and access to information was scarce people still learned of this amazing beach Ao Nang and had to come here to see it for themselves. The beach grew every year, new hotels, restaurants and shops came to call this place home and with them brought more services and options for travelers providing them with a better experience in Ao Nang.


All the while this place grew into what it is today most of the concentration on the area is focused on 2 areas Ao Nang and Railay (arguably because they are the most stunning and jaw dropping). All the while travelers and visitors to the area are often overlooking a significant place to visit, and the funny thing is that it’s just around the corner. If you continue on the main road which runs the length of Ao Nang pass through Ao Nang and venture another 500 meters and you will come over a small bridge to another beach. This is called nopparat thara beach and it’s a little bit of a hidden gem. With the main focus on Ao Nang sometimes we overlook whats around us in other directions, nopparat thara beach is the perfect example. It’s a long beach, about 2.5 kilometers (making it perfect for morning or evening runs) at the far right of the beach if a small island which is connected to the main beach by a sandbar, so make sure you explore this place at the right time. The main attraction for me is simple, the lack of people! Now lets be honest people are great, they have stories and ideas but sometimes for me I just want to be away for others, just me and my book looking out to the sea. nopparat thara beach is not completely void of people, but there are certainly far fewer people on the beach providing plenty of places to settle down under the shade of a tree and relax with the sand in between your toes. One of the best pars of the beach is that it’s right around the corner, a short five minute motorbike ride and you’re there! So take a little trip and see what I’m talking about.

April-May| 2017


THE SUNSET ISLAND Koh Lanta consists of two islands, Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta Noi is the smaller of the two and does not have tourist facilities. Visitors travelling by road from the mainland pass through the smaller island on the way to Koh Lanta Yai - the center of it all.


an Sala Dan village on the north side of the island is Lanta Yai’s commercial center and the pier where visitors arrive on the island. It is a row of shops, seafood restaurants on stilts, dive shops, tour operators, banks, and guest houses that cater to newcomers. The bulk of the Lanta beaches lie along the west coast – hence it’s often referred to as “The Sunset Island” – and can be reached by road. Khao Kwang, Khlong Dao, and Phra Ae have long stretches of white sand facing the Andaman sea, while Khlong Khong, Khlong Nin, and Ba Kan Tiang, and other smaller bays take in more dramatic views and are less crowded for swimming. Ba Kantiang Bay has spectacular crystal-clear seawater, soft white sand, romantic sunsets in utmost privacy. It’s the picture of a postcard, symbolizing a luxe hideaway in Lanta for relaxing in natural surroundings.


Known as Ban San Kau, this sea gypsy’s settlement is based on south-east Lanta Yai. It is there that an old clan of traditional Chao Ley try to preserve a disappearing way of life in this fast-developing island. Once called Ban Si Raya, Old Town was historically a commercial port for Chinese and Arabic trading boats that sailed between the ports of Phuket, Penang, and Singapore. Today it is a village with a few rows of stilted shop houses and home to an ancient community that was established on the island long ago. It’s a picturesque place dating back 100 years, from the old days of sea trading. Near the shacks along the coast, local fishermen still dock their longtail boats and make for an authentic snapshot of local life.

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Yoga is a great way to take back control over your holistic, mental and emotional health and Oasis Yoga is an exceptional place to do so.

Located right on the beach at Kantiang Bay View Resort, the Why Not Bar host live appearances from popular bands in Thailand and hold beach parties about once a month. With a live band every night, fireshows on the beach and great cocktails, there’s a buzz going on there every night.

Looking to discover the beauty of the Andaman Sea in a friendly and easy going atmosphere then look no further than Lanta Dream & Paradise, a company specialized in private snorkeling and fishing trips.

Situated at Klong Dao Beach, Oasis Yoga welcomes you to discover restorative health with laid back island relaxation and a chill seaside attitude. Whether you are a seasoned yoga practioner or want to try your first practice in a unique atmosphere, Farra Williams, a certified yoga instructor, is here to help you develop the tools to take the peace of holistic health home with you. Phone number : +66 (0) 85 115 4067

Fire shows at Why Not Bar are some of the best you will see on the island and are a must see during your stay in Koh Lanta. They normally start after 10pm but if you want a good seat in the bar you will need to get there a little earlier. Just sit, relax and enjoy a laid back atmosphere, great vibe and a very entertaining and welcoming staff. Phone number : +66 (0) 83 644 1333

Aboard authentic longtail boats with a professional team, Lanta Dream & Paradise offers you unique trips with exclusive itineraries by discovering and exploring the heart of Marine National Parks of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Bamboo and so many more. If you want to cut off of the world for a short time you can choose a camping trip program in Koh Rok and Koh Kradan or pass a fishing day on the sea in Koh Haa with Captain Boo. All tours include transfers go and back from your hotel to the boat, Marine National Park entrance fees, snorkeling equipment,  Thai buffet, fresh water, fruits, fishing equipment (for the Fishing Trip), camping tents 2/3 people (for the  Camping package), life jackets and insurance for passengers.  Phone number : +66 (0) 890 999 423/ +66 (0) 861 114 054 / +66 (0) 855 790 178





If you want to discover scuba diving and the amazing underwater world of Koh Lanta with all its great dive sites and marine life, Ok Club Diving Center will make your dream comes true.

If you are looking to learn how to cook authentic Thai food then you must stop by Time for Lime where cooking classes are conducted in an open-air beachfront cookery school kitchen by the foodie lover Junie Kovacs.

Rated on Tripadvisor as the No 1. Thing to do on Koh Lanta, Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) is a non-profit organisation working to relieve the suffering of local animals through sterilization, vaccination and medical care.

Junie started Time for Lime out of a love of food. She wanted to give people amazing food experiences on a full-time basis. Her passion for food led her to create a well designed and laid-back atmosphere for people. Her work is known for its crosscultural and disciplinary surprises. She also founded Lanta Animal Welfare out of a love of animals and the profits from Time For Lime goes to LAW.

The rescue center is open daily to visitors who can tour the facilities and meet the animals. Whether you are interested in taking a dog for a stroll on the beach (some of the dogs love to swim) or are happier cudling one of the many affectionate cats, LAW is the place where you can get your furry fix while contributing to a worthwile cause.

Ok Club Diving Center is the opportunity to dive with highly qualified instructors in a very well organised establishment and learn through a friendly and professional approach. The courses and programs are available in english, german, italian, polish, french and russian. The Center offers unique sessions of cave diving, an extreme activity demanding high requirements for equipment configuration and reliability, as well as divers skills, physical condition and mental strength. If your wish is to explore some underwater treasures then opt for safari diving tours and choose between exotic Myanmar, the famous Similan Islands or Komodo Park in Indonesia.

Phone number : +66 (0) 75 68 4590 / +66 (0) 89 967 5017

Phone number : +66 (0) 84 304 4331

Phone number : +66 (0) 88 019 5640

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Dining Guide / Koh Lanta

THE CROWN REGGAE BAR | WESTERN 315 Moo 1, Saladan, Koh Lanta

TIDES {LAYANA RESORT & SPA | FINE FUSION 315 Moo 1, Saladan, Koh Lanta

A breathtaking sunset environment serving happy hour cocktails, complimentary snacks, and dinner nightly. Enjoy your evening sitting beachside, in a cabana, a treehouse or on our back deck. The Reggae Bar features weekly fire shows as well as live music on the rocks. Serving traditional Thai and Western cuisine.

A formal restaurant perched on the very edge of the beach overlooking the sea and open to the cooling sea breezes. Guests have the choice of a cool interior venue or an al fresco beachside setting on the deck in front of the restaurant.

Average price: 200+ THB What to Try: Mojito and Fajitas Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 5:30am - midnight Tel:+ 66 (0) 7562 6999 Website:

Average price: 400-900+ THB What to Try: Healthy Spa Cuisine Menu Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 6:30am - 10:30am & 11:30am - 6pm Tel: +66 (0)75 607 100 Website:

TIME FOR LIME| THAI & FUSION 72/2 Mo 3, Klong Dao Beach, Saladan. Look for the “lime green” sign. A small, funky un-snobbish place with passion and soul, on the beachfront for over 10 years. Not only a famous professional Cooking School, but also now a well know restaurant that serves a high quality 6 dish Tasting Menu (changes daily) with an extremely good value. They also serve great wine with low prices, and their cocktails are the talk of the town. In the tree top adult-zone you can you can relish the sea, while having a peek at what the cooking school “chefs” are creating down below. What also makes this place unique is that their profit goes to the charity Lanta Animal Welfare. So, while you enjoy wining & dining, you support a great cause too. Average price: 490 THB for 6 dish Tasting menu What to Try: The lemongrass or chili Margarita Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Happy Hour on cocktails 4 – 6.30pm Tel: +66 (0)75 684 590 Website:


Serving a mouth-watering a la carte selection of international dishes, as well as traditional Thai fare and seafood specialties all made from the freshest of ingredients.


If you’re searching for a laid-back, yet stylish beach-front dining experience , then Beachcomber is the place for you. The restaurant features a terrific menu selection and is best known for its authentic TEX-MEX dishes. You’ll also want to try the large selection of savory Thai, Western and Seafood BBQ dishes. The open-air restaurant is situated near the beach and there is also plenty of outdoor seating on the beach-front deck and in the garden. You’ll also want to enjoy a before and/or after dinner drink at the beach bar which serves up a wide variety of cocktails and delicious frozen drinks. Average price: 250 - 350THB What to Try: The Tex Mex food Free WiFi?: Bungalow guests only Opening Hours: Daily from 7am - 9pm Tel: +66 (0)75 684 851 Website:

Ferry to Mainland


s to K Ao N oh Jum ,K ang, Raila rabi, Ph iP y, Ph uket hi BAN SALADAN

Koh Lanta Noi

Ferry to Mainland

Crown Lanta Resort Siam Contemporary Art Oasis Yoga

Thanee Law

Time for Lime

Klong Dao Beach Layana Resort & Spa

Mangrove Forest Agrotourism Center longtail boat trips

Lanta Castaway Resort

Phra Ae

Thung Yee Pheng village

Long Beach Lanta Animal Welfare

Ok Club Diving Greek Taveerna

Klong Khong Beach Koh Bubu

Jee Lee village

Klong Tob Beach Rawi Warin Resort

Asa Lanta

Klong Nin Beach

Lanta Old Town Mai Kaew Cave


Srilanta Resort

Koh Por Tham Seua Cave

Lanta Hospital

Klong Nui Beach

Koh Lanta Yai

Klong Hin Beach The Houben

Baan Waterfall Katiang See

Koh Klang

Pimalai Resort

Ba Kantiang Bay

Koh Lek Ao Nui Bay Klong Jark Bay

National Park Headquarters

Sang Ka U sea gypsy village

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Koh Lanta




Nong Thale River Residence ffoto by Gregoire

Custom designed villas & holiday rentals

... just different +66 (0) 818940675

l l l l l l l l l l

Quiet and spacious residential area Near Ao Nang beach and entertainment Krabi International Airport 25 kilometer Spacious plots 1100-1600m2 Custom built villas Quality materials Environmentally conscious construction Project management and rental service Good accessibility for seniors Opportunity to experience on site before buying


The perfect place if gardening is your passion

350 m

4034 Krabi

4024 Klong Muang

Wat Klong Son


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Co. Ltd. Land & Development

บริษท ั กมล๊อต จำกัด


UNPLUG IN KOHJUM Geography brought electricity to Koh Jum late in 2009 as the island was in the direct path of the new underwater electric cable connecting Koh Phi Phi to the mainland. Now that Koh Jum is plugged-in, has it lost its reputable character that has attracted intrepid travelers over the past couple of decades? We are pleased to report that Koh Jum is still as tranquil and laid back as it always has been. In fact, what is most noticeable are the lack of noisy generators found at most of the islands resorts. Folks come to Koh Jum to tune out; the island’s nature and culture dominate the minimal tourist infrastructure. The existing resorts on Koh Jum have their own family run character, ranging from the backpackers’ paradise to luxurious beach villas. Koh Pu Mountain is the dominant geological feature on the island at over 400 meters. It’s a great hike for the adventurous and a vital refuge of native habitat still harboring Asian Pied Hornbills and Burmese pythons. The three villages, Koh Pu, Ting Rai, and Koh Jum are situated on the back side of the island, amongst the mangroves while the resorts are located opposite, facing the open Andaman Sea. This division allows the villagers to remain authentic without a significant tourist infrastructure while the resorts are all located on the beaches. Koh Jum is predominately a large Muslim populated sub-district of Krabi, home to over 1,500 inhabitants. The locals of these villages engage mostly in fishing, rubber cultivation and the local crafts of cloth


weaving and painting or “batik” as it is known here. While the north is mountainous, the south is comprised of dense jungle, cashew nut trees, rubber plantations, casuarinas, and nipa-palms. Since all the resorts face west, there are epic sunsets to be had all along the

island. The renowned Koh Jum Lodge is an excellent place to stay for a few days, and has superb views to boot. Access to the island is by longtail taxi boats which leave from the mainland at the port town of Laem Kruat.

Jum using the Krabi-Koh Lanta ferry which stops at two locations on Koh Jum, both of which are offshore so local longtail boats will come from the island to pick up passengers. The lack of any deep ports on the island keep the ferry boats out at sea and almost prevent large masses of tourists from overcrowding the island. Getting here is quite an adventure and this ends up defining the interesting community of resorts and visitors that have made this island their home and the place they return to year after year. Getting to Koh Jum can be very simple or a bit of a nightmare – it all depends on how much you know about it. This is where Krabi magazine can help. We recently took the trip to Koh Jum ourselves and have decided to share the adventure with our readers. There are two ways to get to Koh Jum by passing ferry or longtail boat. The ferries leave from Koh Lanta at 8am and from Krabi at 11am, and both stop as they pass alongside Koh Jum and signal to longtail boats to come and pick up visitors to land ashore at Koh Jum. Koh Phi Phi also has ferries which leave at 2pm and operate on the same principle as above.

There is now a songthaew you can take direct from Krabi Town to Laem Kruat. During the high season most visitors come to Koh

April-May| 2017


The second way to get to Koh Jum is to go to the port town of Laem Kruat, from where you can catch a longtail boat directly to Koh Jum. This was our favorite of the two methods of travel. If you are driving, it takes about one hour to get from Ao Nang to Laem Kruat. You just head to Tesco Lotus and then continue until you see the large overhead signs which tell you to turn right for “Koh Jam”. This road will lead to the small locality of Laem Kruat, where you will find a large pier with boats going to Koh Jum. If you don’t have transport of your own, you can always catch a blue and yellow “songthaew” – the local buses that have benches in the back. On the side of the “songthaew” will be written – Krabi, Bus Station, Tesco, Big C, Laem Kruat. They are frequent and easy to spot. These buses will leave from all of these locations at intervals throughout the day and will take you directly to the Laem Kruat pier. The pier is a bit misleading. We waited at the end of the pier before realizing the longtail taxis were passing us by and docking at the mainland. We went back and followed our noses along past the shops until we saw a slipway with goods and people being unloaded. It was the second slipway we needed to get to “Moo Too,” the place on Koh Jum we were being collected from. If you know the name of the pier on Koh Jum you need to get to, just ask anyone in this area and they will direct you to the correct boat. We got on and soon were chugging along through the mangroves with a boat full of happy local Muslim women that looked as if they hadn’t changed a bit since 1925. We arrived at Koh Jum just 45 minutes later, paid our 70 baht fare, and were taken by “taxi” (a battered old pickup truck) through the winding dirt track until we reached our destination resort. Give it a go and you will see a different side of Thailand from years gone by. Well worth the experience.


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April-May 2017 Krabi Magazine  

Thai new year, new beach attire available in Ao Nang, Hydroponic vegetables available in Krabi and much more in the April-May 2017 issue of...

April-May 2017 Krabi Magazine  

Thai new year, new beach attire available in Ao Nang, Hydroponic vegetables available in Krabi and much more in the April-May 2017 issue of...