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Contents 10 5 Amazing Ways to Show Affection

In our LGBT Relationships | Couples

By Flavia Francesquini & renee fischer

| Elegant Gifts 14 Jewelry By N. McCarty

20 Patrick & Doug | Thomas & Jimmy | weDdings

27 Attire For LGBT Weddings | Tuxedos and Gowns

Interviews By Sharon LevinE | Photos Bob Faco | Leise Jones

By Sharon LevinE

| Design | Framing | Reinvention 35 Interiors By paul chaisson | david mcwilliam | geoffrey gaunt

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Mark Adams Interviews Andrew Pemberton-Fowler How does one keep track of all that is gay on TV? Answer: One does not, because the place to find the best in gay programing could possibly be the internet. Case in point is the new gay web series called “Dudes.” Yes, “dudes” is us, as they say, and it is a “dramedy” set in the Windy City, about three gay guys who are, ahem….”trying to navigate life, love, and sex on the wrong side of thirty...and they know it.” Uh, excuse me, but shouldn’t

that be the RIGHT side of thirty? But I digress. If you are a fan of the HBO series “Looking,” you will surely enjoy this one. The writer-creator of “Dudes”is Andrew Pemberton-Fowler. I’d never heard of him, either, so I got in touch with him and asked him some probing questions about himself and the series. He didn’t know me better, so he replied.


First of all, what do you mean “the wrong side of thirty?” I’ve been on that side for...well, never mind how many years, and I find it just fine.

Andrew By “the wrong side of thirty”, I meant it can be daunting looking to the future as a “real adult” and not hav-

ing your life in order…or where you thought it would be by thirty. For Miles, David, and Tyler, a lot of their friends are married, partnered, and/or have great careers. They’re still trying to figure it out and they’re not the fresh new guys on the block anymore. I think they’ve been replaced twice over by now! For them, the “good side” of thirty was carefree and youthful, while this side of thirty is facing life as you never thought it would be and trying to figure it out before it’s too late (in their minds, anyway!).


Tell our readers a little about yourself, since you are chief cook and bottle washer on this project.

Andrew Ah! Well, I was born and raised in Princeton, NJ and have always had a love for media. I went to university in London, but while I was there, I interned on The Young and the Restless, which cemented my love for creating content. Dudes came about in 2013 because I wanted to create a web series and the idea of three gay guys trying to figure out life, love, and sex in a fresh new way appealed to me. Some of Dudes is based on my seven years in London with my two roommates at the time.


The first episode of “Dudes” opens with an erotic scene that you might expect from one of the gay porn studios. Well done. Did you plan it that way to grab everyone’s attention right off?


Actually, the first scene of the first episode is a little snippet of Miles and David on the street which led into the scene of Miles and Ray about to have sex, but it was cut in the final edit. Our director, Brett Emanuel, thought going in strong with Miles and Ray was the best choice, and he was right! It surely has grabbed everyone’s attention. I can always tell when people turn it off after that scene because the question I always get is, “Is this porn?!” My reply is generally, “No! It’s not porn… Now watch the other thirteen minutes.”

6 savoirflairmagazine



Andrew “Randy” is the best word to describe the


are quite randy in nature. You can watch randy things with your grandmother…if she’s cool! I am quite guilty of peppering my speech with British phrases, but that comes after seven years in London. Needless to say, I love the Brits, too!

a certain type, and we had to marry the two. Our casting director, Kelly Parker, was instrumental in getting the casting breakdown out around Chicago and into the hands of actors who wanted to do the project. Our lead actors, Shaun Baer (Tyler), Ben Burke (David), and Brian Greer (Miles), are all Chicago actors. We saw Ben and Brian on the first day of casting; Shaun was the last actor we saw on the very last day of casting a month later! I remember seeing Brian’s headshot and thinking from the getgo, “That’s Miles.” He initially read for “David”, but we asked him to read for “Miles” and he nailed Ben came in the same day as Brian and only read for “David.” He sparkled on his audition tape. Ben had all of the qualities I was looking for in “David.” Shaun was the last actor we saw for the toughest role to cast. Shaun read for

You use the word “randy” to describe the series? Does that mean it’s British? I love the Brits.

series and the guys’ stories. They aren’t totally dirty, but they


The tagline for the series is “...and you thought “Girls” were dirty. Was that series an inspiration for “Dudes?”

Andrew Girls is not the inspiration for Dudes. I’ve

only seen the first fifteen minutes of Girls’ pilot, so I really can’t speak to that series. The reason I chose the tag line (“…and you thought girls were dirty…”) was to show the side of guys that had been relegated to women on HBO. The women of Sex and the City showed their bits and did things guys rarely ever do on TV. I wanted to change that and up the ante. Furthermore, I didn’t want to write a show about issues or feature simpering stereotypes. I wanted to show Miles, David, and Tyler being guys who date guys.

Tell us about the actors. Where did you find them, or have I been living in a cave?

We went through a month long casting process for Dudes. I wanted a certain type, Brett wanted

continues on next page


I watched the first episode a couple of times. It reminded me a lot of the HBO series “Looking,”only without the big name appeal of Jonathan Groff and Russell Covey (I guess it’s obvious who I like on that show...but I digress) and with better acting.


Thanks! That’s a big compliment! Here’s a little known fact: While I was a talent agency assistant in LA, our New York office repped Jonathan Groff while he was in Spring Awakening. In fact, he called into the LA office during Tony season and spoke with the owner of the company.

The cast, writer, and director of “DUDES” Left to right: Brian Greer (Miles), Shaun Baer (Tyler), Andrew Pemberton Fowler (Executive Producer & Writer), Brett Emanuel (Director), and Ben Burke (David).

savoirflairmagazine 7

Dudes Interview continued from previous page

the role flawlessly. He was what I had in mind when I wrote the role of “Tyler.” I think “Tyler” may be the hardest role to play because he is the romantic, but during the course of the pilot and the first season, we see him go through so many changes in his own life. Mark I can’t imagine where that relationship is headed. Any spoilers? Andrew Ah! We don’t supply spoilers! I will say that you haven’t seen the last of Jonathan (Nick Freed). I can say that there are a lot of surprises in store for Miles, David, and Tyler. Mark I can only imagine how Tyler will handle that world!


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Andrew We have a lot of great guest stars in Season One who mix it up with the Tyler, Miles, and David, so keep an eye out for them. Mark Before the emails start pouring in, are we going to see any females in this, or is this a strictly gay male look at overthirty? Andrew Originally, David’s sister, Lolly, was in the second episode of Season One. Due to rewrites, that character was cut from the season, but another female character was written into Episode 104. Amy Rapp, who plays Katherine, is the only female character in Season One. Will we have more in Season Two? I know the answer, but you’ll have to stay tuned. Mark How many episodes are you planning? Would you be interested if a broadcast network expressed interest in picking it up? And is there a small but pivotal cameo in this for me? Andrew This past June, we shot the remainder of Season One, which consisted of four episodes. If all goes to plan, we will shoot five episodes for Season Two and seven episodes for Season Three. Mark I have reason to live. The great thing about submitting questions to a writer is, you don’t have to make corrections. The first episode of “Dudes,” titled, “Have We Come to This?,” launched on April 11 and it’s currently live on Mark Adams has been an estab-

401-231-2228 • 877-231-2228

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8 savoirflairmagazine

lished contributor to Boston’s LGBT Media, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community.

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Amazing Ways to Show Affection in Our LGBT Relationships

By Renee Fischer with Flavia Francesquini

10 savoirflairmagazine

Couples who have been together for a long time are often asked for the secret to their relationship longevity. Although the answers vary, the common thread seems to be a willingness from all parties involved to compromise and show their true feelings as well as genuine appreciation for their mates’ efforts to do the same. Whether we are married, single, dating or just waiting for the right person to come along, we are constantly “in a relationship” since everyone in our lives become part of the wonderful web of feelings and emotions we spin every day. Peaceful relationships can lead to better sleep, less stress, higher self esteem, and a comforting sense of belonging. To check this theory I chatted with several couples and asked how they show affection, and how they are shown love, support and respect. The answers are sweet, and the advice worth trying. Here are five ways to show affection and foster fulfilling relationships, and the people who have actually put it into practice. Despite the differences in age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, geographical location, and time spent together, these couples have one thing in common: they have learned to give freely without expectations in order to be in healthy relationships.

continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 11

5 Amazing Ways

for them, while providing emotional support, and guid-

ance when requested, can bring more into the relationship than criticism. Although limits need to be set for selfpreservation and to prevent us from becoming enablers of self-destructive behaviors, unconditional and unwavering support boosts self-esteem in both individuals and builds a healthy relationship. Jeffrey Rivkin (31) from Western Mass, has been with his partner, Daniel LaFlamme for a little over two years. When asked about displays of affection, Jeffrey didn’t hesitate, “My partner does an exceptional job of using verbal and non-verbal cues to express his love. He often leaves little hidden notes for me expressing his love and offering words of encouragement on difficult days. Working as a social continued from previous page 1. Selflessness without Reciprocity

worker and attending graduate school is very demand-

One of the biggest relationship killers is the expectation of

standing, and supportive of my hectic schedule that of-

reciprocity upon giving to, or doing something for some-

ten leaves me exhausted and irritable. He’s always asking

one else. Whether you are giving time, affection, or a

what i need, or just doing things knowing that it will allevi-

new pair of shoes, don’t do it simply because you expect

ate my stress load.”

reciprocity. Doing good things “just because” will improve

Such displays of support can take on different shapes and

your mood and it will boost your relationship morale.

it doesn’t matter what you do as long as your mate agrees

All too often kids and parents use chores, gifts, or favors to

with it. Flowers and hugs are both good ways to cheer

get what they want out of each other. While it is good to

someone up, as long as that someone agrees that flowers

use chores and money to teach responsibility to children,

and hugs work for them. Pay attention to your partner’s

doing it with the sole intent of getting something in return

cues to what it is that they truly need. A clean load of laun-

may teach the wrong motivation for interpersonal relation-

dry may not seem very romantic but it may be just what

ships. Couples fall into this trap too and expect cuddles, ro-

your tired mate needs to see after a long day at work,

mance, and affection to lead to sex or favors in return. Dis-

Casey Isabelo and Ashley Jury, from Mililani, Hawaii, have

playing affection - whether through hugs, kisses, cuddles,

been together for 3 years. They are happy about their

sex, services, or gifts - without the need for reciprocity is a

home state’s ruling on gay marriages, as they have two

lot more inviting than immaturely demanding something in

children - ages 4 and 6 - and they hope to soon make

return for the action.

their relationship official. When asked about ways in which

Roberto Tamelini and Erick Wollf - both from Sao Paulo, Bra-

they know that they are loved, Casey (25) was very spe-

ing, but my partner has been extremely flexible, under-

zil - dated for about seven years before deciding to move in together last year. Roberto (32) can find displays of affection in nearly everything his partner does, “He worries about me, he calls me in the middle of the day just to see how i’m doing.” They agree that there has been a fair exchange between them, and that displays of affection are not bargaining tools. Erick (48) reflects on their relationship, “He’d face anything for me, and i try to give him attention and show him love. I don’t expect anything in return, on the contrary.”Roberto adds, “Being affectionate is just a way to express my feelings.” 2. Unwavering Support It is often easy to criticize our loved ones when they do something we do not approve of. However, being there

12 savoirflairmagazine

Jeffrey Rivkin + Daniel LaFlamme

5 Amazing Ways

Edward M. Simpson, CPA Certified Public Accountant

(401) 434-4448 20 Newman Ave., Suite 9010 East Providence, RI 02916

Daniel LaFlamme + Jeffrey Rivkin with nephew, owen

cific, “she cuddles me, cooks for our family,




and sends me cute messages.” Ashley (26) was also very direct, “she is thankful for everything I do.” 3. Acting instead of Asking That's right, take the initiative. Want

Bringing a Taste of the City to the South Shore! 200 Quincy Ave., Braintree, MA(781) 849-1577

more affection? Display it. Want more support? Give it freely. Want more help? Offer it more often. Want more input? Accept it. Want more time together? Be available more often. Want more involvement? Be more involved. Lead by example and children, spouse, family, and friends will follow suit, even if it takes some time to see the changes. Make it a habit to lay the groundwork for reciprocity later on. Mia and Orit Alon, from Culver City, CA have been married for a year continued on page 58

Ashley Jury, Caleb (now4), Cassian (now 6) and Casey Isabelo

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Fine Jewelry Gift Gallery by N. McCarty In the last issue we brought you our Fine Jewelry Gallery. In this issue we’ve focused on both custom and manufactured pieces that would make for great gifts for a special friend, partner or even oneself. So feast your eyes on these beautiful creations...

Centuries old Traditions ALCHEMY 9•2•5 One-of-a-kind and limited edition wedding bands by Victoria Moore, who is an artist, that works in the centuries-old tradition of Damascus Steel, creating stunning rings lined in gold and enhanced with colored diamonds. These rings will speak to those who want a unique design with a personal touch.

Couture CupCake Collection

Rhyme & Reason Jewelry Cupcake Ring Design inlay with 24k, and silver diamonds, rubies and sapphires by award winning designers Vahe Ghazarian, Esin Guler and Mihran Guler of Boston based design firm Rhyme & Reason. They collaborate in a round table approach to create evocative, intricate and unique artwork that inspired this intiguing ring.

14 savoirflairmagazine

FineJewelry Gift Gallery A modern bracelet

Rad Jewelers The ultimate jewelry accessory. Crafted from solid18k white gold this bracelet features row after row of invisible set square French blue sapphires totaling 18.31 carats of pure elegance. The sapphires are set with two rows of stunning diamonds on either side. The diamonds are G color VS quality stones that offer a contrast to the blue sapphire, making the bracelet chic and modern. The bracelet measures 12.50 mm across (just about half an inch), and weighs 54.7 grams.

savoirflairmagazine 15

FineJewelry Gift Gallery Beauty In The Braclet Joseph Gann Jewelers

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Big & Beautiful E. B. Horn Jewelry

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16 savoirflairmagazine

FineJewelry Gift Gallery

Stardust Earrings James Kaya

These earrings were the winner of 2014 AGTA Spectrum award . Platinum and 18K gold “Stardust� earrings featuring 14mm black Tahitian cultured Pearls, 12mm gold cultured Pearls and 10mm white cultured Pearls accented with Diamonds (1.55 ctw.). Uniquely dazzling and beautiful, these earrings are examples of creative craftmanship that combines innovative, visual excitement and beauty with highly skilled material selection.

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FineJewelry Gift Gallery One Of A KInd Ruby Plante Jewelers

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FineJewelry Gift Gallery Custom Black Opal Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co

This exquisite, 20 plus carat, Black Opal came from our family owned opal mining and wholesale business in Lightning Ridge, Australia. A special custom designed pendant, for a client in Texas, was created to highlight the natural, liquid form of this opal. It is set in 22 karat gold and platinum, surrounded by diamonds.

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Patrick & Douglas A Wedding To Remember

20 savoirflairmagazine

Interview by Sharon Levine | Photos by Bob Falco of Falco Photography Doug is a Media Specialist at Nashua Community College in Nashua, NH. Patrick owns his own business, PJ’s Flowers & Weddings in Bedford, NH. He has been in floral business for 45 years. How did you meet? We met at a house party of mutual friends several years ago. Patrick fell in love with me and let me know then. I wasn’t ready at the time so we went our separate ways for 7 years. We reconnected in late May 2013. We moved in together June 8, 2013. I proposed to Patrick on July 8, 2013 at bench #8 on Marginal Way in Ogunquit, ME. We both believe that our deceased mothers got together and said these two need to be together. Why did you choose your venue? We chose Executive Court Banquet Facility because of the beautiful onsite gardens, function hall, restaurant, and hotel with its many amenities like swimming pool, in room Jacuzzi tub, and continental breakfast for us and our guests. Also the wedding coordinator and banquet staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the process. In fact much of the staff requested to be on duty for our wedding as Patrick knows a lot of them from being part of the Executive Court wedding package and delivering there often throughout the year.


savoirflairmagazine 21

What did you like most about the venue? The quality of the service provided to us from day 1 through our special day by the owner Joyce Doucet and our wedding coordinator Milynda Marr. Any other details about your venue? The gardens for the ceremony and pictures with flowering plants, gazebos, and water features made the choice of Executive Court Banquet Facility an easy one. How many guests? 200 friends and family members Wedding party: 4 men & 4 women Who was the photographer? Bob Falco of Falco Photography. Bob was very easy to work with and caught all the special moments of our special day. When Patrick and I began planning for our wedding we were a bit hesitant in choosing a photographer as we did not know Bob and how he felt about shooting a gay wed-

ding. At our first meeting Patrick asked just that and

Women: hand tied bouquets of purple calla lil-

we were delighted to find out that Bob had been

ies, green roses, green cymbidium orchids, purple

a strong supporter of civil unions, then marriage, in

solidago, large purple green leave rolled over as a

the state of NH by being an activist and attending

backing, wrapped with sage green ribbon match-

hearings at the state capital. We are grateful for the

ing their aubergine full length dresses.

wonderful photographs we have capturing our day.

Ceremony: aisle lined with potted hosta with fresh

Can you give us a description of flowers? PJs Flowers and Weddings of course with the help of longtime friend and florist Ernie Maguy and Pat Mullaney from Windmill Florist & Gifts in Fitchburg, MA

cut allium flowersand purple bows Centerpieces: 4’ pilsner vases with 2 stems allium flowers, topped with 3 allium balls, 10 stems yellow oncidium orchids, and greenery

Boutonnieres: Patrick: sage mini calla lily to match

Who made the cake?

Doug’s tie and vest, with green dot cushion palm,

Jacques Fine European Pastries-Suncook, NH 4 tiers,

variegated pitt greenery wrapped with green curled

Top tier carrot cake with cream cheese filling, 3rd tier


red velvet with 2 raspberry filling and 1 lemon filling,

Doug: purple calla lily to match Patrick’s tie and

2nd tier carrot cake, 1st tier chocolate and vanilla

vest, with purple statice, variegated pitt greenery

cake with chocolate ganache filling. Frosted in sage

wrapped with purple curled wire.

green and topped with allium balls, green roses and

Men: purple calla lillies, blue larkspur, variegated pitt

oncidium orchids

to match the blue vests and ties

continues savoirflairmagazine 23

What was your most memorable moment? Honestly the whole day! It was indeed a dream come true and everything turned out how we had it planned. But if we had to pick a couple of moments then they would be: Patrick: Our vows to each other. Doug: Seeing Patrick at the opposite end of the covered walkway as the procession began and walking to meet him as we walked down the aisle together hand in hand. Seeing the joy in my family’s faces during the ceremony and the moment someone caught a photo of my dad hugging Patrick just after the ceremony.

24 savoirflairmagazine

Other special moments... a. Having the help setting up the venue from Doug’s father, sister, aunt and cousins as well as Patrick’s friends Chrissy, Katie, & Barbara. b. Our rehearsal dinner at Fratello’s Banquet Facility in Manchester’s Mill Yard with the wedding party and close friends and relatives where Patrick and I switched back and forth wearing “I am the Groom” & “I am the Bride” t-shirts given to us by the wedding party. continues

Cruises by Capt. Jack We can help you get somewhere incredible! (978) 897-0101

savoirflairmagazine 25

Patrick & Douglas having on the dance floor with

and driving to the top of Cadillac

our GREAT DJ Ken Dionne from


Main Event Entertainment. Postscript Where did you spend your

We realized that after 3 months


of marriage and all the support

Dayton Point, Trenton, ME just out-

that has been shown us that we

side Bar Harbor. A one bedroom

truly feel we have an equal mar-

cottage with 180 degree view of

riage. There is not a fear for pub-

Western Bay. We spent time kaya-

lic displays of affection like hold-

king, sunning, exploring the shore

ing hands, an arm around waist

line, going into Bar Harbor, as well

or shoulder, or a smooch. As they

as touring Acadia National park

say it’s all good.

Advertise With style continued from previous page c. The first look at the completely decorated banquet hall just prior to the ceremony with the table linens by Divine Linens in place along with the place settings. d. Having our friend Rick Carkin officiate and his husband Gary

in Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515

The Executive Court Banquet Facility Ceremonies on Site

Finger as accompanist for the live choir at the ceremony.

Fabulous Food

e. Our first dance f. Seeing all the love and support we had from our guests, Hearing that our wedding was unlike any other people had been to as it was so full of heartfelt emotion. g. Seeing the fun everyone was

Overnight Accommodations

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26 savoirflairmagazine

Destination Perfection


1199 South Mammoth Rd. Manchester, NH 03109

LGBT Wedding Attire | Tuxedos Interview with Len Goldstein of Cambridge’s Keezer’s Classic Clothes Savoir Flair recently spoke with Len Goldstein, the owner/manager of Keezer’s in Cambridge and the dean of tuxedo experts in the Boston area. Keezer’s is the supplier of tuxes to the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus. Goldstein has been in the business for 37 years. Keezer’s started in 1895, has a long history. In fact, Goldstein believes that it is the oldest formalwear store in the country. While attending Harvard, JFK would sell his unwanted formalwear to Keezer’s when he needed extra spending money. Keezer’s still sells to students from all over the world. Savoir Flair asked Goldstein about some current trends in formalwear. S.F. What are the most popular styles of tuxedos today ? Goldstein Approximately 80% of our customers choose notch lapel tuxedos whose lapels are reminiscent of a regular suit. 10% are peak collar lapels. These lapels are broad and peak shaped. 10% are shawl collar, the most traditional of all.

S.F. Are there any specific rules for tuxedo choice? Goldstein My motto is rules are made to be broken. In the past, people wore white dinner jackets only In the summer. Now some men may choose to wear them in November. S.F. Many lesbians choose to wear men’s formalwear to their weddings. How do you manage to find a good fit for a woman in men’s sizes? Goldstein We stock over 1000 tuxedos from many brands. The customer can keep trying on different brands with different sizing until they find one that fits. Whether they decide to purchase or rent we can usually find one that suits their needs. Some other businesses that do not specialize in tuxedos only have those samples to try on. Under those circumstances, it is difficult to get a good fit for a woman. S.F. Is it common for gay/lesbian couples to wear the same wedding outfit? Goldstein Yes, although they frequently ask for different vests and bow ties. Occasionally, one member of a couple will choose tails while the other will choose a short tuxedo jacket.

Michael Marram, Justice of the Peace

Affordable, customized ceremonies for your perfect day (617)-513-8473

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LGBT Wedding Attire; Wedding Gowns Photographer: Brittanny Taylor | Location: Fall River Waterfront Models: Andrea Freitas (brown hair) & Amanda Holt (blonde hair)

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Many lesbian brides haven’t worn a dress in years. On their wedding day, they want to wear something stylish, pretty and formal. Alexandra’s Bridal features this fashionable two piece Palazzo Pantsuit by Destiny (left) that has the comfort of pants but the glamour of contemporary wedding attire. Our bridal expert Fatima Rodrigues of Alexandra’s Bridal reports that many lesbian brides that do purchase gowns choose form fitting dresses that accentuate their athletic physiques. Left Page and Bottom Right | Designer Destiny Bridal Andrea is in a detachable, two piece Bridal Pants Suit designed by Destiny Bridal. The top is a lace scoop neckline adorned with a beaded belt at the natural waist, the pants are highwaisted lace Palazzo pants. Top Left & Right | Designer WTOO Andrea is in a designer WTOO which is a slim, sheath skirt, v-neck, v-back, m ​ itered in a chevron pattern​, with ​​ a Chapel train. Top Right & Left | Designer Love Marley Amanda is in a designer Love Marley with a v-neck, spaghetti strap, lace corset bodice​, ​Georgette band at waist​, s​ lim a-line, lace godet skirt with a lace scallop hem ​and finished with a C​athedral​​train. Bottom Right | Designer Allure Amanda is in a fitted style Allure that any vintage loving bride will adore. This classic gown, features a simple brooch and sheer sleeves with lace appliqué for added feminine texture.

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Thomas and Jimmy Wed

Thomas is a full time graduate student in a Master of Divinity program. He was born and raised in southeastern Ohio and came to Massachusetts in 2008. Jimmy is an instructional designer for an electrical distributor. He mostly grew up in Connecticut but his family also has roots in Ohio. The two met online through OKCupid. They met for the first time for lunch, which turned into a twelve hour date that included dinner and dessert and only ended because the subway was closing for the night. The romance continued to grow from there and on Valentine’s Day, Jimmy proposed with a key and a customized candy bar made by a local chocolatier Lydia Blanchard of Sweet Lydia’s.

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When planning the wedding, we both wanted to find a venue that would be a comfortable place to bring our families and friends together for the weekend. We were also hoping for an outdoor wedding where nature could supply the primary decorations. We first visited Friendly Crossways by arranging an overnight stay. The converted barn with beds decorated with handmade quilts felt very comfortable and with several outdoor locations that would be perfect for the outdoor ceremony we had envisioned, we knew it was the perfect place.


Thomas and Jimmy share a moment Photo: Leise Jones Right: Jimmy and Thomas cutting the wedding cake, Photo: Leise Jones

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antique wooden box given to us by

that the cake “not look like a wed-

On top of the beauty and comfort

Jimmy’s aunt. Our guests were then

ding dress.” They agreed that Thomas

that we both wanted, Friendly Cross-

given blankets and ushered over to

would choose the flavors, and Jimmy

ways offered us the flexibility to have

the spot where we would be married

would plan the design. The end re-

all our overnight guests in one loca-

with a backdrop of trees that pro-

sult was a two layer cake that was

tion with plenty of opportunity for our

vided gentle shade and large, moss-

decorated to look like a tree stump

family and friends to get to know one

covered rocks. At the start of the cer-

from Konditor Meister. On the stump

another better. Mary was accom-

emony, we added our own items to

were two chocolate owls, one with a

modating and helpful throughout

the time capsule and then our moth-

bowtie and the other with a top hat.

the entire process from our first visit

ers and friends—and, finally, the two

The top layer was a chocolate cake

through the planning and the wed-

of us—tied colorful ribbons around

with an oreo cream filling and the

ding weekend. Our ceremony was attended by about 65 guests. As we finished our formal pictures and the guests began

the box to seal it. We plan to open

bottom layer was a vanilla cake with

the box on our 10-year anniversary to

a raspberry-lemon filling. Thomas’s

re-experience the love and support

nephew Cyrus ate part of the purple

of our family and friends.

chocolate top hat and had a purple tongue for hours.

to arrive, they were greeted with a

After the ceremony, we invited every-

tea reception catered by Mary. Mary

one into the charming dining hall for

In the evening, those who were

worked with us to create a rainbow

cake and games. Due to our shared

spending the night joined us around

of treats that fit not only our budget,

love of games, we chose to have a


but our relaxed, kid-friendly atmo-

“first game” instead of a first dance.

(vegan and traditional) were roast-

sphere. During the reception, guests

We played Tsuro, and we tied.

ed, and campfire songs marked a

were encouraged to place notes or

One of Jimmy’s favorite things was

joy-filled end to an unhurried, sub-

small items in a “time capsule”—an

our cake. Thomas’ requirement was

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Thomas and Jimmy Wed

dued, joy-filled day of celebration

Bar Harbor were the Coffee Hound

and fellowship and family.

where Thomas got coffee and pas-

We spent our honeymoon in Maine,

tries, and Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Em-

starting with a night in Portland. From

porium where Jimmy got ice cream.

there we travelled up to Bar Har-

We also spent some time in Acadia

bor for four nights at a lovely bed &

National Park. For the last few days

breakfast called the Greycote Inn,

of our honeymoon, we spent time at

that featured wonderful vegetarian

a friend’s cabin near Augusta. The

breakfasts. Since it was just before the

whole trip was just the easygoing trip

main tourist season, it was quiet and

that we both wanted, enjoying the


quaint towns and nature of Maine



to us both. Two of our daily stops in

A-Executive Limousine

and our first days as husbands.

Focus on each other

We get you there in style - Official Limo Service of the Boston Bruins

Theater & Concerts • Business Events • Airport/Cruise Transfers Weddings • Nights on the Town Sporting Events

Photo: Leise Jones

Goosefish Press Invitations

Goosefish Press is an award-winning letterpress studio in Boston’s South End that specializes in the design and in-house printing of carefully crafted and unique invitations. We individually tailor our work for you, producing a look you cannot find anywhere else.

(800) 287-2527

450 Harrison Ave, (patio level) Boston, MA

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The Crown Bakery & Cafe Voted Best Bakery 50 Times

Wedding cakes are a specialty! The Crown Bakery & Cafe is very proud to specialize in European style pastries and cakes. We specialize in Swedish coffeecakes, cookies, sweetrolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes, using the best ingredients we can buy. 508-852-0746 ◊133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester ◊ www. savoirflairmagazine 33

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interiors| Page 36 Interior Design Advice

by Paul Chaisson

Page 39 Common Decorating Mistakes by Lindsay Wilson

Page 42 Frame it right By Geoffrey Gaunt

SavoirFlair special feature

Page 46 Building Reinvention by David Mcwilliam

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My advice when seeking assistance from an interior designer is wait for the designer to ask the questions. Honestly, in order for myself or anyone else to best help you is, allow me or the designer to be asking the relevant questions. A good designer will ask the important questions. This is the only way the designer and the client together can conceptually design a space that reflects the clients likes and interests.

Specialization Designers may specialize in more modern or trendy designs. Many will only work with either commercial or residential clients. Some will be able to handle both. Also, you may have just bath or kitchen designers. Personally I do both commercial and residential. I tend to stay away from trends. They can be expensive to constantly update. I prefer a more timeless and classic approach. Some create pieces of art, I create places you’re proud to call home...

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Mistakes when hiring an Interior Designer Some clients don’t get references or check portfolios. Many feel it’s ok to try and shop around and get someone readily available and/or less expensive. If a designer is that readily available it’s sad to say there may be a bad reason for this. You get what you pay for... You may be confused by thinking its best to go cheap. Cheap is never good and always more costly in the end. My Approach My approach is and will always be an honest approach. I often will put myself in the homes and in the shoes of the clients seeking my assistance. I believe in doing it right rather than doing it over. I would delay a project in order for the client to get it done right and on time and budget. Favorite Clients Every client is my favorite client. You become friends. You spend so much time together. I however love a client who is eager, open and can appreciate great ideas and is not afraid of exploring all of the options available to them. A limited mind, will limit your options! becoming an interior decorator

ing phase, he was constantly taking his potential clients in

I have literally been designing since the early age of 4 or

tours through my home. These clients ended up becom-

5. I would constantly rearrange furniture, remake beds,

ing my clients.

and move decorative accessories. Professionally my career began when building my first home over 20 years ago.

I have always been and always will be passionate for de-

During the building process, our builder became very in-

sign. It’s something I couldn’t shut off if I tried. I’m con-

terested in my ability to make quick decisions, my eye for

stantly thinking of ways to improve a space.

and my attention to detail. Towards the end of the build-

I’m truly

blessed to love what I do. I believe it’s showcased in my work.

O nce upon a tile

“Showcasing the latest tile and stone available throughout the world”


n Incredible selection of decorative tile, hand crafted by over 50 artisans. Once Upon A Tile showcases top manufacturers whose tile and stone come from around the world. Alongside this selection are a plethora of creative artists who offer uniquely hand crafted, and painted, tiles from small studios around the country.

978.345.8343 | 12 Westminster St. Fitchburg, MA | savoirflairmagazine 37


Paul Chaisson Interior Design

Paul Chaisson Interior Design

617-686-2701 38 savoirflairmagazine


Are You Making Any of These Common Decorating Mistakes?

By Lyndsay Wilson “I’m good with color� you tell your friends, and you truly believe that in another life, you could have been an excellent interior designer. Then how did it happen that your living room just looks... off? Even those of us with the keenest eyes and the best style sense can fall victim to decorating blunders. Sometimes experiencing the feel of a room in person is quite different to the visions you gleaned from home magazines and your Pinterest board. Here are some of the most common style mistakes people unwittingly make when decorating their homes. continued on next page

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Decorating Mistakes continued from previous page

Di Pierro Construction, Inc. 617-592-6447 |

Boston, MA .

Not all windows are built like harvey vinyl windows. Vinyl windows may look all the same, but they aren’t built the same. A family-owned and operated business with over 45 years’ experience, Harvey Building Products is known for outstanding craftsmanship and superior service, as well as standing behind every product they make. Call us today to learn more. contact: Northshore Window | Somerville, MA

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Angie’s list Super Service Award Winner 2013

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Getting sizes wrong Color, texture and style are always punted as the most important characteristics of a new piece of furniture, but if it doesn’t match the scale of your room, the effect is going to be awkward. Area rugs shouldn’t be more than a foot or two from the wall, light fittings shouldn’t dominate the ceiling they hang from and you’ll only go crazy trying to have a dinner party where the chair backs keep knocking against the wall. First and foremost, furniture needs to strike a good balance in the room. Not only should furniture fit harmoniously with the rest of the space, it should be similarly scaled with the other pieces. Decorating a hotel You may have heard so much advice to go with “neutral” and “classic” that you end up putting together a room that is utterly unmemorable. If your room starts to look too generic, it may be time to insert a bold, attention grabbing element. Playing with color, fun textures or sentimental items can give a dull room a bit of personality. Shake things up by throwing together contrasting elements, and don’t be afraid of injecting a little of your own quirk into the mix. One dimensional decorating If all of your furniture is pushed up against the wall, you may need to work on a more balanced arrangement. Think about the flow of traffic and how you tend to move about in the space, then arrange items accordingly. Another mistake to avoid is having everything in the room at more or less one height - try to add interest with furniture of different heights, different sized pictures or tall lamps to balance out shorter furniture items. Forgetting about lighting There’s a reason that many professional decorators think of the lighting in a space before they think of anything else. The quality of the light in

Decorating Mistakes an area can make or break the mood, no matter how well arranged everything else is. Good lighting should respect the natural light that already comes into the room and find a way to work with it. Don’t think of lighting as an afterthought - actively incorporate lamps, ceiling fittings and even candles into the whole flow of the room. Also spare a thought to how this lighting will fall on and enhance the room’s key features. Accumulating clutter There’s no greater sign that you need better storage than little mounds of clutter forming all over the room. Even the most thoughtfully decorated interior loses its charm under mounds of books, trinkets, bits and pieces. Decide on a few elegant, high impact pieces and put away other knick knacks. A pretty armoire or shelves with repurposed baskets can hide your junk while tying the rest of the room together. Of course, the only “mistake” you can make with decorating is to keep living in a space that leaves you feeling uninspired and uncomfortable. Make sure that your unique style and personality have the opportunity to really come through by giving some thought to these design basics before you dive in.

George C. Willard Co.

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framing it right By Geoffrey P. Gaunt, Owner Providence Picture Frame Co. & Dryden Gallery Photography by Marianne Lee Photography When framing artwork, customers most often want to know if they need to match other frames in the room, or furniture (e.g. does a cherry dining room set require cherry framing). The short answer is… “Absolutely not. frame for the artwork, not the room.” That being said, the space should be considered, just not as the primary criteria. I explain the interaction with a client like this: A framer may have several hundred frame and matting samples to choose from. A conversation should be had about the client’s personal style (e.g. contemporary, traditional, etc..). Then, a framer may guide the client towards 3 or 4 matting/framing solutions that will work for the artwork. At this point, the decor of the room can further inform the final decision.

Grid of 8 black / white vintage pictures, Framing by Providence Picture Frame Co. for Designer Sharon Lawn This is obviously a bedroom and dressing space. The content and structure of Sharon Lawn’s design fills the space beautifully -it is neat, clean, yet intimate. The art, framing, and installation all work in perfect concert within themselves and within then environment of that space.

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The dining room with rounded mirror, Framing by Providence Picture Frame Co. for Designer Sharon Lawn This is a formal space, in a very elegant vintage home. Sharon’s choice of hanging the work via braided cord and moulding hooks -speaks to a bygone era. Think Great Gatsby. The artwork is also from that era, as are the furnishings. common mistakes when framing This breaks down into three categories: Frame Design: The most common mistake, while framing, is to disregard the artwork and frame by some other criteria (as mentioned above). Preservation: The most dangerous, is to frame something you care about in a manner that won’t protect it. Some examples include not using UV glass (there are varying degrees of this, but you don’t have to spend top dollar to get great protection). Mounting artwork to a board (essentially having it glued down) -this may be OK for a poster, but not for something you really care about or may wish to resell some day. Archival framing is a HUGE topic, but it basically means that it can be unframed -years down the road- and it should be in exactly the same state as the day you had it framed.

Hanging: When hanging a newly framed item, many people hang their items too high. A good rule of thumb is that the center of your artwork should be 60” off of the floor (this is our average eye height, and the height which most museums hang their work). Choosing the right frame • Consider preservation of the work first (e.g. how will it need to be attached to the frame to best preserve it) • Design from the inside towards the outside. -Will the artwork require matting? If so, work on that BEFORE you choose the frame. • Once you get to the frame, first make certain it is strong enough to safely hold the work for years to come. -This may appear obvious, but many people would prefer a very thin frame (which is understandable, but impractical in certain cases). • Frames must compliment the work. Avoid a frame savoirflairmagazine 43

The Basement Theatre: Framing by Providence Picture Frame Co. for Designer Sharon Lawn A less formal space for family and entertaining friends. Though still referencing the the style from elsewhere in the residence, this space has a more eclectic feel -high impact, interesting artwork, and furnishings all inform the the occupant that she/he are about to have a great time in this room. Note the natural stone walls- special care needs to be taken when installing artwork on walls such as this that is too “matchy” with the artwork. Likewise, avoid a frame that competes with it.

from 250 bc. There are only 60 pages in the world and Brown University brought us four of them.

Most Unique Framing Project Last year we framed actual pages from “The Book of The Dead” -an ancient Egyptian document

Selecting a quality framing shop The most important thing is integrity. Go to a place that you’ve heard

Harvard Art & Frame “when it comes to framing, we do it all!”

Commercial • Residential Since 1938


250 Main St., Charlestown, MA w w w. h a r v a rd a r t a n d f r a m e c o . c o m

good things about from people you know and whose opinion you trust. Aside from that, there are some basic industry trends to be a aware of: Big box stores often advertise 40-70% off coupons -this is marketing trick. The reality is that the “every-day pric-


Custom Tile & Marble Products ª Installation Providing the Utmost in Quality & Customer Service


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interiors framing it right ing” of independently owned shops is generally equal to or better than those “discounted” box store prices. Then there’s the quality… It is not uncommon for box stores to send your work, or a portion of the order, to a centralized factory (usually in another state) to be framed. Bottom line, go someplace where you can talk with the owner or at least the framer who will actually be working on your

Furniture Refinishing Service Celebrating Over 30 Years Of Quality Service

precious item.

Bedroom & Dining Room Sets Our Specialty .


231 Main Street Easthampton, MA

All Stripping Hand Done Billerica 978-663-6688

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Design by Reinvention

by David McWilliam of InterrDesign llc So often the most compelling designs are a re-examination of what was once old, brought back to life in a new light. The Farmhouse Chic and Modern Vintage home design motifs work because they are both familiar and novel. The design elements have not been ordered on-line or pulled off a shelf, but rather re-made. I have practiced this approach for my own commercial building, home and when appropriate design clients. Seven years ago I bought a large commercial building in Amesbury, Massachusetts, out of which to run my business, a small cabinetmaking company. It was a long rectangular, old, white cinderblock building—full of potential but also suffering from many years of neglect. On one side of the building was a fourteen foot wide overhead door; sagging, rotten, and in desperate need of repair. My first instinct was to replace it with a new overhead door. While all this was going on I was also doing a cabinetmaking project in Manchester-bythe-Sea, an affluent buttoned up North Shore town—famous for its old golf course and club; The Essex County Club. The beautiful old mansion I was working on was being re-

46 savoirflairmagazine

vamped, all the old doors of the many entrances and exits in the house were being replaced. I asked the owner if I could have them. And it was these doors that I decided to use to replace the overhead door of my old building. The doors were raised panel. I knocked out the raised panels and installed glass where the panels had been. Most importantly I turned the doors upside down, so that the larger single panel which had once been at the bottom of the door, was now at the top, and the two slender taller panels which had been at the top of the doors were now at the bottom. I lined up all the doors in the space where the overhead door had been, a total of six doors, and made the center two doors active. The effect was beautiful. I had taken what would have been tossed in the dumpster, re-interpreted it and brought both the doors and the building back to life in a novel and meaningful way. The handles on these doors were a true exercise in repurposing. I looked for handles for the doors in Amesbury Industrial hardware, which sells every conceivable piece of hardware under the sun, located in a huge old mill brick building which once used to make jackets out of smutty wool for Union soldiers during the civil war, I came across some large boat

interiors cleats. Boat cleats are rectangular pieces of metal around which one ties rope on a boat. It occurred to me that these would make perfect handles for the doors. Sometimes we can re-imagine the future through the repurposing of two familiar objects to create a new object. At other times the process involves adding something entirely newly designed to an older object. On another series of beautiful old doors which I found for my industrial building

Having recently bought a home in Gloucester Massachusetts my wife and I were bringing it back to life, tearing out old spaces to create new spaces. There was an old china cabinet which needed to go because we wanted to create a little niche in which put a seat. We saved the two doors from the China Cabinet and re-purposed them into hanging shelves.

I chose to design and make entirely new handles out of steel from scratch. In this case it was the juxtaposition of the old and the new that created meaningful visual interest.

We live in an off the shelf machine made world, and more and more in a world that is created by computer controlled machines, which is why every act of making that world personal and unique is so important. Since the settings, and the fixtures, and the environments that we call our own, will never be our own unless we actively make them our own.

The Tile Factory Inc.

Contemporary Living You Can Afford 799 Broadway, Rte 1 South Saugus, MA 01906

modern contemporary, transitional, unique furnishings, accessories, and works of art to fit a variety of tastes

781.941.ALTO (2586)

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Luxury Car Innovation + Advantages By J.D. Capra With even the least expensive cars now offering a wealth of features from onboard navigation systems to satellite radio, luxury car makers are finding that they really need to pull out all the stops to capture the attention of media savy drivers. And those luxury name plates are certainly delivering, providing well heeled drivers with everything from massaging seats to flat panel displays to heating systems designed to automatically adjust to each driver’s needs. Performance has always been a hallmark of the luxury auto brands, and car makers are upping the ante here as well. Increasingly luxury car makers from Europe, Asia and North America are incorporating this high performance with superior mileage. By using a combination of technologies, carmakers are proving critics wrong and providing drivers with safe high quality cars that also get great gas mileage. Some of these high performance cars are hybrids, some are diesel and some have gasoline engines. In the works are still more ambitious automotive offerings, including plug-in hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells. No matter how good the performance, however, a luxury car would not be a luxury car without plenty of creature comforts and lots of great features. These days luxury car makers need to go far beyond heated seats and climate control systems. Today’s luxury carmakers are including such features as massaging seats and temperatures that automatically adjust to the needs of each driver and passenger. Some luxury cars even measure the body temperature of the vehicle occupants and adjust the onboard climate control accordingly. CONTINUES ON PAGE 53 savoirflairmagazine 51

52 savoirflairmagazine

Luxury Car Innovation that say about you as a person? Some psychologists say quite a bit can be learned from a person’s car preferences and habits. Ten Advantages of Luxury Cars It’s a myth that everyone buys items based solely on cost. If that were the case, luxury products would not exist. While many people




CONTINUED FROM PAGE 51 And the comfort does not end

healing paints.

These specially

tions about why a person would

with the occupants.

Even the

designed clear coats help to re-

choose a BMW over a Chevrolet

drink holders in luxury cars are

sist scratches and make any that

or a Mercedes-Benz over a Hon-

getting the custom treatment,

do occur less visible.

da, there are some clear advantages to purchasing a luxury vehi-

incorporating new technology to keep cold drinks cold and hot

Car buyers will be happy to know

cle. Ultimately, car shoppers must

drinks hot. Some even include a

that there are plenty of great

ask themselves if the advantages

special chiller that keeps snacks

new technologies making their

of a luxury car outweigh the high-

and drinks fresh and cold.

appearance in the luxury space.

er purchase price and potentially

From the latest in navigation

higher maintenance costs.

Luxury carmakers are also doing

and entertainment to paints that

all they can to improve the looks

make scratches disappear, there

That aside, here are ten distinct

of their cars, and car owners will

are plenty of great new features

advantages to owning a luxury

certainly welcome many of these

drivers can use to make their


new technologies.

One of the

commutes more fun, more en-

most innovative features found

tertaining and more productive.

1. Prestige.

on luxury cars is in the paint. Car-

They say you can tell a lot about

This is probably the most obvious

makers, especially those com-

a person by the way they speak

but perhaps the least tangible

peting in the luxury space, are

or how they dress. What about

advantage to owning a luxury

increasingly using so-called self

your choice of car? What does


• • • • • • Claim Handling Free Estimates Rentals and Towing Unibody and Frame Straightening Foreign and Domestic Repair Superior Color Matching

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vehicle. There is a perceived level of prestige with owning anything luxurious, and since you take your car with you wherever you go, it can affect how people treat you. Don’t believe me? Try borrowing a luxury car and showing up to a nice restaurant or various social engagements. Whether it’s right or not, people treat you differently if you drive a nice car. 2. Advanced technology.   Luxury vehicles are often the first

car expect to have something

higher-quality materials and are

to be outfitted with the latest au-

that performs better than the av-

assembled using superior manu-

tomotive gadgetry. For example,

erage machine. While there are

facturing processes. The result is

some luxury vehicles have camer-

certainly exceptions, most luxury

a vehicle that overall is more du-

as that can see around blind cor-

cars are more powerful, quicker,

rable. The doors are attached to

ners and help the driver avoid a

faster, handle better and stop in

the frame with more robust hard-

potential collision. Some models

less time than other vehicles. This

ware, the body panels don’t dent

are even outfitted with night vi-

is especially important if you like

as easily, and the interior compo-

sion systems that detect deer hid-

to drive aggressively, or if you find

nents are made of materials that

den in the forest, helping avoid a

yourself in a situation where you

collision with the animal if it sprints

suddenly must avoid unforeseen

out onto the road. If you’re a fan

obstacles, like a car crash directly

of high-tech items, luxury vehicles

in front of you on the road.

should be right up your alley.

4. More durability.

3. Better performance.

Luxury cars tend to be made of

People who spend more on their


Auto Tops & Glass

Complete Upholstery Service

Seat Covers • Convertible Tops Vinyl Roofs • Carpets •Truck seats Boat Cushions Upholstery repairs Convertible Tops Glass or Plastic Chairs Recovered Free Insurance Estimates • New Car Warranties

617-376-2422 • 481 Quincy Ave., Quincy

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Will now be known as Oriental Car King, Inc . • Guaranteed, first quality service • ASE certified master mechanics • 34 years experience • Insurance work accepted (617) 787-1233•


Auto Body, Inc. In Business Since 1972 The Finest In Body Work & Painting Body / Fender Work 24 Hr Towing Insurance Claims Welcome

(617)364-2826 752 Hyde Park Ave., Hyde Park, MA

Luxury Car Innovation worthiness and occupant protection in a variety of real-world scenarios. 6. Increased comfort. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a luxury item is more comfortable, since that’s what luxury is primarily about. Luxury cars often have more contoured seats don’t become brittle and crack

ten the leaders of vehicle safety,

that cradle your body in a more

after just a few years. Quite a few

with other luxury brands not that

comfortable way, plus they have

luxury car owners hold onto their

far behind. While there are some

features like quad-zone climate

old vehicles and pass them on

non-luxury brands that provide

control, heated and ventilated

to their children, who drive them

a good level of vehicle safety,

seats, cooled compartments for

well after the loan on them is paid

overall your best bet is with luxury

drinks, and even seat massagers

in full.

models. The combination of bet-

that make both short and long

ter vehicle designs, superior ma-

trips much more enjoyable.

5. Increased safety.

terials, and more onboard tech-

Volvo and Mercedes-Benz are of-

nology makes for increased crash

Auto Body & Mechanical Center

Quality repairs & safe, dependable service

Portuguese and Spanish Spoken ask for Mark Cefalo and Rodrigo (Deco) Deoliveira

Foreign & Domestic Insurance Approved Body Shop Mass Reg# 1913 • Mon-Fri 8-5

367 Mystic Ave., Medford


Peter’s Auto Body

Glenville Terrace Auto Service Approved By Your Insurance Company Allston • Brighton • Brookline Mechanical Service on Vehicles Foreign & Domestic factory trained techicians Owner has 27 years repair experience. We prefer to use original parts. emmisions experts • state inspections • check engine lamp solutions. • regular scheduled maintenance. oil changes,timing belts, tune ups Straight forward and friendly service. We care! Eco conscious facility.


(617)783-1515 10 Glenville Terr., Allston, MA * Glenville Terrace Comm. Ave.

Harvard Ave.



1/2 Block To T

Domestic and Foreign Cars

Complete Auto Body Service

(617) 524-2800 237 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain MA

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7. Bespoke features. Try going to a Ford dealership and order a custom interior color on a Focus, or to a Hyundai dealership and ask for a custom paint color on a Sonata. These automakers cannot accommodate such requests, but many luxury automakers can and will. You can have your family crest embroidered onto a vehicle’s headrests, add a specific interior trim material, or even have customized exte-

you wait in a cramped room next

gage in many of the games you



to a guy named Bubba who smells

must deal with at other dealer-

installed, sometimes even in the

of body odor while your car is be-

ships, and instead treat customers

factory. If you have the money,

ing serviced. Instead, you spend

with more respect.

you can have your car custom-

your time in a luxurious area with

ized by the manufacturer in a

food, drinks and plenty of items to

9. Better materials.

number of different ways.

keep you entertained while you

As mentioned before, luxury ve-

wait. Most dealers will even lend

hicles are made of more durable

8. Better dealer service.

you a car until the work is finished.

materials. They also feature better

Luxury car dealers don’t make

Luxury dealerships also don’t en-

interior materials that not only last


Prestige Motors Sales We sell, buy and trade foreign and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUVs Audi • BMW • Honda • Mercedes • Nissan • Toyota

We carry all makes and models

If we don’t have what you are looking for our special car finder service will find it for you fast!

781-321-0100 600 Broadway Malden, MA 02148

Financing Guaranteed

5 Year Additional 100,000 Mile Warranty Available Best of six years running Market Survey of America

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Luxury Car Innovation longer but also are softer to the

of ownership. This service helps

touch and have a richer look to

ease fears that a luxury vehicle’s

them. This includes the use of real

maintenance will be too expen-

wood, metals, carbon fiber, and


Alcantara instead of cheap, hard

plastics. The difference is like buy-

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ing a soft leather jacket or one made of vinyl, with the leather jacket not only feeling nicer but also lasting much longer.  

tenance items? A number of lux-

10. Included maintenance.

ury automakers actually include

Do you hate having to cough up

free regular maintenance items,

money constantly for brake pads,

sometimes even tires, at no cost

oil changes and other little main-

to owners for the first few years

Hillside Auto Repair

in Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 same location over 20 year


Repair Massachusetts Registered Emissions Repair

800-662-4842 165 R Tremont St. Melrose, MA

Paul’s Auto Body

583 Broadway, Somerville, MA • Frank Spinosa • 781.395.9679

We’ll Get You Back On The Road Again!

Auto Body Glass Detailing

• Dependable Claims Assistance Since 1948 • Mass Repair Shop #5049

• Referred by Insurance Companies • Written Warranty

• Rentals Available

• Convenient to MBTA Orange Line Forest Hills 3430 Washington St. Jamaica Plain, MA


(617) 471-6280 384 Centre St. Quincy, MA savoirflairmagazine 57

5 Amazing Ways

David M. Gabriel & Associates

Traditional and non-traditional divorce & family law litigation & mediation personal injury civil litigation | criminal defense Offices in Beverly, Salem and Burlington, Massachusetts

978-998-6830 Ashley and Casey

Caretaker Home Services

and value the little things they do for

Serving Cape Cod, The South Coast and Metro Boston

she is asked to reflect upon this top-

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“Living Well is the Best Revenge”

each other. Mia is very serious when

Caretaker Home Services will keep your residential or commercial property looking good and professional all year long.

ic, “Orit protects me and supports in every possible way.”Before hearing her wife’s answer Orit declares “Mia makes our house a home.” Both an-

Contact Jim Cooley for a free estimate at 508-989-3849

swers speak to the importance they have each given to make sure the other feels safe. Even the things that don’t come easy to us may become part of our routine when we have the right amount of gentle coaching, Jeffrey recalls“I’ve always struggled with sharing and expressing intimate feelings. Dan has helped me become more comfort-

Sean E










able in doing so.” Mia is a free spirit with a wonderful sense of adventure, Orit is an accounI



Foundation • Water Sewer Driveways Retaining Walls Snow Plowing

tant; Mia is originally from Hawaii, Orit was born in Israel. They have learned to bring balance to each other, and to embrace their differences. Orit smiles, “I honor all the fairies around the house!” 4. Change Oneself First All too often we expect others to change in order to fit our precon-

617 472 2020 617 293 7660

ceived notions of who they should be and how our relationships should work. However, by changing the way we react and interact we can

53 Gilbert St • Quincy, MA 02169 58 savoirflairmagazine

change the entire relationship. We can lead by example and teach others how we expect to be treated.

5 Amazing Ways Terry and Migdalia Ross grew up in different worlds. Terry (53) is from Georgia and

MAKE THE LAW WORK FOR YOU Over 55 years combined legal experience

met Migdalia (54), a feisty Puerto Rican from

Wills, Trusts, Estates ♦ Commercial & Civil Litigation ♦ Real Estate

New York nearly fifteen years ago. After a

Criminal Defense ♦ Immigration ♦ GLBT Matters ♦ Animal Law

year of long distance dating—thank goodness for the internet—Terry and Migdalia moved to New Jersey together and began the real process of learning and embracing each other’s cultures. The things they have learned about each other have helped

GLICKMAN TURLEY LLP Paul M. Glickman, Esq.

Donna M. Turley, Esq.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 1 South Market Building, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02109 Tel: 617-399-7770 Fax: 617-399-7775 Free Case Evaluation

them to cultivate what the other considers important. Terry makes weekend breakfast and Migdalia watches Terry’s favorite shows with her. By respecting each other’s tastes’s and values they have built a loving, long lasting relationship. 5. Giving Affection Freely This has been covered under point number one, but needs emphasis. Give affection freely, whether by holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, rough-housing, tickling, brushing a shoulder, throwing an arm around

FREE Rapid HIV Testing!

the shoulder, ruffling hair, winking, smiling, or

with our HIV testing information/ hours underneath, which are:

a gently nudging. Often these gestures can

Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM Saturday from 12PM-5PM

completely change an interaction. When someone becomes angry or upset, offering affection or support can completely change the emotional atmosphere of the room . By giving affection after an argument, outburst, or intense emotional moment, with-

Walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary. We offer Unigold brand rapid HIV testing, with preliminary results available in ten minutes. Call us at (508) 755-3773 for more information about HIV testing.

out trying to achieve reciprocity, we can effectively and permanently change the dynamics of a relationship. Emotional support ties right in with unwavering support and should be given freely in every relationship without expectations. Love, like any genuine feeling, must not be forced upon anyone, and it cannot be demanded in return for anything. By respecting other people’s boundaries we teach them to respect ours. When asked what they do to reconnect after a disagreement all couples agreed that letting go negative feelings and approaching each other lovingly has been the best solution. Erick summarizes the concept that although fights are inevitable, they also give us a chance to learn about our mates, ourselves and our relationships, “Let’s say that

Client Services and Prevention Services Client Services programs provided by APW include: case management, positive prevention services (across both departments), housing assistance, transportation, emergency assistance, nutritional services, legal assistance (civil), permanency planning, peer support services, mental health and substance abuse counseling. AIDS Project Worcester, Inc. (APW) is a non-profit organization committed to combating the epidemic of AIDS in Worcester County. Services for the LGBT community are provide through outreach at public venues, individual/ group counseling and weekly educational groups. LGBT services are available, regardless of HIV status. 85 Green St., Worcester, MA 01604 (508) 755-3773, Fax: (508) 795-1665

we do fight every now and then, but when continues on following page

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5 Amazing Ways

Cartmell Funeral Services, Inc Locally owned and independently operated

Complete Funeral Service Pre-planning • Graveside Service Complete Cremation Service Immediate Cremation Service Personalized Services • Pet Loss

Kathy Cartmell-Sirrico

John J. Vincent

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we reconnect it is always through conversation and it always help us to better our relationship.” The Art of Connecting Connecting within relationships is an art. It has to be done with sincerity and it takes practice. For instance, when greeting loved ones, don’t be afraid to replace a hello with a big bear hug. Instead of giving romantic partners a simple peck on the cheek or forehead, lean in and connect by touching their arm or shoulder and let the kiss linger. Show affection with real meaning and emotion. Be genuine in your intent, lead by example and reciprocation will become an organic part of your relationships.

Daniel R. Holland

150 Court St. | Plymouth, MA | 508-746-2162

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in Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515

Impacting lives one smile at a time PREVENTATIVE, COSMETIC & IMPLANT DENTISTRY

Voted Best In Boston


968 Main St., Wakefield, MA 01880 60 savoirflairmagazine

Voted #1 Wakefield Dentist

Best In Boston Medicine Apothecary

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Dry CleanersEastern MA

BalloonsEastern MA

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Skenderian Apothecary


phone: 617-354-5600 fax: 617-492-8135

Balloons & Flowers For All Occasions

1613 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02138

(781) 231-3410

AntiquesEastern M


552 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, MA


381 Elliot St. #155 Newton, MA 617.969.2403

ChimneyEastern MA

ApartmentsEastern MA

56 Charles River Rd., Waltham

(781) 893-5038 | (888) 593-5044 Auto RepairEastern MA same location over 20 year

chimney sweeping repair, scans liners, caps

ClocksEastern MA

Massachusetts Registered Emissions Repair

800-662-4842 165 R Tremont St. Melrose, MA

135 W. Broadway St., South Boston, MA 02127 hours 6am-6pm mon-sat

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Foundation • Water Sewer Driveways Retaining Walls Snow Plowing

617 472 2020 617 293 7660 53 Gilbert St • Quincy, MA 02169

French German

All brands serviced Howard Miller Sligh Colonial Seth Thomas


233 Aspinwall Ave. Brookline, MA

FenceEastern MA


Fence Erectors Established 1969




Serving Metro & Northern Boston

American English

Relaxed lifestyle • Overlooking the Charles River

Done • Tailoring On Premises • Shirts • Same Day Service • Suede/Leather • Curtains • Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved • Smoke & Water Damage Restoration For Clothing

ExcavationEastern MA


10 St. James Ave, Boston, MA

Sturgis Dry Cleaners & Tailors All Work

Bob’s Magic Broom

Antiques 617.262.0780

FENCE Enjoy the View.

The Best

Gay Video


• Free Estimates • Fully Insured 233 Bedford St. Whitman, MA 02382 (781) 447-4200 • 1-800 427-3385 savoirflairmagazine 61

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Hardware Glass

MirrorEastern MA

HardwareEastern MA

Boston Mirror Your Neighborhood Hardware Stores Cleveland Circle Hardware 1920 Beacon St. Pill Hardware Brighton, MA (617)734-6440 743 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, MA (617)876-8310

Warren Hardware 420 Tremont St. Boston, MA (617)426-7525


PlumbingEastern MA

Jack Welch Plumbing & Heating

Your #1 Boston Plumber

(617) 268-5880 ∞ South Boston, MA

MoversEastern MA

residential & commercial water heaters • drains • sewers • leaks • Tankless water heaters Licensed • Insured

617-913-0896 SINCE 1920



Shoes Mirror


Plumbing And Heating

Junk removal Eastern MA Need packing, moving, storage or disposal services?. NOTHING BUT SERVICE. We’re not done until you’re completely satisfied.

Complete Plumbing and Heating System Service and Installation SaMe Day Water Heater Replacement Free Estimates Licensed and Insured

PaintingEastern MA

781-862-1097 • 781-272-2670 Stephen C. Kirkland MPL# 9431, Owner

jack’s Painting 10 yd, 15, 20, & 30.

Licensed and Insured

Interior / exterior painting finish carpentry wallpapering tiling

Real EstateEastern MA

Karen and Barry Hickman William Raveis Real Estate

617 821 1665

free estimates • local refrences ask for jack day or evening office (617)859-7997 Cell (617)719-5511

shoeseastern ma

PavingEastern MA

Professional Demolition Contractor

3 3 3 3

Selective Demolition Whole or Partial Cleanouts Trash Pick Ups Dumpster Rentals

22 YRS


Commercial - Residential

Fully insured Free estimates Call Mark or contact us at

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Teddy Shoes Sizes up to 16

We cater to the Transgender Community

548 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA

617-354-2987 • www.

Free Estimates Fully Insured

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Moroccan Luxury Suites Boston’s Most Romantic Bed & Breakfast


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