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car designer

Kate& Rebecca’s wedding



r A o un e d ir the World

Rainbow Flag enduring symbol

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LGBT TV Netflix, Logo, VH1 by Mark Adams

sell this one to Andy Cohen and his Bravo network...well, you get

There was a report awhile back from GLAAD that streaming

the picture. I only made it through the first 43-minute-or-so first

services (think Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and the like) are depicting

episode, so maybe it got better. Kelly was promoting the show

more LGBT characters than the broadcast networks. Well, not that

on her morning "Live with‌" program, because she maybe mis-

I doubt the fine GLAAD folks, but there is still some interesting view-

takenly figured that her daytime audience was the target for this

ing to be done on both broadcast and cable. One of the newer

program. I don't think so.

entries you might have missed because you actually have a life is

Moving on, here are a couple of streaming shows more worthy

called "Fire Island." Never heard of it? Me, neither (the show, not

of your attention. "Skins" is a British show that aired several years

the place), til a NY journalist/friend of mine asked if I was plan-

ago, but you can still catch it on Netflix, and it's one my favor-

ning to watch. After all, he told me, it was being produced by

ites. Definitely teen oriented, but it puts similar American product

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, so I had to check it out. Seems

like "Pretty Little Liars" to shame, as it offered up subjects like LGBT

that "Fire Island," broadcast on both VH-1 and Logo, is a reality

queerness, drug addiction, poverty and sex, along with a great

Reality show Fire Island, broadcast on both VH-1 and Logo show about, and I quote here from the promotional material, "...a

sense of humor. It also kick-started the careers of current Holly-

group of young professionals living together in a beachfront share

wood hunks Dev Patel, Nicholas Hoult and Hannah Murray, lovely

house for the summer as they search for the romance, temptation

but not a hunk. There is a really nice love story between a couple

and thrills that have brought the LGBTQ community to the island

of female characters in the later years (the show ran for 7 series),

for decades." Scared yet? The cast includes Brandon, Jorge, Jus-

but the first couple are, in my worthless opinion, the best.

tin, Patrick, Cheyenne and Khasan. They apparently have no sur-

If you've been a fan of "Orange is the New Black, you might en-

names. But they do work out a lot...and they're nice to look at, if

joy "Wentworth," an Australian series where "blue" is the prominent

you hit the "mute" button. Now, admittedly, I'm not a fan of reality

color, as opposed to the "orange" on this side of the world. If you

shows. Don't even get me going on the "Bachelor, Bachelorette"

think that you might have seen this before, you're probably well

franchise, but c'mon, Kelly and Mark. Just because you couldn't

over the age of consent, because this is a remake of one of my

8 savoirflairmagazine

Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, with Tina Fey

British show Skins, catch it on Netflix

all-time favorites called "Prisoner: Cell Block H," which ran in the US

the series' theme song "On The Inside," which, at the time, was

of A back in the late 70s (the name of the prison was "Wentworth,"

reportedly "the biggest selling single from a female artist in the his-

hence, the newer title). The original series ran daily for almost 700

tory of the Australian recording industry." Bring that up at your next

episodes, and for what was basically a soap opera in a women's

dinner party. The "Wentworth" series is on Netflix, and you can view

prison, it was very well-done. And, next time we meet, I'll sing you

the entire series of "Prisoner" for nothing on YouTube, if you have a year or two to spare. Briefly, a couple of others to binge watch are Netflix’s "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," a hilarious Tina Fey-created series, with allstandout performances from a brilliant cast, and particularly Tituss Burgess, a Broadway actor whose character Titus Andromedon is a hoot. And I'm sure that I have previously mentioned "Please Like Me," an intelligent sitcom that ran for three seasons, written by and starring comic Josh Thomas, a 30ish gay man looking for love. The rest of the fine cast covers many sensitive topics brilliantly. Mark Adams has been a popular contributor to LGBT Media for many years, writing extensively

Wentworth, an Australian Women in Prison series on Netflix

on film and video of interest to the community. You can email him at vidioview@gmail.com with any of your favorites for a future scribbling.


Since 2004


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Book Review x 3

On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories Photographs by Mark Seliger, Foreword by Janet Mock c.2016, Rizzoli International Publications | $55.00 / $80 Canada | 160 pages Everybody, as they say, has a story to tell. An ancestor was captured in an early war. Parents overcame adversity in a new country. A health scare, a welcome blessing, a lucky streak, a chance meeting, we all have our tales to share. And in

10 savoirflairmagazine

Book Review x 3 “On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories,” photo-

comprise 40 percent of the nation’s street kids, it isn’t

graphs by Mark Seliger, you’ll read a few.

always safe…

Where would you go if you just wanted to be your-

And so there I was, quietly reading “On Christopher


Street: Transgender Stories,” when it suddenly… end-

If you are transgender and living in or near Manhat-

ed! The surprise was not that it did so, but that I was

tan, you’d go to Christopher Street in the West Vil-

so wrapped up in this book that I didn’t notice the

lage. There, you could find support, advice, commu-

last pages looming.

nity, or family, if you needed it. Recently, you might

Yes, it’s that kind of thing, filled with photographi-

have also run into photographer Seliger, who says

cal portraits that are worth the clichéd thousand

in a brief statement that he noticed the “freedom

words, and then some. Photographer Mark Seliger’s

of expression and gender identity” that was once

subjects seem mostly well-at-ease in snapshots that

abundant is “vanishing” from the area. High-end

feel random but natural; some people are identified,

condos, cafes, and restaurants are moving in and

some are not, and not all of them weigh in, verbally.

the trans community is being pushed aside; here,

Those that do, tell tales that hit hard, in part because

Seliger put a marker on it before it’s gone.

they leave readers with the sense that there’s more,

“… I realize that everybody has a trans story, that be-

but that it’s too difficult to speak.

ing trans is something that affects all of us,” he says,

This large-size, elegantly-presented coffee-table

using his camera as storyteller. Being in prison as a trans woman, says one photo subject, is like being “caged.” You don’t belong with the men. They won’t put you in the women’s lockdown. Everybody knows what’s going on and sometimes, the guards have one more slap-down in store for you just before you’re released. Many stories begin with “I was four” or five or eight when the teller realized that they were in the “wrong body.” Families were supportive (or not), transitioning “is not easy,” and the decision for or against surgery is deeply personal but ultimately, it’s the “inner peace” that matters. Still, lying about being trans can backfire and even if nobody knows, there’s a “constant state of paranoia and fear” that may yet

book is one you’ll return to again and again be-


cause what’s inside is so compelling. If it is, indeed,

And then there’s the place itself: Christopher Street

true what they say about everyone having a story,

has “a dark side,” with drugs, prostitution, and ha-

“On Christopher Street” is filled with good ones.

rassment. That means that for LGBTQ youth, which

continues on next page

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Book Review x 3 continued from previous page

the success of his California business could transfer to New York, he recalled the excitement of a private banker who claimed he’d always wanted to own an upscale strip club. Being a closeted gay man, that wasn’t exactly Blutrich’s dream but the idea niggled at his brain. Partnering with the banker and others, they began looking for a building and batting ideas around. Scores was born, with a planned opening on Halloween night, 1991. “And then the mafia arrived.” In order to operate, the partners were told, they would need “protection,” which would involve some of New York’s biggest mafia families in a sort of symbiotic relationship, plus a grand-a-week kickback. It would also involve skirting Big Apple laws for as long as possible, because Scores would be the city’s “first and most notorious upscale gentlemen’s club” and there were rules against what a customer would find inside those Upper East Side doors. Because of the novelty and the entertainment it offered, Scores was successful – more successful than Blutrich had ever thought. He rode a wave that made him a rich and semi-famous man – at least, until the FBI caught up with him and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse… And, of course, that’s far from the end of the tale. What’s left to say about “Scores” involves rompishness, humor, surprisingly heart-pounding chapters, a little Goodfellas, a


little Boogie Nights, and quite a bit of fun. That last appeal comes in the form of overgrown tales,

How I Opened the Hottest Strip Club in New York City,

courtesy of author Michael D. Blutrich’s memories of what

Was Extorted Out of Millions by the Gambino Family, and

happened inside his gentlemen’s club every evening for

Became One of the Most Successful Mafia

nearly five years. Readers who remember the most infa-

informants in FBI History”

mous discos of the 70s will find something familiar in that,

by Michael D. Blutrich c.2017,

updated to the 1990s but no less outrageous.

BenBella Books | $26.95 / $37.50 Canada 328 pages

But this book isn’t all party: Blutrich delightfully drops

“I’m telling!” If you were ever a child, that whine is familiar

names, including many you’ll recognize, but he’s deadly

to you. It indicated a tattletale nearby, a secret spilled to

serious when he switches his tale from wild to wired, from

Mom, and somebody about to be in trouble.

dancing to danger. Indeed, though you know the risk has

Whatever. Annoying as it was, “I’m telling” never hurt

largely passed – he wrote a book, after all, right? – the

much more than your pride then. Today, as in the new

whole of the story is one you’ve got to read.

book “Scores” by Michael D. Blutrich, serious snitching

There’s an amazingly small amount of profanity and pruri-

could get a guy killed.

ence inside this book; it’s there, but not as much as you’d

How does it happen that a gay man would own a main-

think there’d be, given the subject matter. That restraint

stream strip club?\It was, says Michael Blutrich, a long story

uniquely serves to enhance this book, and heightens the

that started after he opened his law firm and, in search of

story’s value. And that makes “Scores” a book you’ll want

an investment, purchased an L.A. nightclub. Believing that

to tell everyone about.

12 savoirflairmagazine

Book Review x 3

This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel c.2017, Flatiron Books | $25.99 / $26.99 Canada | 329 pages You must not tell. You cannot breathe a word to anyone who doesn’t already know. That Which Cannot Be Spoken must remain buried, put away, frozen, lips sealed, or in the closet. You cannot tell because, as in the new novel “This Is How It Always Is” by Laurie Frankel, secrets change everything. In the beginning was Roosevelt, known to his loved ones as Roo. Not long after he was born, Ben entered the family. Then the twins, Orion and Rigel, arrived and so Rosie Walsh, still hoping for a girl baby, did everything the Talmud recommended she do next. Months later, she and her husband, Penn, welcomed… Claude. And that was okay. Another boy in their raucous, rowdy

Is How It Always Is,” you might as well just clear your schedule. Cancel all appointments. You won’t want to do anything but read, so just give in. Blame it on the book. Part of the appeal, I think, is in the way that author Laurie Frankel writes: there are no airs, no try-to-impress-you words, nothing uppity. Her characters are normal people with everyday lives, trying to maintain that normalcy and Frankel writes like they might talk: with down-to-earth matter-of-factness and a fast dash of humor that winds its way through a serious topic. And on that topic, you’ve perhaps heard it before (or something similar) but not in a voice like this, and not quite as enjoyable. One more thing: be sure to read Frankel’s after-notes, which brings her novel full-circle and will make you smile. But don’t peek; instead, start “This Is How It Always Is” from the beginning and savor it properly. It’ll make you want to tell everyone.

family of boys was fine and Rosie and Penn loved them all. They were happy in their big, rambling, open farmhouse just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Rosie loved her job. Penn worked on his novel. And Claude dreamed of being a girl. It started when, as do most parents, Rosie told Claude that he could “be anything” he wanted to be someday. Claude was three years old and loved dress-up; it didn’t seem odd to let him wear dresses at home. But soon, home wasn’t enough and Claude tantrumed until he was allowed to wear dresses to preschool, though he was told that he’d have to use the nurse’s station bathroom and his teacher was “not happy.” Still, Rosie and Penn were willing to do what it took to make Claude feel secure. With his dresses and pink, he was a confident child; without, he was sullen and sad. None of his classmates minded his clothing. His brothers never gave it a second thought. Claude was simply Claude, until he asked his parents to call him Poppy. And that was fine, too, especially when the family moved to another state and it was easier to keep quiet – until it wasn’t. Until Poppy started growing up, the world became a vicious place, and secret-keeping couldn’t last forever. And so, here’s the thing: once you’ve started reading “This

savoirflairmagazine 13



r A o u e n d ir the World

by Don Fuchs The very first Gay Pride parade in the United States was back in June of 1970. Things have changed dramatically since then. Almost every major city in the US has a parade now. And you can find Pride celebrations in many other countries as well. Let’s take a look at some of the many Pride celebrations in Europe. One of the most unusual Pride parades anywhere takes place on the water in Amsterdam. The parade uses the city’s canals to move through the city. Huge crowds pack the banks and the bridges to watch the festive barges float past. For a taste of it, you can find many videos online. This year, Amsterdam’s Pride is July 28th through August 6th. In Berlin, the Pride festivities begin mid-July and last most of the rest of the month. Berlin is a great city to visit at any time, but if you want to add a 2 week Gay Party to your visit, get your reservations now. For something a little different, check out Vienna, where the parties start in March. They have at least one festival each month. In May, there is a Boylesque Festival that support local charities and June starts with a film festival followed by another big charity ball. Pride begins the end of June.

Berlin, Germany Pride

14 savoirflairmagazine

Vienna, Austria Pride

Barcelona, Spain Pride

Ibiza, Spain Pride If you could pick only one of these Prides to attend, my

Barcelona takes a similar approach and spreads Pride

favorite is Ibiza, Spain. Ibiza is an island off Spain’s Mediter-

over several months. In the spring, the bears have their

ranean coast, and when the Pride season starts, it starts

own celebration, which falls this year on April 12-17. Then

with a bang. Multiple clubs open their doors and the party

there is Easter Gay Weekend on April13-16. Barcelona’s

starts in huge spaces where the music never ends. The par-

main Gay Pride is July 7-8, and finally, they end the summer

ties start in May and run through October.

with huge party from August 5 all the way to August 20. If

Gran Canaria is another island hot spot with a Spanish fla-

you really want to party, go to Barcelona.

continues on next page

Amsterdam, Holland Pride

savoirflairmagazine 15

Gran Canaria, Spain Pride

Toronto, Canada Pride

continued from previous page

If you want to stay closer to the US, Toronto has a wonder-

vor. This Spanish island off the coast of Africa competes

ful Pride week. The section of Toronto that hosts the festivi-

with Ibiza in its festivities. The parties start in February, con-

ties is fun to walk, shop and drink, while enjoying the many

tinue in March, then Gay Pride happens in May. In August,

parades. Toronto Pride has been known to draw close to

Gran Canaria is back at it, and again in the fall, with two

a million people to celebrate. It’s also nice that the Prime

festivals in October and one in November. Gran Canaria

Minister is a part of the parade.

has a mild climate with beautiful beaches, including sever-

These are just a few of my favorite cities that host Pride

al clothing-optional beaches. The south coast is a mecca

celebrations. Why not plan a trip around a Gay Pride itiner-

for sun worshipers, and the duty free shopping is fantastic.

ary? It would be the memory of a lifetime.

- Don Fuchs


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The Rainbow Flag An Enduring Symbol Complied by Louis Chavez Gilbert Baker, an openly gay activist born in 1951, grew up in a small Kansas town, and went on to serve in the US army for about two years in 1970. After an honorable discharge, Gilbert taught himself to sew. In 1974, Baker met Harvey Milk, an influential gay leader, who three years later challenged Baker to come up with a symbol of pride for the gay community. The original gay pride flag flew in the

Mile Long Flags

San Francisco Gay Freedom Day

For the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in 1994, flag creator

Parade on June 25, 1978. It has also been suggested that Bak-

Baker was commissioned to create the world's largest rainbow

er may have been inspired by Judy Garland's singing "Over the

flag. It took months of planning and teams of volunteers to coor-

Rainbow" and the Stonewall riots that happened a few days af-

dinate every aspect. The flag utilized the basic six colors and mea-

ter Garland's death (she was one of the first gay icons). Another

sured thirty feet wide. Foot-wide sections of the flag were given

suggestion for how the rainbow flag originated is that at college

to individual sponsors as part of a fundraiser for the Stonewall an-

campuses during the 1960s, some people demonstrated for world

niversary event once the event had ended. Afterwards additional

peace by carrying a Flag of the Races (also called the Flag of the

large sections of the flag were sent with activists and they were

Human Race) with five horizontal stripes (from top to bottom they

used in pride parades and LGBT marches worldwide. The Guin-

were red, white, brown, yellow, and black). Gilbert Baker is said

ness Book of World Records confirmed it as the world's largest flag.

to have gotten the idea for the rainbow flag from this flag and

In 2003 Baker was again commissioned to produce a giant flag. In

borrowed it from the Hippie movement of that time largely influ-

this case it marked the 25th anniversary of the flag itself. Dubbed

enced by pioneering gay activist Allen Ginsberg. The flag origi-

"25Rainbow Sea to Sea" the project entailed Baker again working

nally consisted of eight stripes; Baker assigned specific meaning to

with teams of volunteers but this flag utilized the original eight col-

each of the colors. Thirty volunteers hand-dyed and stitched the

ors and measured a mile-and-a-quarter (2 km) across Key West,

first two flags for the parade.After the November 27, 1978, assas-

Florida from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Coast Sea. The flag

sination of openly gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk,

was again cut up afterward, and sections sent to over a hundred

demand for the rainbow flag greatly increased. To meet demand,

cities worldwide.

the Paramount Flag Company began selling a version of the flag using stock rainbow fabric consisting of seven stripes of red, or-

2000 - 2003

ange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and violet. As Baker ramped

In 2000, the University of Hawaii at Manoa changed its sports

up production of his version of the flag, he too dropped the hot

teams' name from "Rainbow Warriors" to "Warriors" and redesigned

pink stripe because of the unavailability of hot-pink fabric. Also,

its logo to eliminate a rainbow from it. Initially Athletic Director

San Francisco-based Paramount Flag Co. began selling a surplus

Hugh Yoshida said that the change was to distance the school's

stock of Rainbow Girls flags from its retail store on the southwest

athletic program from homosexuality. When this drew criticism,

corner of Polk and Post, at which Gilbert Baker was an employee.

Yoshida then said the change was merely to avoid brand confu-

In 1979 the flag was modified again. When hung vertically from

sion. The school then allowed each team to select its own name,

the lamp posts of San Francisco's Market Street, the center stripe

leading to a mix including "Rainbow Warriors", "Warriors", "Rain-

was obscured by the post itself. Changing the flag design to one

bows" and "Rainbow Wahine". This decision was reversed in May

with an even number of stripes was the easiest way to rectify this,

2013, when current athletic director Ben Jay reversed his earlier

so the turquoise stripe was dropped, which resulted in a six stripe

decision in February to force all of the men's athletic teams to be

version of the flag — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

just Warriors.

In 1989, the rainbow flag came to nationwide attention in the

The rainbow flag celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2003. During

United States after John Stout sued his landlords and won when

the gay pride celebrations in June of that year, Gilbert Baker re-

they attempted to prohibit him from displaying the flag from his

stored the rainbow flag back to its original eight-striped version

West Hollywood, California, apartment balcony.

and has since advocated that others do the same. However, the

18 savoirflairmagazine

eight-striped version has seen little adoption by the wider gay community, which has mostly stuck with the better known sixstriped version.

2004 - 2005

In autumn 2004 several gay businesses in London were ordered by Westminster City Council to remove the rainbow flag from their premises, as its display required planning permission. When one shop applied for permission, the Planning sub-committee refused the application on the chair's casting vote (May 19, 2005), a decision condemned by gay councillors in Westminster and the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. In November the council announced a reversal of policy, stating that most shops and bars would be allowed to fly the rainbow flag without planning permission. Today some LGBT individuals and straight allies put rainbow flags in the front of their yards and/or front doors, or use rainbow bumper stickers on their vehicles to use as an outward symbol of their identity or support. In June 2004 LGBT activists sailed to Australia's uninhabited Coral Sea Islands Territory and raised the rainbow flag, proclaiming the territory independent of Australia, calling it the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands. The rainbow flag is the official flag of the kingdom.







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2015 ďżź

In June 2015, The Museum of Modern Art acquired the rainbow flag symbol as part of its design collection. On June 26, 2015, the White House was illuminated in the rainbow flag colors to commemorate the legalization of same-sex marriages in all 50 U.S. states, following the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision.


On April 20, 2017, a font named "Gilbert" was created in memory of Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag. The font is free, available at typewithpride.com under a Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike 4.0 International License. One version of the font is using OpenType-SVG features; made from the same colors as the rainbow flag. This font is a collaborative project between the New York Pride, Newfest, Ogilvy & Mather and Fontself. continues on next page

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The Rainbow Flag; An Enduring Symbol continued from previous page

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Many variations of the rainbow flag have been used. Some of the more common ones include the Greek letter lambda (lower case) in white in the middle of the flag and a pink triangle or black triangle in the upper left corner. Other colors have been added, such as a black stripe symbolizing those community members lost to AIDS. The rainbow colors have also often been used in gay alterations of national and regional flags, replacing for example the red and white stripes of the flag of the United States. In 2007, the Pride Family Flag was introduced at the Houston, Texas pride parade. In the early years of the AIDS epidemic, AIDS activists designed a "Victory over AIDS" flag consisting of the standard sixstripe rainbow flag with a black stripe across the bottom. Leonard Matlovich, himself dying of AIDS-related illness, suggested that upon a cure for AIDS being discovered, the black stripes be removed from the flags and burned. LGBT communities in other countries have also adopted the rainbow flag. A South African gay pride flag which is a hybrid of the rainbow flag and the national flag of South Africa was launched in Cape Town in 2010. Flag designer Eugene Brockman said "I truly believe we (the LGBT community) put the dazzle into our rainbow nation and this flag is a symbol of just that."

Rainbow LGBT symbol

The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products including jewelry, clothing and other personal items and the rainbow flag colors are routinely used as a show of LGBT identity and solidarity. The rainbow colors have become so ubiquitously recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride and identity in recent years that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle. One common item of jewelry is the pride necklace or freedom rings, consisting of six rings, one of each color, on a chain. Other variants range from key chains to candles. In Montreal, the entrance to Beaudry metro station, which serves that city's Gay Village, was rebuilt in 1999 with rainbow-colored elements integrated into its design. Over the years The Rainbow flag has evolved into truly one our enduring sym-

20 savoirflairmagazine

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The Peak of Absolute Chic | Henry Davis Sleeper

by Anthony M. Sammarco | Payne/Bouchier Fine Builders | Photos Courtesy of the Beauport Museum Beauport, named in reference to Samuel Chamberlain’s 1604 map that called Gloucester Harbor ‘Le Beau Port” or Handsome Harbor, is one of the most interesting and most beautifully sited house museums in Massachusetts. Looking out on Gloucester Harbor from a steep craggy overlook, the rambling Shingle Style verging on Arts and Crafts house was to become an amalgamation of never ending room additions that created not just an impressive summer house that was orchestrated by Henry Davis Sleeper, but a place to showcase his ever expanding decorative arts collection. When I first saw it some four decades ago, I was entranced by Beauport and so enamored of its “Octagon Room” or as Sleeper referred to it as the “Souvenir de France” that I commissioned furniture to be made from Tiger Maple wood and promptly painted my bathrooms Pompeian red. Beauport was the creation and lifelong work in progress of Henry Davis Sleeper, a gay man, an esthete and decorative arts aficionado that reveled in not just creating a dramatic and historically connected summer house, but also in the incorporation of salvaged architectural details and paneling from houses throughout New England that created a suitable back drop to his impressive creation. 22 savoirflairmagazine

Henry Davis Sleeper (1878-1934) was the son of Jacob H. and Maria Westcott Sleeper and had lived at 295 Marlborough Street before the family moved to 336 Beacon Street on the ‘water side’ of Boston’s Back Bay. The Sleepers were a prominent Boston Brahmin family and Henry Sleeper’s father had served as a major in the Civil War and his grandfather Jacob Sleeper was a successful clothing wholesaler and manager of a real estate

Right: Henry Davis Sleeper

trust in Boston. Jacob Sleeper had been one of the three founders of Boston University and Sleeper Hall perpetuates his involvement with the university. Though his brother Stephen Westcott Sleeper (1874–1956) would be graduated from Harvard, as was Jacob H. Sleeper (1869–1930) who was to serve as secretary of the United States legation, being posted to Cuba, Switzerland, Venezuela and Columbia, Henry Davis Sleeper was never formally educated because of ill health as a child.

Courtesy of the Beauport House Museum

in the Back Bay of Boston and he kept an apartment on Chestnut Street on Beacon Hill. During this time he had articles published in House Beautiful as well as Country Life and his style and flair was obvious to those with a similar interest. Among his well known clients were Henry Francis du Pont of Winterthur and Isabella Stewart Gardner of Fenway Court, and actors John Mack Brown, Joan Crawford, and Fredric March in Hollywood. He served on various historical boards that included the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (now Historic New England,) a founding member and trustee of the Shirley-Eustis House Association, an officer of the Essex Institute continues on next page

Henry Sleeper was to develop a lifelong fascination with antiquarian Boston, its rich and ever involving history and would eventually become one of the more respected interior decorators and antique collectors in the city. Sleeper was considered one of the first professional interior designers in the country and he eventually opened an office in Boston in the Designers Building at the corner of Boylston and Berkeley Streets savoirflairmagazine 23

Beauport | Henry Davis Sleeper resentative in Congress. Sleeper was not only smitten by the house and its panoramic vista but also by the stalwart man who had introduced it. It is presumed that he and Andrew were lovers, or at the very least aesthetes in kind, that shared a treasured and abiding friendship. Sleeper was to purchase a tract of land two lots up from Andrew on Eastern Point in Gloucester in 1907 and promptly commissioned Gloucester architect Halfdan M. Hanson to begin the design of a Shingle Style verging on the Arts and Crafts summer house that would eventually be added to, remodeled, renovated, further expanded and in Salem and a trustee of both the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, to which he donated a large collection of Paul Revere silver in memory of his mother. He was avidly sought out for his expertise on architecture and interior design and enthusiastically showed his creation in Gloucester to like minded friends and acquaintances. Henry Sleeper had been introduced to Eastern Point in Gloucester by the Harvard economist A. Piatt Andrew who had recently built “Red Roof,” his summer house set high on a rocky promontory overlooking the harbor. Andrew was eventually to become Director of the United States Mint, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a United States Rep-

reinterpreted over the next three decades until it finally had become a fifty six room house filled with “a lifetime collection of American architectural salvage, period furniture, glassware, prints, books, tole, Chinese export porcelain, clocks, flags, ceramics, hooked rugs, lighting devises, pewter, scrimshaw, shipcarving, silhouettes, textiles, tin ware, tools, toys, wall coverings, wooden ware, wrought iron, and other collectibles, in distinctive arrangements, within period and theme rooms.” Beauport was to become the statement of Sleeper’s life—a place that not only welcomed guests into its hallowed halls but also showcased

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Beauport | Henry Davis Sleeper

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the antiques and collectables that melded to create a panoply and suitable backdrop to the bohemian entertainments that took place. From the Mariners Room that had historical maps and marine art, the Indian

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Room, Strawberry Hill Room, the Golden Step Room, the Octagon Room (my person-

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room led through a maze of passageways and spaces that comingled to showcase not just his fabulous collection of antiques and deco-

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West Roxbury

rative objects, but his undoubtedly justifiable skills as an interior decorator par excellence. By the early twentieth century, Eastern Point had literally become “a gathering place for a

Historic Restoration

bohemian crowd made up of young, wealthy

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bachelors, and a couple of equally young,


wealthy unmarried women, along with frecontinues on next page

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Beauport | Henry Davis Sleeper continued from previous page

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Among his frequent guests was the unconventional Isabella Stewart Gardner, the widow of John Lowell Gardner who had created Fenway Court in Boston. Sleeper was equally pleased when the prominent Boston architect Arthur Little showed great admiration for Sleeper’s design and Hanson’s architectural plans in the creation of a fanciful house with “round towers, and numerous one and two-story window bays [that] project from the walls” and which could be seen from the harbor. The many porches, bays and windows created an interesting architectural amalgamation, but also allowed sunlight to pour into this man’s Aladdin’s cave of early twentieth century design.

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In 1934, the American Institute of Architects named Sleeper as an honorary member. In its citation on his creation of Beauport as a collector of Americana and protector of the culture of early America, they said: Henry Sleeper, who in his noted collection of early American furniture and decoration has accumulated an invaluable record of the art and culture of the early republic, has preserved from loss and destruction numerous pricecontinues on page 29

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Beauport | Henry Davis Sleeper continued from page 26

less examples of the work of the first American artists and craftsmen, and has provided an enduring basis for future study and research in the field. Henry Davis Sleeper died in 1934 from leukemia. His close friendw A.

O nce

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Piatt Andrew wrote a tribute to him that was published in the Gloucester Daily Times that said “A valiant soul left this world when Henry Sleeper’s life ebbed out the other day.”After his death, Beauport was purchased by Charles and Helena Woolworth McCann who with great effort largely preserved Sleeper’s house and collection virtually intact. In fact Henry DuPont, founder of Winterthur Museum in Delaware said to the McCanns in a letter in regards to the preservation of Sleeper’s creation “Naturally the moment you take the things out of this house, or change them about, the value of the collection does not exist.” After the deaths of the McCanns, their children bequeathed Beauport to the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (now Historic New England) in 1942 and the house and its collections were to be preserved as continues on next page

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Beauport | Henry Davis Sleeper continued from previous page

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Bedroom converted from Attic Space

not just the legacy of Henry Davis Sleeper but also on “the far-reaching influence that such a house will have upon the taste of a nation.” Today Beauport, known also as the Sleeper-McCann House, has been a National Historic Landmark since 2003 and is open to the public on Tuesdays through Saturdays from May 27 to October 14, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Guided tours are offered on the hour and there is an admission charge. For more info call 617-227-3956 or email Info@HistoricNewEngland.org Anthony M. Sammarco of Payne/Bouchier Fine Builders

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Rebecca & Katie

Rebecca Felhazy and Katie Zuman married September 10, 2016 at Lake Pearl, Wrentham, Massachusetts

By Wendy Mimran | Photography By Jason Corey Rebecca Felhazy, an accomplished equestrienne from Vermont, moved to the Boston area a decade ago. Now owner of a pet care business focusing on dog-walking and pet-sitting, she also works at a doggie daycare center providing companionship and exercise for her active clients.

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Katie Zuman, an avid softball player since high school, grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Currently Operation Manager of Student Affairs at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, she continues to coach softball there where she had been in the athletic department for the past ten years. After-hours, Katie plays softball on two teams and runs a part-time DJ business, DJZ Entertainment, spinning tunes at weddings and pri-

In 2014, mutual friends helped arrange a meeting

vate parties.

between Katie and Rebecca at a lesbian event at Fenway. Although the original plans fell through-

The couple shares their Medway, Massachusetts

Rebecca did not attend- Katie bought Rebecca's

home with their cherished pets, Chico, Katie's chi-

ticket. Somewhat curious about each other, they

huahua, Nixon, Rebecca's dog and their two cats,

began talking on Facebook, mostly about their

Little Man and Mushy. The brides of less than a

dogs.. As their on-line friendship grew, Rebecca

year credit their love of animals, particularly their

learned that Katie's DJ gigs sometimes supported

pets for creating the initial spark of interest be-

humanitarian causes. Very impressed with Katie's

tween them.

participation as a DJ in a fund-raising event, Recontinues on next page

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Rebecca & Katie

After considering ten sites for the ceremony and reception,Rebecca and Katie selected the Sophisticate Wedding Package at Lake Pearl, Wrentham on September 10, Katie's lucky number. "Unlike some negative reactions we encountered as a lesbian couple at other venues, the general manager of Lake Pearl, Robb DeSimone welcomed us enthusiastically and made us feel comfortable immediately," said Katie." We wanted a specific date, an outdoor tent wedding on the water similar to our engagement setting as well as a package that fit our budget and our 175 guests. Robb offered us everything we asked for. He also accommodated our wishes for two separate bridal suites where we could each spend time alone before the

continued from previous page

becca messaged her and soon their Facebook conversations progressed to sending photographs of their dogs to each other. Finally, they decided to meet face to face. Rebecca was smitten immediately. "I pursued Katie from the start," Rebecca laughed as the couple narrated their story, "but it didn't take long for Katie to share the same feelings for me." In September 2015, much to Rebecca's surprise, Katie took the lead and proposed first. "I picked Rebecca up from a hair appointment," said Katie. "She was dressed for dinner at a restaurant and became very disappointed when I told her we were going to walk our dogs at Ashland State Park and have a picnic. As I unloaded the picnic basket, Rebecca fumed but when I took out the ring and presented it, her attitude changed dramatically from total dismay to total joy. " Five months later, the couple moved in together and started making wedding plans.

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ceremony." continues on page 40

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Rebecca & Katie

continued from page 38

From the walk down the aisle at 4:30 pm to the

Another feature of Lake Pearl's planning staff was

last dance, the Felhazy-Zuman wedding brought

the written banquet order given in advance to the

together family and friends to celebrate the joyous

brides so they could make any revisions.

occasion. Nanette Bisher, a former co-worker and

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Rebecca & Katie

friend of Rebecca's officiated the ceremony. Katie's

joy watching. The photo booth by Hot Shots added

sister, Kristen, and Rebecca's sister, Rachel were

more fun to the evening.

the maids of honor. The bridesmaids included Jill and Laurel, two of Katie's friends and Liz and Nel,

Following the ceremony, the brides and guests

two of Rebecca's college friends. Missing was Ka-

mingled during a cocktail hour, treated to Lake

tie's third bridesmaid who had gone into labor that

Pearl's fried coconut shrimp and mini beef Welling-

morning! Katie's nephew, Joseph, was ring bearer

ton appetizers.

and carried Katie's chihuahua, Chico in a little basket. The brides' mothers added another personal touch by creating the bridal sunflower bouquets.

Katie and Rebecca assembled a team of wedding professionals to keep the festivities moving smoothly. Their DJ Chris, from Anthem Entertainment is a friend of Katie's who helped her launch her own business. Photographer Jason Corey

When Katie and Rebecca were announced at 6 PM before dinner, the lights went out and the guests activated glow sticks for a magical effect while the DJ played their song, "Sandstorm". At the end of the evening, the glow sticks came out again with the same song. Instead of wedding favors on the tables, the brides asked guests to donate to the Sterling Animal Shelter where Rebecca had adopted her dog, Nixon.

skillfully organized the various family members for the wedding portraits. Bruce, the videogra-

Once dinner began, the bridal party and guests en-

pher, from Unique Productions captured the lively

joyed Lake Pearl's sumptuous cuisine- surf and

crowds' candid moments which the couple still en-

turf; the most popular entree at the venue is made continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 41

Rebecca & Katie

of beef tenderloin along with three jumbo seared

carrot cake, peanut butter-chocolate and vanilla.

scallops, chicken oscar with crabmeat stuffing,

The bakery also brought the couple a 6" peanut

baked scrod, vegetable lasagna and even chicken

butter, chocolate cake to have something to cut

fingers and French fries.

and to bring home. The lovely little cake is still in

Opting out of the traditional wedding cake, Katie

their freezer! Desserts from Nancy's bakery- mini

and Rebecca ordered cupcakes from Nancy's Bak-

cheesecakes, eclairs and cannolies offered a sweet

ery in Somerset with a variety of flavors including

beginning to the Felhazy-Zuman marriage.

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The Perfect Fit Tips on Selecting and Buying Engagement Rings for LGBT Couples By Kathryn M. D'Imperio Whether you decide to get matching engagement rings or surprise your future partner, an engagement ring(s)is as much

Above: from the Nature Lover Collection at Cindi’s Diamond & Jewelry Gallery Leafy floral design crafted from 14k white and rose gold set with 0.42 carat of white round brilliant cut diamonds.

an emotional investment as a financial one. Engagement ring shopping can become a daunting duty. Can I afford it? Will she or he like the same one I do? Should we get matching engagement rings? What if it doesn’t fit perfectly? Many elements must be considered when selecting the perfect engagement ring for the same gendered couple, from the type and color of the metal band to the size and shape of the diamond, its clarity and color, and the overall design of the ring. Cost very often serves as a parameter in choosing the ring(s), so be sure you determine the amount you and or your future partner would like to spend before walking through the doors at the jewelry shop. If your you decide on two rings then cost may be a serious consideration or maybe not.

continues on next page

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The Perfect Fit continued from previous page

Things to know before setting off on your mission: What size is the ring finger(s)? If you don’t automatically know the answer to this question and you’re surprising your future partner, you can ask a family member, or more subtly, borrow one of their rings to get an idea of the sizing. What color is the majority of your/their jewelry? Most people likely wear predominantly one type of gold – either yellow or white. You should have an idea of preference before choosing a ring so that you know everyone will be happy with it. Is there a certain cut that you or your partner likes – round, princess, heart, marquis? Who wouldn’t be flattered that you took the time to select the diamond that you thought would look best on their hand. Meanwhile some other people prefer a certain

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46 savoirflairmagazine

Above: The ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane Design by George Sawyer available at Silverscape Designs. Mokume process creates a unique form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries the longer and closer they look. Each piece is like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. However, mirrored patterns can be created for matching bands at the time of creation.

The Perfect Fit cut above the others. Try to get an idea without letting your plans known if you’re trying to make it a surprise.

Above: Designer James Binnion’s wedding and engagement ring available at ALCHEMY 9•2•5. This ring is a the poluar technique called Mokume Gane incorporating; rose gold, yellow gold, palladium and sterling silver.

What can you afford? Try to have a ballpark figure in mind before you set foot into the store. If the ring you like best is out of your price range, tell the jeweler you’d like some time to think about it and keep shopping around. Take your time in the selection process. You’ll probably be very excited about the idea of buying the engagement ring, but take your time. Just like buying a first car, you don’t want to rush into a costly decision. Find a jeweler you trust. For personalized service, consider going to a privately owned jewelry store. Chain stores offer a wide selection continues on next page savoirflairmagazine 47

The Perfect Fit continued from previous page

but having a close personal tie with your jeweler can be very beneficial in the long run, as he or she will remember you and your experience. If you have to come in afterwards to resize the ring or for any reason, you’ve already developed a relationship. Shop around. Visit a couple of different stores online to get an idea of what styles are available. Make sure that the Jeweler is LGBT friendly. Go to a couple of recommended friendly stores locally and see which shop gives you the best service. Try to avoid buying from a closeout sale when a store is going out of business. If a store shuts its doors for good, you are stuck with whatever you’ve got!

Above: Verragio Insignia engagement ring available at E.B. Horn; fine quality round brilliant cut diamonds in a twist that enhances the center princess cut diamond. This engagement ring has a matching Eterna wedding band.

Know your future partner’s specific tastes. Without being too obvious, try to get an idea of their favorite styles, colors, etc. Observe which pieces of jewelry they admire most when window-

48 savoirflairmagazine

The Perfect Fit shopping

If all else fails, drag

along her/his best friend on the hunt!


SavoirFlair Advertising 617-423-1515

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Above: A classically inspired and intricate detailed wedding ring by H. Anthony Faniants, master jeweler and founder of Boston Platinum & Diamonds and Di Antonio in Newton Center.

Be sure to get a diamond certificate. Jewelers must disclose to you all the critical information regarding a diamond – from carat size to color and clarity. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it will be. You definitely want to have documentation to prove what you’ve purchased is of a certain quality. Regardless of the amount of time and money you spend, the important thing is that you’ve made a decision to spend the rest of your

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life with the person who matters most to you. You have decided to express your love to your significant other, and together you will make a promise to love each other and be true for the rest of your lives. The ring is just a physical symbol of that everlasting love.

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TIPS on buying Bands

Hobart Village Mall

Antiques & a whole lot more!

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Tips on buying your wedding bands 1.) Fit them Together Think about how your engagement rings and wedding bands will fit together. If you plan to wear your engagement and wedding ring, all day, look for a contoured band designed to interlock with the matching engagement ring. 2.) Style Style is important, simple or stone studded? Do you want your wedding ring to be the same metal as your engagement ring? Do you think you and your partner’s rings should match? 3.) Activities Keep your activities in mind when purchasing a wedding band. A comfort fit band may be best if you work with your hands, play sports or an instrument. Gemstones may come loose so simple is best. 4.) Important Markings Make sure the ring has two marks inside the band: the manufacturer’s trademark (this proves they stand behind their work) and the quality mark, 24K or PLAT, for example (this proves the metal quality is what the retailer says it is).

Military • Sterling Silver Oriental Collection 18th-20th Century Furniture We Also Carry American Made Reproductions Furniture, decorations and beyond.


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Before & After Glenville Terrace

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Br yan Thompson

Automobile Designer, and LGBT Community Mentor By John Axelrod

Photo: Kitesatnite Studio

With a lifelong passion for designing, Thompson got his

Originally from one of Arizona’s small towns, as a boy of five

start in the industry after dropping out of college at Ari-

Thompson ripped out a photo of Erik Estrada from the TV

zona State University when a guidance counselor told him

Guide and put it on his bedroom wall. His mother asked

car design was a “pipe dream.” He moved to France, lived

him “Bryan, I’m curious why you want this in your bed-

next to a mechanic’s garage in a camper. He traveled

room?” “I grinned and replied,It makes me feel  good.”To

throughout Europe and visited every car design studio he

her credit, she just nodded and smiled and didn’t imme-

could find.

diately sign me up for analysis. Much later she told me she knew I was gay even before I put up the photo.” She al-

Today, working in his successful career, he has created

lowed him to whimsically decorate the entire home when

production and concept car designs for Nissan, Volvo/

he was just five, “Giving me that freedom definitely ignited

Mack Trucks, Embraer Executive Jets and Airstream.

a spark and confidence that you can change the space you’re in, I’m very grateful she did that.” When he was three

In a recent interview for thefightmag.com, Thompson a

he became enamored with a neighbor’s Datsun Honey

gym afficianado, stated “Car design is just like body build-

Bee and has been drawing car designs ever since. “It had

ing,” I’m really into surface development. Creating a

tiny wheels, awkward styling and a giant decal of a bee

beautiful surface on a car is just like doing it in the gym.

plastered on the side. At three years old, I was in love.” He

One of the many favorite parts of Thompson’s work among

says that’s when he fell in love with old economy cars.

design and drawing is the research. In an Advocate interview in 2006 he said, “We get to be kind of like method

In 2011 the New York Times wrote about his efforts to find a

actors, where you live the life and get into the head of the

new home for his 1990 Nissan Pao, after the museum it was

person you’re designing for. Let’s say I’m working on a full

in closed. The subtilte of the article was BRYAN THOMPSON

size truck. Well I’m not a big guy, and I’d never have a truck,

has a cute little orphan that needs a home.

but for a while I get to be in that mind-set. For a while I get

Thompson is quoted, “I just want the car safe and in good

to be a cowboy.”

hands,”. Examplifying his real reverance and love for this little odd car, he further explained, “They were designed

52 savoirflairmagazine


to be polarizing and build a buzz. They are concept cars

Thompson also revealed, in a recent thefightmag.com in-

come to life. They were heavily influenced by French de-

terview, that as a child he always saw cars and objects

sign from the 1950’s, but the production techniques were

as creatures. “Everything from our family Tercel 4WD, to

super modern.”

the Bang & Olufsen stereo my mom came home with on a whim in 1979, had a soul or presence in my mind because they  ‘affected’ the world  they  existed in. I thought that since they illicit strong reactions in people, they were somehow alive…  I wanted to make friends with the stereo, the car, the phone, and then create more friends.” After graduating from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan he was hired by Nissan and put directly into a production program. His approach to design can be described as functional and whimsical. His first professional project was the Nissan Titan Truck and Armada interiors. He is proudest of his work on the Nissan NV2500 cargo van. In the June 2006 issue of Architectural Digest, he was

Byran Thompson with his beloved 1990 Nissan Pao, Photo courtesy NY Times

cited as initiating the relationship with Airstream by continues on next page

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tioned off the car worth $80,000 and used the funds to start the Bryan Thompson Design Scholarship. Starting the scholarship was the reason he decided to do the show. He was skeptical about joining the production but producers convinced him the show would be inspirational showcasing contestants’ creativity. Thompson and “Motor City Masters” winner Camillo Pardo had agreed before the finale to split the prize of $100,000 and the car with whoever came in second.

continues on page 56

showing up at the opening of the Airstream Diner on Los Angeles’s Santa Monica Boulevard, tricked out in a pair of silver trousers and bearing a gift. The gift was a model of the trailer that would eventually become the production BaseCamp. On the 2014 reality television show “Motor City Masters” on TruTV Thompson came in second. His prize was a 2016 Chevy Camaro Z28, which he had pledged prior to the show to start a scholarship for LGBT designers. He auc-

Motor City Masters Television Competition

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Bryan Thompson besides being a great car designer, a

continued from page 54

In a recent thefightmag.com interview Thompson said, “As

success in his choosen field, is a true credit to our commu-

I grow older, I want to inspire and mentor young people who

nity. For more information on Bryan Thompson, his designs

are interested in car design… I hope the scholarship I’ve

services and recent and past projects go to

created helps inspire those kids who know they have tal-


ent but are told they’re misguided, to get into design, This is where  they  need to be. I was told that being gay was something that would lead to a life of sadness, and that car design was an unobtainable desire. Neither of those things  is  true, and I’m so glad I listened to the tiny voice inside; just like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you encourage and work it out. I created the scholarship for gay and lesbian students who are interested in being car designers.    I want to inspire that  kid  out there who’s being told there’s something wrong with him to know everybody is wrong and they are right.”

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Savoirflair Magazine Pride 2017  

CONTENTS 14 Pride Around The World | LGBT CElebrations by Don Fuchs 18 The Rainbow Flag | AN Enduring Symbol By Lo...

Savoirflair Magazine Pride 2017  

CONTENTS 14 Pride Around The World | LGBT CElebrations by Don Fuchs 18 The Rainbow Flag | AN Enduring Symbol By Lo...

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