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Book Review x4 | Soul Serenade + 3 others By Terri Schlichenmeyer

To Celebrate Pride | All Year Long 15 6ByWays Hampton Pantalones + John | Dog Rescue Heroes 16 Mark Interview By Louis Chavez Know Pride Facts | FRom Our Past 21 Little By Delores Shelby | Beautiful Creations 23 Jewelry By N. McCarty & Julie’s | A Fabulous weDding 31 Laura By Sharon Levine with Laura & Julie | Photos By Kristen Schuler

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Book Review x 4

Soul Serenade by Rashod Ollison c.2016, Beacon Press $25.95 / $30.00 Canada, 230 pages Vinyl is making a comeback. Those are five words that put a smile on a music aficionado’s face. A CD isn’t the same, they say. An MP3 is nowhere near as good. You don’t get the right sound unless you’re spinning a record, so vinyl is coming back – but, for people like Rashod Ollison in “Soul Serenade,” it never really left. There was once a time when “Dusty” Ollison’s parents were happy. He knows it’s true; he has evidence of it, in the form of a picture taken at the beginning of their marriage, which lasted thirteen years. When they split, he was old enough to witness but too young to understand, having become inured to the fights, the cheating, and the drinking at his home near Hot Springs, Arkansas. After Ollison’s father fled his family – leaving Ollison’s mother with a ‘tween and two small children – he rarely returned. But he left a gift behind: stacks of vinyl. Ollison says he remembers poking around music stores with his father, ogling covers, eager for approval of his taste in performers. Chaka Khan, Bobby Womack, Stevie Wonder, Ollison recalls fascination with their record labels spinning on the turntable. Michael Jackson gave him comfort, Aretha was a mood barometer, they all taught him about grown-up love through lyrics. With his mother working two full-time jobs to keep food on the table, Ollison counted on music to anchor him. It was his means of escape as his oldest sister took her rage out on him, as his family moved repeatedly, as he was bullied in school for “actin’ like a woman.” He denied feminine gestures and a tender heart, but by age thirteen, he could no longer ignore that he was gay.

8 savoirflairmagazine

Book Review x 4

Reviews by Terri Schlichenmeyer

Book Review x 4 School, by then, had joined music as a thing of refuge; Ollison excelled at his lessons, achieved good grades, made friends, and expanded his playlist. As he grew, he also wondered about his father sometimes but was largely indifferent, even as the man lay dying. And then an aunt told Ollison something that made him change his tune. “Soul Serenade” starts where many good memoirs do: with a faded picture of a time that barely seems possible. From there, we’re surprised by a death that promises to taint much of what’s to come, all wrapped in family lore. But don’t get complacent. Author Rashod Ollison doesn’t allow any lingering. Soon enough, his story becomes angry yelling, a smack upside the head, profanity, TV-as-babysitter, fists and sore feet. We’re taken from neighborhood to neighborhood as the lights are shut off, the rent isn’t paid, and he’s taunted with words that his sister has to explain. It’s chaos – but it’s also a darn good tale that it doesn’t dissolve into whining or poor-me-ing, testament to Ollison’s storytelling skills. “Soul Serenade” is one of those books that sticks in your brain – not only for the suggested music, but because the memoir itself leaves its mark. And if that sounds like solid gold to you, then give this book a spin.

The Battle for Room 314 by Ed Boland c.2016, Grand Central $26.00 / $31.50 Canada | 243 pages What was the name of your favorite teacher? Even after all these years, you still remember the smell of chalk, the sound of her reading aloud, the way he pulled ideas from your head or music from your fingers. That teacher changed your life, and “The Battle for Room 314” by Ed Boland, you’ll get a view of today’s classroom – one you’ll barely recognize.

What was a nice, educated gay man doing in a snarling pit of teenage attitude? With sweaty palms and a worthless planner, newly-minted teacher Ed Boland wondered that himself. Inspired by teachers in his family, he’d given up a well-paying job to teach but the ninth-grade class he’d gotten wasn’t what he bargained for. Because Boland had spent a year teaching English in China, he figured he had a “leg up” on a job at Manhattan’s Union Street School, “a new combined middle and high school” that focused on history and international studies. Teaching there, he’d been led to believe, was a dream job and, since he’d already worked with “promising” but disadvantaged New York-area minority students through Project Advance, he thought he knew the kind of freshfaced students he’d have. Instead, what he found in the classroom that fall were sullen, attitudinal, sometimes violent young adults, many (if not most) of whom were dealing with absentee parents, drug abuse, poverty, pregnancy, and bullying. Some of his new ninth-grade students were in their very late teens; many were unable to write in complete sentences or do age-appropriate schoolwork. At least one barely spoke English. And yet, with a Hollywood-happy ending on his mind, Boland persevered. He hoped to connect with the kids, though they were often uncontrollable. He dreamed they would eventually learn something, though they usually ignored his lessons. And when the year was over, he had considered staying at Union Street but he just couldn’t. “I so wish it were a different ending for me and for the kids,” says Boland, “but some stories have to end like a seventies movie – gritty, real, and sad.” The solution to the country’s school- and grade-based issues, says author Ed Boland, is a multi-faceted one, beginning with more education for the educators. There are other fixes, too, and “The Battle for Room 314” offers them. But that’s not all: Boland, overall, tells a story that’s both shocking and unsurprising; part To Sir, With Love and part battlefield skirmish. There are occasional moments of too much information (both personal and classroom) but even more of frustration and missed opportunity (again, on two levels). What Boland shares left me feeling glum, mostly, but there are shadows of hope in this book – especially at the end, when he wraps up his story with a chapter of follow-ups. Though you should be reminded that it’s representative of one man’s experience in one school, this book offers hard lessons. Still, if you’ve ever fretted about the state of education – on either side of the teacher’s desk – “The Battle for Room 314” goes to the head of the class. continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 9

Book Review x 4 continued from previous page

The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World: America’s First Gay Marriage by Michael McConnell with Jack Baker, as told to Gail Langer Karwoski c.2016, University of Minnesota Press $22.95 / $31.99 Canada , 200 pages There’s always been a picket fence in your future. You could just picture it: charming spouse, two-point-five kids, minivan, Cape Cod with manicured lawn, birthday parties on the patio, all surrounded by that picket fence. It was a perfect dream of a blissful life. And, as in “The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World” by Michael McConnell with Jack Baker, as told to Gail Langer Karwoski, making history would be a nice bonus. As a child playing with neighborhood girls, Michael McConnell remembers wanting the same thing they wanted: to grow up and marry a handsome man. Their crushes were his crushes, too, but in the 1950s, that kind of thing wasn’t discussed. By the time he entered college at the University of Oklahoma in the mid-‘60s, however, McConnell had come out to his family and was comfortable with his sexuality. He met other gay men and enjoyed an active social life on campus and then, on October 29, 1966, he met Jack Baker. For the first minutes of their get-to-know-you, McConnell thought Baker was much older, or perhaps straight. Baker’s demeanor was businesslike, almost military in mien; McConnell had recently had his heart broken, and was guarded. Still, by the end of the evening, they were lovers; soon after, they were a couple. By the early ‘70s, though their relationship had to be kept quieter, McConnell and Baker were “out” enough to want to make real change. Baker, a Minneapolis law student, filed suit against the U.S. Military over an unfair downgrade in his discharge status. After following Baker north, McConnell fought job discrimination. And then there was the wedding Baker promised McConnell on

10 savoirflairmagazine

Baker’s twenty-fifth birthday. It would happen – they just had to figure out how. That would take some time, but Baker was on it. His legal training tickled his methodical mind, until he discovered two loopholes the state of Minnesota hadn’t closed. One led to the next, and both led to their history-making wedding in 1971. That, of course, isn’t the end of the story. Authors Michael McConnell and Jack Baker continued their activism but their nuptials, the first in America for same-sex celebrants, are the real focus in “The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World.” And that’s a good thing, too, because the love story in this book is what makes it so readable. McConnell’s account (as told to Gail Langer Karwoski) is mostly what’s here, and it’s the quintessential romance: boy meets boy, boy marries boy, they live Happily (Almost) Ever After. Conversely, it’s the almost that makes this book so important: the battles the authors accepted caused emotional hardship in many ways and that almost caused a break-up. And yet, for the sake of others that came after them, they continued to take on gay rights issues – stories of which are told humbly, yet proudly. Overall, this is a sweet story wrapped inside a righteous fight, told with charm and grace. It’s deep, yet lighthearted and definitely worth a look. Start “The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World” – and you’ll have no defense.

The Best Party of Our Lives: Stories of Gay Weddings by Sarah Galvin c.2015, Sasquatch Books, $18.95, U.S. & Canada, 226 pages Your summer is filling up quickly. It starts with graduations and confirmations. You’ve already got a pile of “Save the Date” cards for a bunch of weddings, and the summer wraps up with family reunions and more weddings. It

Book Review x 4 might even end with yours, and in the new book “The Best Party of Our Lives” by Sarah Galvin, you’ll see how “I do” becomes “whooo hoooo!” Even though she “always figured” she’d end up spending her life with a woman, Sarah Galvin “certainly had no interest in weddings….” They just weren’t relevant to her, except for an irksome knowledge that much of the wedding industry was biased against LGBTQ couples. Later, as a writer for a newspaper in Seattle, she began getting requests to “crash” weddings and she was “blown away by the things” she saw. Weddings – especially for LGBTQ couples – weren’t what she thought they’d be. Their parties were “the best ones imaginable…” The stories of some she found are in this book. When a couple looks back on their boy-meets-boy (or girl-meets-girl) story, there’s often an element of surprise. There was an introduction, either traditionally or through modern methods like Craigslist, online, or dance rave. Falling in love might’ve begun with bumps and rough spots, followed by the realization of common interests and the happy idea that you can’t get her out of your mind. No two proposals are alike, although today’s couples almost always have some sort of prior discussion on it. The actual “Will you…” might be romantic and accompanied by one or two rings, or it may be an out-loud wondering if moving in together meant more than merely sharing a home. And just like the proposals are varied, so are the budgets, which usually leads to a DIY ceremony that more reflects the pair. Some of the couples in this book had Domestic Partnerships long before they married. One couple debated marriage altogether, figuring that there was no reason to wed as an “affirmation of the love they’d known was true” for years. Some invited nearly everyone they knew, while one couple sent “Don’t Save the Date” tchotchkes. There were cakes and cake-toppers, toasts and gifts, and one “thirtythree-year relationship [that] deserved a party…” So you got engaged over the holidays, or maybe you’ve got love on the brain. How do other LGBTQ couples make their special days… special? “The Best Party of Our Lives” is packed with ideas on that. It’s also packed with another thing: stories that are very Seattle-centric. Author Sarah Galvin says she “started with” Seattle couples but she never really got any farther than that, although LGBTQ couples get married all over the place. I would’ve absolutely liked to see wider coverage from this book; the minimized area doesn’t make it bad – it makes it a lot of the same. Even so, if you’ve got stars in your eyes, a ring on your finger, and romance on your mind, you’ll barely notice. For you, newlywed-to-be, “The Best Party of Our Lives” will fill you with happiness.

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OUT Shows

by Mark Adams

And IN

Last year around this time, I wrote about some of the TV shows

and "American Horror Story," thought he could try his hand at a sit-

that featured a gay theme, many of which have now bit the pro-

com. "The New Normal" starred Andrew Rannels and Justin Bertha

verbial dust. This year, I thought I'd take a glance back at some

as a couple who really want a kid, so they find a surrogate and

of the real bombs of the past year or seven, because I'm just that

she moves in with them. Hilarity ensued, or so they hoped. They

kind of guy. So let's climb into the Way Back Machine and check

even brought in the amazing Ellen Barkin as the surrogate's homo-

out (literally) these gems. Remember "The McCarthys?" It was from

phobic mother. Not much hilarity, unfortunately. It only lasted for

CBS, the home of the laugh track, and was a sitcom about an Irish

one series.

Catholic family in Boston (really!) who had a gay son (really!). It starred Laurie Metcalf, a great comedic actress who deserved better, and Jason Ritter, the adorable son of the late John Ritter, who deserved lots better, namely, me. But I digress. It lasted about half a season. There were those who actually liked it, but I stopped speaking to them. Sean Hayes is someone we remember lovingly from "Will and Grace." He made his return to the small screen in something for NBC called "Sean Saves The World.' Even with Linda Lavin as his mother, Megan Hilty as his best friend, and Thomas Lennon as his boss, poor Sean could not only not save the world, but couldn't save this horror. Fortunately, he moved on to other projects more deserving of his talents.

Now for two that you must binge watch, because I said so. “Please Like Me” is a delightful series from Down Under, with comic Josh Thomas as a twenty something. He breaks up with his girlfriend when he realizes he is gay. The series tells of his many adventures dealing with his new lifestyle. There are three series of this gem that ran in the States on the seldom seen Pivot channel. There may be some of the episodes on YouTube, but Hulu was running them a while back. They may still be there. I am also hooked on the very amusing “The Real O’Neals,” just completing its first series on ABC. It is, from what I can gather, the story of blogger and activist Dan Savage’s coming out to his Catholic family. Not critically received, it was a great showcase for Noah Galvin, an openly

Then there was yet another CBS gem called "Partners," and you

gay actor who plays the gay teenage son. Not a kneeslapper,

really have to wonder who thinks these things up. In this case, it

but kind of hear warming and you know how much I usually love

was the same creative team from "Will and Grace," David Kohan

“heartwarming.” I hope it gets a second series.

and Max Mutchnick, and was based on their lives. The poor things.

Happy TV watching , and maybe next time I’ll do something on

It starred Michael Urie, who had a great run on "Ugly Betty" and

“Gigi Does It.” In the meantime, try to find it online.

David Krumholz. He went on to create and star in "Gigi Does It," one of the funniest TV shows ever that maybe three people saw. PIty. "Partners" also featured former Superman Brandon Routh as Urie's boyfriend. Ryan Murphy, the genius behind such hits as "Glee," "Nip Tuck"

Mark Adams has been a popular contributor to Boston’s LGBT Media for many years, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community.

savoirflairmagazine 13

14 savoirflairmagazine


b Ways To Cele

d Year Roun

The Boston Area is home to one of the earliest Pride Celebrations, in 1971 a small gathering of 300 marched through the city to read political demands in front of the Boston Police Station and the state house. The event has come a long way from 1971, which had a hippy /counter culture flair complete with insense and antiwar sentiment. Today here are our top 6 suggestions on unique ways to celebrate pride.


LGBT History; The LGBT Way Back Machine The Boston History Project has a great website and publications that look at our LGBT history. From Boston Marriages to famous gay architects of the 19th Century, you can find these fascinating histories and many more at So take a look and celebrate our past.


Volunteer Whether it’s a one day event like Pride or an ongoing commitment like hotlines, volunteering is a great way to become an active, vital, prideful person.


Enjoy Pride Rallies And Marches Around New England You can celebrate with these pride events from Spring to Fall. Massachusetts Boston Second week in June

North Shore of Boston Fourth week in June Worcester Second Saturday in September Northampton The first Saturday in May Provincetown Carnival Week Around the 2nd week in August Rhode Island The third week in June Connecticut The second Saturday in June Maine The third week in June New Hampshire The fourth week in August Vermont The second Sunday in September


Treat Yourself To LGBT Theater Or Entertainment There’s nothing like a live performance,. There’s lots to choose from in our community year round. Not only is this a great memory and a fun night out, this is a great way to help support the LGBT Performance Community.


Support Another LGBT Person Being a supportive friend, practicing acceptance and showing love for your LGBT family and friends gives us a sense of Pride in ourselves that is a gift to all.


Take A Moment Of Remembrance Remembering members of our community that are no longer with us is a great way to be prideful. Light a candle, say a prayer or take a moment to remember all the brave men and women in the past who fought hard to give us the societal acceptance and rights our community enjoys today.

savoirflairmagazine 15

Mark + John Dog Rescue


Photo above L-R; Mark, Butters, Jordie, John

By Lucky Chavez with Mark and John Mark: I was born and raised in Massachusetts, spent time in New York and Arizona, but always wanted to come home to New England. I work as an Account Manager for a large corporation. John: I grew up spending time in both Massachusetts and Texas. I work as a Pharmacy Technician. We got involved with animal rescue after a tornado came through Springfield, Mass in 2011. We reached out to a rescue group there asking if we could help by fostering any animals whose owners needed a temporary place for them while they sort through their living situations. The rescue group referred us to Great Dog Rescue of New England.

16 savoirflairmagazine

to meet adoptable dogs. This also gives volunteers a chance to talk and share stories. GDRNE also has a Fosters Facebook page which adds to the sense of community amongst the volunteers. What do you do for the rescue? How much of a time commitment does this require? Our work for Great Dog Rescue of New England is primarily in fostering dogs while they wait for their forever homes. This can be very involved depending on the dog we are fostering and what they were exposed to before coming to us. We’ve also been involved in conducting home visit interviews for families who apply to adopt a GDRNE dog. This typically takes 15 – 20 minutes and helps ensure that dogs are being placed in homes that are suitable for them. Where do most of your dogs come from?  and why? The dogs taken in by Great Dog Rescue of New England come from any number of places – whether a dog in a high-kill shelter in the south or a local surrender. Dogs are surrendered for a number of reasons – the worst being abuse and/or neglect, but there are situations where a dog’s owner may have passed away, a new child has severe allergies, or any other reason. In your experience are there a lot of LGBT people volunteering for rescue groups and if so why do you think this is? Tell us about the rescue your involved in?

I am not sure if there are a higher proportion of LGBT

website, type of animals you work with,

people volunteering for rescue groups. Dog rescue

how is the group organized?

is such a strong connection with the other volunteers

We volunteer for Great Dog Rescue of New Eng-

that our discussions focus on that topic almost ex-

land (, exclusively working with

clusively when we get together. Sexual orientation

dogs. The group is very well organized with dedicat-

continues on next page

ed contacts for adoption coordination and foster placements. Frequent Meet & Greet events are organized to help get the word out and allow people savoirflairmagazine 17

Mark + John Dog Rescue Heroes (sometimes new) set of rules – from

What advice would you give someone who wanted to volunteer for a rescue?

housetraining to chewing to counter-

Our advice to anyone interested in

surfing) and a new routine. It takes

volunteering for a rescue group is DO

a lot of patience and understanding.

IT! The feeling you get after helping

continued from previous page

doesn’t tend to come up. If there is a higher proportion of the LGBT community involved with animal rescue, I would think it would stem from the

with the other dogs. Add a whole

notion that on average LGBT people have had more adversity in their lives which can result in a greater amount of empathy toward others – especially dogs who’s end goal is really just to love as much and as hard as they can.

What are some of your most memorable experiences?

a rescue group, what is the best thing about being involved? The best thing about being involved with animal rescue is the feeling of giving back.

We have been ex-

ever home is priceless. If you can’t foster, there are other ways to help

Josephine is still one of our favorite fos-

out. A quick web search will usually

ters and was our very first foster dog.

show you organizations local to you

Incredibly submissive but still outgo-

who could probably use a hand.

ing, she had been shot as a stray before being rescued and spent some

It must be rewarding to be part of

save a dog’s life and finding their for-

time helping other dogs before coming to us to foster.

What advice would you give someone who wanted a rescue dog?

The whole fam-

ily fell in love with her quickly. Josephine spent a couple of months with us when she finally found her forever home. I remember wanting to keep

If you are considering a rescue dog it’s important to make sure your personalities fit.

Some dogs will need

more patience than others adjusting. As with any dog, make sure everyone

tremely fortunate to have had dogs

her ourselves. I had promised myself

in our lives who love us uncondition-

to limit how many dogs we have in our

ally. Knowing that through our efforts

house and agreed with my husband

invest the time needed in your dog

we have helped to save a dog’s life

that if we adopt a foster dog we stop

to help them adapt to their environ-

puts our focus on being grateful that

fostering. While we’ve enjoyed our


we could help. When I started foster-

time with all of the dogs we’ve fos-

snuggle them, and never give up on

ing I admit there were times I would

tered, Josephine was remarkable.


in your house is excited about adding a new member to the family, and

Love them, pamper them,

cry as the new family was driving away with their new dog – because I felt the dog didn’t understand why they were leaving. After at least a dozen experiences fostering, my eyes still water, but throughout the experience what started as tears of sadness

natalie waggener • Yollanda Ng • Breanne Riggs hours: Monday 8AM-8PM, Tues-Fri 9AM-7PM, Saturday 9AM-4PM and Sunday 9Am -1PM • New puppy or kitten visits and vaccines • Sick pet exams and therapies • Healthy pet check ups • Senior pet exams • Spay and neuter

evolved into tears of joy. And a certain amount of pride that I was able to help.

What is the most challenging part of rescue work? When fostering, one of the most challenging parts can be the introduction of an unsure dog into your home. We have three dogs of our own, so each foster needs to meet and get along


We are a full service general practice in the heart of South Boston

• Radiographs • Fluids therapies • Flea and tick products • Heartworm testing & preventatives • Dental cleanings/polish/fluoride treatments Moving Spring 2016 to our new state of the art facility at 9 West Broadway in South Boston


659 East Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127 Tel: 617 269 0610 • Fax: 617 269 0016

18 savoirflairmagazine

IM So Anim uth Bosto al Ho n spita l!

savoirflairmagazine 19

at framers’ workshop you can do your own framing or have us do it for you Do It Yourself | Framing Materials | Custom Framing

Framers’ Workshop has been framing pictures in Boston for almost 40 years. We do good work, and so can you. Hours

Mon-Thu 10am - 9pm Fri & Sat 10am - 6pm Sun CLOSED

617.734.4995 278 Washington St., Brookline Village, MA

20 savoirflairmagazine

little known Pride Facts

Colors of the Rainbow Flag Designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker, the first rainbow flag made its debut at the San Francisco Pride Parade in 1978. The original flag was hand-dyed and consisted of eight symbolic colors: Hot Pink (sexuality), Red (life), Orange (healing), Yellow (sunlight), Green (nature), Turquoise (magic/art), Blue (serenity/harmony) and violet (spirit). To meet increasing demand for the flag, Baker approached Paramount Flag Company for mass production. There was an unavailability of hot pink basic, so Baker dropped the hot pink stripe from the design. To keep an even number of stripes, turquoise was also dropped, resulting in the six-stripe flag that is widely used today.

Island-Long Pride Flag Key West, Florida, for the flag’s 25th anniversary in 2003, produced the longest Rainbow Flag used in a Pride celebration, it was unfurled and dubbed “25 Rainbow Sea to Sea.” The 1.25 mile long flag stretched across the entire island, traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Following the celebration, the flag was cut-up and sent to Pride celebrations around the world.

Lambda The Greek Lambda symbol was another commonly used Gay Rights symbol prior to the Rainbow Flag, and was the sign of the Gay Activist Alliance. continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 21

Little Known Pride Facts continued from previous page

Annual Reminders Although the Pride Movement did not galvanize until after the Stonewall Riots, there were a handful of gay rights demonstrations prior to 1969. The most direct link to the early parades were Annual Reminders. Every fourth of July, beginning in 1965, homophilic groups would picket Independence Hall in Philadelphia to inform and remind the American people that LGBT people did not enjoy basic civil rights protections. After Stonewall, picketing seemed too pacifistic and Reminder organizers instead helped plan the first Gay Liberation parades.

Corrupt Cops, Feeds Mafia In 1969, Stonewall Inn, as well as the majority of the city’s gay bars, was owned and operated by the New York Mafia. Establishments that sold alcohol

22 savoirflairmagazine

continued on page 60

Jewelry~ Beautiful Creations

by N. McCarty We present the best wedding and gift jewelry in the area. Whether it’s a band, engagement ring or an engraved watch, this jewelry will inspire and delight all who receive it. So feast your eyes on these beautiful creations...

the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane Design

by George Sawyer | Silverscape Designs Engagement, wedding & commitment rings by George Sawyer in the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane. With origins dating to the original Samuari swords, George Sawyer carries the Mokume process forward to create a unique form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries the longer and closer they look. Each piece is like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. However, mirrored patterns can be created for matching bands at the time of creation. Choosing from a wide variety of recycled metal combinations allows you to create your own one of a kind ring!

continues on the next page

savoirflairmagazine 23

Jewelry ~ Beautiful Creations

continued from previous page

A Classic Favorite Nature Lover Collection Cindi's Diamond & Jewelry Gallery This classic favorite is from the Nature Lover collection featuring a leafy floral design crafted from 14k white and rose gold set with 0.42 carat of white round brilliant cut diamonds. continues on page 26

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Jewelry ~ Beautiful Creations continued from page 24

A Terrific Trio

Topaz and Amethyst Rings Joseph Gann Jewelers Striking rings that will awe everyone at your next dinner party! They include clockwise a round Swiss blue topaz and diamond ring (blue topaz 8.54ct diamonds .22ct.), an oval London Blue Topaz and diamond ring; (blue topaz 8.28ct, diamonds .27ct ) and an oval amethyst and diamond ring; (amethyst 3.16, diamonds .37ct).

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Custom Design Jewelry & Diamond Bridal


Diamond Jewelry



40 Central Street Foxborough MA 508.543.4943 |

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Jewelry ~ Beautiful Creations hammered Oval Bezel Sapphire Ring J Briggs & Co This dynamic gemstone ring is made with18k yellow gold and 10mmx 8mm Blue Sapphire. This ring can be made with your preferred gem and alloy! This classic design will stand the test of time and always be a tasteful addition to your jewelry collection.

Rings in White & Yellow Diamonds Marquis Jewelers Stand out with one of these unique yellow and white diamond rings. Starting from the left, an 18k white gold square diamond ring (yellow diamond .53ct, white diamonds .77ct) the middle ring in an 18k white gold oval diamond ring (yellow diamonds 2.41ct, white diamonds .36ct) and on the right side an 18k white gold oval diamond ring (yellow diamonds .74ct, and white diamonds .61ct.) continues on page 29

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SavoirFlair Magazine 617. 423 . 1515 savoirflairmagazine 27

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Jewelry ~ Beautiful Creations

continued from page 27

Unique Princess Cut Ring Verragio Insignia | E.B. Horn This unique Verragio Insignia-7055P style engagement ring features a .50ct princess cut center diamond along with fine quality round brilliant cut diamonds in a twist that enhances the center princess cut diamond. This engagement ring has a matching Eterna-4017 style wedding band that features .55ct of fine quality diamonds which continues the twist style.


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Elegant Wedding Cakes & Fine European Pastries Our award-winning wedding cakes are uniquely styled to satisfy the individual design preferences of our diverse clientele

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Laura & Julie’s Wedding

Laura's in front of the "Big Window" at the Red Lion Inn

By Laura Sherman and Julie Polvinen | Photography by Kristen Schuler Laura Sherman Polvinen is originally from West Hartford, Connecticut. She came to Boston for college and never left. Laura went to Tufts University then attended graduate school at Wheelock College to get her MSW and is currently a school social worker at the Landmark School in Beverly, MA. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Wheelock College.  Julie Polvinen is originally from Stoughton, Massachusetts. She lived all over the south shore of Massachusetts before settling in Somerville. Julie has worked in research at Boston Children’s Hospital for the past 13 years. She also owns her own business, Zen Animal Massage, working as an animal massage therapist in the greater Boston area. continues on next page savoirflairmagazine 31

Laura & Julie’s Wedding continued from previous page How did you meet? We met at Boston Children’s Hospital in May 2007. They were two halves of a video research project called Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) that gave video cameras to patients with chronic illness and asked them to “teach” doctors about life living with illness. We became fast friends sharing many interests and laughs, and working together as a great team. In May 2011, we began dating as our work friendship turned into an easy, loving and fulfilling relationship. I (Laura) left Boston Children’s Hospital during the summer of 2011 to complete my MSW, and Julie continues to work there today.  What was your proposal like? We discussed the idea marriage for a while. I (Laura) wanted to be the one to propose and wanted it to be a surprise. I called each of Julie’s five siblings to ask for their love and support saying I was going to ask Julie to marry; they each gave it gladly. I planned for a special afternoon on a Friday in August recreating an early

32 savoirflairmagazine

Laura & Julie’s Wedding

date they once had. We walked around the Boston waterfront, took a water taxi across the harbor and had lunch overlooking the city. At the restaurant, I gave Julie a book called 50 Things I Love About You, with the proposal in the back cover. As Julie read the last line “Will you marry me?” she looked over the book in amazement and saw me down on one knee! With tears in their eyes, Julie answered, “Yes!” I offered Julie a sweet Hello Kitty! ring and placed it on her ring finger; we had decided we would pick out engagement rings together. We both cried and hugged and took a few selfies to remember the moment. After lunch, we went home, got our dog Penny and enjoyed a long walk and dinner on the beach in South Boston. The next afternoon I surprised Julie by taking her to our favorite pizza place, The Town Spa, and had many of Julie’s family members and my family there to celebrate. That evening we went to a John Legend concert on the waterfront. It was an amazing weekend for us both!  continues on page 36

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The warm sun glistening off the calm waters of the beach. A light breeze carrying through the oceanfront ballroom. Truly memorable events with an authentic local flavor! That is the inspiration behind the Nantasket Beach Resort. Experience our exemplary service, magnificent cuisine and superb white-glove treatment. 781-925-4500 45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA

The Gilded Lily

...beautiful flowers for every occasion...

The Gilded Lily has offered the Springfield, MA area superior floral arrangements and assortments since 1985. Our deep-rooted passion for flowers, along with our dedication to service, makes us the ideal choice for any occasion! (413) 783-3838 | 1926 Wilbraham Rd. Springfield, MA |

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The Red Lion Inn LUXURY Wedding REsort | Cohasset MA Weddings, private events, corporate outings, restaurant And bar

The Red Lion Inn assures the finest attention to planning the wedding of your dreams. From the initial meeting to tour the grounds through the orchestrated service to complete the reception, you can be assured of a flawless event. Our French country side facility paired with our New England seaside faire creates the ideal balance for a reception of a lifetime.

(781) 383-1704 | 71 SOUTH MAIN STREET, COHASSET, MA 02025 savoirflairmagazine 35

Laura & Julie’s Wedding

continued from page 33 Why did you choose your venue?

areas and architectural features

We knew we wanted to marry in a

which were great for photos. The

barn and luckily found the Red Lion

barn was just the palette we were

Inn! As a bonus, it was near the

looking for to add our own personal

ocean in the gorgeous town of Co-

touches to our wedding. We created

hasset, MA. The interior of the barn

a Penny’s Candy station featuring a

has warm red tones from reclaimed wood and two huge and stunning chandeliers from Paris. The natural beauty of the barn needed no other decoration but when we went to check it out, it was already decorated for another wedding. We instantly

How many guests? We had 200 guests at our wedding. Julie has a big family and Laura has a large chosen family. We wanted all of those close to us to be included in

giant photo of our dog, Penny. We set

our special day. Special guests includ-

up an ancestry table with family wed-

ed Julie’s four aunts; we felt blessed

ding photos, had a fun photo booth,

that they were in attendance. Friends

and reached out to Etsy to find some-

and family took part in the ceremony

one to create a mini dog house with

by offering readings and songs, and

our pets’ likenesses on the front, as

nieces were the ring bearers. Julie’s

fell in love with the place and felt like

our gift card box. We love music and

the only ones missing from the event

used the CD sleeves from the con-

was us! We were sold. The people

certs we attended, as our table names

were wonderful to work with and

and Julie’s sister created concert tick-

bent over backwards to give us the

ets as our escort cards; they were

and relaxed while also creating a

wedding of our dreams!

amazing. Our wedding colors were

sacred space. As the ceremony was

orange and purple and our wed-

nearing the end, Jen mentioned the

What did you like best about it?

ding party dressed in rich fall colors,

Supreme Court’s recent decision to

We loved the feeling that we had in

which stood out beautifully against

the barn and that it could easily ac-

uphold same-sex marriage, just be-

the background of the interior and

commodate our large guest list while

exterior barn and grounds. We had

still providing a space that felt intimate and inviting. The Red Lion Inn also has many beautifully landscaped

36 savoirflairmagazine

a lot of fun designing and planning and thank goodness for family and friends who helped us!

niece, Jen, officiated the ceremony, which was such a gift. She was the perfect combination of lighthearted

fore she pronounced us Mrs. and Mrs. Polvinen. The recessional included a standing ovation that went on and on. It was incredible!

Laura & Julie’s Wedding

Who was in the wedding party?

Describe the flowers.

Julie and I(Laura) had their sisters

the aisle by her sisters, and me, by

The flowers were provided by Ce-

(Julie’s three and my one) as our

both of my parents. Julie’s niece and

dar Grove Gardens. Tajah was able

bridesmaids. Julie was walked down

great niece were the ring bearers.

to take our dream of vibrant and continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 37

Laura & Julie’s Wedding

continued from previous page rich fall colors and create beautiful,

Another special moment was when

above. She did an amazing job cap-

eye-catching arrangements and bou-

we stopped to take in our wedding.

turing all of our favorite moments,

quets. The colorful flowers stood out

We stood up in the “crows nest” of

and we’ll look back on them for years

in the barn and in all of the photo-

the barn’s balcony by ourselves just to

to come.

graphs. They were a very important

watch all of our guests, hear the won-

part of the look and theme of our

derful music, see the beautiful flow-


ers and reflect on the overwhelming feeling of love and support. We had

What wes the most memorable moment? We took salsa lessons several years ago and attended refresher classes prior to the wedding. Our most memorable moment was definitely

the unique luck of having a harvest moon, a lunar eclipse and a blood moon during our wedding reception. We took this as a sign of blessing, luck and love.

Tell us about your cake. Julie’s sister created a personalized cake topper made of spun cotton people crafted in the image of Julie and Laura in their wedding outfits. We were over the moon with our four layer cake from Montilio’s Baking Company, which was the most delicious cake we have ever had.

during our first dance. We danced

Who was your phoptographer?

salsa to Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose

Our outstanding photographer, Kris-

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

You”. Toward the end of the song we

ten Schuler Photography, took ad-

After the wedding we took a “mini

had the DJ invite all the guests to join

vantage of this rare celestial event, as

moon” in Provincetown at a bou-

us on the dance floor. It was wild hav-

did our guests. We were so privileged

tique B&B. We plan to honeymoon

ing everyone surround us and join us

to work with such a fantastic artist

this summer, possibly in the Galapa-

in our first dance.

as Kristen – her work is truly a step

gos Islands.

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Laura & Julie’s Wedding

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Select Wedding Services Royden Richardson Justice of the Peace

Cape Cod a beautiful place to be married…


129 So. Main St., Centerville

Elegant, personal, full service wedding catering


‘Beautiful and affordable, have the wedding you envision” ‘For the perfect and worry free wedding day’

(781) 286-1273,

Smolak Farms Beauty, Serenity, Happiness, Love... Weddings at Smolak Farms

978.697.1723 315 South Bradford St. North Andover, MA |

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6 Nipmuc Drive, Route 16 Mendon, MA 01756

Elegant Waterfront Location


Magnificent 15 acre destination venue providing a special event experience like no other. Three open air lakeside ceremony sites; two-tiered stone patio; ballroom with panoramic views. Chef prepared cuisine and outstanding service from start to finish. Endless photo opportunities with the pristine lake and Grand View’s Mediterranean style water fountains, waterfalls, and statuaries, all on lush manicured grounds. An additional amenity is The Chalet at Grand View, a fully renovated four-bedroom, two-bath, contemporary lakeinspired home, which comfortably accommodates brides, grooms and up to 20 of their overnight guests. Located in Central Massachusetts, in the Town of Mendon, with hotels in a 7 mile range

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Ho m e Styles By C. Adams

New England is, in many ways, the cultural mecca of the United States. And, with a heritage dating back almost 400 years, New England boasts a broad selection of house styles to interest architects, history buffs, and casual observers alike. In fact, it’s here in the northeast where most encounter more housing styles and themes than in any other region in the United States. Because of this, it’s fair to assume that many New Englanders maintain an awareness of different and unique edifice structures above and beyond what the average say, mid-westerner might. I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a brief, general guide to some of the different, historical styles that you can plan on seeing walking down the street. 42 savoirflairmagazine

17th-century colonial houses were the first style established as our ancestors settled on our shores around 1630, and they remained the style for about a century (up to 1640, roughly). Colonials tended to be modest, simple woodenframe structures, covered in long, narrow pine clapboards (running lengthways) or, occasionally. shingles. Sheer survival was the name of the game, so the houses didn’t feature much in the way of such embellishments as porches, window trim – or even paint! They were plain and humble homes – at least, in initial appearance. But what they lacked in visual appeal, they made up in sheer strength. Colonials were solidly designed to withstand the beating meted out by our brutal, snowy winters, our tempestuous, damp springs, and our scorching summers. The centerpiece of these homes was usually a gigantic fireplace, with its large chimney jutting up through a steep, sharply angled roof – shaped as such to minimize the collection of snow. Heat retention being a primary concern, the sole door usually faces south, in the opposite direction of the stiff north wind; the windows are small paned and the doors Photo: Thomas Kelley Above: The Kistler House is a historic house at 945 Beacon Street in Newton, Massachusetts. The 2 1/2 story wood frame house was built in 1893, and is one of Newton Center’s most elaborate Colonial Revival houses. It has a veranda that wraps around two sides of the house, although a porch shelters the front facade. The porch is supported by clusters of slender columns, with a projecting central section framing the main entrance, which has leaded glass sidelight windows. A Palladian window stands above the main entrance, and the cornice line is embellished with egg-and-dart moulding, lentil moulding, and a frieze decorated with swags. Andrew Kistler, the owner, was a leather dealer working in Boston. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986

vertically-planked for the very same reason. Initially, Colonials were as simple as you’d expect; a mere two rooms (one downstairs, one up – the upstairs sometimes producing an overhanging jut on the exterior, which is called “the Garrison style.”) Eventually, however, as families grew and new generations emerged, adcontinues on page 46

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Mark’s Master Service Hardwood Floor Sanding

Make your old wood floors look new!

Refinishing & Installation Wood Floor Face-Lifting


Tile ◊ Marble ◊ Granite ◊ Quartz QUALITY ◊ SELECTION ◊ SERVICE

Design & Installation Service

No matter the size of your job, we will provide you the highest level of service. 617.926.3585 222 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472 savoirflairmagazine 45

Historic Home Styles continued from page 43

ditions would be built in the back of the original structures. Sometimes these simple additions were used for storage purposes, hence their name of “saltboxes.”

Colonial (1625-1725)

Sill at Grade | Center Chimney | Steep Roof Pitch

pitched, and an increasing amount are shingled. Scholars remain uncertain about such elaborations as a coat of paint on the exteriors. That said, these homes give the impression that young colonies were acclimating comfortably – even leisurely – to their new environs. The care and even, measured uniformity of the Georgian window and door placements; the facades are always perfectly symmetrical, and the second story always features an odd amount of windows – no more than seven, no fewer than three. The first floor perfectly mimics the second, the only difference being the center-placed door. Both the windows and the doors are slightly more complex than those of the Colonials. The windows are double-hung, with anywhere from nine to 12 panes per sash. The planked single-door style had given way to panels – occasionally on a double-door,

The classic “Cape Cod” house is a variation on the standard colonial. It is similarly Spartan, although these tend to be only one-and a half stories high. The roof is still pitched (although not, perhaps, at such a steep angle as its predecessor) with very little space separating its gutter and windows. The “full Cape” style exhibits one main central door, flanked by two equidistant left and right windows on each side. Variations on the full Cape include the” three-quarters Cape,” (two windows on one side of the door, one on the other) and the “half-cape”, the difference again being window count (just two, again placed symmetrically apart from the door). Georgian style houses were produced from around 1700 to 1780 (although the style continued to find its way onto construction up through around 1830). Like their predecessors, their design is simple and boxy. They are, however, much larger – two stories high and two rooms deep. The roofs aren’t nearly as severely 46 savoirflairmagazine

replete with such adornments as flattened “columns,” and an overhead crown, with simple, square moulding embellishments. All very minimal, perhaps a little stiff – but a definite progression from the grim austerity and minimal severity of the Colonials. At the heels of Geor-

Georgian (1700 -1780)

Pair of Chimneys| Center Entry | Gambel Roof Two Rooms Deep | Triangular Pediment | Raised Foundations

Historic Home Styles



Quality Brands at Great Prices!

made their arrival. These were mostly constructed between 1780 and 1820, although some were built as late as 1840. These were

• Sales • Service

(508) 655-9151


Store Hours Mon / Tue / Fri • 9-5:30 Wed / Thur • 9-8 Sat • 9-4

Many other leading brands. Hundreds of Styles. Recommended by kitchen designers and architects.

gians, the “Adam-style” or “Federal” homes

Pair of Chimneys | Center Entry | Low Hipped Roof Cornice | Smaller 3rd Floor Windows | 6 over 6 windows

For Information / Prices Visit our showroom at 30 N. Main St., Natick



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custom & ready made • shades • blinds • drapes • Sheers • decorative hardware

a close cousin to the Georgians, but with an increase in artistic elaboration. The crowns on the front doorway, for example, tended to feature semi-circular designs, as opposed to the rigid squares and rectangles of the Georgians. Also, the Federals had a larger volume of glasswork – sometimes including vertical sidelights by the front door and large, tripartite Palladian over it. Window panes are generally larger – up to one foot in width - although the pane count is usually limited to six per sash, whereas Georgian homes might sport nine or 12. Further

Full service

artistic flourishes also grace the glasswork,


the arches, and occasional decorative cor-

Design and Decorating Installation | Repair Services (781) 438-8151 • 367 Main St., Stoneham, MA

such as lintels above the windows or within nices can be found. Sometimes friezes of flowing garlands accompany the dential moldings or doorway areas. These fluid continues on page 56

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Traditional Interior Home Elements

Traditional furnishings can hail from 18th century England, the French countryside or even the exotic lands of the East. Among the most popular traditional styles are British Colonial revival, 18th century English, 19th century Neoclassical and French Country. Here's how the traditional style breaks down: Colors: Peach and green tones are balanced with aubergine and tan for a slightly floral but unfussy palette. These colors can be enhanced with bronze accents and warm wood tones for an inviting, comforting interior. Windows: A tailored look takes over windows with a formal swag-and-panel combination. Panels are gathered loosely with tasseled cords. Fringe accents the swag treatment, adding a design detail to the scalloped edges. Fabrics: A small print on a pillow pairs nicely with a sofa with an all-over floral pattern. Damask is a good choice for a traditional interior because the weave creates both a dull and a shiny texture that works well with a variety of trim, tassels and fringe. Accessories: Still-life oil paintings, gilt frames and an emphasis on pairs lend a room a proper traditional feeling. To further the look, bring in a crystal chandelier, some silver candlesticks, and fresh or silk flowers in a grand vase.

M-F: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sat.: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Closed Sunday

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Paul’s Auto Body

Glass w Detailing

For all your auto body repair needs, contact our team of experienced technicians at Paul’s Auto Body in Quincy. Offering complete auto body repair and

glass replacement services

617-471-6280 384 Centre St. Quincy, MA savoirflairmagazine 49

Chic + Sleek + Automobiles

For many of us, automobile style can be as exciting as a museum trip to see an original Jackson Pollack painting. The marriage of art and technology, make these icons a head turning experience on every street, everywhere. Chic and sleek, they cut through the atmosphere like aerodynamic miracles, missing only wings and rocket fuel for a trip to the moon. Here are some of our picks for a chic and sleek ride...

50 savoirflairmagazine

by John Axelrod



SHék adjective

1. elegantly and stylishly fashionable. synonyms: stylish, elegant, sophisticated, dressy, smart; More antonym:unfashionable noun: chic 1. stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind. "French chic" Origin mid 19th century: from French, probably from German Schick ‘skill.’


slék adjective

1 (of hair, fur, or skin) smooth and glossy. "he was tall, with sleek, dark hair" synonyms: smooth, glossy, shiny, shining, lustrous, silken, silky "his sleek dark hair" synonyms: streamlined, trim, elegant, graceful "the car's sleek lines" ingratiating; unctuous. "she gave Guy a sleek smile to underline her words" verb verb: sleek; 3rd person present: sleeks; past tense: sleeked; past participle: sleeked; gerund or present participle: sleeking 1. make (the hair) smooth and glossy, typically by applying pressure or moisture to it. "her black hair was sleeked down"


els. The Superveloce takes that

of which, with its spikes and blades,

and embellishes it. The combi-

looks like the ultimate BDSM su-

nation of black accents and

percar but nobody will tie this car

Aventador is an elegant

vibrant paint choices gives this

down. The new nose, optimized un-

beast of a car. With hard body

car a visual balance that ac-

derbody panel, huge rear diffuser,

lines, iconic Lamborghini doors,

centuates it’s powerful stance.

and new, manually adjustable high

and a stance wider than a Ford

Everything about this car says

rear wing; increase vertical down

F-150, it’s butch in the streets. If


force by 170 percent and total

this car was a guy it would be

Lamborghini designers

aerodynamic efficiency increased

one of Herb Rist’s favorite mod-

reworked the nose, the profile

by 150 percent. Wow...


continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 51

Chic + Sleek + Automobiles continued from previous page

Jaguar XF The XF’s just plain handsome, with style that’s strikingly elegant. The grille pulls forward from the car, flanked by slim head lamps that arc upward in a “J” shape, and sit on big air intakes. It’s subdued but sporty in the same way that Jaguar’s next sedan, the compact XE, carries off well–and that’s no surprise, since from the fender vents to the tilt of the front glass, the XE and XF are neartwins. At the rear of its roof line, the XF breaks away from the XE

Alfa Romeo Giulia

with a longer roof line and forward-canted roof pillars that give

The slogan for this sleek car sums it up; ‘Quintessentially Italian and unmistakably Alfa Romeo.’ All cash with lots of flash. It combines a refined, sporty design, a powerful engine & advanced technology. It smoothly, glides, quietly over the road with a distinctive grace. There’s no overkill here, for this elegant exterior. It’s just right. The

it the space to tuck in a third window behind the rear doors. The rear fascia cuts through some of the bulk of the rear end with a steep cut line. This is the styling and panaché you’re looking for in a dressed to impress vehicle.

stand out exterior elements are the 19” aluminum wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, bi-xenon headlights, active aero front splitter, four rear chrome exhaust tailpipes, functional vents on the front hood and fenders, Alfa Romeo signature grille and aerodynamic carbon fiber appliques. The interior is rich in details and made with exceptional materials. The dashboard of the Quadrifoglio is leather wrapped, enhanced by genuine carbon fiber inserts. The available lightweight Sparco® carbon fiber seats are upholstered in Alcantara® and leather, detailed with contrast stitching. After experiencing this interior you’ll want to give up your condo and move in...

tires • auto repairs Scheduled Maintenance for Less than the Dealers! Watertown, 126 Galen St., (617) 923-1800 Norwood, 981 Providence Hwy. Rt 1, (781) 255-0700 Peabody, 231 Andover St., Rt 114, (978) 532-5400 Natick, 321 Speen St., Cloverleaf Mall, (508) 655-4455


29 Newfield Ave. Hartford, CT 06109

3 year / 100,000 mile warranty 52 savoirflairmagazine

Glenville Terrace Auto Service Approved By Your Insurance Company Allston • Brighton • Brookline Mechanical Service on Vehicles Foreign & Domestic factory trained techicians Owner has 27 years repair experience. We prefer to use original parts. emmisions experts • state inspections • check engine lamp solutions. • regular scheduled maintenance. oil changes,timing belts, tune ups Straight forward and friendly service. We care! Eco conscious facility.


Harvard Ave.

1/2 Block To T

* Glenville Terrace Comm. Ave.

10 Glenville Terr., Allston, MA

Chic + Sleek + Automobiles Aston Martin Vanquish A truly luxurious sport car although Aston Martin calls the Vanquish a “super grand touring” machine, not a super sports car. The lines, the design, and the curves are dynamic giving it real sports car zing. And the Vanquish, is impeccably styled, slightly old-fashioned. It is the sort of car you could imagine a dissolute European driving away from a casino as the sun comes up. It delivers to its owners the sort of exclusivity that—by its very definition—you can’t buy. Certainly one of the most lovely things on four wheels and tasteful in a little show offy manner.

Corvette Z06


The iconic chic and sleek American car with macho; the Corvette lets us live the USA’s auto dream. Every element of 2016 Corvette Stingray makes it the most refined Stingray ever made. The three new design packages offered on 2016 Z06 offer customers more choices for a tailored look and feel of their Corvette. Each gives the vehicle a distinctive, customized appearance that reflects the different roles the Corvette plays in different customers’ experiences – from high-performance to grand touring. continues on next page

Supreme Auto Body, Inc. Since 1976 Full service collision repair Auto glass services All insurance companies

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367 Mystic Ave., Medford

Quality Preowned Luxury Automobiles

1134 Broadway Saugus, MA

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Chic + Sleek + Automobiles continued from previous page

Porsche 918 Spyder Truly a delicate balance of form and function on four wheels, the 918 Spyder looks like a race car for the road. Its silhouette is characterized by a low front end, heavily sculpted flanks, numerous air vents, a unique “top pipe” exhaust system and 911 inspired tail lamps. Carbon fiber aerodynamic add-ons, a functional air diffuser integrated into the rear bumper and large center-locking wheels gives this vehicle major kudos on every street.

bmw z4 2016 This beautiful Beamer is a two-seat hardtop convertible that provides a blend of luxury, style and the expected precision BMW handling dynamics. Many of the exterior polarizing features of the previous model design have been toned down for the latest Z4, resulting in a more elegant look. The styling takes inspiration from the Z8’s elongated profile, while the overall proportions remain true to classic long-hood, short rear-deck formula used by successful sports cars for decades.

We provide fast, courteous service and can answer all claim questions. Call us for a seamless repair experience!



8B Woodfin Ter. | Marblehead | 54 savoirflairmagazine


formerly known as Hondaa King

We service Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, & late model Kia and Hyunda 4 Guaranteed, first quality service 4 34 years 4

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We are one of Boston’s largest INDEPENDENT* Honda and Acura repair and service centers. Our ASE trained and certified technicians have over 30 years of Honda experience. We perform all recommended Honda service schedule maintenances and quality repairs with prices far below that of a dealership. In addition, we use genuine Honda parts, which have one purpose to make Hondas perform at peak efficiency. Why Pay Dealership Rates?

(617) 787-1233 •

283 Western Ave., Boston MA 02134 savoirflairmagazine 55

Historic Home Styles continued from page 47

forms are a dramatic stylish break from the rigid vertical and horizontal lines on the Georgians. The front en-



Maintenance, LLC

Landscaping & Snow Removal

trance way would often include a small porch, and, for further embellishment, bays and even balconies began appearing. These would become the norm on the stately town houses that lined Boston’s famed Beacon Hill. Such artifice and sophistication indicated the growing wealth and prosperity of the colonies, fresh from their victory over Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Around 1830 to 1850, New England had a brief love affair with Greek revival houses, modeled after the famed structures that could be found most predomi-

Greek Revival(1830-1850)

Small Chimney | Recessed off Center Entry | Low Pitched Roof Heavy Entabulature, Cornices and Pilasters | Pediments

Office: 508-775-4550 Cell: 774-487-4566 • Landscape Design & installation • lawn & shrub maintenance (planting,pruning & lawn sodding) • outdoor lighting • Waterfalls • fountains • raised stone patios & walkways • retaining walls• stone barbecues & fire pits • Home improvement & carpentry • Debris removal & disposal

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nantly in Athens. And who can blame such passion

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for the bold, classical lines in the architecture of birthplace of democracy, as the states was developing its own? That said, these homes present an incongruous anomaly alongside the other styles of the period, and the phase passed fairly quickly. However, use of front gables – with illustrative cornices - endured, (as opposed to the previous strict adherence to unadorned side gables). Also, homes of the well-heeled began to feature such extravagances as balconies and bows on the façade. 56 savoirflairmagazine

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Historic Home Styles Victorian Houses began appearing around 1855 and were built up to the turn of the 20th century. These homes were virtually celebratory, bursting with lush, fluid designs, as architects and home builders began experimenting with new shapes, sizes, and ideas – not just with moldings and cornices, but with the feel and structure of the edifices themselves. They shed the influences of the past – the proud Grecian columns, the

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straight-laced, clean lines and symmetry of the Georgians and Federals, and gave their imaginations free reign. That said, some more-or-less common elements included multi-gabled roofs, scattered windows of any size or shape, and playful, sometimes almost rococo detailing. Roofs were often patterned, and walls might be multi-textured. Any repression in Victorian culture was nowhere to be seen in these dazzling works of fine art! As an example, one Victorian sub-style is called the “Second Empire” home. These stately domiciles provide a regal presence. Replete with decorative brackets continues on next page

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carrying a mansard roof, iron roof cresting, projected central pavilions, and very tall windows, these homes resonate with a certain majesty, glory, and are intended to facilitate an experience of awe. One type of Second Empire home is the Queen Anne, with mutli-tiered levels, vaulting, pointed spires, and, sometimes, corner bays - even rounded towers and “widow’s walks!” Queen Annes also occasionally featured patterned shingling, stained glass windows, and spindle work porches. Shingle houses, on the other hand, reeled in the dizzying display and minimized the complexity, but still utilized patterned shingles, smooth walls, and multi-eaved rooflines with intersecting gables. This is just a small taste of the kinds of homes on display in New England. A brief Google search will provide you with a wealth of images and information to fully illustrate other aspects of the New England architectural experience.

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to gay customers could have their liquor licenses revoked, so mobsters paid off police to turn a blind eye, thereby gaining a lucrative niche market.

Stonewall Inn Bevy Of Blackmail Stonewall’s mafioso owners reportedly engaged in extortion. Employees singled out wealthy patrons who were not public about their sexuality, and blackmailed them for large sums of money with the threat of being ‘outed.’

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Black Cat Tavern Riots Two years before the Stonewall riots, The Black Cat Tavern, a gay bar in LA, was raided by police, and much like what occurred at Stonewall, the patrons fought back and eventually began a protest against the police. Two of the patrons were so enraged, they began a publication for the gay population of Los Angeles, The Advocate.

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Oldest LGBT Organization The oldest surviving LGBT organization in the world is Netherland’s Center for Culture and Leisure (COC), which was founded in 1946, and used a ‘cover name’ to mask its taboo purpose. Still active today; for more information on the COC, go to their site

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Little Known Pride Facts

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Wild in the San Francisco Woods In 1976, San Francisco’s Civic Center was undergoing renovation, and couldn’t host the post-Pride parade celebrations. Instead, the festival site was moved to the Golden Gate Park. Confronted with uncharacteristically intense heat, many attendees shed most, or all, of their clothing. When the sound system failed, scantily-clad celebrators took to the woods for shade and entertainment, and the festival became one of the craziest San Francisco has ever seen. A year later, the ‘Save Our Children’ campaign cited the wild wood celebrations as evidence of homosexual godlessness and immorality.

The Rise of ‘Pride’

DOT Lic. # 1362673 MC Lic. # 521972 MADPU Lic. # 39179

Early marches commonly used ‘Gay Liberation,’ and ‘Freedom,’ in their names. Then, with cultural changes and decreased militancy in the 1980s and 1990s, these words became less frequent, and the term ‘Gay Pride,’ became commonly used. Today the acronym; LGBT is used throughout the country as an all inclusive description of our community.

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