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BOOK REVIEW x3 | Essential Ru Paul, Accepted + By Terri Schlichenmeyer

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Book Review x 3

Herstory, Philosophy & Her Fiercest Queens” by John Davis Illustrated by Libby Vanderploeg c.2016, Smith Street Books $14.95 / $19.95 Canada, 95 pages

Book Review x 3

“The Essential RuPaul:

The Queen has spoken. Everyone listens because, well, how can they not? Her bearing, her stature, her very demeanor demand attention from all her subjects and in the new book “The Essential RuPaul” by John Davis, illustrations by Libby Vanderploeg, these queens have a lot to say. When RuPaul Andre Charles was a little boy, his mother told him that he would be a star someday, and she’d given him an unusual name, just so he’d stand out. That’s what he did, starting in his teens when he dropped out of the North Atlanta School of Performing Arts and began to “find his calling.” On his way, he was a member of a punk rock band, he performed as a go-go dancer, hosted a talk-show, and “hosted numerous local events” in Atlanta. Later, he moved to New York and acted in films. By 1989, after a few pauses in his fabulosity, he became “RuPaul the glamazon” and went on to even bigger fame in fashion, modeling, music, TV, and cosmetics. Following the 9/11 attacks, RuPaul briefly and “quietly” stepped back from show biz to “take a break,” but he couldn’t stay away long: in 2009, he launched RuPaul’s Drag Race, a television show that featured snarky judges and competitors in performance, sewing, comedy, and (of course) drag. In this book, we meet some of them…

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There’s Santino Rice, a Drag Race judge whose comments cut like a razor blade. Adore Delano, whose last-minute debut came on YouTube after her creator, Danny Noriega, appeared on American Idol. Alaska, a “Tacky Blonde Bombshell” who hailed from the state she was named after. There’s Cameroon native BeBe Zahara Benet, who arrived following a modeling gig from “an unexpected no-show of a female model.” Drag housewife BedDeLaCreme has created her own cosmetics line, featuring cruelty-free products. Following her taping of Drag Race in 2010, Carmen Carrera is now a trans TV star. Cher impersonator Chad Michaels has been fortunate to perform with Cher herself. Manila Luzon’s first appearance was as Cruella de Vil, and performer Nina Flowers enjoys her own “day” in the Denver LGBT community. “The Essential RuPaul” is one really quirky book. Despite that its subtitle promises “Herstory” and more, there’s really very little here about RuPaul; four pages, to be exact, and one of those is almost totally just an illustration by artist Libby Vanderploeg. The rest of this book, alas, only has tentative relevance to RuPaul, through the drag queens that appeared on her show. And that’s fine – if that narrow subject is what you want. Author John Davis does a good job in bringing together a bedazzle of performers in this book, but the list is frustrating in its incompleteness and the mini-chapters with mini-biographies are woefully short and quite repetitious. That, plus the misleading title may frustrate some readers but yet, fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race probably won’t care. They’ll enjoy this book no matter what. If that’s you, then you’ll be happy when you find “The Essential RuPaul.” And long live the queens.

the moves and you really throw your arm into it for the win. Hands-down, you’re the best. So now read “Accepted” by Pat Patterson (with Bertrand Hebert) and take it to the mat. Pierre Clermont understood poverty. As one of eleven children plus parents in a two-bedroom apartment in a poor Montreal neighborhood, he was acquainted with lacks of privacy, hot water, and food. He and his younger brother slept in a closet, because there was nowhere else to sleep. Perhaps because he was one of a crowd at home, young Pierre longed to set himself apart and he loved to “create a show and get a crowd to come out and watch.” He thought of becoming a priest, joining the circus, or somehow performing, so when his mother found a ticket to a wrestling match as a premium with a loaf of bread, Pierre became determined to see that show. He was right – it was a life-changer. Pierre fell in love with wrestling and, because he knew someone whose

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“Accepted: How the First Gay Superstar Changed WWE” by Pat Patterson with Bertrand Hebert, foreword by Vincent K. McMahon c.2016, ECW Press $25.95 / $27.95 Canada 258 pages You are the champion of all-time. Nobody can beat you; nobody can even tie your record. When it comes to thumb-wresting, you know all savoirflairmagazine 7

Book Review x 3 continued from previous page father was a promoter, he began training to be a pro wrestler. He changed his name to Pat Patterson and, at around that time, he also began to understand why “girls just weren’t doing it for me.” He was gay, an ultimate admission that got him kicked out of the family home. In Boston – his next home of many – Patterson had to learn English while he worked his way up the prowrestling ladder. He became the “bad guy” on the mat, and developed a ring persona. Also in Boston, he was set up with a man who “looked spectacular,” and with whom Patterson fell in love; he brought Louie Dondero into his act and his life for the next many decades, and they traveled the world on behalf of Patterson’s career. And though their relationship and their sexuality might have seemed out-of-place in an über-macho industry like pro-wrestling, says Patterson, “being gay turned out not to be an issue at all.” Or was it? Did it have anything to do with the “scandal” to which author Pat Patterson (with Bertrand Hebert) mysteriously alludes? Plenty is said about old friends, old matches, and off-work highjinks but “Accepted” only merely bumps into that subject about which fans still argue. But what’s in here for non-fans? Well, not much. Patterson’s love of pranks is clear in this book, which makes it mildly entertaining, and there are many times when he points out how times have changed. That’s interesting but, for non-fans, those bits are overwhelmed by names, travels, venues, organizations, and more names that might not make much sense. Yes, you’ll find a story of an openly-gay athlete at a closeted time in history in this book, but there’s a lot to sort through to get there. Non-fans might want to think twice about reading it, but for pro-wrestling followers, “Accepted” is two thumbs up.\

“The Joy of Swimming” by Lisa Congdon c.2016, Chronicle Books $18.95 / $26.95 Canads 141 pages People say you’re all wet. Maybe that’s not the nicest thing you’ve ever heard but hey! If something’s true, it’s true, right? Yep, you

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love being in a pool, lake, pond, the ocean, a puddle, it doesn’t matter. And in “The Joy of Swimming” by Lisa Congdon, you’ll meet like-minded people in swimsuits. At the tender age of eight, Lisa Congdon learned to love swimming when her mother signed her up for swim team near their California home. It was fun, but it was work, and her interest in swimming declined: life got in the way, school demanded time, injuries happened. It wasn’t until college, after she came out as a lesbian, that Congdon resumed the sport in earnest, and it connected her to the better parts of her life. Swimmers, as she shows in this book, come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Gertrude Ederle, for instance, was just twenty years old when she swam the English Channel in under 15 hours, a record she held for a quarter-century. Johnny Weissmuller, who later played Tarzan in the movies, was the first person to swim the 100-meter freestyle in less than a minute. Roxanne Winston thinks more black swimmers should “feel inspired to join the sport.” Kimberly Chambers almost lost her leg to “a freak accident,” but she still swims. Chel Micheline finds that being in the water frees her

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Offseason Provincetown after summer tourists go away...

Miniseries to debut on Amazon Prime This low budget 14 episode TV miniseries is set in Provincetown after the summer tourists depart. This is a typical whodunit, so there’s a murder to solve. Nearly five years of writing, filming and editing on this series that involved much of Provincetown, resulted in episodes between 35 and 45 minutes long. Production settings are homes and businesses along with the natural landscape of the National Sea-

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shore’s dunes and beaches. Filmmaker/star Nathan Butera of Seize the Roses Production who stars as a down-onhis-luck fisherman, began writing “Offseason” in 2011. Filming took place in the winters of 2012 and 2013 with a 15 member local cast. Through the Amazon Video Di-

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rect self-distribution, “Offseason” will be offered for a small per-episode fee like other TV series, and Amazon gets a percentage. So bundle up in front of the TV and get your Firestick ready for this local New England TV experience.

5 minutes off Rte. 93, Exit 3 Follow the Lobster Tail Signs

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Community Cruising

by Don Fuchs There has never been a better time for the LGBT community to consider a cruise for the perfect vacation option. There are so many choice offerings in the Ocean Cruise and River Cruise marketplace for the LGBTQ traveler. One such offering is the full ship charter by Atlantis Events on the largest cruise ship in the world where thousands of men (and women) party for a week. The River cruise market in Europe serves capacities of around 200 or so men and women. These cruises concentrate more on learning about and experiencing the cultural aspects of the countries of visited. There are several LGBT travel companies that book group space on a ship which results in a mixture of gay and straight travelers. Those travel companies often host cocktail parties and other activities for the LGBTQ travel groups on board. If the timing of your vacation does not correspond to one of the big all-gay cruise vacations, don’t worry, many of the popular cruise lines now offer a cocktail party for their LGBTQ guests. Times have changed since the days when message boards advertised a time and place for gatherings where “friends of Dorothy” could meet up with other gays. Now most all cruise ship lines openly offer a space for gays to meet each other on the ship. Many nights the gathering grows as gays and straights (who happen to be

10 savoirflairmagazine

visiting the bar on the ship) become great friends. For our lesbian travelers, Olivia Travel caters to the traveling lesbians. Olivia charters smaller ships and often have guest speakers offering a lecture series while onboard. We are also seeing a number of Internet based travel companies that try and match up Gay travelers going on the same ship. There are several that offer a program to match solo travelers with a roommate. This is proving to be very helpful with solo travelers who don’t want to pay the additional single supplement charge for solo travelers. Many of these match ups become great friends and travel together all the time. Here are some examples of the companies providing cruise options for the LGBTQ market. Atlantis Events caters largely to younger gay male travelers while RSVP Vacations (Atlantis’ sister company) caters to an older Gay crowd: Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations typically charter the entire ship for their cruises. RSVP and Atlantis typically charter different cruise lines and ships to give the gay traveler different and exciting experiences. Companies like Brand G Vacations charter smaller river cruise ships for their European, South Asian, and South American routes. On a River cruise you discover countries like Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, and Hungary in Europe and other river destinations around the world. With all of these offerings, it’s really easy now to be a Gay traveler especially on a cruise.

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Gay + Straight



Photo: Cura Photography

By N. McCarty The bonds between gay men and straight women have been written about and featured in popular media (i.e. Sex in the City, Will and Grace), however a lot less has been said about how gay and straight men recognize and negotiate the distinct challenges, complications, and rewards of their friendships. As Dr. Robert Garfield’s book, Breaking the Male Code: Unlocking the Power of Friendship; states there are many obstacles to male-male platonic intimacy. Fear of homosexuality looms large. Straight men fret that if they get too close, others will see them as gay, which in their minds means feminine (horrors!), weak, and perverted. Perhaps even scarier is that their emotional connections will somehow morph into sexual attraction. In George Chauncey’s book, Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World 1890-1940 in the U.S., before there was such a thing as a gay identity, some straight men would, with little shame, engage in sexual contact with other men when female partners were otherwise unavailable.

12 savoirflairmagazine

More recently in 2010, the now defunct website

viously more emotional. Also David has never said

Gawker, writer Brian Moylan penned the Contract

a mean thing to me in my life. He loves theater far

for the Gay Guy/Straight Guy Friendship. Fraught

more than I do and I discovered that if I could keep

with stereotypes, most of these rules were pretty asi-

as busy as him, my overall attitude might be better. “

nine; such as gay men need help with butch stuff

I know I have done a great deal of things with him as

like carpentry. Sure they do. Tell that to all the gay

far as events and social gatherings, movies, theatre,

home renovators, carpenters and builders. Another

etc, but he would never attend Pride. It’s just isn’t his

rule includes: We Don’t Want to Have Sex With You

thing.” When asked if there are any taboo subjects,

(who says gay men want all straight men) and Don’t

Michael explains, “In regards to avoidable topics the

expect that we’re going to be the guy you point

closest I can come to that is that he’s Jewish and I’m

to when you have to say, “I love gay people! I’m

Catholic - he really does not want to hear anything

friends with a gay!… We may be on different teams,

about Jesus - although he doesn’t really like if I make

but as men we’re all playing the same sport.It goes

jokes about either religion - he’s very respectful of

on and on, straight men are afraid gay men want to

both religions.” Michael also added, “He is just a very

do a make over on them. Give us a break.

sort of straight up kinda guy that respects his own

At the end of the list it reminds straight and gay men

space and others. He’s Into education, theatre,

that gay men are men…Remember, We’re All Men:

community and work.

We still have the same masculine tendencies you do.

marrying kind that just never did. You have to value

He seems like the perfect

your friends; he seems precious to me sometimes — To get a real realistic look at these gay/straight

like a gift — it doesn’t matter if he is straight or trans-

friendships we spoke to some local New England-

gender - it’s the friendship.”

ers. What we found was yes, gay men and straight men can be friends. Sometimes it’s a friendship born out of similar interests, at other times the friendship develops through work. James and Peter are one such work friendship. While working as a waiter in the Back Bay of Boston, James would go out after work with a group. A co-worker Peter lived close by and they would share a cab ride home. They joked and laughed about some of the stranger customers at the restaurant. After a while they became friends beyond work. Beer in hand, Peter came over to watch a Patriots football game with James. James says, “with the younger generation it’s not a big issue but you have to be respectful of each other. I can’t say Peter and I are best friends but we are friends. He’s just an awesome guy.” Peter says of James, “ He’s so much fun and a really good person. We’ve had a lot of good laughs together and like hanging out.” Michael and David met at Community Theater over 20 years ago. Michael who is gay says, “David is a very level headed man laden with logic. I am ob-

In Providence, two men became roommates and friends. Joe worked as a bartender in a upscale restaurant for many years with William the restaurant’s manager. When Joe needed a new apartment he asked around at work and William offered him a share. Joe who is straight found as he put it, “ a great living situation and a friend.” “On occasion we go to the movies together, with and without my girlfriend and celebrate many holidays together since both our families are on the West Coast. We joke about we’re the Felix and Oscar of Providence.” Joe adds, “one of the by products of living with William is, I’ve learned to be very neat which I wasn’t exactly a slob before but I do have a heighten awareness of picking up after myself.” When asked if he was worried if people think he’s gay he responded, “Am I worried if people think I’m gay. I‘m old enough not to care what others think since I know who I am.” When the question of gay/straight men friendship comes up on a location based online gay forum. continued on next page

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Gay/Straight Guy Friends continued from previous page

Much of it focuses on gay men’s attraction to straight men. One gay man sums it up nicely. “Personally I don’t have any problem being friends with straight men because I’m entirely narcissistic. If you’re not into me, then I’m SO not into you.

So I’ve found

no problems there. I have many straight male friends. I have found, however, that most straight men I can be friends with are those who are very comfortable in their straightness, just as I’m very comfortable with my own sexuality. The bottom line is, if you’re comfortable with who you are, I think there’s no reason you can’t be friends. You can make the same argument about gay men being friends with each-other....” A straight man writes on this same forum; “I’m good friends with

Suzanne G. Maher V.M.D

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19 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, MA (781) 639-1300

a gay guy–who’s more straight than I am sometimes, and I’m gayer than him sometimes, so we get along famously.” What seems to come out of the gay man / straight man friendship is for the gay man; acceptance, and yes love, from a guy who is


A New Tropical Foods!!

not interested in us sexually but accepts our sexuality which can begin to heal the difficulty we have experienced from our fa-

Tropical Foods is the pioneer ethnic food retailer in Boston. Although it remains the premier supermarket for Spanish, African-American, West Indian and African cuisine; Tropical Foods is the “Supermarket for Everyone.” Great selection of ethnic produce, curries, rice, beans, and hardto-find ethnic specialties from around the world 450 Melnea Cass Blvd., Roxbury, MA 02119

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thers, our bullying peers and society. For the straight man, friendship with a gay man offers the opportunity to learn important lessons about masculinity, male A Whole new type of Supermarket Roxbury’s Neighborhood Supermarket

617-442-7439 |

identity, sexual orientation, and diversity. There‘s a positive payoff for all parties.

Provincetown The Cupola

Edward M. Simpson, CPA Certified Public Accountant


20 Newman Ave., Suite 9010 East Providence, RI 02916

Boston Gun and Rifle Association

(617) 436-8846 1483 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA 02122

Painter, Francesco‘Cesco’ Lovascio di Santis Guarded by the often photographed Chiam Gross sculpture of the “Tourists” the beautifully restored Provincetown Library facade, has been the subject of painter Francesco Lovascio di Santis’ aka Cesco, Cupola Study. Cesco started his visual examination of the Cupola in the September of 2014, with a final exhibition on the library lawn, Labor Day weekend 2016. The painter’s cropping of this singular architectural feature isolates the most prominent and distinctive building’s architectural element. Echoing the original religious purpose of the building; the cupola defines the building soaring to the heavens. Inspired by the Cape School Impressionism’s sensibility for “light key” and “atmospheric envelope” this self taught painter refers to the Cupola’s color exterior, as “manila” “buttermilk” and “warmer than the original plain white evangelical structure.” Cesco can be seen throughout Provincetown with easel and his signature leather hat, capturing the beautiful natural setting as well as the man made structures of this beloved resort town. See more on Cesco’s projects at

www . bostongunclub . net

* Basic firearms safety * Hunter education We offer the most advanced firearms training * Home firearms safety to suit your needs * Reloading techniques * Personal Protection * Defensive spray (pepper spray) - class open to all * Straight/expandable baton (security personnel) * Basic hand defense (professional/security personnel) * Tactical handgun techniques - class open to all For a complete schedule of basic safety courses call 617-436-8846 or email

Joyal’s Liquors 100 Bourbons 350 Single Malt Scotches 125 Boutique Rums 165 Tequilas 1000 Premium Cigars Largest selection of Irish Whiskey in New England Temperature-Controlled wine storage. Best wine selection in central Rhode Island. 90 West Warwick Ave. (Rte. 117) • W. Warwick, RI 02893 (401) 822-0536

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at framers’ workshop you can do your own framing or have us do it for you Do It Yourself | Framing Materials | Custom Framing

Framers’ Workshop has been framing pictures in Boston for almost 40 years. We do good work, and so can you. Hours

Mon-Thu 10am - 9pm Fri & Sat 10am - 6pm Sun CLOSED

617.734.4995 278 Washington St., Brookline Village, MA

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Gift & Wedding Beautiful Creations

by N. McCarty We present the best wedding and gift jewelry in the area. Whether it’s a band, engagement ring or an engraved watch, this jewelry will inspire and delight all who receive it. So feast your eyes on these beautiful creations...

Brilliant 3 Row Platinum Diamond Ring

M. Pope & CO. Fine Jewelers Spectacular Three Row Diamond Band in Platinum. M. Pope & Co. is a boutique jeweler in the heart of Massachusetts run by partners Melissa and Michael Pope. As trained gemologists they specialize in custom design, diamonds, fine jewelry and repairs. continues on the next page

DASILVA Jewelry Design We offer custom made jewelry in all metals

Platinum | Gold | Sterling Silver

Come visit our showroom at 64 Water St., Attleborio, MA

508-455-4717 savoirflairmagazine 17

Gift & Wedding Beautiful Creations continued from previous page

the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane Design

by George Sawyer | Silverscape Designs Engagement, wedding and commitment rings by George Sawyer in the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume Gane. With origins dating to the original Samuari swords, George Sawyer carries the Mokume process forward to create an unique form of art jewelry that rewards the observer with new discoveries the longer and closer they look. Each piece is like a fingerprint, no two are exactly alike. However, mirrored patterns can be created for matching bands at the time of creation. Choosing from a wide variety of recycled metal combinations allows you to create your own one of a kind ring!



800 952 1538 617 426 0521

44 School St., Boston

18 savoirflairmagazine

Gift & Wedding Beautiful Creations

Pink SapphiRe E.B. Horn A magnificent natural purplish pink 3.98ct sapphire is set in a custom made 18kt rose gold diamond ring with 114 round brilliant cut diamond's totaling .77ct. The E.B. Horn Company is one of the oldest jewelry stores still in existence in the United States, and have been a part of Boston’s for 177 years.  Much has changed over the years, yet the look of the now famous jewelry store, the feeling of family and the oldfashioned traditions of quality, service and value have remained intact.  The family operated store boasts one of the largest selections of diamonds, jewelry and watches in New England.  It has a comprehensive estate jewelry department, which specializes in both buying and selling – attracting customers and dealers from all over the world. continues on the next page

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Gift & Wedding Beautiful Creations continued from previous page

East Meets West; Wedding Rings Marquis Jewelers Mokume Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique, developed in feudal Japan by master swordsmiths. These Mokume wedding rings are unique examples are some of the quality pieces available at Marquis Jewelers.

Marquis Jewelers is a family run business founded in1977. Our goal is to be your familiar family jeweler who will always provide you with superior selection and quality. We look forward to meeting and greeting you for that special purchase of a diamond, a watch, or a fine quality piece of fashion jewelry. All jewelry repairs are done on the premises and appraisal service is available to you while you wait.


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Gift & Wedding Beautiful Creations The marriage of Precious Metal and Diamonds ALCHEMY 9•2•5 This Belmont jeweler features the award winning artist, James Binnion and this ring is a technique called Mokume Gane incorporating; rose gold, yellow gold, palladium and sterling silver. In the heart of Belmont Center, ALCHEMY 9•2•5 is a contemporary jewelry and fine craft gallery that can meet every need for your unique and personal wedding jewelry.

SavoirFlair Advertising


V ictoria

P A Z Jewelry

Fine Diamonds Gold & Silver Platinum Custom Made

617.426.2618 43 Temple Pl. Boston, MA savoirflairmagazine 21

Creating a Focal Point in Home Decorating By Jan Burch The importance of a room's focal point is one of the key ideas in interior design. The focal point is a part of the room that's arranged and decorated to catch your attention when you walk in, and It gives your eyes a resting point when using the room. The focal point can also state the purpose of the room as well as set the mood. While any room can have a focal point, you'll find these ideas most useful for decorating important

22 savoirflairmagazine

spaces such as living rooms or family rooms, dens, dining rooms, and master bedrooms. A focal point can be developed around an architectural feature, artwork and collectibles, or a furniture grouping - or a combination of these elements. Architectural Features  If the room you're decorating has a fireplace, a window with a compelling view, or built-in bookshelves, consider yourself lucky. Any of these architectural features can create a natural focal point. Take advantage of your built-in focal point by arranging a seating area to face it, and place the room's other furnishings to direct the eye toward the feature.  Furniture and Groupings  Handsome furnishings can create a focal point when none exists. For example, if your living room or dining room lacks the interest of a built-in focal point, add a china cabinet or a series of display shelves on the long, windowless side of these rooms. In the family room, a media center can serve as a focal point that suits and enhances the room's function.  Furniture groupings can also add to an architectural feature, such as a bay window. Create a conversation area with two comfortable chairs and a small table. Or, install an armchair, footstool or ottoman, along with a lamp and side table for a comfortable reading nook that is also a focal point for the entire room.  Artwork and Collections  Whether displayed singly or in a gallery wall grouping, artwork and collectibles can create a memoAbove; This livingroom has a traditional focal point of the fireplace with a modern Asian modern linterpretation.

rable focal point in an otherwise featureless room. For example, a wall-mounted grouping of collectible plates can enliven a blank wall in an entryway. Artwork and collectibles can also be combined with architectural and furniture-based focal points. Think of a museum-quality painting hung over a fireplace

continues on the next page savoirflairmagazine 23

Decor | Focal Point continued from previous page mantel, or a collection of 1950s dinnerware displayed in a china cabinet in an eclectic dining room. Putting It All Together  When you've identified your focal point, place your furniture so that the main seating orients towards it. Then arrange accessories and artwork to create visual interest at the focal point. Choosing accessories in similar colors and themes

Decora, Schrock, Apple Valley, Legacy and JSI cabinetry All types of countertops from Granite, quartz, solid surface and laminates. We come out and measure, design and also offer installation of the above

will further unify the arrangement. Using a focal point in this manner helps bring order into a chaotic room. As you practice bringing this concept into your home decorating, you'll notice your rooms looking more cohesive and pulled together.


195 Squire Rd. Revere, Ma. 02151

(508) 769-8000

West Roxbury

Bringing Warmth & Beauty Inside • Gas, Wood & Pellet Stoves and Inserts • Fireplace Doors, Mantles & Accessories • Service & Installation of all our Products • Our Staff is NFI Certified & Factory Trained


151 Carnegie Row • Norwood, MA

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Historic Restoration

Kitchens | Baths | Tiling

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The 19th Century Home Revived By Anthony Sammarco Photos: Bruce Buck Photography The streetscape of the Back Bay of Boston creates a charming example of 19th century development that formed one of the most cohesive and architecturally significant neighborhoods in all of New England. Once marshland that stretched from the edge of the Boston Common westward towards the Muddy River, (the present Fenway neighborhood), the cachet of this upscale neighborhood still resonates in the 21st century. 26 savoirflairmagazine

Construction of the Milldam, which separated the Charles River from the marshland of the Back Bay, was begun in 1818 to connect Beacon Hill to Sewall’s Point (now the area of Kenmore Square) as a toll road. When it opened in 1821, it was the second means of access to the city, the first being the former “Neck,” now known as Washington Street in the South End. The Mount Vernon Proprietors, who had leveled Beacon Hill and used the soil to create the “flat” of Beacon Hill by infilling between Charles Street and the Charles River, began to infill the area north of the Milldam for new house lots that fronted onto dank tidal flats. These flats are now the twenty four acre Public Garden, created in1837. In 1828, a row of five identical charming houses were built on wood pilings at the Milldam (now known as Beacon Street) and River Street. These four story houses are built of Quincy granite with rusticated bases, corner quoining, and smooth dressed granite upper stories and slate roofs sporting identical dormers. Designed by the noted architect Asher Benjamin in a combination of Regency and Greek Revival styles, this sophisticated cluster of houses on the

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savoirflairmagazine 27

The 19th Century Home Revived

continued from previous page newly created land just west of Beacon Hill, were unique in

the son of J. Malcolm and Alice Bowditch Forbes who

that they were not built of the red brick used so prevalently

lived on Commonwealth Avenue and kept a weekend

at the time. These five houses were built as speculative prop-

house on Milton Hill, which is today the Forbes House

erties by members of the Mount Vernon Proprietors that

Museum, and he descended from the famous China

included Harrison Gray Otis, Benjamin Joy, William Sulli-

Trade sea captain Robert Bennet Forbes. The Forbes

van and Jonathan Mason, all of whom had commissioned

family were traders in Hong Kong throughout the 19th

Charles Bulfinch to create the residential streets of Beacon

century and in 1847 Captain Forbes loaded the “James-

Hill, and design their own houses. This new area proved to

town� with food supplies that he sailed to Ireland for

set the tone for what would continue for the next two cen-

famine relief. From a prominent and socially connected

turies, creating an overlay of architectural styles from the

family, Forbes served as president of the State Street

Greek Revival through to the Colonial Revival, and every

Bank and Trust Company, and his family lived a com-

19th century architectural style in between.

fortable life with this house in Boston, a country retreat

This house, owned, but never lived in by Harrison Gray

in Westwood and a summer house in Maine. Eventually,

Otis, the third mayor of Boston, had various owners in the

the Forbes family decided to sell the house and put it

Victorian era, and in the 20th century it became the town-

on the market. Though it was an architecturally signifi-

house of Allan and Josephine Crosby Forbes. Forbes was

cant property and prominently sited opposite the Bos-

28 savoirflairmagazine

The 19th Century Home Revived

ton Public Garden, it needed tremendous amounts of updating and careful renovation to make it livable by today’s standards. The present day owner contacted Payne/Bouchier Inc. and explained that she wanted to retain the charm of the Greek Revival façade, and also wanted to carefully renovate the interior in a way that she hoped would make Asher Benjamin, as well as all of the former owners, proud. Payne/Bouchier has long experience of historically sensitive restorations, having earned their stripes in the Beacon Hill, Back Bay and South End neighborhoods of the city. This renovation, which included piling restoration and underpinning the entire foundation, was a significant undertaking. Under the direction of Jean Verbridge and Tobin Shulman of Siemasko +Verbridge, a Beverly, Massachusetts based architeccontinues on page 32 savoirflairmagazine 29

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The 19th Century Home Revived

their mantra was “What would Asher Benjamin have done?” Incredibly, Sunrooms, decks, siding Installation & repair of Energy Star rated replacement doors & window

the nearly two century old house was

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fairly intact with many of the original architect designed details still in place. dow or roof work had to conform to the strict guidelines established by the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission, which strives to ensure that the houses of both Beacon Hill and the flat of the hill remain as historically

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authentic as possible. The proposed scope of exterior work included: New six-over-six double hung windows that replicated the originals, repainting window frames, wood trim and the front door and the requisite roof

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work that would retain as much of the continues on page 34

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The 19th Century Home Revived

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oriel added in the Victorian era) ended up looking as it had when Asher Benjamin designed it. The exterior remains as Bostonians have known it for well over a century. The interior of this historic residence provided its own set of design challenges. The program included leaving original detail untouched or duplicated so exactly as to be indiscernible as new, while introducing 21st century infrastructure. New wiring and plumbing,

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modern day low-voltage lighting control and multi-zone, state-of-the-art heating and cooling were featured in to this 1820’s gem. The parlor floor, continues on page 58

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LGBT Car Advertising Targeting the LGBT community as the ultimate spending community is nothing new. It’s been going on since the 1990s. Some print and TV commercial are more direct, others like the Infiniti car commercial is vague enough to go over the head of the less aware. Here are car ads intended to reach out to the LGBT community.

Subaru 1996 Print AD In the mid 1990s, sales of Subaru cars were not doing well. In an attempt to increase sales, Subaru of America had created its first luxury car and hired a fancy advertising agency to introduce it to the public. Unfortunately the new ad agency failed. After firing the agency, Subaru of America made a change. Subaru executives decided to return to its old focus on marketing Subaru cars to niche groups—like outdoorsy types who liked that Subaru cars could handle dirt roads. They found that lesbians loved their cars. Lesbians liked their

dependability and size, and even the name “Subaru.” They were four times more likely than the average consumer to buy a Subaru. The small, struggling automaker was looking for a niche market. But Subaru had been looking for niche groups like skiers and kayakers—not lesbian couples. In the mid 1990s, few celebrities were openly out. After IKEA aired one of the first major ad campaigns depicting a gay couple, someone had called in a bomb threat on an IKEA store. Yet Subaru decided to launch an ad campaign focused on lesbian customers. It was such an unusual decision—and such a success—that it pushed gay and lesbian advertising from the fringes to the mainstream. In 1996 adding tennis great Martina Novratilova was another decisive move to reach out to the community.

36 savoirflairmagazine

Infiniti 2016 TV Ad Titled “Legacy”, the ad shows a nervous young man coming home to his family estate to share some big news with his father. This spot likens coming out to your dad to switching car brands. Sitting in front of his father the young man recalls a variety of different BMW that the family owned. the two sit down for “the talk”, the son opens with, “Look this isn’t easy for me either Im sorry if you don’t like it. But it

just feels right.” The father glares on disapprovingly, saying, “This isn’t

how we raised you.” “You must have always known I was a little bit different,” the son says before asking, “You never wanted to try it?” The “it” here is switching from driving a BMW to an Infiniti. The ad voice over cherps in, “Start your own legacy.” The father-son ‘coming out’ talk is also intercut with a scene of the son shopping for his new Infiniti with the help of a handsome car salesman.

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LGBT Car Advertising continued from page 37

BMW 2004 Print Ads In 2004 BMW launched a series of ads tar-

The next ad has more direct appeal.

geting the LGBT community, appearing

Freedom to Go Where You Want and

in LGBT print newspapers and magazines

Be Who You Are

with the headline; It’s about respect

Being Out Has Never Been So In What gay man doesn’t want to be in? This is the most direct gay ad in 2004

This ad doesn’t mention the L word but

you’d find. Two handsome men happily

The ad never mentions the g word but

goes further than just vague phrasing, with

engaged in conversation, driving in their

makes the leap that creating an atmo-

two women laughing together and enjoy-

BMW Roadster. Dressed alike maybe they

sphere of openmindedness and inclusion

ing their BMW SUV in what’s looks like a

are twins? The side text like all the ads de-

while treating you with respect is more

field with high grass. Appealing to lesbians

scribes the car but starts off with the tag-

important than buying the BMW car itself.

who love the outdoors no less. Maybe a

line; ‘enjoy a car as unique as you are.‘

A little over the top for the community

camping trip?

but they were trying...

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LGBT Car Advertising continued from previous page

ences would miss, but gay audiences

awkwardly smiles handing them the cake.

Volkswagen Golf 1997 TV AD

would pick up on.”

Fading to black the tag line appears;

Today VW’s advertising has come out of

More than a family car.

the closet, and now use LGBT families or

Volkswagen is using gayness as a positive,

LGBT individuals in campaigns that reach

appealing to the LGBT community as well

mainstream audiences.

as single people; the subtext being you

Volkswagen TOURAN 2011 TV AD

don’t have to be a traditional family to

The 1997 ad for the Volkswagen Golf, called “Sunday Afternoon,” featured two guys driving around. It’s been called memorably ambiguous.

own a VW Touran.

In 2011, VW launched a less ambiguous ad.

A female neighbor welcomes new

neighbors to the neighborhood, with a cake in hand and two small children at her side, she rings the new neighbor’s doorbell. She extends the cake to a handRobert Klara, a staff writer for Adweek,

some man with smiles and giggles until

compares it to a two-way mirror: “The ads

another man appears, she looks over at

contained messages that straight audi-

the VW Touran then back at the men and

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LGBT Car Advertising Toyota 2011 TV AD A clever TV commercial featuring a father and daughter sitting on the porch step of their home. The father says,“Mother tells me you think you’re in love.” The daughter replies, “yup” The father says, “Just like all the others? The daughter replies, “nope” A Toyota Corolla automobile pulls up in the front of the house and stops. Looking at the car, the father says, “I like him.”The father goes in the house. The smiling daughter gets in the car and kisses the

Renault 2012 TV AD

attractive female driver. Cut to a black

French automaker Renault’s commercial

background in white type, the tagline

Twingo car wants to appeal to the LGBT

appears, ‘Corolla the one thing you can

community everywhere.

count on.’ There’s an unspoken ha, ha

French auto maker sparked controversy

dads are clueless message but more so

with a steamy girl-on-girl commercial that

this ad is another example of growing ac-

was yanked from Italian airwaves. The 30

ceptance of our community as well as the

second commercial begins with two at-

importance of the LGBT community as a

tractive women exchanging smouldering

desirable market.

glances at a party before heading off to

In 2010, the

a bedroom. At no point during the ad are there any interior shots of the car, any detail of technical specification and not even the price is mentioned, as it ends with the caption: “New Twingo Miss Sixty It’s a Girl Thing.” There’s no doubt, this was more titlation for

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a male auduience than a real targeting of the LGBT market. Well the automaker has finally understood how to market to the LGBT community with its latest clip for the Renault’s Twingo Car, which features a surprise wedding between two men. “Times have changed,” the tag line reads. “Twingo, too.” This isn’t the first time the company has created marketing material aimed directly at the LGBT community. They’ve done commercials featuring drag queens, hot cops and other topics that appeal to the LGBT consumer in the past. Of course, the commercial is just one in a number of LGBT inclusive advertisements by car makers. continues on next page

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LGBT Car Advertising with ads that truly reflect the fabric of our nation, which today includes gay and lesbian families.”Chevy came through amid controversy. That same year they launched a Chevy Volt print ad with three cars a truck on the left, a Volt in the middle and a sedan on the right. The Volt has a cartoon bubble above it stating, “Mom, Dad I’m electric.” A rainbow line runs across the ad. Coming before the Infiniti ad, it may just where the ad agency for infiniti got the idea?

continued from previous page

ChevY 2014 TV AD When protests spread against Russia’s anti gay laws, this commercial was the first to include LGBT couples to air during the 2014 games. As millions of viewers tune into NBC tonight to watch the opening

ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Chevrolet premiered two commercials featuring families headed by same-sex couples. In 2014 GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter said, “Chevrolet has nailed it

There are many more automobile manufacturers producing ads that target LGBT individuals. These were a few ads spanning several decades to show the evolution of the commercial targeting of the LGBT community.

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savoirflairmagazine 43

By Sharon Levine with Amanda and Christina, Photography by Ryan Williams Four Wings Photography Amanda, 27, was born and bred in Greenfield, MA. She was raised by her mom, Tina and has a younger sister, Taylor. She grew up spending as much time as possible with her family and to this day spends as much time as she can with her best friend, TJ, who she's been causing trouble with since 6th grade. She loves being outdoors and staying as active as possible. She has a great passion for all different kinds of food and loves taking time on her days off to explore what the many local breweries and wineries have to offer to pair with her favorite dishes. No matter the weather you can always find her hiking with the family pooch, Miss Ruby. She loves a challenge and is an expert at solving puzzles of all sorts. She loves all different kinds of music and twice a year makes sure to attend her two favorite and local music festivals hosted by the Wormtown Trading Co. She is also quite accomplished when it comes to repurposing and restoring old furniture and is currently working hard to help restore and refinish her and Christina's 116 year old house. Christina, 29, was born in New Jersey and raised primarily in Sandwich, MA by her mom, Julie, who she considers to be one of her best friends. She is definitely a Jersey girl at heart and spent most of her summers with her entire extended family there. She loves books and hopes one day to finally get her own novel published. She has a major passion for theater and performing and spent her undergrad years at CW Post studying in that field. She lived briefly on the Upper East side of Manhattan after college, but returned to her hometown on Cape Cod to study cosmetology. She loves watching hockey, reading everything in Edgar Allen Poe's collections and the mischief of Halloween. She is a loud, proud Italian woman who lives to make people laugh, any chance she gets. You'll find her singing or dancing around like a maniac. continues on page 46 44 savoirflair magazine

Amanda left and Christina right Photos by Ryan Williams

savoirflair magazine 45

Amanda & Christina

continued from previous page

What do you do for work? (Amanda) I’m a professional cook who currently works at an extended care facility in Turner Falls and Christina is a stylist who works at Pure Beauty Studio, an organic hair salon and spends many weekends doing on location wedding and special event upstyling with Michelle Tomlinson of Michelle Anne Hair Design. How did you meet? When we first met, years before we actually started dating, I (Christina) wasn't Amanda's biggest fan. We were both at very complicated places in our very early twenty-something lives and we were dating other people. Our first meeting was definitely tense and as Amanda likes to tell me all the time, I stared her down with death eyes. Years later we have come to lovingly laugh at this. When we finally had the chance to really hang out and get to know each other it was almost instantaneous, we just knew this was our person, the one we'd each been waiting for. After a short period of quick and close friendship we found ourselves both quite conveniently single and from there the rest is history. What was your proposal like? Amanda initially wanted to propose on Cape Cod where Christina grew up, Christina was adamant about one thing, NO BEACHES. She grew up there, if she loved it that much for it to be part of her most cherished memories, she'd still be living there. So Amanda was stuck back at the drawing board. Low and behold a perfect opportunity presented itself when Christina's favorite band, Fleetwood Mac, announced a tour that was coming to Boston. That was perfect. The hotel was booked, tickets bought and they were on their way on April 18, 2013, heading to Boston. Most of the ride there was spent singing classic rock and making jokes. Amanda was calm and collected, that is until the cab ride from the hotel to the TD Garden. The night air was chilly and the crowd was boisterous and fun. It was a perfect night in one of their favorite cities. As they walked toward the doors Amanda twirled Christina around. With the biggest smile Christina had seen to date on her face, Amanda said, "You know you're my favorite lady right?" To which Christina said, " Of course! Duh! Let's go inside!!" Amanda wouldn't budge. " You know you're my favorite lady, right?" Amanda repeated and got down on one knee and proposed. She couldn't get much more out before Christina burst out with a resounding and very loud "YES!!" Amanda gently slipped the ring on her finger. It was perfectly romantic and perfectly them.

46 savoirflair magazine

Why did you choose your venue?

Amanda & Christina

The venue was the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. We didn't actually know Salem Cross Inn existed until a coworker of Christina's had driven past it and had seen a wedding taking place. We scheduled an appointment to tour the venue. After a quick tour and meeting we fell in love with the entire property. Salem Cross included so much in their package that it was a easy. The staff was fantastic, working with the coordinators was easy and simple. We took the only date left in October, the 13th. How fun to have their wedding anniversary to be on Friday the 13th. What did you like most about your venue? The property is magically beautiful, the history of the land and buildings is amazing, the staff was accommodating and kind, and the food was to die for. All the reception space needed was centerpieces on the tables. We loved everything equally, it really couldn't have been more perfect. We loved it so much we went back and celebrated our anniversary there. What kind of cuisine did you have? The food was prepared at Salem Cross. Everything was prepared, seasoned and cooked to perfection. We opted for the open fire cooking of the prime rib over the fireplace during the cocktail hour. Our guests got the chance to watch the prime rib cooking on one of the last seventeenth century open fire spits in existence. Of course both the chicken and vegetarian options and all the sides we chose were just as delicious. We ended up getting some of the chicken and prime rib so we could each eat half and then trade. Best plan ever. Tell us about the Cake? The cake was provided by Salem Cross. We opted for cupcakes to make life a lot easier for us and our guests, it gave us the chance to have more options for flavors and a better way to portion everything out and take home if there was extra. We chose three flavors, chocolate, red velvet and carrot, all of which had a beautiful ivory buttercream frosting which was incredibly delicious. The tiers of cupcakes were topped with a full cake for us to take home and was finished off with a copper wire Mrs. and Mrs. topper. We wanted it to be simple, beautiful and delicious. Our moms made sure we had the most perfect knife and server, one engraved with a mustache and one engraved with lips to represent us, as well as champagne flutes with crystal encrusted silver bows. There had to be some super girly sparkle somewhere, my (Christina) day wouldn't have been complete without a little bit of glitter.

continues on page 50

savoirflair magazine 47

Elegant Wedding Cakes & Fine European Pastries Our award-winning wedding cakes are uniquely styled to satisfy the individual design preferences of our diverse clientele

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savoirflairmagazine 49

Amanda & Christina one of them half hanging out a window to catch a moment before Christina walked down the aisle. It was above and beyond our expectations. Our photos are so much more than captured moments, every shot is thoughtful but looks effortless and spontaneous. Who printed the invitations? We knew we wanted invitations and paper goods that were simple, but inexpensive. I (Christina) designed everything through vistaprint from the invitations, save the dates; to the thanks yous and jackie and jill invites and tickets. Did you have a bridal shower? We wanted something non traditional so we decided on a Jackie and Jill bridal shower instead of a traditional bridal shower. We wanted everyone attending to enjoy themselves friends, family, ladies and gentlemen. After the months of planning it was nice to take a break. A traditional bridal shower wasn't Amanda's favorite idea and honestly it wasn't mine either, neither of us was thrilled at the idea of ribbon bouquets and bridal games. A Jackie and Jill gave us a casual way to celebrate and hang out with our family and friends, devoid of any typical games and traditions. Our moms and maid of honor planned an amazing day complete with tables set in our colors, a cake with our favorite caricature from the Big E on it, beer pong, wine ring toss and a huge raffle of gift baskets for our guests. Tell us about your rings Amanda was the decisive person when choosing our rings, making the final choice. We wanted something simple with a little detail. We searched high and low and after browsing through pages on etsy came across a jewelry artist who had the perfect set. They are engraved with the same pattern, but Amanda's is wider and more detailed, Christina's is dainty and fits snug against her encontinued from page 47 Tell us about the Music.

Our DJ was awesome, Shawn Santanello of Viren Entertainment. He is a fabulous DJ and MC, but he's also an extremely accomplished musician who played live for us during the ceremony and cocktail hour and played our first dance, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran live and acoustic. It couldn't have been more romantic. He provided the perfect soundtrack and experience. Who was the photographer? Photographer Ryan of Four Wings Photography, was actually the first vendor we booked and helped us with everything else. He became a good friend during the planning process and was always happy to answer literally any questions we had at any moment. We barely noticed him and his second shooter Greg, working that day. They were like phantom photographers and captured all the moments we hoped for and so many we never even thought of. We even caught

50 savoirflair magazine

gagement ring. Again, simple but elegant was our goal.

What about the rehearsal and dinner? The rehearsal was quick and easy, it wasn't very hard to practice walking down the aisle and once everyone knew which order to walk in. Then we did a quick tour of the venue with everyone and then off to the dinner hosted by our moms with happy tears, speeches, good food and drink and tons of laughter. Any special gifts you received? One of my (Christina) bridesmaids even surprised me with a custom wedding hanger for my dress, it was the first time I was Mrs. Chapin and it felt magical. Tell us about your ceremony? Our ceremony was a dream. It perfectly captured us as couple, sweet and true. My (Christina) mom told me I sped down the aisle, but really I couldn't get down there fast enough. We wrote our own vows and had our officiant, Tiffany, design everything else. We enjoyed the readings with poetry since we like to break with tradition. We loved that Tiffany designed a Celtic handfasting ceremony for us instead of something like lighting candles or filling unique bottles with sand. All wonderful traditions, but just not us. The defining moment though were the cows. In all our time touring the venue for meetings we never once heard the cows on the property. Well on our day we had them elegantly mooing in the background, it was hilarious and fabulous. If something like that were to happen to any couple on Earth, of course it would be us. It was great. After the big I do and the right spot for the kiss we danced back down the aisle as the official Mrs. and Mrs. Chapin. How many guests attended? We had about 110 guests including our wedding party which was perfect for us. It wasn't too overwhelming, so we could socialize easily, but as the night went on and some guests left there were still enough guests left to dance and enjoy the night until the reception ended.

Who was in your wedding party? We had a 12 person wedding party made up of both men and women from all aspects of our life. We wanted the people who stood by us on that day be people who have stood by us always. Both a mix of family and friends, our wedding party made our lives so much easier, helping at any chance they could. My (Christina) maid of honor, Emily, worked tirelessly for us from Long Island to make sure that every detail was perfect. We even had our amazing cousin Tiffany officiate, she really took the time to design a personal, sweet and uniquely us, ceremony complete with readings by Amanda's younger sister,Taylor and cousin Heidi, both were in the wedding party. What type of decor did you choose? Our dĂŠcor was simple. We chose soft colors, light pink, ivory and soft gray with accents of rose, gold and copper. We wanted it to feel like you just discovered an old pristine book that had been hidden on a shelf for years. Our ceremony was under the gazebo, decorated simply with soft ivory tulle, pink and grey satin ribbon bows. We didn't have any assigned sides, at the beginning of the aislewe had a sign; "Pick a seat, not a side. Either way, it's for a bride" We set the tables with dĂŠcor that included small, candle lit ivory lanterns, aside milk glass bud vases that were filled with paper flowers cut from fairytales that matched the bouquets and boutonnieres. Christina's bouquet was made up of flowers cut from her favorite fairytale, Beauty and the Beast and Amanda's boutonniere flower was cut from her favorite fairytale, Cinderella. All this tireless work was done by their cousin Sara of Cecilia Rose Paperie. Christina also DIYed their Just Married banner, in their 3 wedding colors, that hung behind us at the head of the bridal party table. What was some of the most memorable moments? For Christina the most memorable moment came with the garter toss. We're both huge goofs and this was no exception. My dress was as big as I could get it so I made sure to bury her as far into the fabric as possible, I wasn't about to make this easy. Amanda continues on page 54

savoirflair magazine 51

The Gilded Lily

...beautiful flowers for every occasion...

The Gilded Lily has offered the Springfield, MA area superior floral arrangements and assortments since 1985. Our deep-rooted passion for flowers, along with our dedication to service, makes us the ideal choice for any occasion! (413) 783-3838 | 1926 Wilbraham Rd. Springfield, MA |

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savoirflairmagazine 53

Amanda & Christina continued from previous page 51

What did you wear?

had layers upon layers of tulle to navigate through before she even

Our fashion was kind of a surprise. Everyone imagines they'll have

found the garter, it looked like the dress was literally engulfing my

this over the top shopping experience. I (Christina) did too until I got to talking to a rep from David's Bridal at a wedding show. I scheduled an appointment with them on a whim. I didn't even remember I had the appointment until they called to remind me. So a few days later my mother-in-law and I went to the store not expecting success. I knew I was looking for a giant ball gown, pink, but almost white pink, with lots of tulle, no sequins or crystals; kind of like a ballerina-princess-cupcake-cloud. That's exactly what I told the staff at the store almost word for word and to my surprise the second gown I tried on was IT. I couldn't believe it, I knew when I saw my mother-in-law crying that that was 1,000% it. I was sad my mom couldn't be there, we never expected to find the dress so quickly. I didn't have her come all the way from the Cape.

wife. After she finally got to the garter she emerged from the girth

We added something special with a light champagne colored veil

of the giant pillow of pink tulle with the garter wrapped around

with subtle beading along with a small jeweled head piece that

her head like a headband and proceeded to dance around victori-

wove into my hair. We added a belt of distressed fabric flowers

ous before the guests piled around us. She finally tossed it. One

which wound around my waist. I also accessorized the dress with

of my best friends and wedding party member, Phil, caught it and

my grandmothers pearls (something both old and borrowed) with

considering there's a good chance his future husband won't wear

pink pearl and diamond studs (something new) from my mom as

one, though I'd never rule it out because who wouldn't love that

well as her emerald cut sapphire ring (something blue). I knew

sexy moment, it was a fabulous memory that he was the one to take it home. For Amanda the most memorable moment was the mini sword fight we had with our cake server and knife before we cut the cake. Our night wouldn't have been complete without a dramatic display of piracy. There's nothing like watching two ladies, one in a tailored suit and the other wrapped in the biggest pink cloud of a dress dueling it out over a cupcake with, mind you, champagne flutes in their other hands. The duel lasted all of 30 seconds and though neither of us was the victor, we still got cake and that in and of itself is a victory. The one thing we learned from everything, after all was said and done is EAT!!! We spent so much time socializing that our plates were gone before we finished and the champagne will sneak up on you in the most inconvenient moments. Albeit it makes for some hilarious conversations and pictures, but just trust us, eat everything you can! Because we were both raised by amazing single mom's we made sure to include them at every moment we could. They helped plan, hosted parties, travelled endlessly and walked us down the aisle. As reluctant as they both were they gave beautiful speeches at the wedding and we had the most fabulous mom dances. It was a mix of tears and laughter for us all and it was the sweetest to have a moment each with these perfect women who worked hard to raise two pretty rad women, if we do say so ourselves. Thank you moms, the incomparable Julie and Tina!!!!! We love you more than words can say!!!

54 savoirflair magazine

Royden Richardson Justice of the Peace

Goosefish Press


Award-winning letterpress studio in

Cape Cod a beautiful place to be married…

129 So. Main St., Centerville


Boston’s South End that specializes in the design and in-house printing of crafted and unique invitations. 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

Elegant, personal, full service wedding catering I wanted something comfortable for shoes, but still a heel so after weeks of searching I stumbled upon and decided on a cream colored pair of oxford pumps. Just enough height and still super comfy. Amanda got her suit from Men's warehouse. It really made her feel extraordinary that they went the ex-

‘Beautiful and affordable, have the wedding you envision” ‘For the perfect and worry free wedding day’

(781) 286-1273,

tra mile to make sure the tailor knew this suit needed to be cut and sewn for a woman's body. She decided on a cream colored shirt, a light pink tie, a soft gray vest and pants. Her shoes were black and gray tweed oxford

Janet B Duval Justice of the Peace

dress shoes. We were a perfect pair, matching just enough, but still standing out. Our ladies in the wedding, except for Taylor,

(617) 728-2822

A-Executive Limousine We get you there in style - Official Limo Service of the Boston Bruins

Theater & Concerts • Business Events • Airport/Cruise Transfers Weddings • Nights on the Town Sporting Events

Amanda's sister, who wore a tea length soft pink dress, all wore the same matching floor length, soft pink Grecian inspired gown and the guys wore crisp white shirts and soft gray suit pants with light pink bow ties. Both our moms looked spectacular, Tina wore a long, deep purple beaded gown and Julie a chiffon navy floor length gown.


72 Warren St. Roxbury MA  02119

(800) 287-2527

continues on next page

The Crown Bakery & Cafe Voted Best Bakery 54 Times

Wedding cakes are a specialty! o Rainbow torte wedding cakes o

The Crown Bakery & Cafe is very proud to specialize in European style pastries and cakes. We specialize in Swedish coffeecakes, cookies, sweetrolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes, using the best ingredients we can buy. 508-852-0746 ◊133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester ◊ www. savoirflair magazine 55

Amanda & Christina continued from previous page

Where did you honeymoon? We had a mini honeymoon. The weekend of our wedding we booked a local bed and breakfast. It was nice to be able to go somewhere right after the wedding to just enjoy each other in our first days as married. It was sweet when we came home because Amanda's mom had hung our Just Married Banner in the living room. We kept it there until we moved into our house, just under a year after we got married. Plus October through December is a busy time for our family with many celebrations We also enjoy the change of the New England seasons. We waited until the holidays were over so in mid January headed off to Montego Bay, Jamaica for a week, which worked perfectly because just as we left New England, a big snow storm hit so we just missed it. Granted we almost missed our connecting flight, I don't think we've ever run so fast in our lives. It was sheer insanity, but we made it. We spent a week reading great books, never having to get our own drinks, soaking in the sun and cruising the Caribbean on a catamaran. The RIU resort in Montego Bay was so incredibly accommodating, we felt safe and comfortable and though there were moments, that we had to explain that we were a married couple, not married to other people and not having a double honeymoon. It was more hysterical than upsetting or offensive. We don't take ourselves seriously and we didn't mind explaining ourselves to anyone who had questions, that's just life, c'est la vie!

The Greenfield Inn Bed & Breakfast

Historic Southern New Hampshire mountain view mansion

LGBT Weddings|Honeymoons

Rooms; Some with Fireplaces, Private Baths, Private Ski Lodge with Kitchen

Great Local Restaurants Scenic Drives | Skiing | Hiking Horseback Riding | Hay Rides Golf Shopping; Antiques | Discount Outlets Movies | Indoor Tennis Art Galleries

(603) 547-6327 | 749 Forest Rd Greenfield, NH |

Justice of The Peace

Dennis Revens Wedding Ceremonies in Rhode Island & Southeastern MA in any location Traditional & Non-Traditional (401) 529-3391

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Mill on the River


Culture and charm ~ Connecticut Awards “Most Romantic� year after year.

The only thing we the River Catering to small intimate weddings up to 120. 860-289-7929 South Windsor, CT |

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The 19th Century Home Revived continued from page 34

as well as second and third floors were appointed with stone fireplace mantles, wood door surrounds and plaster crown molding whose profiles came straight out of Asher Benjamin’s seminal work, The American Builder's Companion. This builders’ handbook that was one of seven handbooks he published on architectural design which deeply influenced the look of cities and towns throughout New England in the 19th century through the Civil War, and which provided both exterior and interior designs for residences, ecclesiastical and munici-


pal buildings.

Not all windows are built like Harvey vinyl windows.

Fortunately the contractor, Payne/ Bouchier has their own wood shop, staffed by artisans who have many

Vinyl windows may look all the same, but they aren’t built the same. A family-owned and operated business with over 45 years’ experience, Harvey Building Products is known for outstanding craftsmanship and superior service, as well as standing behind every product they make. Call us today to learn more. contact:

Northshore Window | Somerville, MA 32 years in business 617-628-7204 800-439-7205

Angie’s list Super Service Award Winner 2013

58 savoirflairmagazine

years of experience reproducing Greek Revival millwork. This familiarity with the architectural vocabulary contrib-

The 19th Century Home Revived

uted to the smooth collaboration between builder and design team. This project, with Payne/Bouchier, Siemas-

Charles River


We do everything from concept to cleanup!

ko +Verbridge, the owner and a cadre of skilled workmen, transformed the house. At the end of day, the results of all the hard labor that went into the


Licensed & Insured • ICC # MC201642 Mass DPU #25149 • USDOT #1299686

Toll Free: 800.734.6680

781-899-6683 800-255-7993

25 Texas Rd. Northampton, MA

foundation, groundwater recharge and new mechanical infrastructure is much appreciated though largely unseen. What is seen, including a continuation of the elliptical well, flying stair, from the third floor to the fourth, as well as cabinetwork throughout, tells the

Your Neighborhood Hardware Stores Warren Hardware 420 Tremont St. Boston, MA (617)426-7525

Cleveland Circle Hardware 1920 Beacon St. Pill Hardware Brighton, MA (617)734-6440 743 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, MA (617)876-8310 Benjamin




story. When the finishes are as good as this it easy to trust what is behind


the plaster. Special thanks to Payne/Bouchier for providing this information about this special home. They belong in Boston's long lineage of fine builders with respect for the City of Boston’s historical architecture.














Foundation • Water Sewer Driveways Retaining Walls Snow Plowing

617 472 2020 617 293 7660 53 Gilbert St • Quincy, MA 02169

O nce upon a tile

“Showcasing the latest tile and stone available throughout the world”


n Incredible selection of decorative tile, hand crafted by over 50 artisans. Once Upon A Tile showcases top manufacturers whose tile and stone come from around the world. Alongside this selection are a plethora of creative artists who offer uniquely hand crafted, and painted, tiles from small studios around the country.

978.345.8343 | 12 Westminster St. Fitchburg, MA |

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Book Review x 3

SavoirFlair Advertising

617-423-1515 60 savoirflairmagazine

(781) 326-5047

Lambert’s Rainbow Fruit

777 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester, MA 02122

“The Best of Everything” Full Lunch Served

Fruit Trays Party Platters Fruit Baskets Watermelon Boats

(617) 436-2997 (617) 436-3091 Mon.-Sat. 7 AM to 9 PM Sun. 7 AM to 6 PM






Jamaica Plain

ss s



from spina bifida. But swimming isn’t just about a cool dip in the lake: dog paddling can be embarrassing (unless, of course, you’re a dog!), so you’ll want to know a few basic strokes, the science behind and the history of which Congdon explains. You’ll learn a “very brief history” of swimming pools here, too, including where the largest one is located; you’ll read an itsy-bitsy bio on the bikini; and you’ll get quick facts on swimming and the Olympics. Find out why you’ll want to cover your eyes if you visit an Icelandic locker room. See how even Michael Phelps is slow, compared to a sailfish. Get the real definition of a “swimming hole.” And find out why some people take bandages along when visiting a public pool in Japan. Seriously, can you ever have a summer without at least one great big cannonball, dead-center in the water? If your answer is to the negative, then “The Joy of Swimming” is a perfect poolside book for you. Using old ads, interviews, and her own drawings as illustration, author Lisa Congdon offers readers a bit of quirk for their deck chair. This has the feel of a sketch book or a haphazardly-kept scrapbook with mini-memoirs of the famous and never-famous, trivia, Olympic facts, statistics, and random thoughts. That messiness is really appealing, and you’ll come to love this book after a few laps around its pages. Dip your toes in if you dare, or just dive right in. The water’s fine, and so is this book; for mermaid, athlete, or mere fans of the old waterin’ hole, “The Joy of Swimming” will make a big splash.

220 Providence Highway Westwood, MA 02090


continued from page 8

vi ic ng Serv Since 1997


Full Service Moving Packing Residential Commercial Local and Interstate Delivery MADPU #30592, USDOT #2173747

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Hilton’s Tent City 272 Friend Street Boston, MA 02114



Service Directory

ApothecaryEastern MA

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Skenderian Apothecary phone: 617-354-5600 fax: 617-492-8135

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The Mall at Echo Bridge 8 Unique Antique Shops

381 Elliot St., Suite 155N, Newton, MA


1006 West Roxbury Pkwy, Brookline, MA, (617)3236600, Fax: (617) 323 6603, www.davidscustomframing. com, E-mail: We are passionate about the art of custom framing. Whether you are framing a poster, your child’s watercolor, or a fine painting, we provide design and craftsmanship that will enhance your piece for many years. When entering our store, we will discuss your art and the surroundings where it will be hung as well as your preferences in style and color.

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89 Minot St., Boston, MA 02122

MirrorEastern MA

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Your #1 Boston Plumber

residential & commercial

water heaters drains • sewers • leaks

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Plumbing And Heating

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Real EstateEastern MA

Boston Mirror Karen and Barry Hickman William Raveis Real Estate

135 W. Broadway St., South Boston, MA 02127 hours 6am-6pm mon-sat

PlumbingEastern MA

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1613 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02138

Lic. #CS78230

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Sturgis Dry Cleaners & Tailors All Work

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& Building Restoration

Relaxed lifestyle • Overlooking the Charles River

Dry CleanersEastern MA

Skenderian Apothecary

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SavoirFlair Advertising 617-423-1515

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Rubbish Removal

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We’ll Get You Back On The Road Again! • Dependable Claims Assistance Since 1948 Mass Repair Shop #5049 • Referred by Insurance Companies • Written Warranty • Rentals Available • Convenient to MBTA Orange Line Forest Hills

Body & Paint Co. Inc

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R A C K I N G, I L A T N N IE formerly known as Hondaa King


We service Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru & late model Kia and Hyunda 4 Guaranteed, first quality service 4 34 years experience 4 ASE certified master mechanics 4 Insurance work We are one of Boston’s largest INDEPENDENT* Honda and Acura repair and service centers. Our ASE trained and certified technicians have over 30 years of Honda experience. We perform all recommended Honda service schedule maintenances and quality repairs with prices far below that of a dealership. In addition, we use genuine Honda parts, which have one purpose to make Hondas perform at peak efficiency. Why Pay Dealership Rates?

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283 Western Ave., Boston MA 02134

Savoirflair Magazine fall / winter 2016-2017  

LGBT Magazine for New England with articles on Gay and Straight Guy Friendships, Western MA Lesbian Wedding with LGBT friendly venues and se...

Savoirflair Magazine fall / winter 2016-2017  

LGBT Magazine for New England with articles on Gay and Straight Guy Friendships, Western MA Lesbian Wedding with LGBT friendly venues and se...