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Contents 8

Book Review x 2 | The Right Side of History + BoBby Wonderful | reviewed By Terri Schlichenmeyer

and Lesbian Fashion Models | Photos + 10 Gay By Sam Waxman Photograher | Models by Maggie, Inc.

every issue 8 Book Review “Bobby Wonderful” + “The Right Side Of History”

Tech Kitchen + Bath | Latest Innovations 20 High By Louis Chavez

29 Jewelry | Gift + Wedding

6 FILM /TV LGBTish TV Gems

21 Home Improvement High Tech Kitchens and Bath

By N. McCarty

34 Efrain & Joseph’s Day | A weDding Story

By Efrain & Joseph | Photos By Paul and Michael Nash

Boston Provincetown Northampton Providence Massachusetts Connecticut Maine Vermont New Hampshire Rhode Island

Body | Detailing | Clean Car love 42 ByAuto John Axelrod

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Advertisers participating in this guide are not necessarily gay / lesbian, but Openly welcome the community.

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LGBTish TV Gems

By Mark Adams

Time to move on to the serious business of TV watching, 'cause

comedian, an actor and a magician. His series is on truTV. Yup,

it still is worth a look at an assortment of openly gay actors

another one you've got to scan the guide to find. Maybe it's just

who actually play "gay" on the silver screen. Among them are

my twisted sense of humor, and the gimmick does wear off a bit

Chad Allen, who played a gay detective on a series a decade or

if you binge watch, but I just laugh myself silly...well, sillier, at his

so ago, which can be found in the Gay section of Netflix, John Barrowman, Richard Chamberlain, Zachary Quinto...the list goes

that's what we do (well, at least I do) once the warm weather

on, and I'm sure you will think of others that the author might

passes. And, of course, in addition to the scourge of the gazil-

have omitted. This one can be found at

lion "Housewives" and Andy Cohen (and don't even get me going

As for mainstream TV, the market for LGBT characters is im-

on "her!"), it's always fun to find some hidden LGBT-ish gems

proving, after a slack-off the past couple of years. According to

amongst the 500+ channels that we pay a king's ransom for.

GLAAD, who keeps us abreast, you should pardon the expres-

We're all familiar with Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black" and

sion, of these things, the current leaders in the representation

HBO's "Looking" (mercifully canceled, and yes, I know, it had its’

of LGBTs on TV are FOX and ABC Family. Yes, that is correct,

fans), but how many of you have actually watched one episode

ABC Family. Who knew. Well, actually, I suspected as much,

of MTV's "Awkward!"? Yes, THAT MTV. It's still around, though

since several of their series that I watch feature gay men and

I don't think it's played a "music video" in years. I had to go up

lesbians prominently. At the other end of the scale, A&E, which

and down my TiVO guide several times to even find out where

was formerly known as Arts and Entertainment but now features

it was on the Comcast dial and, who knew, it's even in HD.

little of either, and the History Channel take the honors as "Fail-

But there I go digressing and ranting again. "Awkward!" (the exclamation point is theirs, not mine) is now in its fifth, and

MTV’s “Awkward”

last, season, which, at 13-or-so episodes each, are consider-

antics. Think of it as "Candid Camera" meets David Letterman,

ably smaller than what you'll find on broadcast TV. But it is smarter and more well-written than most network TV offerings, ("Big Bang Theory," are you listening…), and though aimed at a youthful audience (which, to me, is anyone under 50), has received much adulation from critics. "Awkward!" tells the tale of

body mistakes an accident as a suicide attempt. There are a

for next time.

as Michael "performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people," it

Mark Adams has been a popular contributor to

says here. Like PT Barnum once said to me personally, "There's

Boston’s LGBT Media for many years, writing

one born every minute." We were close.

extensively on film and video of interest to the

While you're playing around, an interesting is this photo page


from my friends at Altho it's been up for a while,

Jenna, played by a perfect Ashley Rickards, an unpopular high school student who becomes...well, popular, after the student

ing." And then there's Andy Cohen. Guess I'll have to leave that

truTV’s “The Carbonaro Effect”

couple of other standout performances, one by Molly Tarlov,

one of those other streaming things.

as a bitch-you-love-to-hate, and Beau Mirchoff as Jenna's on-

You might also want to catch up with the series that followed

again-off-again romance. He is a dream, one of more-important

"Awkward" on MTV, and that would be "Faking It," which I may

criteria. It's probably available On Demand, if not on Netflix or

have mentioned here in previous ramblings..who remembers. This one also tells of a couple of unpopular high school girls who, in order to create a buzz, decide to become outed lesbians, then become the hit of the school. Of course, this could happen... The one to watch here is Michael J. Willet, who is, in real life, many years away from his teen years, but aren't they all. His gay character of "Shane" is a hoot, and I'm sure you'll recognize him from other series. As I said, both of these are mindless fun, and only take up about 22 minutes of your time, perfect for those who find it difficult to make an hour investment in TV viewing. I'll bet the ranch that you also haven't seen "The Carbonaro Effect". See? Told ya. This one stars Michael Carbonaro, hence the title, who is, from what I gather, aside from being adorable, a

MTV’s “Faking It”

6 savoirflairmagazine

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Book Review x 2

Book Review x 2 Terri Schlichenmeyer Reviews x2

Book Review x 2 new laws, old friends, and a sense of better – which

Right Side of History” proves that.

can make it hard to remember that “Such gains

Though it’s far from definitive, author Adrian Brooks

didn’t occur in a vacuum…” says Brooks. This book,

collected his own work and that of several contribu-

“a chorus of voices untamed,” is a collection of ex-

tors to inform and inspire readers who likewise want


to make change or to know where change came

To begin, Brooks writes of Isadora Duncan, a “free

from. I liked browsing the short biographies here, but

spirit” who, when ladies were expected to be proper,

I noticed one quirk: some of the profiles seemed to

danced on-stage with abandon, bared her breasts

be a reach. Yes, they were very interesting, and yes,

in public, and slept with whomever she pleased –

they were about people who stood their ground, but

male or female.

were they LGBTQI activists? Perhaps not always…

Hayden L. Mora writes of gay life in the early twen-

Even so, what you’ll read here may make you want

tieth century, when clubs for “same-sex attraction”

to do something. At the very least, it’ll give you

began to appear in larger cities, though being

understanding for those who paved the way. And

caught in a compromising situation then could result

if that’s information you need, then find “The Right

in a loss of citizenship. For Henry Gerber, the choice

Side of History”… and just start it.

was mental institution or U.S. Army; he picked the latter and came back from World War I, “determined to begin organizing gay men…” The “father of the gay liberation movement” and founder of the Mattachine Society got his fire from another organization’s strike. A well-liked gay African American boy, lovingly called “Pinhead” as a child, grew up to be Martin Luther King, Jr’s “right-hand man,” while a nerdy white doctor (who happened to sleep with men) changed our notions of male sexuality. Activists today fight for intersex infants, asking doctors to delay sex-assignment surgery. Conversation launched a lesbian organization, and people have stepped into activism roles because of Anita Bryant, out-of-the-closet writers, politics, personal discoveries, and a 54-ton quilt. And that parade you marched in? If you lived in San Francisco, you might like to know that Pride Parade routes are exactly the

“The Right Side of History: 100 Years of LGBTQI Activism”

same as a funeral march walked by strikers and their families in 1934… Lately,




“Bobby Wonderful:

An Imperfect Son Buries His Parents”

by Adrian Brooks, foreword by Jonathan D. Katz, PhD c.2015, Cleis Press, $18.95 / $27.50 Canada 243 pages

though I’ve been see-

Somebody got you started.

ing a plethora of books

by Bob Morris

That’s the hard part and, often times, that’s all you need: a forward-thinking person to lay the framework so

on Stonewall, as if that

c.2015, Twelve, $25.00 / $27.00 Canada, 192 pages

you can roll with a project, adding, subtracting, shaping, refining. Somebody just needed to get you started;

one event is where LG-

“It’s perfect!”

you can take it from there, as you’ll see in “The Right Side of History” by Adrian Brooks.

BTQI activism began. It’s

Once upon a time, those words were music to your

not, of course, and “The

ears – but then you grew up. You learned then that

Like most years, this summer’s Pride Parade was a raucous event. And why not? There’s plenty to celebrate:

8 savoirflairmagazine

Author Adrian Brooks

continued on page 59

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LGBT models

Photographs by Sam Waxman | Models by Maggie, Inc. Respected Boston based modeling agency Maggie, Inc. provides models for all major Boston communication venues. These professional Maggie, Inc. models are also proud members of our community.


10 savoirflairmagazine

cassandra kevin

savoirflairmagazine 11


LGBT models

I grew up in Brockton, but now I reside in West Roxbury. I have a bachelors degree from Bridgewater State University in Exercise Science. My ethnic origins are Italian and Jamaican, I grew up as an only child with my Italian mother. I love sports and I grew up playing basketball and volleyball. I started my career a little over a year ago when I decided to chase after my dream and not let fear take over me anymore. Do you work in an other field besides modeling? I dabble in a little acting also. But outside of the industry I am a Crossfit coach and personal trainer. How do you go about creating a mood/look for a specific modeling scene? I usually try to keep my makeup as neutral as possible and outfits close to classy.

Has being a member of the LGBT community, helped, hurt or of no consequence to your modeling career? For me I don’t really announce my sexual preference when I’m on auditions or gigs. At times I’ve added it into a conversation; at photo shoots such as “my wife and I,” most people are surprised but it’s never hurt my modeling career. Do you run across a lot of other gay or lesbian models in the industry? I know some lesbian models but I can’t say I met them while modeling. Gay men though I see all the time. What do you like about being a professional model? I love the people I’ve met and the feeling that I look like a princess. Is it as exciting as it looks? It’s very exciting. Like I said, you meet tons of different types of people, which inspires me to be a better me. The days can be long sometimes, but it’s all fun, it beats sitting behind a desk all day! Has your modeling career affected your relationships? Not yet haha, and I hope not. Again since I’m so new to this all I’ve gotten is love and supports from all my relationships. What would you like the LGBT community to know about you? I’m modeling for all of us.

12 savoirflairmagazine

What are some of the more memorable shoots and why? I would have to say this one on these pages is the most memorable. All different cultures in one shoot coming together to make a magical moment. continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 13

LGBT models


I am from Lynn, MA. Before i began modeling, I was contacted by an amazing photographer on InstaGram who was shooting an editorial for an LA based magazine regarding the life of a dancer. I was a bit skeptical about it at first since I had never modeled before. But with his persuasion, I went for it and I haven't stopped modeling since. What do you do to relax? Dance has always been a way for me to get out of my mind and relax myself from the stress a day can bring. Although this summer I have been doing a lot more hiking to some secluded areas. This has allowed me to sit back, enjoy the sun, and reflect on life.  

14 savoirflairmagazine

Has your modeling career affected your relationships and why or why not? In terms of a love life, the boyfriend I had in the past wasn’t really supportive of my choice to begin modeling so we chose to part ways. It is hard for people to understand the REAL life of modeling. Unfortunately, I have been single for the past four years so modeling has been my boyfriend for these past few years. :) What would you like the LGBT community to know about you?  I’d love for the LGBT community to know that I am a PROUD member of our community and I will be involved in as many modeling opportunities I can get that will portray our community in a positive way. Having many hetero friends, I do my best to help them understand “us” as human beings and that we are capable of being accomplished just like anyone else. I would also like my LGBT community to know that there is a place for all of us in this world whether we see it or not and that we should keep the peace within our community so that we can be looked at as a STRONG community.   Is there a question you’d like to be asked?  If so can you ask and answer it? “Why do I Model?” - I model because growing up, I was very shy and timid. I was the boy in the back who hated being the center of attention and being vulnerable to others. Modeling has really helped me conquer that shyness and become confident with my appearance and personality. It has taught me how to handle situations.  

Has being a member of the LGBT community, helped, hurt or of no consequence to your modeling career? Being gay has benefited my modeling career for the better! I’ve been given numerous opportunities to be a part of things that HELP the LGBT community. Being a gay model has taught me to be open and proud of who I am and it has taught me to be outspoken and at the same time approachable. What advice would you give a young man or woman about getting into professional modeling? BE PATIENT! Modeling consists of patience and persistence. To be successful in modeling, you have to extremely dedicated. You’ll only be as successful as the amount of work you put in to the industry. continues on next page

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LGBT models


Originally, i was born and raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, but my family currently lives in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. I fluctuate between Napa Valley, CA and Massachusetts because of school, so to be honest, i don’t really know how to answer that question when people ask. How do you go about creating a mood/look for a specific modeling scene? I go about creating a look by consulting with the photographer beforehand to see what their vision is for the upcoming shoot, usually there’s a mood board involved, or a few images of inspiration that are exchanged. All of that usually helps when it comes to establish a set mood/look. You identify as pansexual, what does that mean for you? Seeing as i don’t identify within the gender spectrum, it only makes sense that i describe my

16 savoirflairmagazine

sexual orientation as pansexual, which to me means that i can form both romantic and sexual connections/bonds with individuals of any given, or non given gender. I don’t feel limited by the exterior aspects of an individual, and am far more attracted to the person as a whole. The body fades, it’ll grow old, and physical aspects will diminish, but what stays forever is the soul. If you’re beautiful within, why would I ever let something like genitals limit me from forming a deep bond with another? It’s not a myth, that there are such things as pansexual individuals. We don’t have to choose sides to be part of the Queer spectrum, and we deserve just as much respect as the other letters in the LGBTQ+ community. What do you like about being a professional model? I love working as a professional model. Because of modeling, i’ve had the privilege to experience such amazing places and meet just as equally amazing people! Who do you admire in the industry? and why? I have two people in the modeling industry. The first is Viktoria Modesta, who’s an extremely musically talented, and beautiful woman whom also happens to be a below-the-knee amputee. I admire her because she’s brought so much light to the non-able bodied community, and in doing so, catching the eye of IMG Models worldwide. The second individual i admire is Ruby Rose, as cliche as that sounds. It’s nice to have such an amazing person as her representing the genderqueer community. continues on next page

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LGBT models

at framers’ workshop you can do your own framing or have us do it for you Do It Yourself | Framing Materials | Custom Framing

Photographer Sam Waxman Sam Waxman is a professional Boston photographer specializing in fine arts, events, parties, weddings, promotions, and portraiture. Working professionally in New England and abroad for six years, Sam has extensive experience with promotional groups, modeling agencies, as well as freelance work (both commissioned and fine art work).

Framers’ Workshop has been framing pictures in Boston for almost 40 years. We do good work, and so can you. Hours

Mon-Thu 10am - 9pm Fri & Sat 10am - 6pm Sun CLOSED

617.734.4995 64 Harvard St., Brookline, MA 02445 18 savoirflairmagazine

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High Tech Kitchen + Bath

App and mobile device usage in the kitchen is just the beginning. The application of smart technology will help consumers not only track inventory (and yes, the truly smart fridge that can track inventory and freshness will likely be here within 5 years), but also become better cooks. Here are some of the high technology advances that are enhancing our kitchens. No handles, no problem Elimination of handles are the new wave in kitchen automation. Hand free faucets, offering convenience with water conservation; automatically turning off when hands are pulled away. Give one of the new dishwashers a knock and voila they open and embedded sensors also allow cabinets to open with a wave of the hands. Gray is Good Gray is the fastest growing color in the kitchen for cabinetry. Although white colored cabinets are by far the most popular color choice amongst designers, gray is the newest. Tracy Rief of KaftMaid Cabinetry says, “ There is still plenty of interest in lighter toned cabinets. But we’re starting to see an uptick in our pebbled gray and chai finishes, as more customers go for a tinted neutral color instead of stark white.” So if you’re concerned about your kitchen looking dated or just want something a little different than a standard choice; gray cabinets will work . Light is Right Lighting integrated into cabinet design is a new innovation that has become popular. Open a drawer and voila, the draw interior is alight. Also under counter lighting has taken giant steps forward in the last ten years. No longer

by Louis Chavez Over the past few years, there has been a surge of home automation products to make our lives easier, more efficient and, in many cases, even more reliant on our smartphones. There are so many high tech gadgets and appliances on the market, it would be impossible to mention them all. Here are some that stand out for us.

High Tech

are the chunky T12 fluorescent from the 1980s, that flicker

Kitchens Design 21

ery time you turn them on. The newest innovation in un-

Kitchen Gadgets 23 Bathrooms 24

and buzz and have that aggravating warm-up period evder cabinet lightening is high tech under-cabinet systems which are more than just under counter lightening. These systems bring an array of modular components that swap out so easily, you’ll want to reconfigure whenever the continues on page 23

20 savoirflairmagazine

savoirflairmagazine 21

High Tech Kitchen

continued from page 21

Mark’s Master Service

Make your old wood floors look new!

Hardwood Floor Sanding Refinishing & Installation

mood strikes. From digital music kits to smart phone

work and a smartphone app to let users program

and tablet docks to lighting, modular tracks, linear

brew times from anywhere. Of course you’ll need to

light bars, puck lights, and outlets, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from with these high tech, highly convenient building blocks.

Each piece of the under cabinet lighting system

Wood Floor Face-Lifting

works together and you have the option to add

feed it with the coffee of your choice and water be-

more depending on the size and layout of your

fore hand. It even reminds you via your smart device

kitchen, offering an indivilualized design.

to set up the machine in the evening, and lets you change the brewing delay remotely.

800-479-0367 .

Not all windows are built like Harvey vinyl windows. Vinyl windows may look all the same, but they aren’t built the same. A family-owned and operated business with over 45 years’ experience, Harvey Building Products is known for outstanding craftsmanship and superior service, as well as standing behind every product they make. Call us today to learn more. contact:

Kitchen Gadgets

Blend it

Connected Coffee Maker

The high-end blender includes a new cooking sys-

The Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew links to a wifi net-

tem that incorporates a Bluetooth-ready smart

Di Pierro Construction, Inc.

continued on page 51

Northshore Window | Somerville, MA 617-628-7204 800-439-7205

Angie’s list Super Service Award Winner 2013

22 savoirflairmagazine

617-592-6447 |

Boston, MA

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Plumbing Heating | Cooling Kitchen | Bath

High Tech Bathrooms


From digital showers to touch less faucets, here are some of the latest technology in bathroom features.

Trethewey Brothers is a fourth

Many enjoy the speed, comfort and efficiency that comes with these technological bathroom devices.

generation family business which

That’s why these high-tech bathroom accessories should surely come as no surprise, since technological

has specialized in professional

gadgets are seeping into every aspect of people’s lives. From touch-sensitive taps to MP3 faucets and high-

plumbing and heating services to

tech toilets, these modern bathroom accessories will definitely make spending time in the washroom a little bit more enjoyable.

the Eastern Massachusetts area since 1902. We remain dedicated to offering our customers only

Showers and Baths Digital showers create a personalized shower or bath based on the bather’s preference of temperature and water delivery. The ioDIGITAL Vertical Spa by Moen surrounds you in water from every angle and allows for complete customization. It can be programmed from the wall pad. continued on page 55

O nce upon a tile

“Showcasing the latest tile and stone available throughout the world”

the finest in head_info_4quality workmanship, prompt, courteous service and expert design and installation. Our highly trained personnel



new methods to give our customers greater comfort, better energy efficiency and the highest quality remodeling and heating installations.


Mass Home Improvement Contractor Lic # 102399 • Mass Master Plumber Lic # 11207

n Incredible selection of decorative tile, hand crafted by over 50 artisans. Once Upon A Tile showcases top manufacturers whose tile and stone come from around the world. Alongside this selection are a plethora of creative artists who offer uniquely hand crafted, and painted, tiles from small studios around the country.

978.345.8343 | 12 Westminster St. Fitchburg, MA |

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savoirflairmagazine 25

“We’re everywhere you walk”

Roofing, Windows, Siding, Gutters, Solar Energy, Painting, Decks, Snow Removal, Ice Dams, All types of Carpentry




781-871-1000 • 200 Webster St., Hanover MA | 508-778-0393 • 379 IYANOUGH RD., HYANNIS, MA

Cape Cod & The Islands Call 508-367-1679 Boston & Surrounding Areas Call 781-559-0007 We work with insurance companies 26 savoirflairmagazine

savoirflairmagazine 27

We’ll Get You Back On The Road Again!

• Dependable Claims Assistance Since 1948 Mass Repair Shop #5049 • Referred by Insurance Companies • Written Warranty • Rentals Available • Convenient to MBTA Orange Line Forest Hills

The Marriage of Gift & Wedding Jewelry by N. McCarty This season we present the best wedding and gift jewelry in the area. Whether it’s a band, engagement ring or a engraved watch, this jewelry will inspire and delight all who receive it. So feast your eyes on these beautiful creations...

Body & Paint Co. Inc

A Terrific Trio

Topaz and Amethyst Rings Joseph Gann Jewelers Striking rings that will awe everyone at your next dinner party! They include clockwise a round Swiss blue topaz and diamond ring (blue topaz 8.54ct diamonds .22ct.), an oval London Blue Topaz and diamond ring; (blue topaz 8.28ct, diamonds .27ct ) and an oval amethyst and diamond ring; (amethyst 3.16, diamonds .37ct).

617-522-6040 3430 Washington St. Jamaica Plain, MA

Nature-inspired wedding bands

Constance Wicklund Gildea’s Designs Silverscape Designs

PAUL CHAISSON INTERIOR DESIGN Personalized Design Consultations

PC 28 savoirflairmagazine

Constance designs and creates jewelry in her Western Mass studio, working in 18k gold and fine silver. Her unique goldsmithing techniques include Keum-boo, an ancient Asian technique of bonding 24k gold and silver. Her designs are based in nature and her botanical designs are suitable for men and women, available in gold, silver and combinations of the metals. Many of her nature-inspired wedding bands are available with or without diamonds and sapphires to customize the look to your individual style.

continues on next page

617-686-2701 savoirflairmagazine 29

Gift & Wedding Jewelry A Classic Favorite Nature Lover Collection Cindi's Diamond & Jewelry Gallery This classic favorite is from Nature Lover collection featuring a leafy floral design crafted from 14k white and rose gold set with 0.42 carat of white round brilliant cut diamonds. continues on page 32



Strong Survive B

30 savoirflairmagazine

e n c h m a r k

savoirflairmagazine 31

Gift & Wedding Jewelry

Gift & Wedding Jewelry Stunning Wedding Rings

Signature Platinum & Diamond Collection M. Pope & Co. These rings will light up a bride’s hands with brillant diamonds mirrored in dazzling platinum from M. Pope & Co. Custom Design Rings and Jewelry and Platinum & Diamond Engagement Rings.

Unique Princess Cut Ring Verragio Insignia | E.B. Horn This unique Verragio Insignia-7055P style engagement ring features a .50ct princess cut center diamond along with fine quality round brilliant cut diamonds in a twist that enhance the center princess cut diamond. This engagement ring has a matching Eterna-4017 style wedding band that features .55ct of fine quality diamonds which continues the twist style.

Savoir Flair Advertising


The Capitol Craftsman

Ustinov Jewelers Serving our community for over 30 years

17 Faunce Corner Rd. Dartmouth, MA 508.994.8400

16 & 18 No. Main St., Concord, NH (603)228-LOVE

Custom Design Jewelry & Diamond Bridal


Diamond Jewelry



40 Central Street Foxborough MA 508.543.4943 |

32 savoirflairmagazine

Advertise In Style Savoir Flair Advertising


savoirflairmagazine 33

Efrain & Joseph’s Day

I was excited to hear he was waiting for me, but once

It was during our first date that Efrain confessed to me

again he upgraded his phone and left. This time he

that he had called customer service for an early up-

had taken my business card and before the night was

grade to have an excuse to come back and talk to

come in to upgrade one of his sister’s cell phones. I found him very attractive, but he upgraded his sisters

over, I received an email asking that I call him to answer

me. This was one of the most romantic things someone

phone and left. About a week later, Efrain came back and I overheard one of my co-workers offer to assist

some questions. I called him that night and that phone

had done to get to talk to me and I knew I would be

call led to our first date.

spending the rest of my life with him.

by Joseph & Efrain, Photos by Paul & Micheal Nash Efrain and I met back in 2005. I was working at Verizon Wireless at the time as a sales associate. Efrain had

him, but he refused and said he was waiting for me.

continues on next page

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savoirflairmagazine 35

Efrain & Joseph’s Day On our 6th Valentine’s Day together, Efrain took me

Efrain and I were escorted down the isle by our beauti-

to Mill on the River for dinner. After seeing the beauti-

ful daughter Jasmine. Rev. Aaron Miller of MCC Hart-

ful outside scenery and the charming interior I began

ford, officiated the ceremony in front of 70 of our clos-

to think what a wonderful place it would be for us to

est friends and family. Aside from exchanging our own

celebrate our wedding. After only a few weeks I had

vows, we were blessed to have our daughter, Jasmine

placed a call to make arrangements to meet with our

and nephew, Alex sing, God Blessed the Broken Road

wedding coordinator, Laura.

by Rascal Flatts at our wedding. Our Photographer, Paul and his son Michael did an amazing job and were

It was at that meeting that we fell in love with Laura

able to capture some amazing photos of us and our

and Mill on the River. After meeting with Laura, she un-

families in the gazebo, in the covered bridge and on

derstood exactly what we were looking for and assured

the beautiful grounds.

us that our day would not only be beautiful, but very memorable.

She even recommended our fantastic

Photographer, Paul Nash.

The Mill on the River served a wonderful assortment of cold and hot hors d’oeuvres that Efrain and I were able to choose from. For our main entree we had selected

Even though it had rained the majority of the day we

the surf and turf which consisted of a beautiful steak

had a beautiful outdoor ceremony under the gazebo

fillet and large stuffed shrimp that were delicious. In-

next to Vintons Millpond. Our wedding party consist-

cluded in the cost was a beautiful three tier wedding

ed of our parents, followed by my two brothers, Scott

cake that my husband and I could not have been hap-

and Mike, escorting Efrain’s sisters, Sonia and Jessica.

pier with. It was delicious and we were sent home with continues on page 40

continued from previous page

Exactly five months to that day my best friend gave birth to twin boys and as we were arriving at the hospital to celebrate the birth of the boys I got down on one knee and proposed that Efrain and I spend the rest of our lives together.

LANTANA HOUSE A charming in-town B&B in the heart of historic Rockport

Elegant, personal, full service wedding catering

‘Beautiful and affordable, have the wedding you envision” 22 Broadway, Rockport, MA 800-291-3535•

36 savoirflairmagazine

‘For the perfect and worry free wedding day’

(781) 286-1273,

Goosefish Press Invitations

Award-winning letterpress studio in Boston’s South End that specializes in the design and in-house printing of crafted and unique invitations. 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

(617) 728-2822

savoirflairmagazine 37

Elegant Wedding Cakes & Fine European Pastries Our award-winning wedding cakes are uniquely styled to satisfy the individual design preferences of our diverse clientele

The Crown Bakery & Cafe Voted Best Bakery 53 Times

Wedding cakes are a specialty! o Rainbow torte wedding cakes o The Crown Bakery & Cafe is very proud to specialize in European style pastries and cakes. We specialize in Swedish coffeecakes, cookies, sweetrolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes, using the best ingredients we can buy. 508-852-0746 ◊133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester ◊ www. 38 savoirflairmagazine

781.849.1970 ◊ 32 Wood Rd., Braintree, MA

savoirflairmagazine 39

Efrain & Joseph’s Day

Savoir Flair

Linden Tree Inn A distinctive New England Bed & Breakfast Inn



Charming guest rooms with private baths. Daily homemade breakfast. A leisurely stroll takes you to a quaint village or a sandy beach.

AAA Approved Member: American Bed & Breakfast America Historic Inns.

26 King St., Rockport, MA 978546-2494

(800) 865-2122

e-mail: continued from page 37

the top tier to be frozen for our one year anniversary. Laura and the staff at the Mill on the River were very attentive throughout our entire wedding and even afterwards while we were waiting to be transported to our hotel by providing us with complimentary drinks. Since Efrain and I had family fly in for our wedding we decided to wait a few days before leaving on our honeymoon to Miami. We spent a wonderful week staying in Miami, FL; as well as, visiting the Florida Keys and Orlando. We have just recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and ten years together. We now live in the home we closed on just 10 days prior to our wedding with our daughter and puppy, Foxxie!

We both are thrilled with the

amazing photos and memories we have of this day, but most of all, each other!

40 savoirflairmagazine

savoirflairmagazine 41

C & L Auto Body

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Body Shop

“Enjoy New Car Beauty”

Local courtesy shuttle to surrounding towns 4 Insurance Claim Specialist 4 Accepted By All Insurance Companies 4 Fully Insured • Fully Bonded 4 State Of The Art Frame Equipment 4 Rental Service Available


4 Foreign & Domestic 4 Body/Mechanical Repairs 4 Cars Bought & Sold

by John Axelrod

Lic #RS1620 While in a perfect world no one

recommendations about which body

owner of the shop. It is fine to get an

would ever need the services of a

shops are the best. It is important to

estimate from a worker, or to have a

body shop, but we all know that the

solicit these individuals for advice on

technician answer specific questions,

world we live in is not a perfect one.

which body shops do the best work. If

but talking directly to the owner may

In the real world, accidents do hap-

you know someone who has recently

give you a better feel for the quality

pen, and when they do, it is impor-

been in an accident, you may want

of the shop and what they are ca-

tant to choose the right body shop to

to ask them about their experience,

pable of.

get your car back to looking like new.

and about which body shop did the

your insurance claim and the rules

work on their vehicle.

and regulations governing the repair.

Choosing the right body shop is im-

It is important to discuss

It is also important, of course, to get

portant not only for the good looks

As you are evaluating different body

of your car but for its safety as well.

shops, it is important to take a good

A well repaired car will be as safe as

look around.

the day it first rolled off the assem-

neat and tidy, not dirty and disor-

bly line, while a poorly repaired car

ganized. It is also important to look

If, however, one of the estimates is ex-

may be dangerous to drive. It is im-

for various industry certifications and

tremely low, it may be a good idea

portant to choose a body shop that

certificates held by the employees

to carefully look at that estimate and

uses genuine manufacturer parts and

of the company. These certifications

make sure that you will truly be get-

whose staff is capable of putting all

will help to ensure that the work will

ting good service from that body

the pieces of your car back just the

be of the highest quality.

shop. While a low price is certainly

way they were.

The shop should be

It is important to look for certain piec-

several different estimates in order to

desirable, it is important, for instance, to ensure that the shop will be using

company, it is important to keep in


mind that most states give consumers

owner of the facility. A modern body

the right to choose their own body

shop should include a paint spray

After you have decided on a par-

shop for needed repairs.

While in-

booth and a modern frame machine

ticular body shop, be sure to read

surance companies may try to steer

(used to measure and pull the body

the fine print carefully before signing

their customers to preferred body

of the vehicle).

The owner of the

any agreements. It is important, for

shops, consumers can and should do

body shop should be proud to show

instance, to ensure that the work is

some research on their own in order

you around the shop; if he or she is re-

guaranteed, and to determine your

to find the best match for their needs.

luctant to show you around, it should

rights in the event of a dispute. It is

serve as a big red flag.

important to protect yourself in order

fect body shop is simply to ask around. Asking family members, friends and coworkers is a good way to get some

42 savoirflairmagazine



a good idea to talk directly to the

Portuguese and Spanish Spoken ask for Mark Cefalo and Rodrigo (Deco) Deoliveira

Foreign & Domestic Insurance Approved Body Shop Mass Reg# 1913 • Mon-Fri 8-5

367 Mystic Ave., Medford



45 Copeland St., Quincy (Off Exit #8 Rt-93)


formerly known as Hondaa King

4 Guaranteed, first quality service

We service Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, & late model Kia and Hyunda

genuine parts, and that the work is guaranteed.

to get the best possible results from When evaluating body shops, it is

Quality repairs & safe, dependable service

Proudly Owned & Operated by the Campanale Family for Over 50 Years

value for the money.

es of equipment as you tour the shop, accompanied

Auto Body & Mechanical Center

make sure you are getting the best

When dealing with the insurance

One of the best ways to find the per-


your car repair.


ASE certified master mechanics

4 34 years


4 Insurance work accepted

(617) 787-1233 •

283 Western Ave., Boston MA 02134 savoirflairmagazine 43

Detailing; Clean Car Love Wanting a Clean Car is not enough

We’ll Get You Back On The Road Again! • Dependable Claims Assistance Since 1948 Mass Repair Shop #5049 • Referred by Insurance Companies • Written Warranty • Rentals Available • Convenient to MBTA Orange Line Forest Hills

Body & Paint Co. Inc by John Axelrod Clean can be a big deal to many of us in the LGBT community. Being a car slob can be tantimount to be compared to the antichrist. For those of us who love our cars, a nasty car is well nasty. Here are some tips on what a professional detailing should include:

3430 Washington St. Jamaica Plain, MA


What should A Professional Car Detailing Include? Professional detailing besides being the best process to throughly clean your car indside and out, will help to keep the vehicle in excellent condition which will retain more resale value.

When shopping for a detailing service find one that

covers all required aspects of detailing. 1 Your Car’s Paint Professional details will implement a three step process that cleans, corrects and protects the paint surface of your vehicle. First the cleaning; washing and drying the car to remove any dirt and grime. Second the clay bar application, which removes contaminants in the clear coat such as industrial fallout, metal particles, dirt and tar. Thirdly the paint will be polished to remove any marks and fine scratches before being sealed via waxing. 2 Your Car’s Undercarriage and Wheels Along with the rest of the exterior, the undercarriage and chassis of your car should be cleaned. This includes directly under the car, the inside the wheel wells and around the major suspension components. The plastic splash guards and inner fender liners should be dressed with a plastic protectant, and wheels and tires should be washed thoroughly before being dressed in a protectant that improves their luster.

44 savoirflairmagazine

continued on page 47

savoirflairmagazine 45

Auto Detailing

continued from page 44

cleaned with a degreaser before being rinsed clean.All

3 Exterior Lights and Trim

silicone, plastic and rubber should be properly dressed to

Applying a polish compound to headlights and taillights

protect them from cracking.

that show signs of oxidation, must have proper sealing af-

Costs Associated with a Car Detailing Service

terwards with a plastic sealant which reputable detailers

A standard car detailing service should range in cost be-

will always complete. Chrome trim should be cleaned, and

tween $99 and $250 depending upon your location, the

any vinyl or plastic trim should be treated with a protectant

type of vehicle you drive and the quality of services be-

to resist cracking and fading. Cleaning the chrome or pol-

ing offered by the company or individual. Larger vehicles

ished exhaust tips should be part of the detailing service.

such as SUV’s and vans typically cost more, as does an

4 Interior Detailing

upgraded package consisting of even more attention to

Interior detailing should include a shampooing or steam

detail. You can expect to pay additional fees for the high-

cleaning of carpets and interior cloth. All plastics and vinyl

est quality shampoos and cleaning products, the use of

should be cleaned and dressed, and leather should be

special equipment, superior waxing, steam cleaning or

conditioned and cleaned. This is not limited to the passen-

shampoo of interior carpets and cleaning of leather up-

ger area, and many thorough services will also include the

holstery. You may want to take advantage of additional

trunk area in the detailing package.

services including engine cleaning, dent removal or wheel

5 Engine


The engine bay should be misted with water, and then


29 Newfield Ave. Hartford, CT 06109

Mirror Image Mobile Detailing Providing an Exceptional Detailing Experience at Your Convenience! Douglas Jerez, Manager


46 savoirflairmagazine

3 year / 100,000 mile warranty savoirflairmagazine 47

Select Auto Services same location over 20 year


Repair Massachusetts Registered Emissions Repair

800-662-4842 165 R Tremont St. Melrose, MA


Auto Tops & Glass

Complete Upholstery Service

Seat Covers • Convertible Tops Vinyl Roofs • Carpets •Truck seats Boat Cushions Upholstery repairs Convertible Tops Glass or Plastic Chairs Recovered Free Insurance Estimates • New Car Warranties

for Less than the Dealers! Watertown, 126 Galen St., (617) 923-1800 Norwood, 981 Providence Hwy. Rt 1, (781) 255-0700 Peabody, 231 Andover St., Rt 114, (978) 532-5400 Natick, 321 Speen St., Cloverleaf Mall, (508) 655-4455

Stanley Towing

Collision Repair At it’s best! With over 35 years in business 79 Bennett St., Lynn, MA



(617) 522-4100 3430 Washington St Jamaica Plain, Ma 02130


617-884-4686 16 Vacuums • 3 Fragrance Vacuums • Shampoo Vacuum • Car Care Products • Compressed Air

294 Eastern Avenue Chelsea, MA 02150-3308

• • • • • •

Claim Handling Free Estimates Rentals and Towing Unibody and Frame Straightening Foreign and Domestic Repair Superior Color Matching

w w w . a l b r o de u r. c o m

508.485.1082 87 Mill St. Central Marlborough MA

Paul’s Auto Body Auto Body Glass Detailing

Auto Glass Fast Free Mobile Service


Savoir Flair Advertising 617-423-1515 48 savoirflairmagazine

Automatic Tunnel with Soft Cloth & High Pressure 8 Self-Serve Wash Bays Open 24 Hours



24 Hour Towing & Road Service


617-376-2422 • 481 Quincy Ave., Quincy tires • auto repairs Scheduled Maintenance


(617) 471-6280 384 Centre St. Quincy, MA

The 13th One

Big Event Fundraiser for The Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective A formal affair consisting of cocktails, dinner, silent and live auctions and dancing. Sat, Nov. 21st at the Connecticut Convention Center from 6pm to midnight. Tickets $150.

savoirflairmagazine 49

High Tech Kitchen

Voted “Best Tuxes”- Boston Magazine

continued from page 23

Where will your tux take you? scale, a food processor, and, of course, a blender.

General Contractor

Clamp + Cook The





clamp it to the side of a pot full of water and pair it with your phone,

Home Improvements & Repairs No Job Too Big or Too Small

Gutters cleaned, Repaired and Installed References on Request Free Estimates 30 Years in Business • Licensed & Insured


Famous name and designer tuxedos. Merino and Italian fabrics at discount prices. TUX RENTALS $50.00 ALL STYLES

Bringing Warmth & Beauty Inside and you’ll be able to select a recipe, vacuum seal your ingredients, and drop them in the auto-

• Gas, Wood & Pellet Stoves and Inserts • Fireplace Doors, Mantles & Accessories • Service & Installation of all our Products • Our Staff is NFI Certified & Factory Trained

mated bath.

Call About our Tux Trade-in Policy The Trash Can, Can Simplehuman’s trash cans are nicely designed and smart. A handy sensor is built in, so a simple wave of your hand magically

140 River St. Cambridge, Central Sq.

617.547.2455 Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

50 savoirflairmagazine

opens the can and completely eliminates the need for any foot pedals or latches. continues on next page


151 Carnegie Row • Norwood, MA

savoirflairmagazine 51

High Tech Kitchen

High Tech Kitchen continued from previous page

Harvard Art & Frame “when it comes to framing, we do it all!”

Commercial • Residential Since 1938


250 Main St., Charlestown, MA w w w. h a r v a rd a r t a n d f r a m e c o . c o m


It’s also fingerprint-proof, but you won’t be touching it anyway.

Prepping + The Prep Pad takes the digital food scale to a whole new level.

231 Main Street Easthampton, MA

Crock Pot Blast Off

Interior / exterior painting finish carpentry wallpapering tiling


free estimates • local refrences





meals can be conve-

nient and time-saving, but they only work when you remember to turn them on. With the WeMoenabled Slow Cooker and your smartphone, you can turn on

ask for jack day or evening office (617)859-7997 Cell (617)719-5511


Yes, there is such a thing as a gorgeous garbage can.


jack’s Painting


your beef stew from anywhere,


as well as adjust the temperature, alter cooking time and even get

reminders so you’ll never be stuck with uncooked stew again. Cooking App The GE Brillion app

Free Estimates

Part smart scale, part nutritional guide, part dietician, the Prep

several GE Profile wall ovens. This

Fully Insured


Custom Cabinet Corp.

allows you to enable remote turnon, preheating while you’re leaving the office, out shopping or…,

aureli construction

Pad allows you to not only measure your food, but also deter-

It monitors temperature changes

617-480-6836 full service general contractor

kitchen | bath | carpentry | basements | flooring | framing

mine the nutritional content of

works with

and checking meat probe settings. The app will also alert you when your delicious meatloaf is done.


everything you place on top.


Using an app you specify what

GE Profile Series PT9550SFSS Dou-

item you are weighing (manually or with a barcode) and it displays helpful dietary information including calories, protein, fats and carbs.

52 savoirflairmagazine

Remodeling kitchen/baths

ble Wall Oven

Custom & Stock Cabinetry & Counters

No need to stop what you’re do-

31 Coolidge Hill Rd. Watertown

new line of Brillion Connected Ap-

ing to start dinner with the GE’s


pliances. All the new options can

permtting | waterproofing | siding | demolition | drywall

be controlled by the GE Brillion continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 53

High Tech Kitchen

High Tech Bathrooms

continued from previous page

ing ideas, and Pandora lets you stream music from the built-in speakers above the water dispenser. The interior has LED lights, removable wine and soda racks, and five adjustable glass shelves. Dishwasher Gaggenau’s 400 Series Dishwasher

Your Neighborhood Hardware Stores Cleveland Circle Hardware 1920 Beacon St. Pill Hardware Brighton, MA (617)734-6440 743 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, MA (617)876-8310

Edward M. Simpson, CPA Certified Public Accountant

DTV Shower Kohler’s DTV shower is fully loaded. It features a control system for

Warren Hardware 420 Tremont St. Boston, MA (617)426-7525

(401) 434-4448 20 Newman Ave., Suite 9010 East Providence, RI 02916



continued from page 24

the shower with functions like water pressure and temperature,



This integrated appliance is handle-free—a feature that’s a musthave with the custom cabinet app (see above), so preheat the

designs found in many high-end

oven, adjust the cooking temper-

European-style kitchens. The con-

ature, and alerts you when cook-

trols are also tucked into the top

ing time is up.

of the door, keeping them out of sight when the dishwasher is

Refrigerators Samsung Side-by-Side LCD Refrig-


erator has your weekly schedule, your recipes, and reminders for


Fence Erectors Established 1969




The ultimate destination with the most satisfying tile and stone buying experience. It’s your home and your style, and we work with you to find the best tile and stone product so your design and finished project is as unique as you are.

and a built in stereo system, all controlled from a LCD screen that can be mounted on the wall. Bathroom TV

• Ceramic • Porcelain • Natural Stone • Metal

• Free Estimates • Fully Insured

• Glass • Mosaics • Marble • Accent Tiles

233 Bedford St. Whitman, MA 02382

your next grocery trip all on

but also chromatherapy, steam,

Seura’s waterproof Hydra television, allows you to enjoy soaking in a hot bubble bath,

(781) 447-4200 • 1-800 427-3385

The dishwasher also has top LED interior lighting, and soft-closing,

Plymouth Location (508) 732-8911 ◊ Dedham Location (781) 461-0406 ◊

smooth-gliding racks. The control panel has been redesigned with a TFT display for more intuitive op-

while watching Ru Paul’s Drag

eration, and the dishwasher offers

Race on Logo. You can also save

eight different program wash set-

time in the morning when you

tings plus Aqua Sensor technol-

shower and get your news at the

ogy, which detects how dirty your dishes are to optimize water level hand without having your tablet or smartphone in the kitchen. This high-tech fridge has an LCD screen that’s filled with friendly features: Apps like a calendar and a notepad keep you up-todate with schedules, Epicurean Recipes



54 savoirflairmagazine


and temperature. Another nifty feature is a built-in LED projector, positioned under

Decora, Schrock, Apple Valley, Legacy and JSI cabinetry All types of countertops from Granite, quartz, solid surface and laminates. We come out and measure, design and also offer installation of the above

same time. Toilet Coined one of the hardest working fixture in your house the toilet

the door, that displays a penny-

has made a transformation into

sized status icon on the floor. It’s

one of the smartest working fix-

a discreet way to keep tabs on

tures with major smart technol-

your dishwasher’s status—something guests probably won’t be distracted by.

ogy innovations. Most of us have


195 Squire Rd. Revere, Ma. 02151

experienced touchless toilets that continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 55

High Tech Bathrooms continued from previous page

flush by themselves in a public lavato-

High Tech Bathrooms

Savoir Flair Advertising


ry. They work by sensing when you’ve walked away from

Quality Tree Pruning, Removal and Care Climber Services Fully Insured year round

become less of a guessing game.

warms you. A radiant heat system

Sleek cabinets and storage nooks

Users can control the

uses a series of hot water tubes or

utilize advanced storage solutions

wires under the floor to produce

maximizing space. They are complete with built in LCD lighting.

a smooth, even heat. This type temperature of their water via

of heating is a good choice for a

the touch controls, which should

bathroom because it works well

make finding that perfect bal-

Hold a hand over the tank lid directly

with linoleum, laminate or tile

ance between a hot and cold

above the sensor to activate the flush.

flooring. Expect approximately

shower easier than ever. New in-

That could help eliminate the spread

an hour for your floor and the sur-

novations include adjusting tem-

of germs. Just remember to tell guests

rounding air to heat up when us-

perature via a smartphone app.

ing an RFH system.

Heated Bathroom Flooring

Cabinets | Storage

Feeling the warm tile floor of dry

Standard cupboards with smart,

heated flooring beneath your

unique or high-tech elements and

feet on a cold winter’s morning

accessories behind their doors

can be the best part of your day.

make a world of difference when

Add a smart thermostat and en-

it comes to making a bath zone

joy the exact temperature that

more organized and user friendly.

the toilet. The new touchless toilet from Kohler gives you complete control.

(781) 438-1759 or (978) 658-2344

how it works. The touchless flush technology is available on several models

Suzanne G. Maher V.M.D

from Kohler’s Cimarron and San Souci lines. The most water efficient single-flush toilets on the market use 1.28 gallons per flush. Another innovation from Kohler, the Purefresh toilet seat is designed to keep bathrooms smelling clean. The seat has a built-in carbon filter that neutralizes odors, plus an integrated fan, activated when you sit

Open Mon.-Sat. by appointment .

Medical, Surgical & Dental Services Diagnostic Ultrasound on site MC, Visa, Discover Feline Boarding accepted Exotic Pets Welcome.

19 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, MA (781) 639-1300

The Tile Factory Inc.

down, that directs the filtered air over a scent pack located within the system. Optional scents include Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry, and

Large Selection 1000’s of tiles To Choose All Major Brands

Avocado Spa. Or you can leave the cartridge empty. The Purefresh seat, which also features an integrated night

J R • N•

Residential & Commercial

Robern medicine cabinet slide up to reveal outlets, a defogger control, and an ultra-slim television. The shower’s temperature, steam level, and water pressure can be programmed in to the continues on next page

Contracting, Inc. ...your home improvement specialist

Siding • Windows Insulation Roofing • Gutters

HOURS: Mon, Tues, Fri 8:30-5:30 Wed & Thurs 8:30-7 Sat 9-4

light, is available on most Kohler toilets. Taps with Temperature Control Touchscreen taps and faucets are nothing new. Trying to find the right mix of hot and cold water is about to

56 savoirflairmagazine

781-329-6694 298 Providenvce Hwy. (Rt .1 N) Westwood, MA

For More Information


www .J n RG utters . com

savoirflairmagazine 57

High Tech Bathrooms

Book Review x 2

continued from previous page

the need for a sink, soap, paper

enabled device to stream music

digital Kohler interface—as can

towels and hand driers.

directly into the shower. The line recently expanded to include

the morning’s playlist. Bathroom Scale Bathroom Extras

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Bath-time can be an experience

measures your weight, BMI and

for the senses with the option of

body fat percentage and tracks

four bright colors. The speaker

The 13th One Big Event

Fundraiser forThe Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective A formal affair consisting of cocktails, dinner, silent and live auctions and dancing. Sat, Nov. 21st at the Connecticut Convention Center from 6pm to midnight. Tickets $150.

built-in audio systems, chromatherapy (using mood-enhancing

buy & sell rare silver, gold & other coins

colors), or even tub-side refrigeration. pod can be removed and used Towel Racks

elsewhere. That means family

High tech towel racks can dis-

members can share one speaker,

infect by passing your hands

or swap them in and out to take

through an anti-bacterial liquid

them on the go.

which it sprays all over your

hands as you pass them through

honest & reliable service for coin collectors guarantee fair prices

Author Bob Morris Photo: Lena Shkoda continued from page 9

it wirelessly. You’re able to access

One final word of caution when

all your data from your phone,

purchasing one of these wire-

computer or iPad and earn re-

less appliances, the manufac-

a made bed didn’t make the man,

617-816-7200 859 Willard St. Quincy, MA

See our eBay store for our current coins

good enough generally was and, as in the new book “Bobby Wonderful” by Bob Morris, sometimes it’s better to

ward badges through the Fitbit

turer can collect information to


track your daily habit wirelessly,


Also some of your personal de-

Philips’ new personal wireless light-

vice information can be assessed

ing system, Hue, is a real game

through someone driving through

tions Ira’s going through. Caring for

changer. Using the Hue app for

your neighborhood with a hand-

an elderly parent “has become the

iPhone or iPad, these wirelessly

held scanner. So the security con-

new normal” Morris says, and he

controlled bulbs allow

scious should read the fine print to see what can and can not as-

ignore perfection and focus on a life thebostoncoin

– or lives – well-lived. As Bob Morris watches his husband, Ira, struggle with his mother’s ageing issues, Morris understands the emo-

should know: he helped tend to his own parents at the ends of their lives. As his mother lay dying first, Mor-

the opening on your way out the

sessed and what if any informa-

door. It almost entirely eliminates

tion can be accessed through

a child, she encouraged him to see

wireless scanners.

beauty in the world around him.

The Caning Shoppe - Canoe seat repair and recaning - Chair caning - Rattan/Wicker repair - Upholstery - Parts fabrication - New American hardwood furniture - Fine vintage and antique consignments - Hand-painted furniture

617-776-0100 • 1-866-490-7328 99 Albion St., Studio 2, Somerville, MA. 02144

www . caningshoppe . com

58 savoirflairmagazine

She loved music and was “a good

you to choose the exact color, temperature and brightness you desire. Used in the bathroom, the possibilities are endless. Create

ris remembered how, when he was

mother” whose messy, painful death



& Building Restoration

brought out the worst in Morris and his brother. Oh, how they fought, though her passing also showed Morris how

relaxing “light recipes” for bath

much he truly loved and admired his


older sibling.

Music Kohler’s Moxie wireless shower speaker syncs with any Bluetooth-

At the funeral, Morris only wanted to Lic. #CS78230


89 Minot St., Boston, MA 02122

talk about his mother but “nobody seems to know how.” Not long afterward, on a “sunny sumcontinued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 59

Book Review x 2

Service Directory


continued from previous page

AWARDS•trophiesEastern MA

ApothecaryEastern MA

mer Monday,” Morris’ father tried to commit suicide by overdosing on to heal well from his wife’s illness and

Done • Tailoring On Premises • Shirts • Same Day Service • Suede/Leather • Curtains • Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved • Smoke & Water Damage Restoration For Clothing

phone: 617-354-5600 fax: 617-492-8135

death – at age eighty-something, he’d plunged back into the dating

scene – his “quiet despair about his

1613 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02138

failing heart,” previously unnoticed,

AntiquesEastern M

shook the Morris brothers to their cores. Things became worse, and



as their father began to desperately

A New Tropical Foods!!

“hound” Morris for pills to end his life, Morris looked for ways to enhance his out and they both knew it. During his last hospitalization, the elder Morris told his sons that he wanted off life support. It was a wish they let him have. “Caring for your parents is an opportunity,” says Morris. But “We have no parents now, nobody to love us in the way they did... And we also have no worries now, no concerns for a suffering so close that it often felt like our

Tropical Foods is the pioneer ethnic food retailer in Boston. Although it remains the premier supermarket for Spanish, African-American, West Indian and African cuisine; Tropical Foods is the “Supermarket for Everyone.” Great selection of ethnic produce, curries, rice, beans, and hardto-find ethnic specialties from around the world. 450 Melnea Cass Blvd., Roxbury, MA 02119

are caregivers for someone over age fifty. That could be why this memoir will strike a chord for many Baby Boomers but, aside from common-

617-442-7439 |

Cartmell Funeral Services, Inc Locally owned and independently operated

Complete Funeral Service Pre-planning • Graveside Service Complete Cremation Service Immediate Cremation Service Personalized Services • Pet Loss

Morris’s cherished memories of his parents’ good times seem to buffer the pain of loss, and that he shares

381 Elliot St. #155 Newton, MA


those vivid personal recollections is a

(781) 893-5038 | (888) 593-5044

APPRAISERSEastern MA Accredited

Appraisers A rt & Antiques 17 - 1/2 State Street Marblehead, MA 01945


27 Years Experience

Accredited Senior Appraiser

irritation here, exasperation, even an-

ExcavationEastern MA



552 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, MA

ClocksEastern MA American English

French German

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233 Aspinwall Ave. Brookline, MA

fore you start this book. You’ll have reason to use them, especially if you’re caring for your own parents. If that’s the case, for you, “Bobby Wonderful” lives up to its title.

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memoir. I would have, in fact, been My best advice is to grab tissues be-


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delight. Still, readers get real peeks of

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parents will find familiar, “Bobby Woninside a very beautiful, moving story.

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Savoirflair Magazine Fall/Winter 2015-2016  

LGBT Magazine featuring LGBT weddings, book reviews, tv reviews, photo essays throughout New England

Savoirflair Magazine Fall/Winter 2015-2016  

LGBT Magazine featuring LGBT weddings, book reviews, tv reviews, photo essays throughout New England