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Glass creations

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Contents Dog Afternoon | Ptown Photography 12 Dune By Louis Chavez Act | Beautiful Glass Showcase 16 Glass By Bob Bennett Care | All The Best Tips 18 Personal By Sharon Levine | Elegance + Style 22 Jewelry By N. McCarty Are Cordially Invited | Women Wed 26 You by Erin & LA | Amanda Conway

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Windows & Woodwork Oh my | Design 38 Walls, By Michele Eason | Melissa Fagnand | Catherine McCarthy Of Summer | Cruise In Style 60 Cars By Henry Rogers Care of Mom | Dad | Advice 68 Taking by Ceci Murphy

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8 FILM /TV 4 Essential Must See Retro Films

38 Home Improvement Walls, Windows & Woodwork 26 Weddings Women Wed + Resources

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Advertisers participating in this guide are not necessarily gay / lesbian, but Openly welcome the community. Printed in Canada with Green Technology

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Global Garage Flooring & Design

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4 Essential

Retro LGBT themed films

by Rena Berman

1. The Boys in the Band 1970

The Boys in the Band is a 1970 American drama film directed by William Friedkin. The screenplay by Mart Crowley is based on his Off Broadway play of the same title. It is among the first major American motion pictures to revolve around gay characters and is often cited as a milestone in the history of queer cinema. The film is about nine New York men at their bitchiest in a Greenwich Village apartment as they dance, fight, fall in and out of love, and examine who they are within a larger gay community on the cusp of a revolution.

2. The Children’s Hour 1961

The Children’s Hour released as The Loudest Whisper in the United Kingdom is a 1961 American drama film directed by William Wyler. The screenplay by John Michael Hayes is based on the 1934 play of the same title by Lillian Hellman. The film stars Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, and James Garner. This adaptation of Lillian Hellman’s play with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine as two school teachers who are falsely accused of having a lesbian affair. The accusation not only destroys their careers and relationships — it also forces the pair to come to terms with the nature of their friendship.

8 savoirflairmagazine

3. Victim 1961

Victim is a 1961 British suspense film directed by Basil Dearden, starring Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms. It is notable in film history for being the first English language film to use the word “homosexual”. On its release in the United Kingdom it proved highly controversial and was initially banned in the United States. The story is about a successful barrister, Melville Farr (Dirk Bogarde) has a thriving London practice. Farr is approached by “Boy” Barrett (Peter McEnery), a younger working class man with whom Farr shared a romantic but asexual relationship. Farr rebuffs the approach, thinking Barrett wants to blackmail him about their relationship.

4. Rope 1948

Rope is a 1948 American crime thriller film based on the play Rope (1929). Although the word homosexual is never uttered in the film, the homoeroticism of this fictional account of the Leopold and Loeb murders (an actual event) is undeniable. The homosexual, latent or otherwise, was commonly depicted as the villian/criminal in this era.

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Provincetown; Dune Dog Afternoon

What most year-round Provincetown residents know, an exhilarating walk on the trails of the National Seashore Dunes in the late fall and winter is a feast for the eyes and soul, with a trusted dog companion even better. The quiet beauty, the sound of the persistent wind and vast ocean make this a great experience for all who cherish nature’s beauty.

12 savoirflairmagazine

Photos and text By Louis (Lucky) Chavez

Oreo a rescue chow/cattle dog mix, at 6 years old in the photos loved her walks. She like most trail hikers marveled at her surroundings, stopping often, to take in the atmosphere and scenery. Now at 13 years old, she still ventures on the dunes but does avoid the very steep ones.

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Bennington o Ph: 802.442.3400 Fax: 802.447.3010 527 N. Bennington Rd., Bennington, VT 05201

Donna Libbey Martin, Esq. North Shore Family Law Dedicated to resolving your most difficult legal matters • Same Sex Divorce • Child Custody / Adoption • Child Support • Alimony • Domestic Violence • Gay and Lesbian Family Law Call or email me today for a free consultation

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Glass home design creations have rendered thrilling, novel forms out of one of man’s oldest creations. New technologies empower designers to take the ancient material of glass in exciting new directions. For its reflective quality, for its’ polished gleam and for its’ sleek, contemporary look, glass is an essential element in modern interior design. Furniture designers, architects and builders alike utilize designs that highlight the unique characteristics of glass to create stunning interior and exterior visual excitement. IMA’s Contemporary Design Galleries display of Shiro Kuramata, the Glass chair of 1976.

Zuo Modern Discovery Coffee Table Tempered Glass with a dynamic curve that makes this table a conversation starter.

Cool and cute, red contemporary dining chairs with stainless legs and round glass top dining table for two. It’s common with sleek glass design elements to combine it with contrasting visual elements like these bright red unique chairs.

16 savoirflairmagazine

This inviting tub and shower combo is stylish Tulip glass tub by is made of 3/4” thick toughtened curved glass interior, with tempered glass sides and brushed stainless steel or wood elements. The tub can be made without rods for a totally clear transparent look.

Self Supporting Glass and Stainless Steel Open staircase The Sevilla Vetro is a light self supporting staircase design which can be done straight, curved and with winders. The charactartics are the stainless steel railing and with glass treads. This modern stairway design with toughened glass stairs treads and risers with stainless steel supports and rail, along with glass panels completely opens and blends this stairway with the rooms above and below. Many modern decks use glass panels instead of balusters for an unobstructive view of the scenic surroundings whereas interior glass stair panels lend themselves to the popular open design concept.

Toughened glass is created with uneven heating that causes the cooling glass to form layers instead of a solid sheet, making it much more resistant to impact than “annealed” glass. It isn’t indestructible, but when it does give way, this glass comes apart in a spray of cube-like pellets rather than jagged shards. The patent for this type of glass was first filed around the beginning of the 20th century, but its popularity has increased in recent decades.

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personal Care

All The Best Tips For A Happier, Healthier Gay You

Aging Twelve Things You Can Do to Fight Premature Aging When you enter your late twenties and early thirties, it is common to begin worrying about the visible signs of aging. You may start to scrutinize your face in the mirror, wondering whether you need to take out a bank loan in order to start an expensive anti-aging regime. However, if you make yourself aware of the main causes of premature aging then you will be in a good place to delay the formation of fine lines and wrinkles until much later in life. Read on to discover twelve sensible and affordable things you can do in order to maintain a youthful complexion for as long as possible. 1) Exfoliate your skin every few days: Exfoliating creams encourage your body to produce more collagen, which is the main protein responsible for keeping your skin flexible and smooth. In addition, when you exfoliate your skin you remove old and dead cells while bringing new cells to the surface. This helps to create a noticeably more youthful complexion. 2) Eat plenty of strawberries: The vitamin C in strawberries helps your skin to become more resilient and elastic because

18 savoirflairmagazine

vitamin C aids your body in producing collagen. As you age, you naturally have less collagen at your disposal, and so a higher intake of vitamin C might help to keep you looking younger and smoother for longer. In addition, scientists in Korea have found that the ellagic acid in strawberries actively helps to prevent the destruction of collagen, which in turn helps to prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles. 3) Don’t smoke, and avoid being around other people who are smoking: As well as increasing your risk of developing cancer and other potentially fatal illnesses, exposure to cigarette smoke leads to premature aging of the skin for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, inhaling cigarette smoke reduces the amount of vitamin C available in your body, and this decreases collagen production and promotes dry skin. When the skin is dry, fine lines and wrinkles develop more easily (and any wrinkles that you already have tend to become more obvious). Secondly, the act of smoking requires you to pucker your lips as you inhale, and if you spend hours doing this each week then the repetitive muscle movement eventually leads to deep wrinkles forming around your mouth. 4) Pay attention to how you sleep: If you want to fight premature aging, try your best to get into the habit of lying on your back when you sleep. If you usually lie on one side, pressing your pillow against your face for eight hours each night leads to fine lines and wrinkles developing on the cheeks and around the mouth. Similarly, lying on your stomach creates wrinkles on your forehead (where your skin is tightly pressed against the pillow). 5) Invest in strong sunscreen and wear it daily: The role of sun exposure in skin aging is now well publicized, but some people still think that the main thing they need to do to avoid premature aging is to wear sunscreen when the weather is hot. In truth, you will be exposed to ultraviolet rays even when the weather is overcast, so you should wear strong sunscreen any time you go outside. If you never get around to purchasing an effective sunscreen, you will end up with dry skin that easily develops wrinkles at a relatively young age. 6) Add more pineapple to your diet: Some of the enzymes in pineapples help to keep your skin hydrated and elastic. These enzymes are also great at removing damaged or dead cells from the skin, which helps to produce a clear and attractively dewy complexion.

7) Moisturize twice a day: It is a myth that you need to buy an expensive moisturizer if you want to prevent premature aging, but you do need to use your moisturizer twice a day. Further, it is a good idea to invest in two different types of moisturizer. A day cream will help to keep your skin hydrated during the day, and a thicker night cream can be worn to encourage skin repair and hydration while you sleep. In the colder months of the year, you may also want to purchase a thicker day cream to combat the influence of harsh winds and low temperatures (which dry your skin and promote the development of wrinkles). 8) Considering using coconut oil: Coconut oil is very good at moisturizing skin and it is not known to cause any adverse side effects. In addition, some recent studies support the claim that applying coconut oil reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 9) Cut down on refined sugar in your diet: The consumption of refined sugar triggers a process called glycation, during which potentially harmful proteins are formed. Dermatological research suggests that these proteins are capable of damaging all kinds of cells in your body, and your skin cells are no exception. These particular proteins are also capable of reducing skin elasticity, and less elastic skin more easily falls victim to the development of new and prominent wrinkles. 10) Never skip the recommended daily intake of water: You will have repeatedly heard that we should all be drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, but you may be guilty of ignoring this advice and not realizing the problems that it may cause. With respect to premature aging, the important thing to know is that being even just a little dehydrated can have a huge effect on your skin. Compared to your heart and other vital organs, your body does not consider your skin to be a top priority. As a result, it is one of the first things to receive depleted water supplies when you are not drinking enough liquid. When your skin does not receive the right amount of water, this interferes with the formation of new cells. If you find it hard to drink as much water as you should, try adding a dash of lemon or lime juice to make it more appealing. 11) Drink only in moderation: When you drink a lot of alcohol, you can end up with flushed and mottled skin that makes you look older than you really are. This happens because alcohol dilates tiny blood vessels under the surface of your skin. You do not need to cut alcohol out of your diet if you want to avoid premature aging, but binge drinking must be left behind. continued on next page

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personalCare continued from previous page 12) Use a humidifier in the winter months: It is easy for skin to become dry and wrinkle-prone in the winter months because of the necessary use of radiators, heaters and fireplaces. However, you can buy a robust and effective humidifier for a reasonable price, and this will combat dry skin by adding moisture to the air. Sadly, aging is inevitable and we will all develop fine lines and wrinkles as we progress through life. However, if you follow the above advice then you will be doing everything you can in order to combat premature aging, so you should be able to maintain attractive and smooth skin for much longer than most people.


Defy Aging with one of the Latest Trends in Acupuncture…. Facial Rejuvenation! By Dr. Julie Burke is the Owner/Founder of Newton Chiropractic & Wellness Centre ( There is new trend in Acupuncture for men and women to help you look and feel younger. “Acupuncture Face Lift” or “Cosmetic Acupuncture” is a painless, non-surgical method of reducing the signs of the aging process. The aim is to diminish wrinkles, muscle tension, as well as systematically remove other health issues standing between you and the glowing young face you deserve.  It is more than a cosmetic procedure, it is a rejuvenation treatment. What are the Effects of “Acupuncture Face Lift” or “Cosmetic Acupuncture? Facial Rejuvenation may erase up to fifteen years from the face. The effects are dependent on the individual’s response to the treatment(s) however the following is a list of likely results: Elimination/Diminishment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles Reduction of Bags under Eyes, Firmer Jowls, Elimination of Puffiness, Lifting of Droopy Eyelids, Minimization of Double Chins, Moisturizing of the Skin, Increased Collagen Production, Increased Muscle Tone, Tightening of the Pores, Brightening of the Eyes and Improving Acne Problems.

How Many Treatments for Results? Generally, 10-12 treatments. Most people see noticeable and lasting results between 5 and 7 treatments however results are dependent on the individual and their lifestyle before and after the treatment.  Acupuncture is a 2000-year-old system of medicine that originated in ancient China. It involves inserting hair-thin needles into specific points of the body to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions.


By Jonathan Mullis is the Owner and President of Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. Physical therapy is a healthcare treatment that helps to restore balance to your body, in order to decrease pain or discomfort and to improve your ability to move. This rebalancing is done by addressing both muscle weaknesses and muscle restrictions that often develop in your body, either due to trauma (fall, car accident, surgery, sports injury, etc.) or due to the activities that you do on a regular basis. One of the most problematic activities for many people is prolonged sitting, which the human body is not designed to do. These muscle imbalances can lead to chronic discomfort or pain in the low back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, or other areas of the body and if left unchecked can lead to more severe conditions, such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, rotator cuff tears and many other chronic conditions that may eventually require surgery. Many people are not sent to physical therapy by their physicians, until they develop these chronic conditions and are in significant pain, but there is no reason to wait that long. If you are having discomfort or not moving like you would like, you are most likely already suffering from muscle imbalances that are only going to get worse as you age, so try physical therapy today and get some balance back in your life.


617-7920500 617-792-

Health Care StaffingTM

Dr. Jonathan Mullis

Dr. Kate Gleason

Dr. Marisa Cunha Dr. Amanda Brizendine Dr. Elly Dewan

We Treat Pain Caused By:

Car Accidents • Work Injuries • Sports Injuries • Surgery • Arthritis


Low Back Pain • Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Foot/Ankle Pain 811 Massachusetts Ave., South End, Boston • Free Parking In Garage

(888) 697-8123 20 savoirflairmagazine



by Mark G. Webster, D.D.S. Dental Health Concepts The decades of the 80’s and 90’s saw dramatic increases in the number of patients who sought porcelain veneers as the solution to aesthetic challenges of discolored, poorly aligned or

unsightly smiles. This desire often fostered

a one size fits all approach to the aesthetic improvement of their smile, “You’d benefit tremendously from porcelain veneers!” This one size fits all approach often led to compromise with dark gum lines, chalky opaque continued on next page 71

Dental Health Concepts A Tradition of Dental Excellence

Dr. Steven Tonelli, Dr. Mark Webster and Dr. Brian Crowley practice a full scope of cosmetic and general dentistry.

205 Main St. |North Reading, MA 978-664-3141 |

Dr. Brian Davison The Vanishing Vein A new concept in total skin and vein care Spider Vein Treatment | Sclerotherapy Varicose Vein Treatment | Endovenous Laser Ablation Fat Reduction | CoolSculpting | Smart Lipo Vela Shape II | Injectables & Fillers |Botox Juvederm | Perlane | Radiesse | Restylane Laser Hair Removal | Skin Resurfacing Chemical Peels | Ematrix | Microdermabrasion Photo Facial | Refirm Skin Tightening Ultrasonic Facial


61 Lincoln St., Suite 115 Framingham, MA

Impacting lives one smile at a time PREVENTATIVE, COSMETIC & IMPLANT DENTISTRY

Voted Best In Boston


Voted #1 Wakefield Dentist

Best In Boston Medicine

968 Main St., Wakefield, MA 01880 savoirflairmagazine 21

Fine Jewelry Gallery by N. McCarty In the last issue we brought you our second Custom Jewelry Gallery. We received an overwhelming positive response from both the readership and jewelers. In this issue we’ve broadened our section to include both custom and manufactured pieces that will certainly impress.

Watching the Watches European Watch Company

FP JOURNE 18K rose gold F.P. Journe Octa Divine Automatic. In 2001, the year of the birth of his son, Maxime, Francois-Paul Journe introduced the first automatic movement caliber for the Octa collection. The offcentered design of this model is definitive Journe, and this watch was made in 2005; it is still in production.

Couture Collection

Rhyme & Reason Jewelry 24K gold and oxidized silver with diamonds and rubies, stack ring by award winning designers Vahe Ghazarian, Esin Guler & Mihran Guler of Boston based design firm Rhyme & Reason. They collaborate in a round table approach to create evocative, intricate & unique artwork that inspired this intiguing ring.

22 savoirflairmagazine

FineJewelry Gallery Floral Ring

Joseph Gann Jewelers This stunning 18k white and rose gold diamond accented floral band by Jolie Designs has superior craftmanship making this band a beautiful addition to any collection. It can be used as a wedding band, combination engagement and wedding band or just a pretty right hand ring. It has a hand finished millgrain border for an added vintage look.

savoirflairmagazine 23

FineJewelry Gallery A Ring To REmeMber E. B. Horn Jewelry

A classic; 14kt white gold diamond halo, 4 row pave diamond engagement ring. 1.50ct total weight by the Designer Coast is impressive in both styling and craftmanship. It can be used as an engagement ring, or whatever you’d like.

Advertise in style Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 •

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You Are Cordially Invited

by Erin and L.A. We met in the spring of ‘07. L.A. had moved to Massachusetts the summer before and found the Freedom Trail Band (Boston’s LGBT community band) online. She showed up at rehearsal with her tuba hoping to meet some fellow musicians. At the end of rehearsal, the director asked if anyone could help Erin move the drum set back to the storage room. L.A. volunteered to help the blue-eyed drummer lug the drums and put them away. Within weeks, we were inseparable, performing with the group at LGBT events - the Boston AIDS Walk, Boston Pride, and Providence Pride (with our sister group the Big Apple Corps of New York). 26 savoirflairmagazine

Erin owns and operates a Mosquito Squad franchise south of Boston, which controls mosquitoes and ticks using both traditional or all-natural spray methods. L.A. repairs musical instruments from piccolos to tubas (no strings). The Neighborhood Club of Quincy was suggested by a friend - we stopped in on a whim and fell in love with both the venue and the staff. In fact, we originally planned the wedding to be on Saturday, April 26, but the club was booked - so we moved the whole affair to Friday, the 25th. details - walking us through menu planning and helping keep the whole thing on track. Linda, who was the on-site liaison for the big day and the ensuing celebration, kept the whole thing running smoothly, co-ordinating with the officiant (aka the swing band leader), the bridal party, the kitchen, the photographer, the videographer - you get the idea! They took really great care of us - Marty even made a ‘guest’ appearance carving roast beef on the buffet line! **Initially, when searching out venues, we did have a little overall apprehension. Yes, Mass has had legalized gay marriage for 10 years, The layout of the venue was key. Knowing that we were planning on about a hundred guests and a swing band, there were certain criteria that needed to be met - room size, stage, and the flexibility of holding the ceremony outside (if the weather was good) or inside (if the weather wasn’t co-operating). Also a key factor was the ease of working with the staff. Our initial tour of the site was guided by Marty, the general manager. After signing the contract, Wendy (the assistant manager) was assigned to our event and was awesome answering questions and dealing with

but that is no guarantee that businesses will always be open and willing to be involved in such an explicitly gay event. The folks at the Neighborhood Club of Quincy didn’t even bat an eye. The feel from our initial meeting and beyond the event - we held a morning-after brunch at the club as well - was welcoming and supportive.** Memorable moments-too many to narrow down to one... Together we came up with this shorter(ish) list: Exchanging vows in front of our family and friends and the rings that just didn’t want to go on... continues on next page

Holding up our hands after the handfasting part of the ceremony with the rainbow-colored ribbons. Our first dance. The Mood Swings Orchestra - Boston’s all-woman swing band (we play with this group as well - Erin on drum set and L.A. on conga) - played “Sway”. We had taken some dance lessons and chacha’d like nobody’s business. Despite being in a room with 100 peo-

ple, it was just us in that moment. The aura/ambience/atmosphere of the whole thing - tying together a broad spectrum of people to celebrate our union - truly you could feel the love in the room. Favorite story: Somewhere between the head table introductions and the meal, the band leader had rigged up an MP3 player

for background music. Among the tracks that played was “Don’t Stop Believin’”. Tammy (L.A.’s dear friend from her college days who flew in from Newfoundland in order to be in the bridal party) stood up and began singing along. The impromptu singalong grew to include the entire head table and all the guests - everyone on their feet, serenading us as we sang with them. It was incredibly special.

Voted Best Bakery 50 Times

The Crown Bakery & Cafe Wedding cakes are a specialty!

The Crown Bakery & Cafe is very proud to specialize in European style pastries and cakes. We specialize in Swedish coffeecakes, cookies, sweetrolls, toast, petit fours and marzipan cakes, using the best ingredients we can buy. 508-852-0746 ◊133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester ◊ www.

28 savoirflairmagazine

Our Wedding by Erin & LA

Cake: The cake came from Konditor Meister in Braintree. It was a 3-tiered cake (each layer a different yummy flavor). We wanted to incorporate music in the design (music brought us together and continues to be an integral part of our lives together), so the middle layer had notes and clefs around the side. And, conveniently, 3 levels times 2 makes six ribbons in the rainbow flag colors. Outfits: Erin knew very early on in the planning process that she wanted to wear black tails. She had worn them before when she conducted the Mile High Freedom Band (the LGBA band in Denver) for a formal concert. L.A. took a little more thought to come up with her wedding suit. She had always been partial to Mandarin jackets, but was faced with the dilemma of what to wear with it. She knew a dress/skirt look was not what she wanted, but she also didn’t want to “out-tux” her dad. She decided on flowing palazzo pants. The bridal party look was also a concern. It was going to be tricky with those eight - 4 straight and 4 gay, 7 women and 1 man - hailing from 3 different states and 2 provinces. We went with simplicity - long-sleeved white dress

shirts and black pants. We tied the whole group together with matching purple vests (rented with Erin’s tails). The menu: It was a buffet. We had roast beef and chicken marsala as meat choices, a vegetable medley, and mashed potatoes. There was also a wonderful selection of passed hors d’oeuvres - seafood stuffed mushrooms, vegetable antipasto skewers,chicken quesadillas, and veggie spring rolls. It was all wonderful.

And now to explain the LGBA vs LGBT abbreviations -The Lesbian and Gay Band Association (LGBA) is an international organization composed of 30+ member bands. Its mission statement is: Music, Visibility, and Pride. There are conferences (held in a different US city each year), where musicians from all the member bands gather, hold board meetings, rehearse like crazy, and perform in a concert, a parade, or both! The conferences generally run only 4-5 days and culminate in a mass performance - L.A.’s first conference in St. Louis (in 2007) saw 200 gay musicians onstage performing together. Since then, the LGBA has become the first openly gay marching group in a presidential inaugural parade (Obama’s first swearing-in and also his second). The LGBA provides support and structure for all its member bands - like the Freedom Trail Band of Boston, New York’s Big Apple Corps, Denver’s Mile High Freedom Band, and many others. Musicians who are part of member bands are L/G/B/T/ Allies/Other...

savoirflairmagazine 29

A New Beacon In Boston The newly renovated Courtyard Boston Downtown offers beautiful and unique space for any event you can dream of. Whether an intimate group or a large one our specialized event planners and catering staff can assist you bring your vision to life.

Contact our staff today at 617-426-1400 for more information

Courtyard Boston Downtown 275 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116

Watch for the next Issue of Savoir Flair With A special Feature on Wedding Attire For The Non-traditional Wedding

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Elegant Wedding Cakes & Fine European Pastries

Our award-winning wedding cakes are uniquely stylized to satisfy the individual design preferences of our diverse clientele 781.849.1970 â—Š 32 Wood Rd., Braintree, MA 32 savoirflairmagazine

You Are Cordially Invited To



Monica’s Wedding Reception Celebration

By Amanda Conway When I first met Carolyn and Monica at the first LGBT Wedding Expo in Rhode Island held last August at the Providence Marriott Downtown they asked “What is the difference between a same sex reception vs a heterosexual one?” My response was “I have over 30 years of experience in the wedding industry…absolutely nothing.” It is an event where you, your family and friends can gather and celebrate the union of two people in love and wish to spend the rest of their lives together. The celebration should be one that reflects both your personalities and no one else’s. From our first meeting until their big day, we began the journey of coordinating a joyous occasion that the couple and their guests would forever remember. The ceremony took place in our newly renovated Marquis Ballroom which was tastefully decorated. Carolyn and Monica preferred ultramodern so therefore we had mahogany chivari chairs with a mahogany trellis garnished with greens, white roses and baby’s breath. Two large urns sat at the base of the platform filled with the same flowers. A guitarist, who is a close friend of the couple, played as guests entered the room and during the ceremony. After the ceremony the newly married couple, attendants and immediate family proceeded to a private room for formal pictures while their guests were escorted to AQUA, our one-of-a-kind pool-side outdoor lounge, where guests enjoyed beverages and tropical cocktails along with hors d’oeuvres passed and tabled.

continues on page 37

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You Are Cordially Invited... A-Executive Limousine We get you there in style - Official Limo Service of the Boston Bruins


Fine Italian Cuisine with Beautiful Views Your special setting for your LGBT wedding, birthday party, or any event.


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Your Wedding To Remember Beautiful Banquet Room | Private Setting    Personal Wedding Coordinator | Private Suite Formal Photo Room | Proximity to Hotels Large Parking Area | Handicap Accessibility Built in Parquet Dance Floor | Sound System Flexible Menu Choices Our Wedding package is quite inclusive.... and affordable. Everything is ordered by your Wedding Coordinator here at the Tirrell Room, saving you valuable time.

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You Are Cordially Invited... Carolyn & Monica

The newly renovated Grand Ballroom was decorated with amber up lighting, silver chivari chairs and overlays with silver threads woven in the cloth. Centerpieces were tall crystal vases sitting on mirrors with votive candles around the base and flowers were a mix of hydrangeas and white roses. Once the guests were seated, only the guests of honor were introduced into the room and proceeded to dance their first dance. And so the evening began, with award-winning cuisine by Chef Franco Paterno, great music, and fond traditions that will give this couple a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Elegant, personal, full service wedding catering

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After our couple cut their incredible cake, we surprised their guests by making an announcement to focus their attention to the right side of our ballroom where our couple would like to invite their guests to a DELUXE Viennese table and International coffee station. This table was decorated with up lighting that reflected the

‘For the perfect and worry free wedding day’

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décor of the Ballroom which carried on the modern inspired linens, chairs and centerpieces When the reception was over, our couple changed into comfortable clothes and enjoyed the night until 2AM visiting with family and friends in our relaxing Bluefin Lounge and Greatroom The following day a farewell breakfast was served outside at AQUA where the unique atmosphere was enjoyed by all. There was even time for the newlyweds to enjoy a couple’s massage in a private cabana at AQUA by the outdoor pool before the day ended. It was a perfect ending to a perfect celebration.

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Lambert’s Rainbow Fruit

“The Best of Everything” Full Lunch Served

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Miraval Ballroom located at Single event venue for up to 220 guests. Enjoy modern, simple elegance of our brand new facility with an on -site ceremony garden area and private chic bridal suite. chef/owner operated 838 North Bedford St. East Bridgewater, MA 508-378-4911 |

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Walls Windows Woodwork

Oh My

New Wall and Window Trends by Michele Eason, `Interior Designer, Allied ASID | Home DĂŠcor Group

The most interesting part of working at a retail decorating store is meeting with an unlimited amount of consumers. On a daily basis, I may give color and design advice to 20 people. We are in New England, so there will always be that desire for many to have the traditional and safe beige paint color on their walls. Happily, we have seen a shift away from the same old “bone white�. It is clear that there has been an increase in environmental awareness, and that is driving colors to be natural and earthy. Popular tones are now sand and stone such as taupes and gray-beiges, and we see cool seaglass colors in blues and greens being requested for bathrooms and bedrooms. Using an accent wall in living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms is still very popular, and allows those who want a dramatic pop of color to have it without committing an entire space to it. Many days we see people asking for gray tones in gray-beige, blue-gray and what I call cement gray. Charcoal gray as an continued on page 40

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In This Section How to select a sophisticated color palette for your home By Catherine McCarthy of Debsan page 45 Fabrics Summer All YeaR Round By Beverly Ferguson OF The Reflective Designer Page 51 All Decked Out by Melissa Fagnand OF Fleury Lumber Company Page 55

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continued from previous page

accent wall with white trim can be striking, as well as navy blue and deep taupes. These are trending strongly right now. Speaking of accent walls, wallcovering is being used on feature walls in bold, dramatic patterns and colors. People are also using wallcovering in their dining rooms, powder rooms and entry ways. Ikat and chevron patterns are popular, as well as large scale geometrics and papers with crystals on them. We also continue to see the rebirth of grasscloth wallcovering. It continues to be shown in traditional tones and patterns, as well as the newer colors that feature stamped on patterns in metallics. This is a big nod to the natural trend, and a great way to work in the metallic accents that have been very popular. Once you begin painting and choosing wallpaper, the next natural step is to reconsider your window treatments. For several years now, the trend has been to40 savoirflairmagazine

ward a clean and simple window. Windows are now uncovered as much as possible to let in natural light, and the popularity of very heavy drapes, swags and valances has dropped. Many homeowners choose to have a custom shade without drapes. What is most attractive to homeowners who want a simple shade is a light filtering fabric, a natural woven shade, or shutters. Many of the shades on the market today are energy efficient, which has been a real consideration with environmental awareness. Solar and sun screen shades have become very popular, and with the continued expansion of all things computerized and electronic in our lives, many products we sell are motorized. The technology allows the homeowner to program the shades in their homes to raise and lower on a timer. The technology is also there for the shades to lower once the room reaches a particular temperature for energy conservation in the summer. For those who desire drapery, we do a lot of station-

New Trends | Walls | Windows | Woodwork ary panels with grommets and decorative hardware. The traditional triple pinch pleated top is as popular as ever, and the inverted pleat is a nice clean alternative. Drapery is a wonderful way to soften a room, to add drama and texture, and will always have a place in design. Overall, in regards to home design today, the push continues to be natural in color and texture, and with a real eye toward energy conservation.

Michele Eason has been an Interior Designer for over 17 years. She has worked on hotels, restaurants and fine homes throughout the Boston area. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, and continues learning through the American Society of Interior Designers where she is an Allied Member.

Helping you create the look you’ve been waiting for Custom Furniture & Cabinetry of the Highest Quality

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Design Wood Floors

Unique Concepts and Traditional Services We work with you to create unique designs for your living space 617-967-4071 |

Curtains Plus Custom Blinds The next time you’re looking for some new shades or blinds to punctuate your home dÊcor, look no further than Curtains Plus Custom Blinds


We have a wide array of products to meet ery budget and style. Call today to schedule an appointment with us! Free estimates are available, so why wait? We look forward to working with you.

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The ultimate destination with the most satisfying tile and stone buying experience. It’s your home and your style, and we work with you to find the best tile and stone product so your design and finished project is as unique as you are.

• Ceramic • Porcelain • Natural Stone • Metal

• Glass • Mosaics • Marble • Accent Tiles

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Absolute Home Comfort “the only way to live”

Home Improvement Full Service Electrical • HVAC Department Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Up-front pricing, free estimates, warranties and member benefits through our Comfort Plan

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Walls | Windows | Woodwork

How to select

a sophisticated color palette for your home By Catherine McCarthy of Debsan Creating a color palette for your home can be a challenging process, as there are many things to consider. It’s more involved than just selecting a few good colors—placement is key. Whether you are moving into a new home, or you are redecorating, changing the paint colors in your home will have a big impact on how your space is perceived. Experts in this field excel by carefully selecting a sophisticated palette, using color to define the space. Want to learn to think like a designer? Follow these tips from the pros for great results. First, start with a great neutral. Select one that you can use throughout the house. This color is best used for the foyer. Remember, the color of the foyer will likely be carried through to the upstairs hall, so you will need a neutral that works well with the colors on the main floor as well continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 45

Custom Curtains and Custom Window Treatments In Home Consultation & Service

As interior decorating experts specializing in window treatments, We will come to your home for a personal one-on-one consultation making the process of selecting new window treatments easy & fun. 508-251-2846


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Interior Design Catherine McCarthy, Photo: Nick Bliss

as the upstairs. continued from pervious page

Narrow down your color choices by considering the style of your home. Try grey for a more modern home and cream, beige, or tan for traditional. Not sure where to start? Do an Internet search on the most popular neutrals or designer favorites; this will get you started in the right direction. When you have made your selection, pull the entire color strip for that color; you may want to add varying shades of it to your palette later. Think about contrast. Before selecting the rest of your palette you will need to think about contrast. Selecting a palette where all the colors are the same visual weight can be ho-hum. A truly sophisticated palette includes light, dark, and medium tones. The goal is to have a range—giving a layered look and feel to the home. One

way to do this is to use a deeper shade of your room color to accent another part of the room; like the back of a built-in shelf or a prominent wall. Consider transitions. Using the floor plan for your home as a guide, decide which rooms you want to feel connected and which rooms you want to stand out. Starting with the foyer color, decide where you want to make your transitions. For example, you may want the main hall and the kitchen to feel connected while the living room and dining room stand out by being distinctly different in color. To achieve this, select the same color as the foyer (or a deeper shade of that color) for the kitchen. Then select distinctly different colors for the dining room and living room.

Color Selection | Walls | Windows | Woodwork Use balance to connect rooms. You can use colors that are the same visual weight to create balance. For example, if a living room and a dining room are both connected to the foyer, create a sense of balance by selecting two different colors of the same depth for the living room and dining room. As a result, the rooms will have their own individuality, yet feel connected. This trick can also be used upstairs, selecting varying colors for the bedrooms, yet keeping them the same depth. This balances the rooms, making them feel connected.

The Tile Factory Inc.

Large Selection 1000’s of tiles To Choose All Major Brands HOURS: Mon, Tues, Fri 8:30-5:30 Wed & Thurs 8:30-7 Sat 9-4


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Furniture Stripping & Refinishing Service Co. • Furniture Stripping & Refinishing Service Co. • Bedroom & Dining Room Sets Our Specialty • All Stripping Hand Done

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Quality Brands at Great Prices!

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Many other leading brands. Hundreds of Styles. Recommended by kitchen designers and architects.

For Information / Prices Visit our showroom at 30 N. Main St., Natick

the chimney Pro Interior Design Catherine McCarthy, Photo: Nick Bliss

Catherine McCarthy is an interior designer at Debsan, a paint & decorating store in Natick, Massachusetts. Catherine started her career in corporate design, working at Nelson in Philadelphia and Payette in Boston. Her interest in color led her to work as a color consultant and residential designer. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Drexel University. For more decorating advice from Catherine visit the Debsan company blog at www.

quality work at a reasonable price

we have been in the masonry business for 30 years, we are available to work anywhere in new england, and will give you a great quality finish for a reasonable price. below is a list of work we do. please view my website to view the high level of work we do chimney sweep • re-flashing • re-pointing • waterproofing • retaining walls stainless steel chimney tops • damper replacements • chimney liners • brick steps blue stone steps • block work

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Boston to Provincetown & everywhere in between we provide professional services.

i F

r e al d g z t

Fully Insured

Painting & Pressure Washing Contractors, Inc. Painting Interior & Exterior • Epoxy Floors • Faux Finishes • Pressure Washing

Fitzgerald Painting Services

Our staff is highly skilled in all phases of painting and wall covering, including preparation, application and clean up. We also provide a wide variety of custom services including hand rubbed, faux finishes, staining and refinishing.

Fitzgerald pressure washing

We will use our eco/landscape friendly solution to wash black streaks, mold, mildew and dirt from your roofs, siding, decks and stone patios check us out at

888-966-9274 | |

Di Pierro Construction, Inc. 617-592-6447 |

Boston, MA

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Marble & Tile, LLC

Custom Marble, Tile and Stone Installation 30 Years Of Quality Marble & Natural Stone Installation Setting, laying marble, stone masonry, mosaic tile work and the preparation of all surfaces. We create shop drawings and sketches so that the designers ideas are executed exactly by our field mechanics. Marble & Natural Stone Fabrication which are the product of 4 generations of expertise handed down to result in the beautiful look and feel you want in your design. The custom fabrication is done locally in the Everett shop where design, shop drawing & layout services are also available. Cleaning & Restoration Services The cleaning and sealing of tile, grouts, slate and granite. Honing and polishing of marble, granite and travertine services are available. Ask us about our periodic cleaning and maintenance program!

617.203.3197 • 25 Garvey St. Everett, MA With ARC you can expect Expert Craftsmanship, Quality, Professionalism & we ALWAYS finish on time! savoirflairmagazine 49

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Walls | Windows | Woodwork

Fabrics Summer All YeaR Round

By Beverly Ferguson from The Reflective Designer The few precious weeks of summer are what we wait all year for. Sun deprived New Englanders crave the azure skies and sea. We'd all love to have that breezy feeling every day. Most of us look to put that great relaxed feeling into our homes. A nautical blue and white look is great in the hot weather but in reality, nobody wants to live with those cool tones in the winter. How then can we capture those "feel good" times in our homes all year? Let's get outside the box a bit to discover how we can evoke the good feelings of summer into an everyday happening. Summer is when we roll up the rugs and let our hair down. It is a state of being as much as it is a point in time. Summer is about the attitude of being relaxed and spontaneous...less Room with Seaside theme by Beverly Ferguson


continued on next page

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Walls | Windows | Woodwork | Fabrics

Triboro Paint Paint Products • Finishing Products Concrete Stains • Sealers Painting Tools • Brushes


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Harris Paint and Wallpaper

Specialized attention for all your paint and wallpaper decorating projects

continued from previous page simpler. Starting conceptually with the attitude, we can translate it into the home with the use of materials which are natural or natural blends. Hybrid blends such as linen/polyesters give you the natural look without the


inherent stability and wrinkling prob-

lems of the all-natural version. Softer,

2036 Centre St.W Roxbury, MA

less constructed furnishings are very inviting. Try seat cushion backs with a knife edge instead of the standard box edge. These are more casual in appearance. Opt also for seat cushion backs which are not attached. Again, having loose back cushions will insure that none of your seat backs line up, hence the casual look. On the floor, flat woven rugs such as kilim or dhurries are easy to maintain and textural in nature. They range from naturally colored to brightly pigmented and can be the statement in the room which steers its direction. Walls need not be neglected, a classic material which spans both time and decor styles is grasscloth. It is generic enough to be broadcast over a large area or can be used as an accent. There are even vinyl versions which use digital technology for unbelievably realistic renditions. You need not commit an entire room to a gallery of matched finishes. Often, one or two accent pieces can set the tone for your room. The introduction of a cerise finished coffee table may be the focal piece you need. As you might imagine, matching pieces in a suite is not part of a relaxed summer look. Think about every cottage you may have rented and how the

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Walls | Windows | Woodwork | Fabrics furnishings were part of a diverse collection. The key to this casual look is to have it appear purposeful even though there may be many elements and styles present. Designers will look for a common theme which runs through these furnishings so that they may coordinate pieces purposefully. It takes careful planning to make it look like it

Mass Home Improvement Contractor Lic #102399 Mass Master Plumber Lic #7836

your concept to completion team

just happened naturally! Beverly Ferguson of the Reflective Designer and ASID Allied Member is owner of the Stowe Decorating Center located at 117 Great Road Stow, MA,978-897-7767 (V)978-897-2861,

The Caning Shoppe - Canoe seat repair and recaning - Chair caning - Rattan/Wicker repair - Upholstery - Parts fabrication - New American hardwood furniture - Fine vintage and antique consignments - Hand-painted furniture

617-776-0100 • 1-866-490-7328 99 Albion St., Studio 2, Somerville, MA. 02144

www . caningshoppe . com

Plumbing And Heating

Complete Plumbing and Heating System Service and Installation SaMe Day Water Heater Replacement Free Estimates Licensed and Insured

781-862-1097 • 781-272-2670 Stephen C. Kirkland MPL# 9431, Owner

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Advertise in style Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 •

Services you can trust:

Decora, Schrock, Apple Valley, Legacy and JSI cabinetry All types of countertops from Granite, quartz, solid surface and laminates. We come out and measure, design and also offer installation of the above

• Roof installation • New construction • Flat roofs • Metal roofing • Rubber roofs • Shingles • Slate roofs • Roofing repairs 413-527-6078

Cell 413-441-0350

Westhampton, MA

O nce upon a tile

“Showcasing the latest tile and stone available throughout the world”


n Incredible selection of decorative tile, hand crafted by over 50 artisans. Once Upon A Tile showcases top manufacturers whose tile and stone come from around the world. Alongside this selection are a plethora of creative artists who offer uniquely hand crafted, and painted, tiles from small studios around the country.

978.345.8343 | 12 Westminster St. Fitchburg, MA | 54 savoirflairmagazine

Walls | Windows | Woodwork

All Decked by Melissa Fagnand Fleury Lumber Company | Easthampton, MA


As spring blooms into summer, our thoughts turn to how we might extend our outdoor living space. If you would like a place in your yard to socialize with friends and family or simply desire an area of retreat, either can be accomplished with a beautiful wood deck. A renewable and biodegradable wood deck can last for years. Wood does not emit greenhouse gasses and the type of wood that is used for building decks is often harvested from sustainable forests. A well designed deck is inviting and adds beauty and architectural interest to your home. Whether it’s free standing, attached to your home or swimming pool, or is a multi-level construction, decks offer a variety of design, function and wood species. Some of the more popular choices in the Northeast are Red Cedar, Red Mahogany and Southern Yellow Pine. continued on next page

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All Decked OUT | Walls | Windows | Woodwork “When affordabilty, reliability, & quality matter, call us!

US Home


Boston & the North Shore


from plantation grown Cedar. Cedar is a preferred wood for deck construction because it sects and rot and has an add-

Residential & Commercial

Free Estimates • Excellent References • Fully Insured

Many decks are constructed

has natural oils which repel in-

True Colors Painting • Professional Interior & Exterior Painting • Full House Washing • Ceiling & Wall Repair • Light Carpentry • Staining & Color Consultation

continued from previous page

Installation & repair of Energy Star rated replacement doors & window Sunrooms, decks Roofing and Siding


ed bonus of being fragrant. Cedar doesn’t transfer heat which allows you to walk barefoot on your deck even on the warmest days of summer.


is easily stained but if left untreated, weathers to a beautiful silvery gray. If you’re searching for a highend look, Meranti, is a rich dark red, mahogany that offers beauty and luster. With its gorgeous grains and shades of red, mahogany adds elegance to your property. Practically splinter free, meranti mahogany is also plantation grown. It is naturally resistant to rot due to its density and can stand up to Mother Nature. Southern yellow pine is used when creating pressure-treated lumber.

It is a popular

choice, both for its’ price and its durability. It is fast growing and readily renewable and can be easily stained in a variety of colors. Many builders may suggest framing your deck



lumber because of its strength and availability.


treated lumber is no longer

56 savoirflairmagazine

Walls | Windows | Woodwork | All Decked OUT treated with harsh chemicals


such as arsenic. It is now treat-

Master Service

ed with a copper-based preservative and efficacious fungicide. This treatment extends the life of the wood which protects against rot and insect damage.


lumber costs less than other


231 Main Street Easthampton, MA

Hardwood Floor Sanding, Refinishing & Installation, Non-Wood Floor Resurfacing


alternatives such as redwood, cedar or recycled plastics.

Conservator Of Fine Furniture For Over 50 years

Though nothing can match

25-Y Washington Ave., Natick •

the look and feel of a real

We travel anywhere in NE for our LGBT customers

wood deck, some eco-conscience consumers also look at composite wood decking as an alternative to solid wood. Its main appeal being its low maintenance feature. Most composite decking man-

Upholstery • Period Furniture • Clocks • Frame Restoration & Reconstruction • Finish Repair & Restoration • Traditional, Contemporary & Specialty Finishes • Inlay & Veneers, Marquetry In Home Repair and Touch Up Pick Up & Delivery


Fine woodworking and refinishing skills applied to your heirlooms.

ufacturers use reclaimed sawdust and plastics which may otherwise end up in a landfill. Owning a deck does come with


Complete Chimney & Masonry Service


Wood requires yearly maintenance and refinishing. Applying clear or color stains and water sealants are advised in maintaining its longevity and appearance. Whether you choose natural or composite decking, you can bring some indoor comforts to the outside and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. Article author, Melissa Fagnand is a valued member of Fleury Lumber Company team in Easthampton, MA.

New Construction- Restoration Rebuild & Repairs Brick-Block-Stone-Stucco Concrete “From Brick To Stone, Sidewalks To Fireplaces” Licensed- Registered Fully Insured

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Sean E













Foundation • Water Sewer Driveways Retaining Walls Snow Plowing 617 472 2020 617 293 7660 53 Gilbert St • Quincy, MA 02169

A Street Scrap

Metals Corp Cash Paid for non-ferrous metals delivered to us. Hrs: M-F 6:30AM to 3:45 PM | Sat. 7AM-11AM 29 A Street South Boston, MA

for pricing call (617)268-8200 58 savoirflairmagazine

Mac’s Home


G onzalez & Associates, P.C.

Certified Public Accountants

& Handyman Service

Lillian Gonzalez

CPA, MST, CSEP, CSRP, ADPA 14 Page Terrace Stoughton, MA 02072

T. 781.344.1040 F. 781.344.4449


Complete residential home repair and construction

229 Newbury St., Rte. 1 N. Peabody, MA

including windows,

Safe, Secure Handling of Your Belongings

additions, decks, roofs, painting anything and everything to do with your home. Quality work with over 35 years experience.

617-549-3606 • • • • •

Record Storage 60 Ft. Scale Modern Containerized Storage Full Line Packing & Crating Storage Electronic Computer Equipment Specialist • Daily/Weekly Trips to Fl, NY 105 Milton Street Dedham, MA 02026

Call for a free estimate: (800) 851-5120

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f o rs

The Jeep Wrangler, Butch and Beautiful Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rugged and impressive exterior, great for you and your partners next camping trip off the beaten path, as well as plenty of room to bring that yard sale desk home without a scratch. This sturdy vehicle comes with an all-weather capability that testifies to its off-road prowess, plus removable tops and doors+ for a 4x4 freedom machine that looks as good as it performs.

Family Owned and Operated For Over 30 years Free Road Test and Estimate Call


• • • • • •

Claim Handling Free Estimates Rentals and Towing Unibody and Frame Straightening Foreign and Domestic Repair Superior Color Matching

508.485.1082 87 Mill St. Central Marlborough MA

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The Out Auto, The Subaru Outback Subaru Outback is a great car for kids, camping and shopping. NPR’s Car Talk found the Outback to be the No. 1 car among lesbians, with the Forester coming in second. Subaru was a community favorite long before Subaru featured out tennis player Martina Navratilova in a 2001 campaign. In fact Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster (“The Seven Sisters”). According to Subaru’s research, lesbians are “four times as likely as their heterosexual counterparts to own a Subaru.”

same location over 20 year


Repair Massachusetts Registered Emissions Repair

800-662-4842 165 R Tremont St. Melrose, MA


Auto Body & Mechanical Center

Quality repairs & safe, dependable service

Portuguese and Spanish Spoken ask for Mark Cefalo and Rodrigo (Deco) Deoliveira

Foreign & Domestic Insurance Approved Body Shop Mass Reg# 1913 • Mon-Fri 8-5

367 Mystic Ave., Medford


Repair • Service State Inspections

Quality Pre-Owned Cars Available

781-284-9005 • 1027 Broadway Revere, MA savoirflairmagazine 61

Ford Mustang Convertible; the Magnet

Relive your youth or find one. Perhaps just looking for an affordable and livable sports car, the Mustang can deliver. The original ponycar, that iconic symbol of affordable performance that blends modern efficiency with a strong 1960s-America vibe. Wherever your cruising takes you, this car is fun on the coast or mountains.


A u to c ra f t C o l l i s i o n Expert Auto Body & Collision

Automatic Tunnel with Soft Cloth & High Pressure 8 Self-Serve Wash Bays Open 24 Hours

294 Eastern Avenue Chelsea, MA 02150-3308


Auto Tops & Glass

Complete Upholstery Service

Seat Covers • Convertible Tops Vinyl Roofs • Carpets •Truck seats Boat Cushions Upholstery repairs Convertible Tops Glass or Plastic Chairs Recovered Free Insurance Estimates • New Car Warranties

617-376-2422 • 481 Quincy Ave., Quincy

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Auto Body

Glenville Terrace Auto Service Approved By Your Insurance Company Allston • Brighton • Brookline Mechanical Service on Vehicles Foreign & Domestic factory trained techicians Owner has 27 years repair experience. We prefer to use original parts. emmisions experts • state inspections • check engine lamp solutions. • regular scheduled maintenance. oil changes,timing belts, tune ups Straight forward and friendly service. We care! Eco conscious facility.


(617)783-1515 10 Glenville Terr., Allston, MA * Glenville Terrace Comm. Ave.

Harvard Ave.


16 Vacuums • 3 Fragrance Vacuums • Shampoo Vacuum • Car Care Products • Compressed Air


16 -18 Gould St.,Stoneham


1/2 Block To T

Domestic and Foreign Cars

Complete Auto Body Service

(617) 524-2800 237 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain MA

Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible, Sleek and sexy

Great car to take in the sights in Provincetown or anywhere you choose. If you love the style and open-air feel of the old British Triumphs and MGs, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a 50-year-old used car, the Mazda MX-5 Miata lets you have your cake and eat it too. Don’t forget this little gem is fun, affordable and reliable roadster that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone with a beating heart and a valid driver’s license.


Service & Tire Inc.

We Excel Where Others Fail Alignment Discount Tire Prices State Inspection Complete Under Car Service Most Vehicles Brakes & Exhaust

(617) 262-9163

785 Tremont St., Boston MA

JapAnese Car Specialists

formerly known as Hondaa King

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Cars Of Summer

lgbt Magazine


Jewelry Walls, Windows & WoodworK Oh My

savoirflair Complimentar y Copy

No. 2

Vol. 6

y Copy Complimentar

Dune Dog

Vol. 6

Advertise with style Savoir Flair Magazine

New England’s

No. 2

lgbt Magazine


KP MEDIA Publication

Cars Of Summer

Weddings Walls, Windows & WoodworK Oh My


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Dune Dog Film


















Prestige Motors Sales

We sell, buy and trade foreign and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUVs

Audi • BMW • Honda • Mercedes • Nissan • Toyota

We carry all makes and models, If we don’t have what you are looking for our special car finder service will find it for you fast!

Financing Guaranteed


600 Broadway, Malden, MA 02148

5 Year Additional 100,000 Mile Warranty Available Best of six years running Market Survey of America

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

• Guaranteed, first quality service


• ASE certified master mechanics

29 Newfield Ave. Hartford, CT 06109

• 34 years experience • Insurance work accepted

3 year / 100,000 mile warranty (617) 787-1233• savoirflairmagazine 63

Make An Entrance...The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Wherever you go you will be stopped and asked about this iconic sports car. This car has real magnetism. Attracting all whose path it crosses. If you’re looking to keep a low profile this isn’t the car for you. This sleek sports car is the most powerful stingray ever with a 6.2L V8 engine that churns out 450 hp of steer driving excitement.

Dave’s Automatic Transmissions Transmission - leak fixing, fluid and

filter changes, maintenance, diagnostics Brake - pads, drums, rotors, calipers 4 Wheel Drive - maintenance, repair, rebuild

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FRED D’S AUTO BODY Collision • Frame work Glass service • Towing

Vol. 6

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The Groovy Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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rC ne

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ity Auto

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Make love not war with this his 1960’s car icon reborn. You don’t need it but you do want it. Transcending mere transportation you’ll get a big reaction in this new Bettle. Heads turn on every highway and country road, with this fun summer car.

Major collision repairs to minor nicks and dings

88 Walnut St., Peabody, MA (978) 532-3212

Paul’s Auto Body Auto Body Glass Detailing tires • auto repairs Scheduled Maintenance

for Less than the Dealers! Watertown, 126 Galen St., (617) 923-1800 Norwood, 981 Providence Hwy. Rt 1, (781) 255-0700 Peabody, 231 Andover St., Rt 114, (978) 532-5400 Natick, 321 Speen St., Cloverleaf Mall, (508) 655-4455

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We’ll Get You Back On The Road Again! • Dependable Claims Assistance Since 1948 • Mass Repair Shop #5049 • Referred by Insurance Companies • Written Warranty • Rentals Available • Convenient to MBTA Orange Line Forest Hills 3430 Washington St. Jamaica Plain, MA

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Taking Care of Mom | Dad

Whoever said “Getting older is not for the weak of heart” was either elderly or was the adult child of elder parents. Aging not only takes its toll on the parents but also on the other family members. When the person who has been the caregiver for many years, becomes the one who needs care, the responsibility often falls on the unpartnered and/ or, childless adult in the family. As a result, if you don’t have a single sister or brother who lives in the area, then as the gay or lesbian kid – tag your it. You are responsible for getting home care if the parents want to stay in their home for as long as they can. And if that is not possible, it is up to you to convince them they would be better off in an assisted living community. Whether out of guilt, love or a happy childhood?, at the least most of us acknowl-

68 savoirflairmagazine

by Ceci Murphy

edge that your parents were there for you and they did the best they could. Remember the time you fell (or were you pushed) off your bike and your parents came through with a band-aid and a kiss. Or when you woke up screaming from a bad dream and there they were with Kleenex in hand. And who was it that drove you to some “can’t miss” event that, you couldn’t remember a week later why you HAD to be there. And then there were the times you took a circuitous route home so as not to run into the jerk that always made fun of the way you talked or walked. You needed them and they were there. Now the tables are turned –they are the ones who are falling down. Your folks are in need of a ride to actual “can’t miss” medical appointments. Or they need someone to stay with them through the night

Taking Care of Mom | Dad because one or both of your parents are waking up in the middle of the night in the same bed they’ve slept in for 20+ years, not knowing where they are or how they got there. From now on it’s up to you to make sure there is someone there to calm them down and relieve their fears and anxieties. And as with all transitions there is a learning curve –otherwise known as being in high screech. To regain your equilibrium I recommend a simple 3 step approach: Contemplate, Delegate and Meditate. It’s worked for a lot of us, breathe out 3 times and read on.

ment/organizations, etc.. For example: * Your sister works for a financial company – designate all matters of finance to her. * There’s usually at least 1 person in the family that has strong organizational skills – (read – control freak) put them to work scheduling visits, meals, doctor appointments……. continued on next page

Things to consider and tools you can use: CONTEMPLATE: What type of care do your parents need. There are many professional health care resources and organizations available to help you make a considered choice *Massachusetts Home Health Association *Massachusetts office of Elder Affairs *Council on Aging (each city has one and there is a state wide office as well) *Senior Center –again each city has one *Geriatric Care Managers of New England

DESIGNATE: -You may be the “parent by proxy” but hopefully you have sisters and brothers or close relatives that are especially adept in finance, health care, law, manage-

an affordable alternative to home health care

Specializing in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia care

• No age requirements • Sign up for 1 day or every pressure! • Fixed pricing • Walk ins welcome • Meals included • Weekends available

Charles River Adult Day, Inc.

We care...We listen, We understand 1030 Turnpike St. (Rte 138) Canton, MA | (781) 828-9500 savoirflairmagazine 69

Taking Care of Mom | Dad continued from previous page * The person with a medical background should speak with and take notes at meetings with the doctors, nurses, social workers. MEDITATE: Every new year there are no shortage of articles on how to take better care of ourselves. Medita-

tion (and exercise) is on every list. Meditating – focusing for 5 minutes a day on nothing or only peaceful thoughts i.e. a beach scene, mountains, children laughing can improve your patience and overall disposition tremendously. Last but not least, take it easy on

yourself, this is no time to be overly judgmental. You won’t get it all done in one day or month for that matter. You’ll find as the process plays out your family members will fall into the roles they are most comfortable and the best at doing.

ElderAchievers • Certified Home Health Aides Certified Nursing Assistants • Homemakers • Companions • Human Services Staff • Personal Care Assistants


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Joyal’s Liquors 100 Bourbons 350 Single Malt Scotches 125 Boutique Rums 165 Tequilas 1000 Premium Cigars Largest selection of Irish Whiskey in New England Temperature-Controlled wine storage.

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Best wine selection in central Rhode Island.

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personalCare continued from page 23 teeth, or even size and contour discrepancies. The improvement was dramatic but often “not natural enough” when these teeth were compared to adjacent unrestored teeth or to your vision of what patients wanted their smile to project. The evolution of veneers and cosmetics proceeded to materials and techniques wherein dentistry continued at the forefront of materials science idealizing aesthetic outcomes. We now have, at our universal disposal, amazingly lifelike materials, bonding cements and resins, and minimally invasive techniques that can nearly mimic the natural characteristics as well as the functional demands of teeth. Now, recommending and placing porcelain veneers, or any aesthetic/ restorative procedure, has evolved into a more comprehensive approach best described as “Smile Design.” Most appearance and aesthetic challenges with teeth are multifactorial; size, color, and alignment, of course, but tooth display at rest, tooth display at full smile, symmetry of the gum lines, alignment of midlines, shape and contours of teeth, height/ width ratios of teeth, and brightness of the side corridors (think Julia Roberts!) are all manageable variables in designing your perfect smile. Taking the opportunity to photograph, image, review, consult, and design your ideal smile is a collaborative effort where understanding all the variables can assure you a most ideal outcome matching your vision of a perfect smile. We encourage you to visit our practice to explore the possibilities available to design your smile!

Boutique Care and Medical Spa Treatment for Feet in the Heart of Back Bay. Get Your Feet Summer Ready!


Boston Common Podiatry


264 Beacon St., 2nd Fl., Boston, MA

Waxing Why not wax? By Sylvie McMartin Owner, The Wax Specialists The best advantage of waxing is that waxed hair grows back finer and more slowly. When the hair bulb is completely removed from below the skin’s surface, the hair must begin to grow again from a new bulb. As the hair grows from a fresh bulb, it is finer and weaker, and waxing can actually discourage the hair from growing back at all. Waxed hair takes two weeks for the bulb to grow back in the follicle, and one to two weeks for the hair to grow above the skin line, leaving you hair free for three to four weeks! Waxing is one of the most effective treatments for hair removal. Contined on next page

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Foundation for Good Health /Podiatry by Dr. Jordana Szpiro Boston Common Podiatry A podiatrist takes a holistic approach to foot care. Happy, healthy attractive feet make one feel energized ! If you want healthy,well maintained feet;wish to decrease the risk of salon pedicure related infections; have a history of foot infections, fungal toenails, athlete’s foot or warts; have a history of ingrown toenails; or have chronic conditions affecting the feet including diabetes and arthritis, you should visit a podiatrist. How does Podiatry differ from a pedicure at a non-medical spa.? One of the key differences is the level of hygiene and the risk of infection. Many people contract a fungal, wart or bacterial infection traced back to poor hygiene from a salon pedicure.Podiatrists are licensed medical professionals so foot treatments are performed in a safe and sterile environment. The highest levels of hygiene are maintained with sterilized and disposable instruments. Care at a podiatrist’s office can involve callus removal, exfoliation, cuticle care, moisturizing, foot and ankle massage, laser care and the addition of a foot filler. These procedures can keep foot problems from developing or progressing !


Abridged from the Mayo Clinic Health Issues for gay men, Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic Staff Understand important health issues for gay men — from sexually transmitted infections to depression. All men have certain health risks. Gay men and men who have sex with men face an increased risk of specific health concerns.

Men who have sex with men are at increased risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. To protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections: Get tested and have your partner tested. Don’t have unprotected sex unless you’re certain you and your partner aren’t infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. Testing is important because many people don’t know they’re infected, and others might not be honest about their health. continues on next page

I’m ok… well, i think i am.

Many sexually transmitted infections have no symptoms. Unless you’re tested you don’t know for sure…

Rapid HIV Testing


Evaluation and treatment for:

Chlamydia • Herpes Gonorrhea • Genital Warts Syphilis • Other STDs Offered in a confidential and professional setting. STD/GID Unit

MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL (617) 726-2748 Affordable to all – everyone welcome

Jeffrey R. Dornbush, D.D.S Innovative Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry • Dental Implants & Restorations • Prosthodontic Dentistry • Crowns and Bridges • Inlays and Onlays • Veneers & Veneer Restoration • Teeth Whitening • Dentures • Smile Makeovers Jeffrey R. Dornbush., D.D.S

(781) 639-0700

“I love my new smile and I ‘m one of Dr.Dornbush’s biggest fans.” Inessa M., Chairside Dental Assistant

210 Humphrey St. #103, Marblehead, MA 01945 F ax : 781-639-8060 • E mail : 72 savoirflairmagazine

drdornbush @ comcast . net

www . drdornbush . com

personalCare Use a condom or other protection. Use a new latex or polyurethane condom every time you have sex . — especially during anal sex, but ideally during oral sex as well. Use only waterbased lubricants, not petroleum jelly, hand lotion, cold cream or oils. Oil-based lubricants can weaken latex condoms and cause them to break. Don’t share sex toys, and keep them safe by protecting them with a condom and cleaning them before and after every use. Be monogamous. Another reliable way to avoid sexually transmitted infections is to stay in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who isn’t infected. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and don’t use drugs. If you’re under the influence, you’re more likely to take sexual risks. If you choose to use injectable drugs, don’t share needles. Get vaccinated. Vaccinations can protect you from hepatitis A and hepatitis B, serious liver infections that can spread through sexual contact. Remain vigilant. There’s no cure for HIV/ AIDS and many sexually transmitted infections, such as human papillomavirus (HPV) and genital herpes. The best way to stay healthy is to protect yourself.

Tackle depression Men who have sex with men might be at higher risk of depression and anxiety. In addition, youth who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender might have a higher risk of depression and attempted suicide. Contributing factors could include social alienation, discrimination, rejection by loved ones, abuse and violence. The problem might be more severe for men who try to hide their sexual orientation and those who lack social support. Left untreated, depression can lead to risky sexual behavior and a downward spiral of emotional, behavioral, health, and even legal and financial problems. If you think you might be depressed, talk to your doctor or seek help from a mental health provider. If you’re reluctant to seek treatment, confide in a trusted friend or loved one. Sharing your feelings might be the first step toward getting treatment. Address body image concerns Gay men are more likely to experience body image problems and eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa, than are their straight counterparts. One potential explanation is that gay men identify with the cultural value continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 73

personalCare continued from previous page placed on an ideal — yet often unattainable — body image. Gay men might also be more likely to view their bodies as sexual objects, which can lead to dissatisfaction and poor body image. If you’re struggling with body image concerns or an eating disorder, get help. Talk to your doctor or a mental health provider about treatment options.

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Frantic Framers

94 Franklin St. Quincy, Ma. (617)479-4352, Family owned since 1972.We take pride in our customers satisfaction. Same day framing, no extra charge. Our framers don’t just frame, they create ideas to enhance your memories with the best design for your budget. We have a huge selection of ready-made frames. We carry artist’s materials from the novice to professional, as well as art classes for children and adult. Home décor, framed prints, mirrors, pottery, gift cards.

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in Savoir Flair Magazine

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Professional Demolition Contractor

3 3 3 3

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Dr. Danielle Lorenzo Dr. Jessamyn Kennedy Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

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Capturing Love From Head to Tail

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Open Mon.-Sat. by appointment .

Medical, Surgical & Dental Services Diagnostic Ultrasound on site MC, Visa, Discover Feline Boarding accepted Exotic Pets Welcome.

19 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, MA (781) 639-1300

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Voted “Best Tuxes”- Boston Magazine

Where will your tux take you?

Famous name and designer tuxedos. Merino and Italian fabrics at discount prices. TUX RENTALS -$50.00 ALL STYLES

Call About our Tux Trade-in Policy

140 River St. Cambridge, Central Sq.

617.547.2455 Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

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Boston Glass Group

For All Your Residential And Commercial Glass Needs

Shower and tub enclosures | Table tops Mirror installation | Mirror repair Glass shelving | Custom mirrors Repair and restoration | Plexiglass Insulated glass replacement Replacement windows | Plate glass Thermal pane replacement Store fronts | entrances Double Pane glass | Specialty glass Emergency boarding Glass railings Custom projects | Custom mirrors Screen repair and fabrications

617-505-6091 815 Boylston St., Brookline, MA | www.

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