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Teachers | Who’s Your Favorite Teacher? By Flavia Francesquini


Provincetown Monument Photos | Photography By Mark Farber


OUR Homes | Open Concept Home; Is It For You? By Christopher Adams


Destination New England | LGBT Weddings By Louis Chavez

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Jewelry | Custom Gallery Part 2 By ShAron Levine


Interior Designers | Beautiful Room Showcase By JEANNE FINNERTY + Kris Shaffer

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8 MARK ADAMS’ FILM /TV LGBT British Sitcoms

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OPEN CONCEPT An Architect’s View + Create A Floating Floor Plan

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LGBT Sitcoms British Style By Mark Adams I was reading my colleague Billy Masters’ column the other day. Billy, formerly from the Boston area, was, for many years, a popular host of various drag shows at classy joints like The Green Apple on Rte 1; then, on to bigger and better fame as a gay columnist with his then-titled “Filth-2-Go,” now, just “Billy Masters,” But I digress. Billy featured a link in his column to a video of a British TV show called “Mrs. Brown’s Boys,” of which I had heard rave reviews. It is a sitcom, created by and starring 57 year-old Brendon O’Carroll, in old-lady drag, as a foulmouthed Irish matriarch, whose favorite thing is meddling in the lives of her children. And to add to the insanity, O’Carrol’s real-life wife plays his TV daughter, and his TV son’s wife is played by his real daughter, and his sister plays his neighbor and best friend. Follow that? Hysterical. And filthy. Brendon has refused to sell series rights to the US broadcast networks because they would cut out all the swearing.You know how provincial we are over here. But it got me thinking, which I try not to do terribly often...there have always been some great gay characters in British TV comedies, as evident by both “Mrs. Brown’s Boys,” though it’s not really “gay” per se, and another British comedy that has yet to make its way across the sea. “Vicious” is the story of two aging gay men who have lived together for almost 50 years. One was a former actor, the other, a barman when they first met. If you know a couple of, shall we say, “mature” queens living in...oh...Jamaica Plain, it would be them. The partners are played by renowned actors Sir Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi. Yes, them. Stereotypical? Sure, but it was the highest rated comedy in the UK last year. Not anywhere near as racy as “Mrs. Brown’s Boys,” we’ll get to see how Americans deal with these boys shortly, as PBS has licensed the first series of six episodes for later this year. A second series is already in production. You don’t have to go back too many years to find some delightful gays in British TV comedy. I can remember the first time I saw “Are You Being Served” on the local PBS station. In case you’ve lived in a cave for the past few decades, this comedy was a hit for years in the UK before being imported

8 savoirflairmagazine

to the states. In fact, the pilot episode was shown here as a black-and-white kinescope, and I predicted at the time that it wouldn’t last a week. Being correct as usual... you can still catch episodes of “Are You Being Served” on many PBS stations. Aside from the inimitable Mrs. Slocumb, played marvelously by the late British comedienne Molly Sugden, who was always telling tales of the problems she had with her “pussy,” it also starred John Inman, who was the more-than-somewhat effeminate sales clerk Mr. Humphries. Inman and creator of the show David Croft said on many occasions that Humphries was “just a mummy’s boy.” . On the drama side, the age-old “Dr. Who” series introduced us to Captain Jack, played by Broadway song-anddance man John Barrowman. Barrowman, who is gay, played the character “straight” - that is, no mincing here. Captain Jack was supposedly bi-sexual, though he did have a torrid affair with one of his co-workers on the spin-off show “Torchwood,” the final series of which was shot in the US. You were more inclined to find lesbian portrayals in dramas, cause I guess show biz just doesn’t find them funny. Guess they just don’t hang around the right places. A couple of really good lesbian dramas were written by Sarah Waters, the most notable being 2004’s “Tipping The Velvet,” which starred, among others, Kelly Hawes, who also appeared in the popular BBC series “MI-5” and “Ashes to Ashes,” and is married to the hunky Matthew Macfayden, who can currently be drooled, seen, in the BBC series “Ripper Street.” I’m so full of useless information. Waters followed up “Velvet” with a thriller miniseries called “Fingersmith” in 2005, but the title scared me away. Finally, my all-time favorite British comedy has a gay character who is never seen. “Keeping Up Appearances” stars the riotous Patricia Rutledge as Hyacinth Bucket (pro-

Partners are played by actors Sir Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi in “Vicious”

nounced “boo-KAY”), a social climber whose antics are tolerated by her wimpy husband and her neighbors. The highlight of many episodes is Hyacinth’s one-way phone conversations with her never-seen son Sheridan, who is away at college, living with a “roommate,” and always asking for money from Mummy for silk sheets or similar nonsense. Of course, Hyancinth has no clue that her son might be gay. There are around 40 or so episodes, each one a gem. Oh - there’s word of a possibility that either HBO or Netflix could be picking up the “Mrs. Brown’s Boys” series, profanity and all. I can’t wait.

Mark Adams has been an established contributor to Boston’s LGBT Media, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community.

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lgbt teachers

Who’s your favorite teacher? by Flavia Francesquini If you were lucky, you had at least one teacher who noticed you and treated you as an individual. If you were very lucky, you have had teachers who didn’t come to work looking to preach, but to lead; who didn’t impose knowledge, but inspired curiosity. Those are the names that come to mind when we are asked about our favorite teachers. continues on next page

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continued from previous page

Health and P.E. teacher Kathy Neal

LGbt teachers

For all of elementary school I thought of my teachers as part of the school building, seeing them in the community caused great stir in my world. In high school I believed that I had finally achieved the pinnacle of knowledge, and although I knew that my teachers did not live in school, it didn’t truly cross my mind that they actually had a life of their own. Years later, when I started teaching, I would see the same look of wonderment in my students faces when they saw me outside of the classroom. They too had no idea who I truly was. In fact, the same could be said about my coworkers. While I was always friendly at work, no one knew one of the most important facets of my life, that I was starting a family of my own. While colleagues talked about their spouses, bragged about their children, and complained about their inlaws, I politely smiled and said nothing about my life that could somehow compromise my job. I said nothing of my upcoming commitment ceremony (the closest thing to marriage I could imagine in the early 90s), or of my plans to get pregnant. I didn’t have a picture of my partner on my desk and although some people knew I had a “roommate” no one ever asked

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12 savoirflairmagazine

lgbt teachers

about her. The underlying message I had gotten from those around me – fellow teachers and parents alike – was that placing a lesbian amid young children would somehow harm them. There was an unspoken fear that homosexuality was contagious, and kids were especially susceptible to it. Of all the fears society has associated with homosexuality, perhaps one of the most damaging to us is the unsubstantiated and imprudent suggestion that we can somehow influence children into becoming gay, and even worse, that we would molest them. My experience working with other LGBT educators has shown, of course, the opposite. Whether we are out or not, more often than not we are more perceptive to children who seem to have a difficulty fitting in with the others. These kids, likewise, seem more drawn to teachers who have experienced similar feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, whether we choose to talk about our personal lives or not, we end up being the allies for the kids who are searching for an adult who understands them. LGBT teachers and coaches can easily become the one source of support for many children who are struggling to come to terms with their true selves. Dr. Knowles started her career as a music teacher in the 70s, working the public schools of Springfield, Massachusetts. Knowles ‘love affair with music started as a young child and followed her throughout her life. She has earned her degrees, including her doctorate, from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and although she has recently retired, Knowles taught in the Springfield Public Schools for 38 years. After five minutes of talking to Knowles you can tell that she has loved her career and the many students she has influenced over the nearly four decades of teaching. If becoming a teacher was a common career choice in the 70s, being a lesbian was certainly not, “I was not out at all. There was a constant need to look over my shoulder; people were getting fired for [being gay] and so I never really saw it as an option to tell anyone.” In 1997 Knowles wrote a dissertation on the topic, "Experiences of gay and lesbian educators who work in Massachusetts schools participating in the Safe Schools Program" She felt then, and still believes, that the work done to promote Gay & Straight Alliances in schools has promoted a safer environment for many students who needed support. She recalls a visit from a PFLAG representative who had gone to speak to the faculty where Knowles was teaching at the time; she spoke of the suicide rate amongst the LGBT youth and was asked for a specific percentage of gay continued on page 71

Theater Teacher Nicole Baler

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The Photographs of Mark Farber | In the Shadow of Pilgrim Monument Introduction from Mark Farber’s upcoming book; In the Shadow of Pilgrim Monument This work paints an impression of Provincetown, perched at the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Provincetown combines natural landscapes of incomparable beauty and serenity with town landscapes shaped by a decidedly non-random cross-section of America. To illustrate that diversity, I draw on multiple photographic styles. Pictorial landscapes, street shots, still life details, abstracts, night scenes, and people. Straight-laced documentary, and a touch of commentary. Some grab a fleeting moment; others lean on a tripod for studied composition. To root the project, every frame contains at least a glimpse of the Pilgrim Monument, a granite structure constructed in 1910 to honor the Pilgrims’ first landing in Provincetown and to attract tourists. Whether from inside the Monument or from across the bay, including the Monument in every picture geographically anchors the body of work. 14 savoirflairmagazine


Above: Interior view from base of the Monument Left Top: Canadian geese on Provincetown’s soccer field with the Monument in the background Left Bottom: Flag, kayaks and a glimpse of the Monument

savoirflairmagazine 15

Above: A scenic view across Pilgrim Lake Below Left: Cross from a Provincetown cemetery Right Middle: A foggy view of the structure’s top Right Bottom: A view from the forest

16 savoirflairmagazine

Mark Farber Interview by Jen Simon WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND? WHAT DID YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING CONSIST OF? Photography has been a hobby since college, and my memories and experience in the black and white darkroom helped me climb the digital learning curve. As my long career in solar energy slides toward retirement, I’ve found time in the past five years to more seriously embrace photography. I’ve studied at the New England School of Photography, Mass College of Art, and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. And I’m self-taught from Boston’s several magnificent photography libraries and the firehose of internet information. WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I grew up in small-town Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, but I’ve been in the Boston area for 40 years. For four years now, I’ve spent about a third of the year in Truro, the quietest and arguably most beautiful town on Cape Cod. Splitting my time between city and country is a blessing. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Simply seeing lots of photography. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing photography books. I learn from the diversity of styles and subjects and from changes in photographic practice over time. I’m also inspired by meeting working photographers – from the stars to advanced amateurs – and learn from their photographic journeys. WHO/WHAT HAS INFLUENCED YOUR WORK AND HOW? My inspiration for this specific project was Joel Meyerowitz’s portrait of St. Louis. Like Meyerowitz, I’m trying to paint a nontraditional portrait of a place, rooted to a local icon. WHY WERE YOU DRAWN TO THE MONUMENT IN PROVINCETOWN? I aim for two goals in this project. First is to combine my interests in many styles of photography – classic landscape, urban landscape, night images, straight documentary but with a touch of humor – into a coherent but nontraditional portrait of Provincetown. Second is to explore the notion of multiple levels or layers within an image. So every picture contains some glimpse of the Monument, from afar to close-up and even inside. I’m not playing “gotcha” with the Monument, but rather using it to bound the work geographically and visually. As I began to design the project, I initially considered landmark sites in Boston but instead was won over by the greater diversity of views in Provincetown: from magnificent seascapes to the surrealism of Commercial Street.

savoirflairmagazine 17

Above: Window view from a Provincetown store Below Middle: Fast food restaurant at night Below Right: The Monument with lights

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART IN CREATING THIS SERIES? The biggest challenge was finding fresh views. I spent six months, dozens of shoots, and hundreds of hours roaming P-town. After the cliches were duly captured, it was often a stretch to find something different and interesting. I remember one day when a photographer tourist struck up a conversation as she wondered what I was shooting. At the time, I was stretching way up and over a parked car to capture the reflection of the Monument in the rear windshield while also getting the plastic bobblehead attached to the car’s antenna. I explained that, after 1000 pictures of the Monument, I needed literally and figuratively to stretch for something new. THE BEST PART? I enjoy editing and sequencing images for a book. As part of trying to offer the viewer another way to interact with the work, pairing two images into a spread poses the question: what do these pictures have in common. For example, I pair a crucifix from the local cemetery with a man fixing a sign for a bar and restaurant. In the latter image, the white sign post intersects visually with a white jet trail in the sky to form a white cross that mimics the crucifix. In both cases, the Monument watches over the scene at a rakish angle from the background. DO YOU HAVE A GENERAL PROCESS WHEN YOU SHOOT? I roam around town, on foot or in the car. I always keep one eye in front of me, searching for interesting scenes, and the other eye continually glancing around to see if I have the Monument in sight. In keeping with the diversity of styles, sometimes I work with a small handheld camera for a quickly composed street shot, while often I have the luxury of carefully composing on a tripod, particularly for the landscapes and at night. WHAT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF GETTING THE SHOT YOU WANT? During the tourist season when I did much of my work, town, particularly Commercial Street, bustles with activity and interesting people. But it’s cluttered. Isolating the interesting from the throngs was challenging.

18 savoirflairmagazine

DO YOU HAVE ANY INTERESTING STORIES FROM PHOTOGRAHING THE MONUMENT SCENES? One of my goals was to capture close-ups of the Monument at dusk. But the Monument and its associated museum are not publicly accessible but rather keep museum-like hours. My only window for close-ups at dusk was the few weeks between the beginning of daylight savings time and winter closing just after Thanksgiving. One stranger I asked to pose duly accepted and then invited me to view a collection of photos he was carrying. He is an amateur historian of Provincetown and had a fascinating collection of pictures throughout the last century. We spent a half hour on the park bench discussing P-town history and architecture. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SHOT IN THE SERIES? My favorite shot is the interior of the Monument, looking up the climbing ramps, turned yellow by the lights. I set up the tripod and waited for someone to peer over. Of the several opportunities I had, my favorite was a boy who stuck his head over for just an instant (hence the slight blur) – eyes and a cap in and out in an instant. WHAT DID YOU LEARN WHILE PHOTOGRAPHING THIS SERIES? I confirmed that photography is an exercise in creative seeing, not merely documenting. Of the infinite possible images of any place, the photographer’s challenge is to help the viewer see a perhaps familiar thing in new light.

Photographer Mark Farber

Mark divides his time between Boston and Truro. He has studied at the New England School of Photography, Mass College of Art, and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. His book In the Shadow of Pilgrim Monument is available on his website You can also contact Mark at

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Is Open Concept Home Design for you?

20 savoirflairmagazine

By Chris Adams As anyone who regularly watches home improvement television programs or follows architectural trends can attest, the notion of “open concept design” has recently become very fashionable. And of course many members of the LGBT community are in the forefront of home design industry. But for those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a home design that minimizes the use of interior – and sometimes exterior – walls and separations to create a holistic, exposed, unified living environment. These designs are usually implemented in ultra-modern structures, many often built with the open concept as part of the blueprint. However, homeowners can also work with contractors to overhaul their pre-existing houses and create—install an open concept design. Do-it-yourselfers might also thrill at the notion of conducting an overhaul to reflect this trend. It is worth noting that open concept designs need not encompass an entire home. They can be limited to an area within a home, a floor, or even just a room. For example, many restaurants employ an open-concept kitchen, where guests can observe the activities of the chef and his staff from the vantage point of their seats. In the century-old home where I spent my formative years, my father spent several weekends tearing down a wall that separated the living and dining rooms to create a space where the new form re-defined the functions and use of the area while adding a visual element of increased spaciousness. It’s easy to see why open concept design has enjoyed its recent media attention and popularity. It’s a bold, and fabulous spectacular new vision that seems to imply that it’s the next stage in what will one day be considered a standard for living spaces; indeed, it almost continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 21

Is Open Concept Home Design for you?

screams “the future of architecture, now!” But, as with any fad or fashion, before you rush out and make an investment, you would do well to pause and ask yourself, “is it really for me?” Just because “the dress” (as it were) looks good on the mannequin doesn’t mean it’s going to do the same for you. Here’s a breakdown of some considerations. How much privacy do you need?: If you’re the type of person who desires a lot of personal space, then you should probably think twice about how much the open design concept works for you. Minimal use of walls and maximized use of windows can mean that everyone in the house (and sometimes, depending on the design) outside the house, are privy to your activities. This is of greater concern in a densely-populated neighborhood or house full of children or other relatives. Do you maintain a home office? If so, it might be difficult to focus on your work if you are constantly being distracted by other goings-on in your environment; it’s hard to balance the checkbook or conduct a conversation with a client if you’re acutely aware that little Joey is struggling over his math homework nearby, or that your partner is fretting over dinner plans. Also, if you tend to be an introvert who enjoys routine self-reflection and solitude, the open concept design could prove disruptive to your meditations. Conversely, an open-concept design can exponentially elevate a sense of unity and co-habitation within the home. Communication flows more freely, and no household member need suffer from a sense of isolation. Furthermore, if you or another inhabitant member suffers from claustrophobia, the open concept can help minimize that anxiety. Extroverts may also enjoy the sense of freedom and openness that the open concept facilitates. Are you playing the real estate market? If you are investing in the home to re-sell it at a premium, the open

22 savoirflairmagazine

KITCHEN & BATH concept is definitely work considering. The emerging popularity of the style, due in part to the spike in media attention, will add value to the ticket, and the visual element is a big plus; homebuyers like to see what they are paying for, and the “wow” factor establishes a significant point-of-differentiation. Also, if you plan on converting a more conventionally-arranged structure to an open concept-design, your investment and / or sweat equity would almost certainly add exponentially to the market value. Are you a pack-rat? Personal comfort is of primary importance. Do you feel cramped in your current living environment? Not enough room for the credenza you inherited from your great aunt? Is your attic or cellar overflowing with furniture that seeks placement? Employing an openconcept design could just be the solution you need without having to pack up and move. Are you a proud gay or lesbian parent (or preparing to become one?): If you have infants or toddlers about, the open concept will help you keep track of them to ensure their safety and monitor their well-being while you maintain regular daily household continues on page 68

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APC Residential

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Your trusted contractor for all your home improvement projects!

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Create a Floating Seating Group: Open Concept Living Room By Sophie Jean Levine Open concept living rooms are usually designed so that the primary seating group will float near the focal point in the room. The focal point will usually be a fireplace, a large window with a view or the prominent wall that is first seen when you enter the room. Identify your focal point. If you are centering your seating group on a focal wall, it is likely you will position a flat screen television on that wall as the actual focal point. Your alternative is to highlight a large piece of art or a large furniture cabinet. Select an area rug. If your room is long and narrow, select a rug that is also long and narrow. The rug should conform to the dimensions of the room even though it will be much smaller. Most area rugs for living room seating groups are no more than twelve feet long. The rug should be within several inches of the focal point and have a minimum of three and a half feet open walkway on the other three sides. Position your moderately sized sofa opposite the focal point. The front feet of the sofa should rest on the area rug. There should be room behind the sofa for a comfortable walkway. If there is more than five feet behind the

26 savoirflairmagazine

Create a Floating Seating Group sofa, consider adding a narrow sofa table for additional lamp and décor placement. Try to select a sofa that is the right size for the room (small in a small room, medium in an average room and large in a very large room). The sofa should also have a back that is attractive and designed to be viewed. Place one or two lower height chairs to form a U-shaped seating arrangement when possible. Two of the chairs can be replaced with a love seat or upholstered bench. Try to select chairs that are comfortable and easy to see over if there is also a view on an adjacent wall. A large coffee table or ottoman will work in front of the sofa and chairs to hold

guests’ drinks. Small occasional tables with and without lamps can also be placed in proximity of chairs and sofa. Just be sure that the tables are not fussy and will not be in the path of traffic into and out of the seating group. If you have two focal points like a view and a fireplace that are on adjacent walls, use an L-shaped arrangement of furniture oriented toward both views. When possible create additional smaller seating groups in the same room to allow guests room to sit and read or hold smaller conversations away from the main sofa.

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Open Concept An Architect’s Approach

By: Architect/Designer Mathew Cummings Photo: Eric Roth

New England homes were originally designed to keep us warm and cozy during our famously cold and stormy winters. Small windows and compact rooms that could be easily closed off were used to help secure the heat. Today, however, great design and advancing technologies ensure that we no longer have to live within such aesthetic limitations. More and more, homeowners are opting for open space plans, joining spaces in a way that is functional, efficient, and beautiful. Most importantly, the welcoming rooms and easy flow of this design style create inclusive spaces that make sharing quality time as natural as breathing. Open space plans are the perfect solution for both daily living and entertaining – providing more opportunities to easily share our homes and our time with friends and family. For this home in West Newbury, our clients were hoping to create a pool cabana where family could gather to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Looking to the future, they planned to eventually add a living space, card room, and outdoor bar. During my initial visit, I saw that there were many small spaces that were closed off not only from each other but also from the expansive and light-filled yard. Keeping their future plans in mind, I recommended that they combine the spaces into a single open space that connected to the outside and the new pool. 28 savoirflairmagazine

The homeowners were thrilled with the potential of this functional plan. We began work on the concept, mixing the feel of an open, breezy pool cabana and a cozy family room. Our designs transformed preconceived architectural units of space into something completely unique while maintaining the comfortable feel of the home’s stately, Colonial architecture. We also paid special attention to how we integrated the indoor/ outdoor space within the landscape of the rolling green hillside. Though our designs reflect our trademark sense of style and share many thematic elements, each one is a unique creation tailored to the vision of the homeowner. We maintain balance between the “Cummings Look” and originality of design by ensuring that each room maintains its own character based on its use and the homeowners’ personalities. Like any art form, architecture is best when it evokes an emotional response. The emotional response we hoped to create with this design was one of relaxation, ease, and the feeling of being in good company. We crafted a plan that seamlessly integrated the indoor and outdoor spaces and accommodated an effortless room-to-room flow while allowing each space to serve its specific function beautifully. The living area feels like a natural extension of the outside–each space opening to the next, inviting movement from one to another depending on need and mood. The card room provides the perfect transition from the main house, at the same floor level as the existing home but accessed via double glass French doors. Although it has a cathedral ceiling, we kept the space intimate with boldly colored wainscoting set very high to diminish the human scale of the players. Generous and architecturally diverse windows along both sides provide lots of natural light and allow everyone at the card table a view, some of the pool and some of the rolling hillside. continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 29

Open Concept; An Architect’s Approach

Mass Home Improvement Contractor Lic #102399 Mass Master Plumber Lic #7836

your concept to completion team continued from previous page

Decora, Schrock, Apple Valley, Legacy and JSI cabinetry All types of countertops from Granite, quartz, solid surface and laminates. We come out and measure, design and also offer installation of the above

Di Pierro

Custom Millwork Gerry DiPierro

Kitchen cabinets Bathroom vanities Crown moldings Baseboards Doors Windows & door casings Chair rails Custom media centers Bookcases Handrails Spindles & balusters Newell posts Fireplace mantels Columns 30 savoirflairmagazine


617-592-6447 Fully Licensed & Insured

Through the card room and a stepdown opening sits the bar. This room is completely open on the opposite side to the living area, connected by a half wall with column and passthrough for easy drink ordering. The fir bead board ceiling features oversized, stained moldings that blend the feel of an outside porch and an Irish Pub. Creating truly seamless connecting spaces requires more than simply removing walls. We use detailing with moldings, color and scale to create continuity between rooms. To facilitate the indoor/outdoor flow, the bar opens onto the expansive pool deck through multiple French doors, transforming it from an interior room to a poolside bar that entices people to socialize after their swim. In the adjacent family room, a fireplace is set within the lofty cathedral space, creating a dramatic focal point that juxtaposes the elements of fire and water, comfort and nature. This family space opens to the outside and easily accommodates large groups of family and friends for both daytime and evening social events. The changing area is also open to the pool and includes a greeting area in the transition space before the dressing rooms. A bathroom and laundry are strategically placed for privacy while remaining easily accessible from the living spaces. continued on page 66

- Shower and tub enclosures

- Plate glass

- Mirror installation/Mirror repair

- Table tops

- Glass shelving

- Double Pane glass

- Custom mirrors

- Plexiglass

- Repair and restoration

- Specialty glass

- Insulated glass replacement

- Glass railings

- Replacement windows

- Custom projects/Custom mirrors

- Thermal pane replacement

- Screen repair and fabrications

- Store fronts and entrances

- Emergency boarding

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The ultimate destination with the most satisfying tile and stone buying experience. It’s your home and your style, and we work with you to find the best tile and stone product so your design and finished project is as unique as you are.

• Ceramic • Porcelain • Natural Stone • Metal

• Glass • Mosaics • Marble • Accent Tiles

Plymouth Location (508) 732-8911 ◊ Dedham Location (781) 461-0406 ◊ 32 savoirflairmagazine

Destination New England lgbt Weddings | Ogunquit, Maine Rick Barber and Mark Renaud

Above; Officiant: Frances Reed Grooms: Rick Barber and Mark Renaud

By Molly McCoy, Photos by Arline Grant Located along scenic Route 1 at the tip of Southern Maine, the little town of Ogunquit is easy to get to and hard to leave. A plethora of lgbt owned and welcoming guesthouses and clubs attract lgbt tourists to this charming seaside resort. Ogunquit offers some of the most idyllic gay or lesbian beachfront wedding opportunities in the Northeast.

cluded spots overlooking the waves. Even more magical is the transformation Ogunquit makes as the seasons change. Dappled leaves, frosted windows, and crisp evenings offer incredible backdrops throughout the fall and winter months. Whether your preference is munching on lobster rolls or dining at one of our toprated restaurants and enjoying the greener side of Route 1, Ogunquit can accommodate. Plus, the town’s varied lodging and event spaces offer a range of experiences to suit every couple’s request. Treat your wedding party to a sunset cruise, soak in the rays on our magnificent beach, enjoy a show at one of the country’s greatest summer theaters, or just sip on a glass of champagne and relax. Ogunquit is your four-season destination for any event, and we’re happy that many couples choose this “Beautiful Place by the Sea.” For more information on celebrating your wedding in Ogunquit, contact the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce at 207-646-2939 or visit continues on page 36 Grooms: Rick Barber and Mark Renaud

Originally a fishing village, Perkins Cove offers a quaint seaside experience. From the manually operated drawbridge to the many working fishing and lobstering boats that fill this small harbor, Perkins Cove is a true picture of Maine and offers a relaxed backdrop for your rehearsal dinner or reception. The Marginal Way is the town’s famous 1¼-mile scenic walk along the cliffs of Ogunquit’s oceanfront, and is one of the most popular places to get married. Perfect for smaller lgbt weddings and elopements, the Marginal Way offers sesavoirflairmagazine 33

Destination New England lgbt Weddings Advertise in Style With Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 • •


Dinner Menu

Appetizers – Soups – Salad

Pasta Fagioli Cup $4.99 French Onion Cup $4.99 Stuffed Mushrooms $7.99 Mushroom caps crabmeat Spiedini $8.99 Breaded mozzarella pan seared with prosciutto, mushrooms capers, fresh garlic in a burgundy wine sauce Garlic Bread with Cheese $4.99 Fried Mozzarella $7.99 Shrimp Cocktail (4 jumbo shrimp) $10.99 Shrimp Oreganata $11.99 Butterflied shrimp baked with capers, fresh garlic, and oregano in a white wine Fried Calamari $9.99 Fried calamari served with a side of homemade marinara. Scallops Pepino $10.99 Scallops wrapped in bacon, topped with brandy cream sauce and Julian vegetable Salads Caesar Salad $7.99 for two $12.99 With chicken $12.99 shrimp $14.99 Spinach Salad $9.99 Baby spinach, bacon, hardboiled egg, marinated mushroom, tomatoes and red onions. Mediterranean $8.99 Kalamata olives, tomatoes, red onions, pepperoncini peppers, cucumbers and feta cheese. House dressing. Chef Salad $8.99 Turkey, ham, cheese, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, roasted red peppers Add grilled Salmon to any salad $8.00

Pasta & Pasta Al Forno

All pasta dishes served with salad, bread & butter. Gluten free penne available additional $3.00 Baked Ziti $11.99 Lasagna $12.99 Manicotti $12.99 Ravioli $12.99 Cheese or meat in a fresh marinara Eggplant Parmigiana $13.99 Eggplant Florentine $14.99 Breaded eggplant rolled with spinach, ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese baked golden brown. Spaghetti Bolognese $12.99 Spaghetti pasta with homemade meat sauce with marinara and a touch of basil sauce Spaghetti and Meatballs $12.99 Spaghetti and Sausage $12.99 Linguine Primavera $12.99 Linguine with fresh vegetable in a white wine Linguine Adriatico $13.99 Linguine pasta with sautéed garlic, capers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled chicken in olive oil Fettuccini Alfredo $12.99 Gnocchi Romano $12.99 Potato pasta with spinach & prosciutto Penne Vodka $12.99 Penne with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes in a delicate vodka blush sauce.

Chicken or Veal

Breasts of Chicken $16.99 or Medallions of Veal $18.99 Hand tenderized / sautéed with your choice of sauce with salad, bread & butter and penne

Parmigiana Breaded cutlet, topped with fresh marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese baked golden brown. Picatta With capers, artichoke hearts, and broccoli in a lemon butter white wine. Francaise Dipped in an egg batter, in a lemon butter white wine sauce, served over linguine pasta. Marsala Sautéed with mushrooms in a marsala sauce.


Served with Salad and Homemade rolls. 100% Whole Wheat Penne. Available upon additional request add $3.00 Shrimp Scampi $19.99 Six butterflied shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic, capers, white wine sauce, over linguine Shrimp and Scallops $19.99 Shrimp and scallops In a delicate vodka cream sauce with touch of fresh tomato over penne Salmon Napolitano $23.99 Atlantic fresh filet of salmon sautéed with fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach in a white wine sauce


Served with salad and homemade rolls. NY Strip $25.99 16 oz. Black Angus Grass fed Served with choice of sautéed vegetables and baked potatoes Filet Mignon Savoy $28.99 9oz Angus topped with fontina cheese and asparagus in a Dijon cream sauce Served with baked potatoes

244 Country Club Rd • Greenfield, MA • • 413-772-0970 34 savoirflairmagazine

Destination New England lgbt Weddings

savoirflairmagazine 35

Destination New England lgbt weddings | Connecticut

Tennessee Brides Beth and Amanda

Tennessee brides, Amanda and Beth, met in the fall of 1999 while serving in the military. They were friends through the years but deep down they both knew that they were meant to be together. Establishing a relationship would be tough; overseas tours sometimes took them away from each other for over a year at a time and tours often overlapped. So it wasn’t until 2010, when they finally found time to spend with each other, that their relationship finally began. And since then, of course, they have never looked back. In 2012, they received an amazing gift – their son, Samuel, was born. With this new addition to their loving family they decided it was time to tie the knot. After deciding to wed in Connecticut, the first thing they did was contact local LGBT wedding planner, Jules Buckley of Magenta, to help them plan their intimate destination wedding. Obtaining a marriage license in Connecticut is a fairly simple process. Couples are required to obtain the marriage license from the town where they plan to get married. Once they have it they can marry immediately. So the first priority for Amanda and Beth was to find an accommodation

Cruises by Capt. Jack

We can help you get somewhere incredible!

(978) 897-0101

Beth and Amanda on Long Island Sound

and a ceremony location. From the list of hotels and inns Jules recommended, they chose the Madison Beach Hotel. This newly renovated, boutique hotel on Long Island Sound was the perfect place for the brides to celebrate their special day and enjoy a few days of ‘r & r’ with their six month old baby before the wedding. When the location was confirmed, Jules choose her team of LGBT friendly local vendors who would help turn the brides’ vision

Royden Richardson Justice of the Peace

Cape Cod a beautiful place to be married…


129 So. Main St., Centerville

Sudbury laylor Rental

Accent Limousine Elegant, Professional & Trusted For Every Occasion ©

Weddings • Parties • Tools Ask About Renting A Photo Booth For Your Next Wedding, Party, Corporate Event...

712 Boston Post Rd, (Rt 20) (Next to Bullfinch’s Restaurant) Sudbury, MA

(978) 443-RENT (7368) • 800-56-4 RENT •

36 savoirflairmagazine

(508) 473-2262

taken against the breathtaking backdrop of Long Island Sound. The happy brides and their guests put the finishing touch on their celebration with a private dinner at the hotel. Many congratulations to an amazing couple! Look for More Destination New England Weddings in the Summer Savoir Flair!

for their day into a reality. On Monday, April 1, in front of their parents and with their six month old son (in the smallest, cutest tuxedo ever seen), the girls said “I do”. Justice of the Peace Robin B. Sandler performed the ceremony. Despite the blustery and cool April day, Jennifer Higham Photography persuaded the brides to take advantage of the hotel’s private beach to have some stunning photos

Goosefish Press Invitations

Award-winning letterpress studio in Boston’s South End that specializes in the design and inhouse printing of crafted and unique invitations.

450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA (617) 728-2822

The Crown Bakery & Cafe Voted Best Bakery 50 Times

D & D Caterers, Inc. For all your special occasions including weddings, and all other events. Quality food, professional service, and we meet our deadlines! 508-997-8229 • 297 Ashley Blvd. New Bedford


Wedding cakes are

Elegant, personal, full service wedding catering

a specialty!

‘Beautiful and affordable, have the wedding you envision”

133 Gold Star Blvd. Worcester

‘For the perfect and worry free wedding day’

(781) 286-1273,

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Destination New England lgbt Weddings

When you need it to be perfect...

Sharon Myers Fine Catering

Weddings ◊ 25-300 people ◊ Private homes, tents, country inns Full Service: food, staff, rentals, flowers

n s 802-254-2480 o r a Sh Myer F I N E C A T E R I N G

744 Meadowbrook Rd Brattleboro,VT 05301

Getting Married, Graduated, Celebrated, Elevated, Nominated, do it in the Beautiful Berkshires, Start here! Win $ 5000.


toward your 2015 wedding

426 Stockbridge Rd., Rte. 7, Great Barrington, MA (413) 528-4844

Weddings by Wyndham

From simple Oceanside ceremonies to dazzling ballroom receptions, Wyndham offers unique destinations for an unforgettable wedding experience! With the support of a Wyndham Wedding Professional, design your dream wedding down to the most thoughtful details, while taking advantage of exceptional services that ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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5 Blossom Street Boston, MA 02114


Destination New England lgbt Weddings 1421 Washington St., Boston • 617-266-9911 230 West Broadway, South Boston • 617-269-4700 46 Depot St., Duxbury • 781-934-5544

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savoirflairmagazine 39

Custom Jewelry Gallery In the last issue we brought you our first Custom Jewelry Gallery. We received an overwhelming positive response from both the readership and jewelers so we’re pleased to continue this section. See the beauty of each custom piece and stories about how they were created . Each creation tells an unique tale of collaboration between designer and client. Some of the jewelry is morphed from old pieces, others from scratch. Whatever their precious metal origins this jewelry will impress.

The Perfect Marriage Plante Jewelers

This stylish ring is the perfect marriage of 14K white gold and 18K yellow gold mokume. It has a traditional band form with a sophisticated beautiful, exotic feel.

Fancy Yellow M.R.T. Jewelers

The ring below was made for a celebrity couple in California that wish to remain nameless. The second ring on the right is based on the first design which was a collaboration with a California design team. This ring consists of fancy yellow diamonds in combination with opposing colored precious metals. 40 savoirflairmagazine

THE Diamond RING Gary Sachs’ Diamond Jewelers

A beautiful custom mounting in 14kt white gold semi-bezel set with a 1.26ct. brilliant cut diamond center. Set on either side of the center are two princess cut diamonds with a total weight of .52ct. The perfect ring for your special partner!

savoirflairmagazine 41

Custom Jewelry Gallery Two Become One Peter Indorf There are no rings that say you are together forever like Peter Indorf ’s elegant “Unity” wedding bands. For the rest of your lives you will look at the delicate, loving statement on your fingers and feel joy. Made by hand primarily in platinum and 18k gold, it symbolizes the coming together of two. Offered in many variations, both with and without diamonds, you are wearing a ring so unique it has been patented. And Peter will even customize your “Unity” rings to further express the two of you.

42 savoirflairmagazine

Custom Jewelry Gallery Lives Coming Together Bill Selig Jewelers This by-pass ring showcases two solitaire diamonds representing the individuality of both lives coming together. The 14K white gold ring features 2 round diamonds bezel set with 4 princess cut diamonds channel set on the shank below each round diamond.

Advertise in style Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 •

Q u a l ity ◊ S e rv i c e ◊ D e s i g n 860-688-3111 ◊ 161 Broad Street Windsor, CT 06095 860-651-0555 ◊ 712 Hopmeadow Street Simsbury, CT 06070

“A gay friendly business for over 35 years.” Engagement rings,Wedding rings and colorful jewelry. savoirflairmagazine 43

Custom Jewelry Gallery

Two Gentlemen from Kentucky Autumn Gold, Inc | John R. Wallace, G.G

Last December we were honored to have helped two gentlemen from Kentucky who traveled to Vermont to make their marriage legal. They found us to make their wedding bands, and an open and affirming church here in Middlebury, VT to marry them. Our staff even got to attend their wedding!

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A charming in-town B&B in the heart of historic Rockport

22 Broadway, Rockport, MA 800-291-3535•

44 savoirflairmagazine

Custom Jewelry Gallery Bouquet Brooches Renaissance Fine Jewelry The Victorian to Art Deco stickpin Bouquet brooch - it was the fashion for a while to remake unused stickpins into these “bouquet’ brooches This one sports Victorian pins (horseshoe with pearl, houseflies with pearls and turquoises, fleur-de-lys, bloodstone, and jelly opal) and Art Deco era pins (amethyst and diamond) all clasped together by a corsage pin (the curved band at the bottom whose original form would have had a spike on the inside to hold flowers in place).

Build it • Fix it • Make it Specializing in Custom Work

Ustinov Diamond Jewelers

17 Faunce Corner Rd. N. Dartmouth, MA • 508-994-8400

Yepremian Fine Jewelers

The highest quality of service and satisfaction Custom Design ◊ GIA Certified Diamonds Jewelry Repairs ◊ Engraving ◊ Ring Sizing Stone Remounting ◊ Jewelry Appraisals family owned and operated since 1981

401-737-2116 ◊ Clocktower Square ◊ 80 Lambert Lind Highway ◊ Warwick, RI ◊ www. savoirflairmagazine 45

Custom Jewelry Gallery loose pearls, to stunning souvenir!

Yarmouth Jewelers | Eva Liebermann Our client had picked up these beautiful South Sea Pearls in her travels and wanted a slide for her Omega chain. To make the most of her jewelry collection, she wanted it to be easily removable so the chain could be worn with other pieces. Her other criteria included: a simple and elegant design, something unique (not your “typical” pearl pendant), and no moving parts. Designer Eva Liebermann, a long-time Cape resident with over 23 years of bench experience, takes pride in creating a wonderful design. Using your inspiration and specifications and her own creative and technical skills, Eva will create a custom piece that reflects your own individuality.

Bedford J ew e l e r s

Fine quality, custom jewelry & gifts for over 54 years. 781-275-7056 317 Great Rd, Bedford, MA



Designer jewelry hand-forged in precious metals and fine gemstones.


2 Howard St. Suite A1 (corner of Howard and Pine)

Burlington,VT 05401

46 savoirflairmagazine

Custom Jewelry Gallery huggable ring

Unusual Wedding Rings Gayle and Herman Rotenberg

Our huggable ring is 6mm wide and the 2 parts hug but do not come apart. It’s perfect for the couple that wants something different and wants to show their love for each other. Customized in 1 color or 2, in 14k or platinum and 18k. Also avaiable in white, pink or yellow gold. It can be made in any width starting with 5mm and going all the way up. It’s your ring, you can make it any way you want.

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gold silver platinum diamonds

Precious Metal Pendants for YOU... and your companion Boston’s 1st Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Bar

Precious pets deserve precious metals

Stucchi Jewelers 3 Main Street Natick, MA 01760

Order Today 508.651.3990

857. 277.0007 • 262 Newbury Street | Boston, MA savoirflairmagazine 47

their designs | interior designers Home aesthetics have always been important to our creative community. A well planned, tasteful interior has always been high on the priority lists of many gay men and lesbians. So, with that in mind, feast your eyes on some of these professional interior decorators’ attractive rooms and get a glimpse into their design processes.

48 savoirflairmagazine

interior designer, Jeanne Finnerty A Sentimental Journey A homeowner will hire a residential interior designer for all reasons, up sizing, downsizing, and re sizing. No matter the scale or type of project, the process is always a personal journey for the homeowner and for the designer. After seeing a large collection of binders, over-filled with grandmother’s recipes, interior designer, Jeanne Finnerty, ASID, understood the significance of the renovation at hand . The new kitchen was gift from a husband to his partner and this new kitchen would carry on a family tradition of baking.


The project began with a new space-plan to maximize counter surfaces, storage, and function . The space did not perform well nor did the aesthetics match the charm of the 19th century row house. It also had a circulation challenge: three doorways entering the small space. The effect of the renovation is a clean, traditional design that suits the historic features of the home and is also luxurious to cook in. Creamy white cabinetry and traditional white Carrera marble counter tops are warmed by the refurbished pine floors. The relocation of two doorways provides space for seating at a peninsula as well as a surface “command center” for recharging electronics. The triple casement window replaced two double-hung windows, and becomes a handsome focal point in the space. The new window design also provides the wall space that is needed to accommodate the depth of the upper cabinetry. The creative design of a thin paneled wall offsets the garden stair and accommodates the counter depth of a new refrigerator, pantry, and baking counter. The painted blue cabinetry, designed to resemble an antique hutch, was made with a wood counter top, open shelves, and a tack- board . Originally designed with a knee­hole to serve as a small desk, but, because the sentiments of the homeowners extend beyond baking, the base cabinet was revised for use as a dog bed. They wanted to be sure Leo and Lola, a pair of Shiatsus, adopted from a family member, felt right at home in their new kitchen. their designs continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 49

their designs | interior designers

Kris Shaffer Whites + Creams

After living in a rambling hundred year old home in Newton, these long time clients purchased a newer house get-a-way in Falmouth. The house has views of the ocean, with lovely landscaping and a pool. Kris Shaffer

50 savoirflairmagazine

The layout offers comfortable spaciousness without feeling cavernous. While their Newton home is richly decorated, this ocean view home was decidedly more spare and calming. This is the third home we have worked on together and while my client’s tastes are well developed and generally not sparse, she really wanted to keep this home simpler with a calming feel. She decided on mostly whites and creams, with some neutrals reaching into the grays with a bit of ocean blue. We managed to get as much out of this restricted pallette as possible.

The lower level has enough room to accommodate their blended family and hopefully any additions that come along. Each of the bedrooms downstairs has a private bath and there is a small living room for guests. Additionally, what was once just a laundry area has been repurposed with a galley kitchen. Guests have access to everything they need. The neutral color scheme has been maintained throughout the downstairs. The tone on tone roman shades for two of the downstairs bathrooms, maintain the limited color scheme which is interesting with the fabric choices.

The master bedroom, continues with the neutral theme. We hung a wonderful Zoffany wallpaper that has sparkle with a subtle stripe that accentuates the peaked ceilings. The light off the deck makes the wall behind the bed sparkle mirroring the ocean. The variety of linens we used on the bedding, while all very neutral, work together in design harmony. We appliqued a stripe border around the linen dust skirt using a fun contemporary slightly iridescent pattern on some of the linen bed shams. In the great room on the main floor, we splurged on an embroideried linen for the chaise. It has oranges and greens in it, yet the neutral ground makes it blend into the space allowing for an accent of orange. The whitewashed wood floors have a variety of rugs to help delineate the great room’s space. Again, most of the interior details are in a neutral pallette, maintaining a sense of decorative calm yet with interesting design elements that catch the eye. The dining area in the great room’s back wall has been wallpapered in a handmade Studio E sparkly yet elegant wallpaper. It is sophisticated, fun, adding a bit of drama for all those fabulous dinner parties to come. The majestic oversized round table will accommodate great gatherings in the years to come. Ten people can easily be seated around the table.

Antiques Boston Additional services Interior Design Hand Sewn Lamp Shades Lamp Making / Rewiring Custom Draperies Custom Framing Custom Upholstery Furniture Restoration

617.262.0780 | 10 St. James Ave, Boston, MA

Cygnet Painting

Restoration, Decorative Painting & refinishing workshop

Lars Michelsen | 508.776.8273 | savoirflairmagazine 51

O nce upon a tile

“Showcasing the latest tile and stone available throughout the world�


n Incredible selection of decorative tile, hand crafted by over 50 artisans. Once Upon A Tile showcases top manufacturers whose tile and stone come from around the world. Along side this selection are a plethora of creative artists who offer uniquely hand crafted, and painted, tiles from small studios around the country.


978.345.8343 | 12 Westminster St. Fitchburg, MA |

52 savoirflairmagazine

I n t e r i o r s While I tend to have a strong personal style, I relish collaborating with my clients. Each client has an idea of what they like and it is my job to help them realize their vision. As a professional designer I am constantly exposed to new products and ideas that I can bring to my clients’ projects. Whether it be avant garde or traditional, unique or classic, my goal is that my clients are truly delighted in their home. Color Consulting Services


Sourcing and Procurement Services

Soft Furnishings Design and Fabrication Cushions, Pillows, Bedding Craftspeople Resourcing 74 Dennison Avenue

| |

| Window Treatments

Carpet and Rugs Space Planning




| Wallcoverings Stone and Tile

Resourcing of Furnishings

Implementation of Design Lighting

Framingham, MA 01702     617 332 1748

savoirflairmagazine 53

Unique Interior Design|floors

The piece shown above is Santos Mahogany and Quartersawn White Oak with clear casting resin areas containing wood shavings, twigs and end grain wood pixels.

54 savoirflairmagazine

John DiPonzio, of Design Wood Floors, is a hardwood floor designer by day and a jazz pianist by night. The creativity which drives his piano playing is the same talent employed in the design of beautifully unique hardwood floors. The floor shown (right) is an original commissioned art. The customer would choose wood species, accent color palate, organic elements, theme and area to be installed and would work with the artist to create a unique accent.This may or may not include sketches. In a residential setting , small vestibule entrances can accommodate the whimsy even if the balance of the home is more traditional. John DiPonzio A stair landing can also become a conversation piece without interfering with other established design elements. A bolder more esoteric minded designer may embrace the challenge of working with John to create a larger more prominent area in the home. That said: the purpose of showing this piece in local design magazines is more to catch the curious eye than to suggest everyone ought to have one. And though we hope to show the love of craft that exceeds the norm, we have made our business to perform all wood floor services. John prefers hand work and natural unfinished wood as a starting point so that he can add the custom complex finish application.

interior design Approach By Lydia Rouche Our community has always set trends in the interior design field but even the most talented of us can benefit from a structured approach. Of course design shows make it look so easy; the room of your dreams can be created in a few short hours, with a minimum budget and a bit of creativity. Home owners get caught up in the rush to create that perfect space. The final product, however, is often disappointing. The room looks less like the home owner imagined and more like an amateur effort. Even worse, the space is poorly planned and not conducive to everyday life. This is because design shows and articles focus on the finishing stages of interior design - they fail to teach the basics! No interior designer starts a job by thinking about the color scheme or the accessories. To design a room that is both beautiful and functional, a professional starts at the beginning. In good design, form always follows function. A beautiful space means nothing if a home owner cannot use it for daily living. So before you even think about how you want the room to look, you need to think about how you want to live in it. Make a list of all the activities you plan to do in the room. Take the living room, for example. This one room can be used for a dozen different activities, everything from watching television to entertaining friends to reading. Once you have finished the list, group together all the activities that will occupy the same space in the room. For instance, office work and homework will be completed in the desk area, while the sitting area can be used for both entertaining and watching television. Each area you have created is a zone; you will likely have more than one zone in a room. continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 55

interior design | approach

jack’s Painting Interior / exterior painting finish carpentry wallpapering tiling

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free estimates • local refrences ask for jack day or evening office (617)859-7997 Cell (617)719-5511

The Tile Factory Inc.

The Barn at 17


& Blackstone

Furniture Restorers

Antiques and Restoration

Large Selection 1000’s of tiles To Choose All Major Brands HOURS: Mon, Tues, Fri 8:30-5:30 Wed & Thurs 8:30-7 Sat 9-4

Over 10,000 sq. feet 781-329-6694 298 Providenvce Hwy. (Rt .1 N) Westwood, MA

On Site Restoration

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In a functional room, each zone is placed in the best possible spot. Draw a floor plan of your room without furniture, showing only the walls, windows and doorways. Next, highlight the areas of traffic flow, the path people take as they walk through a room. Maybe people walk straight through your living room to go from the dining room to the kitchen, or maybe they keep to one side of the space. These areas of traffic flow need to be kept clear for safety reasons. You should place your zones around these paths; use circles to represent each different zone as you pencil them onto the floor plan. Keep in mind that some zones have requirements that will dictate their placement in the room. Your office zone needs to be near an internet connection, and your television needs to be close to a cable hookup. If you want natural daylight in your reading area, place your sitting zone by the window. Zones are like puzzle pieces; in the right arrangement, they will create a functional and visually pleasing room. Once you have placed your zones, you need to create a furniture arrangement on the floor plan. Treat each zone as a separate room and place your furniture within the boundaries, avoiding the areas of traffic flow. If you have difficulties arranging your furniture, try using symmetry. A symmetrical arrangement is often the most pleasing to the eye. It is also the easiest arrangement to perfect. Draw a line through the center of the zone.


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Everything placed on one side of the zone needs to be mirrored on the other. For instance, a sofa can

interior design approach be mirrored with two chairs or a bench. Or two shelves can mirror each other on either side of a desk. Once you’ve finished the floor plan, try the arrangement in the room itself. You might find that the height of a chair blocks the television or the glare from a window reflects on the computer monitor. Continue to arrange the furniture until the room becomes


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a space that accommodates your way of living. Good design is not about changing the way you live to suit a room. At its core, design is about improving the lives of people in the spaces where they live. Once you have achieved this, once you have designed a functional room, you can exercise your creativity through decorating. Choose paint colors, fabrics, artwork and curtains.

Decorating a room is

like adding jewelry to an outfit; it improves upon the design. Paint and pillows cannot hide a flawed design. But the right colors and fabrics can accentuate a well-designed space, creating a beautiful sanctuary where a home owner can relax. And that is what design is all about.

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By Lou Chavez Are you looking for a great gift idea for somebody who spends a lot of time in his or her car? Whether it’s the ultimate gadget, coolest feature or the most useful thing to have, here are some great ideas. Accutire MS-4441 GB Talking Pressure Gauge

Properly inflated tires last longer, improve gas mileage and reduce accidents. Perfect for people with poor eyesight, a paltry $10 buys the bilingual Accutire MS4441 GB Talking Pressure Gauge. It announces tire pressures from 5 to 99 PSI in Spanish or English and displays the result on an LCD digital screen.

Abeo Hdvr-150 Car Accident Camera Video Recorder

You never know what lies ahead, especially while driving. Capture it all with this $110 camera designed to look like a rear-view mirror. Instead of recording who is at fault, you just might produce the ultimate viral video! continues on next page

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Car Accessories Must Haves Kyjen Outward Hound Back Seat Hammock

For peace of mind when travelling with your furry best friend, this comfortable hammock enhances their safety. It prevents muddy feat and dog hair from ruining seats, and for pooches that never learn to stay, the $23 sling design keeps them in the back seat when you leave the car.

Swift Hitch SH02 Portable Wireless Camera System

Even with a helper, backing into a trailer is not always easy. Video is full color and in high-definition. Equipped with night vision and reverse imagery, the $240 price tag is well worth the savings to damaged bumpers and trailers. Simple portability and ease of use extends its practical applications far beyond hitching trailers.

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Car Accessories Must Haves Motorola Roadster 2

Unless you own a car with hands-free cell phone operation, you know what a hassle it is to make and receive calls. This $68 speakerphone ends that problem. Simple to connect and using blue-tooth technology and an FM transmitter, it sends and receives calls and music trough your car speakers.

Cobra IRAD200 iRadar Smart Detection for iPhone and Android Devices

Nobody is encouraging speeding with this device, and in some states, radar detectors are illegal. Still, speed traps are a reality most of us could do without, and for less than the cost of most tickets, this powerful $93 device eliminates that worry.

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Car Accessories Must Haves Belkin @TV Plus – Mobile Television Anywhere

This $105 device makes viewing your favorite programming a reality practically anywhere you go. As long as you have access to 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, simply download the free @TV app from iTunes or the Google Play Store and you’re all set. It even records your favorite programs onto a mobile device.

LedGlow 6pc Million Color Flexible Under Dash Interior Lighting Kit

Look cool with interior colored lighting, and for just $47, you can do it in a million ways! Six flexible tubes holding 72 LED lights come with a controller programmable to display all sorts of patterns. Easy to install, the multiple color combinations are stunningly beautiful.

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Car Accessories Must Haves Cree 7W 300LM Mini LED Flashlight

Load up your favorite movies, picture and documents into your dream car and take them with you anywhere you go. So what if the car is really a USB drive disguised as a tiny replica car. Starting at $22, dozens of models, from classic muscle cars to high-end sports cars, come in exquisite, handcrafted detail. Choose from 8GB flash drives all the way to 1TB hard drives.

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rC ne

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ity Auto

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How many times have you needed a flashlight on the road? A single AA battery is all it takes to power up this stunningly bright yet tiny device. Stoutly built, waterproof and designed not to slip easily from the hand, this little $4.50 flashlight has an adjustable focus from pinpoint to broad spectrum.

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Car Accessories Must Haves Prince LionHeart Back Seat Kick Mat

For $16, the oft-ignored command to “Stop kicking the back of the Seat!” becomes unnecessary, thanks to this clever little accessory. Slung over the back of the front seat, those little feet are rendered impotent in moments by the easily installed kick mat.

BESTEK Dual 110V AC and USB 300w Power Adapter

Rounding out the best car accessories, this power inverter allows users to operate standard AC electrical products through their car’s 12V power outlet. BESTEK’s $22 inverter is an incredible bargain, and includes two AC outlets and two USB jacks, one for 1A and 2.1A.

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It is not uncommon for our clients to become friends, and this is one case in which I have found myself happily sitting at the bar, enjoying a pint and taking in the open atmosphere. Watching people socialize and move from one open space to the other – from the inside charm of the card room, bar, and family room, through the French doors to the beautifully lit pool area – I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this project turned out.

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Appliance After almost thirty years as the principal of Cummings Architects and a practicing architect, it still brings me great joy and satisfaction to translate a homeowner’s vision into a physical space that they love. At the end of the day, designing homes is about creating the space to hold our most precious memories. That’s what architecture is all about.

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operations. The chances of John Junior eating all the butter while you’re on the phone decrease markedly if you can maintain visual contact with him while you’re folding the laundry. That being said, an open concept means that children might have increased access to potentially dangerous items that doors and child-blockers inhibit in more conventionallystyled homes. You’ll want to ensure that all exposed areas are effectively child-proofed. How much time and energy do you have for home cleaning? If you’re performing a highwire act, juggling a career while building a home and maintaining a marriage, how much time do you have left for home cleaning? How messy or cluttered does your home get? The more open the design, the more apparent any untidy or unclean areas become. A mess always rises to its maximum level, and the open concept can make it all the more difficult to contain. Also, while a washing machine or kitchen sink disaster can be controlled in a small area in a more conventional home, the open concept design could enable a more expansive – and expensive – domestic nightmare. If it’s all you can do to maintain a clean house in your current set-up, you might want to reconsider a re-design before moving forward. Are you the life and soul of the party?: If you enjoy frequently hosting parties, employing an open-concept design could make yours the talk of the town, as it promotes an atmosphere that facilitates mingling and the formation of new friendships, partnerships, and networks. Parties at homes separated into smaller rooms tend to increase a clustering effect, where your invitees can quickly break down into several small, independent cliques. Cooking, however, can be a two-way street. You might enjoy being able to converse with your guests as you baste the turkey or prepare the next round of frozen margaritas, 68 savoirflairmagazine

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Tropical Foods Roxbury’s Neighborhood Supermarket 617-442-7439 Tropical Foods is the pioneer ethnic food retailer in Boston. Although it remains the premier supermarket for Spanish, African-American, West Indian and African cuisine; Tropical Foods is the “Supermarket for Everyone.” We are also a destination for customers from all over New England who travel to Tropical Foods for our outstanding selection of ethnic produce, curries, rice, beans, and hard-to-find ethnic specialties from around the world (see our web site). Come visit Tropical Foods and discover a truly unique and exciting supermarket. 2101 Washington St., Roxbury, Ma. 02119

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instead of feeling like an isolated work-horse in the kitchen. Caveat: there might be some guests who would prefer not to see “how the magic happens” in the kitchen, and some might feel awkward, as if they are obliged to assist you. You should also be aware that, in an open-concept kitchen smells will travel, and while the scent of freshly-baked bread seems inviting enough, those burned salmon filets of could be a party-killer. Do you run hot or cold? Heating and air conditioning are definitely a major concern: the larger and more open the space, the more time and money required for adjusted temperatures to take effect. So, baby, if it’s cold outside, you want to make sure that you can adequately heat your space without spending a king’s ransom. Keep in mind that heat travels upward, so ceiling height is definitely a consideration in colder areas. And, if you live in a very hot area, your enjoyment of the open-concept will be short-lived if you can’t afford to cool it properly. Does noise annoy? Sound travels easily in an open-concept home. This is ideal if you’re attempting to conduct a conversation with someone standing twenty yard away. This is not so ideal if that same someone enjoys blasting bone-shattering heavy metal music at three A.M. Be forewarned. Interior Decorator? You might take great pride in developing multiple distinct visual themes throughout your home. However, the more open the home, the less opportunity to be creative with decorations, if a sense of visual unity and fluidity is to be maincontinues on next page

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Is Open Concept Home Design for you? continued from previous page

tained. In a house with plenty of walls, a small Tiki parlor might be nicely offset by a southwesternthemed dining room. In one large, open space, however, such a clash would appear schizophrenic. Perhaps it is most important to remember that you need not rush into anything when designing your home. Open concept design, is with us for the long-haul, as are a multitude of other designs. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your home suits your lifestyle. It’s your home, and you’re the one who has to live it. Take your time. Carefully weigh the pros and cons. You’ve succeeded when you know that your home facilitates the wellbeing of yourself, your co-habitants, and your guests.

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Professor Emeritus in the Social Justice Education Program at the University of Massachusetts, Pat Griffin

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kids committing suicide, “she had the perfect answer; she said that even one student would be too many. People still needed to be told that back then and I’m sure some people need to be told that today!” Knowles believes that the groundwork for Gay & Straight Alliances that started in Massachusetts during that time has helped to shape a generation who is much more accepting of LGBT folks today. It wasn’t until recently that Knowles felt comfortable enough to be out at work. When Knowles was finally transferred to a school where the principal had a zero tolerance for bullying, whether it targeted students or teachers, she was finally at ease, “The last two years of my career were wonderful. I loved working with people who respected me and accepted me for whom I am. The kids have always been wonderful, but it was nice to experience the same acceptance from my colleagues.” Despite the difficulties associated with having to hide during most of her career, Knowles did manage to meet her partner on the job – a Spanish teacher who went on to become a principal. Knowles laughs about it now, “It’s amazing that we even got to know each other then, I guess some things are just meant to be.” Kathy Neal also met her partner through her job, “I was a Health and P.E. teacher but had played golf and softball professionally. Pat interviewed me for a book she was writing about female athletes; the tape ran out and we kept on talking. That was nearly 20 years ago.” savoirflairmagazine 71


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Neal taught high school in California before moving to Massachusetts to be with Pat. She recalls, “I taught in a rural community in California, it was simply not safe to be out there. But I still supported students who were gay or were questioning their sexuality. I talked about bullying in Health class, I was a listening ear for those who came to me, and they knew I was on their corner.” Once she started teaching in Amherst, MA she felt a difference in climate, “One of the things I thought was very cool is that when gay marriage became a topic of debate several of my straight colleagues took the day off to get on a bus and stand in favor of equality. You don’t realize the power of having allies until they stand up for your rights!” Neal’s partner happens to be Pat Griffin, and the book she mentioned was published in 1998, entitled Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbian and Homophobia in Sports. Griffin’s list of accomplishment goes on and on but it suffices to say that she is a Professor Emeritus in the Social Justice Education Program at the University of Massachusetts, and in 2007 was named one of the top 100 sport educators in the United States by the Institute for International Sport. Griffin started her career in 1967, as a coach and P.E. teacher at a High School in Maryland. She was not out then, but like all the teachers who have spoken to me, she was an undercover ally of sorts, “I wasn’t officially out but you know how it is, word gets out and some-

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times kids would come to me with issues of coming out or relationship problems and I liked being available because I never had that when I was young. I wanted to be a part of the process to ensure that the new generation didn’t feel as lonely.” When Griffin was invited to speak at conference titled “How do Athletics Threaten Women’s Sense of Femininity” she approached the theme by attacking the question. w “Female athletes were not being attacked for their degree of femininity, but for their sexuality. They weren’t happy that I brought up the L-word but that was the real issue and, to a degree, it still is. For boys, being athletic is the epitome of masculinity, but female athletes are viewed under very different lens.” In her own experience as a teacher, it took several years before Griffin felt comfortable enough to be out at work, “My generation suffered from a lot of self-hatred. My college roommate and I didn’t even know the other was gay! It wasn’t until I started coaching swimming that I discovered support.” Nicole Baker’s perspective was quite different, and yet her experience was very similar to so many LGBT educators. Although Nicole is now happily married to a woman, during the time Baker was a middle school teacher in the Holyoke and Springfield systems (MA), she was actually married to a man. While she didn’t feel the need to lie about her relationship then, she was well aware of the risks associated with being a member of the LGBT community.

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Baker - who taught theatre – wanted to give all her students the opportunity to be themselves without shame and without risking their safety. She believed that theatre was the perfect venue to those struggling to come into their own, “By exploring their acting skills in various scenarios they had a chance to try out different characters. My classroom was a safe environment for some kids to express themselves in ways that they were not allowed to do in other settings.” Baker’s production of Grease granted a female student the opportunity to play Danny, the lead male character. These are the experiences our youth crave everywhere; the chance to be themselves, to be accepted, to be a part of the norm, and to be whom they truly are without fearing rejection. If you stop to think about it, these are really basic needs. Times have changed and teachers starting out now have a different experience based on LGBT visibility and acceptance, equality laws, and overall sense of community support. We are, of course, talking about teachers in small pockets of New England, where the concept of civil rights has historically been one of inclusion. For those braving the small towns, rural communities, and antagonistic folks in less than friendly places all over the country, the plight continues. When you thought of your favorite teacher, you may have thought about their ability to explain a hard topic, or to make a boring subject seem interesting; you may have thought about their willingness to

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listen, or to offer encouragement. I doubt that you thought about their sexual orientation because in truth, children never do. Teaching is a hard job, one that requires selfless commitment and remarkable dedication to our youth. Teachers look not only to pass on knowledge but to ensure that each generation has a chance to make the world a better place for all. LGBT educators take on that challenge despite the added obstacles they encounter every day. They add on to their immense list of goals the silent oath to cre-

ate a safe space for those who feel threatened, and to offer a friendly word to those who feel lonely, all the while making it seem effortless. To all LGBT educators across the country, and to all their wonderful allies, thank you.

Trupti n Patel

Flavia Francesquini In addition to being a writer for various publications, Flavia is a certified wellness counselor, life coach and parent coach. Originally from Brazil, she is a Smith College graduate and lives in Massachusetts with her teenage son.

& Associates

Immigration Attorneys Congratulations! The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA has paved the way for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to file immigrant visa petitions for their partners. USCIS is processing applications now. Call our office at 617-367-6750 for a consultation regarding your Immigration case. 155 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA and One Boston Place, Suite 2600, Boston, MA your community bike shop Offering new bicycle sales, professional service shop, full line of accessories and we even provide high end road bike rentals . Official bike shop for the Boston-New York AIDS Ride. AIDS Riders receive discount.

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Accredited Senior Appraiser

Antiques 381 Elliot St. #155 Newton, MA 617.969.2403

Auto BodyEastern MA

10 St. James Ave, Boston, MA

The Barn at 17

Antiques &

Blackstone Furniture Restorers

Antiques and Restoration

Over 10,000 sq. feet On Site Restoration ◊ Minutes from Boston 17 Murdock St. Somerville, MA


ApartmentsEastern MA

Relaxed lifestyle • Overlooking the Charles River

56 Charles River Rd., Waltham

(781) 893-5038 | (888) 593-5044

repair & sales Full service bicycle shop with over 20 years experience. 22 Amherst Rd. Sunderland, MA


BalloonsEastern MA


Balloons & Flowers For All Occasions

The Finest In Body Work & Painting

(781) 231-3410

Body / Fender Work • 24 Hr Towing Insurance Claims Welcome


752 Hyde Park Ave., Hyde Park, MA


Come Flye With Us.

Balloonatics Auto Body, Inc.


BicyclesWeStern MA

Appraisers A rt & A nti q u e s 17 - 1/2 State Street Marblehead, MA 01945

AntiquesEastern M



Peter’s Auto Body

Domestic and Foreign Cars Complete Auto Body Service

(617) 524-2800

237 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain MA

Auto DealersEastern MA

JapAnese Car Specialists

formerly known as Hondaa King • Guaranteed, first quality service • ASE certified master mechanics • 34 years experience • Insurance work accepted

(617) 787-1233•

552 Lincoln Ave., Saugus, MA

ChimneysEastern MA

Bob’s Magic Broom Serving Metro & Northern Boston

chimney sweeping repair, scans liners, caps



in Style With Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515 • www.savoirflair savoirflairmagazine 75

Contractors Contractors

ContractorsEastern MA

Service Service Directory Directory FEncesEastern MA

ElectricianEastern MA

Crosby Fence Co.

Professional Quality Service

H.B. DESIGN General Contractor

Funeral Glass

• privacy fence • picket fence • pergolas • arbors • trellises • any custom design

Over 15 years of experience

Carpentry, painting, masonry

Licensed, insured • 35 yrs Experience


No job Too Small • Lic# 51232E

Residential/Commercial New & Existing Construction Service Upgrades • Ceiling Fans Recessed Lighting • Kitchen’s & Baths


Major credit cards • Insured • Free Estimates

construction inc.

Carpentry • Painting • Roofing Flooring • Remodeling

Sean E

Dry CleanersEastern MA

Sturgis Dry Cleaners & Tailors All Work

Done • Tailoring On Premises • Shirts • Same Day Service • Suede/Leather • Curtains • Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved • Smoke & Water Damage Restoration For Clothing










15 Industry Way, P.O. Box 799 Orleans, MA 02653 w w w. c r o s b y f e n c e . c o m

FlooringEastern MA

ExcavationEastern MA

800-807-0860 • cell 617-251-9098

(508) 255-6662

Installation & Repair Services




Foundation • Water Sewer Driveways Retaining Walls Snow Plowing

617 472 2020 617 293 7660

53 Gilbert St • Quincy, MA 02169

Residential • Commercial Fully Insured • Free Estimates Defined Ability. Superior Results. Peter Barresi 781-724-2900


Charles Coelho Funeral Home • Cremation Services


135 W. Broadway St., South Boston, MA 02127 hours 6am-6pm mon-sat


I'm Temporarily Yours boston

escorts • strippers • domination • tours bachelorette, birthday and retirement parties

since 1984, ladies and gentlemen have enjoyed the fine company of the ladies from i'm temporarily yours™. are you visiting boston, have never called an escort or a stripper. we know how to fulfill your expectations for the finest date or party in boston. our reputation rides on the fact that we will make your night or party a success leaving you and your guests talking for days to come.

1-800-698-8829 • 617-742-1608 •

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paving & excavation

driveways • parking lot road building septic installation / repair drainage installation land clearing • grading

(508) 240-5541

(401) 724-9440

151 Cross St, Central Falls, RI

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Service Directory

Glass Glass

GlassEastern MA

junk removalEastern MA

Boston Mirror

Mirror Mirror

MasonryEastern MA



& Building Restoration

(617) 268-5880 ∞ South Boston, MA


10 yd, 15, 20, & 30.

Licensed and Insured


Lic. #CS78230


89 Minot St., Boston, MA 02122

Advertise in style with Savoir Flair Magazine 617-423-1515

A Street Scrap

Shower and Tub Enclosures • Mirrors Table Tops • Shelving • Walls • Glazing

Metals Corp

(617) 364-6410 •

Cash Paid for non-ferrous metals delivered to us.

HandymanEastern MA

Quality Work At FAIR PRICES!

Tim's Handyman Services

Plumbing • Tile • Ornamental Ironwork Frame-to-Finish Carpentry • Remodeling Roofing • Welding • Drywall • Built In's • Doors Windows • Fence • Exterior Siding • Shingles

617•816•7200 Heating/AC Eastern MA


Mechanical Services Greater Boston,Worcester, Metrowest for all Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Residential/Commercial 4Air Conditioning Installation 4Air Conditioning Replacement 4Heating System Repair 4Heating System Replacement 4Air Conditioning Repair 4Heating System Installation 774-573-6337 •

MEtal RecyclingEastern MA

Professional Demolition Contractor

3 3 3 3

Selective Demolition Whole or Partial Cleanouts Trash Pick Ups Dumpster Rentals

22 YRS


Commercial - Residential

Fully insured Free estimates Call Mark or contact us at


Rubbish Removal Residential • Commercial Free Estimates

Hrs: M-F 6:30AM to 3:45 PM Sat. 7AM-11AM

29 A Street South Boston, MA for pricing call (617)268-8200

MirrorEastern MA

Boston Mirror

(617) 268-5880 ∞ South Boston, MA

Licensed • Fully Insured

Cash for Junk Cars & Scrap Metal Demolition & Clean Up of any size Basements • Attics • Yards & Garages - Snow Removal No Job Too Big or Small

617-594-4130 617-569-5687

FAX 617-569-1477

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617-423-1515 • www.savoirflair savoirflairmagazine 77

Service Directory


PaintingEastern MA

PlumbingEastern MA Jack Welch Plumbing & Heating


Your #1 Boston Plumber

residential & commercial


water heaters drains • sewers • leaks

Fully Insured Free Estimates

Power washing Wall paper removal Repair of old ceilings

Tankless water heaters


Licensed • Insured


Himalayan Bistro

1735 Centre St., West Roxbury, MA 02132, (617) 3253500, fax: (617) 325-5054, e-mail: info@himalayanbistro. net, Indian and Nepali Cuisine We are proud to be the first Nepali restaurant in the Greater Boston area. Nepal food is healthy, nourishing, practical and tasty. All of our dishes are prepared similar to the way the Nepali royal family is served. As our guests, we want to serve you like royalty. Our menu also includes Indian cuisine. Our dining hall is elegant with high ceilings, authentic music and antique statues. Delivery and catering service.

RoofingEastern MA

Since 1921 Experienced, Affordable Roofing

Licensed and Insured

Plumbing & Heating

PavingEastern MA

RestaurantEastern MA

Able roofing

20 years experience References



Installation, Repair, Maintenance of all plumbing and heating appliances by highly trained technicians

For All Jobs large & Small Fully Licensed & Insured

Call Jay Bullens 617-327-7000

ShoesEastern MA

Teddy Shoes


Free Estimates Fully Insured


137 Charles St. Boston, MA

617-523-2721 • 888-514-9114

PuppiesEastern MA


paving & excavation

driveways • parking lot road building septic installation / repair drainage installation land clearing • grading

(508) 240-5541

PharmacyEastern MA

Skenderian Apothecary phone: 617-354-5600 fax: 617-492-8135

1613 Cambridge St Cambridge, MA 02138

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Pet Quality From Our Family To Yours For Over 35 Years

Health Guarantee State License

Credit Cards

Small Medium Large Breeds

Sizes up to 16

We cater to the Transgender Community

548 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA

617-354-2987 • www.

VideoEastern MA Enjoy the View.

The Best

Gay Video WaterproofingMA


Real EstateEastern MA

Karen and Barry Hickman William Raveis Real Estate

617 821 1665

Concrete Crack Repair & Waterproofing Residential & Commercial



Imagine…The warm sun glistening off the calm waters of the

beach… A light breeze carrying through the oceanfront ballroom. Truly memorable events with an authentic local flavor! That is the inspiration behind the Nantasket Beach Resort. Experience our exemplary service, magnificent cuisine and superb white-glove treatment. 

45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, Massachusetts 02045 • 781.925.4500 • savoirflairmagazine 79

urostoves Culinary Centre We Make The Home Cook Better

As more and more homes invest the time into preparing their own meals, having both the know-how and the right tools is becoming increasingly important. At Eurostoves, you will find everything you need whether you are a passionate chef or a home cook...from hands on cooking classes to corporate team-building events, from knife sharpening to expert pastry making, from ranges to ramekins...we have it, and so can you! A true culinary dreamland where” We Make The Home Cook Better!”

As Well As Your Corporate Team

Eurostoves offers a great new envirnoment for celebrating, team-building and learning. Our professional staff of Chefs and assistants provide you and your guests with outstanding instruction in culinary technique, recipe building and meal preparation. It’s a fun and lively atmosphere that can be customized to your specific needs.

And Your Holiday Party

Spice up your holiday party with hassle-free party planning and mouth watering menus. Eurostoves offers expert culinary instruction that will make your holiday gathering a sure success.

Custom Catering For Your Event

At Euro Catering by Eurostoves of Beverly, we know that great food makes the difference. That’s why we work so closely with our clients to create tailored menus that wow, whether it’s for an intimate dinner party for two or a glamorous wedding for two hundred. To find out how we can create a custom-designed event for you, contact Liz at 978-232-0007

978-232-0007 • 45 Enon Street Beverly, MA •

80 savoirflairmagazine

14sf wsweb  

LGBT Magazine based in Boston, Massachusetts with articles of interest to the community including; home design, video, tv reviews, LGBT wedd...

14sf wsweb  

LGBT Magazine based in Boston, Massachusetts with articles of interest to the community including; home design, video, tv reviews, LGBT wedd...