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Men’s Earring

W h at G ay M e n S ta r t e d . . .



S e t h K ay e ’ s P H O T O G RA P Hs o f A S P E C I A L DAY

O l d M ills R e b o r n

Do Shop Do Tell Test

Perfect Partner

Ho W G ay / L e s b i a n a r e y o u ?

W e ’ ll S h ow y o u h ow To Fi n d O n e !


A U n i q u e L ook At T h is P op u l a r Tow n

Plus Film






Going Green


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PROVINCETOWN + SNOW Town Photographer Chuck Anzalone’s Breathtaking Images.


Men’s Earrings Are Forever by Celeste Berman • Gay Men Started The Fashion Now See The Style Options.


How Gay/Lesbian Are You? Take The Do Shop Do Tell Test... by Sharon Levine • Our Not So Serious Fun Test.


Choosing Your Perfect Partner by Michelle Bryan • An Approach To Finding Your Perfect Partner


Ogunquit by Cottages Advisors • Where To Go And What To Do In This Seaside GLBT Community.


Rhode island Loft Living 42 by Michael DuBour

• Old Mills Become Great Homes


Tamar and Kris’s Wedding by Photographer Seth Kaye • Lesbian Couple Gets Married in Amherst

62 Wedding Tips to Inspire 4 savoirflairmagazine

10 Home Improvement

Private/Independent Schools Schools That Welcome Our Children


by Mauryn Kkira • A Creative Wedding Setting

Kitchen and Bath Trends

12 Fashion Men’s Earrings


Character Actors From

Hollywood’s Golden Years

38 GAY and Green Building Green


Boston Publisher Mary Kennedy


EDITOR Sharon Levine


Writers Michael DuBour | Wendy Mimran | Henry Levine Michelle Bryan | Mark Adams | Mauryn Kkira Sales Rena Berman, Sales Director Wendy Mimran, Sales Development Manager Charles Manfredi, Senior Advertising Executive Meshell Graham | Sharon Levine | Nicholas McCarty Jett Bailey | Mark Davis | David Colman Production Jenna Simon | Orella DeVille, Intern | Cleo Marie | Kwame Byrd Photography Cover : Malyugin Seth Kay | Joe Gallo

Providence Maine Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island

Distribution Boston Phoenix Distribution | Maxx Trucking Advertising Information All inquires may be addressed to KP Media, 66 Charles St., # 283 Boston, MA 02114 (617) 423-1515, Fax: (617) 423-7147 e-mail: Š2011 All Rights Reserved. M. Kennedy Publishing, Inc. Savoir Flair may not be reproduced in part or whole without the written permission of the publisher. Advertising content is the sole responsibility of individual advertisers.

Advertisers participating in this guide are not necessarily gay / lesbian, but Openly welcome the community. Printed in Canada with Green Technology

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Fairfield Antiques Mall The Largest Antiques Group Shop in Maine 5 Floors of Great Antiques & Collectibles

100 Dealers & the Lowest Prices Around • Located just 2.5 miles off I-95 in Fairfield You haven’t experienced antiquing at it’s best until you’ve visited the Fairfield Antiques Mall and meet owners Wayne and Brenda Gamage and their friendly staff who are always ready to assist you in any way they can. During their 10 + years in business, the Gamages have turned what was once an old chicken house into one of the nicest antique malls in the country. Join the hundreds of tourists who have already discovered Fairfield Antiques Mall and visit there year after year. You’ll be glad you did.


# 382 Route 201 - Fairfield, Maine, Exit 133 off I-95 2.5 miles North on Rt. 201 Open 7 Days a week 8:30 to 5:00

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Provincetown Most Provincetown aficionados never get a glimpse of the serene and awe inspiring winter landscape. Although it does snow in Provincetown, like any New England town, the snow tends to melt quickly due to higher temperatures attributed to the warmer ocean water. So it’s always good to have a camera ready for this short lived event.

8 savoirflairmagazine

Top left to right : The dunes near Race Point, Bottom left to right : Bull Ring Waterfront Complex House on Bradford St. near Pearl St, Commercial Street, Downtown

Pink Wedding Pages

Photos by Chuck Anzalone Chuck is a year round Provincetown resident. In addition to a photographer Chuck is a graphic designer and artist. His work can be seen at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown. Chuck’s photos are made possible through the Provincetown Tourism Board.

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Henry Levine’s

Trends: Kitchen Remodeling Current economic conditions mean that many homeowners are choosing to forgo buying a newer home and remodel the home they’re in. Kitchen and bath remodeling are two of the most popular updates for several reasons. First and foremost for many homeowners is the fact that updating kitchens and baths can add resale value to the home. Second, these two rooms see a great deal of activity, and small inconveniences can become chronic annoyances.

10 savoirflairmagazine

One hot remodeling trend is simplicity. Kitchens are being streamlined. Small appliances are tucked away behind closed doors to clear counter space and add an open feeling to the kitchen. Bathrooms feature increased natural light, and private spaces for toilets. Budget-conscious homeowners are looking to economize on remodeling projects. Two popular kitchen remodeling trends are re-facing cabinets and modernizing hardware. These projects make the kitchen look new in a budget-friendly manner. Updating appliances is one way to take advantage of modern technology and add convenience to everyday tasks. Large appliances are more energy-efficient than ever, with a wide range of features from which to choose. Refrigerators are available in traditional top-freezer styles, side-by-side, and French door models. There are even refrigerator drawers for under-counter food storage. Besides ice and water dispensers through the door, some refrigerators incorporate televisions and Internet access. Stoves are available in dual-fuel models which allow the cook to choose gas or electric depending on what is being cooked. Some dishwashers are designed to store dishes as well as wash them. Small appliances are also popular conveniences. Coffee centers can prepare traditional coffee, espresso, and cappuccino at a fraction of the cost of stopping at a local coffee shop. Water

dispensers can offer instant hot or cold water at the push of a button. Another popular kitchen and bath remodeling trend is the use of natural materials for countertops. Granite is one of the more expensive options, while other options include quartz, concrete, and wood. The emphasis is on ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as durability. Bathrooms are borrowing ideas from spas and incorporating a touch of luxury. Heated floors, large showers and soaking tubs are three popular bathroom remodeling trends. Other hot trends include toilet enclosures for privacy and customized storage solutions, as well as the ever-popular dual vanity. One inexpensive update that adds convenience is the medicine cabinet with interior power plugs for razors and electric toothbrushes. Another consideration in bathroom remodeling trends is safety. With the majority of home accidents occurring in the bathroom, as well as an aging population and care of elderly or disabled relatives, safety features are important. Walk-in tubs, shower seats, and grab bars which are decorative as well as functional are three popular safety features. The one thing most experts agree on is the fact that for optimum value, choose neutral colors and styles for the big things, like walls, cabinets, appliances and fixtures. Use inexpensive accessories to add color and contemporary style. The most important kitchen and bath remodeling trend is to avoid expensive fads that will quickly outdate your room.

Decora, Schrock, Apple Valley, Legacy and JSI cabinetry All types of countertops from Granite, quartz, solid surface and laminates. We come out and measure, design and also offer installation of the above


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Men’s Earrings Are Forever In the 1970’s, gay men started the male earring fashion trend. A single earring worn on the left side was a signal to other gay people that you were a member of the community. Today men’s earrings are widely acceptable as a fashion statement beyond our community. They can range from subtlety (when worn by socialites) to blatant displays of individuality when they are worn by grunge and rock stylists. Below, are some earring styles that are commonly seen.

Without The commitment: Clip-Ons When actor Jamie Fox went to the Oscars a few years back , he was sporting a diamond stud clip on earring. The one he was wearing was very descriptive of the modern style of men’s earrings. The craftsmanship was so impressive that it wasn’t immediately obvious that he was wearing a clip on because the link between the front and the back clasp was so minimal, that it nearly passed unnoticed. That just shows how much jewelers have improved over the years. Clip-on earrings used to be reserved for women because they were often big in order to accommodate the size of the clasp in the back. Now, they are much more stylish and as demonstrated have been perfected for use by both genders.

Studs for a stud Studs are perfect for any occasion. They can be made of a solid diamond or it can be a stud of precious metal or semi-precious stone. No matter the style, studs are still considered to be a great choice for men’s earrings. Because they are so versatile, a single 3 carat diamond stud can both be worn on the red carpet and also in the club scene. Perhaps something a little smaller and less flashy would be appropriate for the office.

Happening Hoops Hoops were the original choice when it came to earrings for men. They can either be worn on one ear alone or on both depending on the

12 savoirflairmagazine

style and taste of the wearer. Today, jewelers often make men’s hoop earrings in pairs so, if you don’t want to wear two at once, you can either keep one as back-up or you can split it with a friend.


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Get Out the Cuffs! Ear Cuffs and Flesh Tunnels If you like to appeal to the eccentric in you, why not go for more ethnic and tribal looking earrings. You can avail yourself of beautifully carved ear cuffs or flesh tunnels (if you dare). For some people, they would prefer the quick fix offered by the ear cuff. These intricate semi-tubes attach to the cartilage portion of the ear without piercing through the tissue. This is definitely the perfect accessory as it is as easy to remove as it is to put on. However, if you really want to stand out, you can always try multiple ear piercings or even a flesh tunnel. With the flesh tunnel, you can even see how far you can widen that hole in your earlobe.

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Early days of cinema gay/lesbian character actors By Mark Adams

Today, all you have to do is turn on the TV and you'll find a plethora of openly gay and lesbian characters. I'm not just talking about channels like LOGO and their reality shows like "The A-List New York," where the "stars" should really be on the "Z-List," or the Here! Channel, which is also called "GayTV On Demand," where you can shell out hard-earned money for drek like the Chad Allen gay detective movies, but I digress. Now we have "Glee" on Fox, "Modern Family" on ABC, and several others with openly gay/lesbian characters, living their everyday lives without a second glance from their straight cast members. In the early days of cinema, things were different, and the only ‘gay' characters you'd see were the character actors, usually in subservient roles. 14 savoirflairmagazine

Franklin Pangborn

One of the most popular (and perhaps most obvious) was Franklin Pangborn (or, as the hubby refers to him, "Franklin PingPong"). Though never a ‘star’ he was cast in many films of the era in small but memorable roles, usually as a desk clerk, department store manager, or butler. He appeared in many of Preston Sturgis' comedy masterpieces. He was one of those actors about whom you'd say, "Oh, it's him again," without remembering his name. Pangborn actually began his career in silent films, often appearing in Mack Sennett or Hal Roach productions. His ‘foppy’ persona reached its prime in talkies, appearing with WC Fields, Harold

Lloyd and the Ritz Brothers, then moving on to somewhat bigger roles in films like ‘Flying Down To Rio (with Astaire and Ginger), ‘The Bank Dick’ (again with WC Fields), ‘Now Voyager’ (with Bette Davis, also a gay icon), and ‘Romance on the High Seas’ (with Doris Day). Because of his persona (one would not be wrong to call him a "screaming queen"), he never achieved real Hollywood stardom, but did manage to work consistently in the then burgeoning TV arena, with small parts on ‘The Red Skelton Show’ and

even briefly as announcer for ‘The Tonight Show with Jack Paar.’ There are a couple of his later TV appearances with Red Skelton to be found on YouTube and, if you are a fan of Turner Classic Movies, you'll probably come across him eventually! Edward Everett Horton is another comedic character actor who started his career in silent films, however he is probably best remembered for his distinctive voice, which was heard regularly

Edward Horton

in the '60s (and to this day) in the classics such as the ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ series, as the narrator of the ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ segment. Horton's film characters were different from Pangborn's. Whereas Pangborn was goofy and always befuddled, Horton was polite and dignified, at least until presented with an embarrassing situation. Then would come the famous Horton doubletake. He, too appeared in several Astaire-Rogers films like ‘The Gay Divorcee’ (when "gay” just meant "happy"), ‘Top Hat’, ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, and ‘Pocketful of Miracles’. He also moved to TV in the 50s, with a classic appearance on ‘I Love Lucy’, where he played an older gentleman with the "hots" for Lucy (perhaps more believable had it been for Ricky), and another famous role as the medicine man ‘Roaring Chicken’ on the hysterical F-Troop series. And then there are the women. Openly gay? Not really, at least on film, but there was no mistaking some of the female character actors of the 40s and 50s. Among

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gay/lesbian character actors

European Watch Co.

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Majorie Main

the many, one who springs to mind first is Marjorie Main. Marjorie started her career in show business as a Broadway actress before moving her charms and scratchy voice to films, her first being ‘Dead End’ in 1937. She is perhaps best known as ‘Ma’ from the series of 50’s movies ‘Ma and Pa Kettle’, where she played the rural mother of a brood of 15 young 'uns (putting the current Octomom to shame), playing with the sometimes-shirtless Percy Kilbride, himself not a pretty picture, but there I go digressing again. Marjorie actually got an Academy Award nomination for the Ma Kettle role. Although she was married briefly in the 30s, it is her relationship to actress Spring Byington that is a source of great interest to some of us, and

Spring Byington

16 savoirflairmagazine

raises an eyebrow or three. As with many actors of the time, their relationship was accepted as common knowledge within the industry and turned out to be a lasting partnership. Main was quoted

gay/lesbian character actors

(by IMDB) as saying: "Most of the time I played mothers. That's acting!" Unlike Main, Byington was an attractive, soft spoken woman who was also married to a man in her early years. Her most recognizable role was in the TV series ‘December Bride’ which was produced by Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions. She played her last roles as Larry Hagman's mother on ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and was Mother General on ‘The Flying Nun’, and you know what they say about those nuns. Other arethey-or-aren’t-they female actors widely discussed after a couple of Big Girl Cocktails include Barbara Stanwyck, Capucine (!), Judith Anderson, and the fabulous Nancy Kulp. For more on this, see if you can find a copy of a book called ‘Hollywood Lesbians’ by Boze Hadleigh. It used to be available from Amazon, but may be out of print now. This is interesting stuff, and a current topic of discussion once again. With someone like gay actor Richard Chamberlain, in a recent Advocate article, advising young gay actors to "stay in the closet". Who does she think she is??! Perhaps something to discuss for next time. Mark Adams has been a long time fixture In Boston’s GLBT Media, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community.

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John H. Kelleher

CPA, Attorney at Law

Know Your Rights! Tax Problems Divorce Matters Child Custody 617-451-9720 137 South St., Suite 3 Boston, MA

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do Shop do Tell!

How Gay or Lesbian are you?

What does your shopping style say about you? Take this fun quiz to see how gay or lesbian you really are.


Gay Men 1. You have just spent the day shopping. You have a shopping bag next to you on the sofa. The bag is: a. A Bloomingdale’s shopping bag b. A Radio Shack bag c. A carry all for the booze you are taking to your favorite BYOB restaurant d. A Petsmart bag

1. a. b. c. d.

Your niece has asked for dolls for her birthday. You give her: Ken Barbie Barbie and Ken Two Barbies

2. You’re going on a Provincetown summer vacation, you bring home: a. A toy replica of the Provincetown Monument. b. Dickies work pants from the hardware store c. A hooded sweatshirt that has Provincetown on it. d. A rainbow bumper sticker.

2. Your sister is having a baby. You don’t know the sex of the baby. What color should the gifts you give be? a. Blue b. Pink c. Green d. Yellow Continued on facing page

3. You have just acquired an adorable yorkie puppy. What’s the first item you buy for a new puppy? a. A cute leash and collar b. A dog carryall/handbag c. A raincoat Continued on page 22 d. A dog bed 20 savoirflairmagazine

Lucas & Associates, LTD.

Gay Men: Do Shop Do TeLL Test 3. Your father is retiring. What would the perfect retirement gift be? a. A new golf club b. A book by his favorite author c. Your party schedule for your mother/chef d. Lawnmower

• Federal & State Tax Returns • Small Business Bookkeeping • Forensic Auditing • Sales Tax Audits (401) 231-0920 • Fax: (401) 305-3109

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4. You’re getting married. You have requested food preparation items for wedding gifts. Your first choice is: a. Barbecue tools b. Kitchen knives c. Beer glasses d. Aprons

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Lesbian: Do Shop Do TeLL Test

Support these advertisers that openly welcome our community Mainely Puppies

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4. You are giving your friend a book for her birthday. What is the most appropriate gift wrap? a. None b. A reusable paper bag c. Generic store wrap d. An elaborately wrapped package nestled in tissue paper in a shrink wrapped, ribbon tied basket

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IM So Anim uth Bosto al Ho n spita l!

5. Your favorite place to purchase your wardrobe is: a. L.L. Bean b. The Limited c. The Gap d. All Of The Above 6. You are shopping for an engagement ring for your future partner you choose: a. Sapphire and diamonds b. Custom gold band set with diamonds c. A princess cut stone in white gold d. Any of the above

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Dr. Timothy Deahl and his team are committed to making every visit to the office warm and comfortable. Our desire is for you to feel like you have been pampered in a “spa-like environment�. Extraordinary Patient Care Tooth Colored Restorations In-Office Whitening Free Parking Close to the Red Line

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How to Find Your Perfect Partner...

by Michelle Bryan

Finding the perfect partner can be a life long journey that requires adjusting, adapting and which can take us in many different directions. We have to admit that there is no perfect person, just someone who may be perfect for you, with his or her particular type of imperfection that can coexist in harmony with you and yours. The question is, how will you know who that is? Well perhaps the more pertinent question is to ask yourself what kind of relationship you want and how exactly you want a partner to fit into your life? 26 savoirflairmagazine

The closest thing to I’ve found a formula is the ‘power of intention’, a concept furthered in a great book of the same name by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It is formula that requires digging deep within yourself and finding the self-motivation to put it into motion. First, a simple but important way to get started; you should really try to find 100 qualities that you truly desire in a life partner and in that special relationship. Each quality you isolate may help you shape and mold your future. I had tried so hard to make something of relationships that weren’t meant to be, and settled for people with whom I was completely incompatible. You can only try so hard to make a fundamentally unfulfilling situation work. It will never happen. You have to really know yourself before you can truly be invested. At first I wrote down 25 or so qualities but it felt like a halfhearted intent. Through this exercise, I relized I had a mediocre relationship that did inevitably end. I decided to focus on improving myself through going to school and going to a gym. Then I went back to my list. I finally saw it for the challenge it was and began to think more seriously about it. I wrote down everything I could think of, while at the same time keeping an open mind for some new experiences. I wanted someone who could be a parent later on, someone who loves to go out and dance but not every week. I needed someone who could go to

shows and festivals but wasn’t an addict, educated but not snobby, they needed to be a healer and environmentally friendly. I got really specific because I needed someone who was on the same wavelength as me spiritually. I hadn’t thought it possible but I was able to define a hundred solid qualities that I knew would have to be fulfilled in order for me to find a truly great relationship.

said that there were four other success stories about people who had met at The Siren that year alone. Having worked in several, I personally believe in the power of coffee shops for bringing people together; they can be very romantic, and the sheer variety of people that come through those doors gives the potential for different and unexpected experiences.

cluded some of my own hints for maintaining successful relationships.

This year my family and I took part in the ‘Safe Passage Hot Chocolate Run’, a fundraiser to help domestic violence survivors get back on their feet. Walking two miles in the brisk December morning I had time to ask some questions of the participants. Here’s what Eve, who is pregnant with her first baby, said about her partnership with Michelle. “You have to be on the same wavelength. If I want to go to the Grand Canyon and she wants to sit home in front of the fire then it won’t work. You have to know what the other person wants and where you want to be in life.”

We are fortunate that we have options for finding the ‘right person’ in this world. We are allowed to be ourselves and pursue our individual desires. There are more resources for dating now than there have ever been. I stopped in at my favorite coffee shop The Siren in Greenfield and asked owners (a couple) Drae and Sarah how they found each other. Drae’s face lit up with a mischievous grin as she says “At a coffee shop!” She also

As we walked, a few people chimed in to the conversation, which eventually led to a discussion of whether to sleep with someone prior to committing. This is obviously a common subject that arises out of most debates surrounding relationships; almost everyone I spoke to who had tried waiting said they were disappointed when the time came, and with my experiences I agree. Investing time and effort into a relationship only to find that in the moment

Here are some examples of real relationship searches for life partners. I aimed to unearth some of the qualities that keep these partnerships happy and have also in-

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savoirflairmagazine 27

How to Find Your Perfect Partner...

Feeling Disconnected?

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you share your body and soul with someone that there is no chemistry, can be devastating. As with any rule, there are exceptions, and I certainly came across some success stories, such as Gerry, who waited. He said of he and his partner’s relationship: “We were working together on a senior thesis project and by the end of the semester the relationship had bloomed into something bigger, and we started dating.” They have now been together for 13 years, waiting five before making it official with a grand wedding. They just had their first baby. Too many people think that their relationship is strong enough to withstand personal sacrifice from each person, but in reality that is clearly not the case. It’s not even a matter of solidarity, but of communication: both people should discuss their individual goals and dreams openly and honestly. For me, I knew I had found the one when they were my first thought of the morning, and the last thing on my mind at night. Nanci has been with her partner for 5 years, and when asked about her relationship her eyes lit up – she was evidently in a happy situation. They have just adopted two beautiful children, bought a house, and are living a wonderful life together. They met through work and knew each other for a while before meeting up outside of the workplace at

How to Find Your Perfect Partner... a dance party where they started talking and discovered they were both single, beginning to date soon thereafter. Watching these two, I have a restored hope in life. They work together in perfect harmony, delegating tasks with glances and discussing kids before making decisions, and handling the stress with a whisper of grace. This is truly inspiring.

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Nowadays we also have the option of online dating, an option that is becoming more popular every day. The key to being successful in this area is being truthful when putting your details in an online profile. Make sure you start by telling the real, whole truth; if you make a connection based on lies, it will never last or become anything meaningful. Kelly and Jesse of Greenfield met on an online dating site and have been married for 3 years. Says Kelly: “You enter your information and find someone who has the same desires in life as you. There’s no pressure to start talking to someone if you don’t want to, and it’s just the easiest way to meet someone if you don’t frequent the bars anymore.” It’s also very different than a casual chat at a bar as it’s far more focused. Most people on relationship sites have a real intention of finding someone special and will hone their profiles, conversations, and keep pursuing connections until they find a real match. “Kismet.”, said a fellow writer when Continued on page 69

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Ogunquit Maine

Ogunquit, Where Urban Sophistication Meets Down East Charm By

By Cottage Advisers The perfect GLBT paradise, Ogunquit’s stunning barrier beach with its 3.5 mile stretch of powdery sand and legendary cliff walk, the renowned Marginal Way, have made this former artists colony one of Maine’s standout resort destinations. But it is this coastal community’s unique blend of urban sophistication and Down East charm which keeps gays and lesbians flocking back year after year. Rustic clam shacks now sit next to world class restaurants, quaint beach bungalows have been joined by upscale cottages with concierge service, and the famed Ogunquit Playhouse has seen its season expand from 10 to 21 weeks. Come to this “Beautiful Place by the Sea” during the busy summer months when the population soars from 1,200 to 40,000 and get ready to experience the whirlwind beach, bar, and club scene. Visit during the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when the mood mellows, avoid the crowds and enjoy off-peak savings. Temperatures, while cooler, remain pleasant and the lobster tastes just as sweet. No matter the time of year, getting to Ogunquit is a breeze. Located just over the New Hampshire border in southern Maine, Ogunquit is conveniently reached after a short jaunt off the Interstate 95 corridor via Route 1. For those coming from further afield, there are nearby airports in Boston (90 minutes); Manchester, New Hampshire (70 minutes); and Portland, Maine (50 minutes) make it easy to shop for airfare deals, then grab a rental car and go.

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Ogunquit Maine Advertising Supplement

From Elegant Dining to Lobster in the Rough

Perhaps no other chefs have done more to put Ogunquit on the foodie map than Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, named “Best Chefs of the Northeast” by the James Beard Foundation in 2010. They cut their culinary teeth at Stars restaurant in San Francisco before partnering in 1988 to create their flagship restaurant, Arrows (41 Berwick Road, Cape Neddick, 207-361-1100, Located two miles outside of Ogunquit, the innovative and elegant Arrows is set in a country farmhouse. Hams and fish are cured on the premises and most of the produce comes from the restaurant’s own organic kitchen garden. This attention to detail, combined with a creative menu flawlessly delivered, has led the restaurant to win numerous accolades. Arrows has been recognized as one of “America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Gourmet magazine and as one of the “Ten Most Romantic Restaurants in the Country” by Bon Appetit – making it the ideal spot for gay and lesbian couples to get engaged. Among the recent menu items was a red wine poached tenderloin of beef garnished with warm Swiss chard and onion rings, accompanied by calves liver with bacon, Yukon gold potato salad and onion marmalade ($43.00). In 2005 the duo opened a second, more affordable restaurant, MC Perkins Cove (111 Perkins Cove Road, 207646-6263, A casual American bistro featuring spectacular ocean views, it is the perfect counterpoint to Arrows. Restaurateurs Donato Tramuto and Jeffrey Portehave also made their culinary mark. Their inaugural restaurant, Five-O (50 Shore Road, 207-6465001,, consistently delivers exceptional food in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Dishes like the fennel crusted pork tenderloin with roasted native apples and turnips ($23.00) and pumpkin risotto with sweet and sour onions, fried sage and pecorino ($18) are just two of the recent mouthwatering menu options. Based on their success and inspired by their travels to Italy, they opened a sister restaurant, Caffe Prego (44 Shore Road, 207-646-7734, caffepregoogt. com), now entering its fourth year. Committed to creating an authentic experience, they shipped in all of the equipment from Italy, including the service bar. From homemade Panini and brick oven pizzas to Italian pastries made on site and specialty coffee drinks, Caffe Prego serves up the flavors of Tuscany. Other Quick Bites: Start the day at Amore Breakfast (309 Shore Road, 207-646-6661,, where the signature bananas Foster French toast ($8.99), with its pecan-coated cream cheese filling and rumsoaked bananas on the side, is not-to-be-missed. Enjoy casual fine dining at affordable prices at Angelina’s Ristorante 655 Main Street, 207-646-0445, or stroll down the street to Chef David Giarusso’s other restaurant, Tapas and Tini’s (125 Main Street, 207-646-9700) for a mix-and-match menu of small plates ideal for sharing. Put on a bib at Barnacle Billy’s (50-70 Perkins Cove Road, 207-646-5575, and feast on boiled Maine lobster ($19.00+/lb.), steamed clams ($18.95) and other treats. Visit 98 Provence (104 Shore Road, 207-646-9898, 98provence.

com), a hidden gem under the direction of Chef Pierre Gignac, where the menu has recently been expanded to include three daily fixed priced selections that include an appetizer, main course, and desert.

Cottages with a Concierge & Other Perks

The opening of Seaglass Village (One Old County Road, Moody Village, Wells, 207-358-2900, in spring 2009 considerably raised the bar for area accommodations. This gated resort community of two-bedroom cottages is centered around a multi-million dollar clubhouse exclusively for adults and offers an on-site concierge, three state-of-the-art swimming pools, entertainment pavilion and more. A separate family pool and amenity area ensures guests of every age have a good time. Located minutes away from Ogunquit Village, Seaglass Village provides the best of both worlds – a resort retreat minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Ogunquit and close proximity to local area beaches. Weekly rentals May – October; daily rentals (minimum two-night stay) May 8 – June 18 and September 4 – October 23. Children welcome. Pet friendly. Also Accommodating: Located in town, The Admiral’s Inn Resort (95 Main Street, 207-646-7093, has been recently renovated and expanded and boasts two heated swimming pools and hot tubs, fire pit, health club with sauna, and day spa. Gay and lesbian parents with children in tow are welcome in the property’s hotel building, with one pool designated as family friendly, the other adults only. Nearby is the Ogunquit Beach Inn (67 School Street, 207-646-1112,, a five-room B&B set within a 1927 Craftsman-style home where paintings by local artists grace the walls. For gay and lesbian couples looking for a romantic setting, consider the Gazebo Inn (572 Main Street, 207-646-3733, gazeboinnogt. com), a restored 1847 farmhouse and barn with in-room two-person Jacuzzi-style tubs and fireplaces.

Broadway at the Beach

Former president George Bush and his wife, Barbara, never miss a production at the Ogunquit Playhouse (10 Main Street, 207646-5511,, where theatergoers have been entertained every summer since 1933. “America’s Foremost Summer Theatre” has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing high caliber shows featuring professional actors. Last year, five productions drew audiences of over 100,000 and featured such stars as Sally Struthers, Georgia Engel, Stefanie Powers, and Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame, making his stage debut. Due to popular demand, this venerable institution more than doubled its season and now stays open 21 weeks a year. While the schedule for 2011 is yet to be announced, titles under consideration include Miss Saigon, Curtains, Avenue Q and Legally Blonde the Musical. More Cultural Attractions: Learn more about the painters that formed Ogunquit’s artists colony and other notables at the Ogunquit Museum of American Continued on next page

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Ogunquit Maine Advertising Supplement Continued from previous page Art (543 Shore Road, 207-646-4809,; the museum’s gorgeous setting within a sculpture garden overlooking the Atlantic Ocean makes it more than worth the trip. Open May – October; admission is $8 for adults. Step back in time at the Ogunquit Heritage Museum (86 Obeds Lane, 207-646-0296,, located within the Captain James Winn House, to discover more about the region’s unique history. Open in summer; donations welcome.

Hit the Town

After dark, a surprisingly active nightlife scene unfolds, centered around Ogunquit’s swinging clubs and bars. A mainstay of the social circuit, The Front Porch (9 Shore Road, 207-646-4005, draws a lively gay and lesbian crowd with its second floor piano bar, where the patrons feel free to sing along. Entertainment is also front and center at Maine Street Bar and Nightclub (195 Main Street, 207-646-5101,, where an ever-changing program of events includes performances by drag divas and guest DJs, karaoke and pool tournaments, plus a monthly women’s T dance. Five-O is a great spot to bring a date or meet someone new while sipping a signature cocktail or beer. The new kid on the block, the Oxygen Lounge (237 Main Street, 207-646-4665,, located at the site of the former Insideout, promises a packed dance floor and karaoke.

The Great Seascape

During the day Ogunquit Beach is the place to be and be seen. The main entrance, aptly located at the end of Beach Street, leads to a stretch of pristine sand a world apart from New England’s typical rocky coastline. Turn left and walk past the volleyball nets; about 200 yards away gay guys and gals congregate to catch some rays. For a more secluded sun and surf sojourn, continue on to the relatively undiscovered Footbridge Beach. Get an up close and personal lay of the land by taking a stroll down Marginal Way, a 1.25 mile paved footpath that runs along the coastline from the center of town to the quaint fishing village of Perkins Cove, a neighborhood chockablock with eclectic shops and restaurants. Pass by scenic tidal pools and stone outcroppings while taking in the magnificent vistas of sea and shore that inspired such painters as Edward Hopper and Marsden Hartley. Take to the sea at Perkins Cove, where popular boat cruise options include whale watching excursions, deep sea fishing charters, and trips to Cape Neddick’s “Nubble” Lighthouse, one of the most photographed in the country, located in York. Kayak and bike rentals also make for leisurely ways to explore.

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Independent Schools

Schools that welcome diversity and value each student are the hallmark of the independent / private schools listed here. These schools openly welcome our community, so each parent can be assured that they, their same gendered partner and their children receive the attention needed to provide the foundation for a superior educational experience. See our next Savoir Flair Summer edition featuring large independent school resources for all of New England with listings of open house dates. There is a school where boys love learning, fearlessly try new things, build a deep sense of community, and embark on a lifelong journey to be their best selves. Grades 4 to 9

The Fenn School | 516 monument st. | concord, ma 01742 | 978-369-5800

34 savoirflairmagazine

Independent Schools Massachusetts

Belmont Day School

55 Day School Lane, Belmont, MA 02478 (617) 484-3078, www. We believe that a foundation of excellence in education is a diverse community where children and adults understand, appreciate, and celebrate differences. Through the process of recognizing and discussing differences, we discover similarities, shared values, and common goals. These shared values and goals are woven into our curriculum, which fosters critical thinking skills and empathy in our students and prepares them to enter a diverse world with responsibility and pride.

The Fenn School

516 Monument st., Concord, MA 01742, (978)3695800, Fenn offers an academically rigorous day school program for boys in grades 4 to 9. Offering small class sizes, daily arts and athletics, and a community where every boy is respected.

Rhode Island

Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island There is a school where boys love learning, fearlessly try new things, build a deep sense of community, and embark on a lifelong journey to be their best selves. Grades 4 to 9

85 Taft Ave.,Providence, RI 02906, (401) 7512470, The Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island is the only pluralistic day school in the state, welcoming Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students from all backgrounds, interfaith through Modern Orthodox.

The Gordon School

45 Maxfield Ave. , East Providence, RI 02914, (401) 434-3833, Gordon School is the choice for families who seek a diverse and inclusive coeducational environment that challenges both the intellects and imaginations of elementary and middle school students. The nursery through eighth grade structure allows a focus on the crucial early years when the foundations of academic and social learning are laid. Academics, arts, music and athletics are grounded in real life applications, from the gardens maintained by three year old scientists to the four week service learning projects eighth graders complete as the culmination of their study of citizenship and American history.

The Providence Country Day School

660 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 (401) 438-5170, www.providencecountryday. org PCD’s college prep scholars are also league champion athletes, award winning artists, actors and singers. They are leaders in their school and in their communities and each one helps make our school a more vibrant place to learn and grow.

The Wheeler School

Wheeler is best known for its extraordinary academic curriculum, breadth and creativity of co-curricular offerings, its cohesive community, and the dynamic, lab-school-like focus on innovation and creativity of its programs.

216 Hope St., Providence, RI, (401) 421 8100, Founded in 1889, Wheeler is a co-educational, independent day school located in the heart of Providence’s historic and dynamic College Hill neighborhood, adjacent to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Our student body consists of 800 students in grades nursery through 12, taught by just over one hundred dedicated faculty.Wheeler is best known for its extraordinary academic curriculum, breadth and creativity of co-curricular offerings, its cohesive community, and the dynamic, lab-schoollike focus on innovation and creativity of its programs. The Hamilton School at Wheeler, to take just one example, is a small “school-within-theschool” for bright students with language-based learning differences.

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Ray Fournier

RI Reg. 850 MA Reg. 115715 Serving all of Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts since 1981 E-Mail:

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2 Florence St., Malden, MA 02148, (781) 324-5454. 515 Woburn St., Tewksbury, MA 01876, (978) 934-9300, (800) 299-1074, The Salter School’s reputation for success is built upon six decades of educational excellence. A private institution, our specialized day and evening programs are designed to prepare students for some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

One Summit Place, Branford, CT 06405, (203) 488-2525, 995 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095, (860) 683-4900, 35 North Main Street, Southington, CT 06489, (860) 2760600,(800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

The Salter School


South Coast MassaChusetts SALTER SCHOOL

FALL RIVER 82 Hartwell St., Fall River, MA 02721, (508) 730-2740, (800) 299-1074, NEW BEDFORD 950 Kings Highway, Suite 4 New Bedford, MA 02745(774)328-3500 The Salter School’s reputation for success is built upon six decades of educational excellence. A private institution, our specialized day and evening programs are designed to prepare students for some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

Central Massachusetts SALTER COLLEGE

184 West Boylston St., West Boylston, MA 01583, (508) 853-1074, (888) 569-9996, www. Salter College is a leader in career education. Since 1937, we have provided students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field. Salter College’s longevity and excellent reputation with employers are two of the reasons our graduates have been so successful. Salter College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACIS) to award degrees and certificates.

Western MAssachusetts


112 Industry Ave., Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 781-2276, 189 Brookdale Drive, Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 732-0546, (800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.



One Eagle Drive, Sanford, ME 04073, (207) 490-0509, (800) 758-7679, www. Since 1995, Seacoast Career School has been providing real world education to prepare students for successful careers in high-demand fields. Seacoast Career School meets state licensing requirements and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training, (ACCET) a national accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

New Hampshire


670 North Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101, (603) 624-7222, (800) 758-7679, Since 1995, Seacoast Career School has been providing real world education to prepare students for successful careers in high-demand fields. Seacoast Career School meets state licensing requirements and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training, (ACCET) a national accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

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Checklist for your next Green Home by Paige Green

According to a recent study, around 56 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the home. While it is impor-


tant that we pressure business and government for sustainable initiatives, some of the easiest changes can be made in our own dwellings from simple lifestyle changes such as adopting green elements in your home’s design features. For many, building a sustainable home may seem too challenging, too daunting or just not feasible. Many people claim; ‘We can’t afford it’, ‘I already own a home (and am still paying it off!)’, or ‘I’m renting’; these are all ready made excuses that make even the most die-hard greenie resistant to making a more substantial investment in a sustainable home.

38 savoirflairmagazine

‘Money is always one of the major im-

possible. Key features include efficient

pediments to investing in a sustainable

energy use, rainwater harvesting, man-

home,’ says Julien Laclave, renewable

aging waste water disposal and even

energy expert. A green home can save

sustaining its inhabitants with a lush

a family thousands of dollars a year.

green garden. Renowned celebrities

‘We can’t force people to invest in a

such as Cate Blanchett have brought

sustainable renovation or a new home,

popularity to green residences. Sus-

but we can show them that it really

tainable home design is reaching the

pays off.’ Reduced energy bills from

mainstream. People are realizing eco

renewable energy sources and more

homes make good sense. Households

comfortable living conditions that don’t

can lower their energy bills by as much

require artificial heating or cooling are

as 50 percent and save on their water

just some of the benefits of a sustain-

bills. Green homes stay comfortable

able designed home.

throughout the year without the aid of artificial heating and cooling, which

So what’s behind good green design?

make them a real pleasure to live in. A sustainable house is just a house that

Essentially, building a ‘green home’ is to

is well designed and cleverly thought

ensure a house is as ‘self sustaining’ as


Looking to buy or rent a green home? These days, lots of green homes are going on the market as sellers and landlords recognize they’re in demand. But how is one to know which homes are truly green? Here’s a checklist of features to look out for and questions to ask to determine the green quality of your next home.


Location Location Location - pick a location that’s convenient and easy to get to. Close to shops, amenities and public transport will reduce the amount of emissions that come from getting around. Inquire about the town’s recycling program.


Find a house with the right orientation - if a house is to have good eco principles, it will be designed with the right orientation. This means that the living areas will face due north, to make the most of the winter sun while allowing the hotter summer sun to pass overhead. Sleeping rooms, meanwhile, will be oriented towards to the South to capture cool summer breezes. Continued on next page

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Green Home Checklist Continued from previous page

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Cozy is not a four letter word - consider how the space is used as much as the size of it. Oversized houses utilize more resources in both construction and maintenance, while smaller dwellings that are cleverly conceived can feel quite spacious.


Inquire about insulation measured in R values. Higher R values means the house will be better protected against extreme weather elements. See if the windows are double glazed. While you’re at it, ask about other green home features such as solar panels and solar hot water. Make your message loud and clear!


Good green help - there are a few green realtors who specialize in green listings. Check Google for real estate agents who will help you find the perfect green home.


Residential and Commercial Paving

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Keep your CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) shaded - a British study last year revealed that CFLs produced a small amount of UV radiation when used unshaded and in close proximity. Open globes were of note, while ‘encapsulated’ globes were considered safe. So if you’re using a work lamp with a CFL, keep it shaded or opt for an encapsulated globe instead.

Green Home Checklist


Recycling your CFLs - The typical CFL contains a minute 4 mg of mercury sealed in its glass tubing. Some manufacturers have lowered its CFL mercury content to as little as 1 - 2.5 mg. Handle your CFLs with care and take advantage of recycling programs for CFLs to keep mercury from ending up in landfill.



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Leading by example with LEDs Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are another popular energy efficient lighting option, especially to replace halogen globes and downlights in your home. The small cluster of diodes can be arranged in a number of configurations and sizes to suit your home. LEDs have been traditionally found in electronics including clocks, and have a variety of uses in terms of producing a broad spectrum of bright colored light. LEDs are the perfect substitute to the more heat intensive halogen bulbs and last for over 50,000 60,000 hours and use 70 percent less energy than standard halogen globes. LEDs are also mercury free. The important thing is to ask before you buy. Even if the real estate agent can’t tell you up front, it’s important to let the market know that buyers and renters are looking for this bit of information. While no single home will have all of the sustainable features listed, at least you can get a clear picture of what the potential home has to offer. savoirflairmagazine 41

rhode island by Michael Dubor

L o f t L iv i n g Once a major textile center in the northeast, Rhode Island is chock full of old red brick factory and mill buildings. Most of these structures have been converted into chic, stylish residential lofts that attract a discerning demographic. Savoir Flair was invited inside some of the remarkable loft apartments that are not so ‘run of the mill’.

42 savoirflairmagazine

The Mile Square Lofts Once a home for braided rug manufacturing, this abandoned mill was converted into lofts in 2004. Although a section of the red brick façade has been replaced by a smooth concrete finish, the overall feel of the former American Broadloom mill has been retained. The building hallways are very loft-like in appearance with flat brick walls, hardwood flooring and fluorescent lighting. We were able to visit two converted apartments with very distinct personalities. First we visited with loft owner and artist Nadia, a celebrated painter. Her home is the utmost in welcoming, classic style, arranged to suit an expansive and spacious loft. The main bank of large, North-facing windows offer a flood of soothing light, perfect for an artist’s pursuits. Nadia uses one of the bedrooms as her personal working studio.

Here works of art are being born, resting against the wall, waiting for her attention to bring them to life. It is no surprise she chose The Mile Square lofts precisely because of the apartments’ high ceilLoft Living Continued on next page

Far left: Resident Joe and his dog, Butters. Top: Traditionally decorated living room at Mile Square Left: Bedroom with built in shelves

savoirflairmagazine 43

L o f t

Left:The converted artist’s studio with plenty of natural light. Bottom: Minimalist approach in the divided living room. Far Right (top): Bathroom with modern and antique features. Far Right (bottom): A spacious studio at the Mile Squared lofts continued from previous page

ings and openness; this 2300 square foot space satisfies that desire. Serving as a bold contrast against her soft furnishings and accessories, a piece of old textile machinery hangs from the ceiling anchored above the dining area. This remnant perfectly blends the boundaries between Nadia’s classic-traditional period décor and the building’s industrial beginnings. The kitchen features poured concrete counter tops with recycled glass and the steel entry doors are a great addition to the overall feel. Just up the stairs from Nadia, we toured Joe’s loft. Also an artist, he designed the make up for the Broad-

Charles River

Movers Since 1976

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L i v i n g way hit “Wicked.” He resides with his Cockapoo, Butters, in a thoroughly jaw dropping, expansive loft. He embraces the space with modern styling, minimal accessorizing and a flair that clearly reflects his talent and accomplishments as an artist. Joe’s creativity is simple yet refined; a slatted partition neatly divides the massive living room without breaking the overall space. Situated in the corner of the building, this loft has the benefit of large windows that wrap around the interior space, transforming the large master bedroom and capturing additional light. An en-suite bathroom combines the starkness of painted brick with modern fixtures and design, and a claw foot tub. Concrete flooring with radiant heat covers the vanity and sink area, while refinished original hardwood floors expand through the rest of the space.This home is the epitome of streamlined loft living. The Spartan décor makes this home very streamline and inviting. Loft Living Continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 45

L o f t Left: An open kitchen and living space at M Residential. Bottom: View of Roosevelt Falls

Continued From Previous page

M Residential Once the Kennedy Mills and home to the Elizabeth Webbing Company, M Residential is a project along the historic Roosevelt corridor, originally constructed for manufacturing in 1824. In 2004 the property was bought by a development group and converted into apartments, yet set up in such a way that retains much of the aesthetics of its former business occupants.

46 savoirflairmagazine

L i v

i n g Right: A sophisticated mix of textures and materials.

This loft has been highly customized with the latest in residential finishes, yet the clean lines, sharp angles and minimalistic furnishings make it a seamless blending of past and present. Ben, the owner has managed to use the bare bones of the space to create a truly magnificent updated loft while retaining the industrial-era feel of a factory. Frameless doors add a subtlety which is carried throughout the loft and also reflected in the hardware, doorknobs and lighting. The exquisite bathroom is somewhat futuristic with Italian Gypsum Tile, back-lighting, custom mirrored cabinets and special slate tile. The living space features white walls, black trim, and ebonized oak flooring which accentuates the ceiling height. Through a balcony door, cleverly designed to look like a loft hatch, there are incredible views of Roosevelt Falls over The Pantex Dam. The roar is muted once the door is closed, but the soothing water is audible when standing on the sizeable porch. Each loft is secured by a keyless entry system using the owner’s fingerprint for access. The future is here today. Loft Living Continued on next page

T he

Canine Join Physical c t Rehabilitation

and Fitness for Canines c

Soft Tissue Mobility and Massage Therapy Underwater Treadmill and Swimming Stretching and Passive ROM Personal Home Exercise Programs Low Level Laser Therapy Heat and Cold Therapy Estim and Ultrasound Therapy Athletic Conditioning Weight Control Programs 455 Central Ave.Seekonk, MA • 508-761-6500

W ston & S d Toeuprasrtures From: Bo n A & t e S o Junk et Jet D Casin no Junk Casi

Providing Our Players With PersonalizedTravel ServiceTo TheseWorld Class Casino Hotel Destinations:

Qualified Players Always Fly Free


1 Celebrating ith uw Let us help yo

Services Include:

oustu r s T o n i s o m C e r n S a O e t n e c C ith The Ac Providen rvice

Mississippi: Tunica 0Y Connecticut: Mohegan Sun all y rs. In B Atlantic City: All Harrah’s Properties usi our fu Nassau Bahamas : Crystal Palace and NNCL Cruise Line ture travel pness Nevada: All Harrah’s Properties in Las Vegas, Reno | Tahoe and Laughlin lans

Call Toll Free 1-877-748-1400 •

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L o ft L iv i n g The Strand Lofts Owners Tony and Michael added their exquisite taste to create a stunning loft apartment steps from the bustling hub of downtown Providence’s Arts and Entertainment District. We visited late in the morning yet could still feel the pulse of excitement and energy of living in this 577 square foot home. Perfectly situated, The Strand Loft building at 79 Washington Street is in the heart of the city and its nightlife. Bottom: Renovated galley kitchen Top:The Strand Lofts, Providence, RI

The building was converted into residential lofts in 2006 after several previous incarnations, among them The Strand Theatre and an office building. Now, two hot local destinations, Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, a prominent music venue since the early 1970’s and The Roxy nightclub occupy the first floor. The couple furnished their loft with low key contemporary furnishings. The Right: Homeowners Tony & Michael


coast ticket

co n ce r t s • t h e a te r • n a s ca r n h l • m l b • n b a • n ca a

617-292-9944 48 savoirflairmagazine

use of soft pastels against dark hardwood floor makes the 10 foot ceilings seem even higher. Tasteful artwork and clever accessories contribute to a fun yet sophisticated feel throughout. True to loftstyle architecture, one wall contains the requisite oversized windows which here offer urban Providence views. This is your quintessential city dwelling space; the owners have been enjoying it for three years and will no doubt continue to do so for many to come. Right:The urban bedroom


Loft Living Continued on next page

David M. Colburn, III, CPA • CENTERVILLE


164 Warwick Way, Centerville, MA 02632 (508) 280-5302 • fax (508) 428-0841

241 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA 02657 (508) 487-0055 • fax (508) 487-0081

$99 for a teeth whitening package which includes dental exam, x-rays, custom fitted trays and whitening gel ($490 value) e Sav 80%


Visit us also at: Unique Dental Care 11 Court St., Marlboro MA (508) 485-0008

Expires: April 2012

(617) 723-6300 63 Court Street Boston, MA 02108 savoirflairmagazine 49

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Ropeworks Loft Gallery To own a building limited to exclusive use by visual artists had always been a dream for father and son, Norman and Adam. In 2004 they began to make the dream come true and decided to buy the vacated Ropeworks factory. While the building was slated to be leveled, they instead transformed it into a community of large residential lofts. There are common areas that serve as galleries which showcase the residents’ works of

New Bedford Antiques at Wamsutta Place Mon - Sat 10-5 Sun 12-5


Wamsutta St New Bedford MA

Interstate 195 Exit 16 East or 17 West


50 savoirflairmagazine

L o f t L iv i n g art. Two large garage doors were retained and incorporated into the new lobby to compliment the theme of the building. Each impressive loft includes a working studio and finished living space. It is hard not to be immediately awestruck when entering these remarkLeft: A gallery at Ropeworks Loft Bottom: Balconies provide precious outdoor space

Above: Norman, one of the developers in a Ropeworks gallery

able spaces, where the cathedral-like ceilings are central to the warehouse-loft feeling. A 2100 square foot residence here includes a large working studio, a mezzanine level and ceilings over 15 feet high. The height enables sunlight to pour through the windows and illuminate the entire interior. White walls amplify the effect and exposed brick in the living room adds the final touch to the loft experience.The studio work space has a painted wooden floor while the rest of the apartment is finished with bamboo flooring. Despite the stark and industrial overall feel, the space has a tangible energy, exuding creative possibilities. Loft Living Continued on next page

Handcrafted Furniture And Cabinetry

Phone: 508-638-1522 Fax: 508-638-1523

1240 Chestnut Street Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464 savoirflairmagazine 51

A blending of style in the spacious loft. Riverfront Pawtucket loft district Right: Beautiful large arched windows Industrial era touches remain

Continued From Previous page

The Riverfront Lofts The Riverfront Lofts, located in the Pawtucket Loft District also sit on The Blackstone River. Next to the GAM Theatre and numerous photo galleries, this building was once the Lebanon Mills and also housed J+K Jewelry.These lofts offer a backbone of 19th Century Industrialism mingled with whimsical contemporary flair. The hallways have been finished to intentionally retain the factory aesthetic, augmented by displays of antique machinery from it’s days of production. High ceilings, exposed brick walls and suspended duct work are typical and desirable loft features that are present here in what comes across as an inviting home. Light enters through beautiful arched windows and drenches the hi-gloss hardwood flooring, the reflections becoming a vi-

Emerson Inn

by the sea

Full Service!

lawn tree / shrub care paving • patios • steps

WATER FEATURES and much more..!

Weddings | Dining | Lodging Free estimates

design / installations and maintenance fully licensed

Rockport, Ma 978-546-6321 52 savoirflairmagazine

sual treat in themselves. The bedroom and living room share the central open space, yet are separated by a partition that provides the necessary privacy. The master bedroom area features an en-suite bathroom, walk-through closet, and a balcony which can

be accessed from the living room through a unique brick alcove offering spectacular views of the river below and towering structures on the opposite bank. The galley kitchen provides an industrial edge with stainless counter tops.Two additional bedrooms are separated by large partition walls and allow natural light to filter through the space. The developers were successful in retaining the atmosphere of the building’s previous life. If not for the soothing paint colors and tasteful décor, you’d swear you’d been transported to the mid 1800’s. Established 1968

Custom Draperies

The finest in traditional as well as contemporary window treatments

A Variety of Roman Shades & Valances • Detailed treatments of trim, cuffs & tucks • Motorized -Somfy® System • Hardware & Installations Bedding & pillows 21 Drydock Ave., 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02210 | 617.542.0130

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Call our 24/7 toll free hotline1-800-770-1904 get help today.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Outpatient Home Detox Our Primary Care Clinic specializing in outpatient home de-addiction has been serving MA communities for years with a personalized, comprehensive, and comforting approach to de-addiction including quality primary care and counseling services provided by specially trained, friendly providers. We have over 30 locations serving Massachusetts communities across the state including Springfield, Worcester, Brookline, Malden, Weymouth, Cape Cod, Pittsfield, Framingham, and North Andover. You will be greeted by our welcoming staff and will have no wait to take control of your life once again. Walk-ins are always welcome. We accept all Insurances including MassHealth and BMC and also offer self-pay options. 54 savoirflairmagazine

Pink Wedding Pages

savoirflairmagazine 55

Tamar & Kris Photographs By Seth Kaye Documentary wedding photographer Seth Kaye shares stories and reminisces about Tamar’s and Kris’ meaningful wedding from the past year. The Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst is a scenic venue where, weather permitting, ceremonies are held outdoors beneath an impressively large oak tree. While the weather that day didn’t permit it, their ceremony was instead held on the Red Barn’s deck in an intimate setting.

56 savoirflairmagazine

During the reception, after many toasts by friends and family, Tamar and Kris surprised everyone by changing clothes and performing the ending dance number from Dirty Dancing complete with choreographed background dancers. That video has since made its way around YouTube.

savoirflairmagazine 57

I’m honored when a couple open their lives to me the way these women did. I find my documentary style of photography works well with people who want most of all to be themselves and have someone photograph their day and show their relationship with respect. As a photographer I prefer to observe rather than direct, allowing real moments between couples to remain free from manipulation and interference. I feel, truly that my work belongs to a tradition of photography which relies on seeing and understanding the significance of unique moments, and recording them. 58 savoirflairmagazine

Tamar & Kris Photographs By Seth Kaye

Seth Kaye is a multiple award winning documentary photographer whom the Valley Advocate has called “one of the best wedding photojournalists in New England.� From a studio based in Western Massachusetts he travels throughout New England photographing weddings and portraits in his unique style.

His work can be seen at www. He can be contacted at, by phone at 413-455-9146, and on Facebook at sethkaye.

savoirflairmagazine 59

Pink Wedding Pages


Disc Jockeys


A Newfound Bed & Breakfast

94 Mandi Lane Bristol, NH • Toll Free: (877)444-344

Functions Event PlannerMA VT CT Eventfully Yours By Amy

Western Massachusetts, Connecticut and surrounding areas, (413)485-8472, e-mail: auvision@yahoo. Event Planning Services from weddings, birthday parties for all ages, fund raisers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company parties and much more! Let us take the stress out of planning so you can sit back and enjoy your event with your guests. You decide how much involvement you wish to have in the event planning process. Because attention to detail matters! Contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation.

A full service disc jockey company entertaining New England for over 12 years!

FloristsMA (603) 674-5187

Party Zone

Professional Disc Jockeys

raspberry bouquet

simple distinct fresh 219 Main St., Charlestown, MA

617•242•1300 floral design

Specializing in Weddings Anniversaries, Corporate Events Parties & Birthdays

413-283-2238 •

Support These Businesses That Openly Welcome Our Community FunctionsMA

Disc Jockeys

JP / OfficiantsMA

Ann Marie Boltz justice of the peace

(508) 353 7392 •



Lucinda Graham, Reverend (508) 896-8121 •

Professional Music Productions


60 savoirflairmagazine

i would be honored to help you

prepare a personal, meaningful ceremony


office 508-695-1705 • cell 781-248-5815

Eileen Duff Ma Justice of the Peace

(978) 273-7627, website coming soon: www., e-mail: gayweddingsnow@ “Make Your Wedding Day Gay!” As an openly Gay person I personally value the importance of being able to legally marry. I am happy to work with you to create a ceremony that is as special as your commitment to each other. I also travel anywhere in the State to perform your ceremony.

Pink Wedding Pages



JP / OfficiantsMA

Wedding Planners

A-Executive Limousine

solut bow io

in n ra celebrating life s weddings funerals and memorial services child dedications house and office blessings ceremonies for special occasions

We get you there in style - official limo service of the Pink Pages

Theater & Concerts • Business Events • Airport/Cruise transfers Weddings • Nights on the Town • Sporting Events

Rev. Dorothy Emerson

781.391.6455 fax: 781.483.3633

(800) 287-2527 | We can give your business the boost it needs!


Call (617)423 1515

Agnes Kane photography

for your wedding we offer: •Personalized Weddings & Vow Renewals •Non- Denominational & Civil Ceremonies

•A Customized wedding at a location of your choice


p h i l i p r. r y a n


Making your memories last a lifetime



Capture the memories of your family or special occasion with photographs that are professional, creative and unique.

Reverend Maddie Sifantus Unitarian Universalist Clergy 508-358-7091 508-733-8860


Diane York

Wedding Planner


Events, Inc.

Professional Wedding Planner


savoirflairmagazine 61

Wedding Tips to Inspire Inspiration for Your Gay or Lesbian Fantasy Wedding! By Mauryn Kkira, Creative Director for Creative Wedding Solutions

Above: Ceremony setting in the amphitheater at Three Sisters Sanctuary

If you are engaged and want a wedding that is fun, unique and offbeat, then our most recent photo

shoot will be the perfect inspiration for you. The concept was based around a lively lesbian couple who wanted to add vibrant color to an earthy outdoor setting. We found an amazing function venue in Goshen, MA called the Three Sister’s Sanctuary, which is appropriately referred to as the place “where nature and art are joined.” It turned out to be the perfect space with a blend of open gardens and raw textures created by owner and environmental artist Richard Richardson. Most of the garden art is made from found and recycled items and so also satisfied our brides’ desires for an eco-friendly celebration. Almost every element we used that day was rented, recycled or reusable. But no matter what you want your celebration to look like, remember that the only way to derive the most pleasure and satisfaction from your special day is to be true to yourself! Here you will find some of our tips for creating your own unique journey down the aisle.

Design Concept/Décor: Creative Wedding Solutions, Location: Three Sister Sanctuary Goshen, MA Photographer: Shannon Grant of Shannon Grant Photography, Makeup: Christy Lavallee of Makeup Artistry by Christy, Hair: Brenda Nadolny, Gowns: Xharisma Bridal Rentals by Creative Wedding Solutions, Hair Accessories: Kkira Creations on Etsy, Cushions and Tableware: A Perfect Setting, Models: Mary Tarpey and Megan Labonte

62 savoirflairmagazine

Wedding Tips to Inspire

Right: Coffee cup station Below: Stationary for alternative guest book

Tip 1: Take time to find an excep-

tional location. Your location is the context for everything you and your guests experience, so make sure it provides a setting you really want.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to think out-

side the box…really! There is always a different way to do everything. If the traditional methods or trends don’t work for you, create your own!

Tip 3: Use what you’ve got. Incorporating personal items that you already own is a simple way to infuse your wedding with unique character that specifically reflects your own personality.

continued on next page

Full Service Custom Catering | Event Planning Unique & Specific For Your Needs

Boston Village

Norwell, MA• 617-921-8993 •

Auto Body & Repairs, Inc. ~ independent BMW • SAAB • Honda • Toyota • Nissan infiniti • volvo • lexus • mercedes

Over 37 Years Experience

All Foreign and domestic cars

At Sabella Couture it is our aim to create luxurious apparel for today’s modern bride. It is Maria Ellender’s dedication and exquisite attention to detail, that make her garments one of a kind.

An Environmentally Friendly Green Shop Top Quality Paints For Todays Auto Refinishing” OEM For Many European Makes

• Collision Specialist • Unibody/Frame Straightening • Shark Electronic Measuring System • Insurance Estimates • In-State/Out of State Claims • Aluminum Body Repairs • Paint Match And Work Guaranteed! • Towing Available • Environmentally Safe Waterborne Paints • Factory Approved Refinish Products


1 Emery Rd., Allston, MA MA REG RSOOOO514

151 Tremont St. Boston MA 02111


Sabella Couture savoirflairmagazine 63

Wedding Tips to Inspire

continued from previous page

Above: The couple: Mary and Megan Left: Stationary for alternative guest book

Salem Eye Associates Dr. Brian T McHugh Optometrist Eye Exams • Designer Eye Glasses • Contact Lenses

We Carry All The Latest Designers! *Most Insurances Accepted* 197 Lafayette St. Salem, MA • 978-744-2675 •

Tip 4: Color is your friend! Color makes everything richer and brings life to everything it touches, so make friends with it! Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Exploring your options is a smart idea and works wonders for creativity, so consider things you wouldn’t normally try before you make a final decision.

Skin Care Hair Removal

the Swedish Sisters on Newbury Street Highest rating by Yelp Boston clients nnnn

This is a fabulous skincare salon. The 2 Swedish sisters who own and run the salon are not only highly skilled, they are charming, humorous and utterly delightful. They are reasonably priced as well. I cannot recommend the salon more highly. -Ronnie K (Yelp)

221 Newbury St., Boston, MA

(617) 421-9551

64 savoirflairmagazine

Wedding Tips to Inspire Left: The couple enjoying a personal moment

Tip 6: Be Free To Be You! No one else in the world can be you, so take this opportunity to embrace yourself, quirks and all, and you will be guaranteed a fun and unique wedding celebration. For more details on how the design concept for this shoot was put together, and for more DIY tips visit our blog at "http:// www.thexharismaticbride." for the full article.

hawthorne hotel

Our 93 rooms are individually furnished with 18th century-style furnishings, reflecting our unique new england charm and character.

18 Washington S quare West , S alem , MA 01970

www. hawthornehotel. com

info @ hawthornehotel. com

• 978-744-4080

A trusted jeweler is your best advisor. Serving individuals, trustees and attorneys for over 167 years Buy or sell with complete confidence

Immediate Payment Highest Price paid On-site gemologists FREE evaluations

E.B. HORN Jewlers Since 1839

429 Washington Street Downtown Crossing, Boston 617-542-3902 •


Continued from page 21

Gay Men: Do Shop Do TeLL Test

Eaton Funeral Home 1351 Highland Avenue Needham, MA 02492 781-444-0201

Eaton & Mackay Funeral Home 465 Centre Street Newton, MA 02458 617-244-2034

Serving All Religions A tradition of caring since 1818 - Pre Need & Funeral Services

Contemporary Home Improvements

We Do It All!

Additions • Carpentry • Siding • Roofing • Gutters Decks • Dormers • Kitchens • Bathrooms

Licensed & Insured 781-589-2775

Complete Home Remodeling “Professional Services At Affordable Prices”

5. You are giving a female friend a book for her birthday. What is the most appropriate gift wrap? a. None b. A reusable paper gift bag c. Generic store wrap d. An elaborately wrapped package nestled in tis sue paper in a shrink wrapped, ribbon tied basket. 6. You’re at the grocery store, what item is not in your shopping cart? a. Boursin cheese b. Perrier water c. Soy milk d. Asparagus


Additions ✧ Remodeling Kitchens ✧ Baths ✧ Windows ✧ Siding

For FREE Estimates and Quotes Call: 978-362-8603 ✧ Serving Greater Boston And All Surrounding Towns ✧

Colin W. Gillis Attorney At Law

First 1/2 Hour Consultation Free

Specializing In: • Pre-Nuptials of All Kinds • Pre-Nup Counseling • Personal Injury • Gun Licenses • RMV Suspensions • DUI / Drunk Driving • Much More...

Call Former State Trooper Colin Gillis for all your legal needs 130 Liberty St. Suite 3, Brockton, MA 02301 • (508) 559- 2224

66 savoirflairmagazine

7. Your favorite clothing store is: a. Macy’s b. LL Bean c. Louis’s d. Pink

Gay Men: Do Shop Do TeLL Test 8. Your favorite furniture store is: a. Ikea b. Jordan’s c. Boston Design Center d. Pier 1

New England’s Oldest Joke and Costume Shop!

Hard to Find Costumes Make-Up • Masks • Jokes 1000’s of Quality Hats & Wigs Mascots

More Unique Accessories Than Anyone Around! Adult Gifts, Gags & Novelties

t e I ot! v e i l N Be Or

Offering A Variety O f Costumes & Jokes All Year A round!

Try Us For Anything No One Else Has! Our Customers Love Us And So Will You!

THEJOKERSWILD.COM 204 Main St., No. Reading, MA 978.664.5401 • 85-87 Andover St., Danvers, MA 978.777.7206

9. You get a year end $1000 bonus check from your job for doing exemplary work. You spend it on: a. Sofa b. Brazilian vacation c. Gift for your Mother d. Pilates class

A welcoming place for independent and assisted living 10. You want to get in shape so you go out and buy: a. Treadmill b. Bowflex c. Thigh master d. Exercise bike

wellness program • alzheimer care • enrichment program special events • fine dining • much more 66 sherman st., cambridge, ma • (617)868-0575 • ~an uncommon senior residence~

Guy Answers

1. a. Duh! 2. b. Blue - Butch it up! 3. c. Dad will be left in peace. 4. d. You can’t be too careful. 5. d. What did you think?

6. c. Soy milk - yuck 7. d. Pink of course 8. c. Boston Design 9. b. Brazilian Vacation 10. b. Bowflex

10 out of 10 = The Great Gay Poobah 7-9 out of 10 = You’re hired! 6 out of 10 = Need to go on a Gay Cruise 5-7 0ut of 10 = Bisexual 1-4 out of 10= Pretending to be Gay

savoirflairmagazine 67

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Lesbian; Do Shop Do TeLL Test

MAKE THE LAW WORK FOR YOU Over 55 years combined legal experience

7. The last tickets you purchased were for: a. Miley Cyrus concert b. UCONN Women’s basketball playoff c. A Jennifer Aniston Movie d. The Lion King

Wills, Trusts, Estates ♦ Commercial & Civil Litigation ♦ Real Estate Criminal Defense ♦ Immigration ♦ GLBT Matters ♦ Animal Law

GLICKMAN TURLEY LLP Paul M. Glickman, Esq.

Donna M. Turley, Esq.

250 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 Tel: 617-399-7770 Fax: 617-399-7775 Free initial consulation



Brick, Block, Stone, Stucco, Concrete Walkways, Walls, Steps, Patios, Chimney Work, Fireplace, Basement Waterproofing, French Drains, Sump Pumps, Ceramic Tile, Pressure Washing, Design, Rebuild, Repair, Repoint, Snow Plowing

8. When you purchase a car you always buy: a. Ford b. Honda c. Subaru d. Toyota 9. Your favorite shopping websites are: a. Amazon b. Ebay c. Walmart d. Harriet Carter

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Lesbian Answers

d. Like aunt, like niece c. A hooded sweat shirt, it’s cold at night. a. A leash and collar of course b. Recycle, Recycle. d. We shop everywhere d. To each their own... b. UCONN all the way b, c, or d don’t ask why a. Amazon of course

9 out of 9 = The Great Lesbian Poobah 7-8 out of 9 = You’re hired! 6 out of 9 = Need to go on a Lesbian Cruise 5-7 0ut of 9 = Bisexual 1-4 out of 9= Pretending to be a lesbian

68 savoirflairmagazine

Bobcat and Small Excavator Available References Upon Request Fully Insured Mark Kerrigan



Construction Corporation

Don’t Move Out Move Up With • Custom Styled • 5 Year Guarantee Dormers, • Free Estimates Additions, • Complete Second Remodeling Service Levels, And Home Building

MA REG#113869

Call 1-800-373-9899

How to Find Your Perfect Partner... Continued from page 29

Are you over 62 and considering a reverse mortgage?

• Pays off existing mortgage • Tax free Income • Pays unforeseen home repairs/taxes• No effect social security • Pays health care costs benefits

Serving MA & CT

(978)640-0003 MA Mortgage Broker #4691, CT Mortgage Broker #1767, NMLS MB #1767, NMLS LO #5723

Servicemaster Clean®

As America’s most trusted name in cleaning and restoration, our friendly, licensed professionals are here to deliver peace of mind with fast response.

Call today, for a free telephone or in-home estimate (617) 288-3503 • Cell: (617) 828-1213 •

Custom tailoring and alterations Hours • custom made shirt service M-F 7:30 am- 7:30 pm • all types of professional Sat. 9:00 am-3:00 pm A+ alterations for men & women • suits tailored to a custom fit major credit cards, checks • all work done in house FineTailoring & cash accepted Custom Shirts&Clothing


76 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110 617-482-1111 e-mail:

I asked some colleagues about meeting their partners. “The stars were in the right place. I was 29 years old, just out of a relationship and had no desire to look for anything out at a bar, let alone anything serious. I just wanted to dance and have a good time and while I was out one night I was approached by a guy who wanted me to buy him a beer. I wasn’t that keen on sharing the last of my cash but I had a good feeling, bit the bullet and went for it anyway. We were together from that night onwards, up until the day he died 17 years later.” This unfortunately came two weeks before MA passed the law to make samesex marriages legal. I thought back to a couple I had worked for many years ago, Michael Collins and Pacifico ‘Tony’ Palumbo. They have been together for 47 years, and I went to their pizza shop & gallery in Colraine MA to interview them. Tony contemplated my questions about long-term commitment: “You have to really care about someone and understand them on a deeper level. We are creative people and we have to understand each other’s passions and desires; for me it is art and for him it’s food. I give him my input the way I know how because I love food. We appreciate each other’s talents and tell the truth. This keeps us sincere, growing, and is always mutually beneficial. When it comes to art, he is one my severest critics but he also gives me the best ideas and is a wonderful creative stimulus.” Continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 69

How to Find Your Perfect Partner...

We don’t make the water. we make the water better! Residential & commercial water Filtration & purification Softeners * Filters * Purification water Testing

(800) 539-1100

water Analysis

“Bringing Technology to Water”®

Patriot Roofing Corp If It’s A Roof, We Can Fix It!

Serving All Of New england If We Don’t Give Our Customers More n Shingles n Rubber Roofing Than They Expect, Then We’re Not Doing Our Job Properly n Slate n Copper n Gutters n Cedar Shakes Ask About Our Guarantee Installation & Repairs • Fully Insured n Clad Boards n Chimney Work We Work Year Round 30 Years In Business n Free Estimates n Vinyl Siding 617-965-1558 n 888-497-ROOF (7663) n Skylights n Snow & Ice Removal

LaMonica Construction Company Residential & Commercial Roofing and Siding

617- 479-9213 23 Elcott Road Quincy, MA 02169

70 savoirflairmagazine

Continued from previous page

Michael comes in to join us as he readies for a busy night at the restaurant. It’s obvious these two have something very special as they finish each other’s sentences. Michael contributes: “Honesty is really the most important priority for Tony. You have to take the chance when you think you’ve found that someone special and be ready to jump in. I was at a party for the first time in months and there he was.” Conflict resolution is essential to keeping a relationship alive. No one really wants to argue or have fights, but that can be one of the most important parts to a strong foundation and a lasting partnership. Getting your feelings out can be a lot healthier than blindly going with what the other person wants. Even though it may seem easier at the time it can lead to resentment and more serious arguments later on, and will stifle who you really are, which is never good for a balanced relationship. Let your feelings out as they arise and if you do this from the start you should be able to build a safe space in which you and your partner can communicate. You can find your soul mate anywhere, waiting in line at the grocery store, through friends, through work, online, and in coffee shops. We need challenges and highs and lows – otherwise we stagnate and what fun would that be? Common values, respect for yourself and others, the ability to disagree amicably, and loving yourself enough to make

How to Find Your Perfect Partner... a commitment that goes beyond the day-to day are all important. The possibilities are indeed endless but first you have to find yourself and what makes you happy. Stay open minded and listen to what is going on around you when looking for those opportunities. When you do take that leap, communication is the one thing that keeps the eternal fires burning. There are also the reasons why you came together to begin with. My spouse and I are both able to visualize our future together and are on same spiritual wavelength. We had been together for a long time and wanted to make a long term commitment so when we got married we had a Unitarian, an Anglican priest and a Rabbi which was a great way to celebrate our diverse backgrounds.

We can give your business the boost it needs! Call (617)423 1515

Licensed and Insured

jack’s Painting


24 Saybrook St., Brighton, MA 02135 email:


Interior / exterior painting finish carpentry wallpapering tiling

"Where Experience Matters"

free estimates • local refrences

Serving Provincetown & Truro

ask for jack day or evening office (617)859-7997 Cell (617)719-5511


Plumbing & Heating


“Service is our Specialty”

Budget Plans • Automatic Delivery Cash Discounts • Same Day Delivery Complete Heating Systems Boiler Replacements

781-858-6103 Ron Hansen • Lic #26851

37 Franklin St., Provincetown


Family owned since 1937

Sue from Greenfield who has been with her partner for five years says: “I believe the universe will provide, but you have to be willing to be true to yourself out there and remember not to be scared of letting people in”. Other Insightful Comments from my Interviews: Raelyn Rice reports: “First you have to go through the ones you can’t live with to find the one you can’t live without.” SaraRay says “Wanting each other more than anything else. Choosing together the same future, day after day. Creating a family, and building Continued on next page

Charlie Murch

Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. Lic# JPL 26874, Serving MA

Residential • Commercial • Service Repairs • Renovations

508-761-8700 •



savoirflairmagazine 71

How to Find Your Perfect Partner... Continued from previous page

Now offering Eco-Friendly paint including

Benjamin Moore Natura & Aura Color Matching • Deck Stains • Log Oil Exterior Stain We will walk you through your summer project big or small. Decks are our speciality

231 Main St. Easthampton, MA | 413-527-2693


Boston Gun and Rifle Association

(617) 436-8846 1483 Dorchester Ave Dorchester, MA 02122

* Basic firearms safety We offer the most * Hunter education advanced firearms training * Home firearms safety to suit your needs * Reloading techniques * Personal Protection * Defensive spray (pepper spray) - class open to all * Straight/expandable baton (professional/security personnel) * Basic hand defense (professional/security personnel) * Tactical handgun techniques - class open to all

For a complete schedule of basic safety courses call 617-436-8846 or email

upon the solid foundation that is your relationship. Remembering always, that you are responsible for your own happiness, that you cannot change another’s behavior, only your reaction to it. Honor and acknowledge all that your loved one does that you adore and appreciate instead of focusing upon the little irritants or disappointments.” Amy Bovaird: “Learning to communicate in the way that works for your partner, rather than sticking rigidly to your own style of communication; this has made all the difference in my life but it isn’t easy!” Kerri wrote: “I have been with my partner for 10 years and she was my total opposite, so I guess we balance each other out. A relationship is like falling in and out of love with the same person over and over again.” From a good friend: “I know I found the one because no matter how many times I’ve seen him in one day, whenever he walks in the room I still lose my breathe and think to myself, ahh finally, that’s my darling. Love can be sooo great.” As I stated at the beginning, If it doesn’t work out just keep thriving, growing and learning each day, serving your earth and making your world better.

Support These Businesses That Openly Welcome Our Community 72 savoirflairmagazine

AC/Heating–AutoREpair ac / HeatingBoston

Savoir Flair Marketplace AppliancesMA

Auto BodyMA

Natick Appliance


Heating & Air Conditioning HOT AIR Specialists heat pump / Furnace Commercial & Residential • Sheet Metal Work • Installation • Design • Sales • Service

30 N. Main St., Natick, MA 01760, (508) 655-9151, Since 1980, Natick Appliance Inc. has kept the traditional values of honesty, courtesy, great prices and service. When you first walk into Natick Appliance Inc., you will see the difference. We have an outstanding selection from the most trusted brands in the business. Our sales people are the best in the business with an average of 18 years experience selling appliances and electronics. They continue to go through intensive product training—more than any other appliance and electronic store—to help you make an informed decision. So come in, relax, enjoy your shopping experience.

Art GalleryBoston

Antiques / jewelryBoston

Small Pleasures Antique & Fine Jewelry Custom Work Watch & Jewelry Repair

142 Newbury Street


Al Brodeur’s Auto Body

• • • • • •

Claim Handling Free Estimates Rentals and Towing Unibody and Frame Straightening Foreign and Domestic Repair Superior Color Matching

(508) 485-1082 87 Mill St. Central Marlborough MA

617-927-4400 211 Newbury Street Boston, MA

Auto BodyMA

Tel: 617-389-4267 • Fax: 617-241-0590 50 Terminal St. Charlestown, MA 02129


(617) 389-4300

Air conditioning & heating service and solutions. Our location allows us prompt response to your heating & cooling needs. We offer a full range of maintenance programs and add on features such as humidifiers, UV lights, air cleaners and zoning products. We specialize in hi-efficiency and hi-SEER systems & upgrades, Energy star and LEED certification for your new home ideas.

The Collision Cure 1590 main street tewsbury, ma

Radio Dispatched Service 69 Norman Street, Everett, MA 02149

Holton Street Auto Body


Auto Body Porsche, BMW & Mercedes Specialist All Insurance Work Mike Noonan 251 Broadway, Malden (781) 324-9831

Dudley Street Auto Body • Towing • Glass • Collision • Painting • Body Work • Refinishing • Plastic Repair • Aluminum Repair • Vehicle Systems • Air Conditioning • Steering & Suspension 34 Dudley Street, Arlington, MA


Auto RepairMA

Over 25 years of excellent service

Hondaa King Inc. foreign & domestic Also towing and rentals an environmentally green shop

140 Tremont St., Melrose, MA

781-665-7828 781-662-5202

Tow line:

• Guaranteed, first quality service • ASE certified master mechanics • 27 years Honda experience • Insurance work accepted (617) 787-1233•

savoirflairmagazine 73

Savoir Flair Marketplace Auto RepairMA

Auto Repair–Contractors CleaningBoston

ContractorsBoston Quality Construction & Renovations, LLC

House cleaning! Fully Insured Honest & Friendly

programs Blue Bubble Cleaning Flexible Quality work


Foreign & American Auto Repairs ASE Certified Mechanics

Fair prices Always on time

Providing the highest quality standards of JD Auto center has been serving the gay community since 1975. 12 Months Guarantee on Repairs

Glenville Terrace Auto Service Approved By Your Insurance Company Allston • Brighton • Brookline Mechanical Service on Vehicles Foreign & Domestic factory trained techicians Owner has 27 years repair experience. We prefer to use original parts. emmisions experts • state inspections • check engine lamp solutions. • regular scheduled maintenance. oil changes,timing belts, tune ups Straight forward and friendly service. We care! Eco conscious facility.


(617)783-1515 10 Glenville Terr., 1/2 Block To T Allston, MA * Glenville Terrace Comm. Ave.

781.858.4454 Call Mike Gilberg today for a FREE quote Free estimates

(617) 566-9219 320 Newton St., Brookline, MA Near Putterham Circle

auto servicing and professionalism to the Greater Boston area for over 30 years.

MA LIC #88660 MA REG 117058


109 Milton St, Waltham, MA 617-834-6729

ComputerBoston Keep this... you are going to need it! Service & Repair • Virus & Pop-ups Data Recovery • Networking

10% off Services with this coupon

85 Worcester St.,(Rt. 9)



1869 Centre St.,

West Roxbury




MA license #101414

wallpaper stripping/hanging home improvement & remodeling carpentry, porches & decks sash-cord repair interior/exterior painting power washing roofing, gutters & vinyl siding replacement windows & storm windows/doors

Gerard Mulligan (781) 219-8627

Design &

Boston Construction • New Construction • Renovation • Kitchen • Bathroom • Renovation • Deck • Tiling • Finish Carpentry 617.678.9988

Contractors Wells/Pumps NE

Builders (781) 953-7811

Auto TiresMA HIC REG# 130306

Fully Insured Plumbing • Heating • ELECTRICAL


Plymouth County Well & Pump Inc.


Complete Water Services Water Filtration Sales & Service Complete Pump Service Residential & Commerical Irrigation Specialist & Maintenance Fully Licensed & Insured

Dave 508-866-9444


25 Atlantic House Rd, Hull, MA 02045 (781) 925-3200

building restoration and preservation since 1932

(781) 383-3001 179 CJ Cushing Highway, Cohasset, MA

74 savoirflairmagazine

P. J. Spillane Company is a contracting firm focused on building-envelope maintenance and rehabilitation. From new construction projects to structures centuries old, P. J. Spillane Company specializes in building restoration, repair, and waterproofing.

617-389-6200 •


Demolition–Hardware DemolitionBoston

Savoir Flair Marketplace FEnceMA


Jan’s Fence Company Industrial • Residential • Commercial

Free Estimates

Professional Demolition Contractor

3 3 3 3

Selective Demolition Whole or Partial Cleanouts Trash Pick Ups Dumpster Rentals

22 YRS

Over 15 Years Experience

• PVC / Vinyl • Railings • Welding • Custom Wood • Chain Link • Ornamental, Aluminum & Iron • Balcony Extensions • Snow Removal


Wilmington, MA

Commercial - Residential

Fully insured Free estimates Call Mark or contact us at

ABC DEMO & REMOVAL 800 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148

Sweezey Fence Erectors • Free Estimates • Fully Insured (617) 921-6692

233 Bedford St. Whitman, MA 02382 (781) 447-4200 • 1-800 427-3385

Feng shuiMA Susan LaForte Feng Shui for Home & Business




Our Services & Products Include: • Elevator cab refurbishing • Custom design, construction and installation • Renovation, remodeling and retrofitting • Fine woods, metals, glass of all varieties • Licensed, experienced, dedicated workers • Condos, apartments, office buildings

(413) 253-0722 , Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Do you say YES! when you get home? A Feng Shui visit will uplift your space and make it more nourishing, comfortable, alive – and happy! Does your business say WELCOME! to clients and customers? I can help your business be more visible and appealing. Help with clutter – I offer NEW ways to look at and tackle your “stuff”. Classes and special occasion gift certificates available. Practical, effective, energizing!


Boston Fence & Vinyl Since

Aluminum 1981 Austin Topper Chain Link Duxbury Toppers Essex Topper Arbors & Structures Stockade & Open Picket

Newport Topper Open Board Tongue & Groove Post & Rail Solid Board Lattice Variations Vinyl

Call us today: (978) 236-4001 110 Park St., Beverly, MA 01915

Your Glass Specialist! Auto • Home • Commerical Stuart Glass Inc. 56 Leo M Birmingham Parkway Brighton, Ma 617-782-3494



MY SPECIALTY Any Size Job Welcome! Licensed & Insured

Interior & Exterior Painting Wallpapering • Tile Work/Flooring • Carpentry Remodeling • Gutters and Siding • Decks & Additions • Home Repairs & Maintenance • New/ Replacement Windows & Doors

PAUL L. ROUSSEAU 508-996-1795

Commercial and Industrial Expertise Saugus, MA • Call (781) 233-9540


Established 1969

“Job too big...No job too small”

Family Owned and Operated Licensed and Insured 24 Hour / 7 Days a Week

8 Oliver Rd., Watertown, MA 02472


Art & Picture Framing Custom Framing

Beautiful Art

Award-Winning Photo Designs Restoration

• Sports Shirts • Needlepoint/Crewels • Wedding Photos • Posters & Fine Art • Metal Frame Kits

• Preservation • Low Cost Frames • Shadow Boxes • Specialty Matting • Personal Service 781-963-4552 Rush

FREE ice! Ser v 91

“Lots of Beautiful Samples on Display”

1195 N. Main St. Randolph (RTE 28, 1/4 mile from rte 128)

“The Most Beautiful Framing You Have Ever Seen”


Modern Hardware and Paint Co. Wallpaper • California Paints • Paint Supplies Benjamin Moore Paints • Cleaning Supplies Lawn & Garden • Power Tools • Hardware Cabinet Pulls • Screen Repairs • Lamp Repairs Glass Window Replacement • Glass Cuts Key Duplications • Tool Rental 440 Salem St., Medford, MA (781) 395-0731

savoirflairmagazine 75

Savoir Flair Marketplace insuranceMA

Insurance–Plastic Surgery MoversMA

PEST ManagementMA

R.B. Cooke & Son Inc. Family owned & Operated since 1946

Residential• Local & Long Distance Moves

Offering insurance for: • Auto • Home • Business

Fully Insured 617-265-1900

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!


(617) 625-8400

Since 1933

208 Washington St., Somerville, MA


Kitchen & Bath


Rob Norberg, Jr. — Craftsman • Kitchens • Baths • Cabinet Refacing • Counter Tops • Replacement Windows

4 Generations of Craftsmanship Mass. License 142097 - Insured 617-327-9449 | 617-325-9400 | Cell 617-827-2099

General Optical Co.

FREE Parking In Rear


Over 1,200 Frames On Display

Varilux, Zeiss & Definity Progressive Lens Specialists & The Latest Digital Surfacing Technology

Silhouette, Lafont, modo, prada, kate spade, gucci, polo, bcbg, ogi

Eye Exams Available On Premises

• Residential and commercial service • All types of pest eliminated • Residential full season programs • Real estate inspections

Your Local Pest Control Experts 800-649-7228 •


Paws For Applause

Shedding Problems?


Our Award-Winning, Caring Staff Will Help With Your Pet’s Shedding.

2038 Mass Ave. Cambridge, MA 3 Blocks from Porter Sq. T

Skin and coat is our specialty. Pick up and delivery. Hand scissoring and fluff drying raise our standard of excellence.


Nick’s Rug Company

312 Essex St. • Saugus MA 781-233-9299

30% OFF

Photography By Corinna

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning For Cash & Carry

Services • Wall to wall cleaning • Your Home or Office • Binding - Fringing • Alterations - Padding

Since 1953

Products • Carpet / Area Rugs • Remnants • Laminated Floors • Window Blinds

Call 508-875-8998




Burns Masonry

Residential / Commercial Interior / Exterior


East Coast Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery Joseph Russo, MD., F.A.C.S., Plastic Surgeon Jeffery A. Zisk, MD., Cosmetic Surgeon MaiNgoc Tran, M.S.

Eyelids Special • Free Consultation

We do all aspects of masonry work and guarantee to beat any price.

Nose Surgery • Tummy Tuck • Liposuction Botox & Radiesse Injections Permanent Make Up • Breast Implants


76 savoirflairmagazine

8 Oliver Rd., Watertown, MA 02472

617-464-0001 381 W. Broadway • S. Boston 02127

Plumbing–Website/Video PlumbingMA

Savoir Flair Marketplace RestaurantMA


Coriander Bistro

fully licensed and insured

Plumbing & Heating Installation, Repair, Maintenance of All Plumbing And Heating Appliances and Fixtures By Highly Trained Technicians

137 Charles St., Boston, MA

617-523-2721 • 888-514-9114

5 Post Office Sq. Sharon, MA, (781)-784-2300, www., Coriander Bistro, one of the very famous restaurants in Sharon will reopen on June 1st onwards, The name of the restaurant will not change, but the menu certainly will as it will be Indian and South Asian cuisine along with other ethnic recipes ! The chef is very good and has worked on various cruise lines & he is familiar with all kinds of cooking. Coriander has earned rave reviews from the Boston Globe, Zagat, the Phantom Gourmet, and Boston Magazine, just to name a few.

Himalayan Bistro

1735 Centre St., West Roxbury, MA 02132, (617) 325-3500, fax: (617) 325-5054, e-mail: info@, Indian and Nepali Cuisine We are proud to be the first Nepali restaurant in the Greater Boston area. Nepal food is healthy, nourishing, practical and tasty. All of our dishes are prepared similar to the way the Nepali royal family is served. As our guests, we want to serve you like royalty. Our menu also includes Indian cuisine. Our dining hall is elegant with high ceilings, authentic music and antique statues. Delivery and catering service available.

Save Up To 50%

7 Nt. Cruises from

REAl EstateMA real estate • vacation rentals • waterfront homes and land for sale

vivere bene - mangiare bene - socializare

$349pp Balcony from $469pp Suites from $649pp

Lunch • Dinner • Entertainment MASHPEE COMMONS

508 • 477 • 5929

Wellfleet, Truro & Eastham • 508-349-2245




Cruise Travel Outlet

Paul E. Dutelle And Co., Inc.

We Will Not Be Undersold!


Roofers and Metal Craftsmen Established in 1893

#1 Listing & Selling Office In Saugus Residential, Commercial, Investment Properties, Business Opportunities & Land 781-233-7300 335 Central St. Saugus, MA

REAl EstateApartments

Slate, Copper, Tin and Composition Roofing, Skylights, Cornices, Gutters, Conductors (617) 527-7282 153 Pearl St., Newton MA 02460

Spiritual Roofing Residential/Commercial

(781) 893-5038 | (888) 593-5044

REconnective healingMA Reconnective Healing In Savoy

Marshall Rosenthal, RH practitioner , Level III (413) 743-5256, www. You may receive precisely the healing that the Universe has in mind for you. Make your appointment today.

Call (617)423 1515

WeBSite/Video It’s not easy being sleazy. Enjoy the View.

Relaxed lifestyle • Overlooking the Charles River 56 Charles River Rd., Waltham

We can give your business the boost it needs!

• We do all types of roofing • Please call for more info

8 Oliver Rd Watertown, MA 02472



savoirflairmagazine 77

United Collision Center & American Towing A COMPLETE AUTO & TRUCK COLLISION CENTER Free towing for insurance repairs nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn A Complete Collision Center Auto, Truck, School Buses, Camper Etc. DuPont Color Match, Frame Straightening Serving all your automotive needs


United We Stand 401-289-2928 401-289-2642 Office:

78 savoirflairmagazine

Fax: e-mail: 339 Market St., Warren, RI 02885

George C. Willard Co. Quality Workmanship Since 1873 hic #106642

We are a trusted company offering quality workmanship established in 1873

Residential • Commercial Roofing asphalt, slate, wood, rubber, copper Siding wood, vinyl Carpentry all types Masonry patios, walls, steps, chimneys Gutters copper, wood, aluminum Custom copper work

781-326-2807 1201 East St. Dedham, MA savoirflairmagazine 79

2011 Savoir Flair Winter Spring  

A Style Magazine for the gay lesbian community of New England.

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